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                                   Jonathan Terry
                   Based on events in the novel "One Foot In Eden"
                                    By: Ron Rash
               FADE IN:


               The orange rays of the sun erupts over the peak of dark, gray
               mountains as it rises into the sky.  The green landscape
               below is painted in a golden haze.

               Beautiful farmland lies down below, spreading for what seems
               like an eternity.

               EXT. FARM - DAY

               The outskirts of a hundred acre farm.  A quaint FARMHOUSE
               sits in one corner, overlooking the entire field.

               A PLOW, still dug deep into the soil from a previous day's
               work, gleams in the sun.  Rust has already began to form on
               its metal surface.

               A herd of CATTLE silently graze nearby.

               Everything seems peaceful, tranquil, normal.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE - DAY

               SAM JENKINS(30) steps through the front door and onto the
               front porch.  He finishes sliding the strap of his overalls
               onto a muscular shoulder.

               Sam steps off the porch.  The brown, dead grass crunches
               under the weight of his boots.

               As the sunlight hits his face, Sam puts a hand to his brow
               and shades his eyes.  A sudden chill runs up his body.  His
               jaw stretches open in a huge YAWN, making his BREATH VISIBLE
               as he exhales.

               Then it hits him.  A look of confusion crosses over Sam's
               face as his gaze moves towards the blue sky.

               IT IS FREEZING COLD.

               INT. FARMHOUSE

               Sam quickly steps back into the house, latching the old
               wooden door shut behind him.  He leans against the door and
               blows warm air into his hands.

               ANNABELLE JENKINS is on her knees feeding fresh wood into a
               large black stove.  She turns to see the bewildered look on
               Sam's face.

                         What's that look for?

                         It's freezing outside.  Feels like
                         the coldest its been all year, if
                         my mind serves me right.

               Annabelle stands and picks a black kettle off the kitchen
               table.  She places it on the warm stove top.

                         If its one thing I've learned over
                         the years its that you can't
                         control Mother Nature.

                         It's August but feels like

                         Mother Nature will do whatever she
                         pleases and won't take mind to us
                         simple farmers.

               Sam moves toward a window.  He looks at the barren field
               looming outside.  Annabelle watches him.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         And you best not worry about why
                         the day is the way it is.

                         When you depend on the land to
                         provide and crops aren't growing,
                         well, then worrying is about the
                         only thing useful I can do right

                         You wake up to one cold morning and
                         already expect the worse.  The
                         day's early.  The sun will thaw
                         things out in a few hours.

               Annabelle checks the kettle on the stove, seems pleased by
               it, and places it on the kitchen table.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         Now just sit yourself down a
                         minute.  A cup of coffee will do
                         you a lot of good right about now.

               Sam turns and walks towards the hallway.

                         I have to get back to the fields. 
                         I best get my coat.


               Sam steps through the doorway and makes his way towards a
               tiny closet located in one corner.  He opens it, the worn
               hinges creek from the motion.

               He reaches in and pulls out a tattered brown coat.  In doing
               so, exposing the black surface of a SHOTGUN.  Sam eyes it a
               moment before closing the closet door.  The hinges creek once

               EXT. FARM - DAY

               Sam stands on the back of his plow, trying to stir a horse
               who is pulling it.  Sam's body shakes violently as the plow
               bounces on the frozen earth.

               He halts the horse and steps from the plow.  He turns,
               examining the soil he has already plowed.  The plow is barely
               breaking the surface.

                             (to horse)
                         Doesn't look like the soil's
                         getting any looser.

               Sam turns and looks over the entire field.  They aren't even
               halfway done.  He then looks to the sky.  The sun is starting
               to set.

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                             (to horse)
                         I think that's enough for the day.

               INT. BARN

               Sam walks down a line of stalls placing hay in feeders
               located at each stall.  As he does, the cows inside "MOO" in

               He reaches the last stall and stops.  Sam then reaches into
               his coat pocket and pulls out TWO RED APPLES.

                         I brought something special for you
                         today, Betsy.

               Sam peaks over the stall door.  Betsy -- a cow -- lies in a
               back corner.

                                   SAM (cont'd)

               He glances at her feeder.  It is already filled with hay.

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         Have you not been eating?

               He opens the stall door.

               BETSY'S STALL

               Sam walks over and kneels beside Betsy.  He gently rubs her

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         Your burning up.  Seem to have
                         yourself a cold.  I don't doubt it
                         with the weather we've been having.

               Betsy lefts her head, looking to be in a great deal of pain. 
               Sam stands.

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         Your the best cow I got, Betsy. 
                         You deserve a break anyway.  Get
                         yourself some rest.

               He turns and exits the stall.

               INT. FARMHOUSE

               Sam and Annabelle sit across from each other at the kitchen
               table, plates full of steaming food in front of them.  Sam
               hastily scoops bits of food into his mouth, chewing it
               furiously.  The hunger of a hard day's work.

