Ian Weeks






















August 21, 2012


Copyright (c) 2012 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

opening scenes

int. day favela house bedroom

An older lady, CARMELITA, 55, sits on the end of her bed in tears.

She is holding a photo.

She looks down at it – in the photo are her, her husband and her son.

She slowly moves her finger over her son's face in the photo.

Thinking of a particularly fun time, she raises a smile and laughs through her tears as she holds the photo to her chest.

Her husband, WALTER, 60, walks into the doorway and leans on the doorframe, watching Carmelita crying on the bed.

He sighs and shakes his head.

He walks over to her, startling her from her thoughts as she turns around.

He sits down on the bed beside her and holds her.

She buries her face in his chest.


We've done our job.  And we did a good job. 


I'll never let him go!

Walter pulls Carmelita away from his chest and looks deep in her eyes.


He's no longer a boy.

He wipes away some of her tears with his finger.


But he'll be so far away!  And in that city.  My God. 

Walter smiles a little.

int. day favela house outside bedroom

Their son, JONNY, 24, handsome but quite skinny, approaches the bedroom door, hearing voices.

He stops outside the room and listens.


int. day favela house bedroom


We can't tell him to stay here any longer.  All he knows about the world is this place. 


Exactly!  He's not ready to go there.  He's still such a gentle boy.


You can't tell him about pain or suffering or rejection.  He needs to experience it for himself.  That's the only way he'll get stronger.


And what if something happens to him?  What then?

Jonny enters into the doorway and indicates to outside.


There you are – everyone's waiting.

Carmelita and Walter look at each other – hoping Jonny hasn't been listening.

Carmelita gets up and runs to Jonny, holding him tight.


Careful, mum!  I don't want a trip to the hospital before I get there.


You remember, Jonny, we'll always love you. 

Jonny smiles.

Walter gets up and hugs them both.


And I love you both.


Just make sure you call regularly to keep your mother happy!


There are plenty of phones in the studio – don't worry.


And don't let any of those producers or directors bully you around.  They need you just as much as you need them.

Jonny looks up at his father and smiles.


Of course, mum. 


And if something happens and it doesn't work out, just come back.  We'll be here.

Jonny smiles and kisses her.


I've told you, you're not going to be here much longer.  So you better get used to somewhere a little nicer to live, OK?

Carmelita smiles through her tears.


I need to get going otherwise all these goodbye's are for nothing. 

Jonny lets go and moves out of the door. 

Carmelita and Walter look at Jonny leave, then hug each other.


ext. day FAVELA house

A battered old car is parked on the dusty street outside their house.  A very poor neighbourhood – one of Brazil's shanty-town favelas.   

The car is stuffed full of bags and boxes – only the driver's seat and the passenger seat are visible.

People of different ages are standing around the car, on the path, in the doorway to the house, talking amongst themselves.

Jonny emerges from the doorway.

The crowd outside begin to clap and cheer.

Various shouts of best wishes and good luck erupt from the crowd.

Jonny hugs and shakes hands with various people.

Walter and Carmelita emerge from the doorway and stand on the street, holding each other.

Jonny lets go of the person hugging him and turns around to look at the crowd, the other favela houses, the street, the very poor surroundings of his life.

He smiles and turns to his parents.  He hugs them one final time.


I'll make you proud.

Walter smiles back at Jonny and hugs Carmelita.

Jonny turns and runs to his car.

Walter breathes a heavy sigh, Carmelita crying.

Jonny jumps into the car and tries to start it.

It doesn't start.

He tries again and again - eventually it sputters into life.

As the car begins to move, Jonny looks at his parents one last time – he looks very scared.

The noise of the crowd outside is now quieter, almost silent.  All Jonny can hear is his own heartbeat and his breathing.

Walter smiles at Jonny and gives a nod of approval.

Jonny sees this and immediately tears appear in his eyes.

Carmelita looks up at Jonny and smiles also.

Jonny wipes away his tears and smiles back – looking a little more relieved and reassured.

One of Jonny's friends outside bangs on the car creating a loud BANG!

Jonny emerges from his reverie.  He can hear once again all the noise from the crowd outside.

He puts his foot down on the accelerator and the car moves off down the road.

The friends wave him off. 

Carmelita buries her head in Walter's chest. 

