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                              The Werewolves of World War II
                                        Written by
                                        Aaron Berg
               Copyright © 2009 Aaron Berg              Aaron Berg
                                                        314 N. Beaver #4
                                                        Flagstaff, AZ 86001


               The New Moon

               FADE IN:

               EXT. WOODS, DAY

               Rural England, 1939. The man who would become Sergeant John
               Westcroft is still just a man; walking a narrow path through
               the forest. He leaves the path, pushing through the brush. He
               comes to a clearing and removes his clothing, piling them
               near the center. He pisses in a circle, counterclockwise
               around the clothes. As he moves naked towards the woods, we
               follow and descend so as to watch him over his pile of
               clothes, which go from cloth to stone, becoming granite
               before our very eyes. As John Westcroft pushes back into the
               brush, he begins to hunch slightly.


               A black Aston-Martin cruises to the farmhouse, then
               redirected towards Where John Westcroft lays fencepost.

                         Mister Westcroft?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

                         Sir, I'm here to--

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Look, I don't know what office
                         You're with, but I've given you my
                         answer. I'm not young enough to get
                         sent off.

                         John, please, I'm not her to send
                         you away to the safety camp. You're
                         no pup. Look at you. You're a full
                         grown man, and John, Your country
                         needs you.

               Now John stops. He leans on the fence post he has just
               finished putting in the ground. We hear the faintest drone of
               planes in the background, coming from the west.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         You want me to enlist?

                         Well, as a conscript the benefits
                         are enormous. John, listen, if we
                         just wait, if we won't decide to do
                         something, then the decision will
                         be made for us.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         You remember learning about serfdom
                         in history class? In primary?

                         John, that's a harsh--

               As the conversation heats, the sound of the planes crescendo.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         What the hell have they ever done
                         to us? What have we ever done to
                         them? We aren't Jewish. Hell, my
                         family doesn't even know what a Jew
                         is. What would we matter?

                         You don't get it do you? This
                         psycho isn't going to stop until he
                         owns the entire world. No treaties,
                         no agreements, enslavement!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         This is not my problem! It's not my
                         family's problem! 

                         John, England needs you!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         What? A bunch of fat politicians,
                         and a despondent king who cares
                         nothing for his citizens? What, his
                         highness on his way to, to help me
                         post my fence here? We aren't
                         moving, and I am damn sure not
                         signing up to kill someone on
                         behalf of my supposed masters! Good
                         day, sir!

                         John, please--

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         I said good day!

               The roar of the planes has hit it's climax, and the Luftwaffe
               deploy their payload. The bomb erupts on the farmhouse,
               killing everyone before they can scream. John stares. The
               valley, serene only moments ago, is alive with chaos, fire,
               smoke, and the resounding echo of detonation.

               INT. BLACK ASTON-MARTIN

               The engine, the wind, the rumble of the road they drive on.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         I was just... Just saying you know
                         how... how we'd never done anything
                         to anyone...

                         John they don't care. They want the
                         whole world ground under their

               John is silent The remainder of the ride. He waves as the
               driver pulls away from a squat brown building. John enters
               and we cut to


               Where a strong jawed recruiting officer eyes him cool.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                             (slowly, lethal)
                         Are you the man to talk to if one,
                         say, possessed a burning desire to
                         kill a fucking ton of nazis?

               The recruiting officer looks John up and down, and a broad
               grin spreads across his lined face.

                                   RECRUITING OFFICER
                         Shit, son, I think you've come to
                         the right place!

               We enter boot camp now with John. He excels at the physical,
               his endurance and stamina top notch. We see him on the rifle
               range, his marksmanship good, not phenomenal. He finishes gas
               mask training and walks towards the barracks with the other
               weary recruits. The sun sets on the training grounds, and we
               set with it, to arise at

               INT. BARRACKS

               The silent dark is split by an ear piercing whistle.

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         Up!! Up you maggots!! We will now
                         see which one of you pasty sacks of
                         afterbirth will fail me now!! We
                         are having a surprise inspection
                         right fucking now and you will all
                         snap your sorry asses into gear
                         this very second!! AH TEN CHUH!!

               The men line the barracks in their underwear at attention.

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN (CONT'D)
                         You will stand and be inspected!
                         You will open your foot lockers in
                         turn, and you will keep your mouths
                         zipped tight! Is that understood?

                                   ALL IN UNISON

               Enter Officer of the Secret Intelligence Service Raymond
               Sussex. We recognize him as the drive of the car that brought
               John here. He sniffs the air lightly. Drill Sergeant Durgan
               berates the recruits as he passes.

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         Sloppy. Wake up, arse! His
                         highness' finest. What, Thompson,
                         what is this, are you still wearing
                         supper? Floor! Twenty up and down!

               Raymond's nose flares wild, hairs dancing on his neck. He
               makes the slightest gesture and catches Drill Sergeant
               Durgan's attention while he passes behind John Westcroft.
               Durgan berates his way up towards John and stops, eyeing

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN (CONT'D)
                         Foot locker! 

               John hastily opens his locker and resumes attention. Durgan
               lifts, examines contents, gets right up in John's face. Very
               distant but very clear, a howl rings the woods beyond camp. 

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN (CONT'D)
                         You are absolutely too fucking
                         hairy, maggot. Fucking fire hazard.
                         Pack your locker back up. You, you
                         shitpile, let's see how you're
                         going to embarrass the crown next.
                         Right, right, open it up, you sheep
                         fucker! What are you Irish? You
                         smell Horrible.

               And on down the line as Raymond Sussex smiles a dire grin. He
               makes eye contact with John as he's closing the locker.


               The room is dim, and the atmosphere is starkly subdued
               compared to the loud, well lit barracks.

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                             (beat, tense)
                         Do you know the organization I
                         represent, Sergeant?

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         Secret intelligence, Right?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Right. So you understand how I can
                         have some questions that I must
                         ask, and not be able to give very
                         many answers?

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         Right, but what do you want with
                         these green shits? I mean, you
                         looking for a patsy or a, a test
                         subject or something?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Mmm. Would that I could say both
                         and neither. I can't, however, even
                         say that. The MI-6 wouldn't have
                         it. Suffice to say I'm not changing
                         anything or removing or adding any
                         personnel or procedure. I do need
                         to ask about that particular

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         And you aren't going to tell me

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I thought I had made it quite clear
                         that the details of my assignment
                         are of the utmost confidentiality,

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                             (beat, acquiescent)
                         His name is Westcroft. You can find
                         his service jacket down in records.
                         He's an above average recruit.
                         Right horse. Can run obstacles all
                         day, that one. No bullseye, though.
                         His marksmanship scores are less
                         than impeccable. He sweats a little
                         foul in his sleep.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Anything else of note?

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         Nothing comes to mind.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Well, sergeant, thank you for your
                         time. I suppose I'll find my way
                         down to records.

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         Yeah. You do that.

               Raymond stands and opens the door. He pauses.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         You understand that we are losing
                         this war, don't you?
                             (beat, no reply)
                         I intend to do whatever it takes to
                         make sure that we don't. We're on
                         the same side here, Sergeant.

               The door closes gently.


               The men train hard under hot sun. Drill Sergeant Durgan takes
               turn howling at various recruits.

                                   DRILL SERGEANT DURGAN
                         The thing you miserable sops aren't
                         pressing into your noggins is this;
                         There is no more trench warfare.
                         You are NOT EVER GOING TO SING
                         CHRISTMAS CAROLS WITH THE NAZIS.
                         Nazis don't even know what the fuck
                         a Christmas Carol is, and would put
                         a god damn bullet in your skull on
                         December Twenty-Fifth just the same
                         as December Twenty-Sixth, December
                         Twenty-Seventh, fucking New Year's,
                         God Dammit shitbag, get up over
                         that thing!! Move your fat ass!

               The boys work, and work and work. John Westcroft is all
               hustle, all help, pushing and pulling, leading by example. We
               fade into graduation, crisp in dress uniform. We see Raymond
               Sussex in the crowd. Rise up into blue sky, And back down
               into the cold.

               EXT. CITY (NORWAY) WINTER, NIGHT (ROUGH DATE FEB. 2, 1941)

               Machine guns budda budda budda in the distance. A small
               company in frost covered green moves stalking down a narrow
               street. Boots stomp, buckles on bags clank, moves are
               surgical. PFC John Westcroft is on point; he holds up a fist
               and goes to one knee. 

                                   LIEUTENANT CLIFT
                             (crouched, whispering)
                         You got a bead on him?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Got a swastika in a crosshair.

               We track down his barrel and see that he is being literal.

                                   LIEUTENANT CLIFT
                         Go to work.

               John squeezes, grimaces, Squeezes again. The nazi on the
               business end of the rifle has just enough time to turn
               towards the sound of the first bullet as the second one
               splatters his head in a wet red butterfly spray. Lieutenant
               Clift is livid.

                                   LIEUTENANT CLIFT (CONT'D)
                             (still whispering, pissed)
                         God dammit, Westcroft, that shit
                         would be funny if that weren't a
                         man with a gun that wanted to kill
                         me. Go hold up the end of the
                         fuckin' line.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

               John looks down, dejected. He moves back as Lieutenant Clift
               points out a few buildings to another soldier. One of the men
               eyes John cruel on the way by. The wind howls and the snow
               races, and John spies the panzer a split second before the
               wall erupts, the men screaming. Most of them die instantly.
               John is thrown towards the tank, brick chunks and shards of
               wood embedding into him. Hearing what sounds like German
               infantry, he looks over his shoulder and sees no movement
               from his company, and turns in time for another panzer blast
               ripping the ground beneath him. Flying, smashing back to
               earth. Now he's pissed, bloody, and ragged. He charges toward
               the approaching Nazis and as he does, he begins to change.
               The first of the Nazis laughs and points a Luger, popping a
               round into the bloody thing that approaches, then another,
               noticing that the thing is getting bigger, and hair is
               sprouting from the altering muscle. The Nazi in front has
               broken into panic by the time John Westcroft, now an eight
               foot tall grinning man thing, tears his arm clean off. He
               bites damn near to the Nazi's bellybutton and spits the top
               half out, chomping into the freshly exposed viscera. Soft
               pink shreds drip from his maw as he curls his head and howls.

               He is a conglomeration, this man-wolf. He is neither
               particularly wolf, nor man. More akin to a three hundred
               pound dingo's lovechild with an eastern lowland gorilla. Huge
               clawed hands atop thick ropes of arms, powerful haunches, all
               of it densely matted with black hair, moving in a furry blur
               through helmets and swastika armbands, machine gun rounds
               sinking in and bleeding only for a brief second, rejecting
               and closing over. The beast that seconds ago was John
               Westcroft is slashing off whole legs, snapping heads and
               opening guts in wide gashes, exposing so much blood to air.
               The snarl in him is thunder as the panzer trains him with
               it's big gun. John leaps the thirty some feet to the tank,
               climbs under it and lifts. It almost gets off the ground,
               lifting for a split second, then slamming it back down. The
               motion jostles a fresh round loose from the big gun,
               recoiling the whole tank. The gorilla dog lifts again at the
               front of the tank, this time to no avail at all for his
               straining. Another of the Nazi infantry is firing on him.
               John the beast lunges, grabs him and swings him into the side
               of the tank like Lou Gehrig. Every bone in the body must have
               been turned into powder for how hard he hits the side of the
               John flops the body over his shoulder, climbs the treads to
               the top of the panzer  looks for what must be the access
               hatch, grabs it and yanks.

                                   PANZER DRIVER
                         Mein Gott!! Der Affen-Jaghund!
                         Nein! Nein!

               John, preternaturally fast, pokes the driver's blue eyes out
               with a clawed peace sign, a Three Stooges joke gone barbed.
               He stuffs the oozing infantryman into the tank, pulling pins
               on two grenades. He slams the hatch and holds it down, men
               shouting in German, crescendo and silenced. As the grenades
               explode inside, the windows flashing like contained lightning
               and then the tank billowing black smoke. John sees two men
               running and hops down from the tank. He gives chase, smashing
               them together, then bringing his hands together through the
               neck. The technique is crude and brutal, but terribly
               effective. He sniffs the still air. Satisfied, he walks down
               the alley, returning to his company. As he walks, his
               breathing slows and he gently shifts from a hulking black
               canine thing back into a man, his skin unmarked from the
               explosions and bullets. He is however, stark nude, and
               starting to become aware of it. He approaches a body of one
               of the men, rolls it over and sees it missing a face. Another
               he approaches until he sees that this one is not buried under
               the rubble, merely separated from the lower half of his body
               in a manner which, up against the pile there, looked like it
               was buried instead of absent. He hears a slight noise and
               immediately runs toward it. It is Lieutenant Clift, and
               there's a sucking chest wound that bubbles as he coughs.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sir! Where's a radio, sir?

                                   LIEUTENANT CLIFT
                         Wescroft? Are you fucking naked?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yes, sir, I am sir, sorry about
                         that. Listen, you need a medic
                         right away and--

                                   LIEUTENANT CLIFT
                         You daft bitch. They've
                             (coughs, shakes)
                         They've taken my balls and my
                             (ragged breath)
                         My lung. Put a bullet in me.
                         Do it before I lose my nerve.

               Lieutenant Clift Grabs feebly at the colt 1911 at his side,
               trying to bring it to bear. He fumbles it and we see it's
               black pearl handle glint in the gloom.

                                   LIEUTENANT CLIFT (CONT'D)
                         Come on you fucking pussy!! Gimme a
                         hot one, right through the noggin'
                         here... Christ, I'd do it meself...
                         Look, it's your fault, you twit,
                         that SS shitbag squelched a fucking
                         radio and it...

               His rage giving him strength, he racks the chamber on his
               sidearm, then hacks a mighty cough.

                                   LIEUTENANT CLIFT (CONT'D)
                         I should fucking shoot you!
                             (wheezing, sputtering)
                         You fucking, fucking piece of shit!

               John takes the gun as Lieutenant Clift collapses into a fit
               of coughing. We pan up to a tiny sliver of moon. The coughing
               is silenced by a bang echoing down the street.

               EXT. CITY (NORWAY) WINTER, DAWN

               John has salvaged boots and pants, walking through back
               alleys avoiding patrols. He approaches the temporary
               headquarters for his company with his hands up and a set of
               presumably salvaged dog tags dangling from his neck.


               Texas desert stretches out the window, and the buzz of the
               air conditioning is as noticeable as the fact that both men
               are still sweating. A secretary exits the room and Raymond
               Sussex sits down across the desk, smiling.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Good morning Colonel Hetfield. 

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         And you as well mister Sussex. I've
                         just had ants in my pants to meet
                         you ever since our phone call on
                         Tuesday. Now, before we even get
                         started, can I offer you a glass of
                         lemonade, or a coffee? Even got a
                         mighty fine mint julep if your so

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I'm afraid you'll just have to
                         pardon my ignorance, Colonel, but
                         what might a mint julep be?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Oh, it's positively rose water,
                         mister Sussex.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Please, feel free to call me

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well, Raymond, a mint julep is
                         traditionally made with mint,
                         lightly mashed, bourbon, sugar and
                         water. Around here we like 'em with
                         a specific ratio.
                         I know it's a little early for
                         bourbon, but may it please, uh, heh
                         heh, may it please the court...

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Y'know what, Colonel, I've been
                         travelling for almost eighteen
                         hours, and it's eight o'clock at
                         night where I'm from. A splash of
                         bourbon sounds spot on to me.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Good, good! Hang on one second...
                             (presses intercom)
                         Henrietta, can you whip us up two
                         of your mint juleps hon? 

                             (through intercom)
                         Sure thing, Colonel.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         She's an absolute peach, that one.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Charming, indeed. Your entire
                         layout here is delightful. 

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Oh, I'm sure Texas is a little warm
                         for ya.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Uh, to be sure, a bit hot, yes.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         So, Raymond, uh, is Ray okay?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         For certain.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Alright, Ray, now, you had some
                         military service, am I correct?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Yes sir. Still am in the employ of
                         His Majesty.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         And you've made some friends in the
                         intelligence business along the
                         way, yes?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         That's right sir. Counter
                         intelligence, decryption, um, the
                         kind of resume that doesn't behoove
                         itself to detail. 

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Right, that's exactly the thing. Do
                         you know Bert Walker?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         No sir. Not that I know of. Name
                         doesn't sound--

               The door opens and Henrietta brings in the drinks. She smiles
               politely at both of them as Raymond takes a sip. He smiles
               approvingly back, takes another sip and Henrietta heads for
               the door.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Henrietta, love, I know, I know I
                         sound like a busted phonograph here
                         but, the air conditioning is all
                         the way up, right?

                         I'm so sorry, Colonel. It's awful
                         today, isn't it? All muggy. Makin'
                         my damn hose ride up. 

               Raymond nearly spits, and the Colonel laughs. Henrietta
               smiles and heads for the door.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Uh, Henrietta, come here just a
                         sec, you pistol, you. Would you
                         have a seat with us for a minute?

                         Why sure, Colonel. Are the drinks

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Oh, mine, mine's great, delightful,
                         thank you.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Of course the drinks are just fine,
                         sugar. I'd like you to tell Ray
                         here what your last name is.

                             (addresses Raymond)
                         Oh. Okay. Mister Sussex, my name is
                         Henrietta Abramowicz. Sir.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Now, that seems like a perfectly
                         reasonable social exchange huh?
                             (beat, all silent)
                         Now, Henrietta dear,


                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         I said there was gonna, be a time,


                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         When you were gonna have to tell
                         this story,

                         Oh, I see where this is goin'.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         And I was gonna need you to talk
                         about this. Now, Ray, when this
                         first happened I wanted to go to
                         the newspapers and get this on the
                         radio, and I almost regret it. I'll
                         get to some of that later, but,
                         well, Henrietta you take the reigns
                         before I muck it all up.

                         Okay, Well,
                             (deep breath)
                         This was about a month and a half
                         ago. One of our pretty major
                         accounts came in here, this guy
                         Bert Walker. Bert's a real big
                         deal, New York banker, just uh,
                         just ask him, he'll tell you. He
                         shows up around three thirty, three
                         forty-five or so, and insists to
                         see the Colonel here, and, well,

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Don't be shy, hon.

                         Right. See, the office closes at
                         four thirty everyday, and I was
                         kinda havin' my, my lady time?
                         Y'know? Aunt flow was in town?
                         Anyway, I had a pretty killer
                         headache, just ready to go, and
                         then in comes mister macho, all
                         puffed up, then when I tell him the
                         Colonel here's on vacation, He just
                         went bananas. He started swearin'
                         real vulgar like, I mean, stuff
                         I've never even heard before.
                         Demands my name, and I tell him,
                         and then he just goes through the
                         roof, talkin' like, well, sir, when
                         he called me a Jew whore I called
                         security, and that my people were
                         ruining the world, and, well...

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Easy Henrietta. There there. Thank
                         you very much. I know that was
                         hard. I really do appreciate it.

                         Thanks Colonel. If I can run to the
                         ladies room...

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Of course sugar. In fact, you need
                         to take the rest of the day?

                         Oh, no, sir... Would you mind if I
                         went to lunch though?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Not at all love. You put your lunch
                         on me today, okay?

                         Thank you sir.

               The door closes, Hetfield's gaze settles on Raymond.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Now Ray, I knew damn good and well
                         when I asked you that you don't
                         have any idea who Bert Walker is.
                         What I meant was, well, now that
                         you know Bert Walker, do you know
                         anybody like Bert Walker?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I know a lot of people like
                         Henrietta. The two seem to be
                         mutually exclusive don't you think?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         My thoughts exactly.

               The Colonel pours another drink for them both from the

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD (CONT'D)
                         Well... All is not well on this
                         side of the pond. I know what them,
                         them loft wafers is doin' to the
                         English countryside and it breaks
                         my heart. I was lucky enough to
                         visit over there and, well it's
                         downright tragic. 

