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             The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time


                       Adam Johnson

                                  3336 Spruce lane
                                  Grapevine, Tx 76051

The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time

A Scriptment


"The Legend of Zelda" is a stylized fantasy epic set in the
magical land of Hyrule, where forests tower and castles dwell,
and where, once again, the forces of good are pit against
the forces of darkness.

In battling the evil that is infecting his homeland a young
boy is galvanized through hardship and becomes a man - a
feat no other child from his forest had yet accomplished.
Further, he becomes a hero, savior of his world, and uniter
of its people.

Tonally, the film is a combination of many genres - action,
horror, fantasy and romance. The world of Hyrule stretches
across every terrain - there are vast forests, speaking
fairies, underwater cities, volcanic beasts, mountain-top
adventures, and a castle in its center. The creatures that
dwell in it are often playful, mischievous, even dangerous -
but always fantastical.



A Hylian song plays in the background, on the Ocarina.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             The world is dark now... I can
             see it in the air. I can feel it
             in the wind. I can smell it in
             the grass... The beauty of my
             Kingdom is fading, and there is
             nothing I can do.


Three spirits descend from a bleak sky. One red, one blue,
one green.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA(VO)
             It began with the forging of the
             Great Land, Hyrule.

They rocket downwards, zipping past rain, until they find a
dark, unformed planet.


                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             It was then that three golden
             goddesses descended upon the
             chaotic land of Hyrule. They were
             Din, the goddess of power, with
             her strong flaming arms,
             cultivated the land to create the

The Goddess flies over the soil and forms Mountains instantly.
Huge rockfaces sprout forth incredibly.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, who
             created the Sky.

The once bleak sky is turned a beautiful blue as Nayru flies

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             And Farore, the goddess of courage,
             whose rich soul harbored all life

Birds and animals come out of hiding. The world is created
in moments.


The three of them stand around an altar in a huge, monolithic

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             To preserve the life that they
             created they forged a great
             TriForce, in which they placed
             their wisdom, courage and
             strength - the power to govern
             all things. For it was within the
             TriForce that they could live on
             in Hyrule throughout all time.

The TriForce is formed before them. In a brilliant flash of
light, all three of them, and the Triforce, VANISH.


The ENORMOUS white city outside Hyrule Castle, bustling with

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             Since then, the Triforce has
             become the basis for Hyrule's
             providence. Where the Triforce
             stood became sacred land.


A man robs a store in the Market.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             But it was in men's hands that
             perfection became tainted. That
             bliss became despair. For men,
             above all else, desire power -
             and the TriForce was no longer
             safe in their hands.



                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             To protect it, they sealed the
             TriForce away in a Sacred Realm,
             away from the dangers and evils
             of the physical world. And locked
             it behind a seal with many keys.

The Great Door of Time slams shut.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             Three were given to the great
             races of Hyrule - the Kokiri, the
             Forest Elves.

INSERT: A GREEN RING on a Kokiri's finger.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             The Zora's, an aquatic race who
             dwell in the waters of Hyrule.

INSERT: RUTO swims around her Great Atlantis-like city with
a necklace around her neck, it has a BLUE jewel in the center.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             And the Gorons, great miners and
             craftsmen of the Mountains.

INSERT: KING DARUNIA clutches the small RED jewel in his
hand, as he sits in his mighty throne.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             All in an effort to unite the
             races. Instead, all it did was
             divide them further.


There is a great battle in the open fields of Hyrule, outside
the Castle Walls.


The Hylian Royal Guard, defends itself against the Gerudos,
a thieving race, who have aligned themselves with a race of
GOBLINS - once men who long ago retreated to the UnderWorld
and evolved into hideous, big-eyed creatures of the dark.

The battle is fierce, and many lose their lives.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             All other races ignored the
             Hylian's plight, retreating to
             their mountains or their waters
             or to the skies, as the Free
             Kingdom of Hyrule was falling to
             tyranny and persecution.


                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             King Ganondorf, the first Gerudo
             King in a Hundred years, uncovered
             the Historic Legend of the TriForce.

Sitting alone, in a dark cave near a massive fire, his face
is always hidden in shadow. Only his EYES glow, yellow as
the sun.

A small Goblin appear and stumbles in to the smoky dwelling,
carrying under his arm a massive LEATHER-BOUND BOOK.

The Goblin presents the book to Ganondorf, and is swatted
away harshly once it is in his possession. Defeated, he tucks
his slimy tail between his legs - literally - and leaves.

Ganondorf throws the book onto the table and flips through
it angrily.

He moans with excitement when he finds the page he has
searched for. A page labeled "The TriForce." He nearly
caresses the page, which details the origin of this 'Holy
Grail' in fine print.

Anger takes control of him again and his CLAWED HANDS slam
the book shut…


                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             Ganondorf sought after it with
             all the power of his people. For
             Power... was all Ganondorf desired.

Ganondorf looms over the battlefield, laying waste to the
army with his powerful magic attacks.


The King of Hyrule makes a desperate charge at Ganondorf. A
powerful sword fight ensues - The King wields THE MASTER
SWORD, and eventually strikes Ganondorf down.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             It was in this moment, that PEACE
             was restored.

The King drops his sword, and helps Ganondorf to his feet.
Defeated, but spared the escape of death by the Noble King.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             Ganondorf was defeated, and all
             his peoples were banished to an
             inescapable land in the Deserts
             of Hyrule, where they have lived
             ever since.


A new King sits now in the throne of Hyrule.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             But it was Ganondorf... who would
             serve another purpose.

He whispers into the King's ear.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             As aid to the Royal Council,
             Ganondorf now holds a different
             kind of obsession - Politics. But
             my Father - the King of Hyrule -
             knows his enemy.


The King SLAMS the Master Sword into the altar, locking it
in place for eternity.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             Sealing the only thing that can
             open the Sacred Realm inside the
             Temple of Time - where an evil
             heart such as Ganondorf's can
             never set foot.

The King walks out, staring at the Sword glittering in the
sunlight, and shuts the Door of Time.


                         PRINCESS ZELDA (VO)
             Only the one who wields the Master
             Sword - the Hero of Time - shall
             open the door. Peace, at last,
             held fast. But it was Ganondorf's
             heart, who never rested. Until
             one day, a Kokiri boy, was called
             to action...


Massive, towering trees of incredible girth reside here,
surrounded by amazing and unique plant-life everywhere. The
forest remains untouched except for the Kokiri, who dwell in
small huts atop the massive trunks. Ladders and ropes lead
them down from their dwellings, to mingle with the tree
sprites and fairies who also dwell in this magical place.

The Kokiri are a humanoid fairy race who are cautious, child-
like in mentality and appearance, and secretive - they
believe they will die if they leave Kokiri forest, but in
doing so, they will also never age. They will never grow up.
They all wear green tunics and have pointy ears. Each Kokiri
has a Guardian Fairy, a small tinge of light that hovers
around them always, that acts as protector, friend and teacher.

LINK, a young boy of about 12, is introduced to us as he
chases SARIA, a female Kokiri through the underbrush of the

The two of them have this game down pat, and have clearly
been doing it for years and years.

Saria hides amidst the thick foliage, while it is Link's job
to find her. After some playful back and forth, Link
discovers her hiding spot and the chase resumes.

It is clear those in Kokiri forest have neither worries nor
responsibilities. Their chase continues through more
populated areas, disturbing a group singing and playing
wooden instruments in a circle around an old tree stump. The
musical group hoots and hollers, but nothing will get in the
way of this game.

It is worthy to note that Link is a unique Kokiri - he has
no fairy.

Still, Link playfully chases Saria deeper and deeper into
the Forest. Eventually, she stops and runs up to him.

             I want to show you something. A


They sneak to the very edge of the Forest, and peer over the
edge of a Cliff. A great, MASSIVE tree fills the entire
valley in the distance. Its trunk must be half a mile across.
Its bark subtly forms facial features.

             What is it?

             The Great Deku Tree. It's said
             the Great Tree created Kokiri
             forest all who swell here. Its
             roots stretched out and made the
             other threes, and their roots did
             the same, and on, and on.

Link is awe-struck. He stares deep into the 'eyes' of the
Great Tree, like something draws him to them.

Suddenly, Saria's fairy scrambles about her face, speaking
to her it seems.

             Follow me! MIDO and the KNOW-IT-
             ALL-BROTHERS are up to something!

She runs off without Link, who can't pull away from the Great
Tree. After a long moment, he finally does and chases after

Back in the heart of Kokiri, where most of the tree-huts are
assembled and the Kokiri have developed a kind of 'network'
of vines and branches for travel, Mido, the Kokiri Bully,
and many other Kokiri have assembled for some kind of activity.

They have elected to play a traditional game where they must
choose two teams. The choosing of sides begins, just as Link
and Saria return. The lines dwindle - and Link is the odd
one out.

The two sides debate over which side wants him and finally
it is Mido, the bully who hates Link because of the attention
he receives from Saria, who speaks out.

             I don't want a fairy-less Kokiri
             on MY team, or any other!

Link, dejected, turns and walks away. Saria looks on, saddened.


Link sits in a small wooden boat in the center of a VAST
pond, showing the massive scale of the Great Forest.


He tosses a line attached to a rod into the water. He sighs,
and waits for a bite.

But even the fish, it seems, avoid him.

LATER, He drags the boat up to shore. Saria greets him. She
wonders why he sulks, and he gives her a small piece of his

             Don't you ever wonder what's
             beyond the Forest?! Leave the
             Know-It-All-Brothers in your dust?

Befuddled, she warns him that the Kokiri cannot survive
outside the walls. Link, ever the explorer, finds this news
disturbing, and questions it like a child questions his
religion. He vows to change this rule someday.

Someday soon.


