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5iver by KL Martin JR

(Dramedy, Dark) - Three seemingly random strangers, connect by a 5 dollar bill, traverse their way through the city to a party will change all their lives. 89 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

7 Days in La Suerte by John Iannucci

(Dramedy) - A NY detective hides from his past by running a luncheonette in a small town near the Mexican border. When the bank is robbed (literally the building) he realizes his secluded oasis is not what he thought and is now faced withe the same type of choices that sent him into hiding in the first place. Once made, he awakes to find the first situation is still yoet tohappen. Armed with a new found sense of purpose his choices are now easy, including those as to his life style. 112 pages

contest: 2018 top 20% Nichols 2018; Finalist Austin Table Reads 2018 (pdf) - Discuss this script

Africville by Michael Lamy (lonewriter) hosted by Simply Scripts

(Dramedy) - Africville. A fictional account of a resident who returns to Africville one last time. 93 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Bad Roommates by Kojon Karl Heard

(Dramedy) - Love can sometimes be too close to home. 96 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Bars by Aljawon Verser (aljawon)

(Dramedy) - A group of small-town southerners striving to make their mark in the music industry in an attempt to break free from their personal struggles. In life, you don't have to be in jail to be behind BARS! 43 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Beautiful Oasis by Raleigh Marcell

(Dramedy) - A man. A woman. An office. The job interview everyone has feared might take place, taking place. 70 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Brooklyn Kid by Gregory Mandarano & Salvatore Capozucca

(Dramedy) - A rock and roll drummer born with supernatural good luck struggles to release his first album as he's blocked by crooked producers, dangerous criminals, and the obligations of his Italian family. 117 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Coffee Breaks by Tracy Simpson

(Dramedy) - Kelly, an avid green tea drinker, Jesus art lover, and yoga student tries to “mend” (control) her makeshift family (comprised of a techie, a plus size model, her autistic-artistic brother, and her architecture student sister whose only flaw is her near-perfection). 83 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Coffee Car by Rita Cooper

(Dramedy) - A wealthy New York City socialite becomes destitute when her husband dies in an accident at work. She learns to become self- sufficient in a dog-eat-dog world while struggling with her values, the loss of her social status, and her husband's secret life. 91 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Crazy SOB by Steven Michael Cross

(Dramedy) - Manfred Smith, a teacher with bipolar disorder, rejects a school board member's kid for a play production, and the woman sets out to destroy him. Smith's alcoholism and mental illness make the job easier, and only one person has a chance to save him. 101 pages

contest: Crazy SOB was a quarterfinalist in the 2017 Bluecat Screenplay competition. (pdf) - Discuss this script

Dragula by Mark Mc Quown

(Dramedy, Musical) - An ageing, gay vampire, living in Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania, falls in love with an American tourist and almost loses his job as head vampire for the house of Dragula. 78 pages

production: "Dragula" won The Best Musical award fro The Los Angeles Theater Festival 2015 in The Complex Theaters, Hollywood (pdf) - Discuss this script

Duck Soup by Ben Clifford

(Dramedy, Tragicomedy) - A teenage boy's crush on his irresponsible mother's boyfriend is complicated when his father returns from rehab. (pdf) - Discuss this script

Everywhere by Thomas Louis Castiglione

(Dramedy) - Three girlfriends assist in helping one of the girlfriends overcome her loss of her Marine fiance in the Afghanistan war. 130 pages

contest: Won best screenplay at the Buffalo/Niagara Film Festival, the Honolulu Film Awards and finalist at the Hollywood Screenwriter's competition. Also, selected at the Mediterranean Film Festival, Switzerland International Film Festival, Birmingham Film Festival, Florida Silver Screen Festival. (pdf) - Discuss this script

The First (few) Years by Ashlie Hollis

(Dramedy, Series) - Five best girlfriends attempt to figure out ‘adult’ life while tackling the tedium of marriage, unforgiving parenthood, nonexistent work, and straining relationships. 67 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Fling by Wade C Taylor

(Dramedy) - A precious Southern girl transplanted to the Pacific Northwest befriends a boy who'll become the romantic focus of her youth. 74 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Get me the Italian by John Iannucci

(Dramedy) - An Irish mob underboss in witness protection searches for his daughter, who is actually the agent sent to protect, as he defends himself against the mob and the rest of his dysfunctional family. 111 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Goodman by Josh Donoghue (awryone)

(Dramedy, Dark) - Young man with sexual issues reluctantly inherits an adult bookstore, then falls for the woman aiming to close the shop down. 101 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Harlem Nights 2 (New Nights In Harlem) by Kojon Karl Heard

(Dramedy) - When home is where the heart is but home just isn't the same anymore. 93 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Intercepting Love by Robyn Brown-Postell

(Dramedy) - A celebrity athlete and a low-key blogger face obstacles to intercepting love. 96 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Keys To The Kingdom by Mark Mc Quown

(Dramedy) - Otis, an African/American, homeless man and ex lawyer, secretly moves into the townhouse of Sandy and Sylvia, builds a room in the attic and is finally discovered by Jo Anne, their African/American house cleaner. 104 pages

production:This is a one location story with four main characters only, two African/American's and two white bread Americans, no extras and a hysterical story. (pdf) - Discuss this script

Life, Death, Lager and Lies by Anthony Hudson

(Dramedy) - A family funeral brings up memories that some didn't know, and others would rather forget. 92 pages

production: I see this as a TV movie or an Independent production. (pdf) - Discuss this script

Love You To Death by James McClung

(Dramedy, Romance) - A video game tester fakes his own death to escape his unstable girlfriend. 97 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Maddie and Millie by Wade C Taylor

