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               FADE IN:

               EXT. VALLEY - DAWN

               Tall grass sways slowly in the wind. A light fog dances over

               SUBTITLE: "2162 A.D."


               The figure of a horse stands at one end of the plain. A
               COMMANDER sits atop the horse. His face is stained by dirt.
               His armor bears the symbol of a lion. He carries a broad
               sword in his hand.

               After a brief moment, he raises the sword. A loud battle cry
               escapes his mouth.

               Behind him, an army of SOLDIERS are ready for battle. They
               return the cry as they stare fearlessly across the plain.


               Another legion of SOLDIERS stand dauntlessly. Their coats of
               armor bear green markings.

               A SMALL MAN steps out from the soldiers. He bears no weapon.
               Instead he raises a bagpipe to his lips. He slowly begins


               The Commander continues to lead the cry. He lowers his sword.

               This signal ignites his soldiers and they charge.


               The enemy rushes forward.

               EXT. VALLEY - CONTINUOUS

               The armies collide. The CLANGING of their swords surround us.
               The faces of the soldiers show no remorse.

               The Commander fights his way through the battle. He slides
               through with a sort of grace taking down member after member
               of the opposing army.

               The battle rages onward. Soldiers of both armies fall to
               their deaths.

               The fog fades and the battle is over. No soldier is left

               Soon there is a small movement. The Commander slowly starts
               to rise from the fallen bodies. He breathes heavily as he
               studies the carnage that is around him.

               Behind him an opposing soldier stands. The soldier lets out a
               scream and charges at the commander.

               The Commander turns in time to meet swords with the enemy.
               Their fight is fierce with neither connecting with a blow.

               The Commander soon gains the upper hand. Without warning, he
               swings in behind the soldier and the blade of his weapon
               slices the enemy's throat.

               The soldier falls.

               The Commander drops his sword as the bloodbath is finally
               over. He stands victorious.

               The Commander retrieves his sword. He turns.

               An arrow pierces his neck. The Commander struggles to remove
               it, but cannot. He falls forward. The arrow impales through
               him as it makes contact with the ground.

               The plain falls quiet. Nothing more than a resting place for
               the two armies.

               Light footsteps approach the bodies.

               An assassin covered in black and carrying a crossbow, makes
               his way over to the commander. He drops the crossbow and
               touches his fingers to the commander's neck.

               He motions with his hand.

               A group of assassins slowly walks onto the field.

               The first assassin removes his mask to reveal a Chinese man.
               A scar hangs above his left eye. This is Chang (32). He
               smiles and addresses his army.

                         Today -- we have seen victory.

               The assassins cheer.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. NEW YORK CITY - NIGHT

               Forsaken. The city streets are littered. Buildings are
               demolished. The few that are left have been destroyed.


               The best looking building so far. Parts of the walls are
               missing. Windows are shattered.

               At the entrance a fire slowly burns in a barrel.

               The doors are pushed open. Two TEENS turn forward. They carry
               numerous items in their arms.

               The teens walk over to the barrel and kneel. They lay the
               items down and begin searching through them.

                                   TEEN #1
                         Let's hurry up. Before someone
                         catches us.

                                   TEEN #2
                         Don't worry about it.

               The two continue their search.

               From behind, Teen #1 is pulled to his feet.

               The teen stares into the eyes of SCOTT (18). A brawny man,
               although you couldn't tell that from his clothes. He holds
               the teen by the collar.

                                   TEEN #1
                         Jesus, who are you? The cops?

               A small SCUFFLING is heard.

               Teen #1 looks behind him. He notices his pal running off.

                         Looks like you're by yourself.

                                   TEEN #1
                         Come on, let me go. It wasn't like
                         I was stealing.

                         You were messing with private

                                   TEEN #1
                         Look, if it will make you happy,
                         I'll put it back.

               Scott thinks about it.


               The teen nods.

               Scott slowly releases him.

               The teen kneels down at the items. He grabs a few into his
               hands. He turns to see Scott not really paying attention. The
               teen takes off down the street.

                                   TEEN #1 (O.S.)

               Scott turns to see the teen gone. He shakes his head.


               He squats down at the items and rummages through them. He
               picks up a couple, only to drop them in disgust.

                         You would think they had the
                         decency to steal something good.

               INT. LAB OFFICE - DAY

               Each wall is made up of glass. The only occupant furniture is
               a small desk. A folding chair sits on both sides. On the desk
               sits a microscope.

               Through the walls, various SCIENTISTS sit at desks, study
               items that look familiar to us, or write notes.

               A woman enters. She wears a lab coat. Her hair hangs over
               what seems to be drowsy eyes. Her glasses balance on the end
               of her nose. This is SARAH (23).

               Sarah walks to the desk and sits. She pulls the microscope to
               her. She picks it up and oddly begins to examine it from
               different angles.

               The door again opens. Scott enters.

               Sarah looks up as Scott walks over and sits on top of the
               desk. She returns to her work.

               Scott watches as Sarah examines the object.

                         Whatcha got there?

               Sarah looks up annoyed.

                         If I knew, I could quit studying it
                         and move on to something else.

               Scott leans back, a mocking fear on his face.

                         So bring anything back for me?

               Scott places his hands in his pockets and pulls them out.

                         Nothing. I decided you can do your
                         own job.

               Sarah returns to her notes.

                         Yeah. So ya hear? England defeated

               Scott doesn't appear excited.

                         One for the good guys right?

               Sarah looks up at him. She shakes her head.

                         Afraid not. China got another
                         surprise attack in.

                         What? That's the third one in the
                         last two years.

               Sarah again goes back to her work.

                         When is our great leader going to
                         take control of this thing.

                         Says this one isn't our battle.

               Scott slides off the desk into the folding chair.

                         All he has to do is let China take
                         out Russia and Spain, and then
                         surprise them. China won't wait
                         around to make peace.

                         Don't forget France.

               Sarah pulls a pad and pen from her coat pocket. She slides
               them and the microscope to Scott.

                         See what you can figure out. I need
                         something to drink.

               Sarah slides back and stands. She exits the office.

               Scott grabs the paper. He studies the item and begins to take

               EXT. OCEAN - EVENING

               The orange sun sets in the distance.

               Waves ripple until they crash against a...


               The ship is structured of wood. Cannons peek out from slots
               cut along the side of the vessel.

               On the surface of the ship, a few NAVAL SOLDIERS perform
               their duties.

               EXT. HARBOR - CONTINUOUS

               Numerous battle ships rest at the enormous port.

               Soldiers cover the harbor. They go about their work unaware.

               EXT. SKY - EVENING

               Clouds move swiftly toward the dock following the path of

               WAR PLANE

               The antique fighter soars through the dim lit sky.

               EXT. HARBOR - EVENING

               The soldiers continue their work.

               An immense shadow covers the area.

               The soldiers look skyward.

               EXT. WAR PLANE - EVENING

               It hovers silently.

               The bomb bay opens slowly.

               An atomic warhead is released.

               EXT. HARBOR - EVENING

               Panic spreads through the harbor.

               The warhead nears closer. It lands dead center of the port. A
               colossal explosion soon follows.

               The smoke finally clears. Soldiers emerge from the little
               cover they found.

               EXT. WAR PLANE - EVENING

               The plane U-turns.

               EXT. HARBOR - EVENING

               A sigh of relief is breathed.

               EXT. SKY - EVENING

               The sky is once again clear.

               The calmness is interrupted as the plane ROARS back into

               EXT. HARBOR - EVENING

               The soldiers desperately look for cover.

               EXT. WAR PLANE - EVENING

               The concealed PILOT tilts the controls forward.

               EXT. HARBOR - EVENING

               Soldiers continue to panic. A few stand fearlessly ready for
               what's to come.

               WAR PLANE

               It continues on it's path.


               He leans mercilessly on the controls.

               EXT. HARBOR - EVENING

               The war plane annihilates into the stern of a battle ship.

               BATTLE SHIP

               It sinks slowly to it's death into the dead waters.

               EXT. SKY - EVENING

               The clear sky is bombarded as a pack of war planes storms in.

               EXT. HARBOR - EVENING

               Each plane screens a certain area of the inlet.

               They drop warhead after warhead on their selected target.

               Debris flies skyward. It eventually finds a resting place on
               the ocean waves.

               The war planes disappear as quickly as they appeared.

               Flames and smoke consume the area. Nothing is left of the

               INT. LAB OFFICE - NIGHT

               Scott sits at the desk. He is hunched over, pencil in hand.

               The once blank sheet of paper is filled with notes. The
               pencil circles various parts of it.

               Scott's concentration is broken as the door opens.

               Sarah enters, a Styrofoam cup in hand. She slowly walks over
               to her desk. She starts to sit, but pauses.

                         Figured anything out?

               Scott looks up to her.

                         It's some type of device that
                         enlarges objects. What it's use was
                         is unknown to me.

               Sarah continues sitting. She pulls the microscope to her.

                         You should be going. You've been
                         here too long. I'll finish.

               Scott folds the paper twice. He tosses it towards Sarah.

               Sarah catches it as it falls to the floor.

               The door opens again.

               CHARLIE (25) enters. His shirt hangs half way out. His pants
               are wrinkly and worn. Thick sideburns and a trim beard
               outline his face.

                         Guys, big news. Big, big news.

               He goes unnoticed.

                             (walking over)
                         Hey did you hear what I said?

               Scott and Sarah look at each other. Scott turns to Charlie.

                         What are you talking about?

                         It just came over the Morse.


                         Pearl Harbor, kablooey.

               Sarah's jaw drops.

                         No, can't be. Who would do that?

               Charlie shakes his head.

                         Don't ask me. Just what was said.
                         They're putting the blame on

                         This has nothing to do with me. I'm

               He gets up.

               Charlie turns as Scott walks past him and exits.

               INT. MEETING ROOM - DAY

               The walls are complete concrete. Wooden mantles hold candles
               in each corner. A wooden door stands out on one side.

               In the middle of the room a round wooden table sits. Thirteen
               men sit in wooden chairs around the circular structure.

               One of the men stands. PRESIDENT DAVIS (40) is dressed in a
               black suit. His hair, what's left of it, is combed neatly to
               one side. He walks behind his chair and places his hands on
               the back of it.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Gentlemen, today America was
                         attacked by an unknown enemy. One
                         of this nation's greatest
                         historical sites destroyed.

               He looks to the man on his right.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         General. What do we know of this

               GENERAL GARRISON (45) wears a worn military suit. His badges
               and medals are plentiful. He speaks in a southern accent.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Sir, it is believed that it was
                         Russia who attacked us.
                         We do not know for sure, but
                         reports indicate that their country
                         is the only one that could fund
                         such an attack. They also have an
                         expansive army that outnumbers us
                         three to one.

               Davis lets go of the chair. He stands erect. He turns to his

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         America, for the most part, has
                         played a small role in this war.
                         But today that comes to an end.
                             (to Garrison)
                         General, let every branch of the US
                         Military know -- they better get

               INT. LAB OFFICE - EVENING

               Scott and Sarah sit at the desk.

               Scott reads a single sheet of gray paper.

               The title reads: "NEW YORK TIMES". The top headline indicates
               "AMERICA GOING TO WAR".

                         Reports indicate that Moscow, the
                         capital of Russia led an UFO attack
                         in the waters around Pearl Harbor
                         sending it to it's peril.

               Scott looks to Sarah.

                         What do you think?

                         I don't understand where this
                         technology came from. But Scott, if
                         these UFOs are around, what else is
                         out there -- that we don't know

               Scott stares in thought.


               The building is structured of complete sheet metal. On one
               side is a small slide up door.

               A hand grips tightly to a pistol. The index finger massages
               the trigger gently.

               Chang loosens his grip from the weapon. He sits in a high
               back padded chair. Beside the chair a small wooden stool

               Ten feet in front of Chang are three rows of folding chairs.
               Ten chairs in each row.

               Chang aims the pistol at various angles admiring it. He
               points the pistol forward and squints his left eye. He pulls
               the trigger and the sound VIBRATES.

               The bullet CLANGS as it pierces through the thin metallic

               Chang smiles with delight.

