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                                   ACCIDENT PRONE                                     


               Written by Dale Swaby.

                                                       WIDE ANGLE SHOT:




               INT.  A KITCHEN.


               A man of an unkempt appearance prepares a meal for one.     


                                                              CLOSE UP:




               INT.  THE MICROWAVE.


               This is a TV dinner >


               Only on viewing the microwave and inside, a fork is seen.  




                                                              CLOSE UP:


               He goes to the sink trying to pour a glass of water but -     

               as he turns the cold tap, this tap only splutters, sighing,     

               he then closes the microwave door next to the sink and

               presses this appliance start button on, running his other

               hand through his hair.  On waiting a second he can here

               noises coming from the microwave inside.  These noises sound.


               Tzzt psss...   


               ACCIDENT PRONE                   


               Tzzt psss...    


                                                              FOCUS IN:


               On touching the microwave door he spasmodically flexes and an

               electrocution takes place.  Bang!  He falls backwards...


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                               FADE IN:




               EXT.  A PASSENGER JET.


               An aeroplane is on its way to Spain.


                                                         COVERING SHOT:




               INT.  THE PASSENGER JET.


               Darren Rigg is on his way specifically to Ibiza.


               He is seated in the centre of the plane reading a dictionary

               held head height to where he then places this down on a tray.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


                                   DARREN RIGG:  

                             (Narrative ongoing)

                         Whoa, phew, gypped, in the neck,

                         ears hurt, fact... Whoa. 

                         Accidents?  -  Accident;  --       

                         On reading the definition there is

                         a chance I could still get out of

                         this in one piece, not the plane,

                         that I can just about deal with... 

                         But there's something else.  Not a

                         problem they say the people I know

                         who want to see me alright only

                         they don't know yet, simply, that

                         is the problem.  Any way... 


                                                         COVERING SHOT:






               The aeroplane dips through turbulence, Rigg continues.


                                   DARREN RIGG:

                         Reading a dictionary takes my mind

                         offa the subject in hand but

                         delivers an offhand idea.  You pick

                         one of these things up when a

                         troubled time rears its head,

                         subjectively it won't help but

                         links in variable circumstance,


                         Uh.  This definition is, the chance

                         or unforeseen event.  Generally. --


                         -- The proper definition leads as a

                         mishap, and a mishap's a slight

                         unfortunate accident.   

                         Then something comes around, it

                         slightly goes around... and we do

                         all sometimes call things as what

                         they're truly not, only I've got

                         different plans, if I ever get off

                         this 'tin can, sorry, aeroplane.  


               A fat man wriggles in a next seat along, from his isle seat.

               Rigg is uncomfortable watching this fat man squirm, looking

               in at a music device, which fatty turns on to full volume.  




               Beethoven plays...


               Rigg notices a stewardess approach with a kettle.  


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               He quickly puts the used sick bag under his seat.             

               To divert the spectacle he continues to look on...


                                   DARREN RIGG: 

                         Here we go.                   

                         Someone special needs oxygen.


               The stewardess holds that kettle waiting for the person to

               hold their cup out, but, instead they hold up a plastic box.


                                   DARREN RIGG: 

                         The hell is he doing?


               That other passenger tries to use their own box for kettle

               receptacle purposes.  The stewardess sighs and continues...


               Now flustered, she drops tissues on the floor.


                                   DARREN RIGG: 



               Rigg looks into his empty tumbler and tilts it to one side.


                                   DARREN RIGG: 

                         Recovery, and hastily that will be

                         the angles. 

                         Reflex, reflex, it's the basics of

                         being still yet moving.  And that

                         is what you're basic accident is,

                         slight, a mishap, generally.  Watch

                         out Spain here I come, not by a

                         long way, very much in the other

                         direction.  In fact... 


               Darren Rigg rests his head back then braces into a position.


                                                                CUT TO:




               EXT.  THE LANDING.


               The aeroplane drops landing gear.


                                                             OPEN SHOT:




               EXT.  THE AIRPORT.


               Outside the Airporto Darren hands over an envelope to someone

               called Miguel, where Miguel instantly checks this amount of

               cash…  on looking in, this is quite obvious as fake,

               counterfeit money.


               Darren has now vanished and is no where to be seen.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Miguel is not happy and immediately goes for a cell phone.


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                               FADE IN:




               EXT.  ENGLAND.




               INT.  THE APARTMENTS.


               Frank is late and hurries up, scooting into Darren's

               apartment as he had pre - arranged a time to be there ready

               to announce the plan of action that was worked out previously

               and prior to Darren leaving for Spain for a short duration. 


               Val from an unnoticed Frank follows up behind, a friend.


               Frank makes it into 5A.  He carries a big cardboard box.



                         Val!  Speaking of the media, ol'

                         money, law re - enforcement, may

                         one explain now? 


               Val follows behind Frank closing the open door in view.


                                                             OPEN SHOT:




               INT.  5A.



                         The police there?



                         The whole enchilada.          

                         Everything was.


               Frank tips up the cardboard box and out from it falls a

               plastic container to where Frank falls onto his knees.


               On this box.  (Crumpled)



                         From what we see…              

                         They were all tighter than a

                         Vicar's wife's choker, Saturday

                         afternoons watching live streams of

                         eleven aside, cucumber sandwich

                         prep, yeah?  Bad day then?



                         Do you recycle that paper?        

                         Odd that one ya work for.         

                         Regular sort.  One off the standing

                         for sure, let's say, a 'Reg,

                         regular.  Broad he wasn't cap on

                         top he hadn't, stand aside, a

                         crumpled thin bloke, the shit! 




                         The media were there the races,

                         obviously.  Sib?


               Sib is seated on the sofa, looking after the apartment 5A.



                         -- He's lost.  How much Frank?












                         You are a moron.



                         What's the box for?  The parallax? 

                         The plan?  The problem?  What?



                         Darren's missing sink holder err

                         because the plumbing don't work. 

                         But that's the least of the

                         troubles, eh Leticia.              

                         In the hallway Letty.  Go, shoo.



                         -- That was all you could afford.



                         Yes.  Television on record, said

                         there's a full investigation into

                         what happened at the race you

                         attended earlier, it was actually

                         'One Poor that got trampled by the

                         jockey club and not 'Digital, here

                         look at this.


               Sib stands, goes to the LCD set and turns up the volume so

               they can watch the end of the days events of a show from the

               media.  The commentator is with a serious tone of voice.



                         Money money, money.




               ' Oh dear! One expects.  Basics of Racing should combine

               genuinely sturdy excess' of mentality in all shape, size and

               rational ability, in every sportsmanship like form, not be

               suspect after every wayward irrational horse whipped numerous

               indicative apparent mile.  And of -- 


               -- Racing Today… 


               and today?  Was a complete farce, as it goes!  One can only

               assume in many an activity enough sought the day wrong, so

               here, from all here at racing, goodness - good afternoon. '



                         And was put down 30 ago, probable,

                         we think.  But again...             

                         A flat course, the flat, season of

                         the flat.


               Frank stands / Leticia with the grump goes into the hallway.



                         Oh well.  It happens.  Now may I

                         get into why we are here?  Cool. 

                         The parallax the plan of action.



                         But ya lost £160,000!


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Frank touches his nose slightly and takes a card to read from

               his pocket.  Meanwhile: 



                         Just testin'.  What?  Ya don't



               In Spain:


               Rigg is walking along a beach but an unknown comes up from

               behind and tries to place a giant sombrero on his head,

               scuttling away, Darren continues to walk unperturbed, cool.


               England 5A:


                                                             OPEN SHOT:






               Frank takes a sheet (cover) from the side of the room and

               covers Sib and the sofa with one flick of the wrists.



                         Pre - empt this don't, it's only

                         designed to make you look at

                         something again, once more with an

                         angle, the plan of action, why we

                         are here.  I know.  I know.



                         Parallax;  The apparent change of

                         position of an object viewed from

                         different points.  Thank you.    

                         May one get up now? 


               Sib gets up from underneath the sheet, seating next to Val. 




                         This is a basic memory test to

                         alleviate any dumbfounded argument

                         as to why you don't get it, because

                         you won't get it, but only at


                         So here, layman's, here…  

                         As a memory test goes, as it

                         goes... hide something off of the

                         coffee table so when 'Leticia comes

                         back in she'll have to remember

                         what she has seen, this end of the

                         main living quarters,             

                         as we know it.


               Sib hides a paper from the table under his backside whilst

               Val kicks the coaster under the sofa, and of course the sheet




                         The sofa for?



                         Sex.  Oh you get plenty.



                         Funny, yeah.  Leticia you can! 

                         Come back in now!


               Leticia comes back in.



                         Two objects that's hidden objects.


               Leticia sticks her two fingers up at Frank.



                         Yes but there isn't any need for

                         that behavior.



                         So I'm looking for two hidden

                         objects because this is a memory

                         test.  But where?  



                         On the coffee table, like I said




                         When you got it totally wrong?



                         I had the horse race on the mind!

                         So don't go there.


               Leticia walks to the coffee table and looks on top, she

               notices both objects missing that were on there immediately.









                         There isn't anything hidden

                         illogically to the system of a

                         memory test but it does have to be

                         something guided by vision, right

                         Frank?  And the size of course.



                         No the smell.  But correct.  



                         The paper and the coaster.       

                         But why is there a sofa over the


                         I - mean, the other way round.



                         Well tell me then.  Well done. 

                         Why... is it missing?



                         -- Missing?  Its not missing.



                         Good, two down and one to go.    

                         The sofa though, is that missing? 


                         You were looking for the smaller

                         item offhand, am I correct? 



                         Well no.



                         Bitch.  Lie bitchy bitch.



                         Hang on, hang on, the sofa?       

                         Has that got any thing to do with

                         the memory test Mr. Chair person? 



                         Yes!  It is, my!  Memory test.   

                         My memory test.  So...  A parallax

                         involves structure to things we are

                         not able to be aware of or at

                         necessity to get, but are we? 

                         Interested in that because we can't

                         mathematicians or can we?         

                         It's easy, this spoken jive.       

                         My test is actually the larger item

                         on the inventory and that was the

                         cue, but would it of been?       

                         Think yes.

                                 Think no.

                                        Think missing Mrs.  

                         Was the coaster actually missing? 

                         Really, yes, it was, but first...

                         First locating the sofa, you really

                         didn't know it was a sofa under

                         there, or did you?  

                         Going for the coaster.

                         Here's one...

                         Another example.  If I said I

                         turned the cooker upside down it

                         would still work wouldn't it.  (?)

                         Would it look like a cooker though?

                         Hooked up to the gas main, nice

                         Sunday on the go with, with, with,

                         a sheet over the top for instance

                         as a different - view, am I right




                         Impractically then, but what about

                         the sofa?! 



                         I'll give you that one - but frying

                         an egg would be a little bit




                         Take the cover off.



                         Ah, ah, that would be spoiling it.


               Frank upends the sofa which still has the sheet over the top.



                         Are you saying that the sofa is




                         Technically I am yes.



                         But its plain as day that it is a




                         Oh?  Back to your preconception,

                         okay, okay. 

                         That means you already know, but

                         really, do you?  Do you know?     

                         Do, you?



                         How is it the sofa?               

                         It's not missing or different in

                         any way.  You're finally saying it

                         is the sofa and now it's on its

                         end.  And the cooker?



                         Yes?  The cooker was a comparison,

                         the sofa is missing.



                         No it isn't.



                         Okay, wait, the money shot time, my

                         money shot time, which would be?  

                         Come on, what would it be?  



                         You don't get laid enough.



                         If you came in from the cold and

                         saw this as it is, now...          

                         You wouldn't actually know it was a

                         sofa under there, would you, until

                         you begged the question, of what it

                         was, because, you can't see it,

                         "the object" which is now, which is

                         now - defaulted, generally

                         unusable, could you sit on it?     

                         So sorry.                         

                         You aren't right and I win, the

                         explanation has now finished...  


                         That is why I didn't win at the

                         horses today trying to get this

                         clincher ready, because the plan is

                         complicated enough, so we wait now

                         and look at the sofa, and think...



               Frank lights a cigar.


               Leticia gives Frank a bottle of beer (Unopened) from kitchen.


               He does not notice and clunks his teeth on its top.



                         Ahhh.  Leticia, you're on fire.



                         What do I win?



                         About what?



                         The flaming memory test!



                         A couch.  My friendship.  


                         Look, you're looking at the smaller

                         item aren't you, you're too - to

                         engrossed in convention folks. 

                         The idea was small, now it is big,

                         the sofa was conventional, now it

                         is not.  Parallax is the order and

                         this isn't an end game.         

                         Take time in asking some questions,

                         I'll be here for you.



                         What really did happen at the

                         horses today Frank?



                         Shut up.


               Sib takes the paper and reads on...


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                               FADE IN:




               EXT.  IBIZA.


