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                 FRIDAY THE 13TH : ROTTEN FLESH


                 FADE IN


                 A beat of drums , frantic and with a high tempo.

                 Whistling and laughing, hollering and screaming, chanting
                 and singing, sounding very much African.

                 Images of drums and African men and women performing
                 various acts of what seem to be a ritual of some kind are
                 shown between the main titles and credits.

                 The final credit ends with the chanting merging into the
                 famous "cha cha cha" Jason theme.

                                                                 FADE IN:

                 EXT. TOWN - DAY

                                                            SUPERIMPOSE ON

                 HAITI MONDAY THE 9TH

                 EXT. CAFE

                 It is a beautiful sunny day, the cafe is busy with
                 tourists and people hustling and bustling.

                 Outside the cafe are seats and tables lined alongside
                 with a view to the seafront and beach, which are in
                 perfect view.

                 Slowly we begin to move in to the scene around us and
                 particularly on two men sitting at one of the tables.

                 One of the men is black, dressed in white trousers and a
                 colorful shirt, he is bearded slightly and in his early

                 He is AVALA ABOUA , a local resident of this town.

                 Sitting opposite him is HENRY MATTERSON, American , and
                 dressed in an expensive and stylish looking white suit.

                 Henry is in is fifties, and portrays a look of a rich and
                 much enjoyed lifestyle.

                                (talking somewhat
                           You are a difficult man to contact
                           Mr. ABOUA, I feel some what
                           privileged to be in your presence.

                 ABOUA leans back into his chair in a relaxed pose and
                 lights a cigar. He smiles, acknowledging HENRY's

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                                (smiling towards
                           I hope we can do business together
                           Mr Aboua, I have come a long way
                           and it would be a horrid shame to
                           ruin the pleasure that I have been
                           enjoying on your island all this

                 ABOUA takes a deep puff of smoke and exhales it towards
                 HENRY. The smoke makes HENRY wince and ABOUA smiles.

                                (speaking in a
                                 Haitian accent)
                           Pleasure and pain are the same, my
                           friend, the same game. Are you
                           sure you wish to play it?

                           I am aware of the price to pay.
                           I'm sure I have made that aware to
                           you. If not, perhaps here is
                           another reminder of how much I
                           want to "play".

                 HENRY takes an envelope from inside his suit pocket and
                 slides it across the table to ABOUA. ABOUA gently lifts
                 the unclosed tip to reveal a bundle of cash inside.

                           It looks as though we have a deal,
                           Mr Matterson, it looks as though
                           we have a deal.

                 HENRY seems more relaxed now, he sits back and seems to
                 take in admiration the view of the beachfront.

                                   ABOUA (CONT'D)
                           Killer sharks roam them sea's Mr

                 ABOUA takes another huge puff of smoke, before looking at
                 HENRY with a more vicious look in his eyes.

                 HENRY is still looking out to sea.

                                         ABOUA (CONT'D)
                           Killer sharks.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. FOREST CLEARING  - DAY

                                                                   O.S. :

                 AMERICA, NEW JERSEY

                 THE CONNOLLEY & CO. NEW HOUSING PROJECT SITE                 
                 THURSDAY THE 12TH

                 We are at a clearing in some woods, a building site has
                 been set up with billboards of the construction company's
                 name and logos well as portacabins and the usual building
                 site machinery. There are a handful of workers, scattered
                 around in typical lumberjack clothing wearing helmets.
                 Two men are walking together towards one of the
                 portacabins seemingly in a heated discussion.

                 TIM CONNOLLEY,56, is a large, fat and arrogant man. He
                 has balding white hair and constant frown on his face.

               He is the owner of "The Connolly & Co. Construction" company.

                 The other man is RICHARD ERIKSON,late 30s to early 40s, a
                 thin man in a dated brown suit with a moustache and

                 We follow the men going into:

                 INT. PORTACABIN - CONT.

                 This is an average sized room with a desk and plenty of
                 windows, which bring in plenty of light.

                 TIM walks straight to his desk where he gets a bottle of
                 whiskey from the drawer and begins pouring a generous
                 amount into a mug on top of his desk.

                                         ERIKSON (V.O)
                                ( sounding uptight )
                           He wont back down on this Tim, you
                           know what that son of a bitch is

                 TIM takes a seat and drinks the whiskey.

                           Fuck him. This is my land now,
                           Richard, and there's absolutely
                           nothing he can do about it now.

                           I used to work for Henry
                           Matterson, Tim. I know him a lot
                           more then you ever will and I
                           don't like to see my part of this
                           investment being screwed over.
                                ( Realizing what Tim
                                 just said)
                           And it is "our" land in case you
                           forgot I'M the Co. in this

                                ( cutting in )
                           Now hold on there, "Dick". This
                           shithole was brought with my
                           knowhow it had nothing to do with
                           money. I invited you in on this to
                           keep that Matterson bastard out of
                           making any more cash off me
                           missing chances like this. You do
                           what you're good at and just stay
                           out of the hard work and you keep
                           setting you're prick boss up.

                           He's becoming suspicious of me,
                           Tim. I cant keep giving away his
                           jobs and contacts to you. Not for
                           this type of bullshit. He is
                           desperate to still buy this land,
                           Tim, he wont give up.

                           Then you do you're job and you GET
                           HIM to GIVE UP.

                 TIM pours himself another drink of whiskey as ERIKSON is
                 left to stand in a moment of tense peace.

                                (now more calm)
                           You know its not just another
                           property developer that you need
                           to worry about, Tim.

                 TIM doesn't even look up but leans back in his chair and
                 takes a gulp of his drink.

                                         ERIKSON (CONT'D)
                           There's a bunch of protestors that
                           are down the road camped out,
                           pissed at us for knocking down
                           these trees and leaving Gentle Ben
                           homeless. You know what kids are
                           like, they could come up here and
                           sabotage everything or get us even
                           worse press then we had in
                           Haddonfield -

                           Look, just relax. I already know
                           about the kids. They are not
                           protestors they're just campers.
                           The cabins are still down there.
                           We just haven't demolished them

                           You know they are private owned?
                           We cant just knock them down and
                           the authorities of this bumpkin
                           place wont even let me know who
                           owns them.

                                (looking up sternly)
                           Find out. Do you're fuckin job or
                           I'll get someone who can.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT:CAMP SITE - DAY


                 CAMP FOREST GREEN

                 We scan through a variety of shots of log cabins, a lake
                 and a large group of people busy laughing and mucking

                 We close in onto the main camp area where a big group of
                 people are boarding a coach. They are smiling and happy,
                 saying mixed good-byes.

                 The coach drives off down a small dirt track road leaving
                 a small group behind.

                 We are left with the following members sitting together.
                 PAUL GRAY, 19, handsome good looking all round nice guy.
                 LOUISE WILLIAMS, 18, the sexy young blonde, KARA MARLOW,
                 18, short red head with attitude (!), EDDIE RAWLINSON,
                 19, the butch and muscular guy of the group. There are
                 also two "counsellors" of the camp, DENNIS SHAPTON, 23,
                 and his colleague ALICIA SHEPHERD, 22.

                 They are all in good spirits, sitting at a large wooden
                 table drinking and laughing.

                           Aww its such a shame they've all
                           gone and left, they were all a
                           great laugh!

                           Yeah, then there was six left eh?

                           It sure is gonna be a lot more
                           quiet round here without those

                 LOUISE and EDDIE are sitting together holding and kissing
                 each other in an embrace, giggling.

                                (smoking a cigarette)
                           I wouldn't bet on it with those
                           two still around.

                           Heh, well I think it has been a
                           great summer so far all round.
                           Alicia and me are just well
                           pleased you four volunteered to
                           stay on another week to help us
                           out, no way we could clean up by

                           No you would have made me do it
                           all while you sat on your backside
                           drinking beer!

                           Dennis, its been a great fortnight
                           that we've been here, we know how
                           much you've put into reopening
                           this place and I think its
                           fantastic, The least we can do is
                           stay on another week and help out.

                 EDDIE takes a break from kissing LOUISE.

                           Yeah man, we're gonna help you
                           polish off you're booze too!

                           You've given us a free holiday as
                           far as I'm concerned, I'm in no
                           rush to go back home! My folks
                           ain't too bothered either I think
                           they want me to stay out here!

                           Well just as long as you are
                           prepared to actually work as well.
                           It has been a long couple of
                           months me and Alicia have spent on
                           this place but I'll miss it when
                           we are back in the city.

                           We might still get the permit
                           renewed Den. We've put this place
                           back on the map considering how
                           long its been shut down.

                           How about grabbing some more beer
                           before I shut down, man? All this
                           talking of work is making me
                           seriously thirsty.

                 LOUISE moves herself more onto EDDIE so she is now
                 astride his lap.

                 EDDIE looks down at LOUISE's clear to see cleavage.

                                         EDDIE (CONT'D)
                           And horny!

                                                                  CUT TO:


                 Lights are shining out from this small pub on the corner
                 of a small village. This would be the village from the
                 original Friday The 13th film.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. PUB

                 Inside it is  very small with only the BARMAN at the
                 counter. He is wiping glasses with a towel.

                 Music is playing very low in the background, some kind of
                 instrumental jazz.

                 The only other person in the pub is HENRY MATTERSON. He
                 is looking very tanned and he has a long dark jacket on
                 and a tilby hat. He is sitting at the bar with a pint of
                 beer. He nods in the BARMAN's direction.

                           Party time huh?

                 The BARMAN is a small, thin old man balding and looks not
                 completely all there. He nods in response but says

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           Guess you get all the women round
                           these parts too.
                                ( Henry mutters to
                                 himself jokingly )

                 The BARMAN seems not to notice and continues to wipe the
                 empty pint glass with the cloff.

                 All of a sudden, a man enters the pub through the door
                 and walks over to HENRY. The man appears to be limping.
                 He is unshaven and wearing what appear to be old and
                 wrinkled clothes. The man is RICK WALKER, 65, and he
                 takes a seat next to HENRY.

                           What'll it be Rick,  usual?

                 RICK nods yes and the BARMAN serves up a glass of

                 Looking at RICK's face as if examining him without being
                 noticed, HENRY seems confident this is the man he is
                 meant to be meeting with.

                 HENRY takes a look at his watch.

                 We can see on HENRY's expensive looking watch that the
                 time is 9:44. (PM obviously).

                           Rick huh? Nice to meet you, my
                           names' . . .

                 HENRY outstretches his hand in greeting but he is cut off
                 by RICK, who looks at HENRY coldly.

                           . . Henry Matterson.

                 RICK's voice is raspy and holds a quiet anger.

                                         RICK (CONT'D)
                           Folk ain't likely to forget your
                           face round here, certainly not me.

                 HENRY smiles.

                           It's nice to be remembered old
                           boy. I don't recall meeting you
                           before but I'm glad you could meet
                           me here. Presuming of course you
                           have come along here to discuss

                                (interrupting again
                                 and looking at HENRY
                                 with a scolding
                           ...Business? Is that what you rich
                           knuckleheads would call this?

                           As a matter of fact, yes. You give
                           me the information I need and you
                           receive a load of cash. That is
                           business, old friend. We don't
                           need to be best friends and we
                           don't even need to like each
                           other. Understand?

                 The BARMAN looks up at the raise in HENRY's voice.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                                (pointing to RICK's
                                 empty glass)
                           I want one of them and give him a
                           double too.

                 The BARMAN pours another whisky for RICK and then to

                           I don't want no trouble, mister,
                           you got that? I'm gonna take you
                           there, just like I told you I
                           would on the telephone. An' you
                           gonna pay me like you said you
                           were gonna. Then I don't want to
                           ever see you again.

                           That is all I want.

                 A slightly more relaxed atmosphere comes across between
                 the two.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           Would you like to know how I found


                 HENRY continues in any case and pulls out an envelope
                 that seems packed and shakes it in his hand near to
                 RICK's face.

                           Money makes the world go round old
                           boy. Just think, you could open
                           your own bar here in town with
                           this cash. Right opposite here!
                           You could rival this place. You
                           and this guy. . .

                 HENRY clearly refers to the BARMAN.

                                         HENRY ( CONTINUING) (CONT'D)
                           ..,could drop in each others place
                           every night! You would do a
                           roaring trade!

                 HENRY gives out a full hearted laugh, clearly mocking the
                 two locals.

                 As HENRY is laughing out loud, the door of the pub is
                 opened and shut with a loud bang.

                 HENRY, the BARMAN and RICK instantly look round to see
                 who it is.

                 It is SHERIFF JOHN EVERETT. He is a tall man in full
                 county sheriff's uniform. He has a large muscular frame.
                 He is carrying a small carrier bag that seems to have an
                 object inside.

                             (nodding to the SHERIFF in
                              acknowledgment of his

                         Evenin' Sheriff, what can I get ya?

                         Single scotch.

               SHERIFF EVERETT walks slowly up to the bar and takes a seat
               alongside RICK. He peers across over at HENRY.

                           Nice to see you again, Sheriff
                           Everett. Nice to see you are
                           moving up in the world.

                           Henry Matterson. Millionaire
                           property developer. How could I
                           possibly have known you were back
                           in town.

                         The smell of success can be quite
                         potent, Sheriff.

                           No, I think it is more down to
                           fact you have a mercedes out
                           front. We don't see too many of
                           them flash ol' things down here.

               HENRY sniggers in a satisfied way. He seems to be enjoying
               the jealousy.

                                   SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                           Not to say people don't have 'em.
                           Just not many people leave
                           thousand dollar cars outside.

                           Oh, and why is that? Forgive me
                           but this town is not exactly
                           swarming with juveniles or car
                           jackers. In fact, this town is
                           hardly swarming with anything. 
                           Tell me , Sheriff, what is the
                           population of this dear little

                           We don't have juveniles and we
                           don't have car jackers. And before
                           I let you in on a little secret,
                           you wanna start telling me what
                           you are doin' back down here?

                           Well,as I'm sure you know, the
                           last time I came here was to buy
                           this lovely land you all seem so
                           proud of and give it some life. I
                           would have extended this little
                           town, I would have built homes
                           nearby so you might actually get
                           some custom on an everyday basis
                           instead of the odd hitchhiker
                           dropping in for directions once a

                           We like the way things are now.
                           Don't want change, don't need it.

                           He's right, Matterson. We ain't
                           like you city boys with your flash
                           cars and your crime ridden
                           streets. This is a quiet town and
                           that's how we wanna keep it.

                 A slight pause.

                           You do know another constructor
                           has brought this land, don't you?

                 SHERIFF EVERETT drinks his scotch in one go and slams his
                 empty glass on the bar.

                           That is down to the authorities,
                           Matterson. The other constructor

                                         HENRY ( INTERRUPTING)
                                (in a spiteful tone)
                           Tim Connelly.

                                         SHERIFF (CONT)
                  not building a city down
                           here. He is leaving our town alone
                           and just adding some additional
                           houses. They are what, twenty
                           miles away, down near Camp Forest
                           Green. I don't give a damn what is
                           built down there as long as that
                           camp is shut down once and for
                           all. That goes for all of us.

                           Don't you mean Camp Crystal Lake,

                 The SHERIFF stands up towards HENRY.

                           We don't call it that no more. It
                           is Forest Green, you got that?

                 HENRY nods in acceptance, not wanting to make this much
                 bigger man angry.

                                         SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                           Now if I was you, I'd drive back
                           to where you came from Matterson
                           and keep your damn business out of
                           here. You got no place here. Oh,
                           and by the way, that little secret
                           I was about to tell ya?

                                (slight sarcasm)
                           Please do tell, I'm all ears,

                           This is bear country right here,
                           and sometimes they come down from
                           the forest and wander into town,
                           pretty much like tonight. They
                           tend to scratch anything they come
                           across, and money don't mean jack
                           to these critters.

                           And what you are saying is?

                           You might need a new wing-mirror
                           or two for that beautiful motor
                           you got parked outside,
                           Mr.Matterson. I think father bear
                           wanted to take something back for
                           his missus.

                 HENRY rushes to his feet, losing all relaxed composure
                 and runs outside the pub door to check his car.

                 The BARMAN, RICK and the SHERIFF all smile and laugh

                           I ain't seen no bear down here in
                           all of forty years, Sheriff!

                 SHERIFF EVERETT comes closer to the bar and huddles round
                 RICK and the BARMAN. He produces a wingmirror from the
                 carrier bag he came in with.

                 All three men start laughing.

                           Neither have I, my old friend,
                           neither have I!

                                                              DISSOLVE TO:

                 EXT. CAMP FOREST GREEN - NIGHT

                 The campgrounds are quiet. A slight mist is in the air as
                 we view various shots of the cabins and the bewildering
                 looking woods that seem to go on to endless darkness.

                 MAIN CAMP

                 A bonfire throws off illuminating light around the six
                 campers that are sitting around it, drinking and eating.

                 These are the campers we saw earlier. In the middle,
                 looking like the father figure of the camp by his
                 position amongst the others, is DENNIS. Sitting at the
                 side of him is KARA, PAUL, ALICIA, EDDIE and LOUISE. They
                 are roasting marshmellows.

                           Man, I ain't lying when I say I
                           miss the TV out here. Playboy
                           channel and porn freeviews.

