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                                            THE GHOSTS of CHINATOWN

                                                 Rus McLaughlin

		Twitter: rusmclaughlin

		Copyright (c) 2011. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced 
		without the express written permission of the author.




               The room is yellowed with age, like old paper. A PSYCHIATRIST
               reads an open file from behind the desk.

               DANNY YUEN watches him with dark eyes, sitting in the chair
               opposite. He is Chinese, mid-30's, jeans, dark maroon shirt,
               dark tie. His body language says he's relaxed.

               He absently fiddles with the WEDDING RING on his finger.

                         How's it feel to be back,

                         I'm not back yet.

                         Well, yYu seem to think three
                         months' administrative leave is

                         It feels like longer.

                         It was supposed to be longer. Six
                         months beginning eighth December.
                         Prescribed full course of Zyprexa
                         following episode sixth December.

                         I stopped taking it.

                         You stayed with family?

                         In San Diego.

                         That's good. That a San Diego tan?

                         No, I'm supposed to be this color.

                         Why'd you stop taking the Zyprexa?

                         I didn't like how it made me feel.

                         It limited the delusional episodes.

                         Those stopped.

                         I'm glad to hear it. My thing is,
                         Danny, and I have to be honest
                         here, a smart man would know
                         exactly what to say if he wanted to
                         snow me into putting him back on
                         the job before he's really, truly
                         ready for it.
                             (puts folder away)
                         I want to talk about your wife.
                             (no answer)
                         Inspector Yuen?


                         Don't be nervous, Inspector.

                         Thank you, I won't.

                                   POLICE PSYCHIATRIST
                         It was a car accident.

                         Black ice. In Sonora.

                         You went back to work right after
                         the funeral, and that's when you
                         started to see her...


               Danny isn't looking at him. Fiddling with his ring.

                         Standing in a room. On the street.
                         In the dress she married me in,
                         this beautiful silk dress, only it
                         was white now, because she was
                         dead, I guess. Jen always thought
                         she was plain-looking. She wasn't
                         I wasn't ready then, and I know
                         what I saw wasn't real. It's just,
                         it was hard, because there's never
                         been anyone else for me, and I miss
                         her. I miss her.


                         I'm sorry I never met her.

               Danny nods.

               A VISION IN WHITE steps in behind Danny's chair: a Chinese
               woman, early thirties, bone-white skin, in a flowing
               traditional Chinese wedding dress and hood. It is THE GHOST
               OF JEN YUEN, Danny's wife.

               Danny's face tightens, eyes front. His whole body tenses. The
               Psychiatrist can't see Jen, doesn't react to her presence.

                         You know work isn't a substitute.

                         No. But I need a purpose and they
                         need me back on GTF.

               The Psychiatrist opens the file folder jots quick notes.

                         I agree. And I think you've had
                         enough of ghosts.

               Jen places a ghostly hand over Danny's shoulder, reassuring.
               An ice-cold chill runs through him. His face hardens,
               pointedly ignoring her.

                         I don't believe in ghosts.

               Ignoring her with all his might.

               EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - DAY

               Fog shrouds the bay, sweeping over THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.
               Only the tops of the spires and cables peak through the mist. 

               The fog moves in through the city, taking over.


               Wisps of fog drift through vertical banners, hung over narrow
               streets. Everything's smashed together, bright red and yellow
               store signs, everything written in big Cantonese symbols.

               The streets are LOUD with PEOPLE, mostly Asian, crowding the
               sideways, jaywalking without warning. Cars are parked solid
               on the left curb. Delivery Trucks double-park on the right.

               A BMW ROADSTER blows through a red light...

               ...hard left onto a wider street. It slips into a No Parking
               spot in front of THE SILK DRAGON, a high-class restaurant,
               three stories tall.

               LI SAN steps out of the car; Asian, thirties. Sleek white
               suit and a snake-oil smile. 

               He moves at the door, where two TRIAD SOLDIERS stand guard.

                                   LI SAN
                         We're not taking customers today.

               Both soldiers nod. Li San goes into the Silk Dragon.


               Black tile, gold wall panels, classy.

               Li San glides past empty while tables. A squat whirlwind in
               silk, MISS CHU (50), slides up beside him, keeping pace. Miss
               Chu lies when she smiles, and she always smiles.

                                   MISS CHU
                         Ah, Li San! So good to see favored
                         customer! You boys upstairs, ayah!
                         Very rude, make trouble for me.
                         Upstairs private, for Mr. Yi only.

                                   LI SAN
                         Yi's three kinds of dead, Miss Chu. 

                                   MISS CHU
                         Ayah! Very terrible! Never hear
                         more terrible! Guess you in charge
                         now? Always say Li San smartest!

                                   LI SAN
                         You've never guessed anything in
                         your fucking life, Miss Chu.

               He reaches AN ELEVATOR in the back. He inserts the small key
               into a lock below the call button, and the door OPENS.

                                   MISS CHU
                         Maybe we talk about Miss Chu's rent
                         later, heya? Mr. Yi so unfair!

               The elevator doors CLOSE on her smile.

               INT. PRIVATE BARROOM

               A 40ish Chinese man - YI - is bound and gagged to a chair
               with duct tape. He's taken a bad beating, sweating hard.

               It's a good sized room for private parties. A DOZEN TRIAD
               THUGS hover at the fully stocked bar, leaning against black
               lacquer walls, smoking near AN IRON DOOR.

               The wall facing the street has A LARGE ROUND WINDOW.

               Li San ENTERS from the elevator. He holds up an unfolded BILL
               OF LADING in Yi's face.

                                   LI SAN
                         Hey there, Yi. What's coming in on
                         the Taicang Hao?

               A Thug whispers in Li San's ear. Li San throws the paper on
               Yi's lap and goes to the Iron Door, opens it, and VANISHES
               into the room beyond.

               Yi stares at that door, sweating... 

               ...Li San EMERGES, marches up to Yi and presses a nickle
               plated .45 between Yi's eyes.  

                                   LI SAN
                         What the fuck is that?

               Yi can't answer through his gag. It's unintelligible.

                                   LI SAN (CONT'D)
                         Y'think I don't know what Feng is
                         up to? You better answer me. You
                         better fuckin' answer me! Now I'm
                         really losing my fucking patience!

               Yi is HOWLING through his gag, trying like hell to spill his
               guts. Li San nods, and half the Thugs draw all manner of
               knives. Li San steps away as they move in on Yi. 

               Li San's CELLPHONE RINGS. He answers it. The MALE VOICE on
               the other end is too young, too arrogant.

                                   LI SAN

                                   FENG'S PHONE VOICE
                         It's Feng.

                                   LI SAN
                         Hey there, Ron. I was just talking
                         about killing you.

                                   FENG'S PHONE VOICE
                         Wow, Li, you're so cool. You should
                         come work for me, so I can say to
                         people "There's a really cool guy
                         who kisses my ass for money."

                                   LI SAN
                             (re. Iron Door)
                         I know how you did it, Ron.

                                   FENG'S PHONE VOICE
                         Then you'll take my offer. Join the
                         winning team.

               Li San takes a bullet out of his suit pocket, rolling it
               between his fingers. It's COVERED IN ANCIENT CHINESE RUNES,
               jet-black ink; a CURSED BULLET.

                                   LI SAN
                         Sure. I've got a nine-millimeter
                         offering for the new boss of bosses
                         right here. Expect me to deliver it

                                   FENG'S PHONE VOICE
                         Whatever. You're on my property.

                                   LI SAN
                         Lin owns the Silk Dragon.

                                   FENG'S PHONE VOICE
                         I mean the planet. Bye bye, Li San.

               Feng DISCONNECTS.


               From out of nowhere, two Chinese men stand on the street in
               front of the Silk Dragon: MR. WEI and MR. LIN. Both unarmed,
               frayed suits, cheap sunglasses.

               Mr. Wei is bigger, solid muscle. His shades are the oversized
               70's kind, giving him an insectoid look.

               The Soldiers on guard duty SEE them, and don't hesitate. Both
               pull German machine pistols and rip though the clips, BRRRRT!

               INT. PRIVATE BARROOM

               Li San, Yi, the Thugs turn at the noise...

               ...a Soldier SMASHES THROUGH THE WINDOW, barely more than a
               red smear, and breaks a chunk of ceiling before hitting the
               floor - his machine pistol's still firing. Several Thugs are
               HIT by strays. 

               Li San steps up and looks out the window.

               Mr. Wei and Mr. Lin are looking up at him from the street,
               three stories down. They haven't moved.

               Li San RUNS back to Yi, snaps the Rune-Covered Bullet into
               his .45's chamber with a snarl and SHOOTS YI: GREEN SMOKE
               TRAILS THE BULLET as it punches clean through Yi. The chair
               lurches off its legs, Yi's body crashing down.

               The SHELL CASING bounces on the carpet.

                                   LI SAN
                         Kill everything!

               He RUNS.

               MR. WEI STEPS THROUGH THE BROKEN WINDOW. The air goes cold,
               and the Thugs OPEN FIRE with everything they have.

               A throwing knife on a chain DECAPITATES A THUG...

               ...yanked back; Mr. Wei catches his knife as Mr. Lin steps
               through the window frame. They ignore the hundreds of bullet
               hits destroying the window frame all around them.


               A blank, white box. A CHINESE PUNK is handcuffed to a table.
               Danny's kicked back in a chair, reading a newspaper. 

                                   CHINESE PUNK
                         I can stay all day. I'm not saying

               Danny looks up from his paper, a little surprised.


               ...goes back to his paper. 

                                   CHINESE PUNK
                         I want my lawyer and my phone call.

                         You only get those if you're under
                         arrest. You're not under arrest.

                                   CHINESE PUNK
                         Then I can leave.

                         Go ahead.

               The Punk doesn't move. CHACK! - he pulls the cuffs chaining
               him to the table taunt. He can't leave.

                                   CHINESE PUNK
                         Gonna undo this?

                         Yes, in two hours. In one hour, I'm
                         walking over to the Lau Yu Hotel on
                         advice of my informant, who tells
                         me it's a drugstore with a side in
                         fresh-off-the-boat prostitutes.
                             (looks at Punk)
                         Don't worry about signing anything.
                         It's all taken care of.

               It dawns on the Punk what's in store. He panics.

                                   CHINESE PUNK
                         No, no-no, look, it won't help me
                         if I roll and...

                         We're not here to help you. We're
                         here to make your bosses nervous.

               The door OPENS; SOTOMAYOR, a large Hispanic man, late 40's,
               leans in. Dark pants, white short-sleeves. 

                         You back in business, Danny?

                         I'm getting in the swing.

                         Got some free time?

                         Sure, boss.

               Danny dumps the paper and EXITS with Sotomayor. The Punk's
               mouth drops - Hey! - as the door shuts.


               Danny grabs a gun out of his desk drawer. 

               It's a smallish room with six desks, all busy with paper,
               files, and computers. Sotomayor points at Inspector STEVE
               MOODY (43), white, beer belly, totally unsentimental.

                         Moody! Get your gun. We've got a
                         redball in Chinatown, Danny's
                         primary. Could be a first strike in
                         a new war, so stomp on it. 

                         Y'gonna handle the cameras, boss?

                         My best suit's being pressed as we

                         Nice you're back, Danny. Might have
                         to beat the shit outta some people.

               Danny smiles lightly. They EXIT: the stencil on the office
               door reads GANG TASK FORCE.

               EXT. SILK DRAGON - DAY

               It's a circus: the whole street is taped off. SPECTATORS,
               News Vans, camera lights and REPORTERS crowd the police line.
               Two dozen COPS at work, red and blues lights swirling.

               The BMW Roadster is still parked out front.

               INT. PRIVATE BARROOM

               Danny has on surgical gloves, kneeling by Yi's bound and
               gagged body. 

               The room is a slaughterhouse. Nine gruesome corpses cut to
               pieces; the remains of the Triad Thugs. One hangs from the
               wall by his ribs. Bloody THROWING KNIVES are embedded hilt
               deep in the walls. The bar is smashed apart.

               MEDICAL EXAMINERS and TECHNICIANS work the scene, SQUOOSHING
               on the blood-soaked carpet. The whole room is littered with
               hundreds of shell casings. 

               Moody is examining the window-wall, notebook in hand. It's a
               solid patchwork of bullet strikes.

                         They put a lot of effort into this
                         side of the room, but I'll tell you
                         what... I don't think they hit
                         anybody. Any guess what came
                         through the window?

                         That would be Andy Chan over there.
                         He's got glass in his skull.

               Danny clicks a flashlight on and sweeps the carpet around
               Yi's body with the beam. Moody makes his way over.

                         It's a three story drop. Either a
                         bus hit him or he's fuckin' Batman. 

                             (re. Yi)
                         Does this hole look like a .45?

                         Could be a .45. 

                         The Beamer out front belongs to a
                         guy named Li San.

                         Friend of yours?

                         Triad master. We try to kill each
                         other periodically. He travels with
                         a .45.

               His flashlight beam stops on the CURSED BULLET CASING. Danny
               slips a pen inside the casing and holds it up.

                         What's that say?

                         Ancient Chinese Secret.
                             (off Moody)
                         I don't know. It really is ancient.


               Danny rises, tipping the casing into a plastic evidence baggy
               as he walks up to the Iron Door. 

                         It's not a gang war.

                         Suicide, right?

                         Except for Brian Yi, everybody here
                         is on Li San's crew. Li San shot
                         Yi, but they both work for Richard
                         Ho, the Dragon Head. Highest Triad
                         rank. This is a purge.
                             (re. Iron Door)

                         Yeah, I'm sick of this room.
                         Nothing in it makes any sense.

                         It will.

               Danny nudges the Iron Door open, stepping in.


               Danny and Moody slowly step in. Black walls, ceiling and
               floors are covered in silver and copper Chinese writing,
               ranging from pinpoint to huge. It all flows to the room's
               centerpiece: an Y-shaped IRON RACK, propped at an angle. 

               The floor under it is one big bloodstain.

                         Jesus Christ. 

                         Somebody's definitely going to hell
                         for this. What're those?

               Moody examines four small pieces of shriveled pink meat pined
               to the wall.


               That gets a look out of Danny, then he's back studying the
               walls and shaking his head. Crazy stuff.


               Cops and LAB TECHS swarm through the restaurant. Moody talks
               to a Uniform, taking more notes.

               Danny moves to where Miss Chu and her employees are huddled
               under police supervision. Miss Chu brightens.

                                   MISS CHU
                         Danny Yuen! Favored customer, away
                         too long! You won't make Miss Chu
                         go to police station? Not Miss Chu,
                         I see nothing. Restaurant open at
                         two sharp! Never late, never early!

                         There's nine dead bodies and a
                         torture chamber upstairs. That's
                         got to be a health code violation.

                                   MISS CHU
                         Ayah! You think I know? I work
                         restaurant, make customers happy.
                         I'm old woman.

                         How old?

               Miss Chu catches for a second. Her wide smile tenses. 

                                   DANNY (SUB/IN CHINESE)
                         [When I find Li San, my attention
                         turns away from the Silk Dragon.]

               Miss Chu's smile wavers. A Uniform Cop LEADS HER AWAY. 

               Moody steps over.

                         I'll get some uniforms to canvass
                         the neighborhood for...

                         Witnesses? In Chinatown? 


                         You go ahead and start interviewing
                         the rest of them downtown. Don't
                         believe anything Miss Chu says.

                         And you're gonna be where?

                         I'm going to walk home.

                         You're kiddin' me. 

                         No, I live just a few blocks over.
                         I'll call in.

                         You're fuckin' kiddin' me! We've
                         got a red-ball here!

               Danny slings a good-sized computer satchel and EXITS. Moody
               shakes his head. Unbelievable. 


               Danny steps out of the Silk Dragon, and stops...

               ...Jen's Ghost is standing across the street, alone, past all
               the onlookers and reporters. 

               She stares directly at him.

               Danny quickly looks away, takes the three stairs down to
               street level and ducks under the Police Line. Reporters swamp
               him with questions, microphones in his face. Danny replies IN
               CHINESE, shrugging until the mob abandons him.

               Jen's Ghost watches him drift into busy Chinatown.

               EXT. CHINATOWN - DAY

               It's bright and cold. Steam pours out a manhole cover. A
               group of CHINESE MEN gamble with dice at picnic tables set in
               a plaza, fast games. A chorus of "AWWW!" follows each round. 

               Danny passes through, watching everything.

               A weathered ASIAN MOTHER quickly trots up the sidewalk, eyes
               darting, keeping her YOUNG DAUGHTER close. An OLD MAN meets
               Danny's gaze, then ducks into a store.

               A SPIRIT WARD is taped to the door. It's a paper rectangle,
               hung vertically, thick black Chinese writing punctuated by a
               fingerprint in dried blood. Danny walks by a Knickknack Shop,
               looking in the window at another Spirit Ward.

               A glance across the street: nearly every shop has a Spirit
               Ward hanging in plain sight. 

               He stops, thinks, and hops across the street.


               A cramped, packed-to-the-gills Chinese grocery store. Glass
               door. FRANK YIP (62), sweater-vest, is by the register.

               A cowbell TINKLES as Danny ENTERS. He hooks a shopping
               basket, wandering the store. 

                         Danny! I didn't know you were back,
                         how are you doing?

                         I'm getting back in the swing.

                         That's good. If you're still not
                         sleeping, you should try lemon
                         grass soup, it's very soothing.

                         What's with all the Spirit Wards? 

                         What about them?

                         Well, everybody on the block has a
                         consecrated piece of paper on their
                         door that says "Forbid Evil" signed
                         in blood. Any reason?

                         Oh, you know... just in case.

                         In case of what?

               Danny sets his full shopping basket on the check-out counter.
               Yip shakes his head, shrugging, weak smile. 

                         Rent still due on Thursdays? 
                             (no answer)
                         Mind if I use your FAX?

                         No. I mean, go ahead.

               Yip's hand shakes as he rings Danny up. Danny sees it. 

                         And some Lemon Grass, please.

               He pulls a laptop out of his satchel and fires it up, putting
               on a wireless earpiece. Speed dial on his cellphone, a quick
               RING later, someone on the other end PICKS UP;

                                   CLERK'S PHONE VOICE
                         Judge Wesson's office.

                         Inspector Yuen, Gang Task Force.
                         I'm emailing over some affidavits
                         for warrants. Is the Judge there?

               He starts rapid-fire typing on his computer.

                                                       CUT TO:


               Danny leans on the counter by Yip's FAX, right hand raised.

                                   JUDGE'S PHONE VOICE
                         Is your right hand raised?


                                   JUDGE'S PHONE VOICE
                         Do you solemnly swear and affirm
                         the affidavit is true and accurate
                         to the best of your knowledge?

                         I do.

               The FAX RINGS. An incoming FAX slides across Danny's fingers.
               He plucks it out and reads it, sipping paper-cup coffee.

                                   JUDGE'S PHONE VOICE
                         Abracadabra. Nice to have you back,
                         Danny. We still all miss Jen around
                         here. Don't know if you've heard,
                         but the ADA that Karl hired to
                         replace her just doesn't cut it.
                         Nowhere near Jen's league...

                         Thanks, thank you, your honor. I'm
                         sorry, I have to go.

               Danny DISCONNECTS, feeding the warrants back into the FAX and
               SENDING them. He calls another number on his cell.

                                   MOODY'S PHONE VOICE
                         Moody, Gang Taskforce.

                         How was it interviewing Miss Chu?

                                   MOODY'S PHONE VOICE
                         She's a lie machine. Where are you?

                         Grocery shopping. Listen, cut her
                         loose. I'm FAXing you a signed DNR
                         to tap her phones and warrants to
                         seize Li San's home, bank accounts,
                         his businesses and his boat.

                                   MOODY'S PHONE VOICE
                         Okay, why are we targeting Li San?

                         He's the only witness.

                                   MOODY'S PHONE VOICE
                         Danny, the only way he'll I.D.
                         anybody for us is by gunning 'em
                         down in public. Hey, how long did
                         it take you to get the warrants?

               The cowbell TINKLES. 

                         It wasn't a personal best. I've
                         gotta go.

               Danny HANGS UP and looks over: THREE CHINSES TOUGHS move in
               on the counter - a leader in a LEATHER COAT, some muscle in
               Yoko Ono SHADES, and a snappy dresser in a fancy SILK TIE.
               Frank Yip tries not to look scared.

               Leather coat rips the spirit ward down.

                                   LEATHER COAT
                         Rent, pops. And we told you about
                         hanging these. Next time, it costs.