               Darren is walking along a rocky part of the beach...


               He slightly misses his footing jolting a step.            


               Then whilst walking spots a jit, an alley way, and proceeds

               to the back of the premises of the 'Ardite Groat, where his

               destination so far is accomplished, to meet with the staff.

               (Friend)  This staff member is propped up at the empty bar.


               Rigg enters going past a swimming pool to the back doorway.


                                                          COVERING SHOT




                         Are you waiting to?



                         -- An idea of stepping inside first

                         would be likely.  This is, Ibiza?



                         Y - e - s.  I said are you waiting

                         to be served?  Quiet shush.



                         One bottle.  Grathius.


               Bert the landlord appears from the side entrance into his

               bar, Rigg points to the only person seated justified left.


                                                              CLOSE UP:



                         He's here.


               Continued cell phone call, scene 1;  Miguel on the end of the

               line closes his particular telephone, Paolo looks in at Rigg. 



                         Looks like there could be an advent 

                         of trouble at the corral, okay, all


                         All right.

                         Him, over there, how long?  Ah -


                         I recognise his face.

                         Just a bricklayer from England in

                         tow and Ellie, whereabouts was she




                         She called in around an hour ago,

                         just to see why you stood her up.

                         Does she know much? 



                         Only on how to make my apartment

                         look like a bomb - site, regarding

                         the apartment.



                         Of course.



                         Staff?  Staff.                      

                         Put some music on or do something. 



                          -- Stupid ox. 



                         -- Did you just say?



                         The - the junction box, the

                         junction box it won't work.      

                         Won't work.



                         And what is that flaming smell?



                         'Dunno - boss, its outside,

                         outside.  Go and have a look then.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Bert leaves his paper on the bar and rings around a property

               blurb with a ball point pen and walks to the back exit. 


               (Show England 5A Where the sink used to be)


                                   STAFF: (CONT'D)

                         The sink?



                         The stink to a nose more like. 

                         What is it?



                         Drainage down below, don't ask me

                         how or what, because I don't know,

                         it's because I don't, but the place

                         is flaking away - for sure.         

                         I think he's ready to sell up which

                         leaves me out of an occupation, but

                         thanks anyway.



                         Good, that's why you are here, to

                         stall him into staying.

                         It's a better price, if he goes -

                         soon, straight... it isn't.


               Staff goes to the electric box slamming his hand down on the

               top where now by the fan on the ceiling starts to work, turn.



                         Who knows as well?



                         Else where.  The formalities are

                         helping with the friendly nature of

                         explanation where as possible.



                         So then, someone gets a data profile

                         docket when a solicitor reckons

                         an accident injury occurs.  But?  



                         -- Yes I know who it actually, was.  

                         But the only way I can get in, the

                         only way I can get in is - with an

                         accident myself, it's crazy.                       

                         Also, you know the difference

                         between a solicitor and a lawyer?



                         Is this a joke?  I'm not sure I

                         follow…  hairstyles maybe?



                         Technically yes they're the same

                         thing, but maybe one parts on the

                         other side so I'm not entirely sure




                         Ah.  You have enough money?



                         Paying a location change is costing

                         me with Miguel, some shifty Spanish – 

                         national so I'm resting up.



                         You went with some counterfeit?  

                         Ah, oh well - that's why he's over

                         there then... --



                         -- Don't worry I'll get rid of him,

                         no problem.                        

                         He might come in useful.


                                                                CUT TO:






               This is where ELLIE appears DARREN'S girlfriend.


               ELLIE walks from a distant shrub into the back of the 'ARDITE

               GROAT.  She is holding a canister - and is wearing bikini. 


               ELLIE opens the canister, on route to the swimming pool edge.


               All is silent...


               She pours some clear liquid into the swimming pool. 


               She quickly puts the cap back on canister.


               Hurriedly but calm then walks back to the shrub.


               She wipes her brow with a handkerchief.


               Then disappears over a wall.


               Show the present time as nearly dark and LATER.


               The lights go on around the pool. 


                                                                CUT TO:


               INT.  THE 'ARDITE GROAT.


               BERT goes to a microphone, the speakers initially give out

               feed - back.  He turns down the sound output and speaking

               closely into the mouthpiece continues to an empty bar. 


                                                                CLOSE UP:



                             (Star turn)

                         Hello.  Hello?  Testing.  1 - 2...

                         Welcome, welcome yourselves to the

                         'Ardite Groat!  'The Ardite Groat!


                         Where hot days and nights!


                         Welcomes you to the biggest ale

                         feast this side of town has to


                             (Looks around)

                         Please release the decimal.


                         Have you this precious groat in

                         mind for me to make the lease last

                         long enough to welcome any kind of

                         charity your hearts can't deny, but

                         muster?  Did you write this? 


               The Staff cheeses a smile whilst Rigg cracks his knuckles.



                         That's it just keep the info

                         coming you old - bugger.


               Paolo looks to the door way still seated justified left.


               Then the door slams open, bang!


               (Elapse some time, buzzing flies and drip trays)


               Then an almighty pack of men squeeze through the door in a

               rugby - scrum entering the 'Groat.  Darren moves a stool

               whilst Paolo's jaw drops open...



                         At last.


               Enter a student Doctor whom rushes up to the bar and orders

               drinks.  Paolo gets dragged into the burly group of men

               through a quick handling manoeuvre by a fat man called Gassy.  



                         Damn!  Darren!  Have problems been

                         that contagious?  Ah nothing that

                         a cold one won't fix eh?! 

                         Outside!  You lot!  Outside!    

                         The!  Swimming area!              

                         Oh - Barman!  Barman!           

                         Make it 18!                       

                         And give us a bloody good froth!  


                         Come on Darren!  Let's have you

                         joining our fun!  Any chance of a

                         chaser there poop decker?!



                         Oh my God.  That away!         

                         There's only meant to be 11 in one

                         side, or is this two?


               Carl takes Darren's arm yanking him into a free space inside

               the scrum and they all start towards the other side of the

               room where they all squeeze through the back exit...


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               A 'Scotsman called Gassy kicks the stag (Todd) up the




                         Ah!!  Ah!!  



                         Hey you there.                    

                         You are Gathy, si?  Jes?



                         Aye, Scottish by name Scottish my



                                                          COVERING SHOT





               EXT.  THE SWIMMING POOL AREA.


               All make the swimming pools edge, then break up, Darren

               wanders to a shower where fatigued he crouches over thinking.



                         We could take one of these bad boys

                         away for provincial analysis.   

                         This is the crazy idea, but.            

                         What the hell. 


               He looks to a hose on the ground.


               Paolo on the edge of the swimming pool is now dancing to the

               music with a camp edge, Darren quickly eyes up his technique.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Rigg shoots water to where Paolo is dancing along to the

               music, Carl yells to Paolo.  Paolo is wearing suspect shoes.


               Paolo slips up.  Crash!  Slamming horizontally on the tiles.



                         Good God man!  I know this is an

                         all fellah do but that takes the

                         cake.  Ha.  Where's the love?                    

                         He's a rum old shake then? --      

                         You all right?!  Sturdy old thing. 



               Darren slowly walks to Paolo with his eyes tight shut, in

               pain.  The rest of the scrum, now broken up, jump in the pool.



                         Taking you out of this won't be

                         easy, but you'd like to be a little

                         more safe wouldn't you, oh, jes. 

                         Jes indeed.


                         Only we do have to analyze this



                         There were alcoholic tendencies,

                         you took onboard, tut - tut.

                         There wasn't a particular sign up,

                         high like, reading, no bombing,

                         dancing, thinking to your self at

                         length oh and you were, heavy

                         petting etc n' otherwise.  

                         And especially when it boils down

                         to the fact you're a sweetheart

                         but there a recognition, I know who

                         you are.  You're called Paul.


               The people in the pool start to scream out.


                         Oh - I hope that's only chlorine.              

                         She did do it.  Bitch.  Damn bitch.

                         Dear me.                          

                         What are they complaining about? 



                         -- Filthy Cambridger’s.              

                         Leave 'em to drown that's what -    

                         I say.


                                                          COVERING SHOT



               Carl seats.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Gassy starts to wail.



                         I only hope this is chlorine in my

                         hair!  Ne' fucking acid!  



                         Phwoar that stuff stinks,         

                         I think!  You stink!  I!  Think! 

                         You!  Stink!  Yeah!  Its chlorine,

                         I think!  You'd better take a

                         shower!  A shower!  You shit!


               Gassy gets out of the swimming pool.


                                                          COVERING SHOT



               Darren turns on the shower but this only splutters…


               Gassy dripping wet through looks to Rigg, walks up to him

               Slowly, then, places a head but on his nose.


               Rigg falls back on a sun - bed, this tips up.







               INT.  THE AMBULANCIA.  


               Rigg is seated next to Paolo or Paul.  (Jolting around)


                                                          COVERING SHOT






                                                              CLOSE UP:



                         You are going to apologize for the

                         time it took for this to turn up.


               The Medico staff is silent with a wry glance at Darren.



                         Moi legs!



                         Look - it's not your leg that's







                         Paul.  It is Paul isn't it!



                         Aha, yes, yeah.



                         It's you're clavicle that's shot!



                         If I die!                          

                         Let Miguel cut off your head and

                         let blood splert from it!



                         Miguel’s no gangster, he deals in –


                         Listen I am not the shit here!        

                         Miguel, so you know, didn't get the

                         cash for my relocation because I

                         don't have any and why I did

                         this to you was because!           

                         Was because!                        

                         We, us, can all claim a lot more money

                         than we would do with a normal

                         accident!  Injury!  Ya see!         

                         It's only an operation, that's well

                         timed and you'd like to be a part

                         of that, wouldn't you.        

                         Wouldn't you!  Repeat after me! 

                         Wouldn't you!



                         I I I suppose but how?!            

                         This is immoral!



                         What I can tell you is, you're not

                         actually going to die, thank God,

                         so stop whining!  And secondly! 

                         All you need to do, is lay, for now

                         in hospital and get well for a day

                         or two, then it's exclamation!


                         And then you're very much

                         appreciated, here, have a mint, 

                         gay lord.



                             (Bolting upright)


                                                               FADE TO:



               UK.  MIDNIGHT.




               5A again, and the explanation from Frank has got tedious. 


               Sib Val and Leticia are listening to Frank some more.



                         So it was 'One poor that was

                         squashed by the rest of the field.

                         Oh.  Parallax means we con someone into 

                         thinking that something else is happening, 

                         generally like a con, a trick.  

                         The race?  I couldn't see - down to it was

                         that rammed n' random with folk and

                         in the mix up I dropped my

                         telephone trying to get some view

                         of you lot to help me out.                

                         But, going back to the tote, 'Reg,

                         yeah?  He was definitely moving

                         lots of cash and always seemed to

                         be very nervous in doing so.  It was rife.                

                         Ya see I don't actually know what

                         Darren wants from us until he gets

                         back only it's safe to say he could

                         be in some strife.  Err trouble. 



                         The horse wasn't the accident

                         here, was it.  What were you doing

                         with £160,000 and I'm not thinking

                         of the obvious here, paper work,

                         legal counter balancing, for a con?  

                         You said you did not bet that amount, 

                         so why the mystery? 


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               The doorbell sounds at 5A.



                         That's quick, the object arrives

                         before we call for it.       

                         Nightfall eh.                  

                         Frank what does incidence mean? 



                         Something that happens.



                         No, no where close, that was the

                         paddock you waffled around in

                         earlier today; incident.  Look -

                         incidence means; 

                         The meaning of incidence is the

                         range or degree of occurrence for

                         effect, a helping scenario so

                         the two together would make

                         it work, one helps the other just

                         like we're doing now.           

                         Get the door.  Mr. Parallax?  

                         One thing though,

                         it ain't our takeout.


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                               FADE IN:


               INT.  THE HALLWAY.


               5A from a perspective of two Scandinavians that have been

               told to ‘rattle the occupants to the apartment building. 



                         5A.  A disconcerting time.       

                             (To Gridle)

                         How we say hello here counts.  Tut.

                         Announce tut, announcing ourselves,

                         so we announce ourselves, yes.   

                         But nothing to do with the in -




                         Horst, argue with some other cent. 



                         Aha, I'm loving of civilian life,

                         all shipmate shape, quality

                         socialite.  Enough.                

                         The boot is on each foot and ready

                         to kick some interesting

                         speculative content.  



                         Sweden do bar b q?



                         We also eat placenta every day,

                         yes, so know of that.


               The door opens.


                                                              CLOSE UP:






                         A change of hands at the top, here,

                         regarding ownership, pleasantly,

                         now between you and me, there's an

                         unstable resistance of former

                         tenants who call every thing bloody

                         blue to goose, on, here it goes…


               Sib appears into view.



                         I'll think you'll find out this is

                         a residential property, 

                         resi – dent – ial.



