The Hilton Diaries - Episode Two
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               Wilma, from housekeeping, comes in the bathroom with her
               cart. She seems to be sucking on something. She takes out a
               huge chicken bone out of her mouth and spits black, gooey
               remnants into the sink.

               She throws the bone in the thrash and drinks from the sink
               tap. She then goes back to work.


               She walks past the sinks and to the urinals and stalls.

                         Halo? Escuz me?

               All the stall doors are open, except one. Someone snickers
               inside it. There are a few voices.

               Wilma turns to leave. The voices tell her something in
               Spanish. Wilma whirls around in a heart beat.


               The voices continue to apparently insult her. Wilma drops the
               mop she picked up a minute ago and breaks out into a full
               blown sprint towards the door. Her foot connects with the
               door with a huge thud. The door moves an inch, but doesn't
               give in.

               The voices laugh and snicker. Wilma gets even more enraged.

               She takes her shoulder to the door now. She rams the door. It
               doesn't give. She rams it again. It still doesn't give. She
               keeps ramming it a few more times.

               INT. STALL

               It is actually a couple of small Twelve-year old kids in the
               stall, standing on the toilet.

               As the door bulges inwards from Wilma's massive thuds, the
               kids lean against the door. They apply counter-pressure with
               all their body weight and might.

               INT. BATHROOM

               Wilma relents. She runs to the mop she dropped and picks it
               up. She jams the mop handle in between the stall door, and
               tries to break it open.

               INT. STALL

               The kids are still holding their pressure on the door. The
               door almost pops off the jamb a few times. Dangerously close
               to getting their faces flushed.

               INT. BATHROOM

               The mop doesn't work. She drops it. She starts kicking the
               door with unusually powerful kicks for a 63 year old lady.

               The kids don't relent with the insults.

               Wilma has had enough. She runs back to the cart. Reaching
               inside the bag that holds the Garbage bag inside it, she
               pulls out an AA-12 (Automatic Shotgun) with a drum magazine.

               Approaching the stall door, she pulls back on the charging
               handle. We hear a shell enter the chamber. The snickers
               suddenly stop.

               She levels the Shotgun, two feet from the door. Her finger
               applies pressure to the trigger when --

               ON THE CART

               -- her radio crackles. It is Sanita, her Director.

                         Are you done in the bathrooms

               Wilma looks in the direction of the sound, listening to
               Sanita's ongoing conversation with some more house keepers.

               She looks back at the stall door. She leans her hand against
               the door. It moves back an alarming distance. A little more.
               One more well placed knock and the door will come open. She's
               so close to wiping the floor with those kids.

               There is no sound from the stall, except the kids' urine
               dripping on the floor.

               The radio crackles again.

                         Wilma you copy? Never mind. I'll
                         get someone else to do it.

               Wilma stares at the door. An inch-and-a-half separates her
               and the little weazels,keeping them from certain death. After
               a long, ominous beat, she finally relents and moves away from
               the door. She goes to the cart, picks up the radio.

                         Yes. Ok...

               She opens the door and wheels out the cart. Angrily muttering
               to herself.

               INT. FRONT DESK

               There is a guest at the desk. He's yelling at the desk agent.

                                   YELLING MAN
                         I need a room for tonight. I'm a
                         Diamond Guest.

                                   DESK AGENT
                         ...aaand? That does not give you a
                         cheaper rate. If you want the rate
                         from last time, you're gonna have
                         to work to get it.

                                   YELLING MAN
                         What? What kind of shit is this? I
                         did this the last time i was here.
                         Mopped this whole lobby. Damn you!

                                   DESK AGENT
                need to calm down.

                                   YELLING MAN
                         No...screw you...

               The yelling man knocks down the desk agent's computer screen.
               He walks away, angry.

                                   YELLING MAN
                         And your shitty cheap ass hotel....

               The desk agent runs to the back. She dials on her phone.

               INT. BANQUETS OFFICE

               The Banquets office is booming with loud voices. The manager,
               Jasminka, is arguing with Mina. Behind Jasminka, on the wall,
               hangs an NRA poster. An H (for hilton) has been spray painted
               over the H.

                         No...they did not have the whole

                         What do you mean? Here it says they
                         have the whole continental
                         breakfast and buffet.

