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                                A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET
                                       Jon Lickness
                  Based on the characters and film created by Wes Craven

                                                            FADE IN ON:

               NEWS REPORT

               We COLD OPEN on grainy, stocky footage of a NEWS BROADCAST -
               a mid-40s, professional-looking ANCHORMAN - DAN THOMAS - 
               sits in a studio, and, with stern deliberation, introduces
               our story to us.

               The logo KRGR-19 NEWS hangs on the wall behind him.

                         Thank you for joining us on KRGR-19
                         news, I'm Dan Thomas.  Tragedy
                         again today...

               The INSET flashes a grim-looking graphic - THIRD DEATH IN
               SPRINGWOOD HIGH.

                         At Springwood High School in
                         suburban Illinois.  A third victim
                         in the recent string of serial
                         homicides was found dead today in
                         her own home.  This is the third
                         similar death of a Springwood High
                         School student in as many months.

               The INSET envelops the screen - NEWS FOOTAGE of two EMT's
               loading a covered body into the back of an ambulance.

                         According to police reports, this
                         death followed the same Modus
                         Operandi as the previous two. 
                         While the name of the victim is
                         being withheld, what police have
                         told us is that the victim's
                         parents heard their daughter's
                         alarm clock go off to wake her up
                         for school in the morning.  After
                         ten minutes, she had not come down
                         to get ready, and the parents
                         walked upstairs to find their
                         daughter dead in her own bed.  Once
                         again, as in previous murders,
                         there was no evidence of a break
                         in, but the body was found horribly
                         mutilated, which police believed to
                         be post-mortem.  

               Another PICTURE pops up on the INSET - an attractive,
               brunette teenage girl, with the name CARRIE KING in bold
               letters underneath it.

                         If you'll recall, just a little
                         over three weeks ago, the body of
                         Carrie King, 17, was found dead in
                         her own bedroom in a similar
                         fashion.  One month before that...

               Yet another PICTURE pops up - this time, a slightly punkish
               looking kid - CODY BREWER.

                         Cody Brewer, with the exact same
                         M.O. - a wake-up call that was
                         never answered, and a pair of
                         grieving parents.  Police still
                         have no leads in either murder
                         case, and information for the
                         present murder case has yet to be
                         released.  Reporters in the field
                         were unable to procure information
                         from Lieutenant Donald Thompson,
                         the lead investigator into the
                         murder cases...

               We CUT directly to the INSET - a MAN HOLDING A MICROPHONE's
               first-person POV, chasing after an older, mid-50s, slightly
               balding man wearing a badge around his neck - LT. DON
               THOMPSON in the flesh, several CAMERAS flashing in his face,
               heading into a house TAPED OFF for evidence-gathering - he
               appears sullen and angry with the reporters. 

                                   REPORTER (O.C.)
                         Sir, what can you tell us what
                         happened in there?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         The only thing we know is that
                         there's another murder - there's
                         still nothing to connect this with
                         the King and Brewer homicides.

                                   REPORTER (O.C.)
                         Is there any chance that there are
                         more murders coming?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I don't think that's any of your
                         business to be spreading that sort
                         of panic.  My men and me are
                         working on this around the clock...

                                   REPORTER (O.C.)
                         Lieutenant Thompson, this is three
                         deaths in three months in a town
                         with a population of less than...

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I know damn well what it is!

               Thompson RUSHES the camera with his hand...

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Now turn that 
                         thing off!

               The INSET fades away, as Dan talks directly to the camera.

                         While Lieutenant Thompson was not
                         cooperative with us, we certainly
                         know what he is going through in an
                         attempt to solve these heinous
                         crimes.  We do not know much, but
                         what we appear to know for certain
                         is that a dangerous serial killer
                         appears to be on the loose in the
                         city of Springwood, Illinois.  It
                         is someone with a definite M.O.,
                         And the killer appears to have
                         excellent resourcefulness and
                         ability to avoid authorities and
                         avoid leaving evidence behind.  The
                         city of Springwood will continue to
                         leave in effect its 9:00 P.M.
                         curfew until the case is solved.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:


               All we see is a BLACK SCREEN, and then...

               TINA WHITE, 17, blonde, long-haired, attractive, and wearing
               pajamas, DARTS UPWARD in bed, sweat beading on her forehead -
               she looks like she's terrified.

               We CUT OUT to show her entire bedroom as she sits on bed,
               still scared - she looks around, and the morning sun is
               piercing through the window, an end to her apparently
               horrific night.

                         Jesus Christ...

               She WIPES THE SWEAT off her forehead, then THROWS HER COVERS
               OFF and gets out of bed.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S HOUSE (MORNING)

               Tina CLIMBS DOWN the stairs of her house, now dressed in blue
               jeans and a T-shirt.  It's a DINGY-LOOKING HOUSE, a little
               dirty and unkempt.

               Her MOTHER - KAREN - a heavyset woman, is FRYING EGGS in the
               kitchen while her father - GEORGE - sits at a table EATING
               TOAST.  Both are wearing in their mid-50s, and both are
               wearing FACTORY CLOTHES.

                         Morning, dad.  Morning, Mom.

                         Morning, Tina.  

                         Morning, Tina.  What was all the
                         screaming about?


                         You were screaming something fierce
                         in the middle of the night.  Your
                         father went to your door, but you
                         were sound asleep.

                         I was?  I was.  It was just...a
                         really bad nightmare.

                         What was it about?

                         I can't remember.

                         Must have been some wowser of a

                         I was really screaming?

                         Enough to scare the shit out of me.

               We ANGLE on Tina's face, showing that there may be more to
               her dream recall than meets the eye.

                         Well, it's just a dream, right?

                         You scared the shit out of me, too,
                         Tina - you know how much it scares
                         your mother and me that you work at
                         that damned diner until midnight. 
                         Why can't you quit?

                         I can't quit, Dad.  I'm saving up
                         for college.

                         Honey, that's what loans are for.

                         What did I tell you, dad?  My goal
                         is to finish without owing those
                         bastards at the University a damn

                         Well, I still wish you were here

               Tina WALKS to her father and hugs him.

                         Dad, I wish I was here more, too -
                         but it will pay off someday. 
                         Someday, I will be able to be your
                         little girl again.

                         Sooner rather than later, Tina. 
                         You know how guilty I feel

                         You guys work really hard just to
                         keep this roof over my head - I can
                         do the rest.

               Tina TURNS AROUND and begins HEADING out the front door...


               Tina SNAPS BACK AROUND.

                         Yeah, Mom?

                         Come right home after school.

                         I have work!

                         Come home anyway.  That psycho on
                         the news scares me.

                         Mom, they don't even know what it
                         is yet.  I can take care of myself.

               Tina flashes her parents the big, PR smile, and WALKS OUT THE

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               MONTAGE SCENE

               A short montage - maybe thirty seconds of screen time - as we
               follow Tina throughout her school day.  She does work,
               studies hard, and even gives a speech in front of a group of
               students - the montage establishes her as an admirable
               character, a teen who works hard and is socially outgoing and

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT LUNCH ROOM (DAY)

               Tina SITS DOWN at a table in the middle of the Springwood
               High lunch room - it's all enclosed, with windows overlooking
               the leafy terrain of the school itself.

               Tina is in the center of the shot - to her right is GLEN, 18. 
               He's good-looking, with black hair, wears a Jeans company's
               logo shirt and blue jeans.  He's a nice guy, outgoing and
               easy to get along with.

               To her left is NANCY THOMPSON - shorter, attractive (but in a
               nonthreatening way), long brown hair, dressed conservatively. 
               Nancy is a friendly girl, well-liked but not condescending,
               and is the daughter of Lt. Thompson seen in the prologue.

               Across from her sits KARA - all alone.  Kara wears glasses,
               has curly red hair, is good-looking but we can tell by
               looking at her that she is not confident, and the target of
               some pranks and humiliations.

                         Is this seat taken?

               She WEDGES herself between Glen and Nancy.

                         Hey, Tina.

                         What's up, Tina?

                         Nothing that a cup of coffee
                         wouldn't cure.

                         What's up with the bags?


                         You have bags under your eyes.  Did
                         you have to stay and work a double
                         again, or what?

                         No.  It's stupid.  I didn't really
                         sleep well last night.

                         Oh yeah?  Why?

                         Glen, not because of what you

                         What is it?

                         It's not because of what you think,
                         either.  Miss daughter of the
                         goddamned chief of police - it had
                         nothing to do with the deaths.

                         I'm just worried - that's all.  
                         It's one person after another. 
                         People of this nature, they
                         escalate - they start out slow, and

                         They pop, yeah, I know.  Where do
                         you learn all this stuff?  From
                         your dad?


                         Speaking of said killer - Nancy,
                         did your father tell you anything?  

                         No...uh, he didn't mention anything
                         about the murder.

                         What are you talking about?  Did
                         they find something out about

                         No.  It was...

                         You don't know?  Tina, there was
                         another one.

                         Another one?  When?

                         Last night.  The police, in their
                         infinite wisdom, have not released
                         the name yet - but I think I can
                         deduce by the fact that Katie
                         Milton wasn't in geometry today
                         that it's a good bet that she's the
                         one that the sicko got last night.  

                         That might not mean anything, Kara. 
                         Maybe she was just sick - there
                         were a few empty seats in my class
                         today, too.  Look around - this
                         whole school is on barely hidden
                         panic mode.  Everybody does a good
                         job pretending everything's normal,

                                   ROD (O.C.)
                         It ain't fuckin' normal, that's for

               ROD, 18 - a handsome baseball player, wearing a Letterman's
               jacket and blue jeans, LEANS DOWN and KISSES Tina, his

                         How's it going, Tina?

                         Not bad, Rod.  Where were you in
                         Math today?

                         Coach wanted to talk to me.


                         Nope.  MLB draft.  

                         Oh yeah?  Which team?

                         I should be in the starting
                         rotation for the Yankees next year. 
                         To answer your question, Glen, yes,
                         it was about a scholarship.  (to
                         Tina) Didn't mean to freak you out.

                         You didn't.  I know you'd know what
                         to do with yourself if some psycho
                         killer snuck into your room.

                         You bet your ass I would.  I would
                         introduce the fear of fuckin'
                         Buddha into that sack of shit. 
                         Hey, what's up with the baggage? 
                         Didn't you sleep?

                         Not well.  

                         Seems Tina had some bad nightmares
                         last night.

                         Oh yeah?  About what?

                         She doesn't remember.

                         You don't?


                         Weird.  I always remember my
                         dreams.  At least one a night. 
                         Have ever since I was just a little

                         Guys - you're missing the real
                         point in all of this.

                         What is the real point in all of
                         this, Nancy?

                         Life and death.  The most important
                         game we'll ever play.  Like you
                         said, Kara - every empty seat today
                         could have been one of us.  And
                         with how little talking my father
                         has done lately, this guy must be
                         scary good at what he does.

                         Okay - Jesus, fuck, now I'm creeped

                         Just...everybody stay on your feet. 
                         When my father talks, it means it's
                         good and close to being solved.  I
                         haven't heard a word for three
                         months.  It's bad.

               With this, all of the other friends LOOK at Nancy - she's
               achieved her desired effect.  She has put the fear of death
               into her friends.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT CLASSROOM (DAY)

               CU on a teacher's face - MISS CRAVEN, mid-40s, glasses.

               She stands in front of a group of students giving a lecture -
               in the back row is Nancy.

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         So, students, this soliloquy is the
                         most talked about, dissected piece
                         of dialogue in the history of
                         literature.  Hamlet's soliloquy
                         begins with a simple statement -
                         "to be or not to be, that is the
                         question," and divulges into the
                         very ruination of one man's soul -
                         of his decision to live or not to
                         live, to act or not to act, tying
                         into the very theme of action that
                         is the central point of "Hamlet" -
                         his failure to act, to the point
                         that it will eventually cost him
                         his life...

               As Miss Craven DRONES ON, we very slowly ZOOM IN on Nancy in
               the back row - she holds a pencil with one hand, and appears
               to be NODDING OFF.

               As we GET CLOSER, she DROPS the pencil, and we are
               practically TOUCHING HER FOREHEAD with the camera...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               EXTREME CU of Nancy's eyes as they SNAP OPEN---

               They DART AROUND...

               We SEE WHAT SHE SEES - she is now in a very scary setting --
               the CATACOMBS OF A SCHOOL - PIPES AND METAL stretch as far as
               the eye can see, with walkways of steel both above and below

               Nancy is now in a boiler room - for what purpose and what
               reason, we do not know yet.

               She is also LAYING DOWN - and she GETS UP, still LOOKING
               AROUND QUIZZICALLY...

               A CATWALK is below her, with railings on either side - rivers
               of pipes stretch out below her, and a huge BOILER is at the
               center of the room.

               Nancy GRABS THE RAILING and begins walking along the

               She ROUNDS A CORNER, slowly, as the music intensifies and the
               mood on the screen becomes tighter, more constrictive, as
               someone or something appears ready to coil and strike at any

               Nancy ENTERS A DOOR at the end of the catwalk, and we FOLLOW
               HER STRAIGHT THROUGH to the other side - but as she does, a
               huge HISS is heard...

               She TURNS BACK and LOOKS DOWN - the boiler has now STARTED
               UP, the fires are now BILLOWING THROUGH in a very old-style

               She TURNS BACK again, and heads through the door...

               She is now on another CATWALK, at the top of some stairs. 
               She HEADS DOWN the stairs - as she reaches the bottom, STEAM
               shoots out of several pipes DIRECTLY INTO HER FACE - she
               BACKS UP, panicking, and then TURNS AROUND - it is a wide
               open room on the bottom floor.

               Then we HEAR something else - SCREECHING, like METAL SCRAPING
               ACROSS METAL...

               Nancy LOOKS UP - there is nobody on the catwalk...

               But the SCRAPING GETS LOUDER - and then we hear
               footsteps...almost as if she can't control herself, Nancy
               begins WALKING back up the stairs toward the door, where the
               noise seems to be coming from...

               She REACHES the top, and we can just begin to hear a sound
               not unlike LAUGHTER when...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT CLASSROOM (DAY)

               EXTREME CU of Nancy's face - there is a HAND near her face,
               but she begins to SCREAM WILDLY, THRASHING ABOUT in her

               And then she is fully awake - and back in the classroom -
               some of the other children are LAUGHING at her.  One student -
               DANIEL, 17, stereotypical practical joker with a flashy
               haircut, wearing expensive-looking clothes, is LEANING OVER
               in his desk next to her.

               Miss Craven has JUST REACHED Nancy, and begins consoling her.

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         Nancy!  Nancy!  What's the matter? 
                         (to Daniel) What did you do to her?

               Nancy continues to look around the classroom, now a little
               less terrified - she gathers her wits very quickly.

                         Nothin', Miss Craven.  She was
                         sleeping - I just stuck my hand
                         over there to wake her up. 
                         Besides, she was starting to drool.

                         You're a fucking moron, you know
                         that, Daniel?

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         Miss Thompson - there is no need
                         for that kind of language--

                         Yeah, fuck you too, Nancy...

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         Excuse me?

                         I said, fuck you too, Nancy...

               CUT BACK to Nancy - eyes full of hatred.

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         Daniel, go down to the office...

                         She said it first...

                                   MISS CRAVEN

               Daniel GETS UP, begrudgingly, and WALKS OUT of the room.  The
               rest of the classroom CALMS DOWN.

               Miss Craven SQUATS DOWN next to Nancy.

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         Are you alright?

                         Yeah.  I must...I must have been
                         dozing off, and I was just in that
                         place between awake and asleep when
                         he tried to wake me up - that can
                         be a little shocking.

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         You're sure you're alright?

                         I'm sure Miss Craven.

               Miss Craven GETS BACK UP, and begins walking to the front of
               the row, resuming her lecture...

               We HOLD on Nancy's face, EYES FROZEN FORWARD as some of the
               other students continue to stare at her...

                                                                CUT TO:


               ESTABLISHING SHOT of the main entrance of Springwood High
               School - green, leafy terrain surrounds the suburban high, as
               students FILE OUT of the building.

               Tina is standing next to the entrance steps, SMOKING A

               Eventually, Rod EXITS the school, and begins WALKING AWAY
               down the sidewalk with Tina...

                         Hey, Tina!  What's up?

                         Nothing.  Thanks for walking home
                         with me.

                         You asked.

                         It's just...everybody's so
                         goddamned worked up about all this
                         killer shit.

                         As they should be.

                         Why do you say that?

                         They don't know what it is.  I do.

                         And just what is it?

                         The guy behind this is some kind of
                         sadistic sex maniac.  Not only
                         that, he's fuckin' night-stalker
                         esque in his ability to get in and
                         out of windows.  He comes through
                         the windows, that's my theory -
                         he's a cat burglar who's gotten
                         really good at what he does.

                         One thing - everybody keeps calling
                         the killer "he."  Have you ever
                         thought that it might be a woman?