                         Ah, prone I see.



                         Unlike - wise.  I am Gridle and also

                         my associate here, Whildson.



                         Would you care on answering why

                         you're particularly here again?


               Whildson takes a step closer.



                         The new landlord he thinks someone

                         is in here, this apartment, who

                         clearly should not be, and as by

                         measure we are sent here to remove

                         said person as a token gesture, of

                         firstly being and asking very

                         friendly indeed. --



                         -- See now, no more refresh.



                         Here's one for the both of ya'.



                         You stay and take this stand only

                         arguing the toss isn't productive

                         enough, it really isn't.         

                         All we have to go on are with

                         received complaints, regarding

                         limits with are duty, we are only

                         checking wise at this situation so

                         could you be more explanatory for

                         me.  Come lighten up, talk to me. 




                         I'll talk.  Here's one for the both

                         of you, my ex wife, don't call me

                         on the phone, is easy in reality,


                         Then, then, listen to me.


                         Don't look like that.


                                                                CUT TO:


               Two men (bailiffs) make their ways quietly up the stairs.


                                   FRANK:  (CONT'D)

                         But it was apparent, she's gone

                         to me I'm talking to the wrong

                         people.  If loose behavior is

                         recorded in an article it'll be in

                         an all over the front page of the

                         paper rag, all over the front. 

                         Before you even get to page three,

                         wha - wha - wha.

                             (Story like)

                         I tell ya'.


                         So she then says to me.

                         "Quote," and quoted as I stand,


                         "but it wasn't an old one."     

                         Was that supposed to mean?

                         I love you my darling husband.     

                         I couldn't stop 'jeffin' at the

                         time, can you guess why about that?









                         Actually err yes.

                         Chance would be a fine thing, as I

                         said telling this same very solvent

                         who shall remain anonymous, you'll

                         never guess who he is called?      

                         By the by, honestly...  


                         Brass neck of the woman, mine, no

                         offence, loved over the years as a

                         bit fruity, exampled, sweet, a

                         little dotty but not a go - err, a

                         bitch.  She the slag?               

                         A damn pole dancer?


               All pause.


                         Okey dokey.

                         She'll probably tell me she was in

                         a previous life or something close.

                         You know Pierre?

                         Geoff was the second, do you think,

                         I'm?  Are we onto some thing here?…









                         Only today was cool, yeah, took my

                         mind of the happenings with the

                         fellah, who wasn't, was, apparent,

                         still doing the same thing…

                         Which was trying hard to shaft me.

                         They could in fact be brothers. 

                         Trying hard I was to foil his

                         rapier like wit, with what he'd

                         said to me, pretty much as I did,

                         telling me so.



                         Good.  Any - way.  I am from Sweden.


               Frank quiet points to Gridle.


               Then he guesses an origin or two.



                         Sent from Finland?


               Gridle shakes his head. (Negative)


                                   FRANK: (CONT'D)



                                                              CLOSE UP:


               The two bailiffs wander to the behind of the Scandinavians.



                         And you two are from?


                                   WHILDSON & GRIDLE:

                         Scan - di - na - vian.


               A bailiff puts a hand on Whildson's shoulder.


               Whildson not realizing who it is or without hesitation turns

               and cracks the -- crack!  Bailiff in the lip.


               Gridle quickly spins around…


               And as that Frank n' Sib bundle four men from the doorway.


                                                                CUT TO:


               These four men topple over.


               Frank gets his cell phone and distress calls 5A.


               They go to the stairwell and down a flight they go.



                         Shit - shit - shitty hell down a

                         flight son.  I'll ring 'em…     

                         down quick. 


               A fight breaks out with the four men.


               (Mostly judo holds)


               On floor 3:


                                   FRANK:  (CONT'D)

                         I Don't know!  Shut the door lock

                         the door!  Get out!

                         Use ya' loaf n' get gone!  Riggs'

                         in strife sonny.                 

                         Rigg is in big strife.  Shush.


               Inside 5A:


               Val closes his cell phone remaining calm, let's Leticia know

               they have to leave.  And he starts to walk to the open door.  



                         Ah.  We have to go now Lettie.



                         Oh.  Why?


               She takes a sip from a mug.


               Val gets to the door and closes it shut, locks, then running

               back to where Leticia is situated on the balcony and steps.


                                   LETICIA: (CONT'D)

                         This a way?


               Floor 3:


               Frank and Sib bundle into 4A.


               Then quietly close the door, now, from the inside.



                         Does he have a toilet?



                         Of course he has a toilet, you'll

                         have to ask him though it's polite. 


               This is Lentil's place, a resident to 4A.  Only on looking

               through as they walk in there are no pieces of furniture,

               viable living situations or any sign of him the resident, 





                         Hey Lentil?

                         What the bloody heck is Rigg up

                         too?  What is the international

                         ground tickling competition here

                         for?  And why am I a bookmaker

                         without a wife?





               Sib goes to a window looking over the road.


                         The hell, are they?


               Frank goes into the bathroom.  Out of sight.


               Sib looks through the window to one side and down below.


               There are two cars parked up.


                         Lentil?  Lentil?  Psst.                   

                         Hey Lentil, where are you?



               The toilet flushes.


               Frank and Sib meet up in the hallway.


               They walk along.  Frank wipes his hands on the wall.


               They then proceed further into each and every room with no

               sign of Lentil.




               Frank enters the last room, the kitchen, going inside.


                                                         COVERING SHOT:


               INT.  4A KITCHEN.



                         Err - ah Lentil's in here, Sib?





               Sib Follows up.



                         Lentil - Lentil me ol' muck how's

                         it hanging?  Me and Sib have just

                         called in to see how you are.  Ya'

                         know just passing the time of day. 



                         Lent?  Lentil?


                         Phew we thought you were in some

                         kind of trouble as well, err I

                         mean...  No, err no trouble at all,

                         all is fine.  Yes all is fine.  Say

                         Lentil any chance of a stiff drink

                         here me and Frank are spitting

                         feathers.  Frank do the honours.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Show a seat with seated Lentil, back to view.



                         Err sure.  Lentil I'll get it don't

                         stand up on our account that's

                         right you just sit and stay where

                         you are.


               Sib gets the uptake but pauses then speaks.



                         You're that special aren't you. 

                         Just open your eyes will ya! 

                         Err Frank.  Frank.  Err.            

                             (Peering in)

                         Is he, dead?


                         This is now fact.  We are in a

                         kitchen examining a dead person

                         seated in an armchair and next to

                         an open microwave door, hell knows. 




                         D - d - dead?  You think?         

                         Err dead?  Uhhh.


               Frank looks in at Sib then Lentil.


                                   FRANK: (CONT'D)

                         The poor bloke has incinerated,

                         look!  The floor!




                         Tell me about it.



                         Insinuated at?



                         It stands for itself.  And that's

                         the shock of finding out, he is in

                         fact dead.  Like err scorched,

                         burnt can't you smell? 


                         Damn the smell, how long do we




                         I mean, the sprinklers would have

                         come on wouldn't they?              

                         Or an alarm gone off?                     

                         The - the lights, the lights are on. 



                         One is not a happy man.



                         We are - are all right here.  

                         Aren't we?


               The situation is immediately apparent.  Lentil has been

               electrocuted but they do have the speculation that some thing

               is afoot, as an armchair is the only furniture piece he has. 

               Or had.  Lentil is dead seated in this armchair. 



                         Cool it Col we haven't had any

                         thing to do with this, so no.  No. 

                         All we need to do is.  Man, he's

                         fried himself and into something

                         like a Taiwanese lollipop factories

                         finest making nuke machines out

                         loud in a science factory gone nut. 



                         Dib dob.


               The sprinklers activate from no other apparent source.


               Then the lights go out.




               Then the doorbell sounds...



                         Just great!


                                                              FADE OUT:


                                                               FADE IN:


               SPAIN.  1:00 AM.  SPLIT TIME.


               INT.  THE MEDICO CENTRE.    


               Darren is waiting alongside Paolo whom is lying on a bed and

               sedated.  A nurse enters, she is a disguised Ellie.


                                                              CLOSE UP:



                         Are we ready to leave now?       

                         This place is giving me the creeps.


               Ellie goes for some energy drink on the cupboard top...



                         I think they're getting ready to

                         let me know they're keeping him in

                         for the night.  As soon as they do,

                         we're out of here.  



                         Have you signed any legal yet?



                         I've been given a form to fill in,

                         but there are a few things I don't

                         understand being this is in


                         I should really be back in England

                         now, there's something that's

                         important on the go.  May I have my

                         cell phone back? 



                         That is just a chit on what he's

                         gone and done, broken collar bone.  

                         It was of is own accord wasn't it?



                         Err Yes.  Tell me.  Did you…



                         -- Darren!



                         The place was a deathtrap.



                         So you really want to buy it? 



                         Well yeah.  Phone now?




                         How is your head?


               Darren stands up.  Ellie touches Darren's head.



                         Let's continue this conversation

                         back in the UK - over breakfast. 

                         Do you have any change for a cab?



                         In this?  (Pointing to her uniform)


               Carl pokes his head between the curtains.



                         Any one - for el - ta - xi?  Ooh,

                         we haven't met before, have we.


               Carl throws a dossier to Darren.


               Ellie catches this and gives Darren back his cell phone.


               Darren taps Paolo on the head.


                                                                CUT TO:




               All three walk confidently to the exit keeping their heads

               down and a low profile as a policia member, walks past them. 



               EXT.  EXIT THE MEDICO CENTRE.


               They make it into a cab and drive from the medico centre.


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                               FADE IN:



               THE MORNING.  EARLY.


               EXT.  ENGLAND.  THE STREET.


               The morning, and having been tied up together since the

               Spain incident or accident Darren and Ellie are driven up to

               the apartments. 


               The cab they are in stops.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Both get out.



                         In uncertain terms my crew are

                         probably waiting in there, and all

                         you can say is please, please,

                         please - invite me along.


                         The nurse convention about?      

                         That you then tell me the nurse's

                         conversational was very funny, ha -

                         ha.  Tell me then.                  

                         An insight.  Please.  One other

                         thing, why wasn't it acid?  Like

                         that was in the zone.




                         Stupid little things, but mainly a

                         lot more incidents that are more

                         common than you'd think. 

                         People are always trying to make

                         cash from selling body parts dead

                         or alive.   



                         Aha, I agree, but Ellie?         

                         You do the macabre bit and I'll

                         stick to my original idea.            

                         How did you know of Paolo being

                         admitted?  That was the point.



                         I want in.  It was my plan!


               The cabbie looks out of the window for payment.           

               Ellie obliges, whilst, Darren shuts the boot of the cab.



                         What I did wasn't to an exact

                         plan!  And you still haven't said

                         how you knew.  


                         Ah home of sorts.


                         Formidable entrants await and stood

                         next to me all you can say - is

                         no Darren.                       

                         'I am a poof.   


                         You're meant to be a girl - friend.


               They both head to the large glass door, at the apartments.


                                                          COVERING SHOT




                         I guess, no one - really likes the

                         question asked of them being gay,

                         whether or not they are... or

                         metro, coz that just means gay.       

                         Me though I'm not some dotty hen pecked

                         participant in convention, because

                         it makes me sick, sick just

                         thinking about it.  

                         Oh.  Next you'll be proposing...  

                         Besides, you're looking like the

                         weights on top of the cops bit,

                         with a Spanish cleaners arrival. 

                         Hello.  'Hola, was she good?



                         Err no more simile then.         


                         Only one - it does mean they're

                         sniffing around as well.  

                         The authorities, we did get seen.

                         Which has made me uneasy as well as

                         you're nature toward doing it


                         I've have a spatula to scrape my

                         tongue upstairs if need be, 

                         lying cow.


               Rigg notices a lock mechanism on the inside of the main door.


                             (Methodical viewing)

                         Thanks for telling me about the

                         sink.  Replacement, what the hell.

                         When did this go up?

                         A notification better be up in the

                         pigeon, hole. 

                         That's tricky to work.


               Ellie scoots past Darren now inside heading up the stairs...





                         You are a bloody ‘chancer with nothing.



                         You are lying to me.



                         All the time. 



                         -- Yeah yeah I'd say your not.


               Ellie notices a pot plant tipped up on one side on the –

               4th floor.


               Then Rigg does.


                                   RIGG: (CONT'D)

                         Shit, what a mess.


               Ellie waits outside 5A.



                         Keys, keys, keys and in then.          

                         One question only.  Bathroom first?

                         Yes you can use the bathroom first.

                         I know I know.



                         Thank you, you are actually a gentleman.



                         I'll put the kettle on and then we

                         can recline do some talking.


               Rigg poses up to Ellie.


               She looks blankly.


               Then they sweetly kiss.


               Breaking up abruptly.  (Doorway enter)










                         Nothing, just tell me if there's a

                         short guy in the tub!