Walter stoically watches Jonny leave with a very concerned look on his face, as the car rolls down the road.


ext. day favela street

Jonny drives through the roads of the favela.  Various children playing with kites, dogs blocking the road etc.  He waves at them (he knows them) – they run after the car trying to catch up with him.  They shout various things at him for good luck.


ext. day outskirts of favela

Jonny drives out of the favela into the surrounding city area.


ext. day city roads

Jonny drives through city roads.


ext. day highway road

The city is behind him now – less buildings, more traffic.


ext. day highway road - later

Jonny passes a sign for the toll booth – 2km ahead.  He drives past another sign which is for a smaller road – not on the main highway. 

He checks his map and moves lanes to take the smaller road.

He gets to the exit road and indicates to turn off.


ext. day countryside road

Less traffic, less concrete – more trees.


ext. day countryside road - later

Jonny drives down a quiet single track road - very green area with trees, hills, a few cars.  He passes a sign for a town a couple of kilometres down the road. 


int. day jonny's car

The warning lights on the dashboard of the car begin to blink urgently.  The car begins to shudder and slow. 


No, no, no, no!

He tries to keep the car running, turning the ignition again and again to no avail.


Come on, let's go!

The car slows to a stop.


ext. day countryside road

Jonny gets out of the car and opens the bonnet.

Steam emanates from the engine area. 

Blowing the steam away with a wave of his arm, he bends down to look inside the engine compartment. 

He steps back and wipes the sweat off his brow.

He moves to the side of the car and looks around.  A very quiet road – no cars. 

He turns back to the road in front of him – seeing how far the town is.

He moves back to the passenger door window and looks down.  On the seat is his mobile phone. 

He thinks for a moment, and then checks his watch. 

He slowly takes off his shirt, revealing his puny body, folds it up neatly and puts it on top of his mobile phone on the passenger seat.

He releases the handbrake in the car.  With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the open door, he begins to push the car. 

It doesn't move.  He tries again.  This time it begins to move – after he uses all the strength he has.   

He loses his footing and slips over – the car begins to roll away from him.

He gets up and runs after it – grabbing hold of the door and the steering wheel to continue guiding it down the road.


ext. day countryside road – later

A tow-truck approaches Jonny and slows down.  MARIO (35) sticks his head out of the window while continuing to drive by Jonny.





Jonny looks over at the tow-truck and Mario, stops pushing the car and smiles.


ext. day countryside road - later

Jonny is pacing up and down in front of his car, looking really agitated.

He checks his watch then looks over to Mario.

Mario is tinkering under the bonnet of the car.


What do you think?

Mario gets up from under the bonnet.


I think you need a new radiator hose and your alternator is nearly dead.

Jonny shifts his position, with a furrowed brow.


Sounds serious - are they really necessary?

Mario indicates to the car which is stationary.

Jonny folds his arms.


How much?


Not much – a couple of hundred Reis.

Jonny scrunches up his face like he's just chewed on raw onion.


Can't you just patch it up with some tape or something?


Mario sucks air through his teeth shaking his head.


How far you going?




State or City?



Again, Mario sucks air through his teeth and shakes his head.  He looks back at Jonny sideways.


How long?


Well, hopefully a long time – I'm starting a new job.

mario (cutting him off)

How long do you need to get there?


Tomorrow morning. 

Once more Mario sucks air through his teeth and shakes his head.

Clearly Jonny is getting a little annoyed by all this and folds his arms and shifts his position.


Well, I guess if I patched it up really tight, and you drove real slow – not pushing the car at all, keeping it under 60, not breaking too fast, or accelerating too fast, keeping it nice and steady – maybe it would make it.




But that's a BIG maybe.

Jonny's smile drops.


You won't charge me for the tape, will you?

Mario starts to suck air through his teeth again and returns to looking back under the bonnet.


ext. day countryside road - later

Jonny driving down the road at a good speed – around 60km/h.  Various shots – INT and EXT.

Jonny is relaxed and has settled down in his seat for the long drive ahead of him.


ext. day countryside road - later

Jonny rounds a corner and drives towards a small side road, turning off to the right.  In this side road is a parked police car – the driver isn't visible.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny looks off to his right and spots the police car.

Now immediately more alert, his eyes jump to his speedometer – he's driving at about 60km/h. 

