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                                                               FADE IN:

               EXT. CABIN - NIGHT

               A blue pickup truck idles outside a small wood cabin. The
               cabin door, slightly ajar, is opened by WALTER RAMSEY (40s),
               carrying his sleeping daughter RACHEL (7).

               Walter opens the door to the pickup truck and lovingly places
               Rachel inside. Rachel stirs and motions her hands, grabbing
               for something. Walter places a teddy bear in her arms,
               immediately quieting her.

               Walter walks around the pickup truck and gets in the driver's
               seat, a somber look on his face. He looks at the open door to
               the cabin without a hint of emotion on his face.

               An outstretched hand lies in the doorway, the body obscured.
               A puddle of blood slowly creeps outside, expanding past the

               Without a word, Walter drives away from the cabin and down
               the mountain road.

               EXT. ROAD - NIGHT

               The truck is beautifully silhouetted against the pine trees
               and full moon.

               Rachel continues to sleep in the backseat as Walter suddenly
               hits an emotional pane of glass, breaking down as he drives.
               His speed is slowly increasing.

               The road is slowly starting to curve, but Walter continues
               his straight path. Rachel, as if sensing some malevolent
               presence, tightens her grip on her bear.

               Then, without warning, it appears: the mountain curve. Walter
               screams as he hits the acceleration as hard as he can,
               jarring Rachel awake. She joins in his scream.

               With a loud THUD, the truck bursts through the guard rail and
               over the cliff. It plummets towards the ground to begin a
               barrel roll when...

               INT. VAN - NIGHT

               Rachel, now in her 20s, jolts awake in the passenger seat of
               an old Volkswagen van.

               The van sits in the small parking lot of a nearby service
               station in the mountains. The station is small, with one
               garage and a small convenience store. One of those old
               assisted service places from the '50s you don't see today.

               Suddenly, a BLONDE WOMAN appears in the backseat. This is
               LINDSAY (20s), Rachel's best friend.

                         And the lady wakes. You OK, Rach?

                         Yeah...where are we?

                         Supply run, should be here for a
                         couple minutes. Feel like
                         stretching your legs?

                         Yeah. I'd like that.

               Rachel looks towards the convenience store. Lindsay looks at

                         I'm really glad you came, Rachel.

                         Thanks, Liz.

               They exit the car and head inside.


               The convenience store is typically empty at this time of
               night. Lindsay and Rachel wander the aisles.

                         But I still don't see why you had
                         to drag him along.

                         Look, Rach--

                         Mountains and pine trees, that's
                         what I was promised. Now all I need
                         is Dave along for the ride.

                         You could see this as...

                         As what?

                         A way to reconnect with your

                         While he keeps living across the

                         And location has to do with...what?

                         The fact I like him better the
                         farther away he is. And I was
                         pretty fine before we got here.
                         Living with him for 2 years was

                         You survived 2 years, what'll a
                         week do? You're both here now and
                         you're not leaving until you've
                         buried your hatchet.

                         Better keep me away from that
                         hatchet, Liz.


               Over at the counter, JB PREWITT, the van's driver, talks with
               DAVE LACKEY, Rachel's cousin. If one squinted really hard,
               one could think Dave was a modern-day Laurel to JB's Hardy.

                         Ya know, thanks for coming up here,
                         Davy. We all appreciate it.

               Dave looks over at Rachel and Lindsay.

                         Rachel thinks otherwise.

                         She's been thinkin' that for 13-odd
                         years. Let her think it. Getting
                         her to'll take time.

                         I know that.

               He is silent, discontent.

                         Hey, it's not your fault for what
                         happened to her. Rachel and

                         Yeah, they were close. I know. But
                         ever since the accident, she
                         just...can't be near me.

                         It's not your fault for that
                         either. You did what you could for
                         her then. 

                         I know...but it still makes me


               An elderly woman (we'll call her "ma") is behind the antique
               register with her withered hand outstretched. She smokes an
               equally withered cigarette. JB pulls out a credit card.

                                   MA (CONT'D)
                         Ain't gonna work, slim.

               JB mutters as he pulls out a $20. Ma takes it and takes her
               time getting his change. JB's eyes wander around the

               Picturesque photos of woodland scenery and tourist towns
               litter a nearby bulletin board. In one corner, tucked away
               under several postcards, is a MISSING PERSONS sign with
               multiple photographs.

                                   MA (CONT'D)
                         Your change. Boy?

               JB snaps out of his daze.


               The change clatters on the counter, leaving JB to scoop it up
               in his hands. Ma looks out the window.

                         Car trouble?

               JB and Dave look out the window. ROBIN (late 20s), Lindsay's
               boyfriend, has haphazardly parked the van outside. One tire
               rests on the sidewalk.

                         Guess so.

                         Need a map?

               She pats a stack of obviously used maps that are covered with
               lots of pen scrawls. The earliest one is dated 1994.

                                   MA (CONT'D)
                         Up-dated 'em myself.

               JB looks at the maps like they're the oddest thing he's ever
               seen. Up-dated?

                         Sure, I'll get one.

               She grabs one and rings it up.

                         Now, the pen shouldn't be no big
                         trouble. Crossed out all the roads
                         that don't work anymore.

               JB looks at it, trying to find their location. He traces the
               road with his finger from the gas station up through the
               mountains. He suddenly hits a town whose name's been crossed
               out in pen.


               Ma takes a break from her cigarette.


                         What do all these crossed out towns

                         Ah, all those are dead towns.

               He looks closely at the town- Dulles' Point.

               Robin honks the horn of the van.


               Dave grabs the grocery bags and heads outside with the girls.
               JB quickly folds up the map and pockets it.


               The door clangs shut as she pulls a long drag off her


               They all pile into the van and drive off into the night.
               Without any more customers, the service station's lights turn
               out. As the final light goes out, the service station appears
               to disappear into the trees.

               INT. VAN - NIGHT

               Robin and Lindsay sit in the front while JB and Rachel sit in
               the middle. Dave has resumed his normal spot in the back.

               JB is curled up on his seat, studying the map with a

               It turns out the map is littered with crossed out towns.

                         Christ, these towns are everywhere.

               The van shakes as a gust of wind blows outside. JB almost
               drops the flashlight, but catches it. He stares at the town
               of Dulles' Point once more.

               Rachel stirs in her sleep and wakes up, slightly moaning. She
               looks out the window.

               EXT. VAN - NIGHT

               Rachel's side is driving relatively close to the guardrail,
               protecting the van from falling off the extreme precipice.
               Rachel's eyes widen and she jumps back from the window.

               INT. VAN - NIGHT

               Rachel jumps back, hitting JB.

                         Rachel. Rachel! Calm down!

               Her breathing slows. JB takes a look out the window.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         Quit driving so close to the rail,
                             (to himself)
                         Drive worse than me...

               The van lurches to the right, away from the cliff side.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         Your heights...I forgot you were...

                         Sorry. It's nothing. Did we pass
                         any towns?

                         If a gas station and a shanty
                         constitutes a town. No, nothing.
                         Just forest as far as the eye can

                         Guess that's why my father loved
                         the place.

               Rachel looks out the window to see the same curve in the road
               as in her dream.

                         If it's all you say it is, I bet
                         it's beautiful.


               She sees the map in JB's hands.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         What's that?

                         Oh, yeah. I got this weird map back

                         The station?

                         Yeah. It's got all this crossed out

               He shows her the map as he traces his fingers on it.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         We're here...

               He moves up the map.

                         My cabin's here.

               Still a considerable distance from their position now. JB
               gives a grimace. More importantly, it's extremely close to,
               if not right next to Dulles' Point.

                         "Dulles' Point."

                         It's abandoned?

                         That's what that lady said back

                         Well, we're close to it, and we're
                         hiking tomorrow, right? We should
                         be able to see it from up there.

               She turns to look at Dave in the backseat.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         I just don't see why he came.

                         Dave? Why not?

                         Nothing. Just seems like dead
                         weight is all.

               She goes back to sleep, leaving JB holding the flashlight and
               staring at the map. He folds it up, pockets it, and turns off
               the flashlight.

               EXT. ROAD - NIGHT

               The van pulls up to a wall of snow. The road ends in a flurry
               of white powder.

                         This is it?

               The van stops and everyone tiredly exits the car. Lindsay
               rubs her eyes and clings like a child to Robin.

                         According to the map...yeah.

                         Road's usually snowed in near the
                         top but...never like this.

               Everyone stares at the intimidating pile of snow.

                         I'll go get the snowmobile.

               She begins walking up the path obscured by snow.

                         What are we supposed to do?

                             (calling back)
                         Get your snowshoes on and walk!

               Exasperated, the rest of the group walks around to the back
               of the van to empty out their belongings.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         Don't worry about the luggage!

               They stop and wait.

                         Small favors...

               Eventually, they begin trudging up the path.

               EXT. PATH TO CABIN - NIGHT

               Rachel walks along the path. The air is still and no crickets
               chirp. The only sound permeating the night is the crunch of
               Rachel's footsteps.

               A flash of fire in Rachel's mind. Rachel's breathing becomes
               more intense. She walks faster.

               Deer run by quickly in the forest, sensing some evil. The
               need to get away.

               Rachel runs too, not daring to look behind her. She's almost

               A creature, only its feet exposed, runs through the forest.
               If the feet weren't so mangled, they could pass for human.

               Rachel shuts her eyes and continues to run. She clenches them

               Suddenly, she touches a wooden surface. She's at the cabin.

               She takes a deep breath and slowly exhales, rubbing her face
               with one of her hands. The hand is VISIBLY SCARRED.

               INT. CABIN - NIGHT

               Rachel unlocks the door to the cabin and lets everyone in. JB
               fumbles through the darkness before finding the light switch,
               flicking it on and off. It doesn't work.

                         Power's out.

                         There's a fuse box in the back.
                         I'll take care of it.

               Rachel steps out as others step in.

               EXT. CABIN - NIGHT

               Rachel steps along a mulched path to a large fuse box in the
               back of the house. As she opens the box, a rustling is heard
               behind her.

               She dismisses it as nothing and sets to work resetting the
               breakers. She closes the box and hears a low growl. She turns
               to see--

               A WOLF. Large, shaggy, and with distinctive red eyes, the
               wolf is a seriously intimidating creature. At first glance it
               appears rabid, but it would take a glance like Rachel's to
               know it knows exactly what it's doing.

               It digs its paws into the snow, digging up dirt as it
               continues to growl at Rachel. Rachel presses against the wall
               of the cabin in intense fear.

                         Go now, girl.

               Shockingly enough, the wolf actually responds to Rachel's
               words. It snorts and turns around, shooting her a quick
               warning glance before running among the trees.

               Rachel takes a few quick breaths before heading back inside.

               INT. CABIN - NIGHT

               The cabin has two floors- one main floor and a loft-esque
               second floor. The biggest room on the first floor is the
               living room, with a cozy couch facing a large fireplace.
               Adjacent to it is the kitchen and a hallway with one bedroom.

               The second floor has enough bedrooms to accommodate a large
               sized family, but most of the rooms haven't been slept in for
               several years.

               In short, it feels like home.

               Foregoing the pleasantries of their new dwelling, everyone
               picks a bedroom and plops on their beds, falling asleep

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               INT. BEDROOM (JB) - MORNING

               JB groans as he turns in the strewn sheets. He's still in the
               same clothes he wore the night before.

                                   RACHEL (O.S.)
                         Wake up, everyone!

               He gets up, rubs his face, and leaves the room.