                         Oh, this has to be a dude.  I can't
                         see how any chick could do these
                         kinds of things.

                         Well, at any rate, your theory
                         certainly calmed my mind.

                         Hey, I'm sorry, Tina.  

                         Don't be.

                         So what's up with these dreams that
                         you're having?  They some pretty
                         freaky shit, or what?

                         It was just last night, Rod.

                         But you remember it.

                         That's the thing.  I remember every
                         little bit of it like it actually
                         happened.  This was the worst dream
                         I've ever had.

                         What happened?

               By now, Tina and Rod have walked down the sidewalk quite a
               ways - and STOP TO TALK underneath a tree.

                         I really don't want to talk about

                         Oh, come on, Tina -- I want to

                         Well, alright.  I was in a boiler

                         A boiler room?  You're aware that
                         boiler rooms haven't been a part of
                         the school landscape for the better
                         part of three decades now...

                         Do you want to hear this or not? 
                         It scared the fucking daylights out
                         of me.

                         Alright, go.

                         Well, I was lying down in the
                         middle of this huge boiler room.  I
                         mean, it was just huge - I looked
                         around, and it was like a football
                         stadium - no doors in sight, and
                         all these kind of walkways above
                         me.  And then I heard this sound,
                         like metal scraping across metal -
                         and then I heard some guy laughing.


                         I saw him.  He was right above me -
                         he was awful.  He wore this hat,
                         and his face was all scarred up and
                         burned.  But what I remember the
                         most is his hand...

                         His hand?  What about his hand?

                         He had this glove on.  It looked
                         like something he made himself -
                         and on the ends of the glove were
                         these huge razor blades.  He didn't
                         say anything - he just looked at
                         me.  When he was looking at me, I
                         was more scared than I've ever been
                         in my entire life - he raised that
                         hand of blades, really slowly like
                         he meant it, and then he pointed
                         his index finger right at me.  I
                         just froze - I couldn't move.  I
                         wanted to run, but my muscles
                         wouldn't respond to my mind. 

                         That's when you woke up.

                         How did you know that?

                         Because it was a dream, Tina. 
                         Might have been a really bad dream,
                         but that's the way they all are -
                         when they reach the point where you
                         think it's just too scary, that's
                         when your mind can't really take
                         any more of it and just tells you
                         to wake up.

                         This one was different, Rod.  That
                         guy - I can't get the look that he
                         had on his face out of my mind.  He
                         was looking at me like he wanted to
                         fucking kill me - and he was just
                         so human...

                         It's just a dream, Tina - you're
                         safe now.  You want to know another
                         theory that I have?

                         Believe me - I'm aching for any
                         kind of explanation as to what the
                         fuck I went through last night.

                         You had a freaky dream.  Another
                         thing that I know about dreams is
                         that sometimes they get really
                         weird when someone hasn't had any
                         sexual experiences in a while.

                         You're an asshole, Rod.

               Tina begins WALKING AWAY in a huff, angry with Rod.

                         What?  I'm just saying...

                         I know exactly what you're saying. 
                         I just poured my heart out to you
                         about something that scared the
                         living shit out of me and the only
                         thing you have to say is how you're
                         not getting fucked enough.


                         Just shut the fuck up and leave me

               Tina LEAVES the shot, as Rod stands behind, exasperated.

                                                                CUT TO:


               We follow Nancy as she ROUNDS a corner, the picturesque,
               suburban rivers of homes behind her as she walks down the

                                   GLEN (O.C.)

               Nancy TURNS to her right, and is then joined by Glen.


                         So I heard you freaked out in
                         English class today.

                         I'm sure I'm the talk of school as
                         we speak.

                         What the hell happened?

                         I fell asleep.  I had a bad dream,
                         and then Daniel Bertrum woke me up
                         right in the middle of it.

                         So how'd you freak?

                         It was a really bad dream.  When I
                         woke up, I thought I was still in
                         it - I started screaming.  God,
                         I've never had a dream like that.

                         Freaky stuff.  You know, we've been
                         neighbors since I was six years
                         old, and in all that time, I don't
                         remember you ever saying anything
                         about any of your dreams.

                         Supposedly, people who don't
                         remember their dreams have kind of
                         a backed up mind.  If that's the
                         case, I have constipation of the
                         brain.  I barely remember any of my
                         dreams.  But this one--

                         Tina remembered her dream...

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT ELM STREET (DAY)

               They ROUND ANOTHER CORNER - and in a HIGH-ANGLE shot we see
               that the street sign is marked "ELM STREET."

                         I know.  Weird, huh?

                         A little.  So what are you doing
                         tonight?  Think your parents will
                         let me come over?

                         They haven't liked you since you
                         were six years old and we played
                         basketball together.  Why would
                         they start now?

                         Just wondering.  They still

                         No, they're not.

                         Well that's good, isn't it?

                         No, it's not good.  It was better
                         when they fought. 
                         Now, they just--they act like the
                         other one doesn't even exist.

                         It will get better.

                         Maybe, but maybe not.  And to
                         answer your question, I thought I
                         was just going to finish up my
                         poetry assignment and watch a

                         I don't think we have anything to
                         worry about.  I never offered up my

                         What's your theory?

                         See, everybody assumes that this
                         guy is some kind of raving maniac -
                         I think this is a social maniac at
                         work.  See, all three victims have
                         come from really high-level income
                         homes.  And we're in suburbia - the
                         symbol of everything that most of
                         America aspires to be.  My theory --
                         this killer is some kind of
                         depraved polemic who's trying to
                         prove a point about the hypocrisy
                         of wealth.

                         Glen - please, lay off the Lou

                         I'm just saying.  You wanted my
                         theory - there it is.

               We hear FOOTSTEPS behind them now - although the scene is
               still nonthreatening.

                         That some crazed Karl Marx wannabe
                         is wandering around town
                         methodically choosing victims based
                         on social strata?  That's some

                                   HEATHER (O.C.)
                         Some fuckin' dumbass theory.

               Nancy and Glen turn around - behind them walks HEATHER - 17,
               very attractive, blonde, wearing a V-neck shirt and tight
               blue jeans.  The expression on her face and the cocksure
               manner that she walks indicate both a degree of popularity
               and condescension.

                         Hey, Heather.

                         You really believe  this guy's
                         crap, Nancy?

                         Well, I...

                         Well, I'm not sure I want to hear
                         it from you, given a certain
                         incident that happened in English
                         class today.

                         Heather, I'm sorry about Daniel.  I
                         didn't mean for anything to happen
                         to him.

                         What happened?

                         He was suspended for two days.

                         Two days?

                         He's been sent down to the office
                         before - third strike, two day
                         suspension.  He's damn lucky he
                         didn't get kicked off the baseball
                         team - he could have blown his

                         Look - I was having a bad dream,
                         and I started screaming.  I didn't
                         even know he was trying to wake me

                         I think you did.

                         Believe whatever you want, Heather.

                         Someday, I'm going to get you back,

               Heather begins WALKING DOWN a walkway leading to the front
               door of a very expensive-looking, large house, casting an icy
               glare at Nancy on the way up.

               BACK TO Glen and Nancy.

                         Quite a classy character she is,

                         The best.  Someday, somebody will
                         knock Heather Wester off her

                         Say, you never said your theory.

                         About the murders?

                         Yeah, of course.

                         I'm not sure I have one.

                         But you always have a theory.  You
                         can always pull those obscure
                         factoids out of your head
                         regardless of the subject.  

               They STOP in front of Glen's house - a modest suburban-style
               two-level home.

                         So, let's hear it.

                         Sorry to disappoint you, Glen, but
                         I have no idea why these people

                         Oh, what a gyp.  Listen -- I'll
                         call you tonight, alright?

               Glen LEANS FORWARD to kiss Nancy, and she returns it.



               Glen HEADS UP the walkway to his house, and Nancy WALKS
               ACROSS THE STREET - we see her home for the first time.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT NANCY'S HOUSE (DAY)

               1428 Elm Street - two levels, white paint, black doors and
               windows, the ideal American home.

               She nears the door and ENTERS IT...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S HOUSE (DAY)

               Nancy STEPS INTO her house.  

               MARGE THOMPSON - a mid-40s, brunette woman, slightly
               overweight, is SITTING ALONE in a kitchen.  The house is
               nicely laid out on the inside - a family room sits to one
               side and a dining room to the other, with the kitchen in the

               As Nancy enters the house, Marge is TAKING A SWIG from an
               alcohol bottle, which she immediately HIDES in one of the
               kitchen cupboards when the door opens.

                         Hi, Nancy.

                         Hi, Mom.

                         How was school?

                         It was alright.

                         Nothing happened?

                         No...nothing happened.

               The mother and daughter coldly look at each other, and then
               Nancy HEADS UP SOME STAIRS - apparently to her room...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT DINING ROOM (DAY)

               We are now in the Thompson's dining room - immediately
               adjacent to the main entrance.  Nancy and Marge sit across
               from each other at a long table, silently eating.

               The main door OPENS - and in walks Don Thompson, the same man
               from the news footage, and Nancy's father.  He still wears
               his black sweater, his badge around his neck...and a gun.

               He WALKS to the table.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Hi, Nancy.

                         Hi, Dad.

               He LOOKS to Marge - who is still looking straight down at her

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Hi, Marge.


                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         What's for dinner?

                         Why don't you look down and find

               He looks down - the plate is already set for him - a vague
               kind of meat and potatoes.

               Lt. Thompson looks around quizzically, then sits down and
               begins eating his food.

               We HOLD on the family for a few seconds as awkward silence
               ticks by - no one has a word to say to each other.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy SITS in her room next to a computer desk - a bed,
               television, and posters adorning various rock bands line the

               She is WRITING in her notebook.

               There's a KNOCK on her door.

               Lt. Thompson STICKS HIS HEAD through the door.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Hey, Nancy?

                         Hi, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Is it alright if I come in for a


               He comes in, no longer wearing his gun or his badge.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Listen - you know, your mother and
                         I, we're going through some rough

                         I know, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I know you do.  You're a smart

                         So when does the facade that we're
                         something other than just a paper
                         family end?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I don't think it's going to come to

                         When I came home from school today,
                         she had that look on her face
                         again.  She was drinking at three
                         in the afternoon, Dad - I know it's
                         getting worse.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         We're trying to work things out.  

                         Well, please do it right, okay?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I'll try.  Listen -- all these
                         crazy murders, they're taking a
                         toll on all of us.  I wish I could
                         be with you every second of every
                         day - that school can't be safe.  

                         I can take care of myself.

               He LEANS DOWN and KISSES Nancy's forehead.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I know you can, baby.  I just wish
                         I could be there for you more,
                         Nancy.  Soon, we'll have this guy.

                         How close are you?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         He'll slip up sooner or later, they
                         always do.

               Thompson TURNS AROUND and leaves Nancy's bedroom, shutting
               the door on the way out.

               We HOLD on Nancy alone in her room, sad look on her face.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT TINA'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               We OPEN on the full moon, eerily lighting the unholy night.

               We slowly COME DOWN from the moon to Tina's house - which is
               most definitely NOT located on Elm Street - the paint is
               chipped, the lawn is small, and there's no patio or other
               extraneous items.

               We see a girl walking up the walkway - Tina, wearing waitress
               clothing, hair in a ponytail.

               She ENTERS the door...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               Tina carefully SHUTS THE DOOR, then LOOKS AROUND - there's no
               activity in the house.

               Everyone is asleep.

               She quietly WALKS UP THE STAIRS to her room...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S BEDROOM (NIGHT)

               Tina TAKES OFF her workshirt - she wears a white t-shirt
               underneath.  She tosses the workshirt on her bed and WALKS
               AROUND her room for a while.

               Suddenly, a figure POUNCES ON HER - and turns on the lights.

               It's Rod.

               Tina PUSHES HIM AWAY.

                         Goddammit, Rod!  You scared the
                         shit out of me!

                         Hey, it was just a joke!

                         I thought you were the killer!

               Rod, despondent look on his face, SITS on the bed.

                         Well, listen -- I just wanted to
                         see you, alright?

                         Alright.  Not the best way to go
                         about it.

                         How was work?

                         It was alright.

                         Get a lot of tip money?

                         Enough for another five minutes of

                         Tina -- I'm sorry.  I was a dumbass
                         earlier today.

                         Yeah.  Yeah, you were.  So what are
                         you going to do to make up for it?

               Tina TAKES THE TIE out of her hair, letting her beautiful
               locks down.

               Rod GETS UP and walks to Tina.

                         Well, I was hoping we could--

                         My parents are right downstairs.

                         We can be real quiet.

               Rod begins kissing Tina, and although reluctant with her
               parents so close, so reciprocates.

                         Just how quiet can you be?

                         I can be like the fuckin' Pink

                         Well, since you put it that way...

               They KISS EACH OTHER passionately now, and slowly move to the

               We get a PG-13 sex scene now - no nudity, just faces, covers,
               and lots of heavy breathing.

               We DISSOLVE FORWARD in time, after they are already done. 
               Tina has just finished PUTTING ON her t-shirt, and she LAYS
               DOWN on the bed.  Rod HOLDS her from behind.

                         So you're not mad at me anymore?

                         I'll get over it.  On one

                         What more do you want me to do?

                         Can you stay with me tonight?

                         What?  Sleep with you over here?

                         Just for a while.  I'll set my
                         alarm - and you can leave real
                         early, before my folks even get up.  

                         What's the deal?

                         You think you'll understand?

                         I know you've been having some
                         scary dreams.  I get it.  But...

                         I just...need somebody here with me
                         tonight.  So I can fall asleep. 
                         And I want that someone to be you.

               The couple look into each other's eyes, and we can tell that
               they're very much in love.

                         Sure, Tina.

               Tina KISSES Rod one final time.

                         Thank you.

               Tina SETTLES IN, as Rod lays there, eyes wide open...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               EXTREME CU - Tina's eyes OPEN.

               We CUT AWAY - Tina is LAYING in the same boiler room that
               Nancy was in - directly in front of the large boiler, still
               wearing just her t-shirt and panties.

               She SITS UP and LOOKS AROUND - PIPES AND WALKWAYS as far as
               the eye can see...

               She STANDS UP, and LOOKS AROUND - the music and the enclosed
               atmosphere make the tension palpable.

               Suddenly, the boiler ROARS TO LIFE behind her - and flames
               start BILLOWING UPWARD...

               Tina turns around and SCREAMS, eyes wide with terror, sweat
               beading on her forehead...

               Then we hear something - DIABOLICAL, EVIL LAUGHTER...

               Tina TURNS AROUND AGAIN AND LOOKS UP...

               Standing on the walkway above her is a DARK FIGURE - outlined
               completely in blackness...


               The figure begins LAUGHING HARD...

                         Who are you?

               He CONTINUES LAUGHING...

                         (yelling) Who the fuck are you?

                         Tina, have you ever been crazy with

               The figure STEPS FORWARD on the walkway - and we meet FREDDY
               KRUEGER - he wears a fedora on his head, a red-and-black
               striped sweater, and work pants. 
               His face is hideously burned, and, of course, he wears a
               makeshift glove on his right hand - metal claps envelop every
               finger, with huge blades protruding from each finger.

               He's Freddy - and he's everyone's worst nightmare.

               He begins LAUGHING DIABOLICALLY AGAIN...

               Tina SCREAMS...

               Freddy RAISES HIS GLOVE high overhead, whipping the fingers
               around menacingly, and then he POINTS the glove directly at

                         Please, God!

                         God has no place in here.

               Then Freddy DISAPPEARS INTO THIN AIR...

               BACK TO Tina, on ground level, who LOOKS AROUND in every
               direction - every pipe seems to hide a spot where Freddy
               could jump from.

               Then Tina SPOTS A DOOR on the far side of the room.  She
               begins BACKING TOWARDS IT, always looking around for her

               She NEARS the door as STEAM SHOOTS OUT of various pipes, but
               just as she reaches it, it WHIPS OPEN --

               Tina SCREAMS, and Freddy EMERGES from the door.  He RUSHES
               her, and PUNCHES HER HARD in the face, KNOCKING HER TO THE

               Before she can react, he POUNCES ON HER, and begins CHOKING
               HER with his left hand - she begins GASPING FOR AIR...

               Freddy SMILES, enjoying the torment he's inflicting on his
               victim.  He LEANS DOWN until his face is inches from Tina's,
               and TAKES HIS HAT OFF - we really see his face now, as RIVERS
               of burn marks and charred flesh line his face...

               He slowly BACKS AWAY from her face, and PUTS HIS HAT back

               He LETS GO of the hold on her neck, and Tina begins COUGHING
               FOR AIR...

                         (gasping) What the fuck do you

               Tina SNAPS his glove in front of Tina - and by a force she
               can't control - her ARMS RAISE...

                         To hear you scream until you're
                         crazier than me.

               Freddy LAUGHS hard, and Tina SCREAMS...

