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               FADE IN:

               INT. A DARK ROOM

               A pair of eyes glance around with confusion.  These eyes
               belong to PETE SKOLARI who begins talking in his head. 

               Pete has an expression in his face that says, "I don't know
               what the hell is going on here, but it surely must not be my

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The way in is the way out, the way
                         in is the way out.  I don't know
                         what's going on here.  Don't know
                         if things are making any sense.
                         Things that I see.  Things I can't

               Pete stands still while he's observing the room around him.

                                    PETE (V.O.)
                         I don't even know where I'm at.
                         I'm standing in a big dark room.

               There's a big dark room with a spotlight in the center. 
               Under the spotlight lies a television set on the floor, and a
               glass tank full of scorpions on a table.  Behind the
               television set is a man smoking a cigar. 
               His name is MR. MUNZER.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         There's a tv on the floor and a man
                         smoking his cigar acting like his
                         the Godfather. 

               On the right side of the room, there is a girl sitting in a
               chair with a helmet on her head.  She's in known as "THE GIRL
               WITH THE HELMET."  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         There's girl sitting down with a
                         helmet on her head.  I don't have a
                         clue why she's wearing the helmet.  

               Pete continues standing.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The people are watching, they are
                         watching every move.  Don't make a
                         move, because they are watching

               The television screen is showing some kind of bizarre
               cartoon, when a pair of feet pass by, followed by a
               politician sweeping the floor.  The politician is RANDY
               FLOYD.  The person dragging the politician is MAX THE LOON. 
               Max holds a  big red baseball bat. 

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         What's this?  This guy is dragging
                         Mister Floyd, the dirty politician
                         who mysteriously disappeared one

               Max the Loon places the politician on a board.  The board
               then lifts the politician onto the table of scorpions.  Max
               the Loon smiles while this is going on. 

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Something is wrong with this
                         picture.  Something don't seem
                         right.  This is not making sense to

               Pete is trying to figure out what is going on.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I think I'm losing it.  Just calm
                         down and keep it together.  You're
                         just a little paranoid about this
                         situation.  A little paranoid,
                         that's all. 

               The politician starts screaming as Max the Loon walks to the
               television and flips the channel.  

               The "Pinky and the Brain" theme song plays in the background. 

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         But why do I see these things?  Is
                         this real?  Is this really
                         happening?  Is this the end of the

               We PAN down to Pete's head.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Why is this happening?  Too many

               A big ball resembling the Earth drops slowly like a Tim
               Burton scene.  It stops in the middle of the air at a piņata
               level.  Max the Loon hits the ball with his red baseball bat.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         A boy with one arm once told me
                         that when the end is near, people
                         will turn insane.  Well the end of
                         the world is finally here because
                         I'm losing my mind here.  Should I
                         let everyone else know?  No,
                         because nobody will believe me.  It
                         will all be a big joke inside your
                         head.  That's it, it's all in your

               Mr. Munzer smokes his cigar. The politician screams from
               inside the scorpion tank.  Max the Loon continues hitting the
               ball.  "The girl with the helmet" gets excited.  A person
               wearing a mask appears behind her. The person wearing a mask
               will be known as "THE MASKED FIGURE." 

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         You're going to get some help. 
                         First thing tomorrow, your going to
                         call in from work and go see a

               Pete is watching all this madness around him.  The politician
               screams from inside the scorpion tank.  

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Stop, Please!! No more pain!!  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         "No more pain," cries the
                         politician.  But what can you do
                         when you have 30 seconds left until
                         the end of the world,...

               A timer posted on the wall, counts down from 30 seconds.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         .... while a dirty politician is
                         covered with scorpions,....

               MS of politician getting bit.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         .... and all I'm thinking about is
                         eating licorice for one last time?

               Pete holds a string of red licorice. Max the Loon hits the
               Earth ball. "The girl with the helmet" laughs.  "The masked
               figure" behind her moves back to the shadow.  Mr. Munzer
               takes one final puff on his cigar and moves away from the

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Of course, there is not enough time
                         in this world to satisfy everyone
                         around you.  

               A scorpion is moving towards the politician.

               A kid runs towards Pete and takes his licorice and runs off.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         So basically me and the dirty
                         politician are fucked in this

               The counter shows 4 seconds then 3 seconds.
               Pete looks straight.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         ....And I guess that you are too!!

               Counter shows "1" then "0."
               The theme song finishes and Max the Loon strikes the Earth
               one more time and the Earth explodes.

                                                                CUT TO:

               OPEN CREDITS 

               Echo and the Bunnymen's version of "People are Strange"


               "The Schizophrenic Diaries"
               Drawings drawn by persons with schizophrenia appear as the
               credits roll.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:


               There's a wall full of drawings, some of which appeared
               during the credits.  A few people are passing by this wall. 
               Some stop and stare at the drawings. 
               Some of the people include nurses, and others are patients in
               uniforms.  This is a hospital located in the heart of Texas. 
               This hospital are for people who need mental help such as:
               people with anti-social behavior, troubled persons, and
               people with schizophrenia.  It is made up of people who have
               been committed to the hospital, and those who volunteered. 
               There are different rooms in the hospital for different
               things.  There are some rooms only for medical staff, which
               are locked by security doors, a room for treatment, a
               cafeteria, a playroom, a courtyard, and of course, individual
               bedrooms for the patients.

               Two patients walk by this wall full of art.  These two
               patients stare at each other as they walk.  We follow these
               patients and they lead us into some kind of room where Pete
               Skolari is sitting down writing on a journal.

               INT. THE WAITING ROOM

               The waiting room is a room where patients wait for medication
               or for any activity instructed by doctors or nurses.  It
               looks similar to those rooms where patients wait to see the
               doctor.  There's a television, seats for patients, and two
               doors.  Pete sits in one of the seats.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The wheels are spinning, but they
                         only just begun.  How long will
                         they spin for?  Don't know how
                         long, just got to be patient.  Be
                         patient until they call out your
                         name and then you get up and obey
                         orders.  No matter what they say,
                         you just got to listen because
                         there is no other way. 

               A PATIENT gets up and a NURSE hands him a pill and a cup of

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         If you want to make it, you gotta 
                         follow orders.  You may not agree
                         with some of the orders, but you
                         make the best of it.

               A GUARD, whose job is mainly security, stands by a door and
               looks at Pete.  Pete looks at the guard and gets a little

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         No matter what, someone is
                         watching.  No time to panic, just
                         got to have self control. 
                         Just got to have self control, and
                         pretend nobody is watching.  

               Pete turns his head to a patient sitting to his right.
               The patient is a girl who is brushing her hair and she is
               looking down.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         One day they will stop watching. 

               Pete smiles as he writes in his journal.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         That will be the day I put on my
                         favorite hat and buy some pineapple
                         and coconut ice cream and head to
                         the lake for some good times.

               Pete pauses for a bit.  He looks up at the ceiling then
               begins to write again.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Let's start all over again, my name
                         is Pete Skolari.  Why am I writing
                         this down?  Well, because Dr.
                         Stevenson recommended me to.  I
                         went to seek help.  The doctor
                         said, this will help me out. 

               Pete continues writing.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         So I write my daily thoughts in
                         this little journal.

               Pete writes then pauses from writing and looks around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         But I'm not crazy though. That guy
                         over there, that guy is crazy. 

               The man who was given a pill a little while ago, is standing
               up shaking his head around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         So is this girl next to me who's
                         been brushing her hair ever since I
                         got here.   

               The girl sitting next to Pete, continues brushing her hair.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Even the guy dressed in blue, who
                         walks around the room over and over
                         all day.  

               A patient dressed in all blue, walks around the room. 

               Pete glances around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I'm not crazy, i'm just not feeling
                         well.  Earlier, I was imagining
                         things like the end of the world. 
                         What the hell was that? Just
                         another hallucination.

               Another angle on Pete sitting down holding his journal.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         It's all a bunch of tricks inside 
                         my head.  Doctor Stevenson said,
                         this can get worse.  So that's why
                         I'm here, to get better.

               Pete writes in his journal.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I'm going through this new
                         treatment they have going.  They
                         give me medication everyday, which
                         sometime helps.  But in a couple of
                         weeks, I'll be receiving three
                         yellow pills.

               Pete looks up.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         These three pills will make me

               Pete continues writing.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         In the meantime, I'm here because I
                         chose to be here.  I got my time
                         off from work to get treated. Just
                         waiting for the countdown, it's all
                         a matter of time.

               Pete stops writing.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I love writing.  I love writing
                         ever since high school.  


               Pete's bedroom is somewhat clean except for his desk, which
               is a mess.  

               Pete types in front of a computer.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Even though, I'm terrible with
                         grammar and style, I still love
                         writing.  That would of been my
                         major in college except....

               Pete stops typing and picks up a pile of bills.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         .....that I needed money to pay my
                         bills.  So instead, I graduated
                         from college with a degree in
                         Business Management.  Struggled to
                         get a job for a bit, then moved to
                         Austin to work for Tuff Marketing.


               Tuff Marketing is a call center type environment with

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I've been here four years now. 

               Pete sits in his cubicle.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I have my own little space here. 
                         It's small, but is comfortable. 
                         I'm just working trying to get
                         promoted. But this guy,.....

               An over-achiever preppy looking guy is walking by Pete with
               papers in his hand, and a smile in his face that says "look
               at me, I'm better than you."

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         .....who's only been here for three
                         months, just got promoted to
                         Assistant Manager.  It's okay

               Pete types in his computer.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Just got to keep reminding yourself
                         that everything is going to be


               Pete has his head up while sitting down waiting for his name
               to be called out for his medication.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I need three pills to make me
                         better.  And after that, I'm back
                         to where I belong.  No more being
                         in this crazy place.

               A couple of patients talk among each other in the corner of
               the waiting room.  One of them looks like he's telling a very
               interesting story.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I'm just watching these crazy
                         people around me talking nonsense,
                         talking about things that they see.

               Pete sits back looking around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Sometimes I have hallucinations of
                         my own.  One second I'm watching
                         this person sitting next to me,
                         shaking because of the

               The patient shaking his head is sitting next to Pete.  He is
               shaking as if he's having a big seizure.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         ....and the next, I'm not here any

               Pete puts his head up.

                         I'm outside driving in my car,
                         driving the street with my music
                         turned up.  


               Pete drives down the street.  

               The song, "Doomsday," by the Transplants plays in the
               Pete continues to narrate while driving.  He sees different
               things on the street.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         It's a nice day out here.  Very
                         nice, except some things feel a
                         little bit strange.  

               A man walks his dog on a leash, except there is no dog, it's
               just a leash.  

               Pete drives.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I see the usual homeless on every
                         corner with their usual signs.  But
                         then there's this homeless guy
                         who's wearing a different kind of

               A HOMELESS MAN is on a corner of an intersection with a big
               sign on him that says, "THE END IS HERE."  It's kind of like
               the White Zombie video, "More human than human," where
               someone is holding a 'the end is near' sign towards the end
               of the video.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         And that shit-stinking son of a
                         bitch is staring right at me.

               Instead of looking at everything around him, the homeless
               stares at Pete.  Pete's car approaches.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I'll go on ignoring him like
                         everybody else. 

               Pete turns his head around and sees a cop pointing a gun to a
               kid.  The kid is holding a box of donuts, "Creme Delights,"
               any cop's fantasy.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Then a cop is on the corner
                         pointing a gun at a kid holding a
                         box of donuts.  I'm thinking, that
                         ain't right, but then again....

               Pete continues to drive.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         ....these fuckers need their sugar
                         fix to push us around at night. 
                         Always giving us speeding tickets
                         instead of getting to a crime scene
                         in time.

               Pete's car passes by a billboard.  The billboard shows the
               face and the name of an elected official, MATTHEW G. GILLIAM.   

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Even though, elections were months
                         ago, we still see political

               Pete stares at the billboard.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         We the people have elected mister
                         Gilliam for office.  He's making
                         big changes.

               Pete continues driving.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I'm not going to get political
                         though.  Nope,  I don't have no
                         time for that. Gotta watch the

               A girl walks down the street with a shirt showing her
               cleavage.  A guy passes by and looks at the girl revealing
               her cleavage.  She has a look on her face that says, "Why do
               people always stare at my chest?"

               A priest and a young boy walk down the street together.  They
               pass by a Michael Jackson poster, from his 'Thriller' days,
               hanged up on a window.  Pete passes by.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Religion is another topic I don't
                         want to get into.  It's something
                         you have to think for yourself.  

               While driving, Pete looks at the world around him.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I gotta concentrate on the road. 
                         Don't know where I'm going?  Don't
                         know where I'm headed.  Just
                         getting somewhere, that's
                         important.  Somewhere comfortable,
                         somewhere to kick back and forget
                         about the world around me. 

               Pete looks to his right and there's a big line of people. 
               The day is somewhat sunny and these people look like they are
               waiting for something good.  A lot of hope in the air. Pete
               has no idea what this line is for.  He is indeed, a bit

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         There's a big line.  What is this
                         line for?  What's on special?  Is
                         it the day after Thanksgiving?  The
                         day when millions of people get up
                         early in the morning, they spend a
                         lot of money, and make companies

               The people waiting in line appear to be the average people we
               see in public.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         It could be people trying to get
                         saved.  Saved from what?  The end
                         of the world?  

               On the left side of the street, a MAN WITH NO LEGS is reading
               a book to a crowd of people.  Behind this leg-less person is
               an anti-Gilliam sign.  These people look like a bunch of
               hippies ready to protest against Matthew Gilliam. 

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Maybe these people know what's
                         going on?  Maybe they know
                         something I don't.  For all I know,
                         they may be telling the truth.  

               Pete passes by the protesters.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Need to find answers.  Need to ask
                         more questions.  More questions. 
                         Need to watch the road.  

               "The masked figure," from Pete's first hallucination, appears
               in the middle of the road.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Watch out !!  

               Pete hits "the masked figure."

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Oh shit, I think I ran over that
                         guy with the mask.  

               Pete stops his vehicle and tries to relax.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Calm down, calm down.  Everything
                         is alright.  You're probably
                         imagining things.  Remember,
                         everything that you see, might not
                         be real. 

               Pete prepares to get out of the car.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Everything that you say, might not
                         make sense.  You might think it
                         does, but it might not.  Take a
                         deep breath, take a deep breath and
                         lets get out of the car.  

               Pete gets out of the car, and he is in the middle of nowhere. 
               He looks for "the masked figure."

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Where did he go?  Was it all in my
                         head? (pause)  Another trick from
                         my head.  

               Pete checks the front of his car for any kind of evidence
               that proves that it was real, but no trace anywhere.  Pete
               gets a little bit paranoid.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         What am I looking for?  Looking for
                         something.  Looking for something
                         to tell me the truth.  

               Pete circles around his car for clues as he gets more
               confused about everything.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         But where is it? Where is it? 
                         Nowhere, I'm in the middle of

               Little by little, the background gets darker.  

               INT. A DARK ROOM

               Pete is in a dark empty room.  He turns his head to a light
               shining down on a display.  The display shows a gun.  He
               approaches the light.  A voice is heard.

                                   VOICE OF A MAN
                         Pull the trigger my friend!!

               Pete turns and sees a man.  For the first time, Pete talks
               out loud.


               BOB is a very calm, very relaxing type of person.  He always
               keeps it cool.  He's the opposite of Pete.

                         Hey Pete!!

                         Bob, we are lost.  

                         I can see that.

                         What should we do?

                         Relax, Bob's here now.  Bob will
                         take care of us.


               Bob takes a deep breath and relaxes

                         Let's take a walk.


               Pete and Bob take a walk in the middle of darkness.  

                         Bob, I just don't know if we can
                         get through this.

                         Of course we can, we're in this
                         together. (Pause) We're in this
                         together like the movie Fight Club,
                         remember Fight Club?


                         Or even that other movie, what's
                         the name of that movie?

                         Which one?

                         That movie.  The movie with that
                         girl.  Damn, I forgot.