               Rigg goes into 5A turning off a light, dropping his bag. 


               Ellie rushes into the bathroom closing that door, locked.



                         Damn Frank where you all at?


               He wanders through to the main living area.


               Rigg smiles at the new sink in the kitchen.


               Then Darren opens up the A - scape doorway.


                         Ah, nothing like being at home.


                                                              CLOSE UP:






                                                         COVERING SHOT:

                         Where's the balcony?!


               A couple of pigeons from a roost fly off.


               Cars noise in the background.


               Rigg holds on to his footing as a lower element has gone...


               Rigg rushes back to his computer system in the living room.


               He passes the sofa still on its end, with a sheet over it.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


                                   RIGG: (CONT'D)

                         Thanks for the sink Ellie.

                         Come on.

                         Sit, work this out, power on, power


                         That's a foundation a 75ft drop!  


                         E - mails.

                         Ad lame.

                         Ad lame.

                         This one reads, got to a computer

                         and it's good isn't it.

                         Yes Frank, it's called punctuation. 

                         And one that says.


               Rigg grasps the mouse.


                         Get out of my apartment block? 


                         From way last week.


               Rigg looks to a clock.


                                                                CUT TO:


               EXT.  THE PARK.  


               Yearling is seated on a park bench with a lap - top computer.


               Sun shines onto the newly mowed grass.


               This causes the shadows of two other men, Gridle n' Whildson.


               Yearling wolf whistles at passers by...


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Gridle and Whildson unhook earpieces and walk away.


                                                               BACK TO:



               INT.  5A.


               Rigg turns off his web - cam.  


               Yearling speaks through via headset.



                         Fly boy.  Touch another void then,

                         over.  Speak to me, be the blade

                         of whisper as only you know and







                         Casual then Rigg.

                         Say what you mean, be probable,

                         think first though.  You are

                         momentarily free to go if you like.


               Yearling taps a key on the lap - top.  Bleep.


               The device over the door, the main door to the apartments,




                         Play time over, the way out is

                         there but 70's put an idea of space

                         travel to one side because everyone

                         would like to go 'pan style on


                         Need a whizz yet?  Ha - ha.


                                                           CUT TO RIGG:

                         Boldly going?


                                                       CUT TO YEARLING:

                         Found this out yesterday, my



                                                           CUT TO RIGG:



                                                       CUT TO YEARLING:

                         Still there aren't you, good.  

                         Nice touch but weak by all

                         accounts, like the nephew I got but

                         all of a 'bendy in a Spanish

                         hospital, he told me not to say any

                         thing in Urdu but his gender to me

                         is still blood more than water.

                         Guessing yet?  Yes he's my nephew.


                                                                CUT TO:



                         Nephew?  Ah.



                         Be Still blood.  Gay.  But horses

                         for courses and all this fizz jazz,

                         isn't helping me much is it.


                         Back to the clanger's in space, or

                         as you fashionable people say

                         "Ibiz" research got away with loads

                         of right bits but do we clamber

                         like proverbial Martians trying to

                         terror form time to time in a

                         larger form, my heads getting

                         bigger as I speak, read, copy?  No?

                         Ah well.

                         Don't ask, whatever that means I

                         truly don't know.  But mess with

                         Paul again and I'll pain you after

                         death, so behave.  And relief in my

                         tactical administration, say, I'll

                         do that part shall I, because I

                         can.  Me?  I'm a bloody news -

                         reel, you're pathetic.          

                         Movement off?           

                         And 80's soapy this isn't, okay.  

                         The 90's like to be sure, wouldn't

                         one.  Presently I'm not there no,

                         but I'm in a park surrounded by

                         natures finest, a litter - bin a

                         tramp, trees, shrubs, and you're

                         about to know why.

                         Ah, bought the block off the market

                         because it was on the market.


                         To normality yet?

                         Clowning around wasn't my forte and

                         neither was it Ellie's, my.

                         Wait for it...  wait for it. 

                         Now she's only my closest business

                         associate and the bit on the side.

                         Lovely, it is, really is.

                         Ha ha love that love me love that.

                         Trouble ye not or worry pretty

                         heads over the matter of three's

                         up, but just generally sob and

                         listen to what I have to say too,

                         you, now...


                                                              CLOSE UP:

                         I'm now in talks with a solicitor

                         of mine little be known to Paolo

                         stroke Paul - my 'neph, stupidly

                         not doing his families duty well

                         enough call it want you want.  I'd

                         like to call the term squealing but

                         I like the term because he's like

                         my younger brother, like a

                         younger one piddling his way, but

                         understand, understand!

                         THE RACE!

                         The 160, how about this, gets to me

                         as £160, only that you know of, but

                         I'm out of the chase stakes for

                         now, so where did it go?  Darren,

                         where?  Where did the joke go?


                         I need 160 thousand, not in bottle

                         tops, dinar, space credits,

                         athlete's foot scrape, no less

                         than.  Grand - large.

                         Due, course, and on and in no

                         foreign counterpart.

                         Basically when Will took my

                         interest, he was completely dead,

                         full stop, cry.


                                                               BACK TO:



                         So you did kill William Howell. 




                         To recap your think time.  Yes…

                         Hands on buzzers.                     

                         You have 4 minutes in a warning, in

                         an approximate 160 seconds, guess? 

                         0 batteries - included, do not give

                         my Ellie a re - whirl, but, at the

                         end of that time it was 160

                         thousand wasn't it.

                         Reply to me with an ongoing verbal

                         agreement staying with my

                         organization here on in and about

                         my realm.  

                         Helping me recover my filthy - less

                         green and keeping the foe at bay,

                         or because your con was unclear

                         helping me make some more, or...

                         You will be returned from hello -

                         Hello - hello at approximately 220

                         seconds for trespass.

                         Take all the time in the corridor

                         that you reside in, that's all

                         you've got and had.



                         Starting from now.


               Darren shuts off his computer and quickly goes to the hallway

               picking up his bag  (Hold all) 


                         I knew it.  If I ruled the world

                         eh, no famine, stupidity, virgin

                         politicians, wasps, chrysanthemums,

                         or generally fucking Darren Rigg.


               Darren makes it into the hallway closing 5A door and locking

               it shut.  He whispers a few words to himself...


                                                              CLOSE UP:



                         Have power - lose power.

                         Yearling in a park, novel,

                         trustless, office - less, now I'm


                         Where the hell too?  Tut.


               Rigg swings his bag on the shoulder and goes down a flight of

               steps, looking to a wrist watch as he quickly walks away.


                                                                CUT TO:




               EXT.  THE PARK.


               Yearling stands closing his lap - top and walks to an exit.





               The door to 4A opens slightly.


                                                              CLOSE UP:



               INT.  4A.


               Then the door fully opens and a man in dungarees stands.


               This is Acom, a friend.


               Rigg notices the man and rushes over to him.



                         Long - left?                        

                         The main door is on a timed lock,

                         so it's my way or the highway.



                         Two minutes.  I saw already.



                         Through - here.


                                                          COVERING SHOT



               EXT.  THE STREET.  


               A police car rolls up to the kerb outside the apartment

               block, Ellie is shown trying to open the door to 5A.


                                                                CUT TO:


               INT.  YEARLINGS CAR.


               Marcus Yearling gets into his car and waits for a minute.


                                                               BACK TO:




               Acom picks up a hook ladder going for the old A - scape, now

               missing and adjusts this to get away from the property.


               Darren goes first with a cell phone in hand calling back



               Darren is on the first of the steps.



                         Ya' haven't got half a mouth you



               Yearling on cell phone.



                         Fuck it Rigg!  You're already in

                         the house of pending constabulary. 

                         And dead from the inside out!



                         You'll never work this out, ciao.     


               The call is terminated by Yearling.


                                                              CLOSE UP:



               EXT.  THE HOOK LADDER.


               Rigg goes down the ladder followed by Acom whom is carrying a

               microwave oven.


               Darren gets to the bottom falling off on his backside…



                         Well what's this about?



                         Ready meals for one or what I saw,

                         like the butler noticing all sorts

                         of stuff. 

                         Flipping heck Darren there was a

                         German workforce sprawling over

                         this place all night, I've seen a

                         quick job before but not like that,

                         it was awesome.


               Acom jumps off the ladder still holding the appliance.






                         Good idea.


               Then they both calmly walk to a van parked in that car park.


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                               FADE IN:



               THAT NIGHT.


               EXT.  A QUIET POOL HALL.  


               Darren is now speaking acutely as he makes the others aware

               of the glimpse of things to come.  He explains his past and

               present.  Rigg stands with a pool cue resting on the table.


                                                          COVERING SHOT



               Sibs' arm is behind his back standing adjacent to the table.



                         Frank?  Frank.  Shoot.



                         We get into the empty living space,

                         after finding the corpse - "Lentil"

                         the 4a doorbell bell goes...

                         Err ding dong and it nearly was.

                         I go for the door as Sib tells me

                         to stop as he didn't want to open

                         it, just for laughs...

                         The bailiffs, ask us pleasantly to

                         leave, I hold up Lentil taking him

                         to the exit and usher him out so we

                         pass as drunkards, belch, and

                         quietly leave the 4a apartment, all

                         safe and sound.  Sib nearly gets

                         into a scuffle asking why, and so,

                         that's why they don't reply, it was

                         kind of sinister - I mean who

                         evicts the run of the mill folk at

                         flipping the last thing at night? 

                         The question I'll answer next is

                         why did I pick Lentil up... Answer? 

                         I don't know - why I just did okay,

                         it was going to get messy and I

                         thought we should take him out of

                         the way, it was sort of an excuse

                         but we are here now and it worked,

                         but there in lies the problem,

                         Lentil is in my laundry cupboard.



                         You thinking it was really foul



                                                              CLOSE UP:



                         Yes.  I'm next...


               Rigg plays a shot.


                         And so, every thing must be in the

                         right direction.  Money is the

                         problem.  Lentil is the problem and

                         I have a big - big problem with


                         We are all tied up in a diabolical

                         hold here.  Any ideas?


                         Play on then.  Play on.  I bet you

                         Frank, you won't make the pot.


                         This £160.


               Rigg puts down £160 pounds on the table - top.


               Frank goes quickly into a shot playing cue ball off table.



                         Ooh crap.  

                         He's right, listen, how much is

                         the problem?!                          

                         And what have you been up too?!



                         Yesterday, it was only £160 thou.

                         Only today and now the stakes have

                         changed also of course, we are all


                         This is what happened.  

                         I prove useful to Marcus -

                         Yearling... That story?             

                         He has cash, this cash that is

                         interest likely, which was a total

                         of £160,000 is transacted through

                         his business asset into a European

                         federal account initially by some

                         one called William Howell.

                         An accident - injury specialist.   


                         By the way he's deceased… 

                         And I find this out at his funeral,

                         when an obscure tap starts to begin

                         by his solicitor.  Yes solicitors

                         do have their own solicitors, it's




                         I hate that word.



                         -- What?  Dead?  Lawyers?



                         -- Dead.  Yes!  Dead.  Solicitors.



                         -- Whoa, whoa, let me finish.  

                         From a hit.  From, a, hit.



                         A damn, hit?



                         Aha.  Named Dajs.  

                         Local sort, value for

                         money, I here.  So you know now.

                         These solicitor's knew of a giant

                         mass total being hidden with what

                         shouldn't of been £160,000, until, 

                         William had miscalculated…     

                         only how come?  Why indeed?  






                         Yearling's capped interest finds

                         itself moving through a capitol

                         infrastructure programme, where

                         probably just an ordinary book

                         format was hiding a real, the real,

                         amount from which Howell had laundered

                         some organization from, this an

                         entirely unknown source, only - the

                         financial market falls to its knees

                         doesn't it - and William's then

                         temporary transfer set up system

                         completely collapses because of the

                         obviously obvious problem with

                         corporation and today's banking -

                         that runs into… and was in global




                         Was he bent?


                         Err do continue... 



                         -- I have just shit myself.



                         So William, some how had to find a

                         real quick express route getting

                         out of dodge but he only goes and

                         gets caught with his trousers down

                         around his ankles, whilst Yearling

                         does a spot of recovery work

                         himself, as you would, putting his

                         own and most available value into

                         the same federal storage at the

                         same time protecting his

                         speculative organization a money

                         pool of little intricate charades

                         with the horses as a preliminary

                         input to test the water as cover

                         before he decides to execute what

                         he's worth which puts William's

                         mistaken accumulation into breech

                         and a rapid succession of all his

                         'naughties, for every one and not -

                         particular for Yearling to see, as

                         he tries and steadies his ship from

                         running aground.   

                         Now what I do know, from the last

                         point of contact his solicitor,

                         William's, gave me a verbal amount

                         on how much William had took, which

                         was - £160,000, but that whole mass

                         amount in the European federal

                         storage account as well is about to

                         be timed right exiting by us, all.



