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This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. 
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               The Stratus BorQ
               By David L. Jackson 
                2009 Writers Guild of America, West. All Rights Reserved
               OPEN ON

               EXT. OUTER SPACE  

               Space, deep blue darkness highlighted with distant starlight.
               A large planet caresses the horizon, it's visible oceans and
               land formations identify the planet as 'Earth'.

               A small one man exploration pod touches by and drifts down
               towards the planet.

               INT. FEDERATION POD 18 / TUES. 3:45 PM

               A constricted cockpit, CAPTAIN SIKH ROBERTS is employed
               flicking various console gadgets among the brightly lit

               SIKH ROBERTS, a tall, well-built, 32 year-old dark skinned
               man with dark windblown hair. His white jumpsuit contains a
               breast logo that reads,"GLOBAL FEDERATION" and a crest on his
               sleeve reveals the words "PROBE MISSION 2012".

               Sikh is sporting a large headset hanging around the back of
               his neck, lifts them and adjusts it back onto his head,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Mission control, this is
                         exploration pod 18 on final
                         approach, everything is in order
                         with a tee minus seven niner, on
                         course for drop zone, powering down
                         non essentials for re-entry, over."

                                   MISSION CONTROL
                         "E. P. 18, we have you on visual,
                         recovery is in place, Welcome home

               Sikh begins to power down as the cockpit dims with every
               button affected. A quick glance over his shoulder as he
               latches onto a large shoulder strap and begins to buckle
               himself in,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Ready or not, here I come."

               The sound of some small debris hitting the pod catches Sikh's

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "What the hell?"

               The sound now more lively as the pod begins to rock and shake
               significantly. An alarm begins to buzz.

               Sikh quickly tries to turn back on the communications system
               and radar. An electronic female voice quickly interrupts,

                                   COMPUTER SYSTEM
                         "Unable to activate com system,
                         entering atmosphere for decent.

               The mono-toned voice repeats itself like a skipping record,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Well...this is not good."

                                   COMPUTER SYSTEM
                         "Unable to activate com system,
                         entering atmosphere for decent.

               Sikh views the radar screen which nothing seems to be
               visible, taps the screen with his gloved finger, and it
               scrambles up and shuts off,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                          "Federation junk!...C.S, Please
                         open navigation mode, this is an
                         emergency operational over-ride

               The pod still rocking violently, sparks flare up on the

                                   COMPUTER SYSTEM
                         "Unable to activate navigational
                         mode, system over-ride

               Sikh resumes strapping effort into his seat, he slams his
               eyes shut and is forced back into his seat as he hits re
               entry...a click of the buckle, blood begins to trickle from
               his nostril, it gets extremely bright.

                                                        BLUR TRANSITION

               EXT. SKY OVER LAKE  DAY                   

               It is a deep lucent blue sky with the just a few late
               afternoon clouds in the sweep. Panning the open sky the voice
               of PROFESSOR JOHNS, having a light British accent, rather

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (V.O.)
                         "It wouldn't hurt if Sikh was on
                         time once in a while, I have a
                         classroom of students who keep
                         better time."

               The sweet challenging voice of TAY DONNELLY answers him,

                                   TAY DONNELLY (V.O.)
                         "Ease up Doc, He'll be here, Beans
                         just told me he just hit re-entry

               A loud smothered beat, as if someone had popped a balloon
               under a seat cushion, followed by a roar like the hollow wind
               of a Texas Tornado, A flaming ball appears in the sky
               surrendering a white vapor trail behind it as it plummets
               fiercely across the sky.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. COUNTRY FIELD - DAY                

               The eyes of our impatient Professor, squinting, looking up
               into the sky.

               YOUNG LUCY, a beautiful sweet little girl in her pre-teens is
               sitting quietly on a short stoop, she is looking up as well.

               The brisk wind whips her hair about her inexpressive face,
               she shields the brighter light from her eyes as the ball of
               fire races by.

               She giggles shyly and points in front of her, looking over
               excitedly at somebody present beside her.

                                   YOUNG LUCY
                         "Daddy's home!"

               Across the horizon of an unkept farmer's field, brownish
               tinge of overgrowth within the rugged, broken terrain, the
               burning pod quickly appears and just as quickly disappears in
               the distance in a silent sudden puff ...hidden behind a small
               cluster of trees.

               A mass of dust and smoke disperses from within the tree line
               and out into the open field.

               A stretch of silence.

               The wind begins to cut away at the smoke and whistles across
               the barren field.

               The Professor's eyes peer way into the distance at the fallow
               horizon. The smoke gives way to reveal a single man trooping
               towards them. A duffel bag tucked under his right arm.

               Walking tall with his chin thrust forward, blood trickles
               from his nose...It is indeed Sikh.

               TORIC ROBERTS, a tall muscular, chiseled-faced man also dark
               skinned, leans against his truck smoking a cigarette.

               Toric is a farm hand from Jefferson's Farm, and wears a plaid
               shirt unbuttoned and uneven, revealing a dirty white tee. His
               faded jeans spoiled with a few small holes. 

               Toric grinning as Sikh approaches.

               TAY DONNELLY, a striking 30 year old woman with blonde hair,
               an impuissant exterior and a somewhat doff smile propped up
               against a nearby tree shields her eyes from the sun's glare.

               Tay is in a nurse's uniform, a badge hanging from a leash
               draped over her neck.

               LT. SANDRA YOUNG, a short, intense looking woman in a white
               jumpsuit with similar markings to those on Sikh's. Her long
               dark hair tied back in a ponytail. Sandra has a unique
               looking device pointing at Sikh as he walks up. 

               Sikh stops just shy of the group and puts his free hand on
               his hip.

               Professor Johns puts on his glasses,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "About time!"

               Sikh rolls his eyes in exasperation, He begins to remove the
               duffel bag from around his shoulder,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "What's the matter, doc? Miss me?"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (O.S.)
                         "As a matter of fact, I have, with
                         every shot I have taken!"

               Toric snubs his cigarette in the dirt, looks over and
               advances towards Sikh with a friendly grin, passing by the

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "You may want to try loading the
                         gun next time doc."

               Toric saunters up and embraces his brother,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (O.C.)
                         "Is that the reason, well I shall
                         remember that for the next time."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Welcome home little brother!"

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Toric, thanks bro., Good to see
               's things over at

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "We're busier than a field mouse in
                         a cat cage! Large yield this
                         season, going to be a good winter."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "That's great to hear."

               Tay standing with her head tilted, in a very seductive
               mannerism, she too confronts the returning astronaut,

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "What happened?... stick a big
                         finger in that sexy little nose of

               Sikh takes notice of her standing there and hands his bag to

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "As a matter of fact... I think I
                         saved you a chunk..."

               Sikh extends his middle finger, the bird if you prefer.

               Tay smiles advancing forward, grabbing hold of his gesturing
               hand, clutching it with both hands, she begins to slowly
               tongue his finger from the knuckle to the nail, not once
               taking her seductive eyes from his. 

               Sandra enters behind them, zapping Sikh in the upper right
               arm with an electronic gadget.

                                   SANDRA YOUNG
                         "Get a room you two!"

               Tay in full grin, embraces Sikh with a warm hug and kiss.

               Sikh now rubbing his arm Sandra a baneful look.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I entered the atmosphere and found
                         myself in some space junk, rocked
                         the hell out of the bird and I"

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Well, you quite possibly travelled
                         through some of the residuals of
                         Nara 3."

               Sikh looks confused.

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "It was destroyed earlier this
                         week. I'm surprised you didn't get
                         a text note regarding the whole

               Tay continues to try and remove some dried blood from his
               upper lip.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Why?...What the hell happened?"

               Sandra views a couple of test tube through the daylight,
               inspecting the color of each.

                                   SANDRA YOUNG
                         "Don't really know, They sent Delta
                         47 up 2 weeks ago to find out why
                         the Federation lost contact with
                         the station, The Delta scouts
                         reported the base was vacant,
                         everyone was gone. They reported
                         the evac was initiated but the exit
                         pod was never launched."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "That doesn't explain why they blew
                         it up!"

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Delta reported back that some of
                         the women on their team started to
                         fall ill."

                                   SANDRA YOUNG
                         "Within twenty four hours, we lost
                         all communications with the entire
                         Delta team."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Some virus possibly?"

               Tay shrugs her shoulders,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         Nara 3 was scheduled to reach it's
                         final orbit this week, Federation 
                         decided it was best to keep it from
                         coming home, fearing the
                         possibility of an unknown
                         biological agent released on

               Toric hands Sikh a water bottle, looking rather disinterested
               in what the Professor was preaching.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         " I know for a fact that Jeffrey
                         Myers was up there, and in no way
                         was he conducting any biological
                         experiments, something else
                         happened up there and our
                         Federation is just covering it up
                that there Roswell
                         incident last century."

               The Professor interrupts,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Oh give it a rest now, what's done
                         is done and you know as well as I,
                         we couldn't allow Nara 3 to come
                         home with any possibility of
                         something on board that poses a
                         threat to Earth, whatever it
                it viral be it
                         biological...our federation made
                         the right call, and you Toric...
                         would be better off dropping your
                         opinion before it falls upon loyal

               Toric rolls his eyes. He opens the door to his truck and
               retrieves a pack of cigarettes,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "I ain't dropping nothing doc, I
                         believe in my freedom of speech,
                         and ain't no way the federation
                         going to take that away from me!"

                Tay finishes her nursing skills on Sikh's wound,as the
               Professor confronts Toric, in the background,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (O.S.)
                         " I am Federation representation
                         for this mission and I am suppose
                         to be here, you my friend are
                         civilian...and the only reason you
                         are here is cause I allowed it so!

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Somebody else made the trip to see
                         you, and may I add, has been very
                         patiently waiting her turn."

               Sikh looks away and spots Young Lucy sitting patiently on the
               short stoop watching her father with an eager smile.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS (O.S.)
                         "Sikh is my brother, who the hell
                         do you think you are thinking you
                         can stop me from welcoming him
                         home, Come on Doc, The Federation
                         has clogged your arteries with lies
                         and selfishness."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (O.S.)
                         "Don't push it Toric, cause I will

               Sikh dashed towards her, swooping her up into his arms and
               spinning around in a loving, playful embrace.

               Tay can't help but to watch them and smile proudly, Toric and
               the Professor quit arguing as they notice the reunion of a
               father and daughter.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Lucy, you are a site for sore
                         eyes, maybe not so little
               's my darling princess

                                   YOUNG LUCY
                         "You were gone too long daddy, I
                         don't want you to go anymore."

               Tay walks up and tickles Lucy's chin,

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Don't worry baby, mommy will keep
                         daddy grounded for at least the
                         next six months."

               Sikh puts his arm around Tay's shoulder and has Lucy in his
               other, They walk away towards a modern federation mini van
               parked on the other side of the dirty country road.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Grounded for six months, can she
                         do that to me?"

                                   YOUNG LUCY
                         "Supply and demand daddy!"

               Sikh laughs repeating the quote of the day,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Supply and demand huh."

               Sandra looks over at the tow truck parked at the edge of the
               field,and it's crew of TOMMY LITTLE and JAKE RODMEN who
               anxiously waiting for the end of this home coming. She shouts
               out to them,

                                   SANDRA YOUNG
                         "Bay 9...note that they'll need to
                         have a look at her tiles...and
                         let's not damage her any more than
                         she already is!"

               They wave acknowledging Sandra's orders. 

               Sikh turns back,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Oh, hey, guys take Cutter's road
                         around, I landed with her beak in
                         the river...sorry."

               Jake just about to get into his truck,

                         "Well at least you kept most of her 
                         on dry land this time!"

               Sikh chuckles to himself, resuming his path to the mini van.

               The Professor sitting in Sandra's car, watches Toric drive
               up, He raises his hand just shy of a friendly wave, as he
               creeps up slowly around the idle car.

               Toric just stares with a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

                                                              FADE OUT.

               EXT. RIVER'S EDGE / LANDING POD

                On the nose cap of Sikh's shuttle POD, the marks and dents 
               are very noticeable, as is a small particle of a rock like
               substance embedded in one of the dents.

               The nose is partially submerged in the muddy waters of the

               Suddenly the alien debris becomes unlocked and falls into the
               river's water below.

                                                                CUT TO:

               I/E. RIVER WATER / UNDER

               The unusual piece of scrap debris sinks into the dark water,
               it begins to release a multitude of tiny air bubbles, rapidly
               dispersed and continuous, it finally comes to rest on the
               muddy bottom.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Random college students enter and exit the front door of a
               large college facility.

               A soccer ball is punted up against the front college sign
               "Middletown College Est. 2001". A young soccer player
               retrieves the ball and throws it back from which it came.

               Small groups are gathered in conversation in the school's
               court yard, sharing stories, laughing, flirting, going over
               notes from their previous class.

               The soccer team is practicing various drills as a young woman
               and a young man share a romantic kiss on the bleachers.

