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Do you have the script for  {Some movie that you don't see on my site}?

No.  If a link to the script you are looking for is not listed on the site, then I do not have a link for that script.  Sorry.  As soon as we are aware of a script on the net, we get a link up to it.  

When are you going to post the script for {Some movie that you don't see on my site}?

Don't know.  We can only post what we find on the Internet.  We do not scan or post copyrighted scripts on the site.  We link to scripts that we find on the Internet.  No, we don't take requests.

Where can I buy the script for {Some movie that you don't see on my site}?

You can purchase scripts from

Why do you do collect links to scripts?  

We like to read scripts.  We particularly like to read early drafts of scripts.  It is amazing how the story changes from an early draft to a final shooting script to the final movie.  

Hey!  What are you pulling?  Your script is waaay different from the movie.  Where is the real script?  

One.  Scripts change between early drafts and final shooting scripts.  Many times, one scriptwriter will write a draft of a script, then it goes to other script writers who make changes.  Even the shooting script (the script used to film a movie) will change as a film is shot.  Still later, when the final film is put together, the editor or director may decide to cut some scenes they feel are not important to the story.  

I see you calling some things scripts or screenplays or transcripts or closed captioned transcripts.  What gives?

A Script or Screenplay is the plan for the movie.  Sometimes plans change, hence the script you read is sometimes different from the final movie.  A transcript involves someone writing down the words to the final movie.  While I consider transcripts to be inferior, usually it is better than nothing.  Many transcripts have only dialog but not descriptions of scenes or even who is saying the line. A closed captioned script usually contains only dialogue.  You don't even know who is speaking the lines.

Hey!  I found a script or transcript on the 'net and you don't have it!

Please tell us where it is!  Click here to submit a link to a script.  If it doesn't work, email us at .  This is most appreciated.  Half the links come from folks who run across scripts on the Internet.  If you find a script we don't have, let us know AND if you or your friend have a site on the net, we will put up a link to it as thanks for letting us know!

I've written a script.  Will you post it or link to it?  

You betcha.  Click here to submit your unproduced script.  If you don't have it posted on a web site, that is o.k., too.  We will host your script, free, pretty much regardless of the format - text, html, word doc, rtf, pdf.  We don't care.  Bear in mind that Text and HTML files are easier and faster to download.  Also, be sure that your script is copyrighted.  We cannot be held responsible if your script is taken by someone and changed a bit and produced into a multimillion dollar movie. 

I've typed or scanned a copyrighted script.  Will you post it on your site?

No.  We will, however link to it if it is posted on another site.  If you send us a copyrighted script, thank you.  We will read it, but we can not post it on the site.  Try these sites: Classic Movie Scripts, Sci-Fi Scripts, Movie-page.  They may be willing to post the script on their site.  

I own the copyright to a script on your site!  Take it down!

Sure, just send me an e-mail using the same e-mail address you used to submit your script to the site asking me to take it down. However, we have no control over the scripts posted on other sites.  You need to contact the webmaster of the site on which the script is posted.  The best we can do is remove the link on our site to the script.

How do I get in touch with the writer of a script on your Unproduced section of the site?

Simple, on the unproduced section, the name of the writer is a hyper link with his/her e-mail address. Just make sure to change the "(a)" to an "@" and you are good to go. It might be easier to go to the the full listings section and search (ctrl+f) for the name of the script.

How do I contact you?

If you have any other questions not covered above, use the form below or via email at

And finally, No screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.

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