                         No..i was there, i do all the work.
                         They did not like the buffet.

                         Hey...i don't care. We set up the
                         buffet how they told us, now she
                         doesn't want to pay. She's going to
                         sign the paper or i will put my
                         foot up her ass.

                         She didn't order soda and coffee.
                         Somebody put them.

                         I don't care. Why she didn't tell

                         She say she talk with server and
                         she tell him to take out soda. But
                         they never come back. They go to
                         lunch for three hours.


               Sanita is inspecting the cleanliness of the bathroom. She is
               going over the mirrors and the sinks. She spots something on
               the side of the counter.

               She goes to the urinals.

                         Landa, there is something on the
                         side there. Please clean it.

               Landa grabs a rag, walks over there and wipes the smudge off.

               Andela, one of the house keepers, is cleaning the standing
               urinals. Sanita takes the rag from her.

                Andela. Here. I'll show

               Sanita sprays some cleaning spray on the urinals, then wipes
               it clean.

                         See. Like this. Wipe in a circular
                         motion, not up and down.

               She looks at the other urinals and the wall.

                         This is shit. What the hell have
                         you been doing here.

                         What? I do. Is good.

               Andela takes the rag from Sanita. She dumps the rag into an
               unflushed urinal, which still has urine in it, and starts

               Sanita stares at Andela, dumbfounded.

                         Andela...what the hell are you

                         I clean. You say this clean...

                         What are can't dump the
                         rag in that shit. Clean water.
                         Clean. You understand?

               Andela flushes the water on the urinal. She dumps the rag
               into the urinal again, takes it out and starts wiping again.

               Sanita's mouth falls wide open. She takes out a cigarette.
               Lights it and takes a puff. She leaves the bathroom.

               INT. FRONT DESK

               Just another day at the front desk. Guests are walking around
               the lobby. The Front Desk Agent, Carla, is talking to
               somebody who is behind a big pillar.

                         I am thinking of ways to sabotage
                         the copy machine for my own

               We hear the squawk of those yet-to-be-fixed entrance doors
               opening. In strolls a very pretentious looking businessman
               followed by...well she has to be a girlfriend judging by the
               looks of her and him together, but she's no looker either.

               Carla turns, facing the oncoming duo, through a forced smile
               and clenched jaw.

                         Hi, how may I help you?!

               The man, not even giving Carla the courtesy of eye contact,
               hisses at her...


               Carla gives them both a blank stare. After a long moment he
               finally notices Carla's disdainful look and mutters...

                         Checking in!

               His girlfriend has apparently marinated herself in perfume.
               Carla suppress her urge to gag and her smile fades very fast.

               She types on her keyboard and brings up a screen.

                         Looks like you have been upgraded
                         to a High-way suite. You will love
                         this room.

               On the monitor, on one of the screens Carla brings up, a
               repair order has been placed. It says balcony broken. Needs
               repair fast.

               Carla prints out their confirmation, makes room keys for
               them, and hands all that to them. The pair begrudgingly take
               the stuff. They leave.

               Suddenly the General Manager appears behind Carla. Aside from
               Carla's Boss he is one Carla hates the most, but is much more
               difficult to remove. He has this annoying trait of trying to
               be stealthy. He does this hoping to catch someone doing
               something wrong so he can pounce and justify his overpaid
               position with random acts of micro-management.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Hello Carla!

               He emphasizes Carla's name with a huge Cheshire-cat smile.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Straighten up your name tag a bit.
                         And try smiling at the guests more.
                         After all, we need those
                         satisfaction scores as high as
                         possible! This is not an insane
                         asylum. Act accordingly.

               He waddles off happy with himself while Carla happily
               imagines his body floating in the pool. And her passing out
               cocktails to people over it.

               Carla glances at the clock and notices that her Boss is a
               half hour overdue from lunch. 

                         (To her coworker behind the pillar)
                         No doubt he's having a quickie in a
                         linen closet somewhere with his new
                         girlfriend. Looks like I'm going to
                         have to teach him a little lesson
                         in proper shift scheduling.

                                   PILLAR PERSON
                         Are you freaking mad?

                         Why not? He always shits on us 
                         when we are late, even a second.