                         Whoa – whoa - how m - much are we

                         talking here?



                         A last recovery access point for a

                         regular business type, apart from

                         now 1, it being a normal current

                         account, and 2, in a good banks

                         name, and maybe, yes a lot of

                         solicitor's know, last gasp, last

                         chance and who's name is on the

                         headed note paper on the desk in

                         front of everybody and all the

                         staff to see?                      

                         I was getting used by William. 







                         The bank manager gonna say?



                         His little accident had started the

                         whole mess and that's how we are

                         going to finish it.  With me.  

                         William's funeral solicitor 

                         Geraint, said;  

                         The accumulation was...

                         Hold tight.  Ready?

                         Pinpointed to around 4.2 million,

                         four point two, million sterling,

                         that's 4.2 million - which has made

                         the legal access stage any day now.

                         Get the problem?  …Happens next?

                         Now.  A dead man shows up not two

                         yards away in the same building. 

                         Ellie is involved as an associate

                         with Yearling and we have no call

                         yet from this last solicitor but

                         only a card and a no show, after

                         previous contact attempts,

                         completely, nothing.  But why?

                         William Howell was killed by the

                         unfortunate twist in this charade,

                         Dajs.  Dajs like I said.  A hit man

                         Yearling uses from time to time. -- 


                                                                CUT TO:



                         Good to know, gawd.



                         I do think Lentil seems linked in

                         some way, and that's what we have

                         to try and figure out. 


               All pause


                         I'm sorry but - but now you know.  

                         Darkest Poland sounds good doesn't

                         it for the be and end all ATM,

                         transaction, somewhere, where ever. 


                         But - to the parallax, the trick,

                         the cover for all our backs, 

                         getting out of the mess, we are in.


                         I have hope and your good natured

                         err warranted concentration.  

                         Which means we need to fix in the

                         broken parts of Lentil first to get

                         out of this mess.  Parallax comes

                         secondary but keep it in mind.



                         I can't see.  Down to it's err 4

                         million!  Bloody…  Almighty!



                         -- 4!



                         4.2 this is what we're going to do.


                                                            FLICKER TO:



               THE NEXT MORNING.  09:47 AM.




               INT.  THE LIBRARY METRIC.  


               Show Rigg's crew now standing in a library over a table.


               The time is 09:48 AM.


               All the crew are tightly packed up listening to Darren.



                         Val, you got through to ‘GEL the

                         solicitor’s and gave 'Geraint a time

                         on where and when to meet regarding

                         a claim for compensation from an

                         accident which I set up by getting

                         out of being followed by and on

                         behalf of Paolo, or Paul as he's

                         called in Yearling's family.     



                         We know of the bailiffs pulling a

                         dodgy operation and that's where we

                         step in on there own patch across

                         the street, at, what time did you




                         -- 10 on it.

                         Good.  We kill two birds with one

                         stone, Frank?  Touchy subject but

                         Lentil, Lentil, he is, in your car? 




                         Of course I would of turned myself

                         in but I do in contrast have some

                         sort of life.                     

                         And insurance ya' know.



                         Good.  This is how it could of,     

                         I think, gone.

                         Dajs killed Lentil.  How?

                         We arrive, the sprinklers go on the

                         lights go out, that was Acom

                         testing the prone area.         

                         Lentil gets removed by Frank,

                         however, that weapon microwave,

                         went walk – walk - walk out of the open

                         eviction with the awkward decision

                         when you took Lentil, so what?                   

                         It was swapped. 

                         The exhibit we've got isn't that

                         microwave its a regular sort as

                         Acom tested it all last night.

                         The bailiffs they didn't and

                         wouldn't of known, no.  They were

                         there just to kick folk out and

                         recover objects.

                         The bailiffs would of actually seen

                         it as an accidental death, it

                         wasn't.  It was a hit, like I said,

                         an incident.

                         From what Val notices also, last

                         night and particularly he sees a

                         bunch, yes a bunch, of illegal

                         immigrants from across the street

                         get dropped of from a van in the

                         dark of night which could of meant

                         only one thing...  The block was

                         and is now totally full of invalid

                         entrants into the U.K.            

                         That microwave Frank witnessed was

                         swapped for an original safe one,

                         before Acom looked around we know

                         this …okay?  Good, again, how?

                         Two days before I had left for

                         Ibiza, there were sales - men

                         badgering the block for new

                         combined ovens, microwaves, etc...    

                         The salesman, didn't get anywhere

                         with their pitch and quietly leave

                         when nobody wants what they were

                         selling.  Then, then there were

                         flyers sent basically using last

                         chance tactics to sell these ovens. 



                         The pot plant was Ellie's cover

                         that would of seen you in the




                         Yes.  A code of sorts for Ellie,

                         yes, flyers, yes, real salesman yes

                         but a seriously nasty microwave

                         with an electronic attachment to

                         the wrong folk strictly on purpose.

                         Was Lentil an illegal immigrant him

                         self?  Maybe.

                         But why kill him?

                         He had died two days previously to

                         when you had found him.

                         Which meant they knew of me being

                         away, but could, could he just of

                         been a stooge, in Yearling's

                         scheme?  The Scandinavians' get

                         given the wrong door yet the truth

                         is we actually still don't know... 

                         Lentil's death wasn't an accident. -

                         Bang!  The pot plant goes over and

                         this is all in a days work for Dajs

                         as he takes the microwave away when

                         the German's get to work on

                         securing the block.

                         How did it enter?  The microwave

                         goes in posted by Dajs underneath

                         the salesmen's undelivered pitch... 

                         The microwave was posted as a pick

                         up for free oblique, if you're

                         there you'd pick it up and take it

                         in, wouldn't you.  Wouldn't you? 

                         If your poor you would it was free. 



                         That him?                        


               Acom looks out of the window pointing to a lone man. 


                         Maybe that part was an accident,




                         Bowler, trim, suit, looks like it

                         fatty.  Made to look like it was an




                         We're in one.                      

                         We get to a television as soon as

                         possible because of Yearling being

                         involved in trying to straighten

                         his name pretty quickly, with what

                         went on as we do have that inside

                         line and Frank bets an amount -

                         £160 thou?  That's in the 4x4, no

                         chance, he only loses £160 on

                         purpose to up heave the woe of the

                         day's events, basically a crud

                         horse on a rotten race - course

                         that shouldn't of stood a cats

                         chance of winning because of the

                         technical discrepancies and

                         sophisticated finishing post of any

                         "new?" Course, the new dilemma,

                         like it was going to swallow them

                         all up and maybe get interviewed by

                         a fake media pundit with a gun up

                         his nose, sharing rearranged

                         rosters for a corrupt creation at a

                         specific time later today, any

                         thing is possible, especially if

                         it's live, or pre recorded.


               Frank notices that man  (GEL - Geraint)  

               go into the porch of the bailiffs office.



                         He's early.


               Frank looks to the library clock.  09:50 AM.


                                                              FADE OUT:


                                                               FADE IN:




               INT.  THE LIBRARY DOORWAY.


               They all so far are still calm following orders from Rigg.


               Inside:  Val and Carl look over a table with a blueprint.



                         Remember, no one push the panic

                         button, until we are - seriously in

                         the myre.             

                         The bank is still what we need to

                         focus on here, because, God forbid,

                         if we are all inside we can't do

                         much about it.



                         We could of done this at a rush



                                                                CUT TO:



               EXT.  FRANK'S METRO BOOT.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Show outside and side view of FRANKS' car boot opening. 


               SIB goes for LENTIL out of the boot. 


                                                         COVERING SHOT:


               View RIGG walking slowly across the road, it is busy with

               traffic, FRANK follows, ACOM holds a body bag at the car.


               RIGG approaches steps to the porch of the 'BAILIFFS OFFICE. 


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               FRANK waddles to the edge of the kerb.


                                                         COVERING SHOT:


               SIB puts LENTIL over a shoulder negotiating the road.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               ACOM follows SIB.


                                                                CUT TO:


               A car pulls into a space outside the 'BAILIFF OFFICES.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               SIB holds onto LENTIL nearing the steps. 


                                                               BACK TO:


               INT.  THE LIBRARY.



                         A doctor?  We transfer information

                         on how to negotiate the situation.



                         Distance encapsulates the tone.




                                                                CUT TO:



                         Sib?!  What did the bailiffs look

                         like the other night?!


               SIB swings around for a look.


               As RIGG approaches the office an almighty explosion takes

               place.  Boom!!  


                              [CONTROLLED SCENE]


               SIB is blown forwards.


               FRANK freezes as RIGG is floored.


                                   FRANK: (CONT'D)



               INSIDE LIBRARY:


               VAL strokes his chin.



                         Doc?  Did you just here something?


               Val instantly goes into a camera bag going for the exit.


               FRANK notices a missile hit the side of a bus, this causes a

               giant black mark on a face on an advertisement board.


               SIB leaves LENTIL on the steps to the building.


               FRANK goes to a burning beam lighting a cigar at arms length.



                         Can we get out of here?!!


                                                              CLOSE UP:



               EXT.  THE BUSY ROAD.


               VAL takes pictures on the way to the building and the others.



                         Hey!  Where are you going?!


               ACOM gets into FRANK'S car holding the body bag.


               He quickly gets transmission and reverses into the busy road

               attempting to get close to the two who wait and now VAL.


               FRANK walks to RIGG.



                         Don't worry it was only an

                         explosion!  And it weren't no



                                                                CUT TO:


               CARL oversights from the LIBRARY.


               He notices FRANK'S car spin in a free space and bang upside a

               parked car.  Then the doors open and in get RIGG, FRANK, VAL.



                         Just drive the car will you!



                         Just drive the car will you?!  

                         It's not moving!



                         Yeah yeah.  So this Dajs would be a

                         regular sort of ‘kill machine,



                                                          COVERING SHOT



               INT.  FRANK'S METRO.


               ACOM manoeuvres forwards then reverses again…


               Into a car.






                         My car like.



                         Let's do that then!



                         Through there, you'll just have to

                         nudge them!


               ACOM clunks the gears.


                                                              CLOSE UP:






                         How instinctive would that be.






                         Shouldn't be too hard.


               A break in traffic takes the drivers attention and ACOM goes

               for it, driving as quickly as he can, but what about Sib?


                                                          COVERING SHOT



               CARL walks to the parked car.


               The BAILIFF stunned and closest gets out of his car.


               He goes to the edge of the burning building, CARL watches.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Then SIB appears behind the BAILIFF grasping his neck.


               SIB pulls him along to the body bag and drops him.


               A FIRE ENGINE quickly gets to the scene.


                                   BAILIFF 1:

                         Ah!  Get offa me!



                         Your job was bent so you take the



                                   BAILIFF 1:

                         Who's in that?


                                                          COVERING SHOT



               A POLICE CAR makes way to the vacant spot in the road.



                         A representative from your office.


                                   BAILIFF 1:



               SIB then scarper's across the road.


               The POLICE MEN catch the BAILIFF unzipping the bag with

               LENTIL as CARL witness to this blazes out a statement.



                         Can I offer any assistance?!      

                         I'm a Doctor!  A bloody good one! 

                         This man is linked to the deceased!


               The POLICE MEN collar the bailiff.


               Now CARL punches the air in glee.




                                                               FADE TO:



               EXT.  THE YEARLING MANSION:


               German work men bombard the door shouting the odds at the

               mansion where Yearling resides with a guest.  Gridle this

               other side is seen holding the door to stop them getting in.


                                                              CLOSE UP:



                         German dummies, they're scaring the

                         wildlife off the land.


               Show Ellie in a sports car view entering the court - yard.    

               (In car view) 


               Ellie in car slowly proceeds with caution up the track way -


               She stops the car.


               Ellie quickly shifts gear to a higher power.


               Then races toward the huddled German work - force. 


               She looks forward with intensity.


               Suddenly ELLIE pulls a hand break manoeuvre and swerves

               alongside the GROUP OF MEN stopping quickly.  


               A few men stand back…


                                                                CUT TO:


               YEARLING'S OFFICE:


               A large window is in immediate view and two men are looking

               over the courtyard, backs to view at the situation below.


               DAJS the hit - man is with MARCUS YEARLING.



                         She darling is also so vivid, see,

                         it was a jest and no fait accompli

                         like - able, very much the way as

                         nearly, oh so.

                         What indescribable feeling I have,

                         just looking at her.  They chant

                         like feeding time frenzies in a

                         parlour for ants as the queen

                         arrives back into the chamber. 



                         My err my Ellie?



                         Exile, questionable, are you in?

                         My beta format, one get out of jail

                         card, for a truth that cannot be

                         told, standing here I shall say,

                         the revolution of France, had it an

                         occurrence of slight over

                         indulgence have you thought? 


                         She died, pish, you have said, eat

                         cake, so must you think it.  

