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                                                               FADE IN:

                 EXT. SPACE

                 Silence.  The Earth becoming smaller, moving more
                 distant as we venture further into the dark void beyond
                 until the Earth vanishes from view completely.

                 Passing many planets, at first the ones known in our
                 galaxy, then breaking at speed into outer space and
                 past unknown galaxies and solar systems.

                 Continuing further into space, deeper until we slow
                 down approaching a certain planet.

                 This is a planet which from distance, seems to be all
                 in flames like our sun.

                 But the closer we become to the atmosphere of the
                 planet, it is revealed it is not orange, it is a dark
                 red color.

                 It looks as much like hell as could be imagined.

                 EXT. PLANET HELL SURFACE 

                 Entering through the fiery atmosphere, looking at
                 different angles of the surface of this planet.

                 Fire is everywhere, the sky a mixture of reds and
                 yellows, the ground laden with chasms and gaps that
                 breathe huge spouts of fire and sparks.

                 Creatures roam the surface, of all types. Monstrous and
                 demonic looking, beasts fight amongst each other
                 viciously and violently. Giant gargoyles swoop from the
                 sky to join in the bloodshed against each other.

                 There is a sandy surface, a red sandy desert that seems
                 to spread for miles upon miles. Every now and then, it
                 opens up and more fountains of fire erupt.

                 EXT. CITY OF THE DAMNED

                 Here is a stable area in the volatile planet. This area
                 is still all but tinged with the colors of sharp reds
                 and graphic yellows.

                 There lies magnificent castles and wrecked buildings;
                 beautiful looking cities and towns that look as if they
                 have been hit with a nuclear bomb; any thing remotely
                 pleasant has a darker mirror side version in close

                 EXT. MONASTERY

                 Thousands of robe cloaked figures wait at the bottom of
                 a vast amount of steps which lead up to the entrance of
                 the monastery.

                 The robes are a clash of colors, mostly red and yellow.
                 A celebratory cheering can be heard from them.

                 INT. MONASTERY - GREAT HALL 

                 There is a darkly colored room full of vivid red
                 colors. Purples blend to form an almost rich and sickly
                 feel to the room. Flickering lamps adorn the
                 surroundings. The interior looks incredibly lavish,
                 with tables ladled in what look like the finest in
                 velvet and silk. The walls are draped in curtains, that
                 display a symbol that appears to be on everything in
                 the room.

                 The symbol is to be called "SOWEN". The symbol is in a
                 circle shape, with a pentagram inside. Four small dots
                 mark where north, east, south and west would be.

                 In the back of the room, there are ten or so cloaked
                 hooded demons standing, seemingly observing and
                 overseeing a ceremony, a ritual performance of some

                 At the front, the demons are faced with the PRIEST.

                 The priest wears a long white cloak with it's hood
                 draped over it's face. Only the chin of the priest,
                 which is dark red and long, abnormal, can be seen.
                 He wears the same logo on his robe as what adorns
                 almost every item in the room - the SOWEN symbol.

                 The priest has his arms out stretched in front of three
                 other cloaked demons, who have their heads bowed down.
                 The cloaks these are wearing are black, their hoods
                 also cover their faces.

                 The priest begins to talk in hissing type voice to the
                 three demons, one at a time. The voice is quiet,
                 whispery, but sharp and menacing at the same time.

                                         PRIEST (V.O.)
                           The personification of Death, to
                           ridicule humanity I am
                           condemning the Earth with

                 The first of the three demons reveal their faces.

                 The first, is a full size skeleton. It's bony facial
                 features are distorted in a menacing gaze but it is
                 human like. The hands of this being are also bone but
                 with razor sharp phalanges.

                                         PRIEST (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           Death by their own skeletal
                           design   and with their fear of
                           mortality, with you're skills of
                           death you shall be a true threat
                           to human nature.

                 Second to unveil is the face of a dark green and horrid
                 looking woman. Her skin looks rough and big dark spots
                 surround her yellow eyes. Her remaining teeth are
                 yellow and foul looking.

                                         PRIEST (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           Next, WITCH. You will feast on
                           the young and vulnerable, harm
                           the innocent and poison the
                           minds of youth. You're skills of
                           the Craft will aid all three of

                 The priest turns to look at the third and final member.

                 The room creates an excited noise of anticipation in
                 which the priest gestures them to be silent.

                                         PRIEST (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           Lastly, and most violent of the
                           trio I condemn humanity and the
                           planet called Earth with. The
                           GOBLIN. You will rip the flesh
                           of the living, feast on their
                           blood, and derive mothers and
                           fathers of their children. You
                           will create nightmares the human
                           race has never dreamed before.

                 The third slowly reveals himself. The tallest of the
                 trio, a green bald demonic Goblin. It's flesh smooth,
                 eyes jagged and burning with hatred. It's teeth razor
                 sharp, amid two small horns for eyes on the top of it's
                 head. It looks more a symbol of the Devil then a

                 The robed crowd at the back of the room begin to chant,
                 louder and louder.

                 EXT. MONASTERY

                 The congregation outside begin to chant simultaneously,
                 hundreds, thousands of the cloaked demons all at once,
                 louder and louder.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 SUPERIMPOSE -  October 30th  8:27P.M.

                 The hilltop is desolate, a massive wide open space that
                 provides no barriers from the tip of the hill, except
                 for a mass of trees , a small woodland.

                 Lights from inside the houses below provide glitter
                 amongst the darkness, the distance a beautiful sight of
                 light amongst darkness.

                 The sky is shortly after sunset, an eerie red and
                 orange glow remaining in the background.

                 At the top of the giant hill that overlooks the town, a
                 small sign lay on the ground, damaged and weather
                 beaten. The words "KNIGHTS HILL" can still be seen on
                 the sign.

                 An old abandoned wreckage of a small bungalow is the
                 only construction in sight. A cracked stone path
                 leading to the bungalow's door, a garden that has been
                 clearly not looked after in years.

                 The windows are sealed with wood, yet it seems to
                 personify a look of it's own, an intimidating place and
                 easily the look of a classic haunted house.

                 A dim light can be seen flickering from a gap between
                 one of the boarded up windows.

                 INT. BUNGALOW

                 Candles adorn the room providing a dim but sufficient
                 light. The size of the room is small.

                 Dark hooded cloaked figures are joined in a mass of
                 some kind, preaching a mesmerizing chant repeatedly
                 over and over, circled around a small table. 

                 The only thing to be seen on the table is a large
                 candle that shines the brightest, and an old fashioned
                 ouija board.

                                         VOICE (O.S.)
                                (dark and harsh)
                           Let us be the chosen few to
                           bring darkness unto the light,
                           to bring his words to our ears,
                           his blood to our lips.

                 From a room in the back, another robed figure walks in,
                 struggling with a baby lamb in his arms.

                 Another member of the group rises to help him deal with
                 the scared animal.

                 The group stand and give way as the lamb, it's legs
                 tied to it's arms, is placed on the ouija board.

                 The small lamb attempts to move, but it's holds are so
                 tight it can only manage a few movements.

                                         VOICE (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                           This small offering is a sign of
                           our decline as a race. Our
                           pitiful ways and of our
                           inabilities of self

                 One of the robed members repeatedly stabs at the lamb,
                 it's blood spilling everywhere onto the ouija board and
                 the table. The lamb's eyes wide open in shock, it's
                 body trembles with convulsions until it is split in two
                 by the ferocity of the killing.

                 As the lamb convulses with it's dying moments, the
                 robed figures begin their repetitive chanting once

                 The figure begins to talk. He is the tallest of the
                 group and at the centre of the room nearest the table,
                 not seeing his face. He wears a necklace which bears
                 the "SOWEN" symbol.

                 Clearly the leader, he beckons his flock to get on
                 their knees, which they do.

                                         CULT LEADER
                           Let this be a small sacrifice to
                           thank you for bringing us the

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Houses are joined in rows along the block. The street
                 is quiet and empty, the wind blowing the odd paper
                 scrap around. 

                 A dog barks in the background.

                 The image is one of peace and tranquility. 

                 INT. PHILIPS HOME

                 TOM PHILIPS, early 40's with greying hair and
                 moustache, enters through the front door with a carrier

                 He enters into the living room where he is greeted
                 enthusiastically by his two young children, JAMES,8
                 years old and KATIE, 10.

                 Both run up to him, hugging him.

                           Whoa there! You wanna let Dad
                           get in the front door?

                 James and Katie, excited, talk simultaneously as if
                 they haven't seen their father in weeks.

                 MEGAN PHILIPS, late thirties, with mousy brown hair,
                 walks into the living room from the kitchen with a

                           Tidy up that room, James. 

                 Both of the kids walk off sulking to tidy up a mess of
                 toys and paper from the living room.

                 Tom and Megan exchange quick glances as Tom walks into
                 the kitchen.

                 INT. KITCHEN

                 Tom takes out a six pack of beer from his carrier bag
                 and places them on the table.

                 Megan walks through into the kitchen and stops at the

                           Would have thought the eight you
                           had last night might be enough.

                 Tom looks up, but says nothing. His expression says it
                 all. More nagging.

                 Instead, he puts his beer way in the fridge, taking as
                 much time as possible.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           Did you get it?

                 Tom looks straight into the fridge for a moment,
                 thinking of what he forgot. 


                 Megan has her arms folded, looking fed up.

                           Well where is it?

                 Tom finishes putting his beer in the fridge and turns
                 and faces Megan with a sigh.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           You didn't get it, did you?

                           For once, just once, it would be
                           nice to come home from work and
                           feel like I am welcome in my own

                           Oh for God's sake, Tom. 

                           Hey, it's a pumpkin for Christ's
                           sake. I'll get one tomorrow
                           before the kids wake up.

                           You remember to buy you're booze
                           but not to buy something you're
                           own kids want.

                 Tom takes a more serious look at Megan.

                           It's Halloween tomorrow, Megan,
                           I'll get one then. Christ, don't
                           make this into a big deal.

                 Megan walks over to Tom, leaning against the table,
                 opposite him.

                           The kids think it is a big deal. 

                 Tom turns away and grabs one the beers out.

                           I refuse to argue about a
                           pumpkin, I've just finished work
                           and all I want to do is...

                                (cutting in)
                           Get drunk again and fall asleep
                           on the couch. I'm getting fed up
                           of waking you up in the
                           mornings, Tom.

                 Megan storms out the room, only to find James and Katie
                 standing at the door looking on.

                           Why you shouting at Dad, mom?

                 Megan gives Tom an angry look, before ushering the two
                 kids out the room.

                           Come on, time for you two to get
                           to bed.

                 Tom looks on at the now empty room, lights a cigarette
                 and swigs his beer.

                 He looks disappointed in himself.

                 EXT. PHILIPS HOME

                 A figure wearing a dark coat with a hood over his head
                 walks slowly up the path, stopping midway.

                 It pauses for a moment before continuing to the front

                 INT. PHILIPS HOME - KITCHEN

                 Tom is sitting at the table when all of a sudden the
                 front door is slammed shut. 

                 In walks LEE PHILIPS, 14, a black raincoat hooded over
                 his face.

                 Lee stops at the kitchen door, surprised to see his
                 father sitting there.


                 Tom looks up at Lee confused.

                           Lee...I thought you were home
                           already. You know what time it

                 Lee keeps his distance at the doorway.

                                (sarcastic, cocky)
                           Yeah Dad, you know how old I am? 

                           Hey, watch the smart mouth. What
                           time do you call this? I thought
                           you were home already.

                           I'm 14 dad, mom says it's
                           alright. It's only just gone
                           nine o clock, man, don't trip.

                 Tom looks at Lee, not knowing if he is right or wrong.
                 He lightens up a little, smiling at Lee.

                           Alright, fair enough Lee. I'm
                           used to finishing a lot later
                           then tonight, I guess I'm all
                           out of sync.

                           So how come you home early, the
                           hospital have a power cut or

                 Lee moves in the kitchen and grabs some biscuits.

                           No, no, everything was quiet

                 Tom notices Lee has a massive mud stain on the back of
                 his trouser legs.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           Hey, what's that all about?

                 Lee turns from the biscuit bin, his coat hood still
                 covering his head.

                           You what?

                 Tom nods to the stain.

                           That, what you been up to? 

                 Lee looks embarrassed and turns away from Tom and
                 starts to walk off.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                                (quick and sharp)

                 Lee stops in his tracks.

                 He looks back at Tom, chewing on some cookies. Tom
                 notices Lee's embarrassment.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           I know what it's like to be
                           fourteen, but for God's sake
                           don't let you're mother see you
                           in that state.

                 Lee shrugs his shoulders.

                           We went up Knights Hill. 

                 Tom takes a stern look at Lee.

                           Knight's Hill? Damn it Lee, of
                           all the places to go and take a

                           It was just Chris and Steve,
                           Dad, not some "broad". We were
                           just having a laugh.

                           The hell did you go up there
                           for? I told you a hundred times
                           not to go up there. For Christ's
                           sake, its dangerous, you know
                           there's an old tunnel route
                           underneath and you could easily
                           make one wrong step and fall
                           down and break you're neck.

                           Dad, don't have a go at me for
                           going up some hill. It's not
                           like I've been out gang banging
                           with the crips and bloods in
                           some ghetto.

                           HEY. I'm you're father. A little
                           respect and less attitude -

                           Respect? Why should I respect
                           you? You ain't never here,
                           you're always workin' and then
                           you wanna come home and tell me
                           what to do?

                 Lee storms off, Tom rises from his seat.



                 Lee's feet stomping up the stairs.

                 Tom sits back down, eyes closed with his hand massaging
                 his forehead. 

                 He opens his eyes looking at his empty beer bottle.

                 He goes to the fridge doggedly and grabs another.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 SUPERIMPOSE : OCTOBER 30th - 9:44p.m.


                 A) Front entrance of the hospital.

                 B) The hospital car park.

                 C) The main reception inside the hospital.

                 D) The pediatric floor.


                 Nurse KERRY PRICE, mid twenties, is attending the
                 duties in a room full of newly born babies. Kerry has a
                 soft and caring look to her face, her eyes bright and

                 Kerry finishes checking the babies and leaves the small
                 room and enters into a corridor leading to a reception
                 desk where head nurse MISS CLAIRE HAGINS, 46, and
                 another nurse SARAH JOHNSON, 31 , are talking.

                 The reception area is quiet.

                 Kerry goes behind the desk and fills out a form.

                 Miss Hagins, a strict but quite attractive looking
                 woman, stops her conversation with Sarah and looks on
                 at Kerry.

                                         MISS CLAIRE HAGINS
                           Make sure you fill that out
                           right this time, Kerry. I don't
                           want to have to keep making up
                           for you're mistakes.

                                (meekly apologetic)
                           Sorry Miss Hagins.

                 Sarah and Miss Hagins look at each other, Miss Hagins
                 rolls her eyes.

                           Oh and you clocked in late
                           again, Kerry. 

                 Kerry looks up from behind the reception desk, only to
                 see both looking down at her.

                           I'm sorry...I had car trouble.

                                         MISS HAGINS
                           No more, Kerry. You need to get
                           you're act together. Last
                           warning, OK?

                 Sarah looks on smugly.

                           I'm really sorry.

                 Miss Hagins turns back to Sarah. Her expression changes
                 straight away - Sarah, the nurse who can do wrong.

                                         MISS HAGINS
                           Take Sarah as an example, Kerry.
                           You can learn a lot from her if
                           you are willing to listen from
                           time to time. 

                 Sarah cant wait to get her chance at knocking Kerry
                 some more.

                                (mock sympathy)
                           You need to mingle in a little
                           more as well - it must be
                           horrible being new and not
                           having any friends.

                                         MISS HAGINS
                           As long as you do you're job,
                           Kerry that's the main thing.
                           But Sarah is right, you do need
                           to put a bit more effort in with
                           the other staff.

                 Kerry just stands there, looking embarrassed and

                           I'll try more in future, Miss

                 Miss Hagins turns back to Sarah. Her expression turns
                 to surprise.

                                         MISS HAGINS
                           Sarah - where's you're ID badge?

                 Sarah's smug look suddenly vanishes. 


                 Miss Hagins raises an eyebrow.

                                         SARAH (CONT'D)
                           I..I accidently forgot.. it's in
                           my car.

                                         MISS HAGINS
                                (with a sigh)
                           Go and get it Sarah.

                 Sarah is about to walk down to the elevator when Miss
                 Hagins stops her.

                                         MISS HAGINS (CONT'D)
                           Wait Sarah, come back. 

                 Miss Hagins looks at Kerry.

                                         MISS HAGINS (CONT'D)
                           Kerry here will get it for you,
                           I need you to be on the desk.

                 Sarah, relieved, takes out her car keys from her pocket
                 and passes them over to a reluctant Kerry.

                           You know what car it is, don't

                 Kerry nods meekly.

                                         MISS HAGINS
                           OK, I want you back as soon as
                           possible Kerry. No sneaky coffee

                 Kerry nods and walks off to the elevator.

                           She should know what car I've
                           got by now, I've had her getting
                           me things from it for the last

                 Both smile, as behind them a tall dark shadowy figure
                 walks unnoticed into the incubator room.


                 Kerry storms out the main entrance's double doors,
                 followed by JACK SHEPHERD, 24, a hospital porter.

                 Jack rushes up to Kerry.

                           Hey..slow down!

                 Kerry looks upset.

                           They all hate me, Jack...I can't
                           do this job, I just cant.

                 Jack hugs Kerry.

                           I know what they can be like,
                           I'm sorry.

                           How did I let you talk me into
                           working here?

                                (feigns being hurt)
                           Oh sorry for getting you a job
                           Miss high and mighty!

                           I'm sorry Jack, I didn't mean
                           that. I love the job - it's just
                           the people.

                           It's the only hospital around
                           Kerry and you said you didn't
                           want to leave Kensingwood.
                           You're gonna be fine, give it
                           some time.

                 Kerry smiles at Jack.

                           You're right, thanks Jack.

                 The two begin to walk around the cars, Kerry looking
                 for the one she was asked to find.

                           So Miss Hagins got you looking
                           for her wallet again has she?

                           Aren't you supposed to be doing
                           something? Like you're job,

                 Jack laughs.

                           My job is to assist the staff in
                           any which way I can, and the
                           more pretty the lady then the
                           more helpful I try to be.

                 Kerry smiles wryly.

                           Which goes back to my question -
                           why are you helping me?

                 Jack tuts.

                           You know about my obsession with
                           you during high school so I
                           would say it's pretty normal
                           progression for it to continue
                           into my adult life.

                 They both laugh, Kerry playfully pushes him.

                           I'm looking for Sarah Johnson's
                           car. I need to get her ID badge
                           for her.

                 Jack shakes his head.

                           You need to start standing up
                           for yourself more or else you'll
                           be doing this all the time.

                 SUDDENLY, the lights go out for a moment.

                 Everywhere, the street lights, the hospital lights.

                 Then, restored back to full light again within a few


                           I bet I get the blame for that

                           And here you are talking about
                           me standing up for myself?

                 They both smile whilst Kerry grabs the ID badge from
                 Sarah's car, shuts the door and locks it.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The church is at the end of the town, and it is made
                 distant from the other buildings in the town by a tall
                 gate that surrounds the perimeter. 

                 It is a classic looking church, still in pristine

                 INT. KENSINGWOOD CHURCH

                 The church is empty apart from FATHER KEANE, who is
                 sitting in the front aisle. He looks in deep thought as
                 he stares up at the tainted windows above.

                 He is in his late fifties with greying hair and despite
                 a shabby beard, he has a face of kindness and wisdom.

                 A variety of old books cover the seat next to him. The
                 titles range from "GHOSTS AND SPIRITS" to "DEMONS AND
                 DEVILS". One book is open with a bookmark in place.
                 This book is titled "THE DICTIONARY OF DREAMS".

                 Suddenly, a voice from no where breaks the still

                                         VOICE (O.S.)
                                (Irish accent)
                           You OK there, Father?

                 Father Keane looks round to see the caretaker, JIM
                 DOBAN, a guy in his sixties but looking no where near
                 as graceful.

                           Saw you there, and you looked
                           kinda down Father.

                 Father Keane smiles to Jim.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           No, no Jim. I'm fine. You go

                           You sure, Father? I still got to
                           do upstairs yet and -

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Yes, yes it is fine. Leave it.
                           Go home.

                 Jim needs to be told no more, he lumbers off, broom in

                 Father Keane remains seated for a moment, gathering his

                 He looks at the books below him on the seat next to
                 him, as if trying to take in what he has just read.

                 Father Keane sits, his eyes closing slowly, dozing into

                 Until SOMETHING whizzes past him.

                 Father Keane wakes up with a jolt, looking around him.

                 Nothing there.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)

                 No reply.

                 Steps from above.

