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                               "The Torture Scene"

                            Written by: Matthew Layden

               FADE IN FROM BLACK:


               A man is sitting in a chair, his hands tied behind his back
               and duct tape covers his mouth. The man is built, head
               shaved and has a goatee. This man is DAVE. He's unconscious
               with his head down.  

               We hear footsteps off the camera. They get louder and
               louder till we see a figure standing in front of Dave. This
               man is wearing an all black suit. He rips off the duct
               tape, which awakens Dave.

                         Ah, shit.

                         Did that hurt?

               The man walks off the camera and grabs a chair. He sits it
               in front of Dave. The man reaches into his pocket and pulls
               out a pack of cigarettes. The man then sits down on the
               chair and offers a cigarette to Dave.

                         Who are you? What the hell am I
                         doing here?

               The main points to a name tag on his suit that reads:

               Hello, My Name Is SAM

                         Sam? Sam, what the fuck is going

               Sam doesn't respond, instead he places the cigarette in his
               mouth and lights it. Sam takes a drag between his words.

                         Listen Dave, I don't particularly
                         want to hurt you, but if you
                         don't do as I say...well then,
                         we're going to have some

                         What? I don't understand?

                         Well, it seems you have pissed
                         off the wrong type of people.
                         Which is why your in this current

               Sam gets up from his chair and walks towards a black bag
               that is off to the corner of the room. Sam picks it up and
               brings it over to Dave. Sam drops it beside Dave and walks
               back to grab a TV dinner table.

                         Listen, I don't know who you
                         think I am, but you got the wrong

               Sam laughs.

               Sam brings the TV dinner table and sets it up beside his
               chair. Sam picks up the black bag and places it on the TV
               dinner table. He then proceeds to sit down.

                         You watch movies Dave? In every
                         kidnapping flick, the guy always
                         says that you've got the wrong
                         guy. You've got to understand
                         that I do this for a living, so
                         please, don't tell me I have the
                         wrong guy. 

                         But I didn't do anything.

                         You might think you've done
                         nothing wrong, but you have. 

                         Listen, I'm just a regular guy
                         who lives a regular life. I play
                         poker with my buddies on Sundays.
                         I go to the bar to have a drink. 

               Sam begins to open the black bag

                         What are you doing?

               Sam doesn't respond

                         Hey, I'm talking to you.

                         Do you see this bag, it's my
                         little bag of tricks.
                         Well, technically it's not really
                         mine, it's my cousins. Although,
                         he lets me borrow it from time to

                         What the hell are you going to

               Sam pulls out a timer and sets it for ten minutes.

                         I'm setting this timer for ten
                         minutes Dave.

               Ten Minutes is seen in the corner of the screen and it
               begins to count down.

                                   SAM (CONT'D)
                         If I don't get the information
                         that I need when this timer hits
                         zero. Someone will die.

               Dave's eyes widen as he looks at the timer.

                         I wonder what's going through
                         your head right now. Knowing that
                         you have ten minutes to live.
                         What are you thinking about? Your
                         family? Your friends? Or could it
                         be how much you want to kill me.

                         Jesus Christ...

               Sam looks at Dave with disgust. Sam reaches into his bag
               and pulls out a scalpel. Sam lunges at Dave and cuts just
               above his left eye. Dave screams in pain

                         Dave, you shall not take the
                         lords name in vain. Now, if I
                         hear you say it again, the cuts
                         go deeper and bigger. Don't make
                         me be the bad guy here. 

               Dave screaming begins to calm down. Blood is dripping into
               his eye.

                         I have no idea what the fuck you
                         want from me.

                         Dave, I torture people. I mean,
                         that's what I do. It's my job.
                         I remember this one prick, tough
                         as nails. It took me three days
                         to finally get to him. Toughest
                         son of a bitch I've ever met.

               Dave looks at the timer, 8:45 left.

                         I'd done everything to him. He
                         wouldn't say anything. I had to
                         admire that. I knew that whatever
                         I would do to him, he wouldn't
                         talk. So I had to bring another
                         factor into the equation.

               Sam begins to empty his bag, pulling out a drill, salt,
               another scalpel and two knives. 

                                   SAM (CONT'D)
                         So, I went to the closet, that
                         was in the back of the room.