               As the sounds of the busy college continue, we are tracking
               along the rich deep green grass until we come to the bare
               foot of a young female student, tossing her flip flop about
               with the wiggle of her toes,

               A young female student is listening to an I-Pod while reading
               under a thin tree, a stack of books, biological studies in
               nature and a chemistry notebook, sit next to her on her left
               and a plastic lunch bag partially opened sits to her right.
               She is AMANDA MARTIN, a sharp, grade driven student, more
               interested in her studies than the social activities around

               THWACK!!... the end of a fresh tree twig snaps a couple
               inches from AMANDA'S head startling her out of her reverie.

               She turns looking up to see her friend sporting a modern
               grunge style of fashion, a little of the wall from what we
               have seen within the student body, she is helplessly giggling

               KATIE MOORE looks down at her casually, and proud to have
               achieved a reaction she got from Amanda, tosses the twig

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, this
                         reading of books while on lunch is
                         going to rot your mind and leave
                         you socially inadequate"

               Katie plops herself next to her flustered friend who is now
               shaking her head in disbelief.

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Do you not understand the concept
                         of having to study once in a
                         while...and're one to
                         talk about being socially
                         inadequate...dressing like that."

               Katie reaches across in front of Amanda and helps herself to
               one half of Amanda's sandwich, She takes a bite,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "If I really cared what people
                         thought about my fashion statement,
                         I'd have gone to Brownstone, but
                         I'm only here to bug you...crawl
                         into that stuffed melon of yours
                         and keep you from making any
                         disastrous decisions that are best
                         left for me to make!"

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "And I so love you for that."

               Katie looks through the stack of books next to Amanda,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "So?...we on for Dayo's mid term
                         relief party tonight?"

               Amanda closes her book, with a helpless sigh,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Come on Kat, I have two papers due
                         and a test on Tuesday, ...I can't,
                         not this weekend anyway."

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "You can't do this to me
                         Amanda...You have to go!"

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "I'm just..."

               Katie quickly interrupts,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I..I..I nothing girlfriend! Blake
                         is going to be there, and may I add
                         that Blake is now single, the way I
                         see it, you owe me for that whole
                         Buddy Williams episode in your
                         junior year, and if you don't go, I
                         don't go, and thus...
                         Blake will surely lose interest in
                         me and probably hook up with one of
                         them floozies from Betty Cocker's
                         kitchen studies. Which would surely
                         crush my spirit and possibly break
                         my heart...again!..Is this what you
                         want to do to me?...deprive me of
                hope of male

               Katie makes a pathetic pity look, her bottom lip protruding
               forward, Amanda looks defeated,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "For heaven sake Kat!"

               Katie resumes her battle,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I put so much effort in getting
                         his attention long enough to have
                         him get to know the real me, beyond
                         the look, the tough exterior, the
                         person I am inside, and you're
                         going to blow it all off for
                         what?...a weekend of brain
                         bulking...come on!"

               Amanda titters and reluctantly begins to pack away her stuff,
               snatching the chemistry book from the hands of a pathetic
               looking Katie,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "FINE!...I'll go...Lord knows I
                         don't need you holding me to blame
                         for another failed relationship, I
                         don't think I could handle it."

               She looks down at her watch, a delicate golden piece reading
               eleven twenty three.

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "I'll pick you up at your mom's...
                         shortly after seven?"

               She looks back up and over, Katie is gone, She spots her
               dancing away in front of her.

               Katie twists back,and exclaims,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Oh, and wear something sexy!"

               Amanda shaking her head in amusement as her friend dances
               about in the soccer field...stealing the ball from the boys
               and kicking it away...holding her arms upright like she
               scored. The boys upset with her begin to advance towards her
               until she raises her fist, ready. They wave her off and turn

               Amanda gets up and heads towards the school.

                                                                CUT TO:


               An obscurely lit classroom, a slide presentation is being
               viewed by the students. 

               Professor Johns in a well fitted suit, slowly paces crosswise
               in front of the classroom.

               The faces of the students are fixed on the giant white screen
               at the front of the class.

               SLIDE 1:

               -A red ant with a fruiting parasite protruding from its neck.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (O.S.)
                         "Entomopathogenic fungi are not the
                         only parasites that can modify the
                         behavior of their hosts. Just as
                         remarkable is the enantiomorphic

               The professor raises a small remote control...directs it and
               pushes the button,

               SLIDE 2:

               -A close up of a large parasite.

               KATHERINE WOODS looking up at the slide covers her eyes in
               disgust and groans unpretentiously. Sitting next to her is
               PATTY CHARLOTTE who giggles unaffected as she doodles a
               sketch of a cartoon portrayal of their professor,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (O.S.)
                          "...also known as the horsehair
                         worm or to some...the gordian worm,
                         because of its resemblance to a
                         particular knot created by the
                         Phrygian king Gordius. According to
                         ancient myth, Gordius used his knot
                         to tie his chariot to a pole, and
                         declared that whomever could untie
                         it would rule all of Asia."

               The Professor skips to the next slide, looking up at the
               classroom clock, two fifty six. 

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "The young gordian worm infests
                         land-living arthropods...such as
                         grasshoppers, locusts and our ever
                         so popular beetle, however, the
                         adult is a free-living aquatic
                         species which looks to reproduce in

               PROFESSOR JOHNS switches on a large monitor, and shuts off
               the slide projector, A video is turned on, showcasing a large
               black cricket.

               He continues to saunter between an isle of students,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                          "Inside the host, the microscopic
                         larvae feed on surrounding tissue,
                         and develop into this long worm
                         which can reach up to 4 times the
                         length of its host, It will remain
                         within the body cavity of the host
                         as a long, coiled mass." 

               VIDEO 1:

               -The black cricket jumps rapidly into a body of water, after
               drowning, a large worm emerges from the face of the cricket
               and swims away leaving the dead cricket.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS (O.S.)
                         "...After metamorphosing, the adult
                         worm induces its host...brainwashes
                         it and makes the host leave its
                         terrestrial habitat, and commit
                         suicide by jumping into a body of
                         water and drowning itself, so that
                         the worm can now emerge."

               Another unpretentious groan from the students.

               Professor Johns flicks the lights on. A student leans towards
               his buddy.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS 
                         "Insecticidal suicide...kind of
                         like the sound of that!"

               BLAKE JOHNS, a young good looking male student with shortened
               blonde hair, an earring and his choice of rock jersey sets
               him apart from the others in the class, yet he has a unique
               resemblance to our Professor.

               Professor Johns overhears Blake's comment.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "I should hope you will utilize
                         this information in a more
                         meaningful manner Mr. Johns."

               BLAKE rolls his eyes and mutters something to his friend. The
               Professor continues,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Maybe a three page essay
                         recounting the fruiting process
                         will help the class retain this
                         information...due on Wednesday."

               The class groans and Blake now looks frustrated...slamming
               his book closed and peering up at the Professor who is just
               about to speak when,

               The bell rings.

               All the students begin to gather their notes and begin to
               mutter amongst themselves.

               The Professor raises a new friendly voice above all the
               commotion...still looking at Blake with a look of

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Let's not forget those of you who
                         have yet to pay your lab fees, next
                         week people!...Have a good

               The classroom disperses towards the door.

               The Professor catches up with Blake as he is about to pass
               his desk,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Mr. Johns...a word if don't mind,

               Blake removes himself from the cluster of students making
               their way out of the classroom, and approaches his teacher's

               The Professor patiently waits for the class to empty before

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "disrupting my classroom with your
                         need to crack jokes is something I
                         think we can do without, Some of my
                         students are here to learn...even
                         if you are not."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Dad, I am not cracking jokes in
                         your class alone, If that makes you
                         feel any better, I do it in all my
                         classes, and as you also know, my
                         grades are pretty dam good,
                         Sometimes a few wise cracks can
                         help us remember what it is we are
                         trying to learn, humor dad, maybe
                         you could try it sometime...ever
                         since mom left, I think you forgot
                         all about what it is to live with a
                         little understanding of the lighter
                         side of things!...and you treat me
                         as though I'm the one who has a

               Blake storms away as the Professor is left standing

               DAYO BACCUS an exchange student is standing at the door
               waiting for Blake, he smiles at the teacher sympathetically
               as Blake walks by, and quickly follows him.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SCHOOL HALL / CROWDED

               Blake still rather upset nudges his way apologetically
               through the masses. Dayo fumbles through to keep up with his
               disgruntled friend,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "He's the reason I hate biology!"

               A locker door is closed revealing Dayo and Blake walking
               through another hallway.

               There are students everywhere, all socializing and gathering
               books. A football is tossed, a girl is talking to her
               boyfriend, small groups bid good bye to each other and head
               off down the chaotic hall.

               Dayo is now walking beside Blake,

                         "Got to let it go dude, we were
                         bound to get that essay whether you
                         said what you said or not."

               Dayo in his torn denim jeans and tight fitting Tee stops to
               address a few young ladies along the wall of lockers, Blake
               stops and waits with a sigh,

                         "A plague of misery has befallen
                         us. We, the chosen people of
                         Middletown are shackled in
               , But alas, Our
                         sense of hope is not yet gone. We
                         have nothing more worthwhile to
                         achieve than our attendance,
                         tonight at the best damn party this
                         hick town has ever bare witness! .
                         . ."

               The barbarian impersonator passes a paper flier. The girls
               look excited and assure the messenger they would attend. He
               thanks them with a mocking bow, and continues with Blake up
               the hall, the same group of girls checking them out as they
               walk away,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Dude, you can deep six the fliers,
                         I think everyone and their uncle
                         knows about the party tonight." 

                         "I paid a whole quarter for each
                         replication buddy, I got to make
                         sure, you know...get my money's

               Dayo stops a young nerdy looking kid in the hall.

               RYAN NICKELS, in his striped polo shirt and cargo pants, has
               his dark rimmed glasses hanging low on the tip of his nose.

                         "Hey, Brian...right?"

               The young nerd acknowledges Dayo as he pushes his glasses
               back up to his face and looks rather skittish.

                         "Umm, Ryan, Ryan Nickels"

                         "Cool, Brian, my man, I need a big
                         favor, I need you to take these
                         fliers and pass them out to anyone
                         who is willing to take one, think
                         you can handle that for me buddy?"

               The boy nervously nods yes and takes the small stack of
               papers from Dayo.

                         "Awesome, I owe you one Brian!"

               Dayo and Blake continue down the hall as the boy stands there
               with the stack of papers, watching them exit. He mumbles,

                         "It's Ryan..."

                Ryan takes a deep breath and turns and offers one to the
               first passing student who quickly knocks them out of his
               hand, the papers fly and spread out all over the floor.

               The boy sighs, rolls his eyes and ducks down as he begins to
               pick them up, a few other students passing by, step on the
               papers, one will even kick a sheet across the hall away from

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               EXT. FRONT LOT OF COLLEGE / DAY 

               An ant makes its way along the railing slowly, disappears
               from view just as Blake and Dayo exit the school and are in
               the middle of a friendly conversation, 

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "...and I could not pop that son of
                         a bitch out of there!"

                         " There is a trick to it, Back home
                         we had elders who would teach us
                         various tricks to succeed in
                         various tasks, I learned so much,
                         they kicked my ass out of the
                         country and into your American

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Well, the old man wasn't
                         impressed, his only offspring is
                         not a "biological propensity," and
                         would rather tear apart an electric
                         turbine than an arthropod...I don't
                         even know why I decided to take his

                         "Arthropods are animals belonging
                         to the Phylum Arthropoda, which
                         together mean "jointed feet" and
                         include many insects, arachnids,
                         crustaceans and others...dude
                         biology is not that boring, I think
                         you just resent the fact that your
                         father teaches it."

               Blake swings his back pack to the other shoulder now, trying
               to contain his laughter at his friend,

                         "And as it is, it is not your
                         strongest subject, so be it, do not
                         pretend to be something you are
                         not, your father will not hold it
                         against you, trust me."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "You have no idea how important it
                         is to my father that I follow in
                         his footsteps...It has been his
                         dream to have a son to continue his
                         legacy in biological
                         engineering...anything else just
                         doesn't matter."

                         "What you believe about your
                         father's dream may be true,
                         however, He is an intelligent man,
                         I am certain he has accepted the
                         fact that you are your own person
                         and have your own interest, do not
                         underestimate the power of being an
                         individual, in my country, for
                         most, individuality means not
                         having to share toilet paper!"

               Blake laughs,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Dude, that's just not right... But
                         thanks for the additional
                         Psychology tutoring." 

                         "Anytime my friend, You will
                         receive my bill via Federation
                         Collections...sometime next

               Blake playfully slugs Dayo in the arm, He laughs as Dayo
               makes like his arm is broken, they make their way up the
               sidewalk, As they walk away the topic is changed as they talk
               about DAYO'S party plans.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I want you to meet this girl
                         tonight, We hit it off last week in
                         the cafeteria, she's...a bit off
                         the wall but...she's really a lot
                         like myself."

                         "I will meet this new love interest
                         of yours, just don't forget the

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I will not forget the
                         kegs!...relax dude."