                                   PILLAR PERSON
                         He's the boss...

               Carla seems to wander off with her mind.

                         I wonder what the stapler tastes

               The door in the back office suddenly opens and we hear the
               Boss shuffling around in there.
               Carla peeks around the corner at his red face and disheveled
               tie. And what a surprise, he's even out of breath as if he'd
               just run a marathon. He gives Carla a condescending smirk.

               Moments later we hear a loud short scream and a thud.

               Carla calmly picks up the phone and dials.

                         There's been a terrible accident!
                         Can we get security here quick?

               What she really thinks is a snail-slow pace.

               Another half hour later and they're wheeling the Boss away on
               a stretcher, his head with a bandage on it and he with a look
               on his face as if he'd just seen the world's most beautiful
               lady. His face all relaxed and staring off into the ceiling.
               He laughs at every little thing.

               The GM notices the Ambulance from the corner of the Trofi
               restaurant. He comes running.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         What happened?!

                         It appears that little Nicky here
                         had himself a joint.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         What?! We have talked about that
                         shit..we got to share.

                         Shit, he ain't given me nothing.
                         Damn fool done smoked all that shit

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         You can't be high on that shit. I
                         buy it, i smoke it.

                         Oh, yes, but after i save an old
                         lady from falling off the hotel
                         roof, i better get a little

               The GM interrupts the security guard --

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         I get it I get it!

               -- and hurriedly runs upstairs, no doubt to place a same-day
               rush order on some expensive joints from the local blount
               store. He had finally found his excuse to spend the
               department budget money.

               INT. SEMINAR THEATER

               The room is a typical banquets employee meeting. Employees
               are drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, their guns spread
               out all over the tables. It's a thick atmosphere here. Gun,
               pot and alcohol friendly posters line the walls, among them
               bullet holes.

                         Alright. I wanna thank you for
                         coming to the meeting. Chef, do you
                         wanna start?

                         Sure. I wanna talk about proper
                         food handling. We've had a few
                         problems in the last, oh i wanna
                         say 6 - 7 months with people
                         getting sick and saying "Oh it was
                         the food".

               Cauestau lights a cuban cigar, takes huge puffs, and sits
               down like a mob boss. His gut hanging out.

                         First of all if somebody says it
                         was the food...what would you tell

                         (To the captains) Hey
                         guys...translate to them over
                         there, they don't seem to

               Edgar and Djordje start translating to the servers. The
               servers talk back in their languages.

                         You tell, i'm sorry. You apologize.
                         You kiss their ass.

                         You tell them to shut up and eat
                         the god damn shit. You always kiss
                         their ass, not apologize. You
                         always force them to see a doctor.
                         They gon' pay for the doctor, not

                         Why do they need a doctor if
                         nothing happened to them?

                         To make sure they aren't lying and
                         taking advantage of a huge
                         insurance cash payout.

                         Yes James. That's the number one
                         priority. But also to make sure it
                         was the food. In these cases it was
                         the food. Shit falls into the food,
                         we serve it anyway. We just put the
                         blame on the low staff. Like
                         yourselves. You low staff are
                         always here to take the blame for
                         our mistakes. Always. Last month,
                         when that three thousand dollar
                         camera went missing...i got a new
                of you stole it.
                         Always make an excuse. Excuses
                         work. Excuses save you. I can not
                         stress this enough.

                         And if they try to steal the cash
                         from the register?

                         I can't speak for that. All that is
                         in the hands of Edgar. He handles
                         the safety.

                         Any questions.

               Cauestau gets up and leaves. James raises his hand.

                         Oh God Damn...what is it James?

                         When we go out and somebody does
                         it, right, and you bring it to a
                         captain's attention or the
                         director's, there is nothing being
                         done about it in this department.

                         James, what are you talking about?
                         Is this the shit about the
                         recycling again? Cause i don't give
                         two shits.

                         It's all about imposing rules. If i
                         tell somebody not to do something,
                         they don't care.

                         James...James...we don't give a
                         shit. I'm not a server, but in
                         another area, they are the ones in
                         charge. It will be taken care
                         of...alright James? I couldn't give
                         two shits about you or anybody
                         else. All that matters is that us
                         high staff get our god damn money
                         and paid vacations. You don't

               Joe stands up. He takes his beer bottle as he walks around
               the room. Somebody throws a rock glass at at Joe. It barely
               misses his head.