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Actually, most of the bombing is in
                         major metropolitan areas. They do
                         dump their whole payload to get
                         back faster sometimes though. Makes
                         the planes lighter.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Right. Weapons. What we're really
                         here for. Just one thing before we
                         get all nitty and gritty. I have
                         your word as a man that you are not
                         an anti-semite?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Of course. Yes. Yes, you absolutely
                         have my word on that. But Colonel,
                         you understand that this really
                         isn't just about the Jewish? I
                         mean, he's gassing Gypsies and old
                         folks and poofs and communists and,
                         well, anybody he can excuse
                         killing. It's about genocide, too,
                         but there's no limit; once the Jews
                         are gone he'll get all the blacks,
                         and so on. Until there's nothing
                         left to kill. He'll kill his way
                         here to Texas if he can. I
                         understand your personal
                         commitment, believe me, I've lost
                         loved ones to this war too, but we
                         both have to look beyond our noses
                         right now. This madman has to be

               INT. PLANE, DAY

               The door opens, and Tex and John are conspicuously not
               wearing parachutes.

                         Like I said, John,
                             (looks out, wind whipping)
                         We gonna do things you never
                         thought you were gonna do.

               Tex smiles, grabs John and they both go out the door.

               EXT. MIDAIR, DAWN

               A huge black, shifting ball of fur claws at a yellow blur of
               teeth and talon. Scraps of cloth float upwards as we approach
               terminal velocity. The backdrop is seamless blue, 

                         Why you fuckin' with me, son?
                             (screaming over the wind)
                         It's a long way down!


                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Now what I'm proposing is a joint
                         effort between private corporate
                         entities here.
                         Right now the Unites States has no
                         official involvement in the war,
                         but I think it's becoming clearer
                         and clearer that's  comin'. Now,
                         friends in the industry inform me
                         that you have no formal weapons
                         project that um... well...

               The Colonel looks around, pantomiming audience attention as
               he scratches the air and bares his teeth.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Right, lycanthrope commando units?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Lord, it blows me away you can just
                         say it like that. 

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         No sense dancing around it, eh? No,
                         there are, sorry, legends? Is that
                         how to say, more even like myths
                         maybe, units that feared no mustard
                         gas or bullets... but those were
                         typically stories from hunger
                         starved bolsheviks or stories from
                         black forest trenches. No, I've dug
                         every book, every military record.
                         Slightest paper trails just turn up
                         dead ends.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Okay, now the thing is here all the
                         intelligence organizations are
                         spread out, like, through the
                         treasury, state level, etcetera. I
                         been hearin' about a consolidated
                         effort, to bring everybody together
                         and make like, a U.S. Intelligence.
                         But that won't happen without us
                         bein' in the conflict. So, seeing
                         as I don't have access to the whole
                         of our intel, like you do with
                         yours, I feel like I might be
                         shootin' my mouth off here. Correct
                         me if I'm wrong, but this would be
                         the only unit like it in the world,

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Maybe in all of military history,

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         And we could provide them with a
                         level of modern training, with
                         modern weaponry...

               EXT. TEXAS DESERT, DAY

               John lies prone in the desert, Tex crouched beside him. Tex
               holds the sun out of his eyes as John trains down the sights.

                         Okay. The reason you lie down is
                         that it maximizes the surface area
                         of your body that's on the ground.
                         The more support you can give it,
                         the less parts of you that can
                         shake. Say I were to be of a
                         spiteful spirit and kick you in the
                         ribs right now. You'd still prolly
                         kill whatever you're pointin' at.
                         Now I want you to steady the cross
                         hair real firm, and I want you to
                         pull the trigger on the exhale.
                         Gently now, easy...

               John squeezes a shot and a vulture flies off a fence post,
               squawking it's disapproval on the wing.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Damn it!

                         I take it back, maybe you might be
                         safe to kick in the ribs after all.
                         Lemme see how you're holdin' that


                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well, we hafta figgur that way back
                         in, in Roman times or so, they,
                         musta had some kinda wolf troop or,
                         what'd you call 'em? Like a whats?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Lycanthrope commando units? 

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Yeah, maybe the, the old French, or
                         the Chinese! Y'know, the Orientals
                         are an amazing civilization. Oldest
                         in the world, they say. Invented

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Your enthusiasm is encouraging,
                         Colonel. Think of the logistics
                         here. These things are huge. Fully
                         automatic Thompson sub machine guns
                         in each hand. Imagine that on the
                         front lines.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Hot damn!

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Speaking logistically, we do have
                         to keep in mind that the other guy
                         is as determined to win as we are.
                         There's no reason not to think that
                         somewhere out there in the depths
                         of the Reich that there aren't two
                         similar people having a similar

               The Colonel mellows, suddenly steel, all business.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Right. Damn right. And every second
                         we spend talkin' about this is one
                         more second we spend not working on
                         it. Right now I have two solid
                         candidates in the initial stages of
                         the program. You said you had a
                         third candidate?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Ah, yes. Well, here's where we get
                         to a sort of a problem...


               John Westcroft is on the stand, the prosecutor gesticulating
               wildly as the sound fades in slow.

                         So you were relieving yourself

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yes, sir. 

                         So, you just stepped into the Oslo
                         hotel and had a tinkle?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         No, sir, we weren't even in Oslo at
                         the time.

                         That's not what I meant, now, here
                         look, where did you go to relieve
                         yourself? I mean, there's not a
                         functioning loo in the bombed out
                         wreckage now is there? 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sir, at times like that one just
                         had to improvise.

                         So, a German tank just HAPPENS to
                         decimate your company, just HAPPENS
                         to blast them to smithereens, all
                         while you just HAPPEN to be off
                         taking a squat? In the same
                         vicinity where another company just
                         HAPPENS to stumble on a ruined
                         panzer and some savagely flayed

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sir, the picture you're paint--

                         There's something you aren't
                         telling us, Private! Just what
                         happened back there? What the hell
                         happened to scare you worse than
                         courtmartial and execution?

               The door swings open and Raymond Sussex enters holding a
               sheaf of papers.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         It's funny, your lordship.
                         Hilarious actually. There are worse
                         things than courtmartial and
                         execution, and I'm probably
                         condemning him to them right now.
                         Your honor, may it please the
                         court, by parliamentary decree

               Raymond has approached the bench and is pointing to his
               documents, showing the judge.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX (CONT'D)
                         And SAS full installation, and sir,
                         here sir, secret intelligence has
                         insisted that all orders, that's
                         the release here sir, convene
                         immediately and post haste, with
                         ultimate confidentiality. I assume
                         it'll be no problem going straight
                         from here to the airstrip?

                         What the hell...

                         Is this a gag order here?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         What an ugly term for it. Bailiff,
                         get those irons off him, would you?
                             (approaches prosecutor)
                         It's simply a request for you to,
                         yes, oh what's this here?
                             (brushes Prosecutor's tie)
                         Where did you learn to harangue
                         like that? You're positively a
                         demon, you know that?

                         Doing mine for my country, sir.
                         Would you care to elucidate me?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I'm with His Majesty's Special
                         Operations Executive. Your witness
                         is, well, I need him. His Majesty
                         needs him.


                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         As he needs you, in your duty. Got
                         a yell on you, for damn sure. Gives
                         a card, huh? Might need some legal
                         some time.

                         In my room? In my COURT? I'm
                         addressing you sir!

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         And I've already answered you, your
                         honor, that I find your phrasing of
                         gag order offensive. It's a code
                         twelve requisition for
                         classification. And stop looking at
                         me like I just pissed in your post
                         toasties. This is huge. The "gag"
                         order as you so crudely put it is
                         just a formality. For all I care
                         you can say he's dead, court
                         martial, missing and presumed dead,
                         makes little difference to me. I'm
                         serving the entire free world here,
                         and I'm counting on full
                         cooperation, which I was assured.
                         John? Ready to go?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Oh, god yes.

               The Door swings on silent hinges.

               EXT. AIRSTRIP, DUSK

               Raymond Sussex and John Westcroft walk towards a small plane.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sir, thank you sir. I think, I
                         mean, what's going on?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         So they didn't buy the slop about
                         taking a shit, huh?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Apparently not, sir.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         John, I've been following you your
                         entire military career. I've seen
                         the photos, forwarded from Interpol
                         through Scotland Yard. I know those
                         claw marks. John, look at me, I
                         know what you are.
                             (beat, tense)
                         I hope you aren't looking too hard
                         at those woods. I want you to know
                         I'm giving you the choice. You
                         don't have to come with me. I'm
                         offering you a chance to serve your
                         country in a capacity I feel it's
                         safe to say you have never even
                         imagined. If you fuck off to those
                         woods right now there's not a thing
                         I can do about it. I know your
                         smell, but I'm just kin, John; I
                         don't get up from a gunshot wound,
                         I scar, I bleed and die. But you
                         signed up for service. If you wish
                         to continue your service, you will
                         be an incredible asset to your
                         country. Tell me John, why did you

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sir, the Krauts took my home and
                         family, most of my county. I just
                         saw red. By the time we were in
                         Norway, I felt like it was a job.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Right, well, it is a job, and a
                         damned hard one. You know you could
                         have torn the entire courtroom
                         apart. But you didn't. What stopped

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         That's why we've been hunted for a
                         thousand years.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Right. So, you still want Nazi

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         The whole Axis sir. I've heard
                         about what they do to anybody in
                         their way. You think a half-dog
                         would get any better treatment?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Half dog?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Well, sir, what have you.

               The two of them climb the stairs to the plane.

               EXT./INT. PLANE

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         You will not be alone. Your
                         training will be intense, and when
                         we're through with you, you will be
                         the most powerful weapon at the
                         disposal of the allied powers. The
                         group you have been assigned to are
                         creatures like you, and they have
                         various names for the... condition. 

               Raymond holds the door to the plane.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX (CONT'D)
                         I think you'll learn a great deal
                         more from the men I'm about to
                         introduce you too. You'll have a
                         long flight. We go from here to the
                         proving grounds in eastern Texas.
                         Last chance to back out.

               Raymond turns the handle, leading us to

               INT. PLANE

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Gentlemen, may I introduce to you,
                         recently promoted Sergeant John
                         Westcroft. Sergeant, Lieutenant
                         Arthur "Tex" Rockler, and Special
                         Agent Delbert Yazzie.

               Raymond taps twice on the cockpit door and the engines begin
               to hum.

                         Nice to meet you, John.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         The pleasure is all mine,

                         Just Tex, hombre. This here's
                         Delbert. He don't say much.

               Delbert gives a grunt that resembles agreement as he shakes
               John's hand. 

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         He's surprisingly quiet for a code
                         talker. I figured for sure he'd
                         have more to chat about.

               Raymond smiles, and we back out through the door, closing
               with a clunk, and the plane taxis down the runway.


               Tripwires in East Texas


               Lightning cracks in the distance as clouds move unnaturally
               fast. The moon appears from behind them, full, and the
               thunder resounds, massive, pealing off the mountains.

               We move without adjusting altitude into the window on one of
               the castle's towers, where we watch a woman in a white coat
               tinker with a microscope while a man in SS regalia overlooks.
               We see the white coat splattered with blood in a few folds as
               she twists knobs, pours something. We are now

               INT. DOKTOR INDIRA'S LAB

               Fully engorged in the experimentation process.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Ve are gettink wery ready to see,
                         frau doktor.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA

               She is holding a spiderweb carefully, web between twigs
               between tweezers.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         I swear to god, Siegfried, your
                         English has gotten worse.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         My little doktor! How did you find
                         out my first name?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I told you I needed access,
                             (Beat, examines web)
                         Got it. You were right, you
                         asshole. This is incredible. 
                             (Brings web to microscope)
                         Uhm, that I needed access to the
                         whole files. The, old stuff, real
                         old. I must say, you were

               She catches a spider, the only one, beneath a glass.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         Goodness, Siegfried, it's getting
                         to be like I've done this before.

               She slides a piece of paper under a glass, holds it with one
               hand. She lights a bunsen burner on high, takes the glass and
               paper in tongs, and fries the spider, it's spindly legs
               curling in the flame.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Ah, it's the vord, you resourceful!

               Commandant Taubert smiles at her as she places the spiderweb
               in a box, a space age tupperwear thing, closing a complex
               latch. She does not smile back.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Still, I prefer to be called

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Yeah? Is that what you prefer? 

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                             (Suddenly cold)
                         Put box down.

               She immediately sets the box down and he swats her with his
               stick, that weird riding crop thing that goes so good with
               the uniform. She howls and grabs her leg.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         You vant SCHMART MOUTH ME? I
                         scheisse, I fuck you!

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         You show progress vis imshperiment

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Okay! Yes, yes sir.

               She grabs the box and hobbles towards the door. Limping down
               stairs on a fast blackening bruise, we descend to


               The basement is a dungeon, cages made of silver bars. One is
               empty, two hold semi-conscious lumps in ragged clothes, one
               male one female. Both are drugged and far away in the eyes.
               The last cage holds a very conscious young man, blond, blue

                         Oh, please, no...

                                    DOKTOR INDIRA
                         He heard me swear in English. It
                         gets really hard here, mine hair. 
                             (Beat, breath)
                         Okay, give it to me.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         I sthink, maybe not. Vere should I
                         shoot him?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Just, god, really? Just, just shoot
                         him in the leg.

               Commandant Taubert shoots the prisoner, busting most of a
               foot off with his pistol. The prisoner screams not in agony,
               but in a pathetic rage. He flings himself at the silver bars
               and recoils in smoking skin. Commandant Taubert jumps.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         You are joking!

               He shoots the prisoner again and again, gutshot, hand, leg
               twice more, erupting the knee.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Stop! Stop, god, please, STOP!

               Realizing that the prisoner is no longer a threat, he pauses.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Zis is vaste of money.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Just wait. 

               She looks at the prisoner as she fumbles open the box.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         This is important, here, the eye

               She looks him in the eye as he flashes them open in a painful
               gasp, choking, pleading, feeling the pain of dying and the
               impotence of imprisonment. She holds up the spiderweb, keeps
               looking at him, and spits through it. The prisoner changes
               into a wolf, a starved, brown, ratty thing, broken. On the
               way, the bullet wounds disappear. The wolf's bleeding has
               stopped, but he licks at wounds anyway. It's eyes are human,
               sad, weak. Commandant Taubert is wide eyed. 

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         It is unharmed!

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Sure, it's half starved to death
                         and shot up with opium, but other
                         than that...

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         How do ve get it back?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Well, that's kind of a random. It
                         seems like when they wake up, well,
                         some of them, not sleep, but when
                         they pass out? Real hard, like, REM
                         Sleep? When they get knocked out,
                         they'll shift. You have to get 'em
                         pretty heavy down, though.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Knock them aus? Ya, you used the
                         gas grenade, to make it, sleep?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Yeah, well, they have to be pretty
                         fatigued. Torturing them for a few
                         days or something. Hans?

               A guard at attention snaps to harder attention. At her nod,
               he takes off a backpack, handing her and Commandant Taubert
               gas masks, donning one himself, passing one to another guard.
               Hans gives her a grenade and pulls the pin on another one.
               The gas is thick and immediate. The breathing is huge, a
               chainsaw in the haze. As it clears, the man and woman in the
               back cages have been replaced with wolves under piles of
               ragged clothes, but the cage with the prisoner holds the same
               man, with no bullet wounds. Commandant laughs in an echo that
               takes us outside of the castle.

               INT. PLANE

               Delbert, Tex, Raymond and John grapple for balance as the
               plane bounces, jostling with turbulence.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Hold on to your cats and dogs!

                         Look at it this way. If we have to
                         swim halfway across the ocean,
                             (Looks towards cockpit)
                         We can eat the pilot all the way

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         You know that's how it starts

               The turbulence subsides and composure is regained.

                         What starts?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         You know, when a turnskin eats man
                         flesh, or, women or babies, he'll
                         start to get a taste for it, and...

                         Oh, I'm pullin' your leg, buddy.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yeah, well, it was called the
                         inquisition in my country.

                         Yeah, we had some witch hunts back
                         on the east coast. Hell, the
                         government did worse shit to the
                         Indians. What'd they call it,
                         Delbert, the trail of tears?

               Delbert is stoic. He lets the comment hang in the air.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Hell, y'know, John, that raises an
                         interesting point. What'd you call
                         us? Turnskins?

               Delbert smiles at this. Tex is still contemplative.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         I mean, we're prolly the biggest
                         minority out there. You gotta
                         figure, if the uh, normals knew
                         about us, they would probably lynch

                         Don't matter. The Nazis,

               He draws a finger across his throat.

                         Fuckin' eloquent, Delbert. Suppose
                         you got a point, though. Still, is
                         that it? Just a common enemy? Is
                         that all that unites us is that
                         we're up against the Nazis?

               John, Delbert, and Tex all look at Raymond.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         I mean, we'd probably survive the

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Ahem. Well. Even though I doubt
                         your constitution would actually
                         survive impact out of the sky, what
                         with the fuel and all, I'd like to
                         point out that no one is here
                         against their will. Right?
                         I mean, gentlemen, you are all
                         military volunteers, correct?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         No, I absolutely want to be here.
                         Well, I want to be back on my farm,
                         rutting the redhead from two farms
                         down, but that's not gonna happen.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Right. And besides, see this?

               Raymond pulls a thin knife, almost a letter opener from his
               coat. He smiles and tosses it to John. Tex figures it out mid
               air, right as John catches it. John's hand sears and smokes.


                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Ow! God damn it--

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Easy boys. That's jewelery grade
                         silver there. Metal like that melts
                         down real easy.

               He has pulled the coat back to show the gun in his shoulder

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX (CONT'D)
                         I am a patriot here in good faith,
                         but I am not stupid. I'm also sure
                             (Pats gun)
                         that you would not survive the

               Tex is eyeing the knife, and Delbert is smiling again.

                         You have balls. Big balls.

                         Ah, hell, Ray... Where'n the hell
                         would we find the kind of action
                         you bring? I's just havin' a little
                         laugh at your expense is all...

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Yes. At my and your uncle's
                         expense. I brought you and Delbert
                         along so that you could have an
                         extended briefing with the new
                         candidate, and you're wasting all
                         our time waxing philosophical about
                         ancient fucking history. How about
                         we start actually discussing things
                         like silver, and fire, and each
                         other. Tell 'em about what happens
                         when you get bit.

                         Yeah. Course sir. See, okay, John,
                         you're not from London? 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         North of Leeds, actually.

                         So, from the farm you said? Kinda,
                         a more rural area?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yes, sir.

                         So, before we start getting into
                         the finer points of General William
                         Tecumseh Sherman's march, tell me
                         how much schoolin' you have...

               Let's just recoil through the thick bordered portico, backing
               out of the plane, gently floating out from the plane; a half
               moon in the sky over the plane, and ocean as far as can be
               seen. Pan out, all the way out; worldwide.


               Let's get one of those wide sweeping ones, with the rooster
               crowing and the bugs buzzing. Take in the scope of the land,
               the village that surrounds the castle. Let's keep our eyes
               out here and boost the sound of eggs cooking, toast clanging.
               Cut right to 


               Doktor Purnima Indira slams a book closed and turns to the
               stove, turns back to the book, shoves it aside, shuffles
               through a stack of papers. She throws them, goes to the
               silverware drawer, dumps the contents, sifts through them on
               the floor. There are no sharp knives, no forks. She stops,
               holds her head in her hands, and lets out a deep, wracking
               sob. An SS guard comes into the kitchen, sub-machine gun

                                   SS GUARD ELMO
                         Vas? Vas ist los?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Entschuldigung, Mein Herr.

                                   SS GUARD ELMO
                         Säubern sie es!!

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Ja, mein herr, Natürlich.

                                   SS GUARD ELMO

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Alright, Alright, god dammit, here
                         we go...

               She stands, shaky, bends and begins to pick up spoons and
               butter knives. We trail her as she eventually piles a plate
               and takes it down a hallway. She enters and we are in

               INT. CHANDA INDIRA'S CELL

               Doktor Indira's mother is blind, in a hospice bed.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Is that you baby?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Yeah momma, it's me. I think I
                         burned your eggs. I'm sorry.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Baby. Baby, we're locked inside the
                         heart of Germany in a drafty
                         castle. Half the night the howls
                         from the basement tear the curtains
                         off, and during the day the hammers
                         on the construction shake the
                         floor. The eggs, baby, I wouldn't
                         worry too much about. Help me, help
                         me sit up, baby.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         They tell me, that when the weapon
                         is perfected they'll set us up back
                         in Bengal. By the river...

