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               FADE IN: 
               There is a college Halloween party taking place.  The room 
               is smoky, with about a dozen college kids having fun.  A 
               girl, APRIL, early 20's, goth-like, is staring out the window 
               at the fake cemetery in the front yard.  Nearby, TWO FEMALES 
               are talking about April.
                                     FEMALE 1
                         I heard she used to be this 'straight 
                         A, on her way to Harvard' type.
                                     FEMALE 2
                         I know someone who went to high school 
                         with her.  He says that she's totally 
                                     FEMALE 1
                         If some psycho killed you're little 
                         brother, you'd go a little nuts, 
                                     FEMALE 2
                         Yeah, that's too bad.  I'm glad Adam 
                         talked her into throwing this party, 
                         though.  Nothing like Halloween at 
                         Goth Queen's house.
               The two females mingle with the other students and disappear 
               into the crowd.  Adam, early 20's, jock type, emerges from 
               the crowd with his eyes on April.  He looks down at a picture 
               in his hand.
               INSERT - THE PICTURE
               The photo is of Adam and April.  Adam is in his high school 
               letterman's jacket, and April is holding up an academic award.  
               The April in the picture is happy and a totally different 
               person than the depressed April at the party.
               BACK TO SCENE
               Adam walks over to April.  He sets the picture on the window 
               seal.  April looks down at it.
                         Remember them?
                         Yeah, I remember them.
                         What happened to them?
                         Well, the girl died.  The same time 
                         as my brother.
               April looks back out the window.  Adam picks up the picture, 
               and leans real close to April's ear.
                                     ADAM (whispering)
                         You're wrong.  They're not dead.  
                         Just sleeping.
               Adam turns to leave her.  April grabs his arm and stops him.
                         Help me to wake them.
               She lets go.  She watches his reflection in the window nod 
               at her and then leave.  She then focuses on her reflection 
               in the window.
                                     APRIL (whispering) (CONT'D)
                         What did happen to you?
               Her reflection winks back at her, but April did not wink.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
               April keeps staring at her reflection, but it does not do 
               anything else.  A hand grabs April's shoulder from behind.  
               She spins around with a CRY.  It is her friend, JAMIE.  
               Female, early 20's, spunky.
                         Whoa!  It's just me, sweetie.
                         Sorry, I just got spooked.
                              (April glances at her 
                         It being Halloween, and all.
                         It's okay, I'll survive.  You looked 
                         so lonely over here, I thought I'd 
                         come ant talk before I went home.  
                         Are you alright?
                         I'm fine.  It's just my damn memory.  
                         If it would just shut up and forget 
                         all the bad stuff.
                         Does this have anything to do with 
                         No, it doesn't have anything to do 
                         with Adam.  I wish everyone would 
                         get off my back about Adam.  Our 
                         relationship is over.  It wouldn't 
                         work between us, anyway.
                         Why not?
                         Because I don't want it to.
               There is an awkward moment of silence, and April goes back 
               to staring out the window.  It starts raining.
                         I care for you, April.  You're like 
                         a sister to me.  I just want to know 
                         if there is anything I can do to 
                         help you.
                         Just be a friend, Jamie.  Just be 
               Rod, Jamie's boyfriend comes over.  He grabs Jamie and kisses 
               her hard.
                         How's that for supportive?
                         You support April like that, and 
                         I'll be cracking more nuts than just 
                              (to April)
                         If there is anything I can do for 
                         you, April.
                         I know, you're here for me.
               Rod is all over Jamie.  Kissing her neck, rubbing her legs 
               and chest.
                         You've got it, baby, but first I 
                         have to tame the wild beast here.
                         Alright!  Finally this party is 
                         getting good!
               Jamie looks at the clock.  It's getting late.
                         Oh, crap!  I have to go to work early 
                         tomorrow.  I've got to go home and 
                         get some sleep.
                         And this effects 'taming the wild 
                         beast' how?
                         It means that the beast will have to 
                         tame itself tonight.  You've had 
                         plenty of practice at that before 
                         you met me, right?
                         That's harsh.
                              (to April)
                         Will you come visit me after your 
                         classes tomorrow?
                         I'll be there.  Be careful walking 
                         I only live a few blocks away.
                         I know, but it's been raining off 
                         and on all night.
                         Thanks mom, I'll be sure to watch 
                         out for the killer rain drops from 
               Jamie and Rod exchange good-bye kisses, and Jamie leaves the 
               house as she waves to April.
               EXT. STREET -- MOMENTS LATER
               Empty, dark, the sidewalks and street are wet, but it has 
               stopped raining.  Dark houses line the street.  Jamie is 
               walking by herself.  A streetlight flickers.  BARKING DOGS 
               can be heard in the distance.
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
               Jamie turns and looks into the shadows behind her.  No one 
               can be seen.  A sad MOANING is heard.
                         Hello?  Is anyone there?
               Silence answers.  She starts walking again at a faster pace.
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
               She spins around, but again sees just an empty street.
                         Where are you?
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
                         Everywhere.  You can't get away.  
                         I've come for you.
               Jamie is scared.
                         Who the fuck are you?
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
                         I'm a collector.
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
                         I've come to collect you.  Your time 
                         has come.
               The voice LAUGHS hideously.
                         Fuck you!
               Jamie runs down the street.  The puddles that she passes 
               shimmer in the moonlight giving off reflections of Jamie 
               running.  Puddle after puddle.
               A grotesque hand reaches out of one of the puddles, and grabs 
               Jamie's ankle.  She falls face first into a much larger puddle 
               on the sidewalk.
               She looks back to see what tripped her, but sees nothing.  
               She looks at her reflection in the puddle.  She is bleeding 
               from a gash on her forehead.
               She SCREAMS.  Two arms reach out of the puddle, grab her, 
               and pull her into the puddle.  Her screams stop.  Jamie is 
               EXT. APRIL'S HOUSE -- NIGHT
               The fake cemetery is still in the front yard.  A police car 
               drives up the street.  It pulls into the driveway of April's 
               house.  RANDAL, late 40's, stocky, gets out of the car.  A 
               few students are leaving through the fake cemetery.  Randal 
               enters the house.
               The living room is a complete college party mess.  Randal 
               closes the front door.  April is cleaning up the mess.
                         Hi princess.
               April puts a half filled cup of beer into her plastic garbage 
               bag.  She turns too look at Randal.
                         Hi dad.  How was your night?
               April goes back to picking up the trash.
                         Oh, it was alright.  Had a drug bust, 
                         and an attempted suicide, but this 
                         one case freaked me out.
                         What happened?
                         This girl, about your age, 
                         accidentally electrocuted herself in 
                         her bathroom with her curling iron.
                         This happened at night?
                         Yep, about three hours ago.  Strange 
                         thing is, I think she was murdered.
                         Why is that?
                         I was the first one there.  When I 
                         got there; I found a note.  It was 
                         lying on the counter in the bathroom.  
                         I couldn't read it at first.  It 
                         took me a minute to realize that it  
                         was written backward.  I put it to 
                         the mirror and I read it perfectly.
                         So, it was like one of those kid 
                         Yeah, exactly.  Anyway, it said, 
                         "You can't run from your reflection."
                         Sounds like a suicide note to me.
                         I put the note back down on the 
                         counter.  No one went into the 
                         bathroom, but when the next guy showed 
                         up, I was going to show him.  The 
                         note was gone.
                         That's impossible.
                         I don't know.  Someone had to have 
                         gotten in there.  I'm feeling a little 
                         tired, and a little freaked out.  
                         Can you handle this mess by yourself?
                         Of course I can.
               Randal walks up the stairs to his bedroom.
               INT. RANDAL'S BEDROOM -- NIGHT
               Large space, tidy.  Randal wakes up from a nightmare.
                         Holy Christ!  Damn!
               His wife, Sue, early 40's, attractive, is lying next to him.  
               He wakes her up.
                         Are you alright, honey?
                         Yeah.  Damn.  Just a crazy dream.
                         What was it about?
               Randal sits up in the bed.
                         It was about Jeffory Kizor.
                         Oh my God, I'm sorry, honey.
                         Yeah.  I've got to go to the bathroom.
               Randal gets up and walks to the bathroom door.  Sue rolls 
               over.  Randal passes a mirror setting up on the dresser.
               JEFFORY KIZOR, dead and rotted, is in the mirror watching 
               INT. BATHROOM -- CONTINUOUS
               Ordinary, white with a fish theme.  Randal enters and walks 
               to the sink.  He looks into the mirror over the sink.
                         It was just a dream, you chicken 
               Randal turns the water faucet on.  Water SPLASHES into the 
               sink.  He catches some water in his cupped hands, and splashes 
               it on his face.
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
                         Who said it was a dream?
               Randal pulls his hands away from his face, and looks into 
               the mirror.  Blood, not water, is covering his face.
                         Holy shit!
               Randal blinks, and the water is back.
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
                         Was that a dream?
               Randal turns and scans the bathroom.  No one else is there.
                         Who the hell said that?
               The shower curtain is partly closed.  Randal walks over, 
               reaches out, and pulls it back.  There is nothing there.
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
                         You did.
               Randal spins around from the shower.  He looks at his 
               reflection in the mirror.
                              (to himself)
                         Am I going crazy?
               Randal's reflection smiles at him, and starts LAUGHING.  
               Randal backs away from the mirror.  His heels hit the base 
               of the bathtub.  He puts his hands to his ears.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         Stop laughing!  Stop it!
               Someone begins POUNDING on the bathroom door.
                                     SUE (O.S.)
                         Honey, are you alright?
               The laughing stops.  Randal looks back at the mirror, and 
               watches as his reflection morphs into Jeffory Kizor.
                         Oh shit.  I'm still dreaming.
                         No.  You're not.
               Randal SCREAMS.  Jeffory leaps halfway out of the mirror, 
               and grabs Randal.  Jeffory pulls Randal close to his face.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Are you scared?
               Outside the bathroom door, Sue continues to POUND on the 
                         Randy, what's going on?  You're 
                         scaring me.
                              (so only Randal can 
                         There's more where that came from, 
                         babe.  I'm going to get her, Randy-
                         boy.  I'm going to get all of you, 
                         but I want to play first.
               Jeffory throws Randal down.  Randal's head bounces off the 
               toilet with a LOUD THUD.  Randal crumples to the floor, 
               unconscious.  Blood pools around his head.
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- MORNING
               Cold, white, and boring.  Randal is lying in the bed.  He 
               has a bandage around his head and tubes going in his nose to 
               help him breathe.  April and Sue are in the room.  A DOCTOR 
                         Randal has suffered from a serious 
                         blow to the head.  He has a very 
                         serious concussion, and a bruise on 
                         his cerebellum.  He is in a coma.
                         Oh my God.
               Sue falls down into her chair.
                         If it makes anyone feel better, in 
                         instances like this, the comas usually 
                         only last a few days.  A week at 
                         most.  There is a very good chance 
                         that he is going to be fine.
                         But there is also a chance that he 
                         won't come out of it.  So quit giving 
                         us this 'everything's going to be 
                         fine' bullshit.
                         April!  That's no way to-
                              (interrupting Sue)
                         No, mom, don't even start.  This 
                         world sucks.  Happy endings don't 
                         exist.  Stanley's dead, and now dad's 
                         going to die.  We're all going to 
               April leaves the room, SLAMMING the door.
                         I'm sorry, Doctor.  She's just upset.
                         It's okay, I've seen worse.  Go after 
                         her, before she gets worse.  I'll 
                         take care of Randal.
               Sue shakes the doctor's hand, and leaves the room.
               Long, white.  Gourneys and doors like the hallway.  There is 
               an elevator at the end of the hallway.  The elevator doors 
               are mirrors.  April is walking to the elevator.  She pushes 
               the elevator button, and turns her back to the elevator to 
               wait for it.
               There are nurses and patients walking the hall, but no one 
               pays attention to April.  April's reflection in the mirror 
               door turns around and looks at April's back.  The reflection's 
               eyes are an unnatural red.  April's reflection reaches out 
               of the mirror, and as the arm passes into the real world, it 
               becomes Jeffery Kizor's arm.  The finger tips are about to 
               touch her shoulder, when the elevator DINGS, and begins to 
               open.  The arms quickly go back into the mirror, and the 
               reflection turns to normal as April turns around.  The 
               elevator doors open, and it is empty.
                         April!  Wait!
               Sue is running down the hall towards April.  April waits for 
               her, and they enter the elevator together.
               EXT. COLLEGE CAMPUS -- DAY
               There are trees and bushes making the campus look nice.  
               Several buildings litter the campus.  April walks out of one 
               of the buildings with a group of other student.  Rod is 
               waiting at the bottom of the steps on his motorcycle.  He 
               gets off his bike and walks to April.
                         Rod, I'm not in the mood for any of 
                         you shit.  My dad is in the hospital, 
                         and I'm in a very pissy mood.
                         Have you seen Jamie?
                         No, not since last night.  What's 
                         the matter?
                         Her mom called me and told me that 
                         she never came home last night.
                         What?  But she left the party to go 
                         home and sleep.
                         I know.  Something must have happened 
                         to her.
                         Look, I'm supposed to go visit her 
                         at work.  I was going there now, 
                         maybe she's there.  You can come 
                         with me.
                         Alright, but she would have gone 
                         home last night.
               INT. PHOTO LAB -- LATER
               Photos litter the counter.  Cameras line the shelves, and 
               film.  There is an OLD MAN at the counter.  He is the only 
               customer in the store.  A young woman, SHELLY, young and 
               hot, behind the counter is helping the old man.
                         Can I help you, sir?
               The old man puts a roll of film on the counter.
                                     OLD MAN
                         Yes, I'd like to have these pictures 
               Shelly takes the roll from the old man.
                         Alrighty, we'll have them done for 
                         you in an hour.
                                     OLD MAN
                         Thank you, youngster.
                         Have a nice day.
               The old man leave out the door.  As he is leaving, April and 
               Rod come into the store.  The rush up to Shelly.
                                     SHELLY (CONT'D)
                         Hey!  Adam was just here looking for 
                         you, April.
                         Have you seen Jamie today?
                         No, she didn't show up for work today.  
                         I have to work a double for her lazy 
                         Fuck!  Damn it!
                         Is there something wrong?
                         Her mom called me early this morning.  
                         She never made it home.
                         Oh no!  Have you talked to the police?
                         Fuck the police!  I'm going to find 
                         her and take care of whoever's behind 
                         it, my way.
               He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a switchblade.  
               He pops the blade.
                         Get out of here with that, Rod.  
                         You're going to get me in trouble.
                         Rod, I can go to some of my dad's 
                         friends at work.  They'll help us.
               Rod leaves the store.
                         Well, there goes a loose cannon.  
                         He's going to get someone hurt.
                         I've got to go.  Talk to you later.
                         Okay, sorry to hear about you're 
                         dad.  Adam told me.
               April leaves the store.
               INT. APRIL'S HOUSE - HALLWAY -- LATER
               Three doors lead into rooms.  Pictures line the hall down to 
               the stairs.  There is a full length mirror on the wall at 
               the top of the stairs.  April is looking at the pictures on 
               the wall.  There are family pictures, pictures of her 
               graduation.  A particular picture catches her attention.
               INSERT - PICTURE ON WALL
               It is a picture of April and her brother Stanley, about 13 
               years old, skinny.
               BACK TO SCENE
               April hears a door SHUT behind her.  She turns and looks.  
               Sue is standing behind her.
                         You miss him?
                         I'm glad you're finally talking about 
                         him.  It took your father and me a 
                         long time to accept it, too.  April, 
                         death is..