(Dramedy) - A black ex-con accompanies his girlfriend on a cross-country trip to visit her married twin sister and her racist white cop husband in Florida during election year 2016. 81 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Marvel Method by Jorge Anthony

(Dramedy) - A cynical comic book artist with a penchant for villains is ordered by his editor to create a new superhero for the masses. He struggles mightily to meet the deadline until the editor’s niece, a young, idealistic Manga artist who has just moved back tot he states from Japan, helps him face up to his dark past--in the process bringing to light the superhero hidden within him. The Marvel Method is a satirical look at present day comic book movies. 145 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Milepost 271 by George Conner

(Dramedy, Adventure) - Long retired, dying of cancer, Marine takes us on a walk down memory lane while looking for his only grandson who he has yet to meet. 128 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Monday Night Girlfriend by Elaine Phillips

(Dramedy) - Tim is a permanently single, divorced business man who combines work, caring for his three daughters and training for a forthcoming Iron Man distance triathlon in his busy schedule. Meanwhile his close friends, play cupid by developing a bespoke online search for a genuine female companion to spend time with Tim on his one free night of the week, when love inadvertently blossoms. 118 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Nobody's Perfect by Rick McCormick

(Dramedy) - After her dreams of being an Olympic gymnast are dashed, a teenager joins the family business and becomes a burglar. 103 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Oh, Christmas Tree by Marty Chartrand

(Dramedy, Family) - A man drags his family along on his quest to find the perfect Christmas tree. 87 Pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Only Fools & Horses - The Glue That Holds Us Together Spec Script by James Klonowski

(Dramedy) - Del Boy and Rodney are back. They might be much older, but they're not much wiser. Del has created a super powerful glue which he believes will make him a millionaire... if only he could get the bottles open. Meanwhile, Rodney is going through some problems at home with his teenage daughter, Joan. 60 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Penny's Parlor by Jim Pagano

(Dramedy) - Having survived a personal tragedy, a young women finds the strength through a somewhat unusual and controversial set of circumstances to redefine her life. 59 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Pitiful by Michael Joseph Kospiah

(Dramedy) - A character study about a neurotic restaurant employee who, not only blames his dysfunctional and tragic upbringing for his relationship problems with women, but uses it to gain pity. 114 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Please Like N' Subscribe by Trent King

(Dramedy) - After the death of a famous, video blogging icon, named Queen, there is a clear contrast in the reactions of her loyal, online subscribers; and those closest to her, in her personal life. 58 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Pottersville by Ricky Hawthorne

(Dramedy) - It's Christmas Eve and Ricky, sacked, drunk and separated, crashes his car and ends up in Pottersville, the nightmare town from his favourite movie; worse still he's wrecked Clarence's scheme to get George Bailey back to Bedford Falls. Can Ricky help make amends and if so will he go back with George? 90 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Princess by Jeffrey Morris

(Dramedy, Thriller) - High school senior Veronica wants to spend her Sunday nursing a hangover and craming for an upcoming exam. But the world, and her small circle of friends won't leave her alone, forcing her to deal with past and present issues that haunt her every being and hinder her adolescent growth. An evolution in suburbia that leaves you wanting more and to revisit everything you just saw. 120 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Script Play by Edward Higgins

(Dramedy) - A naive love addict who is publicly sexually humiliated by a sadistic woman, gets accidentally introduced into the high class sexual role play business and must face his nemesis to overcome the vulture who shamed him and grow his high concept jointly owned business called Script Play. 114 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Second Chance by Christopher J Vecchio

(Dramedy) - Diane is almost 50 and looking for love along with searching for her birth parents. Will she have a second chance of happiness? 111 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Shiftbuster by A.G. Dumas

(Dramedy) - Johnny Rhodes is a veteran minor leaguer who’s hitting .375 and believes he’s earned one more shot at the majors. Instead, he’s enlisted by the brass to improve the hitting of the organization’s top young prospect – a 22-year-old Latino shortstop. 115 pages

production: Relatively low budget. Good baseball story. Major Latino characters. (pdf) - Discuss this script

Slightly Mad by David Fell

(Dramedy) - Harry's parents die in a car crash and he and best friend Radio embark on a sex, drug and alcohol spree that would put the Rolling Stones to shame. Then he meets Michelle, then Granny steps in and it looks like it's time to settle down. But, somehow, he just can't stop being Harry. 90 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Sound of Silence by Thomas Louis Castiglione

(Dramedy) - A nine year old girl's father commits suicide sending her to an orphanage to grieve. She eventually leaves the orphanage when grown up to find her own way and fall in love. 126 pages

contest: Official Selection Mediterranean Film Festival Sicily 2018 (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Special Defects Dept. by Scott Billingham

(Dramedy) - A group of high school misfits secure the special effects contract to a landmark science fiction movie. 116 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Sunday Will Never Be The Same by Thomas Louis Castiglione

(Dramedy) - Three girlfriends assist in helping one of the girls overcome her loss of her Marine fiancé in Vietnam. 127 pages

contest: Winner of best screenplay and best writer at the Christian Film festival in Newport News, Virginia. (pdf) - Discuss this script

The Timeskinner of Thornable Road by Paul A. Martin (SpottyGroundfogg)

(Dramedy) - A lovesick loser changes his past and gets the life he always wanted, but unwittingly devastates his family and best friend. His only hope is to go back again and prevent himself from going back in the first place. 119 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

Tis The Season by James McClung

(Dramedy, Fantasy) - A bitter employee at Santa's Workshop must spend the Christmas season with a lonely stranger as part of a North Pole instituted suicide watch program. 96 pages (pdf) - Discuss this script

We Know It by Chazz Christopher

(Dramedy) - Is a loser still a loser if he has 6 million dollars? 110 (pdf) - Discuss this script

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