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Baby, you know I love you. Don't,
                         don't tell me about home. Once you
                         get to the final phase of this
                         project, you'll just get sent to
                         the new project. Remember, baby,
                         remember when uncle had the
                         riverboat? Well, the way Aunt Isha
                         and Dewrat Looked at me... I know
                         they had guns, baby. 

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Mama, I'm so sorry.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Don't you even for a minute. Huh
                         uh. I'm not gonna hear you're sorry
                         for educating yourself, baby,
                         You're a genius. You're my genius.
                         I love you. I'm so proud of you.
                         Even if these pigs torture us for
                         what you know. I should, I...

               A tear runs down her face. She gropes for her daughter's
               hand. She cradles it gently.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         You remember what I said. You run
                         if you even think you get a chance.
                         Who knows what these scum are going
                         to do with the research you're--

               The door flings open and an SS Guard is pure fury.

                                   SS GUARD HENDRIK
                         Some of us speak English, here, you
                         ignorant bitches.

               He slaps the plate of eggs down to the floor, grabs Doktor
               Purnima Indira roughly by the arm.

                                   SS GUARD HENDRIK (CONT'D)
                         Breakfast is over.

               He shoves her out the door, slamming it. We follow them into 


               Where he continues to berate her.

                                   SS GUARD HENDRIK
                         You think this is going away? I'm
                         gonna be watching you like a hawk.
                         You slip up even a little bit, and
                         I'll slit your throat. But before I

               He grabs her and forces her to make eye contact.

                                   SS GUARD HENDRIK (CONT'D)
                         I'll make you watch me slit your
                         mothers. And then I'll sausage you.
                         And then.

               His fingers tighten in her hair, her breath rapid.

                                   SS GUARD HENDRIK (CONT'D)
                         Then I'll slit your throat. Oh look
                         at that. You really wanna kick me
                         in the yarbles, huh? Then where
                         would we be? I know. I know where
                         we'd be. We'd be bruised.

               INT. BED, DIAMOND T TRUCK

               Tex, Delbert, and John ride bumpy roads.

                         Y'know, that's what I like so much
                         about Delbert here. He doesn't
                         really ask shit.
                         I hope this is just a phase brought
                         upon by your realization that your
                         farm life upbringing may have left
                         your vocabulary a touch diminutive.
                         That is to say, I hope you don't
                         keep this shit up. Okay, look, now,
                         my uncle Hetfield, Mister Sussex,
                         and others like them are in a
                         special class. Well, that Sussex is
                         an intelligence officer with
                         security clearance higher than
                         ultra with the O.S.S. I guess he's
                         His Majesty's Secret Intelligence
                         Service. You know what I mean with
                         intelligence, right?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yeah, I think. Field agents
                         gathering data. Lab research. 

                         Right. Well, what they do with the
                         data and all that shit. What it's

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Um, well, weapons? Intelligence is
                         a branch of the military, right?

                         No. In Europe, yeah, like, the
                         English and the French have their
                         intel all coordinated, working
                         together under the highest levels
                         of state; usually in the executive.
                         In theory, Mister Roosevelt is the
                         final word, him being the ultimate
                         power in the military. Say though,
                         that somebody has some sort of
                         state secret in, hell in Texas. If
                         the local police or state troopers
                         or rangers get it and don't wanna
                         cooperate, well, there's always the
                         court system right?
                             (John laughs)
                         Right. So there'll be an operative
                         gathering intelligence on the folk
                         that run the show for whatever
                         "authority" because they work for a
                         "higher authority" and report to
                         Mister Roosevelt. But say you had
                         somebody that was more loyal to the
                         governor of Texas. Say that person
                         was convinced that the office of
                         the president was doing something
                         that was not in the best interest
                         of Texas. Well, there we may have a
                         clash of invisible titans. I mean,
                         you understand that information,
                         real information, comes from all
                         walks of life, all kinds of people.
                         The "word on the street" has to
                         really come from the street for it
                         to be valid. That means dealing
                         with all kinds of folks.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Okay. So...

                         So the intelligence network is a
                         huge web at this point.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

                         So that means a guy like Sussex has
                         fingers in every pie, so to speak.
                         Some homeless drifter might answer
                         to him, along with aids to his,
                         what, prime minister? Plus he's
                         kin, got some kinda,
                             (Smiles at John)
                         Some kinda turnskin blood, some
                         connections within what qualifies
                         as our community. Then you got the
                         departments, the treasury, all
                         these little agencies that--

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Tex, this is all great, but it's
                         missing the point of my question. I
                         mean who do WE work for? If we ever
                         get stranded in the, how did you
                         put it, the field? I like that,
                         yes, if we're stranded in the
                         field, who do we report to?

                         Oh, right, yeah. That stuff. Okay,
                         on the phone you can get Colonel
                         Hetfield's office, and on the radio
                         you can sign in with an alpha delta
                         alpha seven one nine and get
                         through also. As far was where to
                         physically go, that's a different
                         matter entirely. If you wind up in
                         Texas though,

               The truck's door opens and Delbert, Tex and John climb out.
               Tex wears a pair of waterproof flares in a loose rope
               necklace. We are near the eastern edge of Texas, in the
               swamps and bayou. The full moon is high, slipping in and  out
               from behind clouds in the sky and we are


                         You can come by my place.

                         Make my head hurt.

                         Yeah, and I ain't done runnin' my
                         gob even a little bit. This a live
                         fire drill, that means real rounds,
                         so watch your ass. This here's a
                         private hunting reserve and it may
                         well be the most expensive piece of
                         property in the world. There are
                         men in here fully armed, as well as
                         an impressive collection of booby
                         traps and tripwires. These men are
                         taken from death row, meaning they
                         have very little to lose. Hard to
                         make 'em use machine guns in
                         tandem, but you can be certain;
                         every one of these motherfuckers is
                         a stone killer. What we will be
                         doing is recon, recovery, then
                         search and destroy. Colonel
                         Hetfield and Mister Sussex have set
                         this operation up to challenge us,
                         and expect it to take us up to
                         twenty four hours or more. I wanna
                         see this place a smoking ruin by

               The truck pulls out, splattering mud on the way out.

                         No guns?

                         Why Delbert, what a pussy ass thing
                         to say.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Seriously, no guns?

                         Yeah, fuckin' serious! You fuckin'
                         panty waist assholes think this is
                         a joke? You want a gun, you take
                         one from somebody. Let's get this
                         show on the road.

               The men leave the road and wade into the swamp.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         The recovery operation is simple.
                         We have dropped off the one
                         commodity we feel a guarantee these
                         men will kill for. Her name is
                         Gertrude Halse. Our man inside,
                         code named raptor, has informed us
                         that our girl is somewhere in the
                         southwestern portion of the
                         reserve, in the only standing
                         buildings in a few square miles.
                         The girl's life is number one
                         priority as we're fair to partly
                         certain the uh, "inmates" here
                         ain't gonna let her go without a
                         fight. What you boys got in your


                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Six American dollars, my pocket

                         You leave that black-handled forty
                         five back at Lackland?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yes sir. 

                         Good. Now let's get down to this
                         damsel in distress shit...


               John and Delbert watch from the roadside muck as a troop of
               prisoners, all carrying rifles, patrol the road. As the last
               of the prisoner-soldiers passes their position, John reaches
               out and grabs him at the ankles. There is a splash, and the
               other prisoner-soldiers jump, suddenly wary. They see nothing
               as Delbert stabs the prisoner to death with his own knife,
               his head still under water, a scream muffled in bubbles. John
               and Delbert exchange the nod of two experienced killers, a
               grim satisfaction between them. Behind the fronds, Tex smiles
               a vicious grin. He moves then, blur fast, into the center of
               the confused group of prisoner soldiers. They scream as Tex
               becomes a cyclone of death, killing armed men with his bare
               hands. John and Delbert spring up from the bog, Delbert
               stabbing two while John tumbles with another. Tex takes a
               rifle from the one who appears to be the leader, a gun blast
               ringing out in the gloom. He holds it by the barrel, swinging
               it like a club, crushing nose and teeth. He looks over at
               John, struggling with the last one alive, walks over and
               steps on the prisoner-soldier's neck.

                         Not real sportsman-like, I know.
                             (Esophagus crunching)
                         What the hell are you doing, John?
                         You tryin' to fuck 'im?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Shag off. I had him.

                         Right. If he woulda had a silver
                         wedding ring he'd a pulled your eye
                         out with it.
                         Well boys, a few hundred more of
                         these and we can just walk in and
                         ask her out on a date. Slow fuckin'
                         goin'. Peel these faggots and put
                         together a few outfits. Delbert,
                         you aren't going to pass any close
                         inspection, so try to find a hat
                         that fits. It's pretty bright out

               He turns to the sky, struck hard by the full moon. For a
               brief second, all three of them bathe their faces in the pale


               The three of them blend into the surrounding, their ragged,
               stolen uniforms fitting in among the prisoner-soldiers
               milling about. Tex motions them out toward the fringe.

                         Okay boys... Clear your minds and
                         look up at that big, beautiful

               Tex spits into his palm, rubs his hands together and looks up
               as well.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         I am child of moon, I am victim in
                         swoon; I am the tiger in baby's
                         bedroom. A wolf among dogs, live
                         oak among logs, the terror and
                         stench of new ruin.

               As Tex speaks, the boys begin to bunch up, bristle, shift. A
               shout goes out among the camp, and we hear a gun racking.
               Tex's voice has gone absolutely feral.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Kill boys!! Kill everything that

               John, Delbert and Tex charge into the nearest group, fists
               moving in altering knuckles, and the prisoner-soldiers
               instantly fall upon them. The furry fury of the fledgling
               pack is free, a twister, devastating the prisoner-soldiers
               around them, suddenly full of fear. They are scattering,
               dying fast. Delbert has a man-ish, thickly haired hand
               wrapped around a rifle, firing one handed into fleeing men.
               Tex is literally beating a man to death with his own arm, and
               John pounces on one of them. He rips the head clean off with
               a swipe, a bear paw afterthought snatching life. He takes the
               man's pants quickly, flinging a corpse in boxers and a bloody
               shirt towards another man, right as one of Delbert's bullets
               tears a hole in his side. Delbert's gunfire is rapid, Tex
               swims through terrorized men leaving a swath of shredded
               everything. The blood is so much that it is literally a haze,
               hanging red in the air. John leaps to the tallest building,
               still clutching the pair of pants. 


               The leader of the prison army stomps around inside. The girl,
               Gertrude Halse, is confused and frightened. A window behind
               him shows the briefest flash of a wolf's eye. He turns to
               look at the then empty window. He is jumpy as he hears the
               pandemonium outside rising. One of the soldiers runs in,
               flustered, at a loss. We are given subtitle over his German.

                                   PRISON SOLDIER
                         Run Victor! Run for your life!
                         They'll kill us all!

                         Who, you shithead? Who will kill us

                                   PRISON SOLDIER
                         Run! Run, fool!

               Disgusted at his inferior's cowardice, Victor shoots the
               soldier. Gertrude gasps, hand over her mouth.

                         Oh, my sweet flower, and now, so
                         soon after you have come to me,
                         does my house crumble around me. I
                         should take you now,
                             (Holds her shoulders)
                         My sweet love, you will be my queen
                         yet. We will crush these cowards!
                         These fools!

               The window he stands next to shatters and a ropy, hairy arm
               snatches Victor at the face, drags him, screaming airy over a
               torn windpipe. Gertrude loses it here, crying and wailing,
               floundering for a moment, composure coming on slow. John
               Westcroft opens the door holding a stolen rifle to match his
               stolen pants.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Ach, Mein Gott, Herr, nein!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Ahem. Ah, English, uh, English

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Oh, sir, I... Wait... Who are you?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Ma'am, I'm Sergeant John Westcroft
                         with the uh, actually I'm with His
                         Majesty's Secret Service. We're
                         here to get you out of here. Unless
                         you're enjoying the party so much
                         that you insist upon staying, of

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Oh, sweet jesus. Thank god. Can we,
                         can we get out of here?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Positively. Let me check the
                         outside, see how clear the coast

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         No, god, please don't leave me,
                         don't leave me right now...

               John sets her delicately into a chair, looks into her eyes
               and gives her warmth that settles her, calms her.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Now listen to me lass. There's a
                         whole bunch of real bad men out
                         there, and most of 'em have guns.
                         The weapons we're using just aren't
                         safe to be anywhere near. So, now,
                         look at me now, open your shutters
                         there and look right in my peepers.
                         Now, I promise, and I mean promise,
                         that I'll be back for you in a
                         flash. I just want to make sure you
                         don't get shocked by a battery or
                         hit by a stray piece of shrapnel...

               Outside a man screams again out of what sounds to be far away
               chaos. Gertrude grabs John's hands.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         You promise?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yes, I promise.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         That's three times you promised.
                         That makes it an oath.

               John smiles and takes a small knife from the desk she is
               seated by. He grimaces and cuts his hand. A few drops of
               blood spatter on the wooden floor.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         And that's blood. And I swear by it
                         that no harm will come to you this

               She stares at him, reaching down get her jaw off the floor as
               he approaches the door. We swing with it outside to


               And see the bodies strewn about like so many left out toys.
               The trails of red splatter everything, awash in spaghetti
               sauce, meat balls and all. We see Delbert, a deep brown
               mastiff wolf, toying with soldiers, snipping ankles, killing
               them to his pace at his fun. Tex is in full man-wolf frame,
               massive. John wolfed out is big, but Tex, standing on coiled
               haunches, thick blond golden retriever fur, is twice the size
               of John, diminutive in simple man shape. John rests his rifle
               over his shoulder as he addresses the hairy apocalypse.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Hey, Tex? I found the girl.

               The massive blond wolf is shaking gas out of a fifty gallon
               drum, splashing it everywhere, connecting a propane tank to
               the puddle and then flinging the drum into the final
               building. The flares hanging from his neck flail to and fro,
               swinging wild with his motions. They settle for a second as
               he looks at John, his eyes human and positively furious. He
               is in mid frenzy and all about it.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         So, right, we should accompany the
                         lady to the road, get her out, and
                         then continue the sweep and clear.

               Tex the beast's breathing heaves and seethes.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         And shoot the propane tank on the
                         way out. Right. Start the
                         smoldering wreck you were talking

               Tex howls a powerful, bellowing call. Delbert is finishing a
               soldier off when Tex spies another, giving immediate chase. 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         Right then.

               John turns back and the same door swings, returning us to


               Where Miss Gertrude Halse sits, apprehensive on her chair.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Thank you so much for waiting,
                         miss. I think we're as ready as
                         we're going to be.

               She takes his hand and they swing together through the door,
               the last living things to pass those doors. Gertrude steps
               out and stumbles over a mangled stump of arm.
               She looks down, sees what it is, and suddenly realizes she is
               standing in a field of carnage. The last few minutes finally
               crash on her and she vomits, leaning on the building.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         My god... What could have possibly
                         done all this?

               Delbert immediately barks a single, sharp tone. It sounds
               suspiciously like "yo." He sits, wags his tail, and licks his
               chops. John smiles. They leave, coming towards us on the
               screen, and as Tex and Delbert run past John he turns and
               fires a round into the propane tank, the compound going
               incendiary in a fast flash, timber flying and the three
               buildings erupt in giant gouts of flame.

               INT. DOKTOR INDIRA'S LAB

               Doktor Indira opens a file and lays out pictures for
               Commandant Taubert.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         This is when we pulled subject six
                         out of sensory deprivation.
                             (Flipping photos)
                         As you see, he's completely
                         unstable at this point. He killed
                         four guards before we sedated him.
                         You were bitching about the
                         chlorpromazine budget? Well this is
                         where it got so expensive. As you
                         can see,

               Doktor Indira points out a series of photos, each with a
               little more carnage and another tranquilizer dart.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         It took a lot to put him down.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Und es von here? He es yust
                         attackink whole time?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Yeah, that's one we found out for
                         sure. You see subject eight there
                         had been forced down to extremely
                         low levels of blood sugar.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         You Schtarved him?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         That's right, herr commandant. We
                         starved him all the way to death.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Tso zey are not immortal at all.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         No, far from it. Apparently it's
                         not just the silver that kills
                         them. Old age and malnourishment,
                         total physical disassembly.
                         However, iron, steel, brass, wood,
                         nothing really seems to hurt them.
                         You can see where with subject
                         three that if you wound them with
                         silver they do eventually heal,
                         it's just that they heal at normal
                         rates. See, the bandages here? I
                         mean, it took three months, and
                         there's still scarring and a weak
                         point, but nothing like, well,
                             (Opens a new file)
                         All the other weapons testing. Once
                         there in that halfway phase, they
                         just don't get hurt. Look at these
                         fall tests here. Here's from ten
                         meters, and here's from thirty.
                         Took some prodding to get her off
                         the fifty and ninety meter fall.
                         What we're looking at is past
                         terminal velocity. The weird thing
                         here is that from one hundred and
                         fifty, which is the same end
                         velocity as previous. Apparently we
                         didn't have enough sedative in her,
                         because her heart blew up in her
                         chest from panic before she hit the
                         ground. Apparently,
                             (Points to another photo)
                         They can be scared to death.

               Commandant Taubert smiles, then chuckles, then laughter rolls
               over the castle stones, tearing in peals down the halls.

               EXT. EAST TEXAS SWAMP

               Tex is a giant golden wolf, swimming ahead of John in the
               muck. Gertrude is piggyback on John as he wades between

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Your dogs are amazingly well
                         trained, John. 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Oh, they may be the finest hunting
                         dogs in the world, miss.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         What are there names?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         That's Tex and that one's Delbert.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         They're huge. What breed are they?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Oh... I'm pretty sure they're

               The muck has gone down to knee deep or so, and Delbert is
               stopped in the muck. He sniffs, whines a little. John sets
               Gertrude down and begins poking around in the water. Tex
               sniffs up beside him, watches him trace the tripwire into the
               bush. We follow him behind leaves to an explosive device. Tex
               is right over John's shoulder as he pops the lid on the box.
               John stares hard at the green, orange, and brown wires. He
               puts his hand forward, Tex whining a little. Tex, his eyes
               all human, trades a long look with John. John puts a finger
               on the orange wire and Tex growls. He moves over the brown
               wire, then on to the green. As he touches green Tex ceases
               growling, licks his chops. John yanks the green wire,
               disconnects the others, and pulls the box apart. He looks at
               Tex, who grunts as John pulls the C-4 out and hefts it.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         John? What is that?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Explosive 808. It's a nitrol. Smell
                         it. Smells like almonds, doesn't

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Yeah, yeah it does.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Tear down a tank with this stuff.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Absolutely. Catch it at the tread
                         and it'll rip the whole side of it

               He pulls the fuse out and dumps it in the swamp. He smiles at
               her, and she slogs over to him.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Oh, god, sir, I don't mean to be
                         presumptuous, but, may I ask, uhm,
                         well. Well, I'm grateful for
                         whoever you are, doing what you're
                         doing for me and all, and I thank
                         you, but, sir, do you know where we
                         are sir?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Well... We've been going at a
                         pretty good clip for a while... I
                         say we've crossed into Texas at
                         this point.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Texas? As in, America?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yes, ma'am, that's right.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         But, those men, they spoke

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Right, well, I guess there's
                         problems with them all over the
                         free world ma'am. As we can see
                         plainly. They had you on some
                         pretty potent sedative, right?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Yeah, but I'm clearing up. I mean,
                         I'm starving, but, yeah... 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         It won't be too long, I don't
                         think. Maybe another klick or two.
                         We'll have you in a fancy hotel
                         with a big bathroom. Have you ever
                         had this American thing called
                         "grits," dear?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Uhm, no, I don't think so... Sounds
                         kind of atrocious. What in the
                         world is that? Sounds like
                         something stuck in your drink.
                         Grit. Like dirt.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Oh, now, let's not go judging a
                         book by it's cover. It's made from
                         hominy. It's like a, a white bean,
                         absolutely delicious.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Well, maybe because you're such a
                         proper gentleman I'll take your
                         word. Right now I'd eat about
                         anything you put in front of me.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Why thank you. Where you from,
                         anyway? Belgium?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Close. I'm from Holland.

