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Written By

Christopher "VANSTEIN" VanAlstine

First Draft
July 13 2006


          A huge campfire is blazing in the center of a half 
          circle of 7 kids who are all in their late teens.  
          There are empty bottles of various alcohol strewn 
          across the ground and the kids are all noticeably 
          drunk.  To the right is a van facing away from the 
          campfire with its back doors propped open.  Behind the 
          kids there is a lake with an eerie reflection of the 
          moon in it.

          Sarah is taking long sips from a wine cooler.  She is 
          sitting on Mike's lap and he has his hands around her 

                         This is spooky isn't it.

                              (from across the fire)

                         A bunch of kids out here late at 
                         night and getting wasted by the side 
                         of a lake.  Its right out of a bad 
                         horror movie.

          Mike grabs at Sarah's tits and kisses her on the neck.

                         Yeah now all we need is the 
                         premarital sex scene and some 
                         monster's gonna come out here and get 

          Sarah screams/giggles at this but we can all tell that 
          she's into it.

                              (taking a drag of a joint)
                         Fuck that movie,  its so lame!  It's 
                         just some retarded kid in a big man's 
                         body hunting down people just as dumb 
                         as he is.  I mean come on you never 
                         see the guy run but all these kids 
                         are running like they're gonna shit 
                         their pants and they always end up 
                         dead.  I mean what's the deal with 

                         Yeah Jason just needs to get laid!  
                         Then he'd understand what all the 
                         fuss is about and tell his mommy to 
                         go fuck herself.  

                              (grabbing the joint off of 
                         I think Freddy's the bomb.  He really 
                         gets creative with his killing and he 
                         actually talks unlike some of the 
                         others.  If I had to die by the hands 
                         of some fucked up crazy killer it 
                         would be him.

                              (hi-fives Carrie)
                         Freddy's the man!  Him and that 
                         little pipe smokin' Leprechaun dude.  
                         First time I saw that movie I was 
                         trippin' out on acid.  Fuck man the 
                         tracers in that movie were over the 

                         You're baked during just about every 
                         movie you watch.  How can you even 
                         form an opinion on them let alone 
                         remember them.

                         Well I can form an opinion on what I 
                         do remember.  Geez let me enjoy my 
                         oblivion okay!

          Robbie reaches into the beer case and grabs two beers.  
          He then passes one of them to Lisa.  He seems kind of 
          into her.

                         So Lisa, what scary movie makes you 

          Lisa opens the beer and takes a swallow of it before 
          she answers him.

                         Wizard of Oz!

                         You're kidding me!?

                              (smiling at him)
                         It's true!  Those flying monkey 
                         things really freaked me out when I 
                         was five and they sort of still do.

                              (laughs at her)
                         That's crazy!

                         Hey I had nightmares for weeks after 
                         seeing it.  They would fly down and 
                         started ripping me to pieces and then 
                         go after my family!  I would wake up 
                         screaming and I'd have check myself 
                         in the mirror just to see if I was 
                         still in one piece.

                         (takes the joint from Carrie)   
                         Flying monkeys were the only cool 
                         thing about that movie.

                              (lights up another joint)
                         Hey man Dorothy was one luscious 
                         hottie.  Problem is it should have 
                         been called 3 Gay Men and a Babe.  

                         Man you gotta lay off the weed.

                         No man listen...
                              (glares at Lisa)
                         Let me give you my opinion of the 
                         movie.  See you got this hot babe out 
                         in the middle of nowhere and nobody 
                         even hits on her.  They had to be 
                         gay, the lion was definitely tickling 
                         his sphincter with his own tail.

                              (smoking the joint)
                         Dorothy was pretty sweet in her nice 
                         long braids and country girl look.

                         See the dude knows what I'm talking 
                         about.  Man I would have grabbed 
                         those braids, tapped that ass three 
                         times and she would never have wanted 
                         to go home again.  

          Joe jumps up and starts humping the air and slapping 
          his own ass.

                         You're a disgusting pig!

                         Damned right I am.  Been a proud 
                         member since 1995.

                              (to Robbie)
                         So which movie scares you?