               Yip shoots a worried glance at Danny, then nods. He pulls out
               a small envelope, and starts to hand it over...

                         Who are you guys?

               Everything stops. 

               Silk Tie and Shades side-step out of sight, down the aisles.
               Shades comes back up the aisle behind Danny, while Silk Tie
               is dead-even with him. 

               Danny's surrounded. Doesn't seem to worry him.

                                   LEATHER COAT
                         You're not involved in this. Don't
                         get involved in this.

                         Andrew Wei collects on this street.
                         I know everybody who works for Wei.
                         I don't know you. Get lost.

                                   LEATHER COAT
                         Frank, give me the fucking rent and
                         YOU shut the fuck up before I carve
                         everyone ever mattered to you!

               Danny steps forward. His eyes go cold. 

                         Do you honestly think you're
                         intimidating me?

               doesn't blink. 

               A blur: Danny grabs Leather's wrist with one hand and SHOVES
               THE GUN'S SLIDE BACK with the other - the chambered bullet
               spins away. Leather struggles... Danny's thumb casually
               reaches around to hit the clip release. The gun's clip slides
               out and hits the floor, CLUNK.

               The gun is empty. Danny lets Leather go.

                         What else've you got?

               Leather tries to pistol-whip Danny, but Danny's a step to the
               left before it gets close. He breaks Leather's nose with a
               solid punch to the face...

               ...Fancy Tie charges, Shades has a knife...

               Danny sweeps a handful of groceries off the shelf, right into
               Fancy Tie, stalling him...

               ...and blocks a swing of Shades' knife, digging an elbow into
               Shades' ribs, plus three fast punches to stagger him.

               Silk Tie's coming: Danny jumps down that aisle, catches the
               shelves and swings forward. Both feet hit Silk Tie center
               mass, LAUNCHING HIM BACK INTO THE FREEZER CASES at the back
               of the store. Fancy Tie is out.

               Danny's eyes are wild, cut loose...

               ...he turns: Danny bends back as Shades' knife flies over him
               - FSSH! Danny catches Shades' arm and DISLOCATES HIS SHOULDER
               with a quick jerk.

               Shades SCREAMS, cut off as Danny kicks him in the gut, NAILS
               him with a right cross, and punts Shades full in the head.
               Shades goes down with a meaty slap.

               Danny leaps over him, back to the check-out counter. Leather
               Coat is up, Tai Kwon Do stance.

               Danny smiles. Take a shot, kid.

               Leather lashes out with some kicks, Danny blocks, child's
               play. He slaps some punches aside.

               And then Danny POUNDS HIM: face, gut, chest. He slams Leather
               Coat into the counter and bounces him off a store shelf. The
               fight's over, but DANNY KEEPS HITTING HIM, OUT OF CONTROL. He
               grabs a fistful of hair and throws Leather face-first into
               the glass door, PRESSING HIM THERE.

               Jen's Ghost stands a few feet outside the door. 

               Danny presses Leather hard into the glass, glaring, snarling.
               THE GLASS CRACKS, cutting across Jen's face.

               Danny blinks. 

               His rage ebbs. He remembers the plan. Faking it:

                         Think you can collect wherever you
                         like? You wanna die? You wanna die?  

                                   LEATHER COAT
                         No! No! I work for Ronald Feng!
                         Ronald Feng is Dragon Head!

                         Ron... little Ronnie Feng? He's
                         nothing! He's a rodent!

                         It's true! I pay Ronald Feng now!
                         Everybody does! Danny, please!

               Danny considers, then lets Leather Coat go, brushes him off. 

                         I had no idea. Sorry.

                                   LEATHER COAT
               's, uh... yeah, it's okay...

                         Well, Frank?

               Nodding sharply at Leather Coat. Yip double-takes, then
               apologetically hands his envelope to a sore Leather Coat...

               ...Danny snaps the cuffs on Leather's wrist. Yip groans.

               Leather turns to see Danny holding up his badge, and just
               slumps. Danny finishes cuffing him, grabs his groceries and
               his computer satchel, and pushes Leather towards the door.


               Danny looks back; Yip points at the two unconscious thugs
               littering his store.

                         I'm leaving them there as a warning
                         to others.

               He shoves Leather Coat out the door.


               Danny ENTERS, balancing groceries, no lights. A slightly full
               but tidy LIVING ROOM, furniture old and comfortable, shelves
               of dusty law books. A small kitchen in back.

               Jen's Ghost is there, in the shadows.

               Danny stops, fists clinched tight. Not looking, willing her
               away, willing self-control. He drops the groceries and storms
               UP A STAIRCASE...

               ...INTO THE BATHROOM. He snatches a prescription bottle out
               of a cabinet: ZYPREXA. He swallows two pills with tap water
               cupped in his hand.

               HE WANDERS BACK OUT TO HIS BEDROOM, a dark, shrouded place.
               Untouched queen bed, cold TV on the dresser. 

               All the framed pictures lie flat or face the wall.

               Danny drops into a chair by the bed, eyes going cloudy, drugs
               kicking in, mind slowing down. His wedding ring slips off and
               CLATTERS on the hardwood floor.

                         I know what's real. I know what's
                         real. Please go away. Please.
                         Please... just stop.

               Jen's Ghost watches him sadly.


               All six Taskforce Inspectors are present. Danny's typing a
               good 80 wpm on his laptop. A SANDY-HAIRED INSPECTOR peaks at
               it over his shoulder. 

                                   SANDY-HAIRED INSPECTOR
                         It's a warrant, and I'm starting
                         the clock! I'll give three to one
                         on everything under thirty minutes! 

                                   VETERAN INSPECTOR
                         Put twenty on twenty-six minutes.

               Bets, odds, and money flies around the squadroom. Sotomayor
               ENTERS, beeline for his office, NOT happy.


               Danny looks up, then looks back at Moody's desk. Moody
               catches it, but his gaze doesn't linger. Sandy Haired and the
               Veteran immediately start shouting at each other.

                                   VETERAN INSPECTOR
                         No bet! No bet! Sotomayor called
                         him in! Fuck you, bets are off!

               Danny heads for Sotomayors' office, ignoring his squadmates'
               shouting match.

               INT. SOTOMAYOR'S OFFICE 

               Danny closes the door. Sotomayor glares at him.

                         No horseshit, Danny. Are you back?

                         Is there room for doubt?

                         Why was my primary the first to
                         leave the scene of a redball? Why
                         was he out busting nobodies on
                         unrelated charges? These questions
                         plague me.

                         Jason Ho isn't Dragon Head anymore.

                         Since when?

                         The name Ron Feng mean anything?

                         Refresh me.

                         He's an accountant. The one time I
                         ran him he couldn't even look me in
                         the eye. He's the new Dragon Head.

                         None of this says you're close to
                         an arrest. 

                         Li San's on the receiving end of a
                         purge. After the mauling he just
                         took, he might be open to turning
                         State's Evidence if we put the
                         offer to him while he's looking
                         extinction in the eye. What he
                         knows can cripple organized crime
                         in the Bay Area for years.

               Sotomayor smiles.

                         I might accept this... IF you tell
                         the squad your next warrant is
                         signed in exactly twenty minutes.

                         What will that get me?

                         It will get me fifty apiece from
                         the suckers in the crowd. I'll talk
                         to the Bureau, see what we can
                         offer Li San.

               Sotomayor sits behind his desk - meeting's over - and Danny
               EXITS TO THE SQUADROOM. Nobody's looking his way when he
               comes out. Moody's definitely avoiding his gaze.

               Danny's cellphone BUZZES; he checks it, and cruises past
               Moody's desk on the way out.

                         I just got a text message from a
                         C.I. Want to meet the new kingpin
                         of Chinatown?

               Danny EXITS, not stopping. Moody thinks, leg twitching. He
               grabs his coat and follows.

               INT. CHINATOWN CAFé - DAY

               A sidewalk table outside a breakfast bar. Miss Chu and MRS.
               LING (58), a gossipy old woman not unlike Miss Chu herself,
               are having coffee and danish. 

                                   MISS CHU 
                         They close my restaurant! Just to
                         make trouble for me!

                                   MRS. LING 
                         Police are all goat-whores. Tell me
                         how Li San escape!

                                   MISS CHU
                         Ayah, that's bad Joss. Horrible. I
                         think all Li San men were killed
                         right over my head!

                                   MRS. LING
                         Not all.
                             (off Miss Chu's reaction)
                         Li San's man came to the shop this
                         morning and Yan curse more bullets
                         for him.

               Miss Chu smiles grandly - Ahhhh! 

                                   MRS. LING 
                         Not normal bullets, either. Ceramic
                         and plastic. Isn't that funny!

                                   MISS CHU 
                         Ayah, your life is so exciting!

               Miss Chu drinks her coffee, grinning.

               EXT. AT&T PARK - DAY

               An open-air baseball park, packed with SCREAMING FANS.

               INT. LUXURY SUITE 

               High above the diamond, a perfect view of the stadium out the
               windows. THE ELITE mingle, eating prime rib from a buffet and
               talking business. Nobody watches the game.

               Danny and Moody flash their badges to a pair of STEWARDS at
               the door. The Stewards back off.

                         Ever been up here before?

                         No. You?

                         Years ago. My second wife's boss
                         croaked. They raffled his tickets.


                         Yeah, no shit.

               Danny spots something, nods...

               ...far side of the room: RONALD FENG is laughing with some
               EUROTRASH over cigars. He's a thin, rabbity Chinese man in
               glasses and a suit that looks more important than he does.
               Mr. Wei stands at a distance, says nothing, does nothing.  

               Danny claps a hand on Feng's shoulder, cutting in. Mr. Wei
               steps forward; Moody shows his badge.


               Wei doesn't stop until Feng holds up a hand, ordering it. The
               Eurotrash evaporate into the crowd. 

                         Hello, Ron. I almost didn't
                         recognize you in that attitude.

                         I've got eighteen lawyers on speed
                         dial. What do you want, Yuen?

                         I like the new confidence, too. But
                         honestly, I'm gone a few months and
                         the kids are running the kitchen.
                         Ho must be screaming blue murder.

                         Richard Ho is an ancestor.

                         Really? How'd you pull that off? 

                         Don't know what you mean.

                         Well, Ron, I'd let you balance my
                         checkbook, but you don't have the
                         chops to be Dragon Head. 

                         I have the tools. 

               Danny smiles. Gotcha. Too easy.

                         Wow. And to think I couldn't ever
                         get Ho to even admit he had a rank.
                         It's going to be a good year for
                         me. I don't know how you did it,
                         Ron, I'm just glad you did. 

               Feng seriously eyefucks Danny. Danny chuckles right in Feng's
               face, then walks away. Moody follows. 

                         We're not staying for the game? 

               Danny's cellphone RINGS. He checks, answers.

                         What's up, Tom?

                                   DETECTIVE'S PHONE VOICE
                         Danny, we got a hit off Chu's cell.
                         She sold this to a Triad broker: Li
                         San's got ceramic bullets.

               Danny stops, thinks, eyes wandering the Luxury Suite.

               A big Chinese in a SPORT COAT grazes at the buffet, no class
               at all. Across the room, a short, fat Chinese in a GRAY SUIT
               is standing alone, out of place.

                                   DETECTIVE'S PHONE VOICE (CONT'D)
                         Safe bet he's got a plastic gun to
                         go with 'em. We've got calls in to
                         the airports and bus stations...

                         No, get additional units and ambos
                         to AT&T Park. Get 'em here fast.

                         What's up?

                         Li San's not rolling over. I'm
                         making two soldiers in the room.
                         They know my face, so watch it.

               Moody nods. They separate, moving through the crowd.

               Mr. Wei puts a hand on Feng's shoulder. Feng's eyes go wide,
               spooked. His voice is a shallow hiss.

                         No! Get me to the car first! Now!

               They beeline for the door, Mr. Wei leading. Anyone too slow
               to move bounces off him as he bulldozes through.

               Danny is in the Sport Coat Triad's blind spot; HE SEES LI SAN
               across the room in his white suit, eyes locked on Feng and
               Mr. Wei. Li San pulls a plastic gun. Danny whips his gun out,
               dead bead on Li San.

                         Police! Freeze, Li San!

               Li San's eyes click over to Danny, a smile.

               Sport Coat Triad GRABS Danny's gun.

               Mr. Wei's head snaps around, sees: he grabs Feng and they
               VANISH THROUGH THE WALL as Li San FIRES a Cursed Bullet at
               them, green vapor trail. It BLOWS A HUGE CHUNK out of the
               wall, but they're gone.

               EVERYBODY PANICS at the gunshot, RUNNING. 

               Moody jams a STUN GUN against Gray Suit's arm - TZZSK! Gray
               Suit CONVULSES and DROPS.

               Danny twists loose from Sports Coat and nails him with three
               fast elbows to the face, just as Li San RUNS OUT THE DOOR.
               Danny bolts after him.


               A LIMO SCREECHES out of the parking lot.

               INT. LIMO

               Feng and Mr. Wei are in the back seat. Feng rips off his suit
               coat and pulls up his left sleeve: NINE CHINESE SYMBOLS ARE
               CARVED INTO HIS ARM. Feng concentrates, flexing his arm so
               hard it shakes from the strain. 

               Two of the symbols begin to GLOW AN UNEARTHLY GREEN. 


               Mr. Lin and MR. YAO, an older man dressed much like Lin, push
               out of a Chinatown office building and march to the curb. 

               There's A TALL SKYSCRAPER dead ahead...

               ...IT FALLS AWAY.

               We're flying South over the city, no sound but the wind. We
               reach the apex of the arc and start to fall towards AT&T
               Park. The stadium CHEERS GROW...

               EXT. AT&T PARK - STADIUM SEATING 

               Danny rushes out into the stadium, behind the final row of
               chairs. He scans the rows stretching down before him...

               Li San is one aisle over, running down the stairs.

               Danny hops up on the back of a plastic chair and JUMPS FROM
               CHAIR TO CHAIR, past surprised Fans, cutting across the whole
               section, heading Li San off...

               ...Li San turns, sees Danny, AIMS...

               ...Danny LEAPS, kicking Li San's gun away and booting him
               square in the chest. Li San goes ass over teakettle, rolling
               to his feet at the base of the stairs. He YANKS A HOSTAGE
               from the nearest seat, a 40ish father of two: choke hold, the
               kind that breaks necks. 

               Danny walks up and presses his gun to Li San's forehead.

               Stalemate. Their eyes burn into each other.

                                   LI SAN
                         You want me alive.

                         I'm learning to live with

               Li San smiles, and lets his Hostage go. Danny doesn't move,
               glaring at that mocking smile. 


               Danny shoves a cuffed Li San back into the Luxury Suite, Li's
               plastic gun tucked in his belt.  The Suite has cleared out,
               save for Moody frisking the Triads. He finds A CLEAVER.

                         What is this? What're you, Iron
                         Chef Dickhead? Siddown!
                             (to Danny)
                         Y'know, I never find shit like this
                         working the Hispanic gangs.

               Danny hauls Li San across the room, out of earshot. 

                         I'm authorized to give you a deal,
                         Li. Feng's three bodies away from
                         complete control of Chinatown. Go
                         State's Witness and I guarantee
                         none of them will be yours.

                                   LI SAN
                         You have zero clue what's going on. 

                         I know everybody's gotten real
                         superstitious lately. Even you.

               Danny ejects a bullet from Li San's Plastic Gun and holds it
               up: it's CURSED, covered in Chinese writing.

                         How'd Feng do it, Li? How's a
                         scared little mob accountant grow
                         up to be supreme of supremes?

               Li San's lips curl into a smirk.

                                   LI SAN
                         Do you believe in ghosts?

               Danny blinks. What?

               Mr. Lin and Mr. Yao ENTER. The temperature drops ten degrees.
               Danny stiffens, a violent chill. Li San freezes.

               Moody doesn't feel it. He moves at them, .38 in hand.

                         Moody... don't...!

                         Hey! HEY! Get on the ground! Get*

               Mr. Lin moves a hand: MOODY SMASHES THROUGH THE FORWARD
               WINDOW and sails down two stories in a hail of glass shards,
               crashing onto the fans in the seats below.

               Danny pops off THREE SHOTS at Lin, but nothing hits. Mr. Lin
               heads straight for Danny and Li San. Danny RAPID FIRES POINT
               BLANK, no effect.

                                   LI SAN
                         Use my gun! My gun! HURRY!

               The Triad Soldiers run, still cuffed. Mr. Yao's hand BLURS, a
               throwing knife shoots across the room: GRAY SUIT'S HEAD FLIES
               OFF HIS BODY in mid-step. Sport Coat jumps his body, but
               Yao's aready there, intercepting him with a single punch that
               reduces Sport Coat to a bloody mist.

               Danny grabs the Plastic Gun out of his belt, too late. Mr.
               Lin slaps it away and THROWS A PUNCH TOO FAST TO SEE at
               Danny's head as an afterthought... 

               ...and MISSES, to Lin's deep surprise. Danny's dropped and
               SWEEP KICKS. It bounces off Lin's calf, no effect. Danny
               spins up for a head-kick - Lin's to one side before it gets
               close. A fast punch to Lin's jaw is just as casually blocked.

               Li San rolls, getting his cuffed hands in front, scoops up
               his plastic gun and bolt for the door.

               Mr. Yao smiles, Li San reflecting in his knife...

               Li San BRAKES HARD just short of escape; Yao's throwing knife
               hits the door, TEARING IT OFF ITS HINGES. Li San RUNS OUT
               with a smile on his face. Sucker.

               A feint, and Danny CONNECTS two fast jabs to Lin's head,
               pulping Lin's nose. No blood. 

               Danny maintains fighting stance. Mr. Lin sneers.


               Li San bursts out of a stairwell, running. He brakes hard as
               MR. YAO STEPS OUT OF A WALL AHEAD OF HIM. A flick of his
               wrist, and a throwing knife - CLICK - appears, in his hand.  

               Li San SHOOTS him: a Cursed Bullet SMASHES CLEAN THROUGH MR.
               YAO'S CHEST like a sledgehammer through glass. He's hollow
               inside, save for a VIOLENTLY CRACKLING GREEN GLOW. Mr. Yao
               looks up in shock. A BANSHEE WAIL BUILDS.

               Mr. Yao EXPLODES in a green flash. The concrete wall cracks,
               barricades catch fire. It throws Li San ten feet, and he
               slides another ten.

               INT. LIMO - CONTINUOUS

               Feng shrieks in agony, grabbing his arm; one of the Chinese
               symbols SMOLDERS and TURNS BLACK, bleeding bad.

               INT. LUXURY SUITE 

               Mr. Lin's ignoring Danny's best hits, killing hits. Lin holds
               up a fist, THROWS IT....


               ...Danny takes the hit full-on. It draws blood, staggers him
               bad. He blocks a follow-up punch, tries to bat aside a kick;
               LIN'S FOOT PASSES THROUGH THE BLOCK, but it's solid when it
               CONNECTS with Danny's ribs.

               Lin drives Danny back, toying with him, beating him to a
               bloody pulp. Some Danny blocks, some PHASE through to their
               targets. Danny gets in a useless hit and takes three, barely
               staying on his feet.

               Lin winds up a coup de grace...

               ...Danny stumbles, FALLING BACK THROUGH JEN'S GHOST. He lands
               on his back. He looks up. His jaw drops.

               Jen's Ghost is blocking the fatal blow.

               Lin snarls, trying to budge Jen. He can't. His arms whip
               around, SO FAST IT BENDS AIR: Jen's Ghost CATCHES IT, and
               AGAIN, and AGAIN. It sounds like dueling thunder...

               ...she lashes out - WHOOM! - a headshot that takes Mr. Lin
               off his feet, spinning back into the air. 

               Jen's feet leave the ground, white dress billowing, twirling
               end over end and KICKING LIN IN THE HEAD every time she comes
               around, flipping him higher and higher like a rag doll, AGAIN
               and AGAIN and AGAIN, a brutal aerial ballet.

               Danny scrambles to recover his gun, and reloads.

               Jen's Ghost catches Lin's head and DRIVES HIM INTO THE FLOOR, 
               smashing it. She yanks his head up. Her eyes find Danny's.

               Danny RAPID FIRES.

               The bullets tear away Lin's face, leaving a pulpy mess. Jen
               lets him go, and LIN WOOZILY RISES TO HIS KNEES, STILL ALIVE.
               He struggles to do more, but can't. Lin opens his mouth, and
               a GLOWING GREEN VAPOR ERUPTS...