                         I don't want to talk about his.  
                         Death can go fuck himself.
               April goes into her room.  Sue watches as April SLAMS the 
               INT. APRIL'S BEDROOM -- EVENING
               Gothic decorations.  Full of depressing images.  There is a 
               desk with a computer on it, and a television.  April is lying 
               on her bed.  The television is on, but April in nodding off.  
               There is a KNOCK on her bedroom door.
                         Come in.
               Adam enters the room.
                         Hey, you okay?
                         I guess.  It's been a very bad day.  
                         Close the door.
               Adam closes the door, walks to the bed.  He wants to sit by 
               her in the bed, but sits in the chair by her desk instead.
                         I've been looking for you all day.
                         Yeah, so I've heard.
                         I'm sorry about your dad.
                         Me too.  Do you know that Jamie has 
                         I know.  Rod came over.  He's 
                         convinced that she was kidnapped or 
                         something.  He wanted me to help him 
                         hund down whoever did it.  When I 
                         told him no, he asked to borrow my 
                         dad's shotgun.
                         Shit.  He's the psycho.
               Adam stands up.
                         Listen, I'm going to go home.  You 
                         look like you want to be alone.  If 
                         you need me, pick up the phone.
               Adam leaves the bedroom, and closes the door.  April picks 
               up the remote for the television.  She channel surfs through 
               a few channels, and then turns it off.  Blackness swallows 
               the screen.  She looks at her reflection in the black screen.  
               It looks like someone is standing next to her bed.  She looks, 
               but no one is there.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                              (to herself)
                         Well, you can't just sit around here.
               April gets up off the bed and leaves the room.  In the 
               television screen, her reflection never leaves the bed.  Her 
               image morphs into Jeffery Kizor.
               INT. ADAM'S HOUSE - ADAM'S ROOM -- LATER
               Upbeat.  Sporty, some rock band posters on the walls.  There 
               is a large mirror over his headboard.  There is a desk in 
               the corner of the room with a computer on it.  Adam is lying 
               in a waterbed.  On the television, Adam is watching the pilot 
               episode of "Star Trek."  There is a KNOCK at the door.
                         Come in.
               Shelly walks in.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         Hey, thanks for coming over.  I really 
                         appreciate it.
               Shelly walks to Adam's bed, and sits down.  She looks at the 
                         What are you watching?
                         It's just an old "Star Trek" episode.  
                         It was the first one.  It takes place 
                         before Captain Kirk took command of 
                         the enterprise.  Christopher Pike is 
                         the captain in this one.
                         Interesting.  Didn't think you were 
                         into "Star Trek."
                         It's a guilty pleasure.
                         So, what happens in this one?
                         Pike and Spock come across a world 
                         of aliens that have very powerful 
                         minds.  They can manipulate your 
                         mind to make you see and feel what 
                         they want you to.  They capture Pike 
                         and play mind games with him, but 
                         Spock rescues him.
                         Well, how did Pike know it was real?
                         What do you mean?
                         Couldn't the aliens make Pike only 
                         think that Spock saved him, but in 
                         reality, he's still sitting in some 
                         dirty cell, thinking he was exploring 
                         the universe.
                         Yeah, I suppose they could have.  
                         That's a really good idea, Shelly.
                         See?  I'm not as dumb as I look.
                         I don't know about that.  Anyway, I 
                         didn't call you over here to talk 
                         about "Star Trek."  Do you think 
                         that April still loves me?  I mean, 
                         somewhere deep down inside?
               INT. POLICE STATION -- LATER
               The police station is frantic.  Police officers and 
               secretaries are all SHOUTING, and phones are RINGING.  There 
               are several desks with stacks of papers.  April enters.  She 
               walks to the MAN, late 20's, at the front desk.
                         Excuse me?
               The man looks at her.
                         Can I help you?
                         I'm looking for Officer Rodger 
               The man behind the desk points to RODGER JENNINGS, Mid 40's, 
               energetic.  Rodger is talking to another man sitting at one 
               of the desks.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Thank you.
               April walks over to Rodger as Rodger is finishing up his 
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Hey Rodger.
               Rodger turns to look at her.
                         April!  It's good to see you.  I'm 
                         sorry to hear about your dad.  What 
                         can I do for you?
                         My friend, Jamie.  She's missing.  
                         She left my house last night, and no 
                         one has heard from her since.
                         I know, we had her mother in here 
                         this morning.  We also talked to her 
                         crazy boyfriend.  He was harassing 
                         people on the street.  That guy's a 
                         psycho.  I wouldn't be surprised if 
                         he was the one who took her.
                         Rod would never hurt her.  He's just 
                         worried that he's lost her.
                         That's no excuse for threatening 
                         people on the street, April.
                         I know, but he's my friend, and I 
                         know he didn't do anything to her.
                         Listen, there's nothing that you can 
                         do for her here.  If she can be found, 
                         we'll find her.  After what happened 
                         to your dad, you should be home with 
                         your mom.
                         You're right.  If you find anything 
                         call me.
               April turns to leave.
                         If there is anything I can do for 
                         you, just let me know.  You're the 
                         closest thing I have to my own 
                         daughter, you know.
                         Okay, but I'm a big girl, so don't 
                         expect any phone calls in the middle 
                         of the night or anything.
               April leaves the building.
               INT. ADAM'S HOUSE - ADAM'S ROOM -- LATER
               Adam and Shelly are sitting at the foot of Adam's waterbed.
                         I just don't understand.  You're her 
                         friend, doesn't she talk to you?
                         Since her brother died, I don't think 
                         she really talks to anyone.
               Adam stands up and walks to his desk.  The black screen on 
               the computer reflects the room.
                         That's the part I don't understand.  
                         She can talk to me about anything.
               Shelly stands up and walks to Adam.  She puts her hand on 
               his shoulder
                         Just be patient.  She'll come around.  
                         It's hard to get over something like 
                         what she went through, Adam.  She'll 
                         realize what you two have together, 
                         and she won't pass you up.  No girl 
                         Thanks Shelly.  You're a good friend.  
                         Too bad you can't talk to Rod like 
                         that and calm him down a bit.
                         I'm worried about Jamie too, but he 
                         went completely nuts.
                         I don't know what I'd do if April 
                         suddenly disappeared.  Are you going 
                         to help me, or what?
                         Why don't you write her a letter.  I 
                         know she seems like a hard ass, but 
                         all girls like that romantic stuff.
                         I don't write.  What would I say?
                         Tell her how you feel.  Tell her a 
                         bunch of crap about how she resembles 
                         the month of April, blah, blah, blah.  
                         You'll think of something.  I'm going 
                         to let you get to it.  Later.
               Shelly walks to Adam's bedroom door.
                         Thanks Shelly.
               Shelly leaves the room.  Adam sits in the chair at his 
               computer, and turns the monitor on.  He clicks on the word 
               perfect icon.  He leans over the keyboard, about to write, 
               and the computer shuts off.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         What the hell?
               Adam checks the plugs behind the desk.  His CAT jumps out 
               from behind the desk.  The electrical power cord for the 
               computer is wrapped around it's leg.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         Gabby!  You scared me.
               Adam untangles the cord from around the cat's leg.  He goes 
               to plug the cord back into the wall socked but stops.
                                     APRIL (O.S.)
               Adam drops the cord.  He looks at his black computer screen.  
               In the reflection of his room, April is looking back at him.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         I know you love me, Adam.  I love 
                         you, too.  You and I can live forever, 
                         baby.  Join me in my new world.  
                         There is a whole new world under 
                         yours, Adam.  A world where you can 
                         have or do anything your mind can 
               Adam backs away from the computer screen.
                         This isn't happening.  You can't be 
                         Look behind you.  Is that real?
               Adam turns around.  In the mirror above his headboard, April 
               is lying in the bed.  She is naked.  A sheet is running 
               between her legs covering her up.  There is a pillow over 
               her breasts.  There is no one in the real bed.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Look at me, Adam.  Don't you want 
                         me.  My body is so hot for you.  
                         Come over to the mirror.  I'll let 
                         you do whatever you want.
               Adam takes a step forward, but stops.
                         I don't know what's going on, but 
                         this isn't real.  I must be dreaming.
                              (Jeffory Kizor's voice)
                         Have it you're way, asshole.
               April's body melts.  Her flesh peels off exposing her 
               skeleton.  Adam SCREAMS and leaves the room.
               EXT. STREET -- EVENING
               The street is an average street with some kids playing in 
               some yards.  It is the same street that April lives on.  Rod 
               is walking up the street.  He is going door to door.  He 
               walks up the driveway of a house, to the front door, and 
               RINGS the door bell.  He takes a picture of Jamie out of his 
               pocket.  An ELDERLY LADY answers the door.
                                     ELDERLY LADY
                         May I help you, son?
               Rod shows her the picture of Jamie.
                         Have you seen her?
               She squints her eyes at the picture.
                                     ELDERLY LADY
                         Well, I'd have to get my glasses.
                         Bullshit.  You tell me now.  Have 
                         you seen her?
                                     ELDERLY LADY
                         No, I can't see it very well, but 
                         no, I don't think so.
               Rod whips out his switchblade, and POPS  the blade.
                         You wouldn't lie to me would you?
                                     ELDERLY LADY
                         I'm calling the cops!
               The lady SLAMS the door in Rod's face.
                         If you're lying to me, old bitch, 
                         I'm going to come back and carve you 
                         up!  You here me?
               Rod walks back to the street.  He looks at his watch.  Under 
               the streetlight, the glass on the watch cast a reflection.
               Instead of seeing the time on the watch, Rod sees Jamie's 
               eye staring back at him.
               BACK TO SCENE
                                     ROD (CONT'D)
                         Holy shit!
               Rod closes his eyes.  He looks back, but the eye is still 
                                     ROD (CONT'D)
                         Jesus Christ!
               Rod rips off the watch and throws it to the ground.  He begins 
               to stomp on it.  He runs down the street to his motorcycle.  
               He STARTS it, and drives off.
               INT. APRIL'S BEDROOM -- NIGHT
               April enters.  She sits on the bed, and opens a book that 
               was sitting on her headboard.
               The books title is "DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR?"
               BACK TO SCENE
               She flips through a couple pages, closes it, and tosses it 
               to the floor.
                              (to herself)
               April looks around her room.  She notices a piece of paper 
               with writing on it on her desk.  She gets up and picks up 
               the paper.  She unfolds it.
               The words are written backward.
               BACK TO SCENE
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Oh no.
               April holds the note up to the mirror.  She can read it 
               The note in the mirror reads, "YOU CAN'T RUN FROM YOUR 
               BACK TO SCENE
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Oh my God!
               April drops the note.  It flutters to the floor.
                                     JAMIE (O.S.)
                         Help me, April!  He's got me!
               April looks up into the mirror.  April's reflection morphs 
               into Jamie.
                                     JAMIE (CONT'D)
                         April!  You have to help me!  Save 
                         me from him!
                         Who's got you?  What's going on?
               Jamie reaches out of the mirror.  Her arm is still Jamie's 
               arm when it passes through the mirror.
                         The man in the mirror!  He's coming 
                         for you, April!  Help me!
               April grabs Jamie's hand.  Jeffory appears behind Jamie, and 
               grabs her.  She SCREAMS as Jeffory pulls her back into the 
                         Who the fuck are you?
                         I think you've seen me before.
                         I've never seen you before.
                         How's your daddy, little girl?  I've 
                         been told I can give people headaches, 
                         but I think I really out did myself 
                         this time.
                         You did that?  You son of a bitch!
                         Are you mad?  Do you want revenge?  
                         You want to kill me?
               Jeffory pulls back on Jamie's hair, and pulls a knife up to 
               Jamie's throat.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Wanna save your friend?  Come and 
                         get her.
               April eyes a brush from her desk.
                         Fuck you!
                              (to Jamie)
                         Your best friend just killed you, 
               Jamie SCREAMS as Jeffory slides the knife across Jamie's 
               throat.  Blood pours from the wound.  Her SCREAMS turn into 
               a sick GURGLE.
                         You bastard!
               The knife disappears.  Jeffory drinks Jamie's blood out of 
               the open wound.  He smiles a bloody smile at April.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Oh, shit.
               April grabs the brush and throws it at the mirror.  The mirror 
               SHATTERS into several pieces.  An image of Jeffory is in 
               every piece of the mirror.  Jeffory LAUGHS as his images 
               April bursts out of her room, and runs to the stairs.  She 
               is almost at the stairs when Jeffory reaches out of the full 
               length mirror at the top of the stairs.  He grabs her, with 
               one hand covering her mouth, keeping her SCREAM short.  The 
               other hand snakes around her waist.  April is pulled into 
               the mirror.  A door down the hallway opens, and Sue steps 
                         April?  Are you here?  I thought I 
                         heard you?
               Nothing answers back.  She shrugs and goes back into her 
               INT. APRIL'S BEDROOM -- MORNING
               It is April's bedroom, but different.  It is more happy, 
               decorated in bright colors.  The shades are open letting 
               sunlight wash over the room.  The mirror is in once piece.  
               There are happy stuffed animals all over the room.  April is 
               lying in her bed.  She is waking up.  She sits straight up, 
               and looks around the room.
                         It must have all been a dream.
               April notices the changes in the room.  She gets out of bed, 
               and gets dressed.  She is careful not to get too close to 
               the mirror.  April walks to the windows, and shuts the shades.  
               The sunlight is blocked out, casting the room in shadow.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         That's a little better.
               She finishes buttoning her shirt, and leaves the room.
               April steps out of her room, and heads toward the stairs.  
               She eyes the mirror by the stairs and hesitates.  She notices 
               something on the wall.  A picture.
               The picture is of April, with a huge smile.  She is in a 
               park, and she is pushing a little boy in a swing.
               BACK TO SCENE
                              (whispering to herself)
                         That's Stanley.  This never happened.
               She looks at another picture on the wall.
               The picture is of Stanley standing on a stage.  There is a 
               banner behind him, it says "Junior High Spelling Bee."  
               Stanley is being handed a first place trophy.
               BACK TO SCENE
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                              (whispering to herself)
                         He was studying for the spelling bee 
                         when he was killed.  He never 
               April stares at the picture.  The SOUND of VOICES breaks her 
               trance.  She can't hear what the voices are saying.  She 
               walks to the stairs, never taking her eyes off the mirror.
               Bright.  The windows are open.  Sunlight pouring in.  Birds 
               are in the windows, SINGING.  Sue is cooking breakfast.  She 
               is HUMMING a happy tune as she puts bacon in a frying pan.  
               Randal is sitting at the table, reading the newspaper.  He 
               is in his police uniform.  There is no sign of his accident.  
               April walks in.
                         Hello, pumpkin.  How did you sleep?
               April is shocked.
                         What?  Are you okay, dad?
               Randal puts down his newspaper.
                         Of course.  I'm fine, why wouldn't I 
                         be?  It's you I'm worried about.  
                         You sounded like you had a very bad 
                         nightmare last night.
                         I tried to wake you, but it was like 
                         you were drugged.  You just went on 
                         dreaming.  You were screaming and 
                         twisting and turning.  You kind of 
                         scared us.
               April sits down at the table.
                         I scared you?  How?
               Randal takes a sip of his coffee.
                         You were talking in your sleep, 
                         What was I saying?
               Sue puts a plate of bacon, eggs, and biscuits in front of 
                         You were saying something about you're 
                         brother, and a mirror.  I couldn't 
                         make any sense of it.  Eat up.
               April takes a few bites from her plate.  The doorbell RINGS.
                         Why don't you get that, pumpkin?