                 Heavy footsteps louder and louder from above.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                                (to himself)
                           Damn them kids.

                 He stands up and heads for the stairwell leading to the


                 Pitch black darkness. Father Keane flicks the light
                 socket but the lights appear to have blown. Father
                 Keane curses to himself before taking the steps up.

                 Each step is echoed eerily.

                 Father Keane reaches the top and takes a short look at
                 the narrow hallway floor - two large wooden doors, one
                 at the end of the hall and another in the middle of the

                 A small circle window of Jesus Christ glows via the
                 street lights from outside.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           OK kids, joke's over.

                 He tries to open the middle door but it is locked. He
                 nervously looks up at the shut door at the end of the

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           OK YOU BRATS HAVE GOT FIVE
                           SECONDS TO COME OUT OF THERE!


                 Father Keane slowly makes his way to the door and tries
                 to open it - it is also locked.

                 Perplexed, Father Keane keeps his eye on it as he walks
                 backwards down the hall and then the stairwell.

                 As Father Keane gets back down to the ground floor, he
                 is stunned and shocked into by what he has returned to.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           Sweet mother of God...

                 The church is completely in ruins, seats up lodged and
                 in pieces.

                 Disgusting graffiti is everywhere, along with many
                 variations of an unknown symbol. The SOWEN symbol.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. PHILIPS HOME - LIVING ROOM

                 SUPERIMPOSE - 10:30PM

                 Tom and Megan are sitting downstairs watching the
                 television. Both share a three seater settee but they
                 both sit on opposite ends - uneasiness in both of their

                 Tom has a bottle of beer, Megan drinking a glass of

                           I'm amazed the hospital hasn't
                           called you up yet.

                           Give it time.

                 Another uncomfortable pause.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           Why does this have to be like
                           this every time I come home,

                 Megan looks on at the television set, seemingly playing
                 dumb or just out of ignorance.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           All I want is to come home, see
                           everyone happy and relax. The
                           way things are, I feel more
                           wanted at work, God, I feel more
                           comfortable at work -

                           Well stay there then. 

                 Another pause of silence.

                           I know it's not easy with -

                           Three kids to look after on my
                           own? A house to keep clean and
                           tidy not to mention the washing,
                           the ironing and cooking
                           everyone's meals?
                           Oh no, I can handle all that
                           crap, Tom, I don't need you to
                           do that because when you were
                           here you never lifted a finger
                           to help anyway.

                 The lights flicker above.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           And before you say it, yes, I
                           can sort out a power cut by

                 Megan stands up and heads to the kitchen to refill her
                 wine glass.

                 Another flicker of the lights.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           All you can talk about is that
                           damn hospital and the people you
                           work with,  it winds me up God
                           knows what. You and that Hagins

                 Tom stands up offended.

                           Hey, you haven't even met her
                           and if you had, then you would
                           know I wouldn't even think of
                           having an -

                 Megan cuts in again, wine in her hand.

                           ...An affair? Oh really , Tom?
                           You spend more time there then
                           you do here, so there must be
                           some reason why you switched
                           you're hours.

                 Megan enters the living room, looking like the wine has 
                 begun taking it's effect.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           Oh, how convenient, another late
                           call out to the hospital, Doctor
                           Tom Phillips is needed again.
                           She must be a really horny bitch
                           am I right?

                 Tom looks at his wife not surprised at the outburst,
                 rolling his eyes to himself. It looks like they have
                 been over this subject before.

                 The lights flicker.

                 A scream is heard from upstairs.

                 The lights flicker again.

                 Tom stands up, ready to go up and check.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           I'll go. 

                 Tom looks bemused.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           They might think you're a
                           stranger and scare them even

                 Tom sits back down, no case to argue, as Megan heads

                 He takes another sip from his beer, closing his eyes,
                 enjoying the short peace.

                 Another scream from upstairs.


                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           JAMES! KATIE!! W-
                           WHERE ARE YOU!? LEE?

                 Tom jumps to his feet and rushes to the staircase.

                 INT. PHILIPS HOME - STAIRCASE

                 Tom is at the bottom of the stairs about to rush up.

                 Megan is standing at the top, looking completely
                 confused, her hands in her hair, her face completely

                           Th-they're gone. They're gone...

                 Tom rushes up the narrow stair case and takes a hold of
                 Megan by her shoulders, bewildered.

                           What are you talking about? 

                           The kids...

                 Tom walks away from Megan and heads to the children's
                 three bedrooms, lights all on.

                 All three rooms have no one inside, the beds untouched
                 as if recently made up. The rooms look immaculate.

                 Tom heads back to Megan who is calling out for the
                 children, panicking.

                           What is going on here?

                 Megan ignores Tom and dashes around the house, calling
                 the children's names, asking them to come out from
                 joking around or hiding.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           You think they're playing a joke
                           on us, a trick? It is Halloween
                           tomorrow, Meg, maybe it's -

                 Megan stops and looks at Tom open eyed, worried.

                           The beds...I didn't make the
                           beds...the rooms...

                           What about them? 

                           The rooms were a mess when I put
                           the kids to sleep, Tom.
                           I didn't have time to tidy them
                           up, I was angry, busy - oh my
                           God where are they?

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Kerry and Jack approach the front entrance of the
                 hospital and enter through the doors.


                 They walk into the reception area only to find it
                 completely empty.

                 The waiting area is also deserted, magazines are tidily
                 placed on top of each other on the table.

                 No sounds.

                 Jack and Kerry stop and look at each other surprised.

                           What the hell? Where is

                 Kerry looks behind the reception desk and looks beyond
                 the foyer to where a long hall beckons.

                 Nothing. No one. Not a sound.

                           This is ridiculous.

                 Jack takes a look around the deserted waiting area.

                           To say the least! There's ALWAYS
                           someone on reception!

                 They both call out for names, for a response from
                 someone, but there is nothing.

                           Maybe there's been...a bomb
                           alarm or something like that?

                           Well I didn't see any emergency
                           services outside did you?

                           I didn't see anyone outside. And
                           the alarm would be going off
                           like mad, I'm pretty sure we
                           would have heard it go off.

                 They both look at each other.

                 Jack takes a look outside through the main entrance

                           I still don't see no one.

                           I'm gonna check the records to
                           see who was last in.

                 Kerry moves behind the reception desk and begins to
                 look down at the list of names on one of the files on
                 the desk.

                 Realizing all names are taken onto computer, Kerry's
                 enthusiasm deflates.

                                         KERRY (CONT'D)
                           The computer is down - it's gone
                           off! And there's nothing written
                           down that helps either!

                 A LOUD CRACKLING sound from the hallway echoes.

                 Jack walks back over to Kerry.

                           Hear that?

                           I wish I didn't. What the hell
                           was that?

                 Jack takes a look down the desolate hallway, staring
                 from the left of the reception desk but without walking
                 any further.

                 The ceiling lights flash - quickly.

                 Jack begins to slowly back track before the lights
                 return to normal.

                           I don't know about you, Kerry,
                           but I'm pretty sure something is
                           going on here.

                 Kerry looks up at Jack, raising her eyebrows.

                           No prizes for observation, Jack.

                 Kerry moves away from the reception desk and walks
                 around, looking around the waiting area.

                 Magazines on the tables near the waiting area are piled
                 on top of each other in perfect order.

                                         KERRY (CONT'D)
                           This is getting weirder. These
                           magazines are never put in a
                           pile like this, they are just
                           scattered around on the table.

                 Another CRACKLING from the HALLWAY. LOUDER.

                 This time, it sounds more recognizable.

                           Someone laughing?

                 They look down to the hallway.


                 It is a long and daunting hallway, made worse by the
                 absence of noise or activity. The floor is immaculately
                 clean, everything is pure white. At the bottom of the
                 hallway is a corridor that seeps in darkness. 

                           I'm gonna be late again.

                 Jack looks at Kerry bemused.

                           Kerry, I think you have a good
                           enough reason this time round.

                           I'm in charge of the kids, Jack.
                           Whatever has gone on, it's still
                           my responsibility to look after

                           Look, why don't we try the
                 Kerry heads to the reception area and picks up the

                           Guess what, the phone is dead.
                           No tone.

                 Jack looks at Kerry half expecting that to be the

                           Right, then we're leaving now
                           and getting out of this place.

                 Kerry ignores Jack and begins to walk down the hallway.

                           I've got to get to my floor -
                           I've got to check the kids are

                 Jack looks like he has no idea what to do.

                           Kerry - I really don't think
                           that's a good idea. I really
                           liked my suggestion about

                 But Kerry is half way down the hallway, ignoring Jack.

                 Jack takes a look at the deserted area that surrounds

                                         JACK (CONT'D)
                           OK...WAIT UP!

                 Jack runs down the hallway to meet Kerry. They are at
                 the halfway point of the hallway.

                 They slowly walks down the hallway, towards the
                 darkness that greets them at the end.


                 NEARER. LOUDER.

                 MENACING LAUGHTER.

                                         JACK (CONT'D)
                           What is that...

                 They walk slowly, close together, both looking ahead.

                 Only darkness.

                 The elevator's small lights ahead of them become their
                 only guide as to the end of the hallway.

                 Kerry and Jack rush to the end of the hallway and make
                 it to the elevator.

                 They get inside and the doors slowly close. They sigh
                 in relief.


                 The elevator doors open and Kerry and Jack walk into an
                 empty and desolate floor.

                 The lights beam from above, flicker twice and then
                 return to normal.

                           Well, whoever gave out the party
                           invites sure missed us off the

                 Kerry walks over to the reception desk. The forms are
                 tidily placed in piles.

                                (calling out)
                           MISS HAGINS? SARAH? ANYBODY?

                 Jack checks the phone on the desk. No tone.

                           The elevator works, the lights
                           work...but the phone is dead and
                           the computers are off?

                 Kerry looks up at the incubator room doorway.

                           I've got to check the babies.

                 Jack follows.

                 INT. INCUBATOR ROOM

                 The room is lit only by the lights from the hallway.
                 There are a large amount of cots and cradles where the
                 babies should be. 

                 Kerry looks down in disbelief and sheer terror.

                           The lights...turn on the lights!

                 Jack fumbles with a switch near the door-less entrance.
                 The lights flicker and spring into action.

                 All the cots and cradles remain, the linen immaculately
                 made up.

                 There are no babies to be seen.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 SUPERIMPOSE : 11.15PM

                 Tom and Megan Philips are rushing amongst a crowd of
                 people along the street.

                 The noise is of wailing, panic, people rushing to get
                 to the same spot.
                 Other people are running, rushing, falling over each
                 other in other directions. Crying can be heard.
                 Shouting and screaming. Panic and desperation.

                 Tom has his arms around Megan, both confused, worried
                 looks on their faces.

                 There are no children. No babies. Only adults. Parents.

                           I never knew there were so many
                           god-damn people that lived round

                 They make there way through the crowd to where everyone
                 seems to have congregated.


                 The station is only small, but the street outside is
                 full of people crowding around, waiting to get inside
                 the station.

                 A disorderly queue has formed on the steps leading to
                 the entrance.

                 Tom and Megan find themselves at the bottom of the
                 steps, a seemingly large amount of people ahead of
                 them. An even larger amount gathering behind them.

                           We're gonna be out here all
                           night for Christ's sake, what
                           the hell is going on?

                 Tom looks around at the crowd of people.

                           I don't know...the police will
                           help us...

                                         VOICE (O.S.)
                           Like hell they will.

                 Tom turns round to locate the voice.

                 LEROY BEAUMONT, late 40's with balding hair, stands
                 behind Tom.

                 Leroy is a rough looking guy, slightly over weight and
                 with a slobbish appearance. His expression is one of

                 His wife, CHERYL, mid 40's with short brown hair,
                 stands holding Leroy's hand. Her cheeks are red from
                 tears of crying.


                 Leroy looks at Tom, his eyes seemingly burning from
                 anger and confusion.

                           You won't get in there.

                 Leroy motions the station with a flick of his head.

                                         LEROY (CONT'D)
                           Me an' my wife been down 'ere
                           for ages tryin' to get in.
                           Nearly a fuckin' half hour

                           Same here...our kids have gone
                           missing and - 

                 Cheryl bursts out into tears and huddles her face
                 beneath Leroy's chest for comfort.


                           Sorry what?

                           Everyone's kids are missin'.
                           Like a fuckin' plague or

                 A bottle is thrown at one of the police station's
                 windows from the background causing a loud smash as the
                 glass breaks.

                 More screaming, everyone looks disoriented at what

                 An angry voice from the background yells out.

                                         VOICE (O.S.)
                            LET US IN!

                 More angry voices emerge as the crowd becomes hostile
                 in frustration at having to wait.

                 Cars attempting to drive through the mass of people
                 become targets for the frustration as various people
                 kick and throw objects at them. A brawl breaks out in
                 the background between two men, more screaming erupts.
                 Crowds begin to push there way into the queues, forcing
                 people to push back. 

                 Tom squeezes his eyes in disbelief.

                           This is a complete nightmare. 


                 A loud sound explodes into the night, causing everyone
                 to automatically stop and look to the police station

                 Standing at the entrance is SHERIFF DOUGLAS RILEY,
                 shotgun in hand aimed at the sky, smoke drifting from
                 the barrel.

                 The sheriff looks a tall man with a strong build, and a
                 white moustache in his late fifties or early sixties.
                 He wears a traditional sheriff hat and he has long
                 white hair that drapes down to his shoulders.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY
                                (talking loud so
                                 all can hear)
                           OK listen up. I'm not gonna fire
                           that shotgun of mine in the
                           wrong direction again. You all
                           got that clear?

                 The crowd's murmuring begins to silent, crowds begin to
                 ease, people start to pay attention.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Now, I want you all to listen
                           and to listen good. You help us
                           and we will help you.
                           I need you people to be calm and
                           to cooperate with us here. 

                 A voice breaks out from the silence.

                                         FEMALE VOICE (O.S.)
                           Where are my children!

                 A slight roar from the crowd of people breaks out,
                 Megan holds onto Tom's side, tears in her eyes.

                 Tom is almost struck in a daze, he is clearly listening
                 out for vital information.

                 The sheriff takes a step further down from the police
                 station entrance and relaxes his grip on his shotgun.

                 His face expressing a deep sympathy and one of sorrow
                 and frustration.

                 A deputy hands the sheriff a loud-speaker.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY 
                           I want you all to listen to me
                           and listen closely. 

                 The sheriff's voice echoes around the town's empty

                                         SHERIFF RILEY (CONT'D)
                           In the last forty minutes or so,
                           we have had numerous reports of
                           missing children disappearing
                           from their own houses. 

                 The crowd yell obscenities, before Sheriff Riley
                 motions them to calm down.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Now, hold on. I'm not going to
                           tell you everything is going to
                           be OK but I can tell you we are
                           doing the best we can to solve
                           this right now...But we need
                           you're help...

                 Voices yell out, undescribable chants run out as the
                 Sheriff looks back to his station.

                 An angry voice yells from the crowd.

                                         ANGRY MALE VOICE (O.S.)
                           Why ain't you doing nothin' bout
                           all this!!

                 Arms raised in a calming motion, the Sheriff gets the
                 crowd to listen once more.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY 
                           Now listen to me. What I need
                           you to do is to form groups,
                           groups of six or less, and to go
                           looking for these kids. 

                 Leroy takes a further step forward, anger in his eyes.

                                (slight smirk)
                           That's you're damn job, Sheriff.
                           Why the fuck aint you got you're
                           toy soldiers out working?

                 Tom and Megan look back at Leroy with disgust, as do
                 many of the crowd.

                 The Sheriff looks dead on at the point where Leroy is

                                         SHERIFF RILEY
                           We are doing everything we can,
                           but the more people willing to
                           help, the better. If you can
                           help us search, it narrows the
                           ground we need to cover until
                           reinforcements arrive.

                 The crowd begin to murmur more, yelling and screaming.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY (CONT'D)
                           I'm not going to lie to you
                           people. We are doing the best we
                           can. And the best thing you can
                           do, is help us by help us search
                           for these kids. 

                 The sheriff lets a large group of policemen walk into
                 the crowd and begin to form groups, handing small

                 The groups reluctantly form, the town united in a
                 bizarre circumstance.

                 As groups form, Tom and Megan stand where they are
                 staggered by the change of events.

                 People rush by them, police rushing past them, the
                 chaos like a dream.

                           This is bizarre, I can't believe
                           this is happening.

                           I know, I know.

                 Tom puts his arm around Megan as she puts a hand to her
                 face to cover her tears.

                           God, any thing. You have to wake
                           me up from this nightmare.

                 They stand there, as people rush around and gather into
                 forced groups by the aluminous jacket wearing police.

                 Tom and Megan, standing still shaken, are interrupted
                 by a jolt from Leroy Beaumont. His wife Cheryl stands
                 by him closely, her head down in embarrassment.

                           You comin' with us, we gonna
                           hunt down these fuckin'  weirdos
                           down that took mine an' your
                           kids and kick their god damn

                 Tom pushes Leroy's hand from his shoulder, offended.

                           I want my son's back. I want my
                           daughter back. I want them home.
                           I don't even want to think about
                           someone taking them...

                 Leroy puts his other hand around his wife and looking
                 smugly, nods his head.

                                (calmly,sly grin)
                           Me too, me too. We both in the
                           same shit hole, Mister.

                 As groups depart under the deputy's supervision, Megan
                 lights a cigarette.

                                (to Tom)
                           Knight's Hill? We should go
                           there first.


                           That's where Lee was all night,
                           he told you, or don't you
                           God, I heard the whole thing
                           from the staircase. You arguing
                           with him made him...

                 Tom takes his arm away from Megan's shoulders.

                           You think I made him runaway?
                           God's sake, Megan, not now for
                           Christ's sake.

                 A policeman walks past them as the large crowd slowly
                 drifts into small rearranged search groups.

                 The majority of the groups have begun their searches
                 and are leaving the street.

                 A police woman walks up to Tom.

                                         POLICE WOMAN
                           An officer will be with you
                           soon, please be patient.

                 Tom nods in agreement to the officer as she walks away
                 to talk to another group of people.

                 Suddenly a voice bells out from behind them.

                                         MALE VOICE
                           Hey! Meggs!

                 The foursome turns around to see ANNIE WILCOX, mid 40's
                 and ANDY WILCOX, mid 40's, rush to see them.

                 Annie holds on to Megan giving her a massive hug.

                 Andy, a muscular guy, grabs a hold of Tom and Leroy's
                 hands shaking them as if it were a greeting.

                           Don't worry about going up
                           Knight' Hill, we've got a group
                           going up there already.

                 Andy gives Tom and Leroy a sincere smile.

                           We're gonna get our kids back.

                           My kid went up there tonight, I
                           want to go up there and look

                 Andy interrupts.
                           Look, I want to get my kid back
                           as much as you do. But lets not
                           confuse things even more. We're
                           going up Knight's Hill with the
                           Baxters, they know the area
                           really well. 

                 Tom looks at Andy, Leroy looks uninterested.

                                         ANDY (CONT'D)
                           We all have our groups, stick by
                           them. The police know what
                           they're doing. I know our baby
                           girl will be back with us in a
                           few hours, they're probably
                           playing tricks on us.

                 Andy pats Tom on his shoulder reassuringly.

                 Andy and Annie walk off back to their search group and
                 head off into the background.

                 The streets are now almost empty, apart from Tom,
                 Megan, Leroy and Cheryl. The crowds dispersing into
                 search groups, all heading off into directions, some
                 with flashlights, others without. 

                           Well, at least we ain't gotta
                           climb that damn Knight's Hill!
                           That was one treck I was
                           dreading I can tell you that!

                 Tom looks to Leroy, ready to hit him.

                 Megan grabs him slightly by his hips to restrain him.

                                (whispering to Tom)
                           No...dont. He's not worth it.

                 Leroy continues to laugh as he walks along the street,
                 yelling at his wife Cheryl to follow him, which she
                 duly does.

                 Tom and Megan stand where they are, looking at the
                 police station, it's lights the only ones shining
                 bright in the street.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           I want my babies back...I want
                           them back now...

                 Tom holds onto Megan lovingly.

                           Me too...

                 Three figures stand aligned, their shadows not seen as
                 Tom and Megan walk off in the opposite direction.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The station is small, a one desk reception area with
                 small revolving half-doors that lead to the main office
                 which consists of various tables and desks. 

                 There are three officers in the station, plus the
                 sheriff who has just walked inside following his speech
                 to the pubic.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY
                           I'm gonna need two guys to stay
                           here and watch over things, keep
                           checking the phones.

                 One of the officers, OFFICER JENKINS, a burly type of
                 guy looks up from his desk, phone in hand.