                           Why do you want something fake
                           when you can have the real thing
                           right here!

                 LOUISE and EDDIE are cuddling up together.

                                (mumbling to self)
                           Thought you said something "real".

                 KARA is referring to LOUISE's revealing dress sense which
                 is showing off her admirable body.

                           Well its nice to get an all round
                           break from the city. I'm not
                           missing the box for a minute.

                 EDDIE looks round to PAUL with a surprised expression.

                           Dude, you seriously have had too
                           much fresh air out here.

                 They all laugh.

                           Hey Den, what's the plan for

                           Well I need to put the archery
                           targets away and go to town.

                                ( sipping on a bottle
                                 of beer)
                           You need to get some more beer?
                           I'm kinda running low on funds if
                           you know what I mean. If you
                           really wanna show your
                           appreciation for us staying out
                           here with you, you could always
                           buy me a crate.

                 LOUISE gives EDDIE a playful nudge.

                           You are so rude!!

                 KARA, without breaking a smile, lights a cigarette.

                           I will personally buy you a
                           brewery if I can get some sleep
                           tonight without hearing how big
                           you're penis is.

                 LOUISE looks across at KARA light heartedly shocked and
                 open mouthed.

                                (jokingly cocky)
                           Whoa there K. I cant help it if I
                           make the ladies scream in

                 LOUISE looks back at EDDIE.

                           You thought I was in pleasure last

                 PAUL opens a beer and him and LOUISE and KARA begin
                 chatting in the background.

                           Hey, Den, you mind if I hitch a
                           ride with you to town tomorrow,
                           I'm going to need to call my

                           No problem Paul.

                           Cool. I guess that's the only
                           problem being so far out here. No
                           phone connection and I cant get a
                           reception on my mobile until we
                           reach the town.

                 ALICIA smiles and lights a cigarette herself.

                           Good news is no one can contact
                           you either! Nice to have some real

                           Yeah, when I got the permit to
                           reopen this place earlier this
                           year I assumed the phone lines
                           would be put back up. I've been to
                           the authorities so many times
                           about it but they're not
                           interested. Maybe next year.

                           Are you both coming back next year
                           to do the same?

                           Well we are both counsellors and
                           its been great as a summer job. I
                           really still don't know what I
                           will be doing next year.

                           I really want to own my own camp
                           ground and this place has been
                           perfect all summer. If I can get
                           the permit extended, then I'll
                           defiantly be back here.
                           You going back to college with
                           these guys?

                           Nah, I'm gonna get a job with my
                           flat mate. He's offered me a great
                           chance earning some good money
                           with him at this garage he owns. I
                           know a little about vehicles and
                           repairing them, so why not.

                 EDDIE overhears.

                                (half-drunk and eyes
                                 half closed, raising
                                 a beer)
                           I know fuck all about jack shit
                           but I'm staying at college until
                           they throw my ass out. Why the
                           fuck would I wanna work?

                 LOUISE looks genuinely disappointed in him.

                           So you can become rich and buy me
                           all the things I want when we are

                 KARA laughs for the first time at LOUISE's naivety and
                 EDDIE looks away mockingly.

                                         LOUISE (CONT'D)
                           Well you can shut up Kara, I
                           didn't see many guys chasing
                           you're ginger ass this summer.

                           That's because they're werent men
                           and I don't go for little boys
                           that still live with their

                 KARA calmly looks EDDIE in the eye. EDDIE is half asleep
                 on LOUISE's shoulder.

                                         KARA (CONT) (CONT'D)
                           And besides, I'm red haired not
                           ginger. There is a difference.

                           Yeah well, I know the type you go
                           for, Kara. The big fat
                           schoolteacher with the so called
                           connections at universities across
                           the country.

                 KARA smiles knowingly and flicks her middle finger at

                 LOUISE smiles back in kind before they both genuinely
                 laugh about the ridiculous argument they just had.

                 EDDIE is nestling quite comfortably on LOUISE's shoulder
                 as he sips on his beer.

                           Ain't this the time someone tells
                           us a ghost story. I missed that
                           one the other night that DENNIS
                           was rattling on about.

                 The others agree that they all never heard it except

                           The other guys that were here,
                           well, I don't think they will be
                           coming back.

                           What they thought it was too

                           No way, they thought Den was off
                           his head!

                 They all laugh.

                                (eyes half closed
                           So do we get to hear this
                           "terrifying tale" or do we need a
                           members card?

                 They all encourage DENNIS to tell them the ghost story.

                 DENNIS agrees, jokingly gesturing the mocking of begging
                 to cease, and begins his tale.

                                (straight faced)
                           I wouldn't want to alarm anyone...
                           but the story I'm about to tell
                           you is a true one. It also
                           coincides with tomorrows
                           date...Friday the thirteenth,

                           This some bull shit about breaking
                           mirrors and getting bad luck? I
                           didn't know Kara was in this
                           story, man?

                 They all shush Eddie down, and KARA gives EDDIE a
                 sneering look.

                                         DENNIS (CONTINUING)
                           Friday the thirteenth, about fifty
                           years ago, at this exact location.
                           Only it was called camp crystal
                           lake. A boy, drowned in the lake
                           we were swimming in just the other
                           day. His mother blamed the
                           counsellors who should have been
                           looking after him.
                           One by one, she murdered them
                           until, as legend has it, she had
                           her head CHOPPED OFF by one of the

                 The campers begin to look uneasy as the fire flickers,
                 illuminating DENNIS' almost possessed like posture.

                                         DENNIS (CONTINUING) (CONT'D)
                           ... and legend has it the boy that
                           drowned, came back for revenge,
                           vowing to kill anything and anyone
                           that entered his territory...

                 EDDIE looks behind his shoulder, gulping deep, visibly

                                         DENNIS (CONTINUING) (CONT'D)
                           Years past, and every now and
                           then, the murders would
                           just...START UP. These are his
                           woods, this is his land.. .

                                (visibly scared)
                           W-what was the boys name?

                           Jason Voorhees...never caught by
                           police...out living in the
                           wilderness, living off the
                           land...watching us...planning his


                 A LOUD SNAPPING sound disturbs the camp. They all look in
                 the same direction the noise came from.

                 We see from their POV, just woods and darkness, slight
                 mist twirling within.

                 DENNIS, noticing the uncomfort that has bred in, lightens
                 the mood. He stands up, ready to clear up and head to

                 The rest follow suit, background noise ensues.

                                         DENNIS (CONT'D)
                           OK, OK, lets get a good night's
                           sleep ahead of tomorrow.

                 LOUISA still looks concerned.

                           What happened to the Jason guy in
                           the end? Like..really?

                           He got chopped into bits and was

                 DENNIS gives LOUISE a friendly hug.

                                         DENNIS (CONT'D)
                           It's just a story, Louise. Jason
                           drowned as a boy, his body is
                           buried and his mother is dead.
                           This all happened in the 50s. All
                           the other incidents that happened
                           here are easily explainable, its
                           typical country legends. Ghost
                           stories are not real. Nor is Jason

                                                              DISSOLVE TO:

                 EXT. DEEP IN FOREST - NIGHT

                 We are deep in the forest. Mist is swirling around the
                 night sky. There is a dirt road covered in fallen leaves
                 and dust.

                 Two bright beaming lights come into vision. As they come
                 closer we can see it is the headlights of a car.

                 It is a mercedes minus two wing-mirrors. Driving the car
                 is HENRY MATTERSON. In the passenger seat is RICK WALKER,
                 the man from the pub.

                                         HENRY (V.O.)
                           Hope you are not leading us out on
                           a wild goose chase, Mr. Walker.

                 The mercedes takes a swerving turn on the road.

                                         HENRY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           I only pay good money for good
                           information. Correct information.

                           Keep following this road for
                           another mile or so and we will be
                           there. I may not agree with what
                           you are looking for, but I will
                           fulfill my part of the bargain.

                           Well make sure you do. People know
                           where I am and I have an assistant
                           staying up here with me just in
                           case you are getting some kind of
                           twisted thought in that country
                           bumpkin brain of yours.

                 RICK looks across at HENRY with daggers for eyes.

                           I can assure you it would not be a
                           fresh thought.

                 The mercedes slows as it approaches a dead-end, a
                 security fence at least ten foot high covered in emblems
                 and danger signs warning of prosecution risks if
                 trespassers are caught. The fence stretches across as far
                 as can be possibly seen.

                                         RICK (CONT'D)
                           We get out here, Mr Matterson.

                 RICK and HENRY step out of the mercedes. The cars
                 headlights remain on, illuminating the fence and its
                 "keep out" signs.

                           I'm going to take an educated
                           guess and say that what I'm
                           looking for is beyond this fence.

                           Correct, Mr Matterson. I will take
                           you to the spot and that's it. I
                           will walk back and never see you
                           again. Understand?

                 HENRY chuckles.

                           Its ten miles back into town, but
                           I couldn't care less what you do.
                           Get me to the crypt.

                 RICK nods his head as if an obideint slave.

                 HENRY walks to the boot of his car, and returns to hand
                 RICK a flashlight. They have one each.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           Showtime old man. Lets see what
                           you got.

                                                                  CUT TO:


                 We see HENRY shaking himself off from leaves and dirt. We
                 are on the opposite side of the fence. RICK is standing
                 looking at HENRY, his flashlight is pointing at HENRY.
                 RICK seems to have made the intrusion across the fence
                 with no problem or hassle compared to HENRY , who is
                 making indescribable remarks about dirt on his suit.

                 HENRY composes himself and pulls a small flask from
                 inside his jacket pocket. He takes a big drink. Judging
                 by his facial reaction, it is an alcoholic spirit of some

                           You got damn big pockets in that
                           jacket, mister.

                 HENRY looks up at RICK and looks around his surroundings.

                 HENRYS POV:

                 From left to right we see tall trees, (as you would in a
                 forest) surrounded in darkness and slight fog. Visibility
                 is poor.

                 Noises are heard, Woodland noises. An owl. A snap in the

                 PAN LEFT TO RIGHT QUICKLY.

                 The same view is seen. It is as if we are viewing the
                 same spot of the forest over and over, it all seems the

                 Apart from the fence, the scenery looks exactly the same.

                 A sense of dread over comes over us. The scenery is all
                 the same. No one would know where they were if lost,
                 apart from HENRY's car that still has its headlights on.
                 The bright beam is flickering a little and becoming dim
                 in the background.

                 HENRY walks up a slump close to RICK. HENRY is sweating,
                 and his face is looking much more anxious.

                                (angry and nervous)
                           OK you son of a bitch, this is not
                           proving a thing. I used to do this
                           sort of shit when I was a
                           teenager. You wont get paid until
                           you show me the real fucking
                           thing, you understand me?

                 RICK remains calm.

                                (calm )
                           I know these woodlands in and out
                           like no one else. That's why you
                           got your "people" to find me and
                           hire me, Mr Matterson. I'm the
                           last that knows.

                 HENRY grabs RICK's loose shirt collar in a fist.

                           I know everything about this shit
                           hole. I know everything about you.
                           Don't fool with me. All I need
                           from you is to get me to the EXACT
                           place. Now move.

                                                              DISSOLVE TO:

                 EXT. FOREST GROUND - NIGHT

                 We see HENRY and RICK standing over clear ground. The
                 surroundings are covered with trees, bushes. There is
                 very little path, the two are standing on the only clear
                 path possible. It is pitch black dark apart from the
                 light appearing from both HENRY's and RICK's torches.

                 Owls hoot, and woodland noises are made in the

                 There is a mud hill which both sit down on, both
                 releasing gasps of exhaustion.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           You know, I'm beginning to think
                           this is not going to look too good
                           at my funeral.

                           We are there.

                 HENRY grabs his flask from his pocket and necks it down.

                           What are you talking about you old
                           fool? You have had me running
                           around these damn woods all night.
                           You have said "we are almost
                           there" for the last hour.

                 RICK is seated, looking distant as ever, staring in to
                 only he knows what.

                           We WERE almost there. Now we ARE

                 RICK walks up a small mound of mud. He beckons HENRY to

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. FOREST - SMALL CLEARING

                 There is a very small, room size , clearing amongst the
                 trees and bushes. Mist descends, fog like but passes
                 through the area. Beyond the clearing we can see endless
                 trees and darkness.

                 Upon the clearing, the flashlights that HENRY and RICK
                 are using point unintentionally to a solid cold slab that
                 is the middle of the ground.

                           That's it!! That is it, isn't it!?

                           That is it.

                 The two move closer to the slab. It is no larger then a
                 garden patio stone. Etched in dirt and mud.

                                         RICK (CONT'D)
                           This is where I bid you farewell ,
                           Mr Matterson.

                 RICK turns to leave, but he is stopped in his tracks.

                 HENRY flicks his flashlight onto RICK.

                           No, old boy. You are not going

                 RICK turns, his face looking haunted in the glow of
                 HENRY's flashlight.

                           I have completed my part of the
                           deal, Mr Matterson. This is as far
                           as I am willing to go. Business is
                           business, is that not what you

                 HENRY smiles.

                 HENRY pulls a gun from his deep outside pocket.

                 HENRY points the small handgun at RICK.

                           I tend to like my business like I
                           enjoy my sex, Rick. Dirty, No, I'm
                           not talking about making your day
                           and fucking your country bumpkin
                           ass, Rick.

                 RICK is stunned, and is looking at HENRY somewhat

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           You stupid old peasant. I'm not
                           going to pay you a cent. But you
                           are going to help me remove this
                           slab of stone.

                 RICK still appears staggered.

                           What if I don't?

                 HENRY pulls the cock of the trigger back. 


                           Then I shoot you and I go home and
                           find someone else to help me out.

                 RICK falls on his knees, a sudden lapse of held up
                 courage leaving him.

                           Don't make me open that Crypt up,
                           Mr Matterson. You don't know what
                           you are doing.

                 HENRY looks possessed. He walks up to RICK and kneels
                 down to him.

                                (whispering in Rick's
                           You're brother died in connection
                           with this guy.

                 RICK, eyes closed, apparently preying to be elsewhere,
                 suddenly seems shocked and opens his eyes wide.

                           How do you know about my brother,

                 HENRY stands up and puts the gun to RICK's temple.

                           Money buys everything old boy...

                 HENRY taps the gun tip to RICK's open mouth.

                                         HENRY (CONT) (CONT'D)
                           Including useless fuckers that
                           help open crypts.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. CRYPT


                 It is completely dark. Until a small ray of light opens
                 in the top right hand corner.

                 The light extends larger until it is in the form of a
                 square shape.

                 It is the slab of concrete being removed from up above,
                 the seal to the crypt.

                                                                  CUT TO:


                 We can see that RICK and HENRY have removed the slab that
                 was in place on the ground, revealing a dark hole.

                 Small trails of smoke vapor upwards from the hole and
                 disappear into the mist, leaving a completely dark
                 unwelcoming hole.

                 RICK has his shirt sleeves rolled upwards,  he is
                 sweating as if he has worked in a furnace.

                 HENRY also has now ridden himself of his suit jacket and
                 has his shirt sleeves rolled up. He too is sweating.

                 It is obvious the two have somehow managed to remove this

                                (exhausted and
                  don't know what you
                           are doing

                 HENRY's eyes are wide open in excitement, in fear and

                                         RICK (CONT'D)
                           Why would you do this?? Why bring
                           him back??

                 HENRY laughs.

                           If I cant own this land, then I'm
                           sure people wont want to live in a
                           place where a mass murderer lives.
                           I'm going to bring this son of a
                           bitch back to get bad press to my

                 HENRY begins to laugh insanely.

                 RICK is astonished.

                           You want to bring him back so you
                           can get your own back on failing
                           to buy this land??

                 HENRY looks delighted beyond belief.


                 RICK is on his knees, attempting to crawl off.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           Hold it hillbilly.

                 HENRY points his gun at RICK.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           Money buys everything. This land
                           is some sort of ancient burial
                           ground that I wanted to buy.
                           Plus, it includes a psychopathic
                           killer that was buried alive. Sort
                           of a buy one get one free kind of
                           deal. I want both.

                 RICK is beginning to crack.

                           There are kids here camping, he
                           will kill them all!!!!

                 HENRY laughs again.

                           I am in control, I always am. I
                           will get this guy to do so much
                           damage no one will want to buy
                           into TIM CONNOLLY's project. This
                           place will be a no-go zone.

                 RICK is stumbling on the floor, afraid of the gun pointed
                 directly at him.

                           You are crazy??

                 HENRY fires the gun twice.

                 It blows RICK's head to pieces. Blood and skull fragments
                 splatter the ground as RICK's headless body spasms on the

                           Yes. Perhaps you are right. I
                           don't get beaten , old boy. If I
                           do, I get someone else to beat
                           them for me. In this case, I'm
                           looking for a guy named ....

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. CRYPT


                                         HENRY (V.O) CONT. 
                           ...Jason Voorhees.

                 As out eyes adjust to the darkness around us, we see
                 there are steps leading down from the entrance.

                 A beam of light , HENRY's flashlight, leads  him down the
                 steps in a slow and unhurried manner.

                 HENRY'S P.O.V.

                 The steps are leading downwards, the flashlight making
                 visible cobwebs and there are drops of residue dropping
                 on the floor.