                         Ok...the Union....I Need to have
                         you guys know that they are evil.
                         Does everyone understand?

                         Joe, Mina and Djordje number one.

                         Going back to what has been said

               He passes around a bunch of papers and forms.

                         Let's all take a look at these
                         forms i'm passing out. They are the
                         Union's plans if they should
                         acquire us.

                         Everyday is good work. Union number
                         one my big gosh.

                         That kinda talk will get you
                         deported Boris. Look at the forms.
                         On the forms is a letter of intent
                         that says you all renounce all your
                         possessions and claims to the hotel
                         and that you will pass over to the

               Somewhere a server stands up.

                         Hey anybody got a cigarette?

               Someone passes him one. He lights it, then walks over to a
               poker session. He drops ten thousand and joins.

                         A week and a half ago, a planner,
                         the head of the Union planning
                         committee sent this.

               Someone gets up from their place, walks over to a slot
               machine and starts gambling. Some people join in.

                         Johnson...put me down for twenty.

               Movement and shouting is heard in the air ducts above the
               room. Someone is yelling something. Then...Anderson, an
               engineer, comes crashing through the ceiling. He lands on a
               banquets cart.

               Anderson gets up, dusts himself off, takes some food and
               drink and leaves the room. Nobody seems to have noticed.

                         What i am saying is that the Union
                         will want to have you believe that
                         they are all about equality. Ain't
                         no equality here. They are evil and
                         manipulative, and will take
                         advantage of us.

                         What if they promised us a lot of
                         good deals? I spoke with them

               Joe interrupts her as quick as lightning strikes.

                         You need throw that bull shit right
                         out of your head. You will lose
                         your citizenship and be deported to
                         your family's country of origin.

               He starts miming with his hands.

                         The Union...bad. The Hotel...good.
                         The Union...Hate. The
                         The union screws you. The Hotel
                         screws you, in a loving way.


               A small, brunette girl, Jeanie (22), is screaming at Jasminka
               about something. There are guests in the Hallway, but they
               don't seem to hear or care about the argument, going on with
               their business.

                         ...go down to the basement and find
                         it now!

                         Sorry, no basement, elevator
                         company is the only one with access
                         to the shaft per city ordinance.

               The girl starts stomping with her feet, flailing her arms up
               into the air. Jasminka is getting angrier and angrier.

                         What...then call them to come and
                         find it. I want my Drivers License
                         right now.

                         I can't call the elevator company
                         in on a Friday night due to cost.
                         They come in on monday anyway. They
                         check elevators every three months.

                         I don't care. I want them to

                         HEY...are you deaf...they can not
                         They are closed over the weekend.
                         Now it is 10 PM, they are closed.

                         Then give me the emergency
                         telephone number for the elevator


               Behind Jasminka and Jeanie, and bum has walked into the lobby
               and started stealing purses and stuff. Edgar takes him down
               with his choke hold.

               Three guys immediately jump on him, zip-tie his arms and lead
               him to the back. Edgar gives back the purses.

               The girl turns around and leaves. She goes into the Business
               Center. Jasminka grabs Jeanie by her collar and drags her off

               INT. BANQUETS KITCHEN

               The kitchen is teeming with servers, housemen and other
               employees. The dinners have been served. Some servers are
               gambling. Others are rifling through the guest's belongings.

               Most of the servers are taking the left over food from the
               hotboxes and start eating. Chefs Alex and Cauestau step off
               of the elevator.

               They walk among the servers, spitting in their food as they
               pass. Cauestau spits in Boris's plate. Boris, enraged,
               springs up, takes out his .45 And knocks out Alex. He holds
               Cauestau at gunpoint.

                         Wat is dis...pipo eat. You shit.

                         No one is to eat in the banquet
                         kitchen, boris. We've gone over
                         this many times.

               Suddenly lots of employees encircle Cauestau and Alex, who is
               coming to.

                         Get the hell out. You're nobody up

                         Spencer eat. Trofi eat. Everybody
                         people eat. Banquet no eat, puta

                         They can. You can't.