               The tripwire, unseen until John finds it the hard way,
               triggers and a chunk of C-4 explodes in the swamp. We go
               suddenly slow, John and Gertrude both looking directly toward
               the source of the explosion.
               Gertrude screams as John moves, shifting into his man-wolf
               form, shielding her from the blast with his thick form.
               Clothes, meat and hair shred. The blast propels them into the
               swamp, splashing into the bog.


               John's assessment of the distance to the road was incorrect,
               and we see Tex and Delbert just a few hundred feet away. They
               have procured clothing from the first troop they slaughtered,
               Delbert's shirt having a huge red hole in the front of it. He
               sticks a finger through it.

                         Helluva set of fatigues, huh?

               Delbert smiles, and they both jump as the booby trap goes
               off. They immediately charge towards it, Tex launching a
               flare into to the sky on a dead run. They burst into the
               scene of the explosion, seeing John's furred back rejecting
               shrapnel and closing wounds. Gertrude splashes in the marsh.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Oh my god! I can't see!

               John shifts back down, his pants ragged, bloody, hanging by a

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Easy! Easy girl! Are you hurt?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         I'm blind! Oh my god, I'm blind!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         It's only temporary! Here, 
                             (He gathers her up)
                         Here girl, easy, now, It's only a
                         minute... Can you stand up for me?
                         There's a girl... easy. Now try to
                         relax, there, easy... You don't
                         look like your bleeding, here. Just
                         take it easy now. Easy now, just
                         try to relax your eyes...

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Just blink for a minute...

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Okay... It's so dark god it's so

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Just be patient. You'll be taking
                         in a talkie in no time. 
                             (Noticing Tex and Delbert)
                         Gentlemen! So glad you could make
                         the swamp party!

                         She ain't hurt?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         No, maybe a concussion. How much
                         further to the road?

                         Only a couple hundred feet.
                         Transport is on the way.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Great. How we doin' on time?

                             (Looks at sky)
                         Hell John. It's probly not even

               They slosh back towards the road, John carrying Gertrude the
               last few hundred feet. The Diamond T's headlights bounce up
               the dirt road, followed by a Willys Jeep. Raymond Sussex is
               sitting shotgun in the jeep. 

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Well boys. Looks like I win the bet
                         with Colonel Hetfield.

                         And what bet might that be, Mister

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Oh, just a gentleman's wager.
                         Suffice it to say that I had the
                         utmost confidence in you. And a
                         good evening to you, Miss Halse.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Who's there? I... I'm sorry, I
                         can't see.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         It's Raymond, my dear, and you seem
                         to be in need of some medical
                         attention. Gentlemen, shall we
                         rendezvous in Beaumont for

               Raymond loads her gingerly into the Jeep.

                         You know what kind of schedule
                         we're on here, sir. No disrespect,
                         but I figured that's why you
                         brought two vehicles. We go
                         straight back to Lackland. I told
                         the Colonel We'd have this exercise
                         whipped by ten, and I mean to have
                         bacon and eggs with him at seven.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         You know, it's funny, Tex, that's
                         exactly what our wager was on.
                         There were fifty some-
                             (Looks towards Gertrude)
                         We'll discuss soon. You're heading
                         straight for the airstrip?

                         Yes sir, I wanna try to run the
                         Peregrine Scenario in the dark.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Very good. You're dedication is a
                         tribute to your character. Boys,
                             (Climbing into jeep)
                         We'll have a deep, soul searching
                         series of discussions within
                         seventy-two hours. Cheers.

               The jeep pulls away and the three ragged soldiers climb into
               the back of the Diamond T. The doors slam, and the engine
               shifts into gear.

               INT. BED, DIAMOND T TRUCK

               The truck rattles back down the washboard roads. John has to
               project himself to be heard.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         What's the Peregrine scenario?

                         Heh. Well. Now. John, you ever
                         heard of paratroopers?

               EXT. MIDAIR, DAWN

               John and Tex plummet through the air, half wolf and massive.
               Tex screams, but John is unable or unwilling to process.

                         Relax, dammit! Just keep in shift!

               John swims through the air awkward, clawing at Tex the whole

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Dammit, John!

               Tex shifts down to human, folds in his arms, and dives out of
               John's reach. He smacks the ground a split second before John
               does, shifting back to half wolf at impact, bouncing hard,
               bones breaking, muscles rend. John lands the same, the both
               of them stopped, bent, supernatural frames rebuilding. John,
               on a limping haunch, charges Tex. Tex dodges him, and John
               rebounds, bloodthirsty. 

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Oh, now, for shit's sake.

               Tex grabs John at the throat and throws him, but not without
               John scraping his arms. When John jumps up again, Tex is
               already on top of him with open jaws at John's neck.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Dammit, John, are you hurt?
                             (John relaxes slightly)
                         ARE YOU HURT?

               Tex gets up and shakes out the last of his completing joints.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         No, you're not hurt, you're just
                         fuckin' scared. Now settle, god

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Can we come up with an exercise
                         that doesn't leave me buck fucking

               Tex shifts down into wolf form, and his speech happens in his
               human eyes and in the space between wind. We see scratches
               bleeding on his front legs.

                         I think I'd look ridiculous, even
                         if it was just one of them stupid
                         scarves. Come on. We're gonna
                         figure out a way to hit the ground
                         running from these.

               The two wolves trot towards the airstrip in the sunrise.


               On a clear day in Texas


                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         You know what the worst kind of
                         thing on the planet is, Tex?

                         A Nazi?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well, yeah, that's a pretty god
                         damn good answer, Tex. I gotta tell
                         you though, a puss ass traitor Nazi
                         is the absolute worst. Somebody who
                         would go to all the trouble to
                         actually BE a Nazi, and then turn
                         tail and fuck up even that.
                         But I gotta tell ya too Tex,
                             (Breaks into grin)

                         What, Colonel?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Unlike the rest of 'em, I got use
                         for a yellow belly, turncoat
                         traitor ass Nazi. What you say we
                         go give an interview, huh nephew?

                         Oh, I'm just tremblin' with
                         anticipation Colonel.

               We pick up with them under the hot sun, in the


                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         So tell me about what happened in
                         France? I wanna know all the gory
                         details, son. You pull a Nazi spine
                         out his ass, or what?

                         Aw, c'mon, now uncle, don't put me
                         on the spot like that...

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Now, dammit, how much have we
                         invested in this training system so
                         far? I don't even get a fuckin'

                         I didn't think it was my job to be
                         an accountant, uncle, but I know
                         how dedicated you are to the cause.
                         Don't think I don't feel that every
                         time I chew one of the sons-of
                         bitches open. Aw,
                         Aw, hell, I'm such a hardass, huh?
                         Shit, I'm sorry uncle, so, okay,
                         look, Delbert's been in this burned
                         out clock tower for like, six
                         hours, holed up with a box of ammo-- 


               Delbert sets a box of ammo down next to John, who lies prone
               shooting targets downrange. John tags out a target at one
               hundred yards.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Thank you, Delbert.

               Delbert nods as John reloads his rifle.

                         One fifty.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         All right then.

               John rings the target at one hundred fifty yards four out of
               five times. Delbert nods again.


               John loads some more rounds, misses two shots.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Shit. Hang on now...

               Delbert nudges John, who looks up at him. Delbert licks his
               finger, holds it to the wind. John puts the rifle to his
               shoulder and rings the target three times. Reloads.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         Yeah. That's the, yeah, thanks
                         again for the,
                             (Shoots again)
                         box of shells Delbert. I appreciate
                         all your help with marksmanship. 
                         I feel like I'm not, I mean,
                             (Again, misses)
                         Shit, it's not there yet, but I
                         feel like I'm on the road.

               INT. WILLYS JEEP

               Let's start outside it, actually, down low, where the rubber
               meets the road. Let's roll up over that sweet old forties
               jeep. Let the nostalgia whip through our hair, knowing that
               aw, they don't make 'em like that anymore. Let's go in
               through the window.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         You understand that this is
                         extremely out of ordinary, you
                         know, I mean, Miss Halse, when we
                         agreed on our conditions in

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Don't you go waffling on me now,
                         Sussex. You god damn, you used me
                         for bait out there. Hopped up on
                         god damn morphine, I'm lucky I
                         didn't get raped. And all I'm
                         asking for is the opportunity to
                         say thank you to the man who pulled
                         me out of that mess.


               The napalm burns into the screaming woman's leg, a smoking,
               bubbling pulp. Doktor Purnima Indira watches, taking photos
               and writing on a clip board. The woman is barely more than a
               girl, screaming. Doktor Indira opens another space age
               tupperwear container, removing a spiderweb between still
               green leaves. She makes eye contact, spits through the web.
               As we look into her eyes during this process, a single tear
               rolls down her face. The girl metamorphoses into a small,
               pale wolf, almost like a large fox. It's leg burns still, the
               poor animal howling. Commandant Taubert Blasts the door in.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Vhere ist mine fveapon!

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Oh, shit, no...

               The little fox howls louder as Taubert flips a table, smashes
               something in glass. He grabs a guard's gun and fires several
               shots into one of the other cages. The old man inside it, who
               has the number thirty-four tattooed on his face, dies
               messily, flopping apart.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         What the hell are you doing? Those
                         are silver jacketed, oh, dammit...

               Taubert throws the gun, jumps down the stairs, punches Indira
               in the face. She crumples at his feet and he kicks her.
               Screaming, red with rage.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         MINE VEAPON!! I VILL MAKE ZEH
                         ARYANS ZEH BESCHT OF BLOODS!! Ve
                         vill be immortal, vis none of zees
                         pashetic schings VEAK,
                             (Kicks her again)
                         VEAKNESS, VEAKNESSES and, and
                         FRAILTIES!! NICHT TZO SOFT!! I fuck
                         I fuck your mother, in her dying
                         bed, you, fuck HUND SCHEISSE!

               She sobs, and this only angers him more. He points at the
               guard, then the door. The guard leaves and Taubert picks up
               Indira by her shoulders. Her nose bleeds, and she coughs for
               us, dragging a ragged breath.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                             (His teeth grit)
                         I haff inveschtet, and mine family,
                         in zvis proyect, and dyoo vill haff
                         mine vrezhultsh. 

               He lets her fall back down in a heap. He mutters to himself
               in German as he leaves, smashing wall clock on the way out.
               We get him in subtitle.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         This is a waste of the resources of
                         the reich. Assanine. Inexcusable.
                         If there are no results soon we
                         shall simply have to place more
                         emphasis on other weapons.

               The door swings, aching a wheeze on rusted hinges.


               We see a military prisoner transport, big as a schoolbus,
               pull into a parking lot followed by Colonel Hetfield's truck.
               The transport opens and the only passenger climbs into the
               sunlight, in view of the shooting range. Delbert and John are
               focused on their shooting.

                         And me and John, right, we kick the
                         door and bust it in, and THAT's
                         when they bust out across the
                         street, and Delbert, again, just
                         knockin' 'em down okay? But John
                         turns around and opens up with
                         these two tommy guns, was like a
                         god damn grain thresher uncle.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Oh, just, just waterin' that
                         thirsty ground with nazi blood!

                         Yes sir!

               The prisoner shakes his shackles at Tex and Colonel Hetfield.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well, looks like we're ready to
                         start the interview!

               Tex and Colonel Hetfield approach the prisoner. On the way,
               Tex sees John and Delbert. The three of them exchange a
               salute. Raymond's jeep pulls into the parking lot at the same
               time, and everybody watches him and Gertrude get out. Tex and
               Colonel Hetfield enter a bunker-like building with the
               prisoner, while Raymond and Gertrude approach the shooting
               range. He waves at her.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         John, Delbert. Good to see you boys
                         hard at work here.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Thank you sir.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Now normally this kind of thing
                         wouldn't even be considered.
                         Seeing as the risk this young lady
                         endured, however, we're allowing

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Thank you, mister Sussex. John,
                         and, Delbert was it?
                             (She shakes their hands)
                         Gentlemen, I just wanted to say
                         thank you so much for what you did
                         for me. I can't thank you enough,
                         boys. I just can't even imagine
                         what I would've done without you.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Thank you, ma'am. It was, it was
                         all my pleasure. I would have
                         preferred to have met you under
                         different circumstances, but
                         thrilled, anyway. Is there... Is
                         there something else I can do for

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Well, actually, if it weren't too
                         forward, I'd like to buy dinner,
                         you know, for the, the man that
                         saved my life.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         I'm flattered, ma'am. We're on a
                         strict regimen here, though...
                             (Looks at Sussex)

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX

               The prisoner looks out through a tiny window in the bunker
               like building. We see a bag go over his head.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         I suppose mister Sussex did put up
                         an awful fight about me even coming
                         here. Well, John. Well.

               She grabs him, kisses him on the mouth.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE (CONT'D)
                         Maybe someday. Thank you, John.

               John stands dumbfounded as she turns and walks back toward
               the jeep. Delbert smiles.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Right then. Fucking lawyers.

               Raymond follows Gertrude, and Delbert taps John's arm. John
               looks at Delbert, follows the foot that nudges the ammo can,
               and stares at Gertrude as she climbs into the jeep.


               Doktor Indira limps to the guard's gun. She picks it up and
               goes to the howling, whimpering, tortured fox.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry baby.

               She tries to put a hand into the cage, to be met only with
               recoil. This pulls a sob from her. She points the gun at the
               frightened, broken animal.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         Oh... Oh, god...

               We pan out over the castle, a stark edifice in the gloom. A
               shot rings out, followed by the sound of Doktor Indira crying
               in huge heaving sobs.


               Tex and Colonel Hetfield watch as a nurse administers a shot
               to the prisoner.

                         So, it's what, a sodium pentathol

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Hell, I don't know. It's expensive
                         as all hell, that's a fact.

                         Yeah, well I don't trust that kinda
                         shit. Give 'im a hot meal then
                         break his fingers. He'll tell you
                         the most intricate details of his
                         love life.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         While I have no doubt, nephew, that
                         you have become the kind of man
                         that can stomach that sort of
                         thing, there is oversight here. The
                         treasurer would probably be
                         appalled to see you bring the real
                         deal right from the breach, and he
                         will be through to check on the
                         state's investment. He's promised
                         to be thorough. Smashed hands or
                         black eyes, cigarette burns, any of
                         that shit, and we're up the
                         proverbial creek sans paddle. Shut
                         the whole thing down, congressional
                         inquiry... Don't wind me up.
                         Listen, this son of a bitch is
                         expatriate, which means he's
                         theoretically here under his own
                         The sensory deprivation and serum
                         are more precaution than anything
                         else. Got them cameras up in there?

                         Yes sir, rolling.

               EXT. GATES, LACKLAND AFB

               Raymond stops the car at the guard shack and opens the door
               for Gertrude.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Thank you again, mister Sussex. You
                         did good with the immigration
                         papers and all, too. Is there,

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I'm going to stop you right there,
                         miss. I've gone to quite
                         considerable risk just bringing you
                         here. Now the agreement was
                         citizenship and employment, with a
                         nest egg and the opportunity to
                         start a new and better life here in
                         the colonies.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         I know, I just, it's hard here for
                         me. I don't really know anybody,
                         and I so appreciate John's help. I
                         see exactly what you mean when you
                         said I'd be perfectly safe. I
                         didn't mean to be so curt with you
                         earlier. I know you're just doing
                         your job.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                             (His eyes soften)
                         Miss, I'll be in touch with you
                         through my organization. Maybe when
                         the war is over, well... Well take
                         care, miss Halse.

               Let's capitalize on the era here and have her climb into a
               gorgeous, old school Lincoln Continental, pulling off as the
               sun sets over the early forties San Antonio skyline.


                         Don't wind you up, hell, uncle,
                         why'd you bring me down here? I was
                         thinkin' a good ol' kraut bashin',
                         and shee-it, whatchoo want me ta
                         do, go in there and bad breath 'im
                         inta lettin' loose?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Dammit, Tex, I'm fuckin' serious
                         here. He, in theory, WANTS to be
                         here. I need you here to listen,
                         and help me figure this out when
                         Raymond gets here. Now, this is
                         some shit that'll concern you, I'm
                         absolutely positive. The file's
                         over there on the desk, why don't
                         you, yeah, there we go, thank you
                         nephew, let's see...


                         Gets harder in the dark.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yeah, yeah no kidding. You ready to
                         call it then?

               Delbert jerks his head, spits, collects up ammo and heads
               toward some benches by the wall. He sits, motions John over,
               and without words Delbert begins to disassemble the rifle,
               John doing the same. Delbert points, guides. He and John peel
               the rifles apart, and are mostly reassembled when Raymond's
               jeep pulls back into the parking lot. He hails them.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Men! How're the rifles today?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Oh, I think I've handled mine
                         worse, sir.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         From debriefings I should hope your
                         making a conscious effort to push
                         that in one particular direction,
                         yes? Delbert, how's young Westcroft
                         here fairing with the rifle?


                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Heh. Heh heh. Well, men, let's head
                         on inside. Got a bit of highly
                         classified rigamarole, secret turds
                         in hidden loos, all that. Come on.

               He leads them into the bunker-like building. The security
               doors buzz open, and with a latch and clang we are


               Flooded by a sterile florescent white. The dirt John and
               Delbert track in is slight, but painfully visibly on the
               antiseptic white floor.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         There has been, as far back as a
                         few years now, talk of what the
                         other side may be up to on a
                         comparable basis, and we have
                         acquired some incredible intel.
                         This was not, however, an
                         inexpensive squeeze we're talking

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Other than the pricy bit you've
                         absolutely lost me there, mister
                         Sussex. Delbert, did you understand
                         anything that man just said?

               Delbert grunts and Raymond gesticulates, working his jaw as
               he dumbs down the ultra classified into bold headline.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Okay, so, it stands to reason that
                         we are not the only people
                         interested in developing weapons.
                         Suffice it to say, that we are now
                         absolutely certain we are not the
                         only habberdasher on market street.
                         We've got an incoming location on a
                         research facility complete with
                         wrought silver cages, well funded
                         labs, and silver jacketed rounds
                         for just in case one of them gets
                         loose. Apparently, the German
                         government has spent a nearly
                         equivalent amount on a similar

               Raymond shows a badge to a guard at a door, and we move with
               them to the


               Where Tex and Colonel Hetfield are having a similar

                         Now how's this work? They've got
                         some Indian lady doctor? Like, like
                         one of Delbert's relatives?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         And speak of the devil. Afternoon,
                         or, evening, yet? Howdy, Ray, John,
                         No, Tex, I don't mean an American
                         Indian, I mean an East Indian, as
                         in, from India? Her name is, Hell,
                         Ray, can you pronounce this?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Purnima Indira. She's been educated
                         in Calcutta, Oxford, and the U.S.
                         ivy league. One of the leading
                         biologists and zoologists in the
                         world. She's obviously being
                         blackmailed in some fashion to be
                         working with them, that being
                         another action item here on my
                         interview list. Also construction
                         details, yeah. Bunch of stuff.
                         Colonel, are we getting close?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Hell close enough. Let's get this
                         show on the road.


               Raymond pulls the black hood off the prisoner and looks into
               his glazed eyes. He gestures at him with a pack of Pall

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX

                         Why, why thank you sir. I love
                         these American smokes.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Well, your English is a bit better
                         than I had been led to believe.

                         I've been trying to recall my

               He puffs the cigarette to life, smoking with his left hand
               while the right one hangs from the shackle. 

                                   PRISONER (CONT'D)
                         Are the bonds truly necessary sir?
                         I mean, we're here on your home
                         turf. Were I to be running free
                         here I'm sure the men on the towers
                         would cut me down.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I suppose you do have a point. You
                         wouldn't get far if you tried

               Raymond unlocks the shackles and they clank to the floor. The
               prisoner stretches, yawns. 

                         Well, first things first I suppose.

               He sticks out his hand for a shake.

                                   PRISONER (CONT'D)
                         Dieter Griebe, former Reichs
                         Commander for the SS.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Raymond Sussex, His Majesty's
                         Special Operations Executive.

               They shake hands, Dieter pushing a thick plume of smoke out
               of his nose.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX (CONT'D)
                         So, mister Griebe, I should ask
                         this of you, Why are you so eager
                         to help us?