               Annabelle watches him quietly.  She draws little circles in
               her food with her fork.

               Sam feels the burning from her gaze.  He looks up.  A moment
               of silence passes.

                         The food's good.

               Annabelle cracks a smile.

                         I can tell.

               That's when Sam realizes how fast he is eating.  He takes
               another bite, slower this time, and lays his fork down beside
               his plate.

                         I'm sorry.  I seem to be burning a
                         lot of extra energy these days.

                         So the sun never showed up after

                             (shaking his head)
                         I don't know what to do.  With the
                         drought and winter showing up early-

                         Now, I've already told you I don't
                         want to hear about such nonsense.

               Annabelle rises, grabs both plates from the table, and begins
               washing them in the sink.

                         I thought we always decided to be
                         honest with each other and talk
                         when we had a problem.

               She glances out of the window, seeing the damage for herself. 
               She turns the faucet off.

                         And if the cold doesn't leave? 
                         Will we have any crops?


                         What about the land?  We've only
                         paid off half of it.

                         I don't know right now.

               Annabelle's emotions start to take the best of her.  A sob
               rises into her throat, tears quickly following.

               Sam walks to her, hugging her from behind.  He slowly rubs
               her hips.

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         I forbid you to think about this
                         matter any more.  You know that I
                         would never let us lose this land.

               Sam gently kisses her on the back of the neck, then steps
               back.  He moves towards the door.

                         Where are you going?

                         Betsy wasn't looking to good
                         earlier.  I better go check on her.

                         She's sick?

                         Looks that way.  Hasn't touched her
                         food all day.  I'm thinking of
                         calling Doctor Myers if nothing

               Annabelle parts her lips as if she is going to say something,
               but stops herself.

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         I'll be back in a minute.

               Sam is half way out the door...


               He looks back.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         I'm sure she's fine.  She just
                         needs her rest.  Won't you come to
                         bed early tonight?  With me I mean.

               Sam steps back into the house, closing the door.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE

               Soft lips glide over smooth skin...

               PULL BACK to see Sam on top of Annabelle.  Both entwined
               under the warm sheets of their bed.  Annabelle leans her head
               back, eyes closed tight.  Sam leans in again, kisses her down
               her jaw line.

               The beauty of their love making.  Rhythmic.  Passionate.  An
               action that can only be preformed by two truly in love.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE - DAY

               Sunlight seeps through the shudders producing jagged light
               against Sam's sleeping face.  He stirs, eye blinking open.  A
               grin tilts over his lips as he turns toward Annabelle...but
               her side of the bed is empty.

               Sam slides out from under the covers.  He finds his pants on
               the floor and pulls them on.


               Sam quietly comes around the corner and peeks into the
               doorway of an adjacent bedroom.  A small table and chair sit
               around as furniture.  A large wooden chest sits open,
               overflowing with stuffed animals and other toys.  Annabelle
               stands over a beautiful oak crib.

               She stares into the empty crib.  In her arms is a small
               STUFFED BEAR.  Annabelle softly sobs.

                         I miss you Jonathan.  I miss you
                         now as much as when you left us. 
                         But I'm sure your having fun up in
                         heaven, playing with the angels and
                         other little boys who have passed

               A Sam watches a single tear makes its way down his cheek.  He
               wipes it away and moves out of the doorway, disappearing
               without disturbing Annabelle.

               Annabelle places the stuffed bear back in the crib.  She
               glances around the rest of the room.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         I don't know why I keep the room
                         this way.  Maybe I hope I'll wake
                         up one morning and still find you
                         sleeping, hoping your death was
                         some horrible nightmare I'll wake
                         up from.

               TILT AROUND the doorway to see Sam, leaning against the wall. 
               He is crying profusely, his hands at his mouth to muffle the

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               EXT. FARMHOUSE - DAY

               Annabelle exits the house.  A basket full of empty milk
               bottles hang from her arms.

               She looks up to the field where Sam is still trying to plow
               the frozen ground.  He is getting about as much progress as
               the day before.

               INT. MILKING STALL, BARN

               TING!  TING!  TING!

               Small streams of milk hit the bottom of a tin bucket.  PULL
               BACK to see Annabelle squeezing the utters of a cow.

               She finishes, takes the bucket up milk, and pours it into an
               empty milk bottle.  She places the filled bottle back into
               the basket, where other freshly filled bottle are stacked

               Annabelle smacks the cow's rear end.

                         That's all.

               She picks up the basket of milk bottles and leaves the stall,
               making her way to the barn door.  She is almost out when a
               low-gargled "MOO" startles her.

               Annabelle turns and follows the sound -- its coming from the
               last stall.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         Betsy?  You alright in there?

               After walking to the last stall, she slowly creeps over the
               stall door.  Annabelle steps back with a GASP.  The basket
               slipping from her grasp.  Glass shatters and the white liquid
               leaks onto the barn's dirt floor.