               The door slides upward.

               A group of Chinese men enter. They are all dressed in clean
               white jumpsuits.

               The man leading the group is JIN (late twenties) His hair is
               slicked back. He flips a coin continuously as he walks.

               Chang motions for them to sit. He places the pistol on the

               The men sit.

               Chang stands.

                         Gentlemen welcome.

               He begins to pace in front of them as he speaks.

                         Forgive me. I realize that this is
                         not exactly the luxurious living
                         you are used to, but under the
                         circumstances, it will have to do.

               He turns. Chang walks over and picks the pistol up off of the
               stool. He turns back to the men.

                         Right now, as we speak, the world
                         is caught up in this little war.
                         But trust me, they will not win.

               He spins the gun on his finger. He stops it.

               The Chinese men stay immobile as the gun is pointed directly
               at them. They show no fear.

                         For years, our country has been
                         repressed. Today that all changes.

               He is silent for a moment.

                         We now possess the technology that
                         they once played with.

               He arches his arm. The pistol is aimed upward.

                         Including this item.

               Jin raises his hand.


               Jin hesitates as all eyes turn to him.

                         Sir forgive me. But what
                         technology, besides that simple
                         weapon do you speak of?

               The men turn back to Chang for the answer.

               Chang lowers the pistol. He smirks.

                         Well Jin, we have all heard the
                         news. Russia has bombed Pearl

               Jin agrees.

                         Well for now -- we will give Russia
                         the credit. But, when the time is
                         right, we will step forth, and
                         announce our domination -- our
                         domination of the world.

               INT. RESTAURANT - DAY

               No sound escapes from the building. Light peeks through the
               windows. Red dining booths align the walls.

               A bar separates the dining area from the grill. Glasses
               covered by dust and cobwebs lay scattered out on the counter.

               The door SQUEAKS open.

               Scott enters. He pulls the door shut behind him.

               Scott turns to make sure the door is securely shut. Satisfied
               he makes his way to one end of the restaurant.

               In the back corner, a figure sits in the shadows.

                         You wanted to see me?

               Sarah leans forward into the light.

                         Yeah. I brought you here to tell ya

               Scott is speechless.

                         Have you not heard the news? Davis
                         is drafting every eligible man for
                         this war.

               Scott leans toward her.

                         That can't be. What about the labs?
                         All the work we have been doing?

               Sarah grabs Scott's hand.

                         Scott, forget the labs. No one
                         cares about them. After Russia
                         brought our country into it, Davis
                         has made a pledge to win this war.

               Scott leans back. His hands slide from under Sarah's grasp.

                         Does he not realize it is going to
                         do no good? How many wars do we
                         have to win to claim our dominance.
                         Maybe if we let someone else win,
                         there won't be anymore wars.

                         I wish this one wasn't happening,
                         but I can't predict the future.
                         Just say goodbye and get it over

               Scott shakes his head.

                         You're crazy. Do you think they are
                         going to draft me?

               Sarah tosses an envelope onto the table. The heading reads:
               "MILITARY NOTICE".

                         I don't know, but you're fixing to
                         find out. It arrived this morning.

               Scott looks to Sarah. He slowly slides the envelope over to
               him. He rips it open.

               He pulls a piece of paper out and reads it.

               He looks up at Sarah, a sadness in his eyes.

                         Then I guess this is goodbye.

               Tears begin to form in Sarah's eyes.

               Scott lays the paper back down.

               EXT. DESERT - MORNING

               Sand covers the level plain.


               A small white office serves as the entrance. A fenced tipped
               with barb wire outlines the camp.

               On the fence, circles have been cut out sporadically.

               A charter bus pulls to a stop in front of the office.

               The door swings open and men begin to step off of the bus.
               They each carry a duffel bag in their hand or on their

               Scott is among them.

               The men look around at the large area. Some are excited, some
               are scared. A couple of them break down in tears.

               Scott studies his surroundings. A deep sigh escapes his

                         This should be fun.

               The door of the office opens.

               SERGEANT GATES (50s) walks out of the office. He stops in
               front of the men.

               Gates speaks loudly.

                         Line up.

               The men bump into each other as they hurry to get side by

               Gates walks down the line as he speaks.

                         Welcome to hell pansies. I am your
                         commanding officer. Also known as
                         your drill sergeant.
                         You can call me sir, or drill
                         sergeant. It's that simple.

               He stops and turns to the men.

                         Do you understand?

                         Yes, Drill Sergeant.

                         Very good. You are smarter than I
                         thought. Now line up, single file.

               The men form a line. Scott at the end.

                         Follow me.

                         Sir, yes sir./Yes Drill Sergeant.

               Gates glares at them.

               The men quickly become silent.

               The men follow Gates through the office.


               -- The trainees enter their barracks. They select their beds
               and place any belongings under them. A few fights break out
               over who gets what bed.

               -- Scott enters into a small room and sits in a chair. A
               BARBER walks behind him. The barber lathers up Scott's head
               and begins to shave it with a razor blade.

               -- The trainees perform sit-ups.

               -- Scott struggles as a partner counts his push ups.

               -- The soldiers do four point jumping jacks.

               -- Gates teaches them basic fighting attacks.

               -- Scott and a partner spar with swords.

               -- The trainees run through the desert. A few fall from
               exhaustion. Scott helps one up.

               -- They eat a meal in the mess hall. Gates breaks up a brawl.

               -- The trainees link a series of blows into one attack.

               -- Scott runs an obstacle course. He finishes and hunches
               over in exhaustion. Gates yells at him. Scott reluctantly
               runs back to the beginning.

               -- Graduation. Each trainee accepts their certificate. They
               salute Gates as he smiles on from the end of the stage.

               END MONTAGE

               EXT. MILITARY CAMP - DAY

               The soldiers, dressed in army green attire, walk out of the
               office and board the waiting charter bus.

               Scott is the last one on.

               The bus door closes. The bus pulls away.

               EXT. LAB - NIGHT

               The building lies in ruins.

               A few people lie on the steps. They use torn fabrics to keep
               them warm. Smoke rises out of a barrel.

               The charter bus pulls slowly to a stop a few feet from the

               The bus door opens and Scott steps out. His breath frosts as
               he exhales.

               The bus pulls away.

               Scott rubs his hands together and blows into them. He makes
               his way up the steps, stepping over the sleeping bodies.

               INT. LAB - NIGHT

               The inside of the building lies in shambles. Just enough
               glass walls remain to support the structure.

               Scott makes his way through the hallway. He looks into each

               Papers and shattered glass scatter the office floors.

               LAB OFFICE

               Despite the destroyed walls, the room is clean.

               Scott walks in. He makes his way over to the desk. He opens
               each drawer.

               The contents of each drawer is neatly filed.

               Scott opens the third drawer. A small piece of paper sticks
               out from one of the folders.

               Scott removes the folder and lays it on the desk. He opens it
               to find a note. He picks it up.

               The note reads: "Welcome home, meet me at our usual place".

               Scott drops the paper. He rushes out of the office.

               INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT

               Darkness and silence consume the restaurant.

               The door SQUEAKS as it slowly opens. Moonlight makes its way
               in from outside.

               Scott enters. He grabs a pole from beside the door. He uses
               it to prop the door open.

               Scott slowly walks further into the dimly lit area.


               He jumps at the RATTLE of plates. He turns to the bar.

               The outline of a person stands behind the bar.

                         Close the door.

               Scott turns. He slides the pole away from the door.

               The door slowly shuts. The two stand in darkness.

               A match STRIKES lit.

               Sarah sits the match into one of the glasses on the counter.
               The light magnifies enough to see from Scott to Sarah.

                         What happened?

               Sarah is silent. She makes her way around the counter.

               Scott takes a step back.

               Sarah clinches him tightly.

                         Welcome home.

               Scott slowly returns her hold. The two release.

               Sarah looks up at Scott.

                         It's been awful in the last three

                         Why? Where did everyone go?

                         They fled. But you're home now. We
                         can get back to work.

               Scott shakes his head. He grabs Sarah by the arm and walks
               her over to a booth.

                         What's wrong?

               Scott sits silent.

                         You're not back are you?

                         Just for a day or two.

               Sarah puts her head in her hands. She then pulls a small box
               out from her lab pocket. She places it in front of Scott.

                         It's not much.

               Scott grabs the box and opens it.

               Inside a silver cross hangs from a gold chained necklace.

                         Happy nineteen.

               Scott sits the box down.

                         Sarah, you have got to get out of
                         here. It would be best if you went
                         somewhere else. Someplace where
                         it's safe.

                         What? What happened to thinking
                         about the lab?

               Scott pounds the table.

               Sarah jumps back.

                         Screw the lab. You can't stay here.
                         Not with what has happened.

               Sarah doesn't respond.

                         Look, I will go back to the lab. I
                         will get any folder that looks
                         important. Then I won't you to go
                         away till all this blows over.

               Sadness fills Sarah's face.

                         Yeah, I'll go.

               INT. LAB - MORNING

               Scott enters the building and quickly makes his way to the

               LAB OFFICE

               He rushes to the desk.

               Scott pulls open the drawers and throws folder after folder
               onto the desk.

               As the drawers are emptied, Scott places various folders
               under his arm.

               Finished, he makes his way out of the office.

               INT. RESTAURANT - DAY

               From the sunlight we can see the restaurant in it's true

               A few booths have been ripped from the walls. The area behind
               the bar lies decimated.

               Scott enters. He looks around.

               Sarah is gone.

               Scott drops the folders. Tears begin to slowly form in his

               After a moment he starts to walk out, but stops.

               At the first booth, the boxed necklace still lays.

               Scott walks over and removes it from the box. He slides it
               into his pocket.


               Chinese portraits and writings adorn the wall. A large
               Chinese flag, slightly modified from what we know it as,
               suspends from above.

               Chang sits comfortably at his desk. The pistol rests in front
               of him.

               He picks it up and admires it. He tosses it swiftly to his
               other hand, then back again.

               The door opens.

               Jin enters and approaches him. He bows to Chang.

                         Sir, the men are curious of your
                         plan. They have an instinct that it
                         may fail.

               Chang slowly places the pistol on the desk. He glares at Jin.

                         If they have doubts, then they can
                         take it up with me. I am not afraid
                         to let them meet their fates early.

               Jin is frozen. He manages to bow to Chang.

                         Yes sir.

               Jin turns and exits the office.

               The door closes.

               Chang places his hands together, then grasps his fingers.

                         Get ready USA. Get ready.

               INT. MEETING ROOM - DAY

               The room is empty.

               The door opens. Davis and Garrison enter.

               They make their way to the table and sit in their respected

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         General, what is this that you want
                         to talk about?

               Garrison removes a piece of paper from his jacket and lays it
               on the table.

               Davis's question is ignored.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         What is it that we know about these
                         war planes?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         I'm afraid to say it, but nothing
                         sir. No information could be
                         collected. So far we have yet to
                         find a way to stop them.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Tell me -- how is it that Russia
                         has this thing, this machine, and
                         we don't even have a single sling

               Garrison glances at the paper one more time. He slides it
               over to Davis.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         I disagree with this, but with your
                         signature we could change that.

               Davis looks over the paper.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         If you sign it, we will be able to
                         build the weapons we need.
                         Even slingshots.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         I do not have time for jokes
                         General. Tell me how.

               Garrison looks down uneasily.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         China sir.
                             (looking at Davis)
                         They want to make an allegiance
                         with us. They claim they can help
                         us build them.

               Davis looks up from the paper.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         What about funds?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         They promised they could take care
                         of it. Take care of everything.

               Davis looks back at the paper. He picks it up and continues
               to stare at it.

               He takes a long breath and then crumples the paper. He tosses
               it on the table.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         No. Tell them no alliances. We
                         cannot trust anyone at this point,
                         and they have offered no proof they
                         can help.

               Garrison breathes a small sigh of relief.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         I will not align with the country
                         who for years has been our sole
                         enemy. America is, and will always
                         be in my hands. Not theirs.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Yes sir.