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                             (Mulls it over)
                         Well, sir, I knew,
                             (Drags his smoke)
                         I knew when I signed on that the
                         men I was working under were not
                         moral men. We're soldiers here, and
                         there are provisional differences
                         between working in the military and
                         working for, say, a print office.
                         The things I have seen...
                             (Ceases musing, grave)
                         Well, I've seen things that I never
                         anticipated, to be sure, but I have
                         become convinced that the things
                         I've seen come from only one thing.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         And what would that one thing be?

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         Sir, I believe it to be a pact with
                         the devil himself.

               EXT. TEXAS DIRT ROAD, NIGHT

               Gertrude Halse kicks up dust in her beautiful new Lincoln
               Continental, puffs of dry brown rising into the night. She is
               a new driver in a new American car, and we observe the petals
               and speedometer with her. She likes it, rolling down the
               window, taking her hair down. She tunes in the radio, Glenn
               Miller's "In the Mood" squawks in, and she finds the volume.
               As the tune rounds the bend into the brass solo, she rounds a
               washboard old corner and the driver rear passenger resounds
               like a gunshot, erupting bits of thick rubber across the
               road. Swerving, the vehicle comes to a stubborn halt.
               Gertrude climbs out of the car, observing the damage. She is
               at a loss, exasperated.
               She begins to search the car, a pair of headlights round the
               corner going the opposite direction, approaching. The horns
               are horribly out of place, their wacky wailing becoming
               spitefully cruel to the stubborn, stopped automobile.
               Gertrude kills the radio in an exaggerated click.


                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         A deal with the devil, sir?

               Dieter pulls thick on his smoke, letting the gravity of what
               he just said weigh in. His glossy eyes let us watch his
               stoned mind put tons of imaginary heft to his speech.

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         Aye, sir. I'll not discount the
                         studies they do, the biology and
                         genetics and testing. They call
                         these things mutants, some sort of
                         deviate branch from the evolving 
                         pattern. But I know, sir. I know
                         evil when I see it. The very air is
                         heavy with, with a darkness, I...
                         It's hard to believe, I know.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         No, no, far from it. To be clear
                         though, you do believe in a devil?

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         Most of course, yes, sir.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         So, you are, a religious man? Is
                         that correct? Is that what I'm

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         Yes, yes sir. Catholic, sir.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Isn't there some, well, doesn't
                         that disqualify you from service?
                         Being Catholic, that is?

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         Well, in name, sure. Recently it's
                         changed. Used to be we all went to
                         mass every Sunday, and paid formal
                         homage to the fuhrer in the mean
                         time. I love my country, sir, I do,
                         but, now the Catholic is considered
                         a second class citizen. Almost like
                         a dog fucking Jew. We can't wear
                         any rosary. Nothing like that. And
                         with the things I've seen in
                         Wewelsburg, sir, I...

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         What, mister Griebe?

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         I'm in fear for my mortal soul.


               Treasurer Grant sits in the back, his driver slowing as they
               approach the Lincoln Continental, Gertrude holding the trunk.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Charles, stop the car. Now what's a
                         sweet flower like that doin' all
                         alone out here? 

               Treasurer Grant gets out of the car and approaches Gertrude.

                                   TREASURER GRANT (CONT'D)
                         Trouble with the auto, ma'am?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Why yes, I suppose. Got a little
                         carried away here in the new car.
                         These, uh, these American cars are
                         powerful things.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         They certainly can be, cant' they?
                         Oh, where are my manners, I beg
                         your pardon,
                             (Takes her hand)
                         I'm William Joseph Grant, the
                         treasurer of the great state of
                         Texas. Who might you be?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Gertrude Halse, sir.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Well the pleasure is all mine.
                         Y'know, there ain't much out here
                         in these parts. I assume you're
                         coming back from Lackland, is that

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Yes sir, I was going to my hotel in

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Miss, I'd love to escort you back
                         right this second, but I'm afraid
                         I'm already late for a meeting out
                         here at the base. If you'd be so
                         inclined, I can take you back to
                         base and send you back out here
                         with a fresh tire and a strapping
                         young lad to fix her right up.
                         How's that sound to you?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         You Texans, I must say, are just
                         the height of hospitality.

               INT. DOKTOR INDIRA'S LAB

               She preps a slide and drops two separate samples of blood.
               She places it under a microscope and we see with her. Red
               blood cells are chomped by a strange shape among them, a
               spiny dark thing. It consumes a few blood cells, then stabs
               one with a spine. It consumes, but then seems to host upon
               the cell. The tiny dark thing morphs itself into a near
               perfect hemoglobin cell, and pushes itself in among the other
               red cells. The knob clicks and we reduce amplification,
               seeing a multitude of the same, tiny black things becoming
               one with the rest of the sample.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I've got it. I've got it!!

               She breathes deep, her mood darkening, then saddened.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         Oh my god, I've got it...


               Gertrude sits in the back with Treasurer Grant, her hands
               folded beneath her light jacket.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         So, where you from, if you don't
                         mind my asking?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Holland sir.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Well, a visitor from across the
                         pond. What brings you to Lackland?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         I was just having a brief visit
                         with my...

               Here we get an extreme close up of her hands, under her coat,
               shifting the ring on her middle finger to her ring finger.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE (CONT'D)
                         My husband. We're newlyweds, and
                         he's under the strictest command.
                         Mister Sussex can't even let him--

               She covers her mouth, and Treasurer Grant laughs.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Mister Raymond Sussex?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Oh, I've got such loose lips, sir.
                         I just, well, you've a disarming
                         manner, and...

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Not to worry, little lady, you've
                         lucked out. I'm one of the good
                         guys. So let me guess, that car a
                         weddin' present from ol' Colonel
                         Hetfield? He's tacky like that. Buy
                         a little lady like you a big
                         honkin' machine like that. 
                             (She just smiles)
                         No surprise there. Then turn around
                         and, what did you say? Can't let
                             (She keeps smiling)
                         Yeah, he keeps this whole thing on
                         a real tight leash. Now, what,
                         exactly, can't mister Sussex let
                         your husband do?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Well, sir, I'm staying at the Saint
                         Anthony, have you seen it?

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Oh, yes, ma'am, I had brunch there
                         with Lucille Ball on Wednesday.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Okay, right, so it's this big,
                         grand hotel, with a fabulous
                         restaurant and a great bar, and
                         I've got this big spacious room,
                         and, well,

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         It's goin' to waste, idn't it?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Exactly, sir.

               The car approaches the gates of Lackland AFB, where a soldier
               comes to the window. He looks at the driver's papers and
               waves them through. We watch from overhead as they drive the

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Now, darlin', what'd you say your
                         man's name was again?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         John, sir. Oh, thank you sir.

               They climb out of the buick in the parking lot and walk into
               the bunker. He stops at the guard, smiles at her.

                                   TREASURER GRANT 
                         Now you just sit tight, and I'll
                         see if I can make a just married
                         miracle for ya, okay?

               At this point we have moved through the GATES, PARKING LOT
               and INTERROGATION ROOM HALL into


               With a door securing firmly. Colonel Hetfield grins.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Billy Joe!

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Dale Junior! How the hell are you?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Doin' mighty fine, doin' mighty
                         fine. Yourself?

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Oh, just the same ol' thing.
                         Checkin' up for the committee folk.
                         Now, damn, Dale, damn, this is why
                         they sent me down here. Look at
                         this, what is this you're doin' to
                         this man?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         He's a nazi.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         He's an expatriate nazi, Dale, this
                         isn't the god damn front lines.
                         What're ya gonna do, pull his
                         fuckin' toenails out?

               Treasurer Grant shoots a look at Tex.

                         I'll pull your fuckin' ass off!

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Dammit!! Settle the hell down! Now,
                         all we're doin' is askin' him
                         questions at this point

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         God dammit, I read the letter he
                         sent to Sussex! All we need to get
                         out of him is a location! Look at
                         all this!

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         None of this is breakin' any bank,
                         and you know it. Now Ray has a list
                         of questions that we're--

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         No, fuck all this. Is that damn
                         intercom on? You hear me control?

                         Yes sir.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Good. What the fuck's his name?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Raymond Sussex, with the British

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         No, dammit, I know that, the
                         prisoner in there?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Dieter Griebe.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         All right, control? Patch me in
                         there. Right now.

               Upon "now" his voice rumbles in the interrogation room,
               making Raymond and Dieter both jump.

                                   TREASURER GRANT (CONT'D)
                         Y'all hear me in there? Damn right
                         you do, look at you, like you're
                         hearin' the voice of the almighty
                         from on high. Hell, y'are! Mister
                         Griebe, We're gonna have a meal and
                         a fresh set of clothes for you in a
                         minute, there. Raymond, you haul it
                         on in here. I wanna talk to you.
                         And leave that pack of smokes.

               Raymond Sussex storms into the Interrogation Control room.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Just what the blue blazes do you
                         think your--

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         You put a cork in that right now,
                         Mister. I'll put you on a little
                         row-boat back to that war torn
                         cocksucker your from so fast it'll
                         make your god damn head spin, you
                         hear me? Now I wanna talk about
                         overwork and compensation right
                         now. How long you had these boys
                         doin' the dirt? Months at a time in
                         the field? What's your name,
                         Delbert, how long's it been since
                         you seen some R and R?

               Delbert just looks at him. His eyes widen just a little,
               mildly incredulous at what he's hearing.

                                   TREASURER GRANT (CONT'D)
                         Hell, Sussex, he's lookin' at me
                         like he don't even know what the
                         fuck R and R means. Now look here.
                         You're John, right?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yes sir.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         You go and you take my car,
                             (Hands him the Buick keys)
                         And you take that gal out for a
                         night in San Antonio. That's an
                         order. She deserves it and I think
                         you know it. Tex, Raymond, Dale
                         Junior, you boys all go take a
                         night off. Go out and remember what
                         we're fighting for. I'm one hundred
                         percent serious here. Haven't we
                         offered this guy in here a full
                         diplomatic immunity package? And
                         those are shackles on him?
                         Unbelievable. Control?

                         Yes sir?

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Shut it on down for me. Go on now,
                         clear on out.

               Raymond, Tex, Delbert an John all file out. We watch through
               the window of the control room as Grant unshackles Griebe's
               legs. He takes him in to the control room, then into a
               separate door. We are now 


               There are massive multiple screen, huge surveillance
               displays, tapes winding, strange machines whirring. Dieter
               looks around, and Treasurer Grant looks at him. Grant snaps
               into a nazi salute, and Dieter does the same. Grant smiles,
               and moves to hug him. We have subtitled German.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Come embrace me as a brother,
                         Dieter. Your sacrifice for your
                         country will be remembered. You
                         will be one of the great men of
                         history. In the mean time... Hope
                         you've been practicing your
                         english, eh?


               Tex, Raymond, Colonel Hetfield and Delbert watch John and
               Gertrude drive off in the Buick. Raymond kicks a rock.

                         Somethin' smells like bullshit.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Probably bullshit.

                         How far did you get? I mean, down
                         your list of questions.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Far enough. Colonel, what do you
                         know about Treasurer Grant?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well, he's not lyin' about his
                         committee. I've seen him with
                         Senators and, hell, I think he had
                         dinner with the pope last year. He
                         probably can pull the plug on the
                         whole thing. I don't think it's
                         terribly realistic that he would...

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Is this your liberal politics at
                         play her? Some kind of military
                         union shit?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Y'know, everybody's gotta cover
                         their ass, Ray.

                         Still smells like bullshit. I'm
                         going to cartography. Raymond,
                         what's that location?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Wewelsburg, Germany. North Rhine
                         Westphalia. Pretty far deep.


               Tex turns on a heel. He stalks off into the night.

               INT. CHANDA INDIRA'S ROOM

               Doktor Purnima Indira creaks open the door to her mother's
               room. She carries a plate of food.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Mama? Mama, I got us something.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, baby, what did you bring me?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Well, it's no Aunt Isha, but I
                         managed to wrangle enough
                         ingredients to whip up a curry...

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, sweet baby.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Now I warn you, it's not fresh,
                         but, given the circumstances...

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         It's delicious.

               They chew in silence for a moment. Doktor Indira strokes her
               mother's hair.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         I had a dream, baby.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Yeah? What did you dream about?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         I dreamed that the woods went
                         forever underneath a tiny
                         fingernail of moon. It was so
                         bright. Then all at once the moon
                         went very full, and the woods
                         themselves came alive, trembling in
                         the timbers. They took it back,
                         baby. They came and they undid all
                         the bad things. But then I woke up,
                         and the moon was nowhere to be

               In the far distance of the German wood, a single wolf howls a
               mournful cry. It rings over Doktor Indira's chewing.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         That's quite a dream, Mama.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         What do you think it means?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         It's probably just a dream mom.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         But I can smell them, the, the
                         woods, the fir trees, the sweet

               Doktor Indira exits, leaving her mother to her dreams.


               The streets flow by, the desert finally cool outside. John
               and Gertrude are bathed in the passing streetlights as they
               cruise. She has moved her ring back to her middle finger. 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         So. Uhm.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Ah, from, from Holland then?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE

               They drive on for a few blocks, stopping at a stop light. He
               looks over at her.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE (CONT'D)

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

               They fall on each other's faces, making out through a change
               of a light.


               John and Gertrude sit across from one another at a dim table,
               drinks and food. She is laughing, hand over mouth.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         No, really, it's amazing, innit?
                         It's supposed to be this antique,
                         right? Barely thirty years old...

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         You know, I've heard, and this is
                         apparently somewhat appropriate, I
                         think, I've heard, that in America
                         it's like, one hundred years is a
                         real long time, but a hundred miles
                         is like, well,

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Right up the road, right.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Right. Well, in the old world, one
                         hundred years ago is like, nothing,
                         right? But a hundred miles, now...

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Right, that's like the difference
                         between western and eastern Europe,
                         isn't it?

               A waiter appears with a bottle of wine.

                         Compliments of Treasurer Grant,

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Oh. Oh, thank you. 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         You know what I love about here?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         That's good wine. No, John, tell me
                         what you love about here?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Well, You know how we're here?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         You, you don't say.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         No, I mean, we, we can travel so
                         fast now, right? We were in Russia
                         this time Tuesday. But, half of
                         that time has been in America.
                         Texas alone, hell. And, you know,
                         you can see forever over the
                         mountains, and forests, and
                         deserts, but then New York, too.
                         New York! Have you been there?

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Only for, well, didn't see much of

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Gertrude, it's amazing, it's hugely
                         lit, and they don't ever turn off
                         the lights. In London or Edinburgh,
                         or god the burnt husks of Norway,
                         they call it the city that never

               The champagne pops, their glasses fill, their glasses ting.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         You look positively smashing, I
                         must say. So,
                             (Sips champagne)
                         So what are you doing here? What,
                         how did you get involved with

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Well, in, you read the papers,
                         John, in Holland, the powers that
                         be didn't want us to get rid of the
                         Jewish family in our basement. They
                         uh, they covered transportation
                         pretty good. I think, y'know, I
                         just didn't see much savagery in
                         those men. I think they really
                         really wanted my dad to, I guess,
                         see their light. I came home to,
                         John it was horrible, they burned
                         the whole thing down. I had
                         nothing, and mister Sussex found
                         me. He had been there trying to get
                         warning through to my father. When
                         he saw what was left for me, and I
                         mean, there was nothing, John.
                         There was, I mean... Well he
                         offered me a chance to emigrate to
                         the States. Offered me a new life.
                         What, what about you, John?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Surprisingly similar story. The
                         reich took my family dumping
                         weapons to lighten their loads.
                         Everything went in one fell swoop.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Right, so, it's personal for you

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         That's right. The whole thing. My
                         family aren't Jewish, we didn't
                         care one way or the other. But we
                         were there, an easy target. 

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         I hate, oh, god, John, look, let's
                         talk about something else, huh?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sure. I'm sorry.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         No, no, it's my, listen, I want you
                         to know that I support you all the
                         way. I think what you're doing is
                         so important right now. Seeing a
                         swastika hang from the Arc de
                         Triomphe, from the ruins of
                         Rotterdam, thousands of people...

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                             (He takes her hand)
                         I think I'm breaking my orders,
                         being a morbid stick in the mud.
                         Won't you dance with me?

               She has caught herself right before tears. John leads her to
               he dance floor, and soon they are both smiling, spinning amid
               the sparkling ballroom, Texas decadence sparkling from the
               mirrors and chandeliers. 


               Tex pours over maps, Raymond rifles through files. 

                         Raymond, this is way the hell in
                         here. This isn't like, nazi
                         occupied territory. It's the heart
                         of the reich here, man. 

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I know. I'm trying to run logistics
                         on transport. We've got moles near
                         there, but they're buried real
                         deep. I mean like bank employees, a
                         guy in a patent office.

                         Right? Buncha salty dogs there. We
                         can run peregrine with packaged
                         gear, but that gear can't include
                         explosive or ammunition. That's a
                         bit of a damper with insertion.
                         We're pretty resourceful once we
                         get down... Hey, Raymond? What do
                         we know about the staff? Who cooks
                         and cleans up their shitters?

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Well, I don't know anything right
                         this minute... I love where you're
                         going with this. I should really
                         just need a few photos from inside.
                         Tex, Tex this is going to be
                         something else. These guys are
                         packing silver jacketed rounds.
                         They actually know what their up
                         against. I don't think you'll be
                         able to get much past those kind of

                         All we need is to get components
                         into it and burn the son of a bitch

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         That's not it.


                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         I mean it. This isn't a burn the
                         house down scenario.

                         What the hell are you talkin'

               Raymond puts the file down and takes off his glasses. He
               regards Tex cooly.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         There's something I think you don't
                         understand about the way the third
                         reich does business. Look at it
                         like this. What if here, in the
                         United States, instead of costly
                         lab work, we did medical research
                         on convicts? I mean, look at how
                         that would work. You trade off your
                         sentence for having some experiment
                         done to you, okay? Seem like the
                         worst idea ever? Hell, it's
                         downright humane. Okay, now imagine
                         you have a prison population that
                         is never intended for
                         rehabilitation. The only state
                         sanctioned fate for them is death.
                         So you see, nothing to stop them
                         from opening up their skulls and
                         tinkering around, whatever. The
                         thing about this radically inhumane
                         form of research is that it's damn
                         effective. We're doing recon here,
                         John. The goal is to get Doktor
                         Purnima Indira out of there alive.
                         She's being held there with her
                         mother, a blind old lady in a
                         hospice bed. They'll kill her
                         mother, probably along with her if
                         we screw this up. You factor in
                         that these men have weapons that
                         can kill you, and Tex, we're
                         looking at a whole new operation.
                         Quite frankly, the reward isn't
                         worth the risk.

                         They're killing my kind. In silver
                         cages. To make weapons out of 'em.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Yeah, kind of like a bullshit
                         version of our project. One where
                         nobody gets asked. I hear they have
                         a silver test for every inbound
                         member of the work camps. We can
                         cripple the operation right here
                         and apply everything they've got to
                         our project. It's the kind of thing
                         it just doesn't make any sense to
                         waste. Besides, they're holding her
                         captive, Tex. 

                         Right. How could we not. 


               John and Gertrude share a smoke as dawn peeks stubborn
               through the window.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         So, what are you going to do when
                         we win the war?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         I haven't made up my mind, to be
                         right honest with you. I've been
                         taken with the States. It's such a
                         big country here. We could buy a
                         car and drive the whole country.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Mmmm. That sounds nice.

               John leans in and kisses her.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sorry. I don't want to, but Tex
                         would have my head if I don't make

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Have your head, huh?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Well, maybe not my head, but I
                         wouldn't want Delbert to look at me
                         like that. 

               John gets up to leave, and she pulls him down and kisses him

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         You'll find me when you come back?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Of course.

               They embrace, then John leaves. He smiles at her before he
               shuts the door, taking a long look at her.


               An American Werewolf in Wewelsburg


               A tiny prop plane silently passes overhead. Three shaggy
               shapes, each dragging a pack behind them, fling themselves
               from the plane. They thump to the ground out in the forest.
               They unpack clothes and a small radio, which John and Delbert
               assemble. Tex radios in to Raymond.