               METAL FROM THE FLOOR begins RIPPING out of the floor, and as
               Tina still lays there, unable to move, the metal begins


                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S BEDROOM (NIGHT)

               HIGH-ANGLE SHOT, as Tina SCREAMS in the real world...Rod
               SNAPS AWAKE next to her - and we see that Tina's ARMS ARE
               OUTSTRETCHED, in the same position as she was in the dream...

               Rod TURNS TO HER, and sees BLOOD POURING out of her wrists...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               Freddy is now KNEELING DOWN, claws outstretched before Tina's

               He LOWERS THEM, her eyes wide with terror...

                         Tina, do you know how many nerve
                         endings there are on the face? 
                         Close to a many ways
                         for glorious, glorious pain to be

               Freddy CUTS Tina's face - first below each eye, then on her
               chin, and then on her forehead, as Tina SCREAMS and blood
               begins SEEPING through the cuts as Freddy LAUGHS...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S BEDROOM (NIGHT)

               We see the CUTS FORMING on Tina's face as Rod LOOKS ON,

               Tina is SCREAMING, but her eyes are closed - she's
               unresponsive as Rod tries to SHAKE HER AWAKE...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               Freddy is now CUTTING Tina's thighs, STABBING INTO her with
               his claws...

                         What's the matter, Tina?  Too much
                         for you to handle?


                         You'd be surprised the amounts of
                         suffering that a person can
                         survive.  And that suffering - it
                         makes you something so much

               Freddy CUTS her stomach as Tina SCREAMS LOUDER...

               HIGH-ANGLE SHOT - a veritable POOL OF BLOOD has formed
               underneath Tina from the wounds that Freddy has inflicted on

               He MOUNTS HER from above and raises his glove HIGH

                         What are you going to do?

                         Look at me.  Look at me closer -
                         and tell me what you think I'm
                         going to do.

               Freddy LEANS IN...


               Freddy LEANS IN further...

                         Closer!  What am I going to do?

                         I don't know.

               Freddy REARS BACK and LAUNCHES HIS GLOVE forward - directly
               into Tina's chest...Tina SCREAMS, and blood POURS out of the

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S BEDROOM (NIGHT)

               Rod JUMPS OUT OF BED, as the SAME WOUND is opened up - the
               bed is now a MACABRE MASTERPIECE of blood...

               Rod continues to look at Tina, who shakes for a while in the
               pangs of pain - and then dies.

               The mood is tense and sad, as Rod stands there, clad in his T
               shirt and boxers, saddened at the death of someone he loves.

               He doesn't have much time for relief.

               There's a LOUD KNOCKING ON THE DOOR...

                                   GEORGE (O.C.)
                         What's going on in there?

                                   KAREN (O.C.)
                         Tina - open up!

               The parents continue YELLING LOUDLY on the other side of the
               door - Rod LOOKS AROUND, and GRABS his blue jeans on one of
               Tina's chairs.  He then quickly OPENS THE WINDOW and JUMPS

               We CUT BACK to the door - with a loud THUMP, George KNOCKS IT
               OPEN - he BURSTS into the room, Karen behind him, and they're
               both wearing night clothes.

               They both LOOK - and then appear TERRIFIED...

                         Oh, God...

                         Call 911...


                         Do it now!

               Karen RUNS AWAY, already crying...

               George LOOKS at his dead daughter, blood everywhere - he then
               sees the OPEN WINDOW, and seems to put the piece together -
               he believes somebody came in and did this to her.

               He then EXITS the room, the sounds of Karen SOBBING
               UNCONTROLLABLY in the background...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               EXT TINA'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               A WHIRLWIND of police lights, cameraman and anchorpeople, and
               cops line the area in front of Tina's house - it is already
               taped off.

               A POLICE CAR rolls up to the carnage, and Lt. Thompson EXITS
               the car, dressed for action.

               One of the cops, dressed in uniform - OFFICER DOBBS - breaks
               free of the pack and guides Lt. Thompson through the maze...

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Is it another one?

                         Same M.O., same result.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Jesus Christ.

               Suddenly, they are STOPPED by a microphone being SHOVED INTO
               THEIR FACE - meet HEIDI BORLAND, mid-30s, attractive
               anchorwoman.  A CAMERAMAN backs her up - they've shoved their
               way past the taped off area.

                         Lieutenant Thompson?

               He SLOWLY TURNS AROUND, noticing the microphone.

                                   LT. THOMPSON

                         Heidi Borland, KRGR-19 News.  I was
                         just wondering if you could confirm
                         that this is the fourth death in
                         the Springwood slayings...

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         The Springwood slayings?  That's
                         the best they could come up with?

                         We're just looking for
                         confirmation.  Is it a similar

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Look - I haven't even been inside
                         yet.  And not only that - I don't
                         want to go in there.  But another
                         kid just died tonight.  Now I don't
                         know if that means much to you, but
                         since this is my case, it matters a
                         hell of a lot to me, because it
                         means that I could have prevented
                         it and I failed.  But if the only
                         thing that matters to you is the
                         glorious type and copy that it
                         makes for your goddamn circus act,
                         so be it.

               Lt. Thompson and Dobbs TURN AROUND and HEAD INTO the house,
               leaving Heidi and the Cameraman in a huff.

                         Did you get that?

                         I got it...


                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S BEDROOM (NIGHT)

               CLOSE ON Tina's upper body - her eyes are closed, blood LINES
               her t-shirt - we CUT OUT to show her in the grotesque
               position she was left in.

               Lt. Thompson and Dobbs are in the doorway, while two COPS
               stand guard behind them.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         They found her like this?

                         From what I understand.  Her
                         parents heard her screaming, then
                         ran up here, but before they could
                         open the door--

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Forensics been through here yet?


                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Tell them to look for prints. 
                         Anything else I should know right

                         We might finally know what this guy
                         is doing.  Parents said that when
                         they came up here the window was

               ANGLE ON the window - indeed, it is still open.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Still is.  They think that somebody
                         came through the window?

                         Looks that way.

               Lt. Thompson walks over to the window.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         This is a bad one, Dobbs.

                         Aren't they all, Lieutenant?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I'm not looking forward to going
                         home tonight.  I know this girl.


                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         This is Tina White.  Good friend of
                         my daughter's.

                         Jesus.  I'm sorry.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Don't be.  It's my problem.  When
                         forensics comes in here, tell them
                         to concentrate their efforts around
                         this area (motions to window). 
                         Examine the body for trace evidence
                         - hair, skin, fibers.

                         Sooner or later this guy is going
                         to slip up, sir.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I pray for that every day.  

               Lt. Thompson EXITS the room...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy in her bed, asleep, wearing a Chicago Bulls t-shirt.

               There's a KNOCK on her door - it OPENS - Lt. Thompson stands
               there as Nancy's eyes slowly come open.  She RUBS them, and
               looks to the door...

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Sweetheart, I have to tell you

                         What is it, Dad?

               Nancy LOOKS to her alarm clock - 4:07 A.M.

                         This better be good.  It's four in
                         the morning.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I have to tell you something.  It's
                         better you hear it for the first
                         time from me than somebody at
                         school.  Your friend, Tina...

                         What happened?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I was called to her house tonight. 
                         She's dead, Nancy.

                         What?  No, it can't--

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I saw her body.

               Nancy appears ready to cry, but stifles her emotions, trying
               to stay strong in front of her father.

                         Is it...the killer?  Was it the
                         same as the others?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         We don't know anything for a fact
                         yet.  But...she was murdered,
                         Nancy.  She was murdered in her
                         house.  I'm sorry.

               We HOLD on Nancy now, still suppressing her emotions - but
               she eventually gives in, and begins CRYING...

               Lt. Thompson doesn't say a word - he walks to his daughter
               and HOLDS HER as she lets it out...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT LUNCH ROOM (DAY)

               CLOSE ON Nancy's face - she's staring down at her tray.  She
               can't eat.

               Glen and Kara WALK UP from the side - Glen LEANS DOWN and
               kisses her on the cheek, and Kara HUGS her.

               They SIT DOWN on either side of Nancy.

                         How are you holding up?

                         Like shit.

                         You know I really liked Tina too,

                         I know you did, Glen.

                         I knew Tina since I was in second
                         grade.  The first day I met her,
                         there were some bullies that had me
                         on the ground and were trying to
                         steal my lunch box.  She chased
                         them off.  Tina was one of the best
                         people I ever knew.  She's in a
                         better place.

                         I certainly hope so.  My dad - when
                         he told me last night, after I -
                         gathered myself - I asked him if
                         they had anything.

                         Do they?

                         A little more this time.  They have
                         an open window.

                         I knew it!  I knew that's how the
                         bastard was getting in!

                         Nothing is certain.  He's got his
                         men looking for any kind of
                         evidence in the room.  Just like
                         all the others.

                         They'll find him, Nancy.  And he'll
                         be punished.  And one day, we'll
                         all be together again.

                         Have any of you guys seen Rod?


                         No, I haven't seen him either. 
                         Poor Rod...

                         I called him in the morning when I
                         found out.  No answer on his cell. 
                         I left him a message.

                         I left him a message, too.  At his

                         Neither of you have actually spoken
                         to him?

                         I'm sure Rod wants to be left
                         alone.  If he's not answering his
                         calls, I'm not going to push it.

                         I want to see him.  I want to talk
                         to him.

                         Why would you want to do that?

                         He needs someone to talk to right
                         now, that's why.  He was closer to
                         Tina than any of us.

                                   HEATHER (O.C.)
                         That's a real shame about what
                         happened to Tina.

               The trio LOOK UP - and HEATHER is now STANDING by their
               table, still wearing tight clothes, still standing in a
               strutty, cocksure manner.

                         She was a really good girl.

                         Thanks, Heather.

                         Did your dad say anything...

                         They don't know anything for
                         certain yet, Heather.

                         Look, what business--

                         It's my business when the very
                         student body that I've spent four
                         years socializing with start up and
                         vanishing like Freddie Prinze's
                         career.  You know, I knew Tina for
                         a long time, too...(looking
                         directly at Kara) - at least longer
                         than some people.

                         I've known Tina since second grade,

                         Poor Tina.  For all her good
                         qualities, sometimes she just
                         couldn't choose friends.  One
                         friend, anyway.  An especially
                         hanger-oner friend...

                         Look, fuck you, alright!

                         On that note, I'll take my leave.

               Heather TURNS AROUND and WALKS AWAY...

                         Don't let her get to you, Kara. 
                         She overcompensates.

                         For what?

                         She thinks everyone has to like
                         her, and when people don't, she
                         gets insecure and she lashes out at

                         It doesn't matter what I feel,
                         anyway.  One of our friends is gone


               The three friends HOLD each other, as we...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT GYMNASIUM (DAY)

               Kara, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, stands on a volleyball
               court - many GIRLS surround her, running and yelling, playing

               A volleyball suddenly FLIES over Kara's head, and she reacts
               a second too late.

                                   VOICE (O.C.)
                         Good one, Kara!

               Kara looks forward, forlorn, as girls LAUGH at her in the

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT LOCKER ROOM (DAY)

               We are now in the school's girls' locker room - many TEENAGE
               GIRLS line a long wooden bench, GRABBING clothes and personal
               items from small one-person lockers.

               Kara STEPS IN FRONT OF the camera, and fiddles with the
               padlock for a while before unlocking it - and when she OPENS
               the door, we see what she sees - NOTHING on the inside.


               Kara SLAMS the door shut, then goes WALKING the length of the
               bench, past all the girls dressing.

               At the end of the row is Heather, now wearing just a bra and
               her jeans.  She has two friends on either side of her -
               KATIE, an attractive brunette, and AMBER - a smoking redhead.

               Kara GRABS Heather by the shoulder and turns her around - the
               mood is tense.

                         What the fuck did you do with my

                         Shut up, Kara.  Like I want your
                         kind of stuff anyway.

                         You're the coach's daughter.  I
                         know you have the master key.

                         I don't have your fucking stuff,

               The other two girls LAUGH at Kara.

               Kara suddenly LUNGES toward Heather's locker door and RIPS IT
               OPEN - inside, she sees her clothes - along with a small

                         Give me my stuff...

               Heather SHOVES HER BACK and shuts the door.

                         I think she should have to do
                         something to get it back.

                         Great idea, Katie.  What do you
                         want to do for it, Kara?

                         That's my wallet in there - you had
                         no right to take it.

                         And yet, I did it anyway.

                         What's your problem with me,

                         You exist.  So, what do you want to
                         do for it?  Amber, what do you
                         think she should do?

                         We should make her beg.

                         Or give us some of that money.  

                         Do some of our homework for us?

                         Well, those are all excellent
                         ideas, but...

               Heather OPENS THE DOOR again and GRABS Kara's wallet - the
               other two girls HOLD KARA BACK as Heather begins WALKING AWAY
               toward the shower of the locker room...

                         I have an even better one.

               Heather REACHES the toilet section - and she TOSSES the
               wallet into one of the toilets...

                         Go fish for it, Kara.

               The three girls LAUGH at Kara cruelly, leaving Kara in a
               huff, staring at her wallet floating in the toilet...

                                                                CUT TO:


               Kara, now wearing her normal school clothes, STANDS IN FRONT
               of the main entrance - she's holding her wallet, SHAKING IT
               to dry it off as kids FILE OUT of the building.

               Glen and Nancy STAND next to her.

                         I really hate those girls.

                         What a couple of assholes.

                         It could be worse.  At least they
                         didn't make me reenact a scene from

                         That is also true.  Sure you're
                         going to be okay?

                         I'll survive.  Later, guys.

                         Later, Kara.

               Kara WALKS AWAY, and Glen and Nancy begin WALKING DOWN THE

                                                                CUT TO:


               CONTINUOUS SHOT as Glen and Nancy WALK down the sidewalk.

                         What the fuck did Kara ever do to
                         them, anyway?

                         What did Kara ever do to anybody? 
                         What did Tina do to anybody?

                         Injustice, right?

                         Like you say - that's the cop's
                         daughter in me coming out.

               Nancy TURNS TO HER RIGHT, and GRABS GLEN'S ARM.



               Glen TURNS to where Nancy is looking - we SEE WHAT THEY SEE -
               Rod STANDS THERE, only the side of his face visible, in an
               ALLEYWAY with a gravel road.

                         That's Rod.

                         Holy shit - it is!

               Glen and Nancy TURN, and begin WALKING TOWARD THE ALLEYWAY...

               As they get closer, Rod TURNS TO THEM, looking them both in
               the eyes - he looks as sad and despondent as one can possibly

               He's also still wearing the same clothes that he was the
               night before.

                         You weren't in school today.

                         I couldn't.

               Rod's eyes look totally empty, his face blank and

                         I couldn't be there - everything
                         just reminds me of her...

               Nancy REACHES him first and HUGS HIM, hard, which he returns.

               Glen DOES THE SAME.

               There's no more that needs to be said, as we...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT NANCY'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               We are back on the main floor of the Thompson house - Nancy's
               mother is in the background, watching television, taking a
               swig from a large bottle of whiskey.

               Suddenly, the FRONT DOOR of the house opens, and Lt. Thompson

               And just as this happens, Glen WALKS DOWN from the stairs,
               and the two men come face to face in an awkward moment.  He's
               holding a couple LARGE TEXTBOOKS.

                         Hello, Mr. Thompson.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Glen.  What are you doing here?

                         Studying.  There's a bitch of a
                         history test tomorrow.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Studying, huh?  Not doing anything

               We CUT to Marge, on the couch.

                         Shut up, Donald.  I've been here
                         the whole time.  Nothing happened.

                         Nothing like that happens, sir.  I
                         don't want it, and neither does

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Yeah, I'll just bet.

                         Well, with all due respect, sir,
                         you're the one with the gun, so
                         I'll be on my way.

               Glen quickly SLINKS past Lt. Thompson, EXITING the house and
               shutting the door behind him.

               Lt. Thompson turns his attention to Marge, and WALKS to her.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Hello, Marge.


                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Don't call me that.  I hate it when
                         you call me that.

                         Why not?  That's what everybody
                         else you know calls you.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Exactly.  I hear it all the time. 
                         I don't need to hear it from you.  

               Marge TAKES ANOTHER SWIG of whiskey.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Jesus Christ - it's not even ten

               He GRABS the bottle of whiskey from her - he then WALKS to
               the front door and THROWS IT outside.

                         Do you plan on paying me for that?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I'm sure you'll find another one
                         sooner or later, anyway.

               He WALKS BACK to her.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Marge -- this is going to be over
                         Maybe tomorrow, maybe six months
                         from now - but I will be able to
                         come back to you again.

                         I can't wait forever, Donald.  

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I know you can't.  

               He LEANS DOWN and kisses her forehead.

                         I can't wait forever.