Breathing a little heavier and sitting upright, he slows the car down to about 50km/h.

He looks over his shoulder – the road is empty.

He checks his speed – about 50km/h.

He checks his rear-view and side-mirrors – the road is still empty.



ext. day countryside road

Jonny's car is not being followed – he is still all alone on the vast open road.  Various shots between external and internal.


int. day jonny's car

He checks the mirror one last time and sighs a relief.  He slips back into his seat again and relaxes. 

In the background, through the back windscreen, a car appears on the horizon.  It gets closer.  Jonny doesn't notice it.


ext. day countryside road

Jonny's car travelling along, still under the speed limit, when the police car zooms up towards his car – no lights flashing or siren wailing, just driving behind him.


int. day jonny's car

The Police car is now right behind Jonny who now notices it in his rear-view mirror.  It's the same police car that he zoomed by earlier.

Sitting upright again, he immediately checks his speed – he's under the limit travelling at about 55km/h. 

He checks his rear-view and side-view mirrors.

He can't quite see the Police Officer – the sun glaring on the windscreen.


ext. day countryside road

Jonny and the police car drive around a corner and now in front of them is a large stretch of open road – no cars coming in the opposite direction.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny looks at the open road in front of them – no traffic approaching.

He checks the rear-view mirror.

He now looks over this shoulder then turns back to the road in front.


Come on – it's an open road!

After a few more moments he looks down at his speed again, it's touching 60km/h.

He's got no room to speed up at all. 

After checking his mirrors again, he lightly touches the brakes and he looks into his rear-view mirror.

Almost immediately the lights on the Police car burst into life and he can hear the siren wailing. 


Oh, you son of a bitch!

Jonny slows the car down even more and pulls over to the side of the road.


ext. day countryside road

Jonny has his eyes fixed on his rear-view mirrors – he still can't quite see the cop as the sun's glare is shining on the windscreen of the police car.

The cop is sitting there, watching him, not moving.

Jonny sits there staring at him wondering why he hasn't gotten out of the car.

The cop pulls down his sun visor, brings up a pair of sunglasses and checks them in the mirror. 

The car door of the police car opens and the officer gets out.  He walks slowly towards Jonny's car. 

Jonny watches him in his rear-view mirror as the cop approaches Jonny's side window – can't quite see his face.

The police officer, 38, with a nameplate that reads "PICERNO", a well-built man wearing large dark shades which hide his eyes, bends down to the open window of Jonny's car and smiles a bright white smile.


Licence and registration please.


Jonny begins to fumble around under some clothes on the passenger seat and brings out the documents.

He hands them to Picerno.


I don't think I was speeding, Officer.  I just slowed to let you past.

Picerno smiles at him and takes his licence and registration.

Picerno walks to the front of the car, looking down at it, then to the side, then to the back before walking back to his police car.

Jonny watches him like a Hawk as Picerno is checking his car.  Jonny knows his car is almost ready to be sent to the scrap yard – there are so many things wrong with it.

Jonny sweating, eyes fixed on the rear-view and side-view mirrors.

Picerno picks up his radio and begins to talk into it – reading information from his licence and registration information.

Jonny turns to look over his shoulder to get a better look at what Picerno is doing – sweating profusely now.

Picerno turns around, startling Jonny, who immediately turns back to looking forward, but keeping his eyes fixed on his mirrors.

Picerno returns to Jonny's car, holding his licence and registration information.


You're far from home.


I'm going to Rio.


That's a long way down this road.  What's in Rio?


I've got a part on a new soap opera.

Picerno's eyes light up.


You're an actor?

Jonny nods.


I start shooting tomorrow.


Tough business.   Are you a good actor? 

Jonny smiles innocently.


They did give me a job!  Well, the guy who got the job broke his leg.  I'm his replacement.


Those audition things tough?  What do you call them -   casting couches? 

Jonny laughs a little in disgust.


Oh God I'm not gay!


Picerno shifts his position and folds his arms, stares a little closer to Jonny.


Although I think I could've gotten some better parts if I was.


I thought all you actor types were like that.


No, no!  Just the thought makes me want to puke, you know?



Do you know how much the fine is for a speeding ticket?

Jonny's smile drops.


I'm sure I was under the limit.  I'm sorry.  I'm very sorry.


