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                                                          FADE IN


          A young man, ZACK (16), is walking on the side of the
          street, carrying a apple in one hand and a mp3 player in the
          other. He is concentrating on the music while occasionally
          taking a bite out of the apple.

          In back of him we hear a car squeal and sounds of increasing speed.
          Zack turns the corner while taking the bite of the apple.
          Zack gets hit while the car keeps on driving, turning the
          corner at a amazing speed.

          Closing shot is on Zack and the apple with someone running
          at his side and the sounds of an ambulance in the

                                                        FADE OUT

          EXT. SHED

                                                         FADE IN

          Zack is standing in front of what appears to him as a shed.
          His hand is raised and ready to knock. A confused look is on his
          face. He looks at his hand and the door, wondering what he
          is doing there.

          He knocks twice.

                    You're here? Finally! Come in, come
                    in. It is about time you got here!

          Zack hesitantly opens the door and walks in. The walls are lined
          with tools and some are on the ground. It looks like a
          ordinary shed

          The man seems to be searching frantically though things.
          Zack steps forward

                    Oh come on boy! I know you were
                    raised better then that.

                    Who are you?

                    Come on in boy! Sit down and relax
                    a bit
          The man flicks his wrist, closing the door behind him with a bang.
          The man walks up to him and puts his hand on his shoulder

                    Sit, relax! Enjoy yourself.

          The man pushes Zack into a chair, which seems to have just appeared.
          The man pulls up another chair and sits in it backwards.

                    So kid, what's your name?

                    My name is Zack. Where am I? Do I
                    know you? You seem

                    That would be a yes to the second
                    question, Zack. You know me very
                    well Zack Frampton from Lincoln,
                    Nebraska. The first question is a
                    little harder to answer.

          The man stands up, walking over to some tools on the wall.
          He appears to be examining them

                    Tell me, Zack. What was the last
                    thing you remember before you came
                    to be here?

                    I was walking on the street
                    listening to music. I heard a car screech
                    and....Oh God....Am I dead? Is this

          The man laughs and picks up a tool, examining it.

                    Unfortunately, no. You are still
                    very much alive boy.

                    Are you God?

          The man starts laughing historically, in a evil way, while the
          tool he had falls to the ground

                    Oh God, that's a good one kid. I'll
                    have to remember that one for
                    later. However, I am not God. You
                    are kinda close though.

                    Are you the devil then?

                    Do I look like the devil to you
                    kid? Huh? Do I?

          The devil laughs and starts walking, rubbing his hands over the
          tools while looking at Zack, concentrating on him only.

          Zack tries to get up, only to find he can't move his feet.
          He struggles but it's no use.

                    You should look at your face kid.
                    It's classic.

                    Are you the devil?

                    We'll find out soon enough. Now
                    won't we.

          The devil walks over to the tools again. Searching for something.
          He pulls out a machete and a knife.

                    I know what you are thinking. Why?
                    Why me? Oh god, what did I do to
                    get sent to hell? Boooo freakity
                    whoo. Why me? Yeah that's right.
                    Start crying.

          The devil mimics Zack crying.

                    Oh God, I'm sorry! I didn't do
                    anything! Don't send me there! I
                    really hate to break it to you...

          The devil places the machete and places it on Zack's
          shoulder and leans in to whisper into his ear

                    But you aren't dead, yet.

          The devil stands back up and goes back to the tools.

                    Don't worry. You will only be here
                    for a little while. Lucky lucky

          The devil steps back towards Zack, raising the machete over his

                    Do you think I am insane? Do you
                    fear me?

                    Yes. I do.

                    You should fear me. I can tell you
                    are. What is fear though? Fear
                    comes with imagination, it's a
                    penalty, the price of a
                    imagination. I'm glad I made up
                    such a thing.

                    Why? Why are you doing this? Why
                    are you doing this to me?! I have
                    done nothing!

                    Why? WHY!? I own you. I own you're
                    life. I own your soul. You are mine
                    for the taking and, believe me when
                    I say this, I always get what

          Somewhere off in the distance, we hear a explosion. Outside the
          door, we hear footsteps and another explosion. The door
          bursts open.