               EXT. STREET DAY - DAY

               The golden sun peeks through the cloudy sky. Rainfall pours
               onto the cracked and littered pavement. The SOUND of thunder
               and the flash of lightning swarm the sky.

               Scott stands on the sidewalk. He holds a copy of the "New
               York Times" over his head.

               After a moment, the charter bus pulls up. The doors open.

               Scott tosses down the paper as he boards the bus.

               INT. BUS - CONTINUOUS

               Scott looks up to see the BUS DRIVER watching him.

               The driver is a portly man. His stomach presses against the
               steering wheel.

               Scott walks up the steps to find the bus empty.

                         Where is everyone?

               The driver shuts the door.

                                   BUS DRIVER
                         I guess you're the only one who
                         didn't run. But what difference
                         does it make? Davis is leading us
                         to hell at this rate.

               Scott spins around and plops down in the seat behind the

                                   BUS DRIVER
                         Russia has flying vehicles, while
                         our country blew everything on a
                         few buses. But I ain't complaining.

               The driver checks his rear view mirror.

               Scott stares out the window.

                                   BUS DRIVER
                         Nope. Keeps me a job, and out of
                         this war.

               The driver puts the bus in gear. It begins driving forward.

                         Why can't we afford weapons?

               The driver chuckles.

                                   BUS DRIVER
                         How? Ever since they let us vote on
                         taxes and we voted no, our
                         government income has plummeted.
                         We're lucky to have clean water.

               Scott turns back to the window.


               The base is an exact replica of the training camp.

               Soldiers crowd the base in the pouring rain. Some are huddled
               talking, others fight, and some seem to be intimately


               The bus pulls to a stop in front of the base.

               Scott steps off of the bus and walks into the office.


               A desk sits near the back door. A GUARD sits at the desk.
               Sheets of paper are scattered in front of him.

               Scott makes his way slowly through the office. A knife stops
               him as he reaches the door.

               The guard holds tightly to the knife. The blade pressing into
               Scott's throat.

                         Halt. State your number.

               Scott leans back from the guard.

               The guard keeps the knife at Scott's throat.

                         Private number two-two-oh-four.

               The guard looks down at the papers and searches through them.
               He lowers the knife.

                         I apologize soldier. You may


               Scott exits the office.

               Outside the office, a few soldiers are huddled near the door.
               One of them is Charlie. His hair is now shaved, but the wild
               facial hair remains. He turns to see Scott.

                         Scott? Is that you?

               Scott turns toward him.

               Charlie makes his way over.

                         Gee man, you just now getting here?

                         Yeah. Why?

                         A little late. Everyone else has
                         been here at least two days.

                         Had something to take care of. And
                         yeah. It's good to see you too.

               Charlie snickers.

                         Sorry man. Where's my manners?

               Scott motions to Charlie's hair.

                         Nice cut.

               Charlie runs his hand over what little hair remains.

                         Come on.

               The two walk through the base.

               A few soldiers ignore them. Others either stare at them with
               a look of anger, or lick their lips seductively.

                         You can bunk in my barracks. A few
                         fruit cakes, but they won't bother


               The outside of the barracks is structured with concrete
               blocks. The door is a thick metal.

               Scott and Charlie enter.


               The room is bricked. Army green cots scatter the room.

               Charlie leads Scott to the back of the room.

               There one cot rests untouched. A pillow and folded blanket
               lay at the end.

                             (not satisfied)
                         Brings back memories.


               The sunlight burns down on the village. A single dirt road is
               aligned by houses and shops.

               The buildings are constructed of wooden logs. Dry mud holds
               them together. Hay sprawls the tops to form the roofs.

               In the distance, SOUNDS of various farm animals echo.

               Various men, women, and children crowd the village.


               Through an opening in the building, a blacksmith CLANGS his
               hammer on hot metal.


               A hand maiden sits on a stool. She whistles as she milks a


               The community continues on with their daily activities.

               Two LITTLE BOYS chase around after each other.


               The two boys run behind the shop and stop abruptly.

               In front of them, strategically placed between a couple of
               wooden crates lies a small round black object.

               The two boys bend over the object and observe it.

               After a moment, one of them picks it up. He throws it in the
               air and catches it. He tosses it to the other.

               A game of catch begins.

               They begin to run. They toss the object as they go.


               The two boys run out into the dirt road. The game continues.

               One of the boys tosses it into the air.

               The object lands on top a bail of hay.

               The two give chase. They reach the hay.

               Without warning, the object explodes. Everything within a ten
               feet radius is blown away.

               The people panic. They run and look for cover, only to meet
               one explosion after another.

               Soon smoke and fire consume the village. Buildings collapse
               in the wake of the destruction.

               The smoke finally clears. The area has been laid to waste. A
               few small fires continue to burn.

               Bodies lie forsaken.

               INT. MESS HALL - EVENING

               A compact room, a few soldiers lean against the wall. They
               eat a green soupy substance from a wooden bowl.

               On one end of the room, a CHEF dips the substance into bowls
               as soldiers wait in line.

               Scott and Charlie sit side by side at a dining table.

               Soldiers are cramped together on both sides leaving little
               room for elbow movement.

               Charlie swirls his spoon around his bowl. A look of disgust
               crosses his face. He turns to...

               Scott scoops the substance into his mouth. He gags with each

                         So where did she go?

               Scott doesn't answer.

                         No note or anything?

               Scott swallows the final remains of the soup.

                         Anyway, we better get some sleep
                         tonight. They say something is
                         happening tomorrow.


               Charlie shrugs.

               A whistle BLOWS. 

               The soldiers are relieved to stand. They try to stretch, but
               their arms only bump against each other. They clamor their
               way to the exit.


               The room is dark except a few rays of light that come from

               Mice SQUEAK as they use this time for their personal feast.

               The door slides up and Jin walks in. He carries a candle to
               light his way. He looks around to see nothing.

               He calmly walks over to Chang's desk.

               There the pistol rests.

               Jin picks it up. He plays with it and admires it. He aims it
               at the chair.


               He smiles.

                                   CHANG (O.S.)
                         Jin? Are you trying to tell me

               Jin searches.

               Chang emerges out of the shadows. Over a black suit, he wears
               a leather trench coat.

               Jin drops the gun on the desk.

               Chang walks over and looks at the gun.

                         It's nice isn't it?

               He picks it up and places it inside his coat.

                         Now, did you have a purpose for
                         being here?

               Jin hesitates. His brow sweats. He quickly nods.


               He hands a small yellow card to Chang.

               Chang looks it over.

                         So. It seems they do not want to
                         play nice. Then I will have to do
                         this myself.

               INT. MEETING ROOM - MORNING

               Davis sits at the round table alone. He holds his head in his
               hands and breathes slowly.

               The door opens. A young SECRETARY enters.

               Davis pays her no attention.

               The secretary walks over and taps him on his shoulder.

               Davis still doesn't move. Then-

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS

                         We have a situation sir.

               She lays a yellow card on the table in front of him.

               Davis' eyes move back and forth as he reads it. His eyes
               widen in shock.

               INT. TENT - DAY

               A large revival style tent. A camouflage pattern covers it.

               Soldiers sit on bleachers stretched along the back wall. A
               few feet in front of the bleachers, a small podium stands.

               Scott and Charlie are among the soldiers.

                         Hope this is important.

               The opening of the tent spreads apart.

               The soldiers get dead silent.

               Gates enters. He walks over to the left side of the podium
               and stands at attention.

               Garrison comes through the tent opening. He walks behind the
               podium and then turns to the soldiers.

               The soldiers all stand in unison and salute the general. He
               returns their gesture.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         At ease gentlemen.

               The soldiers return to their sitting position.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         As many of you are aware of, the
                         time of battle is at hand.
                         Soldier after soldier will be
                         deployed from our country until
                         America has claimed victory.

               He pauses.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         You men will have the honor of
                         being the first unit sent out.

               The soldiers are in wonderment. They turn to each other and a
               small murmur fills the room.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Gentlemen -- you are the best in
                         your class. You are our first hope
                         at peace for Old Glory. The
                         country's, no, the world's future
                         will be in your hands. May God, may
                         God be with you. And good luck.

               Garrison salutes the soldiers.

               Gates follows Garrison out of the tent.

               Scott turns to Charlie.

                         We're the best in our class?

                         Guess so.

               INT. BARRACKS - NIGHT

               The unit of soldiers breathe deeply as they sleep.

               Scott lays in his cot with his eyes open. He stares blankly
               at the ceiling.

               Charlie, in the cot next to him, rolls over to face Scott.


               Scott turns his head to Charlie.

                         Are you ready for this?

               Scott exhales.

                         I don't know, but what other choice
                         do we have? We have to fight.

                         I don't mean that.
                         We could die soon. Even tomorrow. I
                         don't want to die.

                         Dying isn't what I am worried
                         about. Go to sleep.

               Scott turns back facing the ceiling.

               Charlie closes his eyes.

               Scott places his hands behind his head. He takes another deep

                         The question is, how am I going to

                                   CHARLIE (O.S.)
                         You say something.

               Scott shakes his head.


               INT. HALLWAY - DAY

               The long broad passage is constructed of concrete block. A
               few of the blocks are turned on their sides to allow light to
               enter in.

               Davis walks steadfast through the hallway. His secretary
               follows him.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         I thought I said for no one to be
                         let in.

               He turns to her angered.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Who let them in?

                         I am unsure.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         By God, they better have a
                         reasonable explanation. Or I may
                         just unburden the world with their

               President Davis stops in front of a door.

               His secretary steps in front of him. She opens the door.

               Davis enters.


               The wooden walls appear to have just been polished. Pictures
               of past Presidents adorn the walls. A few not known to our

               A large wooden desk sits in front of a picture of the first

               The large leather chair behind the desk spins around.

               Chang sits in the chair. His arms are crossed.

               Underneath his arms, a folder peeks out.

                         Mr. President.

               Davis walks over to the desk, rage in his eyes.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                             (trying to be calm)
                         Please, remove yourself from my

               Chang graciously gets up.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         What is your purpose here?

               Chang tosses the folder on the desk.

                         Mr. Davis, for years our countries
                         have been at war. But, we should
                         not allow our past --

               He points to the picture of Washington.

                         -- to disturb our future.

               His arms come around, so that it is pointing at Davis.

                         I want us to be able to put our
                         differences aside. Not only to stop
                         the bickering that was brought upon
                         us by our ancestors, but so that we
                         can work together for humanity.

               Chang turns to the folder and opens it.

                         Mr. President, we both know that
                         without the weapons Russia holds in
                         their grasps, neither of our armies
                         can beat them. Not alone.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         And you expect me to just trust

               Chang looks displeased.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         I'm sorry, but this is not a time
                         for alliances. So if you please
                         Chancellor, good day.

               Chang removes a piece of paper from the folder and leaves it
               on the desk. He closes the folder and puts it under his arm.

                         Good day to you too sir. And while
                         my signature on that paper stands
                         alone, I promise you that America
                         will always have China's full

               He nods to Davis.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                             (to the secretary)
                         Show him out.

               Chang follows the secretary out of the room.

               Davis walks around and sits in the leather chair. He slides
               the paper over to him and peers down at it.

               INT. HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS

               The secretary enters back into the office.

               Jin joins Chang.

                         How did it go sir?

                         If destroying foreign countries
                         does not alter his mind, then we
                         will have to hit a little closer

               A slight smile crosses Jin's face.

               EXT. BARRACKS - NIGHT

               The base is silent.

               A candle burns in a nearby overhead lamp.

               On the left side, a training mat lays on the ground. The
               SOUND of heavy breathing is heard.

               A shadow dances on the wall. It is Scott. He throws punches
               at the configuration.

               FOOTSTEPS approach him.

               Scott stops. He turns around.

               Garrison stands a few feet away.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Nice style you got there. You may
                         be taking my place soon.

                         Thank you, sir.

               Garrison walks over to Scott. He knocks lightly on the wall.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Right now, our future is in there
                         resting. Some of them know that
                         they will not make it out of this
                         war alive, but their bravery will
                         always be remembered.
                             (to Scott)
                         Your bravery will always be

               Scott is silent.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         After what Russia did in Germany,
                         it appears that our chances of a
                         win are slim.