                                                               FADE TO:

               INT. KATIE MOORE'S HOME / LATER

               Katie saunters in through the front door, she tosses her
               school bag down on the floor and peeks into living room.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. LIVING ROOM / DAY  

               Katie's mother is on the edge of the sofa, her appearance is
               not quite what you would expect for late afternoon, her hair
               in rollers, a beat up old robe and smoking a cigarette in
               dire need of butting. She is fixed on a news broadcast on the

               The news is reporting an outbreak of an unknown illness in

               MRS. MOORE turns and acknowledges her daughter's
               presence...the report is heard in the background 

                                   NEWS REPORTER (O.S.)
                         "Newly elected Mayor Peterson has
                         not issued any statements regarding
                         the outbreak but is expected to
                         meet with Health Officials this
                         weekend, The Federation has been
                         notified and Chatham has been
                         placed under a light quarantine
                         order until officials can identify
                         the cause of the illness."

                                   MRS. MOORE
                         "Hello dear, there's some lunch
                         meat in the fridge if you want a

               Katie smiles, and nods towards her mother's cigarette,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "You may want to be more careful
                         with that thing mom, I kind of
                         enjoy living in this old house and
                         really don't want to have to move
                         cause you decided to burn it down!"

               Katie's mother takes heed of her ash, cupping her hand
               beneath it.

                                   MRS. MOORE

               She puts out the cigarette into an over flowing ashtray.

                                   NEWS REPORTER (O.S.)
                         "There is no immediate threat to
                         males, strangely enough the illness
                         has only effected woman, twenty
                         seven cases have been reported,
                         doctors are baffled, symptoms
                         include loss of appetite, vomiting
                         and bloating, bleeding and swollen

                                   MRS. MOORE
                         "I can't believe Chatham is under
                         another quarantine order, that's
                         three in the last two years, they
                         are just forty minutes down the
                         road and we have yet to even get
                         the flu around here, I tell you, we
                         moved to the right town!"

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. HALLWAY / DAY 

               Katie looking aloof continues down the hall towards the
               kitchen. She shouts back,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Chatham is one of the biggest
                         polluters in the area, it's no
                         wonder they conjure up every god
                         forbidden illness known to man... "

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. KITCHEN / DAY

               KATIE selects her I-pod from her front pocket, also removing
               a detention slip, she tosses the slip onto a counter
               cluttered with personal keys, a watch, change wallet, and
               some unopened mail. As she begins to listen to her music,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                             (shouts out)
                         "I'm going out ma, hanging out with
                         Amanda tonight at Dayo's mid term
               's just down the road

                                   MRS. MOORE (O.S.)
                         "Katie, you behave out there
                         tonight, especially if you're
                         planning on drinking, I don't need
                         the sheriff back on my doorstep!"

               KATIE turns up the volume on the I pod,inserting the ear
               pieces properly as she replies back to her mother in a
               sarcastic loud mannerism,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Of course ma...what trouble can we
                         possibly get into here in
                         Middletown on a Friday
                         night...unless we head to
                         Jefferson's Farm and tip a few of
                         them dizzy cows..." 

               She then mutters to herself,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I did that last week end!"

                                   MRS. MOORE (O.S.)
                         "Don't even joke about that, the
                         police are still looking for some
                         kids who did that last weekend!"

               KATIE starts to flitter about, she walks up to the
               refrigerator and looks inside, 

               P. O. V.- INSIDE REFRIGERATOR:

               KATIE searches the racks, notices the baloney and grabs it,
               then reaches for the butter container...she closes door.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. KITCHEN

               KATIE proceeds to the counter, splashes her ingredients onto
               the counter and begins to make her sandwich.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         (singing the lyrics of a strange
                         new song)

               KATIE reaches into cupboard and pulls out a large glass, she
               returns back to the refrigerator, looking for something to
               drink, retrieving nothing, she will settle with water as she
               moves to the sink.

               INT. KITCHEN / SINK

               Katie turns on the kitchen faucet. 

               The water runs for a few seconds, Katie places her finger
               under the flow to make sure it is cool, then fills the glass.

               The glass is topped and she turns the faucet off. 

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. KATIE'S ROOM / DAY  

               Katie dances into her room with her sandwich hanging from her
               mouth, still humming her song playing on her I-pod. The room
               like KATIE is decorated in grunge like manner, Gothic, dark
               and music posters everywhere.

               Sets her glass of water on the to a set of
               brass knuckles, The water swirls back and forth as she dances
               to the closet.

               Closet door is pulled open, Katie starts to search through
               various outfits, she chooses two and holds them up, they are
               two very sexy outfits, one red one, one black one, she

               She selects her outfit and lays it out on the bed,

                                   KATIE MOORE (O.S.)
                         "Never go wrong with something

               Katie heading into a personal bathroom removes her top, her
               bare back exposes a stunning tattoo, the door to the bathroom
               is left open. The sound of the shower turned on.

               A glimpse of her jeans being tossed upon the floor.

               Standing in front of a vanity unit, she wiggles her toes
               leaning back and forth from her toes to her heels, humming,
               she is brushing her teeth, she finishes with a full spit into
               the sink, looking into the mirror she wipes her lips and
               smiles, turns and steps into the shower, a few drips drop
               from the faucet.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               INT. AMANDA'S HOME / DAY

               Amanda and her father are washing up dishes, her father
               washing, she is drying, they stand together at the kitchen

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "I don't believe you!"

                                   MR. MARTIN
                         "It's true, I wouldn't lie to you,
                         I was just a little older than you
                         are now I suppose,"

               Amanda wipes the freshly washed dish her father hands her.

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "I can't believe you only had to
                         pay a buck for a litre of gas, At
                         those prices I'd be travelling all
                         over the country!"

               MR. MARTIN smiles, a wet glass is set in front of AMANDA, the
               suds roll down the exterior of the glass onto a towel laid
               out on the counter.

                                   MR. MARTIN (O.S.)
                         "Well, that was a few years ago,
                         before renewable fuel cells, thank
                         God the Federation mandated the new
                         auto industry standards."

               The sudden sound of broken glass, MR. Martin curses. His hand
               is cut, a drop of blood into the soapy dish water.

                                   MR. MARTIN
                         "Nuts!..I'm OK, I never liked that
                         glass anyway, it was a wedding gift
                         from your Aunt Ugly..."

               MR. Martin applies pressure to his hand and hands Amanda the
               dish cloth...smiling sarcastically,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Dad!...Aunt Erma is not ugly!"

               Amanda whips him with her towel,

                                   MR. MARTIN
                         "I'll finish these up later, I know
                         you have plans and are running
                         late, go on, get ready."

               Amanda looks concerned over her father's wound, 

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Are you sure your OK, you sure you
                         don't need stitches or something, I
                         don't want to come home and find
                         out that you've bled to death."

               MR. Martin laughs, and begins to head out of the room,

                                   MR. MARTIN
                         "I'm not going to bleed out bozo,
                         go on get out there and enjoy your
                         evening, and try 'not' to get home
                         at a reasonable hour."

               Amanda folds up her drying towel and places it on the
               counter, she speaks loudly to ensure her father can hear her
               from the other room,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Ha Ha...I'm hoping for a quick
                         exit tonight, I have a lot of
                         school work to attack this

                                   MR. MARTIN (O.S.)
                         "You need a night out, you've done 
                         well with your studies, trust me, a
                         night of stress free fun is going
                         to refresh you better than a chic
                         flick and a bowl of popcorn..."

               Amanda goes to exit the room, her father now bandaged up
               steps in front of her in the doorway,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "But I like popcorn!"

               Her father smiles,

                                   MR. MARTIN
                         "Go, have fun, behave and if you
                         need me, call."

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "I'm going, I'm going, geez, you're
                         just as bad as Katie!"

                                   MR. MARTIN 
                         " Katie Moore?"

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Yes, you've met her here before."

                                   MR. MARTIN
                         "Yes, yes I remember, strange duck
                         isn't she?"

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Maybe a little, She's everything
                         I'm not, I think that's why we seem
                         to get along...bye daddy!"

               AMANDA leans up and kisses her father on the cheek.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. LARGE ESTATE / NIGHT

               The enormous estate is surrounded by an array of extravagant
               trees and is fully landscaped, there are animated students
               everywhere. They are enjoying the start of a very hip party
               as small groups arrive in droves. TWO PARTY GIRLS approach up
               the sidewalk,

                                   PARTY GIRL #1
                         "You only wish Tommy!"

                                   PARTY GIRL #2
                         "Oh my God I can't believe he said

               The girls giggle as they pass through our P. O. V.

                A group of guys are talking on the front step passing around
               a joint, the girls pass them entering the house, the guys are
               all fixed on getting their attention as they howl and

               A conglomeration of shots of students hanging out and
               drinking, playing party games and enjoying themselves.

                CHUCK is funneling a large amount of beer, being poured down
               his throat as three friends pour large cans of beer into the
               funnel, he finishes, wipes his face and shouts out to the
               cheering crowd,

                         "This is freakin awesome!"

               Chuck suddenly looks faint and falls backward as a few of the
               guest gasp in delight.

                                   CHUCK (O.S.)
                         "Somebody stop this ride, I need

               We track the legs of two woman walking in stride up the

                                   KATIE MOORE (O.C.)
                         "Now the rules are simple,"

               Katie and Amanda approach the house.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "...No books, no television, no
                         school talk what's so ever...just
                         drink and try to have some fun."

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                              interrupts,stopping in
                              her tracks)
                         "Don't you worry about me, just
                         make some headway with Blake so I
                         don't feel like I totally wasted my
                         time..for poor pathetic you!"

               Katie grabs Amanda's hand and pulls her towards the house.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Come on!"

                                                                CUT TO:


               The large front door swings open as the two girls enter. The
               same guys are behind them checking them out.

               Katie whispers,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "You may even try unbuttoning that
                         top button,"

               Amanda rolls her eyes and follows her in.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Katie is panning the busy room, Amanda looks a little out of

               Katie looking over the room suddenly gets a grin across her
               face, she has spotted Blake standing over next to the kegs of
               beer, chatting with a few male buddies.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I think we need to get a drink."

               Resume on Blake laughing with his friends.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I am going to have a draft, care
                         to join me over at the keg?"

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Just go and talk to him, I'll grab
                         a spot on that sofa and...have some
                         of that fun you so highly

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "On the sofa?...Amanda!...(laughs),
                         seriously, If I come back here and
                         find you sober...I'll..."

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Go already!"

               Katie looks back towards the boys at the keg and smiles,
               turning back quickly mouthing a friendly threat to loosen up,
               as she heads towards Blake.

               Blake looks in her direction and smiles, One of Blake's
               friends, SIMON, chuckles at her Gothic/punk like appearance,

                         "Wow, There's something you don't
                         see everyday, you want to borrow a
                         wooden stake?"

               Blake smirks and pushes him away, Simon exits just as she

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Katie, You look...stunning, I'm 
                         glad you showed up."

               Blake bends and pours her a drink from the keg, Katie can't
               help but to enjoy the view,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Well, It was either this or cow
                         tipping, I thought I'd much rather
                         tip back a beer."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I'm with you there."

               Blake and Katie smile as they are caught in a moment of
               shyness, Katie nervously takes a drink from her cup, just as
               the arrival of Chuck has him bumping clumsily into Katie,
               causing her to spill some of her drink onto herself, he is
               super apologetic.

               Katie tries hard to control her eagerness to thump him out,
               for the sake of Blake,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Really Chuck, I'm fine, In a few
                         hours I'll be spilling my own
                         drinks, trust me."

                         "You sure, well at least allow me
                         to pour you a new one"

               Chuck stumbles about trying to work the tap on the keg, Blake
               takes this opportunity to lean over and whisper,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "While he tries to figure out the
                         tap, let's go in the kitchen and
                         grab a towel."

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "My hero."

               They escape as the drunken Chuck continues to be flustered
               over his non ability to work the tap.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Amanda is sitting alone on the sofa as the party continues
               around her. The guests are dancing to music, and cheering yet
               another funnel attempt, and mingling around with friends.

               A drink is extended out from behind Amanda, she looks around
               to see Dayo, a drink of his own in his other hand.

                         "Why is it that the most exquisite
                         girl here is the only one not
                         enjoying the party."

               Amanda smiles and takes the drink, Dayo climbs over the top
               of his sofa and sits down beside her.

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Dayo, you know I'm not into this
                         party stuff, I'm only here as a
                         favor for my friend."

               Taking a drink from her glass, she winces,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "My God what the hell is that!"

                         "It's my own signature American
                         cocktail, a social cocktail, I call
                         it the Face-look, ...cause of the
                         look on your face when you drink

               Amanda sets her drink on the table, and joins in on the play
               with Dayo.

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "Well, I believe you have too many
                         applications kinda lags
                         in taste!"

               Amanda turns towards Dayo who is smelling his drink.

                         "Good connection with the aroma

               They exchange laughter,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "So...are you ready for Mrs.
                         Pyknic's Chemistry test on

                         "Whoa, halt, cease! school
                         talk tonight, I'll have to ticket
                         you for an 834!"