               CLOSE-UP: BETSY

               The cow's face lies in a pile of its own vomit.  Feces seeps
               from its rectum uncontrollably, already forming a puddle of
               its own at the opposite end.

               If not for the cow's heavy breathing it would appear dead. 
               And for its sake, it probably should be.

               INT. BARN - LATER

               DOCTOR MYERS, a wrinkle faced man with a hint of silver
               throughout his slicked-back black hair, stands over Betsy. 
               He turns towards Sam and Annabelle, who safely stand a few
               feet away.  Dr. Myers gives them a worried look.

               Dr. Myers pulls a handkerchief from his jacket pocket and
               place it over his nose and mouth.  He leans in towards
               Betsy's rear-end.  His eyes start to water from the
               unbearable stench.

               He reaches in and pulls out a thermometer.  Using the plastic
               glove, he whips the feces away and eyes the thermometer's

               Sam and Annabelle watch intently, both trying to read Dr.
               Myers' expression.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         It's temperature is extremely high. 
                         Ten degrees above normal to be

                         What does that mean?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Well, in all honesty, this cow
                         should be dead.

                         But its alive.

               Dr. Myers glances towards Betsy.  Her body is still except
               for the rise of her stomach as she breathes.

                                   DR. MYERS

               Dr. Myers leans towards Betsy again, this time looking at her
               face and eyes.  He grabs her mouth and uses both hands to pry
               her jaws open.  He reaches to his jacket pocket and fumbles
               to get his pen light out.  He finally succeeds, shining it
               into Betsy's mouth.

               The sight is unbearable: Maggots feed off her tongue and
               gums.  Her teeth are in deep decay and look ready to fall out
               at any moment.

               Dr. Myers jerks his hands away from Betsy's mouth, losing his
               balance and falling to the ground in the process.


               Sam leaps forward.

                         Are you alright?

               Dr. Myers clenches his stomach.  He turns and begins to

               INT. FARMHOUSE

               Dr. Myers sits at the kitchen table, his face ghastly pale. 
               Sam stands behind him and watch Annabelle, who is doing
               something at the sink.  Annabelle turns with a damp rag in
               her hand.  She places it on Dr. Myers forehead.

               Annabelle swivels to grab the steaming kettle off the stove. 
               She pours a cup of hot tea and slides it to Dr. Myers.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Thank you, miss Jenkins.

               He takes a quick sip from the cup.  The warm, soothing liquid
               takes effect as the color in his cheeks returns.

                                   DR. MYERS (cont'd)
                         I'm sorry for getting sick.  It was
                         very unprofessional of me.

               Sam nods to Annabelle.  She promptly leaves the room.  Sam
               waits until she is gone before stepping beside Dr. Myers.

                         Now don't you worry a thing about
                         it.  Just tell me how to make my
                         cow better.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         I must admit, I've never seen
                         anything like that before.  My best
                         guess would be some type of virus.

                         A virus?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Yes, I'd say so.  

                         What medicines will I need to get
                         rid of this...virus?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         I'm afraid that none of the
                         medicine I have will help her out. 
                         Your going to have to take her into
                         the city for that.

                         There's no way we can afford to do

                                   DR. MYERS
                         This may be true, but you have to
                         understand, I'm a people doctor

                         But you've helped my animals for

                                   DR. MYERS
                         In the small town we live in, I've
                         learned to doctor on just about
                         ever kind of living being.  Yet,
                         somethings are better left to more
                         qualified people.

               Dr. Myers gets up from the table.  Sam leads him towards the

                                   DR. MYERS (cont'd)
                         I read about a man in Georgia who
                         caught a virus from one of his
                         hogs.  Nearly ate him alive. 
                         Somehow those filthy things are
                         immune but sure as hell can pass

               Sam opens the door for Dr. Myers, who is sliding his coat on.

                         A virus is that dangerous?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         I'm afraid so.  These type of
                         things eat everything in their path
                         until they can't eat anymore.

               Dr. Myers walks out of the door.  Sam follows him.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE

               Dr. Myers immediately bundles up as the cold air hits him.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         How bout this weather we've been
                         having?  Billy Savanna swore to me
                         the other night he saw a snow
                         flake.  Can you believe that?  A
                         damn snow flake in the middle of

                             (under his breath)
                         Yeah.  How about that?

               Dr. Myers steps off the porch, making his way towards his
               PARKED CAR.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Be sure to tell your wife how
                         thankful I am for the tea.

               Sam watches as the car drives off, kicking a cloud of dust
               behind it.  He turns to see Annabelle standing in the

                         Why the sad face?

               Sam looks out over the field.  Something seems to be running
               through his mind.  A moment passes.

                         We need to separate the cattle from
                         Betsy.  Nothing permanent, just for
                         the time being.