You didn't stop immediately when I drove up behind you.  That's resisting arrest.

Jonny now confused.


You didn't put your lights on until I slowed down.


Picerno looks around the road, and then bends down to Jonny window.

Jonny can see his own reflection in the glass of Picerno's sunglasses.


What would it mean to you if I didn't give you a ticket?

Jonny is a little confused by the question.


It would mean the world to me. 

Picerno smiles again.


How much would it mean to you?

Jonny more confused by the same question.


It would mean everything!  I'm sorry.  You let me go, I would drive under the limit, follow the rules.  I won't do it again.  I promise!       

Picerno smiles and gives back Jonny's licence and registration.

Jonny takes them and throws them on the passenger seat.

Picerno puts his hand out to shake Jonny's.


It was very nice meeting you.

Jonny sees Picerno's hand and shakes it.

Picerno smiles a bright white smile – the handshake has now stopped but Picerno doesn't let go.

Jonny forces a smile.


Thank you.


Picerno lets go of his hand, stands up and walks back to his car.

Jonny watches him in his rear-view mirror.

Picerno starts up his police car and begins to move onto the road.

As he gets to Jonny's side door, he slows, looks over at Jonny one last time before zooming off down the road – in the direction they were travelling before.

Jonny gets out of the car.  He looks at his hands – they are shaking – the adrenalin screaming through his veins.  He jumps about, shaking his body.  He screams, letting out his frustration and falls on the floor into the dust.  He breathes a huge sigh of relief.  Gets up.  Looks down the road and composes himself. 


ext. day countryside road (later)

Jonny drives along the road slowly.  Another car comes up behind him and overtakes him.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny is slumped into the seat with his arm out of the window.  As the car overtakes him, Jonny looks down to ensure his speed is well under the limit – it is at 45km/h.    

He checks his watch and sighs.


FADE TO ext. day countryside road

Jonny drives around a corner, and goes past a parked Police car – the same one that pulled him over before.    


int. day jonny's car

Startled, Jonny sits up, checks his speed and notices that he's still well below the limit – under 50 km/h.

He sits back arrogantly in his seat.


I'm definitely not speeding this time!

Just in case, his eyes shift to the rear-view mirror to double check that the cop isn't following him.

His eyes stay fixed on the rear-view mirror – not noticing that he's swerved into the oncoming lane.

He looks back briefly and corrects the driving position to move back to his own lane.


ext. day countryside road

The Police car remains on the side of the road. 

Its engine roars into life.

It slowly moves onto the road and begins to travel in the direction Jonny travelled.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny occasionally checks his side-view mirrors while keeping his gaze on the road in front.

After a few moments Picerno's Police car emerges in the rear-view mirror.

Jonny's swerves the steering wheel slightly when he sees Picerno. 

He looks back to the road in front to correct his driving position.

He looks down at the speedometer again – still under 50km/h.


ext. day countryside road

The police car drives up behind Jonny and stays there.  No lights flashing, no siren – just following – he's definitely not at a safe distance, but not quite tailgating. 

Various shots – INT and EXT.


int. day jonny's car

For Jonny, the cop is a little too close. 

He is getting agitated and is driving a little erratically while he constantly checks the rear-view mirror and correcting his driving position.

He checks his speed again – still around 50km/h.


ext. day countryside road

Jonny and Picerno's cars drive around a corner and onto another long stretch of open road – no traffic coming the other way.

Picerno remains behind Jonny.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny sees the open stretch of road in front of him with no cars coming the other way.

Again he looks in the rear-view mirror – expecting Picerno to begin overtaking. 

Picerno stays where he is.

Jonny now more confused.


You're not gonna pull me over are you. 

He checks his mirrors again.

Instead of braking, Jonny simply lifts his foot off the accelerator pedal – to ensure his brake lights don't come on.

His speed begins to slow on the speedometer – down below 45km/h.

Out of the rear-view mirror, Picerno flashes his lights at him.


Come on!  Get by me!  Go on!

Jonny looks down at all his gauges on his dashboard, his speed, his rear-view mirror.  He's not doing anything wrong.

He sticks his arm out of the window and begins to wave to Picerno – indicating for him to overtake.

Picerno blasts his horn a couple of times.


What is up with this guy?