               Amanda laughs,

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "And just what is a 834?"

                         "An 834?...that is...well, I really
                         have no idea what an 834 is, but it
                         can't be good...Look all I know is
                         that everyone must be having a good
                         time, and setting all school issues

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "I'm having a good time, honestly,
                         you have a great place here, very
                         comfortable, and if the host would
                         just supply me with a glass of
                         water with a slice of lemon in
                         it...I think you may have, in my
                         books, hosted one of the best
                         parties in Middletown in recent

               Dayo smirks,

                         "I'll acquire this beverage for
                         you...this Arctic Lemon
                         Twist...that's a very marketable
                         brand name...we'll make millions!"

                                   AMANDA MARTIN
                         "If you say so"

               Dayo launches himself up and over the edge of the sofa.
               Amanda is left laughing, and looking about the she
               notices that nobody is looking her way, she quickly and shyly
               unbuttons her top button of her outfit.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. LARGE ESTATE / KITCHEN

               A dirty frying pan surrounded by a cluster of partial booze
               bottles, a plate of sliced lemon and lime. A bottle of wine
               sits in a vat of ice foreshadowing the kitchen door,

               Dayo walks in.

               It's a large kitchen, Katie stands talking with Blake in the
               corner of the room.

               Chuck is passed out on the floor, someone is drawing on his

               Dayo notices the artwork being done on Chuck and laughs.

                         "Tribal war fitting!"

               He carefully steps over Chuck and nods to the young prankster
               painting up Chuck's face.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "He walked in and just...passed
                         out, not before spilling Katie's
                         drink a little earlier."

                         "Blake, my friend, you wouldn't
                         believe the work it takes to ensure
                         this thing goes according to

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I think you've done a wonderful

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Dayo Baccus, this is Katie Moore."

                         "Ah yes, Blake has mentioned you,
                         glad to meet your acquaintance."

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "He's talked to you about me has

               Katie looks over at Blake with a seducing smile,

               Dayo busy getting a glass of water from the tap,

                                   DAYO (O.S.)
                         "Several times...."

               Dayo looking over, winks and smiles, Blake looks embarrassed,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Cut it out!"

               Katie notices what Dayo is preparing,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Water with a slice of lemon?"

               Dayo drops a slice of lemon in the glass,

                         "Yes, I call it an Arctic Lemon
                to try one?"

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "No thanks anyway, but my friend
                         Amanda would, that's all she ever

                         "Yes, this is for her, she's in my
                         chemistry class you
                         girl...pretty too!...Have fun

               Dayo scampers back out of the room as Blake and Katie resume
               their conversation,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "So, Blake Johns, you've been
                         talking about me have you?"

               Blake smiles and begins to pour himself another drink,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Dayo is a man of many talents
                         including causing shit."

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Sounds like a great guy."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "My best friend."

               Katie pushes some bottles aside and sits up on the kitchen

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "So, I hear you are single, and I
                         really haven't anything planned
                         this weekend..."

               Blake interrupts,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Are you asking me out?"

               Katie looks into Blake's eyes, very seductively,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "And if I were, what would you

               Blake smiles.

                                                              FADE OUT.


               A large warehouse, Sikh's pod is parked in an open area with
               various parts removed and being inspected by men in white
               hazardous material suits.

               A door with the words "Ontario Room".

                                                                CUT TO:


               Sikh sits before a panel of military officials, The tension
               is felt just with the expression on his face, and the faces
               of the three men across from him. An armed guard stands by a
               side door.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I really think we need to further
                         investigate this, It has been three
                         days and all in all it is just too
                         consequential to be unrelated."

               One of the men, a FEDERATION REPRESENTATIVE sitting in the
               centre of the three speaks up.

                                   FEDERATION REPRESENTATIVE
                         "The nature of this investigation
                         is to remain quiet and on a need to
                         know basis only, I don't want this
                         too get out to the general
                         population... unless we are 100% on
                         our findings. Mr. Roberts, you
                         understand the severity of the
                         situation and the consequences?"

               Sikh gathers up his papers and stands before them,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Sir, If I am correct on this, we
                         won't have to worry about the

               The officials look at each other, and then back at Sikh,

                                   FEDERATION REPRESENTATIVE
                         "If you are correct Mr. Roberts, we
                         may already facing the

               Sikh looks suddenly helpless,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "We have a light quarantine
                         already, I highly suggest raising
                         it too red level five!"

                                   FEDERATION REPRESENTATIVE
                         "We cannot go to red level five
                         without raising a few eye brows at
                         global headquarters, I'm sorry, We
                         need to deal with this at a local

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "For the record, I think the global
                         federation should be involved, I
                         don't think we can handle this

                                   FEDERATION REPRESENTATIVE
                         "Our decision is final Captain."

               Sikh stares in contempt at the officials then rather angrily
               salutes and turns to the door and marches out.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Sikh stands just beyond the Ontario room door and flips open
               a small communications device, staring off towards his pod as
               the men continue to dissect it.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "zero nine..."

               Sikh stares at the nose of his pod...a number of tiny dents
               and burn marks.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Hey, I need you to meet me outside
                         the base in ten minutes...or less!"

               A short pause as Sikh's eyes glance around aimlessly,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS

               He closes the device once again staring off towards the pod's
               nose, pockets his device and exits.

                                                           FADE OUT TO:


               A cigarette is being lit, Sikh's face begins to be
               illuminated with the headlights of an approaching vehicle.

               Sikh inhales deeply, slowly exhales.

               The jeep stops in front of him, Toric is looking out his side

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Why is it that you only ever call
                         when you need me to pick you up
                         from somewhere."

               Sikh silently walks around the front of the jeep and enters
               the passenger side door.

                                                                CUT TO:

               I/E. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               Inside the jeep Sikh looks over at Toric with a involved look
               of pending trouble. 

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I think we are in one hell of a
                         pickle bro. ... I only hope it's
                         not too late."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Maybe you want to put me in the
                         loop, on what's going on?"

               Sikh tosses his cigarette out the window and looks at his
               watch as it reads 9:03 pm.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS (O.S.)
                         "On the way...We need to get to

               Toric starts up his jeep and puts into drive...still staring
               at Sikh.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               The jeep races out from within the front of the building and
               back up the road.

                                                                CUT TO:

               I/E. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               Toric glances over at Sikh who is transfixed on the road
               ahead of them, deep in thought.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "So?...Do I need to play twenty
                         questions on this or what?"

               Sikh remains focused ahead,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "5 hours ago, we had 27 cases of an
                         undefined illness among woman of
                         all ages, I just got word twenty
                         minutes ago, that number is now
                         over 300...General Hospital is a
                         state of chaos and at full
                         capacity, and to make matters
                         worse...they want to start sending
                         new cases to the York Medical
                         Facilities in Beaumont."

               Toric looks confused.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Is it a virus?"

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "It's not your typical
                         fact, it may not even be a virus."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "I don't follow?"

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I believe it is a living spore,
                         quite possibly remnants of what
                         ever went wrong on NARA 3...brought
                         down on the nose of my the
                         best of our knowledge, it needs a
                         female host to mature."

               Sikh looks back at a nervous Toric, who is now lighting up a

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I thought you quit?"

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "I did."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Chatham is under quarantine orders
                         from the Federation which prevents
                         them from pushing patients into
                         Beaumont, however, If we can't find
                         a way of eliminating it before it
                         becomes an epidemic, the federation
                         may have no choice than to issue a
                         block zone."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "What is a block zone?"

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Complete containment, nobody
                         in...nobody out, until whatever it
                         is, is gone."

               Toric continues to quickly smoke down his cigarette,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Chatham has a population of nearly
                         sixty thousand, how could they..."

               Toric cuts himself off in awe, shaking his head,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Always knew the Federation was
                         going to be our downfall, should
                         have kept the old political system
                         in place, at least we knew who to
                         blame when shit hit the fan."

               Toric looks over at Sikh who holds a clenched fist up to his
               forehead, eyes closed.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "How do you reckon these people got

               Sikh leans back, chin up,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "My guess is the water, Balking's
                         water treatment station is just
                         down river of where I landed the
                         pod, If the spore did hitch a ride
                         down on the pod and ended up in the
                         river, it somehow survived not only
                         the extreme heat of re-entry, but
                         the chemicals and filtration
                         systems failed to kill it as well."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "I've done work at that plant Sikh,
                         Did you know Balking's also
                         supplies Middletown!'s re
                         routed back, takes a little longer
                         to reach us, but it's..."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "You've got to be kidding me, I
                         forgot all about that!...I Need to
                         cut the water supply, how can we do

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Impossible, once the water is re
                         routed back here... it's
                         could dig up the main line and
                         block it, but that would take a few
                         days...time we probably at this
                         point don't have."

               Sikh suddenly expresses a sense of urgency,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I have to warn the girls!"

               Sikh pulls out his communication's device, nervously fumbling
               to get it open,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "zero three"

               As Sikh anxiously awaits for the ring of the phone, Toric
               pulls out his device,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "I'll get Frank to sound the alarm
                         and post a media alert..."

               Sikh nods his head still listening to the phone ring,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "So much for keeping things quiet."

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / NIGHT

               An elegant well kept home ,dimly lit, a light shines brighter
               in a room down the darkened hall...the phone rings four or
               five times, another sound can be heard from the room down the
               hall, the sound of a music box dancer chiming.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / BEDROOM

               The distant sound of the phone continues, Lucy is tucked in
               her bed while Tay is next to her, a musical globe held in
               front of Lucy's face, watching it in amazement.

                                   YOUNG LUCY
                         "telephone's ringing mom!"

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "It's OK, they will call back, but
                         now it's bedtime for you Miss Lucy,
                         We'll see you in the morning..."

               Tay kisses Lucy on the forehead and gently smooths out the
               blanket around her,

                                   YOUNG LUCY
                         "Mom, I'm thirsty!"

               Lucy looks tired but has a devilish smile,

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "OK, I'll bring you back a drink of
                         water, then it's lights out silly."

               Tay exits towards the door...the phone stops ringing, Tay
               turns back from the doorway and dims the room light with a
               dimmer switch,

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "I'll be right back with your

                                                                CUT TO:

               I/E. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               Sikh slams the communication's device closed, and looks over
               at Toric.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Not picking up, get me there

               Toric nods as he continues to talk on his device,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "you have to trust me on this
                         Frank, Just do it, I'll assume all
                         responsibility, don't worry, Have I
                         ever misled you before?.....Kay,
                         Thanks Frank, We'll head over as
                         soon as we can...don't drink the

               He snaps closed his device and looks over at Sikh who looks

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               The jeep wheels around a city corner, tires squeal.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / HALLWAY

               Tay exits the bedroom and is heading up the hall.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               The jeep roars past through a desolate neighborhood.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / KITCHEN

               Tay enters the kitchen and opens a cupboard door taking out a
               small juice cup.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               The speeding jeep races up yet another desolate street...and
               squeals around another intersection...startling another car
               who was just about to advance through.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / KITCHEN

               Tay turns on the tap and begins to fill the cup, turns off
               the tap.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. JEEP / NIGHT / CONT.

               Our P. O. V. - From the rear seat out the front windshield as
               the jeep races around another corner...two teens are on the
               road and are startled as they dive out of the way.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / KITCHEN

               Tay is walking out of the kitchen with a cup of water.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. SIKH'S HOME / DRIVEWAY 

               The jeep flies up to the house, Sikh jumps out the side and
               runs to the house,

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / HALLWAY

               Tay is walking back up the hallway with the cup of water and
               disappears into the bedroom.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / FRONT DOOR 

               Sikh comes rushing in, he looks around and sees the light
               coming from the bedroom...

                                   SIKH ROBERTS

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / HALLWAY 

               Sikh rushes up hallway,

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SIKH'S HOME / BEDROOM

               Tay is handing Lucy the cup,

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Daddy's home... Just a few sips,
                         we don't want any accidents

               Just as she raises the glass to her lips, Sikh rounds the
               doorway and sees the cup.

               Just as the glass touches her lips, a hand smacks the cup
               across the room and it bounces around on the floor.

               Sikh collapses on the side of the bed next to Lucy.

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "What the hell Sikh!"

               Tay is in shock, Lucy seems to be startled and whimpers. Sikh
               is exhausted...trying to catch his breathe,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "The water... is... contaminated!"

               Sikh wipes away a tear from Lucy's eye, Tay cover's her mouth
               in shock at the thought of how close she came to allowing
               Lucy to get ill, Toric peeks his head into the room,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Sikh...they're OK?"

               Sikh looks from Toric to Tay to Lucy and nods,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                          "Let's go we need to get the word
                         out now!"

                                                                CUT TO:


               Several of the students are now paired off and dancing
               together, the party has slowed down to a more romantic scene,

               Amanda is on the sofa still conversing with Dayo, She begins
               to struggle with an abrupt uneasy feeling, Dayo has a look of

                         "You feeling OK, you suddenly look
                         a little white...more white than
                         you are normally that is."

