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               Written by Alan Murphy

               Copyright  2011


                                                               FADE IN:

               INT. - BEDROOM - MORNING

               PHONE RINGS -- James wakes up and looks at his phone.
               "Unknown Caller." He answers.

                         Hey, who's this?

               The person on the other end of the phone hangs up.

               James, gets up and gets dressed. He then leaves the house, to
               head for the store and notices a black car slowly following
               him. He calls his brother.

               EXT. - OUTSIDE - MORNING

               James asks his brother to pick him up at the store. He hangs
               up the phone, and walks to the store.

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. - LIVING ROOM - MORNING

               John hangs up his phone, and kisses his fiancee and baby
               daughter. He leaves the house and enters his car.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. - OUTSIDE - MORNING

               John pulls up in front of the store and notices the black
               car. James exits the store, and the car speeds off.

               James enters the car.

               INT. - CAR - MORNING

               John puts the music down low.

                         Who do you think that was?

                             (looking scared)
                         I don't know John.. But shit been
                         happening recently.

                         You think it's Fra--

                         ..Nah I paid Frank a while back..

                         We'll go see him then.. See if he
                         can help us out.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. - OUTSIDE - MORNING

               They both leave John's car, and head to Frank's door. They
               knock on the door, and Frank Jr answers. He brings them
               inside the house, and points to the living room. James enters
               the living room while Frank Jr entertains John.

               James walks up and sits down next to Frank.

                         Frank, I need a favor.

                         I can't help you.

                         So you haven't heard anything.

                         This isn't my business.. I won't
                         get involved.

                         Anything you want Frank -- I just
                         need some help

               Frank stands up, and goes to pour him and James a drink.

               Frank hands James the drink and sits down again.

                         Look James. I'm getting old, and
                         slowly dying. I'm done with all
                         this bullshit.

                         You've been like a father to us
                         Frank --

                         ..But, I'm not. I'm not your, or
                         John's father, so this doesn't
                         concern me.

               James finishes his drink, stands up and starts to walk away.

                                   FRANK (CONT'D)
                         Don't walk away from me James..

                         Why not Frank? You don't want
                         nothing to do with us now.

               He leaves the room, and finds John on his way out. They both
               leave the house.

               Frank Jr enters the living room and looks out the window, as
               both brothers enter the car and drive off.

                                   FRANK JR
                         What do you want me to do with

                         Just keep an eye on them, nothing

                                   FRANK JR
                         Alright Dad. You rest up, I'll come
                         back later.

               Frank Jr, leaves the house and enters the all black car.

                                                               FADE TO:

               THE NEXT DAY

               James wakes John up early to get ready for his Wedding. They
               both look excited. John gives James the ring to hold. They
               both start getting ready.

                         You ready?

                         A little nervous, but it's an
                         excited nervous.

                         Yeah, you'll be fine --

               James looks at his speech.

                         How about you -- you ready?

                         Oh this(placing down the speech).
                         Yeah I'm ready.

                                                               FADE TO:

               CHURCH - MORNING

               We see John's fiancee Mia walking down the aisle, looking

               They both exchange vows, put the rings on, and kiss.

               WEDDING HALL - NIGHT

               Everyone is dancing. John is talking to his Dad.

                         Your Mom would have loved this.

                         I know Dad. We all miss her.

               John asks someone to take the drink off his Dad, and his Dad
               leaves. Mia enters.

               John and Mia kiss.

                         I love you John.

               John notices James being pushed into the bathroom in the
               distance. He pushes Mia off him and runs towards the

               Inside the bathroom, James is talking with two gentlemen. One
               being Frank Jr.

               John tries to open the bathroom door, but it's locked.

               Frank Jr, opens the door and lets John inside, locking it

                         What's this?

                                   FRANK JR
                         Your brother here John.. Didn't pay
                         my Dad, the full amount..

               James who is being held back by the other man, tries to break
               out of it.


                                   FRANK JR
                         That's right James.. You still owe
                         my father money. So we're here to

                         So it is you.

                         I thought you paid Frank, James.

                         I did John, don't listen to what
                         this prick has to say.

                                   FRANK JR
                         There was no need for that. But
                         I'll be in touch.

                         There's no reason to be in touch,
                         because I paid him Frank..

               Frank Jr, unlocks the door, and both men leave James and John
               in the bathroom.

                         You gonna tell me what the fucks
                         going on here James?

                         Why would I lie John? I paid Frank.

                         We'll visit Frank then.