               They shove Cauestau back into the elevator. They bombard him
               with food until the door closes.

               INT. SALT CELLAR

               There are six tables in two rows of three. People are sitting
               at the tables. More people come in and sit at the table

               In walks Clint, he touches everything on the food line and
               takes a few belongings in the process. Not caring, he knocks
               over somebody's coffee.

               He walks over to where Kenny, his boss, is sitting and flops
               down on the chair. He eats the week old leftovers he's been
               served, like everybody else.

               Enter Richard Matthesson, a Union representative. He holds a
               stack of papers in his left hand. He addresses the people
               with such disrespect it makes you wonder if he isn't the most
               perfect candidate for that job.

                         Here we are! I want to congratulate
                         you animals for being here today.

               Pansy, a cook, raises her hand. Another cook, behind her
               shoots Matthesson a disdainful look. Matthesson's chances
               don't look so good.

                         Excuse me. There's been a mistake.
                         I know it's a holiday and all, we
                         gonna go home anytime soon?

               Matthesson doesn't care. He just continues to talk.

                         You have the whole day to think
                         about why you're here. To ponder
                         the error of your ways...

               Izet spits onto the tiles right in front of Matthesson. Dana,
               a human resources front desk agent, looks like she is going
               to gag. Izet pays her no mind.

                         ...and you may not discuss any of
                         these things we said the other day
                         with anybody. The less people know
                         about it...the better.

               He glances at Izet and points at him.

                         ...and you...

               Matthesson pulls the chair out from under Izet. Izet gets up,
               reaching under a table and pulling out a pump shot gun. He
               cocks it.

                         Alright people, we're gonna try
                         something today. We are going to
                         write an essay--of no less than ten
                         thousand words--describing to me
                         who you think you are in your quest
                         to keep us out.

                         You want to forcefully take over
                         our business?

               Matthesson passes out paper and pencils and takes no notice
               of Izet, who is clutching the shotgun, ready.

                         We want to bring discipline and
                         most importantly, civilize all you
                         animals. And impose our strict

                         What you talking you shit man...

                         You'll learn a little something.
                         Maybe you'll even decide whether or
                         not you care to join us.

               Brian raises his hand and then stands.

                         I can answer that right now. That'd
                         be "No".

                         Sit down've as good
                         as joined.

                         Shit man. Screw this. 

               He sits. Someone in the back has overturned a Beer Vending
               machine and now three employees are pouncing on it, trying to
               break it open.

                         My office...

               Matthesson points.

                right down that hall. Any
                         business on the side is ill
                         advised...we will know.

               He looks around at them.

                         ...any questions?

                         I have question...

               Matthesson looks at him suspiciously. He doesn't want to, but
               let's Izet talk.

                         How much people no like union, i no
                         like. Why you want people to union?

                         I'll give you the answer to that
                         question, Mr. Izet, when you have
                         joined us. Don't mess with the bull
                         or you'll get the horns up your

               Matthesson leaves. Once he is gone, people go back to their
               usual chatting, smoking, gambling, comparing weapons etc.
               Edgar and two guys run in, in the back, and take the three
               employees by the beer machine down.


               The yellow police tape blocks off all entrances to the Grand
               Ballroom. Green smoke flows out from underneath the doors.
               A few people close to the doors gag and throw up. Two of them
               stick towels under the door, blocking off the small hole in
               the other towels. EMTs rush to help the gagging people.

               The GM, Shawn, and their secretary walk around the foyer,
               taking account of the damage done by Tim's acid farts.

               They stop by Edgar, who is setting up a break station, with a
               Mary and Semso.

                         Edgar...(turns to servers) How are
                         you guys? Edgar?

               The servers reply lazily.

                         There is something we need to talk

               Gunshots come from somewhere on the lobby floor. Nobody even

               Edgar leads them away from everybody.

                         There is a problem...big problem.
                         It's about the god damn
                         cashbox...the one that went missing
                         a week ago. My cash box.

                         We have found it. It was found by
                         this Steven guy. Security guy.

                         Oh yes...the new guy. We just hired
                         him a few weeks ago.

                         Did you check his background?

                         As much as we could...i mean, we
                         don't check the whole personal

                         That is a problem...