The King's Chamber. The King and Ganondorf are already in
the throes of a heated conversation. Ganondorf is clad in
his Royal Black Armor, while the King, with his white beard
and crown, wears his Silver.

                         THE KING
             I will not invade a peaceful
             nation! The Zoras may have ignored
             us in our time of need all those
             years ago, but I will harbor them
             no ill will for protecting their
             people from such a pointless

             Buy my Lord, they hide Precious
             Stones and minerals. They infect
             our Water Supply! Are these
             matters not an Act of War outright?
             As your advisor, you must
             understand, whatever I do, I do
             for the nation of Hyrule, and
             that nation will not be threatened
             by a school of FISH!

                         THE KING
             Ganondorf, I understand, and even
             admire your zeal, but peace has
             existed in this land for a hundred
             years. What the Zora's do is none
             of our business.  They PURIFY our
             water, not infect it.  You're
             dismissed, Ganondorf.


Ganondorf stomps out powerfully, but the King has one more
thing to say,

                         THE KING
             And Ganondorf, make no mistake,
             you are only my aid because my
             Father appointed you so. However,
             I do not rule over a land of
             thieves, nor will I bow to one
             who does.

Ganondorf stomps out once again, passing by a 12 year old

             Your Father is not well, my child.
             It is causing him to make very
             RASH decisions.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             My Father's decisions are never
             rash. He cares only for the people
             of Hyrule - not the weight of his

Ganondorf has no retort.


A GERUDO THIEF, female (as they all are) awaits with
Ganondorf's horse at the castle gates.

                         GERUDO THIEF
             Did you get what you came for, sir?


 Ganondorf mounts his black horse covered in armor.

             But there are other ways to get
             what I want.

His steed storms off into the setting sun.


Night has fallen on Kokiri Forest. And with it a light rain,
something the Forest has never seen before.

Link stirs in his bed, nightmares. Lightning cracks. Link
has visions of a fair-haired PRINCESS in distress, being
pursued on horseback by a stranger in black armor.


Something dashes through the Forest. Zipping up and down and
around the tress. Hovering, unheard, over other Kokiri as
they sleep. Finally, it spins upward around a tree and finds
Link, just as he gasps awake, in a cold sweat.

The Fairy, NAVI, zips around Link's head. But this is new to
Link, he doesn't understand the language and swats at Navi.
"LISTEN!" it screams and grows brighter. Navi motions for
Link to follow her.

Beginning to understand, Link grabs his floppy green hat and
heads down a vine. He feels the rain and looks up at the sky,
wondering what has caused this rain.

Mido is huddled beneath a tree just outside the hidden
passage to the Great Tree. At the sight of Link, he stands
defiantly and blocks his path.

             Going to see the Great Tree again?
             Only those with fairies are
             allowed to see it - anyone else
             is trespassing, and fall under MY

Link points at Navi and, shouting above the rain and thunder,

             Then what do you call THAT?!

He pushes a stunned Mido out of the way, who can only grumble,

             It can't be... it can't be yours!
             You stole it!

Mido pushes Link from behind. Link pushes back,

             I've been summoned by the tree!


Mido grabs Link by his Tunic. Link pushes him back once again,
and grabs a tree-limb, and snaps it back into Mido's face,
knocking him down. Link runs into the forest quickly, guided
by Navi in the dark.

Link races through the Forest, narrowly avoiding trees
whipping by his head, as Mido screams at him in the distance.

He follows Navi to the cliff just outside the Great Tree.



Link dashes down the cliff, sliding down the great slope,
and walks up to the Tree. Link summons up his courage and
touches the root, but it crumbles just by his touch. Clearly
some magic at work here.

There's a strange sound. Link looks around but can't find
the source. It's EVERYWHERE. And again. Leaves begin to fall
from the sky. Finally, the Great Tree MOVES, its eyes open -
it comes to life. Link backs up, frightened, and trips
backwards. The Great Tree speaks.

It thanks Link but notes that it is already far too late. A
curse has befallen the soil of Kokiri forest. He is dying,
he tells Link, much to his dismay. A sorcerer and a thief in
black armor cast the dreadful curse on the lands using his
black magic, and now all of Hyrule is suffering the effects.

Before dying, The Great Tree tells Link to visit Princess
Zelda in Hyrule Castle, she will guide you further. Link
believes he will die if he leaves the forest, but the Tree
explains to him he will not - his parents were Hylian, who
orphaned him in the Forest, which is also why he was not
given a fairy as his guide, until now.

The Great Tree can survive no longer and with a final
dropping of its massive leaves, it dies.

As soon as it does the world changes. The rain that was once
calm transforms into a terrible windstorm.

Link returns to the Forest still in darkness, and in the
throes of terrible and unnatural weather. He returns to the
safety of his hut, where he begins to pack his belongings
into a knapsack, but there aren't many.

Outside, the Kokiri are all in a frenzy. Saria enters his
hut and notices that he is packing,

             What are you doing?! Where are
             you going? Link, tell me where
             you are going!

             The Great Tree is dead. I must go.

             But you'll die if you leave the


             Saria, I'm not a Kokiri, I never
             was - I'm Hylian. The Tree told
             me what to do, and I have to see
             it through.

She knows she can't follow. She gives him a ring off her
finger to remember her by, with a GREEN stone embedded in it.
Link wears it proudly. He leaves.


Link, in the depths of the Forest, screams at Navi over the
high wind which way to go. She points him in the right

He breaks past a line of trees and out into a VAST valley of
lakes and rivers. Link sees the castle walls in the distance,
and runs towards them; the very wind is his enemy.

The road is long, and Link spends several long nights huddled
beneath a tree as the wind and rain pound on him mercilessly.


He finally reaches the city's door, and looks up at it in
all its glory.

The White City of Hyrule, stretching up against a great hill,
wrapping its white walls around. The Castle sits atop the
hill, rising above all other beauty.

The Castle doors BURST open as Link nears it, knocking him

A rider with a young girl on her back races away from the
castle on horseback. The young girl, Zelda, and Link's eyes
meet as she races off.


She throws something into the lake at the last moment.

Another rider, clad in black armor, races after her on a
black horse, but it's obvious he will not catch up to them.

He halts his steed and gets off. His leather boots pound the
ground as he nears Link. His face is hidden under a black
veil, but his eyes glow yellow. Ganondorf.

He questions Link, but Link stands his ground, demanding a
fight. Link is courageous and will not let him pass.


With a movement of Ganondorf's hand fire belches from the
ground beneath Link's feet. Link falls backward, frightened
but relatively unharmed, if not a little singed.

             A lesson. Not to be repeated so

 Ganondorf gets back on his horse and rides off into the
darkness he has created.

The elements continue to worsen, a snowstorm approaches.
Link runs to the Castle door, but it is held fast- with no
way to lower it, and no way to enter the Castle City.

Link tries to weather the storm but it has become too
powerful and he must find shelter for the rest of the night.
He finds a hollowed out tree just outside of Kokiri Forest,
and sits inside it. Navi flies towards a pile of branches,
drawing attention to them. Link understands, and piles them
up just outside his new shelter. With a dash of magic Navi
sets fire to the logs. Link, exhausted, succumbs quickly to
sleep, where he is haunted by dreams of a black rider.

He jumps awake the next morning. The storm has broken, but
the land has been left bitterly destroyed, cold and dark.

Link looks around, the fire has died away.

Something stirs amidst the Forest. Leaves rustle in several

             What is this?! Navi?!

But she's nowhere to be found.

An OWL with a strangely long mustache flies overhead and
perches on a tree. It cranes its neck at Link.

             What is this?

The Owl takes off again, flying over the dead fire, before
flying directly INTO IT. There is a sudden burst of light,
re-igniting the blaze, and RAURU appears, a stereotypical
Hylian 'wise man' in a red robe.

Link sits back in amazement.

             Who are you?!


Other figures appear from beneath the forest. One of them is
IMPA, a royal bodyguard, and Princess Zelda herself.


Zelda quickly tells the details of her escape from Hyrule
castle with the help of her bodyguard and friend, Impa.

             Why is she here? It's too dangerous!

             So is her Kingdom. Her Father
             will no longer listen to reason.
             He seeks to invade all nations
             surrounding Hyrule.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             It's Ganondorf! He has bewitched
             my father with his black magic!
             It's why we had to flee. From my
             own FATHER, that fiend!

             What has happened to Hyrule?! Why
             has it changed so?!

Rauru begins a speech about the death of the Deku Tree,
stating that Kokiri Forest and the rest of Hyrule has lost
its 'soul', its good spirit. This was all  part of the evil
Ganondorf's plan to bring about evil and darkness to the
land of Hylia. Rauru explains to Link the origin of the
TriForce and its final separation into three parts - Power,
Wisdom and Courage. But if they are reunited in the Temple
of Time, an all-encompassing power will be bestowed upon the
entrant. It is Ganondorf's wish to use the TriForce to turn
all of Hylia into an evil land, even worse than it is now.
Rauru is one of Seven Sages destined to protect the TriForce,
but Ganondorf has killed all those remaining.

In short, Link and his new companions must find the TriForce
before Ganondorf does - or Hyrule is doomed. Now they must
quest to find it, but the road is hard and perilous. But
first we must find the Ocarina!

             The lake!

Princess Zelda tells them that she threw it into the lake as
she rode off, just in case she was captured.



It is iced over completely due to the snowstorm. They all
walk onto the frozen water, it is quite sturdy.

Link looks up and sees an overhanging cliff.

He begins to climb it and they understand what he's going to

             Link! Don't do it!

             He's going to break his neck.

He ignores them and continues upwards. Zelda is the one who
comes to Link's defense, telling the others he knows what
he's doing.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Be brave... Just be brave.

Link reaches the top of the overhanging cliff, readying
himself, and swan dives over the edge, into the lake.

The ice BREAKS at his point of entry and he crashes deep
into the water.