                                         OFFICER JENKINS
                           Phones are still down, Sheriff,
                           operator is off line.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY
                           Keep trying them. A lot of
                           children are out there

                                         OFFICER JENKINS
                           Radio's are out too, nothing. We
                           got no contact with outside
                           forces, so reinforcements ain't

                                         SHERIFF RILEY
                           Alright. Jenkins, I want you to
                           stay here with Willis and keep
                           checking them radios and keep
                           trying them damn phones. The
                           instant you get a line, get me
                           on my frequency, contact me
                           straight away. Taylor, you're
                           coming out with me.

                 Officer Taylor, a young man, nods in acceptance.

                                         OFFICER TAYLOR
                           Sheriff, where we going?

                                         SHERIFF RILEY
                           We're gonna do our job. Grab a

                 Officer Taylor does so, and the two walk out the

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KENSINGWOOD STREET

                 The street is empty, an eerie image amongst the dimly
                 lit street lamps.

                 A variety of pumpkins are left unlit, but ready for
                 Halloween on house porches.

                 Cars are parked, some left carelessly on the road.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Officers Jenkins and Willis are sat at their desks,
                 trying to get communication back on. Willis is working
                 on his computer, which appears to be down.

                           Damn computers. I always said we
                           put to much trust in these
                           pieces of crap.

                           Yeah well you weren't
                           complaining when the internet
                           was working, all you did was
                           gork at porn sites.

                 Willis shoots Jenkins a wry smile.

                           Did Riley send anyone over to
                           the electrical plant?

                           I would have thought so, buddy.
                           They must have had a real
                           problem over there to mess all
                           this stuff up. 

                 Just at that moment, the lights in the station begin to
                 flicker. Only for a moment.

                                         JENKINS (CONT'D)
                           Shit, that's all we need the
                           damn lights to go out as well.

                 A slight rattling of the station door from outside.

                 Jenkins looks over to Willis.

                                         JENKINS (CONT'D)
                           You hear that?

                 Willis is concentrating on the radio, trying to figure
                 out why it is not working.

                           Hear what?

                 The door rattles again, louder this time.


                 Willis gets up from his seat and looks at Jenkins
                 shaking his head.

                                (out loud)
                           Hey the door's open, come on in.

                 Giggling from outside the door.

                 Muffled giggling, almost childlike.

                                         WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           It's got to be one of them damn

                 Willis walks over to the door confidently.

                                         WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           If this is one big prank then
                           they are in for one hell of an
                           ass whipping...

                 Willis opens the door but there is no one outside.

                 He looks around, but there is no one in sight.

                 Willis turns back into the station muttering.

                 Jenkins is gone.

                                         WILLIS (CONT'D)

                 More rustling against the door outside.

                 Willis turns back to the station door, his hand ready
                 to draw his gun from his belt.

                 The door of the station bursts open...

                 Nurse Kerry Price and Jack Shepherd (the cleaner) storm
                 into the station, surprising Willis completely.

                                (shocked and upset)
                           Oh my've got to help
                           us...the babies...everyone...

                 Both Kerry and Jack look visibly distressed.

                           Hold it..hold it..slow down! 

                 Footsteps from behind, Willis turns around to see that
                 Jenkins has reappeared.

                                         WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           Where the hell did you go?

                 Jenkins has two paper cups in his hands and a confused

                           To get some coffee...

                 Obviously noticing Kerry and Jack's presence, Jenkins
                 walks over to where they are and hands them the drink.

                                         JENKINS (CONT'D)
                           Looks like you guys could do
                           with this more. What happened?

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. WOODS

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 11.55PM

                 Tom, Megan, Leroy, Cheryl are grouped together with a
                 police officer, Officer Milner.

                 Officer Milner is leading the way through the woodland,
                 his flashlight beaming brightly.

                 Tom has a smaller light as does Leroy.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                                (pointing out to
                                 the group)
                           Be careful right here, nearly
                           tripped myself.

                 Leroy is puffing, clearly out of shape. He stops by a
                 large tree and lights himself a cigarette.

                           God damn it. I told y'all we
                           should have gone up that
                           Knight's Hill, hell of a lot
                           easier then walking through this
                           shit hole.

                 Officer Milner stops walking, and looking back at Leroy
                 blinds him with his flashlight.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           You mind extinguishing that
                           cigarette please, Mr. Beaumont.

                 Leroy gives the officer a tired and disgruntled look.

                                (under his breath)
                           Why don't you extinguish you're

                 Tom loses his patience with Leroy.

                           Put the damn thing out, Leroy or
                           I'm gonna do it for you.

                           Oh yeah Tommy boy? Now how you
                           reckon you gonna do that?

                 Megan intervenes between the two as Cheryl looks on,
                 turning a blind eye.

                 Officer Milner walks over, watching his step from the
                 thick logs and branches on the woodland floor.

                           For god's sake you two. We've
                           got more important things to be
                           doing then fighting over a

                 Tom backs off from Leroy, both staring at each other.

                 Officer Milner comes between them.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           You heard the lady, fellas.
                           You're kids are out there some
                           where, we're wasting time
                           arguing and fighting. Don't make
                           me have to handcuff one of you
                           and have you walking hog-tied.
                           Now lets keep moving.

                 The group continue on into the woods, Leroy and Cheryl
                 at the back whilst Tom and Megan catch up with Officer

                 Leroy aggressively grabs Cheryl's arm and holds it

                           I catch you giving that pig the
                           eye again and they'll be
                           searching for you next, got it?

                           W...what are you talking about?

                           Do what I say bitch. I mean it.

                 Leroy stomps off, Cheryl left stunned.

                                         LEROY (CONT'D)
                           No wonder the damn brats ran off
                           with you as an excuse of a

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 12.00 AM

                 From the hilltop of the houses below, many lights
                 remain on glittering in the distance. 

                 The hilltop area has a wide open space that is
                 surrounded by woodland. 

                 A small mist is gathering in the background.

                 The bungalow remains daunting looking, with only a
                 solitary light flickering within a few gaps in between
                 the wooden boarded up windows.

                 Rhythmic chanting can be heard from inside, calm and
                 whispery, haunting in it's own right.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. WOODS

                 Tom and Megan continue to search on, their flashlights
                 beaming throughout the woods. They both look tired and

                 Officer Milner is still leading the group, a few feet
                 distance from them.

                 Leroy and Cheryl are dragging their feet, a fair
                 distance at the back.

                           This is crazy, they could be
                           miles out of town by now.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Streets and roads are being
                           covered by the police, Mr.

                           So you say, but I still feel
                           like we're looking around here
                           for nothing.

                           I'm not going back home until
                           I've found them.

                           Hey, neither am I. I just meant
                           maybe if i drove around, helped
                           look out of town perhaps.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           It's like i said sir, we've got
                           patrols covering the streets. As
                           soon as I get word, I'll let you

                           Speaking about that, I haven't
                           seen you in much contact with
                           what's going on. You wanna try
                           contacting you're station, maybe
                           they've come up with something.

                 Officer Milner continues to search, looking
                 uncomfortable at Tom's suggestion.

                           You are in contact with you're
                           station aren't you?

                 Milner pauses and looks back at Tom and Megan.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Of course I am, mam.
                           The station or the sheriff will
                           get in touch with me regarding
                           any updates as soon as they can.

                 Milner takes his radio and tries to find a frequency.
                 There is nothing, not even static. 

                                         OFFICER MILNER (CONT'D)
                           You know...I'm real sorry to say
                           this folks but my radio battery
                           is dead flat.

                 Milner puts his radio back and faces Tom and Megan.

                                         OFFICER MILNER (CONT'D)
                           I'm real sorry. But we should
                           keep looking, keep going. If
                           there is any developments, I'm
                           sure as hell we're gonna hear
                           the other people yelling and

                 Megan looks disappointed, Tom frowns in frustration.

                 Tom puts a consoling arm round his wife as they
                 continue to search.

                 Milner, leading the group, looks disappointed in

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. WOODS

                 Lurking in the darkness of the woods, in between the
                 trees, an unseen figure looks on as the group of
                 Milner, Tom, Megan, Leroy and Cheryl make their way.

                 The figure, breathing heavily and raspingly, puts a
                 hand to one of the trees. 

                 Green rough looking skin covers the hand, long black
                 cracked fingernails.

                 The figure releases a whispery laugh to itself, as it
                 continues to watch unnoticed from behind the group.

                 A glimpse of the figure, wearing a dark hood which
                 hides most of it's face, it is the Witch.

                                (whispery, singing
                                 to itself in a
                                 rasp and croaky
                           Who dares spur his steed so late
                           this night?, A man whose child
                           is sick with fright, he hugs his
                           child to keep him warm, but
                           can't outride the fearful storm.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The outside of the station is quiet, the street
                 deserted. Cars litter the road, abandoned by parents
                 eager to search for their lost children.


                 Kerry and Jack are sitting down, Officer Jenkins and
                 Willis are also in the station.

                 Willis is standing over Kerry and Jack, hands on his

                           Let me get this straight. You
                           went to get a phone for you're
                           nurse friend and were gone, what
                           , five...ten minutes?

                           About that, yeah. 

                           You come back inside the
                           hospital and everyone is gone,

                 Kerry nods in agreement.

                 Willis looks over to Jenkins, who is still listening
                 intently at his desk.

                                         WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           The staff...the
                           patients...babies, all gone, am
                           I right so far?

                 Kerry nods again.

                           Officer, we've been through this
                           with you about five times, when
                           are you going to do something
                           about it?

                 Willis shoots Jack a sarcastic smile.

                           I'm just trying to see if I got
                           this all. Trying to clear up a
                           few loose ends so to speak.
                           Son, this type of thing doesn't
                           happen round here everyday. The
                           only reason I'm half believing
                           what you're saying is true is
                           due to this being one bizarre

                           Well...what are we going to do?
                           Don't you guys have back up
                           plans for this type of thing?

                 Jenkins coughs loudly to grab attention.

                           Our back up is communication. As
                           we told you, we don't have that
                           at the moment. The best thing is
                           for you two to sit tight with
                           us, and wait until the sheriff
                           gets back.

                 The light flickers again from the ceiling.

                                         JENKINS (CONT'D)
                           That damn light...

                 SUDDENLY, a LOUD NOISE from outside penetrates the
                 station, continuously.

                 Everyone is startled.

                           What the hell is that?

                 Another noise joins in from outside.

                           Sound's like a car alarm?

                 Officer Willis looks outside through the window.

                           No damn car alarm, its a car
                           horn...I'm gonna take a look.

                 Willis walks to the station door.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Willis looks astounded as he opens the door and takes a
                 few steps.

                 Every car in sight along the street has it's doors
                 open, it's lights flashing, horns blaring.

                 The noise is almost unbearable.

                           What the...?

                 Willis backs into the station, not able to take his
                 eyes off the sight.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Willis slams the door shut behind him. The noise still

                                (shouting above the
                           What is going on out there?

                 Willis ignores her and rushes to the back of the

                 He quickly reappears with a shotgun.

                           Oh shit.

                 Just as Willis is about to reach the station door, the
                 noise stops instantly.

                 Willis freezes. 

                 Silence comes over the station.

                           Somebody mind telling me what is
                           going on round here?
                           Its not as if it's even
                           Halloween yet.

                 Willis loads the shotgun.

                 Kerry looks at her watch.

                           Well...I guess it is, it's half

                 Willis opens the station door.

                           Well they played trick or treat
                           on the wrong house. 

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The noise has stopped, an eerie silence.

                 Willis steps out of the station, the door closing
                 behind him.

                 He walks slowly to the road, looking around carefully.

                 The cars still have their doors open, but their lights
                 are now off and the horns have stopped.

                 Willis walks to a row of cars, no sign of a forced
                 entry. Willis notices a police vehicle.

                 The doors are wide open.

                 Willis looks up to the sky, before walking to the cop

                 In the sky, the moon is battling to be revealed against
                 the clouds, stars shining brightly when allowed.

                 Willis gets to the cop car, shuts the back doors and
                 takes a look inside.

                 SOMETHING brushes against him from behind.

                 Willis SPINS round, but there is nothing there.

                 He looks around for a few seconds, confused.

                           Alright god damnit, joke's over.


                 Willis carefully gets inside the police car and shuts
                 the front doors.

                 He notices the KEY is in the ignition.

                 Willis turns it, but the car fails to start. Not even a

                                         WILLIS (CONT'D)
                                (to himself)

                 SOMETHING catches Willis' eye in the wing mirror. A
        someone or something dashing past from
                 behind the car.

                 Willis gets out the car, but there seems to be no one

                 He walks slowly to the back of the car, shotgun in

                 Willis looks into the street, it seems quiet and eerily

                 UNKNOWN PERSON'S POV  

                 From behind one of the cars, crouched down, staring at
                 Willis, breathing slowly.

                 BACK TO SCENE

                 Willis looks around confused but can see no one in

                 He cautiously makes his way back to the station,
                 constantly looking at the street.

                 SUDDENLY, a HAND GRABS Willis' SHOULDER from behind.

                 Willis turns round in shock, shotgun in hand... 

                 It is Officer Jenkins.

                                (jumping back)
                           Jesus Christ! Watch that thing!

                 Willis breathes a sigh of relief.

                 Jenkins looks at Willis slightly shaken.

                                         JENKINS (CONT'D)
                           What's going on out here?

                 Willis is looking around, puzzled.

                           Christ knows. Let's get back

                 UNKNOWN PERSON'S POV

                 Watching as Willis and Jenkins head back into the
                 police station, the 'thing' releases a quiet SNARL.

                 BACK TO SCENE

                 Willis and Jenkins shut the door behind them as the
                 'thing' rises from behind one of the cars.

                 From behind it, it would appear to be a tall human like
                 form wearing a long black cloak with a hood.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Willis tries the phone and radios again but they are
                 still not working.

                           What is going on out there??

                           I tried one of the
                           wouldn't start.
                           A moment before and the place
                           was like a drive in.

                 Willis walks around the station, checking the place is
                 secure. He then heads to the back of the station.

                 Kerry and Jack watch confused, Jenkins is stood by the

                                         WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           So to answer you're question
                           young lady, I don't have a clue
                           what is going on out there.

                           Well what now? We just stay

                           You got it in one, kid.

                           Well...when are the search
                           groups due back here?

                 Jenkins is squinting his eyes, looking around outside
                 through the window.

                           It's down to them, really. The
                           woodland is pretty vast so
                           there's a lot to cover. Some
                           will come back to sleep in their
                           homes I'd expect, but if I had a
                           kid and they were missing, I'd
                           be out searching all night long.
                           In fact, I'd probably sleep out
                           in the woods.

                           Well it's wise to search in day
                           light isn't it. It could be
                           dangerous wandering around the
                           woods in pitch black. I'm
                           surprised you lot allowed it.

                           Sheriff Riley's orders, ma'am. I
                           can't tell you no more then

                           This is creeping me out. What if
                           there is something else going on
                           out there?

                 Willis is at the back of the station, in Sheriff
                 Riley's office. He overhears Jack's last comment.

                                (loudly to Jack)
                           Like what?

                 Jack looks behind to Officer Willis.

                           I dunno...something

                 Jenkins lights a cigarette.

                           Look kid, reinforcements will be
                           on their way. They will know we
                           have no power, no communication.
                           There is nothing supernatural
                           going on, lets keep rational and
                           realistic here. 
                           Sheriff Riley will probably be
                           back soon, he'll have some more

                 A silent moment passes.

                           What do you think happened to
                           the children?

                 No one replies, more silence as everyone is left to
                 their own thoughts.

                                                               FADE TO:

                 EXT. WOODS

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 01:48 AM

                 Still the group (Tom, Megan, Officer Milner, Cheryl and
                 Leroy) are trudging through the woods.

                 All look extremely tired.

                           I don't know how much longer
                           these flashlights are going to
                           go on, mine is getting a bit
                           weak. I didn't realize these
                           woods were so vast.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           The lights are charged daily,
                           there should be no problem.
                           These woods are more like a
                           forest, even with the amount of
                           people we have out searching, we
                           could never cover every area.

                           Do you think we should go back?
                           Maybe they've gone home and you
                           haven't been told yet, Officer

                 Milner ignores the comment.

                           We've got this far, we should
                           keep going. It's taken us two,
                           nearly three hours to get this
                           far. Another two or three to get

                           We have to keep looking.

                 Milner stops, and the group take their breath. They
                 seem to be climbing upwards into the woods.

                                (out of breath)
                           We need daylight, Tommy boy. But
                           you got a point. I sure as hell
                           don't fancy walking back down
                           there only to do it all again
                           when it's light.

                 Megan takes offence in Leroy's comment.

                           I'm not stopping. You lot can do
                           what you want but I'm not going
                           to give up looking.

                 Megan begins to sob and break down, Tom comforts her as
                 Leroy rolls his eyes.

                           I know...we've got our little
                           Chris missing...I can't take it
                           much more...

                           Oh for Christ's sake, pull
                           yourselves together. Crying is
                           not gonna help. Milner,you ain't
                           got any kids so give me a
                           "rational" way of dealin' with
                           this shit.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           I'm open to suggestions. 

                           I'm feeling weak, but I don't
                           want to stop either.

                                (regaining her
                           OK, enough talk. I'm going on. I
                           don't care if i am on my own,
                           I'm not stopping now.

                 Megan walks off into the woods defiantly.

                 The rest of the group look at each other.

                 Tom follows after Megan.

                 The rest follow.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. DESERTED ROAD

                 The road is surrounded by corn fields at both sides and
                 is eerily quiet.

                 A police car speeds it's way down the road.

                 INT. POLICE CAR

                 Sheriff Riley is driving. 

                 Officer Taylor's body is in the passenger seat, his
                 throat slit from ear to ear, his head slumped over the
                 back of the seat. 

                 EXT. DESERTED ROAD

                 The police car takes a turn off from the main road and
                 take a turn onto a dusty trail.

                 The police car continues to drive down the trail until
                 it approaches a large viaduct.

                 EXT. VIADUCT

                 The viaduct is high and large. 

                 The police car stops at the base of one of the viaduct
                 tunnels. The car horn blows out.

                 A figure walks from beyond the tunnel and approaches
                 the police car.

                 Sheriff Riley calmly gets out of the car and greets the

                 It is JIM DOBAN, the cleaner from the church.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY
                           Everything taken care of?

                 Jim nods.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY (CONT'D)

                 Riley points to the police car. Officer Taylor's body
                 can be seen through the windscreen.

                                         SHERIFF RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Clean that up for me. 

                 Jim nods again and heads to the passenger side of the
                 police car.

                 Riley walks slowly to one of the tunnels of the

                 There is a large circular drain cover at the foot of
                 the tunnel.

                 Half covered in grass, Riley stares down at the drain's
                 many gaps for a few moments.

                 It is pitch black inside and nothing can be seen.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 EXT. CHURCH

                 The church is in a clearing in the woods, a small and
                 humble building it is clearly very old. The church
                 would appear to have several stained glass large
                 windows on the first level. There is light beaming from
                 inside that illuminates the outside of the church via
                 the windows.

                 The church has a steep sloping roof with a single small

                 The group, (Tom, Megan, Officer Milner, Cheryl and
                 Leroy), walk up and arrive surprised at the clearing
                 which presents the church.

                           Oh my god...

                           What is it now?

                 They all pause at the site of the church, it's light
                 from within a welcome sight from the use of torches.

                           Since when has there been a
                           church round here this far deep
                           in the woods?

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           This is the first time I've seen
                           it. I didn't know there was one
                           this far up here either to be

                           Well, the lights are on so
                           someone did. Lets take a look.

                 The group move towards the entrance, a large and solid
                 wooden door.

                 Officer Milner pushes at the door and to the surprise
                 of everyone, the door opens bringing a ray of light.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. CHURCH

                 The group step cautiously into the church.

                 The church has a large room, many wooden seats as in a
                 traditional church separated by ailes.

                 The light is lit by candle, fifty or so decorate the
                 walls on holders. 

                 The room, although barren of any thing other, is a
                 welcoming sight, if not strange.

                                (quietly, looking
                           Well whoever has been in here
                           has sure been busy. There's
                           enough candles here to light up
                           half the town.

                 The group move into the room slowly exploring. 

                 The floors creak beneath their steps.

                           Busy enough to plan ahead. 

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Stick together people.

                 Leroy and Cheryl remain at the back of the church,
                 Leroy's grip firmly on his wife's shoulder.

                 They both look concerned.

                 Tom and Megan move to the middle of the church,
                 examining the seats as best they can. They look old and
                 rotten, some cobwebbed.

                 Officer Milner is walking along the ailes, slowly
                 pacing making his way to the front of the alter.


                                (excited whisper)
                           Hey, look here!

                 Milner and Megan rush over to where Tom is.

                 Leroy's grasp prevents Cheryl from joining them.

                 Tom is at a door, half way down the room. 

                 Light shines from beneath the closed wooden door.