                         You got me.

                         Drop Dead Fred.  There we go. Well,
                         not really like that movie but you
                         get the picture.  Anyways, we're
                         going to get through this.  

                         I just want to get better, you
                         know?  Just getting better, and go
                         back to how things were.

                         I know, I understand what you want. 
                         But you have to admit, that you're
                         a little bit crazy (points to his

               Pete and Bob stop walking.

                         I'm not.  I'm not feeling good
                         right now, but I'm not crazy.

                         Pete, I know it's hard for you to
                         admit it.  But you are crazy. 

                         This is only temporary.  I'm going
                         to take those three pills, and I
                         will get better.

                         Better?  The world will not get
                         better.  Did you see everything
                         that is happening out there?


                         What do you think?

                         I don't want to think.  I just know
                         that I'm not crazy.

               Bob points to Pete.

                         But you are.

                         Bob, why you tell me these things? 

                         Sit down Pete!!


               A chair suddenly appears by Pete.

                         Go ahead and have a seat.

               Pete sits.


               Bob sits down on a chair that appears beside him.  Bob starts
               lecturing Pete.

                         ...Thoughts come and go.  They go
                         here (pointing to the right) then
                         they go there (pointing to the
                         left).  And they come and go over
                         and over again. 
                         The other side of the mind, is
                         blue.  Shades of blue.  But you
                         can't see it.  You will want to see
                         it.  Then you start to make up
                         things in between.

               Pete sits patiently in his chair.

                         Things you want to believe.  Things
                         you want to see.  The more you make
                         up these things, the more
                         complicated it all becomes.  And
                         then you drive yourself nuts over
                         and over until you convince
                         yourself that it is real. 
                         Therefore, you believe, you're not

                         You sound like Dr. Stevenson.  

                         Well, that's where I got it from. 
                         Does it make sense?

                         A little bit.

                         Write it in your diary.  

               Pete picks up his diary from the floor.

                                   BOB (O.S.)
                         Write every word.  This is
                         important Pete.  If you want to be
                         sane again, you must admit that
                         you're crazy.  

                         I'm not crazy, I'm normal.  Normal
                         like the average Joe.

                                   BOB (O.S)
                         They're about to call you.


               A female voice is heard.

                                   FEMALE (O.S.)
                         Pete Skolari?

               INT. THE WAITING ROOM

               Pete moves his head up and he is back in the waiting room.
               The NURSE calls out his name.

                                   FEMALE (O.S.)
                         Pete Skolari?

               Pete whispers.


                         Pete Skolari.  Time for your

               The nurse approaches Pete and gives him a couple of blue
               pills and a cup of water.

                         Here you go.  

               Pete swallows pills.

                         Now you can go outside if you want.

               The nurse leaves.  Pete stays still. Few seconds later, he
               continues with his narration.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Hallucinations, they don't make
                         sense.  You try to make sense out
                         of it, it's like trying to solve a
                         puzzle.  But the pieces don't seem
                         to fit.  I'm not crazy, that guy
                         over there staring at the wall...

               A patient is standing facing a wall next to a door.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                          ....he's crazy.  

               Pete sits down patiently as we see the whole room.  We see
               the patient walking around in circles.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         So is this guy who's still walking
                         around the room.
                         But the world keeps on spinning. 
                         The world keeps on going.  

               Pete looks up.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Sometimes you just got to remind
                         yourself, that everything will be
                         alright.  That things will get
                         better.  And that's why I am here. 
                         I'm here because I need three
                         pills, (pause) three pills to make
                         me better.

               Pete closes his journal.  The closing of the journal makes a
               big noise "Thump."

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. A LIVING ROOM

               A white phone begins to ring.  It rings for a few times, then
               a hand grabs it, and a female voice is heard.

                         Hello?  Hey, it's you again.  Why
                         are you always calling me?  

                                                                CUT TO:

               BLACK FRAME

               The song: "They" by Jem begins to play in the background.
               A title appears:
               "Why are you always calling me?"
               Then above that title, the following words appear:
               "The Diary of Julie Vargas"

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT.A LIVING ROOM

               The living room is a normal living room, except for the woman
               who is talking on the phone.  The woman sounds like she's
               been crying all day.  She has a black long sleeve shirt. 
               Near her wrists appear to be white bandages.  She is wearing
               a name tag on her shirt that says, "JULIE."  

                         You don't know when to quit huh?
                         (Pause) Well, you're lucky you got
                         a hold of me in time. (Pause) You
                         know what I mean. (Pause) Of course
                         I was. (Pause) I guess I have a few

               CU of a clock in the living room wall.
               The room is filled with antiques.  Such as an old fashioned
               clock.  The television set is old.  Julie lives in the modern
               world, but she has these second hand antiques because she
               can't afford new things.  

                                   JULIE (O.S.)
                         There's always a little bit of
                         time, I guess. (Pause) I know.  I
                         didn't mean to hang up last time,
                         it's just that...(Pause)...yeah,
                         it's that I get tired of things all
                         of a sudden.  

               Julie sits down in her recliner chair beside her phone.  The
               phone cord stretches from the table to the floor.

                         When will you quit, seriously?
                         (Pause) I know the last time we
                         spoke, it wasn't very pleasant.
                         (Pause)  Well I had another bad
                         day.  I always have bad days.  It
                         seems like nobody cares about me.  

               Julie is very emotional, every word coming out, sounds like
               she is going to cry.  

                         You're the only that calls me, but
                         you always put me down.  (Pause)
                         Don't even lie, you know you do. 
                         And sometimes, I get tired of you
                         calling me all the time.  (Pause)
                         Maybe because there is nobody else. 
                         (Pause) No, I gave up.  

               Julie starts crying as she talks to the person on the phone.

                         Sheela, you of all people know that
                         this world is not for me.  You
                         should know that, I don't belong
                         here.  I'm just taking up space. 
                         I'm a waste of time.  Never had a
                         true friend, never had someone
                         there to just talk to.  I know I
                         have you, but that's not enough.
                         (Pause) Fuck Sheela, do I need to
                         fucking remind you?  Every single
                         time you call, we go through this. 
                         That's why I'm tired of all this.  

               There's an end table near the recliner. On the table: there's
               a pair of keys, a purse, a teddy bear, and a gun.

                                   JULIE (O.S.)
                         I been putting up with this shit
                         for all my life now.  It has to end
                         one day.  

               Julie wipes her tears away with her long sleeve shirt.

                         But why have hope?  Hope is just
                         more pain along the way.  And pain,
                         i'm tired of it.  (Pause) Yeah, no
                         one understands.  No one. I have to
                         do it Sheela.  Every night you try
                         to stop me.  But not tonight.  

               Julie pauses for a moment to hear SHEELA on the phone.

                         Because, I'm sick and tired of this
                         shit.  Can you hear me crying.
                         (Pause) Here I am crying like a
                         baby, crying for attention.  But
                         it's true.  (Pause) Is because, you
                         never go through what I always go
                         through.  (Pause) Please Sheela,
                         you have to stop.  You say that and
                         you still put me down every single

               We SEE Julie's back sitting on the recliner.  The camera
               slowly moves around her, showing Julie in her state of

                         Why not?  (Pause) Frustrated
                         Sheela, just frustrated.  Besides,
                         why do I want to stay here, and
                         watch the world end with everybody
                         else?  (Pause) The end, yes, the
                         end of the world. (Pause)  Sheela
                         you of all people should know why.
                         Hello, there are signs everywhere. 
                         (Pause) Well you don't have to
                         believe me.  No one else does. 
                         (Pause) But I do know some things. 

               We slowly pan to the right near the television.  

                                   JULIE (O.S.)
                         Things I suspect. (Pause) Why do
                         you care?  (Pause) It's what I saw
                         at work the other day.  

               A dead flower sits on top of the television.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:


               A fresh living flower sits on the desk. The desk is filled
               with papers and a computer.  The sign on the wall states,
               "The law office of Randy G. Floyd."  

               Julie sits on the desk reading through a big pile of
               documents.  The phone rings.  Julie answers it.

                         Thank you for calling the law
                         office of Randy Floyd, can I help
                         you? (Pause) Okay, can you hold on
                         for a minute please? 

               Julie turns around and she is clueless of what to do.
               She walks to a door on her left and opens it.  It's the
               office of Randy Floyd, but there is no one there.  She closes
               the door, and walks past the receptionist area to the other
               side of the room.

               INT. BREAK ROOM

               There's two young ladies sitting down eating cupcakes. This
               appears to be some formal employee break room.  There's a
               refrigerator and a sink.  Julie walks in.    


               The ladies ignore her.

                         Excuse me?  

               The two ladies turn to her with disgust, because comparing to
               Julie, these ladies are high class bimbos.  

               CHRISTINE answers.

                             (With an attitude)

                         Uhm, this guy called and asked if
                         we do lawsuits with injuries?

                         Well, tell him that we specialize
                         in medicine practices and like


                         What's your name again?


                         Julie, don't forget to apologize
                         for the wait.


               Julie backs away as the girls stare at her in the background. 
               We can almost hear them whispering.  They giggle.


               Julie returns to the desk and picks up the phone.

                         Sorry for the wait.  Hello?  Hello?

               Julie hangs up the phone because there is no answer.
               Julie continues going through the paperwork.  She gets
               another call.  She answers.

                         Thank you for calling the law
                         office of Randy Floyd, can I help
                         you? (Pause) Oh.  

               Julie looks to her left staring at Mr. Floyd's door.

                         He's not in his office at the
                         moment.  Can I take a message?
                         (Pause)  Oh, can you hold for a
                         moment? Okay.

               Julie gets up and goes to the break room again.

               INT. BREAK ROOM



                         Where is Mr. Floyd?

                         He's in a very important meeting.

                         This lady would like to speak with

                         Well, take a message.

                         I try to, but she wants to know
                         when he comes back?

                         He won't come back until tomorrow. 
                         Didn't you hear the news?

                         What news?

                         Mr. Floyd is going to be running
                         for office.  

                         For office?


                         I'll let the person know.

                         You need to hurry, the person is
                         still waiting.

               Julie walks away to go back to the desk, but she overhears
               them talking about her.  

               The OTHER GIRL talks.

                                   OTHER GIRL
                         Is she new?

                         Yeah, but she don't work here. 
                         She's from a temp agency.

                                   OTHER GIRL
                         Well, she wont make it.

               Julie turns around because she heard the comment.

                             (To Julie)
                         Is there a problem?


                         Don't forget to apologize for the
                         wait.  (to her friend)What!!Ever!!

               Julie exits the room as they both giggle.


               Julie picks up the phone again.

                         Maam? (Pause) Hello?

               Julie hangs up the phone and gets frustrated.  

               INT. JULIE'S LIVING ROOM

                         I was getting irritated.  I didn't
                         want to lose it, but I still had to
                         do my job.  Knowing that Mister
                         Floyd was going to leave in a few
                         months, reduced the number of
                         calls.  Then strange things started
                         happening when mister Floyd showed
                         up the next day.


               Attorney Randy Floyd (the dirty politician) walks up to
               Julie.  Mr. Floyd is your typical lawyer.  He's very
               conservative, very strict, and talks fast.  

               Julie is going through her pile of papers from earlier.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Hey Julie!! I got an important
                         assignment for you.

                         Yes mister Floyd?

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         You can go ahead and turn that work
                         in to Christine (referring to the
                         stack of papers).  And come to my
                         office and I'll explain. 

               Randy Floyd enters his office.

               Julie gathers her stack of papers.  She gets up and leaves
               the front desk.

               INT. FLOYD'S OFFICE

               Mr. Floyd has a big office.  There's a table on the side for
               coffee, and three chairs in front of his desk.  

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Julie, sit down.

               Julie sits down in front of Mr. Floyd.

                         What you want me to do?

               Randy Floyd gives her a look that says, "I want you to flirt
               with me."

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Julie, I know you been here for
                         only two days.  

               Mr. Floyd pulls out a box full of papers and sits it in front
               of Julie.  

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         But, I want you take care of these
                         forms for me.

               Julie stares at the box full of papers.  She hates this job.

                                   MR. FLOYD (O.S.)
                         I want you to go through these
                         forms, and highlight every time you
                         see the words, pills, medication,
                         experiment, and manipulative. 

               Mr. Floyd raises his voice a little to intimidate poor Julie.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Now this is a very important case
                         for me.  I don't need to go into
                         detail of what this case is about. 
                         But it's nothing good, in fact it's
                         something very dangerous.  This is
                         also my last case as an attorney. 
                         It's going to take a long time to
                         close this case.  Now, a very
                         important thing about this Julie,
                         is that I'll be running for office
                         soon.  I will be running against
                         Matthew Gilliam.  Mister Gilliam
                         has a lot to do with this case.  In
                         fact, he's the one that agrees with
                         everything in here.  I need to win
                         this case, in order to look good. 
                         I need to beat mister Gilliam. 
                         You, Julie, have to have an eye for
                         details.  Because if you miss a
                         word, it could cost you the
                         possible job of working for me in
                         the future. 
                         So highlight these words for me. 
                         Did I make myself clear?


                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Go on and start working on it.  

                         Yes sir.

               Julie lifts the heavy box full of papers while Mr. Floyd
               calls Christine in.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                             (to the telephone)
                         Christine, come to my office.

               Julie exits office.


               Julie is about to close the door to Floyd's office. 
               Christine interferes.  Christine walks inside Floyd's office. 
               The door closes.  Julie walks to the desk.

               Julie puts the box of papers by the desk.  She sits down. She
               grabs a high-lighter and begins going through the papers. She
               looks up and sees a tall man waiting in front of her.

               THE TALL MAN holds a tube to his throat.

                         Can I help you?

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         I would like to have a word with
                         Mister Floyd.

                         Give me a second.

               Julie approaches Mr. Floyd's door and opens it.  Randy Floyd
               is holding Christine in a sexual manner.  Julie interrupts.  

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Julie!!  For God's Sake, don't you
                         know the rules?

                         I'm sorry but there's someone here
                         to talk to you.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Give me a moment.

               Julie closes the door.

                         (to the tall man)
                         He will be here shortly.

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         Thank You.

               Christine walks out of the office and approaches Julie. 

                         Julie, never walk in like that. 
                         You always have to call and let him
                         know on the phone first. 

                         I didn't know that, I'm sorry.

                         Well now you know.  You're going to
                         get it with mister Floyd later.

               Christine walks away and Mr. Floyd walks out to greet the
               Tall Man.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Hi, how can I be a service to you?

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         I've got a message from Mister

               Mr. Floyd gets nervous all of a sudden.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Come inside and we'll talk.  Julie
                         will make us some coffee.  (to
                         Julie)  Julie make some coffee for
                         our guest.


               Mr. Floyd and the Tall man both enter the office.

               Julie walks around to go make coffee when she encounters a
               man holding a red baseball bat in the hallway.  It is Max the
               Loon.  Julie suspects something going on. 
               Max the Loon stares at Julie.  Julie turns around and heads
               for the break room.  

               INT. BREAK ROOM

               Julie starts making coffee.  She gets two cups ready.  Max
               The Loon stands by the break room door.  Julie turns around
               and notices him.  

               Max The Loon waves.


               Max the Loon puts the bat at a side and takes out his
               notebook and a marker.  Max the Loon is a mute, so he writes
               everything he wants to say on a paper.

               Julie wonders what he's doing.

               Max the Loon writes, "Hello."

                         What's your name?

               Max the Loon writes, "Max."


               Max the Loon nods his head.

                         What are you all doing here?

               Max the Loon turns around and writes down on his notebook. 
               After a little bit, he hands Julie a page.

               Julie reads the page that says, "We are here to stop Randy
               Floyd's case."

                         His last case?

               Max the Loon nods his head saying yes.


               Max the Loon turns around again and writes some more.  He
               hands Julie another page.

               Julie reads the page that says, "We are paid to do so."

                         But why?

               Max the Loon grabs a piece of paper from his back pocket and
               holds it out to Julie.