               ...FORMING AN ANCIENT CHINESE WARRIOR in full armor. 

               "Lin's" body drops, an empty husk. The Warrior GRABS Jen: a
               sound like RIPPLING WIND as he hurls her across the room.

               Danny watches her vanish through a wall. HE DOESN'T SEE THE
               WARRIOR GHOST. 


               Lin's Ghost strikes out like a cobra, flying STRAIGHT THROUGH
               DANNY'S BODY...

               ...AND GETS STUCK IN HIM, half-in, half-out. Danny SCREAMS;
               so does the Ghost. It drags him across the floor, struggling
               to free itself.

               Danny's eyes snap open, HIT BY A MEMORY:

               INSERT - FLASHBACK:


               ...we rush at A WARLORD in a long beard and resplendent
               robes, facing away. He's holding a knife. He turns, and we
               SLASH HIS CHEST with a sword, cutting him open with a single
               upward stroke. Blood flies...


               Danny's eyes refocus. He can SEE Lin's Ghost. 

               LIN SLIPS FREE, VANISHING like lightning through the wall. 

               The cheers outside have died to unsettled rumbles. Danny sits
               panting, exhausted. Jen's Ghost stands nearby, demure as
               ever. He stares at her, mouth open. HE HOLDS HER GAZE.

               Jen blinks, can't believe it. Her mouth quivers into a small
               smile, a tear falls down her cheek. 

               Danny reaches for something to say.


               Jen's Ghost silently gasps. More tears; she can't hold back
               the joy she feels.

               Danny just stares at his wife's ghost.


               A charcoal toned steel-and-glass office tower on the boarder
               between Chinatown and downtown. Feng's limo pulls up and
               brakes hard.


               A Caucasian receptionist, VALERIE - young, blonde/blue eyed
               and gorgeous - stands up at her desk, shocked...

               Feng cradles his injured arm, suit coat bundled over it and
               blood soaking through. He's sweating - maybe even crying -
               from the pain. Mr. Wei calmly strides along beside him. 

                         Oh my God, Mr. Feng, are you all

               Feng doesn't answer. He pushes straight through a double set
               of doors into a wide MEETING ROOM with windows looking out at
               downtown skyscrapers. It's packed with TRIAD SOLDIERS hanging
               out on couches, reading papers or playing video games. 

               They all stand and stare as Feng tears through, too scared of
               Mr. Wei to offer help.

               Feng and Wei vanish behind a massive executive office door at
               the far end, leaving the soldiers to gossip and wonder.

               INT. FENG'S OFFICE

               Feng slowly peels his jacket off his arm, whimpering. Doesn't
               look good: there's a black, scabbed pit in his arm, in the
               middle of the clean, carved Chinese symbols. 

                         Shit... shit! Why's there a hole in
                         my fucking arm, Wei? What the fuck
                         happened! Did Danny do something?

               He drops into a big leather chair behind a big oak desk,
               facing away from the window view. This looks like a hand-me
               down office, too big for Feng, too important. 

                         Answer me!

               Wei stands stoically, not looking at Feng. He raises a hand.
               Feng sobers. He doesn't like this, but...

                         Do it.

               Wei instantly lays his hand on Feng's shoulder; there's a
               VIBRATIONAL SHIFT that makes Feng dizzy, makes him want to
               throw up. A GREEN GLOW APPEARS.

               Lin's Ghost is floating in the room, snarling.

               Feng brushes Wei's hand away - Lin's Ghost vanishes - and
               VOMITS in the trash can. 

               He thinks for a moment. No choice.


               The door to Feng's office opens, and all the soldiers jump
               to. Feng leans out, looking around.

                         Hey, Mike! Got a special job for
                         you. Twelfth floor, one hour!

               A young soldier in the crowd - MIKE LEUNG - hesitates.

                                   MIKE LEUNG
                         Sure, boss.

               Feng vanishes back into his office, closing the door. Mike
               Leung looks around nervously. The others move away from him. 


               Mike Leung barrels down the stairs in a blind panic...

               ...hammering out of a service exit; he CRASHES into FAT MR.
               TONG, a beefy Chinese man in a worn suit and dark glasses,
               bouncing off him and landing in a dazed heap. 

               Mike shakes it off, scrambles away; he runs up against MR.
               HO, a sixty-year-old also in shades.

               Mr. Ho grabs Mike's ankle, dragging him back to the service
               exit with impossible strength. Mike flails around trying to
               fight free, but Mr. Ho doesn't even notice.

                                   MIKE LEUNG
                         Nooooo! Help! Somebody HELP ME!

               SCREAMING HIS LUNGS RAW, clawing at the cement. Mr. Tong
               opens the door, and all three go back inside the Wing Chi
               Investments building. 

               Mike's screams die as the heavy steel door CLOSES.


               Golden light filters in through rice paper walls. CHANTING,
               wisps of incense.

               The Warlord stands in the Heavenly light, facing away, hand
               outstretched. A solid stream of blood is pouring from a cut
               in his palm.

               His other hand: a BRIGHT, SILVER DAGGER with an ornately
               carved WHITE JADE HANDLE.

               Danny is creeping closer, behind a row of pillars, not making
               a sound. His head is shaved, simple clothes. There are a
               number of CHINESE WARRIORS around the room - dressed exactly
               like Lin's Ghost - wearing red silk blindfolds.

               Danny puts a shaky hand around a sword handle on his hip and
               tightens his grip. He licks sweat off his lip. He has twenty
               feet to cover to reach the Warlord.

               A shard of light reflects off the White Jade Dagger, falling
               on Danny's eyes.

               Danny RUNS OUT FROM COVER... 

      arrow HITS the warrior closest to the Warlord, square
               between the eyes. The Warlord's wide open...

               ...Danny DRAWS HIS SWORD, SLASHING a diagonal line through
               the Warlord's chest. A GOUT OF BLOOD SPRAYS OUT.

                                                       CUT TO:

               The Warlord's face fills the world, smiling cruelly.


               Danny wakes. Jen is there, watching over him.

               The hallway is dull green, dirty floors, blank walls. Danny
               sits in a batch of hard plastic chairs bolted together. Jen
               stands opposite, against the wall.
               An ORDERLY wheels a gurney past, bearing a sheet-covered
               cadaver. He steers into an open door, and is gone.

               They are alone again.

                         I think this is the last place I
                         ever talked to you. When I said
                         All I've wanted was more time, and
                         I had it, and I didn't, you were
                         there, all along, and I didn't... 

               Jen reaches out her hand, pleading him to stop. A small,
               quick shake of her head. She smiles at him a little.

                         You're perfect, you know that?

               She shrugs: Yeah, I knew. It breaks a smile out of him. 

               They both turn, hearing a noise. Sotomayor leans out of the
               open doorway.

                         Break's over. 

                         I need to take a personal day.

                         Sure. Soon as you figure out how it
                         is you killed a guy's been dead
                         three weeks, you're off the clock.

               Danny's eyes flit at Jen. He rises, heading for the doorway.

               INT. AUPTOPSY ROOM

               Stark, steel gurneys, dull florescent light, and the dead. 

               A MEDICAL EXAMINER has "Lin's" body on his gurney, connected
               to tubes and catheters as lifeless as "Lin" is. Danny and
               Sotomayor watch over his shoulder.

               Danny's attention keeps drifting past the others, ignoring
               them to watch Jen's Ghost.

                                   MEDICAL EXAMINER
                         Swear to God, it looks like a bomb
                         went off in there.
                         If you can tell me how a guy who's
                         organs are in an advanced state of
                         decomp can walk around until a
                         trigger-happy police puts eight
                         slugs in his face, you're a better
                         man than I. 

                         So who is he? Danny?

                         What? Lin, Eddie Lin. He owns that
                         restaurant where the redball went
                         down yesterday. Couldn't believe it
                         when he came at me.

               Jen coldly studies "Lin." Her eyes flash up, meeting Danny's,
               a grave look there. 

                         Rich guy?


                         Funny there's no wallet. But he
                         left us a love letter. In Chinese.

               Danny isn't listening, his attention on Jen. Sotomayor waves
               an evidence bag in front of his face; the BILL OF LADING is
               inside. Danny impatiently takes it and reads it.

                         It's a bill of lading for a cargo
                         container, coming in on a ship, the
                         Taicang Hao. It's due in today,
                         Pier 96.

               Passing it back, looking up. JEN IS GONE.

                         Well, thank you, Danny, glad you
                         could participate. Think you can
                         get a warrant for it?

                         ...sure, boss.

                         Get it. Danny, you know I can't let
                         you tag along to serve it, right?
                         Not with what happened to Moody.  

                         Lin here killed Moody. 

                         I know, but we don't give the
                         public defender anything to play
                         with we don't have to.
                         Chinese ship, right?

                         Well, it's called the Taicang Hao.

                         Fuuuck. I am most definitely gonna
                         need a translator.

               Sotomayor puts another evidence bag into Danny's chest as he
               EXITS. Danny's gun is inside.


               Danny takes his gun out of the bag, looking over the Autopsy
               Area - no Jen. Just the quiet dead. He EXITS.


               Feng ENTERS. 

               SEVEN GHOST TRIADS are here, wearing shades that hide their
               eyes and suits that haven't been cleaned or changed in weeks.
               Mr. Wei is front and center. Mr. Ho and Fat Mr. Tong are
               close by. Three of them, MR. KAI, MR. JIN, and MR. LAU, all
               move as one, while reedy MR. MI waits in a corner. Mike Leung
               is strapped to an iron cross, central.

               No windows. Silver runes cover the ceiling and floor.

               Feng looks around, and walks up to Mr. Wei.

                         Where's Knife Walking Gou? I said
                         get everyone here. It's been two
                         weeks since I've seen him. 
                             (no answer)
                         I ORDER you to tell me where he is.

               Mr. Wei doesn't answer. Feng lashes out, HITTING MR. WEI,
               left cross, right cross, kick to the balls, stomach punch.

                         WHERE IS HE?

               Wei hasn't budged an inch. No reaction whatsoever. 

               Feng turns away and marches over to the iron cross, leaning
               over Mike. Mike's bare chested, stripped to the waist.

                         Thanks for volunteering, Mike.
                         How's it going? Comfortable?

                                   MIKE LEUNG
                         Ron, please...

                         Hey, you remember the time at Jack
                         Kai's party? You said something
                         funny, and that gave ol' Jack the
                         idea to pour a quart of Bombay down
                         my throat, and then everybody shot
                         at me while I tried to stand still
                         against that brick wall. That was
                         tough, drunk as I was. Who can get
                         closest! Remember? 

               Feng snaps his fingers. Mr. Wei places a wickedly carved
               knife in Feng's hand.

                         I'm blanking on what it was you
                         said, exactly. What was it? Do you
                         know? Anything? No? How about it,
                         Kai, you remember?

               Nodding at Mr. Kai. No response.

                         Guess not. Guess we'll never know.

               Feng nods; Mr. Wei and Mr. Tong effortlessly force Mike's
               mouth open and keep his head steady, and the knife goes in.

               Mike SCREAMS... his body convulses and the SCREAMS GO SHRILL
               as Feng works on him, dragging the knife around his face,
               carving into his chest.

               Feng steps off, tossing Mike's tongue to Mr. Ho.

                         Hang that up. Relax, Mike. Worst
                         part's over. 

               Blood pours from Mike's mouth. His eyelids are cut away; his
               eyes look bulging, unblinking. Huge, bloody gashes in his
               chest form a helix of Chinese runes.

               Mr. Mi holds open a thick, ancient tome for Feng to read
               from. Feng starts chanting in Chinese. 

               A GREEN GLOW APPEARS; LIN'S GHOST hovers over Mike Leung,
               hungry. Mike shakes his head, unable to back away... 

               ...the ghost DIVES INTO MIKE LEUNG'S EYES. 

               Mike SCREAMS as his eyes catch fire, green fire, and melt
               away in white streams pouring down his face. His body
               CHANGES, painfully reshaping itself to contain something
               bigger than it is; something spreads through his body, just
               under his skin. The helix on his chest GLOWS.

               The other Ghost Triads watch impassively. Feng grits hard as

               Mike abruptly stops screaming. The light dies. Wei and Ho
               take the restrains off Mike - now MR. LEUNG. They give him a
               shirt and suit coat, and a put a pair of dark sunglasses over
               his empty eye sockets. 

               Mr. Leung steps over to Feng, and bows.

                         Knock it off. Show me how Danny did
                         it, and then you, Motherfucker Wei,
                         will be giving me a straight answer
                         on where Gou is.

               Feng tosses the knife away.

               EXT. PACIFIC OCEAN - DAY

               A huge cargo ship, the TAICANG HAO, cuts through the water.
               Multicolored cargo containers are stacked high on its deck.

               A mid-30's Chinese man sits cross-legged on top of the ship's
               bridge, unmoving and unmoved, wind whipping his wild hair.
               KNIFE WALKING GOU wears a frayed business suit and a RED SILK

               The ship is on course for the Golden Gate. The sun is shining
               through the bridge.

               EXT. PIER 96 - CONTINUOUS

               The Taicang Hao maneuvers under the huge cargo cranes, edging
               into dock...

               ...the dock is covered in police cruisers, lights flashing. 

               Sotomayor watches it coming closer, flanked by Danny and a
               few Gang Taskforce detectives. Behind them, a dozen uniformed
               COPS. They all wait for the giant to dock.

               EXT. PIER 96 - LATER

               Three massive cranes are pulling cargo containers - "CANS" -
               off the Taicang Hao and depositing them on waiting cargo
               trucks, or stacking them on the docks.

               A DOCK MANAGER with serious beer-belly and a hardhat leads
               Sotomayor, Danny, and a half-dozen uniformed cops through a
               maze of cargo containers stacked three and four high. 

                                   DOCK MANAGER
                         Whadaya want me to say? Offloading
                         twenty cans'a hour is goddamn good
                         in anybody's book. I said the one
                         you want's probably buried on the
                         goddamn bottom. Didn't I say that?

                         And I'm saying "Goddamn unbury it."

               The Dock Manager pauses at a can to SCAN a barcode on its
               registration sticker. He pounds the can.

                                   DOCK MANAGER
                         Right were my guys said.

               He turns; all the cops have drawn their guns.

                         Crack it.

                                   DOCK MANAGER
                         Yeah... you bet...

               He cuts the registration seal.

               INT. THE CAN - CONTINUOUS

               Pitch black. Light floods in as the door OPENS. Two Uniformed
               Cops step in first, guns drawn, police-issue flashlights
               cutting the dark.

               Danny and Sotomayor follow. The Dock Manager slides his hand
               along the wall and finds the light switch; dull orange light
               filters down from above.

               The can is filled with wood crates. 

                                   DOCK MANAGER
                         So is it drugs or terrorists?

                         Good question.

               Danny produces a crowbar and steps up to one of the big, man
               sized crates. A few good pulls POPS THE FRONT OPEN. Excelsior
               falls away, revealing AN ANGRY RED FACE: it's a life-sized
               CHINESE WARRIOR STATUE, long black beard, royal clothing,
               gold trim, holding two short, fat swords. 

                         Kwan Kung. God of war and wealth.
                             (he THUNKS it)

                         Well, there you go. Let's pop a few
                         more, maybe we'll find the god of
                         assholes and opium.

               He takes the crowbar and moves deeper into the Can. 

               Danny hangs back. There's something here. 

               He shines a flashlight over the walls, right onto a mass of
               smaller boxes hung in cargo netting. Danny steps over to the
               netting and pokes a hand through, searching blind until he
               finds a long, thin cardboard box. He tears it open, and
               unfolds silk wrapping.

               ...A SHARD OF LIGHT falls across his face... 

               INSERT - FLASHBACK:


               The Warlord is in the center of the light, facing away. He
               DRAGS the White Jade Dagger across his palm, and pours the
               blood onto the floor.

               The blade is bright silver, almost glowing.


               Danny's holding the White Jade Dagger.

               He moves the Dagger like it's the most natural thing in the
               world to be spinning it one-handed, twirling it, balancing
               it. Danny shakes his head, not sure how he's doing this.

                         I guess dreams really do come true.
                         You're being haunted by the ghost
                         of your dead wife, Danny. Maybe you
                         should just shut up and go with it.

               Grip: the Dagger STOPS, and Danny feels something else. His
               attention falls on a HAT-BOX-SIZED CRATE on the other side of
               the can. Danny steps over and reaches for it. His fingers
               brush the wood.

               An EVIL SHRIEK in his mind. Danny RECOILS. 


               A workman CRANE OPERATOR is in his booth, maneuvering a cargo
               container off the ship and over a waiting truck on the dock
               far below. He sees something dark move outside, on his crane,
               and tries for a better look.


                                   CRANE OPERATOR
                         Jesus Christ!

               Knife Walking Gou is standing on his canopy; GOU HAS A LONG,
               SHARP DAGGER CRADLED BETWEEN HIS TOES, one for each foot,
               balancing on the cross-guards. He walks on them like stilts.

               Gou JUMPS onto the crane, lithe like a spider, dashes along
               its spine and dives down to the cables, swinging on the
               slicing the cargo container free. The whole crane SHUDDERS,
               the few remaining cables SNAP... 

               ...the container DROPS LIKE A STONE...

               It HITS the truck waiting below and tumbles over a few police
               cruisers before careening into the container stacks.

               INT. THE CAN - CONTINUOUS

               Danny looks up at the noise; the whole Can VIOLENTLY LURCHES,
               STRUCK FROM THE OUTSIDE, nearly pitching over. Everything
               goes flying.

               EXT. THE STACKS

               A swath of knocked-over cargo containers mars the neat rows.

               Knife Walking Gou leaps, falling at the wreckage.

               INT. THE CAN

               The dust settles. Danny picks himself up. 

                         Everybody alive?

               Sotomayor and the others are recovering. The Dock Manager is
               bleeding slightly. He finds his Nextel radio.

                                   DOCK MANAGER
                             (into radio)
                         Mike Pendleton!

                                   DOCK WORKER RADIO VOICE
                         Pendleton, go!

                                   DOCK MANAGER
                         It's Ray, I'm in the stacks! What
                         the goddamn hell just happened? 

                                   DOCK WORKER RADIO VOICE
                         I don't know! Carl says some whacko
                         just cut a crane cable! You okay?

               The Dock Manager looks up at Sotomayor.

                         Danny, I don't want any evidence
                         leaving this can.
                             (re. Dock Manager)
                         And try to keep him alive.

                         If it comes to a choice?

               Sotomayor snorts, leading the other cops OUT.

               EXT. THE STACKS

               Two cops, a LEAD and his BACK-UP, run through a aisle between
               container stacks. The Lead Cop holds up a fist, stopping; he
               hears a rapid KLINK-KLINK-KLINK from above.

                                   LEAD COP
                         He's moving on top the cans.

               He raises his gun.

               Knife Walking Gou drops down between them, swinging a leg
               around 180 degrees, DECAPITATING the Lead Cop and shoving the
               foot-knife into his Back-Up, both dead in an instant. 


               Sotomayor is at a trot, two cops right behind.

                                   POLICE RADIO VOICE
                         Officers down! I've got two dead,
                         they've been cut to pieces!

               GUNSHOTS echo.

                         All units, converge on gunshots!
                         Converge on gunshots!

               Sotomayor and his men break into a full run.


               A POLICE SARGENT crashes into a cargo container, dropping his
               gun. He's bleeding from a few deep cuts.

               Ten feet away, Gou is killing five cops. He pirouettes with
               supreme grace, slicing the last officer three ways before
               shoving a blade through his face.

               The Sargent scoops his gun up.

               Gou LEAPS, flipping high over the Sargent and spread-eagles,
               bracing between two cargo containers twenty feet up. The
               Sargent spins, FIRES THREE SHOTS straight up at Gou.

               Gou GOES TRANSPARENT against the blue sky - the bullets pass
               through. He turns solid again and LEAPS...

               ...landing one-footed on the Sargent's head; the knife goes
               straight down, all the way in up to the hilt. The Sargent's
               face goes slack, blood spills over his face. HE'S DEAD, but
               Gou balances just right to keep him from falling over. 

               Sotomayor and his cops round the corner.

               Gou TWISTS, HURLING the Sargent's corpse right into the thick
               of them, knocking them all back.

               INT. THE CAN

               Danny studies the Hat-Box Crate, cautiously moving closer. 

                                   SOTOMAYOR'S RADIO VOICE
                         Danny! He got past us! 

                         How many are there?

                                   SOTOMAYOR'S RADIO VOICE
                         I only saw one, but one's enough!
                         Don't warn him! Shoot first!