               INT. KITCHEN - MORNING

               Rachel is frying sausages and eggs over the stove in the
               kitchen. Her attitude is completely reversed: instead of
               indifferent, she's now motherly.

               Everyone else slowly shuffles into the kitchen and sits down
               in the table. Robin, bags under his eyes, prepares coffee in
               a cheap pot.

               Rachel lays plates in front of everyone.

                         I was listening to the radio this
                         morning. Fresh powder overnight.

               Lindsay grins while Rachel nods. Everyone else looks on in
               curiosity while digging into their breakfast. Amazingly,
               Rachel is a good cook.

                         Thunder Peak?

                         Thunder Peak. Should be in tip-top
                         condition right about now.

                         What's Thunder Peak, Liz?

                         Last year, me and Rach had a couple
                         of sick days free and were sick and
                         tired of work. So, being
                         the...intrepid young souls we are,
                         we decided to come up here.
                         However, being the perfectly normal
                         people we really are, we got lost.
                         So we park the van and we look at
                         the map. Then...CRACK!
                             (she hits the table)
                         If not the biggest thunderstorm
                         begins to go off all around us.
                         Then...we see it. The purest
                         mountain out here.

                         Thunder Peak?

                         Thunder Peak. We looked it up on
                         the Internet. Turns out it's called
                         Mt. Gyver, but you've got to admit
                         Thunder Peak's so much cooler.

                         Did it say how high it was?

                         There's a marker on the top with
                         everything you need to know. Read
                         it when we get there.

                         Wait, we're not...going up there,
                         are we?

                         You a hiker, Robin?


                         Then I'd take your time with your
                         breakfast and delay the inevitable.

               EXT. SUMMIT - DAY

               The view on top of Thunder Peak is stunningly beautiful. A
               light fog covers the basin of the mountains, almost eclipsing
               Dulles' Point.

               The group has finally reached the summit, which is surrounded
               by a small guard rail. They rest on it idly, taking long
               gulps of water from plastic water bottles.

               A small stone placard rests in the middle of the clearing,
               which Rachel reads.

                         Mt. Gyver, named for Reverend
                         Joshua Gyver, founder of the Mt.
                         Gyver colony, abandoned 1612. Noted
                         for his conversion of Native
                         Americans to Christianity. Erected
                         by Dulles' Point Historical

               She looks at JB. He's fascinated.

               And then it catches Rachel's eye.

                         Hey, JB.

                         What is it?

                         I found your town.

               He stops drinking his water and hurries over to Rachel's
               spot. She points into the distance and he sees it.

                         Lindsay, can you find me the

               Lindsay shoots him an obvious "I don' wanna" look. She gets
               up and rummages through one of the bags, disgruntled. She
               finds it and throws it to JB.

               It lands into the dust feet away from where he's standing.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         Watch it! $150, mind.

               He picks them up and dusts them off with his shirt. He looks
               in the distance.

               It's Dulles' Point, a large clearing nestled amongst vast
               expanses of trees. 

               Built like an old west mine town, but ravaged by '60's kitsch
               and the effects of time, the town is a monument to the failed
               enterprising initiative humanity had so long ago.

               No wonder it's abandoned.

               Yet it's strangely captivating.

                         What is it?

                         This old town marked on the map I
                         got at the station.

               Lindsay, feigning interest, walks over to Rachel and JB's
               vantage point.

                         Lemme take a look.

               She takes the binoculars with one slackened hand. Upon seeing
               the town, however, she uses them with both hands. The strange
               allure of the town takes effect.


                         Looks pretty cool.


               She toys with the idea in her head.

                         Well, what?

               She pauses, thinking some more.

                         We could go there.

               As she wanted, this somewhat blows away JB and Lindsay.


                         Well...yeah. I mean, it's out of
                         the way, but I guess we could go
                         down later...

               JB leaps at the chance.

                             (calming down)

               Over near the other end of the summit, Dave is standing on
               the edge. Lindsay walks over to him.

                         What are you doing, Dave?

               He takes a breath and rubs his eyes.

                         Nothing, Liz. Just tired.

                         Dave, Robin's an insomniac. I know
                         the difference between tired and
                         troubled. What's up?

               Dave takes a deep breath.

                         Maybe Rachel's right. I...I've been
                         getting second thoughts, and maybe
                         I shouldn't have come.

                         What? Why not?

                         Look at us. We've barely spoken
                         over the years and it's no
                         different now. I mean...we live on
                         opposite ends of the continent.
                         She's never talked to me...
                         ...or even glanced at me for 13
                         Tell me...If I plummeted down to
                         the bottom, would she care?

               He looks over the edge. It's a steep drop.


               She doesn't know what to make of Dave's unexpected outburst.

                                   LINDSAY (CONT'D)
                         Fine. Just wait a couple of days
                         and me and Robin will let you
                         leave. No harm, no foul. But
                         Dave...the only way Rach will talk
                         to you is if you take the first
                         step. After that, let her take it
                         on her own.

               Dave breathes...and takes a step back.

                         ...Thanks, Liz.

                         Anytime, Davy.

                         If you're finished talking over
                         there...we'd like to see the town.

               EXT. TREELINE - DAY

               The group breaks through the treeline surrounding Dulles'
               Point. What's interesting about the town, though, is the fact
               that it isn't abandoned. It's in the process of being

               People packing cars line the one street of the town, almost
               robotic in action.

                         What's going on?

               The group wanders into the town, but the people barely even
               look at them before they continue packing their cars.

               Up close, the buildings of the town are surprisingly sturdy,
               looking like they could withstand a hurricane with very
               little damage.


               ROGER (60s), a tall, weather-built man, walks towards the
               group. He has a welcoming smile, revealing slightly-yellowed

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         I'm Roger Parr. Welcome to Dulles'
                         Point. I'm sorry, but we're closed
                         for the season and...

                         We're not tourists. What's going

               He abruptly begins walking along the street, prompting the
               others to follow him.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         They're packing up. The harsh
                         storms make this place nigh
                         uninhabitable come winter.

                         I heard this place was...

                         Abandoned? Surely not. Just that
                         others would like to think we don't
                         exist than acknowledge the modest
                         life we live. In the meantime...the
                         town's closing down pretty fast, so
                         feel free to see our sights,
                         stretch your legs...
                             (chuckling again)
                         ...enjoy it while it lasts!

               Parr gives a boisterous laugh as he walks back down the
               street, leaving them alone.

               They've stopped in front of a large, steepled church. A
               small, archaic churchyard precedes it, in its center a large
               medieval maze.

               With nothing else to do, the group falls victim to the town's
               charm and split up along the street.

               INT. GENERAL STORE - DAY

               Rachel has wandered into a general store displaying various
               Native American items for sale. She idly looks at the various
               knick-knacks before grabbing various "home grown" vegetables
               for dinner.

               She walks over to the cashier, who rings up the various
               groceries. His nametag simply says "ED."

                         That it for ya', ma'am?

               Rachel isn't listening. Her eyes have wandered over to a
               display on the counter of beautiful, intricate dreamcatchers.
               She is transfixed.

                                   ED (CONT'D)

               She snaps out of her strange trance.

                         Yeah. That's it.

               Ed realizes what she was looking at.

                         Sure I can't talk you into
                         purchasing one of these genuine
                         hand-woven dreamcatchers?

               He puts on a smile that clearly shows he's trying to make a
               quick buck. Rachel doesn't care.

                         Sure. I'll take one.

               Ed's hands wander over the display case before he finally
               picks one.

                         It suits ya'.

               He bags the items and she quickly walks out of the shop.

                                   ED (CONT'D)
                         Have a good night!

               She doesn't hear him.


               Rachel and Lindsay share a bedroom on the second floor.
               Rachel is fast asleep...until she hears it.

               Rachel is awoken by the sound of Lindsay's faint screams.
               No...not just Lindsay's.

               Dave's. Robin's. JB's.

               Rachel darts out of bed in concern, grabbing her recently
               purchased dreamcatcher off her nightstand.

               She doesn't notice Lindsay's fast asleep in the bed beside

               EXT. CABIN - NIGHT

               It's snowing. Rachel has walked into the treeline around the
               cabin, slowly walking into the forest. Like she was with the
               dreamcatcher, she's transfixed rather than alarmed by the
               screaming voices. She's still concerned, though.

               The screams don't seem to come from a general direction, but
               surround her. She turns around rapidly, trying to find a
               source for the screams.

               A new sound joins the voices: falling trees. Rachel looks up
               and notices trees in the distance are falling down around

               Suddenly, the WOLF appears among the trees, running to
               Rachel. She screams as the wolf stops before her...

               ...and turns tail, running off. Rachel looks behind her to
               see Lindsay. Rachel runs to her and holds her tight.

                         I heard you running down the hall.
                         What are you doing out here?

               Rachel is shuddering, finally noticing the cold.

                         There were...voices...

                         What voices? Come on, Rach, let's
                         get you inside.

               Lindsay envelops her in her robe and they quickly walk
               inside. Rachel chances a quick glance back at the forest.

               There's nothing but the frost on the trees.

               EXT. CABIN - MORNING

               A small sedan drives up to the cabin on snow tires. It clunks
               before the engine shuts off.

               Inside the car is Roger, graven faced.

               He exits the car and trudges to the front door, knocking on
               it three quick times. Dave answers the door.

                         I have some bad news.

               INT. KITCHEN - MORNING

               Roger now sits at the table. Rachel's made him a small plate
               of eggs and bacon.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         With everyone gone, I thought I'd
                         man the CB radio in the station. I
                         received a transmission from a
                         watchtower several miles away to
                         get the weather report
                         and...there's a snowstorm coming.


                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         Which is why I'm here. I don't
                         really think all of you should be
                         stuck out here alone during this
                         mess. Our lodge has enough room for
                         all of you and it wouldn't be any

                         How bad do they think it'll be?

                         He says the worst in about...18
                         years. It's going to be hellish.
                         Expect all of this to be buried
                         under a mountain of powder.

               Roger takes a bite of eggs.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         Just think it'd be safer, is all.

               INT. BEDROOMS - DAY

               Everyone packs their belongings. Rachel brushes her fingers
               against the dreamcatcher before putting it on her neck.

                                   ROBIN (O.S.)
                         C'mon, Rachel!

               Rachel zips up her suitcase and takes a short breath. Oddly
               enough, her breath is visible. She shudders before leaving
               the room with her only suitcase.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY

               Everyone has congregated in the living room with their
               suitcases. Dave and JB are gone. Rachel steps in.

                         Where's Roger?

                         Left for town.

                         Hey, is the heater on?

                         Yeah. Why?

                         In my room, it...nothing. Where's
                         JB and Dave?

                         They took the snowmobiles out to
                         the van. Roger'll be calling them
                         on the CB to make sure we're

               EXT. ROAD - DAY

               Dave and JB ride on two snowmobiles down the snowed in road,
               searching for the van.

               They drive...and drive...but they still can't find the van.

                         Where's the van?

                         We must've missed a turn back
                         there! C'mon!

               They rapidly turn the snowmobiles around and drive in the
               opposite direction.

               They still haven't found it: they see the cabin in the

               They search...and search...until JB realizes it. He almost
               crashes his snowmobile in the process. He jumps off the
               snowmobile and puts his ear to the ground.


                         Shh! Listen.

               Dave does the same...and he hears it. A faint crackling
               noise. They look at each other before they frantically start

               They dig until they find a hard surface- the moon roof of the
               van, buried in the snow.

               JB looks at Dave with an expression of awe and fear before
               breaking the moon roof with his boot and jumping inside.