                 A noise of water dripping echoes in to the darkness.

                 DRIP DRIP

                 HENRY makes it to the bottom of the crypt and circles the
                 flashlight around. The crypt is a small room with nothing
                 inside it except for a large rectangular shaped casket.

                 The casket is encased in dust and cobwebs.

                 DRIP DRIP (CONT'D)

                 HENRY looks around to see where the dripping sound is
                 coming from. He scans the flashlight over the steps to
                 the entrance of the crypt. A small trail of blood is
                 dripping down.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                                (cursing to himself)
                           That damn country bumpkin cant
                           even die right. Why the hell does
                           his blood have to run down in to

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. CRYPT ENTRANCE

                 CRANE SHOT.

                 We see RICK's headless body slumped near the entrance to
                 the crypt, a large puddle of blood has formed and it is
                 beginning to spread down the Crypt steps.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. CRYPT

                 HENRY approaches the casket and attempts to wipe clear as
                 much dust as he can from the lid.

                 The lid is bland, dust-free, it reveals nothing.

                 HENRY puts his hand inside his jacket pocket and emerges
                 with a small miniature bottle that consists of a white

                 HENRY then undoes the bottle top and proceeds to shake
                 the powder over the casket, the whole length of it,
                 muttering what sounds like repeated African babbletalk,
                 oddly hypnotizing in rhythm.

                 Suddenly, a muffled sound can be heard from inside the

                 HENRY pauses momentarily, continuing with the ritual at

                 Again, this time louder, like a shuffling from inside the

                 HENRY continues to chant, a more concerned expression on
                 his face, chanting louder, more determined. The powder is
                 now all on the casket.

                 All of a sudden, a line of flames engulfs the powdered
                 line from seemingly out of nowhere.

                 HENRY is taken aback and he drops the empty bottle onto
                 the crypt floor and it smashes into little pieces.

                 The flames settle down into a straight line before
                 flickering out, sending smoke drifting into the crypt and
                 out of the entrance.


                 The casket lid rattles from something hitting it from

                 HENRY scarper's to his feet, looking slightly bewildered.
                 Sweat caused by fear and anticipation is evident on his

                 BANG! BANG ! BANG !

                 Repeated hammering at the lid from inside causes the lid
                 to crack in the middle and with one final "BANG!", the
                 lid shatters into the air and fragments fall to the

                 For a moment , there is nothing. Dust emerges from the
                 casket so we cant see what lies inside.

                 HENRY stands , a fair distance away, looking on, gun
                 drawn and holding it in his hand pointed at the direction
                 of the casket.


                 A few moments pass, the dust seems to have cleared, but
                 nothing has risen from the grave.

                 HENRY walks towards the casket slowly and carefully.

                 As HENRY approaches, a RAT runs past HENRY on the floor,
                 sending HENRY screeching in surprise!

                           God-damned rodent!!

                 As a sense of slight relief passes HENRY's expression, a
                 dark shadow rising engulfs HENRY's light.

                 HENRY looks up in terror, open mouthed in shock horror.

                                                                 FADE OUT.

                                                                 FADE IN.




                 FRIDAY THE 13TH

                 We see various shots of the camp, quiet and still.
                 Peaceful, birds singing and the lake twinkling beneath
                 the bright sun.

                 DENNIS and PAUL are walking up to a modest white car.

                           Hey, thanks a lot for giving me a
                           lift into town, really appreciate

                           No problem. I'm sure the rest can
                           survive a few hours while we go
                           shopping for supplies.

                           And a few beers perhaps....

                 DENNIS smiles and nods agreeing.

                 PAUL and DENNIS get inside the car and we see them drive
                 off down the dirttrack road and into the distance.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. CAR

                 Dennis is driving, PAUL is in the passenger seat. They
                 are driving through a woodland road taking various turns.

                           You think Alicia will be OK left
                           alone with them guys?

                           Sure, sure. She can kick ass when
                           need be!

                           You guys are kind of serious ain't

                           Oh we have our moments, Paul. But
                           we've been through a lot together.
                           She's a good girl.  How about you
                           and Kara?

                 PAUL breaks out a smile.

                           No, no, no, She's a nice enough
                           girl, but I'm fine single, free
                           and happy.

                           Well I'm not talking about getting
                           married and raising kids together,
                           Paul! Have some fun the last few
                           nights here.

                           Me and Kara?


                 PAUL looks outside his side window with a sardonic grin.

                           I hope the beer up here is strong.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. LAKE


                 EDDIE and LOUISE are mucking around in the lake,
                 frolicking (there's a word ) around naked. They are
                 laughing and joking, playing around with each other.

                 ALICIA and KARA are on the LAKE bank, sun bathing,
                 watching the other two mess about.

                 POV - BEHIND KARA AND ALICIA

                 Something is watching them from a small distance, moving
                 further slowly, breathing heavily.

                 EXT. - LAKE BANK

                 ALICIA and KARA are laughing at a previous unheard of

                           Knowing Dennis, they wont be back
                           until late.

                           Shame Paul went with him.

                                (eyes lightening up)
                           Really? You got a thing for him,

                           He has a cute ass.

                 POV - BEHIND KARA AND ALICIA

                 Moving closer, breathing heavier, within a few feet,
                 footsteps snapping the twigs below.

                 EXT - LAKE

                 EDDIE stops mucking around in the water and is looking
                 towards the lake bank. He begins shouting for ALICIA and
                 KARA to look behind them but they cant hear him properly.
                 LOUISE has failed to see what EDDIE has noticed and is
                 still mucking around , trying to pull EDDIE under the
                 water, making his attention cries harder to hear.

                 EXT - LAKE BANK

                 ALICIA and KARA wave to EDDIE, believing he is simply
                 messing around.

                                         KARA (CONT'D)
                                (turning wave into
                                 one fingered
                           God that guy is such a jerk-off.

                 ALICIA begins laughing.

                 Suddenly, KARA SHRIEKS IN SURPRISE as A HAND falls down
                 in between her and ALICIA.

                 A MAN COLLAPSES on the floor in front of them. The man is
                 wearing a white suit, but it is torn and badly covered in
                 mud stains and dust.

                 It is HENRY MATTERSON.

                 ALICIA and KARA both jump and stand up away from the
                 collapsed man. EDDIE and LOUISE are now rushing in from
                 the lake and join them on the bank.

                                         KARA (CONT'D)
                           Who the heck is that guy??

                 EDDIE grabs a towel and wraps himself.  He gives a
                 scalding look at LOUISE.

                           I was trying to tell you guys
                           someone was behind you but this
                           bitch wouldn't let me.

                           I didn't see him

                 ALICIA interrupts abruptly.

                           Look, that doesn't matter now. He
                           looks hurt, lets get him inside
                           one of the cabins.

                           I'm not touching him he might have
                           diseases, he looks gross.

                           He looks dead...

                 HENRY opens his eyes, and begins moaning.

                                         KARA (CONT'D)
                           Maybe that's just his age..

                 EDDIE kneels down to help HENRY up.

                           Come on man, he must have got lost
                           or some shit.

                 ALICIA also begins to help EDDIE help HENRY up to his
                 feet. They support him one arm each round their shoulder
                 and begin to slowly walk him to one of the cabins.

                           What are you guys doing? He's
                           probably a perv or something!!

                           Must be a rich perv, you see that
                           watch he's got on?

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. CABIN

                 ALICIA and EDDIE manage to get HENRY onto a bed and lie
                 him down. HENRY wheezes but his eyes remain shut.

                 LOUISE and KARA join them inside.

                           We got to get help, he looks in
                           serious bad health.

                           Well we ain't got phones and we
                           don't have a car because Dennis is
                           out getting wasted with Paul.

                           That's the only car??

                                (mockingly to LOUISE)
                           Remember Bint, we came here by

                           We got to wait until they get
                           back. Town is too far to walk. We
                           will do our best for him here, we
                           have medical kits, lets try and
                           just give him some rest.

                           This guy has passed out on us.
                           Check his wallet.

                           You are the lowest of the low.

                           For I.D. dumb-ass.

                 ALICIA checks inside HENRY's suit pockets for a wallet
                 but there is nothing.

                           Give him some rest, we'll keep
                           check. Best bet is he had a road
                           accident near here.

                 EDDIE rises his arms up in the air, making a mocking
                 facial expression.

                           Genius. You came up with that all
                           by yourself?

                           Look Eddie, we don't need you're
                           smart mouth right now.

                           Well my smart mouth needs a beer.
                           I knew I should have gone with the
                           other two motherfuckers.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. FOREST ROAD


                 A car speeds down the road leaving a gust of dust behind.

                 Inside driving the car is RICHARD ERIKSON, talking
                 aggressively on his mobile phone.

                                (failing to get a
                                 signal on his phone)
                           Fuckin' cheap shit country bumpkin

                 ERIKSON takes a glance at his watch as he slams his phone

                                         ERIKSON (CONT'D)
                                (to himself)
                           Should be there by now...running
                           late, Richard...doing two jobs for
                           two people at once...

                 ERIKSON has sweaty skin on his face, he is dressed in a
                 suit but is panicking at being late obviously driving
                 dangerously fast.

                                         ERIKSON (CONT'D)
                                (muttering to
                           Tim Connolly...fat son of a
                           bitch... then I've got that Henry
                           Matterson to contend with...yes
                           sir, no sir....the end of this
                           deal I'll be my own goddamn

                 ERIKSON notices a hitchhiker in the distance standing at
                 the side of the road.

                 ERIKSON , instead of slowing down, speeds up and being on
                 such a narrow road, nearly RUNS OVER the hitchhiker!

                 The hitchhiker jumps into bushes to avoid being hit.

                 ERIKSON looks in his rear view mirrors to see the
                 hitchhiker going mad in the background and ERIKSON cracks
                 up laughing.

                                         ERIKSON (CONT'D)
                           Fuck you asshole!!

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. FOREST ROAD


                 The HITCHHIKER, rather large male in his late teens, is
                 cursing and throwing his hands in the air going pretty
                 mental at ERIKSON's crazed stunt.

                 The HITCHHIKER eventually calms down and takes his seat
                 on the side of the road on a suitcase he has with him.

                                (to himself)
                           Fuck was that about? Damn country

                 POV - BEHIND HITCHHIKER - WOODS

                 Heavy breathing, walking movement towards the HITCHHIKER.

                 EXT. FOREST ROAD

                 The HITCHHIKER is sat looking aimlessly into the road.
                 Behind him is a SHAPE MOVING slowly into focus.

                 SUDDENLY, we see TWO LARGE HANDS, dark mouldy rotten
                 flesh and roughly two inch long black nails, GRAB the
                 HITCHHIKER's FACE completely covering it.

                 In a split second the LARGE HANDS TWIST the HITCHHIKER's
                 head ALL THE WAY AROUND.

                 BLOOD leaks like water from the mess that is left for us
                 to see as the headless body and blood-ladled head drop to
                 the forest floor.

                                                                 FADE OUT.

                                                                 FADE IN.

                 EXT. CROOKED CANDLE PUB


                 The evening sky can be seen beginning to come in. The car
                 DENNIS and PAUL drove is parked outside the pub. It is
                 the only one.

                 INT. CROOKED CANDLE PUB

                 DENNIS and PAUL are sat at the bar, numerous empty
                 glasses scattered around them. Country music plays in the

                 There are surprisingly a few other people sat at some
                 tables enjoying their drinks.

                           Think we should head back soon?

                                (looking wide-eyed
                                 from the drink)
                           Soon, the music is killing me

                 Both laugh slightly light headed.

                           I'm glad we came here, this beer
                           is just what I needed.
                           Cheap and damn strong!

                 DENNIS motions the BARMAN for another round.

                           Bit like Kara?

                 Both laugh again.

                           Really though, we should get back
                           after this drink.

                 DENNIS nods in agreement.

                           It is Friday the 13th after all.
                           You never know what's gone wrong.

                           Yeah that guy Jackson might be out


                 The SHERIFF walks into the pub but no one pays much

                           Jackson, yeah you know. The guy
                           you was joking about last night
                           over the camp fire

                 DENNIS swigs back some of his bottled beer.

                           You mean Jason? Not Jackson, its
                           Jason Voorhees!

                 The pub goes completely quiet at the mention of Jason's
                 name. Everyone looks at DENNIS and PAUL and the music is
                 even turned to a low volume.

                 The SHERIFF walks over to the two.

                                (to everyone else)
                           Go on about your business people.

                 The music is turned back to normal and everyone gets back
                 to what they were doing.

                 The SHERIFF stares at DENNIS and PAUL.

                                         SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                           You drinking and driving, son?

                           Who me , Sheriff?

                           Yes, you boy.

                 PAUL almost interrupts, trying to help, but DENNIS
                 motions him back to keep quiet.

                           OK Sheriff, I've had a couple.

                 The SHERIFF moves in close to DENNIS with a dead look in
                 his face.

                           Now look, boy. I've seen you a few
                           times down here getting completely
                           off you're billy goats gruff...

                 PAUL tries to hide himself from laughing.

                                         SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                           ..and then driving down them
                           forest roads back to that camp you
                           are SUPPOSED to be looking after.
                           That ain't responsible, boy. I let
                           you off because you don't cause
                           trouble and you go about your

                           Thank you, Sheriff, I really
                           appreciate it...

                           ..but I don't want you're business
                           in here, talking loads of shit
                           about dead killers getting people
                           riled up, we understand each
                           other, boy?

                           Perfectly, sir, it was just a bit
                           of a joke you see I ..

                 The SHERIFF forcefully grabs DENNIS by his shirt collar.

                           I asked you if we understand each

                 DENNIS nods in agreement.

                 The SHERIFF releases DENNIS.

                 Just at that moment, RICHARD ERIKSON enters into the pub
                 and looks around. He walks to the bar near to where
                 DENNIS, PAUL and the SHERIFF are.

                 ERIKSON motions the BARMAN over to him.

                           Excuse me , where is Mr.Matterson?

                 The SHERIFF looks over at ERIKSON, and begins to take
                 note. DENNIS and PAUL are sat there also watching, unsure
                 of what is going on and confused by the SHERIFF's sudden

                           I don't know a Mr Matterson, sir.

                 ERIKSON looks irritated.

                           What are you talking about? I'm
                           due to meet him in here tonight.
                           He is never late now stop beating
                           the bush and tell me where he is.

                 The SHERIFF intervenes.

                           Henry Matterson?

                           Yes, you know where he is?

                 The SHERIFF takes a long drink of DENNIS' beer and downs
                 it all in one go, much to DENNIS' puzzled expression.

                           I want to know where he is, more
                           then you do.

                 DENNIS picks up his empty bottle of beer that the SHERIFF
                 just downed.

                           You gonna buy me another, Sheriff?

                 The SHERIFF looks over at DENNIS with daggers for eyes.

                           I tell you what I'm gonna do, boy.
                           I'm gonna give you a lesson. I'm
                           gonna drive you and you're pissed
                           up friend back to Camp Forest
                           Green. Tomorrow, you can WALK back
                           here and collect you're vehicle.

                           Sheriff, that's a twenty mile walk
                           you are talking about.

                           Well how about this. I'll drive
                           you're friend back to camp. Now as
                           a favour to you...

                 The SHERIFF points directly into DENNIS' chest.

                           You can sleep off the drink right
                           here. You can drive back tomorrow.

                           Sheriff, its not even that late,
                           the roads are deserted. Cant you
                           let me off this one time?

                           I'm not asking boy. I'm TELLING
                           you. YOU are gonna stay here until
                           I get back then you are gonna
                           spend the night sleeping off that
                           booze in my cell. I'm doing you a
                           favour, boy.

                 DENNIS and PAUL are left open-mouthed and speechless.

                 Just as RICHARD ERIKSON is about to interrupt, the
                 SHERIFF turns to him.

                                         SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                           You are gonna come with me, in the
                           back of my squad car.

                 ERIKSON looks completely astonished.

                           And can I ask why?? Are you
                           arresting me for ordering a beer??

                           I want to know why you and Henry
                           Matterson are down here causing
                           nothing but trouble. You are that
                           slippery real estate agent that
                           works for Tim Connolly, and you
                           ain't leaving my site until I get
                           some answers. I leave you here,
                           tell you wait until I get back,
                           you would be long gone. You are
                           going in the back, taking a ride
                           with me and then we will sort this
                           mess out when we get back here.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. - FOREST


                 Various animal sounds and a swirling light mist surround
                 the woodland. A LARGE FIGURE is walking through the

                 We see the BACK of this HULKING FIGURE, as HE brushes
                 branches aside , walking in what seems a determined

                 His clothing is torn, old and faded, dark rags that cover
                 much of his torso and legs, but reveal massive tears that
                 reveal EXPOSED ROTTEN FLESH and EXPOSED BONE. His back is
                 of battered skin and the amount that is revealed under
                 his shredded clothing is a SPINE and EXPOSED RIB CAGE.

                 We see a huge sign in what would appear to be a clearing
                 from the forest.

                 The sign reads         " TIM CONNOLLY & CO. CONSTRUCTION
                 SITE  "

                 "Building A Better Future, Right Now"

                 The FIGURE walks solemnly to the sign and looks up,
                 reading what is says.