               The paper says, "The end of the world is around the corner."

               Julie has a face of confusion.  Max the Loon gives her a
               bizarre look.  The coffee is ready.  

                         I better get back to work.

               Max the Loon nods his head and exits the break room.  Julie
               gets the pot and two cups and puts it on a tray.


               Julie carries a tray with coffee and opens Mr. Floyd's door
               and enters.  We Follow her inside.  Mr. Floyd is sitting down
               talking to the Tall Man who is not sitting down.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         I don't care about what is going
                         on.  All I want is to win this
                         race.  Now you tell Mister Munzer
                         with all do respect, that I'm not
                         going to give in.  You will not
                         threaten me, not you, not him, not
                         anybody else.  

               Julie hears the conversation as she puts the tray down on the
               table.  She begins pouring coffee into the cups.

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         Mister Munzer does not like to hear
                         bad news from me.  You do realize
                         who he works for, don't you?

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Look, I don't give a damn, who
                         Mister Munzer is and who he works
                         for.  In fact, I don't care if he
                         happens to work for the devil
                         himself.  I will not drop this
                         case.  And that's my answer.

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         I hope you realize what you're

               Mr. Floyd gets up from his chair.   

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Ooh!! I know what I'm saying, and
                         this conversation is over. (to
                         Julie) Julie, please escort this
                         gentleman outside. 

               Julie puts the coffee down and walks with the Tall Man to the

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         Thank you Mister Floyd for your

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Have a good day.

               The tall man is about to leave the office but then turns
               around to Mr. Floyd.

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         Ooh, Mister Floyd?

                                   MR. FLOYD

                                   THE TALL MAN
                         I hope you like scorpions!!

               Mr. Floyd gives him a confused look.


               Max the Loon and the Tall man leave the office.  Max the Loon
               waves bye to Julie.  Julie waves back at Max the Loon.  Mr.
               Floyd yells at Julie.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Julie? Get in here!!!

               INT. MR. FLOYD'S OFFICE

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Never, ever walk in through my
                         office without calling me first. 
                         Even when there's somebody waiting
                         to see me.  You got that?

                         Yes, Mr. Floyd. I'm sorry.

               Mr. Floyd gives her a mean look and then changes mood.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Julie come closer.

               Julie walks up to Mr. Floyd.  
               Mr. Floyd touches Julie's shoulders.

                         If you want to make it in this
                         business, you have to follow
                         orders.  You have to be

               Julie gets bothered by Mr. Floyd touching her.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         And once you're there, you'll begin
                         to love your job.  Now go ahead and
                         continue to work on the case.

               Julie finally gets away from Mr. Floyd, until he grabs her
               from behind.  Julie makes a face that says, "I'm tired of
               this world."

                         Thank you Julie.


               We Follow Julie exiting the lawyer's office to the front
               desk.  She sits down and continues working through the stack
               of papers from the box.  

               INT. JULIE'S LIVING ROOM

               Julie continues talking to Sheela on the phone.  She is more
               angry, she's still emotional, but with more anger this time.

                         I hated working there, in fact I
                         hated all the jobs I ever had.  But
                         you see, Sheela, all my life is
                         just useless.  (Pause) What you
                         mean what happened? (Pause)  I told
                         you that last time we spoke.  Do I
                         need to tell you what happened
                         again?  (Pause) I was just doing my
                         job and then that bitch fucked me


               Julie is highlighting words.  Christine walks by and offers
               to help Julie.

                         Julie, here let me help you out
                         with some of that.

                         But, Mister Floyd told me to be
                         responsible over this.

                         Yeah, but this is an important
                         case, and we like need this done as
                         soon as possible.  So let me help

               Christine takes a handful of papers out of the box.


                         Don't worry, I know which words to

               Christine looks like she's up to something.  Julie suspects
               something wrong. 

               Julie goes through the papers searching for words to
               highlight when she sees a man passing by.  He is a bodyguard
               hired by Mr. Floyd.  The BODYGUARD looks like he's part of
               the secret service.

                         Can I help you?

                         Ooh, I'm mister Hernandez.  I'm a
                         bodyguard to Mister Floyd, I'm just
                         checking out the place.

                         Ooh, okay.

               Julie continues working.
               Julie encounters the words: pills, experimentation, and
               manipulative, within the same sentence, and she gets curious.

               "Yelling in my Ear," by the Blue Meanies, plays.  

               She pays special attention to these words and reads the whole
               page.  She looks around to make sure no one is watching her. 
               It looks like she found something juicy.

               She highlights the words.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               A series of shots of Julie reading through the documents, she
               is not really working, she's reading important information. 
               Mister Hernandez walks by looking around.  Christine talks on
               her cellphone and sees Julie reading through the important

               We see a clock on the wall.  The time is 10:14 and it
               dissolves into 3:32.

               Julie continues reading.  She looks worried, but interested
               in the material.  The music fades down for now.

               Christine comes out of Mr. Floyd's office.

                         Julie, Mister Floyd wants to see
                         you.  Ooh yeah, and like bring all
                         these papers with you.

               Julie stops what she's doing and walks inside the dirty
               lawyer's office with the box of papers.   

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Julie, put the box down.  

               Julie puts the box on the floor.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Show me what you've done.

               Julie picks up a pile of papers from the box and hands it to
               the lawyer.  Mr. Floyd goes through the papers.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         It's been brought to my attention
                         that you haven't been doing the job

               Julie looks at Christine who has a bitchy look in her face.

                         What do you mean?  I did every..

               Mr. Floyd interrupts her.  

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         No, you did not do what I told you
                         to do.  Look at these papers. 

               Mr. Floyd shows Julie some of the forms.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         I can see a lot of words that need
                         to be highlighted.  What did I tell
                         you in the beginning?  Huh? I told
                         you, you need to have an eye for
                         details.  You are making us work
                         double here.

               Julie gets hurt by his words.

                         I'm sorry mister Floyd, I'm trying
                         my best here.  I could of sworn,..

               Mr. Floyd interrupts her again.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Then explain this.

               Christine hands Mr. Floyd a stack of papers.  The papers have
               highlights on every word on the whole page.  Some pages are
               blacked out.

               Julie is confused by all of this and looks at Christine.  She
               knows damn well that Christine is responsible for most of
               this.  But since Julie hates this job anyway, she puts the
               whole blame on herself.

                         I'm sorry..

               Julie lets out a tear while Mr. Floyd continues to yell at

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Julie, I don't hire amateurs like
                         you.  I'm calling the temp agency,
                         and I'm telling them not to
                         recommend anyone else in here.  All
                         we get are these stupid people. 

               Julie cries while Mr. Floyd yells at her in front of

               "Yelling in my Ear," by the Blue Meanies, begins playing
               again.  This time we hear the whole song while the lawyer
               yells at Julie. 
               The song is at a low volume slowly getting higher.  When the
               lyrics begin, Julie recalls all the bad times working at the
               office.  The flashbacks go with pace of the song.  Some of
               the flashbacks include: when Mr. Floyd touched her, and
               Christine being rude to her.  When the chorus of the song
               begins, we see Mr. Floyd yelling in slow motion.  Then he
               turns red.  Christine laughs.  Julie walks away from the
               office crying in pain.  The song gets higher and higher.  


               Julie knocks every single thing on the desk down to the
               floor.  She picks up her flower and leaves the office.  Julie
               does not turn back.  

               The song fades down but we can still hear it.

               INT. JULIE'S LIVING ROOM

               Julie continues talking to Sheela.

                         I just don't know if I can go on,
                         Sheela.  I mean it's not just this,
                         it's my whole life in general. So
                         if the world is going to end, why
                         not end tonight for me?  (Pause) 
                         You say that, then tomorrow you
                         call and it's the same thing.  The
                         same thing over and over.  And
                         that's what I'm tired of.  Nothing
                         is going to change.  (Pause) 
                         Sheela (Pause), Sheela (Pause),
                         Sheela,  I know.  I know, it's,
                         it's..(Pause) Nothing, I'm tired of
                         explaining things, no more
                         explaining.  (Pause)   I'm going to
                         hang up now.(Pause)   No, don't say
                         that. (Pause)  I'm hanging up,
                         okay? (Pause)   I'm hanging up.
                         (Pause) Okay,  Bye.

               As soon as Julie hangs up the song, "Emotional Abuse," by the
               Horrorpops begins.  

               The camera stays at the phone while Julie gets up and exits
               to the right of the frame.  The camera slowly pans to the
               left to follow the cord of the telephone.  

               We reveal that the phone was never plugged in to the jack.  

               We pan to the right slowly and move to the side table and see
               that the gun that was their earlier, is no longer there.  We
               focus on the teddy bear that sits on the table, then a
               gunshot is heard.  The teddy bear gets splattered with blood.
               The music stops and we hear a silence.  Then the camera moves
               rapidly away from the bloody teddy bear to another place,
               another time, another story.


               A mirror is thrown into the wall and it breaks.  
               A man walks by the hallway. 
               The man goes inside a bathroom.

               INT. THE BATHROOM

               On the counter next to the sink, we find: a rope, a gun, a
               razor blade, pills, and a bar of soap.  The man approaches
               the counter and looks at the mirror.  His name is MITCH, a
               schizophrenic with an outburst problem.  He has a big temper.
               He's quiet at times then he turns into a madman.  Mitch talks
               out loud to himself.

                         Look at yourself, look.  Now say
                         it, say the words.  Mitch, tonight
                         is the night.  Yes, it is the
                         night.  It's the perfect night. 
                         It's not like last night, this is
                         it.  This is it.

               Mitch picks up the rope.

                         We got a rope..

               Pan into the counter of the different deadly items.

                         ..a gun, maybe the razor blade, and
                         some pills.  We got everything.

               Mitch gets mad at himself in the mirror.

                         Don't you dare let me down Mitch. 
                         Don't fucking dare.  What are you
                         doing?  What's taking so long?  Go
                         for it.  Are you waiting on
                         Are you waiting for the end to
                         arrive, or you just waiting for it
                         to be two fifty one in the morning?  

               Mitch changes mood.

                         You're not going to do it, are you? 
                         You son of a bitch.  Not now, I
                         need something to cheer me up.

               INT. HALLWAY/KITCHEN

               Mitch exits bathroom and we follow him down the hall into the

                         Gotta find the perfect thing.  The
                         answers to all of my problems.  The
                         only thing worth living for.  The
                         only thing I need.  

               Mitch opens the cabinet door where we find some canned foods
               and a few jars of peanut butter.

                         And it's right here.

               Mitch pulls out a jar of peanut butter.

                         Everything, i ever wanted.  When
                         feeling down, all you need is
                         peanut butter.

               Jackie Wilson's "You're Love keeps lifting me higher" plays.

               Mitch holds the jar of peanut butter and begins to jump in
               the air.  While he's up in the air, the frame freezes and it
               turns to a cartoon version of the frame. 

                                                                CUT TO:

               BLACK FRAME

               The title appears:

               "When feeling down all you need is peanut butter." 

               Then above the title, another title appears: 

               "The Diary of Mitch Rowe"

                                                                CUT TO:

               DIFFERENT ANGLES

               Mitch opens his jar and begins eating peanut butter.  He's
               got about two other jars in the cabinet.  We see in the
               counter near the trash can, about fifteen to twenty empty
               jars of peanut butter.  There's also a mess everywhere. Mitch
               is happy eating peanut butter.  He's obsessed with the jar. 
               He feels insecure without it.  He needs it like a heroin fix.

               INT. MITCH'S DINING ROOM

               Mitch eats peanut butter.  He uses a spoon, and at times, he
               uses his hands.  His dining room is a mess.  There's also
               peanut butter stains on the walls.  Mitch talks to himself.

                         What you gonna do?  Nothing
                         absolutely nothing.  Except finish
                         this jar.  All my worries are gone.
                         I guess, I always been a big fan of
                         peanut butter.  It's just so damn
                         good.  Nobody can fuck with me.  

               Song fades down.

               Mitch looks around his apartment.  He walks and turns on the

                         I can hear all the bullshit going
                         on out there.  It's election day. 
                         That's right, elections.

               On the television screen.  We have Mr. Gilliam shaking hands
               with several citizens.  Footage of people voting and the
               polls stating that Mr. Gilliam is up by 1%.  His opponent is
               a man named MR. GEISELMAN.  

                         I don't need to vote.  Don't want
                         to go out there.  I'm safe in here. 
                         Safe, nothing can hurt me. 
                         Besides, the end is near.  I can
                         feel it.  But as long as I got
                         peanut butter, I'm safe.  Even the
                         apocalypse can't hurt me. 

               Mitch eats more peanut butter while staring out his window.  

                         The devil is out tonight.  It lurks
                         around the bushes waiting for me to
                         fuck up.  Waiting for me to run out
                         of peanut butter.  As long as I
                         have this jar, the devil can fuck

               Pete looks at a broken mirror located near his television.  

                         You just keep it together man. 
                         Gotta have your own system.  No
                         matter what people say.  You can't
                         trust no one.  No one.  People talk
                         a lot of shit.

               Pete in outburst mode.

                         Why do they talk all kinds of shit? 
                         Fuck leave me alone.  So what if I
                         love to eat peanut butter?  So what
                         if I think, this is the only answer
                         and the only thing that will save
                         me from all of this. 

               Mitch drops the jar of peanut butter, he kneels down to grab
               it.  When he gets up, he sees the figure with the mask in the
               reflection of the mirror.  He panics and looks back.  Nothing
               is really there.  He holds the jar close to him.

                         What the fuck do you want from me?

               Mitch jumps on the couch and looks for "the masked figure."

                         You can't separate us.  Don't you
                         dare fucking try.  I swear I'll
                         fucking kill you.  (relaxes) Keep
                         it together Mitch.  Nobody can mess
                         with you.

               Mitch gets down from couch.  

               CU on the peanut butter jar in Mitch's hands.

                         I'm safe.  This is my shield.  My
                         shield.  My shield. 

               Mitch looks up sees "the masked figure" again. 

                         Come on, get closer to me!!

               Mitch picks up a candle holder next to him, and throws it at
               "the masked figure."


               "The masked figure" begins to walk towards him. Mitch throws
               him his shoe.  

                         Get Away!!

               "The masked figure" continues walking.

                         Piece of shit!!

               Mitch picks up a chair and slams it towards the figure. 

               The figure gets closer.  

               Mitch looks at his jar of peanut butter.

                         Oh Fuck!!

               Mitch throws his jar of peanut butter to the figure.  "The
               masked figure" turns the other way and runs into the darkness
               of the hallway.

                         He's gone.  You saved my life.
                         (referring to his jar)

               Mitch relaxes. He's quiet.

                         It's quiet.  Everything is calm. 
                         My girlfriend is in the bedroom,
                         she's quiet.  Then again, she's not
                         supposed to make any noise because
                         she's dead.

               "The Loons," by the Insane Clown Posse, plays.

                         Gotta check on her!!

               Mitch walks to the bedroom and opens the door.

               INT. MITCH'S BEDROOM

               His girlfriend Christine, from Randy Floyd's office, lays
               dead on the ground near the bed. It appears that she is
               somehow covered in peanut butter.  She's wearing a "Betty
               Boop" shirt. 

                         She's okay, but she's starting to
                         stink again.

               Mitch pulls his shirt up to avoid the smell.

                         I better cover the smell again.

               INT. MITCH'S KITCHEN.

               Mitch opens his cabinet door and grabs another jar of peanut
               butter.  He also grabs an air freshener spray from underneath
               the sink.  

               INT. MITCH'S BEDROOM

               Mitch sprays the room with the air freshener.  And begins
               covering Christine's body with peanut butter.