He pulls his arm back in.

Almost immediately, Picerno roars up behind Jonny and overtakes him.

He almost cuts Jonny off and swerves back into his own lane in front of Jonny.  Almost immediately his brake lights come on, slowing down. 


What the...?

Picerno then begins to indicate off to the right – a side turning is coming up.


ext. day countryside road

Picerno turns off into the side road and continues down it.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny watches Picerno turn off and go down the side road.


Protecting the public, my ass!

He checks his rear view mirror one last time – it's empty – then puts his foot down on the accelerator pedal. 

His speed increases to just under 60 km/h.


ext. day countryside road – later

Jonny drives down the road – off to the right is a side road.

In the distance, a police car travels along this road towards the main road.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny spots the police car.

He drives by the side road and takes a look at the car when he's closer and recognises the car – which has now slowed to a stop at the junction. 

It's definitely Picerno.


Of course!  Why wouldn't it be?


ext. day countryside road

Picerno's car is sitting at the side road junction.  The car pulls onto the main road and follows Jonny's direction.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny is now checking his rear-view mirror – seeing which way Picerno is going to move.

When he sees Picerno turn onto the road to follow him he lets out an audible grunt of disappointment.

He goes by a sign that reads "Motel Stardust" – 1km.  Beneath it is a sign for a gas station.

After seeing the gas station sign, Jonny thinks for a moment, watching Picerno is his rear and side-view mirrors.


ext. day countryside road

Picerno is getting closer to Jonny's car.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny sees Picerno getting closer in his rear-view mirror.

He sees the gas station coming up ahead and switches on his indicator.

His eyes immediately hit the rear-view mirror.

After a brief moment, Picerno's indicator comes on also.

Jonny lets out a little scream of frustration.

He switches off his indicator, and looks in the rear-view mirror. 

Picerno's indicator stops flashing.

Jonny thinks and sighs, then hits the steering wheel with his hand.

He switches on his indicator again and looks in the rear-view mirror – Picerno begins to indicate again.

Jonny nervously looks around the dials of the car – his gas level is quite high – he doesn't need any.  Engine temperature is OK – doesn't need any water.

He looks around the passenger seat, over his shoulder to the mass of bags and boxes in the back of the car.

He finally hits on something that he needs to stop for.



Gum!  I need gum!

Jonny continues to slow down and checks his rear-view mirror as Picerno continues to follow.




ext. day gas station

Jonny's car comes into the gas station next to the pumps and slows to a stop.

Picerno's police car follows him in but continues past the pumps and turns around in the car park in front of the Motel – Jonny watches him drive by, confused, wondering why he's not stopping for gas.

Picerno has turned his car around, facing Jonny in the gas station, and parks.

Jonny looks at Picerno in the distance – why did he follow me in?  Why is he just looking at me?  Why did he park in front of the Motel?

The gas station attendant, ROBERTO, 50, appears at Jonny's side window.


Gas or Alcohol?

Startled, Jonny turns to Roberto.


Just some chewing gum – I don't mind which type.

He turns back to looking at Picerno.


Don't you want any gas?

Jonny snaps his head back towards Roberto.


No.  Just gum.  Please.

Roberto scratches his head, sighs, and walks off to the shop.

Jonny turns back to Picerno once more.

The front lights on Picerno's car flash once brightly.

Jonny looks confused.

He looks all around him – over his shoulder, through the side windows.

No other cars are there.

The flash was for him.

He looks beyond Picerno's car and sees the sign for "Motel Stardust".

He sees by the motel a sign that reads "R$15 per hour".

Jonny then realises.

He gulps and immediately his palms begin to be sweaty.

He looks for Roberto – he's still finding Jonny's chewing gum in the shop.

He looks back at Picerno – he seems to be talking on his radio.

Picerno's car starts up and rolls forward towards the gas station.

Jonny looks horrified.

Picerno drives by Jonny very slowly – staring at him through his window.

Jonny stares back looking very distressed.

Picerno's car then pulls away towards the main road.

Jonny watches him leave. 

Picerno gets back to the main road and turns the way they were travelling – the same way Jonny still needs to go.

Jonny gets out of the car and walks a few steps.

The station attendant, Roberto, appears with Jonny's gum and holds it out for him.


Minty flavour.

