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               CHAPTER 3

               The Family Man

               Written By: Matt Layden


               INT. HOUSE - MORNING

               Greg sits at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and
               eating breakfast. His wife, Joan is making some coffee. A
               young boy at girl, both looking at the age of 8 sit at the
               table as well eating Lucky Charms. The boy's name is Alex
               and the girl's name is Sandra.

                         Are you going to come to my play
                         tonight daddy?

                         I'll be there honey. Don't worry.

                         Yeah, you always say that, but
                         you never show up.

                         But Daddy, you promised.

                         He always promises and he always
                         breaks them.

                         Alex, be quite. Darling, I'll be

               Greg looks over to Alex.

                                   GREG (CONT'D)
                         I promise.

               Joan walks over to the kitchen table and sits down with a
               cup of hot coffee in her hand.

                         I'll be there honey.

                         You're always there, I want daddy
                         to come.

                         Sandra, I already said that I was
                         going to be there.


                         Hurry up and finish or you'll
                         miss the bus.

                                                              CUT TO:

               EXT. HOUSE - MORNING

               The school bus is sitting in front of the house with the
               doors open waiting for the two kids. Alex is walking
               towards the bus and Joan is zipping up Sandra's jacket.


               They kiss each other on both sides of the cheek. 

                         Bye baby.

                         Bye mommy.

               Sandra runs towards the bus. Joan stands in front of the
               door frame watching the bus drive away. Greg walks up
               behind Joan and kisses her neck.

                         So help me Greg, if you don't
                         show up.

               He stops.

                         I'll be there.

                         And what do you want me to tell
                         them when you don't. You're not
                         the one who has to see the look
                         on their faces when you miss
                         their baseball game
                         Or school play.

               Joan walks back into the house. Greg stands there thinking
               about the comment Joan has just said.

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. HOUSE - MORNING

               Joan is cleaning up the kitchen and Greg is wearing a suit.
               He grabs a briefcase and kisses Joan on the lips. Greg runs
               out the door and into his car.

               Joan looks out the window as Greg drives away to go to
               work. He waves and honks the horn before he leaves. She
               closes her eyes as a tear falls down her face.

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. OFFICE - EVENING

               Greg is in a cubical doing random paper work and computer
               typing. Evan, Greg's boss walks up into his cubical.

                         Hey Greg, how are ya today?

                         I'm fine Evan. Just doing the
                         daily reports.

                         You hear about Juan?

                         No, what happened?

               Greg stops his work and turns around to face Evan.

                         He fell down the stares, he's in
                         the hospital. 

                         You're kidding? Is he okay?

                         Bumps and bruises. But it's
                         serious enough for him not to be
                         here today.
                         Which is why I'm here to see you.

                         No, I'm sorry Evan, but no can
                         do. Ive got to go to my
                         daughter's school play tonight.
                         There is absolutely no chance of
                         me staying here overnight.

                         Listen Greg. We've got a lot of
                         backed up work since December. We
                         need to get these logs out to our
                         distributors before we get heel
                         from the big guy upstairs. 

                         Why can't you get Lenny to do it?

                         No can do, he's taking care of
                         the Mendez file.

                         Well what about Carl?

                         He's helping Lenny. Seriously
                         those two are always working on
                         projects together, you know that.
                         The Mendez file is too big for
                         one person. Listen Greg, if there
                         was anyone else I would, but I'm
                         sorry, there just isn't. You're
                         going to have to do it. 

               Evan walks away before Greg can say anything.


               Greg looks at the picture of Sandra and Alex on his desk.
               He then  proceeds to pick up the phone. Greg dials his home
               number and Joan answers it.

                         I knew it...

                         Listen, it whouldn't take me too

                         No, you know what, you're not
                         getting out that easy. If you
                         want to skip out on them, you
                         tell them yourself.

               Sandra is in the kitchen trying on a princess outfit. Joan
               calls for her to pick up the phone. Sandra picks up the
               phone located in the Kitchen.

                         Daddy? Daddy I'm a princess. It's
                         pink and I got a tiara and a
                         princess wand. 

                         That's great darling. Listen

               Sandra cuts him off.

                         Where are you daddy? The show
                         starts in two hours.

                         Yeah, I know darling. Listen, I
                         don't think I'll be able to make
                         it tonight.

                         But you promised.

                         I know darling, I know I did. But
                         there is all this work and no one
                         else can do it.

                         You never keep your promises,

               Sandra slams the phone done and runs into her room crying.
               Alex stands in the living room and looks over to Joan.

                         I told you so, way to go.

                         Oh God. I really screwed up
                         didn't I?

                         Yes, you do it. Don't bother
                         coming home tonight, with all
                         that work that you have.

               Joan hands up the phone. Greg sits on the other end, with
               the phone to his ear, listening to the dial tone.

                         God dammit.

               Greg hangs up the phone and begins to type at his work.

                                                            FADE OUT:

               INT. OFFICE - NIGHT

               The clock is ticking, it's 30 minutes till Sandra's school
               No one is in the office except for Greg, who is typing a
               mile a minute at his computer. He stops to take a breather.
               He looks over at the picture of his daughter and son once
               more. Greg picks it up and holds it. He takes the picture
               out of the frame and reads the back. It reads:

               "Joan, Alex and Sandra At Cottage, 1999"

               Greg look at the picture once again.