               Sam glances at the time, it reads 7:55.

                         Do you know what was in there?

                         Do I want to know?

               Sam looks at Dave for a minute.

                         It was his son. His name was
                         Michael. I stood him up in front
                         of his father, who was already
                         beaten to shit. The kid started
                         to cry. I saw the look of horror
                         hit his father's face like a ton
                         of bricks. 
                         That's when I slit the kids
                         throat from ear to ear.

               Dave looks at Sam with disgust and horror. His eyes begin
               to tear up.

                         You sick fuck.

                         The kid was thirteen years old.
                         At that very moment he said that
                         he would never tell me anything.
                         Which was a mistake, cause that
                         told me that he did in fact know
                         something. What do you think I
                         did next?

                         Please...stop this.

                         I went back to the closet, this
                         time I came back with his
                         daughter. Katie, Seven years old.
                         I promised him that I would do
                         far worse things to her, behind
                         closed doors, after I had killed
                         him. Nothing made him more
                         furious then the idea of me
                         hurting his little daughter.
                         Imagine the wild thoughts you
                         would have running through your
                         head at that very moment.

                         Did you kill her?

               Sam glances at the time, 6 minutes left.

                         ANSWER ME!!! DID YOU KILL HER!!!

                         In the end, Dave. I got the
                         information I wanted. I've never
                         made a mistake. I've never killed
                         an innocent man. The reason I'm
                         telling you this is because I
                         will get what I need from you.

                         Please, tell me. Did you kill the

                         I'll let that question sit with
                         you for a bit. 

               5:45 minutes left.

                         Dave, you have just over five
                         minutes left. I'm going to
                         torture you, every minute that
                         goes by. 

               Dave looks at the time with terror. 5:39.

                         You can stop this. Just give me
                         the names.

               Dave doesn't say anything. 

                         Did I forget to mention that we
                         have a time limit?

                         Fuck you maniac.

                         Dave, I've been called many
                         things. Maniac, psycho, sadistic
                         fuck, dickless bastard. So
                         please, if you're going to insult
                         me, be a little bit more
                         original. Remember, every maniac,
                         every fuck you, every spit in the
                         face. It's just ticking your life

               5:29 minutes left.

                         It will get worse. Trust me.

                         Listen, I've already told you. I
                         have no idea what the fuck you
                         want from me. You've got the
                         wrong fucking guy. Let me go.

               Sam ignores everything that Dave just said.

                         You may be surprised by this, but
                         everything in the bag was bought
                         off the internet. Now, those
                         people out there, those are the
                         maniacs, okay, those are the
                         sadistic fucks. You should really
                         see the shit out there Dave, it's

                         And what are you.

                         Well, I'm not psycho that's for
                         sure. You hear so many of those
                         serial killers use the same old
                         shit excuses. Me? I never grew up
                         with an abusive father, no one
                         ever put their cigarettes out on
                         my arm or neck. I don't hear
                         voices inside my head that tell
                         me to kill people. No dog has
                         ever told me to do shit. I
                         certainly do not have a split
                         I don't think that I'm doing
                         God's will. I grew up with a
                         loving family, I got the things I
                         wanted. I was on the fucking
                         honour roll in high school.

               5:00 left.

               Sam takes one of the knives and throws it at Dave's foot.
               The knife stick out of Dave's foot. Dave screams in pain.

                         Shit...Oh God.

               Sam takes the other knife and throws it into Dave's other
               foot. Dave screams yet again.

                         I told you, not to use the Lord's
                         name in vain. 

               Dave tries to stop screaming and hide the pain.

               4:45 minutes left.

                         Are you going to cooperate with
                         me Dave?

               Dave doesn't respond, instead he looks at his feet.

                         I see. Well, maybe this will
                         interest you.

               Sam reaches into his inside pocket and pulls out a picture.
               He places it on the floor in between Dave's feet. Dave sees
               the picture and looks back at Sam. The hate on his face is

                         Where did I get that picture? 

               Sam thinks for a second.

                                   SAM (CONT'D)
                         Oh, yes. The desk drawer. Next to
                         your bed. Makes you ponder the
                         question, how did I get it?