                 Tom, Megan and Officer Milner look at each other.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           I would ask for you're
                           permission to open this door,
                           Milner, but I really don't care
                           too much about a little breaking
                           and entering right now.

                 Milner looks at Tom.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Why not try opening it first?

                 Tom raises his eyebrows, and grabs the large bold
                 handle of the door.

                 To his surprise the door opens inwards, opening to a

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. CHURCH BACK ROOM

                 The place is dimly lit, a small cupboard size room with
                 stone walls and a single tainted window.

                 A small desk with various large sized books. 

                 A man sitting at the desk, looks up at them as if
                 expecting them.

                 It is FATHER KEANE, he has a glass of brandy in his
                 hand, a bottle on the desk top.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           It's a catchphrase I know, but
                           I've been expecting you.

                 Megan, Tom and Officer Milner look astonished at first
                 at the bizarreness of the situation.

                 They realize who it is.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Father Keane? Is that you?

                 Father Keane nods his head slowly in acknowledgement.

                                         OFFICER MILNER (CONT'D)
                           What the hell are you doing up

                 Father Keane takes a sip of his drink before looking up
                 at the three.

                                         FATHER KEANE

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KENSINGWOOD STREET





                 END MONTAGE


                 We see Kerry asleep on Jack's lap, he too is asleep. 

                 The two officers remain at their desks, trying out
                 various radio equipment but cautiously watching the
                 entrance of the station.

                 Both yawn, tired.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. CHURCH

                 Father Keane is sat at the altar of the church whilst
                 the rest of the group are sat on the benches, eagerly
                 listening to him.

                 Father Keane's bottle of brandy is being passed from
                 person to person, each taking large sips directly from
                 the bottle.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           I was in my church, as usual the
                           custodial was sweeping up,
                           cleaning as best can be done.
                           Jim left, and I must have dozed
                           asleep for less then a minute
                           when I heard noises from up

                 Father Keane receives his bottle back, and before
                 passing it around, he takes a big swig.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           When i returned from upstairs,
                           the church had been desecrated.
                           I came here, alone. I have
                           looked after this place for many
                           years and I have always felt it
                           was my place to be
                           protect it from any possible
                           further vandalism.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL

                 Andy and Annie Wilcox reach the peak of the hill, their
                 flashlights blazing. They seem out of breath, but
                 pleased to have finally got to the top. They stand at
                 the edge, helping the other four members of their
                 search team get up.

                 The other members of the group are OFFICER KANE, a
                 large man in his forties, PAUL REED, an elderly
                 gentleman with a beard, JANICE REED, a 30 something
                 year old woman, and STEVEN REED, in his late 30's also.

                 They all reach the top of the hill and regain their
                 breath, looking over at the spectacular view below

                 The town below has not very little light, one or two
                 dots of light can be seen, streetlights. From behind
                 them is a small wood that seems to expand to no where.

                 The skyline looks dark as it would, but a vague redness
                 is mixed in, as if a pollution on the clouds.

                 Andy notices the weather battered sign, " KNIGHTS

                 Andy points out the sign the rest of the group.

                                (out of breath)
                           We got here, bloody hell!

                 As the rest of the group dust themselves down from mud
                 stains and dust gathered from their journey, PAUL REED
                 grabs onto STEVEN's jacket.


                 The group turn to see the small bungalow, a dim light
                 flickering in one of the window gaps, which are boarded
                 up with wooden planks.

                           I see it Dad, we all see it.

                 Officer Kane tries his radio, but there is still

                           Well, I think it's about time we
                           gate crashed their little party
                           and found out what the hell they
                           are doing in there, don't you

                 Just as the group are about to march towards the
                 bungalow, Officer Kane stops them.

                                         OFFICER KANE
                           Wait, wait just a moment. You
                           people stay here, I'm gonna go
                           and find out. 
                           I'm the law here, and i know
                           what Im doing. You people just

                 UNKNOWN PERSON POV

                 From the trees, fast gasping breathing can be heard.

                 Looking at the group, hiding behind the trees,
                 constantly watching them, the gasping breathing slows
                 and slows.

                 A hand comes across the tree, but it is not a hand of
                 flesh, it is pure BONE. Thick SKELETON fingers. The
                 fingers are thick and long, with long nails at the tip
                 of the fingers. The rest of the arm is covered in a
                 cloak sleeve as we pull back to see the figure kneeling
                 down by one of the trees it is dressed in a typical
                 "Grim Reaper" style cloak.

                 BACK TO SCENE

                 The group look on as Officer Kane makes his slow walk
                 towards the daunting looking bungalow.

                           God, I hope he knows what he's

                           Of course he does, he's a police
                           officer. I'm sure he's done a
                           few things a lot more dangerous
                           then knock on bungalow doors.

                 Officer Kane makes his way up the stone path, he looks
                 at the terrible state of the garden patch.

                 He looks at it with disgust.

                                         OFFICER KANE
                                (whispering to
                           Who the hell would wanna live

                 Officer Kane reaches the solid looking wooden door.

                 He takes a few looks at the windows that are each
                 beside the door, the one on his left is boarded up
                 tightly with wooden planks, the one on his right is
                 giving out the small glimpses of light.

                 Officer Kane takes a quick glimpse between the slits in
                 the wood.

                 He can make nothing out.

                 He knocks on the door three times, nervously looking
                 back at the group.

                 They seem to be a fair distance away, but they are
                 looking on, together as a unit.

                 The door of the bungalow opens slowly, a loud CREEK
                 echoing in the darkness.

                 Officer Kane adjusts his tie and hat, before being
                 GRABBED inside.

                 The door shuts with a SLAM!

                 UNKNOWN PERSONS POV

                 Slow breathing as the figure moves silently from tree
                 to tree, gaining and getting closer to the group that
                 stand in clear light.

                 The skeleton hands move from tree to tree as it holds
                 on and looks before moving, predatory but oddly.

                 We now see it's head as it's skeleton fingers release
                 the hood from it's cloak.

                 It is SKULL, his head nothing more then that of a
                 skeletal figure.

                 BACK TO SCENE

                 The group are left motionless. 

                           Did he go in there or was he
                           pushed inside?

                           I don't know, I couldn't see

                 SKULL'S POV

                 Moving closer to the group, within feet of them, moving
                 quickly, breathing is none.

                 Moving between trees, it's skeletal fingers grasping
                 each tree it moves with.

                 BACK TO SCENE

                 Annie and Andy are together, still by the edge of the
                 hill, Steven Reed and Janice Reed are in each other's
                 arms, visibly worried.

                 Paul Reed( the old guy) is venturing further towards
                 the bungalow.

                           Dad...Get back here

                 Paul is transfixed on the bungalow. He walks forwards
                 with menace in his eyes.

                                         STEVEN (CONT'D)

                 Paul does not look back, his eyes glued on the


                 Steven walks forward, leaving his embrace with his wife
                 and walks towards his father slowly, a confused look on
                 his face.


                 As this is going on, Annie and Andy are looking on,

                           Let's all go, Steve, fuck it. 

                 The group look at each other for a moment.

                           Yeah, let's just do that.

                 As the four begin to walk towards the bungalow in an
                 aggressive manner, Paul has vanished.

                 The group stop.

                                         STEVEN (CONT'D)


                 No sound.


                                         STEVEN (CONT'D)
                           Where's he gone? What the hell?

                 Steven turns around...

                 No one is there.

                 He is alone, no one is there at all.

                 Steven walks back to where he was, the edge of the
                 hill, re-tracing his steps, a confused look on his

                                         STEVEN (CONT'D)
                           WHERE ARE YOU?? JANICE?? WHERE
                           ARE YOU??

                 A loud crackling sound from the woods. Voices. 

                 Steven turns round to face the noise, completely in

                                         STEVEN (CONT'D)

                 Steven walks further in to the woods, following the

                 More voices. Louder. Laughter. Child like.

                 Steven finds himself on no path, stuck in the woods.

                 He runs, through the woods, panting desperate to find a

                 Steven falls, tripping on a branch.

                 He looks up.

                 SKULL looks down on him.

                 SKULL, wearing a dark cloak, seems to look at Steven
                 although he has no eyes.

                 The empty sockets are black, the bone structure of
                 SKULL's face is evily formed.

                                         STEVEN (CONT'D)
                           Please...I'll give you

                 An evil grin appears on SKULL's face, he walks closer
                 and puts one of his jagged edged fingers to Steven's
                 lips as if examining him.

                 As SKULL is about to strike Steven's face, an eerily
                 sharp voice breaks out from no where.

                 SKULL pauses, and looks back as the WITCH appears from
                 the woodland.

                 The WITCH comes closer to the petrified Steven, her
                 tongue licks his face.

                 WITCH has the same cloak as SKULL, but she has green
                 skin, spots, massive boils, and yellow eyes. Her teeth
                 are rotted, her whole facial feature is rotten.

                 She has a large witch hat on her head, long dark thin
                 hair trickles down from it.

                 Steven screams in horror.

                 WITCH laughs the same childish laugh that has been

                 She takes a grasp of Steven's mouth with her rotten
                 hand and forces it to open.

                 Steven blacks out.

                                                              FADE OUT.

                                                               FADE IN:

                 EXT. WOODS

                 Steven finds himself tied against a tree, his hands at
                 the back, and a rope around his torso.

                 His only movements are by his head.

                                (a vicious gasp)
                           Now!! Do it now!

                 SKULL pushes out PAUL REED, his hands tied at his back
                 and rope surrounding him. PAUL looks terrified.

                 SKULL pushes PAUL to the ground, on to his knees
                 opposite STEVEN.

                 With a simple nod by WITCH, SKULL SLASHES Paul's head
                 completely clean off with a swipe of his hand.

                 Blood flies in to the air as Paul's dead body convulses
                 to a grisly death and his head flies into the woodland.

                 Steven cries in anger and emotion but can not move.

                 SKULL moves slowly back to his position, as WITCH
                 laughs silently.

                 Steven, visibly shocked, is begging.

                           What do you want??
                           Anything...I'll give you
                           anything you want..please...

                 WITCH smiles.

                 SKULL, his thin figure visible through the bagginess of
                 his cloak(of course, he's BONES) walks solemnly to the
                 woods and out of sight.

                                         STEVEN (CONT'D)
                           Fuck do you want...please...

                 WITCH circles round Steven a couple of times as he begs
                 for his life.

                                (harsh, whispery)
                           Hush, hush my lonesome man,
                           With not one leg you will surely

                 SKULL emerges from the woodland, dragging JANICE by her
                 hair. She is screaming loudly.

                 WITCH nods at SKULL, and in due, SKULL approaches

                 SKULL looks at Steven face to face. 

                 SKULL SLICES Steven's left leg off from his thigh
                 completely off in one swipe.

                 Blood pours down from the departed limb, as Steven's
                 leg is left to drop to the ground like a piece of meat.

                 Steven in shock, is left open mouthed in horror at the
                 sight of his own dismemberment.

                 WITCH lets out a laugh, a child like voice with an over
                 tone of malevolence.

                 SKULL places the sobbing JANICE in front of Steven.

                 WITCH nods.

                 SKULL tears JANICE's HEAD clean off. 

                 Blood again flies in to the night sky from the
                 decapitated body.

                 Steven is now in tears, he is distraught to say the
                 least. With his last bouts of courage left. 

                           I'm gonna fucking kill you...

                 WITCH laughs, as SKULL returns to the woods yet again.

                 WITCH places her spot boiled hand over Steven's face,

                 Steven continues to cry, his tears picked up in a cup
                 of WITCH's nails.

                 WITCH drinks the tear drops, letting loose a sigh of

                           You're father made you such a
                           boy, that made you happy and
                           cried with joy, 
                           You're wife she made you two
                           young boys, a girl was made but
                           she was spoiled,

                 The WITCH continues to parade her long and dark
                 fingernails across Steven's face, leaving marks.

                 Steven winces with pain.

                                         WITCH (CONT'D)
                           Now is time for you to meet,
                           But it wont be the God you wish
                           to seek,

                 SKULL drags out ANNIE and ANDY WILCOX.

                 SKULL has one hand on each neck, such is the grip
                 neither can move.

                 SKULL places them both to bow down before Steven.

                 We now see pieces of flesh have been stuffed inside
                 Annie and Andy's mouths, thus silencing them and                 gagging them.

                 WITCH again nods smiling at SKULL.

                 SKULL swipes ANDY's head clean off, again another
                 fountain of blood covers Steven as the limp body falls
                 to the ground convulsing.

                 SKULL looks at his hands, they are covered in blood.

                 He looks at WITCH emotionless.

                 Steven has broken down completely, his cries are now on
                 levels of hysteria.

                 With one last nod of the head, WITCH looks at SKULL.

                 SKULL grabs his two hands on ANNIE's head and squeezes.

                 Annie's screams turn into mute sounds as her head is
                 squashed between the ferocity of SKULL's hands. 

                 Blood and brains ooze from between SKULL's boney
                 fingers on to the ground as SKULL looks up in

                 Annie's dead body slumps to the floor, Steven screaming
                 in hysterical fits yet tied tightly to the tree.

                 SKULL looks at WITCH , a moment passes before they both
                 turn to look at Steven.

                 Steven looks up at them both, screaming out in horror.

                 WITCH nods her head.

                 SKULL turns to look closely at Steven.

                 Skull to face, SKULL seems to be examining Steven's

                 SKULL puts his boney hand up to Steven's mouth and
                 forces his claw like fingers inside.

                 SKULL tears Steven's jaw apart, blood and gore fly out.

                 Steven's eyes are full of terror.

                 WITCH laughs, a loud and disturbing crackle, as SKULL
                 puts his hand to Steven's forehead and slowly crushes
                 it against the tree.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. CHURCH 

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 03:15 AM

                 Leroy and Cheryl are asleep, laying on separate benches
                 of the church.

                 Megan is asleep on a separate bench, brandy glass still
                 in hand.

                 Officer Milner is also asleep on another bench.

                 Tom and Father Keane are the only ones awake, they are
                 talking together at the front of the church, keeping an
                 eye on everyone. Both are drinking, both look extremely

                 Tom takes a look at Megan.

                           Drink seems to have done the

                 Father Keane nods agreeing with his drink in hand.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           The lord does send us some help
                           from time to time.

                 The two sit there for a short pause. The church lit by
                 candles, shadows creeping amongst the walls, the
                 tainted glass brightly illuminated.

                 Tom swigs his brandy down in one.


                 Father Keane pours both of them the last remains of the
                 brandy bottle.

                 Tom sarcastically raises his glass.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           To you're good health, Father.

                 Father Keane smirks.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           What you said...I'm happy it
                           made everyone get some sleep...

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           All I said were words of comfort
                           to the tired and weary. 

                 Father Keane points to the empty bottle of brandy.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           This did the work for me.

                 Another slight pause.

                           You came here as a retreat,
                           Father? I don't buy that.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           What I said to you all, was
                           true. I came here as a retreat.
                           I have looked after this old
                           church for many, many years now.
                           As best I can.

                           Right. So you want to start
                           explaining to me what you meant
                           by you coming here to survive?

                 Another uncomfortable pause.

                 Father Keane takes a big swig of his drink.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           It's my heritage you know. To
                           take care of this place. To look
                           after it. 

                 Tom looks at Father Keane seriously for a moment.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           My generations of years gone
                           past, looked after this place. A
                           refuge if you like. This one
                           If you believe the ghost

                 Tom looks on at Father Keane.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           We had guardians here, they
                           would once a week venture out
                           for food. But, always, ALWAYS,
                           return here. For centuries. It
                           is a legacy that I must uphold
                           in spite of my own opinion. 

                           When? What is this place? What

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (depressed, guilty)
                           My ancestors, well they were the
                           power of the people. We had
                           great authority. We misused it.
                           We let it escape. 

                 Tom downs his drink. He looks around him. The church
                 looks solemn, the candles remain brightly lit.

                           Let what escape? And what has
                           this to do with my missing

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (looks at Tom)
                           An evil force, ancient evil.
                           Something from the skies.
                           Centuries ago, if you believe
                           the old stories. My ancestors
                           apparently captured this evil,
                           keeping it locked away here in
                           this church. Somehow, it
                           escaped, it died, I don't know.
                           Did you know a new star is born
                           every moment? The sky breeding


                                         FATHER KEANE
                           You need to listen to me. And
                           ask nothing, just listen.

                 Tom looks at Father Keane with an insane look.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           This place has been secret for
                           many, many years. You can look
                           at maps, you wont find it. This
                           place does not exist on any map. 

                           It must do. Someone must have
                           come across this place before.

                 Father Keane shakes his head.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           Well what about you're
                           superiors? Even in religion you
                           have a higher order, what is
                           this? And what the hell kind of
                           religion were you running up

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           We were the highest of
                           authority, never questioned.
                           Never mentioned. Never even
                           remembered it seems, only but by


                 Father Keane nods his head.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           All will come out in time, I'm
                           pretty sure on that. It is a
                           feeling, an instinct I've had
                           the last few days. Something has
                           been stirring. 
                                (drinking the last
                                 of his drink)
                           I only prey that I'm wrong.

                                                               FADE IN:


                 The darkness is suddenly engulfed in a massive
                 explosion. Particles and atoms spread across in
                 different directions in an amazing display of light and

                 A sound can be heard, voice like but too distant to
                 comprehend what it is saying. 

                 The darkness is now engulfed in dots, the remains of
                 the explosion calming and forming into solid objects.

                 The objects are stars, constellations slowly drifting
                 and moving to gather amongst each other against non
                 moving stars.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. CHURCH

                 Megan wakes, her eyes open in slight confusion. She
                 glances at the surroundings, Tom and Father Keane
                 remain talking at the head of the church. Slowly,
                 reluctantly, she closes her eyes and drifts back into

                 Father Keane and Tom are still talking.

                           Father, I'm gonna tell you
                           straight, I'm not a religious
                           man and you're babbletalk has
                           almost convinced me into
                           thinking I am right not to be.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           What I've told you, is what I
                           have spent my life looking back
                           and finding out about. 

                 A slight pause. Father Keane looks down, searching his
                 pockets until he comes up with a small flask. He drinks
                 it hastily.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           What I tell you now, concerns
                           you and the world.

                 Tom looks at Father Keane, takes his flask from him and
                 drinks himself. He returns it after a gasp.

                           I want my children home. I don't
                           give a god damn about religion. 

                 Father Keane receives the flask back.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           No one believes in the devil.
                           They believe in common sense.
                           Allowing his deception, his
                           lies. He lives in the smallest
                           atoms, invisible to human eyes. 

                 Father Keane looks at Tom with a serious glare.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           That is who has taken you're
                           children tonight and that is who
                           you are going to have to beat to
                           get them back.

                           If you are even close to right,
                           then why the hell didn't you
                           tell anyone about this before it

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           No one would listen, no one is
                           concerned until it happens. Evil
                           is what we wanted man kind to
                           believe was only man made. It
                           made us the power, gave us
                           control over the world. It made
                           man become the centre of things.
                           It was wrong, and now when we
                           need it most...  faith is a hard
                           thing to come by nowadays.

                 Tom looks at Father Keane as if studying him.

                           It is not surprising Father. You
                           created a faith built upon lies. 

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The universe forms within an aura of purple and red
                 light. The earth can be seen, but not how it today. It
                 is covered in a red surface, the sun and the moon
                 surrounding it. 

                 EXT. EARTH SURFACE

                 The surface is red and rocky, a landscape of sand that
                 seems endless.

                 Creatures and demonic figures surround the vast
                 environment, fighting violently with each other.

                 The creatures vary from size, some small and some
                 large. They differ in look and appearance, some look
                 bizarre yet others look human like with legs and arms
                 and a human like torso.

                 The monsters tear limbs from each other, roaring in
                 delight at victory as the victims scream creature-like
                 in pain and death.

                 On top of a huge mountain, a large figure shadows over
                 looking the action. The figure is difficult to properly
                 see, yet it appears to have a human body.

                 The figure remains a shadow, but we can see it has
                 horns upon it's head, and a swirling TAIL with a
                 pitchfork end. The figure's arms are raised to the sky.

                 The monsters pause at the sight of the figure,
                 hundreds, thousands of them simultaneously stop their
                 violent actions and look in the direction of the

                 After a few moments, a blinding WHITE LIGHT explodes.

                 As the light slowly disintergrates, HUGE FLAMES cover
                 the surface of the Earth, as if some massive explosion
                 had been released. 

                 The monsters are all burned, swirling pieces of them
                 shrivel in the massive heat of the flames.

                 As the flames settle amongst the landscape, constantly
                 flickering, the figure remains at the top of the
                 mountain. We see now the figure is the DEVIL. He is red
                 in color, but he has the physical look of a human male,
                 apart from a large tail and the horns on his head.