               Shawn lights two Cuban cigars, hands one to the Gm. He offers
               one to Edgar, but Edgar declines with a wiggle of his finger.

                         The security guard?

                         No...the problem is maybe something
                         slipped by the background check.

                         I don't see how something could

               Edgar cuts him off. His demeanor is always strict when he's
               on the job. He doesn't take shit from anybody.

                         I will have my people do a full
                         check. You will have the report in
                         two days...

               The secretary jots something down on her pad.

                         I will set an appointment for you
                         at 4 PM Edgar.

               The Gm, Shawn and the Secretary leave Edgar, to the Alpine
               Ballroom Foyer.

               Edgar goes back to the break table.

               INT. LOBBY

               A bellman is pulling a cart through the lobby. He approaches
               the bell stand. Next to the bellstand, in the little area are
               a few sofas for the guests. There are some guests occupying
               the sofas.

               The bellman, in a regular moment of stupidity, knocks the
               cart into a lamp that's next to one of the sofas. The lamp
               falls over and onto a guests laptop that's sitting on his

               The guest, throwing the laptop and lamp down, hurls out of
               the sofa.

                gonna kill your ass now.

               The guest takes out a .45 Long slide colt from his bag. He
               cocks it and puts it against the bellman's head. The bellman
               remains cool.

               Behind the guest...

                         Oh shit...

               Connie comes running. She takes out an M-16 from her cart and
               joins them. She levels the M-16 at the guest and bellman.

               While the guest is distracted, the bellman takes out a pump
               shotgun from the umbrella stand, and points it at the guest.

               Nobody moves. Nobody flinches. It's a stalemate.

                         You gonna run?

                         Shit...not before i mess up his
                         face. He gon' pay for this shit.

               Another bellman, Pablo, runs through the background with a
               sniper rifle. He runs up the stairs that lead to the 2nd
               floor. Halfway up, he takes up a defensive position.

                         Let's agree to disagree...

                         I want your blood to pay for my

                         (to bellman)
                         How you gonna make a god damn mess

                         I didn't see the lamp.

               The guest takes his coke and drinks from it. Everybody tenses

                         You lying piece of shit.

                         (to guest)
                         You know i just cleaned this floor.
                         And you gotta throw your shit down
                         here, mess it up further. God damn
                         you stupid.

               She motions them with her rifle. They both look at her, not

                         You gon' kiss and make up...

               They both look at her. Nothing they can do.

               INT. P3 PRISON 

               A run down, soggy and dark prison, alive with moans of agony
               and cries of insanity. Cells are full of wretched men in
               chains and iron gags. Many are against the bars, watching.

                         Our cameras are adequate against
                         fire and violence, but if we were
                         more able to ensure justice, after
                         the fact, then criminals would
                         truly have to fear law enforcement.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Have they nothing to fear now?

                         Look around you.
                             (motioning to cells)
                         We overflow. We hold these rats in
                         the cells, then release them
                         without justice being served.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         If jails and courts overflow, it is
                         a testimony to success, not
                         failure. That's what you said last
                         time. We overflow, it shows

                         But, how many are rotting in here?
                         How many victims are left here
                         without reprisal while guilty men
                         roam our streets?

               The GM reaches a desk, taking a seat. Guards wait to process
               beaten, bloody prisoners.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Very few, if any.

                         Even though I have seen confessions
                         pried from the lips of the accused,
                         often really brutally, our tactics
                         work very well, just not to the
                         point where they are one hundred
                         percent effective.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         For one who calls himself an agent,
                         your tactics reek of regular

               Shawn whispers in the GM's ear. Edgar notices with worry that
               some men wheel drunken bodies onwards into another room.
               Shawn finishes. The GM smiles faintly.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         I will need the cash box, Edgar!

                         The box is safe. We're updating the
                         security system. Nobody can get
                         them anymore.

               The General Manager hastily rifles through the papers on the
               desk, paying Edgar no attention.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         In just one of those boxes is a
                         little over two hundred and fifty
                         thousand dollars. I'm taking a six
                         month vacation.

                         That is the money for Spencers.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Then give them the money from Trofi
                         or Banquets. They don't need
                         anything now.

                         They need that money. Stuff is
                         falling apart.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         I'm sure they won't miss it for the
                         next six months.