                         I'm going to kill you.

               Dave struggles to get out of the chair, he loosens his
               ropes a tad, but not enough to set him free.

                         Your wife is a very beautiful
                         lady. We wouldn't want anything
                         to tarnish that beauty? Do we?

               Dave continues to struggle in the chair, it's hard to get
               out, with his hands tied behind his back. Sam glances at
               the time yet again.

               4:12 minutes left.

                         If you harm one hair on her head.

                         You'll what? You're tied to a
                         fucking chair. You're not going
                         anywhere. Ten seconds Dave.

               Dave looks over at the timer, which now reads 4:08.

                         Are you going to tell me or am I
                         going to have to...hurt you

                         You can go fuck yourself. 

                         Harsh words.

               Sam picks up the scalpel and walks behind Dave. Dave cannot
               see Sam anymore, he has no idea what he's doing behind him. 

                         You notice in the movies, when
                         they try to make you feel
                         uncomfortable and cringe and gory
                         scenes. They always go over the
                         top. You know what I mean? Limbs
                         falling off, heads rolling and
                         blood gushing. 
                         But I find that it's the little
                         things that make the audience
                         squirm in their seats.

               4:00 minuntes left.

               Sam takes the scalpel and cuts the webbing in between
               Dave's fingers. The blood covers Dave's hands. Sam cuts
               each and every one between the fingers. Dave is screaming
               in agony. Sam walks back to the chair in front of Dave and
               takes a seat. He places the scalpel on the table.

                         It will get worse.

               Dave begins to struggle with the rope that has his hands
               tied together. Dave again, tries to bare the pain and hide

               Dave begins to chuckle to himself.

                         Exactly how long have you
                         been...torturing people?

                         Long enough. The names Dave.

                         I don't know any names.

                         Dave, you have the names of the
                         only people who eye witnessed the
                         president in the murder. What I'm
                         doing is nothing compared to what
                         he'll have his people do.

                         You're not one of his people?


                         Well...I'm sorry to disappoint,
                         but I have nothing. I don't know
                         any name of any people in any

               Sam looks at Dave, then looks at the timer. 3:23 minutes

                         You've got twenty-three seconds
                         to tell me or I torture you

               Sam picks up the picture in between Dave's feet. 

                         Leave it alone.

                         Kiss her goodbye Dave. This is
                         the last time you'll ever see

                         Don't do this. You're killing an
                         innocent man. 

                         10 seconds left. I take it you're
                         not going to tell me.

               Dave looks up at the ceiling. 

                         Please God. Stop this.

                         Prayer will not save you.

               3:00 minutes left.

               Sam takes the scalpel and peels the skin away from Dave's
               forearm. Sam walks back to the table and picks up the salt. 

                         This is going to hurt.

               Sam pours the salt on the wound. Dave again struggles in
               his chair and screams. 

                believe in God? 

                         I believe in a creator.
                         Everything must have started from
                         something, so there must have
                         been a creator.

                         How can you do this? When you
                         believe in God. You say this is
                         your job. What happens when
                         you're roasting in hell. Killing
                         innocent children. You said
                         you've never killed an innocent
                         man, but what about that kid.
                         Those people on the internet
                         aren't the sadistic fucks. You
                         are. You're going to burn in hell
                         for it.

               Sam ignores Dave.

                         Dave. I've learned that you don't
                         need torture devices in order to
                         torture someone.

               A sound goes off, it's like a siren. Dave looks at the
               timer, it reads 2:35.

                         What's that?

                         Tea's ready.

               Sam leaves the room and grabs the tea kettle, he brings it
               back, the steam is filling the air. Dave looks at it with

                         What are you going to do?

                         You want me to tell you how I'm
                         going to do to you in the next
                         twenty seconds? 
                         I'm going to pour this boiling
                         tea down your throat.

               Dave begins to struggle in his chair again. 

                         Please, stop this.

                         You have the ability to stop

               They both sit there silent, staring at the tea kettle and
               the timer. It counts down the seconds. Sam has a grin on
               his face, while Dave is extremely nervous. Dave continues
               to change between the timer, the tea kettle and Sam.

               2:00 minues left.

               Sam takes the tea kettle and walks over to Dave.

                         Open your mouth.