                 The FIGURE's front is covered in darkness.

                                                                  CUT TO:



                 A portacabin window provides the sole light in the whole
                 site. Every thing is closed and the machinery of cranes
                 and bulldozers stand dormant.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. PORTACABIN

                 TIM CONNOLLY is busy sorting out some paperwork and
                 getting his jacket on at the same time, ready to leave
                 and go home for the evening.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. OUTSIDE PORTACABIN

                 POV - JASON VOORHEES

                 Moving slowly towards the portacabin, heavy breathing and
                 footsteps, looking to the left where some logs have been
                 collected and rolled up. SHINING like a magnet, there
                 lies a MACHETE imbedded in one of the logs.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. PORTACABIN

                 TIM CONNOLLY is using a telephone in the office, standing
                 and sipping on what appears to be straight whiskey.

                                 rolling eyes)
                           Yeah...uh huh.. sure hun...oh yes

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. PORTACABIN

                 We see for the first time JASON VOORHEES full frontal,
                 hockey mask and machete in hand directly outside the
                 portacabin. JASON's torso is visible beneath the rags he
                 has on for clothes, ROTTEN DARK FLESH and EXPOSED RIB
                 CAGE. His mask, however, looks brand new, visible barely
                 in the darkness is his BALD HEAD, a DARK GLOBE that looks
                 also ROTTEN.

                 JASON walks slowly around to the other side of the
                 portacabin, slow and purposeful strides, machete gleaming
                 from the moonlight.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. PORTACABIN

                 TIM is still on the telephone, but he has pulled out a
                 bottle of wine from his desk drawer, unopened it looks
                 gift wrapped ready for him to give to someone. He places
                 the bottle on the desk.

                                (on the phone,bored,
                                 insincre, lying)
                           Yes honey, ...yes its going to be
                           an all night don't
                           wait up...ill have dinner
                  you too.

                 TIM hangs up and rolls his eyes before grabbing the wine

                                         TIM (CONT'D)
                           Yes honey, I wont be coming home
                           tonight as I am about to spend the
                           night with a much younger, more
                           sexy woman that doesnt' go on
                           about decorating and other
                           needless rubbish

                 In the background, through the portacabin window, JASON
                 looks in, TIM's back facing the hockey masked psycho.

                 TIM pours himself a small whiskey from his bottle in the
                 drawer and gulps it down, before heading out the
                 portacabin door.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. PORTACABIN

                 TIM walks out of the door and heads to his car which is
                 parked nearby. He is giggling to himself, clearly quite

                 A loud " CRACK " makes TIM pause in his footsteps and he
                 slowly turns around to see...

                 Absolutely nothing there. Mist and animal noises in the
                 distance echoing through the night.

                 TIM carries on to his car, opens the door and slides into
                 the drivers seat.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. CAR

                 He turns the engine on, is about to drive off when he
                 sits back in his seat bemused.

                                (slightly slurring)
                           Fucking believe it. Left the wine
                           in the office.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. PORTACABIN

                 TIM stumbles out of the car, leaving the engine on, and
                 walks dizzily back to the portacabin.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. PORTACABIN

                 TIM walks inside, face red flushed and he stumbles over
                 the his desk where the bottle of wine had been.

                 TIM looks around left and right, but no trace.

                 TIM turns around and standing right where the door is, is
                 a giant hulk of a man standing there with a hockey mask,
                 a machete in one hand and the bottle of wine in the

                 TIM's expression is open mouthed and wide eyed as JASON
                 SMASHES the BOTTLE directly over TIM's FOREHEAD.

                 TIM drops to his knees as the BOTTLE SHATTERS into pieces
                 and red wine mingles with TIM's darker red colored BLOOD
                 on his head and face as it drips to the floor.

                 TIM looks up, face shredded with glass, begging for his

                 POV - TIM LOOKING UP AT JASON

                 JASON towers above, watching for a few seconds before

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. CAMP FOREST GREEN


                 We see various shots of the camp site, the lake in the
                 night sky, a slight mist in the woodland. Most of the
                 cabins are lifeless, but we see the MAIN cabin has all
                 its lights on.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. MAIN CABIN

                 The cabin is large and has a very cosy interior with a
                 small kitchen. There is a large table and an old
                 fashioned fireplace which is burning away. ALICIA , KARA
                 , LOUISE and EDDIE are inside.

                           They'll be back soon.

                                (hugging EDDIE)
                           You've been saying that all day,

                           I know but they must have had car
                           trouble. Dennis is never out this
                           long on his own.

                 EDDIE is sipping a bottle of beer and smoking a joint.

                           He's a grown man and besides, he
                           ain't on his own. Paul is with him
                           and I get the feeling they got
                           some action down in that fucked up

                 KARA is sloped near the fireplace, smoking a cigarette
                 looking increasingly fed up.

                           Yeah right, like the whole week
                           its a one man and his dog town
                           and suddenly because it is a
                           Friday, the place turns into Ayia
                           Nappa? I don't think so , Eddie.

                 EDDIE shrugs off LOUISE to go and sit by the table. He
                 begins rolling another joint.

                                         KARA (CONT'D)
                           And can you stop smoking that shit
                           in here? It stinks.

                           Man  chill the hell out Kara. You
                           want me to go smoke it with that
                           old guy in the other cabin? He's
                           probably got more life in him then
                           any of you fuckers.

                           I checked on him a while back, he
                           was still out cold. I don't know
                           what the hell happened to him but
                           we need Dennis to get that car
                           back here as soon as possible so
                           we can get help.

                           No shit.

                           I just have got like a really bad
                           feeling about all this.

                           There's only one thing you need to
                           be feeling, baby. And it ain't

                 KARA and ALICIA moan in mock disgust and LOUISE moves
                 next to EDDIE, hugging up to him again.

                           The best thing we can do is just
                           get on with things. We've done all
                           we can. Just keep checking up on
                           him to make sure he's OK.

                           You know, it is Friday the 13th. I
                           guess that explains why all this
                           weirdness is happening.

                                (mockingly again)
                           Yeah, that explains everything.
                           Besides, its just a guy taking a
                           kip, give him a while I bet he
                           will be up and in here asking for
                           a beer. Everyone chill out. It's
                           not like the guy is dead.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 FOREST NIGHT - ROADSIDE

                 A large tour bus is stopped by the side of the road.

                 The words "SCRAPPY DOO" are in printed in large grafiti
                 type writing on the side of the bus.

                 The driver, an old worn out looking white guy in full
                 uniform with a cap, is attending to one of the tyres.

                 INT. TOUR BUS

                 Smoke bellows inside as a group of gangsta rappers smoke
                 dope, drink alcohol from large bottles and cuss within
                 every sentence.

                 SCRAPPY DOO, a tall but skinny black man wearing custom
                 made rap clothing and wearing several gold chains, stands
                 up with a stoned gaze in his half closed eyes.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                                (highly intoxicated)
                           Hey cracker, when we gettin' this
                           motherfucka back on the road, cuz?
                           I got a show to do bitch.

                                         DRIVER (O.S.)
                           I'm trying my best, Mr. Snoop
                           Scrap Dogg sir.

                 Scrappy Doo downs another swig from his bottle.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                           Hey biatch. My name is Scrappy
                           Doo, not Scrappy Dogg. Don't be
                           getting my motherfuckin' name
                           mixed with some other rapper,
                           I'll bust a cap in you're white
                           ass and drive this piece o' shit
                           myself and watch you walk yo' punk
                           ass home, biaatch!

                 The rest of the group laugh and give "respect" to

                 PHLEGM-ON-THEM, a white rapper, stands up clapping his

                           Yeah, yeah, straight up, nigga.

                 The bus goes quiet as the remaining group look up,

                                         PHLEGM (CONT'D)
                           I mean, straight up WITH YA. Ha
                           Ha, yeah...

                 DR. GAY, the largest guy of the bunch, a massive fat
                 black man, puts his arms around PHLEGM, consoling him.

                                         DR. GAY
                           It's ok, homie. I got ya back.

                 Phlegm looks worried.

                                         DR. GAY (CONT'D)
                           I won't let noone come between us.
                           G-G-G-GAY UNIT!

                 The only female of the group, LIL' HO, an over made up
                 but attractive black woman, heads off the bus.

                                         LIL' HO
                           I got's to go piss.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                           Why in the fuck ain't you're bitch
                           ass goin' use the motherfuckin'

                 Everyone looks at Scrappy confused.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO (CONT'D)
                           I said, why do you need to go
                           outside when there is a toilet in

                 Everyone nods their head in understanding.

                                         LIL' HO
                           I aint usin' that crap pot. You
                           niggaz be pissing on the seats and
                           leavin' stains an' shit.

                 Lil' Ho steps off the bus.

                                         LIL' HO (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                           An' don't you be perving on me you
                           old ass white cracker. I know what
                           you old white guys are like,

                 The other man on board the bus, PIMP-MASTER, leans back
                 in the luxurious leather seat smoking a massive joint.

                           Hey, you gonna pass that, Pimp

                 Pimp-master, wearing bright purple coloured shades which
                 sparke, turns his head to Phlegm.

                 A moment passes. Pimp-master says nothing, continues
                 smoking himself.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                                (looking down at Dr.
                                 Gay, who is looking
                                 up admiring Scrappy)
                           Don't look at me like that, bitch
                           ass faggot rappin' motherfucker.

                 EXT. TOUR BUS

                 Lil-Ho walks into the forest, looking for a reasonable
                 spot to do her business.

                 She takes a spot, and looking uncomfortably, begins to

                 From behind, a sound of moving, twigs cracking.

                                         LIL' HO
                                (looking behind)
                           Who's there? You niggaz playing
                           damn tricks on me i'll...

                 A MACHETE strikes Lil' Ho directly across face, cutting
                 deep until the blade is half imbedded in her skull.

                 Her body drops to the ground as we see Jason towering
                 over her.

                 INT. TOUR BUS

                 Hardcore gangsta rap music is blaring from the speakers
                 as the rappers continue to smoke and drink.

                                         DR. GAY
                                (no one listening to
                           Can't we play Gettin' Jiggy With
                           It? Will Smith? Just The Two Of

                 EXT. TOUR BUS

                 From the bushes near the roadside, Jason looks on at the
                 bus, the music blasting out, smoke bellowing from the
                 open door. He looks on, cocking his head to one side. 

                 Jason spots the driver, still fixing the busted tyre.

                 Jason breathes in deeply, somehow giving off an even more
                 menacing look.

                 The driver is knelt down working hard on the tyre,
                 mumbling to himself.

                           God damned rap stars...I should be
                           on that bus telling them what to
                           do...too old for this crap...

                 The driver notices a shadow leaning over him.

                 Without looking to see who it is, the driver assumes it
                 is one of the rap group.

                                         DRIVER (CONT'D)
                           Y' know, it would be easier if I
                           could fix this thing with some

                 No response.

                                         DRIVER (CONT'D)
                                (fed up)
                           I don't know what language you
                           talk in, buddy, but I need you to
                           get out of the light...

                 He turns around to see Jason looming over him, breathing
                 deeply and cocking his head as if he were snarling.

                 The driver's face turns to shock before Jason PUNCHES his
                 FIST straight THROUGH his FACE.

                 Jason pulls his hand away, leaving the driver's dead body
                 to slump to the ground, his head leaking blood and brains
                 onto the ground from a gap where his face once was.

                 INT. TOUR BUS

                 All the rappers are lying lazily, wasted out on the
                 luxury couch on the bus. Smoke fills the air, empty beer
                 bottles line up the floor.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                                (stoned, giggling)
                           W-wheres...hmm...the driver at...

                 Phlegm wakes up slightly from his intoxicated posture.

                           W-what...what driver?

                 A moment passes.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                                (closed eyes)
                           I dunno...

                 Jason boards the bus, machete gleaming in the smoke. He
                 stands at the front, looking at the rap group chilling
                 out on the couch.

                 He stands there for a moment, the marijauna smoke fog
                 like circulating around him.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO (CONT'D)
                                (high, grinning)
                           Hey...check this shit, homie...

                 Dr. Gay bursts in giggles. Phlegm sits there open eyed,
                 blinking as if trying to readjust his vision.

                                         DR. GAY
                           Lil 'Ho, that you? You look better
                           already! Damn!

                 Jason is standing looking, observing. He seems confused
                 by the laid back behavior. He cocks his head to his side
                 a few times, looking at each rapper.

                 Dr. Gay re-lights a half lit joint that is on the ash
                 tray and takes a hit.

                 He blows the smoke at Jason.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                                (lying back,
                           Man, I'm like trippin' like a
                           motherfucka. ain't seein'
                           Lil' Ho. I'

                 Dr. Gay begins laughing, as does Phlegm.

                                         DR. GAY
                                (passing the joint to
                           Yeah my nigga, I'm wit ya homie. 
                           This motherfucking driver...he's
                           like wearing a hockey mask or some

                 Jason instantly SLASHES Dr. Gay's hand off.

                 Blood flies, as his hand drops to the floor, joint still
                 burning slowly gripped between his fingers.

                 Everyone in the group laughs, thinking this is an
                 hallucination. All except Dr. Gay.

                 Jason walks forward, angered by the laughter.

                 Jason slices Dr. Gay's head clean off with one strike,
                 blood splurt's from his neck like a fountain as his head
                 flies against the bus window.

                 The group stop laughing, looking up at Jason realizing
                 this is real.

                 Scrappy Doo stands up, and pulls a gun from his trouser

                 SAME TIME : Jason thrusts his machete into Phlegm's
                 stomach. As thick blood drips from Phlegm's lips, Jason
                 pulls the machete free, watching the slain rapper slide
                 on to the couch holding his bleeding wound.

                 A bloody gap is in the couch from the impact of the
                 machete going directly through Phlegm's stomach.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO
                                (aiming his gun at
                           Fuck you, motherfucka.

                 Scrappy aims the gun to the side, and fires the gun
                 repeatedly, at least five times.

                 Jason stands, taking the bullets, hardly flinched.

                 Scrappy stands, open eyed in disbelief.

                                         SCRAPPY DOO (CONT'D)
                                (weak wimper)

                 Jason slices his machete down onto Scrappy's shoulder,
                 forcing the blade to slice to Scrappy's stomach.

                 As the rapper falls to the floor almost in half, Jason
                 looks down at him convulsing until he stops.

                 Jason slowly turns round to look at a cowering Master
                 pimp shaking on the couch, staring up at him.

                 Jason, covered in blood, stares at Master-pimp.

                  wanna record deal?
                           Fly honey's? I'm the man,
                           dog...Let me live dog...c'mon...

                 EXT. TOUR BUS

                 A loud scream is heard from the bus for a few seconds. 

                 Then nothing.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. CABIN

                 We see a smaller cabin, with no lights on inside.

                 INT. CABIN

                 HENRY MATTERSON is lying on a bed in darkness,
                 perspiration on his forehead, his white suit crumpled.

                 HENRY OPENS his eyes WIDE in a sudden movement, and
                 immediately SITS UP, looking around as if in perilous

                 HENRY puts a hand to his forehead to wipe the sweat away,
                 and breathes a sigh of relief.

                                (whispering to
                           It worked. I'm still alive and it
                           worked. Thank you God.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. FOREST


                 JASON continues to walk relentlessly through the darkness
                 of the woodland, swiping branches and bushes out of his

                 He moves moodily, aggressively, using his machete that is
                 now covered in BLOOD to swipe the woodland. The moonlight
                 illuminates JASON's hockey mask, only darkness where his
                 eyes should be.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. FOREST ROAD


                 The peace of the darkness is shattered as a POLICE car
                 speeds into view right in front of us.

                 Inside the car is SHERIFF JOHN EVERETT driving, PAUL is
                 sat in the passenger seat. In the back behind the mesh
                 barrier sits a glum RICHARD ERIKSON.

                 INT. POLICE CAR

                           You make sure you get some sleep
                           when you get back to camp you
                           understand me, boy?

                 PAUL nods his head.

                           My name is Paul, Sheriff, and I'm
                           not even that drunk.

                 The SHERIFF takes a look at PAUL, then turns his
                 attention back to the road.

                           Maybe not. But you're friend back
                           there was no way near fit to drive
                           these roads in pitch black. I
                           don't care how long he's been
                           here, you never get used to these

                 ERIKSON leans forward to the mesh wire from the backseat.

                           That's sure very colorful and I'll
                           know who to appoint as a tourist
                           advisor next time I come down
                           here, Sheriff, but as a visitor
                           and possible investor to this
                           backwards town I don't appreciate
                           being treated like a criminal for
                           a reason you still haven't told

                 The SHERIFF takes a look back at ERIKSON, his stone cold
                 look intimidating ERIKSON to sit back down.

                           We keep things quiet round here. I
                           don't like city boys coming down
                           here thinking they know everything
                           when they don't know jack shit.
                           This is for your own protection
                           more then anything else.

                           I've helped construct buildings in
                           New York City, Los Angeles,
                           Europe. But I cant even get the
                           authorities here to tell me who I
                           need to contact to buy out a piece
                           of woodland. Why is this place so
                           afraid of change?