               Lt. Thompson doesn't have another retort, he GETS UP and
               begins WALKING UP THE STAIRS...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy SITS at her computer desk, listening to a modern pop
               song.  She also has a LARGE TEXTBOOK open in front of her,
               and is still fully clothed.

               There's a KNOCK on the door.

               Lt. Thompson ENTERS the room.

                         Hi, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Nancy -- does Glen make you happy?

                         I've been going out with him for
                         almost a year now, Dad.  This is
                         the first you've asked about him.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Well, does he?

                         Yeah, he does.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Good.  You need somebody in your
                         life to do that.  I'm learning that
                         right now.

                         You'll catch the guy, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I pray to God that I do every day. 
                         Good night.

                         Good night, Dad.

               Lt. Thompson SHUTS THE DOOR...

               We HOLD on Nancy, sad look on her face, looking at the clock -
               9:58 P.M.

               We DISSOLVE FORWARD in time - HIGH-ANGLE SHOT of Nancy lying
               down in her bed, now wearing her Chicago Bulls nightshirt
               again - we ZOOM CLOSER AND CLOSER to her face - her eyes are

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT FOREST (DUSK)

               Nancy is LAYING DOWN in a strange setting - the middle of a
               forest.  Steam atmospherically RISES from the ground, and fog
               ENVELOPS THE AREA in the midst of TREES AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN

               Nancy suddenly GETS UP - and appears to be WAKING UP...

               She LOOKS AROUND at her surroundings, in disbelief as to
               where she is...

                         Where the hell am I?

               She STANDS UP - and TURNS AROUND, and AROUND again - there's
               no one near her in the forest.

               She begins SLOWLY walking forward, and we HOLD on this for a
               while - until a sound stops her and us - a slight LAUGH -
               eerily similar to the one in Tina's dream.

               Tina's head SNAPS BACK AROUND - we see what she sees -
               nothing but FOG, which now seems much thicker, more

               Nancy TURNS BACK, trying not to panic, and continues WALKING
               DOWN the forest...

               Suddenly, there's a SCRAPING SOUND nearby - as if something
               is running pieces of metal along one of the trees...

               Nancy TURNS AROUND, then SPINS AROUND in a similar fashion -
               the camera becomes her eyes, shaking nervously as she begins
               PANICKING, BREATHING HEAVILY with fear...

               Suddenly, there's another LAUGH - LOUDER this time...

               Nancy TURNS AROUND and begins SPRINTING through the forest,
               the dense fog covering her as she periodically TURNS AROUND,
               unable to see who - or what - is chasing her...

               We HOLD on the chase for almost forty-five seconds, until she
               suddenly begins SINKING INTO THE GROUND...

               Nancy LOOKS DOWN - she is now in WATER - a SWAMP...

               She SCREAMS...

                         Oh, God, no...

               Nancy TURNS AROUND - but then two VINES LEAP UP from the
               water - they GRAB HER AROUND EACH WRIST, immediately BINDING
               HER in the water...

               Nancy SCREAMS EVEN LOUDER, the terror in her voice now

                         (screaming) No....

               Just as suddenly as we were in the forest, the entire scene
               MORPHS in a fantastic effect - the water turns into a metal
               walkway, the vines become STRIPS OF SCRAP METAL, the trees
               become PIPES - and we are now back in the...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               Nancy begins FRANTICALLY SHAKING her wrists against the as-of
               yet loose restraints of the metal, which haven't completely
               tied themselves yet.

               Nancy LOOKS UP - and we see what she sees - a dark shape,
               outlined in black, at the far end of the ground floor of the
               boiler room.

               Suddenly, the figure SAUNTERS OUT into the light of day, as
               Freddy confronts Nancy face to face for the first time.

               He LAUGHS DIABOLICALLY.

                         Oh, God--

                         God, God, God, everybody always has
                         to bring up God when they see me -
                         but it's fitting.  In here, I'm

               Freddy RAISES HIS GLOVE, and as Nancy sees his implements of
               destruction, she SCREAMS, and Freddy LAUGHS once again...

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT NANCY'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               Glen STANDS outside Nancy's house, wearing a spring jacket
               and jeans - he's looking STRAIGHT UP at a window - Nancy's

               He THROWS A ROCK at it.

               No answer.


                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM 

               Nancy's face, terror-stricken, as her arms are BOUND to the

               Freddy WALKS TO HER, lording over her.

                         Now comes the part where you ask me
                         who I am...

               Freddy LEANS DOWN, his claws INCHES from her face...

                         It doesn't matter.  This is the
                         only thing that matters.  Death is
                         the only thing that matters.  It's
                         the only thing - in LIFE - that
                         means anything. 
                         It's pure - and soon, you're going
                         to be purified, Nancy...

               Freddy begins CARESSING Nancy's hair with his claws...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               HIGH-ANGLE shot of Nancy from above - she is SHAKING VISIBLY
               in her bed, letting out a few light moans of protest...

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT NANCY'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               Glen THROWS another pebble up to the window - still no

               Glen LOOKS AROUND - there's nobody watching on the street.

               Glen CLIMBS up on a piece of fencing holding some loose plant
               material - he slowly makes his way up to the ROOF around
               Nancy's window...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               Freddy RUNS HIS CLAWS through Nancy's hair - then DROPS the

                         When you look at my face, what do
                         you see, Nancy?  Is it grotesque? 
                         Is it inhuman?  Is it a piece of
                         fucking neo-classic art, is that
                         what it is, Nancy?

               Freddy SNAPS his claws forward, inches from Nancy's face, yet
               again, as she continues to SHRIEK - she begins to CRY...

                         Don't cry - this is so much fun.

               Freddy DROPS his claw between Nancy's breasts - then lowers
               it to her stomach -- and then lower --

               Nancy SHRIEKS even more...

                         You're a tight one, virgin bitch,
                         huh?  Well, be warned - this might
                         be a little rough.

               Freddy REARS BACK with his claw, and then LAUNCHES FORWARD -
               and it's obvious what his target is - the females in the
               audience will especially be bracing.

               Just before he makes contact --

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy SCREAMS - and then SNAPS UP, in bed - Glen is HOLDING
               HER ARM, SITTING on top of her bed next to her.

               Nancy continues to SCREAM for a little bit, then GATHERS
               herself as Glen HOLDS her...

                         Hey, it's alright, it's alright,
                         Nancy -- it was just a dream!

               The scene QUIETS DOWN...

                         A dream...

                         You must have been having some
                         fucking dream.  You were out of it -
                         I tried waking you up the usual

               Suddenly, there's a KNOCK on Nancy's door.

                         Get down!

               Glen DUCKS DOWN behind Nancy's bed.

               Lt. Thompson ENTERS the room - and he's still wearing his
               police clothing.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Nancy!  Are you alright?

                         I'm fine, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I heard you screaming -- it's

                         I know, Dad.  It was just a bad

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Well, Jesus Christ, do you need
                         anything?  You scared me half to

                         No, I'm good, Dad, I just need to
                         get back to sleep.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Ok.  I said a prayer on the way up

                         It's alright.  Goodnight.

                                   LT. THOMPSON

               He SHUTS THE DOOR - we WAIT A FEW SECONDS, and then Glen SITS
               BACK UP from behind the bed.

                         He doesn't like me, does he?

                         I think he's warming up to you.

                         I've known you since I was six, and
                         he didn't like me then.  What did I
                         ever do to him?

                         It's dominant male reflex.  In the
                         atavistic sense of things, I'm his

                         What happened in your dream?

               (a beat)

                         It was the worst dream I ever had. 
                         Scared the living daylights out of

                         What was it?

                         There was this guy.  He had knives
                         for fingers.  I tried to run away
                         from him, but he trapped me - he
                         had me totally at his mercy.  He
                         wanted to kill me.


                         It real.

                         It was just a dream, Nancy - I'm
                         here now.  It's alright. 
                         Everybody's thinking so damn much
                         about Tina - and this killer and
                         all this bullshit.  It's on your
                         mind - that's all it was.

                         I don't know, Glen.

               Glen TAKES Nancy in his arms...

                         I don't know.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT CLASSROOM (DAY)

               We slowly FADE IN on a classroom - we START at the front of
               the room - once again, it's Miss Craven's class.

               It is, however, a different period, as Kara and Rod sit in
               the back of the room...

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         So, who in this class has any
                         inkling what any of the motivations
                         are in Macbeth?  Anybody at all?

               We ZOOM CLOSER to Kara - she HOLDS HER PENCIL at the side of
               her face - and is FALLING ASLEEP...

               We CUT to Rod, who SITS NEXT to her - he is LOOKING at Kara,
               almost in a scared way...

               Back to Kara - whose eyes suddenly POP OPEN - she looks

               A male STUDENT is answering the question.

                         Well, uh, I think that Lady
                         Macbeth's obsessive need for power
                         is really what motivates Macbeth
                         more than anything.  In a way, Lady
                         Macbeth is controlling him through
                         the lure of sex.

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         An interesting take.

               Back to Kara, whose eyes slowly SHUT AGAIN - we HOLD ON HER
               for a few seconds.

               She slowly OPENS HER EYES again...

               We see what she sees - the action around her has SLOWED - the
               students are now STILL and ZOMBIELIKE - and then she looks to
               the teacher's desk itself...

               CLOSE on the claw, coming into frame - it LOWERS on the
               camera, and Freddy SITS at the teacher's desk, SMILING an
               evil smile at Kara.

               Kara SNAPS UP in her desk - but suddenly, the three desks in

               They MOVE FORWARD, and BLOCK Kara in against the wall - one
               on each side, one in front, each PINNING into her flesh...

               Freddy STANDS UP in front of the class...

                         Hey, Kara, didn't anyone ever tell
                         you that nobody likes a know-it

               He LAUGHS diabolically again...

               The STUDENTS in the room TURN AROUND, and all begin LAUGHING
               at Kara...

                         I know what you're afraid of.

               We JUXTAPOSE back to the real world - CLOSE on Kara, asleep,
               although she is PANTING and BREATHING quickly and heavily...

               Rod STARES AT HER, TERRIFIED...

               We CUT BACK to Dream World - Kara PINNED AGAINST THE WALL,
               and Freddy begins ADVANCING ON HER...

                         I know what you've been afraid of
                         your entire life!  You're afraid to
                         be accepted - why?  Do you think
                         you're better than everybody else? 
                         Or is it the other way around - you
                         think you're worse!  You think
                         you're worse, and you are, you
                         bitchy little cunt!  Do you think I
                         was ever accepted?  Do you think
                         anybody gave me a chance?

               Kara begins CRYING now, panting heavily...

               Freddy LEANS FORWARD with his claw, and he lightly SLICES her
               cheek with his index finger while LAUGHING HEAVILY...

               JUXTAPOSE BACK to the real world - a small, tiny CUT forms on
               Kara's sleeping face, blood TRICKLING from it...

               Back to Rod - who looks on - he looks like he wants to

               Back to DREAM WORLD - as Freddy continues to slice Kara...

                         At the moment you die, just think
                         about your mother - this blood is
                         on her hands.  And one more thing -
                         there's going to be a lot of it.

                         (panting) What?

               Freddy again REARS BACK and SLICES KARA'S THROAT with his
               claw - blood begins POURING OUT OF HER THROAT as she begins
               CHOKING ON HER OWN BLOOD...

               Back to the REAL WORLD - as Kara STANDS UP, Blood SHOOTING
               OUT of her throat, which is SLIT EAR TO EAR...

               She CHOKES LOUDLY and tries to SCREAM...

               Rod STANDS UP, terrified...

               Miss Craven suddenly SEES HER...

                                   MISS CRAVEN
                         Oh my God...

               The rest of the students TURN to Kara - who still holds the

               The students begin SCREAMING AND PANICKING...

                                                                CUT TO:


               Heidi, the same anchorwoman as before, SETS UP outside
               Springwood High - where kids are MARAUDING OUT of the main

               She COUNTS DOWN with her hands to the cameraman - and the
               transmission begins.

                         This is Heidi Borland, KRGR-19
                         news.  The community of Springwood,
                         rocked just two weeks ago by the
                         fourth unsolved murder of a
                         teenager in less than four months,
                         experienced a new kind of tragedy
                         today - an apparent suicide in the
                         middle of classes.  The name of the
                         deceased is being withheld until...

               We slowly MOVE AWAY from Heidi to the entrance of the high
               school - where Rod is STANDING by one of the bannisters,
               holding his face with one of his hands - he appears DEEP IN

               We CUT AWAY to another part of the high school - the grass
               yard.  Nancy and Glen are there, having already expunged
               their crying.  

                         It's going to be alright.

                         Is it, Nancy?  We're dropping like
                         fucking flies!

               Nancy TURNS AROUND - and sees Rod.

                         Glen - it's Rod.  He was there.

                         Nancy, wait--he's been through

                         I need to know something, Glen.

               Nancy slowly TURNS AROUND and WALKS to Rod.

               He turns to Nancy as she nears him.

               They look at each other for a long time.

                         You know something.  What is it?  

                         I was there, Nancy.  I was there
                         the night that Tina was killed.

                         Tell me.  Tell me what happened. 
                         Tell me everything.

                         I went over to her house - I wanted
                         to surprise her.  We'd gotten in a
                         fight, and I wanted to make up.  We
                         did, we had sex that night, Nancy,
                         and afterward, she asked me if I'd
                         stay with her so she could fall

                         The dream.

                         The dream, Nancy?  You think that
                         just because Tina had scary

                         What happened then?

                         She fell asleep, but in the middle
                         of the night, I woke up - she was
                         thrashing around in the bed. 
                         I tried to wake her up, but I
                         couldn't - she was screaming like
                         somebody was coming after her. 
                         I've never heard anything like it
                         before.  But I saw it, Nancy.  I
                         looked down - and I saw her killed.
                         I didn't want to say anything -
                         because I thought the cops would
                         say I did it.  Hell, if I was a
                         cop, I would think it was me - I
                         was right fucking there!  But she
                         was getting cut - there was blood
                         everywhere.  But there was no one
                         in the room.  I can't get it out of
                         my head, Nancy--

               Rod begins CRYING HIS EYES OUT again...

                         The same thing happened to Kara - I
                         saw her fall asleep in class - it
                         was no fucking suicide.

               Nancy goes to Rod, and HOLDS HIM...

                         Did Tina tell you about her dream?


                         His face was horribly burned.  He
                         wore a hat.  And he wears a glove
                         with razor blades on it.

                         Yeah.  She told you?

                         No.  I dreamed about the same guy.

                         Oh, bullshit--

                         She really never told you about the

                         The night you woke me up, Glen -- I
                         saw him.  He almost killed me, and
                         he would have if you hadn't woken
                         me up.

                         Listen to yourselves, you actually
                         believe that your dreams are the
                         reason that...

                         Do you have any better answers?

                         Yes.  Kara committed suicide.  I
                         have known Kara for a long time,
                         and I loved her like a sister, but
                         she just did a very stupid, selfish
                         thing - and in addition to that,
                         there's some psycho nutcase running
                         around hacking people up in the
                         middle of the night.  Maybe it's
                         just too easy to believe, but
                         that's the way it fucking is!

                         There's a reason the police can
                         never find anything - he never
                         comes in.  Nobody ever comes out. 
                         He comes and gets us when we're

                         That's crap, Nancy!  It's not the
                         guy!  You dreamed about a freaky
                         guy, but he's not real!

                         He seemed pretty fucking real the
                         night that I saw Tina killed - and
                         it sure as fuck wasn't me slicing
                         her up...

               Rod STANDS UP, and WIPES HIS TEARS AWAY...

                         I can't believe this.  You're
                         buying into it.

                         It's us against him, Glen.  Are you
                         with me, or not?

                         Of course I'm with you, Nancy.  I
                         just wish that you knew what we
                         really have to fight against.

                         You're right about something,
                         though, Glen.

                         What's that?

                         He's not real.  By definition, he's
                         not, because he's not in this
                         world.  He's in our dreams.  But
                         I'm betting he was real at some

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               The STALE AMBIENCE of a Chicago Cubs game ENVELOPS the screen
               - we PULL BACK from the television in Nancy's room.

               Nancy SITS at her desk, STARING at a computer screen, still
               wearing her school clothes...

               We see the screen - it's a Google search.

               CLOSE on her face - her eyes begin CLOSING - she quickly
               JERKS BACK, attempting to stay alert and awake.

               Nancy GRABS a can of Coke from the desk and TAKES A DRINK.


               She TYPES.

               "Springwood murderers."

               Unrelated photos and articles pop up.

               She TYPES AGAIN.

               "Springwood, Illinois."

               A few official and quaint sites pop up.

               She TYPES ONCE MORE.

               "Springwood Illinois Murder"

               Now a whole lot pops up - articles about the current series
               of killings.

               Nancy begins CRYING, but she STIFLES IT.

               She LOWERS HER FACE INTO HER HANDS - her eyes begin to sag -
               sleep would feel so good, but she JERKS HER HEAD BACK UP once

               She LOOKS BACK to the screen and the normal Google search.