                         Is she going to be alright?

                         Hard to tell.  It's going to take a
                         little longer to get the medicine.

               Sam moves towards the barn.  Annabelle watches him leave. 
               The look of concern washes over her face: She knows something
               is wrong.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               EXT. FARM - AFTERNOON

               The relocated cows stand around the fence in groups.

               Sam is atop a tractor which is pulling a trailer behind it. 
               The trailer is stacked high with barrels of hay.  He slows to
               a stop as he reaches a FEEDING TROUGH.  He jumps down,  grabs
               a barrel of hay, and begins dragging it.  Sam stops dead in
               his tracks when he reaches the trough.

               The previous bundle of hay hasn't been touched.  Sam raises
               his brow in confusion.  He looks to the cows standing nearby.

               EXT. FARM - NIGHT

               PITCH BLACK.


               PULL BACK as the light from a LANTERN illuminates the weary
               face of Sam.  A mixture of sweat and dirt drips off his face.

               He pauses to catch his breath for a moment.  With a deep
               breath he clutches a ROPE in his hands and pulls with all his

               The other end of the rope is tied around the mid-section of a
               cow.  He is dragging it towards the trough.  After another
               few feet of pulling he finally reaches his destination.


               The cow turns its head away.

                                   SAM (cont'd)

               The cow takes a step back and lies down on the ground, right
               there in front of the feeding trough.

               Sam's legs give out and he falls to the ground.  He wipes the
               sweat from his eyes and runs a hand through his wet hair.  He
               slowly opens his eyes to survey the scene.

               The area around the trough is surrounded by cows.  All of
               them are laying down.  All of them refusing to eat.  All of
               them sick.

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE

               Sam slowly creeps into the doorway.  He watches Annabelle as
               she sleeps in the darkness.  She is simply beautiful and Sam
               can't help but smile just looking at her.

               He moves across the room to the small closet and opens it. 
               He reaches in and pulls out the SHOTGUN.

               INT. BARN

               Sam walks through the dark, and empty, barn.  He slows as he
               reaches Betsy's stall.  He pulls the shotgun close to his
               face and checks the chamber.

               One bullet.  But that's all he needs.

               He takes a quick breath and enters the stall.  A beat.

               Sam bursts back out of the stall.  A hand over his mouth. 
               His eyes clenched tight, yet tears still stream from them.

               CLOSE-UP: Betsy

               She is already dead.  Maggots and other insects now feeding
               on the flesh all over her body.  Betsy's eyes already chewed

               EXT. FARM - NIGHT

               The tractor now cuts across the field, a much heavier load in
               its trailer.  

               The farmhouse now merely a speck in the distance.

               EXT. WOODED AREA - LATER


               Sam drives the metal shovel deep into the group and scoops
               the dirt away.  He is digging a hole.

                                                                CUT TO:

               Sam uses a rope to drag Betsy's dead corpse into the hole.       
               The corpse falls in at an odd angle.  Sam uses his foot to
               push her in properly.  

                                                                CUT TO:

               Sam dumps the last few piles of dirt onto the now filled
               hole.  He uses the butt of his shovel to pack it down.

               He pauses a moment to look up at the sky.  The sun is rising,
               making the heavens above a glowing orange.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. OLD TOWN ROAD - DAY

               An old pick-up truck trudges up the rough terrain.

               INT. TRUCK

               Sam is driving.  Annabelle sits in the passenger's seat
               checking items off a list.

                         I know we need butter and soap. 
                         Oh, and I noticed you needed more
                         razor blades...

               She scribbles a quick note down.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         I think I have everything.  Can you
                         think of anything else?

               Sam shakes his head.  His mind is obviously somewhere else.

               EXT. TOWN STORE

               The pick-up truck glides to a stop.  A MOTHER, FATHER, and
               their SON are passing by.  Each give a small wave to Sam and

               INT. TRUCK

               Sam and Annabelle both return a wave.

                             (through her teeth)
                         Sarah Adkins has a lot of nerve
                         coming here today after the way her
                         son disrupted church last week.

                         Annabelle, please-

                         The good book says 'spare the rod
                         and spoil the child,' plain as day. 
                         I think we know which is practiced
                         in that house hold.

               Annabelle reaches over and opens the door.  She looks to Sam.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         Are you coming?

                         Do you mind doing the shopping
                         alone today?  I have something I
                         need to take care of.

                         Well, I suppose so.  Suit yourself.

               She steps from the truck and slams the door shut.  Sam pulls

               EXT. DR. MYERS' OFFICE

               An old cottage style house that doubles as the doctor's

               Sam gets out of the truck and marches to the front door.  He

               A few moments later Dr. Myers cracks the door open.  He is in
               a robe and slippers, his hair messed up.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         We're closed.

               Dr. Myers goes to close the door.  Sam puts out his hand and
               stops the door.