He stays down, searching for the Ocarina, but the lake is
deep, and with little light to help him see.

He pushes further down, struggling past the current. Finally,
his lungs cannot bear it and he starts upward, but is held
fast! He's stuck on a bit of algae.

Just when he can't take anymore a hazy figure from the depths
approaches, swimming like a lizard in the water, a glowing
figure known as RUTO, a blue humanoid female sea creature,
who happens to be quite sexy. She comes upon Link and frees
his leg before kissing him, breathing fresh air through her
gills and into his lungs.

She quickly grabs him by the hand and leads him farther down,
deep into the depths of an ocean, not a lake, beneath Hylia.
A light begins to appear, and soon an entire Kingdom
underwater known as ZORA'S DOMAIN. Full of beautiful blues
and glowing lights.

As she continues to drag him other Zora's wistfully swim by.


Finally, she finds it, at the ocean floor. She picks up the
blue Ocarina and hands it to Link. He takes it and looks up
at the huge swim above him, and shakes his head.

Once more Ruto grabs him and breathes life into his lungs.
Afterwards, she almost seductively bats her eyes at him. She
quickly swims beneath his feet, and using her speed, propels
him up through the ocean at great speed.

Link BURSTS through the hole in the ice, Ocarina in hand,
and into the air above the frozen lake. He spreads his legs
and comes down straddling the hole, breathing deeply, like a

             Got it.

Under the ice, Ruto takes one last long glance at Link before
swimming away. Is she smitten?

They return to the Forest, where Rauru directs them. Link
wonders if he knows where the old man is going.

In the distance, they finally see some semblance of
civilization. Rauru points to it.


An entire CITY of bustling farmland and marketplace, walled
in on top of a great hill. In the sky looms Death Mountain.
The cityscape is dominated by a giant windmill.

             Here, we will stop to rest our
             weary selves. Drink and be merry -
             tomorrow the most difficult part
             of our journey begins.

Rauru cranes his neck to see the peak of Death Mountain.


Impa trains Link in swordfighting and battle. Link, without
a sword, is forced to use a familiar wooden substitute
against a punching bag full of straw. Link is a very fast
learner, and strikes the bag so hard it ruptures, spooking
the nearby cows.


Link leaves his training to find Princess Zelda, as ordered
by Impa. He finds her in the Stables, tending to the Horses.
Brushing their hair, etc.


                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Talon, who owns Lon-Lon not far
             from here, must have trained these
             horses. He trains the ones in the
             Stables at the Castle as well. No
             one breeds better horses than
             these, Link. Magnificent, aren't

             You have a thing for horses?

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             All girls my age do. Especially
             Princesses. One day, we all want
             our Prince to ride in on one of
             these and save us.

Link joins the petting party and goes to touch one of the
horses - a young mare - but it backs away, neighs loudly,
and bucks into the air wildly. Zelda acts quickly, grabbing
it by its reigns, and shh-es it until it calms down.

She starts to sing it a song, and its eyes begin to quiet.
Link decides to help her, and pulls out his Ocarina. He
matches her tune (Epona's song) with the Ocarina, until the
horse is calm enough for both of them to pet it.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             This one's strong. If not a little

             He likes music though.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Yes, he seems to.

Epona, the horse, looks deeply into Link's eyes.


Zelda tells Link the significance of this village.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             It was Impa who opened this
             village to the poor commoners of
             Hyrule. Too poor to support
             themselves inide the Castle Walls,
             they had nowhere to go. Alot of
             the women were forced to join up
             with the Gerudo thieves to survive.


                         PRINCESS ZELDA (CONT'D)
             Sensing their distress, Impa drove
             them out, and the good people
             were able to come back here, and
             live off the land.

Link stares at Impa through the window in the barn, still

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Exiled, my father invited her to
             live with us in the castle, and
             she became my personal bodyguard.
             Sheikah legend tells that, before
             she left, Impa sealed a great
             evil in the Bottom of the Well.
             But I think it's just a story to
             illustrate her strength... She
             may be the closest thing to a
             mother I've ever had.

             Then you're lucky. I've never
             known any mother.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             You're a Forest boy. I thought
             they just sprouted from the ground?

             I wouldn't know. The Great Tree
             told me I'm not a forest boy -
             I'm Hylian. Which means--

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             You must have a mother out there


Suddenly, there is a scream in the distance. Impa runs out
of the Barn and wraps up the two little ones in her arms.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             What is it? What's happening?!

             In the barn! Quickly!


The three of them hide under a mass of hay in the loft above
the barn. A ROYAL SOLDIER enters and looks around.


                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             The Royal Guard...

             Ganondorf has possession of all
             that was once your Father's now.
             They will still obey his orders,
             even if they are uttered from the
             lips of Ganondorf first. Even if
             those orders are to kill you,

The Guard stabs at the hay from underneath with a long spear,
just narrowly missing each of them by mere inches. Satisfied,
he leaves.

The three of them stand up and look out the window, as the
rest of the Royal Guard terrorize the Villagers, destroying
anything that gets in their way.

             You can both relax. They didn't
             find what they were looking for -
             they won't be back tonight.


The four of them struggle to relax, and toss back a pint or
two. But the air is thick, and despair weighs heavily on
their hearts.


A Vermin enters silently, as Ganondorf sits in his makeshift
throne, pondering something.

             What news, sire?

             Proceed as we discussed. Begin
             construction. I have some matters
             to attend to with the King.

             Yes, long live the King!

It cackles as it leaves.

             Long live the King.



The King sits glassy-eyed on his throne. Ganondorf kneels
next to him, as he stares into the distance.

             Your daughter has betrayed you,
             sire. She has fled from the Castle
             walls. She is a traitor!

                         THE KING
             My daughter... is no traito--

             Yes, sire! She is! You MUST listen
             to me.

                         THE KING

             She is in league with a young boy
             who wishes to overthrow you! She
             must be punished!

                         THE KING
             Ganondorf, I am so tired. Please,
             leave me.

             The Princess, sire... Allow me
             to... retrieve her for you, rest
             your weary mind.

                         THE KING

The doors open, and THE TWINROVA TWINS, Kotake and Koume,
enter quietly. Clad in thick, dark hooded robes, the Sisters
never reveal their eyes.

             My King, someone is here to see you.

They lift their heads - their eyes GLOW.

Ganondorf smiles, and the Twins approach the King.


Rauru snores loudly as Link struggles to sleep. He stirs in
his bed, but wakens to gaze out the window.


He hears a noise inside of the room, but is too petrified to
tun around. Footsteps, now, closing in. A hand clutches his

             Get away from the window.

She pulls him back. Link notices Zelda exit the shadows
behind Impa, as Rauru stirs awake.

             What is it? Have the Guards

             Worse. Gerudos.

The four of them pack their things as quickly and quietly as
they can.

             We must depart earlier than
             expected. This Village is no
             longer safe. Not with Ganondorf's
             reach growing longer every day.

OUTSIDE: Impa leads all travelers, sticking to the shadows
an close to the houses.

             We must go where they will not
             follow. The Mountain.

The mountain is some distance up a great hill from Kakariko.
Rauru, Zelda and Link all look exhausted.

             Impa, we must rest! We haven't
             even a good night's sleep!

Impa looks around nervously, listening for anything.

             Fine, we stop here for the night.
             But no fires! I'll see if I can
             fin us some food.

She draws her blade and carefully weighs who to give it to.
She hands it to Zelda, fulfilling her prime directive of
protecting the Princess at all times.

LATER: Impa still hasn't returned. Rauru is telling tales
again, but Link looks worried. So much in the open, an attack
could come from anywhere. A branch snaps.



Rauru reluctantly stops talking.

An arrow crashes into the fire and ignites, blinding them
for a moment. The attack begins. A pack of Gerudo thieves
(all female, scantily clad) go right for the Princess. Link
is able to break their grip on her however, by smashing his
wooden sword into their hands.

For several moments the three of them are outnumbered 2 to 1,
bumbling around in the dark as they are. They are not
warriors, but Zelda looks trained well enough by Impa and
cuts one of them down with her blade. Rauru swings a stick
he found on the ground, hitting anything that moves.

Some kind of pyrotechnic goes off again, stopping Rauru and
Link, before they are both attacked and knocked to the
ground- the Gerudos are trying to take off with Zelda.

Just when she seems lost, Impa screams from the shadows and
attacks with furious rage. She shows her amazing battle
skills and strikes down four more of the Gerudos before the
last one releases Zelda and runs off.

The night is quiet again.

             The Gerudos fear the Mountain. We
             must not wait any longer, Rauru.


The climb upwards is indeed long and harrowing, the three of
them nearly slip from the edge several times.

The higher they climb the blacker the sky gets, filled with
an unrelenting black smoke from the fire pits below.

Soon, everyone is struggling to breathe.

After more climbing, the heat becomes unbearable, and it
appears Rauru has fainted. Soon, even the warrior Impa states
that she can go on no longer, and collapses into the dirt as
well. The heat continues to rise, as Link struggles mightily
to carry Lady Zelda up the Mountain, at times carrying her
from his very knees.

But, at last, they reach the peak. The heat is unbearable,
it makes those wavy lines across everything.

At last, even Link collapses with Zelda in his arms.


Dreams of a Healing Fairy.

Link awakens some time later, and realizes his water jug is
full. He goes to take a drink, but instead gives a drink to
the Princess.

             Princess... I can't... go on. We
             can't cross this.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             We were never meant to cross it.

In the rock of Death Mountain is a secret door. Zelda points
at it, and Navi pushes on it to open it, and it slides behind
the Mountain. The pack reels back from the smell of sulfur
inside Death Mountain. Impa drags in Rauru, and feeds him
some of the water.

All of them descend a very steep stone stairwell. The heat
inside, is much more bearable.