               Amanda tries to chuckle but begins to struggle to breathe,
               looking up at Dayo in fear, she coughs and blood is spewed
               across the front of Dayo's shirt.

                         "Holy Shit!"

               Dayo holds his arms up in disgust,looking down at his blood
               splattered shirt than back up at Amanda.

               With blood coming from her mouth, Amanda turns violently over
               the edge of the sofa and begins to gag.

               Several other's in the room gasp out in horror and begin to
               gather round.

               Amanda falls to the floor and rolls onto her back, revealing
               a very discouraging swollen neck, her eyes rolling back.

               Dayo looks about in shock,

                         "Somebody call 9 1 1 !"

               Katie and Blake push through a group of onlookers stopping
               suddenly at the sight of Amanda,

               Katie screams out,

                                   KATIE MOORE

               Blake tries to hold her back,however she gets through and
               arrives kneeling beside Amanda who is now suffering from some
               erratic convulsions, Katie crying out as she watches not
               knowing what to do with Amanda's condition.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "What the hell happened to her!"

               The front door opens, a YOUNG GIRL is crying, she has blood
               down the front of her blouse, from her mouth,

                                   YOUNG GIRL
                         "Help me...please?"

               The girl drops,

               Blake is stunned, 

               Another guest starts to feel weak as she braces herself up
               against the wall, her face is blank and staring straight
               ahead as we watch her neck suddenly swell as if something
               swam beneath her skin.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "What the hell is going on here?"

                                                                CUT TO:


               The dark silhouettes of the town horns against the dark sky,

               They start, we hear the roaring sound of the warning horn.

               A darkened street is awaken as lights begin to flick on from
               the homes on either side,

               A man emerges covered in blood, he is an older man, in his
               late sixties, looking lost, he looks over to see others
               emerge from their homes in panic as they try to help their
               ailing family members,

                                                         FADE TO BLACK:

               EXT.  DESOLATE STREET / DAY

               The street is unpretentious, a car is parked irregularly with
               its drivers door ajar...a light fog lingers.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. PARK SWING / DAY

               An devoid swing sways in the city park. 

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. BICYCLE ON ROAD / DAY 

               A tricycle is left in the centre of a road, a child's
               backpack lays next to it.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. HOUSE FRONT STEP / DAY

               The front door of a  quiet neighborhood home is left yawning,
               a large amount of blood smear stains the front arch.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. FACTORY / DAY 

               The industrial warehouse is quiet, NARRATION begins,

                         "It seems like only yesterday, and
                         yet it has been an eternity...That
                         horrible night the sirens sang out
                         and everything we once took for
                         granite was lost..."

               An unidentified MAN in sweats runs in a panic athwart the
               vacant parking structure...into a staircase.

                         "It happened so fast, it came
                         without warning, not only did it
                         happen to us, but it happened
                         globally, we were unprepared to
                         deal with it..."

               The man runs to the corner of the wall and glimpses around

                         " They tried to stop it, we tried
                         to contain it, but it was just too
                         late, even the federation in all
                         its power was helpless against it."

               The man launches himself off again, towards a car in the lot.

                         "I feel that we are not alone, I
                         feel that there must be others who
                         have managed to evade and survive
                         this hell we are forced to endure
                         each and everyday..."

               The man gets into the car and looks into the backseat to see
               the girl with her jaw ripped open propped up dead behind him,
               outside of the car we can hear him screams out.

                                                              FADE OUT.


               Panning across a large room, Blake is propped up by a window,
               staring out into the sunlight...speaking into a personal

                                   NARRATOR/BLAKE JOHNS
                         "My name is Blake Johns, and this
                         is my personal journal to anyone
                         who may come across it in the
                         future...a future I don't even know
                         that will exist...."

                                                                CUT TO:


               The steel door suddenly slides open, Blake quickly turns and
               points a gun towards the door.

               At the door a startled friend, Dayo raises his hands.

                         "Whoa, hold the trigger now, just
                         me...still me, no added features!"

               Blake looks relieved, as he lowers his gun and tucks it back
               beside him. His hand still trembles.

                         "Nothing scares me more than a
                         nervous white guy with a loaded

               Blake looks out the window, sets his recorder down and
               stands, stretching and yawning.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Nothing scares me anymore, I think
                         I lost the ability to feel any

                                   DAYO (O.S.)
                         "Well alright, Rambo, I just came
                         from the storage room and we are
                         completely out of some stuff, you
                         think we should take a trip into
                         town and shop."

               Blake turns to face Dayo,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Don't suppose you mean we are out
                         of toilet paper."

                         "That is on the top of my list."

               Blake snickers and grabs his gun and makes his way to the
               door, at the door the two former college students exit,
               closing the door behind them.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. WAREHOUSE TUNNEL / DAY

               Blake and Dayo are walking up the hallway.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "It rained yesterday, we better not
                         trust Queen street, we'll take
                         Arnold to Pamela and hook back on
                         Indian Creek."

                         "We haven't scrounged the college
                         yet, I say we start there, should
                         be plenty of toilet paper too!"

               They approach a cabinet, Dayo opens it revealing a number of
               guns and some jackets.

                         "I don't have to remind you that if
                         either of us are...the other is
                         under no circumstance to interfere,
                         but to get the hell out of dodge as
                         they say."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Just be careful, bud your all I
                         got left in this hell, don't even
                         go there!"

               Dayo smiles,

                         "Awe, you do much for
                         your inability to feel hey."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Yeah, right!"

               Blake slams shut the cabinet door,

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. ABANDONED STREET / DAY

               The two are carefully walking down the vacant street,
               carefully searching their quiet

                         "I remember when you couldn't walk
                         down this street without old Mrs.
                         Witherspoon shouting out from her
                         porch to use the sidewalk, "Get off
                         the road and use the walk, your
                         going to cause an accident!"

               Blake looks uneasy,

                         "Wish she around to see this."

               Blake and Dayo stop, looking at what normally would be a very
               busy intersection, various abandoned cars and a giant crater
               left behind from a Federation missile attack.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I wish a lot of people were still
                         around to see this."

                         "I'm sure there are others out
                         there somewhere just like us, maybe
                         not as colorful as us, but none the
                         less. We are eventually going to
                         have to leave town and see what's
                         out there, you know this don't

               The two travelers approach a small compact car, the door is
               open and a bloody hand hangs out, Blake stops and signals to
               Dayo to keep watch,

               Blake slowly approaches the car, nervously he peeks into the
               car, revealing the body of a young female, bloodied and

               Blake suddenly looks horrified,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Oh crap...It's female!!!"

                         "Not another one!"

               Blake scrambles away from the car,

                         "Where Blake, where is it!"

               They are back to back searching about, they're panicky,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I don't know damn it, I don't

                         "It's gotta be here somewhere!"

               Blake suddenly looks down and spots an old drainage pipe
               sticking out from the broken pavement.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "There!...the pipe! It's got to be
                         in the pipe."

               They both face the hole, suddenly a rumble sound...

               Blake raises his gun,

                         "Ten bucks it's not one of them
                         ninja turtle dudes!"

               Suddenly a burst of water flies out of the pipe along with a
               large parasite, a snake like critter with no eyes, just

               An eerie high pitch scream, a couple of gun shots,the
               parasite explodes sending bloody debris everywhere.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Well, nothing like announcing our
                         whereabouts...we better get out of

               Dayo picking off pieces of the parasite from his chest,

                         "This was fun, we ought to do this
                         more often!"

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Come on, before they show up."

               Dayo and Blake continue to jog up the street...cautiously,

                                                                CUT TO:


               Blake and Dayo run up to the college and into the front
               door...The now vacated school looks deserted and unkept,
               broken glass and garbage everywhere.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SCHOOL HALL / DAY

               Blake leads the way through a cluttered hallway, carefully
               stepping around personal items left behind in a mass panic.

               Dayo bends over and picks up a small personal travel pack of


               Books are scattered, jackets and papers, book bags and such.

               Dayo keeps an eye behind them...pockets his treasure.

               A sudden crash in one of the classrooms ahead of them, it
               stop them dead in their tracks.

               Blake again raises his gun, they look at each other and Dayo
               signals a retreat, Blake insists they check it out, they
               slowly edge forward, Dayo muttering his disapproval.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Blake slowly moves his way around the classroom door to peeks

               Somebody in full motorcycle attire is rummaging through a
               variety of papers.

               Blake unsure of the stranger's motive, moves in gun pointed.

               The stranger hears Blake step on a piece of glass, stops
               motionless, then dives across the desk and turns with a gun
               pointed at Blake.

               They stare at each other for a moment, and the mysterious
               stranger quickly lowers their gun,

               Blake appears confused as the stranger begins to remove their

                                   KATIE MOORE

               Blake lowers his gun in disbelief,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Katie, your...your...but how?"

               Katie smiles,

                         "Spit it out boy, your going to
                         choke on it.!"

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Your alive!"

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Yes the last time I checked, and
                         your damn lucky your still
                         standing, I almost blew your head

               Katie sets her helmet down and rushes over and hugs Blake.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "After the party you raced Amanda
                         to the hospital and I never saw you

                         "Never saw anyone again, you're the
                         first person we've seen in
                         weeks...well noninfected that is!"

               Katie pulls back and notices Dayo standing there like a third
               wheel, she hugs him too.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I'll explain some things to you
                         guys later, right now it's getting
                         late and I need to get these papers
                         back to the shelter."

               Katie continues to gather the papers as Blake and Dayo move
               in to help.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "What shelter, where have you been
                         hiding for the last three weeks,
                         Dayo and I have scouted most of
                         Middletown for surplus and
                         survivors and your the first person
                         ironically we have met still alive
                         and without one of them...tail
                did you not get

               Katie looks at them,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "There is a small group of us at
                         Jefferson's farm, it is well
                         equipped and secluded enough to
                         avoid any outside interest."

               Katie grabs Blake's arm, gingerly,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Blake, your father is there...I'm
                         sure he's going to be so happy to
                         find out that you are still alive
                         and well!"

               Blake is taken with the news of his father as he is at a loss
               for words, Dayo takes this time to interrupt,

                         "So...why are we here gathering up
                         old school papers in the first

               Katie is still staring at a confounded Blake,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "These are the professor's notes on
                         a recent biology study which may
                         help him find a way to eliminate
                         the infestation...or at least avoid
                         it...we'll get these back to him

               Blake is blank with emotion, he interrupts,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I'm not going"

               Dayo and Katie are taken in at Blake's response,

                         "Blake, he is your father, he is
                         alive, he maybe able to come up
                         with something to end this all!"

               Katie looks back and forth between Dayo and Blake sensing she
               is slightly out of the loop.

                         "I think you need to rethink your
                         thinking patterns my friend, cause
                         frankly, I don't get it."

               Blake looking back sternly, and forgetting that Katie is
               unaware of his troubled relationship with his father,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "How can I face my father knowing
                         all this happened because the
                         Federation failed to protect us,
                         that Federation in which my father
                         was part of!...I can't, Not to
                         mention trying to get pass the way
                         he treated me, as though nothing I
                         did outside of science was ever
                         good enough! I have grieved my
                         father's death, and really I don't
                         feel like going through that all
                         over again should things fall apart
                         around here."

                         " I remember the last time we
                         walked out of the professor's
                         classroom, you were feeling
                         belittled because your father
                         wanted you to succeed in something
                         you had no desire to succeed at,
                         yet you were desperate for him to
                         be proud of who you were and what
                         you were really good at, well,
                         ...look at yourself are a
                         one hell of a fighter,and a great
                         leader for those like me who need a
                         little leadership...I owe you my
                         life, and there is one thing you
                         have succeeded at, and it is
                         probably the one thing your father
                         wanted most of all... you succeeded
                         at staying alive...that's better
                         than um-teen billion others right

               Blake looks down in defeat, Katie forces a smile.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "You are a cabbage head."

               Blake looks up,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Which is why I probably try
                         keeping you around. Let's go then,
                         I guess we can visit the farm team,
                         scout out a few of the players and
                         see if any of them are worth
                         bringing up to the big league."

               Katie laughs,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "What's this...the N. H. L. "

                         "Go Leafs Go, they were my favorite
                         team you know!"

               They all get ready to leave.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I never figured you for a Leaf fan
                         Dayo, I had heard that you were
                         quite intelligent."

                         "Oh a low blow...low blow."

                A violent crash is heard outside the classroom,

               Blake turns to Katie,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Are you here alone?"

               Katie looking nervous, nods yes,

                         "Flesh puppets!"

               Katie raises her gun and flips the big desk on its side,

               All three quickly hide behind it, guns drawn.

               The sound of several footsteps are heard approaching, they
               are slow and steady and are just outside their door.

               The sweat rolls down the face of Dayo, Blake grabs Katie's
               hand as they hold their breathe.

               The sound of several footsteps are heard leaving, they soon
               become distant and the sound of a door opening and closing
               leaves it quiet once again.

               A look of relief falls upon their faces,

               Dayo picks himself up and stands up,

                         "That was just too damn..."