               April gets up, and walks to the living room.
               April walks into the living room, heading for the front door.  
               As she passes the foot of the stairs, she hears RUNNING WATER 
               from up stairs.  The water turns off.  The doorbell RINGS 
               again.  April walks to the door, and opens it.  Adam walks 
               in.  He is wearing a letterman's jacket, but on the same one 
               that was in the previous picture.
                         You all ready for school?
               April notices the jacket.
                         What's going on?  Why do you have 
                         that jacket?
                         April, I made the varsity team last 
                         month.  You know that, baby, I 
                         couldn't have done it without you.  
                         A college football team.  It's so 
                         cool!  Are you okay?
                         I guess, it's just that I had this 
                         very bad dream.  It seemed so real, 
                         everything was different.  I thought 
                         it was real.  I'm glad it was just a 
                         nightmare.  Let's go.
               Adam hugs her, and they start to leave.  Adam stops her.  He 
               turns at looks up the stairs.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         What's wrong, Adam?
                         Are you forgetting something?
                         I don't know what I could be 
                         Your brother.
               April is floored.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         You know I always give him a ride to 
                         school.  It's on the way to the 
               STANLEY, the boy from the pictures in the hallway, runs down 
               the stairs.
                         Wait for me!  I was in the shower.  
                         Sorry I'm late.
                         It's alright, squirt.  We won't 
                         torture you this time.
                              (whispering to herself)
                         Jesus, how much did I dream?
               April grabs Stanley and hugs him, and kisses his cheeks.  
               Randal and Sue are at the entrance into the living room 
               watching, with a smile.  April is overcome with joy.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         I love you all!  Everything is so 
               EXT. STREET - PHONE BOOTH -- NIGHT
               Next to an old run down gas station.  It is a spooky place.  
               Adam is in the phone booth talking on the phone.
               There is a beat up car  parked close the phone booth.  Shelly 
               is leaning on it.
                         Alright, Mrs. Bradley.  I promise I 
                         don't know where April is.  I called 
                         to see if she was home.
                              (a beat)
                         Yes, if I find her, I'll tell her to 
                         call home, right away.
                              (a beat)
                         Alright, thanks.  Bye.
               Adam hangs up the phone.  He walks over to the car, and 
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         She's not at home.  I'm telling you, 
                         something strange is going on.  First 
                         Jamie disappears, and now April.  
                         I'm going to call Rod on his cell 
                         phone.  Will you wait here?
                         I guess I don't have a choice.  I 
                         don't know why I let you drag me out 
                         here in the middle of the night, 
                         Shelly, this is important.  April 
                         could be in danger, and Rod could 
                         help us.
                         Whatever.  He's a psycho.
               Adam walks back to the phone booth.  The puts a few coins 
               into the machine, and dials.
               EXT. STREET -- CONTINUOUS
               Dark.  Empty.  Streetlights cast eerie shadows throughout 
               the street.  Rod is about to get onto his motorcycle.  His 
               cell phone RINGS.  He reaches into his pocket, pulls it out.
                         Hello?  Jamie?
                         No, Rod.  It's me, Adam.  Listen, 
                         something fucking weird is going on.  
                         I need your help.  I think April's 
                         in trouble.
               Behind Adam, Shelly is leaning on Adam's car.  She pushes 
               herself off the car, and paces back and froth.  Her 
               reflections in the car windows matches her movements.
                         Well, what the fuck do you want me 
                         to do about it?  Did you help me out 
                         when I came to you?  No, you didn't!  
                         So, Go to hell.
                         Dammit, Rod.  Why do you always have 
                         to be such an asshole?  There is a 
                         possibility that this thing with 
                         April has something to do with Jamie.  
                         Listen, I saw something.  In my room.  
                         It was April, only she was in my 
                         mirror.  It was something else, 
                         pretending to be April.
                         No shit?  I saw something, too.  My 
                         watch had Jamie's eye in it.
                         Are you sure it was Jamie's eye?
                         I've looked into her eyes enough 
                         times to know that is was hers.  
                         Alright, I'll help.
                         Okay, we need to meet up.  Shelly is 
                         with me.  If you'll meet us at my 
                         house as soon as you can, we can 
                         figure out what to do.
                         On my way.
               Rod hangs up.
               Adam hangs up the phone.  Behind him, Shelly is still pacing 
               back and forth looking.  Jeffory reaches out of a reflection 
               of the car window.  Jeffory grabs her, with one hand over 
               Shelly's mouth.  He pulls her into the reflection without 
               Shelly making a noise.  Her shoe falls off.  Adam turns around 
               and walks over to the car.
               Adam looks around and finds Shelly's shoe on the ground.  
               Adam picks up the shoe.
               He looks at his reflection in the car window.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
               His reflection smiles back at him.  Adam SCREAMS and drops 
               the shoe.  His reflection winks at him.  Adam punches the 
               window.  It SHATTERS.  Adam's face appears in all the windows 
               on the car.  The images all are LAUGHING at him.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         Shut up!
               Adam runs away.
               The road is a steep mountain side road.  Very curvy.  Rod is 
               speeding down the road on his motorcycle.  Rod checks his 
               mirrors, no vehicles are behind him.  He is alone on the 
               road.  As soon as he takes his eyes off the mirror, he hears 
               a loud HORN.  He is startled, and looses control of the 
               motorcycle.  As he regains control of the motorcycle, he 
               looks back into the mirror.  There is a diesel truck right 
               behind him.  The HORN sounds again.
               Rod looks over his shoulder, but no vehicles are behind him.  
               He hears the HORN again.
                         What the hell?
               Rod spins around, and looks back into his mirror.  The truck 
               is still behind him.  He looses control of the bike.  The 
               bike slams into the guardrail at a sharp turn.  Rod goes 
               flying off his bike into the air.  Rod SCREAMS as he falls 
               into a valley below.
               There is a large lake at the bottom of the valley.  The water 
               is still, and reflecting the moonlight, and Rod falling.  
               When Rod hits the surface of the lake, he is absorbed into 
               the reflection, without making a splash.
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- NIGHT
               Randal is lying in bed, asleep.  The room is dark and empty.  
               Randal's heart monitor BEEPS steadily.
               The heart monitor BEEPS faster.
               Randal sits up, SCREAMING.  A NURSE rushes into the room.
                         I've got to get out of here!  I have 
                         to protect them.  I have to protect 
                         Sue and April.
               The nurse tries to hold Randal down, but Randal is thrashing 
               around too much.
                         Sir, you've got to calm down.  You're 
                         fine, sir.  Everyone is fine.
               Randal continues to struggle.
                         Fuck you  Nobody's fine.  He's coming.
               The doctor enters the room.
                         What's going on?
                         He woke up from a dream, and began 
                         to fight like this.
               The doctor gives Randal a sedative.  The doctor and the nurse 
               have to hold him for a few moments.  Randal falls back to 
               sleep.  The doctor picks up the phone, and dials a number.
                         Sue Bradley?
                         This is Dr. Harger.  You're husband 
                         just woke up.
                         Well, when he woke up, he was very 
                         hysterical.  He was screaming about 
                         you and April being in danger.  We 
                         had to sedate him, and he's sleeping 
                         now.  You and April should come up 
                         here to comfort him, and show him 
                         that your alright.
                         That would be a good idea.  Bye.
               Doctor Harger hangs up the phone, and leaves the room.
               Sue is getting ready to leave the house.  She turns off all 
               the lights.  She picks up her purse and keys.  Puts a note 
               on the table.  She walks to the door, and opens it.  She is 
               startled by a man standing in the doorway.  She SCREAMS.  It 
               is Rodger.
                         Rodger, you scared the crap out of 
                         Sorry, I came by to see how April 
                         was doing.  She cam by the station.  
                         She seemed kinda shaken up.
                         I can't find her.  I'm kind of 
                         worried.  I called all of her friends, 
                         and no one knows where she is.  Her 
                         ex-boyfriend called looking for her.
                         Did she tell you about her friend 
                         No.  Did something happen?
                         She seems to have disappeared last 
                         Oh my God.  Do you think whatever 
                         happened to Jamie, happened to April?
                         Look, I'm going to go talk to that 
                         boyfriend of hers.  See if he knows 
                         Randal came out of his coma.  He 
                         said something about April and I 
                         being in danger.
                         Go talk to him.  Tell him I said hi.  
                         Could you give me her boyfriend's 
                         name and address?
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- NIGHT
               The room is dark, except for the moonlight seeping through 
               the window.  The floor is shiny, and cast a reflection of 
               the ceiling in the moonlight.  Randal is still sleeping.  He 
               is tossing and turning.  A fog begins to seep into the room 
               from the reflection on the floor.  A hand reaches out of the 
               mist, and grabs the metal bar on the bottom of Randal's bed.
               Jeffory begins to pull himself out of the floor.  His face 
               rises above the edge of the bed.  He looks down over Randal.  
               Randal is thrashing around in his sleep.  The door swings 
               open, and this lights turn on.  Sue walks into the room.  
               Jeffory and the mist are gone.
               Randal sits up.  Wide awake.
                         Sue, thank god.  Where's April?
                         Randal, baby, what's wrong?  Are you 
                         Where is April?  She's in danger.
                         Randal you scaring me.  What's going 
                         on?  Did you have a bad dream?
                         No, dammit!  It was no dream.  He's 
                         back, and he's after us.
               Sue tries to comfort Randal.
                         Who, honey?  Who's back?
                         Jeffory Kizor.
               Sue begins to CRY.
               Rodger walks up to a house.  He checks the address with a 
               piece of paper he is holding.  He puts the paper in his pocket 
               and walks up to the door.  He rings the doorbell.  The door 
               opens, and Adam is in the doorway.
                         Hello Adam.  My name is Rodger, and 
                         I'm a police officer.
               Rodger shows Adam his badge.
                                     RODGER (CONT'D)
                         I'm a friend of the Bradley family.  
                         It seems that April cannot be found.  
                         I'm looking for her.  Would you know 
                         where she is?
               Adam looks Rodger up and down.
                         Yeah.  I know something, but let's 
                         take a walk.
               EXT. PARK -- MOMENTS LATER
               Adam and Rodger are walking into a city park near Adam's 
               house.  We can HEAR their voices, but we can't understand 
               what they're saying.  As they get closer, we begin to 
               understand the words.
                         And that's when I called Rod.  He 
                         was supposed to meet me at my house, 
                         but he never showed.  In fact, when 
                         you rang the doorbell, I thought it 
                         might be him.  I'm worried about 
                         him, too.  I've called his cell phone 
                         several times, but no answer.
               Rodger stops walking, and looks at Adam.
                         Let me get this straight.  Something 
                         is using mirrors to stalk you kids?
                         No.  Not just mirrors, he seems to 
                         be use anything that gives off a 
                         reflection.  Look, I don't know what's 
                         going on, but whatever this thing 
                         is, it comes after us through 
                         Ok, but why you guys?  What's so 
                         special about you?
                         Look, do you believe me, or not?
               Randal hesitates for a moment.
                         No, but it is possible that someone 
                         is targeting your group of friends.  
                         There are two possibilities.  One is 
                         that you're the last one left, 
                         assuming you're right about Rod and 
                         Shelly missing, and the person will 
                         come for you.
                         And the other possibility?
                         You're the one responsible.
                                     RODGER (CONT'D)
                         In either case, if I stick with you 
                         long enough, I believe my questions 
                         will be answered.
                         So, you don't trust me, huh?  Typical 
                         cop.  Well, if you're sticking with 
                         me, then let's get going?
                         And where would we be going?
               Adam looks at Rodger.
                         I've got a plan.  You know that 
                         carnival that's in town?
                         Yeah, so?
                         It has a funhouse, with a mirror 
                         maze.  I figure this thing wouldn't 
                         be able to pass up the temptation.
               Rodger grabs Adam, and looks him in the eye.
                         Listen, kid.  I've seen enough fucked 
                         up people and crazy ass cases in my 
                         life to know that what you just said 
                         sounds like one hell of a set-up to 
                         kill the cop who is on to you.
               Adam pushes Rodger away.
                         I don't give a damn what you do!  
                         You can't arrest me, so you're either 
                         coming with me, or you're not.  I'm 
                         going to find April.
                         All right, but if you pull anything 
                         fishy, don't be surprised to find a 
                         bullet up your ass.
                         Let's go.
               EXT. OUTSIDE APRIL'S HOUSE -- DAY
               April, Adam, and Stanley are walking to Adam's car.  It is 
               not the same car that we saw earlier.  This car is more 
               expensive.  Classier.  Birds are CHIRPING.  The sun is bright.
               Everyone on the  street is going about their morning business 
               happily.  April takes a moment to notice all of this.  
               Everything is so perfect.
                         What's the matter, honey?
               April smiles.
                         Nothing.  Nothing at all.  
                         Everything's perfect.
                         Well, then get in the car, silly!  
                         We're going to be late.
               Adam gets into the driver's seat, and April gets into the 
               passenger seat.  Stanley gets into the back.  The car ROARS 
               to life and starts down the street.
               April looks back at her brother.  He is watching the scenery 
               flying past in the window.  He looks so happy.  He looks at 
               her and smiles.  She looks at Adam.  He winds at her and 
                         I can't believe this!
                         What, sissy?
                         It's just that I had this horrible 
                         dream.  I must have slept for a long 
                         time, because it lasted forever.
               Adam glances at her.
                         Yeah?  What was the dream?
                         My life.  Everything was spinning 
                         out of control.  I was so unhappy, 
                         and Stanley was dead.
               Stanley is shocked.
                         I was?  Wow.  What does dead mean, 
               April turns and looks at Stanley.
                         Stanley, you know what dead means.  
                         Remember when you were 10, and Grandma 
               Stanley LAUGHS.
                         No, I don't remember anything like 
                         that.  But after school, we can ask 
                         her if she died.  She's coming over 
                         today.  What does that mean anyway?
                         Grandma's alive?!  I dreamed that 
                         You must have, April.
                         I know what that word means.
               Adam turns and watches April for a few seconds, he never 
               takes his eyes off her.  April points out the windshield at 
               the road.
                         Adam!  Watch the road!
                         Don't worry about that, April.  That 
                         word means sadness.  It means pain.  
                         Look around you, April.  Everything 
                         is perfect.  Everyone is happy.  
                         Death, sadness, and pain don't exist 
                         What are you talking about?!  People 
                         don't die?
                         April, what are you doing?
               Adam laughs.
                         He's never seen real fear before.  
                         Fear doesn't exist here either.  Not 
                         unless I want it too.
               Adam pulls the car over, and turns off the engine.  April is 
               totally confused.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         All this happiness I gave to you.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         I gave you your brother back.  I 
                         gave you the perfect parents.  I 
                         gave you a perfect life, and I can 
                         take it all away.
               April tries to open the passenger door, but it won't open.  
               She tries to roll the window down, but it won't work.
               Outside, clouds are rolling in.  The sun is blocked out.  It 
               gets very dark.  Lightning flashes, and thunder BOOMS.  The 
               perfect green yards wither and turn brown.  The birds stop 
               singing, and drop dead to the ground.  April looks at Adam 
               with tears streaming down her cheeks.  Stanley is WAILING in 
               the back seat.
                         What's going on?!
                         Do you want it back?  Do you want to 
                         live in a perfect world, where no 
                         one dies?  Do you want to feel nothing 
                         but happiness for the rest of your 
                         It wasn't real.
                         I'll take that as a no.
               Adam reaches across April and opens the glove compartment.  
               He takes out a gun.  April SCREAMS.
                         No!  Adam no!
               Adam LAUGHS.