             What was that?

             The reason the Gerudos fear this
             Mountain-top. The Great Fairies
             perform miraculous feats to those
             good-of-heart, but do not cross
             them if your heart is black, for
             their vengeance is unlimited.
             Come on, we've a long way to yet,
             even if I do feel better.

The Inside of Death Mountain is a labyrinth of stone passages.
In the dark it would be impassable, but Navi shines brightly,
like a beacon in the night.

Many hours are spent traversing the inside of the mountain.
From maze-like stairwells, to sheer rock-faces, they head
down, towards the base of the Mountain. Rauru tells them
tales to lift their spirits and make the time shorter.

             The Gorons inhabited this mountain
             long ago. A peaceful race, if not
             a little dimwitted, survived off
             of the very rocks inside this
             Mountain.  Ganondorf was the one
             who accelerated their mining -
             giving them better tools and


                         RAURU (CONT'D)
             That is of course, until they
             mined themselves into extinction -
             every last fat one of them,
             starved to death. But they've
             carved us a path - I suppose we
             should thank them.

Something stirs in the shadows. Young Link mentions this to

             I keep hearing things in the
             darkness. Something stirs.

             It IS called Death Mountain for a
             reason. This place was once a
             great Kingdom to a great race -
             now it is nothing more than a
             giant, hollowed-out tomb for the
             creatures of the dark to rest in.
             To hide. Tread carefully here,
             Link. Tread quietly.

The road is incredibly long and difficult. Many days pass in
the darkness of the Mountain, and many are beginning to
forget what sunlight looks like.


Ganondorf sits in his quarters amongst his people. The gerudo
nation is all women, very Arabian in culture, they are sand
people, and live in tents so they're thieving ways can be
transported easily like Nomads.

NABOORU, the second in command and lone wolf thief behind
Ganondorf, red eyes and gold hair. She is in the process of
giving a lap dance/belly dance to her husband to please him,
yet he still looks very distressed.

             What troubles you, my King?

             Your incompetence.

             How have I wronged you, sir?

She continues the lap dance.

             Your troop failed to capture the


             But they are your troop, sir. You
             are our king.

             She is only a girl.

             And you are only a man!

She suddenly withdraws a dagger from behind her back, and
tries to strike down Ganondorf. but he catches her wrist and
pulls her eye to eye with him. Her eyes show her utter
contempt for him.


He throws her off.

             Only every one hundred years is a
             man born in this country and you
             try to kill him.

He hunches over her.

             Tried and failed. You're not even
             a true Warrior - you don't deserve
             to reign along with beside me.

             the Gerudo have existed for
             thousands of years as thieves and
             Nomads - it is our way! Your
             political aspirations hold no
             part in our society!

Ganondorf laughs.

             My aspirations are far more than
             simple political endeavors.

He holds her arms to the ground above her head, getting
within a breath's distance of her face.

             Summon your women - they are going
             to watch this.

He breathes on her neck. And drags her away by her hands,
into another room.


Construction looms in the distance.


(Somewhere along the way, Link disturbs something.)

And the creatures that inhabit this mountain awaken. The
SUBROSIANS, they have large glowing eyes, and always wear
hooded cloaks. The Subrosians, employ many other creatures
as servants, including GOBLINS, vicious and nasty creatures
who feast on flesh of others.

There is a battle, the four are boxed in kind of 'tool shed'
for the Gorons. Rauru, Zelda and Link use any item they can
to defend themselves from the hideous Goblins, while Impa
handles the more intelligent 'leaders,' the Subrosians. But
she is stretched thin, and it is four against many. She does
her best to keep them safe, but the sheer numbers make it

Rauru, on occasion, uses his limited magics to blind or burn
a few of the Goblins. But doing so seems to 'drain' him, and
Link has to protect him from death on one occasion.

As the enemies numbers begin to dwindle, a POUNDING can be
heard. Everyone, including the Goblins, stop in their tracks.
A HUGE IRON-KNUCKLE bursts onto the scene, over ten feet
tall, is clad in multiple layers of armor and wields a
massive Labrys, begins his attack on the quartet.

Impa dispatches a Subrosian, but sees the greater threat she
must deal with.

             Protect the Princess!

She goes after the Iron Knuckle. Attacking with her sword,
but it's armor is far too thick. Rauru returns to his Owl
Form and claws at the eyes of the beast, allowing Impa to
attack, and IMPALE one of its feet, securing it to the floor.

Link has positioned Zelda directly behind him, and is
fighting off every Goblin he can with whatever he can find.
He hides Zelda under a table for a short while. Just as he
does, he sees above the Iron-Knuckle, a large piece of
machinery hanging from a rope. He follows the rope across a
series of pulleys, until he sees it tied off nearby. Link
grabs Zelda's blade and slices through the rope.

The piece of digging equipment FLATTENS the Iron-Knuckle,
and the rest of them flee to regroup.

Impa retrieves her blade from the creatures foot. Marching
footsteps approach.


             More are coming! Flee!

They run, and are pursued by more Goblins, led by the
Subrosians. Down corridors and more giant stairwells. Link
keeps their numbers from advancing with his long-range bow
attacks, allowing the quartet time to run.

Soon, however, their path ends, and they are boxed in. A
great door, massive, sealed by a boulder, blocks their way.
It takes all of them to move the boulder and enter door as
the villains advance closer, but once they do they enter --


Everything is massive here - chairs, tables, lamps, etc.
They quickly seal the door behind them. Goblins can be heard
clawing and pounding on the walls outside. But the sturdy
door seems to hold.

Apparently, the Gorons were a HUGE race of creature.
Strangest of all, Darunia himself still sits in his throne,
unmoving and presumably dead.

             King Darunia... Dead.

After eating so many boulders, the Gorons themselves have
begun to take on their appearance.

             Who's dead?!

His head suddenly moves, and his booming voice echoes through
the tomb like cannonfire.

             King Darunia!

Rauru falls to his knees, bowing. He pulls Link and Zelda
down along with him.

             How can you be alive after all
             these years?!

             Years?! Haha, what years have

             100 years since the death of the
             last Goron, sire.



Darunia shouts, shaking the very walls. Link mutters
something to Zelda,

             I thought Rauru said they were

 Zelda shakes her head, worried.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Something's wrong. I can feel it.

             My kingdom thrives thanks to the
             generosity of King Ganondorf!

Zelda stands,

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             His voice... it reminds me of my

Link rises with her.

             Sir... you were sealed in. You
             have been here... for over one
             hundred years.

             BAH! Enough of this. I wish to
             hear music! I WISH TO HEAR MUSIC!

Rauru whispers to Link.

             The Ocarina. Play something.

The banging on the door grows louder.

             We don't have time for this!


             Anything! CALM HIM DOWN!

             I'll play something an old friend
             taught me.


Link plays "Saria's song." Immediately, a haze is lifted
over Darunia's eyes. Zelda smiles as well. There is magic in
that Ocarina yet. his demeanor returns to the typical goron

             Dark have been my dreams of late.
             Friends... have you eaten yet?

They all rejoice. Darunia is back to his old self.

             Sir... I'm afraid we have some
             bad news.

             I heard, little one. I heard. The
             last thing I can recall... a visit
             from King Ganondorf. He threatened
             to seal us off from the mine, if
             I didn't give him... something.

             It WAS Ganondorf, that MONSTER!
             He cut off their food!

The door begins to buckle. A MASSIVE HAND pounds through,
another Troll.

             What was it? What was the item?

             Something precious to the mine.
             But he couldn't find it. Not even
             with his magics.

Darunia reveals a Bracelet - he was sitting on it! An orange
pearl is in the center.

             Come here, little one.

Link looks confused, but steps forward. Darunia puts the
bracelet around his neck.

             For waking me from a nightmare I
             could not even see, I give you
             our brightest light.

             We still need access to the mine!


             Of course.

Darunia presses a button, and the WALL behind him slides
open - some kind of door. They all stand in wonder. As soon
as the wall is removed they can feel the heat from below. A
volcanic pass, Rauru explains. The only way around Death

Zelda gasps.

Everyone crowds around her - Darunia is lifeless once more.

             He is gone. In darkness so long,
             he just wanted to see the light
             again. And so do we.

In the Distance, a massive door with the TriForce symbol on it.

             The Temple of Time... it's the
             only way out of this Mountain.

             Come on!


The first floor is entirely a lava pit, the subsequent floors
have a kind of ventilation system leading upwards. The
Quartet have to ascend these quickly, still with enemies on
their tail.

Subrosians, impervious to all heat, POP OUT like penguins
from the Lava pits. Only to be met by Impa's blade.


They scale a rock face and come to an impressive door, with
the TriForce symbol on it. Rauru explains that through this
door lies the Temple of Time, but he cannot go with them.
Sages can exist in only one dimension and the Temple of Time
operates on many. Zelda, however, agrees to accompany him.


Their foes advance quickly.

Zelda hands Link the Ocarina.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Play what your heart tells you.


Link plays the "Song of Time," and the massive doors creak
open slowly.

Zelda and Link enter, the doors close behind them.


Peace inside.

Inside is a MASSIVE Monastery filled only with an altar in
the center, beneath the 100ft high painted ceilings. In a
stone in the altar is THE MASTER SWORD, decorated with a
blue hilt, its blade shines most brightly above all swords.

Zelda looks on it in wonder, reading the inscriptions at the

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Only the hero of Hyrule can remove
             the Master Sword from its resting
             place. But know this - only light
             can pierce the darkness.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             The blade of Evil's bane!

Link steps onto the altar and yanks on the sword - it comes
out! He raises it above his head, pointing towards the sky.
It gleams in the light.

Suddenly, the entire mountain begins to shake. A massive
boulder destroys the front door of the Temple of Time.
Through the hole, Link and Zelda can see Rauru and Impa
struggling to stay on the ledge outside.