               Danny and the Dock Manager hear the KLINK-KLINK-KLINK of
               knife-points walking on the Can's roof.


               The Dock Manager vanishes back into the depth of the Can.
               Danny TURNS THE LIGHT OUT, covering himself in darkness.

               EXT. THE CAN - CONTINUOUS

               Gou lands on the ground, clear shot at the Can's open door. 

               The doorway is a black hole, impossible to see inside. Gou
               walks up, a hand on the frame. He steps one dagger inside...

               ...Danny KICKS GOU'S KNEE FROM THE SIDE, BREAKING IT with a
               sicking CRACK of bone and sinew. In a flash, he retracts and
               PUNTS Gou in the gut, kicking him out of the doorway. Gou
               lands on his back and flips to his feet, balancing on his
               good leg. The other hangs limp at the knee. 

               Danny's outside the Can, gun out, dead-aim at Gou.

                         SFPD, you're under arrest. Drop the

               Gou smiles...

               ...and ATTACKS; he covers the distance before Danny can even
               blink. Danny moves, barely avoiding a foot-dagger that goes
               through the Can wall like butter. 

               He dives away and rolls as Gou swings his broken leg around,
               twisting it in ways it shouldn't go to slash at him. 

               Danny SHOOTS HIM. No effect.

               Gou grabs his broken knee and GRINDS IT BACK INTO PLACE,
               stretching it, ripping muscle to put it right, and then 
               charges Danny again, a sweep kick that Danny jumps; a high
               slash that catches Danny on the cheek...

               ...Danny reaches around his back...

               Gou brings a ferocious kick around...

               reverberates, absorbing the massive impact. Gou's jaw drops,
               clearly focused on the Dagger.

                         You look worried.

               Danny SLASHES, carving a chest-level slit in Gou's suit, the
               whole length of Gou's chest. Gou RETREATS and Danny presses
               the attack, stabbing at him while Gou dodges, impossibly fast
               and on the run.

               LUNGE: Gou goes straight up and splits, catching cargo
               containers on either side; he flips over Danny, slashing at
               his head - Danny bats it away with the Dagger - and lands
               close to the Can.

               Gou FLOATS back, springboards off the ground and grabs the
               Can's roof, swinging his legs inside...

               ...his foot-knives "GRAB" THE HAT-BOX CRATE...

               He swings out again, flipping upward and out of reach before
               Danny can reach him. Gou passes the Crate to his hands and
               ricochets from container to container, higher and higher,
               until he's dashing along the tallest stacks. He LEAPS INTO
               THE AIR...

               ...HIGH OVER THE DOCKS and GOING HIGHER, like he's bounding
               up invisible steps, heading back towards the city and gaining
               altitude with each "bounce." HE'S LONG GONE.

               Danny watches him go, White Jade Dagger in hand. 


               Jen perches high above it all, quietly watching.

               INT. THE JUNK SHOP - DAY

               An ELDERLY HAND slaps down a plastic block holding two rows
               of armor-piercing bullets, and slides them across a glass
               counter to Li San.

                                   LI SAN
                         Thanks, old man.

               The hand is YAN's, an spry 60ish Chinese man in a Giants cap.
               His shop is typical Chinatown; crammed full of stuff, an
               antiquer gone horrifically wrong. He keeps the overheads off.
               All the light comes in from the big storefront windows.

               Two old men sit at a smoky table in the corner, smoking and
               drinking tea. BAO is gaunt and dark, QUE is doughy, sleepy.

                         Piss on your thanks. Try using a
                         few of these this time.

                         If we bought him a whore, he'd
                         spend a week trying to get her
                         phone number.

                                   LI SAN
                         How many Gui-Lo have you killed?

                         Congratulations. Eight to go.

                                   LI SAN
                         I got close to Ron Feng yesterday.
                         Tomorrow I'll get closer. Cut off
                         the dragon's head...

                         ...the dragon dies, yes, normally.
                         This is a slightly different case.

                         You still think Feng is the head?

                         Grow a spine and kill the Gui-Lo!

               Li San plucks one of the bullets out of the block. IT'S
               CURSED, covered in black Chinese writing.

                                   LI SAN
                         I don't mind constructive criticism
                         when it's honest. But c'mon... what
                         do you dickbags know?

               Li San unslings A RIFLE BAG, unzips it, and draws a BOLT
               ACTION SNIPER RIFLE. In three quick movements, he pulls the
               bolt open, chambers a cursed bullet and snaps the bolt home.

               He aims at Bao's head. Bao straightens.

                                   LI SAN
                         Armchair quarterbacks stay off the
                         field because they don't have the
                         guts for the real deal. When you're
                         ready to hit the street and dare
                         with me... oh, who're we kidding?

               Li San chuckles, putting his rifle away.

                         We've done everything we promised.

                                   LI SAN
                         You've done shit. I take out one
                         ghost with all the heat you slide
                         me, and the other seven chop me
                         before I even blink.

                         We've given you what we have! You
                         don't have time to screw around on
                         this, Li. You have no conception of
                         what's going to happen if...

               Yan stops in mid-sentence. He, Bao and Que all LOOK UP,
               following something distant, far beyond the walls of the Junk
               Shop. Bao's lip trembles.

                         Feel that?

                         It would be hard to miss.

                         Guess we can stop guessing. If he's
                         not back now, he will be before
                         ballgag here gets a move on.

                                   BAO (SUBTITLE/IN CHINESE)
                             (at Li San)
                         [Worthless toadfucker!]

                                   LI SAN
                         Calm down. Everything happens at
                         its own pace. Nothing's changed.

                         Everything's changed.

                         We need to change with it. We need
                         to decide on a strategy, where to
                         run, how best to hide...

                         I'm gonna go have a look.

               Yan comes out from behind the counter.

                         ...what? No! He'll find out!

                             (re. Cursed Bullets)
                         Too late for that crap, kiddo. A
                         cursed RPG wouldn't help you now.

                                   LI SAN
                         Got one?

                         Ask Que.

               Yan EXITS. Li San turns to Que and motions. "Well, DO you?"


               A basement warehouse inside a police station, blocked off by
               hard metal grates and doors. 

               EVIDENCE COLLECTION OFFICERS place eight painted globes on
               the evidence shelves. A fancy carving of interlocking god
               figures from Chinese lore - THE GOD SIGIL - is propped on
               another shelf. 

               The SWORD WARRIOR STATUE is hand-trucked into the cage. Two
               more statues like it are brought in; red skin, gold-trimmed
               clothes, black hair. One is an immense, squat, FAT BABY with
               a long spear, the other a stolid BOW HUNTER.

               Danny fills out paperwork by the door. NELSON, a uniformed
               cop in charge of the Locker, watches the statues go past.

                         What do you call that?

                         Xuan Wu, dark lord of the North.
                         That's La Cha, the kid warrior, and
                         Kwan Kung in back.

                             (writing on clipboard)
                         "Three Chinese statues. Big." That
                         everything from the scene?

                         Everything we found.

               He glances up. Jen's Ghost is there, giving him a highly
               incredulous look.

               down, visible below the cuff of his pants. Danny adjusts his
               pants leg, hiding it.

               Sotomayor ENTERS. He nods at Danny to follow.

               They go deep into the aisles stacked with evidence boxes,
               where it's private. They keep voices low.

                         I've lost more good men in the last
                         twenty- four hours than I lost in
                         the last twenty-four years. What
                         the hell is going on?

                         I don't know.

                         That's not God-damn good enough! It
                         all ties back to YOUR redball!

                         I know who to bend. I just need to
                         know you'll back me this time.

                         You're asking me that? On this day?

                         You signed the order putting me on
                         forced administrative leave.

               Sotomayor stands over Danny, breathing long, loud and hard,
               holding back the rage.

                         I have to deal with the press
                         whores, and then I have to call
                         widows and mothers. Do what you do.
                         Give me something I can tell them
                         that won't disrespect their loss.

               Sotomayor DEPARTS.  

               Danny frowns, a bad taste in his mouth. 

               He moves past a few Evidence Locker aisles, turning down one
               and scanning the labels of the cardboard boxes stacked on the
               shelves, searching.

               He selects a long box, pops the lid, and pulls out the CASING
               from LI SAN'S CURSED BULLET, sealed in an evidence bag.

                         Nelson, I need to check something
                         out of Evidence.

                                   NELSON (O.S.)
                         Sure. How many statues you want?

               Danny turns the bag, looking at the casing in the light.


               Danny turns a drafting table lamp on, spotlighting the Cursed
               Bullet-shell. He unloads his gun - keeping the bullets - and
               sets it aside, putting his reading glasses on.  

               He dips a thin paintbrush into a bottle of jet-black ink and
               paints on a bullet from his own gun, copying the Chinese
               symbols from the Cursed Bullet - that's his template. Danny
               paints a bit, compares it to the original, paints more.

               His wedding ring's back on his finger.

               Done: Danny appraises his work, and blows on his bullet to
               dry the ink. A row of his makeshift Cursed Bullets sit in a
               row on his computer desk. He adds the new one.

               A NOISE, the house shifts. Danny checks behind him. Nothing.
               He gets up, looking into the next room.


               No sign of her.

               Jen's Ghost sits halfway up the stairs, out of his line-of
               sight, smiling happily every time he says her name. She feels
               him change course, coming her way.

                         Jen, you there?

               She stands, FLOATING UP to the second floor, GONE by the time
               Danny checks the stairs.


               Jen's Ghost goes over the dresser photos. THE FRAMES ARE
               RIGHTED, the pictures visible: Jen posing with Danny in their
               Kung Fu gi's, both black belts; Jen making arguments in a
               courtroom; Danny's police academy graduation photo.

               She doesn't reflect in the frame's glass. Her fingers pass
               through the photo when she tries to touch his smiling face. 

               FOOTSTEPS: Danny's coming upstairs. By the time he makes it,
               she's GONE.


               Jen passes her hand through Danny's cursed bullets. Their
               symbols GLOW as she "touches" them. The glow fades fast.

               INT. FENG'S OFFICE - NIGHT

               Feng's in his too-big leather chair, Valerie the Receptionist
               on his lap. He undoes her buttons one-handed while she drinks
               red wine.

                         This isn't easy to do one-handed.

                         Oh no, no-no, don't rip...

               He yanks, ripping the next button down off. Valerie yelps
               slightly, then giggles, getting into it as he RIPS another. 

               She suddenly tenses in fear. Feng looks up: Mr. Wei is there.

                         Jesus Christ, what?

               Mr. Wei points up. 

                         God, I wish I could just delegate
                         shit to you guys.

               Feng eases Valerie off his lap.


               Danny's in bed, asleep on his side, facing Jen's half of the
               bed. Slashes of moonlight through the blinds.

               He opens his eyes. JEN'S GHOST IS THERE.

               She's "lying" in bed with him, on her side, her face just
               inches away. Danny puts his hand in her's. If they could
               touch, he would be holding Jen's hand. As-is, their hands are
               in the same place, passing through each other. 

               Danny smiles, at peace, and drifts back off into sleep.

               Jen's Ghost smiles too, watching him with unblinking eyes.


               Mr. Wei shows Feng in. The room is dark, empty. City lights
               glow outside the windows.

               Feng stops a few paces in. Looks around.

                         Okay, why am I here?
                             (no reply)
                         Know what? I'm sick of this no-talk
                         bullshit. Starting tomorrow, you
                         idiots are learning how to write.
                         In English.
                             (to room)
                         If anybody yells out "Surprise,"
                         they're dead.

               Feng steps forward and nearly trips over the Hat-Box Crate;
               it's on the floor, torn open.  He KICKS it away, real short
               fuse, and slaps the light switch.

               Knife Walking Gou stands in the center of the room, holding
               AN ANCIENT CHINESE URN in both hands with deep reverence. 
               It's trimmed in gold, the right size for funeral ashes.

               All the Ghost Triads are here, in a rough circle around Feng.
               They've surrounded him.

                         Well. Welcome back, Gou. Where've
                         you been and, oh yeah, stand
                         absolutely still while the others
                         beat the unliving shit out of you.
                             (re. Urn)
                         What's that? Is that for me?

               Feng waits for Gou to hand it over. Gou doesn't move.

               Mr. Wei puts a hand on Feng's shoulder. Feng instantly shoves
               it off, startled.

                         What the hell are you doing? Don't
                         ever touch me!

               Behind him, Mr. Ho lays a hand on Feng's back.  Feng spins
               around, shaking Ho off.


               They've all closed in on him.  

               Gou stands in place while the others gently, firmly restrain
               Feng. They lock on to every part of him, and immobilize it.

                         Get off me!  I order you to get off 
                         me! What are you doing! Stop!

               Mr. Wei and Mr. Ho takes Feng's head, tilting it back and
               forcing his mouth open, blocking his nose. Knife Walking Gou
               steps forward, unscrewing the Urn.

               Feng's eyes are wild, trapped...

               Feng panics and gags, trying to spit it out; they don't let
               him. He starts choking... convulsing... dying. An unending
               stream of gray ash pours down.

               His body stops fighting. Ash backs up in Feng's mouth, as if
               he's been filled up and is starting to overflow. The flow of
               ash peters out, and ends; the urn is empty. The Ghost Triads
               let him go, backing away and kneeling, heads bowed all the
               way to the floor.

               Feng hangs there, head back, arms dangling.

               A RUMBLE, deep inside his body: something's in there. The ash
               piled in Feng's mouth GOES DOWN in a rush. GREEN LIGHT moves
               under his skin, GROWING, twisting Feng's body until the light

               ...the wave passes over the Ghost Triads, blowing furniture
               away. A solid wood table CRASHES through the windows, gale
               winds whip through the room, and die.

               "Feng" opens his eyes, and they are older, crueler than
               before. His bearing is more noble.

               Feng's gone. This is GONG SHAN TAI.

               He breathes in like it's his first taste of air in centuries.
               His voice carries the weight of Ages.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUB/IN CHINESE)
                         [This shell is weak.]

                                   MR. WEI (SUB/IN CHINESE)
                         [We beg forgiveness, Lord.]

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Do I forgive? Rise.]

               The Ghost Triads stand, heads still bowed.

               Shan steps towards the broken window, staring at the amazing
               city below in disbelief.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Is this the world? How does so
                         much change in so short a time?]

               Mr. Wei speaks: his mouth moves, but the sounds don't match.
               It's coming from deeper inside.

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [We were betrayed, Lord. It has
                         been much, much longer than
                         planned, and we are in a new world
                         across the sea. But the spirits of
                         our home are here, and the tools
                         for your Ascension are here.]

               Valerie APPEARS at the door, rushing in.

                         Ron!  I heard...

               Shan freezes her in terror with a glance. He makes a sharp
               motion; Mr. Ho instantly grabs Valerie, bringing her forward
               and forcing her to her knees before Shan.

               He looks down at Valerie, disgusted.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [What is this thing?]

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Many people now look like this.]

                         Ron, I don't understand, what...

               Mr. Wei HITS HER, silencing her. 

               Valerie's on the verge of tears, no idea what's going on.
               Shan brushes the blonde hair dangling over her forehead,
               lingering there for a moment. 

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Show me this world.]


               No blood. No scream. Valerie's face goes sideways, like she's
               getting an instant frontal lobotomy that HURTS.

               Shan wiggles his fingers, searching.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [So, simple creatures like this now 
                         control the world, and China allows
                         it? Wars... rebellions... fools who
                         lead through compromise. This new
                         world interests me, but there is no
                         strength in it.]

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [They are desperate for you, Lord.]

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Ying Ma is here. He has opposed us
                         twice already.]

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Indeed? Well, isn't Fate a whore.]

               Gong Shan Tai looks out over the city, his fingers still in
               Valerie's brain. HE ABSENTLY FLINGS HER LIMP BODY OUT THE
               WINDOW FRAME, with all the concern and emotion of tossing a
               used newspaper away.


               Danny snaps his Cursed Bullets into a clip, and fits the clip
               into his gun. He slathers honey onto burnt toast and chomps
               it down on his way to the door, licking his fingers, picking
               up the White Jade Knife as he goes.

               EXT. A DIRTY ALLEY - DAY

               A desperate CHINESE GANGSTER flicks out a knife. Danny raises
               his hands.

                         It was just a question.

               The Gangster LUNGES at Danny. 

               Danny pounds him face-first into the cement. He digs a knee
               in the Gangster's back and shoves his head into a shallow
               pothole filled with brackish water.

                         At the risk of repeating myself,
                         where's little Ronnie Feng hanging
                         his hat these days?

               The Chinese Gangster struggles uselessly.


               Danny cruises straight at the Wing Chi building, looking for
               a fight. He glances back, reading the corners for signs of
               trouble. Nada. He goes back to target.

               JEN BLOCKS HIS WAY. Arms out, dress billowing. She looks
               deadly serious.

               Danny stops in his tracks. What the Hell? 

                         What's wrong?

               Her eyes flash down. Danny follows...

               ...he sees a HUGE, GHOSTLY SERPENTINE BODY slither through
               the Earth under his feet, past the concrete; it's a CHINESE
               DRAGON. Danny jumps back, but it doesn't take any notice of
               him, vanishing somewhere past the Wing Chi building.

               Danny takes a step, following it. Jen springs forward,
               blocking him again.


                                   YAN (O.S.)
                         Listen to your girlfriend, pal.

               They turn: Yan's sitting on a parked car roof. He adjusts his
               Giants cap lower over his eyes, then adjusts it back with a
               mocking grin, like he's playing with them.

                         Y'know, you seem familiar.

                         You see her.

                         So? You saw the dragon.

                             (flashing badge)
                         Inspector Yuen, SFPD. Get down off
                         that car and give me some I.D.

                         Oh, you don't want my I.D.

                         Not really.

               Danny grabs Yan's ankle and hauls him down off the car, then
               pushes him up against it. He gets right into Yan's face with
               a dark scowl. Yan's still grinning.

                         How can you see her?

                         Ah, you seek wisdom, my son.

                         You'd better have some to give. You
                         have no idea what I'm capable of.

                         Does she?

               Jen's cold eyes claw him. She drags a hand across her neck,
               instructions to Danny: "Chop him." Danny nods. 

               Yan's unimpressed.

                         Y'got nothin', kids. There's only
                         one thing in this world that scares
                         me to the soul, and your Ex here
                         doesn't want you getting anywhere
                         near it, either.
                             (re. Wing Chi Building)
                         I bet she doesn't have half a clue
                         what it is, but she can feel the
                         hunger and the malice from here. I
                         bet it hurts.

                         So tell me about it.

               Yan considers it, studying Danny's face.

                         Its name is Gong Shan Tai.

                         Never heard of him.

                         'Course not. After Ying Ma killed
                         him, people made an effort to erase
                         Shan from history.

                         I'm still not scared.

                         Well, he hasn't killed every living
                         thing in North America yet. But
                         give him a little time.

               Yan nods: MR. HO pushes out of the Wing Chi building's front
               doors, looking around. Standing guard.

                         Don't move.
                             (to Jen's Ghost)
                         Don't let him move.

               Jen's Ghost raises a hand to stop him, but can't abandon Yan.

               Danny's on a collision course for Mr. Ho. He checks glass on
               the sidewalk outside Wing Chi, a bloodstain but no body, the
               hole on the twelfth story. 

               Mr. Ho notices Danny on approach.

                         Richard Ho! I heard you were dead.
                         Aren't you a little important to be
                         on guard duty?

               Mr. Ho appraises Danny. TWO THROWING AXES appear in his hands
               from out of nowhere.

               Danny fast-draws his gun, aimed right at Ho.


               Mr. Wei, Fat Mr. Tong, Mr. Leung, and Mr. Mi all toil;
               praying in front of elaborate candles, placing others in
               specific patterns, painting Chinese characters on the walls.

               Gong Shan Tai wanders the room, MUTTERING WORDS, smoke
               pouring out of a incense ball. He stops.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [The enemy is here.]

               Every Ghost Triad in the room stops what they're doing. Shan
               steps over to the broken window. Way down on the street, he
               sees Danny, Jen, and Yan. 

               MOVEMENT: the rooftop across the street. Shan focuses on it.

               It's Li San, and he's aiming A STINGER MISSILE LAUNCHER right
               at Gong Shan Tai's face.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [What's that?]

               Li San FIRES.


               Danny and Mr. Ho are still in stand-off...

               ...the missile FLIES OVERHEAD; the twelfth story of the Wing
               Chi building VANISHES IN A FIREBALL...

