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                                   WEEPING UNDER A TREE


                                       Andrew Keil


               EXT. PARK - NIGHT

               In the twilight of autumn, in the dusk of embrace, LUNA and
               DAVID meander aimlessly.  There passion and innocence shines
               as they share a short but meaningful kiss, contrasted by the
               growing darkness in a suburban park.  Brown and gold leaves
               blow past them as the teens come upon a pond.

                         A lake of enchantment I assume.

               Luna indicates the small pond with the tip of her pale white

                         You are a fairy tale, and just as
                         lovely.  But we have not yet come
                         to what I have to show you.

               David smiles innocently, with a certain roguish aura that
               beguiles Luna.

                         A surprise, my love, and perhaps
                         something more... 

               Luna blushes, her fair complexion turning a light red.  She
               follows David, trusting him with all her soul.  They come to
               a clearing, with a large, gnarly tree in the midst of the
               circle.  Luna takes a step, then looks down at her feet to
               see what she has stepped on.  Abruptly, her eyes widen and
               her jaw opens to utter a painful SCREAM.

                             (Rushes to Luna)
                         Dear God Luna, something has gone
                         wrong here!

               David holds Luna.  They both shiver in their embrace.

                                                                CUT TO:

               A heart beats upon the ground, and black roses
               instantaneously grow out of the ground surrounding it.

                                                                CUT TO:
               The TREE begins to bleed.  The blood oozes down the tree, its
               taint running onto the ground.  A heart has been carved into
               the trunk, with an arrow through it and the words "Luna &
               David."  David and Luna, meanwhile, cower in terror.  They
               hear a distant splashing of water, and look in the direction
               of the pond.

                                                                CUT TO:
               A FIGURE closely resembling a man but more accurately
               described as a zombie moves steadily toward the clearing,
               where the teens have been forced to the ground, paralyzed
               with some supernatural fear.  The figure stops in front of
               the pair.

                         The hour of the lord has come, your
                         flesh will be the flesh of

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               EXT. PARK - DAY

               A middle-aged woman walks along her usual path in the early
               morning.  Her shirt is red and reads in black letters POWER. 
               She stumbles on the path, and then she falls on the ground in
               the process spraining her ankle.  She opens her eyes through
               the pain to see a container of MIRACLE GROW spilt open on the
               ground in front of her.  Something is growing on it.  She
               blinks, manages to get up, and takes a side path.

                                   MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN
                         Maybe this path will lead me closer
                         to the outside of the park.

               She limps onward, and the path she takes grows dense with the
               foliage of trees, until she comes upon an ominous clearing.

               ANGLE: CLOSE UP OF HER FACE

               The woman's mouth slacks open, her white teeth exposed.  Her
               eyes dilate over and over, and her body quivers. 
               Her hair starts to fall out and she visibly ages, and we
               finally see the monstrosity before her...

                                                                CUT TO:

               The TREE now appears as something out of a horrific painting,
               its base containing the bodies of the two lovers torn from
               their embrace.  Cracks in the earth surrounding it gleam
               darkly, as if they lead directly to hell.  The woman
               approaches now as nothing more than a skeleton, and stands
               next to the TREE as its guard.  

               EXT. LARGE CITY - DAWN

               As the OPENING CREDITS scroll across, the urban city and the
               suburbia surrounding it darken and decay.  A transformation

               Building turn into towers, houses into cottages, malls into
               markets.  The majority of technology is lost.


               A teenage boy sleeps on a bed in a small bedroom.  His walls
               are covered with heavy metal posters, a desk near in front of
               one wall has a computer which is currently off, and the
               shelves surrounding it are lined with books, movies, and CDs.

               The boy begins to wake:

                             (Tosses and turns, then
                              sits up)
                         Dammit, I can't sleep!

               Kyle throws off the bed sheets, then gets out of bed
               revealing a mildly muscled shirtless body with black sweat
               pants.  Without a glance in the mirror on his door or an
               adjustment of his messy black bed hair or the addition of a
               shirt to his body, he opens the door and walks out into the


               As Kyle walks down the hallway he doesn't seem to notice that
               the dry wall in his bedroom has been replaced with log
               sidings, nor that the family photos are now artists'
               renderings, nor the lack of a heater which has made
               goosebumps appear on his back.