A rock falls from the ceiling and nearly takes them with it.
Zelda and Link rush to their aid. Just then, there is a great
howl from beneath them.

             The protector of the TriForce!

VOLVAGIA appears, a Subterranean Lava Dragon snakes its way
towards them.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             Link! The sword!

Volvagia attacks, it whips its tail at the intruders, but
misses. It splits the walls of the mountain in half and more
boulders tumble towards them.

             Get into the Temple!


At his words Volvagia attacks once more, spitting fire at
Link, who just manages to roll out of the way. But just as
he does, a massive boulder falls from the ceiling and
destroys the overhanging ledge Link is on. He just manages
to leap and grab onto the edge, still clutching his sword.
Volvagia dips down.

Link looks below him and sees the Dragon, ready to swoop up
again. Link takes a long look at Princess Zelda - and lets go.

He holds his arms close to his body to pick up speed. And
lands right on Volvagia's back! He slashes at it with the
Master Sword. It howls and tries to snap back. But Link
swipes at it with the blade. Volvagia tries to throw Link
off as they continue falling, but Link holds firm. The fire
on Volvagia's back is burning Link and his clothes but still
he hangs on. A final stab, stout and true, to the brain on
Volvagia. They plummet towards the lave pit below, as Link
holds on for dear life to the dying Volvagia. She is turning
to ash before everyone's eyes.

The lava below is drying up, hardening, as she dies.

Link leaps from Volvagia just before a devastating impact,
and drives the sword into the rock wall. He plants his feet
against the wall and quickly begins to slow down. The sword
digs deeper and deeper into the rock as he slows. He finally
comes to a stop. He pulls the sword out and drops the last 20
feet, and stamps through Volvagia's burning ashes, red-hot
sword in hand.

He looks up 300 feet above him, as Zelda and the others look
over the rock face.



Back at the Temple of Time, Zelda looks at him in wonder.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             There's still one more door to
             open. Place the Master Sword in
             the doorway.

There are three engravings of different jewels - one blue,
green and red. Link looks at his hand and sees the green
ring Saria gave him, clutching the sword, it glows strangely.
The red Bracelet Darunia wrapped around his neck glows in
the same way. He wraps it around the blade of the sword.


             There's one more.

Zelda's blue amulet begins to glow. She wraps it around the

             A gift from Zora... to my Mother.

Link drives the sword up to the hilt into the wall. The walls
shake and separate, revealing a glowing yellow light. Jewels
and gold line the walls like a treasure storage.

Zelda and Link look around - the room is endless, everyone
else has disappeared. It's another dimension of time and space.

             Is it--?

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             The TriForce. Link, it's yours.
             You got us here.

             I can't... I'm just a Forest boy.

 A huge bellowing laughter interrupts him. Link looks into a
huge, antiquarian mirror. The glass ripples and changes, and
a clawed hand shifts through. Ganondorf, reveling himself,
pulls himself out of the mirror.

             Perhaps I'll take it!

                         PRINCESS ZELDA

An army of Goblins burst through the mirror behind Ganondorf.

They grab hold of Princess Zelda, as Link struggles to fight
them off, hacking and slashing bravely with his sword.
Ganondorf caresses Zelda's cheek.

Meanwhile, Link has killed enough of the foot soldiers and
has charged towards Ganondorf, his sword stinging the ground
as he runs, sparking.

Link swings the sword mightily over his head, but Ganondorf
sidesteps it just in time - the sword SLAMS into the ground
just beside him.

The slightest hint of fear in Ganondorf's eyes. He knocks
Link away with a swipe of his hand.


Ganondorf needs only to raise his hand once more and a circle
of high flames surrounds Link. He cannot pass. Ganondorf
grabs ahold of Princess Zelda.


Link leaps through the flames. But Ganondorf and Zelda phase
out, and disappear, just before Link can reach them. A burst
of light erupts from the TriForce, exploding, and knocking
Link out in a blaze of white.

Dreams of a Healing Fairy.

Link wakes slowly to find himself looking up at Rauru and Impa.

             Where are we?

             The Temple of Time. What's left
             of it, where the Sages dwelt
             before Ganondorf began
             exterminating us. Now, I am the
             only one to charge you with your

             What quest? Where is the Princess?

             Ganondorf has long sought more
             power than simply being the King
             of the Gerudo thieves. And some
             time ago, he uncovered a way to
             posses the TriForce - the very
             embodiment of all power in Hyrule.
             But, in order to open the door he
             needed three jewels, imbued with
             the Spirits of those who created
             Hyrule. One was in Zora's Domain,
             but unbeknownst to him, Zora had
             already passed that item down to
             someone more trustworthy -
             Princess Zelda. The other was
             kept secret by Darunia...

             --Ganondorf wanted to starve them.
             After Darunia wouldn't give it to

             And the last rested in Kokiri,
             with a girl named--



             Right. you had the objects
             Ganondorf has been searching for
             all his life. The Ocarina, the
             Master Sword, every one of them
             is required to access this Realm
             and the TriForce inside of it.
             Which is why Ganondorf needed you.


             He could have killed you the first
             time you met, but he must have
             seen the ring on your finger. And
             he used you to get what he wanted.
             The TriForce. And Princess Zelda.
             And now that he has control of
             the King, he can rule over all of

             Then it's over. He's won.

             Ordinarily, yes. Ganondorf's heart
             however, was unbalanced; he could
             only absorb the tablet it desired
             most - Power.

             Where are the other two tablets?

             That, Link, is your quest. And to
             rescue Princess Zelda. And to
             defeat Ganondorf once and for all.

             but how can I? He's so strong now...

             It's true. Seven years ago you
             were not capable enough to wield
             the Master Sword and strike down

             Seven years?


             but the world is very different
             now. As are you.

Link looks at himself - he is now 19.

             I don't... I don't...

             There's more.

Link looks to the corner, where a pile of jewels and armor

Link suits up in a silver chain-mail suit of armor. A Hylian
shield. A Hylian bow and a quiver of arrows. Stronger boots
and belts.

Link has changed from a Forest boy - into a Hylian man.

             But first we must leave this place.
             We must return to Kakariko, but
             the land has changed much in seven

Link and Impa begin to leave.

             Link... I can't go with you. I
             must stay in the Sacred Realm now.
             Ganondorf has been searching for
             me for seven years, if he finds
             me... there will be no Sages
             left - and there is still much I
             have to do. Impa will serve as
             your guide now. She is... wise in
             her old age.

Impa smiles.

Link and Impa leave the Temple of Time, as Rauru waves
goodbye from inside.


Link is shocked at the desolation of his land. The sky is
now black, whereas once it was blue. They lands are yellow
and dead, and the heat is nearly unbearable.

             Ganondorf's power is far reaching


Link can't speak.

             Come. Our path lies beyond the
             Lost Woods!

Link and Impa descend the base of the Mountain.


The Woods are dense, black as the night inside.

Link looks behind him, the peak of Death Mountain now has a
great ring of black dust around it.

             Many men have lost themselves in
             these woods. Tread carefully -
             and do not believe what your eyes
             tell you!

             What evil has befallen these woods?

Impa cuts a path through the thick foliage with a machete.


The tress in this massive dark forest stretch up as far as
can be seen. A narrow path has been carved out through the
trees, however.

             This forest is old. Very old.
             There is something here with us!

Impa continues on.

             Death. Keep moving!


Princess Zelda stands, the pinnacle of calm, chained to the
floor in Ganondorf's highest tower. Her garb was once
beautiful and Royal, now however she is clad in Black Dress,
with darker hair. She has aged into a beautiful woman, but
her eyes speak of her sadness.

The iron door opens and Ganondorf emerges, with the Twinrova
Sisters not far behind.


             Princess... how much longer shall
             we keep up this charade? The
             people ACHE for their Queen to


             How much longer will you defy me?

Zelda remains silent. Stone cold.

             Answer me!

Fire erupts in a tornado around her.

Yet, she doesn't even flinch. The fire recedes.

             Of course, you could just let
             down your hair!

Ganondorf laughs.

He approaches her, and caresses her cheek with his dark hand.

She looks at the Moon.

             If you want to see your people,
             then so be it. I only ask one
             thing in return.

                         PRINCESS ZELDA
             My King.

Zelda smiles at Ganondorf coyly.


Link and Impa chop down a brush patch with their blades.

             I feel like I've lost my sense of

             Just keep moving forward. The
             trees lie.

Link looks around.


             No. We've been here before! We're
             going in circles!

             I have spent the last seven years
             waiting for you! Jumping through
             time was easy for you, but I had
             to WAIT, while my Princess was
             being held captive in that Dungeon.
             I was her protector! And I
             couldn't even save her. Now she
             rots in that place. So follow me,
             or I leave you to lose your mind
             in these woods.

Impa travels on, Link follows behind closely.

LATER, the Woods begin to feel like they're closing in.
Getting thicker. It's difficult to even swing the machete
and sword.

But with one final swipe they break through. An open area...
familiar to Link. Impa stands aside.

Link takes it in slowly, not recognizing it at first. The
vines, the network, the roots of the trees. They're all there,
but everything has gone so horribly wrong.


Blanketed in shadow and despair after seven years of hardship.

Link looks shocked.

Someone emerges from the darkness, and slowly approaches
Link. A 12 year-old girl in a tattered and faded green tunic.
Saria. She's half his height now.

She tugs on his chain-mail. He bends down to see, not
realizing who she is at first.

             Who are you? Have you come... to


             How do you know my name? A boy, a
             boy left here 7 years ago. Have
             you heard from him.


Link stands and covers his mouth, tears well up in his eyes.

He leaves her and walks around his old home.

The huts are ready to topple over. The gardens are all but
dried up. Every single Kokiri he finds is filled with despair,
even the once cocky Mido misses the warmth of the sun.