               Scott is bemused.

                         God is with us, right sir?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         We can only hope.

               Garrison pats Scott on the shoulder.

               Scott salute Garrison.

               Garrison hesitates, then returns the salute.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         You go rest up. Get some shut eye.

               Scott lowers his hand.

                         Yes sir.

               Garrison bids farewell and walks off.

                                                                CUT TO:


               A serene community.

               Along the streets and in the yards, children play.

               A girl waters flowers.


               An elderly man sits in his rocker calmly asleep.


               A woman rushes to hang clothes on a line as the wind fights
               against her.

               EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD

               A RUMBLE shakes the village.

               All activity comes to a halt. The children look skyward.

               A large shadow blocks the light of the sun.


               A war plane hovers over the


               Children are amazed.

               The girl sprays down her house as her attention is drawn to
               the air.

               HOUSE, FRONT YARD

               The elderly man continues to sleep.


               The aircraft gains movement and flies away.


               The people return to their activities.


               The war plane circles back around. It swoops down over the
               neighborhood and drops a war head on the street below.


               The bomb explodes. The pavement ripples away.

               The aftershock decimates the area.


               The city lies in ruins from what we know it.

               The quietness disappears as air craft after air craft flies
               overhead. Each one releases it's own war head onto the city.

               Eruption after eruption echoes through the city.

               Buildings are destroyed and bodies fly skyward.

               The tragedy continues. An army of thirty planes swoop down
               and each drops a deadly bomb. Some even make the rounds

               The city is now a plain of ruins.

               INT. BARRACKS - MORNING

               The soldiers lay peacefully asleep.

               The door is thrown open.

               Gate enters. He BLOWS a whistle.

               The soldiers frantically jump up.

                         Get up. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

               The unit of soldiers bump into each other as they rush to get
               in uniform.

                         Did I not teach you anything?

               The soldiers rush out the door. A few continue to fight to
               get on clothing items.


               The soldiers continue to pile out.

               Gates follows out behind them.

               Without hesitation, the soldiers line side by side.

               Gates looks over them.

                         Men, this morning, at oh five
                         hundred hours, the windy city was
                         attacked and destroyed.

               He pauses as a few soldiers are saddened by the news.

                         Today we take the first step to
                         stop this. Today you start your
                         battle, and by God, today you
                         better win.

                         Sir, yes sir.


               The soldiers pile out from the small office.

               A charter bus waits in front.

               One by one the soldiers enter onto the bus.

               The bus doors close and the charter pulls out.

               EXT. DOCK - EVENING

               Sand borders the ocean.

               Two guards stand at the end of the dock. Each hold a crossbow
               in their hands.

               The dock stretches out to a

               WOODEN SHIP

               The vessel is small. A large cross bow peers out at the
               front. White sails cover the ship. A crew of six men stand in
               various positions.

               The crow's nest towers above the ship. In it a sailor stands.

               Above the crow's nest, Old Glory waves freely.

               EXT. DOCK - CONTINUOUS

               The charter drives over the beach. It stops at the dock.

               The soldiers pile out of the bus.

               The two guards halt the unit. They allow one soldier to walk
               the dock at a time.

               WOODEN SHIP

               The soldiers board.

               The two guards follow onto the ship.

               The anchor is hoisted out of the water.


               The vessel casts off.

               INT. MEETING ROOM - DAY

               The candles dimly light the room.

               Davis sits at the table.

               The treaty lays in front of him. At the bottom Chang's
               signature is wrote in red ink.

               The door opens. Garrison enters.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON

               Davis doesn't answer.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         The first batch of troops have been
                         deployed. They are on their way to

               Davis continues to keep his eyes on the paper.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         I am afraid I do not know what to
                         do General. The battle has come to
                         our shores and I am down to this
                         country's last and only hope.

               He pauses.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         General, a pen.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         A pen general.

               Garrison pulls a pen from inside his jacket. He lays it on
               the table.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         If I may sir, I don't think --

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         My job is to think General. It
                         isn't yours.

               Davis reaches for the pen. He pulls it over to him and takes
               it in his hand. Davis hesitates, then lowers it to the paper.

               Chang's name is still visible. An inch from it, Davis' name

               Davis hands the paper to Garrison.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         We're going to win this war. God as
                         my witness, we will win.

               EXT. WOODEN SHIP - EVENING

               Soldiers roam the ship. A few play fight.

               Scott leans over the side of the ship. He stares out over the

               Charlie joins him.

                         What are you doing?

                         Thinking. I just can't get Sarah
                         off my mind.

               Charlie leans beside him.

                         What are you going to do? Find her?

               He turns to Scott who still has his eyes on the water below.

                         A lot of good that would do. Not
                         only are we miles from home, but we
                         have our own mission now. We were
                         recruited for a reason.

               Scott turns around. He leans back on his elbows.

                         It just wasn't like her to

                         Don't worry about it. It's Sarah,
                         so I am sure she will be okay.
                         Trust me.

               Scott smirks.

               INT. MEETING ROOM - NIGHT

               Davis paces back and forth with a stern look on his face. He
               mumbles to himself.

               Davis doesn't notice as Chang opens the door.

                         Mr. President.

               Davis stops.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Please, Chancellor, enter. Take a

               Chang bows. He sits down at the table.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         After the other day, I appreciate
                         your coming.

                         No apology needed. I assure you.

               Davis joins Chang at the table.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Now we could sit here and chit
                         chat, but I don't think we are here
                         to jump around the main subject.
                         Please, tell me about these

               Chang starts to speak, but is interrupted by a KNOCK at the

               Garrison opens the door.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         President Davis? About the first

               Davis is pleased to see him.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         General enter.

               Garrison enters. He notices Chang.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         I'm sorry, was I interrupting sir?

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         No, not at all. We were about to
                         discuss our new weapons. Please
                         join us.

               Garrison walks over uneasily and sits on the other side of
               the President.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         In all actuality, I don't mind if I

               Davis turns to Chang.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Please, continue Chang.

               Chang does not answer Davis. He turns to Garrison.

                         Excuse me, but did you say first

               Garrison narrows his eyes at Chang.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS

               Chang turns to Davis.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Is something wrong?

                         Albeit, this is your country, but
                         wouldn't it be best to deploy your
                         entire military?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                             (to Davis)
                         Sir, if we send out every last
                         troop, then we have no back up if
                         they fail.

               Davis turns to Chang.

                         Pardon me, but I believe there is
                         an old saying... "There is strength
                         in numbers".

               A pin drop silence. Then...

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         You make a valid point Chang.
                             (to Garrison)
                         If we sent out every last unit,
                         that would leave us with the
                         current training units.

                         And you could always recruit and
                         train more.

               Davis is in agreement with Chang.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Sir, the population of our country
                         is nowhere near what it was twenty
                         years ago.

               Davis rest his chin in his hand. He is silent for a moment.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         How many survived General? Pearl

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         None sir.

               A slight smile crosses Chang's face. Davis and Garrison do
               not notice.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Pearl Harbor was home to ninety
                         five percent of our army. It was
                         believed to be the safest haven for
                         our men.

               Davis runs his hand down his face.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Where are the rest of the soldiers
                         General? The other five percent of
                         our army?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         France sir.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Then we have back up. General,
                         deploy all units.

               Chang is pleased.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Very well sir.


               The waves crash over the ebony sanded beach.

               WOODEN SHIP

               The vessel sails toward the land. It comes to a halt a few
               yards from shore.

               Soon rowboats filled with soldiers are lowered into the
               water. They row to the

               EUROPEAN SHORE LINE

               The soldiers disperse out of the small boats. Brass plates
               decorate their chest. Swords dangle from their belts. On
               their backs, cross bows are securely strapped.

               Scott and Charlie step onto the land.

                         Ah, nothing like the smell of salt
                         water in the morning.

               Scott turns to Charlie with a look of disgust.

                         I've had to smell it for the past

               Charlie throws his arm around Scott.

                         Don't worry. Now we get to walk.

               He smiles.

               A soldier walks pass them. He shouts.

                                   SOLDIER #1
                         Welcome to Europe boys. Where are
                         the hookers?

               The other soldiers cheer wildly.

               Scott and Charlie laugh. They start to follow their fellow

               Gates intercept them.

                         Don't get too playful. You never
                         know who could be watching.

                         Yes sir.

                         Yes, Sergeant Gates.

               EXT. FIELD - DAY

               The soldiers walk along a dirt road through the middle of the
               field. They sweat and pant from exhaustion.

               The soldiers turn and make their way into the vast field.

               Charlie wipes his forehead.

                         Who's leading this expedition?

               He starts slowing down.

               Scott come behind Charlie. He gives Charlie a push.

                         Come on pal. If we don't rest, you
                         don't rest.

                         Dang. I don't know how much longer
                         I can go. Europe is a big country
                         to cross.

               Scott throws Charlie's arm over his neck. He supports Charlie
               as the two continue. 

               INT. MEETING ROOM

               Davis sits with his twelve dignitaries.

               An extra seat sits on Davis' right. Chang occupies this seat.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Right now a unit is on it's way to
                         Russia. The rest of the armed
                         forces, what little we have, are on
                         their way. The one question that
                         arises -- will we win this war?

               He looks to his men.

               The dignitaries are speechless.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Well, we never expected to win.
                         While my thoughts and prayers are
                         with these men, they are simply
                         serving as a diversion. With some
                         luck, we will keep Russian eyes
                         turned away. Hopefully long enough
                         as China builds the weapons we

               He pauses and turns to Chang.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         If you will.

               Davis sits.

               Chang rises and addresses the table.

                         Thank you President Davis.

               Chang starts to walk around the table as he speaks.

                         Fellow dignitaries. It is an honor
                         to be among you here today. Some of
                         you may feel that I have put off
                         these proceedings, but I have just
                         been waiting for the right time.

               Chang stops behind Davis.

                         This man,, has put his trust in me.
                         I promise, I will not let him down.

               He continues to circle the table.

                         The weapons you seek are state of
                         the art. My men believe that man
                         power this grand has not been seen
                         in at least sixty years. With our
                         own intelligence, we can craft
                         explosives, fire power, and even
                         flying objects. By far, they are
                         better than what Russia has allowed
                         us to see.

               Chang stops between Davis and Garrison.

                         In a couple of weeks, I will see to
                         it that these two are personally
                         escorted to my country to oversee
                         the development. I can guarantee
                         that they will be pleased. Any

               The dignitaries show their pleasure. They applaud Chang.

               EXT. FIELD - MORNING

               The soldiers all lay asleep. Some are huddled together.
               Others lean their backs to one another.

               Scott and Charlie lay in the center of the soldiers. Charlie
               has a pile of leaves under his head to serve as a pillow.

               Soft FOOTSTEPS approach them.

               Scott stirs awake. He nudges Charlie.

                         What? What are you doing?

                         I heard something.

               The other soldiers begin to stir. A few have trouble

                         What is going on here?

               Before anyone can answer, an arrow pierces Gates neck. He

               The other soldiers rush to get their weapons ready. They arm
               their cross bows.

               The soldiers look around for the source of the attack.

                         Do we get scared now?

               Scott slowly nods. Then...

               A loud YELL echoes around the soldiers.

               The unit back up into each other. They form a circle.

               An army of CONQUISTADORS surround them. They wear little to
               no armor and all sport long hair.

               They raise their long bows and swords. They aim their weapons
               at the American soldiers.

               Charlie leans over to Scott.

                         What do we do?

               Scott looks around. His look of fear fades and he holds his
               crossbow steady. He fires it.

               The arrow impales into one of the conquistadors. He grabs at
               it, only to fall to his death.

               The armies collide. The units get the upper hand with their
               strength. A few conquistadors fall.

               The Spanish quickness becomes too much and the American unit
               begins to fall.

               Scott fires another arrow and takes out a soldier. He drops
               his crossbow as two conquistadors grab him from behind.

               Scott overpowers them. He draws his sword.

               Scott charges into a small group of Spaniards. He takes out

               Scott drops his sword as a DAGGER cuts his arm. He grabs the
               wound in pain.