Jonny looks at Roberto, turns around then vomits on the floor.

Roberto jumps backwards trying not to get splashed by Jonny.

Jonny gets up, wipes down his face with his hand.

Roberto holds out the gum for Jonny.


You still want this?

Jonny looks at the gum then runs back to his car, starts it up and turns it around in the dust.

Roberto looks down at the vomit, and whistles to his dogs which start to run to him.

Jonny heads back to the main road.


ext. day mountainous road – later

The road has become less green and now rockier – mountains can be seen in the background.

Jonny's car drives along the road – at a good speed but under the speed limit. 


int. day jonny's car

Jonny looking very determined, gripping the steering wheel making his knuckles turn white. 

He keeps an eye on his rear-view and side-view mirrors just in case he spots Picerno again.

Various shots INT and EXT. 


int. day jonny's car

Jonny's mobile phone rings – he looks over to the passenger seat where the phone is lying.

He ignores it and continues to drive.

The phone continues to ring. 

He looks over to it, keeping an eye on the road, and picks it up.  He immediately recognises the number.

He looks in front of him, then in his rear and side-view mirrors again – making sure Picerno isn't watching him answer the phone.

He hits ‘answer' and then ‘speaker' on the phone.


Hello?  Yes.  No, I haven't checked in yet, I'm still on the road.  A little car trouble, nothing too serious.   

Jonny rounds a corner and in the distance, travelling quite slowly, is Picerno's Police car.

Jonny begins to slow his car – so he doesn't zoom up behind the police car – so as not to aggravate him.


Yes, I'll call when I get there.  And can I just say thank you again for this great opportunity.  This means so much to me and my family.  Hello?  Hello?

Jonny looks at the phone and wonders what happened. 

He hits ‘end' on the phone and looks up at the road in front – he is now directly behind Picerno who is driving at a very slow 40km/h.


Get moving!  I can't wait around here.

Jonny starts to move the car to the left-hand lane – to get a better look at the road ahead – maybe he can overtake? 

As he does this, Picerno's left-hand indicator starts to flash and he moves to the left-hand lane – blocking Jonny's view.


What the..?

Then, in front of him, is a motorcycle – obviously the vehicle that Picerno was overtaking.

Jonny indicates and overtakes the motorcycle as well – both he and Picerno move back to the right-hand lane.

After a couple of moments, Jonny resumes trying to look around Picerno.

Once more he moves to the left-hand lane to have another look.

Almost immediately, Picerno indicates and moves to the left hand lane, surprising Jonny once more.


Oh come on!

Jonny looks back to the right hand lane – expecting to see another car or motorcycle or something.

Picerno moves back to the right hand lane – having not overtaken anyone.


There's no-one there! 

Suddenly, Picerno's arm comes out the window and waves Jonny by.

Jonny immediately checks his mirrors, indicates left and pulls out onto the left-hand lane accelerating fast.

As Jonny moves to the left lane and pulls forward the road twists around to the left – into a blind corner.  Jonny looks a little worried but keeps going.

As they go around the blind corner, the left-hand lane immediately ends as both lanes merge into one as they go through a chicane cut out from a hill.

Clearly Jonny is going to slam right into the side of the hill and immediately hits the brakes – swerving all over the road.

Picerno zooms away into the distance.

As Jonny regains control of the car, he slows it down so he can catch his breath.


He knew that was coming!  That bastard!

Jonny sighs and composes himself.

He begins to accelerate again but keeps the speed at a slow 50km/h.


int. day jonny's car - later

Jonny sees a sign for a Police Station up ahead.

He thinks then begins to slow down the car.

He thinks again, then sighs and begins to accelerate again.

The police station is now visible ahead of him.

Jonny thinks, checks his mirrors, and begins to slow down once more.

He looks determined as he indicates to turn off the road into the police station.


ext. day mountainous road – police station

Jonny enters the car park and heads towards a parking space.

Picerno's police car is parked in another space.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny parks the car in the space and stares at Picerno's car.

It is empty.

His foot hovers over the accelerator pedal, hand on the gearstick.

He gulps heavily then turns off the ignition and gets out the car.


int. day police station

Jonny enters and looks down the corridor.

It is a very quiet countryside police station – almost deserted.

Faint sounds of people talking in the background.

