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Reviewed by: Max - SimplyScripts Reviewer

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Director: Robert Zemeckis
Writers: Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly
Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown
Thomas F. Wilson as Biff

Grade: B+

Takes place where the second film left off. Doc is accidentally transported to 1885 and can't get back because the time machine is broken. So Marty travels back to 1885 to rescue Doc and bring him back home. But when Marty gets there he has a run-in with Mad Dog Tannen. A relative of Biff Tannen from the previous movies. Mad Dog is a savage killer and doesn't give a crap about anyone. Marty makes the mistake of accidentally calling him Mad Dog (because he hates that name) and is about to get hung when Doc saves him. Marty tells Doc that if he doesn't come with him he will be killed by Mad Dog in a few days. So they decide to go to the future until they realize they're out of gas on the De Lorean time machine.

Marty and Doc have to find a way to get the car up to 88 miles per hour for it to send them back to 1985. While doing that Doc falls in love with Claire (Mary Steenburgen), a teacher (just Doc's type). Doc has to choose if he want to go with Marty or stay with Claire.

The film is good but it falls short of the first two films. Let me list the good things first: I really liked the idea of a "Back to the Future" film in the West. Awesome idea. Imagine what they could do! You can't have a time travel trilogy without going to the West! I also really loved the relationship between Doc and Mary Steenburgen's character. It was really fun to watch. They look great together. I also loved the end. Talk about action-packed! Like every "Back to the Future" film the end never lets up. My favorite thing about this film is Mad Dog Tannen. He is one of the best bad guys ever. I loved him. Thomas F. Wilson plays the ultimate villain.

The things I didn't like was I don't think the West really should have been portrayed differently. Like a spaghetti-western. It would have been great if they would have filmed it a little more darker. I also thought it lacked in excitement. That's what a "Back to the Future" film is: an slam-bang, pure fun and exciting ride. I think it kind of lacked there.

Robert Zemeckis still does good but I think he could have directed better. I also think Bob Gale could have come up with a better script. One that was darker (It would have been AWESOME if it would have had shoot-outs and scary deaths, just like a real western) and more exciting. Fox, Lloyd, and Wilson are all great. Especially Lloyd and Steenburgen. As I said before, they're a great-looking couple. A fun movie, but not the best "Back to the Future."

copyright (c) 2003 Max Colston, used with permission

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