               The Spaniard lunges the dagger at Scott. 

               Out of nowhere, the Spaniard is impaled by a sword from

               Scott turns surprised at the Spaniards death.

               Charlie slides his sword from the Spaniard. He tosses Scott's
               sword back to him.

                         You owe me.

                         I'm sure you won't let me forget.

               Scott picks up the dagger and places it in his boot. He joins
               Charlie back in the battle.

               The American forces continue to fight back, but the
               conquistadors are too much.

               American after American fall to their death.

               As the unit dwindles in number, the Spaniards move in for the

               Scott and Charlie stand back to back. They hold their swords
               as they seem prepared for anything.

               Suddenly a WHOOSHING sound surrounds them.

               Arrow after arrow flies into the Spanish unit.

               The Spaniards begin to fall one by one.

               When the massacre is over, Scott, Charlie, and the shouting
               Soldier are the only ones left standing.

               Scott looks around in wonderment.

               A small FRENCH UNIT approach them. They wear grayish blue
               armor. Their empty crossbows hang down by their sides.

               One of the men separates himself from the other French men.
               He approaches Scott and extends his hand. This is LUC (30s).

               Scott stares at him. He grips tightly to his sword.

                         You must be the leader. For only a
                         leader would attack a surrounding
                         army first. Or you are a fool.

               Scott lowers his sword.

                         I'm no leader.

               He searches. Scott points to Gates' body.

                         There. That's our leader.

               Luc laughs.

                         He doesn't look like a leader from

               He calms himself when no one else laughs.

                         Excuse me. Please, let us take you
                         to our camp. You could use some
                         water and rest.

               Scott appears worried.

                         We have a Morse. You should contact
                         your country.

               Scott looks to Charlie who shrugs. He turns back to Luc.

                         Your gratitude is appreciated.
                         Thank you.

               EXT. FRENCH CAMP - NIGHT

               French soldiers are plentiful.

               Fur skinned tents dwell over the land. Fires burn. Dead
               animals dangle on limbs as the fires toast them.

               Luc and his men lead Scott and the American soldiers into the
               camp. Luc brings them to one of the fires.

                         Please sit. Warm yourselves. I will
                         have my men clear out a tent for
                         you to rest. A meal shall be ready
                         in a few moments.

               Luc walks off.

               Scott and his men sit around the fire.

               Scott looks around.

               The French soldiers watch the Americans. They whisper among

               A dead rabbit cooks in front of Charlie. He reaches for it.

               Scott knocks Charlie's hand down.

                         Be careful what you do. I don't
                         think they like foreigners.

               Charlie looks to the French soldiers.

                             (to Scott)
                         I don't like foreigners either, but
                         I'm here.

               Luc comes back.

                         Excellent news. We were able to
                         contact your country. With any
                         luck, you should hear back from
                         them as early as tomorrow morning.

               Scott pushes himself to his feet.

                         Look, we don't want to burden you --

               Luc places his hand on Scott's shoulder.

                         I assure you, no burden. Now come,
                         I will show you to your tent. I
                         hope you find it satisfying.

               Luc leads them through the camp.

               As they walk, the French soldiers continue to whisper among

               EXT. TENT - CONTINUOUS

               Luc leads the Americans to a small black fur tent. He pulls
               back the opening flap.

                         I am sorry, it isn't much, but it
                         will keep you warm.

               Charlie and the soldier enter.

               Scott is stopped by Luc.

                         American, you have my word that we
                         are your allies in this.

               INT. TENT - CONTINUOUS

               Scott enters into the tent.

               Fur blankets cover the flooring area. A large metal bowl sits
               in the center. Pieces of meat overflow the dish.

               Charlie and the soldiers examine the feast. They begin

               Scott looks to the opening.

               Luc's hand slides away and let's the drape fall.

               Scott joins the others at the dish.

               EXT. TENT - CONTINUOUS

               Luc walks away.

               A FRENCH COMMANDER joins him.

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                         What are we going to do Colonel?

                         I am not quite sure just yet. For
                         now, they live. We may be able to
                         find some use for them.


               Davis sits at his desk.

               A folder lays open in front of Davis.

               He moves through the papers. Each page contains photographs
               of weapons.


               -- A graph of what appears to be a grenade.

               -- A picture dissecting the structure of a war plane.

               -- The next one shows the outline for a tank.

               Davis goes through a few more pictures. He stares in awe at
               the last page.

               The picture shows the structure of a pistol from different

               Davis hears a knock at the door. He frantically puts the
               papers in the folder and closes it.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Come in.

               Garrison enters. A worried look covers his face.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         General? What's wrong?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         We received a Morse from France

               He appears to not want to speak.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         France? What news did they bring?

               Garrison is silent for a moment.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         The troops sir, -- they have been

               Davis leans back.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         And the back up?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         I'm afraid to say sir. Their ship
                         was destroyed. The Russians must
                         have knew.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Then we must wait. Chang and these
                         weapons are our only hope. There is
                         no other.

               Garrison continues to stand in front of Davis.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         What do we do sir? In case there
                         are any other attacks.

               Davis rubs his chin.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         The only thing we can do. Wait.
                         Until then evacuate the cities.

               Garrison looks at Davis curiously.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Order every citizen to meet at the
                         largest city in their state. The
                         charters shall enter and take them
                         to safe haven. No matter how many
                         trips it takes General. Before we
                         do anything, I will see to this
                         country's safety.

               Garrison nods. He exits.

               EXT. FRENCH CAMP - DAY

               Clouds shield the sky.

               Oddly the hundreds of French soldiers have condensed to about

               EXT. TENT - DAY

               Scott emerges from the tent. He looks around confused about
               the dwindled population.

                                   LUC (O.S.)

               Scott turns.

               Luc and three French soldiers approach him.

                         We have just received a reply from
                         your country. They are praying for
                         you, and they hope you will remain
                         here for your safety. They will
                         send further orders on a regular

               Luc hands Scott a yellow card.

               Scott slowly turns down to it and reads it.

                         So -- there is no back up.

               He looks up to Luc.

                         Luc, I -- we appreciate your
                         kindness. But I feel we must follow
                         our original orders. The orders
                         that could save our country.

               Luc appears unhappy.

                         I understand.

               He pauses.

                         I shall send men to escort you to
                         the border, but I apologize. We do
                         not dare go beyond that.

               Scott nods.


               The dejected streets are covered by hundreds of citizens.
               They stand crowded together.

               A HOODED PERSON walks through the crowd. The hood is made of
               thick fur.

               As they walk they try several times to get someone's
               attention, but to no avail.

               The hooded person comes to an ELDERLY MAN who hugs himself
               from the cold. He shivers.

               The hooded person taps the elderly man on the shoulder.

               The man turns to the stranger who holds their head down.

               The elderly man speaks with a grouchy tone.

                                   ELDERLY MAN
                         Your face. I will not speak if you
                         do not reveal your face.

               The person slowly pulls back the hood to reveal...


               Her eyes appear to not have had any sleep. Her teeth lightly

                                   ELDERLY MAN
                         What do you want with me?

                         Sir, I was just curious on what
                         this is. What exactly is happening?

               The man looks around.

                                   ELDERLY MAN
                         This? This is the world coming to
                         an end.

                         Excuse me?

               Before the man can answer the crowd parts.

               A charter bus pulls between them. It comes to a stop.

               Sarah watches as people pile into it.

               People shove each other out of the way to get on the charter

               Finally full, the bus pulls away.

               The remaining crowd begins to pound on the windows as it
               drives off.

                                   ELDERLY MAN

               He shakes his head.

                                   ELDERLY MAN
                         We all go to hell today.

               Sarah watches the rowdy crowd in wonderment as they chase
               after the charter.

               EXT. FRENCH CAMP - DAY

               Scott and his allies make their way through the area.

               The French soldiers, who have increased by about thirty,
               continue to stare at them as they move through the camp.

               At the front of the camp Luc stands with four of his men.

               Scott and his men meet them.


               Scott salutes Luc. Luc returns it.

                         I regretfully bid you farewell. I
                         want to say, I wish you luck.

               Scott nods and walks past Luc. He and his comrades follow
               Luc's men out of the camp.

               The French Commander joins Luc.

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                         What are your plans sir?

               Luc watches as his men lead the Americans away.

                         Let them suffer. Make them scream
                         for their lives. Then, end them.

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                             (in French)
                         Yes sir.


               Davis sits at his desk.

               On the desk a chess game is already in progress.

               Davis' opponent is Chang.

               The two converse as the game continues.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         When will I be able to see these
                         weapons Chang?

                         It is only a matter of time. Soon,
                         China and America will fight side
                         by side.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         The Russian army is grand
                         Chancellor. Will your men be able
                         to give them a strong attack?

                         Trust me Mr. Davis. When it is all
                         said and done, my army will be

               Chang moves his rook to Davis' end of the board.

                         Check -- mate, Mr. President.

               Davis views the board. He staggers, but finally topples his

               Chang leans back pleased with the victory.

               Davis continues to study the finished game.

                         Mr. President, shall we discuss
                         plans for the future trip?

               Davis slowly looks up.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         I cannot today. If you will.
                         Please, excuse me Chang.

               Chang slides his chair back and stands. He walks out of the

               Davis looks back at the board. He grabs his king and stands
               it back up.

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Scott leads his men through the forest.

               The French soldiers follow behind them.

               Charlie joins Scott.

                         I don't like the look of this? Do
                         you expect to just walk into Moscow
                         and destroy them?

                         No. On the contrary, I expect to
                         get slain.

               Charlie momentarily pauses. He falls behind Scott.

               EXT. FOREST - LATER

               Scott continues to lead the group. He uses his sword to swipe
               by some entangled limbs.

               Charlie helps Scott push them out of the way.

                             (looking ahead)
                         Only a few more yards until we
                         reach the border.

               Behind them, the French Commander signals to the French men.

               The French soldiers draw their swords as the Commander falls

               One of the french soldiers slides behind the American
               soldier. He uses his long blade to slit the American's

               The dead body THUDS against the ground.

               Scott and Charlie turn to see their comrade down.

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                         Poor Americans. I am afraid you
                         will not reach the border. Now you
                         must die.

               Charlie draws his sword.

                         Guys, come on. We broke bread

               He holds up two fingers.


                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                         Yes, we did break bread. Now, we
                         will break you.
                             (to his allies in French)

               The French soldiers charge at Scott and Charlie.

               Their swords meet in battle.

               The four French split into twos. Each group double teams an

                             (blocking sword swings)
                         Now would be the time for arrows to
                         fly again.

               He turns in time to block a blow from an enemy.

               Scott swings his sword quickly. He backs away his two

               Scott spins and stabs a French soldier in the stomach. He
               draws his sword.

               Scott raises it in time to block an attack from another

               Charlie kicks a nemesis away. His attacker stumbles to the

               Charlie swings at the other.

               The enemy ducks and Charlie's sword whizzes over them.
               Charlie lunges forward and impales the soldiers chest.

               The fallen French man gets up. He runs at Charlie.

               Charlie ducks. He flips the enemy over his back.

               Charlie turns. He holds his sword high and forces it down
               into the French soldier's heart.

               Scott's is backed to a tree.

               His attacker swings and knock's Scott's sword to the ground.
               The enemy swings at Scott, but comes to an abrupt stop.

               The French soldier falls to the ground.

               Charlie pulls his sword from the enemy's back.

                         You owe me. Twice.

                         I'll remember that.

               Scott steadies himself. He grabs up his sword.

                         You forgot one.

               Charlie turns to see the French Commander.

               The Commander searches, but oddly he does not wield a weapon.
               He retreats.

               Charlie shrugs.

                         C'est La Vie.

                         Hmmm. We better go.

               Charlie turns to Scott.

                         Are you crazy? We almost died. What
                         are me and you going to do to the
                         Russian Army?

                         What we were sent to do. Negotiate.

               Charlie places his sword back in it's holder.

                         Do you honestly believe we were
                         meant to win?

                         Well yeah. We are the U - S of A.