               He walks into what was once a modern day KITCHEN and now
               nothing more than a few cupboards and counters, a small
               fireplace with a pot set over it, and a line of hanging meats
               in the style of a butchery.

               Kyle turns toward where the refrigerator once was and now
               just current emptiness, stops, blinks with a puzzled look on
               his face and yells

                         Mom!  Where the hell is the

               Kyle's mom enters the kitchen, dressed as a kitchen maid.

                                   KYLE'S MOTHER
                         I'm right here Kyle, what are you
                         so upset about?

               She moves to the fireplace, grabs a ready to cook chicken on
               the nearby counter, and places it into the pot above the fire

                         I think I need a Coke, I'm just not
                         waking up this morning.

               Kyle rubs his eyes, then turns around in the room looking for
               the refrigerator as if it had been deliberately hidden from

                                   KYLE'S MOTHER
                         What are you talking about dear?  A
                         Coke?  Have you lost your mind? 
                         Why don't you go outside to the
                         well and get a pale of water that
                         we can drink with breakfast?

               Kyle rubs his eyes again, shakes his head, and opens the door
               out of the kitchen muttering

                         Just like a woman, redesign the
                         whole goddamn house while I'm
                         sleeping just to freak me out...

               EXT. KYLE'S HOME - CONTINUOUS

               As he walks outside he sees a strange sight:

               Instead of a small backyard with walls separating his home
               from the homes of others, he sees trees everywhere, with dirt
               paths going into the surrounding woods.  Another small cabin
               is seen in the distance, and smoke rises from its chimney.

               To the left of him is a well, nearby is his father chopping
               some wood near a downed tree.  Kyle gawks with his mouth wide
               open, his brain trying vainly to process the changes to his


               His father, wearing some goofy (to Kyle) woodcutter's outfit,
               turns around and beckons to his son.

                                   KYLE'S FATHER
                         Hey son, glad to see your up this
                         mornin'.  I've got some chores for
                         you to do after breakfast.  I take
                         it your mother asked you to fetch
                         her some water from the well?

                         Dad, I can't understand, what has
                         happened to the city?  Where is all
                         the technology?

                                   KYLE'S FATHER
                         Are you okay son?  You're saying
                         words I don't rightly understand,
                         you possessed or somethin'?

                         Nuh, nothing dad, I'll just go get
                         some water for mom, but I don't
                         think I'll be able to do any chores
                         because I'm not feeling so well.

                                   KYLE'S FATHER
                         Well, you go lie in bed then and
                         get some rest.

               Kyle goes over to the well, stares at the thing for a minute,
               then grabs the handle, lowers the bucket, and brings up a
               pale of water.  He unties the bucket from the rope and brings
               it into his house.


                         Here mom.

               Kyle sets a pale of water on the counter near the fireplace,
               where she is baking some bread.  His mother turns around to
               face him.

                                   KYLE'S MOTHER
                         Thank you dear.

               Kyle nods, then leaves to go his room, on the way passing his
               parents room, which like the rest of his house, has now been
               changed.  He opens the door to his room, then stops.

                         Wait a second, my parents' room is
                         different, why is my room the same?

               Kyle approaches his computer, and pushes the buttons to turn
               on his computer.  It turns on.

                         How does it work, we don't even
                         have electricity!

               His desktop loads and a picture of Christina Aguilera appears
               on his background along with his desktop icons.  Kyle turns
               around again toward his bed.  A BOOK lies on his unmade bed,
               though it had not been there before.

                         Where did this book come from?

               Kyle picks up the book, its cover brown with the stylized
               title: A CLASSIC REVERSION OF SOCIETY.  He opens it.

               The pages have a gold tint, but, in contrast to the old
               fashion styling of the book, the words are typed.

               Kyle lies down on his bed, turns on the lamp next to it, and
               begins to read its contents.

               As Kyle reads, he begins to read faster, flipping pages
               eventually at a supernatural pace.  Half a minute after lying
               down, he has read the entire book.

                         Well, that explains a few things.

               He puts the book down, and the book begins to twist and turn
               insanely until it appears in focus again as a pair of
               gauntlets.  It is studded with obsidian.

               Kyle shrugs, apparently used to the parade of unusual events
               this day, and with even less regard puts them on.  They fit
               perfectly.  With a bit more magic occurring, he now wears a
               full suit of chain mail armor.  He looks pleased, but then
               looks confused, and then DISAPPEARS.

               END OF PART ONE

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