                         You stupid girl.  I am not Adam.
               Adam's skin begins to bubble and melt.  Some of it peals 
               off, as he morphs into Jeffory.  Jeffory COCKS the gun.
                         I gave him back to you, and I'm going 
                         to take him away all over again!
               Jeffory aims the gun at Stanley's head.
               April tries to jump out of her seat and attack Jeffory, but 
               the seat belt tightens around her.  April can not move.
               She continues to SCREAM at him.
                         April!  Help me!  I'll never forgive 
                         you if you let him shoot me!  I'll 
                         come back and haunt you, April!  
                         I'll haunt you for the rest of your 
                         No!  Please, God, no!
               As April closes her eyes, she hears the GUNSHOT, and Stanley 
               stops yelling.  All goes quiet.  Sweat is pouring down April's 
               face.  She keeps her eyes close for a moment.  She can only 
               hear her HEARTBEAT.
               When she opens her eyes again, she is no longer in Adam's 
               EXT. GRAVEYARD -- NIGHT
               April is in a dark graveyard.  The grass is wet and there is 
               a ghostly fog that envelops the air.  Eerie green light is 
               coming from a distance, causing the shadows of the tombstones 
               to dance together on the fog.
               April jumps as an owl SCREECHES.  She watches as the owl 
               leaps from a nearby tree branch.  As it takes flight the 
               wings and flesh seem to melt away, leaving only the skeleton.  
               It looks down at her as it disappears in the fog.
                         Hello?!  Is anyone there?  Help me!
               April looks out into the cemetery in all directions.  She 
               sees no one.  Only the markers of the dead, and creepy trees 
               that show no signs of life.
                                     VOICE (O.S.)
               April looks in the direction of the voice.  She sees a shadow 
               of a man emerging from the fog.
                         Yes!  Help me!
               She runs toward the man.  He is an older MAN.  He wears 
               overalls with a farmer type shirt under them.
                         Whoa, calm down there, little missy.  
                         How can I help ye?
               April is CRYING.
                         I need to get out of here!  I need 
                         to get home.  I'm seeing things!  
                         I'm so scared, I don't know what's 
                         going on!
               April falls to her knees, and continues to SOB.
                         Well, I'm Jacob Eisenberry.  I'm the 
                         caretaker here.  If anyone can help 
                         you, it's me.
               April looks up at him with hope in her eyes, shining through 
               her tears.  She rises to her feet.
                         You will help me?
               Jacob LAUGHS.
                         No.  I just said that if anyone could 
                         help, it would be me, but I'm not 
                         going to.  No one can help you.
               Jacob's eyes flash red.
                         You said you wanted to get home.
               Jacob smiles at her.  She notices his teeth are the decays 
               teeth of a corpse.
                                     JACOB (CONT'D)
                         You are home, April.
               April quickly gets to her feet.
               She backs away from him.  His eyes turn fiery red as his 
               body begins to melt.  April SCREAMS.  His body  disintegrates 
               into the mist, but his horrible LAUGHTER lingers in the air, 
               and it seems to get louder.  April covers her ears as the 
               LAUGHTER seems to come from the sky.
               It continues as she begins to run.  Suddenly, the laughter 
               stops.  Everything is quiet.  She stops running.  She can 
               HEAR a soft noise.  It is a soft CLICKING coming from behind 
               her.  Slowly, she turns around.
               There is a tombstone in the path that she had just come.  It 
               was not there before.  The tombstone is her brother's.
               ANGLE ON TOMBSTONE
               NEVER BE FORGIVEN.
               BACK TO SCENE
               The CLICKING sound continues.  It is Stanley's spelling bee 
               medal.  It is tapping on the front of the tombstone.  It is 
               being held by Jeffory, who is sitting on top of the tombstone.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         No, dear God.  What do you want?!
                         I want the same thing as you.  You 
                         said that you wanted to go home.
               He points off to the right.  She turns and looks.  There is 
               an empty grave that has a glowing red light seeping out of 
               ANGLE ON TOMBSTONE
               APRIL BRADLEY
               BACK TO SCENE
                         No.  Who the hell are you?
               Jeffory jumps off Stanley's tombstone.  He walks toward her.
                         You don't know?  Ask your father who 
                         I am.  You want to know what I want?  
                         I want revenge, bitch.
               April gets angry.
                         Revenge?!  Revenge for what?
                         You really should ask your daddy.  A 
                         pity you won't get the chance to ask 
                         Why don't you just kill me?!  Why 
                         put me through all this shit?
               Jeffory stops right in front of April.
                         Killing you would be too easy.  No 
                         imagination in that.  Torture is 
                         always more satisfying than just 
                         plain murder.  To kill someone who 
                         still has heart accomplishes nothing, 
                         but to break the heart and soul of 
                         someone before you take their life, 
                         to actually get them to beg you to 
                         kill them...
               Jeffory takes a deep breath, and EXHALES.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         That is true bliss.
                         That will never happen.
               Jeffory laughs.
                         Oh no?
               Jeffory grabs April's head and pulls her close.  She tries 
               to pull away, but it is in vain.
                                     JEFFORY (whispering) (CONT'D)
                         Look behind you.
               April hesitates, but slowly turns her head.  Behind her there 
               is a huge stone statue.  It is about fifteen feet tall, and 
               four feet wide.  It is a statue of the Grim Reaper.  He is 
               holding a huge sickle almost as tall as he is.  At the foot 
               of the statue, tied up and gagged is Rod, Jamie, and Shelly.  
               They all try to YELL  at April through their gags.
                 You killed her.
                         Haven't you figured anything out 
                         yet, you pathetic whore?  In this 
                         world, hardly anything is as it seems.
                         That's not Jamie?
                         Could be.  Or maybe this is her, and 
                         the other one you saw die wasn't.  
                         Or maybe neither are really her.
               Tears are rolling down April's cheeks.
                         I don't understand.
               Jeffory leaps into the air, and floats about twenty feet 
               into the air.  The moon is behind him, casting an eerie light 
               around his silhouette.  He spreads his arms out wide.
                         It's this world I have stumbled upon.  
                         In your world I was called The Ghost.  
                         There were no records on me.  No 
                         birth certificate, no school records, 
                         no library cards.  I didn't exist.  
                         I could do anything I wanted and 
                         never get caught.  I was a ghost.  
                         But in this world, I'm not just a 
                         mere ghost.
               He floats back down to the ground.  Jeffory grows until he's 
               about thirty feet tall.  His VOICE booms out like thunder.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         I AM A GOD!
               The sky opens up with lightning bolts, but there are no 
               clouds.  THUNDER echoes his words.  The trees in the cemetery 
               seem to bow at him.
                         Oh my god.
               Jeffory shrinks back down to normal size.
                         Now, as for the authenticity of your 
                         friends, you'll just have to trust 
               He smiles at her.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Back to business.  It's a given that 
                         you and your friends are going to 
                         die, but I'm giving you the honor of 
                         choosing who goes first.
               April shakes her head.
                         No.  I won't do that.  I won't choose.
                         You will choose, or I will choose 
                         for you.
                         No.  I won't.
               Jeffory's eyes flash red.
                         Now you're pissing me off!  We'll 
                         start with the one you care for the 
                         least, and work our way up to your 
               Jeffory looks over at the three.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Sorry Rod, but April thinks you're 
                         an asshole.
               April starts to run at Jeffory.  He quickly turns to face 
               Suddenly a glass wall appears in front of April.  She slams 
               into it at full speed.  Blood sprays across the glass as her 
               lip bursts.  She falls back onto the ground.  She wipes the 
               blood from her lip as she gets to her feet.  She finds that 
               she is now trapped inside a glass box.  Jeffory LAUGHS at 
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Now stay and watch.
               Jeffory motions at April's friends.  The statue of the GRIM 
               REAPER CRACKS and MOANS as the statue begins to move.  Rod, 
               Jamie, and Shelly all SHRIEK through their gags.  They all 
               try to crawl away.
               The statue turns from stone to rotting flesh.  The Reaper's 
               cloak flaps in the wind.  In the darkness of his hood two 
               blazing red eyes can be seen.  His hands are rotting flesh 
               with some bone showing.  The moonlight gleams off the cold 
               metal of his blade.  He GROWLS as his eyes focus on Rod.  
               Rod has managed to get to his feet, still tied and gagged.
               April is POUNDING on the glass wall of her prison.
               Jeffory's creepy LAUGH seems to echo off the tombstones.
                         You're too easy.
               Rod turns to look at the monster behind him.  The Reaper 
               slices the air as it leaps off it's stone block.  The Reaper 
               looks around.  Lightning cracks across the sky as the Reaper 
               impales Rod with his weapon.
               The point comes out through Rod's chest  as the Reaper lifts 
               him into the air.  Blood pours out of both wounds onto the 
               dead grass.  Rod SCREAMS as both he and the Reaper turn back 
               into stone forming a new statue.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Who's next?
               EXT. STREET -- NIGHT
               A newspaper is in the street in front of a department store.  
               The street is dark and empty.  A car can be HEARD.  The SOUND 
               gets LOUDER.  Suddenly, Rodgers car speeds through the street.  
               The car's reflection can be seen in the store window.  The 
               newspaper flies into the air and swirls around.  In the 
               window, the reflection of a hearse can be seen following 
               Rodger, but no car can be seen on the real street.  In the 
               window, the reflection of the newspaper hits the passing 
               hearse as it speeds by, and the newspaper bursts into flames.
               INT. RODGER'S CAR -- CONTINUOUS
               Rodger is driving, and Adam is in the passenger seat.  The 
               sit in an awkward silence.  Adam watches as the scenery passes 
                         I'm just curious, Adam, what are you 
                         going to do at the fun house?
               Adam continues to stare out the window.
                         It's now what am I going to do.  
                         It's what is he going to do.
               Rodger LAUGHS.
                         Who?  The phantom of the mirror?  I 
                         think I know what's going to happen 
                         at the fun house, and I just want 
                         you to know that I have friends on 
                         the force who know exactly who I'm 
                         with and where we're going.
                         You're starting to piss me off, 
                         officer.  I didn't kill anyone.
                         All I'm saying is that it's a 
                         possibility, from my standpoint.  
                         Being in my profession, Adam, you 
                         could understand my need to be 
                         careful, right?
                         I guess, but keep your theories and 
                         possibilities to yourself.  I know 
                         what's really happening.
               Rodger looks into the rear-view mirror.  He sees the hearse 
               following them.
                         Well, if Mr. Mirror Man were real, 
                         that would definitely be his car 
                         behind us.
               Adam looks into the passenger side mirror.  He sees the 
               hearse.  He quickly turns his head and looks out the back 
               window.  There are no cars behind them.
                         Oh shit!  Rodger, look behind us.  
                         The bastard's following us.
               Rodger turns his head and looks out the back window.  Nothing 
               is there.  He spins and looks back into the rear-view mirror 
               and still sees the hearse.
                         No fucking way.
               EXT. GRAVEYARD -- NIGHT
               April is still trapped in the glass prison.  Jeffory is 
               glaring at her.  Jamie and Shelly are both CRYING.  They are 
               still on the grass tied and gagged.
                         Answer!  Who is next?!  Do no try my 
                         patience again!
                         How?!  How do you do these things?
                         Does your puny mind have such a short 
                         memory that you do not remember?  I 
                         told you, I am a god.
                         No.  You're human, or at least you 
                         were at one time.
               Jeffory ROARS with anger.
                         If you do not choose, I will put you 
                         in a world so horrible and painful 
                         that it will drive you insane.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         How many different hells do you think 
                         someone like me can imagine?
               April is thinking.
                         You said you stumbled upon this world.
               Jeffory watches her cautiously.  Something clicks inside 
               April's head.  She figures out the riddle.  She looks at 
               Jeffory with confidence.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         You're no god.  It's this place.  
                         You can control this place with your 
                         mind.  You can make anything you can 
                         imagine happen.
                         No!  You're wrong!  It's because I'm 
                         so powerful!
                         If you can do it, anyone can.
               April looks up into the sky, as if talking to the air.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         I want a way out, back into the real 
               Suddenly, one of the glass walls turns into a portal.  She 
               looks through it, and sees her hallway on the in the real 
                         No!  You can't leave!  I'll kill 
                         your friends!  They'll die painful, 
                         deaths cursing your name!
               April stops.  She looks at Shelly and Jamie.
                         If I stay, he'll kill all of us.  I 
                         have to stop him!  I'm sorry.
               She looks at Jeffory.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         They're probably not real and already 
                         dead anyway.
               April jumps through the portal.
               April jumps out of the mirror in the hallway that Jeffory 
               had taken her from.  She YELLS as she tumbles down the stairs.  
               She lies motionless for a moment.  She GROANS as she slowly 
               sits up and looks up the stairs.  Jeffory is leaning out of 
               the mirror.
                         You bitch!  I'll get you!  You can't 
                         get away from me!  I'm everywhere.  
                         You're going do die, April!  Just 
                         like you're brother.
                         Fuck death, and fuck you.
               Jeffory GROWLS at her and goes back into the mirror.
               April sees the not from her mother on the coffee table.  She 
               picks is up and reads it.  She races out the door.
               EXT. OUTSIDE FUN HOUSE -- NIGHT
               Rodger's car pulls up to the fun house.  Adam and Rodger get 
               out.  They watch in the car's mirrors as the hearse pulls up 
               behind them, but no one gets out.  Adam opens the trunk of 
               his car and pulls out two flashlights.
                         This is some creepy ass shit.  Adam, 
                         lets go get some of my cop friends.  
                         I think we're going to need help.
                         No.  This bastard has April, we can't 
                         wait.  We have to get her out.
                         How do we fight something like that?  
                         I mean, we can't just jump in the 
                         mirrors, can we?
               Adam hands Rodger one of the flashlights, and starts to walk 
               to the fun house.
                         No.  I don't think so.  The mirrors 
                         are some kind of portal to somewhere 
                         else.  Some other world or alternate 
                         dimension, or something.  The portals 
                         only seem to open one way, from his 
                         side.  They can't open from our side.
               Rodger begins to follow Adam.  Rodger draws his gun.
                         How the hell did he get there?  I 
                         mean, he's human, right?  He's from 
                         earth, right?
                         I don't know where he's from or who 
                         he is, but I'm going to kill him.
                              (a beat)
                         Are you going to help?
                         How are you going to kill him, Adam?  
                         We can't even touch him!
                         We have to wait for him to come for 
               Rodger grabs Adam's arm and spins him around.
                         Adam, that's crazy.
                         It's the only way.  You coming or 
               Rodger SIGHS.
                         Just don't expect me to read him his 
               Adam LAUGHS.
                         I was actually counting on you to 
                         put a bullet or two up his ass.
               They enter the fun house.
               EXT. GRAVEYARD -- NIGHT
               Shelly and Jamie are laying on the grass a few feet from the 
               statue of the Grim Reaper and Rod.  Tears are rolling rom 
               their eyes as they watch April forsake them and jump through 
               the portal.
               Jeffory chases after her.  He leans through the portal, and 
               SCREAMS something at April, but Shelly can't hear it.  Shelly 
               looks at Jamie.  Jamie stops crying as soon as April leaves.  
               She just sits there with no movement and no emotion.
               Jeffory comes back out of the portal.  He walks toward them.  
               The portal disappears behind him.
               As he moves across the graveyard toward Shelly, the scenery 
               behind him rots and decays into  nothingness.  Just black 
                         Well, Shelly.  It seems your friend 
                         has chosen to leave you.  You can 
                         talk now.
               The gag and rope on Shelly disappears.