             The tree...

Link takes off through the Forest, running at breakneck speed
through the brush, cutting his face of tree limbs and
tripping over vines, all in an effort of haste.

Then he finds it. The Great Tree.

Dried up. Dead. Withered. Brown.

The Master Sword falls out of Link's hand and he falls to
his knees, weeping.

He grabs a handful of soil, and sees how dead every leaf,
every grain of sand is. His sadness turns to anger, and he
squeezes the sand in his palm.


Link sits in his old bed, tiny as it was, caressing an old
heirloom he left in his room.

Impa quietly climbs the ladder and enters.

             I'm sorry.

Link is silent, staring at the thing in his hand.

             Now you know what we're fighting

With that, Impa leaves, leaving Link to wallow in seven years
of despair.

LATER, Link climbs down and finds Impa waiting for him.

             It's time to go.

LATER, Link takes one last long look at his old homeland,
before heading off.



Impa and Link rest in the area known as Spectacle Rock, a
labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks at the rear base of Death
Mountain. They are forced to take shelter from the elements
in a cave for the night.


In the pit of the castle, the bogs, the furnaces, Ganondorf
and dark Zelda walk side by side across a path of darkness,
still in discussion.

                         DARK ZELDA
             If I were to be your Queen, would
             you not split your power with me?
             A Queen, after all, deserves to
             fill her heart with such things
             as her King. Or haven't you any

Ganondorf strikes her down where she stood.

The fires around them grow along with Ganondorf's anger. But
Zelda, still on the ground,

                         DARK ZELDA
             I, too, have some power, my King.

She blasts a torrent of magic at Ganondorf, but it is far
too weak to injure him. But then again - it was never meant
to. And he laughs. As does Princess Zelda.

The blast was only a defiance of his will, a strong-willed
woman is Zelda, something King Ganondorf appreciates… in a

             Not until we are wed.

He grabs her wrist and yanks her up and into his arms.

             A wedding present, perhaps. For
             now, I have something to show you.


Ganondorf has had seven years to turn Hyrule Castle into his
own dark Kingdom. Steaming lava pits and catwalks line the
Main Interior. While, just outside, a great pit has been dug.

His Vermin orchestrate the ordeal. The pit is a giant network
of activity, every thing has a job to do.


From the top of his Tower Ganondorf watches these Vermin
"give birth" from the tainted soil to a new and improved
creature. Larger, and far more powerful than his ordinary

Pull out, to reveal the THOUSANDS of them already created.

Ganondorf has genetically-engineered an ENTIRE ARMY - the
true power of the Tablet of Power.

             All this will be yours, once we
             are married... Queen Zelda.

                         DARK ZELDA
             Then I accept.

Zelda kisses him.

Zelda seems troubled.

                         DARK ZELDA
             We'll have to do something about

Zelda refers to her aging Father, the King, sitting in his
throne. He hasn't been moved in seven years, and his
appearance reverberates that.

             Every child must outlive their

                         DARK ZELDA
             Then I'm halfway there already.

Ganondorf laughs.

Zelda slowly walks up to her father, crouches, and whispers
into his ear.

                         DARK ZELDA
             Isn't it BEAUTIFUL, Father?




             Wake up.

Link stirs awake.


             We must leave. Something follows us.

             How can that be?

             Ganondorf has had seven years to
             prepare for your return. Who knows
             what evil he has wrought in that


             Perhaps. The very birds may be
             our enemy.

             The very wind.

             Indeed. Come, Kakariko isn't far


They come to the walled-in Village.

             Hospitality has been lessened in
             Kakariko since Ganondorf corrupted
             the King. Do not expect to be
             welcomed here.


The Village is more rundown than its previous incarnation,
but much of it still stands as it was.

             A few years ago I had to employ
             several carpenters to rebuild
             many of the houses after it was
             ransacked by the Gerudos.

             Why haven't you tried to free the
             Princess in the seven years I was

             Why do you think they attacked my


Zelda and Impa walk along the main path - Villagers slam
their doors at the sight of these "outsiders.'

             Ganondorf's evil has affected
             everyone. It IS everyone. It
             spread like dust in the wind,
             like water in rain. But these are
             GOOD people here. They can help us.

Impa finally finds an old friend, Talon, the Stables-man,
and chats him up.

After a short conversation about the past, there is an
EXPLOSION in the town well, sending water high into the air.

                         VILLAGER 1
             The Monster has returned!

                         VILLAGER 2
             Flee! Flee!

The horses break free from the Stables, and start destroying
anything that gets in the way of their panic stampede.

             What is it?!

             The Well! Go! I'll get the horses!

Link runs to the well to find it still full of water - he
can't go down there.

He runs into the Windmill and finds the water control. He
turns on the Windmill and effectively drains the well.

He runs back to it and jumps in, landing crouched, with his
sword already drawn.


The well isn't a well at all, it seems. More like an
underground chamber - a tomb even.

Link feels great despair the farther down this chamber he
travels, until finally, several stories underground, he feels
like giving up his mission altogether - not of just this
well, but of rescuing Zelda and stopping Ganondorf. Until he
realizes that the reason he feels this despair is BECAUSE he
is down here. There is a beast down here, and it's been
sucking the life out of the Villagers above its head for the
last seven years - so the villagers will be sure to never
rise up against Ganondorf.


Link continues on and bests the Beast known as Bongo Bongo,
a large ghostly, cyclopean creature with the ability to turn
itself invisible. Link must face the fear of the dead, and
trust in his abilities to defeat it.

Link uses a mirror to see past the invisibility and 'blindly'
uses his bow to fire an arrow into its single eye in order
to kill it.


Link claws his way from the well, slimy and scathed, but
unhurt. The Villagers of the Town instantly appear in better

                         VILLAGER 1
             He killed the monster!

                         VILLAGER 2
             Three cheers!

             Hip-hip - HOORAY. Hip-hip - HOORAY.
             Hip-hip - HOORAY!

That night there is a party in the Village. Link informs
Impa that the Beast was sapping the life out of them to keep
them here, to keep them from rising up against its master,

             Ganondorf was cautious enough to
             keep these people under his
             thumb - I think he's afraid of
             them. Afraid of what they can
             accomplish, together.

Link and Impa spend the next several days repairing the
Village to pristine condition, doing construction, building
homes, and tending to those crazy cucoos.

THAT NIGHT, Link catches Impa as she tries to sneak out in
full battle gear.

             What are you doing?

He sees her weapons.

             You're not headed where I think
             you are.


             You asked me why I waited seven
             years while my Princess was being
             held captive. The truth is, I was
             AFRAID. Afraid of what Ganondorf
             was capable of. But I see now
             it's all tricks and magics.

             You'll never make it inside the

             You'd be surprised what us Sheikas
             are capable of under the guise of

             You'll never succeed. It's suicide,
             and you know it.

             Your time will come to make a
             last stand. For me, that time is

             I won't let you do this. I'll
             stop you.

             No, you won't.

She sees right through him. They're both warriors and she's
made up her mind already.

             No, I suppose I won't.

Impa vanishes, seemingly into thin air, amidst a could of

LATER, Link stays up the entire night, distressed under the
stars. Impa won't be coming back. He's on his own.

He walks around the Village, and finds MALON, Talon's little
girl, tending to her morning chores just before dawn. He has
a chat with her about her father and this Village.

It spurs him to act.

THAT MORNING. Link stands on a pedestal in the center of
town and calls an assembly of every villager. He gives a
great speech about finally lifting the darkness that's been
covering the lands for the past seven years.


             And it starts here! Ganondorf
             sent his monster here to make
             sure you wouldn't get involved.
             He's AFRAID of you! All of you!
             If the members of this Village
             ban together we can form a nation
             strong enough to take back the
             castle and overthrow Ganondorf's

The vote is split however. Many are enthusiastic. But the
other half are merely realistic.

             We are but mere peasants. What
             are we to do, defeat the Royal
             Army with nothing but pitchforks
             and logs? It's SUICIDE.

Link thinks.

             Sometimes marching into battle in
             the throes of defeat is powerful
             enough to change the enemy's
             outlook on his position. If we
             catch him off-guard we can
             surprise him and take back the
             Royal City!

                         VILLAGER 2
             This is madness! He wants us all
             to charge to our death, and for
             what? For NOTHING. To accomplish
             NOTHING. Who is this man anyway?
             An OUTSIDER, that's who! He is
             not one of us!

                         VILLAGER 3
             He defeated the monster!

                         VILLAGER 2
             What monster?! That fictional
             'beast' at the bottom of the well?
             Did anyone SEE him beat any

                         VILLAGER 4
             Yeah! He just wanted our trust.
             He's one of Ganondorf's men, he
             is! Sent to destroy us, FOR GOOD.

Talon jumps up there with Link.


             Impa, the founder of this Village,
             trusted this boy! Shall we ignore
             her wishes as well?! What if he's
             trying to save us? What if we CAN
             stop Ganondorf and his men, isn't
             that WORTH fightin' for?! Isn't
             that worth DYIN' for?

There is a rumble amongst the crowd, still split.

                         VILLAGER 2
             Then let him prove his worth!


                         VILLAGER 4
             A joust!

             Against who?

             I'll do it!

Ingo, a large farmhand, climbs the pedestal and stands beside

             I trained those horses when Talon
             could no longer do his duty! I
             know how to ride them!

                         VILLAGER 2
             Then it's settled!

LATER. Link goes to the Stables to find his horse for the
Duel and has another cutesy conversation with the young Malon,
rumored as it were that they end up together.

Talon is out in the filed, tending to the wild horses. One
of the Mares seems unusually out of control, and it's
difficult for Talon to control the reigns.

Link walks up to them. He sees the eyes of the horse and
recognizes them.

