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This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. 
This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express 
written permission of the author.



                                                             FADE IN:

               EXT. DESERT TOWN  NOON

               A shot of a desert with the sun high in the background, the
               heat rays are almost entirely visible. A hawk flies in and
               out of the view.

               INT. GENERAL STORE  CONT'D

               A retail store stocked with a wide variety of merchandise.
               The STORE OWNER is sitting near a big black register, he is
               reading what appears to be sheets of paper with printed

               He looks like he is in his forties, he wears rather nice
               clothes for that certain time but he himself looks like he
               doesn't appear to have a mirror to his avail.

               He's so into the paper that he doesn't greet the man who
               walks into his store. That man is BIG GUY, he wears black
               clothes and has a black hat.

                                   BIG GUY

               Store owner slowly looks up from his paper, eyeballing the
               big guy who has a menacing look. He nods to a corner in the
               back then quickly returns his attention to his paper.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         Out there.

               Big guy stand there for a few more seconds then moves
               towards the corner.

               When there's the silence of the footsteps, a buzzing sound
               erects as if on queue.

               Store owner gets bugged by a fly.

               EXT. DESERT TOWN  CONT'D

               Beautiful but busy town, people walking around doing their
               things, mud, horses, a saloon, a prison, the typical works
               you could expect from an old western town.

               INT. GENERAL STORE  CONT'D

               Store owner tries to smash the annoying fly with his bare

               EXT. DESERT TOWN  CONT'D

               A STRANGER on a horse walks into picture accompanied by a
               DIRTY GUY, a stranger because some people are watching him
               closely. Stranger has brown clothes and a hat, underneath
               the hat there's blond hair. 30ish would be perfect. He
               looks like he is used to the looks he receives. Dirty guy
               has no taste whatsoever about clothing, you can't tell the
               age and his long hairs looks like it could be a home for

               INT. GENERAL STORE  CONT'D

               Store owner is slowly rolling up a sheet of paper.

               EXT. DESERT TOWN  CONT'D

               Stranger stops in front of the general store, looks at it,
               looks at his horse and nods at Dirty guy.

               INT. GENERAL STORE  CONT'D

               Stranger walks in, Store owner smashes the fly with the
               sheet, he slowly looks up, his newly formed grin slowly

                         Good day.

               Store owner nods once, very briefly. He watches his piece
               of paper, looks at his table, wipes the remains of the fly
               away on the end of the table. His look goes back up to the
               Stranger, on the way up stopping when viewing a gun in a
               holster. Shining.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         Nice piece.

                         Thanks, I need ammo for it.

               Store owner nods, as if he understood it all along.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         Everyone needs to have ammo

                         Ammo is necessery.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         Ammo is a rarity in this town.

                         So I have heard.

               They look at each other for a while.

               Store owner stands up and walks to the storage room.
               Stranger checks out the rest of the store whilst closely
               holding the storage room door in sight.

               Store owner returns, places a big shotgun on the table,
               sits down.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         I have ammo for this one.

                         I didn't ask for it.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         The rest of the ammo is gone my

               Stranger closes in.

                         May I?

               Store owner grins.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         She's a beauty ain't she,
                         I got it from one of those
                         shotgun messengers you know,
                         from the cavalry.
                         Good deal I tell ya.

               Stranger touches the shotgun, moves his fingers over it.

               Store owner picks up the shotgun.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         I do need a high price for it

                         You're quite the bussinesman
                         around here huh.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         Well you could say...
                         I have a lot of good deals.

                         How about this deal?

               Store owner is forming a big grin when suddenly in
               slowmotion his grin fades away as quick as it came up.
               Stranger holds his shining .45 against Store owner's head.

               Stranger gets distracted by two clicking sounds he looks
               around to see:

               Big guy holding two .45s aimed at Stranger. The distraction
               led Store owner to picking up the shotgun, quickly deciding
               on which person to aim for, he settles on Big guy.

               Big guy sees it and aims one gun at Store owner.

                                   BIG GUY
                         Nasty situation ain't it.

                         Considering I almost closed a
                         good deal, yes it is.

               They now both realize that big guy has only one eye left.

                         Think you can outaim me?

                                   BIG GUY
                         Don't go for looks son, it's
                         better than two.
                         What'd you want? You didn't came
                         here for no ammo or shotgun for
                         that matter.

                         Good deals mean good money, good
                         money means good deal for me.

               Stranger moves to the register, punches it with his free
               hand, eyes fixed on Big guy.

               Store owner aims at Stranger.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         What do you want?

                         Isn't it obvious.

                                   STORE OWNER
                         What do you want, big guy?

                         Isn't that obvious too?

               Store owner is about to shoot as stranger is taking out the
               money, in slowmotion the store owner gets shot in the head,
               the white walls behind him don't look like white anymore.

               With a swift move and smoking gun Stranger ducks as big guy
               shoots four bullets at stranger. Big guy runs for the
               storage room, stranger shoots two bullets back but misses.

                                   BIG GUY(O.S.)
                         A good deal huh?

                         I'll offer you a better one.

                                   BIG GUY
                         Better than the guy on the

                         I take my money and leave, that's
                         the deal.

                                   BIG GUY
                         Talking deals is shit, I'm going
                         to shoot you.

               A black jacket gets thrown out of the storage room, in a
               reflex Stranger shoots a bullet at it, Big guy leaps out of
               the storage room shooting four bullets in the direction of
               Stranger who has hid behind a little bar, he shoots two

               They're both down, but not shot.

               Big guy shoots two bullets at two bottles of liquid who are
               standing above Stranger's position. The shattered glass
               falls upon Stranger.

                             (to himself)

                                   BIG GUY
                         You've got one left.

                         All I need is one.

               Big guy laughs, stands up, Stranger stands up as well,
               pieces of glass fall out of his hat, he shoots one, Big guy
               shoots the last remaining bullets from both his guns.

               Seconds go by, Stranger drops the six shooter, his hat
               falls down, his body follows.

               Big guy stands frozen but then holsters his weapons, and
               smiles. He walks over to the register takes the money,
               ducks takes the shotgun. Cocks the shotgun.

               He takes something out of his pocket just when the window
               of the General Store gets shot down. The shooting hasn't
               been gone unnoticed, Dirty guy is about to enter the door.


               He flies way back, to a position where lawmen start closing
               in on the general store. They ignore the dead body, eyes
               and guns fixed on the store.

               EXT. GENERAL STORE  CONT'D

               Big guy walks out in front of the store through the door
               all in slowmotion.

               The lawmen all aim at big guy. But quickly aim up when
               seeing a silver badge reflecting the sun's light.

                         Shit, man, almost shot ya.
                         What you got there?

                                   BIG GUY
                         Something I was missing.

               He walks away, the lawmen look at him then decide to enter
               the store.

               INT. GENERAL STORE  CONT'D

                         What the fuck went on in here?

                         Attempted robbery. I guess that
                         guy helped out.

                         Helped out? Who the hell was that

                         He's from the cavalry, we've
                         received message he'd be here.

               Lawman points at the ground, Lawman#2 closes in.

               CLOSE UP: two bullets who apparently hit each other midair,
               bot flattened and almost forms one whole.

                         Cavalry huh.

                                                            FADE OUT:

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