               Mr. Ho HURLS AN AXE AT DANNY, so hard and fast it's all Danny
               can do to throw himself out of its path. It tears through the
               length of the parked car. 

               Five shapes leap out of the fireball.

               Another axe comes in at hyper-speed: Danny rolls as it carves
               a BIG divot out of the street and bounces away. 

               Mr. Ho's high in the air, two more axes in hand and coming
               down FAST at Danny. Danny snap-aims, and BLOWS OFF TWO BODY
               SHOTS right on target. They trail green smoke, they hit, but
               they don't slow Mr. Ho down.

                         Your handwriting's off!

               Danny throws himself away before Mr. Ho can land right on
               him, swinging axes that barely miss. A passing car separates
               Danny from Mr. Ho for a second. CARS SWERVE. PEDESTRIANS run
               for cover. 

               SHAN LANDS on the street, not too far away and flanked by Mr.
               Wei, Fat Mr. Tong, Mr. Leung, and Mr. Mi. The Triads seem
               A PORCELAIN DOLL that's been hit with baseball bats. Small
               chips flake and fall away.

               Mr. Ho freezes in place, waiting. Yan hides.

               Danny looks hard at "Feng..."

               ...AND SEES THE WARLORD FROM HIS DREAMS, glowing green. The
               Triads look like Chinese warriors in armor and blindfolds.
               Danny takes aim at Shan. Shan smiles like a shark.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I see you're still a peasant, Ying
                         Ma. Not very surprising.]
                             (sees JEN)
                         [Kuan Yin?]

               Yan's eyes light up at "Ying Ma."

               Shan runs a finger along the sleek metal of a parked car.

                         Guess you're Gong Shan Tai. I'm
                         still not scared.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Things change, but not people.
                         Tell me, Ying, if I offered you
                         your life... ah, but would I? No.]

               He barks something: Fat Mr. Tong, Mr. Leung and Mr. Mi LEAVE

               ...Mr. Ho CHARGES, an axe zeroing on Danny's head...

               Jen CACHES Mr. Ho and Judo-swings him around INTO ONCOMING
               TRAFFIC, holding fast as a passing SUV DECAPITATES MR. HO.

               Danny SHOOTS; these Cursed Bullets work, and smash gaping
               holes through Mr. Mi's body, tearing off his left arm. He
               begins to HOWL, BUILDING as the green energy inside him
               becomes unstable.

               Mr. Leung gets in close to Danny with tiger claws - brass
               knuckles with short blades. Danny draws the White Jade Dagger
               and parries, shooting point-blank and MISSING. 

               Jen dives at Mr. Mi, grabs him off the ground, swings him
               around and HURLS HIM straight at Shan... 

               ...Mr. Mi DETONATES almost in Shan's face, breaking windows
               and throwing cars around before Mr. Wei can stop it. 

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)

               The attacking Ghost Triads instantly leap back to surround
               Shan in a defensive circle.

               Shan rises, a little shaky. A huge piece of his face falls
               off and breaks on the ground. 

               The sharp green face underneath "Feng's" skin belongs to the
               Warlord, but it CRACKLES and moves in-and-out of flux, trying
               to crawl away from itself. IT'S AGONY, and Shan snarls like a
               wounded animal, looking down the street.

               Danny reloads, ready with the White Jade Dagger. Jen's Ghost
               is right with him.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Lesson learned, Ying. No games.]

               Shan speaks words in no human language. The air around him
               RIPPLES and BENDS in a crackling, RAPIDLY EXPANDING SPHERE.
               Civilians inside the field, taking shelter during the fight,
               suddenly FALL DEAD. 

               The field sweeps towards Danny. 

               He RAPID-FIRES; the bullets explode two feet in front of
               Shan. Blood pours out of Danny's nostrils, he's suddenly too
               nauseous to even move. HE'S DYING.

               YAN DASHES OUT, grabs Danny's hand and drags him across the
               street as the field closes in... aiming for the closest shop,
               BASHING THROUGH THE DOOR...


               ...they sprawl on the floor; Yan KICKS THE DOOR SHUT, and the
               LIGHT OUTSIDE CHANGES. They're somewhere else.

               Both men pant heavily. Jen's Ghost stands over them.


               Shan instantly stops speaking and collapses from exhaustion;
               the death field evaporates. Wei and Leung steady him, Fat
               Tong and MR. HO'S GHOST stand guard.

               The street around them is torn apart, SCREAMS and cries for
               help. The Wing Chi's on fire.

               Shan's face is seeping out of the holes in "Feng's" skin.
               It's just a shell, and it's not containing him anymore. He
               appraises cracks in "Feng's" hand.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [The Ascension. Nothing else
                         matters. We must be quick, before
                         this shell breaks around me.]

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Yes, Lord.]

               The Ghost Triads help him away.

               INT. THE JUNK SHOP - DAY

               Danny picks himself up and wipes the blood off, heading for
               the door. Round Two.

                         Don't bother. I got us way the hell
                         away from there.

               Danny ignores him, opens the door...

               ...IT'S A DIFFERENT STREET OUTSIDE, a busy Chinatown corner
               with no sign of trouble. 

                         We lucked out. If Shan was in his
                         own body, at full strength, there
                         wouldn't have been time to run. And
                         don't bother heading back over.
                         Everybody on that street's already
                         dead, and you would be, too. So,
                         "Thanks, Yan, for saving my
                         worthless life."

                         Thanks, Yan, for saving my
                         worthless life.

               In a flash, Danny slaps the cuffs on Yan.

                         You're welcome, asshole.

                         My handwriting's off, huh? Guess
                         that makes you the expert who
                         supplied those bullets to Li San.

                         Li supplied the bullets. I just
                         cursed them.

                         Show me.

               Danny sits Yan down, and stands over him. Yan smiles, and the
               handcuffs POP OPEN. He hands them back to Danny.

                         I saw what he was. He saw something
                         in me, too. He called me "Ying Ma." 

                         So? He thought Casper here was the
                         Goddess of Mercy.

               Jen's Ghost bristles. Danny leans in, tapping Yan's chest
               with the White Jade Dagger.

                         That's my wife.

                         She was your wife. What, you're
                         gonna settle back down together,
                         raise some kids? Death did you
                         part, asshole.

                         In my dreams, I'm Ying Ma.

                         Then maybe you should kill Shan.
                         You did it before.



                         I don't like magic.

                         Oh, magic's not so bad. It's like
                         cooking. Get the right ingredients
                         in the right proportions, mix it up
                         at the right time, add a little
                         love, whammo. Chocolate cake.
                             (re. Jen's Ghost)
                         As an example, you can do a hell of
                         a lot with ghost blood.

               Yan grins at them. Danny and Jen exchange a look.

               INT. THE JUNK SHOP - LATER

               Jen holds out her bare wrist. Danny hesitates, unsure, then
               raises the White Jade Dagger and SLITS HER WRIST OPEN. Black
               blood pours out. 

               Yan catches Jen's blood in a bowl covered in Chinese writing. 

                                                       CUT TO:

               Danny's on a stool, eyes closed. Yan dips a brush in the
               ARMS in intricate, interlocking patterns. The symbols FADE
               after a few moments, like invisible ink.

                         The story goes that in the age of
                         Gods and Demons, the weaponsmith
                         Ying Ma forged THE perfect knife.
                         The definitive article. Carved in
                         white jade and forged from a silver
                         tooth of the immortal Chung-Li
                         Ch'uan. He made it to cut through
                         spirit as well as flesh. He made it
                         so no enemy, even in an age of Gods
                         and Demons, was safe when facing
                         this knife. And he did this on the
                         order of the tyrant Gong Shan Tai. 

                         I gather they didn't stay on good
                         terms. What happened?

                         This is the tough part. Shan wasn't
                         human, but he couldn't match the
                         Gods, either. He commanded powers
                         that gave him dominion over every
                         living thing, and he used them to
                         make real his vision of a strong,
                         peaceful empire by butchering the
                         millions who refused to worship
                         him. He was a perfectionist who
                         could never make things perfect
                         enough. There was always going to
                         be someone or something that didn't
                         measure up to his ideal. Ying Ma
                         saw this, and betrayed Shan.


                         If you asked Shan.

               Jen's Ghost prowls nearby, watching Yan intently.

               Yan's eyes shift to the table where his "art supplies" sit.
               The White Jade Dagger sits there, too.

                         What about the Triads helping him?

                         Gui-Lo. "Ghost men." His personal

                         They're blind.

                         They don't have eyes. It's not the
                         same thing.

               Yan puts his brushes down and walks off. Danny follows him,
               holding his arms out, watching the writing FADE from view. 

                         Neat. What's it supposed to do?

                         Those are all defensive wards.
                         They'll help, but you're gonna need
                         something a little more potent.

               Jen looks: the White Jade Dagger's gone from Yan's table...

                         Such as?


               Jen's Ghost FLIES AT HIM. Yan holds up a spirit ward,
               stopping her in her tracks. She circles, dress rippling
               violently, trying to get at him.

               Danny's in agony, stabbed right through the heart. Yan shoves
               him back against a wall, knocking over the shop's wares on
               the way. Danny tries to draw his gun, so weak he practically
               hands it to Yan, who takes it.

                         This'll sting a bit, but you'll
                         thank me later.
                         This is one tough soul you've got,
                         asshole. Must be a lot of gristle!

               Yan gleefully CARVES THROUGH DANNY, stabbing home again and
               again, digging the knife around in Danny's arms, his legs,
               his chest.

               Danny SCREAMS...

               ...Jen's Ghost circles, looking for an opening...

               Yan yanks the knife out, and Danny collapses.

               EXT. CHINATOWN STREET - DAY

               Yan half-drags Danny out of a shop and eases his fall to the
               sidewalk, still gripping the White Jade Dagger. He puts
               Danny's gun on his chest.

                         There you go, honored customer!
                         Come back soon, heya?
                             (re. White Jade Dagger)
                         Thanks for this.

               Without warning, JEN'S GHOST SWEEPS THROUGH YAN, grabbing the
               Dagger out of his hand - she can touch it - twisting to
               brandish it at him, ready to kill.  

               Yan jumps back into his shop, SLAMMING the door.

               Danny painfully sits up and checks himself; his clothes are
               ripped, he hurts like hell, but he can't find any wounds.

               He finds his gun, staggers to his feet and lurches at the
               shop door, shoving his way inside...


               ...he stops cold. The Junk Shop's GONE, replaced by a bright
               and cheery array of flowers and A FLORIST looking at him very
               oddly. Danny puts his gun away.

                         Magic sucks.

               His cellphone RINGS. He answers it.

                                   LI SAN'S PHONE VOICE
                         Now you know.

               Li San DISCONNECTS.

               Jen's Ghost stands surrounded by flowers of every color,
               holding the White Jade Dagger, a vision in white.

               INT. THE JUNK SHOP

               Bao and Que step out of the shadows to meet Yan.

                         Plan B.

               He grins at them.


               A television is tuned to local news, barely audible over the
               PHONES and SHOUTS in the squadroom. Images show teams of
               first responders tending to wounded and dead at the Wing Chi
               building. A dozen ambulances. 

                                   NEWS REPORTER (TV)
                         ...hasn't confirmed whether the two
                         blasts were related, but experts
                         speculate that the street-level
                         device contained a biological
                         element. The Department of Homeland
                         Security has raised the alert
                         status in San Francisco to Red and
                         activated National Guard units...

               The squadroom MOVES, in crisis mode. It's a big, long room
               with lines of metal desks and dozens of Police, uniformed and
               plain clothes, working. Phones constantly RING.

               Sotomayor is in the thick of it, on a phone.

                         All leave's canceled. Every badge
                         in the city goes on the street.

               He catches Danny ENTERING, all torn up. 

                         Danny! Sweet Jesus, you okay? 

                         Most of me, yeah. 

                         Then get most of you to work. We've
                         got National Guardsmen moving in
                         looking for terrorists, and they
                         don't know Van Ness from Market. 

                         Keep them out of Chinatown.

                         I doubt they'll be able to find it.

                         John... no. Keep them out of
                         Chinatown. They'll just get killed.

               Sotomayor stops, and meets Danny's gaze.

                         Keep everybody out of Chinatown.

                         What the hell, Danny?
                         You were there. You were there,
                         weren't you? God's sake, Danny...
                         tell me what we're dealing with!

               Danny doesn't answer. What can he say?


                         You're lying to me.
                         Go home.

               Danny unclips his badge and holds it out.

                         Want this?

                         JUST... go home, Danny.

               Danny clips his badge back on, and EXITS.

               EXT. CHINATOWN - NIGHT

               The streets are empty, the street lights are DARK. Only the
               lanterns are lit, throwing red and gold light on the stores
               and long shadows on the homes above.

               Gong Shan Tai walks down the street.

               The Ghost Triads make up his train; Wei and Leung follow,
               Knife Walking Gou slithers on his stilts. Ho's Ghost and Fat
               Tong both float ahead as scouts.

               Despite his damage, Shan smiles at the world.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I feel the universe bowing to me.]

               The spirit wards in the windows CATCH FIRE as Shan passes. He
               doesn't notice.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I feel the planets align. I feel
                         this Earth moving around its sun, I
                         feel it turning through day and
                         night. Destiny is close. Ascension
                         is close.] 
                             (to Mr. Wei)
                         [Things happen when they're meant
                         to, and where they're meant to.
                         Which is why I have not destroyed
                         you yet.]

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [The Brothers will find a place.]

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I know. Destiny wouldn't forget a
                         detail like that. You see?]

               He nods at an alley between buildings: three Ghost Triads
               melt out of the shadows. They're THE BROTHERS, Mr. Kai, Mr.
               Lau, and Mr. Jin, and they all move together, as one, in
               total coordination.

                                   MR. KAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [There is a temple here, Lord, more
                         than suitable for your use.]

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Of course there is.]

               The Brothers bow. Shan smiles.

               INT. TIEN HOU TEMPLE - NIGHT

               Golden candlelight infuses the air. Incense and time. This is
               an ancient, sacred place. It looks like a converted penthouse
               studio loft, with a shrine occupying one end and mats on the
               floor. Elegant in its stark simplicity. 

               Fat Mr. Tong floats out of the room, carrying an UNCONSCIOUS
               PRIEST in red Buddhist over his shoulder. No sign of blood.

               Gong Shan Tai grins with both faces - Feng's and the ghostly
               green underneath - truly pleased. He sweeps a hand: a solid
               pattern of golden symbols and geometric shapes - the FENG
               SHUI MATRIX - appears on the walls, floors, and ceiling, like
               shining a flashlight on hidden text only visible in the beam.

               Another PRIEST watches Shan, horrified.

                                   BUDDHIST PRIEST
                         Please, this is a sacred space!

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Yes, it is. It's perfect.]
                             (to Wei)
                         [Shed no blood here, but kill
                         everything in the building. Start
                         with him. His face is unlucky.]
                             (to Buddhist Priest)
                         [Pray to me, Priest, that I will
                         allow you into Heaven.]

               Mr. Wei picks the Priest up one-handed, and EXITS.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Now we need the proper furnishing.
                         Wake the Guardians. And someone
                         please retrieve my knife.]

               He points at the far wall, pointing at...


               Danny tapes a "Forbid Evil" Spirit Ward to the window.

               He grabs a beer out of the refrigerator and drops into the
               living room couch. Jen's Ghost watches nearby.

                         So, how was your day, honey? 

               Jen's Ghost frowns at him.

                         Yeah, mine too. But I didn't feel
                         lost today. 
                         Even if we can't speak, even if we
                         can't touch, I find your presence
                         comforting. I don't know how we can
                         live together like this or how long
                         we have, but if you're with me,
                         it's enough. 

               Jen's Ghost is by his side. She kneels down to him, smiling
               and bows her head in agreement. Danny smiles, at peace.

               Her hand glides towards him; A GOLD LIGHT FLARES through
               Danny's shirt, by his heart. A fist-sized CHINESE SYMBOL. It
               catches them both by surprise. 

               Something clicks: Danny strips off his shirt and tenderly
               probes the places where Yan cut him; something's in his arms
               and chest, GLOWING FAINTLY UNDER HIS SKIN.
               He kicks off his pants - quick shrug to Jen; she motions "Go
               Ahead!" More dully glowing symbols inside his thighs.

               Jen passes her hand over the glow in his arm and it FLARES,
               GLOWING through Danny's skin.

               They are CHI GLYPHS. Danny reads them:

                         Fire, Ocean, Wind, Mountain...
                             (over his heart)

               He concentrates, and the Glyphs GLOW BRIGHTLY, then FADE as
               he lets up.

                         What do you think these do?
                         Let's try this.

               Danny sits, closes his eyes, slows his breathing, and starts
               to meditate. THE GLYPHS LIGHT UP.

               INSERT - FLASHBACK:


               Golden light filters in through rice paper walls. CHANTING,
               wisps of incense.

               Gong Shan Tai stands in the Heavenly light, praying.

               YING MA - Danny, bald and dressed in simple rags - creeps
               through the surrounding pillars without a sound. Silent
               signals tell his ARCHERS which shadows to hide in. He licks
               sweat off his lip.

               GUI-LO stand in their places around the room, in their armor
               and red silk blindfolds.

               An Archer slips an arrow from his quiver. It's a small sound,
               but a Gui-Lo REACTS, tilting in their direction, then moving
               straight at the pillar where the Archer is hiding.

               The Archer tenses, shoots a frightened look at Ying Ma.

               Ying Ma motions to him: Lower. Quickly, the Archer closes his
               eyes, exhales. The THUD of HIS HEARTBEAT SLOWS... and STOPS.
               Dead silence.

               The Gui-Lo pauses. It's gone. He returns to his place in the
               ceremony, and the Archer slowly breathes in again. He nods at
               Ying Ma.

               Shan drags the White Jade Dagger across his palm, cutting far
               and deep. He stretches out his hand, and lets a long stream
               of blood fall on the floor...

      pools, and then MOVES into patterns and shapes. The
               blood draws itself into lines and circles, words and symbols,
               completing the design.

               Ying Ma creeps closer, behind another pillar.

               The walls are covered in Chinese script, the Painted Orbs and
               the God Sigil are here. Ying Ma puts a shaky hand around his
               sword, and tightens his grip. There's twenty feet to cover
               between him and Shan. All his men are in place.

               AN UNEARTHLY HUM fills the room. Shan's blood-design GLOWS
               underneath him. The ORBS LIGHT UP.

               Ying Ma dashes out from cover, RUNNING STRAIGHT AT SHAN.
               Instantly, Gui-Lo throughout the room move to intercept him.
               One sweeps in lop Ying's head off; ARROWS STRIKE HIM, killing
               him first. Ying doesn't slow down, doesn't hesitate, doesn't
               deviate one inch off course.

               His archers FIRE from cover, killing any Gui-Lo threatening
               Ying; one HITS the Gui-Lo closest to Shan, square between the
               eyes, leaving Shan wide open. 

               Shan turns...

               ...Ying Ma DRAWS, SLASHING UP in one movement and chopping a
               diagonal line through Shan's chest. A GOUT OF BLOOD SPRAYS...

               ...AND FREEZES. It hangs in the air, still half-in Shan.

               Ying stares in disbelief.

               Gong Shan Tai smiles cruelly.

               The gout of blood LUNGES AT YING MA, viper-quick, snaking
               around his neck and lifting Ying clear off the floor. It's
               choking him. He sees his archers being cut down by Gui-Lo,
               killed to the last man.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         Was this your rebellion, Ying Ma?

                         My Lord! 

               Pointing: the White Jade Knife sticks in the wood floor,
               right were Shan dropped it. It's CUT Shan's blood design. 

               Shan's face falls.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         No... NO!

               He HURLS Ying Ma across the room into a stone pilar, nearly
               breaking him in two. Ying Ma lands limp in a pool of his own 
               men's blood.

               A pair of Gui-Lo scoop Ying Ma up, holding him fast.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         I was going to be a god! YOUR God!
                         Did you not WANT to live under my
                         patronage? You have disgraced
                         yourself and your entire family!

                         We can prepare the ritual again, my
                         Lord. We can...

               Shan motions; that Gui-Lo's head TWISTS 180 DEGREES. He
               drops, DEAD.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         Can you realign the stars for me?
                         Will you re-create perfection for
                         me? The proper conditions will not
                         repeat for four centuries!
                             (to Ying Ma)
                         The peasant thwarted his king.

                                   YING MA
                         You are not my king! You were my
                         conqueror and my tyrant! You will
                         never be a god! Never!

               But Shan takes no notice, thinking.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         I will not be less than I should
                         be. I will not wait idly for the
                         years to pass until I claim my due. 