                 His face is not clearly seen, but his bright yellow
                 teeth and piercing eyes shine from the darkness of his
                 facial expression, in anger and one of hatred.

                 As the DEVIL remains standing, he looks on at the
                 surface below him, the flames flicker as another bright
                 light from the sky begins to form.

                 A light beam STRIKES the DEVIL from above, illuminating
                 him in white.

                 A series of distorted voices begin to get louder and
                 louder as the beam becomes so bright, the DEVIL is
                 disintergreted until there remains nothing.

                 Another FLASH of WHITE LIGHT.

                 The planet is now covered in ICE and SNOW. The surface
                 is FROZEN. 

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. CHURCH (REALITY)

                 Everyone in the church wakes up at the same time.

                 Tom wakes up from a bench in the church, wide eyed with
                 sweat dripping from his face.

                 Officer Milner wakes, his eyes blink as he adjusts to
                 his whereabouts.

                 Father Keane, still in his chair, wakes, flask still in

                 Megan sits up right, releasing a small gasp. She looks
                 around, slightly confused before putting her head in
                 her arms in a resigned way.

                 Leroy wakes, he is lying completely on one of the
                 benches. His eyes open wide, confused by the dream he
                 just had.

                 Cheryl, on the bench just below Leroy, wakes. She looks
                 petrified by what she has just dreamt.

                 Tom stands up, looking tired.

                                (loudly and
                           OK EVERYONE, LET'S GET GOING.

                 The group wake up sluggishly.

                 Leroy wipes sleep from his bleary eyes.

                           W-what time is it?

                 Megan is getting herself together quickly.

                           Time we got moving.

                 Cheryl looks haggard as she puts a hand to her head.

                           Oh, what a nightmare I had...

                           We're still having it. 

                                                                CUT TO:


                 SUPERIMPOSE : OCTOBER 31ST - HALLOWEEN - 9:08 AM




                 ONE IN SIGHT.


                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KENSINGWOOD STREET

                 From the woods, the group emerge tiredly trudging
                 towards the street, chatting incoherently.

                 From their conversation, they stop at the top of the
                 street. They all pause and look on at the emptiness of
                 the town.

                           Looks like a god damn ghost

                 The group move into the town, slowly.

                           What the hell is going on? 

                 The group look down at the town. It is an unwelcome
                 sight, deserted, desolate, eerie.

                 The group begin to walk slowly down the empty street.

                 As they walk down the sidewalks, they look at the
                 various shops along the street. All are closed, empty.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           Where the hell is everyone?

                           I don't know.

                           Maybe it's national hide and
                           seek day and they forgot to tell

                 Father Keane stops walking. 

                 As he does, the group look back at him.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Did you all have a dream when
                           you fell asleep?

                 Leroy looks anxious. 

                                (gesturing to the
                           What is this guy talking about?

                           I had a nightmare, it certainly
                           was no dream.

                           Me too...a horrible nightmare.

                           Look, let's get back to the job
                           in hand here. We can talk about
                           dreams all we want later.

                 UNKNOWN POV

                 From one of the abandoned shop windows, looking on at
                 the group.

                 Watching, breathing heavily.

                 BACK TO SCENE

                 The group continue to stroll the streets, looking in at
                 empty windows, shops deserted.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Keep it together people, we'll
                           get back to the station and I'm
                           sure everything will be alright.

                           Keep it together? My children
                           are lost out there somewhere and
                           you are telling me to keep it

                 Tom comforts Megan, they both hold each other, a
                 comforting hug more then anything.


                 Leroy has kicked through a window in one of the stores
                 and is clearing the glass.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                                (To Leroy)
                           Just what the hell do you think
                           you're doing you crazy son of a

                 Leroy, half way through the store's now broken window,

                           I'm doing something about it
                           instead of whining like a them
                           two bitches.

                 Leroy walks inside the store, his wife Cheryl follows

                 INT. HARDWARE STORE

                 Leroy takes a careful look inside the dull and dark

                 There are no lights, and even in daylight, the store is
                 full of gloom and is dim.

                 The window is smashed, glass is all over the floor.

                 The group rush over to the scene, but only Leroy is
                 inside, Cheryl is hovering outside the empty glass

                           I think it's pretty safe to come
                           in ladies.

                 EXT. HARDWARE STORE

                 As the rest of the group walk inside the store, Tom and
                 Officer Milner linger outside for a moment.

                           This is like a mass kidnapping
                           of some kind or everyone has
                           been evacuated...I'd feel a lot
                           better if had a weapon of some

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Whatever it is, you are breaking
                           and entering and committing an
                           offence if you step into that
                           building, Tom.

                 Tom looks at Officer Milner with an insane look.

                           You going to arrest me, Milner? 

                 He walks past into the hardware store, leaving Officer
                 Milner the only one outside.

                 INT. HARDWARE STORE

                 The store is small, it has a counter desk and objects
                 behind it and a few electrical goods at the front of
                 the store.

                 There are a couple of computer monitors behind the
                 counter at the desk.

                 Apart from that, there is not a thing out of order.

                           Nothing of any use whatsoever.

                 Megan is looking out of the large window, gazing into


                 Tom looks at Megan. She looks onwards outside.

                 Leroy has gone beyond the counter and is heard in the
                 back room, Cheryl sat at one on one of the chairs near
                 the counter.

                 Father Keane is posted up against the wall near the
                 opening in the window, Officer Milner peering in from

                 Leroy comes out, joyfully and happily from the back
                 room with a few wires round dangling from his

                           Hey...look at what I found!
                           Ain't got a clue what they do
                           but I'm sure as hell not gonna
                           pay for 'em!

                 Tom squares up to Leroy, furious.

                           You think this is some kind of
                           god damn game?

                           Oh...go ahead Tommy boy. You
                           wanna try your luck?

                 Tom and Leroy square up against each other.

                           Leave it Tom, ignore him.

                 Cheryl stands meekly in the background, afraid to say
                 anything, hands by her mouth.

                 Leroy smiles directly at Tom.

                           Better do what wifey tells ya,
                           Tommy boy.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Look you two, this is not the
                           time for this.

                 Leroy pushes Tom in his chest, in responce Tom thumps
                 Leroy in his face sending him backwards, grasping at
                 his cheek. Leroy then lunges at Tom.

                 Officer Milner rushes in, getting between them both and
                 separating them at arms length.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                                (orderly to both)
                           THAT IS ENOUGH! 
                           Now we have got to stick
                           together, not fight each other,
                           that's going to get us nowhere.

                 Tom and Leroy stare at each other, fury in each others

                 Megan walks over to Tom, putting a hand to his

                           He's not worth it, Tom, leave

                 Tom drops his stare at Leroy as the two separate.

                 Leroy walks away and back to Cheryl, who fakes a smile
                 as he grabs her, giving her an unwanted hug.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Lets keep working as a team
                           here, OK?

                 EXT. HARDWARE STORE 

                 POV - UNSEEN 

                 From behind a car, something watches the store,
                 breathing deeply.

                 It moves quickly, moving towards another car, closer to
                 the store entrance where the bashed in window is.

                 Now only a few feet away, it watches and can see
                 clearly the people inside.

                 INT. HARDWARE STORE

                 The group are calmer, looking through various item to
                 see to see if they can be of use.

                 Cheryl is sitting at the computer desk near the

                           Oh my god...

                 No one is paying attention.

                                         CHERYL (CONT'D)
                           Look at this...

                 Leroy comes to look at what Cheryl is talking about.

                 He leans over her, looking at a blank computer screen.

                           It's called a computer, hun. 
                           You keep looking at it and doin'
                           nothing and we will try an' find
                           our kids,OK?

                 Cheryl looks at Leroy with a scowl.

                           The came up with
                           words on it I swear...

                 Leroy puts a hard firm grip on Cheryl's shoulder.

                 He leans forward, directly to her ear.

                           Don't make me look stupid by
                           being stupid.

                 Leroy released his grip, and walks off in to the back.

                 Tom looks at Leroy, disgust in his eyes.

                 Father Keane takes a look outside the store window at
                 the deserted streets.

                           You busy over there, Father?

                 Father Keane walks to the centre of the room, where the
                 group are relaxing their search for useful items.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           I have a theory that you may or
                           may not agree with.

                 The group begin to pay attention.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           You all say you have had a
                           dream, or a nightmare, when you
                           fell asleep in the church. I had
                           one too.

                           We are all under a lot of stress
                           Father, I think having a bad
                           dream is just a way of the mind
                           dealing with it. What is you're

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           You all dreamt of demons,
                           monsters fighting against each
                           other. The universe, being
                           formed. A bright light

                 The group look shocked.

                           How did you know?...

                           I never remember my dreams but I
                           did last night and you just
                           described it...exactly.

                           What are you saying, Father? We
                           all had the same dream?

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           A dream. A premonition. A
                           warning from the past. Maybe
                           even the future.

                           Jesus, for once I wish you could
                           just give us a straight answer!
                           You're telling me, us, that
                           demons and devils are to do with
                           my kids disappearing because of
                           a dream we had?

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           I prey I'm wrong.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Cars surround the station, deserted. An eerie silence
                 as the light morning sun beams down from the sky.

                 Nothing in sight.


                 Nurse Kerry Price, Jack Shepherd and Officer Willis are
                 in the station.

                 Officer Jenkins walks into the scene from the back with
                 a tray full of coffee.

                                (receiving a cup)
                           Look, I want to get home. I need
                           to know my parents are OK.

                 Officer Willis, sat behind his desk, takes a large sip
                 of his coffee.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           No chance little lady. You are
                           staying right here. 

                 Jack stands up aggravated.

                           OK, that's enough! You have done
                           nothing at all since we got

                           Jack...sit down.

                 Jack continues his rant.

                           The big man, taking charge of
                           the situation my ass! 

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           We are doing the best we can,
                           Jack. You need to calm down.

                           The best you can is to keep us
                           stuck in this shit hole? 

                 Officer Willis walks up to Jack, nose to nose.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS 
                           No time for this Jack. Sit down
                           and shut up.

                                         OFFICER JENKINS

                 The three of them look over at Officer Jenkins behind
                 the desk.

                 He seems enthusiastic.

                                         OFFICER JENKINS (CONT'D)
                           Come look, the PC is on.

                 They all walk round slowly to the desk, and look at
                 Jenkins' computer screen.

                 The load up screen.

                 Officer Willis slaps Officer Jenkins' hand in a high

                 Everyone starts to smile.

                           This is good news right?

                                         OFFICER JENKINS
                           Damn right this is, once it
                           loads up we can get back in
                           contact with other forces and
                           find out what the hell is going
                           on out there!

                 They all look around Jenkins' shoulder looking at the
                 computer screen as the normal welcome screen loads up.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           God damn, that means we must
                           have power back on!

                           That's what I love about you
                           guys, quick thinking...

                 The computer screen loads up but instead of the normal
                 logo that would appear, the screen goes black.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           God damn it Jenkins what the
                           hell did you do you ass hole!

                                         OFFICER JENKINS
                                (at the computer)
                           I did nothing... the thing
                           turned off, I don't

                 The computer screen suddenly flashes a couple of times,
                 until a few words remain on the screen.

                 Everyone looks on at the screen.

                 COMPUTER : Good

                 Kerry takes a look over at the screen.

                           Who is typing that? 
                           Is that on MSN or...

                                         OFFICER JENKINS

                           Hey, it's not as if the computer
                           can hear you, man.

                 The word "GOOD" is deleted from the screen before a new
                 message begins to appear.

                 COMPUTER: God

                 Everyone looks at the screen intently.

                 A few moments pass.

                                         JACK (CONT'D)
                           Well someone has hacked into
                           your system. Simple.

                 Jack's comments go missed as the officers seem lost in

                 Kerry sits down on the chair next to where everyone is.
                 She looks at the vacant computer screen in front of

                           Well this computer isn't on. 

                 Officer Jenkins walks to the back.

                                         OFFICER JENKINS
                           I'll check the board, see if i
                           can get a frequency.

                 Jenkins heads to a door, and leaves out of sight.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 An alley way consisting of a small path road and dust
                 bins as Officer Jenkins arrives out side.

                 There are a few doors, sealed shut along the police

                 The back is similar to a normal street back alley, with
                 a small space for police cars.

                 Jenkins takes a step outside, a breath, before lighting
                 a cigarette.

                 The sky remains as gloomy as ever, clear white clouds,
                 a depressing sight.

                 Jenkins opens a door from the side of the station, and
                 stumbles inside.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. ELECTRICAL ROOM

                 A massive switchboard awaits Jenkins as he enters the
                 dim room.

                 The room has no light, so Jenkins props the door up
                 with a brick.

                 The light that comes onto the room is not great.

                 Jenkins takes a look at the board, before the door
                 SLAMS shut.


                                                                CUT TO:


                 Officer Willis, Kerry and Jack are looking on at the
                 computer screen.

                 COMPUTER: Devil

                 They look at each other bewildered.

                           Who the hell is typing this?
                           Cant you trace it?

                 Officer Willis tries to tap in on the keyboard but the
                 screen remains the same.

                 He takes a look under the desk and bewildered, pulls a
                 loose plug out to show Kerry and Jack.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           The computer is not even on.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. ELECTRICAL ROOM

                 The Goblin has Officer Jenkins pinned on the floor.

                 A gloomy light from candles, hundreds are lit in the

                 Jenkins is naked on the floor, his arms upwards, nails
                 crushed into his palms.

                 His feet are abnormally pinned to the floor in the same
                 way, large nails pinning them to the ground.

                 Blood drips from his feet, his hands.

                 The Goblin is draped in a black cloak, his face visible
                 only in the flickering light of the candle.

                 The Goblin walks around Jenkins slowly, tormentingly.

                 Jenkins is screaming. His pain, his anguish goes

                 The goblin removes it's hood.

                 A sickening green face with yellow eyes and two small
                 horns on its head. It's teeth razor sharp. 

                 The goblin takes a menacing look at Jenkins, snarling.

                 Slowly, the Goblin chews on Jenkins thigh, leaving a
                 bloody mass as a huge chunk is removed.

                 Jenkins cries out in pain and anger.

                 Goblin eats the chunk as blood oozes from it's fang
                 like teeth.

                 Goblin then devours the reaming strands of Jenkins leg
                 until it is amputated.

                 Blood spews from the parted limb as Jenkins passes out.

                 Goblin looks on at the body of the naked Jenkins, one
                 less leg, blood gushing from his former thigh.

                 With it's grotesque green hand, Goblin grabs the neck
                 of Jenkins and digs it's nails deep into the flesh.

                 With a quick and hard tug, Goblin PULLS the entire skin
                 off Jenkins' torso, revealing his insides.

                 Goblin throws the sheet of skin away, before biting
                 into Jenkins palpitating heart.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The scream of Jenkins can be heard in the station.

                 The computer screen flashes, recapturing everyone's

                 COMPUTER: Evil

                           What was that scream?

                 Officer Willis stands up from the computer.

                 All three look at the back of the station, the door
                 leading to the back where Jenkins went out from.

                                         KERRY (CONT'D)
                                (to Willis)
                           Don't you even think of going
                           out there to look for him and
                           leaving us behind.

                 Officer Willis looks in one of the drawers and pulls
                 out a penknife. He folds and then unfolds it as if
                 demonstrating how it works.

                 He hands it to Kerry which she takes and hides inside
                 her pocket.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Just keep this on you. 

                           What about me, man?

                 Officer Willis ignores Jack's comment.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. HARDWARE STORE

                 Cheryl calls out to everyone in the store.

                 Leroy, Officer Milner, Tom, Megan and Father Keane
                 gather around to the computer screen where Cheryl is
                 sat at.

                 The computer screen appears blank, just as the computer
                 in the police station is.

                 The words "DEVIL" are the only thing on the screen,
                 just as it is in the police station.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           How the hell did you type that
                           in, the thing's not even on.

                           I didn't type anything, these
                           words... They just appeared...

                 Leroy sneers to himself.

                 The words delete themselves from the screen.

                                         CHERYL (CONT'D)
                           Now see...I didn't touch a damn

                 Everyone looks on at the screen, confused and baffled.

                 Letters begin to write on the screen again.

                 COMPUTER: Home 

                                (to Milner)
                           Home? Who is writing this?

                 Officer Milner shrugs his shoulders.

                 The computer cursor blinks repeatedly.

                 The word 'HOME' is deleted from the screen.

                 The cursor continues to blink.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Cheryl, try typing something.

                 Cheryl attempts to use the keyboard but to no avail.

                 Suddenly the computer cursor races, typing at an
                 incredible speed, scrolling page after page.

                 COMPUTER: Abaddon - Abigor - Adramelech - Aguares -
                 Alocer - Amduscias - Andras - Angels, the Fallen -
                 Asmodeus - Astaroth - Astarte - Astrum Argentum - Aym -
                 Ayperos - Azazel - Azrael -  Baal - Baalberith - Balan -
                 Bearded Demon, the - Beelzebub - Belial - Belphegor 
                 Caym - Charon - Chax - Cresil - Dagon - Eurynomus -
                 Furfur - Geryon -- Hecate - Jezebeth - Kasdeya - Kobal - 
                 Leonard - Leviathan - Lilith -Melchom - Mephistopheles -
                 Merihim - Moloch - Mullin - Naburus - Nergal - Nybras -
                 Nysrogh -Orias - Orthon - Paymon - Philotanus -
                 Proserpine - Pyro - Raum - Rimmon  - Ronwe - Samael -
                 Semiazas - Shabriri - Sonneilon - Succorbenoth - 
                 Thamuz - Ukobach - Uphir - Valafar - Verdelet - Verin -
                 Vetis - Xaphan - Zaebos - Zagam - 

                 The list continues to scroll FASTER and FASTER as
                 everyone looks on in shock and surprise.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Officer Willis, Kerry and Jack stare at the computer as
                 the same list rolls on screen as it does in the
                 hardware store.
                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. HARDWARE STORE

                 UNKNOWN PERSON POV

                 Creeping slowly towards the front of the shop.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. HARDWARE STORE

                 The group are still surrounding the computer, anxiously
                 looking at the screen.

                                (to Father Keane)
                           What the hell is this all about?

                 Father Keane looks concerned.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           The devil. The enemy of the
                           human race. Deceived by himself,
                           he longs to deceive another.
                           He has become an enemy of our
                           human race, the inventor of
                           death, the teacher of pride, the
                           origin of malice, the chief of
                           criminals, the prince of all
                           vice, the promoter of base

                 Leroy looks behind at Father Keane.

                           You believe in that crap,

                           I don't know what to believe,
                           what with the dreams and now
                           this? One hell of a coincidence.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Wait, shut up a moment.

                 The computer begins to type.

                 COMPUTER: I shall...

                 COMPUTER: have my return...

                 COMPUTER: to my true home...

                 COMPUTER: to my true throne...

                 COMPUTER: cursed are you...

                 COMPUTER: that worship the God Plutonium...

                 COMPUTER: Jesus will not save you...


                 Windows smash into the room, everyone looks up in

                 Outside of the front of the store, hooded black robed
                 characters are lined outside, twenty or more.

                 The group scream in shock and duck down instinctively.

                 The dark robed characters begin to then place BOARDS of
                 WOOD against the smashed window panes, and the front
                 door, hammering and drilling them in place.

                           My God...what the hell are they

                 Cheryl screams.

                 Milner and Tom rush to the front of the store to try to
                 prevent the robed figures from blocking the windows and

                 HAMMERING and DRILLING sounds as the WOODEN BOARDS are
                 being NAILED into place.

                 Light begins to fade as the store becomes blocked of
                 daylight as the wooden boards become placed, despite
                 the vain attempts from Tom and Officer Milner.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. HARDWARE STORE

                 Outside the store, the dark robed figures have nailed
                 the entire front with wooden boards.

                 They look at their work quietly, standing still in a
                 direct line.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Officer Willis, Kerry Price, and Jack Shepherd are
                 kneeling down, hiding behind the desks as they hear the
                 station windows also being smashed in and then boarded

                           Do something for God's sake!

                 Officer Willis looks up from the desk, firing a couple
                 of shots at the front of the station, before ducking
                 back down.

                 The boarding continues.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                                (to Jack,
                           Let them board the place shut,
                           we can knock it down when they
                           are gone.

                                (above the nailing)
                           What about the back door?

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           I'm not gonna look until these
                           lunatics have left.

                 Light in the station dimmers completely as the last
                 window is boarded shut, placing the station in complete

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. HARDWARE STORE

                 The outside of the store is completely boarded up,
                 thick wooden boards crisscrossing each other against
                 the windows or any point of entrance or exit.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The outside of the station is completely boarded up,
                 thick wooden boards crisscrossing each other against
                 the windows or any point of entrance or exit.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL





                 SUPERIMPOSE: OCTOBER 31ST 6:00PM

                 Another quick montage between the external areas of the
                 police station and the hardware store.