               Dayo turns his head to see a large man standing in the
               doorway, his skin is grey, bald and his flesh shows signs of
               rot, his eyes are white with trace blood drops surrounding
               them, he is expressionless,from the back view we see a long
               tail hanging from a gaping hole in the back of his head as if
               some snake has dug into his skin and buried itself in his

                         "Oh boy!"

               Blake takes notice of Dayo's expression, he launches himself
               up and open fires towards the doorway.

               A shot enter the intruders face and blows a hole through his
               head as blood splatters back on the wall and the snake like
               tail falls to the floor,

               The body drops.

               Blake looks back up at Dayo,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "We've got to run...NOW!"

               They all dash over the dead carcass, and in the opposite
               direction from which they came.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SCHOOL HALL / DAY

               The three of them are running up the hall as the sound of a
               distant door opens, revealing a cluster of shadows in an
               exposed light from the open door down the hall behind them.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. COLLEGE BACK DOOR / DAY

               The three come crashing out the door in a panic, Katie drops
               her bag of papers and then tries to stop to grab them.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Forget about it, they're coming!"

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "No, they could be our only
                         hope...I promised your father!"

               Katie runs back as Blake shouts out her name, she gets to the
               step and grabs the bag.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. COLLEGE BACK DOOR / DAY

               Katie is running as the doors of the school burst open behind
               her. A group of flesh puppets are raging in after her, at
               least a half dozen of them.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. COLLEGE BACK DOOR / CONT.

               BLAKE draws his gun and starts a succession of rapid fire on
               the group, but they keep coming, as only one drops down.

                         "She's not going to be able to out
                         run them all, they're right behind

               Dayo turns to Blake,

                         "I owe you everything Blake,
                         including a chance to win!"

               Dayo runs towards the group and passes Katie, just as the
               group were to catch her, Dayo jumps into the group with his
               arms extended and his head down, tackling the entire squad.

               Blake is horrified,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                             (screams out)

               Katie runs up to Blake and pulls him with her,

                                   KATIE MOORE

               They run. Blake looks back to see the crowd of flesh puppets
               engulf Dayo as he screams out vile curses and at the same
               time shouts off sounds of agony...then silence. They continue
               to run unchallenged.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               INT. LARGE ESTATE / FARM / NIGHT

               Blake and Katie walk mournfully up towards the farm building,
               the front door opens as Sikh looks out...his gun in hand,
               behind his back, Tay curiously appears looking over his right
               shoulder, then quickly disappears.

               Katie looks up to see Sikh standing at the door.

               Tay reappears nudging her way around Sikh and out the door to
               greet the two, she carries a blanket,

               Tay jogs up to the two in the distance and carefully wraps a
               blanket around Katie and then after an apparent introduction
               she shakes Blake's hand.

               Toric appears beside Sikh, in the doorway.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "I told you there was hope, there
                         are survivors out there...I knew
                         it...there are real people
                         surviving this thing just like us."

               Sikh watches them arrive at the farm's step.

                                                               FADE TO:


               Tay is cutting up some fresh carrots on the cutting board,
               she is staring at a photo on the counter, that of young Lucy.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:

               EXT. CITY PARK / DAY

               Tay and Lucy are face to face on either side of the table
               playfully using carrots as swords, laughing as Tay bites the
               end off Lucy's sword.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:


               Tay is still cutting up carrots, zoned out as a single tear
               rolls down her cheek.

               She suddenly winces in pain. 

               The Professor enters in the room, a look of concern,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS

               BOZ, a young boy around eight is sitting at the kitchen table
               drawing with crayons on a large sheet of paper, he points...


               He is pointing at the chopping board. Tay's pinky finger
               rests clear next to the chopped carrot pieces.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Oh my!"

               The Professor quickly grabs a tea towel and wraps Tay's hand.

               Sikh enters the kitchen,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Boz get as much ice as you can for
                         the finger! Hurry!"

               Boz launches himself from his chair and opens the make shift
               refrigerator, grabs a tray of ice-cubes from the top ice box,
               he dumps them in a plastic dish.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS (O.S.)
                         "What's going on?"

               Boz grimaces as he picks up and drops the little finger into
               the bowl.

               Tay still crying, as Sikh wraps his arms around her, he looks
               down and sees the old photo of his daughter.

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "I couldn't help her. There were
                         just too many."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "It wasn't your fault, there was
                         nothing we could have done, I'm so
               Tay suddenly passes out.
               (TAY'S P. O. V.)
               - as the noise muffles and fades, the Professor is ordering
               Sikh to lay her down on the sofa.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

                                                               FADE IN:

               INT. TIGHT ON FINGER

               Carefully with needle and thread and a bed of ice, the finger
               is being sewn back on.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Tay is laying on the sofa as the Professor sits next to her
               on a wooden chair, He wraps up his final stitch and leans
               back looking up at Blake who is now standing next to Toric
               and Boz, Sikh is patting down the forehead of wife with a

               Blake tries to smile,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I see you haven't lost your

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "I conceive it'll mend up nicely,
                         it has been many, many years since
                         I had to devote a little first
                         aid...probably the last time was
                         when you tripped in the driveway
                         and scuffed your knees when you
                         were about Boz's age."

               The Professor pulls his attention back to Sikh, handing him
               the bandages.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Finish up will you."

               Sikh takes the bandages nodding,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Thanks again doc."

               The Professor stands and wipes his hands on a towel, looking
               over at Blake, who is now avoiding eye contact.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Blake, It's good to see you."

               Blake a little unsure, looks about noticing all eyes on
               him,including the eyes of Katie who stands beside him.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "You too."

               The professor exits, Blake smiles at his audience as he
               begins to follow him, Katie grabs his arm and whispers,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "He's a good man, he's not the man
                         you may think he is."

               Blake looks reassured and winks at her as he exits.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SMALL OFFICE / CONT.

               The Professor stands facing away from the open door, over
               looking a large desk swarming with papers and books, a small
               lantern domes the only light into the room. There are
               diagrams and charts everywhere.

               Blake enters into the room quietly,

               The Professor knows he is in the room and begins to talk
               without turning around.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "When we live our lives according
                         to what we perceive is the perfect
                         formula to success, We tend to
                         judge others, maybe in a pretension
                         that may come across as
                         narcissistic and unruly,"

               The Professor turns around,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "I'm afraid I have fallen victim to
                         this in my own life, I put my own
                         flesh and blood behind a curtain of
                         aspersion and indignity, I was no
                         more a father to you as I was a
                         husband to your mother, When she
                         left me, I could not challenge that
                         it was of my own doing, I pushed
                         her away much like I did with you." 

               The Professor leans up against the desk, reaching for a
               family photo, and staring at it, he continues...

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "I was only sixteen when you were
                         born, I was just a child myself,
                         but I loved your mother and
                         promised I would provide for the
                         three of us through hard work and
                         personal sacrifice, Little did I
                         know that my promise would
                         eventually lead to my downfall. I
                         yearn things different now, It's an
                         enigma why the human spirit takes
                         such a beating before it prescribes
                         the mind to focus on what really
                         matters, and although I could never
                         expect you to forgive me for how I
                         treated you, how I mistreated you
                         and your mother, I just wanted to
                         make sure you know how I feel now,
                         how much I love you and how much I
                         am proud of the person you have

               The Professor sniffles and looks up as Blake leaps forward
               and embraces his father,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I missed you so much."

               Blake stands back,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I didn't make things easy on you,
                         I blamed you for mom leaving, even
                         after I found out the truth, I
                         didn't want to believe it. I'm

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "You have nothing to be sorry

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "They say everything happens for a
                         reason, maybe you being such a hard
                         ass, helped me become who I am
                         today, and the reason we have
                         survived this long."

               The Professor smiles, sets the picture back on his desk and
               stands up facing his son,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Hard ass huh?...I'll give you
                         that...It's a reputation I would
                         much rather keep, for the sake of
                         the others."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Like father like son."

               The Professor wraps his arm around his son's shoulder as they
               walk towards the door,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Let's get some dinner."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Good idea, I'm starving."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                          "Oh...and some real father to son
                         advice...avoid the carrots."

               Blake chuckles,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "We still need to work on your
                         sense of humor I see."

                                                              FADE OUT.


               A large room dimly lit, several small candles on the
               perimeter and one large one in the centre of the  large
               wooden table, It is set with everyone sitting in anticipation
               of a real dinner, a glass of ice water is placed onto the
               table, in front of Blake,

               Blake looks into the glass nervously and looks confused.

               Toric spots Blake's apprehensive glare,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "It's OK kid, the spore is designed
                         to infect women, not men, we can
                         drink it, the girls can't...some
                         girls anyway."

               Blake remains unsure, looks towards his father,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I was going to ask about that
                         earlier, how did Tay and Katie
                         manage not to be infected?"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "This spore, extraneous in nature
                         is a genetically engineered weapon,
                         It was designed to infect the
                         female form which plays host to the
                         spore while it matures into a
                         parasite, it is then birthed out
                         when it senses the presence of
                         water, where it can lay in waiting,
                         for a male host to come by and thus
                         it will then enter the male
                         specimen through the base of the
                         neck and brainwash its host to
                         carry out its
                         accomplishment...whatever that may
                         be, we have yet to determine why
                         these things are even here."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Tay and Katie both seem to be
                         immune, for reasons we don't know
                         as of yet, however, they still
                         won't drink the water, we don't
                         chance it, We have a large supply
                         of bottled water which was bottled
                         well before my landing."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Your landing?"

               Sikh now looks a little uncomfortable,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I was a Federation research pod
                         flier, I was on my way home from a
                         lengthy mission when just as I hit
                         our atmosphere I went through some
                         debris, this debris was believed to
                         be remnants of Nara 3, a research
                         base destroyed by the Federation
                         fearing it was subject to this same
                         infestation. The spore was brought
                         down on the nose of my pod, and
                         fell into the river contaminating
                         the water supply...eventually
                         spreading rapidly around the

               Blake begins to look enraged, he pushes back his chair and
               plunges at Sikh,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "You did this to us!"

               Blake tosses a heavy blow into the face of Sikh, sending Sikh
               crashing across the room, The others begin to shout in chaos.

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Stop it!"

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Blake no!

               Sikh quickly defends himself as Blake was reaching in again,
               They grapple, pushing him back into the table sending food
               everywhere. Blake breaks free and lands another punch.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS

               Blake with his fist pulled back hears his father's stern
               shout and stops and looks over at the Professor who is
               standing up at the end of the table.

               Tay is holding back Toric who settles back, after trying to
               get in and help Sikh.

               Boz slowly peeks up from under the table...gravy in his hair.

               Katie is standing looking jolted with her hand over her
               mouth, the glass of water has been knocked over and has
               splashed Katie in the face.

               Blake looks daunted,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS

               Katie turns and exits off into the kitchen.

               Blake releases Sikh and quickly gets up and leaves for the
               front door.

               Tay follows Katie into the kitchen.

               Sikh is wiping the blood from his lip, looks over at the
               Professor who sighs and heads off after Blake.

                         "You alright Sikh?"

               Sikh looking brittle, looks over at Boz slightly amused at
               all the chaos.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Oh yeah, I had him right where I
                         wanted him, another couple of
                         minutes and he'd of been toast!"

               Toric smirks with a little titter of comic relief.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Blake is sitting stewing on the front step, he pounds on the
               railing, the door behind him swings open as the Professor
               walks up to him. Blake peeks back and then looks forward

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Just another disappointment hey
                         dad, another fuck up!"

               Professor quietly sits down beside him.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I can't seem to control my anger
                         over all this, now, my anger has
                         jeopardized the life of a good

               The Professor chuckles,

               Blake looks mulled at his father's reaction.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Katie will be fine, The water was
                         bottled water, we didn't think
                         you'd be ready to trust tap water
                         yet...Tay thought it would be
                         entertaining to see if you would
                         drink it or not."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Thank God."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "There is something we should
                         discuss, and that is what
                         transpired in there with Sikh."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I cracked, He is responsible for
                         all of this, how can you live with
                         the man who has utterly damned us

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Is he really responsible for all

               Blake is silent as he ponders this question.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "But he admitted..."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Blake, he was on his way home to
                         his family, he was already entering
                         our atmosphere when he ran into it.
                         He had no recourse, It was all but
                         written in stone, Really if you
                         need to blame anyone, it was the
                         Federation, they were the ones that
                         decided to destroy that space
                         station, not considering the
                         possibility of a fall out effect,
                         Even if Sikh hadn't travelled
                         through that debris, it would have
                         eventually made its way here...on
                         its own accord."

               Blake is silent in thought,as he cups his forehead in shame.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Sikh is a reputable man, He was
                         responsible for saving countless
                         lives during the infestation,
                         including my own, He does not
                         secede and will not quit until he
                         finds a way of quenching these
                         things from existence, like all of
                         us, not to be heroic, but to fill a
                         void left inside of his heart when
                         he lost his daughter to them."

               Blake looks distraught,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "His daughter was infected?"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "No, she too insinuated signs of
                         immunity, but a group of them
                         parasite infested ..."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Flesh puppets."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Flesh puppets?"