                         Then we finish what we started. So
                         you can either come with me, or go
                         back and ask the French for help.
                         You decide.

               Scott puts his sword in it's holder. He walks away from

               Charlie hesitates. He looks behind him.

               Charlie quickly turns and follows Scott.

               EXT. FRENCH CAMP - DAWN

               The French Commander runs back into the camp.

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                             (breathing heavily)
                         Luc? Sir?

               He looks around.

               LUC'S TENT

               Luc emerges from the largest tent in the camp.

               The Commander runs up to him.

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER

                         Where are the others?

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                         Americans...they ambushed us.

               Luc pulls the Commander to him. He leans to the Commander's

                         Prepare the troops. I want every
                         eligible soldier ready for battle.

                                   FRENCH COMMANDER
                             (in agreement)
                         Yes sir.

               EXT. MOUNTAIN TRAIL - DAY

               Harsh winds blow dust into the atmosphere.

               Scott and Charlie shield their eyes as they walk through it.

                         We have to keep going. We're almost

               The two continue along the path.


               Six heads peek out over the rocky cliff. They stare down at

               MOUNTAIN TRAIL

               Scott and Charlie's pace slows as the winds begin to

               MOUNTAIN CLIFF

               The heads are no longer there.

               MOUNTAIN TRAIL

               Charlie stops.


               Scott turns to him. He uncovers his eyes.

                         What's the problem?

                         I can't go on.

               Charlie pulls a small container from his belt. He opens it up
               and holds it upside down over his mouth.

               Nothing. He shakes it. Still nothing.

                         We have to rest.

                         What? Out here? We can't.

               Charlie plops down on the ground.

               Scott looks around. He walks over to Charlie and sits next to

                         I don't know if I can make it.
                         We're going to die. I can tell.

                             (under his breath)
                         As long as it's the justified way.

               Charlie looks to Scott curiously.


               Scott doesn't speak.

                         You keep mentioning things about
                         how you die. What difference does
                         it make? Death is death.

               Scott shakes his head.

                         No. No it isn't. There's a noble
                         way a person can die. I am not
                         going to die a coward like my
                         father did, and his father before
                         him. I can't.

               Charlie looks down.


                         I just want to go down swinging.

               He turns away.

               Charlie places his hand on Scott's shoulder.

                         Scott. Your father was a war hero.
                         Everyone knew or knows his name.

                         I don't.

               A LOUD THUD connects to the back of Charlie's head. He falls

               Scott looks up.

               A MAN, his face covered in a cloth, nails Scott in the face
               with a club.

               Scott's eyes close.

               We find ourselves in...


               A door opens. The light enters to reveal...

               INT. SHELTER - DAY

               More like a dug out cave. Roots stem from the muddied walls.

               People lay on the ground huddled up. More pile in through the

               Sarah enters to the ghastly site. She takes her coat off.

               Sarah covers a LITTLE GIRL who is hugged into a ball. 

               The two share a smile.

               Sarah is pushed from behind. She turns around.

               Jin stares at her with an expressionless face.

                         You must be mistaking this place
                         for a chateau.

               Sarah stands her ground.

               Jin shakes his head and laughs. He shoves Sarah to the

                         Good girl.

               Sarah holds her left hand in pain.

               Jin walks out. He slams the shelter door behind him to return
               the people in darkness.

               The SOUND of a dead bolt locking comes from the other side of
               the door.


               Wooden walls tower up to a dome ceiling.

               A long table stretches in front of one wall. Four RUSSIAN
               DELEGATES (mid-50s) sit behind it. They are all dressed in
               elegant emerald robes. They face

               SCOTT AND CHARLIE

               The two sit in wooden chairs. Their hands are tied behind
               their backs. The two are still out cold.

               A RUSSIAN SOLDIER walks behind them. He holds incense under
               Scott's nose, then Charlie's.

               The two Americans begin to stir. Scott is first to notice the
               situation. He looks to Charlie.

               Charlie's head continues to dangle. He moans.

               Scott turns to the Russians in front of him.

               One of the delegates stands.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         I apologize. These are merely
                         safety precautions. That is, until
                         we find out why you have come to
                         our country.

               Charlie is now at full attention. He begins to struggle to
               get his hands free.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         Please. We mean you no harm

                         Is that why you destroyed our
                         largest military base?

               The delegates are confused.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         Destroyed? With what?

                         Come on. Don't even act like you
                         know nothing about it. You and your

               The delegate sits.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #2
                         We assure you, we are doing our
                         best at keeping the peace of this

               Scott and Charlie look to each other.

                             (to the delegates)
                         If, you are speaking the truth,
                         then who is behind these attacks?

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         We know of no attacks.

               Scott and Charlie do not speak. They look to each other for
               an answer, but nothing.


               Large wooden walls protect the citadel.

               Four Russian soldiers stand on the top of the wall.
               Instantaneously they are all pierced by arrows. They fall
               from the wall.

               The rest of the Russian army quickly prepare for battle.


               Luc and his entire army prepare to launch another attack.

               Two French soldiers roll a cannon to the entrance. They load
               a cannonball into it. A third soldier lights the fuse.

               RUSSIAN FORT

               The cannonball blasts through the fort wall. Russian soldiers
               fly back.

               INT. RUSSIAN EMBASSY

               A large wooden door is thrown open.

               A RUSSIAN GENERAL storms in. He makes his way to the
               delegates table.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #2
                         What is the means of this abeyance?

                                   RUSSIAN GENERAL
                         Sir. We are being assailed.

               The delegates look to each other.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #2
                         By who General?

                                   RUSSIAN GENERAL
                         We are not sure, but their numbers
                         are plentiful.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         Get every man we have. Create a
                         blockade around the area.

               The delegates stand.

               The Russian General leads them to the door.


               The delegates turn to Scott.

                         We can help.

               The Russians look to one another with a look of doubt.


               The Russian and French armies surround the area in battle.

               Luc makes his way through the area. He kills one Russian
               after another with a quick finesse.

               Luc grabs a fallen Russian.

                         Where are the Americans?

               The Russian hesitates. His eyes roll into the back of his

               Luc drops the soldier.

               He stands in time to block a sword shot. He quickly rids
               himself of his attacker.

               Luc continues his slaughter.

               The embassy doors open.

               Scott and Charlie make their way out. Their swords are ready
               for battle.

               Luc pulls his sword from an impaled Russian soldier.

               He turns to see Scott. A smile crosses his face.


               Scott looks to Charlie.

                         Go help them. I got this one.

                         Man, I ain't leaving.

                         Hey, I owe you one remember.
                             (as an order)
                         Now go.

               Charlie hesitates. He reluctantly heads off into battle.

               Luc waves his sword as he approaches Scott.

                         American. You are braver than I

                         No. I'm just dumb.

               Luc swings at Scott, but Scott jumps back.

               Their swords collide and the fight is on.


               French soldiers surround a few Russians.

               As they go to charge, Charlie comes from nowhere and wipes
               them out.

               Charlie turns to the Russians.

                         Hey. If you wanna win, you have to

               Charlie picks up a couple of the French swords. He tosses
               them to the Russians.

               SCOTT AND LUC

               The two continue the battle.

               Luc grows aggressive. He begins to swing wildly at Scott.

               Scott can barely block each blow.

               Luc pulls the sword back and launches it toward Scott.

               Scott blocks it.

               The two forcefully try to overpower one another.

                         You will die the same way you
                         ambushed my men. I will slaughter
                         you like a pig.

               The two continue to try and overcome the other.

               Scott kicks Luc in the midsection.

               Luc stumbles back.

               Scott swings his sword at Luc and cuts his arm at the wrist.

               Luc's hand and weapon fall to the ground.

               Luc stares at his severed hand in disbelief. He looks at

                         Destroy me American. Destroy me
                         like your country will be.

               Luc lowers his head.

                         I deserve to die.
                             (to Scott)
                         I have failed my country. Now kill

               Scott lowers his sword.

               Luc falls to his knees. With his remaining hand he picks up
               his sword. He holds it up to his neck. He aims the sword at

               Scott holds his sword, ready for the battle to go on.

               Luc turns his weapon sideways. With all his might, he brings
               the sword towards him. The sword connects with his neck and
               decapitates him.

               Luc falls forward. His sword lays beside him.

               Scott again lowers his sword. He breathes a small sigh of

               He turns to see the Russians stand victorious over the fallen
               French army.


               Scott and Charlie sit in the wooden chairs, this time untied.
               The two face the four delegates.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         Americans. We want to thank you for
                         your help in our great victory

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #2
                         We will Morse your country. They
                         will soon learn of your

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         You may stay here for the time
                         being, but I regretfully must say,
                         we cannot help you in your unknown

               Scott and Charlie are unsatisfied.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #2
                         I hope you understand. We have our
                         own worries, and a city to rebuild.

               The two Americans just nod, not pleased.

               The Russian General enters.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #2
                             (to Scott)
                         If you please.

               Scott and Charlie stand.

               The Russian General leads them out.


               Davis sits at his desk.

               Garrison enters.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Mr. President, you wanted to see

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         General, how much more time will it

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         The boat is ready sir.

               Davis stands.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Where is Chang?

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         His assistant received a message
                         for him. He will be on his way. It
                         has been arranged for us to meet
                         him at the pier.

               Davis walks around the desk to Garrison.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Let's go see our weapons General.

               Garrison turns and leads Davis out.

               INT. MEETING ROOM - DAY

               Jin enters.

               Chang sits at the table in Davis' chair.

                         Jin. Tell me you have good news.

               Jin doesn't say a word.


               Chang turns to Jin.

                         Sir, the message was from the
                         Russians. The French army was

               Chang doesn't care.

                         Well, then they save us our energy.
                         Once we defeat America, we will
                         personally thank the Russians for
                         their help. Then we will let them
                         suffer the same.

               He pauses.

                         Is that all?

                         No. Two of the Americans are still

               Chang rubs his head.

                         Excellent. I want you to send them
                         a reply. Tell them that their
                         leader requests that they come to
                         China -- to personally protect the
                         President. I want to see these
                         survivors before they take their
                         last breath.

               Jin bows and turns to leave.

                         Another thing.

               Jin looks to Chang.

                         That boisterous thing you
                         encountered the other day -- bring
                         it along.


                         After my plan has been carried out.
                         I want to use her as an example to
                         all Americans. Let them know what
                         they will receive if they choose
                         not to bow down and worship me.

                         Yes sir.

               Chang smiles malevolently as Jin leaves.


               The doors open.

               Scott and Charlie walk out. The doors are closed behind them.

               The two begin to walk away from the embassy.

                         I don't get it.

               Scott turns to him.

                         If they're innocent, then why not
                         help us?

               Scott looks ahead and continues on his way.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The ocean waves crash on the shore.

               A large white wooden vessel rests in the raging water. The
               side reads: NAVAL COMMANDER ONE.


               Chang stands on the ship.

               After a moment, Davis joins him.

                         I hope you find this trip well, and
                         my country as profitable and as
                         helpful as yours.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         If you deliver on your promise, it
                         will be.

               Chang is pleased.


               The ship casts away from the shore.

               EXT. DESERT WASTELAND - DAY

               The noon sun blazes down.

               Charlie takes a swig from his thermos. He passes it to Scott.

               Scott takes a small sip.

                         When we get to China, do you think
                         they will be expecting us?


               The two continue walking.

                         When this war is over, what do you
                         think will happen to us?

                         They will probably release us until
                         the next one breaks out. That is,
                         if we win this one.

                         I think I want to open my own
                         little cafe. You wanna partner?

                         Too exciting for me. Besides, Sarah
                         would kill me if I left the lab.

               Charlie stops.

               Scott continues walking.

               Charlie sits in the hot sand.

               Scott stops and turns to Charlie.

                         What are you doing?

               Charlie doesn't answer.


               Charlie starts to cry.

               Scott walks back to him.

                         We've been away from home for too
                         long. I don't want to fight

               Scott squats in front of Charlie.

                         I have seen too many people die.
                         The blood of innocent men has been
                         on my hands. I want it to end -- I
                         just want it to end.