                                                                CUT TO:


                 Through the darkness we can make out that Kerry , Jack
                 and Officer Willis are lying on the floor, motionless.

                 Kerry begins to stir, slowly rising from the floor,
                 looking disoriented.

                 Kerry tries to adjust her vision, squinting in the
                 darkness before realizing where she is.

                           Oh my god.

                 She notices Jack lying on the floor, not to far away
                 from where she is. Kerry moves to wake Jack, shaking

                 Slowly Jack wakes, rising with help from Kerry.

                           What the hell is going on? Are
                           you alright?

                 Kerry nods. They then move to help Officer Willis up.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Everyone alright?

                 Jack rubs his head.

                           I'll feel a hell of a lot better
                           when we get out of here, I feel
                           like I've got a hangover.

                 Officer Willis slowly moves towards the computer, opens
                 a drawer and passes around some torchlights.

                 The light is sufficient, but the place still seems
                 forboding in darkness. 

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           We've been drugged somehow.

                 They shine the light around the station. The windows
                 are all boarded up. Small cracks in between the wood.

                           What about Jenkins? You reckon
                           he's still out the back?

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           I'll take a look, stay here and
                           don't do a thing until I get

                 Officer Willis walks towards the back entrance of the

                 He tries to open the door but it wont budge. The back
                 windows are also boarded up, glass is all over the

                 He walks back to the front of the station.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           The door wont move, whoever did
                           this has done the back as well. 

                 Kerry moves to the computer. The screen is blank.

                           The computer looks down again.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           It wasn't on last time, I don't
                           know how them messages came up
                           but it is impossible.

                 Kerry tries to randomly type on the keyboard but
                 nothing happens.

                           Well it was working, we all saw
                           it work so it's not impossible.

                           Nothing surprises me anymore
                           after what has gone on here the
                           last few hours.
                           What the hell is the time?

                 Kerry checks her watch.

                           I make it just gone six. Oh my

                 Officer Willis is examining the boarded up windows. He
                 checks his watch.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Same here. We've been out for a
                           good few hours.

                           God, I feel sick. What are we
                           gonna do now? What the fuck is
                           going on?

                 Jack hugs Kerry.

                 Officer Willis is peering through a slit in one of the
                 boarded up windows.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           No one out there, nothing. Cant
                           hear a thing. No dogs, cats,

                 Jack, holding Kerry's hand, examines the ceiling with
                 his torch, idly looking around. The light crosses down
                 until it hits a ventilation shaft.

                                (under his breath)
                           Wait a sec...

                 Jack moves closer to the wall, looking up at the shaft
                 studying it.

                                         JACK (CONT'D)
                           Willis, come and take a look at
                           this a minute.

                 Officer Willis trudges over to Jack, glass splintering
                 beneath his steps.

                                         JACK (CONT'D)
                           Look at that shaft.

                 A small hose like pipe is dangling from one of the gaps
                 in between the holes of the shaft.

                           I cant see anything...what are
                           you looking at?

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           We've been gassed...someone has
                           mucked about with the

                           Is it still...gassing us now?

                 Grabbing a chair, Officer Willis stands on it and
                 shines his torch to look at the ventilation shaft. The
                 pipe leads as far down the shaft as can be seen. 

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Jack, look on the desk for
                           something to block this thing,
                           something small.

                 Jack looks on the desk, there is small items of not
                 much use. Some blue tack.

                 Jack passes up the blue tack to Officer Willis.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           That's great. That will work
                           fine. At least these weirdos,
                           whoever they are, wont be
                           gassing us to death just yet.

                           Well that's just it, why not
                           kill us? If they can gas us to
                           sleep, why not just gas us with
                           something that would do us all
                           in? What do they want?

                           No idea, babe, no idea. 
                           Do you know who them people in
                           black actually are, Willis?

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           I'm as lost as you two. I have
                           never seen anything like it.
                                (looking up at the
                                 now blocked pipe)
                           But whoever they are, they are
                           not gonna get away with this.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. HARDWARE STORE

                 The store windows are blocked with slabs of wood. The
                 door has also been blocked with planks of wood nailed
                 together in a cross formation.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. HARDWARE STORE


                 Tom, Megan, Father Keane, Cheryl and Officer Milner are
                 all awake, but visibly dazed. 

                                (shouting angrily)
                           GOD SAKE! WHEN WILL THIS END?

                 Tom goes to hug Megan but she pushes him away.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           I am getting really fed up of
                           this shit. God...
                           I feel like I've been drugged.

                 Officer Milner is examining the front of the store with
                 his hands, his torch light is on.

                 The group find their torches, switching them on.

                 Dazzling light springs out.

                           We have been drugged. Somehow.
                           We've been out for a few hours.

                 Father Keane is wandering around the store, looking

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Whoever did this...wanted to
                           keep us alive.
                           It's a game.

                           More demons and devils, Father?
                           We all saw with our own eyes who
                           boarded this place up, and they
                           looked human to me.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           The devil needs a source.
                           Someone to do his bidding. Those
                           people were followers. There is
                           a sorcerer, someone who is in
                           control. Control of the game.

                           Well I don't find it a game at
                           all. My kids are out there
                           somewhere, some sick fuck out
                           We have got to get of here NOW.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           We've been out for a few hours,
                           it's nearly half six now. All I
                           can think is that we were gassed
                           somehow, none of us have had
                           anything to drink so we can't
                           have been drugged...

                 A scream.

                 Cheryl. She is on her knees crying.

                 The group rush over to her.

                           Leroy...he's gone...they took

                 Father Keane calls out from the back of the store.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           He was not taken.

                 Officer Milner and Tom rush to the back of the store
                 where Father Keane is, Megan consoles Cheryl.

                 The back door is in pieces, shattered wood surrounds
                 the floor, the door itself wide open almost off its

                           Looks to me like Leroy left on
                           his own.
                           Without waking us, the bastard.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Perhaps the gas, if it was gas,
                           had no effect on him. He is a
                           big guy after all.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           That would seem to be the
                           rational explanation, Officer
                           Milner. He might have tried to
                           wake us, panicked and smashed
                           this door down.

                           He..he wouldn't just leave
                           us...leave me on my own...

                           Well at least he left us with a
                           way out of here. Let's get

                 Officer Milner stops Tom from leaving through the door.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Wait a minute, we don't know
                           what is going on out there. 

                 Megan reacts angrily.

                                (right in Milner's
                           I couldn't give a shit what is
                           going on out there. I'm going to
                           find my kids and you are not
                           stopping me.

                 The group walk past Officer Milner into a back alley.

                 After looking back into the darkness of the store,
                 Milner quickly joins them.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Officer Willis and Jack are at the front of the
                 station, trying hard to tear down the wooden boarding.

                 Kerry is keeping her torchlight on the pair so they can
                 see what they are doing. Every now and then, she looks
                 behind her cautiously.

                 Jack is pawing at the wood, trying to fit his fingers
                 in between gaps to grab hold of the wood and pull it

                 Both of them are working hard, quickly as if a sense of
                 panic has come over them. Determination on both faces.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           This damn thing is solid. I
                           can't even get a grip on the
                           damn stuff.

                           Tell me about it, I've got
                           enough splinters in my hands
                           they could even be a plank of
                                (giving up,
                           Not to mention the glass that's
                           slashed my hand up.

                           You sure you've got nothing in
                           here to help get them blocks
                           off? This is a flippin' police
                           station after all.

                 Officer Willis gives up, looks at his cut up hands.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Nothing. Any tool is outside in
                           the back. I just hope Jenkins
                           got away to get some help.

                 Jack sighs.

                           I hate to break it to you,
                           Willis, but the odds on that
                           seem pretty fucking small.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 SOMEONE'S POV

                 Moving in on the police station, breathing heavily and

                                                                CUT TO:


                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                                (losing his cool)
                           Well what do you propose we do,
                           Jack? There's not a lot of
                           options going for us at the
                           moment in case you didn't

                           Well I don't know, can't you
                           blast our way out or something
                           like they do in the movies?

                           That's not a bad idea, you've
                           got a big enough gun aint ya?

                 Officer Willis quickly rushes to the back and grabs his

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           This is a big enough gun
                           alright. Stand clear and block
                           you're ears. This sucker makes
                           one hell of a bang.

                 Karen and Jack huddle together behind Officer Willis,
                 holding their ears, anxiously looking on.

                 Officer Willis aims the shotgun directly at the door.

                 Just as Officer Willis is about to squeeze the


                 Officer Willis, frustrated, looks back at Kerry.

                                         KERRY (CONT'D)
                           I heard something outside.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           How the hell can you hear
                           anything, you had you're damn
                           ears covered?

                 A scratching sound.

                 The three look at each other.

                           What is it? Where's it coming

                 Again. A knocking on the wooden window, from outside. A
                 muffled voice.

                                         KERRY (CONT'D)
                           Oh god...what is that?

                 Officer Willis aims the shotgun again, taking a step
                 closer to the door.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Jack...take my gun.

                 Jack is hiding behind the computer desk with Kerry.


                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Do it NOW.

                 Jack quickly moves to Officer Willis and takes his
                 pistol from his gun belt. He drops it before picking it
                 up clumsily.

                           Sorry...heavier then I

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           I'm gonna blast the door open,
                           might take a couple of rounds.
                           If any of them creeps is out
                           there, and they rush in and get
                           me, I want you to make sure you
                           protect Kerry and get yourselves
                           the hell out of here. Got it?

                                (wide eyed)
                           I already had that planned,

                 Jack returns back to his place behind the desk with

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                                (loudly to whoever
                                 is beyond the
                           ALRIGHT...WHOEVER IS OUT
                           THERE...YOU GOT FIVE SECONDS TO
                           TELL ME WHO YOU ARE BEFORE YOU
                           GET YOU'RE BRAINS SHOT OUT...

                 Officer Willis takes another small step towards the

                 More muffled sounds from outside.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS (CONT'D)
                                (counting down

                 Another small step as Officer Willis boot crunches on
                 some broken glass from the smashed windows.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS (CONT'D)

                 Aiming the shotgun, finger ready to pull the trigger...

                                         VOICE FROM OUTSIDE
                           ...wait! Don't shoot!

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                                (still hyped up)
                           WHO IS THAT?

                                         VOICE FROM OUTSIDE
                           Leroy...Leroy Beaumont.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                                (relaxing the
                           Leroy Beaumont? The mechanic?

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Leroy, sweating heavily and looking extremely tired, is
                 leaning against the door seemingly out of breath.

                 He is looking around anxiously.

                  gotta let me in,

                 Leroy looks behind nervously.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS (O.S.)
                           Get in? We're trying to get out!

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BACKSTREET ALLEY

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 6:25PM

                 The alley is tight and dirty and is a long narrow path.

                 Backs of buildings surround both sides, garbage and
                 empty boxes mislaid across the path. It looks very
                 grimy indeed and very grim in the darkness.

                 Tom, Megan, Father Keane, Cheryl and Officer Milner are
                 walking slowly, Milner leading the way. Only Milner has
                 his torch on.

                                (to Officer Milner)
                           I thought you said these damn
                           flashlights would last.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           We've been using them for almost
                           twenty hours straight, I think
                           you can expect them to go out at
                           some point.

                 As the group walk slowly past other buildings, Officer
                 Milner pauses for a moment, halting the group.

                           What are you stopping for?

                 Officer Milner shines his flashlight at the buildings. 

                                         OFFICER MILNER

                 As Officer Milner crosses his flashlight to highlight
                 all the buildings within seeing distance, we see they
                 are all boarded up with wooden planks.

                                (looking at the
                           Jesus...Just like the hardware
                           store...All boarded up...

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Yeah, looks like our friends in
                           black have been pretty busy
                           since we last saw them.

                           But why? What for? What's the

                           I don't know...maybe the
                           kids...are in...some of these

                                                                CUT TO:


                 Banging and cracking sounds from inside as the wooden
                 planks are being smashed hard, the group inside trying
                 to break out.

                 Leroy, looking around himself nervously, is panicking.

                                (shouting to the
                                 group inside the
                           You wanna hurry it up in

                 Leroy looks around again. The forboding woodland. The
                 quiet and eerie street. The houses in the distance.

                                         LEROY (CONT'D)
                           Someone's out here...HURRY UP!


                 Officer Willis is using a chair to bash the at the
                 boarded up windows, but the wood is only slightly
                 cracking, and slowly.

                 Jack is repeatedly hitting the door with a fire

                 Kerry is keep the flashlight on the pair of them so
                 they can see.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           Just keep calm, Leroy. We're
                           gonna be out there with you as
                           soon as we can.


                 A loud explosion in the distance.

                 Leroy, sweating with fear, suddenly looks towards the

                 Another explosion.

                 Then another. 

                                         OFFICER WILLIS 
                                (from inside the
                           What the hell was that, Leroy?

                 Leroy keeps his eyes towards the street.

                 Smoke is drifting into the night sky from a short

                 Another explosion, louder, closer.

                 Leroy panics, trying to pull the planks of wood off
                 with bare hands.

                           Fucking let me in! LET ME IN!

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BACKSTREET ALLEY

                 The group pause in their tracks, hearing the

                           Hell was that?

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           I don't know. 
                           Not sure I want to know.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 As the boarding is being ripped and torn down by the
                 group inside the station, a large crew of the black
                 robed figures appear in the distance in the street
                 carrying tall pole length fire torches.

                 They are walking slowly, as if in a march, heading
                 towards Leroy and the police station.

                 Leroy goes into hysterics, kicking and pulling at the
                 door, screaming to be let in.

                 Another explosion, multiple explosions in the distance
                 and closer.

                 The black robed figures slowly approach the station,
                 smashing the desolated cars windows on the streets and
                 lighting them with their fire torches. 

                 A car within distance takes alight, and explodes.

                 Another car, and another is smashed and then set on

                 Smoke fills the night sky as the cars explode.

                 Leroy crumbles to the floor of the station door,
                 looking on in horror as the black robed figures
                 approach him.

                 All around are burning cars and vehicles in the street,
                 giving off light.

                 Leroy is surrounded by the cult members, they are all
                 dressed head to toe in black robes that cover their
                 faces. They all hold fire torches.

                                (sobbing on the
                           Please...leave me alone...don't
                           hurt me...

                 Walking slowly from the surrounding cult members, a
                 tall black robed figure steps forward. 

                 It is the CULT LEADER.

                 The only difference in appearance from the leader to
                 the rest of the cult members is a necklace around his
                 robe, with a SYMBOL attached at the middle.

                 It is the "SOWEN" symbol.

                 Leroy looks up with fear in his eyes.


                 Cursing between themselves, Jack and Officer Willis
                 smash at the door, having given up on trying to break
                 through the windows.

                 The fire torches from the cult can just about be seen
                 through the cracks in the wooden windows.

                           For God's sake, shoot the damn
                           door down!

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           We might need the ammo with
                           these loons outside, I can't
                           risk it otherwise I'd have done
                           it before!

                           We can't let that guy out there
                           deal with them on his

                 Jack pauses from his attempts at the door, trying to
                 look through a crack in the window to see.

                           I can't make out jack shit,
                           apart from a hell of a lot of                           fire floating around. 
                           Do the door, Willis, they might
                           burn us alive otherwise.

                 Officer Willis stops bashing at the door. 

                 He looks at Jack and Kerry solemnly.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           'K. Jack...Keep that pistol
                           ready for when you need it.

                 Jack nods in agreement.

                 Cocking the shotgun, Officer Willis aims for the door
                 of the station.

                 Firing TWO SHOTS, a deafening sound as smoke and dust
                 arise from the targeted door.

                 The door is in tatters, wood fragments fall to the

                 As the smoke and dust clear, the door now no longer a
                 block, two cult members await at the entrance.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           Who the hell are you?

                 A voice from outside.

                                         CULT LEADER
                           Come outside and join the party.

                 Officer Willis raises his shotgun at the two cult

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           What if I'm not in a party mood.

                                         CULT LEADER
                           You will burn and Leroy
                           And I do mean all three of you.


                 Officer Willis, Jack and Kerry walk solemnly out of the

                 Officer Willis, shotgun still in his hands is
                 protecting Jack and Kerry.

                 The street seems surrounded in cult members, all
                 dressed in the black robes. Some faces are visible, old
                 men, old women, middle aged.

                 Leroy is on his knees, his hands tied behind his back
                 facing Officer Willis as he walks out the station.

                 Leroy is in tears, sheer terror.

                 A cult member has a dagger to his throat.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           What do you people want from us?

                 The cult leader walks to be aside Leroy, patting him
                 mockingly on his head.

                 He pulls the hood of his cloak down. It is SHERIFF

                                         OFFICER WILLIS (CONT'D)
                           Sheriff Riley? What...?

                 Riley laughs out loud.

                 He has a crazed look, somewhat menacing and humourous
                 at the same time.

                                (enjoying it all)
                           Never question you're superiors,
                           son. Is that not what you were
                           told when you joined the force,

                 Riley lets out another laugh. A crazed but infectious

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Now hand the shotgun to my
                           colleague right here.

                 One of the cult members walks to take Officer Willis'
                 shotgun. He reluctantly gives it over.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Good, well done.

                 Riley pats the cult member on his shoulder as he walks
                 off with the shotgun and rejoins the rest of the cult,
                 aiming the weapon at Officer Willis.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           I will bet my bottom dollar you
                           three are slightly curious as to
                           what is going on 'round here.

                 Officer Willis, confused, looks on at Riley sternly. 

                 Kerry and Jack look on completely bemused.

                 Pacing around Leroy, Riley delivers a short speech.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           It's a way of life all this. A
                           way of death. Halloween.
                                (his arms spread
                           Passed on to me, generation to
                           generation. None of my ancestors
                           witnessed an event like this
                           though. Luckily, I'm the guy
                           chosen to be the deliverer. 
                           I feel so lucky to be the

                           You're the god damned sheriff!

                                (still smiling)
                           Yes...and I protect my heritage.
                           I protect my way of life.

                 Riley looks on in the distance of the street. Cars
                 still alight with flames, some flickering out, smoke
                 still drifting heavily into the sky.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Halloween...that's what this is.
                           Destruction. Violence.

                 Riley looks at Officer Willis.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                                (expression now
                           A three day festival to do the
                           opposite of what we normally do.
                           Complete mayhem. 
                                (Riley looks at
                                 Jack and Kerry)
                           It's for self preservation of
                           the society, the human mind
                           needs it. It keeps us sane.

                                         OFFICER WILLIS
                           You're insane.

                                (offended, smirks)

                 Riley moves back a few paces, nodding to the cult
                 member holding the dagger to Leroy's throat.

                 The cult member, with the help from the other member
                 holding the shotgun, grab Leroy and drag him to his

                 Leroy is screaming for mercy.

                 The cult members drag Leroy into the police station and
                 throw him inside.

                 The members guard the door, preventing Leroy from

                 Suddenly, the cult members begin to make slight noises.

                 A gap begins to appear in the crowd.

                 Someone is walking through, the members giving way.

                 Kerry, next to Jack and Officer Willis, have their
                 hands tied and bound by some of the cult members.

                 Kerry gulps as she looks on in dread at what is walking
                 through the cult members.

                 Riley walks to Kerry, Jack and Officer Willis.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                                (to all three,
                           There are things you don't
                           understand. Things you will
                           never understand. But these
                           things happen for a reason.
                                (stroking Kerry's
                                 hair to her
                           I have something very special in
                           store for all three of you.

                 Riley turns and looks on as a deep TRUDGING sound is
                 heard from the separating cult members. 

                 A 7 foot tall figure, draped in a black robe walks
                 solemnly from within the cult members. 

                 It's face unseen.

                 Kerry looks down at the figures feet.

                 Large and dark green. Three toes that have three inch
                 long yellow sharp nails.

                 Kerry looks on in awe, almost throwing up.

                 The figure trudges up to the police station, the two
                 cult members guarding the door make way, frightened

                 Riley talks to Kerry, Jack and Officer Willis in awe

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           He is one of three. From the
                           bowels of Hell itself. They came
                           to us, to do the lord's work. We
                           prayed to the lord. For years we
                           prayed. Now it is time. He sent
                           us three. They came home to help
                           Time for them to have some fun.


                 Leroy is barely on his feet the time the figure lumbers
                 into the station.

                 The figure swipes the hood of his robe back.

                 It is the GOBLIN.

                 Leroy looks up at the Goblin in horror.


                 The Goblin leans down to Leroy and using his razor
                 sharp nails, slices INSIDE Leroy's chest.

                 Blood flies as Goblin then makes some movements with
                 his hand inside of Leroy's chest.

                 Blood gushes from Leroy's mouth and nose, his eyes roll
                 backwards into their sockets.

                 Goblin, with one large pull, yanks Leroy's SPINE from
                 within him. Blood and gore fly in every direction as
                 the Goblin looks on, being covered in flying blood.