                         She had no choice.  I would have 
                         done the same.
                         Maybe, but doesn't it anger you just 
                         a little.  You're best friend left 
                         you here all alone, with me.
               He smiles at her.  Shelly looks at Jamie.
                         I still have Jamie with me.
               Jeffory LAUGHS.
                         Jamie is dead.  This was just a mind 
               The image of Jamie is blown away piece by piece like leaves 
               in the wind.
                         And Rod?  Was he real?
                         Yes, Rod was real.  What a way to 
                         go, huh?  Very entertaining.  Took 
                         me a while to thing that one up.  
                         Just wait till you see what I have 
                         in store for you.  You're going to 
                         love it!
                         What are you going to do with me?
               Jeffory glares at her.
                         Use your imagination.
               Shelly looks around, confused.  A spider crawls out of the 
               grass, onto her hand.  She SCREAMS and shakes it off.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Great choice, my dear.  This will be 
               Everything around Shelly fades into nothing.  Blackness 
               surrounds her.  The graveyard is gone.  Jeffory is gone.  
               Everything is gone.
               Shelly is in pitch black darkness.  A red light is cast from 
               above her.  She looks up at the light, but cannot see what 
               it is or where it is coming from.  The light eerily 
               illuminates the room.
               She GASPS when she looks around the room.  There are piles 
               of bones littering the room.
                         Oh my god.
               She is lying in a pile of skulls.  She quickly stands up.  
               She looks around for a way out.  It is a circular room.  The 
               walls are made of earth.  She is in some sort of pit.  There 
               is a tunnel about ten feet above her.
                                     SHELLY (CONT'D)
                         Help!  Can anyone hear me?  Help!
               She hears a bone FALL somewhere behind her.  She turns to 
               see what made the noise.  On a ledge there is an arm bone.  
               It starts to move.  It falls to the ground with a CLANKING 
               sound on the other bones.  A huge spider stares at her from 
               the ledge.  It is about the size of a fist.  Shelly SCREAMS.
               Suddenly, all around the room, bones can be heard MOVING.  
               Spiders are climbing out from underneath piles of bones.  
               Hundreds of them come up from beneath the bones, out of 
               skulls, and seemingly out of the walls.
               Shelly stops screaming.  She is so horrified, she can only 
               stand there and watch.  The spiders form a circle around 
               her.  They seem to be taunting her, but they won't come near 
               her.  Now, the only bones and skulls that can be seen is the 
               pile of bones that Shelly is on.  The rest of the room is a 
               sea of moving, hairy legs.
                                     SHELLY (CONT'D)
                         This can't be happening.  Someone 
                         help me, please.
               As if it were an answered prayer, she hears a loud NOISE 
               above her.  She looks upward with hope.
               At first, all she can see is the red light.  As her eyes 
               focus, she realized that the red light is getting closer.
               The hope fades and is replaced by despair as it becomes 
               obvious that the shape of the red light is an hourglass.
               The black widow that is descending upon her takes up the 
               entire width of the room.  Shelly SCREAMS as her body is 
               ravished by the spider.  The leftovers are devoured by the 
               little ones.
               INT. FUNHOUSE -- NIGHT
               Adam and Rodger enter the front doors of the funhouse.  It 
               is very dark and spooky.  Fake madmen and monsters can be 
               seen in the darkness.  They glare at Rodger and Adam, waiting 
               to be turned on.  Adam turns on his flash light, and shins 
               it around.  Ugly witches and ghastly ghouls stare back at 
                         Maybe this isn't such a good idea 
                         after all.
               Rodger turns his flashlight on as well.  He keeps his gun 
               out in front of them.
                         If this monster in the mirror really 
                         has captured April, then we have to 
                         try to save her, Adam.
               Adam nods, and begins to walk forward.
                         Yeah, I know.
               Rodger follows Adam, while surveying their surroundings.
                         Besides, everything in here is 
                         electronic.  Nothing to be afraid 
               Adam stops, turns, and looks at Rodger.
                                     RODGER (CONT'D)
                         Why am I walking out in front?  You 
                         have the gun.  This flashlight ain't 
                         no lightsaber, you know.
               Rodger steps up next to Adam.
                         Ok.  Just wait until I tell April 
                         how much of a chicken shit you were.
                         Hey, wait just a...
               Suddenly Adam sees a shadow to the side of where they are 
               standing moves.  Adam points his flashlight in the direction 
               of the movement, but nothing is there.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         What the hell was that?
               Rodger is looking in the direction that Adam is pointing the 
               Adam is now shining the flashlight in many different 
               directions, but only sees the faces of mechanical vampires 
               and werewolves.
                         You didn't see that?  Someone else 
                         is here!
               Suddenly something jumps out at them from the shadows behind 
               them.  Rodger and Adam both SCREAM.  Adam spins and shines 
               his light at it, and Rodger points his gun at it as well.  
               It is an old BUM.
                         Whoa!  Don't shoot me, I was just 
               Adam and Rodger catch their breath.
                         What the hell are you doing here, 
                         old man?
               The bum takes a few steps back from them.
                         Well, I live here, sir.  At night, 
                         anyway.  I'll leave for a while, 
                         'till you finish whatever it is your 
                         doing here.
               The old man walks toward the exit.  Adam and Rodger relax.
                         Old fool's going to get himself 
               Adam begins to walk deeper into the funhouse.
                         Old fool almost gave me a heart 
                         attack.  Come on, we gotta find the 
                         mirror maze.
               Rodger begins to follow him.
               INT. APRIL'S CAR -- NIGHT
               April is driving to the hospital.  She stops at a red light.  
               She is noticeably impatient.  She begins to tap on the 
               steering wheel.
                         Come on, come on.
               She looks up in the rear-view mirror.  There is a car behind 
               her, she looks over her shoulder just to make sure that the 
               car is there.  It is.  She looks back into the mirror.  It 
               begins to turn totally black.  She looks at the side mirrors, 
               and they too turn totally black.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         No, stop it!
               Voices of several children begin to SCREAM.  The voices are 
               coming from the mirrors.  The blackness in the mirrors turn 
               into pools of blood.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Stop this you motherfucker!
               Suddenly the children stop screaming.  They begin to LAUGH.  
               The also call out to her.
                         April!  April!
               April begins to pound on the steering wheel.
                         Stop it!  Stop it!  What do you want?!
                         April, It's nice here.  We can have 
                         anything we want.  We can go anywhere 
                         we want, April.  So can you.  We 
                         want you, April, we want you to play 
                         with us.
               April closes her eyes and starts shaking her head.
                         No!  No!  Fuck you!
               A car horn BLARES, and it scares April.  She SCREAMS.  She 
               looks up at the light, and the light is green.
               She looks back at the mirrors, and they are back to normal.  
               Cars are driving around her and HONKING their horns.  She 
               starts driving again.
               INT. FUNHOUSE -- NIGHT
               Adam and Rodger are standing in front of a huge face of a 
               clown.  It is a hideous face.  The clown is smiling a twisted 
               evil smile.  It's eyes hungrily look down at Adam and Rodger.  
               Above the clown, it says 'Mirror Maze.'  The clown's mouth 
               is the door to the maze.  It is still dark and sinister around 
                         That is one spooky-ass clown.
               Rodger looks up at the clown.
                         Wow, it's almost as if it's looking 
                         right at me.
               Adam LAUGHS.
                         Come on, it's just a prop for the 
                         ride.  Hey, did you ever see that 
                         Stephen King movie, 'IT'?
                         Shut up, Adam.  Just shut up.
                         What?  It's a good movie.  I was 
                         just trying to lighten up the 
                         Well, then talk about something other 
                         than that movie.
                         Ever see 'Killer Klowns From Outer 
               Adam LAUGHS.
                         Ok, sorry.  Just playing with you, 
               They stand there and look at the evil clown in silence for a 
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         You first, hero.
               We are deep in the heart of the mirror maze.  Mirrors are 
               everywhere, and even where there are not mirrors it looks as 
               if there are.  It would be nearly impossible to tell which 
               way to go, if one were in the maze.  On the wall there is a 
               box.  Below the box there are the words 'DANGER:  HIGH 
               VOLTAGE'.  There is a large black switch on the side of the 
               box.  The switch is now turned down next to the word 'OFF'.
               There is a mirror near the box.  The surface of the mirror 
               ripples as Jeffory's arm reaches out of the mirror.  All we 
               can see of Jeffory is his arm.  It reaches over to the box, 
               and pulls the switch up, next to the word 'ON'.
               INT. FUNHOUSE -- CONTINUOUS
               Adam and Rodger are still standing in front of the clown 
               face when they hear a blood-curdling SCREAM from somewhere 
               in the darkness behind them.  Rodger spins around, his 
               flashlight and gun in front of him.
                         What the hell was that?!
               Adam looks around in every direction.
                         I don't know, man.
               Something in the dark leaps out at them.  It scares them and 
               Rodger SHOOTS it.  Black lights and eerie red lights flood 
               the room.  Scary funhouse MUSIC starts up.  The image that 
               Rodger shot was a plastic skeleton.
                         What's going on, Adam?  Why is all 
                         this shit turning on?
               Ghosts and witches start SCREAMING and LAUGHING at them.
                         Someone must have turned on the ride!
               Zombies and vampires are jumping out at them.
                         So, we're not alone?
               Adam looks over at him.  Even Rodger looks creepy in the 
               spooky light.
                         We never were alone.
               A hideous LAUGH booms out around them drowning out all the 
               other NOISES.  Adam and Rodger freeze as they realize the 
               source of the LAUGHTER.  They slowly turn around.
                         Man, I really wish you had not have 
                         brought up those movies.
                         Me too.
               The clown face is now fully animated.  Somehow it looks even 
               more sinister in the black lights.  It's eyes are moving 
               around looking at them.  It's mouth moves with it's LAUGHTER
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         I can't believe we're going in there.
                         Just go.
               They walk into the mouth of the clown.
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- NIGHT
               Randal is asleep on the bed.  Sue and Randal's doctor are 
               watching over him.  Sue looks very troubled.
                         Mrs. Bradley, I have to confess that 
                         I believe after his injuries have 
                         healed he will still be in need of a 
                         hospital.  Just not this one.
                         What are you trying to say, Doctor?
               The doctor sits in the chair next to Sue.
                         Mrs. Bradley, I know this is hard 
                         enough for you with him already being 
                         hurt, but I think his injury may 
                         have caused him to suffer minor brain 
               Sue GASPS.
                         Oh no!
               She covers her face in her hands and starts CRYING.
                         His constant ravings of Jeffory Kizor 
                         and a man in the mirrors are obviously
                                     DOCTOR (CONT'D)
                         some kind of delusions.  I think it 
                         would be best if we admitted him in 
                         a hospital for psychological therapy.
               Sue shakes her head while trying to control her emotions.
               , he was talking about Jeffory 
                         Kizor before the accident.  He had a 
                         horrible nightmare about him right 
                         before he went into the bathroom.
               Sue looks up at the Doctor with a shred of hope in her eyes.  
               The Doctor's face shatters that hope.
                         Mrs.  Bradley, if that is true, if 
                         he was talking about Jeffory Kizor 
                         before the accident, then I'm sorry, 
                         but that is much worse.  I will watch 
                         him more, and if he gets better we 
                         might not have to consider this an 
                         option.  If you'll excuse me, Mrs. 
                         Bradley, I have a few other patients 
                         to check upon.  I'm sorry.
               The Doctor left Sue in a crying heap.  Sue didn't even notice 
               April walk in the door after the doctor had left.
               Sue snaps her head up, leaps across the room, and embraces 
               her daughter.  More tears flow from her eyes.
                         Oh, my baby!
               INT. MIRROR MAZE -- NIGHT
               Adam and Rodger cautiously enter the Mirror Maze.  It is a 
               huge maze full of mirrors.  Every wall, the ceiling, and the 
               floor are all mirrors.  There is only one path to take from 
               where they are.
                         Damn, look at all these mirrors.  
                         How are we going to know where he's 
                         going to come at us from?
               They walk into the maze.  Soon, they are surrounded by dozens 
               of reflections of themselves.
                         That's the point.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         He is going to take us to his side 
                         so that we can get April.
               They walk forward.  Rodger has his gun out.  The walls begin 
               to suddenly move.  The sound of MACHINERY fills the air.  
               Adam and Rodger jump at the sound, as the way that they just 
               came through is blocked by a new mirror that slid into place.  
               The direction that they were heading is also closed off.  
               Two new directions opened up with the shifting of the mirrored 
               walls.  One path to their right, and the other to their left.
                         Did he just do that?
               Adam shakes his head.
                         No.  I don't think so.  I think it 
                         is just part of the ride.  Let's go 
                         this way.
               Adam points to the path on the right.
                         Why that way?
               Adam shrugs his shoulders.
                         I don't know.  It's just the right 
                         way.  After you.
               They walk down the hall.  Their reflections in all of the 
               mirrors are following them.  As they pass the mirrors, an 
               image of Jeffory forms in each one.  He grins with rotted 
               teeth at them, but they are not aware of him.  Adam turns to 
               glance behind them, but the images of Jeffory disappear.
               The path that they are following suddenly turns to the left.  
               After they turn the corner, the walls begin to move again.  
               When they come to a stop, an old wooden door is revealed by 
               the shifting of the walls.  It is the only way that they can 
               now go.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         I guess we go in there.
               Adam slowly opens the door, it opens with a painful CREAK.  
               It is dark inside the room.  They cannot see a thing.
                         I'll go in first.  You come in right 
                         behind me, ok?
               Rodger points his gun into the dark room and steps into the 
               unknown.  Adam follows right behind him.  The door SLAMS 
               shut behind them, and THUNDER ROARS through the room.  The 
               room is pitch black.
                         Get your flashlight out, Adam!
               Lightning flashes briefly lighting up the room as Adam is 
               trying to turn on his flashlight.
                                     RODGER (CONT'D)
                         Holy shit!
               Rodger SCREAMS and starts SHOOTING his gun in several 
               different directions.  Followed by a sound of GLASS 
                         Rodger!  What the hell are you doing?  
                         Calm down.
               Adam begins to band on his flashlight, which refuses to turn 
                         You didn't see him, Adam?  He's 
                         everywhere.  All around us!  We gotta 
                         get out of here!
                         I didn't see who?
               Suddenly the lightning floods the room again.  Adam sees 
               what Rodger saw.  They are still in the mirror maze, but 
               they are surrounded by the images of the Frankenstein Monster.  
               THUNDER ROARS.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         Rodger, it's part of the ride.  He's 
               Adam finally gets his flashlight to turn on.  They are in a 
               circular room.  In the middle of the room, is a huge wax 
               figure of the Frankenstein Monster.  When the fake lightning 
               flashes from the lights in the ceiling, it looks as if there 
               are a dozen Frankensteins, and they have you surrounded.  
               Rodger started to calm down.
                         He wants us to go through all this 
                         shit.  He's probably watching us and 
                         laughing at us.
               Adam's flashlight finds the door to the next room.
                         Come on, let's go get him.
                         If we keep running into stuff like 
                         this, how are we going to know what's 
                         part of the ride, and what is Jeffory?
               Adam opens the door.  There is another hallway of mirrors on 
               the other side.
                         I don't know.  We just have to be 
               They walk into the hall.  It is a long one.  The mirrors do 
               not cast their reflections, but they do not notice.  The 
               sound of MACHINERY fills the air again, but only two mirrors 
               change positions.  A mirror slides in place to block the way 
               that they came into the hall, and one blocks the way that 
               they were going.  Adam and Rodger stand back to back, aware 
               that something is about to happen.  Adam notices the mirrors.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         Rodger, look at the mirrors!