          The man puts his hand on Zack's shoulder, releasing him from the
          chair. The man pulls Zack towards the door.

                    Michael? Is that you? It's been a
                    long time. You didn't come all the
                    way just because you missed me, did

          The man pulls Zack out of the shed
                    Run all you want Michael. This one
                    is mine!

          The devil flicks his wrist, making the door slam shut

                                                        FADE OUT

          EXT. EDGE OF WOODS

                                                         FADE IN

          Zack and Michael fall into what seems to be a drain leading under
          a road. Around them are woods.


                    Thanks for that. But who the hell
                    are you? Who was that?

          Michael flinches at the word "hell"

                    My name is Michael

          Michael extends his hand in a handshake

                    Hi, Michael. I'm Zack.

          They both shakes hands. Zack pulls away as if he got hurt

                    Your hands. They are so cold.

                    We can't talk here. It's not safe.
                    Follow me.

          Michael leads Zack though the woods.

          EXT. EDGE OF WOODS


          Behind them, the devil appears out of the shed. He reaches
          the edge of the woods and closes his eyes. He breathes in
          deep, holding it for a moment, then letting it out.

                    Oh Michael, you really should have
                    killed him already. Dagon!
          A creature, covered in mud and grass, emerges from the
          woods. Hissing all the while

                    Find them. Kill the angel. Bring me
                    the boy.

          Creature hisses

                    If he fights, yes. Now go!

          Creature heads into the woods, vanishing among the grass

          EXT. WOODS

          Zack stumbles at one point, getting his leg stuck in between
          a tree. Michael touches the tree, setting him free. Several
          times Zack starts to talk, but Michael gestures to be quiet.

                    How did you do that?


          Michael doesn't answer. He continues forward. Eventually, they
          make it to a path. Zack breathing hard as if they had been
          walking for miles, Michael doesn't seem to be affected.

                    No more. I'm not going any further
                    unless you answer some questions.

                    I do owe you that much, yes. Hurry
                    though. We don't have much time.

                    Why? Is he after us? What does he
                    want with me?

                    Did he tell you anything?

                    What? Oh, no. Not really. He told
                    me he was the devil and that I got
                    hit by a car.

                    He wasn't lying.
                    You mean, I really am dead?

                    No, you aren't quite there yet.

                    Where then?

                    Where you are now is the gateway
                    between heaven and hell. At one end
                    is heaven. The other, hell.

          Zack falls onto the ground, thinking. Michael walks over to some
          plants, examining and smelling them.

                    A small green isle, it seem'd no
                    more, Scare broader then my dungeon
                    floor, but in it there is three
                    tall trees, and o'er it blew the mountain

                    What? Oh. Poetry. I used to write
                    some. Lately, it's just been all
                    worthless. Too mad at the world.
                    But please, tell me! Why am I here? Does
                    everyone go here before they die?

                    Yes. Most go though without ever
                    seeing it. They are too busy caring
                    about themselves. You, Zack, are

                    How am I different?

                    You care. You care about everyone
                    and everything. Do you remember
                    what you were thinking about when
                    you got hit?

                    My mother. She's...

                    Dying. Yes, I know a great deal
                    about that and you. Your father left
                    you and your two sisters. Both are
                    younger then you. You are having
                    trouble taking care of them.

                    How do you know me? Who did that
                    guy back there know me? Who the
                    hell are you people?

          Michael flinches once again at the word "hell"

                    Zack, please don't say that word in
                    front of me.

          Michael gestures to the plants

                    Do you see these? They are works of
                    art, aren't they? Beauty at in its
                    finest form. It's things like this
                    that we have to care of, to safe.

          Michael walks over to Zack, putting his hand on his

                    Zack, you are special. You have a
                    gift, a certain way with people
                    unlike any other. You have to get
                    back. I am here to help you with

                    Why me? Why am I so special? Tell
                    me that. What makes me so different
                    from the rest of the people that
                    come through here?

                    Can't you see? The difference
                    between you, and the people that
                    pass though here is only one big
                    thing. You stopped. Our ride is
                    almost here.

                    What ride?

                    I want to show you something, Zack.

          Michael leads Zack down a trail. Michael still holding the flower.
          A sound of water is getting louder and louder.

                    Where are you taking me?