                         Being the only black kid in a white 
                         town there isn't much left that 
                         scares me anymore.  But if you really 
                         want to know then I would have to say 
                         the scariest movie I've seen is 
                         Driving Miss Daisy.

          Everyone looks at Robbie.  Joe coughs as he inhales on 
          his joint.

                         Well what do you expect!  Black man 
                         having to drive a bitchy old white 
                         woman all over the god damned place.  
                         You do one thing wrong and she would 
                         have your ass.  I'd be steering right 
                         at the first tree I saw and crashing 
                         into it.

                              (holding his fist high in 
                              the air)
                         Amen to that my brother!

                              (kidding with Joe)
                         Fuck you, you white trash stoner.

          Everyone laughs and goes back to drinking.  Sarah 
          tilts her wine cooler up high over her head and 
          finishes the last drop.  She then tosses it over her 
          head and we can hear it splash into the water behind 

                         Who wants another one?

                         I'll have one!     

                         Me too!

                         Be right back.

          Sarah gets up off of Mike's lap and staggers over to 
          the van to get three wine coolers.  She tosses one to 
          Luke and then another Carrie.  Sarah then sits back 
          down on Mike's lap.

                              (to Luke)
                         Man why do you drink those things?  
                         It's so gay!
                              (a bit curious)
                           You're not gay are you?

                         Fuck you man, I get way more wasted 
                         smoking this shit than you do 
                         drinking that stuff.
                              (showing his joint)
                         Besides these things taste great and 
                         go down smooth.

                         Whatever man! Hey Robbie pass me a 
                         real man's drink.

          Robbie digs into the case of beer next to him.  We 
          hear empty bottle clanging together as he searches for 
          a full one.

                         Hey what time is it?

          Joe tries to focus his eyes on his watch.  He has to 
          close one of his eyes but he can't so he puts his hand 
          with the joint over it. He accidentally burns his 

                         Ah shit!
                              (drops the joint and Carrie 
                              quickly scoops it up)
                         Goofie's big hand is at the twelve 
                         and I think his little one is.... I 
                         can't see it!

                              (checks the time on Sarah's 
                         It's 12:02 why?

          Robbie pulls out a beer and hands it to Mike.  He 
          gives a disappointed look at Mike.

                         Cause this is our last beer.  

                              (very upset)
                         No way man I've got hours before I 
                         pass out!

                         And don't even think of taking any of 
                         those coolers cause I paid for them.  
                         I wouldn't want you turning gay on 

                         Don't worry about it smart ass.
                              (gets up and lets Sarah sit 
                              in his place)
                         I'll drive into town and get some 

                              (begging him not to go)
                         No don't go!  I want you here with 
                         me.  Let someone else go.

          Mike pulls keys out of his pocket and dangles them in 
          front of Sarah.

                         No way!  Nobody drives my van but me.  
                         She has a way about her that only I 

          Robbie sets his beer down and begins to get up.

                         I'll go with you man.

                              (holds him down)
                         No your not I want to keep talking.

          It would appear that Lisa might be interested in 
          Robbie as well.  Robbie doesn't complain and sits back 

                         Sorry man, the lady has spoken.

                         I'll go dude!  I need to get some 

                         Yeah get some chips.

                         And some cookies and popsicles!

          Mike is walking around to the driver's side of the 

                         They'd be melted by the time we got 
                         back!  Stupid stoner bitch!

                              (annoyed by his insult)
                         Hey I heard that!

                              (to Joe)
                         You coming?

          Joe has gotten up but he is not headed towards the 
          van.  Instead he moves a few feet out of the circle 
          and unzips his pants.

                         Give me a minute.  I gotta take a 

                         Go in the bushes!  I don't want to 
                         step in your stuff later!

                         I gotta see where my river runs.  I 
                         don't want to piss on myself.

                         You fuck, you'll probably end up 
                         passed out right in it.

                         Hey man you know how these things 
                         work.  I could have a multi-
                         directional thing going and piss 
                         right down my leg.  That's not 
                         something I'm willing to chance.

          Joe continues to relieve himself while everyone tries 
          not to watch but they still do.  Mike waits 
          impatiently by the door of his van.  Finally Joe is 
          finished and he does a violent shake to get the last 
          drops out.