               INT. VAN - DAY

               The sole source of light from the moon roof barely brightens
               the frost covered interior. JB makes his way to the front of
               the van, where he picks up the CB transmitter.

                         Hello? Testing, one-two...


                         JB? You fellas on your way?

                         Not anytime soon, Roger. Not by a
                         long shot.

               EXT. CABIN - DAY

               Roger has come back to the cabin and is loading the group's
               luggage in the back of his small sedan.

                         Not too unusual 'round these parts,
                         really. Pockets of the storm, with
                         the right conditions, mind ya',
                         they can bury a house just like
                         your own.

                         We all really appreciate this, sir.

                         Don't you start with any of that
                         "sir" business. Name's Roger.

               He loads the last of the luggage (amazingly it all fits)
               before slamming the door shut.

               EXT. ROAD - DAY

               Roger drives the girls in his car while Dave, JB, and Robin
               ride on the snowmobiles. Robin, with a grim expression of
               distaste, has been forced to ride on the back of JB's

               On the way, the side of the path becomes littered with giant
               fallen trees.

                                   RACHEL (V.O.)
                         What happened to all the trees?

                                   LINDSAY (V.O.)
                         Looks like they've been ripped up

                                   ROGER (V.O.)
                             (interrupting them)
                         The storm?
                         Yeah, those gusts will take down a
                         tree with even the deepest roots.

                                   LINDSAY (V.O.)
                         It's so strange.

               INT. POLICE STATION - DAY

               Maps of the surrounding area paper the walls. In the center
               of the room is a sturdy pine table with a large CB radio.
               Suddenly, it crackles to life.

                                   WATCH (V.O.)
                         Roger? Roger?

               Roger runs to the table and sits in a small chair before

                         This is Roger. How ya' doin',

                                   WATCH (V.O.)
                         Gettin' mighty chilly up here,
                         boss. Storm's startin' to blow

                         Any news on the weather?

                                   WATCH (V.O.)
                         Sorry to say it looks like you're
                         up the proverbial creek, Rog. The
                         whole area's gonna get the worst of

                         Yeah, I seen it already. I got a
                         couple of kids with me. Their van
                         was buried in a storm pocket last
                         night. Also knocked down a whole
                         buncha' the trees too.

                                   WATCH (V.O.)
                         Damn, looks like you got it the
                         worst already! You ain't got a
                         Wendigo up there, do ya', Rog?

               Roger takes a while to respond. His face shows a quick spark
               of immense fear before returning to its usual jovial mood.

                         Sure hope we don't! Thanks for the
                         update, Watch.

                         Anytime, Rog! Talk to ya' later.

                         Over and out.

               The CB clicks off.



                         A Wendigo. What is it?

                         You mean to tell me you ain't never
                         heard of the Wendigo, friend?

               JB looks like a grown up 7-year-old.

                         No, Rog.

               Roger grins and shakes a little bit, getting into character.

                         The Wendigo's an old Algonquin
                         legend: a monster so vicious it'll
                         eat your flesh right off the bone
                         and still be so hungry it'll eat
                         your whole family and next-a kin.
                         It wanders the forest, luring prey
                         by usin' what we want to its
                         advantage. Wendigo hunger ain't
                         never cease. 
                         Those Algonquins said if a human
                         eats human flesh by sunup, they'll
                         turn a Wendigo come sundown.
                         Also...if you hear a faint scream
                         on the wind...and the trees shake
                         like the dickens...

               He gets real close to the group, captivated by Roger's tale.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         Then the Wendigo's a-comin'. If ya'
                         be vigilant and be true-hearted,
                         ya' might survive the night.
                         However, if you dare look back, the
                         Wendigo's true form'll be the last
                         thing you see before he pulls you
                         away, your feet turning to
                         ash...and your scream becomes his.

               He pauses for effect...then drops the country bumpkin facade.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         But that's what I tell the
                         tourists. Now who's hungry? I got a
                         mighty fine roast ready to eat.

               Like on the street before, he abruptly leaves, causing the
               group to follow suit. 

               Before they leave, Robin gives Lindsay a quick shake, causing
               her to jump. He laughs as she lightly punches him as they
               leave the room.


               Robin lies in a large bed with Lindsay. He is wide awake. He
               stares at the clock nearby: 1:04 a.m.

               Frustrated from his lack of sleep, he leaves the bed and
               heads to the adjoining bathroom.

               INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT

               Robin opens the mirror medicine cabinet and grabs a pill
               bottle: his insomnia medication. Excited for relief, he
               quickly opens the pill bottle. It's empty.

                         Damn it.

               He slams the medicine cabinet before storming out of the

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               Robin, now fully dressed, has decided to go for a quick walk
               to calm himself down enough for sleep. Snow whips through the
               biting wind, breaking the silence.

               Robin walks through the town towards the treeline. However,
               something has visibly broken the treeline and is now running
               straight for Robin.

               The WOLF.

               Robin steps backwards at an increasing rate before turning
               tail and running for the lodge. He takes deep, intense

               He makes it to the lodge, frantically trying to open the door
               and pounding on it.

                         Let me in! Anyone!

               He looks down: the knob has frozen over. The wolf is ever
               closer, its red eyes burning in the night.

               The noise of falling trees begins to echo through the town.
               Robin gives up the lodge and runs for the church, hoping to
               get to safety. But what he sees immediately makes him stop.

               The faded cobblestone maze has CHANGED, now built of
               towering, dark green hedges. It moves oddly in the wind, as
               if alive. He runs for it, knowing the wolf is right on his

               He makes it.

               INT. MAZE - NIGHT

               Robin, still running and panting, quickly becomes lost among
               the hedges. His anxiety increases, darting around wildly and
               taking every available turn.

               Suddenly, the noise of falling trees stops. His sense of
               anxiety disappears as he breathes a sigh of relief. He turns
               around and, smiling, presses his right hand and walks
               forward, towards the exit of the maze.

               Upon turning a corner, he sees yet another sight that makes
               him stop.

               It's Rachel, barely clothed and lying on a quilt blanket. She
               smiles devilishly at him. A nearby lantern illuminates her
               delicate curves. She is beautiful.

               Robin, his sense of logic and reason fading away, begins to
               stumble towards Rachel. He kneels down and, after sharing
               several visible breaths, kisses Rachel passionately.

               It doesn't take long for Robin to be seduced. They toss and
               turn, Rachel suddenly becoming Lindsay, Lindsay changing into
               Rachel...all is unaware to Robin, blinded by lust.

               Rachel breaks the kiss and lifts up his shirt, planting small
               kisses down his chest. At the navel, she suddenly stops.
               Robin opens his eyes to look at her.

                         Robin...I need you.

               Rachel slowly lifts her head to reveal a gruesome visage, the
               skin slowly melting from the bone and landing with a
               sickening plop on Robin. She grins madly. Robin screams in
               primal horror.

               EXT. MAZE - NIGHT

               The snowstorm has picked up, snow blurring everything in the
               town. The wind howls with a fierce demeanor. Robin has made
               it out of the maze, running straight for the treeline behind
               the church.

               He makes it to the treeline and runs into the forest, never
               noticing he's left behind ashen footprints, or that the
               snowstorm is softly sweeping them away, absorbing them.

               INT. BEDROOM (RACHEL) - NIGHT

               Rachel awakes with a start, hearing Robin's screams of
               terror. She runs out into the hallway.

               INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT

               All the others have heard the screams too, joining Rachel as
               they run out of their bedrooms and run outside.

               EXT. LODGE - NIGHT

               The group runs outside in the storm, the falling trees, and
               Robin's screaming. No, not just Robin's.

               Dave's, Rachel's, Lindsay's, JB's...even Roger's. All these
               horrendous screams are mixed with the storm.

               INT. LODGE - NIGHT

               The group is in the CB room, crowded around the radio.

                         Watch, are you there?! Can you hear
                         me, Watch?!

               Static. Voices. Roger turns and clutches the microphone.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         Watch! Are you there, man?

               Watch's voice is garbled due to the storm, but his words can
               be easily heard.

                                   WATCH (V.O.)
                         Roger? What's goin' on? I was just
                         sleepin' and...

                         Watch, one of the kids has up and
                         left. Disappeared, more like.

                                   WATCH (V.O.)
                         In this?! Good God, Roger!

                         I know. I--

               But then the CB Radio has new noise- falling trees.

                                   WATCH (V.O.)
                         What is--

               Then nothing but static. It's claimed Watch.

                         Watch? Watch?!

               There is no reply.

                         Why...why isn't he answering?

                         The's got him. Whatever
                         got Robin's got him.

                         Robin's alive. He's ALIVE. He's out
                         there! Couldn't you hear-

                         Hear what, Liz? His screaming? In
                         case you didn't notice, we all
                         heard our voices. Whatever's got
               's wants us too.

                         Or maybe it already has us. Why
                         else would we be screaming?

                         Damn it, Rachel, don't do that. We
                         need to get rescue. We need to get
                         out of here.

               He looks at Lindsay, who is silently crying.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         Find Robin.
                         So, there any way out?

               The group looks at Roger expectantly.

                         There...there isn't one. There
                         shouldn't be, anyway.


               Roger has never been seen like this- defeated. The gentle,
               grandfatherly image has disappeared like Robin.

                         Our faith is about standing tall in
                         the face of adversity...against the
                         elements. Whoever's supposed to
                         guard the town does just that. This
                         is the ultimate test of faith.
                         That's...that's why I'm still here.

                         And this is what? Just another
                         test? One of us is out there
                         against your elements, and he's
                         dying. He doesn't have your faith
                         to back him up. Elements are
                         elements, and they affect everyone
                         just the same.

               Roger, previously wide-eyed in this question of faith, now
               flies off the table, cornering Dave.

                         Let me tell you something, Dave.
                         All of you sleep in our town's beds
                         and eat our food. Do you know I'm
                         not supposed to let ANYONE in? I'm
                         supposed to be alone! I chose to
                         take you in because it was the
                         right thing to do.
                         As you might know, I'm human too. I
                         can't make it all stop. If you
                         noticed before, I heard the screams
                         too. I'm in this as much as you
                         are, so don't think I'm not a part
                         of this.

               He backs off. He barely looks at the group as he begins to
               leave the room. He laces his boots roughly.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         If I'm gone in the morning...and my
                         car's gone...don't be surprised.

               He breathes hard, trying to expel the force that seemed to
               possess him throughout the scene.

                                   ROGER (CONT'D)
                         Just stay in the lodge. Whatever
                         you do, be back inside by sunset.
                         I'm gonna' pay Watch a visit. I'm
                         going to get us out of here.


               He turns to Dave. His face seems to have forgotten all about
               the incident, but his eyes clearly contradict him.

                                   DAVE (CONT'D)
                         I'm...I'm just...

                         It's OK. Just let it settle like
                         the snow and it'll all be over

               He exits, the ghost of the incident hanging over the group in
               a stunned silence. They can't forget so easily.

               EXT. LODGE - MORNING

               Roger has packed his car with nothing but the bare
               essentials. He is dressed in bulky, but warm winter clothing.
               He pockets a pistol.

               He is ready.

               The group stands on the front porch of the lodge, watching.

                         JB! Come here for a second.

               He quickly obeys.

                         What is it?

                         While I'm gone, keep an eye on the
                         radio. I'm going to try and contact
                         everyone when I get there. If


                         ...Would you consider going, too?

                         You're going to make it.

                         I know. I really hope I do.

                         You will. Trust me.
                         It'll take more than falling trees
                         to kill ya', Rog.