He walks up slowly to Epona, at first only humming Epona's
Song. As the horse calms his hum changes to a song, Link
sings it as best as he can, soothing the beast. It's finally
calm enough for him to grab the reigns from Talon.


             Well, I'll be. That's the wildest
             horse I ever caught.

             You had her long?

             She keeps escapin'. Always comes
             back though. Never could train her.

Link hops on Epona's back. Talon's jaw drops.

             You'll... need a saddle.

             I don't think I'll need one.

Link kicks the horse and she takes off like a bolt of
lightning around Lon Lon Ranch. Epona stands on her two back
legs triumphantly, glittering in the sun.

Link dismounts.

             I think I've found my horse.

             I think you've found more than that.

LATER. The Town Square has been transformed into a Renaissance
Faire of sorts. A group watches the Jousting Field from
overlooking bleachers on one side.

Ingo emerges first, clad in a suit of armor, mounts his horse
and readies himself.

Link emerges, also clad in a suit of armor befitting this
type of match, and caresses Epona before mounting her. He's
handed his Jousting Rod and readies thje appropriate position.

Of course, Link wins the Joust in an explosion of wood and
splinters upon Ingo's breast plate.

The crowd cheers as Link dismounts Epona and removes his
helmet. It is customary to strike the final blow, but Link
would never kill an innocent man. Instead, he helps him to
his feet.

He looks to the crowd, and they all cheer for him. He's
brought them together. They chant his name.


There is a sudden scream. The crowd looks up - Impa's
lifeless body hangs by her foot from the over-hanging sign
at the Entrance.

Link quickly cuts her down - she's beaten to a bloody pulp,
but she's alive.


Impa's recovery room.

She finally wakes up. Link comes to her side and asks her
what happened.

She tells a tale of her journey towards the Castle (in
flashback form), and how much it's changed. She was captured
and tortured, and from her Tower she could see Ganondrof
BREEDING his new army.



Lon-Lon Ranch.

Link, Malon and Talon, and the 'head' villager sit by
candlelight in the Stables of Lon Lon.

Link tells them Impa will recover, but the information she
brought back is distressing at best. Ten-thousand perfectly
bred killing machines against a thousand villagers is not
the odds Link expected. They will lose, unless they can amass
more soldiers. Once they do, they can draw Ganondorf's
'attention from his door', so that Link can enter unnoticed
and destroy Ganondorf in the epic clash of wills.

             But that will do us no good if we
             all die in the process!

Talon protests.

(SOMEHOW), the point comes up about the King of Hyrule. He
and the Royal Guard are all but under Ganondorf's control -
and if they can be freed, we'd have some actual soldiers on
our side.

The King is being controlled, by Ganondorf's Mother(s):
Twinrova - if they're killed, The King and his men will be

But Twinrova lies on the other side of Hyrule, past the
Haunted Wasteland (a massive desert where men face their own
nightmares) and into the Desert Fortress where the Gerudo
army rests, and Twinrova sleeps.


Of course, Link must take up this new quest.

But, suddenly, there are screams coming from Kakariko.

They race out of Lon Lon and see the FLAMES in the distance.


The Village is burning down. Ganondorf's new army of Orcs is
setting fire to the buildings.

Link takes up his arms, and kills as many of the Orcs as he
can. This is a very tough battle for him, and he's wounded
in the process(flesh-wound). These new Orcs are built for
battle - they are ferocious and tough to kill.

Link tells Talon to gather up the Villagers, they are
fleeing - the enemy knows they are here now. Link is burdened
with the duty of scooping up Impa's wounded body and carrying
her on his shoulder out of the Village.

             We must head to Windfall Island!
             To the boats!

The entire Village heads out, leaving a burning Kakariko
behind them. Link laments at the loss, but the road is long,
and they must move. He loads Impa's unconscious body onto
Epona, and they set out into the wild.

The road is long and slow, wounded women and children make
it so.

But finally they come to a series of small row-boats on the
North-Eastern Ocean shore.

They sail for days, through storms and heat, but eventually
they come to the (moderately) inhabited shores of Windfall
Island. There is semblance of civilization, but it is a new
colony. Apparently, Impa foresaw the destruction of Kakariko
one day, and developed this sister colony to protect them
from their enemies to the West.

They settle in. It is a long time before Impa fully heals.
Even then, she seems emotionally scarred by her defeat.

Link fishes off a dock, and FINALLY catches a fish.

Link and Impa begin fortifying it once she is healed. Under
his guidance, she begins to train the Villagers in basic
combat skills. He is looking more and more like a general
every day.


Link finally sets out on his quest to the west Desert, using
their larger boat as a faster means of transportation that
won't be interrupted by Ganondorf's Orcs and Moblins.

At first the seas are gentle, but spies send Ganondorf
valuable information and from his Tower, seeks his magic
upon the open seas. He creates a terrible thunderstorm that
pounds Link and his small boat. A single massive wave
eventually cripples Link's boat, destroying the sail, and
turning it turtle.

Link drifts for days on a log of wood.

Eventually, a PIRATE SHIP spots him, and picks him up.

They hold him captive, stripping him of all his weapons and
possessions. The Pirates are one named TETRA, a female Pirate
who plunders the Great Sea for its plentiful treasures.

Apparently, there were many Pirate fortresses in the Western
shores before Ganondorf took them from them.

Link says then, that they have a common enemy  - it is
Ganondorf that Link fights against.

             A losing  battle. I have seen
             Ganondorf's new army of Moblins,
             and you, a Forest boy, stand no

             Better to fight for freedom than
             to let it fail altogether. I
             assume a PIRATE values his freedom,
             moreso than most.

             Correct, you may be, but freedom
             we have on the water, unlike some.

             And what of off it?

I want some kind of swashbuckling attack on the Pirate ship.
The Moblins and orcs attack, and Link helps to save them.
For it, the Pirates take Link to the edge of the Western
shores and put them in his debt.

Link comes to shore and is left by the Pirates. The Haunted
Wasteland is far off, but they are still afraid of it. It
really IS Haunted, and all men fear what secrets it may hold.


Link plays Epona's Song and she emerges soon thereafter. She
must have followed him.

THE DESERT is equal to the Sahara in its size and deadliness.
To cross it takes a monumental effort, and Link and Epona
will barely survive it.

During their crossing, the pair encounter an ENORMOUS
sandstorm. They retreat to a Desert structure, and just
manage to outrun it before they are swept away. Link covers
Epona with his tunic to protect her from the sandstorm once
they are in the moderate shelter.

The sandstorm over, they begin their journey again. Link
drops a horse-feeder that WAS full of water - now it's full
of muddy sand, and completely useless, and therefore
discardable. This, of course, a lack of water, makes their
journey even worse.

Just when Link's body is beginning to fade, he begins to
hallucinate. It is here the Haunted Wasteland lives up to
its name and Link must face his own nightmares.

When he defeats them, he finds himself at the base of a
PYRAMID. In front of it, is a giant stone Statue of a GERUDO
QUEEN, who must have reigned before Ganondorf. She is sitting
in a Buddha pose - this is the entrance to the Gerudo Temple.

Link is met inside and captured by The Gerudos. They surround
and question him - but he escapes before they can do him any

Link heads up to the center of the Pyramid, where Twinrova
assuredly resides.

He finds Twinrova, who transforms to their true state, by
joining together into a more monstrous and terrifying form.
Link battles it, but falls under its terrible spell, his
brain 'about to fall into nothingness.' But, in a bit of
surprise, Nabooru, who tried to question him earlier when he
was caught, attacks Twinrova and sets Link free of its spell,
allowing Link to chop off its head and destroy it.

Nabooru then tells Link what we already know, about her
despair over what Ganondorf has done, and his political
aspirations of total domination, which the mighty Amazonian
Gerudos do not share.

She vows to help Link kill him any way she can. An army is


             News must make it to the King of
             Hyrule! The Nations of Hyrule
             have united against a common foe!
             We meet on the Island of Windfall!
             Tell him to make haste! We go to
             war against Ganondorf!


Queen Zelda cries out.

                         QUEEN ZELDA
             Twinrova... She is dead!

Zelda weeps out loud in the huge castle.


Ganondorf tours his Factor of soldiers as more of his Moblins
are created.

They've begin to arm themselves, getting geared up for battle

Ganondorf gives a speech and they march out, and a troop of
them marches out. 100 only.

PHANTOM GANON bursts from the Castle doors and rides out
ahead of them, their General for the time being.


Great Ships crawl across the horizon.

Link greets them along they shore, as The King and a large
Royal army march in from the sand.

They are greeted with great reverence, and it is good to see
the King up and about once again.

The King is the first to say that they must take back the
Castle. But Link retorts

             It will be for naught if Ganondorf
             is allowed to live. He has
             poisoned this land with his
             tyranny, and he must be destroyed
             if Hyrule is to be restored to
             the beauty it once held.

Link intends to march with his army, right to the Castle
walls, and take on Ganondorf's army head on.


If they can break through the outer defenses it will be all
the opening that Link needs to storm the Tower and take on
Ganondorf one-on-one. And destroy him.

                         THE KING
             But, with all we can muster, we
             only number in the hundreds.
             Ganondorf's army numbers in the
             tens of thousands! What hope is

             The Gerudos will answer our call.

                         THE KING
             The Gerudos?! Thieves from the
             Desert lands?!

             We share a common enemy.

                         THE KING
             What of the Gorons? Or The Zoras?
             The Ritos?

             The Gorons are extinct. Zora's
             Domain has not been free of the
             ice since the great Tree died.

                         THE KING
             Then, we are alone...

             Not alone. Together, we may show
             Ganondorf that the peoples of
             Hyrule will not go quietly into
             torment and death! I would rather
             die fighting than to spend another
             lifetime under a black sky.