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "That's what my buddy Dayo called
                         them, because of the way those
                         things used the flesh of man like a

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Interesting prerogative, fitting."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Well Dayo died this afternoon, he
                         saved us from a group of them
                         bastards while we were at the
                         college gathering those notes."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "I'm so sorry."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "yeah me were

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Oh yes, well, Lucy wandered away
                         from the house for a moment and
                         caught the attention of a large
                         group of them flesh puppets, By the
                         time Sikh and Tay realized she was
                         out of the house, they had her.

               Blake looks up at his father who was obviously just as
               distraught over the loss of little Lucy.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "If these women are immune to
                         infection, why is it that these
                         flesh puppets seek them out, and
                         where do they go?"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "We have no idea, I really don't
                         even want to surmise any
                         possibilities, I don't imagine I

               Blake seems intrigued,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "So we really don't know if any of
                         those who have been taken are alive
                         or dead do we?"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Well, I..."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Lucy Roberts could still be
                         alive...along with others!"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Well, Even if there is a chance of
                         such a remote possibility...we have
                         no means of finding them...where
                         would we look, in three weeks time
                         we have not seen any signs of life
                         anywhere...besides there are too
                         many of them and not enough of us,
                         we could never..."

               Blake again interrupts his father,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS 
                         "We could if we had bait and a
                         means of tracking it."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         " in human bait?"

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "The best kind."

               The Professor is uneasy, however, ponders the notion.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Everyone is gathered in the candle lit room, it is quiet.
               Katie is looking up from the sofa with a serious look upon
               her face,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I'll do it."

               Everyone is quiet, for a moment,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Are we absolutely certain these
                         flesh puppets as we now call them
                         are purpose specific in nature,
                         haven't we learned that throughout
                         time species are adaptable to multi

                         "Like walking and chewing gum!"

               The Professor steps forward,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Most species do adapt over time to
                         be able to survive in their
                         surroundings, however we are not
                         dealing with a regular species
                         here, I hope and believe they are
                         not going to adapt to a point of
                         self preservation... not for some
                         time yet anyway."

               Tay trying to look strong, her eyes dripping in tears,

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Lucy could be alive, I think I
                         should be the one who goes...she's
                         my daughter!"

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Come on Kay, Your a great mother,
                         a great cook and a great new
                         friend, but you really suck when it
                         comes to kicking ass...that is
                         something I think I am more fitted
                         for...I've been doing it since I
                         was twelve!"

               The group remains quiet,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Wait a second here!"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Blake, she is right, Katie is our
                         best chance."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "So what you are suggesting here is
                         offering bait, follow them
                         and see what they do with
                         her?...and see if they lead us to
                         other survivors?...and what if we
                         lose track of her?...what then?"

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Well...we just can't let that
                         happen, we need to be ready for

               Katie looks around at the solemn faces of her new family,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "So, great, I guess I am the worm
                         on the hook, and you boys better be
                         able to reel me in before I get

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "You understand that this is just
                         an idea, we can try something else,
                         I don't want you to do anything you
                         don't think you can do."

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Give me a break, I can do
                         anything, I hooked up with one of
                         the most eligible bachelors in
                         Middletown didn't I...and I wasn't
                         even on the cheerleaders squad."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Well, As much as I am interested
                         in hearing all about the two of you
                         and such, I'm beat and I believe I
                         must retire...good evening all."

               The Professor exits as the remaining group slowly does the

               Boz leans into a candle a blows it out.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Katie is sitting next to Blake on the bed, she has just lit a
               candle, both look shy and share a look of worry,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I remember the way you looked at
                         me when you sat there on the
                         kitchen counter at Dayo's party,
                         Every time I close my eyes, I see
                         it, For awhile it was something I
                         tried to forget, not knowing you
                         were still alive...but now...I love
                         it and hope it never goes away."

               Blake grabs her hand,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "You don't need to prove anything
                         you know, this isn't something you
                         have to do...we can come up with
                         another plan."

               Katie looks back into Blake's eyes,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Can you come up with any other
                         plan that would not include some
                         potential risk to any of us?"

               Katie gently takes Blake's face into her palm,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I am the best chance we have, We
                         can't just sit back and wait for
                         something to happen, You know it, I
                         know it...I am scared, this scares
                         the hell out of me, but knowing
                         you'll be right behind me makes me
                         feel a whole lot safer...and gives
                         me hope... for a better tomorrow."

               Katie leans in gingerly and they embrace in a loving kiss
               that continues as they slowly lean back into the bed.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

                                                               FADE IN:


               Katie is being equipped with a strap on tracking device
               around her waist, she is looking at a nervous Blake, Sikh
               finishes up and sits back,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "How's that?"

               Katie twists and turns a bit and acknowledges with a nod of
               her head...her lack of words obvious as she fights back tears
               of fear, Tay leans in,

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "Your golden girl, they got your

               They hug and Katie looks a little more reassured.

                                   TAY DONNELLY
                         "If my daughter is alive, please
                         bring her home!"

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I will."

               Katie groans out, and shakes her arms,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I feel like I'm going out on a
                         blind date...only I know the guy is
                         a train wreck."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "The ping is engaged, she's

               The Professor removes his headset that is affixed to an old

               Blake sighs,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "It's now or never."

               The contemplative faces of all show the significance of this
               mission, Sikh is bent down at her feet, affixing something to
               her ankle, two handguns.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Do not use these unless you
                         absolutely need to, the shots will
                         only attract more of them and you
                         have a total of twelve shots...not
                         nearly enough in this day and age!"

               Katie stands up, wiping a tear from her eye, a nervous titter
               complete with an attempt at sarcasm,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Time to meet the opposition."

                                                          MATCH CUT TO:

               EXT. FACTORY / DAY

               All is quiet as the group sits behind a stack of boxes, Katie
               stands before them out in the open, she is facing away from
               her friends, her face shows uprising fear.

               The sound of her heart races.

               Katie struggles to step forward,

               She manages the first step and continues to walk forward.

               Sikh looks over at Toric and nods,

               Toric nods back and grabbing his gun raises it into the air,
               pointing it up and fires into the air.

               Katie closes her eyes, slightly startled.

               The sound of a door opening,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Help me God..."

               She opens her eyes to see three flesh puppets quickly emerge
               upon her, she screams out in horror as they quickly grab her.

               Blake looks distraught,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I can't let this happen..."

               Sikh and Toric quickly contain Blake's effort to go after her
               by grabbing hold of him and covering his mouth.

               Blake struggles a bit then gives up as the screaming suddenly

               The professor watches the laptop,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Time to move, she's moving quick
                         towards the south east."

               The group carefully emerge from behind their boxes and start
               to jog after her.

                                                               FADE TO:


               The trackers make their way to the edge of a scarcely wooded
               field where their faces suddenly drop, before them the lights
               of a spectacular and unbelievable sight.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Say it isn't so..."

                                                                CUT TO:


               A large industrial expanse is occupied by many flesh puppets
               as an immense triangular alien space craft peacocks within
               the busy compound.

               A gathering of enfeebled humans line up and are escorted into
               the craft...including Katie who is seemingly battered and not
               unlike the rest of them.

               A flesh puppet carries a large box onto a pad and stands back
               as a sheet of energy dissolves the box.

               Another flesh puppet approaches the pad with another box.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Blake looking through a pair of binoculars, lowers them and
               hands them quietly over to Toric.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I can't believe what I am seeing

               Toric now viewing the scene with the binoculars,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "We're going to need an army to get
                         in there!"

               Sikh stares out watching the scene before him,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "We have an army, an army of four,
                         four intelligent humans against a
                         number of pre programmed parasites,
                         not the odds they want to have."

               Blake looks over at the Professor,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "It's really an alien invasion!"

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "We'll need to get up closer, round
                         back over there, looks rather

               The Professor is looking through the binoculars,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         " I fear we may have underestimated
                         our enemy, they must have
                         something, or Katie wouldn't be
                         walking up that ramp on her own
                         concordance...but there is no
                         tail...none of them have tails!"

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "They are still people that's all
                         that matters, let's go!"

               Blake advances, Sikh and Toric quickly follow, The Professor
               gathers his equipment and mutters to himself.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "We are presuming they are still

               The Professor follows them as they make their way towards the

                                                                CUT TO:


               The trackers carefully traverse the field along the fence
               line, their silhouettes shuffle across a brightly lit

                                                                CUT TO:


               Toric grabs hold of the bottom of the fence and lifts it up,
               while the others scurry under. All the time minding the area
               for unwanted flesh puppets.

               The Professor hands the laptop to Blake as it is his turn.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The fog offers slight coverage as the group arrives within
               the compound, a few barrels and a brick wall seclude them
               from the populous. The Professor raises his headset to one
               ear and listens,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "The ping is strong, she's still
                         right in there."

               They now see the alien craft tight and up close, The sheer
               size of the space vessel is enormously over-whelming.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS (O.S.)
                         "In that thing."

               The flesh puppets seem to leave the area as the last of the
               humans are loaded onto the ship. 

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Let's not get crazy here, we have
                         strength in numbers when it comes
                         to human intelligence, but, come
                         on, how do we go up against
                         something of this magnitude?"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "For the first time since I've
                         known you, I have to agree."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Listen up, We have no alternatives
                         here!...Katie is on that thing, and
                         perhaps my daughter, I for one am
                         willing to give it a shot."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I came, I saw, I am going in!"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Well let's do it then, Time is a

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Hold on, you and Toric should stay
                         here...if things don't go well, you
                         two are all we have left."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "I'm down with that...I'm a farmer
                         not a fighter, but I'll do what is

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "This is it then."

               Blake and the Professor look at each other for a moment,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "I've got your back, son."

               Blake raises his gun,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I know."

               Sikh stares at the craft,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "It's just like an enormous pod,
                         not scary at all...I've been in

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Great, then you'll have some clue
                         as to where we starting looking for

               Blake and Sikh launch themselves forward and saunter up the
               ramp and disappear into the alien craft, undetected. The
               Professor and Toric watch them and make their way into

                                                         FADE TO BLACK:

               INT. SPACECRAFT / BLACK

               All is in blackness, the sound of labored breathing, Katie
               winces in a struggle to move about, the only source of light
               shines through a small hole in the far wall.

               (We take on her point of view) Katie tries to make her way
               towards the light, just as we get to the hole, (we change
               perspective) to see Katie's eye peeking through the hole. Her
               eye gapes in horror.

                                                                CUT TO:


               A human form lays on an examination table, her body is
               strapped tightly in place, her flesh is peeled back from her
               stomach, a device is pinned to her head as a tube extracts a
               murky yellow liquid.

               Her eyes are open but she looms lifeless...her blackened eyes
               fixed directly towards the hole Katie is viewing from.

               Suddenly something steps in front of the hole blocking the
               light and forces a terrorized Katie to scramble away from the
               hole and into the darkness once again.

                                   KATIE MOORE

               We hear her breathe in panic, we hear her shuffle, a snap and
               then the distinct sound of her cocking a gun.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "This is not what I signed up for!"

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SPACECRAFT / HALLWAY

               The walls are glistening wet like a flesh like surface,
               dripping a greenish sludge or ooze which radiates the hall as
               a single source of light.

               Blake and Sikh slow-footed, edge their way up the hall...guns

               The resonance of footsteps tumble behind them, Blake quickly
               directs Sikh into a shallow groove in the wall, they wrench
               themselves in quickly, Blake watches as two flesh puppets lug
               two boxes past them.

               Sikh has his attention to the wall, as the liquid slides down
               in front of him he observes millions of tiny parasites within
               the gel-like substance.

               Blake peeks out and observes the flesh puppets as they turn
               sharply up another hall. Waiting till it was still, they both
               squeeze out from their hiding spot and proceed after the two

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "This entire ship is infested from
                         it's occupants to it's walls!"

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SPACECRAFT / BLACK

               Again we hear the frenetic breathing of Katie in the sheer

               Suddenly the lights turn on.

               Katie shields her eyes from the blinding glare.

               She tries to look around and discerns others in the same
               empty room as her. Spread out, each of them spaced apart
               evenly, She looks over at each horrified face, some reaching
               out for help, while others show signs of being in
               shock...some sleeping, some weeping, others are praying.

               Katie looks across the room and sees a familiar face.

               Lucy curled up in the fetal position whimpering with her eyes
               shut tightly.

               Katie tries to project towards her but is refrained from
               doing so by an apparent invisible wall, she pats the wall
               around her, the air amazingly ripples before her, She begins
               to pound erratically and is shouting out to her.

               All is quiescent as we hear the child's whimpering, we can
               see Katie screaming and pounding in the distance but cannot
               hear her.

                                                                CUT TO:


               A door opens as two large flesh puppets enter and head
               straight for Lucy, still curled up in fear.

               Katie becomes irate, fearing Lucy may be the next on the

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "No...No...take me you son of a
                         bitches, me, leave her alone!"

               At the last second they grab a young female next to Lucy who
               begins to struggle and scream in effort of escape,

               The tallest of the flesh puppets leans in and spews a mass of
               jelly like liquid into the face of the girl who suddenly
               becomes submissive.