                         I'm never around...

               Greg places the picture back on the desk and takes his
               jacket off the chair. He leaves the computer on and runs
               for the elevator. He grabs his cell phone and dials Joan's

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. SCHOOL - NIGHT.

               Joan is sitting in the audience with Alex, Sandra is
               backstage getting ready for the play. She hears the phone
               ringing, it's the Superman Theme Song. Joan sees that it's
               Greg calling and rolls her eyes.

                         What is it now?

                         Put her on the phone.

                         She is backstage Greg, what do
                         you want?

                         I'm on my way.

                         What do you mean you're on your

                         I'm on my way, I'm making this
                         one. Look, I know I haven't been
                         around because of work, but
                         that's going to change. I want to
                         be apart of this family again.

                         I'll believe it when I see it
                         Greg. If this is true, you have
                         less the 30 minutes to get here.

                         I'm on my way.

               Greg closes his cell phone and gets off the elevator and
               into his car.

               INT. CAR - BASEMENT.

               Greg gets into his car and races out of the buildings
               parking basement.

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. SCHOOL - NIGHT.

               Alex looks over at his mother.

                         Is he coming?

                         He says he will be here. But we
                         have to wait and see if he shows

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. CAR - NIGHT.

               Greg is racing to the school to see his daughter in her
               school play. There is no one else on the road, he runs
               though red lights to get their quicker.

                         I'll make it. I'm going to make
                         it. I've still got...

               Greg checks his watch.

                                   GREG (CONT'D)
                         20 or so more minutes.

               Greg turns onto James street and speeds up. He is able to
               see a set of headlights heading towards him in another
               direction. The headlights are getting closer and closer. A
               car suddenly speeds across Greg, Greg hits the rear end of
               the car. 

                         Oh Shit.

               Greg loses control of his car and directly hit the car that
               was heading towards him.
               The car that was hit on the tail end swerves out of control
               and hits a ditch a few yards down from the accident. The
               two cars that hit each other head on are destroyed. Greg
               hits head on the steering wheel and covers his head in

                         Fuck. Oh shit. God dammit.

               Greg takes off his seat belt and exits his car. 

               EXT. STREET - NIGHT.

               Greg stumbles back and forth, he's injured. There is blood
               on his forehead. He slowly walks towards the front of his
               car. He inspects the damage.


               Greg looks over at the other car, no one has gotten out

                         Hey, Hey buddy. Are you okay?

               The man in the other steps out. There is blood all over his
               face. His shirt is bloody and he's seriously injured.

                         Jesus Christ man. You need to go
                         to a hospital?

               The other driver takes out a gun and shoots Greg in the
               chest. Greg falls to the ground. The man goes back into his
               car and takes out a screw driver. He proceeds to unscrew
               the license plates of his car. Greg is gasping for air.

                         Help me...please.

               The man doesn't listen to him. Instead he takes out a can
               of gasoline and pours it over his car and on the inside. He
               takes out his lighter and sets the car on fire, then throws
               his lighter inside the car. The man runs away into the
               darkness leaving Greg there to die.

                         Sandra...I'm sorry. I love you...

               Robert is heard yelling to see if Greg is okay. 

                         Are you okay? Help is on the way.

               Greg doesn't respond, he cannot talk. He gurgles blood and
               holds on tight to Robert.

                         It's going to be okay man. I've
                         called the police, they're on
                         their way. 

               Robert looks in Greg's eyes.

                         You're going to be okay, trust
                         me. Okay? Do you hear me? Can you
                         hear me? What's your name? If you
                         can hear me what's your name?

               Greg isn't able to say his name. 

                         Fuck....what the hell. I'm sorry
                         man. I'm so sorry.

               Greg dies slowly in Roberts arms. Robert closes the Greg's
               eyes and holds him close to this body. A police officer is
               seen down the street, he runs towards the accident.

                         Jesus Christ.

               Nick draws out his gun and runs towards the two cars. He
               sees Robert holding Greg

                         Freeze, this is the police.

               Robert holds his hands up.

                         I didn't say hold your hands up I
                         said freeze.

               Robert puts his arms back down.

                         No, put them back up, you already
                         had them up, so leave them up.

               Robert put his arms back up.

                         Now step away from the body,

               Robert slowly gets up from the ground and turns around. I

                         Listen man, I called this in.
                         This guy was in an accident then
                         he was shot.

                         Shut up, we'll wait for back-up.

               Suddenly Michael shows up, out of breath.

                         What are you doing here?

                         I've come for the accident.

                         What about the body, the car, the
                         building and the drug addict?

               Michael stops to think.

                         Oh, shit.

               Michael begins to run back to the police car.

                         Listen, I don't care if you
                         called in the police or not. I
                         simply want you to step aside and
                         lay on the ground with your arms
                         spread out.

                         Okay, okay.

               Robert does as Nick says. When Robert lays on the ground,
               the car finally explodes. Nick falls to the ground and
               Robert covers his body as best he can. Nick gets up to see
               the damage. Greg's body is covered in car parts and flames.

                         Shit. Hey you.


               Robert looks up at Nick.

                         Get out of there.

               Robert crawls out of the wreckage area and into safety.
               Robert sits there, with blood on his hands and burn marks
               on him. Nick and Robert both sit there look at the flames
               flicker in the night.

               End of Chapter 3

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