                         Excuse me, Dr. Myers.  I'm sorry to
                         bother you at such an early hour.

               Dr. Myers eases the door back open.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Mr. Jenkins?  You just surprised
                         me, that's all.  Everyone knows
                         that the office is closed on

                         I know, sir.  Its just that I have
                         an emergency.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Wait...does this have to do with
                         the heifer of yours?  What's her


                                   DR. MYERS
                         Yes, that's it.  I take it she
                         isn't doing any better?

                         I'm actually wanted to ask you
                         about what you told me the other
                         day.  Is it true that if Betsy had
                         a virus she could infect the entire

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Oh yes.  That's very true.  Is any
                         other of your cows sick?

                         No.  No sir.  I just really wanted
                         to know if you had received any
                         medicines from the city that could 
                         slow down the virus.  Ya know, if
                         Betsy did have one.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         No, I'm afraid not.  What's it been
                         since I came to your house?

                         A little over a week, sir.

               Dr. Myers puts a hand to his chin as he thinks.

                                   DR. MYERS

               Sam looks on with eager eyes.

                                   DR. MYERS (cont'd)
                         If it has been this long and she
                         isn't better then I doubt there's
                         much you can do at this point.

                         What do you suggest I do?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         If it were me I'd just put her out
                         of her misery.  I know it isn't
                         what you wanted to hear, but she
                         has lived a long and productive
                         life.  I mean, you've got to think
                         about the rest of your farm as

                         Yes.  I imagine so.  Thank you,

               Sam turns and walks back to his truck.  Dr. Myers stays at
               the door, watching, thinking.

               INT. TRUCK

               Sam and Annabelle are riding.

                         So then Jamie Freeman told me that
                         she had found a dead rat in her
                         stove.  Do believe that?  There's
                         no telling what disease they've
                         been cooking into their food.  What
                         a filthy house they must live in. 
                         You know, Jamie was always one to
                         get into messes.  I remember one
                         summer when we were young she found
                         the mud hole where the boys played
                         and plum jumped into it with her
                         dress on and all.

               Sam grips the steering wheel tight.  He isn't paying to least
               bit of attention to Annabelle's gossip.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE

               The truck pull up and screeches to a halt.  Sam and Annabelle
               jump from the truck, both staring out at the field...

               Where all the cows stand huddled together.

                         What's going on?

               Sam takes off running into the field.

                         Go into the house.

               Annabelle gathers her groceries and walks towards the house,
               making sure to keep a watchful eye on the


               Sam pushes through the group of cows.  In the center, two
               cows lie dead on the ground.  Maggots and other parasites
               feeding on their flesh and eyes.

               EXT. FARM - NIGHT

               The illuminating light of a fire dances off Sam's face.  He
               holds a handkerchief tightly over his nose and mouth.

               PULL BACK to see the burning cow carcasses.  Once flesh and
               blood, now a heap of fiery black ash.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE - LATER

               Sam is walking back to the farmhouse, using his sleeve to dab
               the beads of sweat off his forehead.  He looks up to see
               Annabelle waiting for him on the front porch.

                         It's late.  Why are you still up?

                         I think I'm the one who needs to be
                         asking the questions?

                         I don't see the need for questions. 
                         I've told you everything you need
                         to know.

                         Don't you start that tone with me. 
                         I know something is wrong.

                         I've told you already.  I have
                         everything under control.

                         You come to bed in the middle of
                         the night, sometimes not even at
                         all.  Then, at dinner, you keep
                         glancing out to this field as if
                         you're scared death itself is gonna
                         come knock on the door.

               Sam walks past her and up onto the porch.

                         You know how bad the crops are
                         doing.  I'm having to work twice as
                         long to-

                         I don't think so.

               Sam shrugs it off and reaches for the door handle.

                         I'm very tired, Annabelle.  Please
                         let this fuss wait for another

                         When I agreed to marry you I agreed
                         to a partnership.  We both stated
                         vows that made us equals.  I don't
                         care if this house is going to be
                         swallowed up into the ground...I
                         want to know what is going to
                         happen no matter what.

               Sam stops and turns back.  A beat passes.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         Sam.  I think I'm pregnant.

               He shoots her a quick look.  Tears well up in Annabelle's

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         I know that isn't what we asked for
                         but it's what the good Lord saw fit
                         to give us.  If we are going to
                         have another mouth to feed then we
                         best start working problems out

               Sam steps forward.  

                         The cows are sick.

                         What can we do?

                         I thought we could separate the
                         herds but the sickness is
                         spreading.  I'm sorry.

               Sam turns to enter the house.

                         Aren't you even going to ask about
                         your child?

                         How long have you known?

                         I've suspected for a few weeks but
                         I'm still not positive about it.

               Sam nods.

                                   ANNABELLE (cont'd)
                         Are you happy?

                         Yes.  Of course.  

               Annabelle's face shows that she thinks otherwise.