               Charlie buries his head in his hands.

                         Hey now, are you going to treat
                         your customers this way?

               Charlie smiles. He wipes his eyes.

                         Come on. After all this, I am sure
                         you still know how to make a good

               Scott stands. He reaches his hand to Charlie.

               Charlie finishes wiping his eyes. He grabs Scott's hand and
               is pulled to his feet.

               Scott pats Charlie on the shoulder.

               The two continue walking.


               Garrison stands watching out over the ocean.

               After a few moments, Jin joins him.

                         American General.

               Garrison turns and acknowledges Jin. He turns his eyes back
               to the ocean.

                         How does a person reach your status
                         of military when you do not even
                         talk much?

               Garrison at first does not speak. He then turns to Jin.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Excuse me if I am not verbal in my
                         thoughts. But in my personal
                         opinion actions speak louder than

                         Ah, the strong silent type.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Do you have a reason for being

                         I just thought I should get to know
                         my allies a little better.

               Garrison eyes Jin.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         Frankly I am not sure I can trust
                         you. For now, do not consider me an

                         As you wish General, but you forget
                         one thing. It is my country that
                         has advanced weaponry. So you
                         should be a little bit more careful
                         in choosing your words.

               Fury crosses Garrison's face. He turns and grabs Jin by the

               Jin struggles.

               Garrison pulls Jin to him, face to face.

                                   GENERAL GARRISON
                         If I were you, I would cut out my
                         tongue. If it wasn't for President
                         Davis, you would be swimming home
                         at this moment.

               Garrison calmly lets go of Jin.

               Jin rubs his throat and watches as Garrison walks out of

                         I believe you have made a fatal
                         mistake my friend. A very fatal

               INT. HOLDING CELL - NIGHT

               A pair of feet appear at the top of a small set of wooden
               steps. Chang walks down them methodically. The stairs rattle
               with each step.

               Chang walks down the long narrow hallway.

               He reaches the end. A metal door blocks the other side. Chang
               gently rasps on the door.

               On the other side he hears the SOUND of suppressed screams.

                         Don't waste your energy. And don't
                         struggle either. I want you to be
                         refreshed when my time to shine

               Chang slides back a small opening in the door.

               Inside Sarah is bounded in the corner. A gagging device
               muffles her voice.

                         Oh aren't you the trophy. The
                         epitome of American intelligence.
                         What little you possess that is.

               Sarah tries to scream.

               Chang places a finger to his lip.

                         Shhh. Be patient. The world will
                         hear your screams when the time is

               Sarah's muffled voice comes louder.

               Chang slams the opening shut.

               EXT. GRASSY PLAIN - DAY

               Large white chunks of brick scatter the area.

               CHINESE PEASANTS walk along a narrow dirt road.

               Scott and Charlie make their way down the road.

               Without warning, the peasants surround them. They begin to
               pull at the two Americans begging in their native tongue.

                         Is this the great welcome we are
                         going to get?

               A peasant grabs Scott's arm.

               Scott pushes the peasant off. He pulls a piece of paper out
               and shows it to the peasants.

                         Hey -- do, do you know where this

               The peasants ignore the question.

               Charlie pulls out his sword and holds it steady.

               The peasants cower away.

                         What are you doing?

                         Saving us. You know, like I always

               A CHINESE BOY grabs the paper from Scott.

                         Hey. Stop.

               The boy takes off.

                         Come back here.

               Scott and Charlie take off after him.

               EXT. WAREHOUSE - DAY

               From this view, the warehouse rests on the coast of the

               The pace of the waves quicken.

               The Naval Commander One pulls into the shore.


               Garrison turns a crank that is fixed to the railing of the

               A white ramp slowly lowers to the shore.

               Chang stands at the top of the ramp. He moves to one side.

               Davis and Garrison walk down first.

               Jin joins Chang at the top of the ramp.

                         Wait until I have the Americans
                         inside, then bring in the little

               Jin nods.

               Chang walks confidently down the ramp.


               Chang joins Davis and Garrison at the bottom of the ramp. He
               leads them to the entrance. Chang enters.

               Davis turns to Garrison.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Wait out here. I want to be the
                         first to see these magnificent
                         weapons and machines.

               Garrison uneasily accepts. He stands beside the entrance.

               Davis enters.

               EXT. GRASSY PLAIN - DAY

               The Chinese boy runs through the plain.

               Scott and Charlie are still in pursuit.

               The boy disappears down a hill.

               Scott and Charlie come to a stop at the top of the slope.

               The Chinese boy stands at the bottom. He looks back to Scott
               and Charlie. He points.

               Scott looks to see the warehouse a few hundred yards away.

               INT. WAREHOUSE, ARMORY - DAY

               War planes take up most of the space.

               Long wooden tables scatter the room. They are adorned with
               grenades, bombs, and other various explosives.

               Chang stands in the center of the room.

               Davis walks and admires the technology around him.

                         You are pleased Mr. President?

               Davis picks up a grenade and examines it.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         I am impressed with how fast your
                         people work.

               Davis places the grenade down and continues his tour.

               Chang walks over to a chair and sits.

               Davis is now at the war planes. He rubs them, studies them in
               complete awe.

               He looks around the room. His look of happiness turns to a
               look of displeasure.

                         A problem Mr. Davis?

               Davis walks over to Chang.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         All this is beautifully done, but --


               Davis looks around one more time. His look of displeasure

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         There was one weapon I was hoping
                         to see first hand, but it appears
                         to not be here.

               Chang taps his fingers on the arms of the chair.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         Where is the one known as a hand

               Chang smiles. He slowly stands, but keeps the distance
               between himself and Davis.

                         Ah yes. That one is my personal
                         favorite as well.

               Davis stands waiting.

                         But I am afraid that we have a

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         What problem Chancellor?

               Chang starts to walk around Davis, still keeping his

                         Well, Mr. President. I am afraid we
                         were unable to make that item for

               He stops. His eyes lock on Davis.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         But that could prove to be the most
                         powerful and influential one you

                         Yes, I believe it could also.

               A metal door at the opposite end begins to open.

               Scott and Charlie begin to enter.

               Chang and Davis go unaware.

                         See Mr. President, I have a
                         confession to make.

               Chang reaches into his jacket. He slowly pulls out his hand.

               Chang aims the pistol at Davis.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         You have it.

                         Yes, I have it.

               Chang continues to aim the weapon at Davis.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS
                         It is admirable.

               Chang looks at the pistol as it points erectly at Davis. He
               smiles in agreement.

               Davis rubs his hands together in excitement.

               Chang lowers the weapon to his side.

                         I am glad you are pleased, but now
                         one thing must happen.

                                   PRESIDENT DAVIS

               Chang stands his ground. He quickly raises the pistol and
               pulls the trigger.

               Davis soon falls dead.

               The sound echoes through the warehouse.

               Scott and Charlie stop as they watch Davis lay motionless.

               Chang walks over to Davis' body. He places the pistol back
               into his jacket.

                         Checkmate, Mr. President.

               EXT. WAREHOUSE - DAY

               Garrison goes to enter the warehouse, but Jin grabs his

               Garrison turns to punch Jin.

               Jin blocks it.

                         Let your actions speak American.

               Jin roundhouses Garrison and knocks him to the ground. He
               stomps Garrison in his midsection.

               Garrison grabs Jin's foot and spins him off of him. He nips

               The two go into a hand to hand fight. Each trying to be
               quicker than the other.

               Garrison gains the advantage. He kicks Jin. Another kick. Jin
               backs up. Garrison runs at Jin.

               Jin sidesteps. He pulls a dagger and stabs Garrison's

               Garrison slumps backward. He holds the dagger as he falls.


               Scott and Charlie continue to stare in disbelief.

               Scott draws his sword. He makes his way toward Chang.

               Chang turns to see the American advancing toward him.

                         Oh, I apologize, but it appears you
                         are a little late. Your precious
                         leader no longer needs to be
                         protected. Your king has been

               Scott gets ready for battle.

                         Do you plan to fight me? Look
                         around. I have weapons at my
                         disposal you do not have any idea
                         on how to use.

               Charlie joins Scott.

                         A double team? Please.

               The main entry opens. Sarah enters.

               Jin follows behind her. He holds the bloody dagger to her

               Chang sees Charlie hold Scott back as he starts to run to

                         Oh you know her? Well I am happy to
                         bring unity to each one of you.

               He turns to Jin.

                         Lock her away.

               Chang snaps his fingers.

               Assassins storm in and take Scott and Charlie hostage.

               Scott and Charlie's swords fall to the ground.

                         Put the heroes with her. Let them
                         have one last moment together. I
                         will take care of them when the
                         time is right.

               Scott and Charlie try to fight back, but the assassins
               overpower them.

               The assassins and Jin lead the Americans out.

               After they exit, Chang walks back to his seat and sits. He
               taps his fingers on the arms of his chair. A look of
               blissfulness crosses his face.

               INT. HALLWAY - DAY

               Prison cells align both sides of the hallway.

               The assassins lead the three Americans down the cold, dark

               Through the bars of some cells, POWs lie imprisoned. They
               appear to be weakened. Some hold their stomachs and beg for

               The assassins lead the captured three to the last cell. They
               open the door and throw the Americans inside.

               INT. CELL - CONTINUOUS

               Scott runs towards the assassins.

               The assassins slam the door in Scott's face.

               Scott shakes the bars.


               He turns to Sarah.

                         How did you get here?

                         Long story. How are you two going
                         to get me out?

               The two turn to Charlie.

                         Don't look at me, I'm just a coffee

               Sarah sighs deeply.

                         Great. So do we just rot?

               She gets no reply.

               Scott slides down a wall and sits on the floor. He pulls his
               knees to his chest.

               Charlie leans back in a corner.

               Sarah realizes neither is going to do anything. She walks
               over to the bars.

                         Why don't you people fight like

               Scott and Charlie look to each other. They shrug.

               Scott turns to Sarah.

                         You're not going to get an answer.
                         We're just going to have to wait
                         till they decide to do something.

               Sarah shakes the bars furiously.


               She turns to face the two soldiers.

                         They could own the world by
                         tomorrow. Did you not see those
                         things up there? I don't exactly
                         think they are looking for world

               She looks to Charlie who says nothing.

                         What do you think?

               Charlie points at himself as to say "who me?".


                         I'm with him.

               Sarah stomps her foot.

                         This is fabulous. Just thrilling.
                         The two great American heroes are
                         going to wait to die. Just great.

               Scott looks as if he has had enough.


               She turns to him.

                         Shut up okay. There is nothing we
                         can do. Nothing you can do, so
                         please just shut up.

               Sarah stares at Scott ready to lash out. She quickly calms

               Sarah crosses her arms and walks to the back wall. She turns
               around and slides down. As Sarah sits, she slowly rocks back
               and forth.

                         There has to be something.

               She slams back into the wall. She pauses as a part of the
               wall pushes in.

                         What was that?

               Sarah moves away from the wall.

               The three turn to the wall.

               EXT. WAREHOUSE - NIGHT

               The assassins drag Davis' and Garrison's body into the ocean

               Chang and Jin stand at the shoreline.

                         Arm the troops. Slaughter every man
                         and woman within a hundred mile
                         radius that will not bow and
                         worship my likeness.

                         And what do we do with the
                         prisoners Chancellor?

               Chang watches the dead bodies float out to sea.

                         Bring them to me first thing in the
                         morning. I will dispose of them in
                         the best manner.

               He reaches into his jacket and holds out the pistol to Jin.

                         If you must, take care of them if
                         they cause any problems.

               Jin proudly takes the weapons.

                         What about you sir?

                         I will be safely protected.

               Jin lowers the pistol by his side. He nods.

               INT. HALLWAY - DAY

               Jin walks down the hallway, the pistol in his hand.

               Jin reaches the last cell. His mouth gapes open in shock. The
               pistol drops.

               Jin quickly turns and runs back down the hallway.

               INT. CELL - CONTINUOUS

               Inside of the cell, blocks have been taken out of the back
               wall. The Americans are nowhere to be seen.

               INT. WAREHOUSE, MAIN ROOM - DAY

               Chang sits in his seat.