               They escort her out of the room.

               The room suddenly becomes pitch-dark once again.

               Katie scurries over to the hole once again.

               This time the examination table is abandoned, however it is
               not long before the girl is placed onto the table and they
               quickly begin to bind her.

               Katie straggles back away.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The Professor and Toric watch as a few flesh puppets work
               about the yard.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Kind of ironic the two of us out
                         here, although I am thankful
                         throughout all of this we have
                         found a way to tolerate one

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Doc, I never had anything against
                         you, I hated the Federation, and
                         you were part of it...thus the
                         attitude...sorry bout that."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "No need for apologies, It took far
                         too long for me to realize just how
                         dreadful that agency was...I should
                         be the one to apologize."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Let's just call it even shall we."

               The Professor smirks and then a look of wonder falls upon his

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "What's up doc?..(chuckles)..I've
                         waited a long time to use that

               The Professor slowly edges his way over to a large military
               crate. Toric follows him prudently,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "This...This used to be a
                         Federation Training facility, was
                         it not?"

               Toric looks confused as the Professor starts to try and open
               the crate.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Yes, I took part in many protest
                         right over there in front of that

               The crate breaks open revealing a large metallic cylinder
               with a cluster of wires and gadgets attached.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Trident twos, D5...enough power to
                         level an entire compound...about
                         this size!...the FEDERATION
                         acquired these from the U.S. NAVY
                         before the FEDERATION went global."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Oh great an antique explosive
                         device...why couldn't they be E 88s
                         or something from this era."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Beggars can't be
                         give me a hand pulling this bad boy
                         back over there."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "If your thinking what I think your
                         thinking, I'm thinking we think a
                         lot alike!"

               The two pull the box back to a well hidden spot out of the

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SPACECRAFT / HALLWAY

               Sikh and Blake turn around into the hall, carefully and

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I feel like we are travelling in
                         circles Sikh, Every hallway looks
                         like the one we just came from."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "We're OK, We haven't been in this

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "How you know that?"

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Gut feeling."

               Blake suddenly stops as a buffered scream ripples in the

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Did you hear that?"

               Sikh quietly shakes his no in reply, They both listen. A cry
               for help buffered through the walls, echoes slightly in the
               air again.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "I heard that."

               They rush forward.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The door opens as Blake and Sikh enter with their guns drawn
               and pointed.

               Two flesh puppets in the middle of examination of their
               subject without hesitation begin to move towards them.

               Blake fires and takes down the first one.

               The second, the tallest one spews the jelly like substance
               towards them, Sikh at the last second avoids it and fires
               twice before the flesh puppet drops.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "That thing tried to puke on
                         me!...What kind of person says
                         hello with a gag and spew!"

               Sikh kicks the corpse.

               Blake rushes up to the table, The woman is discomposed, She
               is KELLY HOLMAN, a middle aged woman and according to her
               dress, she appears to have been in the medical field.

               Kelly looks up powerless, and fading fast,

                                   KELLY HOLMAN
                         "Get them out of here, out that way
                         one room over...they're all in

               Kelly coughs up a large amount of blood and dies.

               Blake looks about the medical room,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "They gather them to experiment on
                         them. These things are looking for
                         the same thing we are...they want
                         to know why these people are immune
                         to the spore."

               Blake faces a shelf of containers, containing water.
               Violently swiping them off as they crash to the floor. Turns
               in anger towards Sikh,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "We can't let them find that

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Let's find Kat and get the hell
                         out of here...These things are a
                         heck of a lot smarter than we give
                         them credit for."

               Blake looks back at Kelly,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "One room over...!"

                                                                CUT TO:


               Katie is pressing against the impalpable wall, trying to find
               a way out just as the lights flare bright again. The door
               opens and Katie falls forward as the invisible wall seems to
               have just suddenly dissipate.

               Katie quickly looks up to behold her two rescuers.

                                   KATIE MOORE

               Sikh and Blake are astonished in amazement at the sight of
               all the captives...Katie's cry captures Blake's attention.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS

               The crowd all seem overwhelmed to see them as they start to
               rumble in excitement.

               Sikh, bellows out to an increasingly louder group,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Settle down, we'll get you out of
                         here, but you must remain calm and
                         most significantly we need to be
                         absolutely quiet!"

               Just as the noise fizzles out a child's weakened voice breaks
               through capturing the attention of Sikh,

                                   YOUNG LUCY

               Sikh swiftly looks around, and then he spots Lucy looking up
               at him from her spot on the alien floor.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Sweet Jesus!"

               His voice cracks in a thrill as he darts towards her.

               He whisks her up into his chest and sobs, he clutches her in
               his arms, delivering many gentle kisses on the top of her

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "My God Lucy it's really you. Daddy
                         is here now, daddy is here
                         now...never going to let you go."

                                   YOUNG LUCY
                         " I knew you'd come for me daddy, I
                         prayed every day."

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                             (looking upwards)
                         "Thank you Lord."

               Katie and Blake are enfolded in each other's arms, they eye
               over at Sikh and Lucy, Katie is all choked up with a cramped
               smile of alleviation.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "There is the happiest father on
                         this planet right now."

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I'm guessing we found young Lucy

               Katie's eyes are moist and yet she turns to Blake and wipes
               her eyes, titters and smiles,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Took your sweet ass time didn't

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "It's a big ship!"

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "I saw what they do to us, in the
                         next room, they..."

               Blake cuts in abruptly,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "We know, we were there, but we
                         were too late to save the woman who
                         told us where to find you."

               Sikh and Lucy ingress into the conversation,

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         " Let's get these people out of

                                                                CUT TO:


               The Professor is wiring and fumbling with numerous buttons
               and aforementioned wires on an unfastened panel on the crated

               Toric stands guard watching the spacecraft, He lights a
               cigarette and peeks back at the Professor, who looks up back
               at Toric,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Like resolving the Rubic's cube."

               Toric turns back and resumes his watch, The Professor
               resuming his work.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Only you and I would remember such
                         a puzzle toy."

               Toric takes another drag from his cigarette and is alerted to

               Looking over at the main gate, hundreds of flesh puppets are
               emerging through the gate.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Good God, we got tons of them
                         bitches entering the compound!"

               Again we are watching many of Middletown's dead converge into
               the complex silently and quickly.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Something must of alerted them..."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "They are heading towards the

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "So are we, come on, give me a hand
                         with this!"

               Toric quickly assists the Professor in carting the large
               crate towards the ship ahead of the mob.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Blake is addressing the crowd,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "I need you all to follow us, we
                         don't have time to dawdle, so let's
                         go people!"

               Blake exits the room being followed by dozens of the
               captives, Sikh helps direct the end of the bunch with Katie
               now carrying his daughter Lucy.

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "Just keep moving, follow her!"

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SPACECRAFT / HALLWAY

               Blake leads a restless group up the hall and is met face to
               face with Toric rounding the corner with the Professor. They
               are all startled,

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Bro, we got more company than we
                         can avoid coming up to the ship
                         right now."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "You have a few minutes, get the
                         people outside and round back of
                         the ship!"

               Blake orders everyone to run and go around the back of the

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "What about you?"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Don't worry about us, we'll be
                         right behind you, I have a gift for
                         the bunch of them I want to hand
                         deliver it."

               Blake continues with the group down a ramp and around the

               Sikh and Katie pass the two carrying the crate at the end of
               the group,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Let's get out of here!"

               The Professor sets his end of the crate down.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Thank the Lord you're alright, and
                         Katie too!...look There's no time,
                         I got it from here, go with them
                         and get them to the back."

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "You sure, I can stay and help."

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Nope, I'll see you on the

               The Professor squats beside the open crate,

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Loads of good looking woman
                         heading out there, be a shame for
                         you to get stuck in here with me
                         now wouldn't it?"

               The Professor quickly begins to play with various wires.

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "Go, help them out of here!"

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "Don't be a hero Doc, get out there
                         with us as soon as you can!"

                                   PROFESSOR JOHNS
                         "I'm no hero, that's something I
                         was never cut out to be, I believe
                         you guys are the true heroes, I am
                         just doing what I know best, Go
                         quickly, I'll be right behind you."

               Toric hesitant, looks towards the exit and then back to the
               Professor, he nods, and heads off the ship.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The last of the group rounds the corner of various bins, The
               group stand looking back at the ship, as Toric comes running
               out awkwardly towards them, looking back over his shoulder.

               Blake turns to Katie, 

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Take them all to the farm, hurry,
                         use the fence line back there and
                         stay hidden."

               Toric arrives out of breathe,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "Where's my dad?"

               Toric turns around and looks back at the ship

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "He's coming...He said he would be
                         right behind me!"

               They both stare,

               The Professor finally emerges from the ship, just as the band
               of flesh puppets come confounded through some industrial
               doors, The Professor promptly ducks beneath the ramp.

               Blake and Toric watch in dismay as they all enter the ship.
               The Professor looking at his watch, looks up at them...He
               smiles a gesture of satisfaction.

               The last of the flesh puppets is heading up the ramp when a
               sudden explosion rips through the ship. The sound of a
               familiar high pitched squealing.

               Blake and Toric shield their eyes from the explosion.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The group of people walk through the field with the fence
               behind them, the explosion rises up into the air.

               Katie looks back still pushing forward as the yellow light of
               the explosion illuminates the night sky, Sikh carries his
               daughter, who is sleeping in his arms.

               They trudge forward.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. INDUSTRIAL AREA / CONT.

               Toric removes a piece of debris that has landed on his legs,
               searches for Blake.

                                   TORIC ROBERTS

               The ship is disincorporated into sheered metal and scrap,
               fire and scattered corpses. A dazed Blake picks himself out
               of a pile of debris, Toric rushes to help him out.

               Blake cups his hands and shouts,

                                   BLAKE JOHNS

               Silence echoes throughout the compound, 

                                   BLAKE JOHNS

               With no answer, Blake looks torn as Toric gingerly directs
               him away.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.


               Boz is on the porch, playing with a toy helicopter and some
               plastic army men when he is suddenly aware of the large group
               of people approaching the estate.

               Boz drops his toy and shouts out,


                                                                CUT TO:


               Tay hears Boz shout out her name and grabs a rifle from the
               corner and heads out towards him.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Tay exits the house rifle armed and pointed, she squints to
               see the large group approaching.

               She notices one of the group waving, She spots Sikh, she
               drops her rifle and begins to run up to them.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. FARM LAND / FIELD / DAY

               Tay running up to group with a giant smile, suddenly stops
               and gasps in shock, her eyes well, as she covers her mouth
               with her hands. She has spotted Lucy who is smiling back at
               her as she is holding Sikh's hand.

               Tay is overwhelmed and cries out as she again runs towards
               them, this time her daughter is running towards her.

               The two lock in an embrace as Tay weeps.

               Sikh interrupts the embrace as he is quickly included in the

               Toric and Blake join the group.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Boz still standing on the front porch points in fear at the
               horizon, He shouts out to the approaching band of friends,


               The group turns to see another group of people approach them,
               many of them appear to be in military uniform.

               They watch as they near, they are human.

               A young uniformed cadet walks up to them and salutes as the
               armed group behind them stand still, Major Jack Little is
               trying to appear strong,

                                   MAJOR JACK LITTLE
                         "Major Jack Little, New England
                         Federation guard, we saw that
                         explosion last night, we were on
                         our way to Hazel seeking other

                                   SIKH ROBERTS
                         "We just blew the snot out of at
                         least 50 of them critters, that
                         started all this, Captain Sikh
                         Roberts... Middletown Federation
                         Pod exploration.

               The two shake hands.

                                   MAJOR JACK LITTLE
                         "Sir, we are gathering in small
                         groups everywhere, we are fighting
                         back, for what it is worth, we can

                                   TORIC ROBERTS
                         "This alliance we are forming with
                         survivors, let's just not include
                         the word Federation."

                                   MAJOR JACK LITTLE
                         "Our hope is  to form a global
                         community against the Borq, we will
                         simply be known as the resistance."

               They all begin to head to the house.

                                   BLAKE JOHNS
                         "My father would have liked that."

               Katie rests her head on Blake's shoulder.

               In the group of woman we watch a young woman cough in

               Tay,Sikh and Lucy are happy together again.

               Toric is conversing with a young woman who was rescued from
               the ship.

               Blake and Katie walk together slowly as Katie rubs Blake's
               back and still has her head on his shoulder,

               The new group lead by Jack follows.

                                                                CUT TO:


               Katie, still rough along the edges slowly opens the door to
               the bathroom, she spots the body of the young woman who was
               coughing earlier, she is bent over the toilet.

               Katie draws her gun, She walks up to the toilet, She lifts
               the lid, Looking down into the bowl, the tail spins around in
               the water,

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "We're going to beat you!"

               Katie draws up her gun and aims it into the bowl.

                                   KATIE MOORE
                         "Oh, and while you're down
                         there...a message from the
                         Resistance...Eat shit!"

               She pulls the trigger,

                                                           CUT TO BLACK
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