                         They have also said this and that

                         and be killed, she was meant to of

                         said nothing.  

                         So a French mob bashed her head in

                         at a precise time, disgusting, also

                         hung during dark times, which way

                         round was this?  The head!

                         Dragging the corpse?

                         The idea is chronic. 

                         Escape was order of the day, the

                         stench of the shit in the corner

                         would of been found yet doubles for

                         a Pimpernel, bloody, red, bruised,

                         wig - less, this wasn't, of course. 

                         Hell it could of been one same man

                         whom helped the bitch to safety

                         whilst up it.  Lady in waiting,

                         please, a drunk mob and hanged?

                         'Par le vous, la en Français?

                         In a room like this as example.

                         Very large and womanly...

                         Was this business?  Did she escape?



                         Damn Germans', very good at the odd

                         job, and all, there, present and

                         correct, very good at the job,

                         arguing isn't the strong point

                         though, down to the war, too many -

                         misty eyes.



                         Just pay them handsomely for those

                         quarrelling bunch of German fuck's,

                         start to annoy. 

                         Come, get out the cheque book and

                         start to repay your debt, I'm not

                         that expensive, a hoe maybe, only

                         help these poor fool first, if you

                         will, or I will pin you to their

                         view.  Ooh.

                         Please now expense - less them no

                         further, here...


               DAJS puts a hand into combat jacket.


                         Let me help you. 


               Then he butts YEARLING out cold with a fist… - crack!


               YEARLING falls to the floor.


                         I shall say this, only once more,

                         you cross me again, with Darren

                         Rigg and I will kill every single

                         one of them, because trace - meant

                         means death of that stench to add.  

                         Thank you for being viewed today. 

                         Ivoirière, fat - legs.

                         Thor?!  Your keys please.         

                         I would take the car but all things

                         lopsided, I'll take the car!

                         Don't watch the show for too long

                         starry nights! 

                         They're only comprehensive!


               DAJS leaves the room via the main door...


               DAJS walks to the edge of a long corridor.


               DAJS tips over a statuette on a plinth, this breaks.  SMASH!


               DAJS walks into the KITCHEN straight past a CHEF.


               DAJS leaves the exit to KITCHEN.


               DAJS goes back into the KITCHEN.


               DAJS tastes the soup...


               DAJS grimaces and drops some keys into the pot.


               DAJS leaves the KITCHEN and goes into the back of COURT YARD.


               DAJS gets into YEARLINGS CAR.


               DAJS hot wires the engine via breaking the dash with a foot.


               DAJS slowly speeds up the vehicle.


               DAJS goes through a barrier, this breaks, very slowly. 


               DAJS --


               Speeds down the main court yard track way and away from the



                                                                CUT TO:



               INT.  YEARLING'S OFFICE:


               ELLIE enters.


               WHILDSON comes out from the secret drinks cupboard hold.


               Both spot each other at the same time.



                         Oh - that was a smart move!



                         Yes yes, he was safe.          

                         Pity there's nothing in it.



                         You foolish.


               Yearling groans.


                                                               BACK TO:


               INT.  YEARLINGS CAR.


               Whilst on his route away DAJS handles a detonation device. 

               He pulls a telescopic Ariel out from the top with his teeth

               and presses a switch... --


               ELLIE'S car explodes.


                                                          COVERING SHOT



               Boom!  [CONTROLLED AREA EXPLOSION]


                                                                CUT TO:


               Back in the office they all freeze standing still.


               YEARLING tries to get up holding on to a curtain that rips

               away from the castors and the curtain falls onto his frame.



                         Well help him up then!



                         Shit!  Shit!  Shit!             

                         Where was that?!



                         Your, car.



                         Turn the television on!  Uh?!  No! 

                         Don't turn the television on!


               WHILDSON now at the window looks over the COURT YARD.



                         The television system will be okay,

                         sir?  Sir!

                         You're okay, we on the other hand

                         need our payment now or even double

                         salary as the migrant force have

                         now, little argument.


                                                              CLOSE UP:



               EXT.  THE COURTYARD.


               The GERMAN'S are sprawling on the ground.


                                   ELLIE:  (OFFICE)

                         All the documents for the hospital

                         records were in there, amongst my

                         fucking life, lipstick, contact

                         base.  Crisis here! 



                         Was that meant to of been funny?


               The telephone starts to ring on his desk.


                         -- Answer that then!



                         Network Broadcast.


                                                          MATCH CUT TO:


               INT.  THE DAILY'S ELEVATOR.


               Darren, Frank, Val are in this elevator going up.


               Rigg, holds the cell - phone up to the speaker playing hold.




                                                               BACK TO:



                         It appears we are on hold.



                         Give me that here…              

                         I'm due to announce Marcus' live

                         air chat to the program executive.


               Ellie snatches the telephone.


               Ellie listens to the music.


                                                                CUT TO:


               INT.  VAL'S WORK OFFICE.



                         For one, I need to re - affirm the

                         tongue hair I've got left, after

                         that hotness seared into my gob -


                         Jeez, beechnut wept, ah - k, nearly

                         choked, hey, drink water!       

                         Water - cooler in this place?!



                         Over - there.


               The water cooler.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               Frank takes a cup waiting for this to fill parting his hair. 


               As that Val flips up his lap - top computer, Rigg states.



                         The show's due to start any minute



               Val presses the streaming key.


               Presenter:  (OS)


               Hello and welcome to Racing. 


                                   RIGG: (CONT'D)

                         Authentic start.




               -- At the last time we were unsure, but uproar had and has

               occurred... The whole entire industry brought to its knees by

               an enquiry of enormous proportion with one of last weeks

               major handicap chases, which we simply do need to get our

               noses into and ahead of the finishing line as it still



               -- Post, the order of the day, with certain ongoing headlines

               which read "outright farce" in major tabloids and racing

               publications alike, also the general public interest,

               expectant of what really did go on that fateful day.  We do

               expertly need to examine and draw conclusion.   


                                   RIGG: (CONT'D)

                         Frank!  Over here.


               Frank is ogling a secretary.




                         I just had a thought, when I bet

                         the amount, it was the favorite

                         right? --



                         -- You tell me.  You said it was.







               We can speculate, come to pretence, deliver somewhat of an

               obscure opinion, majorities can, but the fact of fruition

               means we are the first here to bring it all to you, here -

               first.  Digression - 'One poor had undergone tests after the

               sincerest moments of the ill fated short life span of not

               nearly long enough.  The horse of that moment had been

               initially put down after breaking both legs after a

               catastrophic jockey manoeuvre from which, the jockey in

               question, gets a life time ban for testing positive, yes,

               positive with a banned and illegal substance, the enquiry

               concludes.  This is now currently shocking the nation, but is

               that all?  We couldn't link to our guest today because of

               some technical difficulties but problems aside, we do have a

               sound bite from that race's participant 'backer extroidinare

               a one Mr. Marcus Yearling at the time of the race, just a

               short few days ago...


               Frank takes a sip on the cup.



                         I bet on the favorite - right? 

                         That came in fourth. 

                         Yearling's came in third, Digital

                         was second, and of course 'One poor

                         got totalled by the remainder of

                         the field, but, but it does leave

                         one question of Yearling being

                         ecstatic and very happy indeed,

                         only why?  After all he did only

                         come err third. --



                         Who won?


                                                                CUT TO:


               Somewhere else:


               A stable door opens.


               (Dialogue voice to action)



                         Don't rub it in.               

                         That's beside the point.


               Dajs walks into stable and shoots a horse in the head.



                         Don't rub it in?




                         The winning horse was 'Ice cream.


               Dajs kicks the fallen horse and leaves the stable.



                         Ring any bells?



                         No.  Who owns 'Ice cream?



                         Mr. Whippy.  The internet?



                         Yeah.  Quick, but keep the show on.



                         The field were mainly French.



                         It's not renowned with money,      

                         is it.  



                         Not renowned with money?       

                         Listen, if it's horse racing it's

                         renowned with money.  Fact here.



                         Consortiums consortium’s, say's here




                         -- Just downscale that a bit. 

                         Means a partner; a wife or to

                         associate with unsuitable people,

                         so get on with it, that means to

                         accord. --



                         Touche away.                   

                         Let me finish - yeah.             

                         The consortium of the French outfit

                         - backing "Ice cream" had two

                         unknown sources of finance,

                         financing the early days of the

                         said horse, where the national

                         press had narrowed down the

                         investors to two places of origin. 

                         But as it is here, it's still

                         coming up as unknown.           

                         There's no information only facts

                         and figures of the horses

                         achievements.  Which means, we're

                         all in the dark. 


                                                                CUT TO:


               THE APARTMENT BLOCK:


               ACOM is in a room in the apartments 5A:  And listening into

               another apartment with a wireless headset.


               He listens in but can't make any thing out as this language

               is native AFRICAN.


                                                               BACK TO:


                                   VAL:  (CONT'D)

                         Got it.  Found.  Circa - two years

                         ago.  From an independent

                         undercover source through Irish

                         connections...  Yearling is and was

                         linked with an Arabian syndicate

                         consortium when 'Ice Cream starts

                         to race, about 4 years ago.  This

                         reads as;                

                         'Entrant - a new breed, backing,

                         finance, major calendar worthy, a

                         new horse on the hoof guaranteed,

                         "and in town," to win and with

                         aplomb.  "Ice Cream" today - has

                         never looked so good for all of the

                         above, especially so for Mr. Marcus

                         Yearling whom on once owning the

                         thoroughbred.  The horse now is

                         ready to go, and with this,

                         remarkable prospect for racing in

                         quite sometime from being bought

                         within a unique private sports

                         enterprize in the Arab states…      



                         Got it.  No more.             

                         Back to the show.


               The three look in at the lap - top, as a sound - bite from

               Marcus Yearling is aired.




               Now here again, we have the previously heard comments from

               Mr. Marcus Yearling. --



                         -- Simply and I'll keep this short,

                         with corruption unresolved and in

                         the certain circles as we gather

                         information obtained - narcotic

                         abuse formally with named jockeys

                         in today's race is and totally

                         unacceptable in any terms. 

                         I find this behavior disgusting and

                         all concerned should be thrown out

                         of racing all together, with and I

                         repeat with severe punishment in my

                         own opinion. --  



                         He had a lot to say.



                         Trafficking humans, bent horse

                         racing, money laundering.



                         That was William Howell. 



                         Killing people, what job did you do

                         for him?



                         Gardener.  Err ran some, stuff.



                         Lady Chatterly.



                         Err, ran some foliage.  Once. 

                         Bumped into getting out of the

                         scheme with accidental ease

                         dropping, good job eh.    


                                                              FADE OUT:


                                                               FADE IN:


               THAT AFTERNOON.




               LETICIA is watching a race at mid - day dressed in formal

               attire.  She is at a window in the bar waving to VAL down in

               THE STAND.


                                                                CUT TO:


               NATIONAL BANK:


               This is busy with folk.


               SIB walks into the NATIONAL BANK dressed as a SHEIK.        

               He walks to a DESK in the main area looking confused and

               feigning - feeling faint.


                                                                CUT TO:




               VAL looks up toward the window at LETICIA.                 

               FRANK has casual attire on with a body warmer looking at a

               finishing race next to the PADDOCK.


                                                                CUT TO:


               NATIONAL BANK:


               A member of the staff brings a chair to SIB with a cup of

               water...  SIB seats down wafting a paper to his face.


                                                                CUT TO:


               THE APARTMENTS:


               ACOM is in the LOFT SPACE tinkering around with a hardware

               implement knocking himself taintless in the head waiting. 


                                                                CUT TO:




               FRANK is now at a BURGER BAR.  He quickly swipes a kitchen

               utensil as no one is looking on the surface where the sauce

               is, he slowly walks backwards.




               NATIONAL BANK:


               SIB looks to TODD'S desk winking at TODD.                   

               He continues to write.



                         Psst.  Psst.  Psst.  Hey.




                         May I help Sir?





               SIB hands a piece of A4 paper onto TODD'S - DESK.


                                   SIB: (CONT'D)

                         You you, you read now.


               TODD at first shakes his head only SIB sternly looks on.


               TODD reads;


               A4:  TODD, hello, I'm here for you to help me out with a

               transaction of money from my account, which is only active

               from 12:15 PM.


               I am holding the numbers on this card and need you to process

               this immediately from this time specified into another

               account which is written down at the bottom of this pledge. 

               Please it's very important you do this as we have not much

               time.  Yours the SHEIK.  >NUMBERS AND AMOUNT OF DETAIL<  


               The clock reads 12:13 PM.


               Todd shakes his head.  (Negative)


                                                                CUT TO:


               EXT.  THE HIGH STREET.


               ELLIE is walking to her destination at the APARTMENT BLOCK.


                                                                CUT TO:


               THE APARTMENTS:


               ACOM looks in at a watch.