                 EXT. FOREST ROAD

                 The POLICE car makes a SUDDEN SLIDING BREAK, causing dust
                 to fly into the night sky.

                 INT. POLICE CAR

                 The SHERIFF jumps out his door and goes to the back of
                 the car, opening the back door, he GRABS ERIKSON and
                 PULLS him out of the car.

                 PAUL looks back in astonishment and confusion.

                 EXT. POLICE CAR

                 The SHERIFF firmly GRABS ERIKSON by his collar and SLAMS
                 him onto the boot of the car.

                           Look here you piece of shit. You
                           type of people think you can come
                           in here with a bunch of money,
                           knock down people's livelihoods
                           and then you will go and in a few
                           years time, this will be another
                           slum for junkies and scum. You
                           don't know what you are dealing
                           with unless you want to be left
                           out here to walk back to wherever,
                           I STRONGLY suggest you SHUT THE
                           FUCK UP.

                 EXT. FOREST ROAD

                 POV - JASON VOORHEES

                 A fair distance away in the woodland, hidden amongst the
                 bushes, JASON is closing in slowly on the POLICE car.

                 EXT. POLICE CAR

                 The SHERIFF still has ERIKSON locked beneath him on the
                 boot of the car. ERIKSON is pleading with the SHERIFF.

                           Look...OK...I wont say a thing OK,
                           don't leave me out here!!

                 The SHERIFF released his grip on ERIKSON.

                           Be sure you don't. Another word
                           and you are on foot, you got that?

                           Yes... are in charge..

                 EXT. FOREST ROAD

                 JASON is closing in on the POLICE car, slowly moving,
                 machete GRIPPED TIGHT in his giant rotten hand.

                 INT. POLICE CAR

                 The SHERIFF sits back into the drivers seat, looks at
                 PAUL, who is pretty shocked at what he just witnessed.

                           I don't want to offer you the same
                           choice, Paul. You keep as quiet as
                           you been so far we have no
                           problems, good with you?

                 PAUL, intimidated as he is, looks at the SHERIFF eye to

                           You got it, Sheriff.

                 Behind in the back seat, ERIKSON clambers in, looking

                           OK, then lets get you back to this
                           camp. Three peas in a pod. Happily
                           cruising down the road.

                 EXT, FOREST ROAD

                 The POLICE car drives off with speed, leaving another
                 trail of dust in its path.

                 As the dust settles, we see JASON stood directly where
                 the police car just left off, a second away, now unseen
                 for now.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. CROOKED CANDLE PUB

                 The pub still has a few people inside, country music
                 playing in the background with mixed laughter.

                 DENNIS is sat at the bar still, hands in his head.

                 The BARMAN comes over to DENNIS with a bottle of beer.

                           On the house. Drink it up before
                           the Sheriff gets back.

                 DENNIS accepts the beer surprised.


                 The BARMAN nods in acknowledgment.

                                         DENNIS (CONT'D)
                           Tell me, why is he got such a chip
                           on his shoulder?

                 The BARMAN smiles and leans on the bar towards DENNIS.

                           Oh Johns alright when you get to
                           know him. Don't let him fool ya
                           with his talk. He's got nothing
                           against you lot, feels protective
                           more then anything else.

                 DENNIS swigs his free beer, possibly feeling this is
                 owing him back for the one the SHERIFF downed earlier.

                           You know, I've been at Forest
                           Green all year nearly. Not once
                           has anything gone wrong down
                           there. You think the Sheriff might
                           be appreciative of what we've

                           You probably boosted tourism
                           somewhat, made the camp a safe
                           place to go again.

                           The way some people react to that
                           is as if its a bad thing to do.

                 The BARMAN smiles wryly.

                           Maybe it is.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. CAMP FOREST GREEN


                 More views of the camp site, the lake moonlight lit, mist
                 becoming more heavy and foggier.

                 INT. MAIN CABIN

                 ALICIA and KARA are sat around near the fireplace. No
                 sign of the others.

                           Lets appreciate the peace while we
                           got it.

                           Eddie's not that bad but I know
                           what you mean. God, Louise can
                           really be a bit too clever for her
                           own good.

                           I know shes not as stupid as she
                           likes to make people believe.

                 They both look at each other for a moment, then laugh.

                                         ALICIA (CONT'D)
                           OK, maybe she can be a bit stupid

                           A bit like Dennis perhaps in the
                           fact he is supposed to be the
                           responsible one here?

                           Well I would never say a thing
                           against Dennis.

                 KARA looks at ALICIA with raised eyebrows.

                                         ALICIA (CONT'D)
                           OK, he has messed up big time

                           I guess he wont be getting any of
                           what Louise and Eddie are tasting
                           right now later, right?

                           Who said he was getting "any"

                           Oh come on Alicia!!

                           No I am surprised at how basically
                           immature he's been tonight. And
                           I'm pretty surprised at Paul too,
                           to be honest. I know we aren't
                           starving but it is the fact he has
                           taken the only car and not
                           bothered about us. I haven't seen
                           that side of him.

                           Well don't over react too much,
                           like you said, I'm sure they've
                           got a reasonable excuse.

                           Yeah, you're right.

                           Maybe Jason got them.

                           Oh, they will be wishing he did
                           after I get finished with them.

                 They both crack up in laughter in front of the warmth of
                 the fireplace.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. CABIN

                 HENRY MATTERSON is lying upright on the bed, he is
                 sweating, lights still turned out. He looks crazed
                 amongst the illumination of the moonlight beaming through
                 the windows.

                 HENRY is holding tight to a NECK CHAIN he has,
                 unsurpisingly, around his neck.

                 HENRY begins to grin, laughing to himself as he clutches
                 tightly to the chain.

                                (to himself)
                           Aboua, God bless you.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. SMALLER CABIN (LOL)


                 Lights are off, here we have EDDIE and LOUISE lying in a
                 bed, cuddling close together, EDDIE smoking a joint.

                                (love struck)
                           Mmmm, I just wish we could stay
                           and do this all day all night,
                           every day.

                 EDDIE takes a smoke of his joint, looks unimpressed at
                 what his girlfriend has to say.

                           Fuck that. I cant wait to get home
                           and watch some TV.

                                (becoming finally
                           God's sake Eddie. Cant you for
                           once say something romantic or
                           even something that's  fucking
                           nice to me??

                           Babe, I love you, you know that.

                                (smiling again)
                           See, was that so hard to say?

                           Nah, I'm high.

                 LOUISE playfully slaps EDDIE on his chest.

                                         EDDIE (CONT'D)
                           Think I'm joking? If you wasn't
                           busy sucking my pimpstick I might
                           actually be able to watch the
                           films I wanna see when we are
                           home. You know that is kinda

                           And what is more distracting then
                           me Mr Wannabegangsta?

                           They are doing a three film
                           slasher marathon on sci-fi channel
                           next month so I don't want your
                           skank ass bothering me when they
                           are on. The "Gruff" trilogy is on
                           too. You know I love them films.

                                (trying to rise
                                 Eddie's interest)
                           Oh fine, well I'll stay on my own
                           and watch porn all day with
                           nothing but my pink dildo and

                 EDDIE cuts her off, putting his finger to her lips.

                           I'm thinking of other things,
                           babe. Some other time.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. FOREST

                 JASON is walking, stalking the forest, walking knowing
                 exactly where he is going, letting nothing apart from
                 trees get in his way from his destination.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 INT. MAIN CABIN

                 ALICIA and KARA are still by the fireside until a
                 gravelling sound from outside and a  flashing light
                 shines through the cabin, grabbing both their attention.

                 EXT. CAMP SITE

                 The POLICE car parks right near the MAIN CABIN,
                 headlights beaming.

                 SHERIFF EVERETT steps outside the car.

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 MAIN CABIN.

                 ALICIA and KARA stand up, KARA runs to the window.

                                (delighted smile)
                           I sure hope Eddie has stashed his
                           dope away because our prayers have
                           been answered baby!

                 ALICIA runs up, ecstatic, to the window to join KARA.

                 Both girls celebrate in ecstatic (man I love that word)
                 style, before heading to the door of the cabin to greet
                 the police.

                 EXT. CAMP SITE

                 SHERIFF EVERETT greets ALICIA and KARA, who are both
                 running towards him, with a calm down hands down sign.

                 PAUL steps out of the passenger side.

                 INT. POLICE CAR

                 RICHARD ERIKSON is trying to open the police car door but
                 to no success. He resigns, and sits back with a sigh,

                                (muttering to
                           Oh we have a big lawsuit facing
                           you Mr Sheriff of the woods, I'm
                           going to cook you and this shit
                           hole town like bacon...

                                                                  CUT TO.

                 EXT. CAMP SITE

                 The SHERIFF places his hands on ALICIA's shoulders and
                 looks her straight in her eyes. KARA looks over to where
                 PAUL can be seen walking towards them. 

                           OK, now slow down. What seems to
                           be the problem here?

                           There's a guy who collapsed in the
                           camp earlier today, he's been out
                           cold all day. 

                 ALICIA tells the SHERIFF what has been happening in the
                 BACKGROUND. KARA greets PAUL.

                           So where's Dennis, Paul? What's
                           with the cavalry?

                                (looking disgruntled)
                           Its a long story. 

                 KARA looks beyond PAUL and glimpses ERIKSON in the back
                 of the police car, quietly moaning to himself.

                  looks like it. 

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT. MAIN CABIN 

                 KARA, PAUL and ALICIA are in the cabin sitting at the
                 table. The SHERIFF is standing looking at them.

                           You kids the only lot here?

                           No, Eddie and Louise are...

                 The sheriff rises his eyebrow in a disapproving way,
                 before breaking a rare wry smile.

                           Well, take me to where this guy
                           is, lets sort this out.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. FOREST  - NIGHT 

                 We see the camp and its cabins from behind a group of
                 trees from the distance. 

                 Suddenly, JASON walks into sight and he pauses. JASON
                 stands still, looking onwards at the place he once called
                 his home. 

                 JASON slowly slants his head , dog like, to his left.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT MAIN CABIN - NIGHT

                 ALICIA and the SHERIFF walk outside the cabin door.
                 ALICIA is leading the SHERIFF to another cabin.

                           So DENNIS wont be coming back
                           tonight then, Sheriff?

                           You got it in one.

                 We follow them walking up to the cabin.

                 INT CABIN

                 As the SHERIFF and ALICIA walk in the door, HENRY
                 MATTERSON, sitting up on the bed, looks up astonished.

                 The SHERIFF stands in the doorway, his expression one of
                 expectancy. He folds his arms as ALICIA stands back.

                           Oh hey, you're up, how you

                 HENRY remains quiet, gobsmacked and without a thing to

                                (sternly, looking
                                 directly at Henry)
                           Oh he's feeling fine now. But He's
                           going to be feeling a lot worse
                           later I can tell you that.

                 ALICIA senses something is not quite right between the
                 two and keeps her distance.

                           You want me to leave, sheriff?.
                           You need a statement I'll be happy
                           to - - 

                 The Sheriff looks around to ALICIA and gives off another
                 of his stern looks. 

                 Alicia expresses her slight understanding and slips out
                 of the door.

                 EXT CABIN - NIGHT

                 ALICIA leaves the door, and walks back, looking once over
                 he shoulder, before jogging back to the main cabin.

                 INT CABIN

                 The SHERIFF closes the door with one shove, without even
                 looking behind him.

                 HENRY sits on the bed, looking nervous, sweating,

                 The Sheriff walks slowly towards HENRY, not taking his
                 eyes off him for a second, a fierce anger in his face.

                                (quiet anger)
                           Well looky at what we got here.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT SMALL CABIN - NIGHT 

                 A window illuminates a light that has just been switched
                 on, forming the image of JASON VOORHEES, standing right
                 outside it. 

                 JASON is motionless, his machete gripped cement-like in

                 INT SMALL CABIN

                 The light in the cabin makes us see it a small but tidy,
                 cozy little place. 
                 EDDIE is finishing putting his shirt on, LOUISE is lying
                 flat out on the bed, curling her hair in her finger.

                           Well, lets go see what all the
                           fuss is about.

                 Louise seems uninterested, preferring to role over on the
                 bed and let off a groan of displeasure.

                           Why don't you go. It's only going
                           to be Dennis and Paul.

                 Eddie lights a joint and smiles beaming at his so called
                 loved one.

                                (under the influence)
                           That's why I'm going to see what
                           the fuss is about, dearest.
                           Hopefully one of the lame-asses
                           brought back some beer, I have a
                           serious dry throat.

                 Eddie then turns his back and walks out the door, leaving
                 Louise to lie back on the bed, hand on head.

                 EXT SMALL CABIN - NIGHT 

                 We see EDDIE stumbling out of the door, smoking his
                 reefer, barely looking where he is going.

                 He pulls his hands out to hold on to the cabin to guide
                 himself walking until he opens his eyes, and we follow
                 him walking up to the main cabin.

                 INT SMALL CABIN 

                 Louise sits up in her bed that is side by side with a
                 large patioed window, naked, of course, and begins to
                 comb her hair.

                 Louise is concentrating on her hair, eyes closed, and she
                 turns her back to the window, lying back a little.

                 Louise seems completely relaxed, as she combs her hair
                 through and through, eyes closed, dreaming of some
                 distant place of paradise.

                 Behind Louise is a shape moving beyond the window.

                 We look up to see it is JASON VOORHEES, staring into the
                 cabin window, looking DIRECTLY at LOUISE.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 Eddie lunges through the door, high as a kite, smoking
                 his joint and with a massive smile on his face, muttering
                 stoned language.

                 Suddenly, Eddie pauses still as we see the cabin is
                 filled with KARA, ALICIA, PAUL, HENRY MATTERSON and the
                 SHERIFF, most noticeable.

                 HENRY is sat on the furthest chair from the door, nearest
                 the fireplace, where as the others are scattered around.

                 HENRY also is handcuffed, hands behind his back.

                 Everyone looks up at EDDIE as he remains paused by the

                 EDDIE lets his joint slip from his mouth, releasing a
                 large amount of smoke.

                 The Sheriff looks bemused, Kara is quietly giggling, Paul
                 has his hand on his mouth and Alicia has her eyes closed
                 in embarrassment for Eddie.

                           If you tell me this is another guy
                           you don't know that has just
                           walked in here I am going to shut
                           this place down.



                 Everyone looks around, startled.

                           Oh my God, where is Louise?

                 Eddie stands at the door, bewildered.

                 Everyone else looks towards Eddie.

                           She...she's in the cabin

                 The sheriff rushes annoyed towards the door.

                           God damn you kid if anything has
                           happened to the girl.

                 EXT MAIN CABIN

                 The Sheriff runs out the door, followed by PAUL and

                 The screaming has stopped.

                 We follow the sheriff as he stops midway towards the
                 small cabin.

                 The sheriff looks back at Paul and Eddie who are joining

                                (Yelling orderly)
                           GET BACK INSIDE AND SHUT THE DOOR.

                 EXT CAMP SITE - NIGHT

                 Paul and Eddie get back inside the main cabin, closing
                 the door behind them.

                 The sheriff pauses, looks around him.

                 There are various cabins on the site.

                 The mist is in the distance of the camp site, tall trees
                 hauntingly in the background.

                 The sheriff puts his hand to his gun in his belt.

                 He draws it cautiously, his breathing becoming rasp and

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 KARA and EDDIE are looking through the large glass
                 window, trying to get a decent view of what the sheriff
                 is doing.

                 PAUL is against the door, ALICIA near him in surprise at
                 what is going on.

                 HENRY is still handcuffed, remains seated on a chair
                 behind the burning old fashioned fireplace.

                           What the hell is he doing? He's
                           pulled his gun out and is just
                           standing there?

                                (to EDDIE)
                           What did you do to her?

                           I didn't do shit to her.

                 ALICIA is calm, walking towards PAUL who is looking

                           What is going on Paul? 

                           I don't know, I am as confused as
                           you are right now.

                           I'm talking about that sheriff. He
                           handcuffs the guy that collapsed
                           here earlier and says nothing,
                           brings him in here, says nothing,
                           and he hasn't said a word about
                           why Dennis isn't here. Is Dennis
                           really drunk? What is going on?

                           Alicia, Dennis is fine OK.
                           Everything is OK, this sheriff guy
                           is a bit nuts and I don't have a
                           clue what this old guy is all
                                (referring to Henry))
                           But everything is OK, its cool.

                 Kara looks towards them with a smile, enjoying the slight
                 action that seems to have happened.

                           No it ain't cool its Friday the

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT FOREST 

                 We see the police car dormant amongst lifelessness.

                 The forest is the only view from the side of the car,
                 only from its front view can you see the camp site.

                 RICHARD ERIKSON's face is just about visible from the
                 backseat of the car.

                 INT POLICE CAR - BACKSEAT

                 ERIKSON is sat in the back looking at the camp site
                 through the barred fence of the barrier in place as a
                 security measure in most police vehicles. 

                 ERIKSON'S POV

                 We see both doors have no handles, no way of escape.

                                (to himself)
                           How did I end up in this shit?

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT SMALL CABIN

                 The Sheriff BURSTS through the door.

                 The lights are out.

                 The door is wide open, allowing small amounts of light to
                 penetrate the room.

                 An eerie blue green colored light penetrates the room.