                 Goblin grins as he observes Leroy's SPINE in his hand.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BACKSTREET ALLEY

                 Leroy's scream can be heard, echoing through the alley.

                           My god...

                           Holy shit...

                           What is going on here? First the
                           explosions, the smoke, the smell
                           of fire...

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           There's no time for an analysis,

                 Officer Milner's flashlight gives out.

                 The group are surrounded by darkness.

                 A skeletal hand grabs Cheryl by her mouth from behind,
                 dragging her away from the group without them noticing.

                                                                CUT TO:


                 The cult is in awe as the Goblin trudges from the
                 police station, his hood recovering his face.

                 The goblin walks slowly away and into the woods.

                 The cult members begin to talk amongst themselves,


                 The cult quietens.

                 Officer Wills looks disgusted and horrified, Jack is
                 shaking as is Kerry. All are distraught and terrified.

                 Riley watches in wonder and admiration as Goblin
                 trudges off into the distance.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           He cannot be controlled. Not
                           like these.

                 Riley gestures at the cult members.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           He knows why he is here. He
                           knows what to do and when to do

                 Riley smiles at the three.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Thus, that is why you are not
                           dead yet, it's not time for you.

                 Smiling to himself, Riley carries on.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           By midnight, he will be in the
                           tunnel of Hell, enjoying his

                 Riley shrugs his shoulders. His expression is distant,
                 as if in a gaze.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           That's all I know for sure
                           exactly where he will be.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BACKSTREET ALLEY

                 Tom, Megan, Father Keane and Officer Milner are walking
                 slowly in complete darkness in the alleyway, heading
                 towards the main street.

                 Smoke from the burnt cars hovers in the sky above them.


                 Megan pauses for a moment.

                                         MEGAN (CONT'D)
                           Stop guys...

                 The group stop, looking back at Megan.

                           What is it?

                           Cheryl...she's not here.

                 Realizing this, the group call out Cheryl's name down
                 the alley they have just walked through. No reply.

                 It looks like a daunting long passageway.

                 Officer Milner pulls out his gun.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           You guys go on ahead...

                           What are you crazy? 

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           I'm going back for her. You keep

                           No way Milner. We stick
                           together. You go, we all go.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           I have a bad feeling about this.

                 From one of the dust bins behind them in the alley, a

                 The group look around.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                           Hell was that?

                           A rat?

                 The dust bin is knocked directly into their path,
                 standing in front of them is SKULL and WITCH.

                 Skull is holding Cheryl's decapitated head in his hand.

                 Cheryl's body is in the dust bin, crumpled up to fit

                                         OFFICER MILNER

                 Tom, Megan and Father Keane do nothing, shocked and

                 Skull and Witch stand there, motionless. Cheryl's head
                 oozing blood onto the ground from Skull's grip on her

                 Officer Milner aims his gun at Skull.

                                         OFFICER MILNER (CONT'D)
                           RUN...GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE

                 Tom, Megan and Father Keane run down the alley.

                 Tom stops, and yells back to Officer Milner.


                                         OFFICER MILNER
                 'll be right behind

                 Officer Milner fires the gun at Skull. Three times.

                 Skull moves his head to look at Witch in puzzlement.

                 No effect at all.

                 Witch smiles.

                 Officer Milner then fires his gun at Witch. Three

                 The bullets hit Witch sending her to the ground.


                 Tom, Megan and Father Keane are nearing the light at
                 the end of the tunnel so to speak.

                 They stop, pausing for breath.

                           My god, what the hell was that?

                           I don't know, I heard shots. 
                           I'm going back for Milner.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Don't be stupid, Tom. He's dead.
                           We have to carry on...NOW!

                 They continue to run down the seemingly endless alley,
                 and out onto the street.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KENSINGWOOD STREET

                 Peering from the alley, Tom looks round.

                 Smoke is now thick and dense, cars are still alight in
                 the street.

                           Holy shit.

                           My god...this looks like a war
                           film. This can't be real!

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           It is very real.

                 Suddenly, a loud BANG erupts followed by another.

                 They catch sight of houses ablaze, building along the
                 street catching fire and burning, the insides causing
                 mass explosions within.

                 The whole street and every building, shop, store is
                 ablaze in fire.

                 The smoke is thick.

                           We've got to move.

                 They quickly run across the street towards the woods
                 and duck down beneath some bushes.

                 They look at the whole town on fire, shocked.

                           This is insane...where are the
                           damn marines?

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BACKSTREET ALLEY

                 Officer Milner quickly reloads his gun. Witch is still
                 on the ground and Skull has not moved an inch.

                 Firing a further three shots at Skull, Officer Milner
                 slightly relaxes when Skull falls down in a heap of

                 Dust rises from the ground as Skull comes to pieces.

                 Bone by bone, he collapses on to the floor until a heap
                 of bones and dust.

                 Officer Milner walks slowly to the heap on the floor.

                 He looks down on what he sees.

                 A pile of bones. Cheryl's decapitated head. And
                 directly next to them, the Witch.

                                         OFFICER MILNER
                                (to himself)
                           What on earth?

                 All of a sudden, smoke begins to drift in the alley.

                 Heavy smoke.

                 Officer Milner begins to choke, he looks around, the
                 buildings are all burning and in flames.

                 Choking, Officer Milner drops to his knees, trying hard
                 to move as far down the alley as he can.

                 Crawling now, Officer Milner is surrounded by thick
                 loads of smoke.

                                         OFFICER MILNER (CONT'D)
                           HELP ME!

                 Officer Milner looks up, smoke everywhere. Choking
                 constantly, Officer Milner still determined to crawl
                 along the floor, trying to get to the end of the alley.

                 A hand from nowhere.

                 Officer Milner accepts the hand, covering his mouth
                 with his hands.

                 Taken to his feet, Officer Milner looks and finds out
                 the hand is the hand of Skull.

                 Back to normal, Skull and Witch stand there looking at
                 him their normal pose.

                                         OFFICER MILNER (CONT'D)

                 Witch walks to Officer Milner and nods to Skull.

                 Skull keeps a firm grip on Officer Milner's hand,
                 squeezing it tightly.

                 Officer Milner falls to his knees, the smoke and the
                 tightness on his hand from Skull pressuring him to the

                           From shots of lead was once was
                           dead, you're God is now inside
                           you're head, you twist and turn
                           and you will burn, from what you
                           give is what you earn.

                 Witch laughs, a cackling sound exactly that to the one
                 inside the hospital and outside the police station. 

                 Skull continues to squeeze on Officer Milner's hand
                 until it is crushed and blood oozed from his

                 As Skull releases the hand, Officer Milner falls to the
                 floor, coughing and choking from the now heavy mists of

                 Witch and Skull seem unaffected.

                 Looking on, Witch looks at Skull.

                 Skull then proceeds to grab Officer Milner's legs,
                 rolling him over on to his chest, both in his grasp,
                 and SNAPS them sideways, breaking them instantly.

                 Witch and Skull then walk away into the smoke filled

                 Officer Milner, unable to move, chokes to death on the

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KENSINGWOOD STREET

                 Tom, Megan and Father Keane are still in the bushes
                 right near the woodland.

                 The town is burning, houses falling, shops and
                 buildings collapsing causing more fire upon fire and
                 more hefty smoke drifts into the sky.

                           It's all gone. Everything has

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (looking around)
                           Not quite.

                           Hell do you mean? Not quite? Any
                           other things you haven't
                           mentioned yet?

                 Father Keane looks down to the ground, back to the
                 burning town.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           This is hell on Earth. It wants
                           to kill us all. 

                           Well they are doing a pretty
                           damn good job of it!. Any more
                           of you're stupid ramblings and
                           I'll end up going to Knights
                           Hill on my god damned own...

                 Father Keane looks to Megan in a way of euphoria.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Well that's it! The only place
                           they can be!

                 Tom hushes them down.

                           What are you on about? 

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (pleased with
                           Knights Hill. That is where we
                           need to go...

                 Tom hushes Father Keane. 

                 He beckons them to look at the street, hidden in the
                 bushes they make out two figures walking from the

                           Oh my God...It's Milner!

                 Tom puts his hand to her mouth to make her silent.

                           That is not Milner.

                 It is Skull and Witch. They are walking slowly from the
                 alley into the street, passed the burning inferno of
                 the town and cars without any fear.

                           What the hell is that?

                                         FATHER KEANE

                           Well, whoever they are, whatever
                           fancy costume that is, they are
                           the reason behind this.

                 They look on as they observe Skull and Witch heading
                 for the hills via the woods.

                           That path leads to Knights Hill.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           I did mention...

                           Then that is where we're going.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 10:05PM

                 A massive ceremony is happening on the hill.

                 The small bungalow is lit with light, the trees in the
                 nearby distance have pumpkins carved and dangerously

                 Pumpkins line the path way up to the bungalow, lit and
                 carved in all types of horrific visions.

                 About twenty or so cult members, all robed, are outside
                 laughing and enjoying themselves.

                 A large wooden container, about the size of a bath,
                 sits full of water outside the bungalow.

                 Megan, Tom and Father Keane are hiding, watching
                 between trees from the woodland, able to see what is
                 going on.

                 Officer Willis is taken out of the bungalow by two
                 members of the cult.

                 His hands are tied behind his back.

                 Lots of laughing ensues between the cult members.

                 Kerry and Jack are then also forced out of the
                 bungalow, also tied, and are forced to kneel on the

                 Hidden in the trees of the forest, Tom looks on,

                 Father Keane and Megan, also, looking on petrified and

                 Riley then walks out of the bungalow, a massive beaming
                 smile on his face.

                 Riley laughs and jokes with a couple of cult members,
                 his laugh heard well into the woodland.

                                (looking on
                           Son of a bitch.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           The sorcerer. The reason for
                           this madness.

                 Tom and Megan look at Father Keane.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - BUNGALOW

                 Officer Willis, looking beaten and bloody hands tied
                 behind his back with thick rope, is lead by two cult
                 members to the water bucket.

                 The two members then sadistically take turns dunking
                 Officer Wills' head into the bucket of water.

                 The cult members laugh and celebrate.

                 Riley, at the bungalow doorstep, smiles lighting a
                 large cigar, looking around cautiously.

                 Kerry and Jack are made to look on at Officer Willis.

                 Kerry cries, as does Jack. Shear terror making their                 bodies shake unnaturally.

                                (cigar between
                           Enough of the games.

                 The two cult members released Officer Willis from the
                 "dunking game" and let him breathe, leaving him tied on
                 the ground near the large bucket.

                 Riley claps once.

                 Goblin appears from the bungalow doorway.

                 As Riley makes way, Goblin walks slowly towards the
                 path and makes his way down it keeping his eye on
                 Officer Willis.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - WOODLAND

                 Tom, Megan and Father Keane look on stunned at the
                 sight of the seven foot demon.

                           Oh my god...what is that thing?

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Something...not from this

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - BUNGALOW

                 Goblin walks to Officer Willis.

                 Officer Willis screams in terror, the cult members
                 begin to clap hands and celebrate.

                 Laughing and joyful pleasure from the cult members.

                 Riley claps his hands, smoking his cigar as Kerry and
                 Jack look on terrified, crying.

                 Goblin takes Officer Willis' head and pushes it under
                 the water of the bucket.

                 After a few moment, Goblin releases Officer Willis and
                 drops him to the floor as if a play toy.

                 Officer Willis is gasping for breath.

                 Goblin seems to take a look around at the surroundings.

                 Goblin then grabs Officer Willis' head, and TWISTS it
                 all the way around until it comes off in his hands.

                 The cult members cheer joyfully, Riley smiling

                 Goblin holds the head up high as if a trophy before
                 dropping it into the bucket of water.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - WOODLAND

                 Megan is sick behind the bushes as Tom and Father Keane
                 look on completely stunned by what they have just seen.

                           What is that? Did that just

                 Father Keane holds back being sick.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           This is the nightmare. The
                           nightmare we all dreamt. 

                  were right. What do
                           we do?

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           The sorcerer is the one who has
                           brought these...these demons

                 Father Keane looks at Tom, sincere and deadly serious.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           Sheriff Riley...he is
                           responsible. If we can stop him,
                           maybe we can stop them.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - BUNGALOW

                 Riley motions for one of the cult members to join him
                 at the top of the bungalow path, which he duly does.

                 After receiving some instructions, the selected cult
                 member grabs Jack by his hair and drags him to the
                 centre of the path way leading up to the bungalow.

                 The cultists laugh and cackle, Riley is served a drink
                 with his cigar by another cult member as he looks on,
                 enjoying the "show".

                 Kerry screams for mercy for Jack.

                 Riley ignores her plea.

                 Jack, placed on his own is goaded by the cult member.

                 He is hit and slapped much to the amusement of the

                 Goblin, still at the bucket of water, about twelve feet
                 away, looks on with no expression.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - WOODLAND

                           My god, that's Jack Shepherd...

                 Father Keane looks at Tom puzzled.

                                         TOM (CONT'D)
                           He works at the hospital, he's a
                           damn janitor, a good lad...What
                           the hell is he doing out here?

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           He looks no older then twenty.
                           We cant let this happen, another
                           innocent life.

                 Tom begins to stand up.

                           You got that right. I'm not
                           letting them kill him.

                 Father Keane pushes Tom down.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           You don't stand a chance! You
                           have no chance! We have nothing!

                 Tom looks at Father Keane.

                           We have you, Father. You said
                           yourself, you know what this is.
                           Stop that thing for all our
                           sakes! It's like a vampire...
                           flash you're damn cross at it!

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - BUNGALOW

                 As Jack lie flat on his chest, the cult member
                 tormenting him fails to get the Goblin to come over to
                 kill him, much to the cults laughter.

                 Jack is in tears, preying to God for mercy and to
                 deliver him into Heaven. He is awaiting death, his face
                 says it all.

                           Why not grab his attention?
                           Throw something at him.

                 Hesitating, the cult member looks twice at Riley before
                 realizing he is serious.

                 The cult member, hood down, then provokes Goblin by
                 throwing stones from the ground at him.

                 The cult members all laugh, as Goblin turns his
                 attention to the cult member.

                 Goblin walks over to where Jack is, slowly trudging,
                 keeping his eyes on Jack at all times.

                 Jack is in hysterics, but he cannot move.

                 The cult member, shocked himself at the vision of the
                 Goblin so close up, points to Jack.

                 Goblin looks at Jack...then to the cult member.

                 The cult member begins to worry, before slowly trying
                 to walk away.

                 Goblin grabs him and throws him to the ground, right
                 next to where Jack is laying.

                                         CULT MEMBER (1)
                                (in complete fear)
                           HELP ME!.....He's GONNA KILL

                 The other cult members laugh hysterically.

                 Riley applauds, a massive smile on his face.

                                (laughing and
                           I wouldn't pick on someone
                           bigger then myself personally.
                           Let alone throw a stone at him!

                 Goblin slashes the cult member to shreds, blood flies

                 The cult member's cries are cut short, the Goblin
                 rises, his hand has the cult member's head in his hand.

                 The cult cheer.

                 Riley stands and applauds.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - WOODLAND

                 Father Keane kisses his small crucifix necklace.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           What I do now, is a small return
                           on what my ancestors owe this

                 Father Keane rises, and runs from behind the bushes
                 before Tom or Megan can stop him.

                           Stop! Father! STOP!

                 Father Keane rushes as fast as he can to the bungalow,
                 crucifix high in his hand.

                 The cult members look up is astonishment, Riley looks
                 on unimpressed.

                 Father Keane reaches the Goblin, still standing next to
                 Jack who is lying on the ground still, hands tied.

                 Father Keane raises his cross as high as he can and
                 aims it at the Goblin.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS
                           CHRIST, BLESS ME WITH YOU'RE
                           POWER TO...

                 Father Keane stops his rant in shock at seeing the
                 Goblins' face. Father Keane is frozen in fear, stunned.

                 Goblin looks at Father Keane, as if examining him.

                 Riley stands and laughs.

                           Seems we have some other guests
                           at this party. 
                           Why not give them a better view?

                 Motioning some of the cult members that are at his
                 side, they quickly disappear back into the bungalow.

                 Goblin looks at Father Keane, questionably.

                 Father Keane, shocked and scared, drops his cross on to
                 the floor.

                 Two cult members quickly grab Father Keane, pulling him
                 to the ground knocking him out and tying him up.

                 Goblin stands and looks, watching on.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                                (to Kerry)
                           I don't like surprises. 
                           But I want my unknown guests to
                           be welcomed. I want them here in
                           front of me. I like to see them
                           having a good time.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - WOODLAND

                 Tom and Megan, about to move are stunned when they find
                 FOUR cult members right behind them, daggers in hands.

                 EXT. KNIGHTS HILL - BUNGALOW

                 From the woodland, Tom and Megan are frog marched to
                 the bungalow path.

                 Jack remains on the ground, Goblin right near him.

                 Tom looks at the Goblin as he passes him.

                 Tom and Megan have their hands tied behind their backs
                 and are placed on the bungalow next to Kerry.

                 Riley remains in the middle, sitting on a deck chair.

                 Riley mockingly rises to meet his guests.

                           Well, welcome!

                 Riley looks at Megan, then at Tom.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Naughty, naughty! If you go down
                           to the woods today, you are in
                           for a big surprise!

                 Tom has marks on his face, as if he has been beaten.

                           You are crazy, you son of a
                           bitch...sheriff Riley...

                           Where's the children? You sick
                           fuck, we'll give you what you
                           want, just let them

                 Riley sits back in his chair, lighting another cigar.

                           Some people just don't get it do

                 Riley taps his necklace.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Why don't you watch this? Far
                           more entertaining then
                           conversation, don't you think? 

                 Goblin looks down at Jack, before Skull and Witch come
                 out of the bungalow and walk past Riley and join Goblin
                 where Jack is.

                 Father Keane, in and out of consciousness, struggles
                 next to Jack, but he is hog tied. 

                 Skull pulls Jack's head up from the ground and slices
                 his eyes with his fingers.

                 Goblin trudges off, in to the woodland.

                 Witch cackles her laugh, before Skull slams his fingers
                 into Jack's skull via his eye sockets.

                           NO! NO! NO!

                                (looking at Riley)
                           You sick son of a bitch. What is

                           Halloween. Oh, don't worry...
                           We have lots to share. You will
                           be getting you're trick or treat
                           very soon.

                 Riley gives a nod to a couple of cult members near the
                 bungalow door.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                                (to the members)
                           Take them inside.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. BUNGALOW

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 11:05PM

                 The living room is adorned with lit candles, hundreds
                 lit in all types of places from the floor to shelves.

                 A large old fashioned wooden table is in the centre of
                 the room. It looks blood stained.

                 There is another room leading to the kitchen. The door
                 wide open, we can see more candles and cult members

                 The living room is full of around ten cult members. 

                 Kerry, Tom, Father Keane(unconscious) and Megan are
                 tied in separate corners of the room. Riley is in the
                 middle of the room.

                 From the kitchen, a cult member brings a bottle of wine
                 and a glass to Riley.

                 Riley proceeds to pour himself a drink and begins to
                 raise a toast to the other cult members who cheer and
                 clap with delight.

                 Riley smiles gleefully to the members.

                           A toast to our victory...a
                           celebration every one of you has
                           deserved...and in kind, will be
                           rewarded with unimaginable

                 Another cheer from the cult.

                 Turning to Tom in the corner of the room, Riley takes a
                 large sip of the wine from his glass, before he passes
                 the bottle to the cult, who in turn pass the bottle to
                 each other taking sips each.

                           Where are the children, Riley,
                           what have you done with them?

                           Closer then you can possible
                                (grinning slyly)
                           Underneath us, in the old
                           underground tunnel...Awaiting
                           the grand sacrifice.

                           You wont get away with this you
                           sick bastard.

                           Really? Who is going to prevent
                           it? Everyone in the town that is
                           not associated with us, is dead.
                           Our friends from Hell have
                           helped us sort that little issue
                           out. They've been busy. In fact,
                           the whole country has been
                           slaughtered tonight. 


                           There's a few survivors,
                           naturally. To wipe out millions
                           in one night is a big step. But
                           they have been given the same
                           circumstances you have. Almost
                           every town in the country is now
                           burning, just like Kensingwood
                           is in flames right now.


                           The burning of the town is a
                           sacrifice...all be it a smaller
                           one then what is planned for
                           midnight. To make sure we have
                           eliminated the rest of the rats
                           so to speak...A type of
                           cleansing if you will.

                           You're insane...completely
                           insane. What the hell do you
                           stand to gain from this?