               Rodger looks at all the mirrors, and nods as he understands.
                         No reflections!
                         It's him.
               A red fog sweeps into the hallway.  It is coming through the 
               bottom of the mirrors.  It envelops the room, giving 
               everything a hellish look.  Jeffory appears in a mirror close 
               to Adam and Rodger.  Through the red mist, Jeffory looks 
                         Looking for me?
               Adam and Rodger spin around to face Jeffory.  The red mist 
               adds to his creepy look.  Adam bravely takes a step toward 
               the monster.
                         I want April back.
               Jeffory looks at Adam.  He smiles at him.
                         I'd love to oblige, but unfortunately, 
                         I've already killed her.
               Jeffory LAUGHS at Adam.  Adam shakes his head and grits his 
                         No.  You had better be lying.
               Jeffory LAUGHS at him again.
                         Cross my heart, hope to die...
               Jeffory crosses his heart with his deformed hand.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         My favorite dish is sweet April pie.
                         You son of a bitch!
               Adam throws a punch at Jeffory's face.  The mirror shatters, 
               and cuts his hand.  Blood flows from it, as it is apparent 
               it is a fairly bad cut.  Adam CRIES OUT in pain.
               Jeffory appears in another mirror.
                         Missed me!  You're aim sucks!  April 
                         told me you never could hit the hole!  
                         Isn't this fun?!
               Adam glares a hateful look at him as he RIPS off a piece of 
               his shirt and wraps it around his bloody hand.
                         What do you want?  Why are you doing 
                         this to us?
               Jeffory looks amused.
                         That's a very popular question lately.  
                         It's simple really.  I'm after 
                         revenge.  That asshole cop, Bradley 
                         tried to kill me.  I'm just returning 
                         the favor is spades.  I'm destroying 
                         his family starting with his precious 
                         daughter, April.  I'm killing off 
                         her friends, and breaking her spirit.  
                         After I finish with her, I'll move 
                         on to Sue.  By then, Randal will be 
                         begging me to kill him, just like I 
                         killed his son.  One big happy dead 
               Rodger is utterly shocked.
                         Oh, my God!  You're Jeffory Kizor!
                         Andy they call you a detective.
               Adam looks at Rodger.
                         Shoot the asshole.
               Rodger FIRES his gun at Jeffory.  The mist gets thicker.  
               The mirror SHATTERS.  Jeffory's LAUGH can be heard.  The 
               mist seems to clear out, revealing a broken mirror.  The 
               mist inconspicuously gets extremely thick in one part of the 
               room.  The wall behind it cannot be seen.
               Jeffory starts to appear in every mirror in the hall that 
               they are trapped in.  Rodger starts to shoot all the images.  
               The hall is EXPLODING with gunfire and glass.  Jeffory is 
               LAUGHING at them in all of the mirrors and all of the broken 
                         How can he be everywhere like that?
               All the remaining images of Jeffory answer in unison as Randal 
               continues to SHOOT even more mirrors.
                         The mind can be is several places at 
                         once.  Unfortunately, for you, my 
                         power is only limited by my 
                         imagination!  I can be anywhere I 
               The images in front of Rodger and Adam disappear, but 
               Jeffory's voice is still heard.
                                     JEFFORY (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         Even right behind you!
               They spin around, but they are too late.  Jeffory leaps 
               halfway out of a mirror that the thick pocked of red mist 
               was hiding.  The mist thins out as Jeffory knocks the gun 
               from Rodger's hand.  He grabs Rodger by the throat.  Rodger 
               struggles to get Jeffory's hands off of him, but he soon 
               begins to get weak from lack of oxygen.  Rodger begins to 
               GASP for air that is not there.
               Adam grabs a long sharp piece of glass from a broken mirror.  
               He runs and plunges in right into Jeffory's jugular.  Jeffory 
               legs out a GURGLED SCREAM.  Blood pours out of the wound as 
               well as Jeffory's mouth.  Jeffory quickly drops Rodger and 
               ducks back into the mirror, the remaining mist following 
               him.  Rodger gets to his fee, rubbing his neck, and gasping 
               for air.
                         Thanks.  He's a strong motherfucker.  
                         Did you kill him?  He should bleed 
                         to death real quickly with a would 
                         like that.
               Adam shakes his head.
                         I don't know.  I don't think he's 
                         here anymore.  I think we scared him 
               Rodger picks up his gun and reloads it.  He walks over and 
               stands by Adam.
                         Well, how the hell are we going to 
                         get out of this crazy maze?
               They look around them.  Nothing but shattered mirrors.  They 
               are still trapped.
                         I don't know.  I guess we should 
                         look for a secret door...
               Adam does not get to finish.  Jeffory is hanging halfway out 
               of the mirrored ceiling.  There is no trace of his neck wound.  
               One hand grabs Adam by the back of the neck, and the other 
               grabs Rodger by the back of the neck.  Jeffory pulls them 
               both up into the mirrored ceiling.  Rodger's gun CLANKS to 
               the floor as he drops it.
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- NIGHT
               April and Sue are hugging at the foot of Randal's bed.  He 
               is still asleep.  April steps back and looks at her father.
                         I thought he was awake.  I really 
                         need to talk to him.
                         He was.  He was so hysterical that 
                         the doctor had to sedate him.  Where 
                         were you?  I was so worried.
               April hurries over to the mirror hanging of the back of the 
               closed bathroom door.  She studies her reflection.
                         Someone's after me, mom.
               She grabs the mirror and pulls it off the door.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         He got Jamie, Ron, and Shelly.  Now 
                         he's after me.
               She puts the mirror face down on the floor.  She stomps on 
               the back of it.  The CRUNCHING glass beneath the frame can 
               be heard.
                         What are you talking about, sweetie?  
                         Who's after you, and what are you 
                         doing to that mirror?
               Sue is close to tears.  April walks to the windows of the 
               room.  Her ghostly reflection looks back at her from the 
               surface of the glass.
                         I don't know who he is, but he said 
                         that Dad knows him.
               She closes the blinds, covering the window and it's 
               reflections.  She does this to both windows in the room.  
               She turns to look at her father.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         I have to talk to him.
               Sue shakes her head.
                         No.  The doctor said that he's not 
                         well.  He needs his sleep.  Tell the 
                         police about his guy chasing you.  
                         Rodger and Adam are already looking 
                         for you.
               April glares at her mother.
                         What?!  You sent them to look for 
               Sue is caught off guard by her daughter's anger.
                         I couldn't have stopped them, baby.  
                         We were all worried about you, 
                         especially after Jamie disappeared.
                         Jamie's dead.
               Sue sits down in a chair.
                         Did you see her body?
               April looks at the floor.
                         I watched while he killer her.
                         April, you going to have to start 
                         making sense.  Who are you talking 
                         about?  Who killed her?  Did you hit 
                         your head?
               Randal jumps up to a sitting position, like he had just woke 
               up from a horrible nightmare.
                         Jeffory Kizor!
               Sue jumps to her feet.  Sue and April rush to Randal's 
               bedside.  He looks at both of them with urgent, but grateful 
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         April!  Thank god!  Jeffory Kizor!  
                         He killed Stanley, now he's back for 
                         the rest of us!
               Sue looks at April with a worried face.
                         I told you that he was delusional.  
                         I'll go get the doctor.
               April reaches over the bed and grabs her mother's arm.
                         No!  Let's hear what he has to say.  
                         We owe him that much, Mother.
               Sue slowly nods her head.
               April looks back at her dad.
                         Is that who he is, dad?  The man in 
                         the mirror?
               Randal nods his head.
                         He attacked me in the bathroom.  He 
                         said he was going to kill us all.
                         He said that he wanted revenge from 
                         you, daddy.  Revenge for what?
               Sue gives Randal a hard look.  He meets her eyes, and Sue 
               shakes her head with urgent eyes.  April does not seem to 
               notice.  Randal looks away from Sue, and back to April.  Sue 
               begins to pace the room.  Randal takes a deep breath.
                         I killed him.  In the museum.  I 
                         electrocuted him on purpose because 
                         he killed Stanley.
               April is shocked.  Sue continues to pace the room.
                         How did it happen?
               EXT. RANDAL'S POLICE CAR -- NIGHT
               Randal is sitting at a stoplight listening to his car radio.  
               POLICE CODES and 10-4's are spewing from it.  A radio 
               broadcast from the dispatcher catches Randal's attention.
                                     RANDAL (V.O.)
                         It was the night that he had escaped 
                         from prison.  I was sitting at a red 
                         light when I heard the announcement.
                         Attention all units.  Attention all 
                         units.  Jeffory Kizor has escaped 
                         from the state prison.  He is to be 
                         considered extremely dangerous.
                                     RANDAL (V.O.)
                         It was very hard to catch him, because 
                         he was born to a prostitute and sold 
                         on the black market.  There was no 
                         documents stating that he existed.  
                         Rumors say that after killing Stanley 
                         he let himself get caught just to 
                         see if he could escape from prison.  
                         He likes to challenge himself like 
                         that.  His street name was The Ghost.
               Randal's KNUCKLES turn white on the steering wheel.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         And then I saw him.  He was just 
                         standing there on the street corner.
               A car is turning right in the intersection.  The headlights 
               from the car light up a dark corner on the street to reveal 
               a man.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         Holy shit!  It's him!
               Randal hits the lights on his car.  The SIREN BLAZES through 
               the night.  Jeffory begins to run.  Randal picks up his radio.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         This is unit 16, I am chasing the 
                         fugitive, Jeffory Kizor, down South 
                         Elm Street, request back up.  Suspect 
                         is on foot.  Over.
               Jeffory runs across the street as Randal runs over trash 
               cans and mailboxes in pursuit.
                         This is dispatcher, back up in route.  
                         Engage suspect with extreme caution.  
                         Good luck.
               Jeffory suddenly scales a wall, and jumps over to the other 
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
               Randal stops the car with a SCREECH, and jumps out.  He scales 
               the wall in pursuit of Jeffory.
               EXT. STREET -- CONTINUOUS
               On the other side of the wall, Randal sees a huge museum.  
               The museum is still under construction.  It is dark and eerie 
               in the night.  Jeffory is seen running into a side door.  
               Randal pulls out a gun, and follows.
                                     RANDAL (V.O.)
                         I chased him into the museum, you 
                         know, the one on University and 
                         Locust?  It's all finished now, but 
                         then, it was about three fourths of 
                         the way done.
               It is an Indian exhibit.  Wax figures of famous Indians riddle 
               the dark room.  Randal surveys the room.  Jeffory cannot be 
               seen.  Randal cautiously walks deeper into the room.  A voice 
               booms out of nowhere.
                                     JEFFORY (O.S.)
                         Can you see me?
               Randal jumps.  He looks in every direction, but sees nothing.
                                     JEFFORY (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         Of course you can't.  I'm The Ghost.
               Randal continues to look behind the wax figures, and around 
               corners, but still finds no one.
                                     JEFFORY (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         Have you ever ran a background check 
                         on me?  I'm sure you have.  What did 
                         you find?  Nothing.  You see, Jeffory 
                         Kizor has never existed, at least 
                         legally.  I allowed myself to be 
                         caught.  I'm a real live ghost.  Do 
                         you really think you can stop me?
               Jeffory's LAUGH ECHOES throughout the room.
                         You killed my son, you motherfucker!  
                         I will take you down tonight.  You 
                         will die.
               Jeffory LAUGHS again.
                                     JEFFORY (O.S.)
                         The enraged cop has come to take 
                         revenge for his son's death.  I guess 
                         it is fitting that you will join 
               A shadow of a man runs through the walkway behind Randal.  
               Randal spins around and SHOOTS.  The person is now gone.  
               The bullet SHATTERS some glass in front of a display.
                         Come out here, you piece of shit!  
                         I'm tired of playing your games.
               Jeffory steps out from behind a wall directly behind Randal.
                         Let the games begin.
               Randal spins around, but it is too late.  Jeffory punches 
               him in the face, and Randal drops his gun.  Randal attempts 
               to return the punch, but Jeffory blocks it, and hits Randal 
               again, who falls to the floor.  Jeffory bends down and picks 
               up the gun.  He points it at Randal.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         You were saying something about 
                         killing me?
               Randal whips out his nightstick and smashes Jeffory's knee.  
               Jeffory SCREAMS and falls to the ground.  The gun is lost.  
               Randal gets up, and runs into the next room.
               The main lobby is huge.  The ceiling is about thirty feet 
               high.  The roof is all glass.  There are two spiral 
               staircases, one on both sides of the room.  The floor is a 
               huge polished mirror.  It gives the room a creepy look.  
               There is a faucet by one of the staircases.  There is a sign 
               that says 'FOR CLEANING THE FLOOR ONLY.'  Near the same 
               stairs, are a group of electrical wires hanging from the 
                                     RANDAL (V.O.)
                         It took me about two seconds after 
                         running into the room before I knew 
                         what I was going to do.
               After taking a quick look around the room, Randal runs to 
               the faucet and turns it on full blast.  WATER POURS out onto 
               the mirrored floor.  Randal climbs onto the stairs.
               The doors BURST open and Jeffory limps into the room.
                         You motherfucker!  I'm going to eat 
                         your fucking heart straight from 
                         your chest!
               Jeffory charges towards Randal, but slips in the water.  He 
               hits the floor hard on his back, but it doesn't seem to faze 
               him.  He gets right back up.
                         Good-bye, asshole.
               Randal pulls out the electrical wires from the wall, and 
               lets them fall into the water below the stairs.
               The electricity runs throughout the water, and into his legs.  
               He violently twitches and begins to smoke.  His skin begins 
               to BUBBLE as it boils.  His eyes EXPLODE with a POPPING sound.  
               Randal has to looks away.  The electricity stops, and Jeffory 
               is dead.  SIRENS can be heard in the distance.
                                     RANDAL (V.O.)
                         I've never seen anything like that 
                         before in my life.  The smell of 
                         cooking flesh is a smell I'll never 
                         forget.  I've had nightmares that 
                         recount his death ever since that 
                         night, but on the night he came back 
                         and attacked me in the bathroom, the 
                         nightmare was a little different.
               Randal sighs heavily and relaxes.  Jeffory's burnt, melted 
               body jumps to it's feet.  His life-less eye sockets focus on 
               Randal.  Randal SCREAMS.
                         You think you stopped me?!  I'm a 
                         real ghost now!
               Jeffory's corpse begins to walk towards Randal.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         I'm coming back for you, Randal.  
                         You and your precious little family.
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- NIGHT
                         And that's when I woke up.
               Randal looks at April.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         That's what he wants revenge for.  I 
                         purposely killed him for killing 
                         Obviously you didn't kill him good 
                         enough.  How did he get into the 
                         mirrors, dad?
                         I don't know.  The floor of the museum 
                         was a huge mirror.  Maybe somehow 
                         the electricity carried some part of 
                         him through the mirror somehow.
               April nods.
                         I've been there, dad.  The other 
                         side of the mirror.  There is power 
                         there.  You can make anything you 
                         want happen.  It's wonderful, daddy.  
                         After we defeat Jeffory, we can bring 
                         Stanley back.
               Randal and Sue both look at April.
                         April, Stanley's dead.
               April shakes her head with tears forming in her eyes.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         He's waiting for us in the mirrors!  
                         We can bring him back, and we can 
                         live in that world together forever, 
                         and never die!
                         Baby, that place isn't real.  It 
                         just wouldn't be real.
                         Yes it is!  I've been there, 
                         everything is as real as it is here.  