                         I am pretty damn quick.

               He grins.

                         Bye, Roger.

               Without anything else to say, JB turns and walks away towards
               the lodge. Roger gives the group a parting look before
               driving away.

               The group is alone, isolated in Dulles' Point.

                                                              FADE OUT.

               INT. LODGE - NIGHT

               Rachel stares idly at a brewing pot of coffee. Based on the
               state of her hair and the large bags under her eyes, it's
               safe to say she hasn't slept in a long time.

               The coffee finishes brewing and she pours it delicately into
               two identical thermoses. She caps them and takes them with
               her as she walks outside into the snowstorm.

               EXT. LODGE - NIGHT

               The few lit porch lights are all that illuminate the town.

               Rachel steps out onto the porch of the lodge. Lindsay sits in
               a hanging swing, clutching tight to a blanket and staring
               trancelike into the storm. She's slept less than Rachel.

               Rachel opens her mouth to say something, but she knows it's
               useless to protest. Lindsay's still going to keep sitting out
               here. She leaves her the thermos and walks to the nearby
               Police Station.

               INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT

               JB has set up the CB radio at the front desk of the Police
               Station. He looks at the microphone with immense
               concentration, as if willing it to speak to him. He doesn't
               notice Rachel walking up to him.

                         JB? I made you some coffee.

               He doesn't break his concentration.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         You've been here for hours. Can't
                         you come back to the lodge?

               He still stares at the radio.

                         Can't. Roger will contact any

               Rachel stares at him, then at the radio. 

                         I'm worried about Lindsay. She's
                         been sleeping less and less. I want
                         to bring her inside and make her
                         sleep, seems like watching
                         the storm's all she's got right

               JB doesn't acknowledge her, barely moving from his post.

               Rachel suddenly walks up to the desk and slams the thermos on
               it hard. She storms out of the station.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                             (to himself)
                         Thanks for the coffee, Rach.

               EXT. TOWN - NIGHT

               Rachel storms out of the Police Station and quickly walks to
               the alley on the building's side. Rachel slumps against the
               wall, breaking down in sobs.

               She wipes her eyes with her hand, the mysterious scars still

               Another FLASH OF FIRE- a child tossed like a rag doll around
               the interior of a falling pickup truck.

               At the bottom, the truck is engulfed in flame. The child, a
               little girl, has climbed out of the wreckage. She looks up to
               see THE WOLF.

               Rachel is broken from her trance as Dave lightly grabs her
               shoulder in concern.

                         Rachel, you alright?


               She pushes past him and resumes walking through the town to
               the lodge.

                         I was thinking you should get some

                         I have been sleeping.

                         And I've been on laundry duty for
                         the past three days. Everyone's
                         slept in their bed at least
                         once...even Lindsay...except for

                         So now you go into my bedroom?

                         Rachel, you need to stop. Take a
                         break. You've been so busy trying
                         to make everyone feel better that
                         you've totally forgotten about

                         That's my good nature. You should
                         think about getting one.

                         You're not listening to me! I'm
                         trying to help you! Whatever
                         problem you have...

                         I'm the one with the problem? You
                         need more X-rays than I do.

                         ...your problem with me, I don't
                         know what to do! You ignore me
                         completely and then try to stick a
                         knife in my back whenever I'm
                         around! What is it with you?

                         I can't let you try and kill me

               Dave stops in his tracks as Rachel runs into the lodge,

                         This is about Jesse, isn't it?

               Rachel turns around, a look of utter disbelief on her face.
               Without a word, she quickly walks to the lodge and runs

               She slams the door just as Dave runs to catch up with her. He
               pounds on the door in frustration.

                         Rachel! Damn it.

               Lindsay still stares aimlessly into the distance. Dave looks
               at her sadly, trying to catch his breath.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT. BEDROOM (RACHEL) - NIGHT

               Rachel has fallen asleep on her bed, her eyes red from

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               Dave quickly eats a hastily made sandwich in silence. He
               quickly glances upwards, towards Rachel, before returning to
               his meal.

               INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT

               JB has fallen asleep on the desk, the CB radio still bursting
               with static.

               EXT. LODGE - NIGHT

               Lindsay is still staring off into the distance. The snowstorm
               whips the snow upwards, clouding her vision.

               Lindsay takes a deep breath, exhaling with a shudder. She
               gets up from her post, wraps up the blanket, and walks to the
               door. She turns around to look at the snowstorm once more
               before opening the door.

               Dave looks up when she enters.

                         Off to bed now, Liz?

               His tone is casual, but he's obviously relieved that
               Lindsay's finally getting some sleep.

                         Yeah. Tell Rachel thanks for the

                         You better tell her in the morning.
                         I don't think I'll have much luck
                         right now.

               Suddenly, there is a loud scream from out in the distance.
               Lindsay's eyes widen with shock and anticipation. She drops
               the thermos and blanket, effectively spilling the coffee
               along the porch.

               She runs into the storm, Dave following her.

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               It's Robin. His clothes are tattered and he's bundled up the
               best he can, barely protected from the storm. He's also a few
               inches shorter.

               Robin runs to Lindsay before tripping and falling into the
               snow. Lindsay runs up to him, falling on her knees, touching
               his face and everywhere else she can reach to make him warm.

                         Everyone help! Help me!

               INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT

               JB hears Lindsay's cries and runs out, abandoning his post.

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               Dave catches up with Lindsay and falls on his knees as well.
               He looks all over Robin- he shows signs of frostbite almost

               Robin's feet are bundled up. Dave pulls back the cloth and
               his eyes widen in horror.

               INT. BEDROOM (RACHEL) - NIGHT

               Rachel wakes up with a start, hearing Lindsay's cries. She
               darts out of the bedroom, wiping her face.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

               JB and Dave burst open the door to the lodge as they carry
               Robin inside. He is unconscious.

                         Rachel! Get down here!

               Rachel runs down the stairs to meet the group as they set
               Robin on the couch.

               JB shows everyone Robin's feet-

               They've partially disintegrated. Whatever feet that remain
               assume a dead, gray color.

               Rachel runs to get a towel to wrap up the feet. She returns
               and pushes it on, but it crumbles to the touch.

               Robin jerks awake, screaming in pain. Rachel looks at the
               towel- it's smothered in ashes. Robin's arms are held down by
               JB and Lindsay, who is bawling. Dave holds down his legs.

               Lindsay loses her grip on his arm and it flails wildly,
               trying to scratch at JB before settling on his chest,
               gripping his heart.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         Rachel! Rachel, look at me!

               Rachel, previously transfixed at the degenerative state of
               Robin's feet, looks up. She is in shock but alert.

               JB is trying to be calm, but he's visibly panicking.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         I need you to run to the Police
                         Station and go down the hallway to
                         a door marked "Infirmary." Inside
                         you'll find a medicine box. There's
                         sedatives inside. Understand?

               Rachel is automatically nodding her head while occasionally
               darting her eyes to Robin.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         Rachel? Rachel! Go!

               Rachel, in shock, barely manages a nod before darting out of
               the lodge.

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               The snowstorm has picked up again, its intensity matching the
               chaos inside the lodge. Rachel stumbles occasionally, but
               keeps running for dear life towards the Station.

               INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT

               Rachel bursts through the doors of the Station and runs down
               the dark hallway. She finds the door to the infirmary and
               almost rips the door off its hinges trying to open it.

               INT. INFIRMARY - NIGHT

               Rachel blasts through the many cabinets of the infirmary
               before finding a small metal box with a red cross on it.

               She rips it open and rummages through it with a frenzy. She
               finds the box labeled "sedatives" and grabs it, running out
               of the room with the same intensity as she entered.

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               Rachel runs back to the lodge, the box clutched in her
               freezing hands. Before she makes it to the porch, she trips
               and scatters the medicine around her.

               She sobs as she frantically tries to pick everything up, but
               the little pill cases slip out of her fingers.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

               Everyone is too wrapped up in Robin's screams of pain and
               holding him down to notice the ashes slowly mix with the

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               The ashes mix with the snowstorm outside, giving it a new,
               slightly gray tint.

                         Rachel! Where are you?!

               Rachel grabs what she can and stuffs it into the box. She
               runs for the lodge, wiping her eyes.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

               Rachel bursts in and thrusts the box into JB's outstretched
               hand. He lets go of Robin's legs, which flail wildly.

                         Hold him!

               Rachel fumbles over JB to grasp Robin's legs. They continue
               to crumble away.

               JB, with expert skill, prepares the sedative and injects it
               into Robin's arm. As the sedative courses through Robin's
               veins, he quiets and slowly stops jerking his limbs. He
               becomes unconscious and limp.

                         Fucking med school...

               Lindsay lets go of Robin and backs away towards the
               fireplace, sobbing uncontrollably.

               Rachel runs over and kneels downward, holding her and trying
               to comfort her. She silently cries too.

               Dave wipes his head and slumps into a chair, his brow

               JB stands over Robin's body, who, if it weren't for his
               rhythmically breathing chest, could be mistaken for dead.

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

               A pile of ash smoulders in the fireplace. The still sleeping
               Robin has a blanket over him, barely concealing his now
               thoroughly bandaged ankles. His feet have completely

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               Dave, Lindsay, and Rachel sit at the kitchen table, lost in

                         But Roger said he'd contact JB when
                         he got to the watchtower. We need
                         to wait for him.

                         Nobody knows about Robin except for
                         us. Roger's looking for someone
                         who's already here.

                         But still...we can't afford to let
                         anyone else out there. We don't
                         know what did that to Robin. It
                         could get him too.

                         Robin's fine for the moment. He's
                         so doped up right now he can't feel
                         a thing and me and JB did a pretty
                         good job with his feet.

                         But can't you see it's still

                         Which is why JB needs to go now. If
                         we don't get help now, Robin's
                         going to die before Roger ever
                         contacts us. JB's bundled up and
                         he's told me he has enough supplies
                         for two days. Which means we'll be
                         out of here before Friday. He'll be

               At that moment, JB enters the lodge with a large rucksack.

                         Well, I'm ready to head off.
                         Everything's in order.
                         I guess I'll leave now.

                             (she breathes)
                         Wait until sunlight, at

               JB looks at Rachel with kind eyes. It feels like eternity
               before he responds.


               He sets down his rucksack and clambers up the stairs, leaving
               the group in the kitchen and Robin, slowly dying, on the
               living room couch.

                                                              FADE OUT.

               EXT. LODGE - SUNSET

               Dave brings an axe down on a large log with a thud. He picks
               up the split pieces and adds them to a dwindling pile of
               firewood. He wipes his brow before splitting a second log.

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - SUNSET

               Lindsay walks aimlessly through the churchyard along the
               maze. She mutters under her breath as she traces her
               footsteps through the maze before hitting a dead end. She
               pauses before starting again in the opposite direction.


               Rachel sleeps in a chair next to Robin, who lies asleep in
               bed. The sheets covering him are ruffled and strewn
               everywhere, barely covering his ankles.

               Robin suddenly jerks awake, coughing and wincing in pain.
               Rachel wakes up and runs over to him, grabbing a glass of
               water. She trickles it down his throat as he rubs his heart

                         Am I home, now?

               He is delirious.

                         You're going to be just fine,
                         Robin. JB...

                         Living forest...all around...

               Robin mutters some incoherent words.

                         You need your rest, Robin. I'll get
                         you some more water--

                         ...the screams.

               Rachel stops in her tracks.

                         What screams, Rob?

                         It was so cold, Rachel. I was so
                         cold. I tried the door but
                         was frozen. So I went...