               He CLAPS HIS HANDS, a sharp sound. The Gui Lo MOVE, gathering
               up the artifacts, tearing the room down, dousing the piles of
               debris with oil.

               Ying Ma sees one walk past, using daggers as stilts.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         Bao! Yan! Que! You will be our
                         caretakers. You know what to do. 

               Ying Ma strains to watch.

               Swiftly, the Painted Orbs are collected in a burlap sack. The
               God Sigil is wrapped in silk. Everything is given to a Gui
               Lo; THE YOUNG BAO.

               Tapers are thrown on the debris piles, IGNITING THEM. 

               Ying Ma sees three Gui-Lo, moving in perfect unison, face
               each other with iron spears. As one, they all FALL ON EACH
               OTHER'S SPEAR, killing themselves.

               The Gui-Lo are committing suicide. All of them.

               Shan steps up to a warmly glowing paper wall, and throws open
               a sliding door. He steps forward to take in THE VISTA BELOW:
               IT IS A WASTELAND, fires burning out of control. China has
               been scorched bare, as far as the eye can see. 

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         All I've accomplished... it's not

               He steps away sharply and spreads his arms. Three Gui-Lo
               surround him with drawn swords.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI
                         Hold nothing back. Be thorough.

               Ying Ma watches: a big Gui-Lo SHOVES HIS SWORD THROUGH SHAN'S
               HEART. Another CHOPS into Shan's neck, hacking away until
               he's cut the head free.

               The third CUTS SHAN'S HEAD IN HALF, right down the middle.

               A Gui-Lo holding Ying Ma down rises and draws his sword; it's
               A YOUNG, STRONG YAN. Ying Ma is bent down, execution-style,
               as Young Yan raises his sword...

               ...AND STRIKES...



               Danny opens his eyes.

               The Spirit Ward he taped to the window is ON FIRE. He jumps
               at it and swats it out.

               A dark shape moves outside. He ducks back. 


               Nelson is doing rounds, ticking off things on his clipboard,
               walking right by the SWORD WARRIOR STATUE without a glance.

               The statue's eyes follow him as he passes.


               Danny motions to Jen's Ghost: hide. 

               He stands in the center of the room, and exhales. His Chi
               Glyphs fade, muted. HIS HEARTBEAT SLOWS... and STOPS.


               Slowly, Danny turns. Fat Mr. Tong is in his home, silhouetted
               in the doorway to the kitchen.

               The front door's deadbolt lock FLIES out of the door, poked
               out; one of Knife Walking Gou's foot-daggers sticks through
               the hole. Gou ENTERS, slinking through the room. They start
               to search, Gou slipping gracefully across the room, Fat Tong
               knocking things over as he floats along.

               Danny watches, curious. THEY CAN'T SEE HIM.

               He silently steps over to Knife Walking Gou, getting in very
               close. Gou turns, putting himself nose-to-nose with Danny:
               nothing. Gou suddenly hops the stair railing and goes
               upstairs on all fours.


               Loud, ceramic-on-ceramic CLANKING, coming from deep in the
               aisles. Nelson storms towards the noise.

                         Does anyone have an excuse to be
                         back here, messing with my stuff?

               He rounds the corner and stops dead in his tracks.

               Two of the Chinese Statues are MOVING; the huge FAT BABY
               STATUE and the BOW HUNTER STATUE, tenderly pick the Painted
               Orbs off the shelves and put them into a thick bag. They
               briefly look up at Nelson.

               Nelson takes a step back, unaware the Sword Warrior statue is
               behind him. It GRABS NELSON'S HEAD, and he SCREAMS.

               The other statues keep packing as blood sprays the aisle.

               INT. DANNY'S TOWNHOUSE

               Fat Mr. Tong floats a little ways, and sets down close to the
               drafting table. Danny joins him.

               The White Jade Dagger is on the drafting table. Tong picks it
               up. It catches the light.

               A BLUR: Danny snatches the dagger out of Fat Mr. Tong's hand
               and BURIES the blade into Tong's forehead. AN INHUMAN WAIL
               breaks loose from Tong. Danny pulls the dagger out, and a jet
               of escaping green smoke shoots out of the cut. It vaguely
               forms a screaming Gui-Lo warrior before DISSIPATING. "Tong's"
               body drops, DEAD.

               KNIFE WALKING GOU FLIES OFF THE STAIRS AT HIM, blades first.

               The White Jade flashes in Danny's hand, parrying Gou's attack
               and SLICING Gou's arm; a wisp of green smoke escapes. Gou
               launches a series of kicks and follows with a deadly punch
               aimed at Danny's head.

               DANNY CATCHES IT. His Chi Glyphs GLOW. Gou can't budge him.

                         Well, now.

               A blur that tears the air: WHOOM! Danny NAILS Gou full-on
               with a punch that shakes the room. He breaks a foot-dagger
               aimed at his head with swift chop, and hammers Gou's sternum
               with a hit that nearly puts Gou through the wall.

               Gou's pathetically down to one stilt, hands out, pleading.

                         You got a sick kick out of killing
                         nine of my friends yesterday. How
                         much sympathy do you think you're
                         getting today?

               Gou drops the act. He nods, and launches at Danny; Danny
               catches him and rapidly STABS him three times, front-back
               front. Green smoke escapes; a howling Gui-Lo, clawing the air
               in agony. The ghost EVAPORATES, the body collapses.

               Jen is there, demure as ever.

                         I'll put on some clothes now. I
                         think I locked up some stuff Shan's
                         gonna want.

               He grabs his pants off the couch.

               INT. SQUADROOM - MORNING

               End of shift, everybody's at low ebb, quieter, but still
               moving with purpose. Sotomayor does rounds, approaching A
               DETECTIVE at a scattered desk, mid-room, who looks like he's
               about to keel over.

                         Tom, go ahead and head out. Good
                         work today. Be back in four hours.

                         Looking forward to it, boss.

               The Detective HEADS OUT, leaving behind a barely-touched
               piece of pizza. Sotomayor snags it without a trace of self
               consciousness and takes a big ol' bite.

               The station's piercing ALARM BELL suddenly goes off.

                         Oh, Good Christ! Now what the fuck!

               The Guardians SMASH through the big back wall, plaster and
               wood shrapnel flies everywhere. The Fat Baby statue steps out
               of the dust cloud before anyone knows what's what; it BASHES
               a stunned cop in the gut with the shaft of its long spear,
               launching him into orbit.

               Fat Baby slips his spear under a metal desk and flips it up,
               sending it crashing across the length of the squadroom, then
               SMACKS a second desk sitting opposite, hammering it against
               the wall, smashing a pair of detectives hiding behind it. 

               Everyone in reach is gone. Everyone else is hiding..

               The Bow Hunter steps in, arrow notched, the Artifact Bag over
               one shoulder; Sword Warrior covers the rear. The big red
               statues slowly advance, fighting stance. They CRACKLE, the
               sound of hollow ceramic moving when it shouldn't. It's the
               only noise left.

               Sotomayor pops up from behind a desk and SHOOTS.

               A half-dozen more Detectives and Cops lean out from cover and

               Bow Hunter fires: the arrow tears through three cops.

               The Guardians CHARGE. A hail of bullets bite into the paint,
               some punch through their thick ceramic skin. They soak up the
               hits and DESTROY EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH, firing arrows,
               upending desks, and killing anyone who comes close...

               ...BREAKING INTO THE HALLWAY OUTSIDE. The Guardians romp and
               stomp their way past more cops, tearing walls and mercilessly
               hacking down the resistance they meet. 

               A shotgun blast CAVES IN FAT BABY'S face... 

               ...IT KEEPS MOVING, clubbing the offender and propelling him
               up through the ceiling like a cannonball. Sword Warrior stabs
               through walls to kill people beyond.

               All three statues are whittled away by constant gunfire, but
               nothing stops them. 


               A few SWAT MEN position on the steps, aiming P-9 submachine
               rifles and shotguns up at the police station's main doors.

               The Guardians SMASH out of the second story wall, landing in
               the middle of the SWAT guys.  They've been shot up bad; Sword
               Warrior's missing an arm, Fat Baby's face is gone. Bow Hunter
               is barely holding together.  

               The SWAT guys OPEN FIRE, DESTROYING Bow Hunter.

               The artifact bag drops.

               Fat Baby and Sword Warrior take the SWAT guys apart, knocking
               them across the street, chopping them in half. Fat Baby is
               BLOWN TO PIECES in the crossfire.

               Sword Warrior grabs the artifact bag, faceless, missing
               pieces. It trudges down to the street, ignoring the SURGING
               ENGINE getting closer. It LOOKS, TOO LATE...

               ...DANNY'S DRIVING...

               ...a Honda Hatchback SKIDS, BASHING BROADSIDE INTO THE SWORD
               WARRIOR, breaking the statue in half. 

               Sotomayor runs out, reloading his .38.

               The Sword Warrior's faceless top half tries to crawl away
               with the bag. Danny's out of his car; he scoops a SWAT
               shotgun off the ground - CHOOM! CHOOM! CHOOM! - blasting the
               statue to bits, one piece at a time. 

               It THROWS THE BAG UP, a last act before Danny obliterates it

               MR. LEUNG CATCHES IT, standing on the roof of a parked police
               cruiser. He regards Danny, then leaps down, RUNNING AWAY at
               incredible speed.

               Danny jumps back into his crumpled Honda. He sees Sotomayor
               standing there.

                         It's not terrorists.

                         I kept the soldier-boys out of

                         Thanks, boss.

               He FLOORS it, heading after Leung.


               Mr. Leung jump-runs at 40 m.p.h. carrying the Artifacts Bag,
               dodging morning traffic. 

               Danny's Honda ROARS around cars, right on Leung's tail.

               People stare as Leung ZOOMS by. The civilians in traffic all
               drive like maniacs, and Danny flies past them relentlessly,
               POUNDING THE HORN. Cars and pedestrians who step into his
               path DIVE AWAY. He's driving dangerously go-for-broke, just
               plain tearing ass through the streets, barely touching the
               brake for any reason.

               It's a big, busy street, and they barrel down it full-speed.
               Leung jogs left, putting A TROLLY between him and Danny...

               ...and takes a HARD LEFT, using the bus as cover. Danny SEES,
               cutting off the trolly and oncoming traffic, tires SQUEALING
               as he accelerates into the turn.

               Both swerve through traffic down the block.

               RED LIGHT: a big, orange Muni Bus chugs into the oncoming

               ...Leung flying kicks, CRASHING IN through one window and OUT
               the other side, not missing a step.

               The Honda SWERVES the bus, clipping a sedan on the other
               side, suddenly dead even with Leung: Danny swerves at him.
               Leung JUMPS IT - the Honda passes right under him - landing
               on the other side.

               Mr. Leung LEAPS UP between close-together cables suspended
               above the street and touches down, RUNNING ALONG THE
               ELECTRICAL BUS CABLES.  Danny leans over the wheel, watching

               Leung reaches a wire hub, veering in a new direction. Danny
               keeps pace, right under him.

               JEN'S GHOST IS ON THE WIRES, BLOCKING THE WAY. Leung bounces
               over to a parallel set of wires and back, bypassing her
               completely. He drops to street level, turning down Stockton;
               narrower, lined with tall, high-end stores.

               Danny's right on his heals, closing in.

               Ahead: the STOCKTON TUNNEL, a two-block dip under prime city
               shopping. Leung pours it on...

                         Oh, hell.

               ...and LEAPS HIGH INTO THE AIR, over the tunnel.

               Danny FLOORS it, shooting through the tunnel.

               Leung sails high over the street, leaping over the entire
               block while people watch, amazed...

               ...the little hatchback pushes eighty, scraping between a
               truck and the tunnel wall, reaching open sky...

               Leung HITS THE GROUND RUNNING, on the far side of Stockton
               Street, nearly biting it into the pavement before correcting
               himself. He smiles grimly.

               The HONDA HATCHBACK'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Danny's looking
               at him in the rearview. Mr. Leung tries to dodge...

               ...Danny taps the brakes...

               Mr. Leung bounces off the Hatchback and loses his feet, an
               out-of-control cannonball grinding into the asphalt, road
               rashed all to hell. MUNI RIDERS waiting at a bus stop RUN as
               he crashes through the kiosk and COLLIDES with the building
               beyond it.

               Danny slows down; MR. WEI'S KNIFE shoots down from above and
               DIGS INTO THE HONDA'S ENGINE BLOCK. Its chain goes tight, and
               Mr. Wei YANKS THE CAR INTO THE AIR.

               Danny hangs on, the car corkscrews in space...

               ...and lands in a heap, upside down, demolished, scraping to
               a halt a hundred yards away.

               Danny kicks the door off its hinges and scrambles out, Jade
               Dagger in hand, looking for Wei.

                         Let's see you try that again.

               Wei's chain-dagger SINKS INTO DANNY'S CALF from behind - he
               cries out - and Danny's whipped high into the air. The chain
               moves like it's alive in Mr. Wei's hands, flinging Danny into
               a third story wall.

               Leung looks up weakly, a mangled lump of meat. He seems to
               choke, then LIN'S GHOST spills out of his mouth.

               Mr. Wei twirls his chain, pounding Danny into a building face
               again and again.

               JEN'S GHOST IS THERE. She bares her teeth and grabs Wei's
               head, TWISTING with all her might, trying to rip it clean
               off. GRINDING BONE...

               Wei knocks her hands away, and stops a vicious punch Jen
               throws at his head. She hammers at him, nothing gets through.

               Lin's Ghost grabs her from behind.

               He has her for half a second before Jen's Ghost breaks the
               hold and flings him away...

               ...leaving her wide open: Mr. Wei flicks his free hand at
               her: another knife shoots out from Mr. Wei's cuff, trailing a
               chain. IT SINKS INTO JEN'S NECK, just above the collar bone,
               and SHE FEELS IT. Black blood spills out onto her pure white
               dress. Pain and shock on her face.

               Wei hasn't forgotten Danny. He whips the chain, sending Danny
               hurling skywards. Danny CUTS the chain with the Dagger, grabs
               hold and pulls hard...

               ...falling right at Mr. Wei...

               into the concrete wall. The ghost screams, and FADES.

               Danny lands on his feet, right by Wei, Chi Glyphs glowing.

                         Step up, funnyman.

               Fighting stance. Mr. Wei actually smiles.

               Danny runs up along the building wall and surges fist-first
               at Wei, catching Wei with a neck-breaking HIT.

               They BLUR, coming at each other in a whirlwind of punches and
               kicks SO FAST THEY BREAK THE SOUND BARRIER, brutal point
               blank hits. Danny slips a punch under Wei's block, breaking
               every bone in Wei's face.

               Wei takes it, and POUNDS Danny right back. 

               Danny yanks the Jade Dagger free and stabs at Wei; Wei KICKS
               it out of Danny's hand. It shoots across the street, sticking
               in the overturned Honda.

               Pounding BOOMS: trading hits that leave them both bloody, too
               fast, too strong. Wei's chain-knife sticks out of Danny's
               calf; Danny swings a lightning-fast kick...

               ...Wei CATCHES it, knife-point an inch from his ear...

               ...and ripostes two FASTER kicks into Danny's gut. He pulls
               the knife out of Danny's leg, slips a leg around back and
               DRIVES DANNY INTO THE GROUND. Wei STOMPS him again, AGAIN,
               driving him down.

               It's over.

               Mr. Wei calmly flips Danny over, grabs a fist-full of hair,
               holds Danny up, and draws back his knife to stab into Danny's
               brain. He STRIKES...

               ...ALL THE CHI GLYPHS in Danny's body rush to his forehead in
               an instant, piled on top of each other: WEI'S BLADE SHATTERS
               against them.

               Wei double-takes.

               His other knife is STABBED THROUGH HIS BACK, sticking well
               out of his chest, right where his heart would be. It hurts
               Wei. Bad.

               Jen leans out from behind him. Her frown turns hard, and she
               TWISTS THE BLADE. 

               A spit of blood falls out of Wei's mouth. He drops his broken 
               knife; DANNY CATCHES IT, and shoves what's left of it through
               Wei's chest, opposite side. All three, locked together. Wei
               quakes with effort.

                         Give up?

               A burst of strength: Mr. Wei spins, throwing them off and
               landing next to Artifacts Bag. It hurts to pick it up, but
               Wei does it, and painfully straightens himself with supreme
               pride. He regards Danny and Jen's Ghost.

               Mr. Wei simply leaves the ground, FLYING AWAY.

               Danny limps forward to see where Mr. Wei is going, but it's
               futile. Wei's long gone. He turns to Jen's Ghost, desperate.

                         He could lead us to Shan!

               Jen's Ghost doesn't move, holding her wounded throat. Danny
               sees what's happened to her.

                         Oh God, Jen!

               He moves at her. Jen holds up a hand, Stop. He does. 

               All he can do is stare. There's real fear in his voice.

                         Don't go.

               Jen smiles slightly, and puts a hand on her heart. 

               She doesn't look good, but Danny can't help but steal a look
               in the direction Wei took.

                         Jen, I know what Shan's doing. We
                         can't wait.

               Jen considers this, and grimly nods.

               INT. THE SILK DRAGON - DAY

               Miss Chu slides through the restaurant with her smile turned
               up full-blast, despite a largely empty restaurant. There are
               two small parties in the whole room.

               She steers by a huge table with only two PATRONS seated.

                                   MISS CHU
                         Ah, excellent choice, very savvy
                         customer! You enjoy? Everything
                         good? Good? Good!

               Miss Chu vectors off, never coming to a full stop. She
               waylays a WAITER.

                                   MISS CHU
                         Ayah, goat-whore terrorist! I lose
                         money being open like this!
                         Push expensive wine. Go.

               Danny ENTERS. Her smile goes up a notch.

                                   MISS CHU
                         Danny Yuen! look bad.

               He grabs her arm and takes her aside.

                         How do I find Yan's shop.

                                   MISS CHU
                         What? What I know? I never meet
                         "Yan." I work restaurant, make
                         customer happy!

                         I've got a recording of you telling
                         Jack Chu about Li San and his brand
                         new ceramic bullets. I can put you
                         in jail right now.

                                   MISS CHU
                         I, I...

                         Where is Yan's shop?

                                   MISS CHU
                         Ling know! Anne Ling! She tell me
                         about bullets, she clean Yan's shop
                         twice a week! She know, she...
                             (gossip mode)
                         ...she schtuping Yan. So shameful
                         at her age.

                         Get her on the phone.

               Miss Chu nods rapidly.

               INT. THE JUNK SHOP - DAY

               Yan hurriedly collects a few trinkets from around the shop,
               throwing them into a big steamer trunk that's already half
               full of stuff.

               The bell over the door TINKLES. Yan looks: the door's
               closing, but no sign of who came through.

                         Okay, asshole. I don't know how,
                         but you're here.

               The White Jade Dagger is suddenly under Yan's chin. Danny's
               on the other end of it.

                         What gave me away?

                         Write your true name in ghost blood
                         on something, you'll always know
                         where it is. Had to sign my work,

                         I know who you are. I remember you
                         killing Ying Ma.

                         Was it me? It's been so long, who
                         could remember?

                         You, Bao and Que were supposed to
                         revive Shan.

                         Yeah, right around the time the
                         Romans got popular, but it didn't
                         take that long to figure out we
                         liked things better without Shan.
                         The tough part was growing our eyes
                         and tongues back. I'm still not
                         sure I taste sugar the way I'm
                         supposed to. Isn't that sad?

                         Not really. Where's Shan?

                         He didn't leave a forwarding
                         address. And I'm HIDING from him!

                                   LI SAN (O.S.)
                         He's still in Chinatown.

               Li San walks out of the shadows, holding an assault rifle.
               It's vaguely pointed in Danny's direction.

                                   LI SAN
                         If you're talking about Ronald
                         Feng, I saw him walking on Grant
                         last night. I couldn't get close
                         enough to see where he ended up.

                         You don't seem to mind me hurting
                         you friend here.

                                   LI SAN
                         I'm my own boss now.

                             (to Yan)
                         "Boss." Three of you, way back
                         when... you created the Triads. Are
                         the others still alive?

                                   LI SAN
                         Unless they got brave. They've all
                         got their own shop, but it's the
                         same shop. I just walked out of
                         Bao's. He's gone.

                         I want to talk to them. Now.

               He presses the knife into Yan's neck.

               INT. THE JUNK SHOP - LATER

               Danny holds the White Jade Dagger, marking it with a small
               stick, quick writing strokes. He dips the stick into black
               "ink" from the special blood-catching bowl.