                         Tomorrow. This is your Wedding.

               Both of them leave the bathroom and join the party again.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. - OUTSIDE HOUSE - MIDNIGHT

               James exits a car with a female. They both walk up to his
               door, and he opens it. James walks in first, and flicks on
               the light. GUNSHOT goes off and James falls to the floor.
               Another GUNSHOT goes off and she falls to the floor. The man,
               runs off, in to a car, speeding away.

               A neighbor runs over, and she calls an ambulance. James is
               moving, but the female is still -- laying in the pile of
               blood on the floor.

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. - HOSPITAL - MORNING

               James is up in his bed, recovering well. The doctor walks in
               and announces that the female didn't make it.

               He leaves, just as John enters.

                             (looking concerned)
                         What happened man..How you feeling?

                         I'm good, they just got my arm.

                         You know who it was?

                         Couldn't tell..

                         Right..I'm going to see Frank --

               John walking out of the the room.


               John walks out of the hospital and in to his car.

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. - FRANK'S HOUSE - MORNING

               Frank wakes up, hearing Banging on his door. He quickly puts
               on a robe, and goes downstairs. He answers the door.

               John walks inside, looking mad.

                         Why'd you do it Frank? I should
                         fucking kill you right here..

                         What you talking about John?
                         Where's James?

                         He's laid up in the hospital,
                         because of what you did.

                         Sit down John -- Now. I didn't do
                         anything, I don't know what's going

                         Your son, came to visit James, at
                         my wedding, saying he owes money to

                         Yeah. I didn't get the full amount -

                         -- So, you try and have him killed?

                         You know I wouldn't do that to you
                         boys. I love the both of you.

                                   FRANK (CONT'D)
                         And if you think I did this, go
                         ahead and finish me.

               Frank places a gun on the table next to John.

               John picks it up, and walks out the house with it.

                                   FRANK (CONT'D)
                         Don't go doing anything you'll

               John enters his car and drives off.

               THE NEXT DAY

               John takes James to his house.

                         You'll stay with me for a while.

                         I don't need too, I'm fine.

                         Nah -- I don't wanna hear no

               John and James sit down in the living room.

                                   JOHN (CONT'D)
                         Listen James, it's Frank..

                         Are you sure?

                         I'm positive it's Frank.

               John hands James the gun Frank gave him.

                                   JOHN (CONT'D)
                         You or me?

                         This is mine.

               James stands up, and tucks the gun in his shirt.

                                   JAMES (CONT'D)
                         Can I borrow the car?

                         You want me to drive?

                         Nah -- I can take care of myself.

               James leaves the house with the car keys.

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. - FRANK'S HOUSE - DAY

               James enters Frank's house slowly, bringing out his gun. He
               creeps up to Frank sitting in his chair, facing the other

                         I've been waiting..

               Frank swiftly turns around in his chair, holding papers in
               his hand, but James shoots him.

               He drops the gun, and takes the papers off Frank.

               Frank, still alive.

                                   FRANK (CONT'D)
                         It was all John.

                             (confused & shocked)
                         John -- Frank, I'm sorry.

                         I loved you like my son.

               Frank dies. James, picking up the gun, runs out the house and
               into the car, speeding.

               He quickly gets back to John's, bursting through the front

                         JOHN! -- JOHN!!

               John comes out with a gun of his own.

               James, looking hurt and confused, stares at John and the gun.

                         Before you ask why -- let me tell
                         you. You're a disease James. You
                         got me involved with the wrong
                         people, and made my life hell.
                         After mother died, I had to look
                         after you, but you didn't help with

                         So you try and kill me?

                         You deserve to die James. You're
                         nothing to this world, you wouldn't
                         be missed. And now, I'm going to
                         end you.

               John tries to fire off a bullet, but James is quicker,
               shooting and killing his brother John.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. - OUTSIDE - NIGHT

               The rain is pouring down outside.

               James enters a bar, and asks for a drink.

               He starts drinking, and in walks Frank Jr, with 3 other guys.

               The bar clears, and it's just James and them.

               James has his back to Frank Jr.

                         I'm sorry Frank.

                                   FRANK JR
                         You know this has to happen.

               James stands up, puts on his jacket and turns around.

               Frank Jr, shoots him in the head.

               The 4 men leave the bar, being followed by the camera until
               they reach outside. Still pouring rain they drive off in a
               car. The camera slowly starts to look up to the sky and
               finally into darkness.

               The end.
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Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft, Inc.

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