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Robin runs through the forest aimlessly, trying to evade an
               unseen creature.

                                   ROBIN (V.O.)
                         I was in the forest and there were
                         these...voices. All these voices
                         all around me. lost...and
                         then fire.

               Robin falls to his knees, clutching at his ears to stop an
               unheard noise. A fog begins to settle through the trees
               towards Robin. The sound of trees falling echoes throughout
               the forest.

               Something causes Robin to jerk backwards and the next moment
               he's being pulled by one broken arm, bleeding all over and
               screaming in pain.

               His feet are being dragged at breakneck speed through the
               snow. However...nothing appears to be dragging him. It's as
               if the snow itself were pulling him.

               The wolf runs through the forest, parallel to Robin. Its deep
               red eyes are filled with hunger. Robin slowly passes out.

               Suddenly, everything comes to a stop. Robin is left in the
               snow, clothes tattered and screaming like a banshee. His eyes
               dart everywhere, trying to find his attacker.

               He gets up and slowly starts to run, unknowingly towards
               Dulles' Point.


               Robin quiets and falls asleep once more, leaving Rachel
               unsure of how to react at Robin's story.

               The door to the bedroom suddenly opens, revealing Dave.

                         OK, Rachel, shift's over.

                             (glancing at her watch)
                         I still have at least two hours. Go
                         find something else to do.

                         Not by my watch. It's time for you
                         to get some sleep. You need it the

                         Why is that, Dave? I'm perfectly

                         No, you're not, Rach. Ever since
                         Robin came back, you've been
                         staying up at ungodly hours...

                         Someone has to take care of him. No
                         one around here seems to be doing

               Dave grabs her by the shoulder and tries to lead her out of
               the room.

                         Please, Rachel...

                         No! Let GO of me!

               She strikes at him precisely when Lindsay enters the room.
               She is hit hard on the head by Rachel's open-handed slap.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         Liz, I'm so sorry...

                         No, Rachel. Get some sleep. Now.

               Rachel looks alternately at Dave and Lindsay, on the verge of


               She runs out of the room, dabbing at her eyes.

                         I'll take watch, Dave. Go get some
                         rest, too.

               Dave is lost in thought before he speaks.

                         Do you really think she'll be OK?

                         I don't know what she's thinking
                         right now. She's become completely
                             (looking at the door)
                         I'm really sorry for making you
                         come, Dave.

                         It's OK, Liz. I know you and Robin
                         meant well. I just want her to be
                         OK again.

               Lindsay hugs him tightly, Dave slowly doing the same.

                                   DAVE (CONT'D)
                         Thank you.

               He leaves the room, leaving Lindsay alone with Robin. She
               sits down in Rachel's chair and watches him intently.

               EXT. BACK PORCH - DUSK

               The sun has finally fallen over the forest. Dave exits the
               house onto the back porch of the lodge, holding an open beer

               He chugs the first few gulps of the foaming liquid before
               slamming it down hard on the porch railing. It foams over,
               the drops melting the snow around the bottle.

                         Goddamn it, Rachel.

               He wipes some developing tears away with his fist.

               He sniffs and breathes deeply, looking out at the treeline.

               The wolf is at the clearing, growling loudly and standing as
               still as the dead. Its red eyes shine in the dark, staring
               straight at Dave.

               Oddly enough, Dave's eyes counterpoint the wolf's with his
               own frustration.

                                   DAVE (CONT'D)
                         Get out of here.

               He picks up the beer bottle and throws it at the wolf. The
               wolf turns tail and runs into the forest, leaving no evidence
               it was ever there.

               Dave breathes shallowly, wipes his eyes, and goes inside to
               go to sleep.

                                                              FADE OUT.

               INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT

               The Police Station is empty, the only noise coming from the
               loud static of the unmanned CB radio.


               Robin lies in the sheet-strewn bed, slightly snoring. Lindsay
               sits by his side, asleep in a chair.

               The door to the bedroom opens, bringing Dave. He wakes up

                         What's up?

                         I need to talk with you and Rachel.

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               Rachel, Lindsay, and Dave sit at the table. Dave has his
               hands folded on the table, as if he was praying. An uneasy
               silence hangs over all of them.

                         I've been manning the CB radio for
                         the past two days and there's been
                         no transmissions of any kind.
                         Nothing from JB. Or Roger. Just

                         But that could mean that they've
                         already been rescued. That's why
                         they aren't answering.

                         If they were rescued, they'd
                         already be here.

                         The weather's gotten worse, though.
                         They could be held up in some town

                         What town, Lindsay? And why would
                         they take so long? It's been two
                         days since JB left and God knows
                         how long Roger's been out.

                         What are you saying? They forgot
                         about us?

                         I'm saying we have to consider how
                         long we're going to last.
                         Robin's getting worse. You know
                         that, Lindsay.

               Rachel looks to Lindsay, who nods solemnly.

                         It's spreading to his hands. His
                         fingers were gray this afternoon.
                         They'll...they'll be gone by sunup.

                         And we still don't know what he
                         has. He's babbling in his sleep
                         about fire and wolves and he's
                         turning to ash. We have to keep him
                         so doped up so he can't feel the
                         most pain he's ever been in. We've
                         never seen anything like this. I
                         doubt anyone has.
                         So we have to admit that he doesn't
                         have long.

                         Are you suggesting we kill him?

               Dave breathes shallowly while Lindsay and Rachel look at him

                         Well...yes. And let the condition
                         do the rest.


               Robin jerks awake and slowly gets up from the bed. He tries
               to look around, but it's impossible to see in the pitch black
               of the room. A faint noise of blowing wind is heard.

               He looks down at his legs, covered by a sheet. He pulls it

               ...his feet are perfectly fine. He tries to call for Lindsay,
               but for some reason no words come out. It's like the world is
               on mute.

               Robin gets up from the bed and leaves the bedroom, heading
               towards the living room.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

               Robin slowly walks into the living room, which is barely
               illuminated by the fireplace. Everyone seems to have

               Robin tries to call for help, but again he is muted.

               Then he sees the front door. It's been ripped off its hinges,
               broken into three pieces on the carpet floor. The doorway is
               splattered with blood.

                         Lindsay. Rachel.

               Robin runs outside into the raging snowstorm.

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               It's not hard for Robin to find where everyone else should be-
               a gruesome trail of blood leads from the door to the distant
               churchyard, contrasting almost beautifully with the pure
               white snow.

               Robin runs along it and enters the churchyard, running past
               the mutilated iron gates.

               EXT. CHURCHYARD - NIGHT

               The trail of blood meanders through the churchyard, Robin
               running after it as if the Holy Grail lay at its end.

               It takes him several moments to realize a disturbing feature
               about the graveyard: all the graves have been dug up, and all
               are empty.

               Robin makes it to the trail's end: the cobblestone maze. In
               the center, their blood splattered on the stones, are Rachel,
               Dave, and Lindsay.

               Robin looks down at his hands. They're splattered with blood.
               At his feet is Dave's axe.

               Robin falls backward, screaming. His scream is muted by the
               raging snowstorm.

               Suddenly, the maze springs to life, sprouting the hedges of
               oddly-colored ivy. The ivy encapsulates the bodies, hiding
               them, absorbing them, in the hedges.

               Robin stands in front of the entrance to the maze, a look of
               terror on his face. He slowly stands, shaking.

               Out of nowhere, long, clawed hands appear behind Robin. One
               positions itself at his waist while the other one appears at
               his neck. They move at the same time, slashing Robin's throat
               and torso.


               Robin jerks awake, screaming. His screams intensify when he
               sees his hand- he's missing two fingers, which now lie on his

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               Lindsay is the first to hear Robin's screams, jumping up from
               the table and running to her bedroom. Dave and Rachel follow


               Everyone runs into Robin's room. Robin is writhing on the
               bed, screaming in pain. Lindsay grabs hold of his arms while
               Dave grabs his legs.

                         Keep him down! Don't touch his

                         What's wrong? Robin, what's wrong?

               Robin opens his eyes to look at them all- everyone's faces
               are horribly mangled and disfigured.

               Robin screams his lungs out as Rachel grabs another sedative
               to calm him down. His fingers begin to crumble away, causing
               him to scream even more. He grips his heart tightly.

               As the drug works its way through his bloodstream, Robin
               quiets and falls asleep.

               Dave and Rachel slowly let go as Robin stops moving. Dave
               stares at the two women, a look of grim urgency in his eyes.

               His gaze is met with reluctance from Lindsay and rejection
               from Rachel. Dave might be right.

               EXT. FOREST - MORNING

               The forest is still, the snow untouched. Next to a tree, the
               burnt wreckage of a snowmobile smolders.

               EXT. FOREST- MORNING

               A figure appears amidst the trees and stumbles forward.

               It's JB. He is covered with frost and is gaunt from lack of
               food or drink. He rummages through his now tattered rucksack
               for food. He pulls out an empty plastic wrapper.

               Out of food.

               JB continues forward, tossing the plastic wrapper aside. He
               starts forward, but suddenly stops. His eyes widen. He runs
               for his life into the distance.

               EXT. FOREST PATH - MORNING

               JB suddenly breaks through the treeline into a long forest
               path lined with power lines. It's a road, lined with
               improvised red traffic lines.

               JB runs along the road, certain to come to civilization. He
               begins laughing.

                         Almost there. Please, almost

               He trips and disappears under the snow, groaning in pain.
               He's fallen in a hole, cutting his leg on something.

               He tries to pull himself up, but the snow fills the hole
               instead with every grab. He finally feels a hard surface
               under him and plants his foot on it, pushing himself up from
               where his leg is trapped.

               He looks down to where he's fallen.

               He's fallen into a car's roof, his leg cut by a large shard
               of metal.

               JB pulls himself up rapidly and hits solid ground.

               He looks down into the car to see it's filled with nothing
               but bones. Human bones. The interior is strewn with dried

               A piece of plastic is visible amongst the carnage- a nametag
               labeled "ED."

               He looks up in horror and remembers an important detail-

               Traffic lines aren't red.

               The realization of where he is hits JB with the force of the
               falling trees he hears every night.

                                   ROGER (V.O.)
                         If you hear a faint scream on the
                         wind...and the trees shake like the
                         dickens...then the Wendigo's a

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - DAY

               People packing cars line the one street of the town, almost
               robotic in action. The group wanders into the town, but the
               people barely even look at them before they continue packing
               their cars.

               EXT. FOREST PATH - DAY

               JB now knows where he is- he's on the road leading out of
               Dulles' the final resting place for all the
               inhabitants of the town, pulled out of their cars and eaten
               by the Wendigo.

               A harsh wind blows, muffling JB's scream of terror as he runs
               down the path aimlessly. The snowstorm's picking up again.

                                   ROGER (V.O.)
                         Wendigo hunger ain't never cease...

               EXT. LODGE - DAY

               Robin looks out his window with a great sadness, almost
               vengeance. The snow blows wildly outside, blotting out the


               Robin looks up and turns to Lindsay.

               INT. BEDROOM (LINDSAY & ROBIN) - DAY

               Lindsay sits next to Robin with an expression of trying to
               help on her face. She holds a glass of water.

                         Robin, you need to keep your fluids

               She offers the glass to him. He moves to grab it, but stops,
               looking at his hands.

               They're bandaged to the wrists, the gauze stained with ash.
               What fingers poke out from the bandages are slowly turning

               Robin sighs and allows Lindsay to push the straw to his lips.
               He misses the straw, causing it to turn to the other side of
               the glass. His face turns red with embarrassment.