                         I don't how long she's been dead. 
                         It's probably been a couple of
                         days. (referring to the body)
                         Christine, can you hear me?  I
                         don't think so.  You used to work
                         for that lawyer, what was his name? 
                         Anyways, he mysteriously
                         disappeared while he was running
                         for office. No one knows what
                         happened to him.   Randy Floyd,
                         that was his name.  He's lucky he
                         disappeared, because I was going to
                         take care of him. His replacement
                         is another shithead, mister
                         Geiselman.  Did you fuck him too? 
                         Maybe.  It's too bad, you wont get
                         to be by me while the world ends. 
                         You won't get to bitch at me


               Mitch watches television while eating out of his jar of
               peanut butter.  Christine, with her Betty Boop shirt on, 
               walks in and yells at him.

                         Mitch!!  What the fuck is wrong
                         with you?  

               Mitch yells.


                         You haven't paid my credit cards
                         this month.  This is not like you!!

                         Can you leave me alone, I'm fucking

                         Busy!!  What ever!!  All you do is
                         eat peanut butter.  You been acting
                         so weird lately.

                         Look!! I don't feel good unless I
                         have this.  

                         Whatever Mitch!!  No matter what,
                         I'm like so way better than you!!

                         You think you're better than
                         everybody else.

                         Yeah Mitch, I am.  I'm even better
                         than that stupid peanut butter.

               She grabs the jar away from Mitch and goes into the kitchen.

                         What the fuck are you doing?

               Mitch follows her.

               INT. MITCH'S KITCHEN

               Christine throws the peanut butter jar into the trash can. 
               Mitch tries to stop her.

                         What the fuck!!

                         Fuck you Mitch, you need to listen
                         to me.

               Mitch grabs her head and smashes her to the wall.  Christine
               makes struggling noises, but no words comes out, since she's
               in shock.

               Christine falls to the ground. 

               Mitch grabs peanut butter jar and smashes her in the head
               with it.  The jar breaks.  Mitch kicks her and opens a drawer
               and grabs a kitchen knife.   

               INT. MITCH'S HALLWAY

               Mitch drags Christine's body into the bedroom.

               INT. MITCH'S BEDROOM

               He lays Christine by the bed.  


               Mitch realizes what he's done, but blames it all on her.  

                         Why did you make me do that? Huh? 
                         Why?  (screams) Why?

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:


               Mitch continues putting peanut butter all over Christine's

                         Why, Christine?  Even after, I let
                         you slide every time you cheated on
                         me.  Why?  You tried to stop me
                         from enjoying myself.  This peanut
                         butter, is my happiness.  You
                         should of understood that.  But I
                         guess, it's too late.  Come to
                         think of it, you been dead for a
                         week already.  

               Mitch runs out of peanut butter and leaves the bedroom.

               INT. MITCH'S KITCHEN

               Mitch opens cabinet door and finds no more peanut butter.  

               Mitch freaks out.

                         Fuck!!  There is no more.  I could
                         of sworn there was more.  What the
                         fuck am I going to do?  

               He relaxes.

                         Calm down!!

               He snaps.

                         Fuck!! Fucking shit!! 

               Opens the refrigerator.

               There is nothing in the refrigerator except some expired

               He closes the refrigerator, and "the masked figure" appears
               beside him.

                         Shit!!  Get the fuck away from me!!

               Mitch leaves kitchen.

               INT. MITCH'S LIVING ROOM

               Mitch walks around the living room and he is paranoid.

                         The antichrist is near me.  The
                         antichrist is in here.  I'm not
                         safe, I need peanut butter.  That
                         is the only fucking thing that can
                         save me.  Should I blow my brains
                         out?  Is tonight the night Mitch? 

               Mitch looks outside his window.

                         Is not safe out there.  I gotta go
                         buy some more at the store, but
                         it's not safe.  

               Mitch looks around the apartment. 

               He sees "the masked figure" coming out of the dark hallway.

                         It's not safe in here.  Gotta go
                         buy some more.

               He grabs his wallet on a side table near the front door.

               He goes outside.


               Mitch walks out his apartment door.  He locks the apartment
               and sees his neighbor staring at him.

               Mitch's NEIGHBOR is covering up his nose, he can smell
               something awful coming out of the apartment.

                         What are you staring at? Huh?

               Neighbor gets inside his apartment.

                         Fucker!!  This is not a good night.

               Mitch walks away.


               Mitch walks the streets.  It is a full moon.  Mitch is very
               paranoid when he's out there in the dark.  

                         Just a few blocks away.  Going to
                         make it.  I wish i could just get a
                         fucking uzi and blast everyone in
                         my way.  

               Few people pass by and they react to the awful, awful scent
               of Mitch's presence.  

               Mitch walks a little bit faster.



               Walks inside the supermarket store. 

               He grabs a shopping cart.

               He goes by an isle checking for peanut butter.

               People are staring at him.

               Mitch minds his own business.

               He finally sees a shelve full of peanut butter, and it's like
               heaven to him.

               He fills his cart with all the jars on the shelve.  

               An OLD LADY stares at him from the other side.

                         (to the lady)
                         What are you looking at?

               The old lady turns around.

               Mitch clears up the shelve and walks past the old lady.

               Poor grandma covers her nose while Mitch passes by. 

               Mitch hits her cart with his cart.


               At the cash register, there's a female employee staring at
               Mitch.  The EMPLOYEE reminds us of a zombie. 

               Mitch notices her.  She's the only register open.

               Mitch puts the jars up for her to scan.

                         Did you find everything alright?


               She scans the jars like a robot. 

                         Do you have a shopper's card?


                         Would you like to get one?


                         Would you like any of these items,
                         they're on sale for only a dollar?

               The employee shows Mitch a basket with items. 

               Mitch gets frustrated.

                         Look, I just want to buy this and
                         that's it.

               Mitch stares at a television above him.  

               Mr. Gilliam wins the election.  
               (We never know or reveal for what elected office the
               elections were for.)

               The employee scans the items slowly.

                         Can you hurry?  Time is running out
                         for me?


               Mitch approaches his apartment door with four bags full of
               peanut butter jars.  He looks to his right. 

               A couple of his other neighbors are staring at him.

               Mitch opens his apartment door and shuts it loud for them to

               INT. MITCH'S KITCHEN

               Mitch stocks up his pantry with peanut butter jars.  He grabs
               one and walks to the living room.  

               Mitch opens the jar and grabs some peanut butter with his
               hands and eats it.  

               There's a knock on the door.

               Mitch peeks out his window, and sees a man.

                         My landlord, he probably wants his
                         rent money.

               The LANDLORD knocks on the door again.


                         Mitch open up, I know you're in

               Mitch puts the jar down on the table and grabs his check

                         I'll make this quick.

               Mitch opens door.

                         Mitch, can you come out for a

                         I have the rent money, I'm sorry
                         I'm late.

                         You already paid me last week,

                         I don't know!!

               Mitch gets suspicious.

                         Come out Mitch, are you feeling
                         alright? And what is that smell?

                         I got to go!! 

               Mitch tries to close the door.  The landlord blocks the door
               from being closed.

                         Wait Mitch.


                         These gentleman want to speak with

               Two men wearing security guard uniforms bust in.

               They both grab Mitch.

                         Fuck, I didn't do nothing.

                         Mitch, everything is going to be

               Mitch stares at his peanut butter jar at the table as he's
               being pulled out by the two guards, UNIFORMED MAN #1 and
               UNIFORMED MAN #2.

                         Fuck!!  Leave me alone.  Why is
                         everybody against me?  Why?!?  


               A couple of other men, along with the landlord, walk inside
               the apartment.  

                         Leave me alone.  I didn't do it. 
                         She did.  

                                   UNIFORMED MAN #1
                         Relax buddy, just stay put.

                         Fuck, I'm not safe anywhere.

                                   UNIFORMED MAN #2
                         You're safe with us mister Rowe.

                         Who the fuck are you guys?

               One of the persons walks out of the apartment.

               The PERSON yells.

                         Lock him up. 

                         Leave me the fuck alone.  I'll
                         swear I'll fucking kill you all.

               The men take Mitch to a black car.

                                   UNIFORMED MAN #1
                         Come on buddy, get inside.  

                                   UNIFORMED MAN #2
                         We'll take you somewhere safe
                         mister Rowe.


               Mitch breaks the car window with his feet.

               Uniformed man #1 pulls out stun gun and zaps Mitch.

                                   UNIFORMED MAN #2
                         Lights out mister Rowe. 

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. A CELL

               Mitch, in a strait jacket, talks to a DOCTOR who is standing
               outside his cell.

                         Doctor?  You gotta understand. I
                         need peanut butter.  I need it. 
                         It's the only way I can get better.  

                         Sorry Mitch, until you undergo
                         treatment, no peanut butter will be
                         around you.

                         Fuck doctor, don't let me be like

                         I'm going to get the proper
                         documents to get this treatment
                         started.  In the mean time, take it
                         easy Mitch.  See you in a couple of

               Doctor leaves. 

                         Doctor wait, doctor?

               Mitch talks to himself.

                         I'm not safe anywhere.  Not safe!! 
                         No.  I'm not safe.  I'm going to
                         fucking kill you Mitch.  You're
                         gonna die. You're gonna die. You're
                         gonna die.  That's right, tonight
                         is the night.  The end, the end is
                         right here.  Is here.

               A PATIENT walks by.

                         Hey you?


                         Go to the kitchen and tell that
                         bitch to give me some peanut


                         Hey, don't let anybody see you. 
                         You got to be very fucking careful.


                         Because, don't you know?  Peanut
                         Butter can protect you from
                         anything.  I mean anything.  It
                         will make us safe.

               A big pause from the patient.

                         Ooh, in that case. I'll get some
                         for me too.  I'll be right back.

                         I'll be here.  (to himself) I'll be
                         here.  Not going anywhere.  Not
                         going anywhere.  (Takes a few
                         breathes) Not feeling good.  I'm
                         feeling down.  Feeling very down. 
                         (yells out from his cell) 

               Mitch is very paranoid, and wants to kill himself.  Mitch
               needs peanut butter like a crack-head needs a little fix.

                         I'm not feeling good.

               Mitch starts shaking.  

                         Not feeling good.  Not feeling good
                         at all.  Is this it, Mitch?  It is
                         time yet.  Calm down, that guy went
                         to get us some good stuff.  Just
                         calm down Mitch.  Not feeling good. 
                         It will be time soon.  Time is
                         running out.

               Mitch falls to the ground. 

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. A DARK ROOM

               A big clock is ticking.  

               Pete Skolari begins narrating.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The countdown continues... The
                         countdown continues...

               A timer is counting down from 90 seconds.

               Pete is in a dark room similar to his early hallucination. 
               He stands near the big clock.  Everything appears to be some
               dream, even the way Pete talks.

                                   PETE (V.O)
                         Countdown until there is no more
                         time.  No more time.  Looks like I
                         been here before.  I been here, but
                         I don't know when.  Don't know if
                         this is the past or the present, or
                         even the future.  

               Pete's eyes wander around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Things get repetitive.  Things get
                         repetitive.  Thoughts keep on
                         coming.  Got to figure it out.  Got
                         to make it through this.  I feel
                         like, I'm lost.  Lost in a world
                         full of confusion.  

               "The Masked Figure" appears behind Pete.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         No matter what, someone is
                         watching.  The antichrist is
                         watching.  I got to get some help. 
                         Got to find a way to get help and
                         go back to how things were.  

               Pete encounters pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle.  He lifts
               two giant pieces and tries putting them together.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Got to get help.  Help me in this
                         puzzle.  Life is a big puzzle.  Try
                         to find the pieces that fit.  I try
                         to make it fit.  The pieces wont
                         fit until you find the right one.  

               The counter shows: "3, 2, 1."

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Got to make it through before time
                         runs out.

               As soon as the counter shows "1," we hear a whisper:

                                   A VOICE
                         Wake Up.

               Pete's eyes open up.

               INT. PETE'S HOSPITAL ROOM

               Pete gets up from his hospital bed.  Pete is somehow little
               bit different than before.  His behavior is a little bit more
               strange.  Pete begins writing in his journal.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Today, is another day.  Another day
                         closer to my destination.  Need to
                         stay focus to reach my destination. 

               Pete writes in his journal, this time with little bit more

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         But somehow, it feels like I'm
                         losing focus.  Starting to feel
                         like, I don't know where I'm at. 
                         In the dream world, or reality?  I
                         said, Pete, you got to stay focus. 
                         Focus for what? I'm losing it here. 
                         Remember, you chose to be here.  

               Pete stops writing and looks up.  He looks at the room around
               him.  He notices a calendar on the wall.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         You chose to go see Dr. Stevenson. 
                         That's right, Dr. Stevenson told me
                         to stay here until I get better. 
                         I'm losing track of how many days
                         its been, but luckily writing my
                         thoughts in this diary, helps me
                         stay focus.  

               Pete continues writing.  The words on the journal are very
               hard to read.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I just got to stay put, and take
                         medication everyday, until that
                         final day.  My last day, I will
                         take three special pills.  Three
                         pills to make me better. 
                         I'm not crazy.  That guy staring at
                         the wall is crazy.  


               A guy stares at the wall next to a window.

               INT. PETE'S HOSPITAL ROOM

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I feel like I'm repeating myself. 
                         I'm going to get up and take a
                         break.  Get my thoughts back in

               Pete gets up and exits his room and begins to walk down the


                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Down this hallway, we find a couple
                         of patients wandering around.  Each
                         of these doors are rooms to the
                         other patients.  The more dangerous
                         patients, they keep them upstairs.  

               Pete passes by a door that is locked with chains.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I heard they keep them sedated
                         twenty four seven.  I mean they
                         have them in strait jackets.  They
                         don't even have access to pens or
                         journals.  I hate to go up there.

               Staff members who include nurses, are seen behind glass
               doors.  They sort out pills and are sitting in chairs.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         In each corner, we have the staff. 
                         The staff keeps an eye on us. 
                         Telling us the times for food and
                         medication.  I met this one crazy
                         guy, his name is Woodchuck. 

               Pete passes by WOODCHUCK who is staring at a clock.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I guess everybody calls him

               Pete talks to Woodchuck.

                         Hey Woodchuck?

               Woodchuck stares at the wall while he talks to Pete. 

                         Hey man, how's it going?

                         Just another day.

                         I hear you.  Days are going by slow
                         for me though.



                         Well, is just of matter of days for


                         Well, my last day is after I take
                         the three yellow pills.  And I'll
                         be gone Woodchuck.  Time to go back
                         to work and stuff.

                         Hey, I'm supposed to take those
                         three yellow pills too.

                         Really? I didn't know that.

                         Yeah, a whole bunch of us do.  I
                         heard everybody has to take them.

               Pete looks around the room.

                         Maybe you all will get out of here
                         soon then. 

                         Aww man, I doubt it.  I'm in this
                         motherfucker forever.

                         Why?  What did you do? 

                         Nothing really.  I just can't
                         really take care of myself out

                         I don't understand.  

               Woodchuck looks at Pete for the first time.

                         You know, having a steady job. 
                         Paying bills.  Having a girlfriend,
                         buying her ice cream and shit like
                         that.  I can't do it.

                         Maybe after taking those yellow
                         pills, things can get better for
                         you too.

                         I sure hope so.  If not, fuck it.

                         Just got to have hope Woodchuck. 
                         Keep on having hope.  That's what
                         I'm doing.  I'm trying to stay
                         focus.  Just need three pills to
                         make me better.

                         Say, what's your name again?

                         Pete, Pete Skolari.  We met on my
                         first day here, when you and a few
                         others were in the same room taking

                         Nice talking to you Pete.

               Woodchuck starts walking somewhere.

                         Where you going?

                         I'm trying to learn how to fly,

               Woodchuck points to the clock.

                         Everyday at this time, I go to
                         Blake's room, and he teaches me how
                         to fly.

                         Okay then.  We'll see you.

               Woodchuck leaves.  

               Pete stares at the clock then walks around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Woodchuck is definitely crazy. 
                         Crazy like these others.  But i'm
                         not crazy.  I know what I got to
                         do.  Just wait until that very day. 
                         And when it gets there, I will be
                         one happy guy.  Maybe I'll have
                         some ice cream walking down the
                         street on a sunny day.  One thing
                         is for sure though, I'm not feeling
                         good today.  