                 The sheriff steps into the room, cautiously.

                 The sheriff looks left to right.


                 SHERIFF's POV

                 From right to left, darkness, making out a bed and a

                                                                   CUT TO

                 EXT NIGHT SKY - DARK

                 The sky clouds are forming above.

                 The moonlight beams light as ever as clouds pass it.

                                                                   CUT TO

                 INT SMALL CABIN - DARK

                 The sheriff treads slowly into the cabin.

                 His face is perspired with cold sweat.

                 His hand holding his gun, a finger ready to pull the
                 trigger at any given time.

                                (anxious, angry,)
                           OK, it is the police. 


                 No movement.


                 A movement of the planks of wood beneath the sheriff
                 creak, giving off an awful eerie sound within each
                 footstep he takes.

                 The light from the window gives off a beam of light to
                 the bed to which the sheriff is headed.

                 There lies someone.

                 Beneath the covers.

                 The sheriff points his pistol at the bed.

                 The sheriff is sweating, cold sweat dripping from his

                                         SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                           I am the sheriff of police. You
                           have ten seconds before I will
                           fire at you. Please make a very
                           slight movement or I will spray
                           your fucking brains on the wall.


                 The sheriff puts both his hands on his gun to steady
                 himself, fearing something obviously.

                 The sheriff moves closer.

                 He walks to the side of the bed.

                 The moonlight glow illuminates a body inside the covers.

                                         SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                                (whispering to
                           I wanted you for a long time you
                           son of a bit- -

                 JUST as the Sheriff uncovers the cover of the bed, LOUISE
                 sits up in amazement.

                                (thinking it is
                           You kinky mother fuck...

                 Both the Sheriff and Louise stare at each other for a

                 The sheriff has his gun pointed directly at Louise's

                 Louise is looking just like she woke up.

                 EXT FOREST

                 A loud SCREAM is heard, the exact same we heard a few
                 moments before.

                 INT SMALL CABIN

                 The sheriff and Louise are holding each other, the
                 sheriff reluctantly.

                           You scream liked that a moment

                 Louise sits up.

                           I caught my hair in my comb, how
                           would you like it?

                 The sheriff lays back on the bed in bewildered amazement.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT CAMP SITE - POLICE CAR - NIGHT 

                 The police car is there, alone, stray leaves blowing
                 against it in the gathering wind.

                 The perfectly man made road gathering dust from the wind.

                 The police car looks dead, no lights. Nothing.

                 Apart from ERIKSON in the back of the vehicle.

                 INT POLICE CAR

                 Erikson is sitting there, wandering in his own mind.

                 Erikson looks from inside outside one of the only two
                 windows he has to look out of.

                 ERIKSON's POV

                 Through the window we see woods, and slight mist.

                 Endless trees

                 EXT POLICE CAR - FOREST - NIGHT 

                 A dark figure walks towards the police car, from the
                 side. Slowly.


                 He walks slowly, looking around.

                 JASON has his machete gripped in hand.

                 INT POLICE CAR

                 The radio is calling out for sheriff Everett.

                 ERIKSON looks to his nearest window, looking out.

                 EXT POLICE CAR - FOREST

                 JASON slowly trudges towards the car.

                 INT POLICE CAR


                 The back WINDOW is SMASHED into PIECES from JASON's

                 ERIKSON cowers and covers himself with his hands as he
                 ducks down.

                 ERIKSON screams as he looks up from his hands to see the
                 fearsome sight of JASON from behind the car.

                 JASON walks round to the side of the car and SMASHES the
                 back door window to pieces with his FIST.

                 ERIKSON scampers to the other door, but it wont open.
                 ERIKSON attempts to kick down the mesh fence between the
                 back and front of the police car, with no success.

                 ERIKSON looks to the back window, which is now free of

                 Just as ERIKSON is about to dive through the gap, the
                 DOOR is ripped off its hinges, JASON discarding it like
                 an empty can.

                                (begging for life)
                           No...please...I'll pay you...

                 EXT. POLICE CAR

                 JASON grabs ERIKSON and pulls him outside the police car.

                 JASON grabs ERIKSON's head one handed, forcing him to
                 kneel down.

                 ERIKSON continues to wail and yell, attempting without
                 success to get JASON's vice like grip off him.

                 JASON brings his MACHETE high into the air, before he
                 brings it down, SLICING ERIKSON's head off. 

                 As ERIKSON's body slumps to the floor spraying blood,
                 JASON casually tosses ERIKSON's decapitated head into the
                 back of the police car.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT CAMP SITE - NIGHT 

                 The SHERIFF and LOUISE (now dressed, but looking
                 bewildered) walking to the main cabin, are stopped in
                 their tracks following the wailing sound of ERIKSON's
                 desperate scream echoing in the darkness.

                           What the hell was that?

                 The SHERIFF pulls out his gun.

                           Lets get to that cabin.

                 We follow the SHERIFF and LOUISE as they quickly rush to
                 the main cabin and into the door.

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 As the SHERIFF and LOUISE burst through the door, the
                 remaining group jump in surprise.

                 KARA, ALICIA, PAUL and EDDIE all turn round, HENRY
                 remains handcuffed near the fireplace, looking unfazed.

                 The SHERIFF walks over to the window where EDDIE is
                 placed, and looks out of it, LOUISE runs up to hug EDDIE.

                           You OK, Louise? What happened? 

                           Yeah I'm fine, but did you guys
                           hear that yelling?

                 EDDIE hugs LOUISE soothingly.

                           We heard it. It was the guy in the
                           back of the police car.

                 The SHERIFF cant see much out of the window. 

                 He turns around and faces PAUL with a serious look on his

                           I want you to keep the door locked
                                (looking firmly at
                           And keep an eye on that guy.

                 The SHERIFF turns to walk outside, but is caught in his
                 tracks by HENRY MATTERSON, giggling to himself.

                 The rest of the group look confused and worried.

                 HENRY turns to look at them, smiling knowingly. The
                 fireplace distorts HENRY's appearance.

                           I wouldn't go out there if I were

                           What is he talking about?

                 The SHERIFF storms over to HENRY.

                           I don't know but I'm getting
                           mighty pissed off.

                 The SHERIFF grabs HENRY by his shirt and eyeballs him

                 HENRY's NECK CHAIN falls to the floor, broken by the
                 sheriff's grasp.

                 HENRY suddenly looses his smug look and looks desperately
                 to the floor to where his CHAIN has fallen.

                  chain...I need it...

                 The SHERIFF yanks HENRY up and THROWS him down to the

                 HENRY nearly falls into the fireplace!

                 PAUL, looking increasingly unimpressed with the SHERIFF's
                 way of dealing with people, steps in between him and

                           Hey that's enough SHERIFF.

                 The SHERIFF pushes PAUL out of the way, and picks up
                 HENRY's chain from the floor.

                 He tosses it into the burning FIREPLACE.

                 HENRY, hands behind his back, CRIES out in outrage.

                           NO!! MY CHAIN!!

                 HENRY DIVES into the FIREPLACE, head first, attempting to
                 get the chain out with his TEETH!

                 The remaining group are stunned and gasp in disbelief.

                 PAUL and the SHERIFF instinctively rush to DRAG HENRY out
                 of the fire, his suit is slightly ABLAZE.

                 Screams from LOUISE and KARA in the background.

                                         ALICIA (V.O.)
                           Oh my fucking God!

                 The SHERIFF and PAUL manage to smother HENRY and
                 extinguish the flames. HENRY's head looks RED and CUT,
                 BURNT hair and skin. His FACE is only slightly burnt, but
                 he is moping in pain and agony. The SHERIFF undoes
                 HENRY's handcuffs.

                                         ALICIA (CONT'D)
                           My god, get a first aid kit!

                           I got one in my trunk, I'll go get

                 The SHERIFF stands up, looking down on HENRY who is
                 covering his head with his hands, rocking in a cradled
                 motion, visibly in pain. PAUL is sat next to him, face in

                                         SHERIFF (CONT'D)
                           Crazy son of a bitch.

                                (looking on in
                           Man, that chain must be worth some
                           serious cash.

                 LOUISE begins crying on EDDIE's shoulder. She cant take
                 what she just witnessed.

                 The SHERIFF walks over to the door, looks back before he

                                (speaking loudly to
                           Lock the door and don't let no one
                           in unless you know it's me.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT MAIN CABIN

                 The SHERIFF closes the door behind him as a forceful gust
                 of wind blows dry leaves towards him, leaving him to
                 guard his eyes with his hand.

                 He grabs for his gun and walks slowly through the camp
                 grounds on his destination towards the police car.

                 STALKING POINT OF VIEW

                 Someone or something is in the forest, hidden in the
                 trees, looking at SHERIFF. Breathing heavy, we walk
                 slowly away and look into the main camp.

                 SHERIFF walks slowly, watching each step he takes with
                 care, gun firmly in hand.

                 SHERIFF POV

                 We see the police car.

                 The SHERIFF runs up to the police car and pauses once he
                 nears the vehicle.

                 The back window is smashed in, the back door is missing
                 and ERIKSON is no where in site.

                 SHERIFF POV

                 We look down and see a large puddle of dark red liquid
                 seeping into the dust ground.

                 The SHERIFF is has already stepped into it unwittingly.

                 He jumps back in disgust.


                 A noise of twigs breaking/snapping from behind...

                 The SHERIFF spins round aiming his gun in the direction
                 of the noise, but there is nothing there. Only trees and
                 miles of forest.

                 The SHERIFF is not so sure however. He goes to open the
                 front door drivers side of the police car and he slides
                 in, keeping his eyes on the site where the sound just
                 came from.

                 SHERIFF POV

                 We look to grab the radio handset when our eyes catch
                 site of an object on the passenger seat.

                 It is ERIKSON's decapitated HEAD!

                 The SHERIFF yells in shock and surprise and quickly darts
                 out of the police car, turning round and jumping right

                 JASON VOORHEES!

                 The SHERIFF looks PETRIFIED as JASON rams his FIST right
                 THROUGH the SHERIFF's stomach, and bursting out his back,
                 sending a splurge of blood and gore flying.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 The group huddle together.

                           You guys hear that or was it just

                           Sounded like the sheriff.

                 PAUL and EDDIE look at each other concerned. 

                 LOUISE is still holding onto EDDIE tightly.

                 HENRY is sat by the fireplace, looking into the flames,
                 still expressing pain from his burns.

                           Fuck is going on, man.

                 PAUL looks at HENRY.

                           Hey, you know what is happening
                           here don't you?

                 HENRY looks on into the fireplace bemused, no longer
                 caring, only for his burns.

                                (to PAUL)
                           Maybe we should go out there and
                           actually like find out what is
                           going on?

                 PAUL looks to EDDIE unsure.

                                (looking up from
                                 Eddie's shoulder in
                           No no you are not leaving me and
                           going out there! You will die too!

                 KARA and ALICIA walk to the window, looking out.

                 ALICIA over hears LOUISE's whine.

                           No one is getting killed, LOUISE,
                           you need to get a grip here.

                           Exactly, we are all overreacting.
                           Well, hopefully.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT CAMP SITE - POLICE CAR

                 JASON is chopping the SHERIFF's dismembered body to a
                 BLOODY mess with his MACHETE. REPEATEDLY hacking away,
                 the SHERIFF is no longer recognizable as even a corpse.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. CROOKED CANDLE PUB - NIGHT 

                 All looks quiet and peaceful, with just one car outside,
                 and soft music playing from within.

                 INT CROOKED CANDLE PUB

                 DENNIS wakes up at one of the tables,apart from the
                 BARMAN, he is the only one left inside.

                 DENNIS looks miserable, eyes widening as he familiarizes
                 his surroundings.

                 DENNIS gets up from the table, checking his watch.

                 We do not see the time.

                 DENNIS walks over to the bar, no one seems to be there.

                           Hey, yo, anyone in here?

                 A voice emerges from beyond the counter.

                                (calling back)
                           Ah, sleeping beauty awakens.

                           How long have I been out?

                 The barman walks into scene drying a pint glass, looking
                 tired and haggard.

                           A while,kid. Don't worry, the
                           sheriff ain't back here yet.

                 Dennis double checks his watch.

                           Still? He does know I meant we
                           were staying at Camp Forest Green
                           and not the tropical rain forests
                           of the amazon?

                 The barman looks at him clueless and shrugs his

                                         DENNIS (CONT'D)
                           You know, the sheriff didn't take
                           my car key with him.

                 The barman shrugs his shoulders again, walking off to
                 clean up some of the tables.

                           You can stay here until Sheriff
                           Everett gets here. Don't go
                           getting yourself in any more

                 Dennis flips his car key out his pocket, smiling to

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 MAIN CABIN 

                 ALICIA sits near HENRY, who seems to have gotten over his
                 pain and is sitting on the floor, opposite the fireplace,
                 watching the flames flicker.

                           That chain...was important to you
                           wasn't it?

                 HENRY looks over at her with a scolding look. HENRY's
                 hair has been half burnt off and the top half of his face
                 looks red and sore. 

                 He looks like the monster his character has been.

                           You think I enjoy diving head
                           first into lit fireplaces, girl?

                 ALICIA stands up.

                           Look, you don't need to be rude.
                           We only tried to help you earlier.

                 LOUISE, sitting down with EDDIE on the main table, over
                 hears the conversation.

                                (angrily to HENRY)
                           Yeah, since you've turned up
                           things have suddenly got a lot

                 PAUL and KARA are standing by the window.

                           I can't see the sheriff out there.
                           He should be back by now.

                                (looking admiringly
                                 at Paul)

                 PAUL takes a double look at KARA. He notices her staring
                 at him for the first time.

                 He smiles appreciatively.

                 EDDIE, LOUISE and ALICIA are trying to get the truth out
                 of HENRY.

                           So, man. You gonna tell us what
                           you were doing creeping around the
                           Or you just some kind of perv?

                 LOUISE smiles and kisses her boyfriend on his cheek,
                 doing much to boost his ego.

                 HENRY remains sitting, pining for his chain, looking
                 dismayed as the fire continues to burn the logs inside
                 the place.

                                (towards HENRY and
                                 the group)
                           For what its worth, the sheriff
                           was an asshole for throwing your
                           chain in there pal.

                 HENRY smiles sarcastically. 

                 He looks down to the wooden floor.

                           The sheriff is dead. We are all
                           going to die.

                 The group all look over at HENRY's comment.

                 EDDIE lets loose of LOUISE and walks over to HENRY,
                 looking fairly unhappy at HENRY's prediction.

                           This old guy is really tickin' me
                           off. What are you on about we're
                           all gonna die?

                           I say we throw the old pervert out
                           of here. He gives me the creeps.

                 PAUL walks over.

                           We cant do that.

                           Yeah, he hasn't actually done
                           anything wrong you know.

                 LOUISE gives off a nasty look to HENRY's direction.

                           How do we know he hasn't? Why did
                           the sheriff handcuff him if he's
                           done nothing?

                 HENRY smiles to himself.

                 EDDIE lights a cigarette and goes over to PAUL.

                           Look man, where is this sheriff?
                           What kind of clown is he? 

                 HENRY begins to giggle. The group look at him with
                 concern. Henry is beginning to crack up it seems.

                                         EDDIE (CONT'D)
                           I'm becoming seriously tempted
                           with throwing that old guy back in
                           the fireplace unless he shuts up.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT CAMP SITE

                 The lumbering and imposing figure of JASON walks slowly
                 through the site.

                 JASON looks through the windows of various cabins, until
                 his attention is taken by the main cabin, with its lights
                 blaring from its large window.

                 JASON looks up and pauses still for a moment.

                 Then grasping his blood soaked machete, begins to walk
                 slowly towards the cabin.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 HENRY has everyone's attention. The old guy stands to his
                 feet in front of the fireplace and runs his hand through
                 his remaining hair. 

                                (to HENRY)
                           Look, we will get you to a
                           hospital as soon as the sheriff
                           gets back here. 

                 HENRY laughs out loud as he walks to the window and gazes

                 His suit is burnt and ruined, his appearance reflecting
                 from the window in front of him.

                           We aren't getting out of here.

                 PAUL comes across to the window.

                           Can you tell us why?

                 KARA moves over to join PAUL. 

                 EDDIE, LOUISE and ALICIA are near the fireplace, but all
                 eyes are on HENRY.

                           Yeah man, spill this shit. Lets
                           hear something from you. You ain't
                           said jack and shit all night. 
                           Apart from being a tramp, being
                           arrested and diving into people's
                           fireplace's you seem real normal.

                 HENRY walks over to EDDIE and stares him straight in the

                           Got a cigarette there, boy?

                 EDDIE backs off, his expression suggesting HENRY is far
                 from smelling nicely.

                                (handing HENRY a
                                 cigarette and
                                (behind HENRY's back)
                           You could probably light it off
                           your head.

                 HENRY sparks his cigarette and sneaks the lighter into
                 his pocket without EDDIE noticing.

                           I don't know if any of you kids
                           are superstitious. But I sure hope
                           you know the date, boys and girls.

                 HENRY, sensing he is in charge, takes a seat on the
                 window ledge.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           Friday the 13th. The birth date of
                           the most evil creation that has
                           ever lived on this planet.