               Lindsay, her face marred with sadness, holds the straw in
               front of Robin. He quietly drinks a few gulps of water,
               afterwards resuming looking out the window.

               Lindsay continues to stare at him.

                         You don't have to look at me like
                         that, Liz.

                         I'm sorry, Rob. It's just that...


                         I hate seeing you like this.

                         I can't really do much about it,
                         can I?

               Robin is angry, frustrated with his condition. Lindsay can't
               do little much but sit where she is.

                         Rob...what's wrong?

               A long silence.


               Robin is lost in thought, leaving her to keep the
               conversation alive.

                         I think maybe we'll be able to move
                         you back into the living room soon.
                         Would you like that?

               Robin gives a noncommittal grunt. Lindsay, exasperated, sighs
               and gets up, leaving the room.

                         Wait. Liz, hold on.

               She returns, stepping into the room.

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         I'm sorry. It's just hard, you
                         know? All of this.

                         It won't be long before JB and
                         Roger come. We'll get you better

                             (not listening to her)
                         And then there's my
                         dreams...they're awful, Lindsay!

               Lindsay sits back in her chair, listening intently.

                         What dreams?

                         I'm walking around. I'm OK. But
                         then everybody's gone and there's
                         so much blood. It's all over the
                         house. I go outside and I follow
                         the blood all the way to the maze.
                         And...everyone's there.

               Robin is holding back sobs. Lindsay grows more and more, for
               a lack of a better word, scared of Robin as she continues to

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         Everyone's cut up and they're lying
                         all over the maze...and I'm holding
                         the axe. You're not just dead,
               're mutilated. And
                         then the maze took you all, you
                         were gone...and that thing came out
                         of the forest...the
                         slashed gave me this. It
                         wasn't the snow that gave me this.
                         It was something...inhuman.

               He notices Lindsay's horrified expression.

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         I know what you're thinking. I've
                         lost it, haven't I?

                         No, Rob. You need your rest.

                         Can't wait to get away from me,


                         At least tell me you believe me.
                         Please? That I'm not just making
                         this up.

                         Rob, it's hard. You've been through
                         a lot and you were out there for a
                         pretty long time. Maybe it's

                         What thing makes everything turn to
                         ashes, Lindsay? I'm not crazy. I
                         felt it...the claws on my arms,
                         making me bleed.
                             (to himself)
                         If you were cut like that, maybe
                         you'd understand.

               However, Lindsay's heard him. Tears are beginning to stream
               down her face.

                         I've...I've stayed up with you on
                         countless nights while you couldn't
                         sleep. God knows how much sleep
                         I've lost over you. I've never been
                         scared of you, Robin. Ever. But
               've changed. Not just
                         physically, but inside...

                         What are you afraid of? Me getting
                         out of this bed? I would if I
                         could, Lindsay, and when I can...

               Lindsay gets up and runs out of the room, crying. Robin
               stares out the window into the now-settled street.

               EXT. BACK PORCH - DAY

               Lindsay runs out onto the back porch and grips the railing
               tightly, sobbing.

               Rachel is a few feet away from her, smoking a cigarette. She
               runs over to Lindsay, stamping it out with her foot.

                         Rob...damn it...

                         What happened, Liz?

               She breaks down completely, clinging onto Rachel for support.

               's OK, Liz...the medicine
                         affects his moods. Also, the

                         That wasn't Robin, Rach.
                         It''s not him...

               Rachel isn't sure how to respond to such a wild allegation.

                long has it been since
                         you slept?

                         About...a couple of hours.

                         Come on, let's get some rest. I'll
                         put you in the living room.

               Lindsay looks up at Rachel, imploringly. Rachel gives her a
               worried, stern look. In response, Lindsay looks downwards.

                                   LINDSAY (CONT'D)
                         Yeah. Living room's fine.

               Suddenly, Dave appears on the back porch. His calm expression
               slowly turns to concern as he takes in the scene before him.

                         Liz? What's wrong?

               Lindsay gets up from Rachel and runs inside. Dave looks back
               at Rachel, confused.

               Avoiding his glance, Rachel gets up and leans on the railing,
               looking out into the forest.

               Dave walks over to her and imitates her position. He looks
               down at her hand- her scars are visible.

                                   DAVE (CONT'D)
                         Rachel, I...

               She leaves him, exasperated. She slams the sliding door shut,
               leaving Dave out in the snow. His faint breath is visible in
               the winter air.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY

               The living room has a fire going, providing the room with a
               faint orange glow. Rachel walks to Lindsay, who now lies on
               the couch.


               She looks up at Rachel.

                                   LINDSAY (CONT'D)
                         I've been thinking a lot...about
                         what Dave said. Maybe JB and Roger
                         aren't coming back. Robin's getting
                         worse. The storm's fading, but it
                         seems like the calm.
                         So...I change my vote.
                         End his misery. I don't want to see
                         him like this any more. Please.

               INT. POLICE STATION - DAY

               The CB radio sits, abandoned. Dave walks in and, after a
               moment, turns off the radio with a sense of finality. He
               walks out as if nothing's happened.

               INT. BEDROOM (LINDSAY & ROBIN) - DAY

               Robin is asleep, his mouth slightly open. Rachel is at his
               side, solemn-faced. She looks at the nightstand with a look
               of reluctance and fear.

               She slowly opens it to reveal an object wrapped in a light
               blue dish towel. She unwraps it, revealing a LARGE KNIFE, the
               end slightly curved.

               Rachel's hands begin to tremble, causing the knife to
               shudder. She gulps, breathing uneasily.

               Rachel looks up at the sleeping Robin, then back down at the
               knife. She clutches it tightly, taking a deep breath...

               And Robin turns toward her.


               Rachel drops the knife in her lap and timidly gasps. Robin
               slowly wakes up.

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         Am I home?

               He gathers his surroundings and sees Rachel.

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         Oh...Rach? What is it?

               Rachel looks up at him, hiding the knife under the dish

                         Nothing. Just checking on you. Were
                         you...dreaming again?

               Robin's expression becomes stony.


                         About us?

                         No. Not about that.
                         Lindsay doesn't know.

                         What about?

               Robin doesn't respond. He is like a traumatized child.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         You can tell me.

                         I ran through the town. This...wolf
                         was chasing me. It had these big
                         red flames. I got out
                         of the maze somehow. But I...I
                         still felt trapped.
                         Those eyes, Rachel...they burn into
                         your soul. They test how much of
                         you can bear to much of
                         you is worth living.
                             (looking over his body)
                         I guess I'm don't have much.

                         Rob, don't say that. You need your
                         rest, and when JB...

                         Quit telling me that!

               He bangs the nightstand in frustration. Rachel recoils.

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         I'm sorry. I just need to get out
                         of here. Maybe Liz will forgive me

               He rubs his forehead, lost in thought. Rachel looks at him
               with a newfound pity.

                         I understand, seems we
                         all need forgiveness sometimes.
                         We...lose track of what we think is
                         best. We lose control and give in.

                         Well, we're glad we have you to
                         show us the way, Rachel.

               He smiles. Rachel doesn't return it.


                         No, Rachel, thank you. You listen.
                         I just...just sit here. I'm glad I
                         can be honest with you.

               Robin's stare appears full of good intentions, but a feeling
               of malice is starting to make itself known.

                         You're welcome, Robin, really...but
                         right now you need to get some

               She gets up to leave.

                         Please tell me you're honest with
                         me, Rachel?

               She stops in her tracks. Rachel doesn't turn back to face
               him. She lets out a nervous chuckle.

                         Of course I am. Why would you think

               She begins to move towards the door again.

                         Because I know what's wrapped up in
                         that towel, Rachel. I know they
                         sent you here to kill me.

               Rachel freezes.

                         That's ridiculous. We would

                         I heard you talking. All of you.
                         When JB was leaving? I believe it
                         was something like..."let the
                         condition do the rest?"

               Rachel finally faces him and sits back in the chair.

                         I...we just didn't want to see you

                         Do you all really think it's my
                         suffering that's the issue?
                         You want me out of the way. I'm the
                         cause of all your suffering.

                         No, Robin, it's not that. It's just-

                         Face it, Rachel. I'm a...pest.
                         Vermin. All of you attend to me day
                         after day, watching me waste away,
                         wondering when this ash will
                         finally get to my brain and you
                         won't have to put up with me
                         What I'm saying, Rachel, is that I
                         understand. Go ahead.

               He motions for her to come over to the bed. Tears begin to
               stream down Rachel's pale face.


                         Come. Go on. Put the knife to my
                         neck and kill me.

                         You can't possibly-

                         me out of your misery.

               Rachel lets go of the knife in her hands. It clatters to the

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         You see, that's you, Rachel. You've
                         already decided for yourself. When
                         Dave proposed, you already knew
                         what you were going to do. You were
                         never going to do it.

               Rachel crumples to the floor.

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         You can go now.

               Rachel, in a daze, gets up and heads for the door. She pauses
               in the doorframe.

                         Why? Why did you do that to me?

               're better than
                         murder, Rachel. You just didn't
                         know it.

               Rachel wipes her eyes and leaves the room, slamming the door
               in her wake.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY

               Rachel walks into the living room, where an expectant Dave
               and Lindsay sit on the couch facing the fireplace.

               They turn to face her. Lindsay's eyes have widened in tears.


               Rachel takes a deep breath.

                         He's still alive.

               She casts an immense look of hate towards Dave before heading
               out of the lodge, slamming the door in her wake.


               Lindsay is silently crying, not bothering to look up at him.

                                   DAVE (CONT'D)
                         There's still time. I can do it
                         quickly. He won't suffer...I

               She walks up to him quickly, draws a sharp breath, and slaps
               him hard in the face. He barely moves.

                         Don't even try.

               She runs towards Robin's room.

                         You still love him, don't you?

               She doesn't stay to say he's right. He sits down on the sofa
               and stares at the fireplace, emotionless.

               INT. LIBRARY - DAY

               Rachel enters the town library, a large oak structure filled
               with books. The power is out, causing her to rummage in her
               pocket for a flashlight.

               She steps into the atrium, in the center a large bronze
               statue of a bearded man in church robes holding an open

               A plaque at the statue's base reads "REV. JOSHUA GYVER- 1560
               1612." This is the founder of the original colony.

               In front of the statue is a large leather-bound tome entitled
               "GYVER COUNTY LEDGER," filled with lists and statistics of
               the original colony.

               Rachel scans the lists aimlessly before remembering her task,
               heading towards the back of the library to a sign marked

               The catalog turns out to be an old-fashioned set of index
               cards in drawers. Rachel gives an overwhelmed sigh as she
               walks to the drawer marked "W."

               INT. LIBRARY (READING ROOM) - DAY

               Rachel's flashlight pierces the darkness as she slams a large
               stack of books on a sturdy wooden table. Her rapid, satisfied
               breath is visible.

               She looks through the different books on the Wendigo with
               great interest, scanning them for any bits of useful

               Phrases like "thundering trees," "horrible screams," and
               "ashen trail" highlight themselves as they race through
               Rachel's mind.

                         The horrible screams of the
                         Wendigo's victims pierced through
                         the night...the sound of the
                         thunderous trees gave the
                         impression of a monstrous beast...

               She opens another book, placing the books side by side,
               reading them at the same time.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         Richardson was gone this morning, a
                         trail of ash led outside his
                         tent...our Indian guide claims it
                         was the snowstorm that took
                         him...he is bordering on

               Rachel shuts one of the books and opens another.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         The expedition group was found
                         today, with mouths of blood and
                         weather wounds on most of their
                         body...they confess to eating two
                         of their group, saying the trees
                         told them to...they will be hung in
                         the morning..