               She begins TYPING AGAIN - but the camera slowly ROTATES
               around Nancy - and we see Freddy SITTING next to Nancy on his
               own chair, STARING at her, INCHES from her.

               Nancy SPOTS him, and immediately JUMPS UP and BACKS AWAY
               toward her door...she SCREAMS...

               Freddy LAUGHS...


               He GETS UP.

                         The one that got away.  They always
                         say that the one that got away is
                         the sweetest one of all.

                         Why the fuck are you doing this to
                         me?  What did me and my friends
                         ever do to you?

                         If this is some sort of pathetic
                         attempt to appeal to my better
                         side, believe me, you've got the
                         wrong guy.  

               He begins slowly WALKING TOWARD Nancy as she continues to
               BACK AWAY, toward the door...

                         I can read you like the pages on a
                         fucking book.  You're trying to
                         find things out about me.  You want
                         to know what makes ol' Freddy tick.

                         You know what I'm thinking?

                         I know everything about you.  I can
                         tell what you're afraid of. 
                         You think you have nothing to lose,
                         but you're wrong - you're losing
                         your parents, and I've taken your
                         friends away from you.  


                         Yes.  What I did to Tina - that's 
                         child's play compared to what I'm
                         going to do to you.  You're the one
                         that got away.  That deserves
                         punishment.  I'm going to gut you
                         like a fish and fuck the entrails.

               He RAISES HIS CLAW and LAUGHS...

               Nancy TURNS AROUND and OPENS THE DOOR...and on the other side
               of it is the ENDLESS MAZE OF PIPES AND WALKWAYS - the SECOND
               STORY of the boiler room...

               She JUMPS INTO IT, as we...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM 

               Nancy LOOKS BACK - Freddy also STEPS THROUGH from her room
               into the boiler room - he CHASES AFTER HER on the walkway -
               he SLASHES FORWARD...Nancy DODGES, and Freddy's claws come
               into CONTACT with the metal of the bannister.

                         Bitch.  Now I'm going to have to
                         sharpen them.  You'll pay for that.

               Nancy RUNS ALONG THE WALKWAY, and Freddy follows...

               She ROUNDS A CORNER as STEAM SHOOTS THROUGH PIPES as Freddy's
               laughter ECHOES IN THE BACKGROUND...

               She ROUNDS ANOTHER CORNER, looking BACKWARD - she can't see

               She then NEARS A STAIRCASE - the mood is QUIET for a few
               seconds, and she quickly DESCENDS THEM.

               When she reaches the bottom, she LOOKS AROUND - there's
               nobody, and no movement on either level.

                                   TINA (O.C.)

               The voice is weak, helpless, like a prisoner...

               Nancy's head TURNS TO THE VOICE - toward the boiler...


               We see what she sees - Tina STANDS next to the boiler - her
               eyes are glazed over, her hair is mussed, she still wears
               what she wore when she died - and her stomach and chest is
               SPLATTERED WITH BLOOD - she is REACHING FORWARD with her arms
               for Nancy...

                         Nancy - you have to save me from

               Nancy's eyes widen, and she RUNS TOWARD Tina - she HUGS

                         Tina - you have to tell me how to
                         get you out of here!  I think he
                         can be beaten!

               Tina RELINQUISHES the hug, and looks directly into Tina's

                         Nancy, I can't escape, I can't
                         escape from...

               We SWITCH the camera to Nancy - whose eyes WIDEN with


               We SWITCH the camera back - in the place of Tina is now
               Freddy, evil smile on his face, the trick completed...

                         No fucking escape, Nancy - not for
                         you, not for anybody!

               Freddy SHOVES Nancy to the ground.  He SWIPES DOWNWARD with
               his claw, directly toward her heart, but she ROLLS OUT OF THE

               She GETS UP and tries to run AWAY, but then Freddy POINTS HIS
               CLAW Nancy's direction...

               A pipe SMASHES DOWN in front of Nancy, blocking her way - she
               TURNS AROUND.

               Freddy POINTS AGAIN, and with a flick of his claw, another
               PIPE blocks her path - she is BOXED IN against one of the
               walls of the bottom level.

               Freddy STANDS UP.

                         What's wrong, Nancy?  Are you
                         claustrophobic?  How's THIS grab

               in front of her, moving her CLOSER AND CLOSER to the wall...

               Freddy LAUGHS.

               He WALKS TOWARD HER - swishing his claws, letting Nancy know
               what's coming.

                         Now - you die.

               Nancy looks around, the pipes SURROUNDING her on all
               directions, wondering what to do, preparing herself for

               Then she sees something - the STEAM coming from the pipes in
               front of her.

               We wonder how she plans to use this against Freddy - but she
               isn't.  She's using it for escape...

               Just as Freddy REACHES HER and REARS BACK for the death blow,
               Nancy SHOVES HER ARM into the pipe - the small "Hiss" is
               heard as the hot pipe burns into human flesh, as we...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy SNAPS AWAKE - she was SLEEPING at her computer desk,
               her head on the table.

               She LOOKS AROUND - her room is totally normal, TV FLICKERING
               in the background - she's safe.

               She BREATHES HEAVILY for a few moments, clutching her chest
               in exasperation, calming herself...

                         Freddy.  That's the fucker's name.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BATHROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy is now in the family bathroom - she is going through
               the medicine cabinet behind the mirror.

               She SPOTS a bottle - No-Doz.

               She POPS THE CAP off, takes two of the tablets, and POPS THEM
               in her mouth.  She SWALLOWS them.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy STEPS back into her room - and she's now carrying a
               Coke in each hand.

               She SITS DOWN at her desk, and WATCHES the TV.  She POPS one
               of the Cokes, and begins POUNDING IT DOWN.

               She has begun her forced fast of sleep.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT TINA'S BEDROOM (NIGHT)

               CLOSE on a pair of eyes - they SNAP OPEN.

               We CUT OUT - it's Rod, in Tina's bedroom, as evidenced by the
               posters on the wall.

               And he's COVERED IN BLOOD...

               He LOOKS DOWN at himself, wearing a t-shirt and boxers - he
               HOLDS HIS ARMS UP and sees all the red stuff STICKING TO

               He SCREAMS, then GETS UP and RUNS OUT OF THE DOOR...

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT TINA'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               The FRONT DOOR of Tina's house BURSTS OPEN, and Rod RUNS OUT
               OF THE HOUSE - but now the blood is mysteriously OFF HIS

               He COMES TO A STOP when he reaches the edge of the
               street...he looks down, and appears dumbfounded by the
               cleanness of his clothes.

               The camera ROTATES AROUND HIM - and behind him, in the middle
               of the street, about thirty feet away, is Freddy.

               Rod TURNS AROUND, looking the other way, Freddy eerily
               lighted behind him.

               Suddenly, Freddy LAUGHS...

               And Rod WHIPS AROUND to face him.

               Freddy STEPS FORWARD into the light...

                         Oh my God...

                         You want the guy that killed your
                         little girlfriend - now's your

                         You!  You killed her?

                         I confess - it was me.  And I could 
                         tell by how loose that bitch was
                         that she didn't die a virgin.  I'm
                         guessing that was your doing.  Now
                         come on, fucker!

               Freddy SWISHES his claw in a ready stance...

               Rod RUNS toward Freddy, who merely STANDS THERE...

               He REACHES Freddy and PUNCHES HIM, hard, in the face...

               His HEAD SNAPS - but there's no reaction other than that.

               Rod PUNCHES HIM AGAIN AND AGAIN - and with each blow, Freddy
               begins LAUGHING, harder and harder - even motioning once with
               his hands - "Come on!" - to coerce Rod to punch him harder. 
               Each time, his head SNAPS - but he shows no pain.

               Rod throws ONE FINAL PUNCH, which connects, as Freddy STOPS

               He then SWISHES HIS CLAW inches in front of Rod's face before
               REARING BACK with a punch of his own, which connects with
               thunderous force on Rod's jaw - he goes SAILING twenty feet
               backward on the street and LIES THERE - his face BLOODIED as
               Freddy LAUGHS...

               Rod SITS UP, groggy from the incredible force of the blow,
               and looks on as Freddy WALKS TOWARD HIM...

                         It's your mind against mine, Rod. 
                         And on that battlefield, I - along
                         with most of the rest of society -
                         can beat you.  In this nightmare, I
                         punch like Jack Dempsey, and you're
                         a fucking choir boy!

               Rod STANDS UP...

                         You fucker...

                         Wrong answer.  Now you wind up just
                         like all the others.

               Freddy SWISHES his claw forward in Rod's direction - and by
               magic, Rod is KNOCKED BACK by another invisible punch and
               goes SAILING BACKWARD again...

               Rod SITS UP - and Freddy isn't on the street...

               He LOOKS AROUND - there's nobody on the street, the lines of
               suburban-style houses concealing nothing.

               The mood is tense for a few moments, the camera ROTATES
               around Rod, sitting on the ground, looking forward - and then
               Freddy POPS UP behind Rod - he GRABS HIM BY THE NECK as Rod
               begins SCREAMING...

               He TAKES HIS CLAW and SLICES ROD across the neck with it -
               blood begins SPURTING from his jugular vein with each
               heartbeat...Freddy LAUGHS long and hard, continuing to hold
               Rod's head...

               He LOOKS UPWARD - and there's an atmospheric HIGH-ANGLE SHOT
               rising upward as Freddy stands victorious over his newest
               conquest, the blood FORMING A POOL on the ground below him.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT GRAVEYARD (DAY)

               CLOSE on a headstone - "Rod Lane, brother and friend."

               We PULL AWAY from the headstone to a FUNERAL setting -
               there's several rows of SEATS in front of a closed casket.

               A PRIEST is up before 20-30 people, seated, speaking - Nancy,
               Lt. Thompson, and Marge are in the second row, and Glen is
               near the back.

                         It is extremely harsh, and on more
                         than a few occasions, life is not
                         fair.  But on these occasions, we
                         must remember that God's
                         everlasting love will comfort us,
                         because God's own son was taken
                         from him at a very young age.  In
                         these troubling times, may we pray
                         for Rod Lane's soul and for each
                         other, to give us the strength to
                         carry on in his memory while always
                         keeping him in our hearts.

               While the Priest speaks, we CUT to Nancy, dressed in fancy
               Church clothes - she's CRYING HER EYES OUT.

               Lt. Thompson PUTS A HAND on her shoulder...

               We CUT to Glen - who is also CRYING.

                         God be with you as we lay the soul
                         of Rod Thomas Lane to rest.

               The congregation GETS UP and begins LEAVING the cemetery.

               We CUT to the crowd of people filing out - Nancy makes a
               beeline for Glen.

                         I'm going to find the fucker

                         If he doesn't find you first.

                         Why is he targeting us?

                         That's what I plan on finding out. 
                         I'm tired of all this death.  It
                         has to end - and I'm going to stop

                         How do you plan to do that?

                         Meet me at the library at 3:00.

                         The library?

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT LIBRARY (DAY)

               Nancy and Glen, now in more casual clothes, SIT in front of a
               projector screen in a private room - the library.

               There's a projector WHIRRING in the background - a blank
               WHITE LIGHT is projected onto the screen.

                         Tell me again what we're doing

                         You really haven't dreamed about

                         I've slept like a rock this whole
                         time.  At least as much as I can

                         He's not coming after you, then. 
                         You would have seen him by now.

                         You didn't answer my question.

                         It has to be something from this
                         town's past.  I've tried the new
                         school way - I've searched the
                         internet the world over for
                         Springwood's stereotypical Lizzie
                         Borden case.  There's nothing. 
                         But there's one thing that can't be

                         So why are we looking at a blank

               Nancy RAISES HER ARM - she has a device controlling the

                         This is what can't be erased - the
                         old-school newspaper rolodex.

                         I'm not sure I made the right
                         decision coming here.

                         Shut up and help me look.

               Nancy PRESSES BUTTONS - and the newspaper headlines and
               stories begin SAILING BY on the screen...

               We DISSOLVE FORWARD - there's a small montage, maybe twenty
               seconds, of Nancy and Glen looking at the screen - on one
               occasion, Glen's head falls down, tired, and Nancy HITS HIM
               in the shoulder to keep him awake.

               We DISSOLVE FORWARD in time further - Glen SITS in the chair
               next to Nancy, asleep, while she TAKES A SWIG from a can of

               She STOPS her button-pressing - her eyes GO WIDE.

               She WAKES GLEN UP...



                         Look at this.

               We see what they see - there's a headline - "SPRINGWOOD
               SLASHER SET FREE."  A large story is underneath it - and
               beneath it - a picture of a man's face.

               He's in his early-to-mid-'30s, black hair, piercing, icy
               glaze - it's very clearly Freddy Krueger as a human being.

                         That's him.

               We ZOOM IN to Nancy's face, and then we...

                                                                CUT TO:


               CLOSE on the man from the newspaper photo's face - FREDDY
               KRUEGER, in human form, who looks as unassuming and innocent
               as possible.  He is SWEEPING THE FLOORS of an elementary
               school hall - a few SMALL CHILDREN walk by him - and he TURNS
               AND LOOKS AT THEM...

               We see what he sees, as a predator stalks his prey - and we
               CUT BACK to Freddy, going back to his menial work, knowing of
               the horror that lurks inside him.

                                   JOHN (O.C.)

               Freddy's head JERKS UP...

               Principal JOHN WIGGINS, a mid-40s, balding man wearing a
               suit, WALKS UP to Freddy as kids continue to WALK BY...

                         Yes, sir?

                         Good job on that boiler room.  You
                         saw what it looked like before you
                         took over, and now it's as pristine
                         as a boiler room can possibly be.

                         Thank you, Mr. Wiggins.

                         Please, Fred - call me John. 
                         Listen, I want to talk to you about


                         In a more private setting - I don't
                         want to upset any children.  They
                         might hear this.


                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM 

               We are now in a small room inside the boiler room - it almost
               looks like an office.  There's a SMALL DESK in the room, and
               a fan BLOWING CONSTANTLY from the top of a cabinet.

               Wiggins TALKS to Freddy inside here.

                         I trust you've seen all the news

                         What do they call him, again?  The
                         Springwood Slicer?


                         The Springwood Slasher.

                         Three of the kids have been from
                         this school.  I've been catching
                         hell from the parents - they think
                         it's not safe to come here anymore. 
                         Fred, I don't want any more deaths
                         on my watch - so I've been going
                         around to some of the people that I
                         trust.  Keep a good eye on the
                         children, OK?  If there's any
                         strangers lurking around at lunch,
                         recess, whatever, come to the
                         office and let somebody know

                         I'll keep a watchful eye, sir.  I
                         love those kids.

               Freddy SMILES A SICK SMILE as he says this.

                         Thanks, Fred - I knew I could count
                         on you.

                         Anytime, John.  You know that I
                         just appreciate the job.

                         And we appreciate you, Fred.

                         I actually prefer Freddy.

               John SMILES back at him as he LEAVES the office.


                                                                CUT TO:


               Freddy EMERGES from a door - with PIPES humming behind him -
               the Boiler Room.

               As he EXITS, a little blonde girl in a dress - KELLY - RUNS
               past him and BRUSHES against his leg...

                         Whoops - sorry, Freddy...

               Freddy SMILES - he watches the little girl RUN to the main
               entrance of the school - and he SMILES his sick smile

               He WALKS FORWARD...

                                                                CUT TO:


               John and a SECRETARY are talking to each other in the school

               Freddy OPENS the door.

                         Yes, Freddy?

                         Mr. Wiggins - uh, John - I'm
                         actually feeling a little sick.  Is
                         it alright if I go home? 
                         I can come back early tomorrow and
                         finish up all the after-school

                         Sure, Freddy - rest up.

                         Thank you.

               Freddy CLOSES the door...

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT INTERSECTION (DAY)

               Kelly STANDS all alone at an intersection - the elementary
               school is DISTANT in the background.

               Freddy WALKS on the sidewalk behind her - he NEARS HER...

                         Hello, Kelly.

               Kelly's head SNAPS AROUND.

                         Hi, Freddy.

                         There's something that I have to
                         tell you.  Your father just called
                         the school.  Your mother has been
                         in a car accident.

                         (hurt, scared) Is she OK?

                         She's fine - she's in the hospital. 
                         Your father is there with her - but
                         he called and asked if somebody
                         could walk you home.  Is it alright
                         if I walk you home, Kelly?

               His voice is calm, reassuring, easy to trust - and as he
               offers his hand to Kelly, she quickly TAKES IT.

                         Sure, Freddy.

               They begin WALKING down the sidewalk...

                         You have to be a brave girl,
                         alright, Kelly?

                         Alright.  Thanks for walking me
                         home, Freddy.

                         I'd only do it for you.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT GARAGE (DAY)

               We are now in an EMPTY GARAGE - all we can see is a DOOR
               leading into it - there's no CAR - but there's a WORKBENCH
               visible on the right.