                                (shaking his head)
                           Oh come on for fuck sake. What is
                           this a wind up show?

                 PAUL intervenes.

                           Shut up Eddie, let him speak.

                 EDDIE sits down near the table shaking his head. He is
                 not interested in hearing ghost stories.

                                (a gaze in his eyes,
                                 he is losing it
                           You could blame the ancient Norse
                           culture. The mischievous God,
                           Loki, gate crashed a party a
                           twelve, murdering a hero named

                 The group look staring at HENRY, in confusion and utter

                 HENRY continues, his blank gaze drifting somewhere only
                 he would know where.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           The last supper, yes, you can say
                           that is where it all began. The
                           thirteenth member of the meal,
                           Judas, the apostle who betrayed
                           Jesus. The thirteenth member to
                           arrive. Jesus' crucifixion was on
                           a Friday.
                                (a more distant look
                                 in henry's face)
                           A coven of witches is twelve, plus
                           the Devil himself. A ceremony of
                           blood to be held on a Friday. To
                           resurrect an ancient power.
                                (a sly look to the
                                 remaining group)
                           The origins of the Christian
                           church itself.

                 ALICIA becomes increasingly agitated.

                           I'm a Christian, what are you
                           talking about? What has this got
                           to do with anything?

                           Nothing. This is all babble talk,
                           don't listen to him.

                 HENRY chuckles to himself, stubbing his cigarette out on
                 his wrist. 

                 HENRY looks at the group, an expression of satisfaction
                 from his own pain.

                           What we have here is an historic
                           event I have been pursuing for
                           years. A reason to bring him back.
                           On a Friday the 13th in 1306, King
                           Philip of France arrested the
                           revered Knights Templar and began
                           torturing them, marking the
                           occasion as a day of evil. A
                           Templar escaped, fleeing where no
                           one would find him. He died here,
                           and he died with a terrible curse
                           that has haunted these woods ever
                           since. The curse of Crystal lake.
                           A curse that has been dormant. But
                           I have brought back that evil...

                 HENRY's voice trails off, leaving the group dumbfounded
                 and stunned.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                           That chain was my protection. 
                                (babbling insanely)
                           I spent a lot of money on a
                           Haitian witch doctor, who gave me
                           it... Money buys everything
                  worked...He rose from the
                           grave...and he didn't kill
                  he will...
                                (angry and
                           BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE MY FUCKING


                 The large window SHATTERS into the cabin as JASON GRABS
                 HENRY from outside, DRAGGING him out of the cabin!

                 ALICIA and KARA instantly run from the cabin screaming.

                 LOUISE screams in terror, and PAUL and EDDIE duck from
                 the flying glass.

                 HENRY yells out in horror.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT MAIN CABIN

                 Right outside the broken window, JASON has HENRY's neck
                 in between his massive arms. 

                 HENRY is powerless, his arms flailing to no avail as
                 JASON squeezes his arms together, crushing HENRY's neck.

                 JASON releases HENRY's lifeless body to the ground and
                 picks up his MACHETE that is imbedded into the ground.

                 A slight gurgle from HENRY is soon turned to silence as
                 JASON THRUSTS the machete DIRECTLY downwards with so much
                 strength, only the handle of the weapon is visible from
                 HENRY's BACK. He is pinned to the ground, very much dead.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT CROOKED CANDLE PUB

                 Dennis is getting ready to leave the pub. The barman is
                 sitting at one of the tables, drinking a short.

                           If the sheriff gets back, tell him
                           I had a stomach ache and my mom
                           picked me up. 
                           I'll be sure to bring in a letter

                 The barman shakes his head in disapproval as Dennis walks
                 out of the pub.

                 EXT CROOKED CANDLE PUB

                 Dennis walks to his car, opens the door, climbs in.

                 INT CAR

                 Dennis takes a look at the pub, giving one last thought
                 to staying and waiting for the sheriff.

                 He turns, smiles to himself, and drives off down the

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. LAKE BANK

                 The lake is glittering under a bright full moonlit sky
                 and there is a long ramp that leads out into the lake
                 nearby the bank.

                 Kara and Alicia are standing at the lake bank, catching
                 their breath. Both look terrified. 

                                (catching breath)
                           Oh my god what the fuck are we
                           gonna do?

                                (looking back)
                           I don't know, we've lost the

                 Both look back at the camp site. It seems deserted and
                 quiet again. The main cabin is out of sight. Nothing

                                (almost in tears)
                           Who was that guy with the hockey

                                (putting on a strong
                           We've got to stick together. Find
                           a way out of here somehow. We cant
                           stay here, we are siting ducks.

                 KARA holds back her tears, gritting her teeth. Alicia
                 looks equally shocked and scared.

                           Did Paul and Eddie get away?
                  God...what happened to

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 INT SMALL CABIN

                 Darkness. The lights are out, Louise locks the door
                 behind her as she runs inside, crying and in shock.

                 The moonlight provides an eerie glow through the window
                 near to the bed in the room.

                 Louise crumples to her knees just beside the door,
                 collapsing in a fit of tears and terror.

                 She is alone and to terrified to go out and look for the
                 others, who are now separated.

                 A creak in the floorboards. 

                 Louise looks up into the darkness.

                 From the moonlight, we can make out a large closet that
                 is shut tightly.

                 Another creak, followed by a SLIDING sound from inside
                 the CLOSET.

                 Louise looks petrified as she looks up wide-eyed at the

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT. FOREST

                 Hiding behind the tall trees and crouching on their
                 knees, Eddie and Paul survey the camp site, catching
                 their breath, both looking on in shock.

                           Fuck man, we got to find the
                           girls, they are all alone in there

                 Paul nods his head in agreement.

                           I just hope you have got some kind
                           of plan on how we go about
                           actually doing that without
                           getting ourselves killed in the

                 Eddie looks behind him, anxious.

                           Maybe the sheriff got away? Maybe
                           he's getting help right now.

                           No. I can see the car from here. 

                 Eddie looks frustrated.

                           I didn't even see what direction
                           the girls ran off in. Fuck man, I
                           was just running...following you.

                 PAUL looks over at EDDIE frowning.

                           I ran out after Kara and Alicia
                           but I couldn't see them. 
                           We got to do something. 


                 A LOUD CRACKING sound from behind the guys.

                 EDDIE and PAUL swing round, falling flat on the ground
                 looking up to see...

                 A squirrel. It stares at the two for a moment, before
                 running along deep into the forest. 

                 Both sigh in relief.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                           Maybe we can call out so they know
                           where we are. At least try and get
                           all of us together so we can get
                           the hell out of here.

                 EDDIE looks at PAUL as if he is crazy.

                           I thought I was the dope head
                           Did you see that fuckin' guy? He
                           could kick our ass two at a time,

                           We can't hide out here and
                           let...whoever that was...get to
                           them. There is two of us. We need
                           some weapons.

                 EDDIE closes his eyes in dread.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                           The kitchen, we can get some
                           knives. It's better then nothing.

                           Which is in the main cabin, man.
                           The same place we just legged it
                           out of. You want to go back IN?

                           Look...Eddie, grab a stick, a log.
                           Something to do us until we can
                           get in there. At least we got
                           something to hit that big fucker
                           with if he shows up.

                           A STICK?? 

                           Do it, man. We don't have time to

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 FOREST ROAD

                 A car speeds down the unlit road at high speed.

                 INT. CAR

                 Dennis is driving, humming a tune to himself when he
                 spots a large vehicle stopped by the road side.

                 Slowing but not stopping, Dennis notices the words
                 "SCRAPPY DOO" on the side. It is the rapper's tour bus.

                                (to himself)
                           Sorry fella's, I'm in a rush.

                 Dennis continues to drive on without taking a look back.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT CAMP SITE

                 The camp site looks deserted. The only light can be seen
                 from the main cabin, the destroyed window creating
                 flickering silhouettes against the other cabins.

                 There is no trace of Henry's dead body, but a pool of
                 blood that is slowly sinking into the ground.

                 INT SMALL CABIN

                 Louise remains slumped against the cabin door, her eyes
                 widely looking towards the window, then towards the
                 closet that continues to make a sliding sound from

                 Louise looks down to the cabin floor. 

                 A dark liquid is soaking into her knees.

                 Louise grimaces, holding back a scream.

                 She strains her eyes to look at the liquid and we can see
                 the trail has come from seeping through the closet.


                 Something is straining the closet door, the door

                 All of a sudden, the closet door BURSTS open, a HEADLESS
                 BODY dropping to the cabin floor.

                 Louise SCREAMS.

                 Just at that moment, from the window we see JASON walking
                 outside, stopping, and looking inside quickly.

                 Louise puts a hand to her mouth to silence herself just
                 as the cabin DOOR HANDLE begins to RATTLE.

                 Someone is obviously trying to get inside.

                 Louise instantly puts all her weight behind the locked

                 Louise SCREAMS for help. 


                 The door handle stops rattling.

                 Louise is crying, motionless, scared stiff behind the

                 A moment passes.

                 Relieved, Louise slumps against the door.

                 LOUISE'S POV

                 As our eyes have adapted to the dark, we can make out via
                 clothing that the headless body lying in a pool of blood
                 is that of RICHARD ERIKSON. 

                 INT SMALL CABIN


                 The peace inside the cabin is destroyed as a BLADE comes
                 THUNDEROUSLY through the cabin door and RIGHT THROUGH

                 A small fountain of blood flies from Louise's mouth, her
                 expression stunned.

                 The blade impaling Louise then is REMOVED viciously.

                 Louise, a massive gory slit through her stomach and chest
                 from the cut, remains stuck against the door, but her
                 head limps to the side and her eyes drift into the land
                 of the dead.

                 EXT SMALL CABIN

                 JASON stands outside the cabin door, YANKING his blood
                 soaked machete from the door.

                 He stands there for a moment, looking down at the ground.

                 Blood masses around the bottom gap of the cabin door and
                 Jason is satisfied.

                 Jason looks up, and walks away from the cabin, another
                 life successfully claimed.

                                                                  CUT TO:

                 EXT FOREST

                 Eddie and Paul, armed with large chunks of wood, decide
                 to finally make a dash for the camp.

                                (a fierce whisper)
                           Come on man hurry it up.

                 Eddie rushes behind as the two dart for one of the unused
                 cabins and crouch below.

                 The main cabin is now within distance, the lake, however
                 is further afield.

                 The two look around, no sign of the hockey masked
                 assailant in sight.

                                (muttering, ashamed)
                           That sounded like Louise, man. A
                           moment ago, I shouldn't have left

                 Paul looks at Eddie and tugs his arm, pulling him back
                 into the current situation.

                           I'm gonna run to the cabin and get
                           us a couple of knives. You keep
                           watch in case that "thing" gets
                           close and you either give me a
                           shout or you hit that fucker with
                           everything you got, you got it?

                           Yeah, yeah, I got it, man.

                 Paul leaves his block of wood behind and darts into the
                 camp site.

                 Eddie, heavily breathing, looks on. He takes a cigarette
                 out of his pocket, but the packet is crushed. One
                 cigarette left.

                 Eddie goes to light it, before releasing he no longer has
                 a lighter.

                                         EDDIE (CONT'D)
                                (to himself)
                           This really has not been a good

                 Paul rushes through the camp site and makes it into the
                 main cabin, via the unorthodox way of clambering through
                 the gape in the wall where the window once stood.

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 Paul takes a quick look to make sure the coast is clear.
                 The fireplace is still burning fiercely, everything else
                 seems in order, apart from a few strewn leaves that have
                 been blown inside.

                 Paul rushes to the kitchen, and rummages hurriedly
                 through the drawers looking for a suitable weapon.

                 EXT CABIN

                 Eddie looks on, anxiously gripping onto useless pieces of
                 wood that he hopes will protect him.

                 Eddie takes a look behind him, it is all clear, nothing
                 there but the forest.

                 A look back again at the camp, it is all clear, the
                 bright light of the main cabin the only source of clear

                           Come on Paul for Christ sake get a
                           move on!


                 A loud SNAP from behind.

                 Eddie spins around in horror, but there remains nothing

                 He makes sure, staring in all directions of the forboding

                 He looks back and instead of seeing the camp and the
                 bright light of the main cabin, he sees the feet and legs
                 of JASON.

                 Eddie looks up slowly...Jason's rotten bone exposed torso
                 right to the iconic hockey mask on Jason's face.

                 Jason tilts his head to the side in a dog like way, his
                 breathing rapid, strong and highly aggressive.

                 Jason SLICES his machete across Eddie's face, but Eddie
                 falls to the ground to avoid contact.

                 Eddie yells out for help, his face nicked by the blade.

                 Jason steps on Eddie's CHEST to prevent him from moving,
                 such is his vice like grip.

                 Eddie repeatedly smashes his wooden weapon against
                 Jason's leg in order to get free, but Jason is too
                 strong, he doesn't even flinch.

                 Eddie is screaming insanities, Jason pushes down harder
                 with his FOOT on Eddie's CHEST.

                 Gut wrenching sounds of Eddie's RIBS being CRACKED and
                 BROKEN, his chest plate deflating like a balloon as
                 Jason's foot stomps inside Eddie's torso like it was

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 Paul, hearing the commotion from outside, rushes from the
                 kitchen to the gap in the wall.

                 A single butcher knife in hand, Paul is frozen in his
                 tracks as he can see Jason killing his friend.


                 EXT CABIN

                                         PAUL (V.O.)
                                (yelling in anger to
                           YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!

                 As Jason raises his machete and SLICES Eddie's FACE clean
                 off his skull.

                 Jason's attention is now on Paul. 

                 He looks over to where Paul is, and removes his foot
                 gruesomely out of Eddie's lifeless corpse.

                 Jason begins to stomp over to Paul's destination.

                 INT MAIN CABIN

                 Paul looks at his knife and then quickly up again at the
                 monstrous psychopath holding a machete walking towards

                 Quickly losing his courage for good reasons, Paul is
                 about to make a run for it when...

                 A FLASHING light from the road blinds him.

                 Jason pauses, also looking over to the near distance to
                 where the lights came from.

                 HEADLIGHTS from an incoming car, travelling into the camp

                 INT. CAR

                 We see it is Dennis, driving his car down the mud track
                 returning from the village.

                 EXT CAMP SITE

                 All of a sudden, we see KARA RUNNING TOWARDS THE CAR from
                 the lake bank.

                 It is a fair distance to get there.

                 Kara screams in desperation to Dennis, but he can't see
                 her as he continues to drive into the site.

                 Alicia can be heard screaming for her to get back.

                 Paul looks baffled, but then he sets his sights back on
                 Jason...he's gone. 

                 Paul looks towards the beaming headlights.

                 Jason is already on his way to cut Kara off as she runs
                 towards the incoming car.

                                (yelling desperately)
                           KARA!...NO!...DON'T GO OUT THERE!

                 It is too late.

                 Jason has somehow got to Kara.

                 In front of Dennis' car, Kara is one step away, but Jason
                 is there first.

                 Jason slashes his machete across and DISEMBOWELS Kara
                 with his machete.

                 Kara's torso drops to the floor in a rain of blood.

                 Jason looks for a moment at his work, making sure his
                 victim is dead.

                 Jason seems satisfied, looks up and continues towards
                 Dennis from within the car.

                 INT CAR

                 Dennis is left open mouthed at the sight of seeing Kara's
                 violent death. 

                           HOLY SHIT!

                 EXT CAR

                 Jason has got to the side of the car, but just as he is
                 about to strike the driver's side window, Dennis reverses
                 with speed to avoid him.

                 At the same time, Alicia has ran over from her hiding
                 place at the lake bank and is running towards Paul, who
                 she must have spotted via the headlights.

                 Paul calls out to Alicia to make sure, and the two join
                 up just as Jason looks behind to see them.

                 Alicia calls out for Dennis.

                 Just as Jason begins to walk towards Alicia and Paul,
                 Dennis revs the car engine.

                 Dennis drives at speed right towards Jason.

                 Jason turns around just as Dennis SMASHES right into him.

                 Jason's body is thrown right over the car bonnet,
                 SMASHING the windshield.

                 Dennis slams the breaks, and Jason's body flies from the
                 car onto the ground some distance away.

                 Paul and Alicia run out to the car.

                 Dennis jumps out, leaving the door open and headlights

                           What the hell is going on?

                 Alicia hugs Dennis relieved, and begins to babble.

                 Dennis calms her down, a puzzled expression on his face.

                 The three look at the body of Jason lying on the ground,
                 illuminated by the glow of the car headlights.

                           That guy...he's killed
                           everyone...we are the last left.

                 The body of Jason remains still on the ground. 

                 Dennis looks over at the police car, and then at Kara's
                 torn up body. 

                                (shocked, to Paul and
                           Get in the car.

                 Alicia gets into the back of the car, Paul quickly rushes
                 to the passenger side and once inside, clears the cracked

                 Dennis gets into the driver's seat, looking like he is
                 about to throw up.

                 INT CAR

                                (looking beyond at
                           OK who the hell is that guy?

                 Alicia is crying in the back, trying to control herself.

                 Paul still has the knife in his hand, shock beginning to
                 hit home.

                           Just drive, get us out of this

                 Dennis doesn't need to be told twice. 