               Rachel's eyes dart upward- the snowstorm outside has begun to
               pick up once more. She begins collecting the books in a mad
               rush before her eyes fall on one sentence-

               "The deceased savages were laid to rest by the Reverend

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)

               She grabs the books and runs out of the reading room.

               INT. LIBRARY - EVENING

               Before Rachel leaves the library, she turns back to the
               statue of Reverend Gyver and the ledger of the town.

               She scans the area before she finds what she wants- near the
               ledger, resting in a side pocket of the desk, is a transcript
               of the ledger.

               She grabs it and runs out of the library, the statue
               seemingly staring at her as she runs back to the lodge.


               Rachel sits next to Robin, propped up in his bed. Books are
               laid out all over the bed.

                         So everything that's been going on
                         here...the screams, the trees, the

                         It all fits. Even the original
                         colony had some sightings.

               She grabs the ledger, which has scans of old woodcut drawings
               featuring people pointing to the forest. The church is easily
               recognizable as the one in the town square.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         The Indians that lived always spoke
                         of a creature that wandered the

                         What happened to them?

                         That's the strangest part.

               She flips to a statistic-ridden page labeled "FATALITIES-

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         In the two years since the colony
                         was settled, the deaths always
                         increase in the winter months. It's
                         always the same.

                         What about the year after that?

                         That's when the colony was
                         abandoned- the winter of 1612.

                         The same year that this guy Gyver

                         Yes, Gyver. He was the town leader
                         and converted the Indians living
                         here to their faith. In 1612, there
                         was a famine and the town was
                         abandoned. Gyver, however,
                         supposedly went missing. Everyone
                         did. The remains were found in the
                         early 1800s and the town was
                         rebuilt into Dulles' Point.

               She reclines back in her chair and rubs her forehead.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         It all points to here. The way you
                         are, the reason for all this
               's all because of this.

               The environment seems too silent.

                                   RACHEL (CONT'D)
                         Where is everyone?

                         Always worried about others.
                         Dave's upstairs and Lindsay's in
                         the living room.


                         It's Dave, isn't it?

                         Don't talk about him now, Rob.

                         It's OK, Rachel. I don't blame you
                         for acting the way you did. You
                         were still shaken from the crash
                         and the attack. And
                         wasn't your fault.

               Rachel looks at him and starts to cry.

                         I barely remember him anymore. You
                         guys were best friends.

                         It was your dad's fault he died,
                         Rachel. Not yours.
                         You still have the scars, don't

                         Don't...Rob, I don't feel like
                         talking now.

               Robin gets closer to Rachel. Too close.

                         It's OK,'ll be all
                         right. I promise.

               He leans in to kiss her, causing Rachel to jump up from the

                         What are you doing?

                         What's wrong?

                         Robin, need rest. I'm
                         going to leave.

                         Is it because I look like this? Is
                         that it?

                         Lindsay's right there, Rob! Why are
                         you acting like this?

                         I guess your dad had the right idea
                         trying to kill you, didn't he? You
                         and your brother.

                         Stop it, Rob! Stop it!

                         Get out!

               Rachel runs out of the room, grabbing some of the books on
               her way.

               Robin's eyes look surprisingly different. They seem grayer.
               He screams and hits the headboard of his bed repeatedly, his
               face contorted in rage.

               EXT. LODGE - NIGHT

               The snowstorm grows in intensity outside the lodge. All the
               lights in the house are out, save for the small light of the
               fireplace inside.

               The wolf stands at the treeline, staring at the house and
               growling. The wolf outside suddenly gives an ear-piercing
               howl, as if lamenting the events about to unfold.

               INT. BEDROOM (RACHEL) - NIGHT 

               Rachel is asleep in her bed, her eyes red from tears. A book
               about the Wendigo rests open face down on her chest.

               Her room is completely dark, the only light coming from the
               bare slivers of moonlight from her window blinds.

               Suddenly, the door to her bedroom slowly opens. A beam of
               light from the fireplace creeps onto her face, causing her to

               Penetrating the new light source is a disfigured shadow,
               almost impossible to describe. It can be boiled down to a
               mixture of equal human and animal parts. 

               The shadow creeps slowly towards Rachel, who begins to twitch
               in her sleep. 

               A flash-

               Rachel at the bottom of the cliff, trying to pull her brother
               JESSE (10) out of the burning truck. 

               In the distance, a wolf with burning red eyes.

               Rachel, trapped against the cliff face, the wolf scratching
               at her madly. She screams out for her brother, who lies
               unconscious nearby.

               The creature is closer to the sleeping Rachel, tossing and
               turning in her sleep.


               The creature raises a hand to grab Rachel, the shadow
               undulating, ready to strike.

               And then a hand is visible, missing several ashen fingers...

               The wolf outside suddenly gives an ear-piercing howl, causing
               the shadow to recoil and Rachel to wake up.

               She jolts upward, panting rapidly. The shadow is gone. She
               takes several deep breaths before resting her head back on
               her pillow.

               INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

               Lindsay slowly wakes up, hearing the wolf's howl. She's been
               sleeping on the couch in front of the fireplace, a light
               blanket covering her.

               She rubs her eyes and gets up, shuffling slowly to the

               INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT

               Lindsay passes through the hallway to the kitchen, not
               noticing that Robin's bedroom door is open.

               His bed is empty, and bandages litter the floor.

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               Lindsay grabs a glass from a nearby cabinet and walks to the
               fridge. She pulls out a carton of orange juice and opens it,
               holding the glass.

               On second thought, she sets down the glass and drinks it
               straight from the carton. She wipes her mouth, replaces the
               orange juice, and closes the fridge door.

               In front of her, previously hidden by the door, is Robin. His
               legs are stunted and his fingers are mostly gone. His face
               has a large streak of gray across it.


               He collapses on her. Lindsay lets out a scream.


                         I...I'm sorry. Please don't scream.

                         Robin, you need your bandages!
                         You're going to die without them!

                         I don't care right now. You need to
                         listen to me. I was a little shaken
                         up by this. I didn't mean anything
                         of what I said. I understand why
                         you wanted...


               He stands up. His legs seem to be healing. Lindsay stands up
               with him, tears in her eyes.

                                   ROBIN (CONT'D)
                         Will you belong to me?

                         Yes...yes, Robin.

               She hugs him tightly, sobbing.

                         I'm sure Robin would have loved to
                         hear that.

               She freezes and looks at Robin, fear in her eyes.

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               JB runs through the forest, seeking shelter. He collapses in
               the snow, dropping his last flashlight.

               It illuminates a pair of feet. JB runs to it, fearful.

               IT'S ROBIN. His face is almost disfigured, his tongue ripped
               out from his mouth. A large cavity remains where his chest
               used to be, his heart missing between his lungs.

               His eyes widen and he covers his mouth, hiding his scream. He
               slowly walks backward and breaks into a run away from Robin's

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               There is a squelching noise, causing Lindsay to shudder. She
               looks down-

               Robin has stabbed her in the heart, blood staining her
               sweater. Robin's fingers slowly grow and reappear from the
               ash, curving around the knife.

                         Your heart is mine now.

               And Lindsay, clutching at the fake Robin, slowly falls down,

               EXT. BACK PORCH - NIGHT

               Robin walks over to the log pile near the back door. Next to
               it is Dave's axe. He flashes a grin as he carries it with him
               back inside.

               EXT. FOREST PATH - NIGHT

               JB breaks through the forest and finds himself back on the
               forest path. He runs for his life, feeling as if the
               snowstorm is after him.

               He dodges the many cars buried in the snow, occasionally
               tripping from fatigue. He stops at one point, sobbing openly.
               He looks up and sees his one hope for salvation.

               The watchtower. He's made it.

               EXT. WATCHTOWER - NIGHT

               JB runs to the watchtower, clutching onto one of its support
               beams with utter joy. He sobs, finally at his destination.

                         Roger! Watch!

               There is no response.

                                   JB (CONT'D)
                         Is there anyone up there?

               He can hear faint voices coming from above. He finds a set of
               metal stairs and gallops up them, skipping two or three steps
               at a time.

               JB reaches the top of the watchtower and comes face to face
               with a small wood cabin.

               INT. WATCHTOWER - NIGHT

               JB thrusts open the door.

                         Roger, it's great to-

               He stops, recoiling from the horrific sight before him.

               Two bodies, one of which can be recognized as Roger, are
               spread throughout the cabin. Roger's body lies face up on the
               floor while the other, dressed in a forest ranger attire,
               lies slumped in a chair.

               The forest ranger has visibly been dead for quite some time,
               long before JB and the others came to the forest.

               Both of their faces have caved in, serving as bowls for a
               large quantity of ashes.

               JB slumps to the floor, grim realization on his face.

               Rescue was never coming.

               He looks towards the cobweb-ridden CB radio, sitting on a
               desk near the forest ranger's body.

               It's still on...broadcasting Roger's voice.

                         Everyone, great news. I'm with
                         Watch and we think we can see JB.
                         Rescue will be coming real soon.

               JB runs to the radio, grabbing the microphone.

                         No! It's not real! Rescue isn't
                         coming! Everyone's dead! Everyone-

               But then he notices it- the microphone's unplugged, along
               with the rest of the CB radio.

               JB reels backward in disorientation as the sound of falling
               trees surrounds the watchtower. He faints on the floor,
               inches away from the door to the cabin.

                                                              FADE OUT.

               INT. BEDROOM (DAVE) - NIGHT

               Dave wakes up to the sound of loud thuds echoing through the
               house. He turns on his light and rubs his face.

                         What the hell?

               He gets up and leaves the bedroom. The light flickers every
               time a thud is heard, caused by the thud's vibrations.

               INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT

               Dave walks down the hallway, his pace slow but increasing as
               the thuds grow louder. He makes it to the stairs, where the
               faint light from the fireplace is visible.

               He crouches down on the stairs to look through the stair
               railing to the kitchen and almost retches with disgust. He
               watches the gruesome scene in front of him, eyes widening and
               tears beginning to stream down his face.

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               The kitchen is strewn with blood, the white linoleum floor
               now crimson. Various pots and pans are on the stove,
               simmering and boiling.

               Robin, his limbs restored, stands behind a wood cutting
               board, hacking away, each swing of the miniature axe causing
               a loud thud as it cuts through meat.

               Robin moves to check a pot, revealing the object on the
               cutting board.

               It's Lindsay's head. Dave has to grip his mouth as to not
               scream in terror.

               Robin turns a little, as if hearing Dave. However, he resumes
               his task, grabbing a plate from a nearby cabinet.

               Dave looks on as Robin builds a plate of human meat and sits
               down at the table, licking his lips. Using only his hands,
               Robin hungrily devours Lindsay's remains.

               Sickening crunches permeate the room as Robin bites through
               bone and tissue, ripping each bite away and swallowing it

               A bit of blood spurts onto his cheek after taking a juicy
               bite. Robin casually licks it off with his tongue before
               resuming his grisly meal.

               Dave lets go of the railings and tiptoes up the stairs,
               trying his best to be quiet. Once he reaches the landing, he
               breaks into a run to Rachel's bedroom.

               INT. BEDROOM (RACHEL) - NIGHT

               Dave bursts into the bedroom and shuts the door behind him,
               locking it. His loud entry causes Rachel to jump out of bed.

                         What the hell are you doing in

               He forcefully covers her mouth so she doesn't scream.