               Freddy OPENS the door, still wearing his greasy white t-shirt
               and jeans from work.

               He PUTTERS AROUND the garage for a while - then LOOKS to the
               workbench - he SMILES...

               We see what he sees - TROPHIES GALORE on a wall behind the
               bench.  Every newspaper clipping - "Springwood Slasher gets
               another" - "Brutal Slaying" - etc.

               On JARS on the bench lie TINY TEETH - another trophy, taken
               from each of his victims.

               He PICKS UP THE JAR and SHAKES IT, LAUGHING a little bit.

               Then he STEPS BACK through the door...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BASEMENT (DAY)

               We are now in a DINGY BASEMENT - a single hanging light bulb
               LIGHTS THE SCENE.  There's a small furnace in the room, and
               another WORKBENCH.

               Kelly SITS in front of the work bench - she is TIED UP, and
               looks terrified.

               Freddy ENTERS the room from the stairs leading downward - he
               stares at Kelly blankly.

                         Let me go.

                         Don't be frightened, Kelly.

               He WALKS to her, and STROKES her face...

                         There's nothing to be afraid of.

               Freddy TURNS AROUND - he WALKS to the furnace - an ancient
               looking thing with a metal grate.

               He OPENS the grate and begins PAWING AROUND inside, hiding
               what he is doing to Kelly with his body.

                         Soon, fear will be the last thing
                         on your mind.  You'll never be
                         afraid of anything ever again -
                         won't that be nice?

               We ANGLE on Freddy from the front, Kelly tied up in the
               background - there's more NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS and BAGS with
               strands of hair behind her.

               Freddy FINDS what he is looking for and PULLS IT OUT - it's
               the razor glove - Kelly still doesn't see it.

               Freddy PUTS THE GLOVE ON, then TURNS AROUND - his right hand
               behind his back.

                         You're a beautiful little girl,
                         Kelly.  So much that it really
                         hurts that I have to do this to

               Kelly's eyes go WIDE WITH TERROR, and she begins to cry...

                         Don't cry, Kelly.  It's so much
                         worse when they cry...

               Freddy finally PULLS his hand from behind his back and
               SWISHES the claws around - Kelly SCREAMS as Freddy ADVANCES
               on her - and that's the last we see of her, as we...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT COURT ROOM (DAY)

               CLOSE on the face of a mid-40s, mustached man - a LAWYER.

               He is in a PACKED courtroom.

                         This is an outrage!

               We CUT to show the rest of the room - the Lawyer is seated at
               the prosecution table, while Freddy - now wearing a suit, and
               with a lawyer on either side - SITS on the opposite end.  An
               African-American JUDGE presides over, while a LARGE GROUP of
               spectators look on, TALKING LOUDLY about something...

               The Judge BANGS his gavel...

                         Order.  Order in the court!  

                         This man admitted to every count,
                         your honor!  That has to count for

                         He may have done so, but the law is
                         the law.  When the police seized
                         Freddy's personal property, the
                         proper warrants weren't issued.

               We CUT to Freddy's table, who SMILES a big, cheshire cat
               smile at his lawyers.

               We then CUT to the crowd - and, surprisingly, Marge Thompson -
               younger and significantly less boozed up - is FRONT AND
               CENTER, looking on with hatred.

                         I refuse to accept this.  Fred
                         Krueger admitted to murdering
                         sixteen children.  He did so with
                         complete and utter contempt for the
                         human race, and now this man is
                         going to be free because of some

                         Be quiet, or else you will be held
                         in contempt of court!  

               The Lawyer RELUCTANTLY sits down at the prosecution table.

                         I have no choice but to issue the
                         following judgment.  Due to
                         improper search and seizure
                         protocol, the seizure of evidence
                         from Mr. Krueger's home is not
                         valid.  Therefore, Fred Krueger
                         will be released until further
                         evidence can be collected.

               He BANGS HIS GAVEL.

                         Court is adjourned.

               The crowd begins BOOING in disapproval - the BAILIFF walks to
               Freddy and begins ESCORTING HIM outside as some of the
               patrons THROW pieces of paper at him - he TAKES IT ALL in
               stride, smiling his evil smile...

               We CUT BACK to Marge Thompson - who is surrounded by many
               other adults - the PTA.

                         If they won't take care of it,
                         let's take care of it.

               The other members of the PTA NOD IN AGREEMENT.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT FREDDY'S HOME (NIGHT)

               Freddy SITS in his living room - he is WATCHING TV and
               LAUGHING to himself...

               We HOLD on this for a few seconds, when suddenly a WINDOW in
               his living room - which is a lot cleaner than you'd expect -
               SHATTERS - a BRICK has flown through it.

               Freddy POPS UP.

               There's a POUNDING AT HIS DOOR - and a lot of SCREAMING

               The POUNDING CONTINUES - and then the door BREAKS - the first
               man to rush in is CARL - mid-30s, fairly muscular, and very
               mean-looking - he RUSHES Freddy and PUNCHES HIM hard in the

               He is followed by two more MEN - and then Marge Thompson
               ENTERS the house.

                         Take the sick fuck to the basement
                         and tie him up.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BASEMENT (NIGHT)

               Freddy SITS in front of his furnace, in a wooden chair - he's
               TIED UP and immobile.

               Marge Thompson STANDS directly in front of him - and the
               burly man, CARL - PUNCHES HIM hard in the face again,
               bloodying him.

               Freddy SPITS blood.

                         That's enough, Carl.

               Freddy begins LAUGHING.

                         What's so funny?

                         You think this is going to stop me?

                         Shut up!  You bastard - you
                         kidnapped innocent children.  You
                         raped them, and then you killed
                         them!  You deserve to die!

                         That may be true, but I'm looking
                         at a lot of people who deserve

                         Just how do you plan to accomplish

                         I am going to take away everything
                         that's important to you.  Life for
                         all of you is going to be hell on
                         earth.  Just wait and see.

                         Dump it.

               Two other MEMBERS of the crowd dump gasoline from CANS onto
               the floor - they MAKE A TRAIL OF IT as the crowd of people
               FILES OUT of Freddy's basement - as they all reach the top of
               the stairs, it is Marge who is the executioner - she TAKES A
               MATCH from her pocket and LIGHTS IT - she TOUCHES IT TO THE
               GASOLINE as the FLAMES LICK DOWNWARD...

               ANGLE on Freddy, who watches the flames come - he still
               SMILES his sick smile...

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT FREDDY'S HOME (NIGHT)

               The crowd - Marge front and center - STAND in front of
               Freddy's home, a one-story bungalow style abode - there's no
               houses around it.

                         Good riddance to a sack of shit.

               The crowd HAWS in agreement, and they WALK AWAY...

               We HOLD on the flames ENVELOPING the house, burning away the
               physical side of Freddy - but not the spiritual, as we...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT LIBRARY (DAY)

               Back to the library - the flashback is over.

               EXTREME CU of another photo from the newspaper - the large
               group of parents, with Marge in the center, that torched
               Freddy, STANDING in the courtroom.

               Behind her, we can also see George and Karen White - we CLOSE
               on them for clarity.

               It's the same paper that Nancy looked at before - and this
               story is a smaller one below the main one - "TOWN'S PTA IN

               We CUT to Nancy's face - who looks on, in horror.  Glen is
               STUDYING the paper behind her.

                         Oh my God.  It's him.  He's come
                         back for us.  

               Glen TOUCHES Nancy's shoulder for support, as we...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S HOUSE (DAY)

               Marge is in the foreground, WASHING DISHES at the kitchen

               We CUT to the front door, as Nancy enters, angrily SLAMMING
               THE DOOR behind her.


                         Hi, Nancy.

                         Fred Krueger.

               Marge's head TURNS to Nancy, her eyes wide.

                         Where did you hear that name?

                         You were on the PTA ten years ago. 
                         What did you do, mother?  What did
                         you do to Fred Krueger?

                         I can't - I can't deal with this
                         right now...

               Marge REACHES upward toward a cupboard - she GRABS a bottle
               of whiskey and tries to drink it.

               Nancy RUSHES HER - she grabs the bottle and THROWS IT on the
               floor - it SHATTERS, the liquid hitting the floor as well.

                         Goddammit, talk to me!  Fred
                         Krueger - you killed him.

                         He was a filthy child murderer,
                         Nancy.  And it wasn't just me - we
                         were all there the day that he was
                         acquitted because the system was
                         We hated him - we wanted to watch
                         him burn.  We got rid of a piece of

                         Right.  You and the rest of
                         Springwood's glorious PTA, right? 
                         I know what's happening now.  I
                         know why the police can't find the
                         guy.  I know why there's never any
                         evidence, and why nobody knows
                         where the fuck to look.  There is
                         nowhere to look.  He's taking the
                         children of everyone who killed him
                         - and he's doing it in our sleep.

                         That's crazy talk, Nancy.  Jesus -
                         how long has it been since you've
                         slept, anyway?  Your eyes--

               The camera CUTS closer to Nancy's face - she has huge BAGS
               over her eyes now, and looks exhausted.

                         Don't worry about me.  I'd just as
                         soon never sleep again, for all I
                         care.  But who else did this,
                         mother?  Who else did this to
                         Freddy Krueger?

               We CUT to Marge's face, despondent, as we...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT CAR (NIGHT)

               We are now in a CAR - and Carl, the same man who brutalized
               Freddy, SITS in the front seat along with his wife, SUSAN.

               Carl now wears a suit, and his wife is similarly attired -
               they are lawyers, and project wealth and importance.

                         I'm still a little uneasy about
                         this, Carl.

                         Susan, these conferences only come
                         up once per year.  If we don't go,
                         some day, the client of a life

                         Is going to slip right through our
                         fingers, I know.  I'm just scared
                         to leave her behind.

                         I told her where the gun is.  She's
                         sleeping with it in her room.

                         You're letting our daughter take
                         our gun into her room?

                         I want her to be safe just as much
                         as you do.

                         Poor Heather - she's all alone in
                         that godforsaken town.

                         We've always been able to trust her
                         before - I'm sure she's not doing
                         anything too crazy.  She's probably
                         sitting at home studying as we

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT HEATHER'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               SMASH CUT to an 18-year-old boy SCREAMING - he's holding a

               This is a WILD PARTY SCENE - SCORES of teens rock to a high
               tempo song in Heather's house - which is huge, nicely
               decorated, and posh to the max.

               We CUT to the back of the room near a window - where Heather,
               sluttily attired in a tank top and tiny shorts, sits along
               with Katie and Amber.

                         When did your parents say they were
                         going to be home, anyway?

                         Don't worry about it, guys.  These
                         conferences take up a lot of their
                         time - they spend the better part
                         of six months planning for these
                         stupid things, and it's a minimum
                         of a week.

                         It's so awesome that school is
                         called off until they catch the
                         guy.  We can do this every night!

                         You're fuckin' right!

               Heather STANDS UP - grabbing a beer of her own and CHUGGING
               IT as everyone cheers.

               She DOWNS THE WHOLE THING - and there's a big YELL from the

               We CUT to the front door of the house - it opens, and Daniel
               enters, dressed out to the douche max, his hair gelled and
               his collar popped.

               Heather WALKS to Daniel and LEAPS INTO him, and they make out

                         Jesus - you missed me that badly?

                         How bad did you miss me?

                         Enough that I don't want to waste
                         any more time down here.

               Heather takes Daniel's hand, and guides him through the
               massive crowd toward a STAIRWAY...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT HEATHER'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Daniel SLAMS Heather down on the bed, and they continue to
               kiss passionately.  She ROLLS on top of him and TAKES OFF her
               tank top, and an R-rated sex scene commences.  Heather takes
               off her tank top - there's no bra underneath, and she teases
               Daniel for a while first.

               Lots of heavy breathing and thrusting commences.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy SITS at her desk - she PRINTED off a copy of the
               newspaper articles.  She is STARING at one of the photos of
               Freddy Krueger, pre-burning.

                                   LT. THOMPSON (O.C.)
                         Fred Krueger can't get you anymore.

               The camera CUTS to her door - Thompson STANDS there, now
               wearing his police duds again.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I saw him burn.  I was one of the
                         men that did it.

                         How could you do this?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         It wasn't my idea.  But I didn't
                         stop it - the world is better off
                         without Fred Krueger.

                         It wasn't your place to decide,

               Lt. Thompson WALKS to Nancy.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         You have to understand something. 
                         The crimes that he did were heinous
                         - maybe the worst that this state
                         has ever seen.  He took sixteen
                         kids that never did anything to him
                         - he did God knows what to them
                         before he killed them.  And then
                         came the coup de grace - did it say
                         anything in those newspaper
                         articles about what he did to do
                         them all in?


                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         That glove.  I'll never forget the
                         look of that thing.  It was like
                         something out of a movie - that
                         makeshift piece of shit that he
                         made himself.  It was...

                         It was a glove with razor blades. 
                         I've seen it, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         He'd cut their faces first. 
                         Circles - from the forehead all the
                         way down to the throat.  When he
                         got done with that, sometimes he'd
                         want to have his way with the girl
                         again - sometimes not.  Sometimes
                         he got impatient and just sliced
                         their throats.  On two occasions,
                         he ripped the kid's fucking heart
                         out of their chest.

                         Oh my God.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Fred Krueger was an animal.  He
                         deserved to die.  He didn't deserve
                         to live free because of some
                         bullshit technicality.

                         That may be true.  But there could
                         have been a way, Dad.  There's
                         always another way.

               Nancy GETS UP.

                         You can try to shelter me from it all
			 you want, but I want to do what you do,
			 Dad.  I've researched it a lot - 
		 	 there could've been something.  You 
			 could have gotten another warrant 
			 - it wouldn't have taken much for a
			 member of the attorney's office to
			 sign off on one. 
                         You could have found something else
                         - it just would've taken time.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I know, sweetheart -- I know.  But
                         that crowd wanted blood - and I'll
                         take responsibility for my own
                         actions.  I didn't stop them.

               Lt. Thompson LEANS FORWARD and kisses Nancy on the forehead.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         He can't get you anymore.  He's

                         If only that were true.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT GYMNASIUM (DAY)

               CLOSE on a pair of eyes opening - pretty, blue ones.

               Heather is LYING in the middle of the gymnasium - wearing her
               blue cheerleader's outfit.  It is ALL DARK in the gymnasium -
               a BRIGHT LIGHT shines on her.

               She GETS UP - suddenly, a school FIGHT SONG starts.

               Heather LOOKS AROUND - there's nobody.

               Then the fight song STOPS - and the gymnasium LIGHTS UP.

               Heather LOOKS FORWARD.

               Freddy SITS at the top of the bleachers - he is CLAPPING,
               hand on claw, making a metallic 'clink' sound each time.

               He LAUGHS.

                         Who the fuck are you?

                         I'm the fire safety official,
                         Heather.  Didn't you hear?  There
                         was a massive blaze at the school
                         today - it wiped out everybody but
                         you and me!

                         Am I dreaming?

               Freddy GETS UP and begins DESCENDING the bleachers...

                         You've been able to coast by on
                         that model's body for so long,
                         haven't you, Heather?  The power of
                         beauty can cover a multitude of
                         sins.  Let's try a little
                         experiment - how do you fair when
                         put on an equal playing field with

               Freddy SNAPS HIS CLAW upward - we CUT to the ceiling of the
               building - the FIRE EXTINGUISHERS SNAP ON...we EXTREME CU on
               the SPRAY...

               They aren't shooting water - they shoot tiny, solid

               We CUT to Heather, and we REVERT to slow-motion - they are
               SHARDS OF GLASS - and they begin TEARING INTO Heather's skin -
               she JERKS HER BODY back and forth as pain racks her body, and
               blood begins DRIPPING from literally dozens of CUTS AND NICKS
               on her body...

               The glass continues to CUT INTO HER...

               Freddy LAUGHS DIABOLICALLY...

               The torture continues, as glass continues CUTTING into
               Heather, and finally, the fire extinguishers CEASE firing.

               Freddy REACHES the bottom of the bleachers - and we see
               Heather - now a work of modern art - DOZENS of pieces of
               glass STICK OUT OF HER SKIN grotesquely.

               Freddy continues LAUGHING.

                         How does it feel, Heather?  Now,
                         like me, you are a work of art!

                         Fuck you!  Why are you doing this
                         to me?

                         Here's the real question, Heather -
                         why not?  Why not do this to you?

               Freddy quickly WALKS to Heather until he is inches from her.

               Heather tries to RUN AWAY - but Freddy FREEZES HER with a
               swing of his claw.

                         If I was in your school, would you
                         let me into your crowd?  

               Heather merely PANTS in protest, the pain still unbearable
               for her.

               Freddy PLUCKS one of the shards of glass from her face - he
               HOLDS it menacingly in front of one of her eyes.

                         So much pain that you're in right

               Freddy CUTS Heather with the shard of glass, across the
               forehead - she bites her lip, not wanting to scream.