                                                                CUT TO:




               FRANK looks to a TOTE... ('REG) in a betting STALL.


                                                                CUT TO:


               EXT.  YEARLING'S GARDENS.



                         Gassy my man.  Hello, I'd like you

                         to do some work for me, in England,

                         shouldn't really talk obituary over

                         the telephone but I need you to

                         kill, yes kill someone for me.  


                         This won't take too long but I want

                         you to do this at a prompt time,  

                         The damn greenfly are rife...                     

                         Yes, sure, of course.           

                         Our payment will be very large

                         indeed if we all pull together at a

                         calculated but calm hour.        

                         Ah, ah, I won't take no for an

                         answer.  You will be very rich when

                         I pay for your trouble, trouble I

                         do need you to cause.  

                         Silenced weapon, and do not shout

                         it all from the white washed roof,

                         when you accomplish for me, you

                         know what to do.  

                         Good, good, I'll be in Spain later

                         this evening to give your account

                         what I owe.  Thank you.  Goodbye.                     


                                                                CUT TO:


               NATIONAL BANK:


               12:15 PM  TODD walks from the desk looking to the MAIN CLOCK.





               LETICIA receives a text on her CELL - PHONE.


               VAL in the stand gets a signal wave from LETICIA.


               VAL holds off some punters walking to the FINISH POST.


               FRANK now in the PADDOCK gets a cue from Val to participate.



               THE APARTMENTS:


               DAJS on the outside breaks a wooden board entering the

               APARTMENTS.  (Ground floor)




               INT.  5A.


               DARREN is looking around is old apartment it is totally empty

               apart from the SOFA with a sheet over the top, he chuckles...


               There is now a knock at the door.


                                                               BACK TO:






                                                              CLOSE UP:


               FRANK runs to the MOBILE ATM machine off to one side.


               He uses his debit card pressing the relevant numbers for a

               maximum amount possible and receives transacted cash.


                                                                CUT TO:


               THE APARTMENTS:


               ACOM now turns on a FIRE ALARM situated in the TOP CORRIDOR. 


               In one of the rooms in an apartment the ILLEGAL ENTRANTS stop

               conversing in their NATIVE LANGUAGE.


               All, then go for the door at the same time on hearing the



                                                              CLOSE UP:


               ELLIE as she gets to THE APARTMENT BLOCK sees the trapped

               ILLEGAL'S banging on the inside of THE MAIN ENTRANCE.




               I/E.  MAIN ENTRANCE.



                         The bloody hell are you saying?!


               ACOM is situated on the TOP FLOOR looking into the STREET

               below.  He can see ELLIE at the MAIN ENTRANCE tearing her

               hair out and pacing along the front of the block in question.


               DAJS looks to a CIRCUIT BOARD in a LOWER CORRIDOR and breaks

               open an ELECTRIC BOX.  He tinkers with the inside a while...


                                                                CUT TO:


               GERAINT looks to the CEILING slightly worried as Darren looks

               through the PEEP HOLE on the inside looking out.  (5A) 


               He is taken back on seeing the lone figure in the corridor.



               YEARLING'S MANSION:


               THE OFFICE. 


               YEARLING, looking at an LCD SCREEN trying to focus on what is

               happening in there at a precise time with a camera over ride.


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               He notices the ILLEGAL ENTRANTS on the GROUND FLOOR shouting

               and banging at the DOOR.



                         What the bastard are they 'ooger

                         boogering at?  Oh, oh.  Oh.


               THE APARTMENTS:


               Main entrance.


               ELLIE handles a swipe card.


               The alarm inside shuts off, this from DAJS.


               All ILLEGAL'S now stop and gather breath…


                                                                CUT TO:




               ACOM bangs on a hand held device and the ALARM reactivates.


                                                               BACK TO:


               The ILLEGAL'S Start to wail and bang once more trying to get

               OUT.  ELLIE uses SWIPE CARD running this through THE LOCK. 


               Nothing happens…


                                                                CUT TO:


               RIGG is talking with GERAINT.



                         That's incomprehensible, how?!



                         I'm afraid so, what ever you decide

                         to transact - how little or

                         insignificant it is from the mass

                         amount, this will trigger the whole

                         total to exit, aligning into a now

                         arbitrary corporation fund base

                         from government recovery.



                         -- Good err that's alright I think

                         I think because Frank now is

                         probably a multi millionaire.


                                                               BACK TO:




               FRANK views his bank slip.  And that ATM Reads.  





                         You, don - don't err see - see that

                         every err every day.  25p?!! 


               FRANK tries to use another service for cash dispensing. 


               He erratically taps the numbers…   >MAXIMUM LIMIT< 


               FRANK ponders whilst some - one taps him on the shoulder.


               FRANK wakes up and pulls a skillet from the inside of his

               body warmer jumping in shock.


               He gets a disturbed look from PUNTERS waiting in the cue.


                                                                CUT TO:


               THE APARTMENTS:




               GERAINT is with DARREN.  His back is to the OPEN DOOR.


               A wet through DAJS rushes up behind GERAINT and puts a gun to

               his head holding GERAINT firmly. 



                         Ah!  Ah.


               DARREN holds his arm up to the two men and speaks. 



                         Now!  Dajs, Dajs - don't do any

                         thing hasty.



                         More haste, less speed there you

                         fuck.  You bet on this horse for me

                         which is... "Companion" and I shall

                         not kill this man, again.



                         Darren please do - do as he says.



                         Then the winnings will be collected

                         by myself from your own companions

                         later.  As Yearling is not obliging

                         enough for me.






                         Fucking yes now!


               DAJS walks GERAINT into the 5A APARTMENT.  DARREN is forced

               back walking slowly and ringing FRANK on his CELL PHONE...



                         Frank!  Frank.  Change of plan.

                         I need an adjustment to the horse

                         you are going to bet on.


                                                          MATCH CUT TO:



                         Why?  We're doing well enough.



                         The object is now the object the

                         OBJECT is now the object, which

                         means you bet on this particular

                         horses name...  named as -




                         Are you sure?  Oh, I see, Oh. 

                         The object ah, the object Darren

                         that's the overall, Darren?       

                         But that's the worst horse in the

                         line up.                   

                         Impractically averaging…



                         -- Yes, yes I know, I know, just do

                         what I say...  But all the same,

                         don't.  Listen to what I’ve said.



                         -- Now terminate the fucking call.


                                                              CLOSE UP:





               HORSES, THIS READS;


               MOTION DETECTOR 


               UN - FORGIVEN


               SHEEP PIG


               CHERISHED WITH LOVE


               ALL THE SAME




               PARDON THE FORCE




               DAY TO DAY


               LANGOUSTINE'S LIP 


               FRANK runs his finger to 'ALL THE SAME.



                         Something ain't right.

                         Shit shit shit and piss.  Code,

                         what's he giving a code for, code.  

                         I don't get it...  The bloody hell

                         am I going to do?  Bet on 'All same

                         or 'Companion which bloody one is

                         it?  The object, mmmm.             

                         The object is a bank...  An object.

                         We now have a bank albeit mobile,

                         so where's the nearest accumulation

                         or holding point for cash next?  


               FRANK looks to the run of TOTE STALLS and slowly walks there. 


                         Where would you have cash?       

                         Bloody stall.                       

                         The bloody tote stall.  Of course! 

                         Val, where's Val?  Something 'gonna

                         go down and he's no where to be

                         seen.  Typical.  Interested in that

                         because we can't?  Or can we

                         mathematicians.  Or can we.  Or can

                         we.  I was right.


                                                                CUT TO:


               NATIONAL BANK:


               WHILDSON enters the BANK looking around as soon as he enters.


               (He notices customers cueing and a SHEIK)


               Casually he walks to SIB who is now standing up shaking -

               TODD'S hand. 



               THE APARTMENTS:


               DAJS tells DARREN and GERAINT to seat on the COUCH still

               provocatively holding the weapon pointing them both to seat. 



                         Sit down and shut your mouths now,

                         we have ourselves a Q & A... With

                         on, how?  Really did you get out of

                         there?  The bailiff offices, in

                         time, lawyer man?  This is quite

                         some ingenious behavior only it has

                         no license on being chaotic enough. 

                         Tell me.  And make it quick.


               GERAINT and RIGG seat on the SOFA.



                         You did kill someone. --



                         -- You killed 4a's resident,




                         Did I?




                         Didn't you?



                         I'm a specialist, thank you, but

                         all the same...                      

                         It was an actual accident.        

                         I only tampered with the select

                         apparatus in case something didn't

                         happen that I wanted it too and

                         moved the recovery process onto the

                         nasty bailiff's list of items

                         then as this was in transit, ka -

                         boom, - you can't say this was the

                         beginning for me, "All the same," 

                         because I kill these fuck before as

                         they are seemingly dead themselves

                         or through general lack of living

                         any - way.  But I'll stop now and

                         think of a way just to shoot you,



               The sprinklers stop.



                         Just a second there Dajs you need

                         us to get to all that cash!



                         But not him.





                         Hold it!  


               ELLIE trails a gun on DAJS.


               DARREN seats back as far as he can go and the sofa tips up.


               GERAINT and RIGG fall backwards.





               From behind the STALL a TOTE gets a bang on the head with a

               skillet from FRANK, WHOOMP!


               Continue the scene;



                         Stop - this is getting us know

                         where fast.  



                         Dajs!  Now let's go to the races!  


               ELLIE lowers her gun.


               DAJS shoots ELLIE in one of her arms.  She drops the gun. 



                         Shoot them!  Not me.



                         I do like your guile! 


                         Who's?  Ah.


                                   DAJS: (CONT'D)

                         Stupid bitch, Geraint's of course. 

                         Come out come out where ever you



                                                                CUT TO:




               FRANK is now handing over BETTING SLIPS doubling as a TOTE...


               He notices VAL, locating his position and FRANK waves him

               across to where he is standing behind THE CASHIER DESK.








               DAJS walks to the SOFA and in taking out a ZIP LIGHTER

               proceeds to set alight an object covering DARREN and GERAINT. 


               Both underneath get out looking at DAJS holding a gun, still,

               on them in his sights.



                         We go now.


               ELLIE looks on amazed. 


               The sheet now smoulders. 


               DAJS ushers DARREN and GERAINT to the HALLWAY.         


               He closes ELLIE in the ROOM.                                  


               She falls slightly trying to get free.


                                                                CUT TO:


               NATIONAL BANK:


               SIB is in conversation to WHILDSON.



                         We can already assume only your

                         boss is formulating some kind of

                         manoeuvre, a second wave of illegal

                         discrepancies today at the

                         racecourse and I have proof of this

                         in a big time scoop, fundamental in

                         picturing yo' at a specific time. 

                         So what are you going to do about




                         This is propaganda.                 

                         I will not here of this, though,

                         your offer, if it is, seems

                         tempting to me, me and me only.  

                         Go on.



                         We cut you in, so you don't have to

                         go to the big house at the end of

                         the day.  Look, look here have this

                         address of where we contact you to

                         attend later.  Oh, and by the way? 

                         Just carry yourself as we can't

                         afford to pay the both of you. 

                         Although I'll try and make

                         reservations for this as you really

                         do like to work in two's all the

                         time, don't you. 


               SIB hands a letter across.  SIB leaves the exit to the BANK.


               WHILDSON opens the letter and agog looks on at SIB leaving.


                                                               BACK TO:




               THE APARTMENTS:




               Now is ablaze.


               THE STAIRWELL.



                         Darren.  How are we going to get

                         out of this?


               DAJS butts on the head of GERAINT who falls down the steps.



                         Which leaves the quantum

                         singularity, eh trick.


               DARREN stops walking and sits up side the wall.



                         Ya wanna play?  Let's play.


                                                                CUT TO:


               THE YEARLING MANSION:


               YEARLING is watching a SHOW commenting on the RACES start. 











               FRANK needs to work out what horse is the favorite quickly. 



               GRIDLE appears from a group of PUNTERS.  


               FRANK notices him approach the STALL.  


               He ducks underneath the COUNTER.


               VAL walks to the TOTE stall also, where FRANK is.


                                                               BACK TO:


                                   RIGG: (CONT'D)

                         You double crossed him didn't you.



                         Why would I tell you?  He double

                         crossed himself, he is nearly

                         bankrupt already, but if I have to

                         explain myself to you again I take

                         a very enormous risk and walk away

                         with nothing as so many times

                         before.  You know nothing, pitiful

                         bastard, get up and stop dribbling

                         down your bib or I shall feed you

                         this last nugget of metal into your

                         fucking skull.  



                         Different question then.          

                         What has 3 sides and a whole lot of

                         hate?  See this question out and we

                         all die screaming.  



                         Go.  We are already in hell.  Move. 


                                                          MATCH CUT TO:




               FRANK sits behind the CASHIER DESK looking to a slip

               wondering what to do.  GRIDLE jumps the cue and bangs on the

               desk looking at the prices on THE BOARD. 