                         How bad to do they want this?

                         They don't need it, but it gives
                         them a little extra momentum.

                         Tell me about Ascension. 

                         It's about becoming perfect.

                         Shan's pretty far from perfect.

                         We're not talking Miss Manners. He
                         can be a perfect prick if he wants.
                         To Ascend, you achieve absolute
                         Not just in yourself, you've got to
                         get the universal Feng Shui exactly
                         right. Perfection in every
                         conceivable way.

                         And that's when you become a God.

                         It'll probably take Shan a minute
                         or two to adjust, then he'll just
                         think us all dead. And that's the
                         end of everything.

               Li San is half-listening, loading cursed bullets into an
               assault rifle magazine. Danny turns to him.

                         All we have to do is make the
                         ceremony less than perfect.

                                   LI SAN
                         Just like life. You really buying
                         all this bullshit?

                         I have reasons.

                                   LI SAN
                         Fine, have 'em. When this is done,
                         the only thing that changes between
                         us is that I'll be Dragon Head, and
                         you'll be Dead Cop.

                         Always admired your altruism, Li. 

                                   LI SAN
                         Hey, the old men can't hack it, and
                         Ron greased the competition. That
                         makes it my empire.

                         Take it if you can. I'll be ready. 

                                   LI SAN
                         Goddamn, Danny, I'm gonna miss you.

                         Just remember, Ascension has its
                         own gravity. It gets tougher to
                         fuck it up as it goes. Anything you
                         do might just feed into it, help it

                         We'll take a bucket of mud.

               He looks up: hard-faced Bao and sleepy-eyed Que walk out of
               different shadows.

                         I guess this is Plan C.

                         Sort of. Ying Ma pointed something
                         out to me I thought I should share.

                         Holy shit. It IS him.

                         No hard feelings.

                         Oh, yes there are. The one thing
                         the three of us can agree on is
                         Ronnie Feng didn't have the smarts
                         or the resources to bring back the
                         Gui-Lo without a lot of prompting
                         from someone in the know.
                             (points w/Jade Dagger)
                         So, whodunnit?

               Que's eyes follow the Dagger in Danny's hand. Bao shoots an
               accusing look at Que.

                         You traitorous whore!

                         We are all traitors to our Lord. 

                         Probably doesn't matter, but was
                         there a reason?

                         Do you enjoy being so old?

                         Right. Kill him.

               Que flicks a hand: the White Jade Dagger jumps out of Danny's
               hand and into Que's. Bao lunges, and Que CUTS BAO'S THROAT
               with the Dagger, KILLING HIM.

               A handful of dust flies from Que's hand...

               ...whipping into A SMALL TORNADO, blinding everyone. The
               front door bell TINKLES, and the dust settles. Que's GONE.

               EXT. CHINATOWN - DAY

               Danny and Li San, with his assault rifle, run out of the Junk
               Shop. It's on a different street from before, and the street
               is empty. No sign of Que. 

                         Hope I'm that fast when I'm his age

                                   LI SAN
                         Yeah, no shit.

               Yan's leaning out the door of his shop.

                         That went well. Good luck!

               He vanishes back inside, closing the door. The VIEW INSIDE
               THE WINDOWS CHANGES. The Junk Shop's GONE.

               Danny and Li San give each other a sour look.

               INT. TIEN HOU TEMPLE - DAY

               The sacred runes are drawn. The Painted Orbs are in a circle.
               The God Sigil is placed in the Holy Shrine. All is prepared.

               Gong Shan Tai prays as sunlight filters in through a
               skylight, slowly sweeping the room.

               He turns. The Brothers lead Que in. 

                                   MR. KAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [One of the traitors, Lord.]

               Que immediately falls to his knees, bowing his head low and
               holding the White Jade Dagger high, an offering.

                                   QUE (SUBTITLE)
                         [I beg forgiveness for my failure,
                         and bring you this token to prove
                         my fealty.]

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Should I consider this? I know
                         true loyalty when I see it.]

               He looks to the room beyond: Mr. Wei is sprawled against a
               wall there, both knives still stuck in him. He's still alive,
               trying pathetically to move. Mr. Wei is dying.

               Que doesn't move, still offering the Dagger.

               Shan takes it, exposing his arm; it CRACKS SHARPLY, right
               down the center. The "Feng Shell" is starting to give. Shan
               quickly covers his arm.

               He appraises the Dagger coolly, turning it. There are LITTLE
               BLACK CHARACTERS on the white jade handle. He reads them:

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         ["Property of Daniel and Jennifer

               Shan snarls, BURNING the writing away.

               EXT. THE PAINTED ALLEY - DAY

               Three cursed bullets smash Mr. Ho's Ghost to pieces.

               Jen, Danny, and Li San stand at the breach of a long, tall,
               thin alley off the main street. A street sign reads WAVERLY

               Fog drifts through the five-story alley, diffusing the light.
               Beautifully painted balconies dot both sides. Some hang cloth
               banners with Chinese characters.

                         He's up there, probably in the Tien
                         Hou temple.

                                   LI SAN
                         Neat trick with the ghost blood.


               Danny gazes up into the Alley. HE SEES a host of SPIRITS AND
               DEMONS swirling around inside the alley, more in the sky
               above. Jen can see them, too. Li San remains oblivious.

                         We'll run interference here, you go
                         in and make a mess of things. Don't
                         get clever, Li. Just smear the
                         paint or something.

                                   LI SAN
                         You trust me that much?

                         I trust you to be an asshole.

                                   LI SAN
                         There you go.

               Li San straightens his suit, locks and loads his assault
               rifle, checks the laser sight, and HEADS OFF down Waverly,
               entering the first door he comes to, gun-first.

               Danny looks at Jen's Ghost.


               Jen's Ghost, bloodied from before, simply touches her lips
               and holds her fingers out to Danny, then FLIES to the far end
               of the Painted Alley in a rustle of silk.

               Danny steps into the alley.

                                   DANNY (SUB/IN CHINESE)
                         [GONG SHAN TAI'S MOTHER WAS A WHORE
                         FOR VIDEO GAMES AND CHEAP WHISKEY!]

               It ECHOES up through the Alley.


               It reaches Shan's ears. He closes his eyes, and sighs in
               quiet frustration.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I'm a little busy right now. Would
                         anyone else care to kill him for

               The three Brothers instantly DEPART.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Leave us.]

               Que nervously backs out of the room. The temple door CLOSES.


               Danny's waiting, looking up into the fog.

                         C'mon, what's a guy gotta do to
                         piss off an evil Chinese wizard
                         these days?

               High above: three dark sticks are falling through the fog,
               getting closer, getting bigger.

                         Okay, that's more like it.

               The sticks are LONG IRON SPEARS with bright red tassels near
               the tips. The Brothers - Kai, Lau, Jin - are falling with
               their spears.

               Danny MOVES...

               ...nearly impaled as Kai's spear STRIKES the ground, spliting
               it. He dodges the second; Lau slides down his spear and boots
               Danny way down the alley.

               He skids to a halt, still on his feet, and Jin's spear
               impacts inches away. Danny jumps up and NAILS Jin with a
               straight right, sending him skyward. His feet barely touch
               the ground again before Kai and Lau jab their spears at him.
               Danny  TWISTS AWAY, dodging a fast, relentless, two-pronged
               barrage or slapping them aside.

               Jin's back, sweeping under with his spear.

               Danny, Kai and Lau all jump it, and suddenly Danny's fending
               off THREE spears at once.

               Lau draws back to stab again, in unison with his brothers, 
               but it's snagged on something behind him. Lau turns...

               ...JEN'S GHOST HAS GRABBED HIS SPEAR, smiling at him... 

               ...she twists his spear around and FLIPS LAU INTO THE AIR. He
               plows through a balcony on the way.

               The other two Brothers instinctively glance back, giving
               Danny a split-second opening. He punches Kai clean off his
               feet, pulverizing his jaw. Jin swings at him, but Danny's
               already out of range.

               Jen lets her captured spear fall, FLOATING UP. Danny catches
               it and pole-vaults straight up, taking the fight vertical,

               Jin throws his spear at him - Danny does the splits mid-air,
               jumping over it.

               The Brothers leap up after them.


               Li San jumps the stairs two at a time, sweeping with his
               rifle as he goes. He positions by a landing door and kicks it
               open military-style - no threats - before hurrying inside.


               Que paces nervously. Mr. Wei convulses, dying. 

               Light is seeping through the doorjam leading to the temple,
               and getting strong. Que stops, looking closer.

               Flaws in the door's wood, in the paint, cracks... THEY'RE ALL
               VANISHING. All becoming more perfect. IT'S SPREADING.

               EXT. THE PAINTED ALLEY

               Five stories up: Danny and the Brothers are chasing each
               other, leaping across balconies, clashing as they pass.

               Danny effortlessly leaps from one side to the other, landing
               on a balcony railing. Behind him, Jin jumps straight up,
               prying his spear out of the wall and chopping down on Danny's
               perch, DEMOLISHING IT, but Danny's already gone, running
               along the building face.

               Lau's coming at him, head on...

               ...CLANG! driving his spear into the building, missing Danny
               by inches; Lau's hanging on the end. Danny doesn't miss a
               beat, hooking around Lau's spear, sliding down its length and
               PUNTING Lau off into space.

               He springboards off the end of Lau's spear... 

               Kai comes in on the attack. Danny bounces off his shoulder to
               go higher, KICKING JIN in the head on the way.

               Jin DIGS his spear into the building, stopping his fall.

               Kai swings around fast, HAMMERING DANNY IN THE BACK and
               sending him careening into a balcony opposite, nearly tearing
               it off the wall. He barely catches hold, even as the balcony
               dangles precariously.

               Kai comes in to finish him off...

               Danny pivots - Kai's spear rips a chunk out of his torso -
               and YANKS, tearing the balcony off and HITTING KAI WITH IT. 

               They both fall, crashing onto the balcony two stories down.
               Kai's stunned, Danny holds his badly bleeding wound, and LAU

               Jen's Ghost gets in the way. FAST, she cartwheels over Lau's
               spear like it's a pommel horse...

               ...white silk flowing...

               She lands kneeling on his spear, right in his face, and puts
               two vicious chops into his neck before he can blink. Lau
               gags, the spear goes astray - he COLLIDES with the balcony
               and FALLS.

               Jen catches his spear and ZOOMS DOWN AFTER HIM...

               ...IMPALING LAU WITH HIS OWN SPEAR as he HITS the pavement.

               Danny watches Jin jump from balcony to balcony, circling,
               before he comes in hard. They take it in close, trading fast,
               brutal hits, before Jin gets enough distance to thrust his
               spear at Danny's gut...

               DANNY CATCHES IT, barely able to hold it off with both hands.

               Jin leans into it.


               Que leans down to Mr. Wei, who can barely move.

                         You would have done the same.

               Li San ENTERS, braced at the door and aiming the rifle at
               them. Que stumbles back in surprise. Wei can barely muster
               the strength to turn.

                                   LI SAN
                         Hey there, Wei.

               He KICKS Wei in the head, and turns to Que.


                                   LI SAN
                         At your age? Go with some dignity.

               Li San FIRES; a short burst of cursed bullets tear Que up,
               killing him instantly.

               Only one door left. Li San steps up to it.

               EXT. THE PAINTED ALLEY

               Jin's spear is getting closer to Danny's stomach.

               They both watch Kai shake off the concussion and get to his
               feet - Jin smiles at Danny. Kai appraises the situation,
               checks to make sure his spear tip's sharp enough, and aims it
               at Danny's head. He STABS...

               ...DANNY CATCHES IT.

               He's got both spears, hanging by a thread. They push harder,
               so close. Danny sweating buckets under the strain, he can't
               keep them both at bay much longer... 

               ...Chi Glyphs FLARE through his clothes...

               Danny BENDS THE SPEAR TIPS DOWN, just like bending iron bars,
               and twists them out of Kai and Jin's hands. Jin takes a
               BRUTAL PUNCH that sends him hurtling across the chasm, Kai
               gets kicked through the balcony railing, flailing into space,
               Danny right behind him...

               ...he swings one spear around and BURIES THE HOOK IN KAI'S
               CHEST. Fierce momentum carries then to the far balcony; Danny
               SMASHES KAI THROUGH THE WALL one-handed and drives him into
               the floor beyond. Kai coughs out a wad of blood as the spear
               tip goes all the way through.

               INT. TIEN HOU TEMPLE

               Li San opens the door, and calmly enters.

               Golden light bathes the very air. The Feng Shui Matrix IS
               MOVING - it changes around Li San's feet as he steps into it.
               The Painted Orbs are GLOWING.

               In the middle of it: Gong Shan Tai. His back is to Li San, he
               doesn't acknowledge the intrusion.

               Li San is impressed for five seconds. Then:

                                   LI SAN
                         Hey, Ron. Got your special delivery
                         here, just like I promised. Enjoy!

               He FIRES ONE BULLET...

               ...the "FENG SHELL" SHATTERS around the ghostly warlord Gong
               Shan Tai and falls away. Shan remains as he was, unharmed,
               unmoved, deep in prayer.

               Li San's mouth drops. He goes full-auto and FIRES.

               The stream of cursed bullets twist and swirl around Shan in a
               perfect sphere, green vapor trails changing to gold. Shan
               isn't doing anything; the ceremony's taken on a life of its
               own. The Painted Orbs glow white-hot, the figures in the God
               Sigil start to move.

               Li San quickly reloads.

               EXT. THE PAINTED ALLEY

               Jin makes a move, Danny blocks him with his remaining spear.

               Below: Jen watches this, pulls Lau's spear out of the ground
               and HURLS it at Jin...

      flies true, but Jin bends around it at the last second,
               and it sinks deep into the building. Jin sneers; Danny KNOCKS
               JIN'S HEAD CLEAN OFF with his own spear.

               He looks down at Jen, panting.

                         Well, that was easy.

               Jen shrugs, nods. "'Course it was."

               INT. TIEN HOU TEMPLE

               Li San locks and loads, aims his rifle, pulls the trigger:
               nothing happens. He yanks the bolt back again, but there's no
               jam. It's simply not working.

                                   LI SAN

               He looks up, and is instantly transfixed.

               Gong Shan Tai is a being of golden light, almost angelic. The
               orbs are small suns. It is beautiful and beyond beautiful. 

               Shan seems to melt away into pure light.

               EXT. THE PAINTED ALLEY

               Danny and Jen snap around, looking at the temple.

                         Oh, man...

               He grabs Lau's spear - the only straight one left - out of
               the wall and jumps over the chasm, towards the temple...

               INT. TIEN HOU TEMPLE

               A tear falls down Li San's cheek, terror and wonder and grief
               and elation, all at once.

                                   LI SAN

               The Feng Shui Matrix CLICKS into its final place.

               All the light blends into the figure that was once Gong Shan
               Tai, IMPLODING and EXPLODING at the same time IN A WAVE OF
               PURE ENERGY.

               Li San's flesh instantly turns to liquid, and HE EXPLODES at
               the speed of sound.

               EXT. THE PAINTED ALLEY

               The wave catches Danny, and sends him HURTLING out of the
               Painted Alley.

               The building housing the temple CRUMBLES AWAY.


               Danny sails across half a dozen city blocks. 

               He stops flailing, and twists his body until he's a head
               first missile flying over his city. He starts coming up on
               rooftops, coming in for a crash landing...

               ...he DIGS the spear into the first ROOFTOP he comes close
               too, SPINNING like an Olympic gymnast and skidding safe on
               the roof.

               A BLINDING WHITE LIGHT blurs out the world.


               She's there, by his side, staring at the source of the light.
               Danny shields his eyes, trying to squint through his fingers
               and see what's happening.

               There's a new sun in Chinatown.

               EXT. SPACE - THE EARTH

               Earth rotates on its axis; the light is visible from high
               orbit, shining on the tip of North America.

               Darkness starts to swallow the planet.


               The light suddenly RETRACTS below the building line.

                         That could've gone better.

               They hear SIRENS in the distance.


               The Painted Alley is demolished; A HUGE PILE OF RUBBLE is all
               that remains. 

               GONG SHAN TAI stands by the pile, inhaling deeply. He is now
               flesh, the warlord of old, Resplendent Chinese robes, long
               black beard, long que. He seems to be at peace.

               A police cruiser, lights and siren blaring, screeches up. Two
               cops, MAC and DAVE, jump out. Dave moves towards Shan.

                                   OFFICER DAVE
                         Sir, are you all right? Stay right
                         there, paramedics are on the way!

                                   OFFICER MAC
                         Screw that, get him in the car!
                         There might be another bomb!
                             (no reply)

               Mac turns; Dave is kneeling before Shan, holding something in
               his lap. IT'S HIS OWN FACE. He looks around at his partner, a
               bony, pulpy mush with sad, disbelieving eyes. That's all
               that's left. He shouldn't still be alive.

               Mac freezes in horror.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)

               Nine ETHERIAL HANDS slither up through the pavement around
               Mac, grabbing him and dragging him down into the street. Mac
               SCREAMS, uselessly trying to fight them off until he starts
               drowning in the asphalt. More inhuman hands drag a whimpering
               Dave down, too.

               Shan gestures: MR. WEI'S LIMP BODY RISES OUT OF THE RUBBLE. 

               A wave, and Wei is ALIVE, solid, in Gui-Lo armor draped in
               yellow silk, red silk blindfold. He speaks normally now.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [You are my general and my priest.]

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Always, Lord.]

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [My temples and shrines can wait.
                         There are infidels here. Lead my

                                   MR. WEI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Armies, Lord?]

               Shan merely smiles. Wei turns.

               An ARMY OF GUI-LO - no yellow sash - stands behind him,
               crowding the street. They are pale, real, smoothed skinned,
               and not entirely human. They hold GIANT CURVED SWORDS
               upright, each as long as a man.

               Wei simply bows to Shan. Done.

               Shan closes his eyes...

               ...and opens them: SHAN IS TWO HUNDRED FEET TALL and looking
               out over the city. 

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I will look up to no mortal thing]

               A flat-cutting motion: THE TOPS OF ALL THE TALL SKYSCRAPERS
               IN THE FINANCIAL DISTRICT ARE CHOPPED OFF, falling into the
               busy downtown streets and smashing everything in their path.
               Some crash into the bay, creating a huge tidal wave that
               floods the Embarcadero boardwalk.

               People run, screaming.

               He points at Sutro Tower, on Twin Peaks; the communication
               antenna breaks off its moorings and crashes down in North
               Beach, a mile away.

               At Shan's feet, a dozen cop cars pull up, blockading the
               street against the Gui-Lo army. Dozens of cops take position.

               The Gui-Lo march forward in formation, effortlessly hopping
               the barricade in waves, wave after wave. The cops OPEN FIRE:
               bullets have no effect, shotguns just push them around. 

               The Gui-Lo hack through the cops.

               Armored RIOT COPS with big shields and batons move in. Gui-Lo
               shatter their line, taking them on three-to-one.


               Yan stands with one foot on a rail, watching GOD-SHAN from a
               great distance. 

                         I really liked this place...

               He sighs and lowers his head, resigned.

               EXT. CHINATOWN

               Danny runs and JUMPS from rooftop to rooftop, gripping Lau's
               spear. He lands close to the action.

               God-Shan glides away from the skirmish, unhurried, surveying
               his domain and CHANGING things: the ocean turns from blue to
               green. Whole pieces of the city VANISH, and CHINESE PAGODAS
               replace them. Monstrous fissures OPEN, SUPERNATURAL CREATURES
               SPILL OUT of the breach. The fog recedes, and lighting storms
               ignite off the coast.

               The sky is full of DEMONIC SPIRITS, swirling over the city
               and diving in to grab victims off the street. A GIANT DRAGON
               flies past, whipping through the air.

               The whole pallor of San Francisco darkens, even though the
               sun's shining.


               Danny watches God-Shan pass by.

                         I don't even know what to do with
                             (sees Gui-Lo/Police)
                         But that I can change.

               He jumps down...

               ...LANDING HARD on a police car dead center of the barricade,
               spear whipping around: three Gui-Lo take it in the head,
               spinning off into nearby buildings.

               More Gui-Lo jump up to take him on, and Danny swats them all
               away with blinding speed, stealing a Gui-Lo sword away. He
               sending them flying and ripping up the street.

               Jen's Ghost cuts a swath through the Gui-Lo before they even
               reach the barricade. THEY CAN'T HEAR HER; she SHREDS them.