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         Aren't you a little scared?  With
                         what happened to Jonathan and all.

                         We had no control over Jonathan's
                         death and we can't be bitter about
                         that.  It was just his time to go.

               Sam steps forward, grabs Annabelle in a huge hug.  He kisses
               her cheek.

                         I'm sorry.  I love you so much.

                         I know.  I know.

               EXT. FARM - CONTINUOUS

               CLOSE ON the virus infected ashes of the two burned cow
               carcasses.  A gentle breeze begins to blow, picking up some
               of the ashes, sweeping them towards the distant farmhouse.

               EXT. CHURCH - DAY

               BONG!  BONG!  BONG!

               As the large church bell rings out.  Families, dressed in
               their best attire, exit the church.  Their words reflecting
               the minister's teaching for the day.

               Sam and Annabelle exit the church, smiles stretched across
               both their faces.  They are holding hands.

               Within seconds three OLDER LADIES (MARY, ALICE, JOY) converge
               on the couple.

                         Look at her face, Alice.  She is

                         Then it is true?  Are you with
                         child, Annabelle?

               Annabelle and Sam lock eyes for a brief moment.

                         Yes.  It's true.

               The ladies "Oh" to themselves.

                         Have you thought of name yet?

                         Actually, we are going to name him

                         What a beautiful name.  I know the
                         boy will bring you both so much

               SUDDENLY, a cough rises into Annabelle's throat.  She clears
               her throat into her WHITE GLOVED HAND.

                         That's a nasty cough you have

                         I've had it about a week.  Must be
                         the beginning of my morning

                         It's cold out here.  Maybe we
                         should move towards the truck.

               Annabelle coughs again.  This time she can't stop and it
               turns into a horrible HACKING COUGH.  Sam grabs a hold of her
               arm just as it goes limp.  Annabelle passes out in Sam's

               The three ladies begin to panic, all of them screaming for

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         Honey, are you alright?!  Can you
                         hear me?!

               Then he notices the trickle of blood on her lips.  He pulls
               up the gloved hand she coughed into.  It is covered in blood.

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE

               Annabelle lays still in bed.  Dr. Myers leans in, stabbing a
               needle into her arm and injecting some medicine.

               Sam stands in doorway watching.

               After finishing, Dr. Myers packs his bag and stands up.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         She will sleep good tonight.

                         Is she going to be alright?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         It's hard to tell until the tests
                         come back.  The only thing we can
                         do know is worry about keeping her
                         fever down.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE

               Sam is walking Dr. Myers to his car.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         How is your cow doing?  Any better?

                         No sir.  She passed last week.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Oh.  Sorry to hear that.

               Dr. Myers looks out into the field.  Only two sickly cows are
               grazing.  He furrows his brow.

                                   DR. MYERS (cont'd)
                         Where are the rest of your cows?

                         Excuse me?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         There is only two cows out there
                         grazing.  Where are the others?

                         They must be in the barn.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Is everything going good on the
                         farm?  I mean, are any other of
                         your animals sick?

                         No sir.  Just Betsy.

               Dr. Myers takes one last gander at the two sickly cows before
               lowering himself in his car.

               EXT. FARM - NIGHT

               Sam watches his plow horse burn.  It has also died from the

                             (to horse)
                         I'm so sorry, girl.  You were the
                         best horse I ever owned.

               EXT. DIRT ROAD, FARM - NIGHT

               A car with its lights off slows to a stop beside the fence. 
               The window is rolled down to expose Dr. Myers.  He watches
               the burning carcass and Sam very suspiciously.

               He rolls the window back up and pulls off.

               EXT. WOODED AREA

               Sam is shoveling the ashes off of the trailer and adding it
               to the pile of other ashes.  The pile is massive.

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE

               Sam walks into the room with a tray of food(Grits, toast,
               orange juice).  He strolls over to the bed and sets the tray
               on a nearby table.

               Sam leans over and brushes the hair out of Annabelle's face. 
               She looks horrible.  Her eyes are sunken, surrounded by dark
               bags.  Her feeble frame shows how much weight she has lost.

               Annabelle's eyes blink a few times, then open.  She looks
               over at Sam.  He smiles at her.

                         It's good to see you up.

               She opens her mouth like she is going to talk.  Sam puts
               gentle fingers over her mouth.

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         Don't talk
                             (grabs the tray of food)
                         You need to eat.

               He tries to give her a spoonful of grits.  She turns her head

                                   SAM (cont'd)
                         You haven't eaten in three days. 
                         Just one bite.
                             (Annabelle turns away)

               Sam gives up, puts the spoon away.  He pulls a wet rag from
               the tray and lays it on Annabelle's forehead.

               Annabelle looks at Sam again.  She begins to move her mouth
               again, gargling out the word:


               Sam slowly pulls back the bed sheet to expose Annabelle's
               PLUMP BELLY.  He rubs it softly.