                         Alpha delta alpha seven one niner,
                         come on back.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Copy and clear. Proceed to location


               They kill the radio and bury it beneath a tarp, then a layer
               of duff. They proceed towards the road. They watch from the
               bush as a car pulls up, a glorious fresh Volkswagon Beetle,
               driven by a young man.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)

               Tex towers over the diminutive automobile. 

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         They should have sent four of these
                             (Observes driver)
                         Who the hell are you, kid?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         My thoughts exactly.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         I'm your contact. I'm Benny

                         I thought Benny Goodman was a

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         I thought Benny Goodman was a Swing

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Oh, I'm all that and then some,
                         hepcats. I didn't think you were
                         gonna bring the kitchen sink with

                         Look at this kid! He can't be more
                         than fifteen!

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         I'll be sixteen in a month! Look
                         guys, we can stand here gawking at
                         my father's automobile and wait for
                         Dorf and his gestapo cronies or we
                         can cram in here.
                         Whaddaya say we make the scene
                         before they sneak up and frisk our

               EXT. ROAD, WEWELSBURG

               They are a sight, squeezed into the tiny car; Tex shotgun and
               John and Delbert in the back, their faces nearly obscured by
               the packs they carry. 

                         So, listen kid, we really
                         appreciate it, but I really think
                         your father should probably--

               The car screeches to a halt.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Pin them ears open for this
                         alligator. I'm the only contact you
                         got. Old man Dutten got shot in the
                         street two days ago cause he
                         slipped his lip to the wrong old
                         lady at bingo. Are you pickin' up
                         what I'm layin' down?

                         But, kid--

               Benny turns the engine off and the headlights wink out.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Quit callin' me kid. I need you to
                         collar my jive here. My father
                         hasn't handled his own letters
                         since the late thirties. The person
                         your boss, who I know as
                         Scarborough, has been communicating
                         with is me. Look, man, pops is on
                         his last leg, and I cut my whip for

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Your whip?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Yeah, cat, my whip. My hair. You
                         know it's perfunctory for us all to
                         join the Hitler Youth. Can't go
                         blowin' my cover in the name of

                         You say you're dad's on his last

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Bedridden, alligator.

                         So you've been...

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Now you're startin' to twist them
                         noggin' knobs. See, I've been
                         havin' to do pops' work since mom
                         shit the bed. When she took ill,
                         she was handllin' the family biz
                         from home, for the most part. Dad
                         set it up so he could do all his
                         consulting by mail, and at first I
                         was just the helpin'. Well, mom
                         went faster than dad, and when he
                         went blind, he didn't have any
                         choice but to use me for his eyes.
                         He swore up and down he didn't want
                         me to have anything to do with this
                         whole allies intrigue applesauce,
                         that we should turn the whole thing
                         over to old man Dutten, but I told
                         'em no way, buddy. I do so much
                         stuff around town anymore, this
                         place would probly just fall right
                         apart without me. Look, man, okay,
                         turns out old man Dutten got a, a
                         case of diarrhea of the mouth at
                         the fish fry, and Dorf and his
                         gestapos shot him.

               Benny has been looking at Tex in the eye the whole time. His
               voice has not cracked or wavered, but tears stream from his
               eyes. He either doesn't notice or doesn't care.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN (CONT'D)
                         They shot him in front of
                         everybody. The whole town. Left him
                         there, in the gutter, the shit
                         running out of his knickers and the
                         blood oozing out the hole in his
                         head. I'm scared shitless they're
                         gonna do it to me, but they can't
                         do it to my mom, and it don't
                         matter if they do it to my dad.
                         Probly be doin' the poor cat a
                         favor, anyway, condition he's in.
                         So here it is, fellas. You got one
                         contact here. It's me. And I'm the
                         the only one you're ever gonna
                         need. If that ain't gonna work for
                         you, well,
                         Well, that's why I stopped the
                         fuckin' car.

                         Well, son, ah, ah shit, man, you're
                         a very brave young man.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Now we're cooking with gas. Look
                         fellas, I don't mean to snap my
                         cap, it's just that,

               The new engine roars back to life and car is moving again.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN (CONT'D)
                         Cat, I'm all alone out here. I
                         can't even tell anybody I like the,
                         I mean, you know they call it
                         nigger-kike music? I can't even
                         show off my forty-fives.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Jesus, kid, they gave you a gun?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Of course I have a gun, you bozo,
                         but I'm talkin' about records. My
                         jazz singles. These blind assholes
                         can't handle that I listen to Jew
                         music, and I can only imagine what
                         they'd do if they knew my dear ol'
                         ma was half.

                         I don't think that would take much

                                   BENNY GOODMAN

                         Well okay then. Now, in order to
                         keep all that in your imagination,
                         we need to get this underway. Now
                         when we got the briefing from

                                   BENNY GOODMAN

                         When Raymond Sussex, your contact,
                         our unofficial--

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         No, no, no, dammit, my contact's
                         name is Scarborough, my name is
                         Benny the bee's knee's Goodman, and
                         your name is agent.
                             (Looks into back seat)
                         And your name is agent, and your
                         name is agent. Now, agent, you were

                         Right. Now we were led to believe
                         that someone over here had access
                         to the laundry of the castle.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Yeah, that's right. My dad owns the
                         company now, placed into his hands
                         after they killed the Jews who used
                         to own it.
                         I get the pleasure of dropping off
                         their linens and picking up
                         their... You boys know what they're
                         doing in there? 
                             (Beat, silence)
                         They're cuttin' somethin' up in
                         there. I pull these blood soaked
                         linens, some of 'em torn to shreds.
                         How it works is, like this.

               They pull into a garage on the side of a small laundry
               business. The boys unpack themselves from the tiny car, and
               we are now


                                   BENNY GOODMAN 
                         In two hours, I drive the laundry
                         truck to the servants entrance of
                         Castle Wewelsburg. I pick up the
                         bloody strips and freshly shit
                         bedspreads and take 'em down here.

                         You don't have to swear just to
                         impress us, Benny.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Shut the fuck up, agent. So far you
                         military clods are nothing but
                         liability. I'll ask you for a
                         grammar lesson when that little
                         mustachioed madman is rotting in
                         hell. You know the castle belongs
                         to Himmler, right? I mean, somebody
                         told you?

                         Yeah, well, we had heard...

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         You weren't supposed to answer
                         that. Matter of fact just, just
                         stop interrupting me. Look. I pick
                         up their dirty laundry in two
                         hours. They haven't looked twice at
                         me in a year. I know from my own
                         personal fieldwork that those boys
                         are always the servants at the end
                         of the night shift. They dump it
                         off with me, they don't wanna see
                         it anymore, they don't wanna see
                         me. They barely watch me dropping
                         off the next day's sheets. The
                         basket sits there for at least an
                         hour untended. So if there's a way
                         in, it's there. See, it's like,
                         jinky keen business as usual, only
                         this time I'll be dropping off,

               He points a clothes hanger at the three of them, standing
               there, dark, dirty, starkly contrasting the clean linen.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Gettin' a handle on this thing,

               They regard him grimly, acting badly, trying to seem
               perturbed. The truth seethes just underneath them; they know
               they are here on business, and it's a day at the grind. The
               steel in their eyes glints, so obviously weapons grade.

                         Two hours huh?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                             (Checking watch)
                         Uh, one forty-five.

               Tex nods, begins digging into his pack. He pulls a map of the
               castle and spreads it as John digs his black pearl handle
               Colt from his bag, pulls two clips from his bedroll. John
               fashions them together, then to a wide rope necklace of the
               same kind theat Tex wore for his flares in the swamp. Tex has
               a similar setup with a pair of large knives, while Delbert's
               an empty, strange looking bundle. Benny is immediately very
               interested in the pistol.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN (CONT'D)
                         Oh, is that a snazzy bastard!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Like that, eh?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Oh it's keen, jinky keen, sheik.
                         What kind of weapon is that?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         It's my old commander's Colt
                         Nineteen Eleven.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Nice, nice. What's the round?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Fires a forty five.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Lotta stopping power.

                         Those live rounds?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Of course.

                         You jumped out of a fucking plane
                         with live god damn rounds!!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Well, what?

                         You, dammit, John, seriously?
                         Sussex, Damn, Scarborough went over
                         all the peregrine details, like,
                         what Delbert, twice? Musta been
                         while you were out screwin' around
                         with the bait--

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Bait? She put her life on the line
                         for a fucking exercise, Tex!

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         God you're some loose lipped cads.
                         You sure you're working with
                         intelligence? What's the big deal?
                         You boys jumping with faulty

               John looks at Benny, who looks at Tex, then back. The silence
               is deafening.

                         We had good parachutes.


               Smell the oil of the torches in their sconces; we are, after
               all, at the back entrance to a castle. Benny pushes the huge
               laundry bin up the ramp towards the servant's entrance. As he
               leaves, he gives a nod to an emaciated worker at the gate.
               The androgynous, starved thing looks blankly in Benny's
               direction. As the basket is pulled in on a conveyor belt, at
               the real entrance, the beginning of the horizontal, hands
               grab the basket and pull it further in. We ride the edge of
               the massive laundry basket


               Where the torches flicker over broken, slaving workers
               folding and organizing, toiling under the watch of the guard.
               Tex is the first to poke his head up, drawing an immediate
               point of a sub-machine gun. He flings himself at the guard, a
               hail of bullets passing at that close range, steel pummeling
               stone wall. John stands up, downy comforters hanging, and
               wraps a pillow over his Nineteen Eleven Colt. He lets a round
               fly right as Tex reaches, pulling his feet out and man
               handling the SS Guard's face right into the floor, a scream
               muffled on account of sudden death. The slave workers begin
               to scatter.

                         Stop! Sto-- Arbeiten, uh, shit,

               We get him over subtitles, shitty English to represent his
               shitty German. Maybe hard to read crayon writing.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Okay, stop, work, stop. Just, wait
                         a minute. Now, everybody gets out
                         of here, just don't make any noise,
                         and carry on like normal, okay?
                         Just, just act normal, okay?

               The noise coming towards the door is the stomping of boots.
               Tex throws the corpse towards the basket. John and Delbert
               catch it, stash it, and duck back down into the basket as Tex
               hides behind hanging sheets. The two SS Guards smash the
               door. Subtitles very bold.

                                   SS GUARD LEADER
                         SLAVE!! WHERE IS SERGEANT HOAG!?

               The emaciated worker points a feeble arm towards the door.
               The two guards storm through the room, flinging the next
               door, busting out into the night. Tex comes out from behind
               the sheets as John and Delbert climb out of the basket. Tex
               addresses the workers.

                         Danke Schon.

               One of them nods through a daze. Tex, John, and Delbert go
               through the door the guards left in splinters. We push the
               camera into the gloom and we are


                         What the fuck was that pillow shit,
                         John? You tryin' to silence it?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yeah. I heard him push his weapon
                         but, Tex, you heard this thing?
                         It's a damn banshee.

                         What the hell's a banshee? Some of
                         that sheep shagger shit of yours?
                         Whatever. Okay, we're at the east
                         entrance now. We split first down
                         there, at a hundred and fifty feet.
                         Second split at around four.
                         Delbert, first one's you, down into
                         the cells. Next one's me, up to the
                         lab, and John, you're straight on
                         till her room.

               They exchange a nod and steal down the hall. Delbert breaks
               off soundlessley down the stairs to the dungeon, and Tex and
               John continue. An SS Guard down the hall has his sub-machine
               gun in hand, back towards them as they approach. John takes
               He silently approaches the guard and snaps his gun downward,
               jerking the guard at the neck. He smashes the guard's face on
               the gun and lets him fall in a heap, scavenging the sub
               machine gun. John and Tex pass, switching position. John does
               not notice as the guard gets up, grabbing a torch off the
               wall. He holds it over his shoulder, approaches and whistles
               just a little at John, just enough to get his face turned to
               take the full swing of the fiery business end. John howls,
               changing as Tex's head spins. John's clothes are mostly
               destroyed as he shifts, clawing apart the torso of the
               assaulting guard, then in a flash back down, unharmed but his
               clothing mostly shredded. He is still hanging with their
               rags, breathing hard and mad at being snuck up on.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Wait a minute... 
                             (Bends, gets torch)
                         John hold out your, your face
                         there... you ain't?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         If it's real hot, yeah. But like,

               Tex holds the torch to his hand and burns himself, a
               relatively small red mark on his hand. He shifts over it in a
               wave of altering bone and fur, doing nothing. It's like he
               runs his supernatural wolf shape up and down his arm, but the
               burnt skin remains.

                         You mind?

               John holds out his hand.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Wait, well, here, give me the

               He grabs it and smashes it into his hand, wincing as he
               grinds his hand between the stone wall and the hot torch. He
               pulls it back, showing Tex his wounded, smoking hand. He runs
               change down it in a blorpy, less controlled, flopping shift.
               When his hand returns to normal it is slightly marred and
               pink; he shifts just his hand again and it looks as though he
               never mashed the torch into it.

                         Son of a bitch.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Right? Doesn't work so well with
                         much past a camp fire. They burned
                         some of us to death a long time

               John shrugs and Tex looks thoughtful a second, then they move
               on down the hall, long shadows cast by the torch sputtering
               on the ground.


               Delbert slips into the gloom behind a pair of SS Guards, lets
               them pass. He steals down toward the basement door, puts his
               ear to it, sniffs. He gently pushes the door open, hear boots
               approach, and swings it in, knocking the guard inside there
               over, then shanking him a few times as he surveys the room.
               He looks at the dead SS Guard and picks up his sub machine
               gun. The silver cages glint, and as Delbert approaches he is
               visibly disturbed. Inside the cages are corpses, and one
               unconscious girl. He approaches gingerly, poking at the cage
               with the gun. It's lock is a thick, masterlock thing. Delbert
               Finds a piece of leftover rebar from the cage reinforcement,
               and begins smashing the lock, the soft silver bending, but
               the steel lock not moving. Delbert smashes harder, eventually
               ripping the cage's door clean off. He motions toward the
               young woman, hisses. It becomes obvious that she is
               completely unconscious, so he grabs her, throws her over his
               shoulder, and carefully avoids the silver cage on the way
               out. He surveys the room one last time as he exits.


               John creeps towards the door to what he assumes is Doktor
               Indira's room. He listens at the door, and cracks it, pushing
               gently. He has stumbled onto

               INT. CHANDA INDIRA'S ROOM

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Doktor Indira?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                             (Sniffs him, smiles)
                         I knew you'd come.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Ah... Ma'am are you...

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, I just knew you'd come! I
                         remember your smell from my dream!
                         You're so, ah, earthy!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Oh bollocks.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         No, No, I'm sorry, just a, a touch
                         excited. You're here for my
                         daughter. But you're... Now I
                         dreamed this, your name is John.
                         You're here for Purnima. Where have
                         I let my manners go? My name is
                         Chanda. It's a pleasure to meet
                         you, John.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         So where is your daughter? 

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, well, I assume she'll be in the
                         lab. I don't rightly know. 

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         So, you know my name, but you don't
                         know where your daughter is?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh look! Oh Buddha and Jesus and
                         Plato! Oh, I can see you!

               We push the camera into her cornea and see a grey, dead
               television entirety, broken hard by the black, bristling wolf
               shape that is Sergeant John Westcroft. She grabs his arm.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         Oh, baby, you're beautiful!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Now, wait a minute, lady. You might
                         have guessed by name, but how do I
                         know you're telling me the truth

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, John, didn't I tell you? I
                         dreamed this already.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Ma'am, I'm terribly sorry about
                         whatever's ailing you, but...

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, John, don't even get into any
                         of that. Listen, I know that you're
                         gonna take me out of here, and I
                         feel for you, hauling a little old
                         Indian lady out over you're
                         shoulder. It's going to be a bitch.
                         But I've got you on two things.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Wow, I'm really listening to this
                         aren't I?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         I know, it's starting to feel like
                         a waste of time, huh? But hear me
                         out. First, my daughter won't go
                         anywhere without me. It's how they
                         keep her here, and she thinks I
                         don't know. They tell me, I'm
                         serious. And secondly, and you'll
                         probably appreciate this,
                             (She pats his arm)
                         I know that you turn from man, to
                         wolf, and into that thing that is
                         neither in between, nor both, but
                         more than the sum of all parts. A
                         true son of the earth, the blood of
                         the moon. Oh, child, you're

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Yes, boy? I mean, man, sir, yes?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Flattery will get you everywhere.

               He hoists her over his shoulder, carries her out into


                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, you probably want to grab that
                         weapon you left in there. Just a

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Right. Probably a damn good one,
                         too. No sense living dangerously.


               The throne faces not the room, but one wall filled with crude
               closed circuit security. The fuzzy monitors are crackling,
               buzzing, feeding information, casting their blue glow. A man
               in a white coat prepares a syringe. He approaches the throne.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Doktor Muller, Do you like my

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         You can see every nook and cranny,
                         can't you?

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Yes, every shadow and every shape.

               The white coated Doktor Muller rolls up Taubert's sleeve,
               ties him off, shoots him up. Taubert's eyes roll back.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Tell me... You got all the files
                         copied? All her major notes?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Yes, sir.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         I like your attitude. I think I
                         shall enjoy working with you. And
                         the, serum?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Of course sir. Several samples, and
                         I'm going over the field notes as
                         we speak.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         And no more sullying my fine Aryan
                         tongue with that piggish English.
                         Oh, wait, I want the sound for this

               He turns a knob and we see him focus on a monitor, labelled
               delicately to indicate it's location.


               Tex approaches an SS Guard who stumbles slightly. Tex slows,
               watches as the Guard keels over and pukes. Tex pulls the
               knife from his neck and sinks it into the sick guards eye, no
               honor in the kill, no battle, simple survival. It has taken
               only a second to stir the Guard's brain with the tip of the
               long blade. Tex takes careful appraisal of the situation. We
               cut to the nazi boot, stepping on the cold castle stone. Rise
               up slow over the uniform, and we see Tex grinning, checking
               his reflection in the glint of his massive blade. His grin
               fades as he looks down into the puke.

                         Oh, this shit really better work.

               He smears his hands and face, shuddering. He deposits the
               Guard's corpse in a closet and proceeds, pushing his way into

               INT. DOKTOR INDIRA'S LAB

               And immediately stumbles, hanging his head a little. The
               other Guard gives loud German which we get in subtitles.

                                   SS GUARD HELMUT
                         Dammit Gunther! You smell like

                         Enschuldigung, mein herr.

                                   SS GUARD HELMUT
                         It's hard enough to do this without
                         being the only one who isn't
                         smashed every night. I know it's
                         just some girl we're guarding, but
                         you can't keep doing this...

               The Guard leaves in a flurry of disgust. Doktor Indira looks
               at him distractedly over a manilla file.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         You're not Gunther. You're... Oh,
                         who cares. If you speak English,
                         the couch over there is where most
                         of the guards sleep, oh god, you're
                         covered in your own puke...

                         This here ain't my puke. This
                         here's dead nazi puke.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Who the hell are you?

                             (Removes helmet)
                         Ma'am, I'm Lieutenant Arthur
                         Rockler. My friends call me Tex. I
                         know we've just met, but I'm hoping
                         we'll be friends.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         What... what outfit are you with?

                         American Intelligence, ma'am. Our
                         operation is classified at a level
                         beyond ultra. We are literally not
                         here, not in Germany, we did not
                         dive out of a plane and slog
                         through a whole mess of zombie ass
                         SS to get to you. And when Time
                         Magazine interviews you, we were
                         absolutely not here to pull you
                         from the clutches of these vile

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Nothing in this world is free. What
                         do you want in return?

                         Ma'am, despite the dubious nature
                         of our work, we are a one hundred
                         percent volunteer operation. We
                         were hoping we could bring you on
                         board due to your level of...
                         Expertise, in the area. 

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         So, what, are you trying to offer
                         me a job?

                         Ma'am, I'm offering you your
                         We wanna slink off into the night
                         with you, back to the states, put
                         you to work for the good guys.

               She looks at him, sizing him up. She holds a small silver
               pendant in her fist.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Hold out your hand Tex.

               She burns him with it, stinging hand retracting and shaking.

                         Ow, god dammit!