               The NURSE approaches Pete.

                         Time for your medication, mister

               Pete follows the nurse as he narrates.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Not feeling good at all.  Maybe a
                         little medication will help me. 
                         Help me get by.  

               INT. WAITING ROOM

               The nurse hands Pete a cup and a couple of blue pills.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Time for my medication.  Hope I
                         don't act like that guy over there.

               Pete looks to his right and sees a patient who is shaking as
               if having a seizure. 

               Pete swallows the blue pills.

               The patient next to Pete is turning red while he continues to
               shake. The nurse gets some kind of device and calms him down.

               Pete sits down on a chair.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Circles are circling around me. 
                         Feeling a little bit better.  Just
                         waiting for the time to come.  The
                         countdown.  It's funny that one
                         minute I'm sitting here, the next,
                         I'm in the streets.

               EXT. THE STREETS. DAY

               A pair of wheels from a car pass by.  

               "Marmalade," by System of a Down, plays.

               Pete is on the sidewalk staring at the road.

                                   PETE (V.O)
                         This time I'm not in the car. 
                         Things repeat but this time with
                         slight differences.  

               Pete appears to be more confused and a little bit more
               paranoid as he crosses the street.

                                   PETE (V.O)
                         It feels like I'm either back in
                         time or went to the future. 

               Pete walks on the sidewalk.

                                   PETE (V.O)
                         I'm repeating the same scene. 

               A kid eating ice cream walks by.  The kids wears a "Kill your
               Parents" shirt (a la Marilyn Manson).

                                   PETE (V.O)
                         This time we have a kid eating ice
                         cream.  But is no longer a sunny

               Pete walks down a block.

                                   PETE (V.O)
                         In fact, it looks like it wants to
                         rain.  The homeless are still out. 

               The homeless man with "The End is Here" sign is at the same
               corner as before.  The homeless takes off his sign. 

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The homeless takes off his sign.  

               The homeless walks into an alley with his sign.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         He goes into the alley. 

               CU of needle shooting heroin into veins of a dirty junkie.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Grabs a needle and starts shooting.  

               The homeless man shoots heroin and slowly puts his head up.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         He sees the future.  (Pause)
                         Meanwhile, on the other side...

               The cop from earlier is eating a donut from the box.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         ....the police don't care about the
                         homeless shooting up because he's
                         enjoying his Creme Delights.  

               Pete then sees "the masked figure" walking towards him.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The masked figure is out there. 
                         This only makes things complicated
                         for me.  Pete, calm down.  

               Pete turns away from "the masked figure" and walks at a
               faster pace.  "The masked figure" starts following him like a

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         This is not happening.  Everything
                         is not real.  You might think that
                         it is, but it's not.  You might
                         want to make sense out of these
                         things. But don't even try.  Don't
                         try because you're just wasting

               Pete reaches a corner and loses "the masked figure."  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Are you going to get some help
                         Pete?  Help?  Who are you looking
                         for?  I am looking for myself.  Who
                         are you looking for?

               Pete takes a little break and repeats himself.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I am looking for myself.  Looking
                         for myself because, after finding
                         myself, I will get back on track.

               Pete sees "the masked figure" again and begins walking fast

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I'm losing it, but I got to find
                         myself before it's too late.

               Pete walks into a line of people.  The same people from
               earlier, but this time, the mood is gloomy.  Pete is at the
               end of the line.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Now I'm waiting in line.  Waiting. 
                         It's all about time.  Why am I
                         standing in line for?  Scenes
                         repeat over and over.  This time
                         with more and more details.  Things
                         appear more closer. With slight
                         differences.  The cycle keeps on
                         moving. Circles are in motion.  I
                         just got to find out why I'm here
                         for?  I look at across the street,
                         and there's protesters.

               On the left side of the street, the man with no legs from
               earlier, continues to read a book to a crowd of protesters
               against Mr. Gilliam. 

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         These protesters have some special

               A black van pulls up with several uniformed men.  The men
               approach the crowd of protesters.  The uniformed men look
               like they are ready to either kill or arrest these people.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I wonder was going on?  Something I
                         don't have a clue about.  Like this
                         line.  What is this line for?

               Pete bothers the GIRL in front of him.

                         Hey excuse me?

               The girl in front of him answers.


                         What is this line for?

                         You're joking, right?

                         No.  I'm not.

                         You really don't know?

               Pete nods his head saying no.

                         Hey Johnny, this guy doesn't know
                         what this line is for.

               JOHNNY, the guy in front of the girl, turns around.

                         What a fucking idiot.  

                         Everybody knows what this line is

                         I realize that, but I need to know.  

                         Hey buddy, you see way up ahead?

               Pete tries to see ahead.

                         I can't see that far.

                         Well, let me explain.  You wait in
                         line.  When you get to the front,
                         you'll find a gun, and you'll kill
                         yourself.  Simple as that.

               Pete is confused.

                         (to Pete)
                         After that, the government takes
                         your body and makes weapons of mass
                         destruction out of it.  (to Johnny)
                         Johnny, this guy's is a fucking

               Pete is still confused.  Pete can hear gunshots in the
               background.  Pete gets out of the line and walks to the front
               of the line.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Need to find answers.  Need to find
                         out what is going on.  Something's

               There's a stand in front of the line.  The person in front of
               the line, touches a button, then a gun pops out.  The person
               grabs the gun and enters a door.  

               Another gunshot is heard.

               Up to this point, Pete loses his mind completely.  Things
               become more dark and more bizarre for him.  

               Pete runs.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Don't know if things are making any
                         sense?  Things that i see.  Things
                         I cannot fully explain.  You might
                         want a better explanation, you
                         might want me to tell you
                         everything.  But I can't. 
                         I can't because I don't know if I'm
                         making any sense?  My head is
                         spinning.  Then it gets dark.  

               INT. A ROOM OF DARKNESS

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Dark again, get a hold of yourself

               Lights turn on.

               Bob stands next to a light switch. 

               INT. A DREAM LIKE ROOM

               The room has a dream look to it.  Similar to the dreams of
               Laura Palmer in David Lynch's "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With

                         Bob, what is going on?

               Bob mimics Pete.

                         Pete, what is going on?

                         I don't know Bob.

                         I don't know Pete.

                         Bob, stop it.

                         Pete, stop it.

                         I'm serious man, quit repeating

                         I'm serious man, quit repeating

                         Bob, this is crazy.

                         Pete...(silence) are crazy.


                         Yes!!  Crazy.  I mean here you are
                         having a conversation with
                         yourself.  What do you think?  That
                         you're sane as a shit in the


                         Admit it, there's something wrong
                         with you.

                         What's going on Bob?

                         Remember what Doctor Stevenson
                         said, just calm down.  We are going
                         to get through this.  Things will
                         fall into place.

                         You're right.   

                         Pete, you just got to open your
                         eyes a bit.  

                         Yeah, I'm trying.

                         Let's have a drink.

               Bob and Pete walk to a bar in the other side of the room.
               Behind the bar, lies a cd player and a cd booklet.  Bob gets
               behind the bar.  Pete sits in one of the chairs.  

                         What about some music?


               Bob flips through the cd case full of cd's next to the

                         What you in the mood for?  There's
                         different music for different days,
                         different occasions.  

               Pete looks at Bob.

                         Sometimes you need some good rock
                         or something dark.  Then other
                         times you need maybe some salsa or
                         some ska.  In between, whatever
                         you're in the mood for.  

                         I don't care.

                         How, about something jazzy?


               Bob puts on something jazzy.

               "La Grippe," by Squirrel Nut Zippers, plays.

                         What can I get ya?

                         What about a vodka tonic?


               Bob pulls out a bottle and a glass with ice.  He pours liquor
               into the glass.  Then pulls out a lemon and a lime. 

                         Lemon or Lime?


               Bob cuts a lemon and squeezes a lemon slice inside the glass. 
               He then pours tonic into the glass.  He hands the drink to

                         Pete, all I can say is, you need to
                         take it easy.  

               Pete takes a sip of his drink.

                         You're making up shit.  Then you
                         don't want to admit that you're

               Pete listens to Bob while drinking.

                         Yup, very complicated stuff here.  

               A STRANGE MAN appears in the other side of the bar also

                                   STRANGE MAN
                         I once bought this half dog and
                         half monkey on ebay.  

               Pete wonders "where the fuck did this guy come from?"

                                   STRANGE MAN
                         I was looking forward to receiving
                         it.  Hell, I even put in a little
                         extra for the shipping.  I waited
                         and waited, and finally after a few
                         weeks, this package came. I knew it
                         was my half-dog half monkey because
                         of the holes around the box.  I
                         opened the box, then I immediately
                         closed it.  It was so horrible, I
                         didn't want to see the damn thing
                         again.  I mean, on the internet,
                         the pictures were different.  So I
                         was disappointed.  I put the box in
                         the closet.  Went to the bar,
                         started drinking for a while.  

               The strange man takes a sip from his drink and continues with
               his story.

                                   STRANGE MAN
                         Anyways, after a few days of
                         depression.  I decided, what the
                         hell. I paid a lot of money on the
                         thing, I might as well enjoy it. 
                         So I went to the closet and opened
                         the box. 
                         And that fucking thing, (pause)
                         that fucking thing died on me.  And
                         so here I am.   But I'm making the
                         best of it.

                         Pete, you just got to make the best
                         of it too.  Just make the best of
                         it, you know?

                         The best of it?  

                                   THE STRANGE MAN
                         And if the world is going to end, 
                         you might as well go out with a

               Bob gives a "what the hell are you talking about" look to the
               strange man.

                         But you're right Bob.  You're
                         right.  Earlier you said, I was
                         crazy.  I think that I am.

                         Are you accepting it?

                         Yes.  I'm crazy.  Something is
                         wrong with me.

                                   THE STRANGE MAN
                         Hey, if you're crazy, why don't you
                         go through that door over there?

               Pete looks at a door at the end of the room.

                         That door?

                                   THE STRANGE MAN
                         Yeah.  You go in there and you get
                         you some help.  

                         That's right Pete, go in there and
                         get some help.

               Pete takes one last sip of his vodka tonic and leaves the bar
               area.  He walks slowly pace with the music behind him.  He
               opens the door and enters.


               Pete is back at the hospital, wondering what the hell
               happened.  Pete closes the door behind him.  Music fades as
               the door closes.  He walks down the hallway.  He sees
               patients everywhere.  He gets a little paranoid.  Every
               patient and everyone around him, appears different to Pete

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Hallucinations, they don't make
                         sense.  You try to make sense out
                         of it, it's like trying to solve a
                         puzzle.  But the pieces don't seem
                         to fit. The pieces don't fit.  

               INT. PETE'S HOSPITAL ROOM

               Pete enters his room and grabs his diary.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The pieces don't fit.  Everything
                         is not real.  Everything is not
                         real.  Thoughts come and go.  They
                         go here and then they go there.  Am
                         I crazy?  Maybe so.  Maybe not like
                         these people out there.  But I'm

               Pete looks at his clock by the bed.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         But the countdown continues.  The
                         countdown continues.

               Pete sits down and writes in his journal.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Dr. Stevenson said, that after
                         these two weeks, I will take three
                         yellow pills.  I will get better. 
                         It's just a matter of days.  Matter
                         of days.  Just another day closer
                         to my destination.  Back to work. 
                         Back to paying bills.  Back to
                         paying taxes.  Back to obeying laws
                         and eating crappy food.  Back to
                         having a normal life.  Looking
                         forward to it.  That's right.

               Pete stops writing and gets up.  He looks at the right.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I may be crazy, but you just gotta
                         have some hope.  Sometimes you just
                         got to remind yourself, that
                         everything will be alright.  That
                         things will get better.  Three
                         pills to make me better. Yes my
                         friend, the countdown continues.  

               Pete stares at the wall with a look that says, "Hope is my
               only friend, and I can only hope for good times."  He takes a
               deep breath.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The countdown continues.

               Pete closes his journal.  The closing of the diary makes a
               big noise, like slamming a big door.  

               BLACK FRAME 

               We are in darkness for a few seconds.  We hear sounds like we
               are on a cellar somewhere.  Then through the lens of a
               camera, someone takes the cap off the lens.

               INT. A CELLAR ROOM

               We are looking at some kind of cellar through some kind of
               camera.  The screen is black and white and it's a wide shot. 
               The man who just uncover the lens presses a button.  The
               screen then has a big red circle at the top and it says,
               "REC." The man is BUCKETS LANE.  He looks innocent and acts
               like a kid, but he's in his late twenty's.  He is sometimes
               sarcastic, but mostly paranoid and always looks behind him. 
               (His personality resembles the character, "Charles Freck" in
               "Scanner Darkly," and also David Arquette's character in
               "Dream with the fishes.")  

               Buckets begins talking to the camera.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Today is Thursday.  My name is
                         Bucket's Lane.  A lot of people
                         might pay money for that
                         information.  Maybe not.  Today is
                         Thursday. I am recording this as a
                         testimony of what is happening out
                         here.  A lot of things are
                         happening, crazy things.  You got
                         to excuse my behavior. 
                         I have not taken any medication
                         since we escaped a few weeks ago. 
                         You see a lot of us escaped out of
                         the nut house.  We escaped, and now
                         we're hiding somewhere down here. 
                         We are survivors of the (in quote)
                         Human Experimentation. A lot of
                         people died up there.  We are down
                         here now, but we are not safe. 
                         Nope, we're not safe anywhere. 
                         Even in this hidden place, we're
                         not safe.

                                                                CUT TO:

               OVER BLACK

               The title appears:

               "Even in this hidden place, we're not safe"

               Then another title appears above these words:

               "The Diary of Buckets Lane" 

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. A CELLAR ROOM

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         In case you see this video, I just
                         want to let you know that there are
                         crazy things happening here.  Maybe
                         we are all just a little bit
                         traumatized of the things that
                         happened up there.  There are a lot
                         of us down here.    Some of us came
                         from different hospitals.  When I
                         first arrived here, I couldn't
                         believe my eyes.  It was like
                         another city that is hidden
                         underground.  No one up there knows
                         this place exists.  Hell, I
                         couldn't believe it myself. 
                         (Pointing two fingers)  Two things
                         happened yesterday.  One, I fell in
                         love with this girl.  I'm actually
                         going to see her today.  The second
                         thing is, I came up with a theory
                         that we will also die down here. 
                         We are not safe anywhere.  I think
                         people need help. 
                         Let me tell you about yesterday. 
                         Yesterday began with me eating an

                                                         TRANSITION TO:

               INT. THE CELLAR

               The screen is in color now and it takes place in the same
               room.  Buckets is wearing a different outfit.  He is eating a
               shiny red apple sitting in a chair.

                                   A VOICE
                         Hey Buckets....

               Buckets turns to his left.

               A bizarre guy named CHINIKERS yells at Buckets from the door.

                         Buckets? Let's go.

                                   BUCKETS LANE

                         To the Waker pad.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         But why?

                         They are doing a show for us.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         For us, what kind of a show?

                         I don't know Buckets, just it's
                         something to entertain us.  You

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I kind of wanted to stay here and

                         You always stay here man.  You need
                         to get out more.  Besides, few of
                         the guys went up there to get some
                         more food and stuff for us.  Say,
                         where'd you get that apple?

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I saved some from last week's break
                         in.  You want one?

                         Of course I want one.

               Buckets pulls a box with apples and throws Chinikers an

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         They're really good.

               Chinikers bites on the apple. 

                         So do you want to go or what?

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Last time you invited me somewhere,
                         I ended getting all covered with
                         tomato sauce.

                         Buckets why you got to bring that
                         up again?  You can't take a joke?
                         This is for real.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I don't know Chinikers.  You're a
                         fucking asshole sometimes.

                         Yeah, but I'm still your friend.

               Buckets looks around knowing that he'll be bored if he stays.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Would there be any kind of drugs?