                         You can feel, smell, and taste 
                         everything.  It's as real as we want 
                         it to be.  All we have to do is figure 
                         out a way to kill Jeffory, and it's 
                         all ours.
                         No, April.  After we kill Jeffory...
               Sue cuts him off.  She is standing across the bed from April.  
               She has stopped pacing around the room.  The polished floor 
               gleams her reflection under her.
                         Will you two listen to yourselves?  
                         Dead boogymen?!  Alternate mirror 
               April looks at her mother.
                         I saw him, mother.  I was there.  He 
                         killed Jamie and Rod.  He might have 
                         gotten Adam by now, for all I know.
               Sue shakes her head.
                         You're both going crazy!  People do 
                         not come back from the dead to seek 
               Jeffory jumps up out of the reflecting floor behind Sue.  
               She SCREAMS and he LAUGHS as his arm snakes around her waist.
               April leaps onto the bed over her Randal's legs.  April 
               reaches out to grab Sue, and find's Sue's hands.  Jeffory 
               continues to LAUGH maniacally.
                         Let her go!
               Jeffory begins to pull Sue into the floor.  She has sunk 
               down to her knees.
                         Should have never messed with me, 
                         Randy boy!
               April's grip on Sue tightens.  She begins to slide off the 
               end of Randal's bed.
                         Help me, Randal!
               Randal sits up, and reaches down to grab one of Sue's arms.  
               He just misses his target as Jeffory pulls Sue into the floor.  
               April slides off the bed, still holding onto Sue's hands, 
               and goes into the floor with them.  Randal is left all alone 
               in his room.  He SCREAMS.
                         Oh, God!  What have I done?!
               Randal begins to CRY and WAIL into his hands.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         I'm so sorry, Sue!  Please forgive 
               Randal gets out of bed as he detaches all the wires and suck 
               that hooks him up to the machines around the bed.  And 
               annoying ALARM sounds at the machines no longer detect 
               Randal's vital signs.  Randal locks the door to his room, 
               and walks to the window.  Still CRYING, he opens the blinds 
               that April had shut before.  He looks down out the window at 
               the shadow covered street below.  People start BANGING on 
               the door, and they begin to SHOUT to be let in.  Randal opens 
               the window.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         Forgive me.
               Randal jumps out of the six story window.  He free falls 
               toward the street.  Toward his death.  At he passes a closed 
               window on the second story, which is reflecting the 
               streetlights, April quickly leans halfway out of the 
               reflection.  She snatches Randal from his death, and pulls 
               him into the mirror world with her.
               INT. DUNGEON -- NIGHT
               Adam and Rodger fly through a wall at the beginning of a 
               long dirty hallway.  They GRUNT  as they hit the floor.  
               They look around them.  The other end of the hallway cannot 
               be seen from where they are.  The walls are dark and moldy 
               with old bloodstains.  The hallway is lined for as far as 
               they can see with uncovered lightbulbs.  They are all 
               flickering on and off, creating a strobe light effect.
               Huge metal doors line the hallway as well.  One on each side 
               about every five feet or so.  Horrible SCREAMS and CRIES of 
               all sorts echo down the corridor at them.  They slowly get 
               to their feet.
                         Where are we?  Where's Jeffory?
               Adam shakes his head.
                         I don't know where he is, but we 
                         must be somewhere in his world.  I 
                         can already tell that this is an 
                         unpleasant place.
               Rodger pads himself down looking for something.
                         Damn!  I lost my gun.
               Adam CHUCKLES.
                         It's alright, I don't think it would 
                         do us any good here, man.
               The SCREAMS are continuous and never ending.
                         God, those screams are horrible.  It 
                         sounds like a hundred people are 
                         getting slaughtered.
               He looks at Adam with urgent eyes.
                                     RODGER (CONT'D)
                         Is it real?  If it is, we gotta help 
                         them, Adam.  One of them could be 
                         April, or another of your friends.
               Adam nods at Rodger.
                         You're right.  We should start opening 
                         these doors.  One of them could also 
                         be a way out.
                         Alright.  We'll start with the doors 
                         closest to us, and we'll work our 
                         way down the hallway.  Helping anyone 
                         that we can.
               They walk to the first door on the right.  Adam puts his 
               hand on the doorknob.
                         Are you ready?
               Rodger nods.  Adam slowly turns the doorknob and throws open 
               the door.  The lights in the room flicker in unison with the 
               ones in the hallway.  Adam throws up his dinner and turns 
               The room is an operating room, with white bloodsplattered 
               walls.  Rusty operating equipment are strewn all over the 
               room.  There is a doctor standing in the center of the room.  
               He is wearing a white operating gown that matches the 
               bloodstained walls.  He is also wearing an operating mask.  
               His eyes are crazy and bloodshot.
               He is standing over an operating table with a SCREAMING 
               patient on it.  The patient's abdomen has been cut open.  
               The doctor is twirling a double pronged probe in the patient's 
               gut.  The patient's intestines are wrapping around the probe 
               like spaghetti around a fork.
                         Help me!!  Oh God!!  Please, help 
               The patient reaches out to Adam and Rodger.  The doctor pulls 
               off his mask to reveal his sharp filed down teeth.  He brings 
               the probe with the patient's intestines hanging off to his 
               mouth to take a bite.  Rodger SLAMS the door.
               They both stand there speechless for a moment.
                         Good God!  What the hell was that?!
                         It was Hell, Rodger.  These doors, 
                         they're all a different Hell.
                         Are they all going to be like that?
                         I think I might lose my mind if they 
               They slowly walk across the hall to the next door.  Randal 
               reaches out and grabs the doorknob.  He takes a deep breath 
               and throws open the door.
               The room is completely black.  They cannot see anything inside 
               the door frame.  Even the flickering lights in the hallway 
               fail to shed any light past the threshold of the room.  Rodger 
               looks at Adam.
                         What do you think?  Do we go in?
                         Man, we don't know what is in there.  
                         That is the coldest darkness I've 
                         ever seen.
               A bright blinding light fills the room, as well as a high 
               pitched SCREAM.  Rodger and Adam are momentarily blinded.
               They blink and shield their eyes to see into the room.
               The room is an empty padded cell.  Empty except for it's 
               source of blinding light.  In the center of the room there 
               is an electric chair.  A man hooked up to the chair is lit 
               up like a Christmas tree.  His skin bubbles as sparks fly 
               from the helmet.  His body spasms as blood pours out from 
               under the blindfold he is wearing.  His neck bulges like an 
               overstuffed turkey.  He SCREAMS as his head expands to an 
               impossible size.
               Adam reaches out and SLAMS the door shut as they hear a wet 
               POPPING sound, followed by the sound of SMALL CHUNKS OF SKULL 
               AND MEAT BOUNCING OFF THE DOOR.  The man's screaming has 
               Adam's breathing is labored.  He begins to pound furiously 
               on the door.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         This is Hell!  This is pure Hell.
               He starts to CRY.  Rodger walks over to the next door.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         Rodger, what are you doing.
               Rodger looks as Adam with a distant look.
                         We have to keep going, Adam.
               Adam walks after Rodger.
                         I can't do this for much longer, 
               Rodger nods.
                         I know.  Neither can I.
               Rodger reaches out, and opens the door.
               EXT. FIELD OF DAISIES -- DAY
               Randal finds himself lying in a beautiful field of daisies.  
               He sees a figure standing before him.
               The sun is at the figure's back, partially blinding Randal.  
               He can only make out a silhouette.
                         Am I dead?
               The figure LAUGHS at him.  The figure steps forward.  It is 
                         No, daddy, you're not dead.
               Randal sits up and sees April more clearly.  He looks around 
               him.  The daisy field goes on forever in every direction.  
               The sun is bright and warm, and the sky is a deep blue without 
               a cloud.  Randal reaches up to his head where his bandages 
               were.  They are now gone, and there is no evidence of his 
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         My head.  It doesn't hurt anymore.
                         I healed it, daddy.  You're alright 
               April reaches down with her hand, and helps Randal to his 
                         What happened?
                         Jeffory pulled mom and me into his 
                         world.  I was protecting mom and 
                         winning, when he showed me what you 
                         were doing.  After I saved you, he 
                         was gone, and mother with him.
               Randal looks around at all the daisies and sunshine.
                         This doesn't look like the world of 
                         a deranged killer.
               April spins in a circle with her arms outstretched.
                         This is my world, daddy.  I made it.
                         Is this real?
                         I told you before.  All this is real.  
                         Feel the breeze?
               A strong wind picks up and blows April's hair around her.  
               It hits Randal in the face.  It dies down just as quickly.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Does it feel real?
               April bends over and picks up a daisy.  She hands it to 
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Here.  Smell it.
               Randal takes the daisy.  He takes a big whiff of it.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Does it smell real?
               Randal slowly nods his head.
                         Yes, but...
               April cuts him off.
                         You can make these things happen, 
                         too, Daddy.  Or anything else you 
                         want.  All you have to do is use 
                         your mind.  That's the secret to 
                         this world.  We can have this place 
                         all to ourselves after we destroy 
                         Jeffory.  You, me, and mom.  We can 
                         even bring back Stanley!
               April skips around happily.  Randal takes a step away from 
               her.  He shakes his head.
                         No.  It isn't real, April.
               April gestures all around them.
                         Try it, daddy!  Try to create 
                         something you want.
               Randal grabs April by the shoulders and holds her still.
                         All I want is to make sure you and 
                         your mother are safe, and then I 
                         want all of us to get the hell out
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         of here.  I will not be tempted by 
                         this kind of power, April.  Humans 
                         were not meant to have this type of 
                         power.  We can't handle it.  I mean, 
                         just look at yourself.  That psycho 
                         has your mother, and you're skipping 
                         around like a little girl!  We are 
                         not gods, April.
               April glares at Randal.
                         We can be.
               Randal lets her go, and turns his back on her.
                         Just find my wife.
               April stares at the back of his head for a moment.  Finally, 
               she nods and closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.  After 
               a moment she opens her eyes.
                         I found her.
               She walks up next to Randal.  She traces a square in the air 
               with her two index fingers.  The square morphs into a window 
               hanging in mid air.  April pulls the window open.  It is a 
               window into a dark and moldy torture chamber.  Various sharp 
               objects can be seen around the room.  A rusty ax, a bloody 
               butcher knife, a huge meat cleaver, etc.
               Sue is chained up to the far wall by her wrists and ankles.  
               She is in a spread eagle position.  Her clothes are shredded, 
               torn, and hanging off her body.
               A cold wind blows at them from the window.  An icy mist can 
               be seen.  The wind blows over and rustles the daisies.  They 
               all wither and die.  April and Randal both shiver.  It is 
               the wind of death and despair.  Jeffory steps into view of 
               the window.  He LAUGHS and points at Randal.
                         Here we are again, Mr. Macho Cop 
                         Man!  Thought you had me back there 
                         at that museum, didn't you?
               Randal bites his lip.  A trickle of blood runs from the corner 
               of his mouth.  He wipes it away.
                         I'm going to kill you.
               Jeffory smiles.
                         Yeah, I've heard that one before, 
                         Randy-boy.  Last I checked the score 
                         was two to one.  My favor.  Sure, 
                         you got me at the museum, but I killed 
                         your precious Stanley.  Also, what 
                         kind of cop are you to allow a psycho 
                         maniac like be to have my way with 
                         your wife.
               Randal is furious.
                         You son of a bitch!
               Jeffory grins at them.  He waves them to come closer.
                         Come join us.  Let's finish this 
               Randal and April disappear from the dead daisy field.
               April and Randal appear in a corner of the room.  The room 
               itself has no doors or windows.  Up close, all the sharp 
               metal objects that are lying around the room look even more 
               threatening.  Lonely chains slowly swing back and forth from 
               the ceiling.
               The wall that Sue is chained to is on their right.  Sue is 
               bleeding from the mouth, and a large bruise is already forming 
               on her cheek.  Her head in handing down to her chest.  She 
               is unconscious.
               Jeffory is standing in front of Sue.  He is grinning his 
               sick grin at them.
                         Let her go, you bastard.
               Jeffory acts slightly scared.
                         Oh no!  Are you going to hurt me?!
                         I'll kill you again, and make sure 
                         you make it to Hell this time!
               Jeffory LAUGHS at Randal.
                         Haven't looked around much, have 
                         you?  This is Hell.  I gave Hell a 
                         new address, and this is the only 
                         Hell I will ever see.
               Randal picks up an ax that was lodged in a wooden chair 
               setting near them.
                         I believe in finishing what I start.
               Jeffory stands confidently as Randal takes a step forward.  
               April grabs Randal's arm and stops him.
                         Daddy, he can't be stopped like that!  
                         You can't fight him physically!
               Randal shrugs her off, and turns to face her.  His face is 
               solemn and guilt ridden.
                         This is all my fault.  It was all 
                         about me.  It's between him and me, 
                         April.  It always has been.
                         But you can't beat him like this!
                         Well, I'm damn well going to try.
               Randal spins to face Jeffory again.  He has fire in is eyes.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         You want me asshole?  Well I'm here, 
                         now let my wife go.
               Jeffory scratches his chin as he considers Randal's order.  
               He nods in agreement.
                         Okay, fair enough.  I have you here, 
                         so I have no more use for her now.
               Spikes SPRING out of the entire wall that Sue is chained 
               too.  Sue's eyes snap wide open and find Randal's eyes.  She 
               opens her mouth to call to him, but she can only make a 
               hideous GURGLING CRY as a dozen spikes impale through her 
               Randal charges at Jeffory with murderous rage.  Randal swings 
               the ax at Jeffory as hard as he can.
               The ax takes Jeffory's head off with a WET RIPPING SOUND.  
               The head falls to the floor.  Jeffory's body flails blindly 
               for a moment while spraying a fountain of blood from the 
               neck, before falling down.
               Randal spins to face April, still holding the bloody ax.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         See?!  I beat him!  The bastard, I 
                         killed him!
               April shakes her head.  This sight of her father in this 
               state of mind obviously frightens her.
                         No, daddy!  It's a trick.  Put the 
                         ax down, and let's get out of here.
               Randal glares at April and slams the ax down and splits a 
               wooden table top.  Spit flies from his mouth.  Madness begins 
               to take control.
                         No!  It's no damn trick!  I killed 
                         him, now bring back Sue!
               April is shocked by what her father is demanding.
                         But daddy, you said..
                         Shut the fuck up!  Do as I say!  
                         Bring her back!
               Randal raises the ax over his head, and begins to walk toward 
               April.  A sharp blood rusted meat-cleaver comes flying off 
               of the torture rack.  It plunges into Randal's side at a 
               horizontal angle.  Randal staggers and CRIES out at the 
               impact.  He looks down at the cleaver in his gut as blood 
               pours out of the wound around it.  He drops the ax.  He looks 
               up at April with frightened eyes.  The madness in now gone.
                                     RANDAL (CONT'D)
                         Oh, baby.  I'm sorry.
               He staggers forward, but begins to lose strength.  He has to 
               hold himself up with the wooden table.  April sees several 
               more of the sharp objects around the room begin to spring to 
                         Daddy!  Watch out!  Jump through the 
               April races at her father as the objects begin to hurtle 
               themselves at Randal.
               A portal appears in the wall that Randal is using  to hold 
               himself up.  The ceiling of Randal's hospital room can be 
               seen through it, as well as the side of his bed.  April slams 
               herself into Randal sending him through the portal.  It closes 
               as all the sharp objects reach her.  A butcher knife slices 
               into her leg.  An ax embeds itself into  her chest.  A bone 
               saw cuts through her neck, and a machete runs completely 
               through her abdomen.  She CRIES out in pain as she falls to 
               the floor.