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         A real live lycanthrope commando
                         unit. I'll be damned.

                         Okay, look, damn that stings, so,
                         as stated our operation is
                         volunteer. My job is to get you the
                         hell out of here, but I ain't gonna
                         force nothin'. I realize you don't
                         have any reason to trust me any
                         more than these goose-steppin'
                         racist cowards. But ma'am, you just
                         gotta believe me, I'm one of the
                         good guys.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         You uh, you don't see any leg
                         irons, right?

                         No ma'am.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         So you can, being with
                         intelligence, put together that I
                         am not physically restrained.

                         Of course. 

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA

                         So they're keepin' you hemmed up in
                         here by some other means. 

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         And so your next concern should
                         logically be...

                         How are they keeping you here?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Well done, Sherlock. It's my mom.
                         They're holding her hostage. I, I
                         won't go anywhere without her. I

                         Well I understand. Family's comes
                         first, all that. You wanna lead me
                         to her?


               Commandant Taubert and Doktor Muller watch Tex in Doktor
               Indira's Lab. Again, subtitles.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         What are they doing, firtting?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         We must stop this now. They have
                         killed almost twenty men, by my
                         count, and I haven't even been in
                         here watching for the whole thing.
                         The cost is in German lives here,

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Doktor Muller, we were off to such
                         a good start.

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         I'm serious here! These things are
                         way too fast. The silver rounds in
                         the guns don't mean shit if they
                         can't draw a bead on them. Did you
                         see the big blond one snap out
                         Fred's arm when he tried to use the
                         silver service knife?

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         First, you prepare me a fix. You're
                         stressing me. Second, that guard's
                         name was Walter, not Fred.
                         Furthermore, I don't think you
                         actually understand the gravity of
                         the situation. There are events
                         here at play that you cannot
                         possibly comprehend. I am making
                         HEROS of these men who give their
                         lives for the fatherland here. In
                         addition, I have plans that will
                         not work if they are not
                         sufficiently off their guard.

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         So you're killing innocent men for
                         your game?! It's sick!

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Doktor, you are a real doctor, yes?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         What does that have to do with

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Are you a medical doctor?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Yes, of course.

               Commandant Taubert shoots him in the leg, a fleshwound. 

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Then go patch yourself up. And send
                         in a nurse who can fix a needle.

               The bleeding Doktor Muller hobbles sobbing out, the smoke
               hanging from Taubert's gun mixing with his cigarette. The
               monitors flicker, and he settles his attention on them.

               INT. DOKTOR INDIRA'S LAB

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I'm not gonna be able to take all
                         my files, but I can bring the
                         master, plus a bunch of microfilm.

                         Nice. Like that microfilm.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Yeah, you really can't alter it,
                         you know? Kind of impossible to

                         Well, it's impossible to walk into
                         a hail of bullets or bite through
                         body armor, too.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Right. You bring some explosive?


                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         What are you going to do, chew the
                         god damn castle down?

                         Believe me, miss, my idea of a good
                         time would be blasting this place
                         straight to hell. All fifty feet of
                         blasting that would be...
                         Listen, our orders are to get you
                         out of here with minimal collateral
                         damage. I guess there's some
                         sentiment of saving this place for
                         whatever reason.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         This place is pretty ancient.

                         They can put the rubble in a damn
                         museum. Whatever. We'll focus on
                         that next trip. Right now let's
                         talk about the location of your


               Chanda bounces up and down on John's shoulder, flopping the
               breath out of her, making her voice push in odd spots.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         How did you wind up here anyway?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         It's kind of a long story, but to
                         be succinct, the nazis found my
                         daughter and put her to work. Put
                         her to work... They enslaved her is
                         what they did. I'm from New York
                         originally, and my late husband was
                         from Delhi. We scrimped and
                         scrounged and saved, to get my
                         beautiful daughter the best
                         education we could. If she wasn't
                         so smart, so apt, with so much
                         scholarship money, well... look out

               John shoots down an SS guard, barely breaking his stride.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         So the SS got wind of her.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Himmler himself oversees the
                         project. Of course it was sold to
                         her as a great job, initially, but
                         the way these bastards do business
                         is absolutely inhumane. And here...
                         Here is the red wolf.

               Delbert rounds the corner with the girl unconscious over his

                                   CHANDA INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         With a little silver cub!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Delbert. You find somebody to play
                         with there?


                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Right. So, Tex should be in the

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         He'll be coming down from there any

               INT. DOKTOR INDIRA'S LAB

                         Alright, now we're burning dark. We
                         need to get this show on the road
                         right now.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Okay, just one last thing...

               She lights a crumpled piece of paper and throws it into a
               pile of files. The flames begin to crackle and rise as they
               push out, into


               Where they almost collide with Delbert and John.

                                   CHANDA INDIRA

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         John and I were just talking about
                         you! And Look at the big gold one!

                         Big gold what?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Why you, baby! I imagine my late
                         husband would have referred to you
                         as rakshasa, after the Hindu.

                         John, who the fuck is this?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         It's her mom, Tex. She dreamed me.

                         Yeah, I had a dream I was a god
                         damn butterfly, and now I'm no
                         longer certain whether I'm a man
                         dreaming I'm a butterfly, or if
                         you're just a complete ass, John.

                         How we leaving?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         How'd you get in here?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                             (Looks at ruined clothes)

                         Remember the mess we left in there?
                         We're leaving through the front

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Is he serious?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh he's serious, baby.

                         Come on. I'm point. Let's move.

               They blow the joint.


               I know how sour "They blow the joint" comes off, but let's
               take at jolt back down to the action. They crack these huge
               doors down, superhero style, to the chirping of crickets. Tex
               has all the grit in his teeth and so much lead straight away,
               Delbert is somehow aiming a Mauser right at the camera, an
               unconscious girl slung over his shoulder, surgical with any
               firearm on a dead run. They bolt down, through the trees, to
               the only underpass where they could possibly stumble the last
               little bit, Tex, as he guides Doktor Purnima Indira down the
               treacherous bluff, and let's get at least one good shot of
               them tumbling. The Black Beetle driven by Benny Goodman,
               wearing a ridiculous fake moustache, almost honks. He yanks
               his hand back and almost yells. He bites that back, looks
               around, waves at them. We can pan back now to the show the
               entrance to the laundry room, buzzing with armed men. Down
               the hill, Benny has opened the car doors.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Get in get in! You guys paid extra
                         to bungle? What's with the luggage?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I am a doctor, young man.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         I know that, doll. What's with the
                         mummy and the kid?

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Ha! You little sap suckin' mother-

                         I'll beat his ass soon as we clear
                         the Fatherland. How'n the fuck are
                         we gonna squeeze--

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         I ditched the spare for your packs
                         but... wait, did you leave your
                         other luggage, old timer?

                         No, kid, fuck the packs, look, we
                         got three plus--

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Shove the girls in, you boys make
                         the scene on the rails. Anybody
                         stops us we gotta kill everybody. I
                         don't got time for this, you
                         assholes, You're gonna get me
                         drilled, pablo, I mean...

                             (Slamming the door)

               Again with the powerful span of shot; Tex rides the side of
               the beetle behind the driver, Delbert forward and John rear
               on the other side. They truck down the road, beneath a pale
               German moon, the bloody scraps of John's clothes fluttering. 


               All the cameras show still, still footage. Doktor Muller
               comes to us sparky over the intercom.

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         They're gone.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Zvey are schtill not wer far. Zhere
                         ist no, no schport.

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Sport? This is the backbreaking
                         research of--

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Somevone hit him.

               There is a healthy ruckus on the other end of the intercom,
               followed by a brief but wild feedback squeal.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Doo vould lechture me on tze

               He stands, pacing hard, passing screens. An SS Guard has
               entered, gently opening and closing the door.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Doo vould, fuck, doo,

               Here we go subtitles as he goes ballistic

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         You would tell me, of all people,
                         of all of his furher's most
                         trusted, loyal servants, you would
                         lecture me in that pig English
                         shit!? Oh, it's tea time in fucking
                         Dresden! You shit eating ass! You
                         want to tell me how to serve MY
                         ORDERS, which are MY ORDERS, you
                         get that straight! You get that
                         straight right now! I run this
                         whole show! I run it for MY REICH
                         and I answer to MY REICH and my
                         Reich does not answer to YOU! OR
                         ANY PAPER PUSHING, REPORT FILING
                         FLUNKIE THAT THEY'VE SENT FRESH
                         FROM HITLER YOUTH TO FAIL ME!!

               The SS Guard has approached, gently attempting to gain
               Taubert's attention. He is utterly ignored.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         YOU NEVER QUESTION ME EVER!
                         Somebody, somebody train a gun on
                         him. Muller? You looking down the
                         barrel of a gun? Are you?

               The SS Guard tries again as Doktor Muller gives a cry through
               the intercom. It's like Taubert sees him, recognizes him, and
               then starts hitting him with his little riding crop.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Don't you ever, ever, EVER think
                         you know anything, anything at all
                         about what I'm doing here--

                                   SS GUARD KARL
                         Sir, you said when the time was up
                         to make sure...

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Oh. Right.

               Commandant Taubert shoots the SS Guard in the face,
               remorselessly, watching almost bored as the body crumples.
               The guard watching Muller wants to shoot him so bad that he
               drools a little.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         That man in here, who just died?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         He died so you did not have to. He
                         can be your jesus. Freidrich?

               A powerful voice emanates from the intercom, affirmative.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Very Well. Release the bats.

               At this we push out of the castle to


               On a nice wide buzz, so that we can see the monstrous bug
               rising from a helicopter pad inside the castle. It's huge, a
               great mechanical cicada bug, fierce and steely. It thumps and
               shakes the air, that ultra low thwip thwip thip that's
               crashed way down underneath thwup thwup twup, powering
               itsself up into the hazy air. A fire has started somewhere.

                         So you tellin' me she dreamed all

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         That's what she told me, man. She
                         knew my name.

               As the giant bug like nazi death machine draws into view, Tex
               leans into the car. 

                         Hey, lady, how much of this did you

                                   CHANDA INDIRA
                         Oh, child, my dream ended when John
                         made it out of my room without
                         being shot.

                         Oh, that's just gonna be real
                         helpful. You wanna trade some god
                         damn recipes?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         You knock that off, you hillbilly
                         prick! You get off barking at a
                         blind lady?

                         Jesus, you're blind too? You don't
                         even get to watch me tear this big
                         ol' thing apart?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Hey, Tex, let's havr a poke at it,
                         huh? Hey, uh, drive good kid. Real
                         fuckin' good.

               John motions for Delbert's Mauser, then climbs the car to get
               a prone position, kind of wrapping the car in a balancing
               hug. He opens it up as the car jolts over a bump, it's
               ricochet on the armor resounding.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         Oh that was shit!! I was robbed!
                         You gotta give me a fucking

               No one else seems to care as John dramatically cocks his
               rifle. The rifle pops again, flopping off the roof of the
               car. Delbert makes a sour face as John simply sets his jaw
               and pulls out his Colt Nineteen Eleven. He aims again and we
               somehow hear the bullet hitting flesh. The big mechanical bug
               begins to wobble in the sky.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         I got it! I fucking got it!!
                         Delbert, did you fucking see that
                         it's like I just--

               As John follows the rest of their gaze, it crashes on him as
               hard as it hits us, the clank and splinter of wooden doors as
               we make the door into the gloom of 


               With the wood chips still almost afly, hanging among the
               sawdust particles and grit. Tex runs back to the door and
               watches the giant mechanical cicada spin, swirl, explode on
               the ground.

                         Yeah! Look at that! Son of a bitch,
                         John! Shit, Delbert, is that a
                         smile on you or is your face

               Delbert's stoic face is tinged with the tiniest of smiles.
               Benny is already starting the black prop plane.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         That's bloody well right, dammit.

               Doktor Indira runs to the broken door of the hangar. She
               looks at the smouldering, burning wreck of the nazi war
               machine, the small black plane in the hangar, her mother,
               then back to Tex.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I swear to you, on all my dead
                         ancestors, and even the ones that
                         are just blind and old and sick,
                         from now until the day I die, I am
                         your woman.

               Tex smiles, looks at her.

                         Good lookin' plane there. 

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Yeah, it's a prototype, agent. They
                         call it stealth. Supposed to bounce

                         So that's what we've got covering
                         us? A black coat of paint?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Look, man, the real thing we've got
                         going for us here is that anybody
                         who finds you couldn't possibly 
                         believe what you've done. Himmler's
                         castle in the heart of Germany? The
                         powers that be couldn't possibly
                         believe you made it all the way in
                         here, let alone all the way back

               They load Purnima, Chanda, and the girl Delbert pulled from
               the cage into the plane. 

                         Get in, youngster.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         You off your rocker alligator?

                         Kid, they're gonna catch you and
                         kill you.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         They ain't never catchin' me. I'm
                         too damn smooth, old timer. Next
                         time you cats come to the
                         Fatherland we gonna be jiggin' it
                         up with the real Benny Goodman. You
                         sure you can fly this thing?

                         You bet your newsie lookin' ass,
                         Benny. Listen, thank you for all
                         your help.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         You tryin' to get sentimental on
                         me, agent?

               Tex says it all with his eyes and his smile as he shakes
               young Benny's hand. John and Delbert follow suit. We pan and
               pull way out, watching the plane lift off from Wewelsburg.


               Taubert is throwing random junk across the room. He pulls a
               luger and shoots the screens for the closed circuit security,
               blowing several of them out. He storms towards the door,
               opens it, screams at the SS Guard outside.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Bring Doktor Muller NOW!!

                                   SS GUARD MORITZ
                         Already on the way sir.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         You almost killed me of shock
                         there, officer. A spark of
                         competence after all!

                                   SS GUARD MORITZ
                         Thank you sir.

               Doktor Muller enters, dragged with a fresh bandage on his
               gunshot wound up towards the throne, where Taubert is seated
               like a wizened nazi Conan.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Guard. Leave. Now.

               The guards exit, quick, quiet, afraid of Taubert.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Well, Doktor, what do you have to
                         say for yourself?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         When I report to Himmler of your
                         grotesque failure here, what would
                         you like me to tell him?

               We can see the rage and sense of abuse in Muller's eye. He
               chokes down hard on his horrible emotion.

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         That I, sir, that I...
                             (Wipes his brow)
                         Sir, that I...
                             (Looks at wound)
                         That I did everything I could, I
                         gave my all, and I would gladly die
                         for the reich.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         How gladly?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Very gladly sir.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         And would you kill for the furher?
                         As well as die?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Of course, sir.

               Taubert studies him a long moment.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         How could you even suggest using
                         those American buffoons for
                         anything more than target practice!
                         For sport? SPORT? That's not sport,
                         Muller, it's a waste of money.

                                   DOKTOR MULLER

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         You shut the fuck up when I'm
                         taliking, god dammit!! The next
                         time you breach protocol to satisfy
                         your own damn fool curiosity, I'm
                         going to see if you'll die for the
                         Reich. Or kill. Because you will
                         kill, Doktor,
                         You will kill yourself, you stupid


               Like laxative for blood

               INT. PLANE

                         You know doc, sometimes I hate the

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         How could you hate the moon? She's
                         the, kind of the patron saint of
                         your kind...

                         You know somethin' about my kind,

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Yeah, thing or two actually.

                         And what kind of guy do you think I

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA


                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I said half. As in, I really don't
                         think you qualify as just one of
                         the guys.

                         Fair enough.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         It's not really like you're just a
                         pack hound either. How could you
                         hate the moon?

                         Well, go 'head and look out that
                         window right there, and tell me
                         about her. What you can see.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Well, we're quite certain that it's
                         made of some form of volcanic rock.

                         No, no, tell me how it looks.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Well, it's big...


                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         And round...

                         Go on.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         And it's, it's beautiful, Tex.

                         There we go.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         You hate the moon because it's

                         Well, you see that big hunk a
                         cheese in the sky moves me to my
                         very soul, sugar. Shakes me, makes
                         me wanna do wild shit, y'know? I
                         mean, I know why the dogs howl for
                         her. And why women's cycles are
                         moved by it. And the ocean. But
                         sometimes I look up at old
                         gorgeous, and I kind of lose it,
                         lady. I see all that natural
                         beauty, that free, incredible
                         spectacle. I mean look at her, doc,
                         she's amazing. I mean, can you not
                         tell me she's amazing? Well, see,
                         there it is. Free up there for
                         everybody. Everybody in the world.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Even the...

                         That's right, even the soulless,
                         dickless nazi bastards we just
                         yanked you away from get to see
                         her. And all they gotta do is go
                         outside and look. And for that
                             (Looks at her)
                         For that I wanna take every last
                         one of their god damn eyes.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Not one for sharing, huh?

                         Not with those sons of bitches.


               Commandant Taubert watches emaciated slaves repair and
               replace his closed circuit security. Doktor Muller hobbles up
               to him, full of fear and hate. We of course have subtitles.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Herr Doktor.

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Commandant, you wanted to see me?

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Well, no, I wanted to see a
                         replacement for you, but... You 
                         have surveyed the lab?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Yes, sir.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         And you have seen the basement?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Of course, sir.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         But you still have the files, yes?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Yes sir. Complete and intact.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         And you were saying, what, that the
                         weapon can still be completed?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Well, sir, the thing is that she
                         was close. Real close.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         How close?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Well, in all actuality, the project
                         isn't that far out. 

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         So, you are telling me we may yet
                         have a product to test on the
                         allied scum before we win the war?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Well, the trouble I'm running into
                         is that I still lack a specific
                         conjunction of reagents. I can make
                         this thing work, but I need another 
                         sample, and they stole our last

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         All of them?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         No, the, the other ones were all
                         dead already. The only one we have
                         left disappeared in that tiny car.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Shit. What am I supposed to do,
                         round up another one? You know how
                         RARE these beasts are?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Well, sir, It's not like I need a
                         full grown one.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         What the fuck do you mean?

                                   DOKTOR MULLER
                         Sir, I need one, ah, in vitro.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT

               He pauses at this. His countenance regains some semblance of
               self control and he takes a deep breath.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Doktor, fix my shot. And when you
                         are done, bring me the telephone.

               Doktor Muller slinks out of the room before Taubert can find
               a method or excuse to hurt him again.


               Gertrude Halse packs lackadaisically, apathetically throwing
               clothing into her big black luggage. That's when Raymond
               Sussex bursts in.

                                   RAYMOND SUSSEX
                         Good, you're already mostly packed.
                         Listen, Gertrude, I've got the most
                         ominous feeling about tonight...

               Too little Too late, the door pops right back open and in
               strolls Treasurer Grant, followed by Dieter Griebe.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Raymond! Well, I suppose I should
                         be explaining all this to you in
                         detail, some reason for what I'm
                         doing, but...

               He waves a slight wave at Dieter, who directly shoots

                                   TREASURER GRANT (CONT'D)
                         And you, my delicate flower,

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         Get on the fucking floor, bitch.

               He grabs her violent by the hair. She screams, then is
               silenced by Dieter in a quick motion a syringe in her.

                                   DIETER GRIEBE (CONT'D)
                         She's it?

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         No, no, we've got the wrong people.
                         Pick her the fuck up you stupid
                         turd! Now! I'm calling the cleanup
                         crew right now. Hurry, you fucking

               Grant heads to the phone on the dresser, and we fade out
               while Dieter begins to lift Gertrude up.

               EXT. LACKLAND AFB

               We watch from far out as the plane descends towards the
               airstrip and lands. The lot of them climb out, an odd clump
               of strange looking people on the tarmac.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         My soul for a hot bath.

                         Tell you what little missy,
                             (Stops, looks at her)
                         I'll point you in the direction of
                         the ladies room without even so
                         much as collateral for your soul.

               It's like the first time she has ever smiled, and the warmth
               of it even surprises her.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Thank you, Tex. I just need a bath
                         and a spot to dump off mom and we
                         can get right into it.

                         Miss, don't you think you might
                         wanna take a day or two to get your
                         head straight?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         No. Matter of fact hell no, Tex.
                         You know what I want?
                         Tex, I want blood.

                         I like your attitude Doctor.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Thanks. What kind of labs are we
                         working with here? You boys got
                         some kind of centrifuge?