                    Hold on. It's not far now.

          They come out of a clearing and before then is a river. Dirty,

                    This is it? The river? What the
                    hell...heck we doing here?

                    You most certainly ask allot of
                    questions, Zack. You're just like
                    your mother

          Michael walks both of them to the edge of the river

                    I'm afraid this is where I leave
                    you, Zack. I wish you the best of
                    luck on the rest of your journey.

          Michael starts to walk away

                    A few tips before I leave, though.
                    Stay close to the river, and keep
                    in mind where you're going. You do
                    that, you just might make it.

          Michael starts to walk away again

                    But, where am I going?

                    If you don't know that yet, then
                    I'm afraid I've wasted my time.

          As Michael walks off and disappears, Zack looks around at everything,
          including the river. He starts to walk up the river.


                                               FADE OUT TO WHITE


                                                          FADE IN

          Zack is standing, staring at a large white house on top of a
          hill. He looks around, seeing animals in a pen behind him.
          He turns to see a man in white with a cowboy hat ride up on
          a horse. He stops and dismounts.

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    Jeez, I have been waiting for you
                    for a couple of hours now. I almost
                    gave up on you.



                    Sorry. I tried to get here. But I
                    didn't know the way.

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    Don't worry, I wasn't going to give
                    up on you. I can understand getting
                    lost on the way here. It's a pretty
                    tough trip if you're not quite sure
                    where it is you're headed to

                         Yeah. Is that your house?

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    It's everybody's house, son. But
                    yes, I spend most of my time there.

                    Can, can we go inside?

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    I really wish we could, Zack. But
                    you're not quite ready for that
                    yet. Come on, let's take a walk.

          Both of them start walking towards the house.

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    So how's you life been going
                    recently Zack? How's your mom?

                    Um, well, apart from being dead,
                    every thing's been going alright I
                    guess. Mom's the same.

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    Well, I hope your mom gets better.
                    And you aren't dead. Didn't Michael
                    tell you anything?

                    Not a lot, no.

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    I'll have to talk to him about
                    that. Here, have a seat.

          They both sit on the porch

                              MAN IN WHITE
                    Well, you're probably pretty
                    confused right now, I know I would
                    be. Okay, so what do you know so

                    Well, I'm not dead, I'm between
                    heaven and hel...the other place

                              MAN IN WHITE
                         I have no problem with the
                         word boy, only Michael. Go on

                    Um, the devil wants to kill me. And
                    you're God. That's my knowledge so

                    Okay, you got a basic grasp on
                    things. First of all, yes, you are
                    between heaven and hell. Do you
                    know much about mythology?

          Zack shakes his head.

                    Oh well, in Greek mythology the
                    area between life and the
                    underworld was the river Styx. The
                    lost souls were ferried across it
                    by Charon, the gatekeeper. In
                    essence, although its horribly wrong,
                    this is the river Styx.

                         So, just a place between

                    Exactly. Now, on to your second
                    point. The devil does want to kill
                    you, yes.

                    But why?

                    Because, people who are stuck
                    between world aren't actually dead
                    yet. I think the word you know it
                    as is a coma. Your body is
                    functioning normally in a hospital
                    bed surrounded by your family. But
                    your soul is here. If the devil
                    "kills" you, severing your soul
                    from your body, he gains your soul.
                    Same with me, if I "kill" you, I
                    gain your soul.

          Zack scoots a little bit away from God

                         Don't worry, I won't take your
                         soul. It's yours to give, not
                         mine to take. Which is why I'm
                         afraid I must send you back
                         into the woods, my good man.

          God stands up and gets on the horse

                    Wait, what? You're sending me back?
                    But, he'll kill me?

                    Only if you let him, boy.

                    But why do I have to go back?

                    Because it's your job to find your
                    way back. It's not your time yet.
                    You still have some life left in
                    you I think. Don't worry, it's not
                    as hard to get back as it was to
                    get here. All you have to do is
                    remember where you were in the
                    first place

          The man in white smiles and turns the horse around. Starts
          to gallop away. Zack runs after a little, yelling wait,
          wait. But gives up in the end, and turns to start walking.
          He goes to the house and tries the door, but it won't open.
          He starts walking down the road.