                         Hey dude you shake it more than twice 
                         and its called playing with yourself!

          Joe doesn't say a word he simply raises his hand and 
          gives Luke the finger.  Satisfied, Joe zips up his 
          pants and turns to face the others.

                         There, now was that so bad?

          No one has a chance to say anything as a long rope 
          comes down from the tree above him.  It is looped into 
          a noose and it goes over Joe's head.

                         What the....

          Suddenly Joe is ripped off the ground and disappears 
          into the trees.  All that can be seen of him is his 
          twitching feet and the only sound that can be heard is 
          a gasping noise coming from the darkness.  They all 
          just stand there frozen.

                         Joe this better not be one of your 
                         jokes cause if it is, it's not funny!

          Luke walks over to where Joe was seen on the ground.  
          He looks up at the feet that are no longer twitching.  
          He reaches up and tries to grab them.  

                         Hey man are you......

          Luke doesn't have time to finish his sentence as a 
          dark figure comes out of the trees on a rope much like 
          Tarzan would do but silent.

          The figure slams into Luke sending him flying into the 
          huge fire in the middle of the circle.

          Luke catches on fire and begins to scream.  Carrie 
          begins to scream as well and tries to get to Luke but 
          the dark figure has landed and grabbed her by the 
          hair.  She is trapped there as the man reaches behind 
          his back and swings a huge axe down on the top of 
          Carrie's head.

          Carrie drops to the ground with blood splattering 
          everywhere.  We can see her looking at Luke who is 
          flailing around in the fire.

                              (grabbing for Lisa)
                         Let's get the fuck out of here!

          Robbie tries to get Lisa to safety but the man grabs 
          her by the other arm.  Robbie and the man begin a tug 
          of war with Lisa as the rope.

                         Don't let him hurt me!

                         Don't worry I've got you!

          While this is happening Mike runs back to get Sarah 
          who is crying and screaming.  She is too frightened to 

                         Come on we gotta get out of here!

                         But what about them?!

                         Who the fuck cares!

          Mike tries to get Sarah to move but she won't budge.

                         Fuck you too then!

          He runs to the driver's side door but continuously 
          falls to the ground as he slips on some the empty 
          bottles strewn on the ground.

          As this is all happening we turn back to see that the 
          man has won the contest and is now dragging Lisa to 
          the water's edge.  Lisa is kicking and screaming not 
          giving up the fight but it is obvious who has the 
          upper hand.  We can see that Robbie has fallen flat on 
          his ass with his legs propped up over a log.

                         Robbie!  Help mmm......

          The man grabs Lisa by the hair and plunges it under 
          the water.  Lisa does not stop flailing around but her 
          screams stop and turn into bubbles of air escaping her 

          Robbie finally gets up and rushes towards the man.

                         Let go of her you mother fucker!

          The man sees Robbie coming and he replaces his hands 
          with his big boot on the drowning Lisa.

          Robbie gets near the man and we suddenly see two 
          flashes of light reflect off of metal in the man's 
          hands.  Two blades come out from there place at the 
          man's sides and rip across Robbie's throat.  Two huge 
          gashes are left behind in a sort of x.  


          Robbie grabs at his neck as blood spurts out all over 
          him.  He tries to say something but all that comes out 
          is more blood.  He crumples to the ground dead.

          The man looks down at Robbie and then at Lisa who has 
          finally stopped flailing around.  He takes his foot 
          off of Lisa and watches her float there face down for 
          a while.  It is as if he's mesmerized by the way she 
          is just floating there.

                         Oh god please help me!

          The man instantly comes out of his trance and looks up 
          to where Sarah is still sitting where she was.  She 
          hasn't moved making it so easy for the man to just 
          walk up to her.

          CUT TO: VAN INT.

          Mike opens the driver's side door of the van and gets 
          into the seat.  He instantly goes for the ignition but 
          realizes he hasn't got his keys in his hands.  He 
          begins to check all his pockets.

                         Fuck!  Where are they?

          CUT TO: CAMPFIRE

          We angle back on the man who has neared the fire and a 
          smoking but still living Luke.  Luke has manage to 
          climb out of the fire and put the fire on him out.  
          He's not looking to good but it appears he will 

                         Why are you doing this man?!