               FRANK puts on a balaclava and stands up.



                         Now then.  What can I do you for?



                         Here, I want all this on...     

                         'All the same.  'All the same!   

                         To win!  Quick it's about to start!  

                         Flaming leper. 


               FRANK takes his money and gives him back a slip, reading the

               horses name 'ALL THE SAME @ 4-1... 


                                   GRIDLE: (CONT'D)

                         It was Sevens!  You!              

                         This is right?


               FRANK goes to the board replacing the '4 to a '7 on the odds.



                         There!  What do you want blood?



                         Ah fuck you.



               THE RACE STARTS.  'AND THEY'RE OFF!  



               GRIDLE nearly throws the slip on the floor but notices the

               start of the race.  


               He quickly bustles some PUNTERS away from the cue.


               VAL opens his mouth -


               Frank shouts across to VAL -



                         Did you bet on?!



                         'Cherished with love!






                         Frank what the hell did you bet on?



                         Fucking hell!  I didn't - I love

                         those Irish connections!


               As the horses go…


               LETICIA approaches the RAIL and the FINISHING POST view.

               EYE IN THE SKY -


               THE HORSES GO!  OFF!  OFF!  OFF!


               All horses are settled into the race.


               FRANK whips off his balaclava and covers his eyes as the race

               goes.  A BIG SCREEN captures the ongoing HANDICAP MILE.


               A JOCKEY is seen moving into shot taking an unbridled swerve

               across the path of the other moving horses.  



               THE APARTMENTS:


               ACOM walks into the ground floor apartment and goes out of

               the broken boarded window.


               As he gets out he notices smoke billow from the upstairs on

               the inside out -



                         At least the fire is contained.


               THE RACE:


               The horse race continues until...  the lead horse 'ZIP is

               tightly followed by 'COMPANION and then 'ALL THE SAME, the

               rest of the field trail by half a length in a pack straight

               behind the lead few...




               'COMPANION'S JOCKEY tightly holds on to the whip and drops

               his head -- 



               THE YEARLING MANSION:



                         Come on you hand spanic automaton

                         get that fuckin' fat arse rapidly

                         moving while the fucking odd beast

                         gets whizzed of its tits.         

                         Come on!  Come on!  

                         I'm counting on you 'Samey!        

                         I'm counting on you! 


               THE RACE is full on and all is apparent, but…


               'ALL THE SAME then shudders, the front two legs buckle

               bringing the horse to an overall stop.  As its speed and

               momentum takes the weight forwards the jockey goes over the

               horses head.  He nearly crashes on the COURSE GROUND...    

               The sound of hooves come to an abrupt stop for 'ALL THE SAME. 


               The horse in an erratic spasm falls over legs everywhere.


               Alongside, the falling JOCKEY sprawls over trying to stay on

               the beast he is riding.  He clambers onto the next horse

               which is 'COMPANION. That JOCKEY is sent tumbling as well.


               As this happens whilst moving to the floor another oncoming

               racer hits the back of 'COMPANION.  






               In the STAIRWELL ELLIE pushes the back of DAJS, which sends

               him tumbling down the stairs, grasping onto DARREN. 


               DARREN shocked looks on, both fall down to the foot. 





               As VAL is running to where LETICIA is situated.


               He trips over.



               THE RACE:  


               There are only a few horses behind the galloping crash.  

               They all try to take over but as one falls over all the rest

               pile into the back of the flailing legs congesting the course

               ahead making the majority collide and tumble. 


               THE CROWD SHOUT!



               They start to booh and yet become enthralled. 


               Focus the attention of the crowd on the lead horse.


               The lead horse is as from the start, 'ZIP.                     


               The last unscathed horse is 'CHERISHED WITH LOVE.


               VAL gets up and waves his fist in anticipation shouting.



                         GGGooo - oooonnn!  Gah!  Gahon!  

                         Shit.  I just had a thought, this

                         is all academic.  It's only

                         circumstantial - shit.                 

                         It does immediately suggests that

                         Frank has indeed played his hand

                         what ever that is...                 

                         I reckon he's called it wrong, shit

                         Frank, we've called it all wrong!


               'ZIP proceeds on its own getting close to the finishing line.


               THE TOTE from behind the STALLS ('REG) gets up and walks

               around to the front of where he originally was... 


               FRANK has now vacated. 


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                               FADE IN:


               THE STAND:


               LETICIA looks to her slip, which reads; 'ZIP @ 11/4.



                         Yes!  Yes!!  Yes!  I've won!    

                         I won it!!


               FRANK appears from behind.



                         No no no you haven't.            

                         See there'll be a stewards enquiry

                         first, by no way is it cut and dry. 

                         No way.  There will be veterinarian

                         probes and all sorts of mad stuff

                         going on with the - the - all the

                         horse's dangely bits yeah, that are

                         left.  The race, the object, has

                         defaulted, void, which means the

                         only way you would of won is if. --



                         -- Darren transacted the cash to

                         yours?  Your account I mean.



                         Correct.  But that's not all,

                         that is not all at all.



               THE APARTMENTS:


               Stairwell, ground - floor.


               ELLIE is punching a floored DAJS.



                         Come on!!  Come on!!  Hey come on!! 

                         Come on!!  Come on!!  Come on!! 

                         Come on!!  Come on!!  Come on!!



                         Whoa, whoa!  Whoa - there, Ellie! 




                         You want some as well?!             

                         Who do you work for?



                         Err you.  Don't, no more.



                         That's right!  You work for me!



                         He's unconscious.







               And the first horse - past the finish line!  Is - 'Zip!  


               From leading the field, from the start to the very somewhat

               bitter end.  - Only, we, have just been given an announcement

               from the race officials, in, their, renowned very time

               honoured tradition...        


               Next there will be, a stewards inquiry which means all first

               place bets and slips will be dealt with in a short while

               until the panel makes judgement on or if the race "The

               handicap mile sprint" has been made, official, or void, as to

               what complications, in this race, has just occurred.   






                         Look, I was up all last night

                         reading through the rule book.   

                         I'm gonna' win big - after, I

                         have already won big.





               DARREN is seen trying to get out of the boarded up window

               with a problem leg.  He tips up on the way out with ACOM by

               their side helping out GERAINT secondly, then ELLIE last.





               VAL, FRANK And LETICIA are in the BAR looking at one of the

               RESULT SCREENS.




               'STEWARDS INQUIRY


                                   FRANK: (CONT'D)

                         To - day!  I bet the call was for a

                         bleeder.  Damn it, a bleeder. 


               Val looks quizzed.


                                   FRANK: (CONT'D)

                         Deary me, no class.  Well class,

                         sit down and make yourselves 

                         comfortable... the term 'bleeder,

                         means when the horse ushered off

                         into the posh doctor medical

                         facility when all has gone wrong,

                         biophysically, means, they then

                         stick a large thermometer up the

                         crack of its arse and wait for the

                         back legs to kick out.  And if shit

                         doesn't, that means...              

                         Can you guess? 


                                                                CUT TO:


               INT.  THE VAN.


               The VAN backing up and DARREN falling into the OPEN DOOR,

               quickly held up by ELLIE laying him flat in the VAN BACK. 


                                                              CLOSE UP:


               INT.  YEARLING'S BEDROOM.



                         Shorts, where are my damn shorts?

                         Got to get out of here the walls

                         are closing in on me.  

                         Damn asylum seekers keep ringing

                         the telephone, can't get hold of

                         Gridle or Whildson, the race

                         venture has stopped indefinitely

                         thanks to that fucking Dajs,    

                         hit man!  Hit men!  I ask ya', and

                         if I can't find my shorts I'm

                         gonna' puke whilst I go ski - ing,

                         instead, yes, ski - ing, that

                         sounds wonderful.                    

                         Be still, Marcus be still, Paolo is

                         safe and sound with Miguel, so I am

                         happy for him but now I'm looking

                         out for number one.  


                                                                CUT TO:


               The FIRE BRIGADE make the APARTMENT BLOCK…


               ACOM in his VAN speeds past the APARTMENT BUILDING. 


               GERAINT falls where DARREN is laying down clutching his leg. 


               Up front -



                         Where we going?!



                         Might I make a suggestion?!



                         Your, address?



                         Exactly.  We have to put into

                         writing and formulate any kind of

                         notification to the authorities,

                         that in hind - site suggests, we

                         are not apart of this awful ordeal.



                         And!  Make any reservations that

                         the money we have took onboard is

                         actually our own with shutting down

                         the race today, because of it being

                         linked with the Arabians, I, mean,

                         they're gonna' come looking for it,

                         aren't they, aren't they?



                         As, you haven't left me in there to

                         rot, I'll scratch your back if you

                         can scratch mine, again...



                         With?  What?



                         Who the hell helped me out of the

                         bailiffs office, when it exploded



               Darren looks blankly.


                                                               BACK TO:




               The result comes in over the screen.


               #VOID - RACE.



                         There you go ya' see, VOID.

                         Shall we go we have a job to do.



                         We're gonna be late for…



                         Story of his life.



                         How is it void?  There were two

                         horses, in a race, they race, it is

                         called a race.



                         I love you man.



               THE HOSPITAL:


               CARL is in the mortuary speaking with a pathologist.



                         We aren't expecting any one in the

                         foreseeable future but what would

                         one like to receive in a positively

                         immense hustle the likes of this

                         country has never seen before, as a 

                         hyperbole?  A fucking word…


               The pathologist scratches his head.


                         Look you ignorant turkey!  If I give

                         you this, £160 pounds you keep your

                         lips shut and say this was foul

                         play.  Are we all right with that?


               The pathologist grasps this money.


                                                         FADE TO BLACK:


                                                                CUT TO:


               ONE DAY LATER.


               GEL.  BUILDING:


               WHILDSON is seated in a car outside at an *ADDRESS.


                                                                CUT TO:


               An exclusive PRIVATE AEROPLANE JET flying in the sky…  


               GRIDLE is at the COCKPIT:                                  


               YEARLING aboard is sipping wine.  



               THE HOSPITAL:


               RIGG hobbles on crutches down a quiet part of a corridor.



                         We need a clue though on who let

                         Geraint out of the office on time.


               ELLIE is walking by his side with a tunicae on. 



                         It does only leave, one person. 



                         But why him?  

                         What did you say you were going to




                         Me?  Nothing.  Set up a deal. 

                         Dajs, when he got

                         arrested assaulting a fire man…  had said.                           

                         Yearling was moving, so know I know why.  

                         The races were his income, now there not. 

                         Hold that thought.                

                         So Yearling got away. 


                                                          MATCH CUT TO:


               Show the aeroplane smoke from its engine over the sea...


               YEARLING inside pulls a morose face.


               View this AEROPLANE dip turning downwards.



               THE HOSPITAL:


               Frank waltzes up to the pair.



                         I however, accumulated on a basic

                         accumulator.  That's how I won,

                         see the bet was for the day's racing,

                         put money on the days, racing! 

                         Race - ing.  

                         Void, was the spot where we bypassed.

                         I just fly on through when

                         the cheating gets captured.  Bitch wife.      


                         What the fuck is a parallax any

                         way?  Eh?  Darren?!  Oh shit I

                         transferred 300 pounds only.       

                         What a day, it’s all I could move…  

                             (Scratching head)

                         Was that right?!  Did we go wrong?



                         Quiet we're in a hospital!!




                         I used my influence behind the stall 

                         to tweek a few things.                  

                         How much will you get Darren? 



                         Well Colin, that all depends.  

                         That all depends...


               WHILDSON acquired the ADDRESS of a meeting of transparent

               funds to which he thinks he is about to receive.  On entering

               the GEL BUILDING he notices the vast office space is empty

               apart from a desk with sib seated and a large rope he is

               holding from the ceiling.  ACOM is at the TOP of the building

               with a high tech pulley system.  WHILDSON walks in. 



                                                                CUT TO:


               GEL BUILDING.




               But, but this cannot be…  Huh?








               Over here.  That's it.



               WHILDSON goes for a gun from his holster.


               Quickly SIB points to a camera to the corner of the room.




               WHILDSON is intrigued continuing, walking closer.  


               He puts his gun away.


               SIB gets a BRIEFCASE from underneath THE DESK…


               As WHILDSON is upon SIB, SIB quietly asks him one thing.





               Hold that please.



               SIB passes the rope to WHILDSON -


               And as that… 


               WHILDSON holding the rope, flies to the top of the ceiling -  


               CRASH!  His head goes through the ceiling.


               ACOM in the top of the building looks from the window. 


               GASSY on the street down below looks up, STARTLED!


               A LARGE SOFA falls down from a great height, where GASSY - 


               Looks up.



               VAL photographs the final shot from afar. 





               Pianos are so Pasay.  And that's a parallax!  But is it?




                                      THE END...




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