                         Joseph is doing just perfect.  He
                         is going to make it.  Both of you

               Annabelle seems content and closes her eyes to rest.

               Sam glances up to see a POLICE MAN snooping around in the
               field outside their window.  With a look of concern, Sam
               rises and exits the room.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE

               The police man(SHERIFF JONES) is bent over examining
               something on the ground.  A shadow falls over him.

                                   SAM (O.S.)
                         May I help you?

               Jones looks up a Sam, stands.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         Not meaning any harm, sir.  I just
                         received a tip that their might be
                         some funny business going on, on
                         your land.

                         I can assure you that nothing is
                         going on.

               Jones looks out over the field.  One sickly cow is grazing.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         I see one cow.  Where are the

                         I sold them.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         Sold them?

                         Yes, sir.  Is there a problem?

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         Does that not sound a little funny
                         to you?  A man selling all his
                         cattle but one sick one?

                         You can search the entire farm if
                         you want too.  That there's the
                         only heifer I have left.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         Now, I'm not here to put on an
                         investigation.  May I just ask why
                         you sold your cows.

                         You've felt how cold it has been. 
                         With no crops that leaves us with
                         now money.  We're doing everything
                         we can to make ends meet.

               Jones tips his hat, letting the sun hit his face.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         I suppose your right.  Have a good
                         day, Mister Jenkins.

               The police office takes one last gander around before
               strolling back towards his car.  

               INT. POLICE CAR

               Jones slides in and shuts the door.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         He says he sold the cows.

               Jones looks over at DOCTOR MYERS, who is in the passenger

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Sam Jenkins didn't sale his cows. 
                         If he did it would be clear across
                         town by now.

               Dr. Myers watches out of the windshield as Sam disappears
               into the house.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         Well, I don't have a warrant so I
                         can search the place.  What do you
                         suggest we do?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         If what I think is really going
                         on...we do what is necessary.

               Jones reaches over and turns on the ignition.  The engine of
               the police car roars in protest.  They pull off.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               EXT. FARMHOUSE - NIGHT

               Sam sits on the front porch, an AFGHAN wrapped around his
               shoulders.  He trembles from the cold.  His breath showing
               each time he breaths.

               Annabelle's painful moans can be heard from inside.

               A tears slides down Sam's cheek.  He wipes it away.

               INT. FARMHOUSE - DAY

               Sam steps through the door, dropping the afghan on the floor. 
               He has been outside all night.  

               He begins to shrug his coat off but his frozen arms don't
               seem to be cooperating.  A COUGH builds up in his throat.  He
               muffles it with his hand.

               Then he hears it.  A "gargle" in the bedroom.  He drops his
               coat on the floor and takes off running.

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE

               Sam bursts into the room.

               Annabelle is convulsing under the sheets.  Her face in a pile
               of her own vomit.  Weary hands grasped on her stomach.


               EXT. FARM - DAY

               A police car pulls into the drive way and slows to a stop. 
               Jones and his DEPUTY step out.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         You check the barn and anything
                         else.  I'll look inside.

                         Yes, sir.

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE

               Sam jerks back the sheets.  The entire bed is covered in

               Sam gently moves Annabelle's face out of the vomit and pulls
               it close to his.  He puts a finger under her nose.  She is
               breathing, but barely.

                         Stay with me.  Don't go.

               Annabelle forces her eyes open and meet his, then they roll
               back into her head, alive and dead within seconds.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE

               Jones steps onto the porch, knocks on the door.  No answer.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         Mr. Jenkins, I need to ask you a
                         few more questions.

               He tries the door handle, its unlocked.  He steps inside.

                                   SHERIFF JONES (cont'd)
                         Mr. Jenkins?

               INT. BEDROOM, FARMHOUSE

               Sam's face twists into a weep.  He collapses on to the floor,
               letting Annabelle's head fall limp against the bed.

               This is horrid sight to behold.  Annabelle laying dead in her
               own blood and vomit.  Sam weeping in a puddle of his own

                                   SHERIFF JONES (O.S.)
                         Oh my God...

               SWIVEL to see Jones standing in the door way.  A look of
               disbelief over his face.

               Sam doesn't even look up.  He just continues to cry.

                                                               FADE TO:


               The sky covered in thick, black clouds.  Rain falls and
               lightening flashes from the sky.  Thunder crashes overhead.

               EXT. CHURCH

               Annabelle's casket is lowered into the damp ground. 
               MOURNERS, dressed black, file past.  Sam stands in the rain. 
               The rain soaking his face and clothes but he doesn't seem to

               He looks up as a police car pulls up.  Sheriff Jones and his
               deputy step out.  The deputy opens the back door, helping THE
               MAYOR out of the back.  

               Sam watches as they walk closer.

                                   THE MAYOR
                         Sam Jenkins?

               Sam nods.