          The man doesn't say a word, he just crouches down and 
          with one of the knives he sticks it into Luke's chest.  
          Luke does not survive.

          There is now only a few feet between the man and Sarah 
          who finally gets it in her head to get the hell out of 
          there.  She gets up at the same time as the man and 
          she races for the back of the van.

                         Mike where are you!?

          CUT TO: VAN INT.

          We angle back on Mike who is still looking for his 
          keys.  He looks through the driver's side window and 
          sees the keys on the ground.



          Mike jumps out of the van and grabs the keys off the 
          ground.  He jumps back into the van and slams the door 

          CUT TO: VAN INT.

          Mike is back in the van.  He sticks the keys into the 
          ignition and starts up the van.  The engine roars to 
          life and he revs up the engine.

                         I am so fucking out of here!

          We angle on his front and we can see through the van 
          and out towards the fire.  We can see Sarah jumping 
          into the van and crawling on the floor towards Mike.  
          We can also see the man coming at them with the fire 
          outlining him.  

                         Mike help me!

          Mike is putting the van into gear but when he hears 
          his name being screamed he turns his attention to the 
          back.  Instead of putting the van into drive he 
          accidentally puts it in reverse.

                         Shut up!  We're safe now!

          Mike hits the gas and they go in reverse towards the 
          fire and the man.  The man is slammed by the van and 
          disappears under it.  This unexpected mistake actually 
          helps Mike and he is pleased but only for a second as 
          he continues into the fire.

                         Yes!!  Oh shit!!

          Mike hits the brakes and the van stops with its ass 
          end in the fire.  The sudden stop throws Sarah 
          backwards out of the van and into the fire.  She 
          screams as she is engulfed by the flames.


          Mike is about to go to her when he sees a fiery hand 
          land on the floor of the van.  Then Mike sees the 
          man's upper half come up from underneath the van.  The 
          man is all in flames as he pulls his entire body into 
          the van.

                         Oh fuck me!

          Mike turns his attention to the gearshift and puts it 
          into drive.  He once again hits the gas and the van 
          moves forward.  Mike looks into the back of the van 
          hoping to see the man fall out but he has managed to 
          get a grip and stay in.

                         Why don't you die fucker?!

          Mike turns his attention back to the front and 
          realizes he doesn't have any lights on so he reaches 
          down and turns them on.  The headlights reveal a 
          fallen tree and Mike is heading right at it.


          Mike tries to swerve away from it but it is too late.  
          The van crashes into the tree and a huge branch goes 
          through the van and impales itself in Mike's stomach.  
          The man isn't able to hold on from this impact and 
          flies passed Mike, crashes through the window and 
          slams into the tree.  He falls unmoving onto the hood 
          of the destroyed van.

                              (coughing up blood)
                         At least you're dead too you son of a 

          The man suddenly begins to twitch and he crawls off 
          the hood on the passenger's side of the van.

                              (as he dies)
                         I don't believe this!

          The man walks around to the driver's side and looks at 
          Mike who is slumped over the steering wheel.  The man 
          picks up Mike's head and looks into his dead eyes.  He 
          lets Mike's head fall back onto the steering wheel.  

          CUT TO: CAMPFIRE

          The man is walking back into the light of the 
          campfire. We can see the bodies of his victims strewn 
          all over the ground.  One of the bodies is still 
          moving and we see that it is Sarah.  She has crawled 
          out of the fire and is trying to get away.

                         Help me!

          The man stands over her as she tries to crawl away.  
          He crouches down and extinguishes the last bit of 
          flames on her back.  He then turns her over so that 
          she can watch what he's doing and so that he can see 
          the horror in her eyes.  He begins to unbutton his 
          pants and zip them down.

                         No please no!

          The man lowers himself down onto Sarah and he rips her 
          shirt off.  She turns over and tries to crawl away 
          from the man but he just drags her back under him.  
          The last we see of Sarah is her watch saying 12:08.  
          We zoom out from this point to the entire campfire.  
          All we can see is the back of the man.  We can hear 
          Sarah screaming as the man does things to her.

          FADE TO BLACK


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