               He SLASHES her across the cheek - deeper this time, as blood
               RUNS DOWN HER FACE...

                         Beauty means nothing.  Look at me -
                         I'm an ugly son of a bitch, and
                         you're completely at my mercy!  You
                         couldn't run if you tried!

                         Just let me go!

                         Tell you what, Heather - I'll give
                         you a choice.  Now, this is an
                         extremely good opportunity for you. 
                         I haven't given any of the others a
                         choice.  The others have had no
                         choice over their fate at all.  But
                         you - you get to choose whether you
                         live or die!  Is that fair, or

                         Live - please let me live!

                         Ah - but it's not that simple.  I
                         have a special talent, as you see -
                         right now, you're sleeping - and
                         when you wake up - all that painful
                         glass that's sticking out of you
                         right now? 
                         That's the way you're going to look
                         - likely for the rest of your life. 
                         That is, unless your mommy and
                         daddy have so much money that they
                         can buy you a new face.  But that's
                         life, Heather - you'll continue to
                         breathe, to fuck, to condescend. 
                         Or, you can die - and you're dead,
                         but you're not ugly.  So, what's it
                         going to be?

               There's a LONG, TENSE BEAT - Freddy TILTS Heather's head
               upwards - she begins to CRY.



               Freddy REARS BACK and STABS Heather with his claw - directly
               in the stomach.

               Heather begins COUGHING UP BLOOD...

                         You think your mommy and daddy are
                         good people?  They never told you
                         what they did to me, did they?

               Another SPURT OF BLOOD from Heather's mouth is all she has to
               say in response...

               Freddy RAISES HIS GLOVE - he SLICES from her stomach ALL THE
               WAY UP TO HER STERNUM, blood SHOOTING from her midsection - a
               clean, hunter's kill.

               Her head collapses, which Freddy TAKES on his shoulder, as he

                         Another one bites the dust.

               Freddy LAUGHS...

                                                                CUT TO:


               Angle on Daniel's face, asleep, now wearing a tank top.

               We gradually PULL BACK, and we see that Heather is in his

               Daniel's eyes SNAP OPEN - and he begins SCREAMING as soon as
               his eyes adjust...

               We LOOK DOWN with him - as BLOOD COVERS THE BED - he PUSHES
               HEATHER AWAY, still SCREAMING - the SLASH is palpable, from
               Heather's STOMACH all the way up to her CHEST...

                                                                CUT TO:


               Once again, Heidi is SETTING UP outside Heather's house.

               Nancy and Glen WATCH from the sidewalk, and the SCORES of
               party-goers are also present.

               We see the front door of the house behind Heidi.

               Heidi MOTIONS for her cameraman - "3, 2, 1"

                         This is Heidi Borland, live with
                         KRGR-19 news.  I'm told that the
                         Springwood police department have
                         just arrested a suspect in the
                         string of killings that have rocked
                         the community over the past several
                         months, with the pace escalating
                         over the last several weeks.

               The FRONT DOOR of the house opens - and Lt. Thompson and
               Dobbs LEAD Daniel out of the house in handcuffs.  Two POLICE
               CARS are parked in front of the house as all the KIDS look

                         Here they are now.

               The camera ZOOMS IN on the front door - Thompson and Dobbs
               WALK the restrained Daniel - crying and in disbelief - past
               the crowd of people and lead him DIRECTLY to the police car. 
               They OPEN the door and SHOVE HIM INSIDE, at which point
               Thompson SLAPS the car twice with his hand and it EXITS.

               Thompson then TURNS AROUND and begins WALKING toward the

                         Lieutenant Thompson, can we...

               He SHOVES the camera away with his hand...

               We HOLD on Thompson - he is WALKING across the street to
               where Nancy and Glen are.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Now it's over.  We got him.

                         You've got the wrong guy, Dad.

                         Nancy, listen to your father.  It's
                         over.  You can sleep now - you
                         can't keep doing this to yourself!

                         It was him.

               Nancy TURNS AROUND, leaving Glen and Thompson alone.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         She hasn't slept in a long time.

                         Three days by my count.  She told

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Glen - listen, I was wrong about
                         you for a long time.  You're a good
                         guy, alright?

               He BRINGS HIS HAND FORWARD for Glen to shake - he takes it.

                         Thank you, sir.  

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I don't think I can convince her to
                         sleep no matter what the hell I
                         say.  Can you do me a favor and try
                         to get her some fucking rest

                         I'll do my best.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT CITY PARK (DAY)

               Nancy SITS by herself on a park bench, next to a lake.

               She is EATING some fast food take out - and she also READS A

               The terrain is green and leafy, the scene is tranquil, and
               Nancy now has even bigger bags under her eyes.  Another
               sleepless night.

               Glen WALKS UP to her on the path behind her.

                         Hi, Nancy.

                         Hi, Glen.

                         Listen - it's all over now.

                         For you, maybe.  But for me, it's
                         just beginning.

               Glen SITS DOWN next to her on the bench, a little angry.

                         What are you reading?

               He TAKES THE BOOK - we see the cover, depicting a rather
               eerie drawing of dream symbology.

                         Lucid Dreaming: The Art of
                         Controlling your Dreams?

                         He has all the power in the dream
                         world.  I want to know how to take
                         it away.

                         You really believe all this crap?

                         It doesn't matter if you believe me
                         or not.  I know that it's real.  I
                         know everything that I've felt in
                         these dreams - and I know I'm not

                         I never said you're crazy.  Just
                         listen to me, goddammit...

               Glen takes Nancy's hand.

                         I can't watch you go through this. 
                         You're putting yourself through
                         hell, and for what?  Look - you're
                         having some scary dreams.  I get
                         it.  We've all had a few nightmares
                         over this whole thing.  But Daniel
                         killed all those people - that's
                         just the way it is!  Accept it!

                         It wasn't him.  It was Freddy.

                         Okay.  What you said is that this
                         Freddy guy is coming back to kill
                         the children of everyone who did
                         this to him, right?  Well, I asked
                         my parents about it - THEY were on
                         the PTA ten years ago!  How come
                         I'm still here?  How come I haven't
                         even DREAMED about him yet?

               Nancy's eyes suddenly go blank.

                         Your parents were on the PTA?  


                         They helped.  They helped kill him. 
                         Glen - he told me that he knows
                         everything I know.  Which means
                         that he knows that you're--

                         He doesn't know anything, Nancy! 
                         He's dead!

                         In this world, maybe.  But somehow -
                         he's still around.  And he's not
                         going to stop until we're all dead! 
                         Glen - you can't go to sleep...

                         Or what?

                         Or else you wind up like all the
                         other idiots, that's what!  You
                         have to wait!  You have to wait
                         until I kill him!

                         And how long is that going to take?

                         I'll go to sleep eventually, Glen. 
                         But when I do, I want to make sure
                         that I'm absolutely ready.  Like I
                         said - he has a lot of power in
                         that world.  Don't underestimate

                         There's nothing to underestimate. 
                         Look, just do me a favor and get
                         some goddamn sleep, okay?  This is

               Glen angrily GETS UP and walks away...

                         Glen - don't fall asleep!

               Glen looks back with anger, then continues walking...

               We HOLD on Nancy, sad look on her face - she GOES BACK to her

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT NANCY'S HOUSE (DAY)

               Nancy WALKS DOWN THE STREET near her house - she notices her
               father's POLICE CAR and an EXTRA VAN parked on the outside.

               She CONTEMPLATES this for a few moments before she WALKS UP
               the walkway and STEPS IN to the front door...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S HOUSE (DAY)

               Lt. Thompson and Marge are both STANDING, while a new
               character - DR. CONNORS, a mid-50s, heavyset man wearing a
               suit - is SEATED on one of the chairs in the living area as
               Nancy ENTERS the house.

               Dr. Connors STANDS UP.

                         Mom, Dad - what's going on here?

                         Honey, this is Dr. Connors.  I
                         called him earlier today about your

                         What problem, mother?

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         We know that you're under
                         incredible pressure, dear.  We just
                         want what's best for you.

                         (to Dr. Connors) What do you want
                         to do to me?

                                   DR. CONNORS
                         I'm not going to do anything to
                         you, Nancy - I just want to give
                         you something.

               He PULLS something out of his pocket - a small CONTAINER of

                         Those are sleeping pills, aren't

               Nancy angrily STORMS off to the steps toward her room...

               Lt. Thompson CATCHES UP with her...

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         We just want what's best for you...

               Marge RUSHES her as well...

                                   DR. CONNORS
                         They've completely voluntary,
                         Nancy.  I understand you haven't
                         slept in three days.  You must be
                         absolutely exhausted.  I've known
                         your parents for a long time -
                         they're just looking out for what's

               Dr. Connors - calmly, not menacingly, walks up to Nancy, who
               is being HELD BACK by her parents.

                                   DR. CONNORS
                         Do you know what happens when you
                         don't sleep, Nancy?  You can
                         actually survive longer without
                         food than without sleep.  Your
                         heart rate becomes erratic.  Toxins
                         clog up the blood.  Your body
                         begins to poison itself.  Is being
                         scared worse than poisoning

               Dr. Connors HOLDS UP the bottle of pills calmly, and Nancy,
               surprisingly, TAKES IT.

               Her parents LET HER GO.

                         Take one, honey.

               Nancy SNAPS OFF the cap, and appears ready to TAKE ONE - but
               then she goes SPRINTING UP THE STEPS.

               Her parents RUN AFTER HER...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BATHROOM (DAY)

               Nancy REACHES the bathroom as her parents are hot on her
               heels - she SPRINTS IN and immediately TOSSES the bottle of
               pills into the toilet.  She FLUSHES IT.

                         Goddammit, Nancy!

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         What did you do that for?

                         You can't keep doing this to
                         yourself, Nancy!  You need sleep!

                         Screw sleep!

               Nancy STORMS past her parents, then HEADS to her room as her
               parents STAND dumbfounded.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT GLEN'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               We are looking at several POSTERS lining a wall - "Scarface,"
               the Chicago Cubs, the band Metallica, etc. - we are in Glen's

               A TV is blaring MTV on one side of the room, and Glen is
               lying on the bed, wearing only a tank top and boxers,
               watching it.

               His eyes slowly DRIFT SHUT - and then a PHONE CALL awakens

               It's his cell phone, lying on the bed next to him.

               He sees the # - "Nancy."

               He PICKS IT UP.


                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy is LOOKING out the window of her house - straight
               toward Glen's window - we can even see the flickering light
               from the television.

                         I can see you.  You're watching TV. 
                         You can't fall asleep.

               We JUXTAPOSE between the two rooms as they talk to each

                         Oh, Jesus Christ, Nancy...

                         Just one night.  That's all I'm
                         asking.  One night, and then I'll
                         be ready.  I've read a lot on the

               We PAN DOWN to her desk - in addition to the earlier book,
               there are two others: "The Symbology of Dreams" and

                         And I think I'm ready to take him
                         down.  Because I think I know what
                         he's afraid of.  But I need to be
                         sure, Glen.  I can't lose you, too. 
                         I've lost everything else.  

                         You're not going to lose me, Nancy.

                         Then just do it for my sake and go
                         on a forced sleep fast for one
                         night.  Get some speed pills.  Get
                         some fucking mountain dew, whatever
                         it takes - just don't fall asleep.


                         Glen, I love you.

                         Nancy - you're delirious...

                         Don't say that.  It's true.  I love
                         you.  I need you to know that. 
                         (she begins crying a little) It's
                         about the only thing I'm certain of

                         Nancy - I'm hanging up now.  I will
                         see you in the morning - and please
                         do me a favor and get some sleep.

               Glen HANGS UP THE PHONE, and then SHUTS IT OFF...

               BACK to Nancy's room.  She TRIES calling again - and
               immediately gets the voicemail box.


               Nancy immediately RUNS out of her room...

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT GLEN'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               Nancy half-springs, half-jogs across the street toward Glen's
               house.  She REACHES the front door, and BANGS ON IT...

                         (yelling) Glen!

               She continues yelling his name - and finally, the door opens.

               It's a mid-40s, angry-looking man - WILLIAM, Glen's father.

                         Hello, Nancy.

                         You have to let me see Glen!

                         It's almost midnight, Nancy...

                         I need to see him.

                         You can't see him.  He told me that
                         if you came to the door not to let
                         you in.

               William SHUTS the door in Nancy's face.

                         (yelling) Glen!  Stay awake!

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy ENTERS her room again and goes STRAIGHT to her seat
               next to the window - which she WATCHES - directly toward
               Glen's room.

               The light is now off.

               Nancy LOOKS to the clock - 12:05 A.M....

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT GLEN'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               CLOSE on an alarm clock - 12:35 A.M.

               Glen LIES ASLEEP on his bed - no movement in the room
               whatsoever...the music and the tension pick up as we see that
               Glen is going through REM sleep and is in a dream.

               We HOLD on him for several gut-wrenching seconds.

               Suddenly, there's a loud THUNK - and Glen GRABS HIS CHEST in
               pain - he begins to SCREAM...

               Then there's a SLASH that APPEARS - almost by magic - across
               his chest - and blood begins SPRAYING FROM HIS WOUNDS...

               He is suddenly THROWN from his bed to one side of the room,
               still SCREAMING - and still with his eyes CLOSED...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT GLEN'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               William RUNS UP a flight of stairs, the sounds of his son
               screaming in the background - he nears a door and begins
               POUNDING ON IT - he tries to OPEN IT - but it's locked...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy continues to look across the street - we can hear the
               faint sounds of screaming...


                                                                CUT TO:

               INT GLEN'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Glen is now FLIPPED, blood still SHOOTING from his midsection
               - and he is PULLED UP the side of the wall.  When he reaches
               the top, he is DRAGGED ACROSS THE CEILING, a dramatic STREAK
               OF BLOOD following him the entire time.

               Through it all, he never ceases to SCREAM and WAIL in pain -
               and the sounds of his father ECHO in the background, as well,
               banging on the door as he tries to ENTER...

               When he reaches the center of the ceiling - another SLASH
               crosses his stomach, SPILLING his innards onto the bed below -
               and then he FALLS to the bed in a horrific and sickening

               The room is now unrecognizable - it looks like a
               slaughterhouse, as Glen lies, dead and wasted...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               As Glen FALLS, some of the blood SPRAYS onto the window - and
               Nancy sees it...

               She CRIES...

                         No, please God, no!  Not Glen!

               Nancy FALLS FORWARD - CRYING HER EYES OUT once again...

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               EXT GLEN'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               We have DISSOLVED FORWARD in time - POLICE CARS and an
               AMBULANCE are now parked in front of the street - there is no
               sound but the music.

               Lt. Thompson and Dobbs EXIT one of the police cars - Thompson
               looks extremely saddened upon exiting as officers go in and
               out of the house, with Glen's father and mother crying hard
               on the outside steps.

               As they near the steps, Lt. Thompson TURNS AROUND and LOOKS
               UP - we see what he sees.

               Nancy is LOOKING DOWN from her window, directly into his

               Back to Thompson, much sadness and disappointment, as we...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy TURNS AROUND from her window - she is no longer
               accepting of the situation.  It's time for it to end.

               She EXITS her room...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BATHROOM (NIGHT)

               Nancy REACHES behind the mirror, but instead of No-Doz, she
               TAKES one of the sleeping pills - she saved one.

               She POPS IT in her mouth and SWALLOWS.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               HIGH-ANGLE SHOT of Nancy laying in bed, her eyes open, but
               the eyelids feeling heavier and heavier, the exhaustion and
               depression of the last few days raining down heavily on her. 
               We ZOOM IN on her face as she prepares for her final battle.

               Eventually, her EYES CLOSE, and we...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               Nancy's EYES POP OPEN - and she is unsurprised to find
               herself back in the boiler room - and she is DIRECTLY IN
               FRONT of the boiler room, wearing pajamas.

               She GETS UP.

               Nancy WALKS PAST the boiler as steam ATMOSPHERICALLY TRICKLES
               in the small hallway...

               She WALKS FORWARD - and we hear the familiar sound of metal
               SCRAPING ACROSS METAL, and then a faint FREDDY LAUGH...

                         Where are you, you bastard?

               Freddy continues to LAUGH in the background...

                         Where are you, you chicken shit?

               Nancy WALKS FORWARD through the maze of pipes - and at the
               end of the hallway is a DOOR.

               She ENTERS IT.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT FREDDY'S ROOM

               There is a LARGE CURTAIN on the far side of this room, about
               thirty feet away from the door - along with a TABLE with a
               cloth over it.

               Nancy ENTERS the room from the far side - all sorts of STEAM
               billowing around the scene...

                         Show yourself, fucker!

               And on the far side of the room, Nancy hears LAUGHTER - and
               then the CURTAIN RETRACTS - it's Freddy, smiling an evil
               grin, SITTING on a chair that looks like a Throne.