          EXT. WOODS

          Zack's walking though the woods again, kind of in a walking montage.
          After a while, he starts getting scared. He can't get out of
          his prison. He starts crying, running around scared.
          Everything he sees scares him. Falling to his knees, he
          looks up at the sky

                    Where do I go?!?!?!

          Hanging his head down low, he cries. We get the feeling of him
          being there for a long time.

          We hear a hiss. Turning quickly to his left, Dagon is standing
          there. Zack starts to stand up slowly. Dagon hisses again,
          signaling Zack to run the other way. Dagon follows.

          They run for awhile, Dagon getting closer all the time. At one
          point, Zack stumbles and falls. Dagon stops and stands above
          him, breathing heavily. He starts reaching down for Zack.
          Suddenly, Michael screams from the side and tackles Dagon.
          Dagon throws him off and turns toward him. Michael turns
          towards Zack and yells.


          Zack stands up and starts running. A short fight commences between
          Dagon and Michael.

          The camera goes back to Zack, who is running though the woods.
          Soon he sees the shack and big house. He feels like that is
          where he needs to go. While climbing up the hill, he gets
          his leg stuck in a tree branch. He screams and struggles to
          get free.
          The camera goes back to the fight. The creature and Michael are
          still fighting. When the creature hears Zacks screams for
          help, he hits Michael in the head and runs after Zack.

          The camera goes back to Zack, still struggling with the log. Off
          in the distance, he hears Dagon coming after him. Thinking
          that he was going to die, he starts to have a flash back to
          his family.

          EXT. HOUSE

                    Sarah, don't do that!

          The scene opens up with Sarah taking things off of a shelve.
          She is standing on the top of a chair, the chair losing its
          balance. Zack rushes over to help her down

                    Be careful Sarah! I could have
                    helped you.

                    You were helping mommy. I can this
                    by myself

          Sarah jumps down and runs off.

                    Sarah wait!

          Zack searches though part of the house, finding no signs of
          Sarah. He then finds her outside by the lake.

                    Are you alright Sarah?

                    Zack, is mom going to be ok?

          Zack looks toward the water, thinking of what to say to her.

                    Yes Sarah. It'll be just fine

          They stay there for a moment before Zack starts crying.
          Sarah puts her head in his lap and cries too.

                                                         FADE OUT
          EXT. WOODS

                                                          FADE IN

          The scene opens up with Zack laying on the ground, just now
          realizing what has happened. Inside of him, he has finally
          go the strength.

          Zack pulls on his leg, with inserts of Dagon coming closer
          and closer.

          Zack doesn't get his leg out in time before Dagon gets to
          him. Dagon runs toward him, picking up a stick along the
          way. He smashes it down on the log, right next to Zack's

          Zack screams.

          Dagon tries another time, even more angrier then ever. Right
          as it is above his head, he gets tackled by Michael.

                    What are you waiting for?!? GO!!!

          Zack tries with all of his might to get his leg free. At one
          point he thinks about Michael and how he undid his leg
          before. He ignores the thought and continues to pull on his
          leg when Dagon and Michael fight.

          A moment later, he is free

          He is running to the house, the shed and house directly in
          front of him. He breaks out of woods then stops and ducks
          back, looking for the devil. Making sure the devil isn't
          there, he looks back at the fight behind him and breaks free
          again of the woods.

          Right before he gets to the front door, the devil steps out
          in front of him with the machete.

                    Was it really worth it? Was it
                    really worth all of that work just
                    to end up here again?

          Zack stares at him.

                    Guess not.
          The Devil raises the machete. The camera then goes to
          Michael who is crawling out of the woods, bloody and hurt.
          He has a bow and arrow. He takes it out, pulls back, and
          whispers his next line.

                    I'm sorry.

          Zack closes his eyes, apparently hearing what Michael said.
          Michael shoots the blow. It shows the devil, his eyes open
          wide, like he got hit. Zack falls with blood on his hands.
          We hear a heart monitor in the background, getting slower
          and slower.

          It flat lines

          The devil looks up and screams, all of his anger stored up
          until that last moment.

          The camera fades to God, holding his door open and smiling

                                                FADE OUT TO BLACK

          THE END

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