               Jeffory walks out of the shadows, his body and head are now 
               back to normal.  He LAUGHS quietly as he walks around the 
               torture table to the spot where April had fallen.
               He finds the tools that had hit her in the spot on the floor, 
               but there is not body or blood.  April steps up behind him.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         Damn!  Where'd she go?
               April smiles.
                         It seems that we have a stalemate.
               Jeffory spins around in surprise.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         I know the secret of this little 
                         place you got here.  You can't kill 
                         me, my mind won't let you.
               Jeffory glares hatred at her, and begins to shrink back away 
               from her.
                         That's where you're wrong, bitch.  
                         There is more pain that just physical 
                         pain.  Have you seen your boyfriend 
               Jeffory LAUGHS as he disappears.
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- NIGHT
               Dr. Harger is one of the three people standing at the open 
               window that Randal had thrown himself out of earlier.  He 
               has two nurses with him.  The doorframe to the room is 
               splintered, and the door hangs open on one hinge.
                         Where did he go?  He didn't jump, 
                         there is no body.
               One of the nurses shrugs.
                         I don't know.  I heard him screaming 
                         something while I was trying to get 
                         the door open.
                                     NURSE 2
                         I know I had closed this window before 
                         I left.  I left his wife in here 
                         with him, and his daughter was coming 
                         in as I left.
               Dr. Harger closes the window.
                         Well, I'm not a detective, but this 
                         sure is baffling.
               A low painful MOAN comes at them from the other side of the 
                                     NURSE 2
                         What was that?
               Dr. Harger slowly walks to the other side of the bed.  Randal 
               is lying on his back with a meat cleaver stuck in his side.  
               A large pool of blood is spreading from the wound.  Randal 
               sees Dr. Harger.  He reaches a bloody hand out to him.
               Dr. Harger looks at the two nurses with a white shocked face.
                         What is it?
               Dr. Harger looks back down at Randal.
                         Go get my operating kit.
               INT. DUNGEON -- NIGHT
               Adam and Rodger are standing before an open door in the 
               hallway.  The end of the hall that they started from can no 
               longer be seen, neither can the end that they are heading 
               toward.  The SCREAMS are louder than ever.  The lights are 
               still flickering.
               The room that they are looking into is a rather large room.  
               It is lighted by a red glow coming from an old light bulb in 
               the rooms center.
               The room is full of people.  About twenty, but only five are 
               still alive.  The remains of the other fifteen are strewn 
               around the room.  The five survivors are eating the remains.  
               Peeling flesh off bone.  The room is a bloody mess.  Rodger 
               sighs heavily and closes the door.
                         Another one.  How many is that now?
               Adam shrugs.
                         About fifty.  I'm never going to be 
                         able to eat or sleep again.
               Rodger nods.
                         It sure ain't getting any easier.  
                         Do you really want to open any more 
               Adam thinks for a moment.
                         April might be in one, or maybe a 
                         way out.
                         That's bullshit, Adam.  He's playing 
                         with us.  We're not getting out of 
               Rodger rubs both temples with his hands.
                                     RODGER (CONT'D)
                         And these strobe lights are giving 
                         me a fucking headache!
               Rodger kicks the wall as hard as he can.  Then he starts to 
               take deep breaths and begins to calm down.
                                     RODGER (to himself) (CONT'D)
                         Calm down, Rodger.  Getting crazy 
                         won't help anything.
               Adam comes up behind Rodger.
                         I'm not giving up.
               Rodger turns to face Adam.
                         Alright, let's open a few more doors 
                         here, and if they don't have any
                                     RODGER (CONT'D)
                         hope in them, then we walk to the 
                         end of this god-forsaken hallway.
               They walk to the next big metal door.  Adam reaches out and 
               grabs the door knob.  He opens the door and an earsplitting 
               ROAR fills the air.  Standing before them, in the doorway, 
               is a nine foot tall monster.  Hair covers it's entire body, 
               except for it's long pointy teeth and razor sharp claws.  
               It's eyes are cat shaped, but the irises are blood red.  It 
               ROARS at them again.
                         Holy shit!  Run!
               They both turn to run down the hall.  The monster follows 
               them.  Adam cranes his head back to look at the monster.  
               The beast fills the entire hall.  The strobe-like lights 
               make the monster look like something that would plague Satan's 
               Adam and Rodger run as fast as they can, and begin to pull 
               away from the monster.  Adam CRIES in surprise as a huge, 
               sharp metal blade swings down from the ceiling in a metallic 
               blur, and slices Rodger in half vertically.
               Adam stops and watches in horror at the two halves run a few 
               more yards, while slowly coming apart.  They split and fall 
               forward.  The monster hungrily pounces on Rodger's remains.  
               It takes a huge bite and begins to feast.
               Adam SCREAMS in fury and the monster locks eyes with Adam.  
               The monster smiles wickedly at him.  Then it begins to LAUGH.  
               It is Jeffory's LAUGHTER.  The monster stands, and with 
               Rodger's gore hanging from it's teeth, it begins to move 
               toward Adam.
               April's arms quickly reach out of the wall and grab Adam.  
               She pulls him into the wall.  When Adam is gone, the monster 
               morphs into Jeffory and he SCREAMS in anger.
               INT. APRIL'S BEDROOM -- NIGHT
               April pulls Adam through the wall into her bedroom.  It is 
               the happy room she was in earlier.  Adam grabs April and 
               gives her a huge hug, and a kiss.
                         Oh God, April, I thought I'd lost 
               April kisses him back.
                         I've missed you, too.
               Adam looks around the room.
                         Is this your room?  It looks 
                         I like it this way.
               April's face gets darker.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         My mom is dead.  So is Jamie, Shelly 
                         and Rod.
               Adam nods.
                         I thought they might be.  Rodger's 
                         dead too.  How have you managed to 
                         stay alive?  And how did you pull me 
                         through that wall?
                         Adam, it's this place that has the 
                         power, not Jeffory.  He's just some 
                         crazy killer that got lucky enough 
                         to stumble upon it.  This place gives 
                         you anything you want.  All you have 
                         to do is imagine it, and concentrate, 
                         and it happens.  Jeffory can do it 
                         too.  If we stab him, he will heal.  
                         We can't hurt him.
               Adam's eyes get real wide with excitement.
                         When Rodger and I were in the mirror 
                         maze, Jeffory reached out to grab 
                         Rodger.  I stabbed him in the neck 
                         with the glass.  He screamed, and 
                         bled everywhere.
                         Of course!  We have to force him out 
                         of the mirror world!  He'll be human!
               Adam grabs April.
                         What about this 'making things happen' 
                         thing.  How do you do that?
               April looks at him cautiously.
                         I told you.  Just concentrate on 
                         what you want.
               Adam grins and closes his eyes.  April's pants pocket fills 
               up with something.  Adam opens his eyes, and April gives him 
               a puzzled look.  She reaches in her pocket and pulls out a 
               handful of condoms.  April blushes, and they both LAUGH.  
               April drops them and they disappear before they hit the floor.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Silly boy.
                         April, have you thought about after 
                         we stop Jeffory?
                         What do you mean?
                         Well, this place.  We could stay 
                         here and have whatever we want.  We 
                         could live here forever.
               April looks down at the ground.  All humor is gone from her.  
               It is evident that the question bothers her immensely.
                         Let's just go find Jeffory.
               She grabs his hand and they both disappear.
               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- NIGHT
               Randal is lying on an operating table.  Dr. Harger and a 
               surgery team surround the table.  The bloody beat cleaver is 
               lying on the counter by the sink.  Dr. Harger is just 
               finishing sewing up the wound.  Randal is unconscious.
                         I think he'll be just fine.  He lost 
                         quite a bit of blood, but we got to 
                         him just in time.
               He cuts the string, and puts down the needle and scissors.
                                     DOCTOR (CONT'D)
                         It's the damnedest thing.  How did 
                         we miss him when we went into the 
                         room?  And how did his head wounds 
                         heal so quickly?
               The only thing the nurses or anyone else could do is shrug.  
               Dr. Harger walks to the sink, pulls off his gloves and drops 
               them into the waste basket.  He begins to scrub his hands.
                                     DOCTOR (CONT'D)
                         What a crazy night.
               INT. THRONE ROOM -- NIGHT
               April and Adam materialize in the middle of a huge crypt.  
               The walls are about twelve feet high and lined with shelve 
               like holes that hold caskets.  The ceiling of the room is 
               earth.  Vines and weeds hang from the ceiling.
               At the head of the room is a huge throne made of bones.  At 
               the top of the back of the chair are two skulls.  One sits 
               on each side.  Jeffory is sitting in the throne.
               To the right of Jeffory is the stone statue of the Grim Reaper 
               impaling Rod.  Around the room in various locations are wax 
               looking figures of Jeffory's previous victims.  Sue, Rodger, 
               Shelly, Jamie, and Stanley.  They are motionless like wax 
               figures, but it is evident that they are not wax.  They are 
               made of flesh.  Each face is wide eyed with a frightful look 
               in it's eye.
                         Welcome to the kingdom of Jeffory.
               Jeffory stands.  He motions to the figures of the dead.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         I believe you know the members of my 
                         followers.  They are dying for you 
                         to join them.
               April steps forward.
                         You can't hurt us.  I've taught Adam 
                         how to use the power.
               Jeffory CHUCKLES as he walks toward them.
                         Did you now?  What a pity.  I was 
                         hoping to add him to my collection.  
                         Well, if that be the case then you 
                         two are no longer of interest to me.
               He turns his back on them and moves back to his throne.
                         What do you mean?
               Jeffory sits down in his chair.
                         If I can't kill you then you don't 
                         exist to me.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         You can't stop me from killing others 
                         any more than I can kill you.  Like 
                         you said, my dear,  a stalemate.  
                         So, let's forget each other, shall 
                         we?  You stay out of my business, 
                         and I'll leave you alone in this 
                         world to do as you please.
               April walks toward the throne with purpose.  She stops a few 
               feet from it.
               Jeffory SLAMS his fist down on the arm of the huge chair.
               He leaps to his feet, and walks toward April.  He stops in 
               her face.  They are almost nose to nose.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         If you do not take my deal, I will 
                         go after your pathetic father again, 
                         and this time my revenge will not be 
                         thwarted.  You can't protect daddy 
                         forever, little girl.
               April stares him dead in the eye with a cold gaze.
                         Think again, maggot brains.  I'll 
                         stop you.
                         What are you going to do?  You can't 
                         hurt me!
               April smiles.  Jeffory gets a worried look on his face.
                         No, I can kill you!
               Behind Jeffory, a portal out of the mirror world appears.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         Look behind you.
               Jeffory spins around, and SCREAMS as April hits Jeffory from 
               behind with all of her might, and they both pass through the 
               April and Jeffory fly through the mirror above Adam's bed.  
               They land on the bed and begin to wrestle for control.
                         You bitch!  You can't do this!
               April kicks at Jeffory a couple of times as she tries to get 
               up from the bed.  Jeffory leaps at her and pulls her back to 
               him.  He slugs her in the stomach.  She GROANS as she doubles 
               over from the blow.
               Jeffory pins her beneath him with his legs, and sits up on 
               the bed with her lying beneath.  Jeffory backhands her hard 
               across the face.  Her lip busts and blood sprays the bed.
                                     JEFFORY (CONT'D)
                         I'm going to take you like I did 
                         your mother.  Are you going to like 
                         it as much as she did?
               April spits in his face.
                         Go to Hell!
               She tries to get out from under him, but he is too strong.  
               He grabs her throat and starts to choke her.  April hits him 
               a couple more times but after a few moments of Jeffory choking 
               her, she begins to get weak.  Her arms flail up at his face, 
               but there is no power behind them.
                         Yeah, that's right, bitch.  Die!
               Her eyes flutter, and then finally close.
               Adam reaches halfway out of the mirror and grabs Jeffory 
               from behind.  Adam pulls Jeffory off of April.
                         April!  My bottom dresser drawer.  I 
                         hid my dad's gun there!
               Gasping for air, April immediately leaps off the bed and 
               rushes to the dresser.  Adam begins to slam Jeffory's head 
               into the wall next to the mirror.  Jeffory's head and face 
               begin to bleed.
               April throws open the bottom dresser drawer.  She spins around 
               and lefels the gun in front of her.  Adam ducks back inside 
               the mirror.  Jeffory falls face first onto the floor, missing 
               the side of the bed.  He GRUNTS as he gets to his feet.  His 
               eyes lock with April's.
                         Pull that trigger, and Evil will 
                         prevail.  I will win!
               April unloads all six bullets into Jeffory.  The first five 
               riddle his torso with bloody EXPLOSIONS, and the sixth bullet 
               hits him in the head, splattering brain and skull on the 
               wall behind him.  His body finally falls to the floor.
               April wipes her bloody lip as she drops the gun.  She walks 
               over to the opposite side of the bed that Jeffory's body 
               lies, and she looks into the mirror.  Her reflection looks 
               horrible.  Adam appears in the mirror, and he looks down at 
                         We did it, baby!  We killed the 
                         bastard.  Now this whole world is 
                         ours!  We can have anything we want!
               He reaches his hand through the mirror out to her.
                                     ADAM (CONT'D)
                         Come on.
               April stands there and considers for a moment.  She looks at 
               her reflection again.  The bloody lip, the bruise forming on 
               her cheek.  She remembers her mother hanging from the wall 
               in the torture chamber.  She HEARS her father's words.
                                     RADIO (O.S.)
                         It's just not right.
               April shakes her head.
               She looks up at Adam.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         For the first time since Stanley 
                         died, I finally know what I want, 
                         Adam.  I want a bright sunny room, I 
                         want happy pictures on the wall.  I 
                         want to live my life, Adam.  I mean 
                         actually live it.  For my mom, for 
                         Stanley, and all our friends.
               Adam looks down at her from the mirror.
                         You can have any life you want, here 
                         with me, April.  You can live a dozen 
                         lives, baby.  We can live them 
                         forever.  We never have to die!
               April starts to CRY.  She tries to wipe the tears away, but 
               they keep coming.
                         No,  Adam.  For there to be life, 
                         there must be death.  One cannot 
                         exist without the other, Adam.  We 
                         cannot be afraid of Death anymore.  
                         We have to embrace it as a part of 
                         life.  Do you understand?
               Adam lets his hand fall back into the mirror.  April reaches 
               out to him, but touches the glass where his face is.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         I want to live my life with you, 
               The anger in his eyes slowly fades away, and is replaced by 
               love.  He smiles at her, and reaches back out of the mirror.  
               He steps down off the bed.
                                     APRIL (CONT'D)
                         I love you, Adam.
               He gazes into her eyes.
                         I love you, too.
               They embrace and kiss.  We pan back away from them, out 
               through the window of Adam's room.
                                     SHELLY (V.O.)
                         Well, how did Pike know it was real?
                                     ADAM (V.O.)
                         What do you mean?
                                     SHELLY (V.O.)
                         Couldn't the aliens make Pike only 
                         think that Spock saved him, but in 
                         reality, he's still sitting in some 
                         dirty cell, thinking he was exploring 
                         the universe?
               Outside the window we are back in Jeffory's Throne room.
               The window into Adam's room is a mirror on the wall of the 
               throne room.  Jeffory is sitting on the throne, he throws 
               his head back and his LAUGHTER fills the room.  In the mirror, 
               Jeffory's fake blown away body still lies on the floor of 
               Adam's room.  April and Adam continue to kiss.
               THE END 

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