               Behind the barricade, a bunch of cops have paired up; Riot
               men with shields protect uniformed cops armed with stolen Gui
               Lo swords. They're holding their own.

                         Inspector Yuen out of Gang
                         Taskforce! All units, form up!

               Eyes up: Wei is high in the air, coming down straight at him
               in a big "HASSAN CHOP!" pose...

               Danny dives away; Wei CHOPS THE COP CAR IN HALF

               Instantly, Danny's on him, clanging their huge swords. They
               trade fast swings and leaping dodges.

               Wei stabs into a car door, ripping it off its hinges and
               FLINGING IT into Danny. He lands flat on his back, and Wei's
               on him in a heartbeat chopping down...

               ...Danny ROLLS, SLASHING: he catches Wei through the ribs on
               the first pass, rolling up to his knees, the second pass
               TAKES WEI'S HEAD CLEAN OFF.

               Danny takes a moment, looks up.

               Above: God-Shan turns, grinning, pointing to the distant
               East; THUNDEROUS BOOMS.  He's reshaping the world to his
               tastes, revealing in the chaos he's personally unleashing.

               Danny takes a breath.

                         Gotta start somewhere.

               He runs straight up the leaning building face, gaining
               momentum, GOING FASTER...

      the top, and Danny's AIRBORN, arcing through the air
               on A COLLISION COURSE WITH SHAN'S GRINNING FACE, hauling his
               sword back like a batter winding up... 

               ...SSSHHHUCK! Danny HACKS a huge gash through Shan's cheek. 

               Shan doesn't even flinch.

               Danny DIGS the tip in and runs along Shan's face, carving a
               slit clean down to Shan's jaw. Danny bounces off the shoulder

               He CRASHING THROUGH A WINDOW and rolls to his feet in a floor
               length cubicle farm. The few OFFICE WORKERS left are running
               for the exit.

               Outside, Shan's wounds are already healed.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)

               Shan raises a hand: A THOUSAND ARROWS SHOOT OUT OF HIS PALM. 

               I/E. OFFICE BUILDING 

               It's like machine gun fire; arrows tear through everything in
               the office, a solid, never-ending burst. 

               Danny skids over a desk, dives behind a metal filing cabinet
               and kicks it to face the incoming fire. Arrows COVER it in
               seconds... thick paper files inside stop them from going
               through. Danny throws all his weight into the cabinet to keep
               it upright.

               An Office Worker ducks behind a cubicle wall.  

                         Get down!

               Too late: thirty arrows sink into the Office Worker's chest
               and face. Computers, computer screens, chairs, desks... it's
               all blown apart by the onslaught. 

               Black shafts stick out of everything, like tall grass. 

               The incoming fire veers away from Danny, and he BOLTS in the
               other direction, SMASHING out a window on the opposite side.
               He lands HARD on the street below, around the corner from
               Shan. He looks around.

                         And we're on to Plan H.

               Shan CAN SEE DANNY through the office building. 

               He smirks, turning attention to the Police/Gui-Lo skirmish;
               With help from Jen's Ghost, the cops hold their parameter by
               their fingernails. 


               Jen's Ghost sees it coming...

               ...the arrows PASS HARMLESSLY THROUGH HER, but KILL Gui-Lo
               and Cops around her in droves.

               Danny sees what's happening.


               He runs out into the intersection and FLINGS HIS SWORD AT
               SHAN. It rams home in Shan's thigh and is ABSORBED INTO HIM.
               Gong Shan Tai smiles.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I didn't forget you, Ying Ma.]

               Shan FIRES MORE ARROWS, laughing. It's a fun game.

               Danny RUNS, A WEAVING BLUR, and a solid patchwork of arrows
               digging into the pavement behind him, up a building face
               behind him, up the street...

               ...heading for the thick of the Gui-Lo...

               HE SMASHES THROUGH THEIR RANKS, arrows felling Gui-Lo behind
               him. Danny picks up two more Gui-Lo swords from the crowd and
               skids to a halt, facing Shan. Ready.

               Shan smiles.

               Danny swings the swords to bat the arrows away, but THE
               ARROWS SWERVE at the last second, spinning around his defense
               like living creatures and IMPALING DANNY. Twenty, thirty,
               FIFTY ARROWS HIT HIM in every limb, in his chest and belly,
               in his neck and face, from every direction, all at once, 
               before he can react.

               ...Jen's Ghost silently screams...

               The swords slip away and Danny DROPS, so riddled with arrows
               his body can't lay flat. His body convulses, more dead than
               alive, a red smear.

               Danny's limp, broken body levitates off the ground...

               ...rising into the sky, along Shan's body, stopping at eye
               level. The teeth are close, like huge tombstones. Danny can't
               do anything, drowning in his own blood.

               Shan appraises him.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I was far more impressed by your
                         first life.]

               RED HAZE. Nothing left.

                                                       CUT TO BLACK:

               FADE IN:

               EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - DAY

               Danny opens his eyes. He's gently flat-spinning, drifting up
               into blue sky.

               Jen's Ghost is with him, holding his hands. THEY'RE TOUCHING.

               The arrows in body are gone. His body's whole, healthy,
               clean. He's wearing different clothes, his favorite jacket,
               shirt and jeans. 

               DANNY IS A GHOST. Jen smiles at him.

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         I love you.

               She's been waiting a long time to say that, and it all gushes
               out of her. Danny grabs her up and kisses her, embracing her
               tight, never wanting to let her go. They laugh out of pure
               joy, touching each other because they can. They kiss again,
               long and loving and forever.

               THE SKY TURNS BLOOD-RED.

               A titanic CACKLE fills the air. Danny and Jen break, almost
               unwilling to look in Gong Shan Tai's direction. 

               God-Shan is smiling.

               He's got a half-dozen INNOCENT PEOPLE in his hand, scrambling
               to keep from falling. God-Shan is a kid torturing the ants.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [I feel the world. I'm hurting it.
                         But whatever survives will be
                         stronger and better for it. Believe
                         the word of God.]

               He tips his hand, PITCHING THE INNOCENTS INTO HIS MOUTH with
               a sickening grin; they go down SCREAMING. One bounces off God
               Shan's lip and plunges to his death.

               Danny and Jen are both horrified, and defiant.

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         "The end of everything."

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         No. Complete bastards do NOT get to
                         become gods and rule my planet.
                             (to Jen)
                         New rule.

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         I like it. 
                             (re. God-Shan)
                         He might take some convincing.

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         We'll think of something. Just
                         nothing insanely stupid, okay?

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         You mean like attacking a chaos

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         Jen, I can't loose you.

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         You'll never loose me.

               She puts a hand on his chest... and notices his Chi Glyphs.
               They're different, brighter, clearer. The Glyphs don't shine 
               through his skin anymore; they are clearly visible inside his
               body and clothes, like fog-lights through fog.

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         He carved them into your soul. You
                         might be even stronger now.

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         No body to get in the way.

               Jen nods. 

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                             (re. God-Shan)
                         Any ideas?

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         Hit him until he dies?

                                   DANNY'S GHOST

               They MOVE.

               Air-to-air MISSILES come screaming out of the North, STRIKING 
               GOD-SHAN'S FACE and CHEST. Fireballs drift over his skin - he
               doesn't react to them at all.

               A pair of F-16 FIGHTER PLANES bank for another pass; demon
               spirits swarm over them, ripping the fighters apart. 

               Danny's Ghost is flying on a collision course with God-Shan.
               Jen's Ghost forms up beside him with two new acquisitions; a
               Gui-Lo sword in each hand.

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         Ready to thwart Devine will?

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         Only since I graduated law school.

               They DIVE AT GOD-SHAN from behind.

               Danny glides up to Shan's face and starts punching, WHOOM!
               WHOOM! WHOOM! The impacts ripple through God-Shan's skin, but
               don't seem to have much effect.

               Jen strafes Shan's chest and arm, chopping open a series of
               gaping wounds with both swords as she goes. They seal almost
               instantly behind her.

               God-Shan swats Danny's Ghost like he'd swat a mosquito. 

               Jen swoops in, hacking away. Four quick chops TOTALLY SEVER
               GOD-SHAN'S FINGER...

      breaks the street below, crushing parked cars...

               Shan flicks his hand to backhand her away; HIS HAND PASSES
               RIGHT THROUGH HER, but bats both swords out of her hands. She
               VANISHES, retreating.

               A brand-new finger replaces the one Shan lost.

               Danny pulls a fast loop, grabbing the end of Shan's braided
               que. He YANKS BACK HARD, stopping God-Shan's advance for a
               brief second.

               Jen watches from a distance, thinking.

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         Okay, so I can touch him and I can
                         pass through him. What if I do both
                         at once?

               Shan's que COMES ALIVE, bashing Danny against God-Shan's
               back, then whip-snapping Danny off like an insect. He tumbles
               through the air, then recovers.

               Jen APPEARS not too far away.

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         I've got an idea!

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         Good one?

                                   JEN'S GHOST
                         Probably not! Cover me!

               They peel off.

               DOWN ON THE STREET: Danny appears by A WOODEN TELEPHONE POLE;
               he tries to grab it, and his hand pass right through.

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         Right. Ghost.

               He thinks fast; the Chi Glyphs in his arms move to his hands,
               and he tries again. He grips the telephone pole, AND TEARS IT
               OUT OF THE GROUND.

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         And now we have a ball game.
                             (to Jen)
                         Jen! Go!

               Danny flies at God-Shan. He slams on the brakes right under
               God-Shan's chin, and THROWS THE TELEPHONE POLE STRAIGHT UP
               SHAN'S NOSE. 

               It doesn't hurt him, but Shan instinctively reacts, thrown
               off balance.

               JEN DIVES THROUGH GOD-SHAN'S CHEST, through a thick, swirling
               miasma inside him, and OUT THE OTHER SIDE. She spins and
               shoves her arms into his back, up to the elbow.

               Concentrating: her ghostly body becomes solid while still
               partly in Shan's. INCREDIBLE PAIN.

               SHE SCREAMS...

               ...SO DOES GOD-SHAN, drowning her out in unexpected,
               uncustomary pain. FWHAM: Jen is blown away from him, as if
               caught by an explosion in the face. 

               Shan turns on her, beyond anger.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Very well, little ghost. Be a part
                         of God!]

               Jen tries to run, and is WRENCHED BACK, falling at God-Shan.
               She claws at the air, trying to break free, can't; she HITS,
               like landing in thick mud up to her waist, stuck.

               She's slowly sinking below God-Shan's robes. 

                                   JEN'S GHOST

               Street Level: Danny looks up from beating a Gui-Lo and taking
               his sword. He drops both.

                                   DANNY'S GHOST

               Instantly, he's high up in the air again, and sees his wife
               disappearing into God-Shan. He MOVES...

               ...and suddenly FEELS something; he turns towards the remains
               of the Painted Alley, and stretches out his hand. The "WIND"
               Chi Glyph zooms to his palm, flaring.

               Something stirs under the Painted Alley rubble: the WHITE
               JADE DAGGER SHOOTS OUT, scattering brick and wood, on a
               beeline for Danny.

               He catches it, turns and THROWS IT AT JEN without hesitation.

               Jen's hand is out. The Dagger IMPALES HER PALM and lodges
               there - her calm expression doesn't change -  her fingers
               curl around it, and JEN COMPLETELY VANISHES INSIDE GOD-SHAN,
               fully absorbed.

               Danny's calm evaporates. 

               HE GOES BERSERKER, charging God-Shan with a terrifying WAR
               CRY, a meteor hurtling at the moon, CHI GLYPHS BURNING LIKE
               SUNS IN HIS RAGE...

               ...Danny HITS SHAN in the face, snapping God-Shan's head
               around and STAGGERING HIM. Danny doesn't let up, LEFT, RIGHT,

               He dives into God-Shan's chest, looking.

                                   DANNY'S GHOST

               Way down, through the coiling miasma, Danny sees a vague,
               overhead shape of a flowing white silk, hands clinched around
               a bright silver knife...

               He goes for her, and is suddenly YANKED AWAY...

               ...flung out of God-Shan's body. Shan growls at him, about to
               apply some damage when DANNY VANISHES INTO THIN AIR.

               God-Shan's eyes change color, searching. BINGO: Danny
               APPEARS, SLAMMING HARD into an invisible barrier that stops a
               speedy flanking move cold. He's dazed for a second.  

               God-Shan turns smoke in the air into twirling blades, hurling
               them at Danny; he sees them, TOO LATE, dodging all but one.

               ...his ghostly arm floats away, and FADES OUT. The "FIRE" CHI
               GLYPH VANISHES WITH IT. The other Chi Glyphs FLICKER, like a
               vital circuit's been cut on a fragile electric grid. 

               God-Shan motions, and Danny is CAUGHT IN AN INVISIBLE VISE,
               unable to move, about three inches from being crushed.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [We never understood you, Ying Ma,
                         even now that we understand all
                         things. You endure such pain to
                         oppose such greatness. Why?]

                                   DANNY'S GHOST
                         I don't usually say this kind of
                         thing, but fuck you and everything
                         you stand for.

                                   GONG SHAN TAI (SUBTITLE)
                         [Ah. So there is no reason. I
                         suspected it was such.]

               Danny grits his teeth as God-Shan SQUEEZES...

               ...and stops. Something's wrong.

               Shan's hand goes to his neck. He's confused. He's CHOKING.

               APPLE; no sign of the handle or the hand wielding it. It
               MOVES, cutting through Shan's flesh, all the way around
               Shan's neck.

               Danny breaks free and circles, growing his right arm back and
               watching Shan grab at his own neck in blind panic. 

                         I love that woman.

               Shan's wounds start sealing up.

               Danny turns sharply and accelerates straight at Shan, kicking
               in the afterburners, remaining Chi Glyphs ON FIRE...

               ...snapping into a FLYING KICK...

               from the neck as Shan's eyes go wide in terror and his body
               flails - A HUGE FLASH OF BLOOD - the head hits a building,
               demolishing it on the way down. Raw energy spills out of the
               neck-stump, filling the air with glowing embers.

               Danny floats, watching Shan go down. His remaining Chi Glyphs
               FLAIR one last time, and FADE COMPLETELY.

               Shan's body begins to GLOW FROM THE INSIDE, GETTING STRONGER,
               until the halo envelops him completely.

               Danny shields his eyes, searching. Deep inside Shan's chest,
               he sees the source of the light: it's A SILHOUETTE OF JEN'S
               GHOST, A GOLDEN SUN.

               Shan reaches critical mass: HE IMPLODES and EXPLODES ALL AT
               ONCE, destroying windows for miles. His body is annihilated,
               the light instantly FADES, leaving only A SMALL, LIMP FIGURE
               where his chest was. She DROPS out of the sky and hits the
               ground below, churning up debris. It's a naked woman, holding
               the Jade Dagger.

               It's JEN: SHE'S ALIVE, no longer a ghost.

               Jen slowly picks herself up, realizing to her amazement that
               SHE'S TOUCHING THINGS; concrete, torn metal. She tries to
               cover her nakedness somewhat. 

               She stands, and gauges her surroundings. Everything around
               her looks like a war-zone, devastated, SCREAMS and SIRENS
               fill the air. Supernatural creatures roam the red skies, the
               city is all torn up.

               And a big group of Gui-Lo surround her, moving in.

               Jen doesn't seem too worried. The Gui-Lo raise their swords,
               getting close, and it does nothing to shake Jen's calm. She
               stands there, waiting.

               They're close enough to strike...

                         That's enough.

               The Gui-Lo FREEZE.

               She raises a hand, and THE GUI-LO SHATTER LIKE STONE STATUES,
               the fragments VANISHING into thin air.

               Jen's eyes narrow.

               Demon spirits in the sky FADE. Fissures close, pagodas
               vanish. Dragons slip back into the Earth. The sky TURNS BACK
               TO BLUE. Jen nods to herself.


               She looks around: Danny's Ghost stands silently nearby,
               gently smiling at her.

               Jen moves to embrace Danny, and PASSES THROUGH HIM. 

                         Oh, no.

               Danny nods, a little sad. He touches his heart, and holds his
               hand out to her. They stare into each other, alone together
               in the middle of a war zone.

               It's all they can do.

                                                       FADE TO:


               A beautiful sky-blue day. Lots of boats out on the bay, light
               traffic on the Golden Gate.

               The city isn't itself, but getting back on its feet. Cleanup
               is well underway. Shaky buildings are demolished, while huge
               construction cranes rebuild others.


               The street's still pock-marked from the arrows, and SHOP
               KEEPERS sweep mounds of broken glass up. Residents are coming
               out, shopping, slowly settling to normal.

               Jen sits at an outdoor table - jeans, casual blouse, jacket -
               quietly sipping tea, watching Chinatown come back together.

               A WAITRESS (40) comes out and refills her teacup.

                         Thank you.

                         How do you do it?

                             (looks around fast)
                         Do what? Did I do something?

                         No, I mean, I came in to work
                         today, but I don't know why. The
                         last time I was here was the other
                         day, when He appeared. I saw Him. I
                         felt Him... here.
                             (touches her head)
                         We all did. Were you here when it

                         I was here. I saw him.

                         So what we are supposed to do? You
                         don't look like anything's changed
                         and it has. What's your secret? How
                         can you be so calm when you know?

                         Well, for one thing, your tea here
                         is very good.

               Jen smiles warmly. Not the response the Waitress expected.

                         ...thank you.

                         Things have changed. I've changed.
                         And the world's a little different
                         now. Just a little - not much.
                         We're still here. You still love
                         your husband, he still loves you.
                         What else really matters?

                         How did you...?

                         Ring on your finger. It looks a lot
                         like mine, actually.

               Jen shows her own wedding ring, a simple gold band.

                         Y'know, you should take a long
                         weekend in Napa, you and your guy.
                         Hit the wineries, shoot the works
                         at a spa. Really enjoy it.

                         That'd be nice,

                         You haven't seen the size of your
                         tip yet.

               The Waitress smiles wanly, not really buying that for a
               second. She goes back inside the cafe. Jen just smiles,
               drinking her tea.

                                   YAN (O.S.)
                         Not just gonna snap your fingers
                         and make it all better?

               Yan ambles up and plunks himself down at Jen's table.

                         Thanks for coming.

                         I had a choice?


                         Well, I would've come anyway. I
                         honestly didn't think you and your
                         ex could've bought a chance, but I
                         gotta give it to you, you pulled it
                         out in the end.

                         My what?

                         I meant Danny. 

                         Learn to say "Danny."

                         Sure, fine. So, rub the lamp and
                         let the magic out, Jean Jeanie. Fix
                         the town up. It'll take you five
                         seconds. Let's go.

                         It won't mean anything to them if
                         they don't rebuild it themselves. I
                         won't make them feel insignificant.

                         Why not? Weren't you a lawyer?

                         Yeah, on that note, I've seen what
                         you're doing and I know you're re
                         consolidating the Triads.

                         You were just telling me about your
                         hands-off policy.

                         Doesn't apply to assholes.

                         Hey missy, fuck you and the ego you
                         rode in on. I don't kow-tow to you.
                         I don't kow-tow to anybody now,
                         thanks to you.

                         And I can turn your blood into
                         poison with a thought. 

               Yan sobers up, suddenly nervous. 

                                   JEN (CONT'D)
                         I can make your brain explode at
                         the speed of light, destroy you
                         cell by cell or change you into the
                         marsupial of my choice. Easy.
                         Lucky for you I'm not the god Shan
                         was. I like to think I'm a better
                         person than that, but I won't kick
                         back and watch you rebuild a
                         criminal empire while these people
                         rebuild their dreams. I promise
                         you...we'll be watching.

               DANNY'S GHOST steps in behind Yan, frowning hard. Yan squirms
               a little, trapped on both sides.

                         Someone'll fill that void...

                         No. They won't.

               Jen rises to go. She passes her hand over the table, and a
               thin stack of one-thousand dollar bills APPEARS: the tip.

                         Personally, Yan, I think you've hit
                         retirement age. Try making someone
                         else's life better. If that's too
                         tough, try to enjoy what you have.

               She walks away from Yan and the Cafe...

               ...passing close by Danny's Ghost. They smile deeply at each
               other, almost touching... but not touching.

               The sights and smells of busy, busy Chinatown envelope her as
               she walks down the street. FLOWERS OF EVERY COLOR BLOOM ON
               THE WALLS IN HER WAKE. Potted plans spring to life, and trees
               sprout a bounty of leaves.

               Jen Yuen, God of Chinatown, walks down the street, melding
               into the crowd.

                                                       FADE OUT:

                                         THE END

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