                         Buckets, we are going to the Waker
                         Pad.  You know they'll have
                         something for you.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         In that case, let's go, I just
                         don't want to be covered in tomato
                         sauce again. 

                         Buckets, I promise, there won't be
                         any tomatoes in sight.  Now lets
                         hurry and get to the show.

                                   BUCKETS LANE

               Both of them walk out the left door.

               "Carousel," by Mr. Bungle, plays.

               INT. THE WAKER PAD

               A big colorful christmas jester stands in front of a big
               room.  The room has a hallway leading to another room.  This
               is a place that is hidden underneath the ground near a
               hospital.  There's a big muscle man with a big gun guarding
               some kind of entry door.  That entry door is the gateway to
               the surface.  This place belongs to SMUCK and his Waker Clan. 
               The group that is responsible for helping patients escape out
               of mental institutions.  There's about 15-20 people walking
               in this room.  A man holding a bowl of white pills, stands
               near the hallway entry. People grab pills as they pass by.  

               "Carousel" by Mr. Bungle continues playing.

               Buckets and Chinikers walk down this room.  They stop to
               greet Smuck who happens to be standing in the center of the

                         Buckets I want you to meet Smuck,
                         the leader of the Waker Clan.

                         Hello Buckets, at last we meet.  

               Smuck and Buckets shake hands.

                         Chinikers, can you see if Glimpie
                         is almost ready?  He's back there
                         practicing his lines.

                         Yeah!!  I'll be right back.

               Chinikers leaves to a door.

               Buckets and Smuck talk.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Chinikers said something about a

                         Yes. The show will start in a few
                         minutes.  It should be good and

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Chinikers also said something about
                         some "medication."

               Smuck directs Buckets to the person holding a bowl of white

                         Buckets, help yourself.

               Buckets grabs a handful of white pills.

                         Which hospital were you in?

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I don't know the name, but it's the
                         one up north.  

                         It's a shame about those who didn't
                         make it, huh?

                                   BUCKETS LANE

                         I heard society is revolting.   
                         It's chaos up there, Buckets.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I just want it to be over.

                         We all do Buckets, we all do.  But
                         who knows when?

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         We were just a bunch of guinea

               Buckets puts a couple of pills in his mouth, he swallows

                         Fucking doctors.  Always want to
                         fuck you up even more than you
                         already are.  Just to get a quick
                         buck.  It's not all about money,

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         These are good (referring to the

                         It will get better when the show
                         starts.  Come on let's go to the
                         show room.

               They walk to the hallway.

               INT. SMUCK'S HALLWAY

               Buckets and Smuck walk down the hall passing a few people.  A
               man and a woman are making out.  It's all colors in the
               hallway, like going to a night club.

                         Buckets, there's going to be more
                         shows like tonight.  If you like
                         tonight's show, and if you're
                         interested, you can be part of the
                         next show.

               Buckets starts acting like he's tripping on some kind of
               trippy drug.

                         Let me know later if you're
                         interested?  It is your decision.    

               Buckets feels lost.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Sounds like something I got to
                         think about. 

                         This is our future now, Buckets. 
                         We can't trust people up there

               INT. THE SHOW ROOM

               The show room is a big room with a stage on one side, and a
               set up for an audience on the other.  A spotlight lights the
               stage.  The left side of the stage consists of a cd player on
               a stand, and a little stairway that leads to a podium high on
               the stage.  On the right side, is a microphone set up.

               Approximately 20 people are sitting down in chairs on the
               other side of the room facing the stage.  The people are
               waiting for the show to start. 

               Smuck and Buckets walk by the people sitting down.  Sitting
               among the crowd is CHUCKZ and SMILEY.  Smuck introduces
               Buckets to them. 

                         This is Chuckz and Smiley.  Guys,
                         Buckets Lane.

               Chuckz is kind of hyper and talkative.  Smiley is a very
               serious person, he looks depressed.

                         Buckets Lane, you're from the north
                         hospital aren't you?.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Yeah, I got out of there before it
                         was too late. 

                         Shit, we all got out those places
                         before it was too late.  My friend
                         Willie didn't make it though.
                         (Pause) Fucking bastards.  

               Chinikers enters the scene.

                         Ronald and Glimpy are ready Smuck.

                         Good.  You boys make yourselves
                         comfortable, I'm going to the side
                         and coordinate some things. 
                         Buckets, it was nice meeting you.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Same here.

                         We gotta go too!!

                         See you later Buckets.

               Chuckz and Smiley leave with Smuck.  Chinikers grabs Buckets
               and introduces him to a girl sitting down.

                         Hey Buckets,  I want you to meet

               Buckets turns around and sees a girl sitting down in one of
               the chairs.  The girl is wearing a helmet (she is the same
               girl wearing a helmet during Pete's hallucination from the

               When Buckets and the girl make eye contact, there is dead

               A love song starts playing.  (Shaboom, Shaboom oldie song)

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:


               They hold hands and kiss on this twenty to thirty second
               montage.  They both run in the park, kiss by a tree, and hold
               each other while staring at a beautiful lake.  It is
               obviously a fantasy inside Bucket's brain.

               After the love montage, Buckets gets interrupted by

                         Buckets, hello, come back to me!!!

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Yeah!! I'm here.

                         I want you to meet, the beautiful,
                         the wonderful, but dangerous,

               Both of them shake hands.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Hi Sheela!!


               Buckets sits next to her.  Buckets is a bit shy, like a 5th
               grade boy having his first crush.  

                                   BUCKETS LANE (V.O.)
                         I fell in love right there as I sat
                         next to her.  I tried not to get
                         too obsessive and weird, but I
                         couldn't help myself.

               INT. BUCKETS BEDROOM 

               Behind the camcorder lens in "REC".

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I have a big feeling about this
                         one.  Sheela, is a wonderful name. 
                         I can't wait to see her again.   
                         She'll be here any minute now.   
                         But let's continue with the show.

               INT. THE SHOW ROOM

               The show is about to start.  The audience are making a lot of
               noise as the stage fills up with smoke and strobe lights
               strobe around the room.  The audience consists of mentally
               ill patients, some appear normal, others appear strange.

               The strobe lights turn off and we have two spotlights on the
               stage, one on the right side and the other on the left.

               Smiley brings a man in a wheelchair to the right side of the
               stage up to the microphone.  Smiley exits stage.

               The man in the wheelchair looks very serious and very
               strange. His name is RONALD.

               Smuck is standing by the right side of the stage.  

               Chuckz walks up to the cd player on the left side of the

               Ronald begins talking to the audience with his deep voice. 

                         My name is Ronald.  I'll be your
                         host for today. 
                         Music is such passion, a very great
                         tool to escape and forget the harsh
                         of reality.  Let us forget these
                         hard times for a moment.  Let us
                         forget for a moment, that there is
                         no pain and no suffering.  Ladies
                         and gentlemen, let your minds go

               The audience applauds.

               Chuckz hits the play button on the player.

               A light turns on lighting up a small door on the back left

               A bizarre song starts playing in the player.  Ronald sings
               along with the song.    

               The song is "Happy Colored Marbles" by Ween. 

                                   RONALD (SINGING WITH THE SONG)
                         Most people are not ok, but they're
                         taking their siestas in the sun. 
                         Got some ideas on the way it should
                         be.  But most of em' just carrying

               The little door on the left side, opens.  A little man
               holding a sack of marbles comes out. The little man has the
               name, "GLIMPY," written on his forehead.  He sings the chorus
               of the song as he walks forward to the audience.

                                   GLIMPY (SINGING WITH THE SONG)
                         Happy Colored Marbles that are
                         rolling in my head.  I put em' back
                         in the jacket of the one I love. 
                         Carry the velvet sack full of
                         pretty colored marbles.  And I'll
                         ask you for em' back, when I'm
                         ready and done.

               He stops at the stairway that leads to the podium.  

               Ronald continues singing.  

                                   RONALD (SINGING WITH THE SONG)
                         Most people are not ok, and they're
                         slackin' cause the job ain't done. 
                         Fillin' up on the poison nut.  And
                         getting down till the dawn.

               Glimpy climbs up the stairway as he sings the chorus one more
               time.  When he reaches the podium, he lifts his sack of

                                   GLIMPY (SINGING WITH THE SONG)
                         Happy Colored Marbles that are
                         rolling in my head.  I put em' back
                         in the jacket of the one I love.

               Glimpy empties the sack of marbles from his right hand to his

               The marbles are shiny and dark colored.

                                   GLIMPY (CONT.)
                         Carry the velvet sack full of
                         pretty colored marbles.  And I'll
                         ask you for em' back, when I'm
                         ready and done.

               As soon as he finishes his line, he drops the marbles to the

               The marbles roll and fall down the stage.

               Pace with the music:
               Chuckz walks towards Glimpy with a gun.  He hands Glimpy the

               Smuck stands near the stage like some kind of stage manager.

               Glimpy drops the empty sack to the ground.

               The audience are confused.

               Glimpy points the gun to his forehead.

               Ronald watches the audience with a straight face.

               While the marbles are still rolling, Glimpy blows his brains


               Fog covers up the stage as the song fades.   

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. BUCKETS BEDROOM

               Buckets talks to the camera while it is recording.  The image
               is black and white.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         And that was the show.  After that,
                         I don't remember how i got back. 
                         All I know is that we are dying
                         down here.  Slowly but surely. 
                         That is why I'm recording this. 
                         Because our days are numbered.  I
                         think I'll call this video,
                         Chronicles of the endtimes.  We may
                         have escape those hospitals, escape
                         out of those experiments.  But, we
                         are not safe down here.  Seems like
                         someone is doing this on purpose. 
                         Seems like we are being watched.

               Sheela enters frame and interrupts Buckets.  


                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Oh, Hi Sheela.

                         What are you doing?

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I'm doing a documentary.

                         Ooh Cool, about what?

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         I'll explain it to you in a moment.

                         Okay.  Are you almost done?

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Yes.  I'm done.

               Buckets presses a button to stop recording.  The red circle
               disappears and all we have is the black and white video.

               Buckets grabs a few things from the floor while Sheela talks
               to him.

                         Buckets, I got a message from

                                   BUCKETS LANE

                         He wants you to be part of the next

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         Did he tell you what I'll be doing
                         if I do it?

                         Yeah, he said, you'll be playing
                         the part that Glimpy played.  He
                         said it's your decision.

               Buckets is silent for a few seconds.  

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         What do you think?

                         I think you'll be good for it.  

               Buckets is silent for a few seconds more.

                                   BUCKETS LANE
                         In that case, I'll do it.  Let's

               Buckets looks back at the camera, he's paranoid.

               Buckets and Sheela exit frame.

               Few moments later, the camera starts shaking and then it
               starts moving forward, it makes a turn and we see a door. 
               The door opens, and it's dark.

               The sounds of the cellar fade away.

               A match is lit, and we SEE "the masked figure."  The same guy
               with the mask who's being appearing throughout the story.

               The masked figure is about to take off the mask.

               As soon as we're about to see who's behind the mask, the
               screen goes black.

               BLACK FRAME

               The title appears:

               "I saw the monster behind the mask"

               Then above these words, another title appears:

               "The Diary of Carlos Montes Cervantes"

                                                                CUT TO:


               A young man sits on a couch talking to his therapist.  

               The young man is named CARLOS.  He seems scared and confused. 
               The therapist is DR. STEVENSON. 

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         What did you see?

                         (with a spanish accent)  I keep
                         telling people what I saw, but they
                         don't believe me.  I don't believe
                         it myself.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Carlos, you can tell me.  This
                         visit is for you to be open.

                         I just don't know where to start. 
                         Everything is crazy, you know?

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         I understand.  You tell me one
                         thing, and then it leads to
                         something very different.  I've
                         seen that kind of behavior before.

                         It's a mess.  After that night, my
                         head started hurting.  I couldn't
                         sleep.  I couldn't be with my

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Carlos, just take it easy.  You're
                         here, and I'm here for you.

                         My head still hurts.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Let me give you some pills for your

               The therapist gets up and exits frame.  Carlos is shaking a
               little bit.  He looks around the office.  The therapist comes
               back with a glass of water and a couple of white pills.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Here you go.

               Carlos grabs the water and the pills.  He questions the

                         What's this?

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         It's for your head.  They're good,
                         it really helps.  

               Carlos swallows the pills and takes a sip of water.

                                   DR. STEVENSON (O.S)
                         Now lets go back and tell me from
                         the beginning.

                         The beginning? (Pause) I guess I
                         can start where me and Pistacho
                         were going to work.  Just to think
                         of it, the morning started out


               "Da, Da, Da," by Molotov, plays.

               Outside of a big building, are a few cars parked on the
               parking lot.  Music is coming out from one of the parked cars
               near the building.  

               Carlos and co-worker friend, PISTACHO, walk by this car.  

               The car belongs to SERGIO, another co-worker, he's jamming to
               the music.

                         Hey, Sergio, what's up?

                         Hey guys, what's going on?

                         I thought you were going to quit?

                         I am, I am.  You'll see.

                         Hey, we're going out tonight after
                         work, what you got going?

                         You guys ain't going out tonight. 
                         We have a big banquet.  

                         That's right.

                         Which one?

                         That one guy running for office,
                         he's going to be here tonight.

                         A lot of important people tonight.

                         Fuck, I should call in.

               Pistacho looks at his clock.

                         Aww, we better clock in and shit.

                         Ay los vemos. (Translation: See you

                             (To Sergio)
                         Don't you got to clock in?

                         Yeah, in a minute.  I'm waiting for
                         a couple of fools, I got to meet.

                         You're dealing again?

                         Business, is business brother.

                         See you man.


               Carlos and Pistacho enter the building.  The music from the
               car fades down and we hear other music fading up from the

               INT. BACKROOM/KITCHEN

               "Rey de los Sonideros," by Chon Arauza, plays.

               Carlos and Pistacho walk in the backroom and they both clock
               in to work on the computer.  

                         Otro pinche dia en este trabajo. 
                         (Translation: Another fucking day
                         in this job.)

                         Can't wait to get out, man.

               Carlos and Pistacho walk to the kitchen where a few of the
               hotel staff are preparing lunch.  They are listening to music
               while they cook.  Carlos and Pistacho greet the other workers
               in the way.  An OLDER MAN stops them.

                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         Hey cabrones (fuckers)!!  Get ready
                         for a busy day.

                         Shit, I'm ready, man.

                         Another day of slavery.

                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         Did Sergio finally quit? 

                         No, he's in the back.

                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         I knew that fucker wasn't going to

               Pistacho encounters someone on the side.

                         Fuck, there's Locket. 

               MR. LOCKET, the general manager of the hotel, walks around
               with his manilla folder.

                         Why is he here so early?

                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         Maybe because of tonight.  Big
                         event tonight.  Everybody's going
                         to be here.  

                         What's this event anyway?

                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         I don't know, is something to do
                         with the elections coming up.

                         We better get to work, before
                         Locket starts talking shit.

                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         Chale, este pelon no me asusta.
                         (Translation: I ain't scared of
                         this baldie)  I been working here
                         under six different managers, all
                         of them are the same.


                         Later, man.

                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         Hey Pistacho?


                                   THE OLDER MAN
                         You still going to help me with
                         that thing on Monday?

                         I don't know, we'll see what

                                   THE OLDER MAN

               Carlos and Pistacho walk to the Dishwasher area.


               Carlos and Pistacho start up the dishwasher.  They start
               sorting out dishes from the night before.  

                         Estos marranos (translation: These
                         Pigs.  Referring to the waiters who
                         brought the dishes there).

               Carlos gets the dish soap box.  It is empty.

                         Hey, I'm going to get some more

                         Alright, man.  Don't take your
                         time, now. 

               Carlos leaves the dishwasher area.

               INT. STORAGE ROOM

               Carlos enters a storage room in the basement somewhere
               underneath the hotel.  Carlos is alone for the first time,
               and he gets a little scared.  He's trying to find the soap
               among the items on the shelf.  He grabs it.  