                         Uhm... Sure. I'm sure there's the
                         finest the U.S. Military can offer
                         scientifically... What would you
                         need a centrifuge for?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I need to separate specimens in an
                         order to get the banding right. The
                         amino acids need to be isolated
                         without ultraviolet so the nutrinos
                         aren't tampering with the shift. I
                         wanna watch the blood itself during
                         change but...

                         What the hell are you talking

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Well, you said you wanted to hire
                         me, right? You said there was a job
                         offer here.

                         Well, yeah, but first off, that's
                         all greek to me. I don't have the
                         slightest clue what you mean except
                         for the ultraviolet thing.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Right, and there's a sun and moon
                         thing, like, Tex, you know
                         moonlight is just reflected

                         My, how monotheistic of you.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Right? So, if I'm to develope a
                         serum, I'm gonna need--

                         Serum? What serum?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         The serum to, look, didn't they
                         brief you on what we were doing?

               Tex opens the door for Doktor Indira, and the whole crew
               moves into the 

               INT. LACKLAND AFB

               Without letting the conversation pause.

                         Yeah. Gettin' pulled out of there
                         by Tex Rockler and his nazi killing
                         crew. That's what you were doing.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         No, I mean, okay, look, the serum
                         would be used to create a super
                         soldier. One not afraid of guns,
                         knives, a, a war machine, Tex.

                         Oh. Wait. I see. Guys? You meet me
                         in Raymond's office?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         You got it. We'll get Chanda
                         straight to medical, along with the
                         youngster there.

                         For sure. She alive?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         The girl? Sure. Catatonic, but...

                         Gotcha. I won't be long. Doctor?

               Tex and Doktor Indira break off from the group down another
               hallway. They approach a men's room.

                                   TEX (CONT'D)
                         Gimme a sec.

               Tex walks in, we wait a second. He comes back out and motions
               her into the restroom.

               INT. MEN'S ROOM

               Tex shuts the door and turns a lock. He peels off his
               clothing and Doktor Indira is instantly uncomfortable.

                         Oh, don't you wish. I'm just trying
                         to save my shirt. I'ma show you why
                         we were sent to get you. I mean,
                         you get that, if you shoot anybody
                         with a silver bullet, there's gonna
                         be a hole in 'em? Like if you shot
                         Joe Schmoe on the street, with a
                         silver bullet, it'll kill 'em?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA

               His clothes hung up, he stretches, and stretches, and
               stretches. He is massive, hunched up beneath the eight foot
               ceiling. His shaggy gold coat and green, human eyes glint in
               the dingy yellow bathroom. She is entranced, astounded.

                         Well, a silver bullet'll fuck my
                         shit up, but if you wanna try
                         straight round from a pistol, I'll
                         let you. Startin' to get to be like
                         bee stings anyway.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         You're huge. And you're not talking
                         out loud.

                         I'm not am I? Shit.

               She approaches and puts a hand on his massive, hirsute arm. a
               smile creeps over her. 

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I've never seen one so healthy
                         before. You already have the serum?

                         Serum? Ma'am, I'm from Texas.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         You're telling me you aren't a

                         Well I most definitely am a

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         But you were... You were born this
                         way, like our specimens...


               He shifts down into a wolf, sits on his haunches.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Hey, look, they were gonna kill my
                         mom, man. I'm sorry to be selfish,
                         but what would you do?

                         You do have a point there. No, I
                         get it. The way those bastards
                         operate is pretty evil.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         How fast can you move like that?

               She is still touching him, petting the huge golden hound.

                         Yeah, behind the ears, and under
                         the chin. Oh, yeah... it's like a
                         big tongue but ah... I can...
                         that's good... I can do a mile in a
                         minute with terrain.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         So... for a job...

                             (His leg is kicking)
                         Ah... Yeah well, we're in the
                         interest of developing the existing

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Elastic backed body armor.


                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Silver rounds right? Well... Body
                         armor. We'll take measurements for
                         your change... How many of you are

                         Near as I know, three.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         See, the nazis had me developing a
                         system or serum or, well, the means
                         didn't matter, but like, a program
                         to give the, the gene, y'know? The
                         changings to already loyal troops.
                         Get me to my files.


               John and Delbert enter, the receptionist is a smartly dressed
               woman behind a large metal desk. John and Delbert both salute

                         Why good afternoon, gentlemen. What
                         can I do for you?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Mister Sussex, please.

                         Oh I'm sorry, I'm afraid he's
                         stepped out.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Would it be a bother if we wait
                         here for the rest of our crew?

                         No problem, boys. Have a seat.

               John and Delbert twiddle their thumbs a bit until Tex enters.

                         Boys? What's the hold up?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         He's not here.


                         Mister Sussex isn't in right now
                         sir. May I leave a message?

                         No, no message, where the hell is

                         I'm sorry sir, I'm not at liberty
                         to discuss his whereabouts.

                         Log my security, miss, Alpha Delta
                         Alpha Seven One Nine. I understand
                         that information is provided on a
                         need to know basis, but you can
                         take it too the bank I need to

               She thumbs a rolodex and looks up at him warily.

                         Mister Sussex has gone to the Saint
                         Anthony Hotel.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Let's get ramblin', eh?

                         Aw, John, that was so cute. Fuggin'
                         hilarious with that cockney accent
                         of yours but, yeah, thank you miss.


               As the three of them pull up, sirens wail and the lobby
               buzzes with people. We overhear bits of conversation
               involving gunshot noise, thumps, the smell of chaos.

                         I don't like this shit one bit.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         What the hell are we looking at?

               None of them speak as they exit the car.


               We cross the foyer, passing the rich doors.


               The boys approach the lobby and see Colonel Hetfield
               scurrying up to them right away, having instantly recognized

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Boys!! Boys, Tex, damn, it's good
                         to see you, damn... You are a sight
                         for sore eyes, Texan.

                                                                CUT TO:


                         Uncle. Uncle, I don't think you've
                         formally met the boys. This is
                         Special Agent Delbert Yazzie and
                         Sergeant John Westcroft. Men, I'd
                         like you to meet my uncle Colonel
                         Dale Stewart Hetfield. I'm not sure
                         if you caught their names proper
                         last time.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                             (Shaking their hands)
                         Guys it's, it's a real pleasure.
                         I've heard so much about you. I'm,
                         listen, this breaks my heart, guys,
                         come, come on and sit down. We
                         gotta have us a little pow wow.

                         What's up?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         It's been real rough here on the
                         homefront, boys. I've got some
                         terrible news, and I can't really
                         candy coat it, so I'm gonna let it
                         rip, right here. They killed Ray.

                         Oh god dammit...

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Look, just, just sit back down,
                         Tex. Ya'll stay put now, cause this
                         next parts a bitch. John, they took
                         your wife.

                         Didn't know you had a wife.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Neither did I. What do you mean, my

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         The gal? The little lady what's
                         been stayin' here, Raymond
                         introduced you? Grant was talking
                         all about her.
                         I mean, it was like yesterday, he
                         was tellin' me about your wife,
                         John. You are John Halse, right?

               Tex begins to laugh, sick, sad, fierce. John shakes his head
               and Delbert gives a real genuine smile.

                         Oh, I, I bet that was a shitty
                         date, man...
                             (Wiping eyes, then flips)
                         And now Sussex's FUCKING DEAD!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Sir, my last name is Westcroft.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well ain't that a conundrum.

                         So they stole his fake wife? And
                         why didn't you say somethin', John,
                         I thought you said your whole
                         family had died back on the farm,
                         back in sheep shagger land--

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Tex, she didn't exactly propose to
                         me in the hotel there. I'm not
                         married, I just barely met the
                         girl, but I wasn't that drunk, we
                         didn't go to a priest.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well, maybe you damn should have,
                         son. Cause they took her, and they
                         took her cause she's got your seed.

                         Damn, uncle, how do you know all

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Cause he called me to gloat about
                         it. From a little dock right
                         outside of Houston. About four
                         hours ago.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Who, dammit, who called you to

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD

                         Son of a bitch I knew it! I knew it
                         from all the way back, remember,
                         that dinner with Bert Walker down
                         here? With the singer gal? Hell,
                         what was I, eleven?

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Well, it's a good thing you
                         bothered to god damn say anything
                         about it, Tex.

                         Where the fuck are they?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Yeah? Let's smash some fucking
                         heads! You said they're only four
                         hours away!

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         I don't think you're getting it.
                         They told me where they're going
                         and how they're getting there. The
                         tour boat they're on will debark in
                         Morocco, and they take a leisurely
                         tour. Right back.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         So we know where, but not really

                         Looks like we need to get word to
                         Benny Goodman.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Right, turn on the phonograph and
                         get drunk. Nice and positive, Tex.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         He means our intel contact. We'll
                         need Raymond's files.

               INT. LACKLAND AFB R&D LAB

               Doktor Indira measures John, Delbert and Tex, while making
               notes on a combination blueprint/sewing pattern. Colonel
               Hetfield flips files and watches the men go into their huge
               half-wolf stage, then wolf stage, then flipping more pages.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD
                         Got it here, Benny Goodman, and
                         over there it is... It is right
                         about business time at the laundry.

               He dials a million numbers making the international call.

                                   COLONEL HETFIELD (CONT'D)
                         Ah, shit, ah, schprecken pleezen
                         der Benny Goodman, Yah?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Oh, jesus, this can't be
                         Scarborough... Look prank caller
                         prank caller, don't call here...

               John snatches the phone from Colonel Hetfield.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Benny this is Agent, over.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Shit, what do you want you cheeky
                         bastard? This is applesauce! You
                         imbeciles are gonna cook my goose!

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Love that lip on you, cad. Now
                         listen, we're coming back to burn
                         the pumpkin patch down. You follow

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Yeah, yeah, baby. I'm pickin' up
                         what you're layin' down. I'm
                         chowin' down what you're throwin
                         up. I'm scarfin' what your barfin'.
                         What time you wanna make the scene?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Soon, real soon, junior. Now we've
                         got a spot of real trouble with a
                         certain individual coming into

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Oh, the foreign dignitary? They say
                         he's from Italy, but dig this, he's
                         from Texas.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         You love your job, don't you?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Love my job sir. Positively
                         infatuated. Well, I love all my
                         jobs, but this one shakes the tail
                         feather. Anyway, before you started
                         telling me how good my racket was,
                         I was showin' you. I pick up the
                         Italian Embassador of devastating
                         bebop or whatever, his niece, and
                         his nephew in Stuttgart on friday.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Three days then. We'll see you in

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Same pickup? Same crew?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         We're just in the pocket, huh?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN

               The phone clanks down, and Doktor Indira puts a field syringe
               in his hand.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         All right, let me just check my
                         findings. Vulnerabilities

                         Silver. Fire. Well, except for John
                         here, sorta.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Not what's inside a train engine,
                         but I can roll in a campfire and
                         walk out, yeah.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         The claws and teeth of one of your
                         own kind?

                         Make a note, Doc, that those'll
                         work even if separated from one of
                         our own kind.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Also total physical disassembly.

                         Yeah, blend one of us up real fine,
                         yeah, that'll do it.

                         Painted bullets.

                         Delbert I'm assuming you don't mean
                         a can of sears and roebuck
                         whitewash, man, you wanna

                         Bullets painted with the ashes of a
                         holy man.

                         Well, at this point it seems more
                         economical to melt the crosses than
                         the clergy.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         The most usable of these seems to
                         be silver, in my research.
                         Although Delbert, I will make a
                         note of your suggestion. Now...
                             (Gestures toward syringe)
                         Ever been shot?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Hundreds of times.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         God, you just wave it around, huh?
                         No, jackass, ever shot yourself?
                         With one of these?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         No, what's the process?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         You bite it and stab yourself with

               She demonstrates, he seems to get it.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         What's in it?

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Oh, just a little bacteria that
                         eats silver. And the oxides it

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         I'm not going to act like I won't
                         lose a limb if I don't ask, so,

                         Right here.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         This is going to hurt. Maybe like
                         nothing that has ever hurt before.

               He shows her some skin and she shanks hard.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA (CONT'D)
                         Do it, do it!

               He writhes in pain, screaming. He fumbles blindly, managing
               at last to awkwardly stick himself with the field syringe. It
               seems to do nothing for him.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Change around it!! Shift the spot!!

               Muscle and bone alters, and the silver wound belches smoke
               and  blood. Soon, it's a tiny, faint scar line.

                                   DOKTOR INDIRA
                         Now, the body armor is folding,
                         sliding plate system. You aren't a
                         uniform size, so...

               INT. ZEPPELIN, NIGHT

               The sky over Wewelsburg is alive with a gunshot. The assorted
               passengers scream as Tex flings a uniformed nazi through a
               window. We get his jagged subtitles again.

                         You tell them everything you saw!

               And with that, Tex, John, and Delbert jump out after the
               corpse, straight down into the same patch of forest they
               landed in earlier. Baggy clothing shreds to reveal a black
               stretchy armor, gear tucked into close fitting bags. They
               head for the road. Benny wordlessly drives out. This time,
               the boys climb right in through a sewer grate, Tex snatching
               the cover open, fast change rippling. They steal into a
               hallway and Delbert silently spins a guard's head clean off.
               They pack off, John taking lead. They split at a juncture,
               disappearing in their dull black armor.


               Torches burn off oily smoke, casting sputtering light. A
               guard yawns and then turns toward a tiny sound, towards us.
               It becomes a "psst" in the black.

                                   SS GUARD HENDRIK

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         Hey what's it doing?

                                   SS GUARD HENDRIK
                         Identify Yourself!

               As the guard approaches, we see Tex behind him, stretching
               into the massive half wolf, now clad in black armor, stalking
               down the corridor.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         I don't really think you need to
                         worry about me so much. Now This
                         other guy here, This is Tex. He's
                         from Connecticut. 

               The guard flies a burst of sub machine gun fire into the
               dark, and a lucky shot plies a scream from John. Tex charges,
               shreds the poor bastard. Delbert brings the torch down the
               way, and we watch John shooting himself in the dim light with
               the syringe. The anti-silver takes effect as he shudders. His
               face has been hit, and he bubbles back up most of it.

                         Don't you ever fuckin' joke about
                         be me bein' from Connecticut again,
                         god dammit.

               John's face is back enough to smile, sick under blood and
               steadily altering muscle.


               Where we see Gertrude Halse tied to a chair. Doktor Muller
               prepares syringes and the video monitors flicker. Treasurer
               Grant and Dieter Griebe watch Taubert as he talks to Gertrude
               despite her unconsciousness. 

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT
                         Ah. Zhat you could shee zhe froot
                         of your loinz.
                             (Subtitled, now )
                         Bring to me the first volunteer!

               Muller shoots up an SS guard, who immediately begins to
               shift. Taubert begins to laugh.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Look here! Look at the new breed of
                         the reich! The proof that the Aryan
                         is the supreme man! Look at me!!

               The other guards watch in stunned silence. Taubert shoots the
               changing guard, then holds him with the look in his eyes. The
               hairy, unstable thing spits the bullet and a little smoke. It
               is somehow obedient through its frenzy.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         Make no mistake! I still hold your
                         very lives in my hand!

               He pulls a different gun and executes the first of the new
               breed of SS soldier. He weeps.

                                   COMMANDANT TAUBERT (CONT'D)
                         You must kill your babies, men. Now
                         line up for your shots, and pay
                         attention to the security vision
                         screens. That is what you hunt.

               You wanna go in through the monitor? Descend through the
               floors? Either way, let's make the scene at


               Where Tex and Delbert and John systematically sweep the room,
               stretchy, wolf shaped black metal blurs tumbling death. They
               scramble stairs, shuffle the hall and burst into


               Where they dump a load of explosive and hide a bundle of TNT
               with a timer. The sound of the howling and scrabbling rises
               up, then the mutated SS half-wolves explode into the room.
               The scrap is fierce. Their weapons are their claws and teeth,
               and we see the resilience of the armor and the experience of
               Tex, Delbert, and John working as a team, as a trained pack.
               They storm up towards the throne room, where we see Deiter
               Griebe and Treasurer Grant bolt down a separate hallway
               Delbert and John chase down Griebe and Grant, while John
               storms up to the throne room.

               INT. DOKTOR INDIRA'S LAB

               Griebe and Grant stumble into the lab, knocking over
               equipment in their panic.

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         Where the fuck are we? Where's the
                         way out? I thought you said you
                         knew where we were going!

                                   DIETER GRIEBE
                         I did! Didn't you see those things
                         that were down there? Where is a
                         guard, or guard's gun? A silver--

               The door erupts, spitting Tex and Delbert volcanic into the
               small lab. Tex wraps a claw around Grant's head, holds him

                         Where is she?

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         You piece of shit. You know right
                         where she is. You can smell her.
                         You really just wanted to--
                         To stop and torture me. Or did you
                         really want to ask me something?

                         How could you? Sell your country,
                         your SOUL, damn, I mean, what did
                         they offer you?

                                   TREASURER GRANT
                         In the States, I can be a senator,
                         maybe even president. I was gonna
                         be the King of Texas, get it? A
                         KING! Come to think of it, I think
                         I still will.

               He pulls a gun and shoots Tex in the leg. As he does, Tex
               howls and twists his arm off. Dieter Griebe dies at Delbert's
               hands, quick, quiet.

                         Texas ain't never gonna have no
                         king, you piece of shit. You
                         obviously have missed the whole
                         point of the Lone Star State.

               Tex lets him scream for a minute. He casts a long look at the
               semi-burnt pile of files. He eviscerates Grant, tosses the
               body in disgust.


               Commandant Taubert's elbows hang over the side of the chair,
               the security screens casting blue in the room. Doktor Muller
               is nowhere to be found. A flutter of black passes through the
               lit area, a vague blur. Gertrude Halse sleeps in her bonds,
               snoring in her chair.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         So you gonna shoot yourself up?
                         Gonna take some of that stolen
                         serum and see if you can stand up
                         against me?

               A scratch of feet and a location of voice change.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)
                         Well stand up!! Climb on up from
                         man, to share turnskin blood!!

               He is preternaturally fast spinning the throne, a massive
               black weapon whipping the chair in a tight half cyclone. The
               gun flies from his limp hand, clacking to the floor across
               the room. We get the close up on Taubert's face, smoking hole
               and blood soaked chair. He has committed suicide.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT (CONT'D)

               He goes over to Gertrude, unties her, throws her over her


               The boys trundle down the hill as the bomb goes off, blowing
               down most of one tower.

                         Wish we had more dynamite.

               They meet back with Benny as we see parts of town in the
               distance bustle. They all fit in the car this time. They
               arrive again at the abandoned airport hanger. Gertrude wakes
               up in the car.

                                   GERTRUDE HALSE
                         Oh my god... Where, where are we?

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         We're a long way from home, lady.
                         But we're on our way. Come on out,
                         come on, lets look at the plane.

                         Amazed they aren't on to you, kid.

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Hell, cat, they probly are. Thing
                         is, I don't think they care. It's
                         like, I'm a special guy.

                         Still, you don't think you should
                         maybe, at least check the car?

                                   BENNY GOODMAN
                         Sure, jack. Dig my blinker.

               As Benny hits the blinker, the fine automobile erupts in a
               huge gout of flame. The fire catches the plane, which erupts
               as well. John has covered Gertrude, but Benny is a charred
               skeleton. We take a long pull out and watch the smoke pillar
               up into the gloom.

                                   JOHN WESTCROFT
                         How the hell are we gonna get home?

                         How the hell are we gonna get out
                         of Germany?

               EXT. HARBOR, NEW YORK CITY

               We hear the seagulls and the ringing bell that we always hear
               at the docks. A fishing boat pulls in, and we see John,
               Gertrude, Tex and Delbert about to get off the boat.

                         All right. Three hundred dollars
                         and passage. If ye ever decide to
                         sail again, you know where to find

               Tex and John have grown long beards, and they are all
               toughened by the sea and the sun and the voyage. As they make
               their way into the city, people are cheering, leaning on car
               horns, celebrating.

                         What, what's happening here?

                         You haven't heard? It's over!! The
                         war is over, we won!!

               As they enter New York, we pan up over the city, the ticker
               tape parade, and the sound of the city celebrating victory.

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                         THE END

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