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This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. 
This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express 
written permission of the author.


                                        Written by
                                        Dan Brown
                   Copyright (c) 2014 This screenplay may not be used or
                 reproduced without the express written permission of the
               3428 Parliament Lane, Naperville Illinois. 60564.

               INT. DORM ROOM - DAY

               CLIVE (18) sits at his desk in his dorm room. The light pours
               in the windows as He slowly examines a solved rubix cube. All
               is quiet as he turns it over in front of his eyes. 

               Clive is dressed conservatively, in a white wool sweater and
               blue jeans. Glasses sit on his face.

               The dorm room is clearly split in half, with Clive's side
               being extremely neat, and his room mates side being extremely
               messy. Clothes litter the other side, with food wrappers and
               empty cups on the desk.

               Suddenly, with a burst of noise, ANDY (18) comes in the door.
               His FRIENDS can be seen and heard walking past. 

               Andy is more of the frat boy type, wearing a CHICAGO BEARS

                             (nodding to Clive)
                         Sup, dude.

               Clive doesn't return the greeting, instead he looks back to
               his rubix cube for a second before setting it down and going
               over the homework that sits next to him. Andy doesn't seem
               surprised, he just stares at Clive for a second
               questioningly, before opening his closet.

               Clive sat with his face buried in his work. 

               The shuffle of clothes in Andy's closet is heard. 

               Clive looks up from his work, annoyed. 



               Clive turns to him


               Clive is clearly shaken. Andy looks agitated. they've gone
               through this before.

                             (throwing his arms in the
                         Dude, chill.

               Clive does not react. Andy continues to search through the
               closet, but more quietly. A few seconds pass and he turns
               around and picks a shirt up off the floor. Clive watches as
               Andy sniffs the shirt. Clive's face turns to disgust as Andy
               puts it on.

                                   ANDY (CONT'D)
                         I got some Christmas lights for the
                         room. I was thinking of putting
                         them behind the TV.

                             (face still buried in his
                         That would put them on my side of
                         the room. 


               Clive puts down his pencil and turns to Andy with a blank and
               sterile face. But his tone is aggressive. 

                         And I don't want them on my side of
                         the room! I don't want to roll in
                         my own filth like you do!

               Clive grabs his work and stands up. Andy stands seemingly
               appalled. Clive peers sternly at Andy for a couple of
               seconds, then walks out of the room. Andy is left staring at
               the door.

                         What the fuck? 

                                                          CUT TO: BLACK

               INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT

               Clive walks down the hallway with his key card in his hand.

               INT. DORM ROOM - NIGHT

               Clive opens the door into the dark dorm room and flips on the
               light. He walks in and sets his work down on his desk. The
               rubix cube sits at the table, no longer solved.
               Clive lets out a small squeal as he picks it up and inspects
               it. He quickly turns to face the TV. Behind it, Christmas
               lights are taped to the wall. His eyes follow the chord down
               to where it touches the floor on his side of the room. He
               puts the rubix cube down and runs out of the room. 

               INT. LOUNGE - NIGHT

               Andy sits on the sofa surrounded by FRIENDS. They are all
               laughing, and having a good time. Suddenly, Clive bursts
               through the door. 

                             (screaming furiously)

                         Uh, yeah what's up?

                         I told you not to put the lights
                         behind the TV!

               All of Andy's friends look to him and he stares back at them
               for a moment before turning his gaze back to Clive.

                         The lights are staying, quit being
                         such an asshole!

               Clive glares at Andy like a wolf to a deer, who shifts in his
               seat uncomfortably. 

                         And you messed up my rubix cube!

                         Honestly dude, you're fucking
                         crazy! I'm getting my room changed. 

                                   ANDY'S FRIENDS

               The FRIENDS throw their arms in the air, and began to laugh.
               Clive's cheeks turned red as he shrunk back and runs out of
               the door.

               All of Andy's FRIENDS turn to him.

                         What a fucking wack job!

               INT. DORM ROOM - NIGHT

               Clive runs into the room and falls in the chair at his desk.
               His head lays in his hands as he breaths heavily. Next to
               him, his rubix cube sits. He picks it up and begins to solve
               it. When its finished he holds it up in front of his eyes, as
               if something is wrong with it. He turns the top row once.

                                                           CUT TO: DARK

               Clive's eyes burst open as the lights are turned on. He was
               lying in bed with the covers wrapped around him like a


               He quickly shuts the light off again, Clive's eyes stay open.

               Andy sits at his computer in the dark, he is filling out an
               online room mate change application. Behind him, the
               Christmas lights are pulled off the wall and disappear to the
               floor. Andy still sits glaring at the screen, all is quiet.  

               The Christmas lights reappear as they are thrown around
               Andy's neck, and tighten. The lights illuminate his skin as
               he chokes and twists in horror.

                                                          CUT TO: BLACK
                                          THE END

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