               On his way back, Carlos encounters a MAN WITH GLASSES. 
               Carlos gets scared.

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         Are you Carlos?


               The man with glasses walks towards Carlos.

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         Are you Carlos Montes Cervantes?

               Carlos takes a look at the man with glasses to see if he
               knows him, but he's never met him before.

                         Yeah!  What's up?

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         I have a message for you.

                         From who?

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         From a very important man who wants
                         you to do him a favor.

                         Well, I'm working right now.  I
                         (Pause), I don't have time.

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         It is nothing big, just a little

               Carlos doesn't care what he's saying.

                         I'm not interested.

               Carlos walks away from him.

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                           You'll live to see your kids.

               Carlos pauses and turns to him.

                         My kids?

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         Carlos, I work for mister Munzer. 
                         Do you know who Mister Munzer is?  


                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         Mister Munzer is a man who works
                         for very, very important people. 
                         And he wants you to do him a favor.   

                         But, I don't know him.

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         Mister Cervantes, do you see that
                         person over there?

               The man with the mask is in the corner of the hallway walking
               towards Carlos.

               Carlos freaks out.

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         That guy, will poison your

               "The masked figure" shows Carlos a photo of Carlos and his

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         Now, all you got to do mister
                         Cervantes, is get the card to room
                         three hundred and thirty three, you
                         get the card, and you let this
                         person inside that room.  That's
                         it.  You do that, and everything
                         will be okay.

               Carlos in confused state of mind responds.

                         Why me?

                                   MAN WITH GLASSES
                         You were randomly chosen by our
                         organization.  You do this favor
                         for us, and everything will be


               Carlos sits frustrated in Dr. Stevenson's office.  He is very 

                         I'm confused doctor.  This doesn't
                         make sense, none of this.  But it
                         really happened.  

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         I see.  So what did you do?

                         I became different.  I acted
                         different.  But I came through.  I
                         have a friend named Rosa who works
                         on the front desk.  She has a crush
                         on me, at least that's what I

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Did you ask Rosa for the key?


                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         And what did you tell her?

                         I told her,...

               INT. FRONT LOBBY OF HOTEL

               Carlos talks to ROSA in the front lobby.  Carlos flirts with
               Rosa.  Rosa flirts back.  Carlos talks to Dr. Stevenson while
               this is going on.

                                   CARLOS (V.O.)
                         Hey, I need this key
                         because...(Pause)  Because..(Pause)

               Carlos pauses to Dr. Stevenson while We SEE that both him and
               Rosa are flirting.  

                                   CARLOS (V.O.)
                         Because, I fucking need it.

                                   DR. STEVENSON (V.O.)
                         And what did she do?

                                   CARLOS (V.O.)
                         What do you think?  She gave me the

               Rosa gives Carlos the key.


                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Then what happened?

                             (Takes a deep breath)
                         I did it.  (Pause)  The whole hotel
                         was crowded with people, the
                         banquet had already started, but I
                         did it.  There was security
                         everywhere.  Everywhere, except for
                         room three hundred and thirty


               Carlos and "the masked figure" walk up to the door that says
               "333."  Carlos opens it with the card.  He lets "the masked
               figure" inside.  The door closes.  Carlos stares at the door
               for a little bit.

               Carlos heads back.  He takes a deep breath and releases a
               sign of relief that is over.  Then, he hears music coming out
               from that room.  

               "Space Mutants 4," by The Phenomenauts, plays.

               Carlos is curious about what is going on.  He hesitates for a
               moment, then he goes back to door and opens it.  He enters.  

               INT. HOTEL ROOM

               The room is dark.

               Carlos flips the light switch.  The lights turn on.

               Carlos looks for "the masked figure."  He's nowhere to be
               found.  The music still plays.  

               Carlos walks around the room.  He finds the radio near the
               window.  He turns off the radio.  Music stops.

               There's a brief case, by a table.  Carlos is still curious
               about the situation.  He opens the brief case.

               Carlos realizes this room is booked to Randy Floyd.  Then he
               hears the door open.  He is fucked.

               Carlos tries to hide somewhere.  

               Randy Floyd, a prostitute, and his bodyguard, Mr. Hernandez,
               enter the room.  

               Carlos hides behind the thick curtains from the window.  He
               watches them.  

               Randy Floyd is talking in his cell phone.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Of course it's going to happen.  We
                         got a lot of people paying big
                         money for this to happen.  Mister
                         Gilliam doesn't have nothing on me. 
                         Mister Gilliam will be through
                         after this case closes next week. 
                         There is no way in hell, they are
                         going to pass those bills.  It's 
                         unreal.  Human experimentation? 
                         Come on.  Testing drugs on patients
                         will not happen.  Look, it's
                         obvious that this is so bogus.  

               The prostitute gets on the bed.  Mr. Floyd watches her.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Yeah, (Pause) I got to go. 
                         Alright.  Bye.

               Randy Floyd hangs up the phone. 

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         (to bodyguard Mr. Hernandez)
                         Thanks for your help.  You can just
                         be on the lookout outside.  

               The bodyguard goes outside.  

               Randy Floyd starts making out with prostitute.  

               "The masked figure" lurks around in the background.  "The
               masked figure" slowly opens the door, then a man and Max the
               Loon walk in.  

               The man has a camera and takes a picture of Randy Floyd.

               The flash interrupts Randy Floyd and the prostitute.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         What the fuck?

               Max the Loon swings his baseball bat at him.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Moments later, we are in the same room, except that the
               prostitute is taped up and Mr. Floyd is knocked out.  Mr.
               Floyd gets conscious.  

               Carlos watches while hiding in the curtains.  

               "The masked figure" opens the door and Mr. Munzer and one
               more man walks in.  Mr. Munzer whispers to the man beside
               him.  THE MAN talks to the people.

                                   THE MAN
                         Mister Munzer is here.  Ray...

               RAY is the man who took the picture of Mr. Floyd and the

                                   THE MAN
                         ....get the dead bodyguard in here
                         and let's try not to make a scene.

               Mr. Munzer whispers to the man again.

                                   THE MAN
                         Mister Munzer says hi mister Floyd,
                         how are you? 

               Mr. Floyd getting back to reality from his blackout answers.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Son of a bitch!!

               Mr. Munzer smokes his cigar and nods his head.

                                   THE MAN
                         Mister Munzer does not like your

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         You can tell Mister Munzer, that he
                         won't get away with this.  This is
                         not the end.

               Mr. Munzer whispers to the man.

                                   THE MAN
                         Mister Munzer said, this is the
                         beginning of the end.

               Carlos is very scared hiding behind the curtains.  Ray walks
               in to the door with the bodyguard's body.  He drags him to
               another room.

                                   THE MAN
                         Mister Munzer would like me to
                         explain what is going on. You see,
                         Ray over there, took a picture of
                         you and the lady.  That picture
                         will be posted all over the media. 
                         You Mister Floyd, will now be
                         referred to as a dirty politician.

               Mr. Floyd lays on the ground while Max the Loon puts his bat
               down and takes out a needle.

                                   THE MAN
                         Mister Floyd, Max the Loon there,
                         will be drugging you.  Now that
                         drug will put you to sleep for a
                         while.  You won't be running for
                         office anymore.  

               Mr. Floyd stares at the needle.

                                   THE MAN
                         You're replacement will be a
                         gentleman by the name of Mister
                         Geiselman.  You will sign the
                         papers stating you're resignation,
                         and appointing Mister Geiselman in
                         your place.  The people will then
                         vote for who they think should win. 
                         It's a very good democracy.  

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Mister Gilliam hired you all to do

               Mr. Munzer whispers to the man's ear.

                                   THE MAN
                         Mister Gilliam works for us.  In
                         fact he is here right now.  

               Mr. Floyd is very, very fucking confused.

               Mr. Munzer whispers to the man's ear.

               "The masked figure" walks towards Randy Floyd.  "The masked
               figure" takes off the mask.  WE SEE, Mr. Matthew Gilliam, the
               same person on the billboards, on the tv, the next leader.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         That's not Mister Gilliam.

               Mr. Gilliam talks for the first time.

                                   MR. GILLIAM
                         Of course I am.  It looks like
                         we're going to have a bright future
                         without you.

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         Why are you doing this?  

                                   MR. GILLIAM
                         Too many questions.  Too many
                         answers.  Let's not break our heads
                         right now, let's relax.  Carry on
                         Mister Munzer.  

               Mr. Gilliam puts his mask back on and walks near the door
               behind Mr. Munzer.  

                                   MR. FLOYD
                         What are you going to do with me?

               Mr. Munzer whispers to the Man.  

                                   THE MAN
                         You'll see.

               The man signals to Max The Loon.  Max the Loon injects Mr.
               Floyd with a needle to his neck.  He is unconscious.  The
               prostitute screams with tape around her mouth.  Ray smacks
               the girl with his gun.  She's unconscious too.  The room is

               Mr. Munzer whispers to the Man.

                                   THE MAN
                         Max and Ray, start dragging these
                         people to the bathroom.  We are
                         going to wait for transportation to

               Max the Loon begins dragging Mr. Floyd.

               Mr. Munzer whispers to the man.

                                   THE MAN
                         One more thing.  

               They all stare at the curtains.  Carlos is spotted.  

               "The masked figure" slowly walks to the curtains to reveal
               Carlos.  Carlos is scared as hell.  The man lights up Mr.
               Munzer's cigar.  Ray drags prostitute from room.  Max the
               Loon drags Mr. Floyd away from the room. " The masked figure"
               pulls Carlos from the curtains.  



               Carlos is sitting down with the therapist.  He takes a long
               sip of his water.  He is more paranoid than before.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         What happened?

               Carlos lost his train of thought.

                         Nothing.  Forget I said anything

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         You were getting somewhere, Carlos. 
                         What happened next?  Finish the

                         No.  I'm lost.  

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Carlos, but I'm listening.

                         Can I start all over?

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         No, I'm afraid our time is up.

                         Doctor, I just can't think

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Carlos, you need to focus.  You
                         were telling your story fine. But
                         then you lost yourself there for a
                         minute, then it got confusing.

                         Sometimes, I have dreams about the
                         end of the world.  

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Have you told anyone about this?

                         No, nobody would believe me.  They
                         all think I'm crazy.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Well, based on what I'm seeing and
                         hearing, it sounds like you are
                         having some issues.  

                         I don't want to have these issues.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Carlos, I'm going to help you out. 
                         I think, everything that you're
                         saying, does not make sense.  

               Carlos looks at Dr. Stevenson.

                         Yes doctor, make this nightmare go

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         This is what I'm going to do to
                         help you.

               Dr. Stevenson stands up and walks to her desk, she writes on
               a paper.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         I'm going to prescribe you some
                         medication, mainly some anti
                         depressants.  After a couple of
                         months, if things are still the
                         same, I am going to recommend you
                         to commit yourself to a hospital.  

               Dr. Stevenson sits back down.

                         There's this hospital, where they
                         are going to do this special
                         treatment starting in January.  I
                         think this treatment can help you. 
                         After a few weeks at the hospital,
                         you will take three yellow pills. 
                         After these pills, you can go home
                         and be yourself again. 

                         That sounds good.  Whatever you
                         think is best.  

                         Good.  I'll get things started for
                         you Carlos.

                         Thank you Doctor Stevenson.  

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Throughout this, I want you to take
                         it easy.  If things get hectic for
                         you, remind yourself that things
                         will get better.  Always a good

               Carlos listens to his therapist.

                                   DR. STEVENSON (V.O.)
                         Take some time off work if you have
                         to.  Keep a journal with your
                         thoughts, that might help you get
                         rid of these bad moments.  

               Dr. Stevenson stands up.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Always, always, always have hope
                         and wish for the best.  

               Carlos stands up.

                         You're right, doctor.  

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         We are going to get through this.
                         I'll follow up in a couple of


               Carlos walks towards the door.  Dr. Stevenson interrupts him.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         One more thing Carlos.


                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         The man with the mask, who did you
                         say it was?

               Carlos is already too confused.

                         I don't remember.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Carlos, this is between you and me,
                         okay.  But try not to think about
                         things like that.  It might confuse

                         Was this all in my head?

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         Yes, I'm afraid so.  But, we're
                         going to take care of this.


               Carlos turns around and walks towards the door.  He turns
               back to Dr. Stevenson.

                         Wait, I think I know who was behind
                         the mask.

                                   DR. STEVENSON

                         The monster.  

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         What monster?

                         The monster I had dreams about when
                         I was a kid.  I think its name was
                         Alfred the Shoe Monster.  My mother
                         used to say, Ya biene alfredo el
                         coo cooi de los zapatos.  I always
                         remember that.  

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         We'll talk more about this in our
                         next visit.

                         Alright.  Doctor?

                                   DR. STEVENSON

                         You're right, those pills you gave
                         me for my headache, they work.

                                   DR. STEVENSON
                         They don't call me doctor for
                         nothing, right?

               Dr. Stevenson gives him an evil look.

               Carlos walks away and exits Dr. Stevenson's office.  The door
               closes slowly.  Right before the door closes, "the masked
               figure" walks in the background and stands next to Dr.

               Door Closes

               INT. A VERY DARK ROOM

               Blackness around us while Pete Skolari begins to narrate.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The way in is the way out, the way
                         in is the way out.  I don't know
                         what's going on here?  Don't know
                         if things are making any sense?  

               Pete's eyes glance around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Things that I see.  Things I cannot
                         fully explain.  You might want a
                         better explanation, you might want
                         me to tell you everything.  But I
                         can't.  I can't because I don't
                         know if I'm making any sense?  

               Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle float around Pete.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Each thought is like a piece of a
                         The pieces don't make sense.  The
                         pieces don't make sense.  You put
                         them together as a whole, it might
                         make sense.  You put them together,
                         things become clear.  Try to find
                         myself.  Don't exactly know what
                         happened.  Things are different.  I
                         am different.  All I know is that I
                         need three pills to make me better. 

               Pete sits down next to a glowing window with darkness behind

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I could be free, I could be normal,
                         I could be just like everybody
                         else.  But the only thing I need is
                         those damn pills.  I could be free,
                         I could be normal, I could be like
                         everybody else.  All I need is
                         those three pills to make me

                                                                CUT TO:

               BLACK FRAME

               The title appears:

               "Three Pills to Make Me Better" 

               Above these words, another title appears:

               "The Diary of Pete Skolari."

                                                                CUT TO:


               Pete Skolari is sitting down with other patients around him. 
               They are watching television.  Pete's behavior and
               personality has changed dramatically.  While we remember Pete
               as somewhat normal, he is completely insane.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Cut the strings.  Cut the strings,
                         and I will be free.  I am no longer
                         you're puppet.  No longer your
                         puppet.  If I cut the strings, then
                         I will no longer be your puppet. 
                         Stand still.  Have hope.  What is
                         today?  Should I ask the nurse? 
                         Should I ask one of these guys? 
                         Questions become unanswered. 


               Pete walks along the hallway.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The circles continue to spin. 
                         Don't exactly know how long they
                         been spinning.  One day, I will cut
                         the strings.  If I cut the strings,
                         then I will no longer be your
                         puppet.  Today is the first day of
                         my last days.  That's right.  Today
                         is the day I take the three pills. 

               INT. PETE'S HOSPITAL ROOM

               Pete walks to his room and up to his journal.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Dr. Stevenson told me to wait until
                         this day.  The waiting is almost
                         over.  The countdown is here.  When
                         the countdown is over, then it is
                         time.  Time to change.  Time to end
                         a cycle and begin another.  Write
                         that down.  