               He is interrupted as Jin bursts into the room.

                         Sir, the men, where are they?

                         They have gone out to fulfill my
                         plans. Where are the prisoners.

               Jin doesn't answer.

                         Jin, where are the prisoners?

               Jin nervously lowers his head.

                         They have escaped, sir.

               Chang pounds the chair in anger. He quickly rises.

                         Don't just stand there. Find them.
                         Do not let them leave this place

               Jin quickly leaves.

                         My domination will not be ruined by
                         a minor setback.

               INT. HIDDEN PASSAGE

               Scott, Sarah, and Charlie, in that order, walk through the
               narrow passageway.

               INT. WAREHOUSE, ARMORY

               Chang walks furiously through the various weapon set ups.

               At the end of the tables, he turns.

               Chang walks back the other way and knocks weapon after weapon
               off. He breathes heavily.

               Chang turns to see he missed a grenade. He grabs it up and
               marches outside.

               EXT. WAREHOUSE - DAY

               Chang stands in front of the warehouse. He continues to
               breathe heavily as he watches the Naval Commander One floats
               out on top of the waters.

               INT. WAREHOUSE, ARMORY

               Charlie and Scott enter into the armory and retrieve their
               weapons from the ground.

               EXT. WAREHOUSE 

               Chang places the explosive to his mouth. He puts the pin
               between his teeth and pulls it out.

               He hesitates for a few moments. Chang then hurls it at the
               grand vessel.

               NAVAL COMMANDER ONE

               The grenade rolls on the deck of the ship.

               EXT. WAREHOUSE 

               Chang watches as the ship explodes before his eyes. He stares
               with a purpose, then slowly smiles. His teeth grind together.

               He watches the flames rise into the sky. He then enters back
               into the warehouse.

               Smoke begins to cloud the sky.


               Chang looks up and stops abruptly.

               Sarah sits in his chair. Her legs crossed. A small laugh
               escapes her lips.

               Chang's breathing increases. His face turns red.

                         You know, I must say I admire this.
                         Your work. How exactly did you
                         manage to create such things in so
                         little time.

               Chang's eyes stay locked on Sarah.

               Sarah slowly uncrosses her legs. She stands.

                         I see you are speechless.

               Chang rushes towards her.

               Sarah gasps as he grabs her by the throat. She pulls at his
               hand, but his grip is too much.

               Chang tightens his grip.

               Sarah's breath grows shorter. Her face becomes flush.

                                   CHARLIE (O.S.)
                         Let her go.

               Chang turns. He keeps his grip.

               Charlie stands with his sword in hand. He approaches Chang.

                         I said let her go.

               Chang turns to Sarah. He slowly starts to pull her off the

               Sarah's grip loosens from Chang's hands.

               Chang notices Sarah becoming weaker. He drops her to the

               Sarah lays motionless.

               Chang turns his attention to Charlie.

               Charlie pulls his sword to the side.

                         You have harmed your last American.

               Chang throws off his jacket. He flexes his muscles.

               Charlie appears a little worried.

               From it's holder, Chang pulls out a katana. The blade towers
               over his head.

                         I beg to differ.

               Chang charges at Charlie. He swipes his sword upward.

               Charlie barely blocks it.

               Charlie swings back.

               Chang is forced to back away as the fight continues.

               Chang kicks Charlie in the stomach. He swings his katana.

               Charlie holds his sword out to block it.

               The katana blade slices Charlie's weapon in half.

               No doubt about it, Charlie is now worried. He looks at his
               blade and then drops it to the ground.

               Chang motions for Charlie to bring it.

               Charlie turns and runs.

               Chang shakes his head.

                         I haven't got the time for this.

               He takes off in pursuit of Charlie.

               WAR PLANES

               Chang makes his way over to the war planes.

               His blade gently taps each plane as he walks by them.

                         American, why prolong your death?
                         You know today is going to be your
                         end, so let's get it over with.

               Chang continues to search.

               Charlie jumps down from out of nowhere. He tackles Chang to
               the ground.

               The katana slides across the concrete floor.

               Charlie starts to choke Chang.

               Chang struggles. He slowly becomes limp.

               Charlie watches Chang's head slump to the ground. He slowly
               releases his grip.

               Charlie pushes himself up.

                         Scott it's over. We didn't need
                         your part of the plan. I saved the
                         day like always.

               He starts walking toward Sarah.

               Chang's eyes pop up. He rises up behind Charlie.

                         You Americans are all the same. You
                         rush in with your hearts and die by
                         your heads. It's so repetitious.

               Chang dashes at Charlie. 

               Charlie falls backwards as Chang lands on top of him.

               Chang grabs Charlie by the throat.

                         Let's see how you like it.

               He pulls his free hand back and balls it into a fist.

               Charlie struggles.

               Chang lets his fist fly and nails Charlie in the forehead. He
               nails him again. Once more. His fist connects again.

               Charlie bleeds profusely from his eyes, nose, and mouth.

               Chang continues to wail away.

               Charlie soon goes limp.

               Chang does not let up, unaware or not caring that his victim
               is dead.

               Chang pulls his fist back one more time. He finally notices
               Charlie is lifeless. He stands up off of Charlie.

               Chang smiles at Charlie's lifelessness. He wipes the sweat
               from his brow.

               He turns and walks over to the war planes.

               Chang picks his sword up from the ground. He puts it back in
               it's resting place.

               A side door opens.

               Scott is led in as Jin holds Scott's arms behind him. Jin
               holds Scott's sword in his hand.

                         I seem to have caught a mouse sir.

               Chang walks over and gets in Scott's face.

               Scott stares at Chang.

               Chang smiles and then slaps Scott.

                         American. You are pathetic.

               In the b.g. Sarah coughs.

               Chang turns to her.

                         Oh, it appears my work is not yet

               Chang notices Scott trying to break free.

                         Oh are you trying to play hero?
                         Well like your friend, your time
                         will come.

               Chang walks over to Sarah.

               Sarah slowly starts to push herself up. She gets up to her
               hands and knees.

               Chang stomps on Sarah's back. Her face bounces off the
               concrete floor.

               Chang kicks her again. He looks over to Scott.

               Anger fills Scott's face as he continues to struggle.

               Chang turns back to Sarah.

               Sarah pushes herself up again.

               Chang turns and kicks Sarah in the stomach.

                             (to Jin)
                         Take him away.

               Jin forces Scott to turn around. He pushes Scott out of the

               Chang lifts Sarah to her feet. He holds his arm around her

                         It seems as if your hero has fallen
                         short. Soon -- soon you will be my
                         sacrifice and the world will bow
                         down to me.

               He bashes her head. Sarah goes limp.

               Chang snaps his fingers.

               An assassin comes in and drags Sarah out.

               INT. HALLWAY - DAY

               Jin leads Scott down the hallway. The sword to Scott's neck.

               Scott tries to struggle. Jin holds tightly.

                         Watch it American, or I will take
                         the pleasure of your death from

               Scott kicks Jin in the knee.

               Jin drops the sword and Scott breaks free.

               Jin tries to grip back at him.

               Scott turns and punches Jin with a left jab. Then a right.

               Jin staggers back.

               Scott nails Jin with an uppercut. He holds his fighting

               Jin wipes blood from his lip.

                         You will pay for that.

               The two fight down to the


               Jin hop kicks Scott. Scott falls to his back. The pistol lays
               beside him.

               Scott rolls out of the way as Jin tries to stomp on his head.
               He grabs the pistol.

               Jin goes to stomp again, but Scott trips his other foot and
               causes Jin to fall backwards.

               Jin nips up. Scott rises to his feet.

               Jin kicks at Scott. Scott blocks it with his wrist. He blocks

               Jin kicks Scott in the chin.

               Scott ducks a clothesline. He puts Jin in a choke hold.

               Jin struggles. He elbows Scott. He nails him a second time,
               and then a third.

               Scott stumbles backwards.

               Jin runs at Scott.

               Scott grabs Jin by the legs and throws him on his back.

               Scott points the pistol at Jin. Jin freezes.

               Scott tries to make the weapon work, but doesn't know how.

               Jin rises to his feet. He kicks Scott. He kicks him again.

               Scott flies backwards.

               Jin grabs the sword and walks to Scott. He stands over Scott.

                         American, say goodbye.

               Scott aims the pistol and finally pulls the trigger.

               Jin flies backward. Blood flows from the bullet wound in
               Jin's head. He raises up, but falls back dead.


               He catches his breath and then takes back down the hallway
               toward the warehouse.

               INT. WAREHOUSE, MAIN ROOM

               Chang sits in his chair. He taps in rhythm on the arms.
               Suddenly he smiles.

               Scott approaches him, his sword ready.

               Chang stands.

                         American. Not surprised to see you
                         here. Was Jin really that easy to

               Scott slowly nods.

                         Where's Sarah?

                         Oh, don't worry. But one thing does
                         surprise me. I thought I would take
                         care of her before you.

               Chang pauses.

                         So how exactly do you want to die?

                         Honestly, I don't care anymore.

               Chang pulls his weapon ready.

                         Let's get this over with. Time for
                         you to join your friend.

               Scott charges at Chang.

               Their swords meet.

                         I can see your fear. Let it go,
                         embrace your defeat.

                         I don't think so.

               Scott kicks Chang.

                         You're going to pay, you know that
                         don't you?

                         You talk too much. You know that
                         don't you.

               Chang lets out a battle cry. He charges at Scott full of

               A massive sword fight follows. Each man staying equal to the

               After a minute or two passes...

                         This is getting us nowhere.

               He fights back faster, but Chang also becomes quicker.

               Chang begins using some martial arts kicks.

               Scott's guard becomes weaker. He drops his sword.

                         I must say, you impress me
                         American. But I am afraid your
                         legend now comes to an end.

               Scott begins stepping backwards.

               Chang goes in for the kill.

               Scott hesitates. He sidesteps.

               Chang hunches over.

               Scott pushes Chang away from him.

               Chang stumbles backwards, Scott's dagger impaled in his

               Chang pulls the dagger from his stomach. He stares at the
               blood on it. More flows from the open wound.

               Chang looks at Scott. He starts to choke. 

               Chang then falls backward.

               Scott stands victorious, but not for long.

               The assassins enter and quickly surround him. They use
               daggers, nunchukus, and staffs as weapons.

               Scott lowers his weapon to his side.

               He hesitates then raises his sword back up, ready for battle.

               With his free hand, Scott motions for the assassins to

               The assassins slowly advance toward him.

               The warehouse wall behind Scott begins to rise up like a
               giant garage door.

               The assassins slow their advances. They stop.

               The assassins drop their weapons.

               Scott turns.

               The entire Russian army stands behind him. Their weapons
               pointed at the assassins.

               The Russians quickly storm in and take the assassins into

               The delegates approach Scott.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         American? Where is the other?

                         He's dead. Everyone's dead.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         Everyone except you that is.

               Scott is silent as he looks to each delegate.

                         I thought this wasn't your battle.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         Well you can't have a war without
                         Russia, it just wouldn't be right.

               Scott lets his sword fall.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         I would like to offer a unity
                         American. A peace agreement.

               He reaches out his hand.

               Scott looks at it.

                         The war is over.

                                   RUSSIAN GENERAL (O.S.)
                         Sir, we found a prisoner. She's

               Scott turns to see the Russian General. 

               The General carries Sarah who is still passed out.

               Scott rushes over to her.

               She turns to Scott and a murmur escapes Sarah's lips.

               Scott pulls out the cross necklace and puts it around Sarah's

               The General hands Sarah to Scott. Scott begins walking
               towards the wide open.

               Scott makes his way past the delegates.

                                   RUSSIAN DELEGATE #1
                         Where are you going?

                         Home. I got work to do. A country
                         to help build.

               Scott starts to turn, but turns back to the Russians with a

                         And I've got this strange idea to
                         start a cafe.

               Scott turns and continues to walk out of the warehouse.

               EXT. WAREHOUSE

               Scott cradles Sarah in his arms as he makes his way across
               the grassy plains.

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                   THE END...OR IS IT?

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