               INT. P3 MUSTY CELLAR

               Edgar walks through the musty sewer system. It is an old,
               decrepit, dark sewer. Rat infested, water dripping from every
               pipe. There is just barely enough light to see the ceiling.

               All this underneath a 4 star hotel. Edgar proceeds to a wall.
               He searches the wall and stops on a brick. He pushes in on
               the false brick. A cage door opens.

               Edgar steps into the dark room.


               The room is lit by some red lights coming from warning lights
               that are attached to the Hotel's various generators and
               pumps. It's not enough to see the floor of the walk way,
               where Edgar just stepped on, but it does the trick.

               From Edgar's position, where he moves around the pump room,
               he hears voices coming from the adjacent room.

               As he nears the room door, he readies his gun. He peeks
               through the door crack. Inside the room are Jerry and two
               more engineers. They are huddles around two boxes, from one
               which they are counting large wads of money.

               Edgar bursts into the room.


               Jerry and the engineers are surprised. They don't have time
               to grab their guns, but the engineers grab the box of money.
               Jerry grabs the other box.

                         Good evening Gentlemen!

                         You shit!

               One of the engineers throws some papers onto Edgar, blinding
               him for a second. It gives the three men enough time to run.

               INT. SEWER CELLAR

               Edgar is tight on the heels of one engineer. He runs up to
               him, kicks his leg out and the engineer spills. Edgar zip
               ties the guy, they continues on.

               INT. SEWER HALL

               The remaining engineering guy hides in a dark recession in
               the wall, behind large water pipes. Edgar runs past him and
               up some stairs.


               Jerry runs up winding stairs, to the top of one of the
               Treatment Tanks. On the ground floor, Edgar walks amidst
               barrels and other equipment, cautiously.

               Jerry yells something from the top. He pulls out a sub
               machine gun and shoots. Edgar takes cover and shoots back.

               Jerry runs to the back.

               INT. STAIRWELL

               Jerry runs up the stairs as fast as he can, clutching the
               box. Edgar is right behind him. Only a few floors below. He's
               catching up. They trade fire a few times.

               INT. TANK WALKWAY

               Jerry comes to a stop. He walks the rest of the walkway,
               towards the exit on the other side.

               Edgar comes up behind him. Gun raised. Jerry whirls around.
               Sub-machine gun also raised.

                         Don't come closer!

                         Relax Jerry...everything is

               Jerry looks behind him. The exit is about twenty-five feet
               away from him. Edgar moves closer. Jerry stops him.

                         I will blow it if you move any

               Jerry opens the box, revealing a professionally set up
               detonation device.

                         Call off the others...if any.

                         There is no one else. Only me.

               Jerry heaves on his legs, panting heavily. His broken forearm
               still in a cast. He leans slowly against the railing,
               coughing and wheezing. He's sweating worse than a sprinkler.

                         Call John. Tell him i want to talk
                         to him.

                         I can't.

               Jerry coughs more and more. He almost drops the box, but
               manages to catch it in time.

                         CALL HIM!

               Edgar pats his side...

                         No radio. I left it in my office.

               Jerry doesn't believe Edgar.

                         We're getting a little lax on our
                         departmental training Edgar. You
                         said it yourself. Everybody is to
                         have their weapon and radio with
                         them at all times and costs.

                         The battery is empty...

               Edgar notices no radio on Jerry.

                         I know you always have your radio
                         and gun on you.

                         Where is your Radio?

                         I left it in the power control
                         room...carelessness. No time to
                         grab it when you came.

               Jerry looks back to the Exit again. This time he's much
               closer. Having inched backwards slowly.


               Edgar, with no way out, calls John over the radio.

                         Where is the bomb, Jerry?

               Jerry pushes a button on the box, which arms it.

                         It's in a safe place. Let's just
                         say it will tip the advantage in
                         favor of my new friends.

                         Who are your friends?

                         You will find out.

               Jerry pushes the button. A huge shock wave sends Edgar flying
               back. The whole facility shakes. Stuff falling from the

               When Edgar recovers, he looks around. Jerry is gone. Edgar
               gets up and runs towards the open Exit door.

                                   END OF EPISODE TWO

               Copyright and Trademark by Bojan Letic.

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