               Pete writes in his journal.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         When the countdown is over, then it
                         is time.  Time to change.  Time to
                         end a cycle and begin another.  It
                         keeps repeating in my head.  Don't
                         know if this journal is helping me.  
                         Just got to remind myself, that
                         everything will be alright.  That I
                         will take those three pills and
                         everything will be okay.  I was
                         going to major in English.  I love
                         writing.  Not good with grammar and
                         stuff, but I love writing.  Things
                         come to my head.  Some things are
                         the past, some things are the
                         future.  It's kinda hard to
                         distinguish them. 
                         I'm standing in this room, but then
                         I'm not here anymore.  I am working
                         at Tuff Marketing.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Pete is in his cubicle at Tuff Marketing, and he is paranoid. 
               He gets up and all the rest of the employees are brainwashed
               zombies working in their cubicles.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Another day of work, another day of
                         making people rich.  Another day to
                         pay my bills at home and eat cup o
                         noodles all day.  Been working
                         there for a few years now.  Mister
                         Fancy pants, who's been working
                         here for a few months, is now
                         assistant manager.

               MR. FANCYPANTS walks around showing off.  

               Meanwhile on the other side of the room, supervisors are
               looking around while guards whip some of the workers.  

               Pete gets up from his cubicle and tries to get away from
               this.  He sees that everyone is sitting in their cubicles
               with helmets on their heads.  A lady walks around with a
               control.  She stops by a worker.  She presses the button on
               the control.  The worker works harder and harder.  

               Mr. Fancypants approaches Pete with a helmet.

                         Hey Pete, put your helmet on and
                         get back to work.

               Pete gets away from him and starts walking fast.  

               A co-worker is dead in his cubicle.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Things become clear to me.  Things
                         are becoming clear.  The world is
                         somewhat different.  I am
                         hallucinating.  This is not real,
                         everything that I see is not real.

               EXT. THE STREETS.DAY

               Pete is back on the streets, the same streets as before. 
               Things are different.  The day is more gloomy than ever.

               "Ich Bin Auslander," by Pop will Eat Itself, plays.

               Pete walks by and sees the homeless man who was wearing "the
               end is here" sign.  The homeless is dead on the street with a
               needle sticking out of his arm.  Pete gets away from him.  

               Across the street, is a kid walking while eating ice cream.  
               The kid is smiling.  His smile turns upside down when he
               encounters a dead body on the street.  He is in disgust. 
               After a few seconds, he licks his ice cream and continues

               A cop eating his Creme Delight donuts is arresting a kid who
               previously had the box of donuts.  

               Pete walks by all of these events.  He is confused like he's
               been here before.  Everything repeats except this time with
               slight differences.  

               At a glance, Pete sees the protesters protesting against Mr.
               Gilliam.  They are surrounded by uniformed men.  The
               uniformed men force the protesters inside the black van.

               Pete walks in the streets looking around.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The homeless man dies of an
                         overdose.  People dead on the
                         street.  Cops arresting people for
                         no reason.  Protesters being taken
                         away.  Someone is watching.  No
                         matter what, someone is watching.

               Pete turns around and sees "the masked figure" who is close
               to him.  He walks faster.  "The masked figure" appears in
               front of him.  Pete begins running in another direction.  

               Pete is by himself, and just when he thought it was safe, the
               figure stands next to him and grabs him.


               A GUARD from the hospital grabs Pete.

                         Alright buddy, settle down.

               Pete believes the guard is "the masked figure."  He
               struggles.  He tries to get away.  He hits the guard.  The
               guard calls for help.  Others come to help the guard.  They
               grab Pete and put him to the ground.  A nurse comes in with
               the needle and puts Pete to sleep.

               INT. SEDATED ROOM

               Pete is in another room.  Is the opposite of his regular
               room.  He has a strait jacket on.  He is all fried out
               because of the shot.  He is strapped to a chair.  

               Pete narrates at a lower pace.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Bunch of schizophrenics around
                         here.  That's what they have.  They
                         say I am one of them too.  There
                         are different kinds of
                         schizophrenia.  And different kinds
                         of symptoms.  Each person is
                         different.  But I'm not here to
                         talk about what schizophrenia is. 
                         I'm here to talk about how I can
                         get better.  I know I have a
                         problem, I admit it.  But I also
                         have hope.  Hope is a good thing. 
                         I remember when I was normal, don't
                         know exactly what happened.  Just
                         one day it hits you without a
                         warning.  We are a few, but our
                         numbers are rising.  A boy with one
                         arm once told me that when the end
                         is near, people will turn insane. 
                         All I know is that you got to have
                         some kind of hope.  And I hope,
                         that after I take those three
                         pills, things will get better.  A
                         lot better!!

               Bob interrupts Pete.

                         Hey Pete?


                         What are you doing here? Today is
                         the day!!

                         I know.  But I'm strapped here.  

                         Well, there's a big line out
                         there!!  And you're missing it.

               Bob is outside the room.

                         Well, get me out of here.

                         I can't do that Pete.  You gotta
                         call for some help.

                         Where's the help when you need it?

                         Man, everybody is busy.  It's chaos
                         out here.

                         I need to make it.  I need those
                         three pills.  

                         There's all kinds of doctors around
                         here.  There's even visitors
                         checking things out.

                         Is Doctor Stevenson here?

                         I haven't seen her yet.

                         Bob, I'm fucking scared.

                         Why are you scared?  This is the
                         day you were waiting for.  I mean
                         all this time you been bragging
                         about this day and about those
                         fucking pills.  

                         Fuck, I don't know.  I guess I'm a
                         little paranoid.

                         Paranoid? You look like a fucking
                         puppet.  That's what you are.

                         I am a puppet.

                         You just gotta cut the strings.

               Pete tries to get the strait jacket off.

                         The strings.

                         The strings.

                         The voices in my head are coming
                         back again.

                         Fuck those voices man. You're going
                         to get better.

                         I'm going to better, better.  Back
                         to normal, back to being like
                         everyone else.

                         Thoughts come and go Pete.  They go
                         here and there.  You got to be

                         Strong.  Everything is a puzzle to
                         me.  The pieces don't fit.  I'm
                         trying to make it fit.

                         You were never good with puzzles to
                         begin with. 

                         You're right.



                         You have to stop doing this to


                         This.  Talking to me. Thinking
                         thoughts about the past and the
                         future.  Talking all this nonsense. 
                         You're crazy Pete, you're totally
                         going insane.  I mean, haven't you

               Pete looks confused.

                         Everything you said, everything you
                         seen.  It's all in your head buddy.

                         All in my head.  All in my head.  

                         It's all in your head.

                         Everything I'm saying it's all in
                         my head.  Everything that I see,
                         it's all in my head.  It doesn't
                         make sense, because it's not real. 
                         I tried making sense out of it. 
                         But I failed.  There is no puzzle. 
                         No puzzle.  I don't make sense.  I
                         don't make sense.  I'm not making
                         any sense.  Bob?  

               Pete looks around for Bob.  Bob is not there.  Pete needs
               Bob.  He is insecure.

                         Bob?  I'm not making any sense.

               The nurse and a guard walk to Pete's room.

                         Mister Skolari?

               Pete is speechless.

                         Mister Skolari, it is time for you
                         to take your special medication.

               The guard releases Pete from his chair.  Pete gets up.  

                         You're going to feel a lot better
                         mister Skolari.  Bob will take you
                         where you need to go.

               Pete looks at the guard.  The guard has his name tag that
               says "Bob."  Pete looks at the name tag.  They both walk.  


               The guard and Pete walk down the hallway.  Pete narrates. 
               His narration is more poetic and more stranger than ever. It
               is inspired by "Doppelherz," the short film by Marilyn

                                   PETE (V.O)
                         Walking, walking is a journey one
                         must do themselves.  Walking to the
                         other side.  Faces look at me walk.
                         They are watching.  Watching every
                         move.  Maybe one day, they will
                         stop watching.  The shadows are
                         behind, I'm walking away.  The
                         shadows are way behind.  And I'm
                         walking away.  Everything that I'm
                         saying does not make sense. 
                         Everything that I'm saying does not
                         make sense.  Following orders, we
                         follow orders everyday.  If you
                         want to make it in this world, you
                         have to follow orders.  

               The guard leads Pete into the waiting room.  

               INT. THE WAITING ROOM

               There's a big line of patients getting ready to take the
               three pills.  The guard leaves Pete in the back of the line. 
               The patients resemble the people waiting in line in Pete's
               hallucinations.  Pete looks around the room.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I am standing in line.  Waiting
                         like everyone else. 
                         We been waiting in line for all of
                         our lives.  Waiting to reach our
                         turn.  Our turn and then we wait
                         again.  I am standing in line. 
                         Waiting like everyone else.  We
                         been waiting in line for all of our
                         lives.  Waiting to reach our turn. 
                         Our turn and then we wait again. 
                         Waiting for the three pills.  The
                         three pills that will make me

               The line moves a little.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Waiting for our turn.  Have some
                         patience.  Have some hope.  Hope is
                         a good thing.  Those who have hope
                         are the lucky ones.  Hope is a good
                         thing, those who have it, are the
                         lucky ones.

               Pete encounters Dr. Stevenson.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Doctor Stevenson is here,
                         everything appears in order.  Just
                         in waiting in line.  Waiting like
                         everyone else.  We been waiting in
                         line for all of our lives.  Waiting
                         to reach our turn.  Our turn and
                         then we wait again.

               The line continues to move. 

               Dr. Stevenson pulls a girl out of the line.  The girl is

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The mind is a magician full of
                         tricks.  Tricks that are hard to
                         understand.  But when you kill the
                         magician, the tricks are gone and
                         the fun is over.    

               Dr. Stevenson walks Sheela near the door that says,
               "faculty."  A nurse walks by and hands Dr. Stevenson a
               helmet.  She puts the helmet on Sheela.  Sheela begins to
               smile.  They go inside the door to the faculty room.

               Pete sees Mr. Munzer and few of his men walk into the waiting
               room.  They all go into the faculty room as well.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The mind is a magician full of
                         tricks.  Tricks that are hard to
                         understand.  But when you kill the
                         magician, the tricks are gone and
                         the fun is over. 

               A person who is staring at a wall, the same person staring at
               the wall earlier, begins to turn around.  He is Max The Loon.

               Pete sees him and begins to get paranoid.

               Max the Loon walks to a trash can near by and picks up a red
               baseball bat.  He also enters the faculty room.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The mind is full of tricks.  You
                         get to know all the tricks, the fun
                         is over, and there's nothing else
                         to look forward to.  When there's
                         nothing else to look forward to,
                         there's nothing else to live for. 
                         And if there's nothing else to live
                         for, then the end has arrived.

               The line moves forward.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         When all of your dreams become
                         true, reality will be destroyed.  

               Pete looks at the television screen,  Mr. Gilliam sits on a
               desk talking to the audience.  We have no idea what he is

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         When all of your dreams become
                         true, reality will be destroyed.  

               The line moves again.  Pete is almost there.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Three pills to make me better,
                         three pills to change my life. 
                         Three pills to make it all go away. 
                         The frustrations, the
                         hallucinations, the confusion. 
                         Three pills to make me better.  

               Woodchuck approaches a girl who is in front of Pete.

                         Excuse me?


                         What is this line for?

                         You're joking, right?

                         No.  I'm not.

                         You really don't know?
                         Hey Johnny, this guy doesn't know
                         what this line is for.

                         What a fucking idiot.  

                         Everybody knows what this line is

               Pete stares at them like he's been there before.  A dejavu
               for Pete.  The guard grabs Woodchuck and takes him away.  The
               line moves inside another room. 

               INT. EXAM ROOM

               A nurse hands Johnny a cup of water.  Another nurse, holding
               a pair of latex gloves, hands Johnny three yellow pills.

               A guard stands guarding an exit door.

               Johnny takes the pills.  The girl also gets her pills.

               Pete is the next in line.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The moment of truth.  The moment of
                         hope.  The moment has finally
                         arrived.  I am a monkey waiting for
                         my banana.  I am a robot waiting
                         for my battery.  I am a zombie
                         waiting for my brains.  I am Pete
                         Skolari, and I'm about to take
                         three pills to make me better.

               Music begins.

               Pete grabs a cup of water from the nurse.  The other nurse
               hands Pete three yellow pills.  Pete looks at his pills. 
               Pete puts one of the pills into his mouth.  Waters it down
               with water.  He swallows the second pill.  He looks up and
               there's a camera pointing at him.  Pete stares at the camera. 
               The guard and the nurse pressures Pete to hurry up.   He
               swallows the third pill.  He puts the cup in the trash and
               leaves the room through the "exit" door.

               INT. HALLWAY 

               Pete is on the other side of the door.  A guard awaits him
               there and guides him into his room.  Pete feels a little bit
               dizzy.  Pete walks by other patients who are also dizzy. 
               Some of them are on the floor, not moving a bone.  Others
               walk slow.  The rest of the patients are in their rooms
               laying down. 

               INT. PETE'S HOSPITAL ROOM

               Pete finally reaches his room.  The guard leaves him there. 
               Pete walks for a bit in his room.  He sees his diary.  He
               opens it and begins writing.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         It is done.  It is done.  Looking
                         forward to the future.  Looking
                         forward to the future.  Days on the
                         lakes, eating ice cream.  Cruising
                         down the street.  Looking forward
                         to the future.  I am feeling weak. 
                         It's probably the side effects. 
                         When the side effects are over, I
                         will be a different person.  I will
                         be a different person.  I feel like
                         I'm in a coma.  Feels like a big

               Pete falls down and drops his journal.   He gets up.  Pete
               sits down in his chair.  

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         I am falling into a coma.  When you
                         see me, I will no longer be here. 
                         I am falling into a coma.  When you
                         see me, I will no longer be here. 
                         I am falling into a coma.  When you
                         see me, I will no longer be here. 
                         I am falling into a coma. When you
                         see me, I will no longer be here. 
                         I will be a different person.  

               Pete grabs the journal from the ground.  He flips the pages
               to the first page.  He reads.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         My name is Pete Skolari.  I'm Pete

               He flips a couple of pages forward.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         Sometimes you got to remind
                         yourself that everything is going
                         to be alright.  Everything is going
                         to be alright.  You are going to
                         get better.  You are going to get a
                         lot better.  

               Pete looks up and says his final words.

                                   PETE (V.O.)
                         The future is just around the
                         corner.   I just got to have hope. 
                         I'm looking forward to the future.

               Pete collapses.  His journal drops to the floor again.

               We PULL away from the room and we are now in the hallway.


               We See Pete's body laying on the chair.   

               A pair of feet runs across.  Few moments later, another pair
               of feet passes by.  The camera PANS up and another patient
               runs across.  While we SEE, Pete's room in the background, a
               little patient runs.  It is Glimpy.  We follow Glimpy. 
               Glimpy runs along the hallway and he is encountered by a
               couple of other patients who happen to be, Chuckz and Smiley. 
               They call his name.

                         Hey Glimpy, come over here.

               Glimpy stops and walks towards them.

                         Hey Glimpy, where are you running

               Glimpy with his kid-like voice answers.

                         Away, somewhere.  

                         What you got there?

                         Just my sack of marbles.

               Glimpy pulls out some marbles from his sack.

               Smuck comes out of a hole from underneath.  

                         Alright boys, get moving.

               Chuckz and Smiley walk towards the hole.

               Smuck talks to Glimpy.

                         Hey, Glimpy?  Do you want to come
                         with us?  We found the perfect
                         place down here.  Nobody will find

               Glimpy is undecided.

                         I don't know.  I just, I..

                         Come on Glimpy, it will be alright. 
                         Besides, you don't want to be up
                         here and see the world end, do you?

                         No, I guess not.

                         Say you like marbles?

                         Yes I do.

                         Well, I found some more marbles
                         down here.  Let's go.

               Chuckz and Smiley step down into the hole.

               Glimpy looks back at the hallway, then he decides.


               Glimpy approaches Smuck and looks at the hole.

                         It's dark in there.

                         Don't worry, that's just the
                         basement.  There's plenty of lights
                         underneath that.

               Smuck pats Glimpy's shoulders.

                         Besides Glimpy, we're going to have
                         a very bright future.  You'll see. 
                         A bright future indeed.

               Glimpy smiles.  

                                                                CUT TO:

               CLOSING CREDITS

               "Clint Eastwood," by Gorillaz, plays.

                                                              FADE OUT.

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