                         Lower your goddamn voice!
                         Robin's...dear God...he's eating
                         Lindsay. He's eating her!

               Rachel's eyes widen. She tears away from him.

                         Let me go! You're sick!

               She tries to get up and run from him, bolting for the door.
               Dave is faster, grabbing hold of her before she can reach the

               They fall backward, Rachel scrambling to escape. Dave pulls
               her back and clutches onto her.

                         Rachel, please! If only this one
                         time, you have to listen to me! You
                         can hate me forever, but right now
                         is all that matters. 
                         Please. Please trust me.

               Rachel somehow quiets, knowing her cousin is right. Rachel
               turns to the only exit in the room- the window.

               EXT. ROOF - NIGHT

               Dave and Rachel climb out the window and across the roof,
               their sounds thankfully muffled by the snow.

               Halfway through, though, Rachel slips and falls off the roof,
               landing in a pile of snow. Dave looks down at Rachel, who is
               thankfully all right.

               She ducks as she sees Robin at the table, eating what seems
               to be a third helping of Lindsay. She sees Lindsay's head on
               the chopping block, and screams a little before covering her

               Dave jumps down from the roof next to Rachel, grabbing her
               arm and turning to run. They disappear into the snowstorm.

               INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT

               Robin is still at the table with his meal. He appears to be
               focused on eating, but then he grins as he looks towards the

               He knows.

               He grabs the axe next to Lindsay's head, wipes it on his
               jeans, and walks out of the lodge.

               INT. WATCHTOWER - NIGHT

               JB stirs awake, at first unaware of his surroundings. He
               gasps in shock when he sees the two bodies again, but then
               slowly remembers what's happened, calming himself down.

               He looks through the windows of the watchtower, scanning the
               bottom of the watchtower and the surrounding area.

               The forest is enveloped in fog, save for the clearing where
               the watchtower stands. At the bottom of the tower
               is...Roger's car.

               JB sits down in thought, devising a plan.

               JB grabs a rucksack from the desk and scavenges the cabin for
               supplies. This, unfortunately, includes the two bodies in the

               He manages to find Roger's car keys, kissing them before he
               puts them in his pocket.

               Before he leaves, he stops and looks at the window. His eyes
               widen as he rushes to it and looks outside.

               JB scans the area before he finds it- Dulles' Point, nestled
               amongst a group of mountains. Dulles' Point is at the bottom
               of a bowl.

                         It's-it's at the bottom...all this
                         snow...oh, god...

               JB grabs the pack and holds it tight, a look of grim
               determination in his eyes.

               EXT. WATCHTOWER - NIGHT

               JB slowly creeps down the stairs of the watchtower, trying
               his best not to make any noise. His breathing gets faster and
               faster as he gets closer to the car.

               Eventually he reaches the bottom. He looks at his
               surroundings- the fog does seem to be everywhere except for
               the watchtower, as if waiting for him to make the next move.

               JB walks slowly to the car, his footsteps slightly muffled by
               the snow. He gets inside the car without any trouble and
               starts it quickly.

               He hits the accelerator and speeds away through the snow
               towards the forest path.

               INT. LIBRARY - NIGHT

               Dave and Rachel run into the library, the large oak doors
               creating a thunderous noise.

               Rachel looks through the library window to see Robin running
               closer to the library. She screams.


               They separate. Rachel runs straight for the bookshelves,
               trying to get herself as lost as possible. She suddenly drops
               down and clutches her knees, shuddering madly.

               There is a long stretch of silence before she hears it-

               Robin's slow footsteps echo through the library, making it
               appear he is everywhere and nowhere.

               Rachel's eyes dart back and forth madly, hectically scanning
               her surroundings. The footsteps sound closer.

               As soon as the sounds have started, however, they suddenly
               stop. Rachel takes a shuddering breath before she crawls to a
               shelf corner and looks down the aisles.

               Robin is gone.

               She slowly gets up and, checking the aisles once more, runs
               to another bookshelf, getting closer to the exit.

                         Dave? Where are you?

               Suddenly, a pair of hands pull her into a set of shelves.
               It's Dave.

                         I think he's still in here. Follow

               Dave slowly and methodically begins to lead Rachel to the

               Three shelves away. Then two. One.

               They make it to the atrium. Rachel begins to run for the
               exit, then falls to the floor.

               In front of Gyver's statue is the REAL Dave, sprawled out on
               the floor. Rachel's mouth is agape in disbelief.

               She gets up slowly and turns to face...Robin. He grins, teeth
               stained with blood. She screams. 

               He slashes at her with the axe. Rachel barely dodges him as
               she turns around and runs back into the storm.

               Robin, after taking one last look at Dave's body, walks
               outside as well.

               EXT. FOREST ROAD - NIGHT

               JB approaches the field of buried cars. He is barely able to
               dodge the wreckage and avoid accident. His speed steadily

               80 miles per hour...90 miles per hour...

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Rachel runs through the forest, turning at every possible
               chance. Robin barely breaks a sweat as he manages to follow
               her every move. 

               The snowstorm rages around them, almost rendering them
               invisible in the sleet.

               EXT. FOREST ROAD - NIGHT

               JB drives at breakneck speed towards Dulles' Point, panting
               heavily in the driver's seat. 

                                   JB (V.O.)
                         Something's in these woods...beyond
                         human comprehension. The Indians
                         called it the Wendigo. It caused
                         all this caused all of
                         them to get dragged
                         away...and we'll be next.

               He approaches a corner in the forest road. He turns too
               sharply, causing him to swerve along the road. He plants his
               foot on the brake and tries to turn out of it, but skids

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Rachel runs out of breath as she continues to dart along the
               trees. She slows down and collapses against a tree, catching
               her breath. She turns around to see if Robin is still giving

               He isn't. He's disappeared.

               Rachel gets up and frantically looks for any sign of him. An
               ENGINE REV is heard on the wind, despite the harshness of the


               She breaks into another run towards the source of the noise,
               disappearing in the storm and the trees.

               EXT. FOREST ROAD - NIGHT

               Rachel breaks through the treeline of the road and collapses
               in the snow, panting. As JB rounds the faraway corner, her
               face is steadily illuminated by his headlights.

               She looks up and her eyes widen.

               Dave, clothes torn and face bloody, stands in the middle of
               the road. He gasps and crumples to the ground, barely moving
               a muscle.

               In the car, JB still struggles to gain control of the wheel.
               He spots Dave in the middle of the road and yells. He tries
               to turn the car away from his body.

               Dave grins, exposing bloody teeth. This can't be him.

               The car is mere inches away from him...

               A THUD.

                                                          CUT TO BLACK.

               EXT. FOREST ROAD - NIGHT

               JB wakes up face down in the snow. Rachel is screaming
               somewhere. The loud horn of the car honks behind him. He rubs
               his head and looks around, in shock.

                         Did I...Did I hit him? Where-

               In front of him is Dave, mangled and torn, but still in one
               piece. His dead eyes are locked onto JB.

               JB gags and successfully holds back his vomit. He turns
               around towards the car. It's crashed into a tree, the front
               window shattered from when he crashed through it. Rachel is
               in the front seat, screaming and honking the horn.

                         JB! Get in the car! It's not Dave!

                         Rachel! Rachel, I'm so sorry!

                         It's not him! It's not him!

               JB turns to see Robin inches away from his face, grinning his
               bloody grin. He slashes at JB's stomach with long, inhuman
               fingers. JB falls to the ground as Robin, for a fraction of
               an instant, reveals his TRUE FORM-

               The body of a man, but infused with the head of a stag and
               what looks like nature itself...

               The Wendigo.

               Rachel screams as JB falls to the ground, twitching. Robin
               looks straight at her with an expression of inhuman rage and
               begins to walk towards the car.

               Thinking fast, she puts the car in reverse and pulls away
               from the tree. She turns the car around towards Robin,
               illuminated in the headlights. 

               Then she puts the car in drive and speeds towards Robin. They
               both scream as he hits the car with a definite THWACK. 

               Rachel brakes and puts the car in reverse, hitting him again.
               A CRUNCH is heard beneath the car.

               Then she puts the car in drive, hitting him for the last time
               before braking in front of JB.

               Rachel checks him over- he is mortally wounded, but still


                         JB! It's going to be OK, JB. We
                         need to get in the car and get out
                         of here. Grab onto my shoulders...

               He moves for her shoulders, arms flapping around slowly. A
               large pool of blood is forming in the snow. 

               She pulls him into the car, laying him on the backseat. He
               makes sickening gagging noises, coughing up blood.

               EXT. FOREST ROAD - NIGHT

               Rachel speeds down the road towards the field of buried cars
               and bloody lines. The storm is visibly burying them in the

               She isn't able to dodge most of the cars, causing the car to
               bounce and shake. JB bounces in the backseat, screaming in

                         It's going to be OK, JB! We're
                         getting out of here! Rescue'll find
                         us...we'll be OK!

               's all going
                one will
                         ever f-find it...we need to get out
                         of the ba-basin...

               His cries come out as bloody gasps and fragments of words.

                         Shh, need to rest...we're
                         almost there.

               EXT. WATCHTOWER - NIGHT

               Rachel pulls up in front of the watchtower and brakes hard. 

                         JB! JB, we're here! I'm going to go

               She turns around to talk to him, but stops short.

               JB has succumbed to his wounds, his dead eyes wide open. The
               backseat is covered in blood.

               Rachel doesn't scream or gasp. Her eyes simply lose their
               light, deadening as her face becomes blank and pale.

               She turns off the car engine, the loud idling engine giving
               way to the sound of the raging storm. Rachel sighs and exits
               the car, leaving the door open.

               Rachel walks towards the base of the watchtower and begins
               climbing the steps. She starts to silently sob, tears
               streaming down her face.

               INT. WATCHTOWER - NIGHT

               Rachel stands, quiet, as she surveys the scene in the
               watchtower- the scattered supplies, the piles of clothes and
               ashes left by the bodies of Roger and Watch (who have since
               disintegrated), and the disconnected CB radio.

               Rachel walks towards the radio and kneels down on the ground,
               fondling the receiver piece. She presses the "talk" button
               and holds it to her face. 

                         Is anybody there? Anyone?


                         Is anybody there? Anyone?

                                   VOICE (V.O.)

                         Yes! Hello?

                                   VOICE (V.O.)
                         Who is this?

                name is Rachel Ramsey. I'm
                         in a watchtower near Dulles' Point.
                f-friend hurt
                         outside. P-please send help.
                         Everyone...everyone else is gone.

                                   VOICE (V.O.)
                         Ms. Ramsey, please stay calm. We'll
                         send someone right away. They
                         should be there within the hour.
                         You'll be OK.

                         Thank you.

               She lets go of the "talk" button and drops the receiver. It
               swings idly.

               She never notices the radio is still disconnected.

               Rachel crawls over to the adjacent wall and curls up against
               it, resting her head on the wall. She shuts her eyes tight
               and takes a sharp breath.

               She screams one loud, long scream. A scream of horror and
               sadness, of regret and terror.

               EXT. FOREST ROAD - NIGHT

               Rachel's scream is mixed with the fierce snowstorm outside.
               The field of cars is slowly buried by the flurries of snow.
               The blood trails become fainter and fainter as new layers
               overcome them.

               Robin's body is missing. There is only a blood trail leading
               to the forest.

               EXT. TOWN CENTER - NIGHT

               The town of Dulles' Point is sprayed with new layers of snow,
               one after the other. In time, there will be no trace anyone
               was ever there. 

               The howling winds of the snowstorm overpower Rachel's faint

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

                                   THE END

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