                           My master wants to come back
                           In order to do that, I have
                           succeeded in doing what none of
                           my ancestors could ever have
                                (an evil vacant
                           Make the real the unreal, the
                           unreal the real. To bring what
                           you call Hell, to Earth. It is
                           time for him to come home.
                           Halloween, the festival of
                           Samhain. A three day festival
                           when the dead can roam the earth
                           and the realm of the spirits can
                           descend to us all.
                                (regaining his
                           We are making history tonight.
                           Halloween will no longer be a
                           one night affair, or a three day
                           festival. It will be 365 days a
                           year. Every day will be

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BUNGALOW

                 Cult members light bonfires and dance to their own
                 singing merrily. 

                 Witch and Skull remain motionless, as if waiting for
                 something. Jack's dead body remains lying a few yards
                 in front of them.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. BUNGALOW

                 Riley orders the sacrificial table to be removed.

                           Never call me cold hearted,
                           you're final moments in this
                           life you will be with you're

                 A couple of the cult members drag the table into the
                 kitchen, exposing a large hatch, or trap door.

                 It takes two members of the cult to heave on the trap
                 door's large handle before it shifts and opens up and
                 outwards, leaving dust to gather in the air.

                 Below is a long dark hole.

                 Motioning with a nod, the cult members cut Tom and
                 Megan free of their ropes, but are surrounded by
                 members with knives pointed at them.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                                (to Kerry)
                           As for you young lady...
                                (Riley checks on
                                 his watch)
                           This will be the final time we

                 Kerry is in tears as Riley smiles looking down at her.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Happy Halloween.

                 Riley looks to the remaining cult members.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           You know what to do and when. 

                 Riley looks to Father Keane, who is still unconscious.
                 Riley grins.

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Good night Father.

                 Tom and Megan are forced to enter into the darkness of
                 the hole.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. TUNNEL 

                 Climbing down a substance stained ladder in darkness,
                 Tom, Megan and four cult members reach the bottom of
                 the hole.

                 Riley arrives last, wiping his hands clean with a
                 handkerchief from inside his cloak.

                 Moaning and screaming can be heard in the not so far
                 distance. Child like screams.

                 The tunnel is narrow and seemingly endless, with small
                 candles etched in the walls giving off a dull and
                 flickering light.

                 The tunnel floor is rock and wet mud, the walls and
                 ceiling seem to be dripping with ooze.

                 At the bottom of the tunnel walls is a metal bar that
                 lasts as long as can be seen. The bar is attached to
                 the wall itself like a railing, less then a foot above
                 the floor.

                 The opposite wall also has a railing/bar.

                 Empty handcuffs are attached to the bars. All the way

                 Riley leads them forwards, deeper into the tunnel.

                 They eventually reach a point in the tunnel where there
                 are children, handcuffed to the metal bars.

                 Tom and Megan have to be restrained by the Cult
                 members, enraged at what they are seeing.

                 Children of all ages are lined up next to each other,
                 covered in mud and dirt, handcuffed sadistically to the
                 metal bar. Hundreds. All the way down the tunnel.
                 Screaming and wailing.

                                (almost fainting)
                           This is hell on earth.

                           It soon will be, my dear. At the
                           strike of midnight the demonic
                           trio we have waiting outside
                           will make their way down here
                           and slaughter everything in
                           Thus making what you would call
                           evil strong enough for the gates
                           of Hell to be able to enter
                           Earth for the master to reclaim
                           his throne.

                           You evil, sick twisted bastard.
                           I hope you burn in hell.

                           We are all evil Mr. Philips.
                           Every creature on this earth
                           kills, murders, rapes for it's
                           own gain. Destroys for it's own
                           You thought God created this

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. BUNGALOW

                 Father Keane and Kerry remain in their corners, hands
                 tied behind their backs.
                 Kerry looks over to Father Keane who is still
                 unconscious. Kerry extremely worried. There are five
                 cult members in the room. 

                 Wild celebrations can be heard outside from the other
                 cult members.

                                         CULT MEMBER 1
                                (to other members)
                           You heard what Riley said, let's
                           get on with it.

                 The cult members walks out of the door, leaving Kerry
                 and Father Keane alone in the bungalow.

                                         CULT MEMBER 2
                                (to Kerry before
                                 shutting the door)
                           Don't worry you're pretty head
                           too much, it will all be over

                 The door slams shut. 

                 As soon as the coast appears clear, Father Keane opens
                 his eyes, looking at Kerry.

                                (noticing Father
                                 Keane awake)
                           Father! Oh my god! What are we
                           going to do!

                 We see that Father Keane is rubbing his ropes that are
                 tying his hands against the wooden beam he is sat
                 against. The ropes are almost close to snapping apart.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           We are going to get out of this.
                                (rubbing the ropes
                           Any second now...just try to
                           keep calm...

                 The ropes snap apart.

                 Father Keane stands up and quickly rushes to untie
                 Kerry, who is panicking obviously.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                                (untying Kerry)
                           I've been conscious the whole

                           Lets hope we both remain that

                 Kerry stands up and Father Keane takes a quick discreet
                 look out the window.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Unfortunately, this is where my
                           plan runs short.

                 Kerry tries to open the trap door.

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           Wait...not yet.

                 He runs into the kitchen.

                 INT. BUNGALOW - KITCHEN

                 The kitchen is not so lit with candles as the living
                 room. It is a surprisingly large room, but dark and

                 Kerry rushes in to join Father Keane.

                 There are three large pentagrams marked out on the
                 floor, a large lit candle in between each of them.


                 Father Keane looks around the kitchen. He picks up some

                                         FATHER KEANE

                 Kerry searches the old and unstable drawers.

                           I know that, I mean I thought
                           they were symbols for good. Not

                 Father Keane finds a drawer packed with knives. He
                 hands one to Kerry and takes one himself. 

                 He then takes a look at the pentagrams.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           This pentagram is upside down.
                           It represents Satan. It attracts

                 Father Keane kicks all three candles over, they turn

                                         FATHER KEANE (CONT'D)
                           Witchcraft. Them three monsters
                           out there came from Hell through
                           here. I can feel it.

                           Well how can we stop them?

                 Father Keane looks up at Kerry.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BUNGALOW

                 SUPERIMPOSE : 11.50PM

                 The cult members continue to dance crazily, their hoods
                 down, bonfires burning high into the night sky.

                 They continue their singing and chanting, drinking from
                 bottles of wine, celebrating wildly.

                 Skull and Witch suddenly begin to move towards the
                 members slowly.

                 INT. BUNGALOW - LIVING ROOM

                 Kerry is watching from the window, Father Keane is
                 drawing a pentagram on the wooden floor as best he can
                 with the chalk.

                 Screams and yells break out from outside.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (flustered to
                           What is it now?

                 Kerry is gob smacked.

                 The yelling and screaming continues, sounds of horror
                 and terror.


                 Kerry drops to her knees, sick.

                 Father Keane rushes to the window, looking out.

                 EXT. BUNGALOW

                 The cult members are being slaughtered by Skull, Witch
                 and the Goblin, who has reappeared from nowhere.

                 Skull, using his razor sharp hands, is slicing two to
                 three members at a time, slicing limbs, heads, torsos.

                 Goblin is grabbing them, tearing their heads off,
                 brutally and violently murdering them. Goblin throws
                 some of them into the huge bonfires lit.

                 Blood flies into the sky just as the smoke from the

                 The members that manage to run for their lives, are
                 suddenly frozen in their position. 

                 Witch is standing motionless, her hand risen in the air
                 casting a spell of some kind.

                 Within a few moments, those frozen vanish into
                 seemingly nowhere.

                 INT. BUNGALOW

                 Father Keane, himself shocked, manages to grab Kerry
                 and wake her. He begins to pull on the trap door

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           Help me with this god damn

                 Kerry, shocked, tries her best with Father Keane
                 pulling at the trap door but it only opens a little
                 before the weight forces it to drop back down.

                           I CANT DO IT!

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           KEEP TRYING!

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. TUNNEL

                 Tom and Megan are being handcuffed to the metal bar,
                 both opposite each other and next to a seemingly
                 eternal long row of children. 

                 The four cult members are watching, standing behind
                 Riley who is making sure the handcuffs are secure on

                 Flashes of bright light.

                 From nowhere, the empty handcuffs next to Tom and Megan
                 begin to fill with people, transported.

                 The cult members from outside the bungalow, reappear,
                 handcuffed and looking completely bewildered.

                 Riley looks around confused, baffled.

                                (to two of the
                                 standing cult
                           Get up there, find out what is

                 They begin to run back down the tunnel towards the
                 ladder leading to the trap door.

                 Riley looks around at the appearing cult members,

                 Tom smiles. He looks up at Riley from his shackles.

                           You are going to hell, Riley.
                           You are going to burn.

                 Riley hears Tom's comment, but ignores it. He looks on
                 at the cult members that have been transported into the
                 tunnel and into handcuffs. 

                 He seems confused.

                 Megan begins to plead tearfully from her shackles.

                           Let us be your sacrifices, let
                           the children go. Let them go!

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. BUNGALOW

                 Father Keane and Kerry are still trying with the trap
                 door but to no avail.

                 Kerry is looking at the bungalow door whilst trying to
                 open the trap door, very worried.

                 EXT. BUNGALOW

                 Skull, Witch and Goblin move slowly as a trio towards
                 the bungalow door.

                 INT. BUNGALOW

                 The trap door flies open unexpectedly, to Father Keane
                 and Kerry's surprise.

                 The two cult members sent by Riley crawl out of the
                 hole, surprised as much as Kerry and Father Keane!

                 Without a thought, Kerry grabs her knife from the floor
                 and stabs at one of the cultists, forcing him to fall
                 to the floor in front of the bungalow door.

                 Father Keane grabs the other cultist round his neck
                 forcing him to the floor. The two wrestle with each

                 Kerry picks up Father Keane's knife and repeatedly
                 stabs at the cultist, releasing her pent up rage and

                 Father Keane gets up, relieved, out of breath.

                 The injured cult member is getting to his knees, knife
                 stuck in the side of his stomach.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (to Kerry)

                 Kerry begins to climb down the hole.

                 Father Keane pushes the dead cultist's body out of the
                 way of his written pentagram as the injured cultist
                 stands to his feet.

                 Father Keane begins to go down the trap door hole, just
                 as the bungalow door bursts open, Witch Skull and
                 Goblin enter the room.

                 Father Keane grabs the trap door and pulls it, letting
                 it drop with a BANG!

                 The injured cult member pleads for his life but to no
                 avail as Goblin grabs him tightly by his throat,
                 squeezing it until it is crushed into a bloody mass,
                 leaving his head to drop to the floor of the bungalow.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. TUNNEL

                 Kerry and Father Keane make it to the bottom of the
                 ladder, and spot Riley and the remaining two cult
                 members with him in the distance.

                 Both Father Keane and Kerry are revolted by the tunnel

                 Near to them, having taken up the empty places, are
                 cult members handcuffed to the metal bar, yelling to be

                 The noise of them and the children screaming is

                 After a short hesitation, Father Keane searches a
                 couple of the handcuffed cult members cloaks.

                 He finds two long knives and passes one to Kerry.

                           My god, I can't go on much

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           This is where everyone went,
                           everyone that vanished...Locked
                           down here awaiting a

                 Father Keane grabs one of the lit candles from the
                 walls of the tunnel, and begins to march determined
                 towards Riley and his two cronies.

                 Kerry, in tears, follows reluctantly.

                 Marching past handcuffed cult members begging for help,
                 Father Keane approaches Riley's two remaining helpers
                 and lights one of there cloak hoods with his candle.

                 The cult member is quickly lit into flames and screams
                 as he tries to put the fire out, grabbing the attention
                 of everyone.

                 Before he knows it, the other cult member is stabbed in
                 his neck by Father Keane, leaving Riley to look on

                 Kerry screams as the burning cult member runs back down
                 the tunnel, unintentionally making the flames gulf,
                 burning him to death. He drops to the floor on top of
                 one of the handcuffed cultists, spreading the fire onto
                 him and anyone sitting either side of him.

                 Father Keane, as if possessed by crazed determination,
                 notices Tom and Megan, next to the seemingly endless
                 row of children handcuffed.

                 Riley looks back bewilderingly, unable to barely move
                 through shock at his master plan falling apart.

                 Father Keane grabs Kerry's knife and forces it under
                 Riley's throat.

                 As the fire begins to rise in the background of the
                 tunnel, Kerry desperately tries to get the handcuffs
                 released from Megan, smoke beginning to become thicker.

                           Forget me...get the kids
                           out...get the kids out!

                 Father Keane prods the knife to Riley's neck but
                 without cutting.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (to Riley)
                           How do we release them? HOW!?

                 Smoke is now building, the fire in the background is
                 really cooking.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. BUNGALOW - LIVING ROOM

                 Skull, Witch and Goblin are frozen before the pentagram
                 that Father Keane managed to draw.

                 As smoke bellows from cracks in the closed trap door,
                 Witch looks at Skull and Goblin smiling.

                 Both look on with no emotion.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 INT. TUNNEL

                 Smoke thickens, everyone is choking. The fire begins to
                 spread from one handcuffed cult member to another,
                 making the smoke heavier.

                 Screams from the children become even louder.

                 Father Keane still has the knife to Riley's neck.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                                (to Kerry)
                  to the end of the
                           tunnel, as far as you can. There
                           has to be a switch...

                 Kerry is still trying to pull the handcuffs free from
                 some of the children lined up near Tom and Megan.

                           I...cant...leave...the kids...

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           DO IT!
                 Kerry nods and begins to run further down the tunnel,
                 tearfully past the pleas of begging children.

                 Riley begins to laugh, choking at the same time on the

                           I've won.

                 Tom gives up in his fight to pull free of his
                 handcuffs, realizing his fate as the screaming and
                 coughing rises.

                                (looking at Riley)
                           Burn in hell.

                                (to Father Keane)
                           It's in my chain, priest. The

                 Father Keane grabs Riley's necklace from him and tears
                 it away before Riley ELBOW's him, sending Father Keane
                 to the floor of the tunnel.

                 Father Keane's knife falls to the ground as Riley
                 begins to run down the tunnel after Kerry.

                 Father Keane gets up from the ground, and looks at Tom
                 and then Megan. 

                 The children next to them are suffering as the smoke is
                 now black and becoming increasingly thick, spreading

                           Get him...find the key...

                 Father Keane looks at the necklace he tore from Riley.

                 Father Keane feels it over and over but finds no key.

                 He looks at Tom, then to Megan. Then to the children
                 near him.

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           There's no key on this chain...I
                           will be back, I promise.

                 Father Keane keeps hold of the necklace and begins to
                 run down into the tunnel.

                 INT. TUNNEL - DEEPER

                 Kerry is running as fast as she can, passing hundreds
                 of handcuffed children that continue to scream and wail
                 for help.

                 Kerry is crying as she runs past them.

                 The tunnel seems to becoming narrower the further she

                 In pursuit behind her is Riley, he is running at speed
                 with an angry and determined look on his face.

                 Smoke is now bellowing through the tunnel. 

                 Kerry continues to run, until she finds herself at the
                 end of a crossroad section.

                 To her left is a further seemingly endless tunnel as is
                 the right.

                 Both ways have children handcuffed, wailing as the
                 smoke begins to catch up.

                 Kerry takes the left tunnel and runs as fast as she
                 can, tearfully ignoring the pleas from the children to
                 free them.

                 INT. LEFT TUNNEL 

                 Kerry runs down the tunnel, until she finds the tunnel
                 has become narrower and the row of children has

                 She looks back at the last row of children within her

                 They are all looking at her, begging her for help.

                 She looks at the tunnel ahead of her.

                 It is dark, without any torches on the walls.

                           I will be back for you...

                 Kerry tearfully begins to walk into the darkness.

                 INT. TUNNEL - DEEPER

                 Riley makes it to the crossroad section where he pauses
                 and takes a cough as the smoke is now becoming blacker
                 and thicker.

                 He looks down the tunnel he has just came from.

                 Flames can be seen, wailing and screaming.

                 Riley grabs one of the children nearest to him that is
                 chained up.

                           WHERE DID SHE GO? WHICH WAY?

                 The frightened child is in shock and screams. Another
                 kid opposite yells out and nods in the direction Kerry
                 went down.

                           She went that way! Please help

                 Riley releases his grip on the child and runs down the
                 left tunnel.

                 INT. LEFT TUNNEL

                 The darkness comes to an end as Kerry finds herself at
                 a dead end stop.

                 Kerry is near hysterical. She is in tears as she is
                 covered in black goo and ooze, from the narrowness of
                 the tunnel walls she has just walked through.

                 As she drops to the ground at the dead end, a BRIGHT
                 LIGHT grabs her attention.

                 Kerry scrambles up from the ground. Looking straight up
                 at the roof of the tunnel is the light.

                 As her eyes adjust, it appears to be light coming
                 through from a type of DRAIN COVER. A circular drain

                 Kerry screams to the drain cover, hoping someone will

                           HELP US! PLEASE!

                 Kerry begins to search around blindly amongst the dark
                 walls, screaming for help.

                 She grabs onto something.

                 A ladder.

                 Just as Kerry is about to take a foot on to one of the
                 steps, a voice stops her in her tracks.

                           Stairway to heaven...

                 Kerry pauses in her steps, turning round to see Riley a
                 few feet behind her, also covered in the ooze from the

                                         RILEY (CONT'D)
                           Now get down...slowly like a
                           good girl...

                 As Kerry slowly moves back onto the tunnel floor, she
                 grabs the penknife from inside her pocket and STABS it
                 directly at Riley's neck.

                 Riley falls back in pain as the penknife is struck
                 deeply into his neck.

                 Kerry screams and rushes to climb up the ooze layered
                 ladder to the drain cover.

                 Her feet slip on the steps.

                 Riley yelling in pain, grabs the penknife and pulls it
                 out from his neck.

                 Riley falls to the floor, breathing heavily.

                 He begins to crawl to the ladder.

                 Kerry makes it to the top of the ladder and to the
                 drain cover.

                 She can make out light from the gaps in the cover and
                 she begins to push at it, trying to get it to move.

                 The cover refuses to budge.

                 Kerry screams in frustration and fear as she looks down
                 and can see Riley crawling to the bottom of the ladder.

                 Riley is using the ladder to help himself up from the
                 ground, he has the penknife in his hand. 

                 Smoke is now beginning to drift into the small space.

                 Riley is about to grab onto Kerry's foot when a figure
                 GRABS him and PULLS him away from the ladder and back
                 down to the tunnel floor.

                 Kerry looks down.

                 It is Father Keane.

                 Kerry tries to push the drain cover again with all her
                 might and it begins to move.

                 Below, Father Keane and Riley are rolling on the floor
                 in a fight. Both so covered in ooze and muck it becomes
                 difficult to see who is who.

                 More smoke bellows into the narrow tunnel.

                 EXT. VIADUCT - NIGHT 

                 The drain cover is lifted from beneath and slid to a
                 side as Kerry climbs out and rolls onto the floor into
                 the cool air.

                 Smoke bellows from the drain hole.

                 Kerry instinctively stands up, covered in dark ooze and
                 muck she wobbles on her feet.

                 The surroundings are desolate. 

                 A large viaduct. A massive field. Pitch black sky.

                 Kerry drops to her knees, just as a hand begins to
                 reach out from the smoke bellowing drain hole.

                 Kerry is stunned once more, shocked into hysterical
                 laughter as an ooze covered figure climbs out from the

                 Kerry begins to cry and she holds her arms out as she
                 realizes the figure is Father Keane.

                 Grabbing the cover, Father Keane drags it across to
                 cover the drain, just before he collapses on to the

                 Kerry crawls over to Father Keane. Both hug each other,

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           It's over...

                           The children...Oh my god, the
                           children...there was no

                                         FATHER KEANE
                           There was nothing we could do,

                 A few moments pass.

                 An ear deafening scream breaks the silence.

                 Father Keane and Kerry stumble back from the drain
                 cover, to see fingers trying to rise through the slits
                 in the cover.

                 Father Keane and Kerry stand up and look over at what
                 lies beneath the covered drain.

                 Riley can be seen gasping for help as the smoke becomes
                 darker and flames can be seen beneath.

                 Riley falls from the ladder and onto the ground, where
                 the smoke is all that can be seen.

                 They both stand and watch as Riley burns, entrapped
                 beneath the tunnels with his victims.

                                                                CUT TO:

                 EXT. BUNGALOW

                 Dark, thick clouds of smoke escape from the bungalow as
                 the small building catches fire and begins to burn.

                 Witch, Skull and Goblin walk slowly out of the bungalow
                 door, continuing to walk towards the woods, past the
                 mutilated bodies of the slaughtered cult members.

                 The bungalow becomes alight, and slowly burns until it
                 becomes a ball of fire and begins to collapse.

                 Skull, Witch and Goblin walk slowly into the woodland,
                 never looking back.

                 END CREDITS

                 Copyright  2005 Malcolm Bowman - All rights reserved

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