               Dave shakes his head no.

                         Open your fucking mouth.

               Dave shakes his head no again. Sam sticks the spout of the
               kettle into Dave's mouth forcefully. He pours the hot tea
               water down Dave's throat. Dave struggles in his chair. The
               water is pouring out of his mouth, all over his body. Sam
               stops, the kettle has some water left in it.

               Sam places the tea kettle back on the TV dinner table.

                         Dave...can you hear me?

               Dave's head is hung over, looking at his feet. His voice is
               damaged from the tea water. It's low and seems to hurt more
               with every word.


                         Dave, you don't have much time
                         left. I had hoped that it didn't
                         need to come down to this. Look
                         behind you Dave.

               Dave doesn't move.

                         Look behind you Dave.

               Dave slowly turns his head, he sees a closet in the corner
               of the room. His eyes tear up, he begins to cry softly.

                         I don't have to tell you what's
                         behind that closet do I? I
                         already showed you a picture of
                         your wife. Would you like me to
                         show you one of your daughters

               Dave cries in his seat.

                         Dave. Answer me Dave.

                         She's six years old.

                         I know. If you want to protect
                         her, then tell me the names.


               Sam stares at Dave.

                         You're lying.

                         No...I'm not. I swear to you.

                         Dave, I can see a lie from a mile
                         away. I'm calling your bluff, Mr.
                         Poker player.

               1:00 minute left.

               Sam glances at the time.

                         Please...don't hurt her.

                         You've got one minute Dave,
                         before I go to that closet and
                         drag her out here. I swear to
                         you, I'll kill her right in front
                         of you.

                         You parent should outlive their

               Sam glances at the timer 

               56 seconds.

                         You asked me if I had killed the
                         little girl.


               52 seconds.

                         Yes. It haunts me to this day. 

               48 seconds.

                         Please, don't make the same
                         mistake twice.

               Dave glances at the time.

               45 seconds.

                         I'm sorry. But this has to be

                         You son of a bitch, you mother
                         fucker. Fuck you, fuck you.

               Dave struggles more and more in his chair, he loosens his
               knots, his hands are still covered in blood. 

               Sam picks up the drill, he turns in on. Dave looks at it in

                         You're lying. You don't have my
                         daughter. You're full of shit.

                         Are you calling my bluff Dave?
                         Are you willing to take that

               28 seconds.

               Sam takes out another cigarette and lights it. He leaves
               the pack of cigarettes and his lighter on the table. 

                         I'll have a cigarette now.

                         Smoking will kill you. Don't you
                         know that?

               Dave loosens his knots more and more, his hands are almost

                         Should I kill you in front of
                         her? Or should I kill her in
                         front of you?

                         You mother fucker. I'll fucking
                         kill you if you touch her.

               Sam walks in front of Dave with the drill in hand.

                         I think I'll kill you first, then
                         let your imagination run wild.
                         Imagine your daughter screaming.
                         As I peel the finger nails from
                         her fingers. As I rip her eye
                         lids off.

               15 seconds.

                         You fucking monster. I swear to
                         God, I'm going to kill you.

               10 seconds.

               Sam walks over to the closet. Dave screams at Sam, but
               can't do anything about it.

                         Stay away from her. God dammit.

               Sam walks back to Dave.

                         What did I say about the Lord's

               5 seconds.

               Sam glances at the time.

                         Your time is almost up.

               Dave glances at the time 

               3 seconds.

                         Any last words.

                         Go to hell.

               The timer goes off. It has reached zero. Dave's hands are
               free, he lunges at Sam, grabbing a scalpel from the table
               as they both fall to the ground. He stabs Sam in the
               shoulder. They struggle with each other on the floor. Sam
               tries to stab Dave with the drill, as Dave tries to stab
               Sam with the scalpel.

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. HALLWAY.

               We see the door that is the entrance way to the room. We
               hear the struggling in the room. Glass is broken and then
               finally we hear a scream. We hear footsteps walking within
               the room. We hear the creaking of a door open, it must be
               the closet. We hear more sounds that are not recognizable. 

               The door in the hallway begins to creak open, but all we
               see is a dark shadowy figure of the man, who is smoking a

               Fade to Black.

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