                         I'm going to kill you, Krueger!

               Freddy LEANS FORWARD.

                         Good!  That's the spirit!  I
                         finally meet one of you who gets

               Freddy GETS UP and slowly begins WALKING toward Nancy...

                         What's there to get?  You're a mass
                         murdering fuckhead who kills people
                         for no other reason than the fact
                         that it suits your lifestyle, you
                         sick son of a bitch!

                         It's so easy to write me off as one
                         of those handy little textbook
                         examples, isn't it?  Maybe I kill
                         because I like it, maybe I'm a
                         product of society, I don't know,
                         who gives a fuck.  The truth is -
                         the only real time any of us are
                         alive - is when we're causing death
                         and destruction!

               Freddy REACHES the table - he removes the CLOTH.

               Underneath it is a horrific scene - the SEVERED HEADS of
               everyone he has killed thus far in the film.  Tina, Rod,
               Heather, Kara - and on the far right, Glen...

               Nancy SHRIEKS in protest...

               Freddy LAUGHS...

                         Oh, your boyfriend.  I'm so sorry.

                         You can try and play mind games all
                         you want.  I'm not afraid of you

                         This whole game you're playing,
                         this eternal battle of good versus
                         evil - tell me, does it make it any
                         easier to accept the fact that what
                         you want to do to me is the exact
                         same thing that I've been doing
                         this entire time?  You're no
                         different than me!  Nobody is any
                         different than me!  They just
                         thought they were!  Look what they
                         did to me!

               Freddy has RUSHED Nancy, his face INCHES from hers - but he
               is not threatening her - YET.  He is making a point.

                         Look what they did!  Everybody was
                         so, so quick to point out all the
                         things that I did to those
                         beautiful little children - but
                         then look what they turned around
                         and did right back!  Your mom and
                         dad - they're no different than me.

                         And you can try and play that game
                         all you want to, Freddy - we're all
                         different than you.  You try to
                         rationalize everything that you're
                         doing like there was some great
                         injustice thrust on you - and maybe
                         there was. 
                         But the injustice that was given to
                         you is nothing compared to what you
                         gave to everybody else that you
                         hurt - and no matter how you
                         rationalize it, you did it all for
                         no other reason than the fact that
                         you liked it.

                         Okay.  Well, I believe we've each
                         said our piece.  You've made your
                         point, and you've done so very
                         eloquently.  Now - time for you to
                         visit all your hell!

               Freddy SWISHES HIS CLAWS forward - in an attempt to control
               Nancy's actions...

               She STARES FORWARD at him...

                         This is my dream, Freddy!  I'll do
                         what I want to do!

               She begins WALKING toward Freddy, and PICKS UP a loose pipe
               on the wall...

               Freddy continues FLINGING HIS HAND, attempting to hold Nancy
               back with his dream power - to no avail.  Nancy RUSHES
               FORWARD AND SWINGS THE LEAD PIPE - she HITS FREDDY square in
               the face with it, and for the first time in the film, Freddy
               is in real danger.

               He FALLS TO THE GROUND, but immediately GETS BACK UP.  He
               appears SHOCKED - he WIPES AWAY a trickle of blood from his
               mouth - he is completely on a level playing field with Nancy.

                         Okay.  You know this is just a
                         dream.  But if we can't do this the
                         easy way, the hard way will work
                         just fine!

               Freddy RUSHES Nancy - who SWINGS the lead pipe at him again -
               he DUCKS IT, and HITS HER in the face with his fist - she
               goes FLYING BACKWARD...

               Freddy LAUGHS and WALKS toward her - Nancy immediately RUNS
               BACK to the door...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM 

               Nancy SHUTS THE DOOR behind her, and immediately RUNS PAST
               the boiler and into ANOTHER HALLWAY...she goes RUNNING PAST
               another maze of pipes and walkways - she continually LOOKS
               BACK, attempting to put some distance between her and Freddy.

               She eventually reaches a STAIRCASE, and ASCENDS IT, always
               looking down, keeping an eye out - and when she reaches the
               top, Freddy is there - he SWIPES FORWARD with his claw - she
               DUCKS IT, and KICKS HIM IN THE SHIN, hobbling him, and
               allowing her to RUN AWAY again...

               He CHASES HER along the walkway, but she RETREATS into
               another hall, losing him in the maze of pipes yet again.

               At the end of this hallway, Nancy sees another door - it's
               very similar to Freddy's office as a human.

               She ENTERS IT.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT OFFICE

               She LOOKS AROUND - there's SHOVELS, PICKAXES and a whole lot
               of other weapons - but she's looking for something else.

                         Burn.  Something that will burn.

               Then she spots it - near the table in the middle of the room -
               a GAS CAN.

               She PICKS IT UP, and EXITS the office...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               Freddy is STALKING through the maze of pipes, looking around
               for Nancy...

                         Hey, Nancy!  You know, the two of
                         us, we could have so much fun

               We see now that he is NEAR the door of the office.

               We CUT to Nancy, who immediately RUNS to the right side of
               the office door...

               She HIDES BEHIND a wall of pipes, and watches Freddy NEAR the

               Freddy LOOKS AROUND, and it is tense for a few moments as he
               STALKS and LOOKS - but eventually he ENTERS the office - she
               then TURNS AROUND and RUNS the other direction...

               We FOLLOW Nancy now as she RUNS through the maze of pipes,
               carrying the gas can all the while - she eventually reaches
               another staircase, and DESCENDS IT back to the floor level,
               looking backward the entire time.

               Nancy REACHES the boiler - there's an old-fashioned CRANK
               attached to it.

               She knows what she must do.

               She CRANKS the boiler to life - and we watch the fires STOKE
               on the inside.

               There's also a TEMPERATURE GAUGE attached to the boiler -
               Nancy CRANKS IT UP to full, dangerous capacity.

               She then WALKS PAST the boiler and BACK into Freddy's room...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT FREDDY'S ROOM

               Continuous shot, as Nancy STEPS BACK into the room and SPOTS
               the lead pipe she dropped earlier - she GRABS IT and

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               She nears the boiler - and then LOOKS AROUND - Freddy is
               NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

               She DROPS the pipe, and then PICKS UP the gas can.  She POURS
               GASOLINE IN FRONT OF and around the boiler - she MAKES A
               TRAIL OF IT for about ten feet.

               She then DROPS the gas can, throwing it ANGRILY.

               She PICKS UP the lead pipe again.

                         Come on, Krueger!  Are you afraid
                         to face me?  Are you afraid to face
                         a girl?

               She HITS one of the pipes with the pipe, creating a menacing

                         Come on, fucker!  What are you
                         waiting for?

               Nancy continues WAILING on some of the pipes, attempting to
               coerce Freddy out - and as she REACHES one of the entrances
               to a hallway, she is surprised.

               A CLAW SWIPES from the hallway, hitting her DIRECTLY ACROSS
               THE FACE - blood FLIES from her wounds, and she DROPS the
               lead pipe...

               Freddy SMILES diabolically as Nancy HITS the ground.

               Freddy then MOUNTS HER and begins CHOKING HER with his free
               hand...she COUGHS FOR AIR...


               Nancy BITES Freddy's hand, and he SCREAMS IN PAIN...she then
               HITS HIM across the face with her fist, and she is able to
               ESCAPE from underneath him - she immediately begins RUNNING
               for the lead pipe, but Freddy gets up - and he POUNCES ON HER
               before she can reach it.

               Nancy SPINS AROUND to face him on the ground, as he is
               already in the act of bringing his claw down on her face for
               the death blow - she BLOCKS his wrist with both her hands,
               stopping the claw inches from her face.

               He forces it down, and there's a tense standoff - then Nancy
               SPOTS something - the pipe.  She is closer than she thought.

               She REACHES OUT with one of her arms, and Freddy attempts to
               bring the claw down - but Nancy GRABS the pipe and HITS
               Freddy in the face with it, HARD.

               Nancy STANDS UP again and HITS Freddy's GLOVE - which SAILS
               OFF of his hand.  She HITS HIM in the face with the pipe
               again, then tosses it aside.

               She WALKS to the glove - she PICKS IT UP and PUTS IT ON her
               right hand, SMILING EVILLY herself as she does so.

               She TURNS AROUND, and SWISHES the claws exactly as Freddy
               would - he TURNS UP and sees Nancy.


                         Yes, motherfucker...

               Nancy RUSHES Freddy on the ground and SLASHES HIM directly in
               the face - blood FLIES from his face.  She then SLASHES him
               across the stomach, and he SCREAMS in pain and protest.

               He SLINKS to the ground.

               Nancy LOOKS BACK to the boiler - the temp is now at a
               CRITICAL LEVEL...

                         What are you afraid of, Freddy?


                         I think I know.

               She SLASHES HIM across the chest, and he SPINS AROUND on the
               ground, lying on his back now.

               She CROUCHES DOWN by him and raises the claw - she SHOOTS
               DOWNWARD - but Freddy DODGES the blow and then PUNCHES HER in
               the face, sending HER FLYING and leaving the claw behind.

               Freddy SMILES, and PUTS THE CLAW on again...

                         Come to papa.

               Nancy is PRONE on the ground, on her back, seeing stars from
               the blow...

               Freddy slowly WALKS TO HER, having her at his mercy - he
               RAISES THE CLAW, and Nancy prepares herself for death...

               But then he LOWERS THE CLAW.

                         I'm not done with you yet, bitch. 
                         I'm going to enjoy this.

               Freddy PICKS HER UP by the throat.

                         I want to look into your eyes as
                         the life slowly leaves you.

               He picks Nancy up CLEAR OFF THE GROUND, holding her up with
               one arm...

                         Did you really think you could beat
                         me with your new age harmonic crap? 
                         I am more powerful than you could
                         ever imagine!

               Freddy THROWS Nancy hard against a wall of pipes near the
               boiler - she FALLS TO THE GROUND, hard, now even more groggy.

               She slowly SITS UP.

               Freddy WALKS TO HER - he CROUCHES DOWN and raises the claw -
               and he begins SLICING HER FACE - her forehead first, then her
               cheeks, as blood begins seeping from the small cuts...

                         Payback's a bitch, isn't it?  Your
                         bitch of a mother - she'd know.

                         Fuck you.

                         Ironic that you say that.  You're
                         such a sweet little piece of ass,
                         Nancy.  I'll let you live if you
                         let me fuck you!

               Freddy LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY AT THIS...

                         Just kidding.  I know what your
                         answer would be, anyway.

               Nancy's eyes TURN to the boiler - the pressure is now beyond
               critical, and a light RUMBLE envelops the soundtrack...

               Freddy's claw NEARS HER THROAT, and he prepares for the death

               But then Nancy REARS BACK and PUNCHES Freddy hard in the face
               again, knocking him backward - and DIRECTLY INTO the line of
               the gasoline...

               Then there's a spectacular scene - the BOILER EXPLODES - HALF
               THE ROOM GOES UP IN FLAMES.

               CLOSE ON FREDDY - his eyes go wide with terror as FLAMES

               The flames ENVELOP FREDDY - who begins SCREAMING in terror
               and pain as the flames have now TAKEN OVER THE BOILER ROOM -
               and Freddy himself, who now SKULKS AROUND, a human BALL OF
               FLAME - dying the exact same way he did as a human...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S ROOM (NIGHT)

               There are CUTS on Nancy's face, underneath the covers of her
               bed, where Freddy slashed her - but that is not where our
               focus is.

               Nancy's room itself is now BILLOWING IN FLAME - the power and
               intensity of the dream carrying over into the real world.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               We CUT to the main floor - a DOOR OPENS, and out steps Marge
               Thompson, wearing only a robe.

               She can hear the WINDOW BREAKING and WOOD SMASHING on the
               floor above her as a result of the fire - she RUNS

               As she REACHES the door to Nancy's room - she sees the yellow
               light underneath it...

               She POUNDS on the door...

                         Nancy!  Nancy!

               Marge GRABS the handle - it's warm - but she OPENS THE DOOR
               ANYWAY - and is IMMEDIATELY KNOCKED BACKWARD by an explosion
               from the intense heat inside the room...

               We ANGLE on Marge, blood trickling down her forehead,
               INSTANTLY DEAD from the force of the heat blast...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT BOILER ROOM

               Back to the dream - Nancy slowly STANDS UP, still watching
               Freddy FLAIL AROUND, SCREAMING IN PAIN - he's DYING.

                         No!  I can't--

               Nancy PICKS UP the lead pipe again.

                         Yes, it can, Krueger!  You're

               She HITS the flame-covered Krueger directly in the face,
               KNOCKING HIM directly into the boiler - it CRASHES under his
               impact, and he FALLS INWARD into the flames as the BOILER
               ITSELF tumbles inward on him...

                         Rest in hell.

               Nancy RUNS BACKWARD into one of the MAZES OF PIPES...

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT GLEN'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               Lt. Thompson is TALKING to Glen's parents inside the house,
               many officers present in the background, when Dobbs suddenly
               BOLTS in the front door and RUSHES Lt. Thompson.

                         Don, there was just an explosion
                         over at your house?

                                   LT. THOMPSON

                         We think there's a fire in your
                         house, Donald!

               Lt. Thompson immediately RUNS OUT OF THE HOUSE...

                                                                CUT TO:


               We FOLLOW Thompson as he RUSHES across the street, past the
               cavalry of policemen and medical personnel - and even Heidi
               Borland herself on the scene - he SPRINTS INTO his own

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT NANCY'S HOUSE (NIGHT)

               He SPRINTS through the house and up the stairs - and when he
               reaches the top of the stairs, he sees a grisly sight.

               His wife lies at the foot of the stairs, DEAD AND GONE.

               He GASPS in apprehension - then bends down and FEELS FOR A
               PULSE - there is none, but there's no time for emotion right
               now.  He RUNS to Nancy's room - the door is open, and FLAMES
               BILLOW in the room - although Nancy herself is unaffected.

               Bravely and carefully, Lt. Thompson RUNS INTO the flame
               covered room.  He GRABS his daughter, and TAKING her in his
               arms, he CARRIES HER OUT OF THE ROOM and down the stairs...

               We HOLD on the bottom of the stairs as Lt. Thompson LEAVES
               the shot - and then we slowly TRACK BACK to the top of the
               stairs - and we finally WIND UP at Marge Thompson - the
               person who indirectly started all this carnage, dead and
               gone, the flames casting an eerie shadow on her - both
               reasons for all of the murder and mayhem are now dead.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT HOSPITAL ROOM (DAY)

               Nancy LAYS on a hospital bed, the faint BEEPING of hospital
               equipment heard in the background.  Her face is slashed, and
               her skin is lightly charred.  Her EYES OPEN.

               She LOOKS to her right - and her father is there, wearing
               street clothes - he is looking down at her and HOLDING HER

               He SMILES.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Hi, princess.

                         Hi, Daddy.  I made it out.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         How are you feeling?

                         Like shit.  

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Appropriately so.  You lost a lot
                         of blood, and your right arm is
                         badly burned.

               We see her from above - her right arm is heavily bandaged.

                         Dad - did Glen--

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         He didn't make it, honey.  I'm

               Nancy appears ready to cry - but she has definitely changed
               from her previous night's war.  She does not accept it - but
               she stifles the emotion.

                         It's over now, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         It's not over, honey.  It's not
                         over for any of us.  Your mother,
                         she--she's dead.


                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         There was a fire in your room.  

                         There was a fire in my dream, but--

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         They think that she heard you, and
                         opened the door, and -- all the
                         heat built up in the room just
                         exploded on her.  She's dead.

               Lt. Thompson begins CRYING NOW.

               Nancy STAYS STRONG, and SQUEEZES her father's hand tighter.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         It had to be him!  I've accepted it
                         - there's no other explanation. 
                         All these years later, and Fred
                         Krueger is still doing it!  

                         He can't do it anymore.  I killed
                         him last night, Dad.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         What are you talking about?

                         I killed him.  He burned - just
                         like in real life.  He's not coming
                         back - all of this is over.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         You got him.  You're sure?

                         I got him.

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         Nancy, I'm sorry - I'm so sorry. 
                         I've been a shitty father, I
                         haven't been there for you--

               Nancy REACHES FORWARD and HUGS Thompson...

                         Dad, it's okay.  It's okay.  

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         You're all I have left now...

                         This whole thing was a big
                         nightmare.  It started ten years
                         ago, but it ended last night.  Once
                         we bury mom, it's buried for good. 
                         And Dad - it's never too late to
                         start over.  Because I love you - I
                         will always love you, no matter

                                   LT. THOMPSON
                         I love you, honey.

               He KISSES HER on the forehead and SQUEEZES HER HAND - then
               WALKS AWAY...

               We HOLD on Nancy for a long time - she faces an entirely
               different life now, without all of her friends, without her
               mother - but, in a way, gaining a formerly absentee father.

               Sleep would feel good just now...

               She lowers her head to the pillow, and closes her eyes.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

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