                 Just as Dennis is about to put his foot on the pedal, he
                 looks up stunned.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                                (looking at Dennis)

                 Paul looks out, Jason is standing, looking right at them.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)

                 Jason THROWS his machete as if it were a dart.

                 The machete STRIKES Dennis in his chest, imbedding him to
                 the driver's seat.

                 Alicia screams as the machete blade rips through the
                 chair, blood oozing.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                                (to Alicia)
                           Out, out, get out of the car!

                 Paul rushes out the passenger side, Alicia races out the
                 back of the car.

                 Dennis is sat up right, eyes wide open, but he is already
                 dead, the machete deep in his chest up to the hilt such
                 was the velocity of the throw.

                 EXT CAR

                 Jason is walking fiercely towards Paul and Alicia, even
                 without his machete, he still looks menacing.

                 Paul has his knife, but makes the right choice in
                 avoiding a fight with this guy.

                                (to Alicia)
                           Come on!

                 Paul and Alicia run down the mud track road, into the
                 darkness, pursued by Jason.

                 EXT FOREST ROAD

                 The road is narrow, and surrounded by forest. It is dark
                 and a completely unwelcome place to be. 

                 The road itself seems to go on forever, with twisting

                 Alicia and Paul stop from running for a moment to regain
                 their breath.

                 They look back.

                 From what they can see, Jason is not in sight.

                                (scared anger)
                           That bastard...he got
                           Dennis...what are we going to do?

                 Paul looks at his knife. The weapon seems almost
                 pointless to hold.

                           We got to get to town, call help.

                           Town is twenty miles away! We will
                           never make it that far on foot in
                           darkness. If we take the wrong
                           road or turn off, we will be stuck
                           in these damn woods for ever.

                 They continue to walk down the road, looking back every
                 so often.

                           I know. But what other choice do
                           we have? 
                           Fuck it, if only we could have got
                           to the sheriff's car, could have
                           used his radio to get help.

                                (looking behind)
                           That guy...the old guy who was
                           talking about all that nonsense.
                           Maybe he was right. Did he say
                           anything that might help us right

                           He was on about a curse...Templar
                           knights...Friday the 13th. A whole
                           load of crap. Even if he was right
                           about that neck chain being able
                           to help stop this guy, it's long
                           gone now.

                 The two come across a path that leads into the forest, or
                 the option of continuing down the road.

                 Alicia seems to recognize it.

                           Wait Paul...this path, it leads to
                           that construction site they have
                           got up a mile or so away from the
                           camp. It's our best chance at
                           getting some help.

                 Paul seems unsure.

                           You mean walk through the forest?
                           Shouldn't we stick to the road?



                 Jason has his HANDS tightly round Paul's neck, throwing
                 him to the ground and SQUEEZING.

                 Paul is trying to fight Jason off him, but he DROPS his

                 Paul tries to PUNCH Jason with all his might, but his
                 strength is being drained.

                 Alicia looks for something, anything to try and help

                 Alicia suddenly notices the knife that Paul dropped.

                 Within an instance, she grabs the knife and REPEATEDLY
                 HACKS at Jason, striking him in his BACK.

                 The knife draws no blood, and Jason continues to strangle
                 Paul on the floor, oblivious to what Alicia is doing.

                 In a frenzied attack, Alicia STABS the knife into the
                 back of Jason's NECK with ALL HER STRENGTH.

                 The blade goes through Jason's neck to the hilt and out
                 his THROAT, a dark liquid oozing from the cut.

                 This works. Jason stands, his hands releasing from Paul,
                 grasping to his neck in obvious pain.

                 Paul rushes to his feet, holding his neck, BRUISED from
                 his attack.

                           PAUL RUN! COME ON!

                 Alicia and Paul run up the path way leading to the
                 construction site.

                 Jason, grabbing the knife from behind his neck, PULLS the
                 blade out slowly.

                 A dark liquid gushes in thick gooey amounts from both
                 sides of his neck wound.

                 Jason holds his hand at his throat for a moment, dazed by
                 the wound that would have killed any natural being.

                 He looks up at the path, Alicia and Paul are running in
                 the distance down the forest.

                 Jason grabs the knife, and follows after them in an even
                 more determined fashion.

                 EXT. FOREST

                 Alicia and Paul run through the forest, following the old
                 path up the hill, Jason although only walking, remains in
                 hot pursuit.

                 Suddenly, they find themselves at the top of a clearing.

                 A large construction site.

                 EXT CONSTRUCTION SITE

                 Alicia and Paul find themselves looking around the site
                 for help, but it is desolate.

                 There are a few portacabins, machinery, pits, and a few
                 structures that are in the beginning stages of being

                 A large boarding sign reads : " TIM CONNOLLY & CO.

                 Alicia and Paul both yell for help, hoping someone will
                 hear them and rush to their aid.

                 There is no one.

                 A look back at the path, Jason has not emerged yet.

                           Paul...can you use any of this
                           stuff here?

                 Paul is looking around.

                           What can I drive a bulldozer?
                           Where did you get that idea?

                 Alicia and Paul walk round to one of the portacabins and
                 rush up to the door, constantly looking around for signs
                 of help or signs of Jason.

                           You said you were going to work
                           with machinery when you left here

                 Paul tries the door of the portacabin. It is locked.

                           I said I might get a job working
                           in a garage. There is a big
                           Plus, that was when I was pretty
                           sure I was getting out of here.

                 They try different portacabins, all are locked but one.

                 They go inside.

                 INT PORTACABIN

                 They walk inside, closing the door behind them.

                 Alicia lets out a short scream as they are welcomed into
                 the cabin with the sight of Tim Connolly's dead body
                 lying on the floor, cut to pieces.

                 The sight and smell is over whelming.

                 Alicia and Paul hold back being sick.

                           I'd say he's been here too.

                                (searching the
                           There's got to be something here.

                 Paul opens the drawers, finds a GUN, looks up and smiles
                 at Alicia.

                 There are also multiple keys hanging on a board on the

                 Paul grabs ones he can recognize.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                                (referring to the
                           It's worth trying one of these
                           things to see if we can drive out
                           of here.

                 Alicia is looking out of the window for any sign of

                 Still nothing.

                           Well lets hurry up and get going.
                           I'm not hiding any longer.

                 Paul gives the gun to Alicia.

                 Alicia is reluctant at first.

                                         ALICIA (CONT'D)
                           I don't know how you work this
                           thing, is it even loaded?

                           Lets hope so. I'm no gun expert
                           I've got an idea.

                 EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE

                 We see the site apparently empty, no sign of life. 

                 The mist is swirling, the forest in the distance dark and
                 forboding as ever.

                 But something seems to be different.

                 Somehow the atmosphere over looking the scenery has gone
                 to much darker levels. 

                 EXT. SKY

                 The clouds are covering all of the sky but the bright
                 full moon that has been allowed to shine all evening.

                 There are stars that seem to shine more then most amongst
                 it, a pattern of some kind has formed that is
                 unrecognizable, yet it can not leave the eye.

                 It's formation is there right above, almost like a
                 display of some kind.

                 EXT CONSTRUCTION SITE

                 Jason walks from the path onto the construction site,
                 knife in hand.

                 He is alone, so it seems.

                 Jason stands still at the hill, silent, looking over the
                 construction site he visited a mere few hours ago.

                 He over looks the whole scene, almost as if something was
                 telling him, some instinct in him to tell him where to go
                 and attack.

                 There is nothing.

                 All is silent.

                 Jason walks on to the grounds.

                 Beneath his feet, pebbles are crushed and cracked, turned
                 to dust.

                 Jason hulks onto the site, looking around him.

                 He stops.

                 Jason looks at a portacabin, it's door wide open, light

                 Jason makes his move towards the portacabin.


                 ALICIA runs out of the portacabin, pointing the GUN at

                 Jason walks straight towards her, caring nothing for the
                 weapon pointed at him.

                                (quiet anger)
                           Die...die you son of a ...

                 Alicia pulls the trigger of the GUN and to her surprise,
                 a shot FIRES DIRECTLY at JASON.

                 The impact has no effect on Jason, a mere GRAZE on his
                 torso, not even pulling back his forceful stride towards

                 Alicia, however, falls back from the vibration of the gun
                 and in the process, drops the gun on the ground.

                 She quickly grabs it back, and from the ground, fires the
                 whole clip repeatedly until the gun is empty.

                 Incredibly, four of the remaining five bullets STRIKE
                 Jason, the only effect is of driving him back for a
                 second or so.

                 The bullets have no effect on Jason, he continues to walk
                 towards Alicia, knife in hand.

                 Alicia, completely out of energy, slumps to the ground in
                 defeat, dropping the empty gun.

                                         ALICIA (CONT'D)
                                (barely whispering,
                                 looking up)

                 Jason closes in on Alicia.

                 All of a sudden, a MASSIVE BALL OF STEEL FLIES THROUGH
                 THE AIR RIGHT AT JASON.

                 The 2-ton "headache" ball HAMMERS JASON right in his
                 midriff, sending him FLYING into the scaffolding that
                 lies on the site.

                 We see from Alicia's view, PAUL was in the cabin of a
                 CRANE controlling the giant ball, normally used for the
                 demolition of buildings.

                 At the same time, Jason is sent literally flying into
                 scraps of work, wood and metal COLLAPSING down on him,
                 burying him in a grave of scrap.

                 Clouds of dust and smoke spread through the camp, a
                 MASSIVE noise of disruption and chaos, as if a building
                 had been demolished.

                 Jason is buried under too many tons to even count. He is
                 dead surely.

                 Alicia is on the ground, crying and laughing
                 hysterically, she has lost it.

                 INT CRANE

                 Paul, high up, is punching his fist in delight.

                 He is at least (X) amount feet up on the crane,
                 controlling the giant Ball that crushed Jason to his

                                (to himself in
                           Yes!! Got you, you motherfucker!

                 Paul climbs down from the CRANE carefully, on to the
                 ground, smoke from his destruction now forming around the

                 EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE

                 Paul scrambles on the ground, looking for Alicia.

                 He calls out, Alicia calls out, they unite and hug each

                 The smoke clears into the night sky.

                 Paul and Alicia are on their knees, embracing each other,
                 looking at the devastation.

                 Dust is still uprising from the scaffolding, a collapsed
                 half built building in ruins, lying on top of the
                 infamous Jason Voorhees.

                 The smoke and dust clears into the midnight gust, the
                 site again is peaceful amongst all the chaos that has
                 just erupted.

                 EXT SCAFFOLDING

                 There are remains of smoke, dust, amongst the rubble of
                 metal, wood and all kinds of material.

                 No sign of Jason.

                 EXT CONSTRUCTION SITE

                 Paul and Alicia, still embracing each other, holding each
                 other as if they had just won the world war on their own.

                           We got him. We got him, Alicia.

                 Alicia is too far in grief for her boyfriend, Dennis.

                 Not to mention the simple fact all her and Paul's friends
                 have been murdered.

                 They both sit there, in the dust.

                 Holding each other, crying together and looking at
                 nothing but the long lasting memories that will haunt
                 them for ever.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                                (quietly, weakly)
                           Help will come soon. We got him.
                           He's dead.

                 More peace.

                 Alicia is crying, mourning her boyfriend's gruesome and
                 untimely death.


                 EXT SKY

                 The moonlight is now being covered under clouds, the mist
                 seems to be disappearing from the forest.

                 The constellations, however, still bright as ever through
                 the clouded sky.

                 EXT CONSTRUCTION SITE

                 Alicia and Paul both stand, looking more composed.

                           Lets head back to the camp. People
                           will look for us and - -

                 Alicia is cut off by a BLOW to the HEAD from BEHIND.

                 Alicia falls to the floor, completely knocked out.

                 Paul looks up in shock.

                 Standing there, is JASON VOORHEES, wielding a metal PIPE
                 in the size of a machete.

                 Paul falls to the floor on his knees in disbelief, Alicia
                 out stone cold from the blow.

                 Jason, half covered in dust, hockey mask still perfectly
                 in place, looks at Paul, almost mocking him with his

                 Paul is scrambling on the floor, not believing what he is

                 Alicia lies half awake on the ground, dazed, and confused
                 from the blow.

                 Jason HAMMERS the metal pipe into Alicia's stomach, blood
                 for a moment pours out the end of the pipe like a

                 Paul looks at the monster in front of him, defenseless,
                 with nothing to help him.

                 All of a sudden Paul rises up from the ground, and runs,
                 some kind of instinct inside him rising keeping him from
                 admitting defeat to this monster.

                 Jason looks down at Alicia.

                 The pipe has become a fountain of blood, Alicia's blood
                 spraying from out of it in a disgusting manner.

                 Jason looks up at Paul, face to face.

                 The two circle each other about Alicia's dead body, the
                 pipe firmly struck, pinning her now lifeless body to the

                 Jason looks at Paul as if a cobra ready to strike.

                 Paul is ragged, he is out of breath, shocked, completely
                 in another mind frame.

                 Jason is standing there, looking at him, circling him
                 like an animal. 

                 Both walk slowly in a circle, some kind of crazy
                 understanding of death between the two.

                 Paul looks quickly at his surroundings. He is too weak to
                 run, knows he would last a few minutes, collapse and be
                 killed by this "thing".

                 Portacabins, toilets, scaffolding, ...


                 Only chance.

                 Prey God there is a key in this thing.

                 Paul makes a run for the vehicle, his energy deserting

                 Jason looks, knows his plan, and heads straight for him.
                 No more play. Jason wants to wipe out everyone.

                 Paul runs , trips.

                 Jason is gaining on him, his lack of speed costing him.

                 Paul gets to his feet, and jumps into the Bulldozer.

                 He looks at the controls. Highly complex to someone who
                 knows nothing about them, even worse in the middle of the

                 But there is a key.

                 Paul turns the key, and to his god blessed wishes, the
                 machine kicks into action.

                 Jason, startled, staggers back at the noise of the

                                (complete insanity)
                           DIE GOD DAMNIT, DIE!

                 Paul has control of the bulldozer, and brings the
                 machine's claw up the height he wants.

                 The CLAW is very JAGGED and obviously VERY SHARP.

                 Paul and Jason look at each other, eye to eye hole.

                 Jason stands there, unfazed.

                 He makes no attempt to even move, or attack Paul.

                 Paul throws the vehicle into full gear.

                 The bulldozer RAMS Jason right in his midriff, throwing
                 him a few feet away like he was a rag doll.

                 Paul stops the vehicle.

                 Jason is down, still, lifeless.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                                (looking at Jason)
                           You ain't dead. 

                 Paul, using the mechanics within the bulldozer, digs up a
                 load of earth from the ground, tossing it to the side.

                 He does this repeatedly, keeping an eye on the "dead"

                 Just as Paul is digging the third amount of earth, he
                 looks over and notices Jason has vanished.

                 Paul pauses.

                 The ditch he has built is about 12 foot deep at least.

                 Rain suddenly begins to fall down from the skies.

                 Paul looks behind him from the bulldozer.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                                (to himself quietly)
                           Hell is he now?

                 Paul jumps out the bulldozer, looking around carefully.

                 No sight of the hockey masked psycho.

                 Paul looks around the site, a cement mixer is within
                 distance. But Paul has no idea on how to use it.

                 Paul looks around desperately for a weapon of some kind.

                 He makes out a few tools are lying scattered on the
                 ground, a saw, screwdrivers, various objects.

                 Paul picks up the saw, just as Jason LURCHES for him from

                 Instinctively, Paul turns and SLASHES the SAW into
                 Jason's side.

                 The SAW cuts in deep, and Jason is taken aback, but he
                 remains standing.

                 Paul runs to the bulldozer, jumps in heads straight for
                 Jason again.

                 The bulldozer SLAMS into Jason AGAIN, and he is knocked
                 down once more.

                 Paul uses the bulldozer to SCOOP up Jason, and using the
                 claw, he DUMPS him into the pit he has just dug up.

                 Jason remains out cold in the pit, rain turning the mud
                 into a watery grave.

                 Paul, as quick as he can, uses the bulldozer to COVER the
                 pit with MUD, burying Jason.

                 As Paul dumps the second load of mud on top of the hole,
                 Jason's body flinches.

                 Paul keeps his composure, the rain now pouring down.

                 The third load is dumped into the pit.

                 Jason sits up, looking around to check his surroundings.

                 He looks up, only to be met with another huge load of mud
                 dumped on top of him.

                 Struggling to his feet, Jason stumbles to the rain
                 drenched walls of the pit, trying to grasp onto something
                 that will help him climb out.

                 Paul notices Jason, and his vain attempts to climb out.

                                         PAUL (CONT'D)
                           Happy Friday the 13th... you son
                           of a bitch.

                 Paul continues to bury Jason under the load.

                 Jason, weighed under, falls down under the mud, his hand
                 left outstretched, still trying to grab at something that
                 is not there.

                 Another load, and Jason's hand is covered.

                 Paul continues to bury Jason, right until there is no
                 more Earth to fill in the pit.

                 Paul jumps out the bulldozer, weak on his legs, he
                 stumbles to the grave and falls to his knees as the rain
                 continues to pour down.

                 FADE TO BLACK

                 THE END

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