                                   THE MAYOR (cont'd)
                         I'm very sorry about your wife and
                         I'm sorry I have to do this today
                         but it is out of my hands now.

               The mayor reaches into his overcoat pocket and pulls out a
               folded LETTER.

                                   THE MAYOR (cont'd)
                         Upon further inspection of your
                         property and by the testimony of
                         James Myers, your land has been
                         determined unsafe by city council. 
                         We have no choice but to reclaim

               Sam takes the letter from the mayor's hands.  He opens it,
               seeing a petition signed by every council member.  Sam
               CRUMBLES the letter in his hands.

                                   THE MAYOR (cont'd)
                         You have forty-eight hours to pack
                         your things and leave.

                         I'm not leaving my home.

                                   THE MAYOR
                         If you don't then you will die like
                         she did.

                         If that is what has to be done then
                         I will die.

                                   THE MAYOR
                         You are also putting the rest of
                         the city in danger.  There is no
                         telling home much the virus has
                         spread already.

                         Can't you see that I don't care
                         about the goddamn virus?!

               The mayor is getting frustrated.  He points a finger in Sam's

                                   THE MAYOR
                         Forty-eight hours, Mr. Jenkins.  If
                         you're not out then we take you out
                         by force.

               Without warning, Sam starts to cough.  He doubles over,
               trying to subdue it.

               The mayor and the police officers take a step back.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         You better get that cough looked

               The coughing fit finally subsides.  Sam pulls his hand from
               his mouth.  It is covered in blood.

               He gasps as he realizes...

                                                          FLASH CUT TO:


               -Betsy lays in a pile of her own vomit.

               -Annabelle lays in a pile of her own vomit.  The bed covered
               in blood.

               -Sam watches a cow carcass burn.  Its ashes are blown around
               in the wind.

               -Annabelle coughs up blood into her hand.


                                                          FLASH CUT TO:

               Sam continues to stare at his hand.

               The mayor and the police officers begin to walk back to the

                                   THE MAYOR 
                         Two days, Mr. Jenkins.  

               Sam turns his hand over.  The blood drips from his palm to
               the ground, where it mixes with the rain water.

                         I killed her...

               INT. BANK

               The tiny bank is buzzing with activity.  Sam patiently waits
               in line.  His time comes and he steps forward.

                                   BANK CLERK
                         How may I help you today?

               Sam drops a bag onto the counter.

                         I need to withdraw all of my funds.

               The bank clerk looks at him like he is crazy.

               EXT. TRUCK

               Sam is driving down a dirt road.  Large barrels of GASOLINE
               sit in the bed of his truck.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE

               Sam pours gasoline around the exterior of the house and all
               over the grass.

               INT. FARMHOUSE

               Sam drags one of the barrels into the middle of the living
               room.  He turns it over, letting the liquid spill over and
               cover the floor.

               INT. FARMHOUSE - LATER

               Sam enters the room carrying a WOODEN CHAIR in one hand and
               an unknown item in his other hand.  He sets the chair in the
               middle of the living room and sits down in it.  He pulls the
               unknown item close to his face.  It is a picture: Sam,
               Annabelle, and Jonathan.

                         I'm sorry Annabelle.  Don't worry,
                         I'm coming to join you.

               He pulls out a match and lights it.  He drops it onto the

               Fire ERUPTS all around him.  It quickly covers the floor,
               then begins spreading up the walls.

               Sam screams in agony as the fire licks up the wooden chair,
               soon consuming him.

               EXT. FARMHOUSE - NIGHT

               The fury of the fire illuminates the night.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. FARMHOUSE RUINS - DAY

               The house is nothing more than ashes lying on burnt grass.  A
               few police men scrounge through the remains.

               A car pulls up and slows.  Dr. Myers gets out.

               Jones, who is chatting with a uniform, sees him and walks

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         By the time the fire department got
                         here early this morning, the place
                         was already gone.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         How did this happen?

                         The thought of leaving his farm
                         must of been too much.  He burned
                         himself alive.

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Son of a bitch...

               The sheriff leads Dr. Myers through the ashes.  They both
               look around.

               Something catches Dr. Myers' eye.  He bends down, digging
               through the rubble.  It is Jonathan's STUFFED BEAR.
               Remarkably, it is barely singed.

                                   DR. MYERS (cont'd)
                         Sam Jenkins made a horrible
                         mistake.  He kept a secret that
                         ended up killing his farm, his
                         family, and himself.

               Dr. Myers stands up, hands the bear to the Jones.

                                   SHERIFF JONES
                         What about the virus?

                                   DR. MYERS
                         Hopefully it burned with the house. 
                         We shouldn't have to worry about it
                         any more.

               The ash under their feet CRUNCH as they move off to inspect
               different parts of the farm.

               As they do a gentle breeze passes through, picking up some of
               the ashes and blowing them into the sky.
               FADE OUT:

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