Link and the King come up with a killer strategy, one that
gives them 'the edge' that they need to turn the battle in
their favor. It has to do with funneling them down the
Mountain pass to the West of Hyrule Castle, then boxing them
in from the other side.

They are attacked by the Moblin party shortly thereafter.
It's the mini-battle before the big battle. Even against a
hundred, the fight is difficult, and several lose their lives.
But, The Kings men show their valor using their many skills
and weapons to drive them away from the town and defeat them
on the beach.


Amidst the fight, Phantom Ganon rears his head, striking
fear into everyone around them - except Link, who charges in
on Epona to meet him head on. They are both knocked from
their steeds (Epona chases the other one away) and they are
left to battle on the sand. Phantom Ganon uses a long spear
as his main attack, and teleports to a different location
several times, making the fiht difficult for Link.

Link is struck down. PG's boots pound the ground as he draws
near to Link, for the final blow.

The sound of bows being stretched. PG looks up to find a
dozen Hylian Guard on the rooftops, their arrow pointed down
at him. He tries to strike Link quickly but is met instead
with a flurry of arrows. He falls to his knees.

Link beheads him and he vanishes.

             Just a Phantom!

Link's army pulls itself together and begin to march towards
the Castle.

Ganondorf watches from his Tower.

Link's army is greeted by a messenger - Dark Zelda. She looks
downright evil, carries a sword, and warns Link to turn
around or die.

They don't and an enormous battle begins. There is more to
Ganondorf's army than sheer numbers - including a number of
Iron-knuckles, and other large, powerful enemies. Ganondorf's
army also uses catapults and other devices.

Eventually, Link's army is driven back to the sea. The enemy
crosses through the Mountain pass to attack them, which
bttles their numbers, and makes them easier to attack. From
above, archers rain arrows upon them, and rock avalanches
are started, which fall and crush them.

Still, wave after wave keep coming, and their strategy seems
to be failing. Link's army has reached the coast, with no
more room to run.

Then, they see Great Ships in the distance. An army of
Pirates and Gerudos quickly exit, and charge alongside the
Royal Army.

             We bring friends!

Several hundred ZORAS rise from the ocean depths to join the
battle. The Gerudo Warriors box in The Moblin army at the
Mountain pass, and soon, a small victory has been won.


The new army marches once again to the Gate, and this time
are greet with a forty foot armored Gate Guardian. Impa dies
fighting it, but Link is the one who destroys it. Link is
saved by Epona during the fight, who slashes through Vermin
and Moblins to reach him in time.

As Link stands over her as she dies, Impa exclaims that she's
never seen anyone so brave, as she looks into Link's eyes.
She knows he has the TriForce of Courage.

Link's army breaks through the outer wall, and enter the
Castle City in droves. They are met by MORE Moblins and also
RE-DEADS, who have the power to paralyze their victims by
looking at them. Teamwork must be employed to defeat each of

During the melee, Link slithers away, and heads past Hyrule
Town, towards the Castle.


The Castle isn't the beautiful, white thing it once was -
it's been transformed into a black monolith, towering over a
river of lava under a black sky. Link enters through the
only door. And makes his way to the Tower.


The basement of the castle is like a dungeon, with cells and
fire pits. The castle is more like a cave now, with only a
few reminders of the beauty that it once held - charred
statues and burned tapestries.

Link finds himself above Ganondorf's fiery quarters - a room
overlooking the Dark King as he continues to 'dine' with his
Queen, unawares of the hero perched above him.

Link silently readies an arrow from his bow, aiming carefully
at the heart of Ganondorf. But Princess Zelda, clad now in
black dress of her own, enters behind Ganondorf and caresses
his chest. Ganondorf laughs loudly. Link, dumbfounded, lowers
his bow, both shocked and unwilling to possibly strike her
by accident.

                         QUEEN ZELDA
             Once the boy gets here, we can
             finish him together - and take
             all that remains of the Tablet of

             He is here already.


Shocked, the floor suddenly beneath Link, and he falls down
a chute, falling hard right at Ganondorf's feet. His bow and
sword fly out of his hands.

             Fool. Did you not think I know
             all that goes on in my Castle?

             It's not your Castle.

And so the battle begins.

It is a test of Ganondorf's brute force and fire magics
against Link's agility and speed. Link does all he can to
avoid Ganondorf's crushing blows and spitting fire. And
eventually latches onto the Mater Sword once again, arming
his shield as well. Ganondorf takes a moment to absorb it
all - the boy changed into the man, facing down the devil in
combat, and not backing down.

Ganondorf finds a sword of his own, scattered among all the
fallen soldiers and old statues - a massive broadsword
befitting his 7 ft stature. Each swing of the broadsword is
like a haymaker, and it becomes increasingly difficult for
Link to block it with either his sword OR his shield.
Eventually, the Hylian shield is knocked from his grasp and
he is forced to defend himself with his sword alone.

Ganondorf readies a strike with the broadsword on Link's
head as he sits prone on all fours, dazed. He brings the
sword down -


Queen Zelda's sword blocks his way! Her wisdom has tricked
him for seven years, now it finally pays off.

He backhands her with his mighty forearm, knocking her down
and out.


Link's agility quickly pays off and he manages to get a
shallow cut across Ganondorf's abdomen. With a howl the fires
burn higher, trapping Link behind them. Ganondorf sees his
hesitation at the flames and erects a barrier around Link,
one that becomes a FIRE TUNNEL that surrounds Link like a
tornado. He's burning, and trapped. Ganondorf summons the
power of the flames once more, this time as a directional
attack, and hurls the flames at a prone Link.


Link just manages to dive to of the way of the deathblow,
and hurls the Master Sword headlong into Ganondorf's chest.
He flies back and is pinned to the wall, coughing up blood.

But something happens. The TriForce symbol on his wrists
begins to glow, and Ganondorf's eyes turn white, his tongue
forks and he speaks in a foreign language - calling on the
Power from the TriForce.

He yanks the sword out and drops it to the ground. The Tower
begins to collapse around them, pieces of rock fall from the
ceiling. A chunk of the floor is taken out, and the Master
Sword nearly falls into the pit of lava several hundred feet

Ganondorf rises, floating above the Tower. Link just manages
to avoid the boulders falling hard, breaking to bits. He
dives to the floor and grabs the Master Sword just before it
falls into the pit and quickly races up the stairs as they
crumble beneath his feet - to the top of the Tower.


Everyone stops fighting, and witnesses as the Castle is
collapsing. They cheer, but their battle continues. The King
weeps for his lost Kingdom.


Ganondorf falls onto the floor just as Link walks onto the
roof of the Tower, a flat plain of concrete over-looking all
of Hylia. He trails his sword behind him slowly. Ganondorf
is hunched over, prone. Link charges him, but is blown
backwards by a burst of magic. His face and clothes are
seared from the burst of flame.

Ganondorf stands up slowly, breathing deeply. He has changed,
his appearance, his bulk, his power. He has become GANON!
Fire erupts in the palms of his hands and he throws his arms
outwards at a still dazed Link, lying on the ground. Link
just manages to roll out of the way in time, but Ganon
doesn't stop the blast. He merely shifts his constant stream
of flames. Link slams the sword into the concrete and hides
behind its blade - the flames are cut, and just manage to
curl around him, not impacting him directly.

But the force is still too much. Link's gloves are beginning
to melt from the heat, despite the chain mail, and the force
of the magic is having a toll. With one final push Ganon
sends a ball of magic at Link. It collides, knocking Link
back again, ad tossing the Sword from his grasp.

Totally defenseless now, Ganon picks Link off the ground
with a single hand and pummels him with his fists.


Beating Link senseless, bloodying him quickly. Link is
unconscious. A final haymaker sends Link across the Tower peak.

Calmly, Ganon strolls over to the Master Sword and picks it
up. He holds it in his hand coyly, not amazed by its power
in the least. In fact, insulted by it. With it in hand, he
stalks slowly towards Link - ready for a final blow to this
"Boy," as he calls Link.

But during all this everyone has forgotten about Princess
Zelda, knocked to the ground, unconscious, during the fight.
Now, she has picked up Link's discarded Hylian Bow and found
a suitable arrow from the lost quiver. The hole in the Tower
Peak above her is just big enough to make out Ganon as he
stalks towards Link, Master Sword in hand.

She readies an arrow, pulls it back - just as Ganon raises
the sword for the blow - she closes her eyes and whispers a
prayer. And releases the arrow.

It flies perfectly through the small opening, just as Ganon
turns to see it coming at him he manages to scream, "Nooo!"
The Arrow catches the light from the sun, causing it to shine
brightly  A LIGHT ARROW! It pierces Ganon's heart. Spitting
blood, Ganon collapses onto his knees, clutching at the wound.

             My Queen...

About this time, Link has come to. It's a mighty struggle
just to stand. He limps over to the dying Ganon, bleeding
profusely from the face. He slowly picks up his Master Sword,
looking down on Ganon.

             Betrayer... deceitful!

He continues to curse Zelda under his breath, until he sees
Link towering over him, sword in his hand, with the morning
sun glowing brightly behind him, illuminating him like an

             But... but, you were just a boy...

Link decapitates Ganon, with one deft slice.

As soon as Ganon's lifeless body hits the ground the castle
begins to collapse. The familiar Zelda theme - this time
though, a heavy metal guitar version, as Link and Zelda race
to get out of the castle before it collapses into the pit of
lava. Dodging falling rocks and evading frantic creatures,
they just manage to. They dive onto the cliff, clutching at
the edge.


The story ends much as on would expect it to- the lands
return to the lush, magical place they once were, Princess
Zelda returns to the Castle Town to rebuild a city and an
empire, as Queen Zelda. And Link returns to Kokiri Forest -
a MAN. Unique - the only one in all of Kokiri.

And now, no one can make fun of him for not having a fairy!


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