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                INT. HOTEL SUITE - NIGHT

                LOUIS, a young man in his twenties FLICKS a silver zippo
                on and off.  He is tall, thin, and wears thick Buddy
                Holly glasses.  His hair is black and slicked back, and
                his nails are long and well groomed.  He wears a black
                suit with a white t-shirt underneath.  He takes the
                silver zippo and puts it into his pocket.  He looks out
                of the window out onto the Vancouver city scape.

                JERRY, who is in his early thirties, sits on the edge of
                the king sized bed with his hands clasped together.  He
                looks up at LOUIS.  

                          Let's get one thing straight.  I am not a
                          sadist, racist, Marxist, nihilist or a
                          Buddhist.  I'm an exhibitionist, a
                          realist, a humanist.  I'm the real deal,
                          the be all and end all, and I can make
                          even your wettest dreams come true.

                Jerry moves with discomfort on the bed.  Louis walks a
                bit closer to him.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          So whaddya say?

                Jerry turns a way for a quick moment, then back up to

                          I'm just not, I dunno, What if I?

                          Back out of the deal?  Sorry, can't
                          happen.  Once you sign your name on the
                          dotted line that's it.  There's no
                          backing out, there's no " I don't think I
                          can go through with this".  With me a
                          deal is a deal, there's no turning back. 
                          I don't care if you're the Queen of
                          England, the President of the United
                          States, or just a pathetic loser like
                          you.  You will give me what you promised,
                          wether you want to or not.

                Jerry fidgets with his hands. 

                Louis takes out a cigarette and puts it in his mouth.  He
                grabs the silver zippo from his pocket and lights up his

                          This is a big decision.  I'm just not

                          What is it that you want?  Why did you
                          come to me?

                Silence from Jerry.  Louis moves inches from Jerry's
                face; their lips almost touching.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          You came to me because you're sick and
                          tired of spending, day after day, night
                          after night, hour after hour, alone in
                          that shit hole apartment of yours.  That
                          loneliness is ripping you apart, it tares
                          away what makes you human, what makes you
                          a man.

                Louis backs up.  He walks over to the window and takes a
                drag from his cigarette.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                                (looking out the window)
                          Think about what it was like in school. 
                          The jocks picked on you, the preppies
                          laughed at you, and the girls rejected
                          you.  But you thought "once I get out of
                          here things will change".

                Louis turns around.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          But they didn't.  You're still a reject,
                          still a loser, a nobody, a nothing.

                A tear spills from Jerry's eye.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          Aren't you tired of putting on a ski mask
                          and raping women in the back of an ally. 
                          You're tired of stealing it, or paying
                          for it, you wanna know what it's like for
                          it to be genuine, for that person to
                          willingly give it to you.  You wanna be
                          like James Dean, Dean Martin, Frank
                          Sinatra, and maybe for a little color
                          Sammy Davis Jr.

                Louis smiles.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          You came to me because I can give it to
                          you, because I am the only answer to that
                          prayer you pray night after night.  And
                          I'm sorry to tell you this, but those
                          three men you admire most, the father,
                          son, and the holy ghost, well buddy, they
                          took that last train for the coast.  But
                          not me, I'm here, I will always be here. 
                          I'm open seven days a week, twenty four
                          hours a day and I don't close for
                          holidays.  I sell what you want and I'm
                          never out of stock.  You're the man with
                          a mission and I'm the man with the plan.

                Louis slowly walks towards Jerry.  He ashes his cigarette
                out in the ashtray that sits on the night stand next to
                the bed.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          So tell me what you want.

                Jerry squirms on the bed.  He pulls out a photograph out
                of his back pocket.  He hands it to Louis.

                Louis brings the photo to his face.  He SNIFFS it.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                                (to himself)

                He hands the photo back to Jerry.

                          I want her.  I watch her everyday.  I
                          watch her as she goes to work.  I watch
                          her when she goes out for lunch.  I watch
                          her when she's at home.  I want to feel
                          her body pressed up against mine, but
                          most of all, I want her to want me like I
                          want her.

                Louis leans in.

                          I can give her to you.  I can have her
                          spread eagle on satin sheets waiting for
                          you, wanting you, dripping for you. 
                          Every moment with her will be pure
                          ecstacy.  Your lust will always be fed,
                          your needs nourished, and the most
                          important feeling of all, the feeling of
                          being wanted, the feeling of being loved.

                Louis puts his hand on Jerry's shoulder.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          You know this is what you want.

                          When would I have to, you know.

                          Repay your debt to me, when I feel the
                          time is right, but that time is not right

                Jerry looks down at the floor.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          The floor has nothing to offer you, I do,
                          so do me the courtesy of looking at me.

                Jerry looks up.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          Thank you Jerry.  Never show a salesmen
                          that you're week.  They'll use it, abuse
                          it, then fuck you up the ass.  You have
                          to learn not to be such a wimpy little
                          cunt, and the only thing a cunt is good
                          for is fuckin'.

                Louis walks back to the window and gazes out into the

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          Now it's time for you to make a choice. 
                          Are you gonna be that faggoty little twat
                          you were back in high school, or are you
                          gonna be a man with big brass balls who
                          grabs the world by the fucking horns.

                          I wanna be the man with big brass balls.

                Louis walks over to the desk adjacent to the bed and
                grabs a pen and a piece of paper, he makes his way over
                to Jerry and hands him the pen and paper.  Jerry takes a
                deep BREATH and signs it.

                          You made the right choice.

                Jerry gets up off the bed.  Louis extends his hand.  They

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          It was a pleasure doing business with

                Jerry nods and lets go of Louis's hand.  He walks to the
                door and exits the room.  The door closes.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          I'll see you soon.

                A devilish smile comes over Louis's face, then he starts
                to LAUGH.

                                      LOUIS (CONT'D)
                          This is getting far too easy.

                                                          FADE TO BLACK.

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