Jonny sees a sign for reception and walks down the corridor towards it.

He gets to the reception desk – it is empty.

He looks around – no-one appears.

He looks up at the clock on the wall and sighs.

Behind a glass door, Picerno appears, still wearing his sunglasses, and walks by.

Jonny spots him.

Picerno turns his head and sees Jonny.

Jonny freezes like a Deer on a dark road caught in the headlights of a car.

Picerno stops walking and stares at Jonny.

Jonny continues to stare back.

Picerno turns and begins walking towards the glass door.

Jonny blinks, heart racing.

He turns around and walks back down the corridor – without looking behind him.


ext. day

Jonny gets to his car and turns it around in the car park and zooms back to the main road.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny, breathing heavily, looks over his shoulder.

He continues looking ahead, then checking his rear and side-view mirrors.


ext. day mountainous road

Jonny's car drives by a few small side-roads leading away from the main road.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny looks at one of these side roads as he drives by it.

He thinks for a moment then pulls up the map that is lying on the passenger seat.

He's trying to drive and look at the map at the same time – the map almost on the windscreen as the wind from the open window blows it around.

Jonny slaps it down and sees a small side-road approaching.

He looks at his watch, then the level of gas in the gas tank.


I bet he doesn't go down these little roads.

He checks his rear-view and side-view mirrors, then indicates, and begins to slow down.


Ext. day mountainous side road junction

Jonny's car drives into the side road and zooms down the dirt track road at speed, kicking up dust behind him. 


int. day jonny's car

Jonny bounces up and down as the car rumbles down the dirt track – holes and bumps everywhere.

He's looking intensely in front and off to the sides – wondering when it'll rejoin the main road again.


ext. day mountainous side road

Jonny's car rounds a bend and heads towards the edge of a cliff – the dirt track simply finishes at the cliff edge.

Jonny skids the car to a full stop right before the edge of the cliff, creating a huge cloud of dust.

As the dust settles, Jonny switches off the engine and gets out the car.

He moves to the edge of the canyon and looks down – easily a thousand metres drop.

He looks around to see if there are any other roads.

He returns to the car and pulls out the map.

Putting it on the bonnet, he looks closely to find the road he was just driving down. 

He traces the main road all the way to the state line in Rio – seeing there are no more side roads off this main road. 

He lets go of the map, and walks around the car, looking at the canyon below, the dust and dirt on the floor.

He finds quite a large rock, tries to pull it up but it's very heavy. 

He manages to pull it to his chest and heaves it over the edge of the cliff and screams as he throws it – letting out a lot of frustration.

He jumps back in his car and sits and thinks while breathing heavily.

After a moment or two, he starts the car up again and begins reversing – creating a cloud of dust in front of him.


act 3


Ext. day mountainous side road junction

Jonny drives his car down the dirt road back to the junction on the main road. 

He can see the end of the dirt track road as it joins the main road and immediately he slows down and sits bolt upright.

The sides of the road are hidden by trees. 

Jonny, now wide-eyed and open-mouthed, searches the area in front of him for Picerno's car.

As he nears the junction with the main road he slows to a crawl.

He gets to the end of the dirt road and he stops the car, putting the gear in neutral.

He looks left and right on the main road.

It is empty.

Paranoia is clearly rising in Jonny and he bangs once on the steering wheel with his fist – angry with himself that he let Picerno do this to him.

He breathes a huge sigh and manages a little smile.

Jonny pushes the accelerator pedal and he moves on to the main road and into the distance.


ext. day mountainous road

Jonny's car travelling round the roads.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny has his arm out the window, looking a little happier and more relaxed.


ext. day mountainous road

Jonny's car rounds a corner. 

Almost immediately Jonny slams on the brakes and the car comes to a screeching stop.

In the distance in front of him is Picerno's police car parked on the side of the road.

The windows of Picerno's car are hard to see through as the sun is reflecting off the glass.


Int. day jonny's car

Jonny looks bewildered.


He waited!    

Jonny stares at Picerno's car.

He tries to get a look at Picerno – but can't see through the windscreen of the police car as the sun is too bright – reflecting off it.

Jonny looks behind through the back window and the side windows to see if there's any other way forward.  There are none.

He looks back at Picerno's car to see if there's any engine vibration, or any fumes coming from the exhaust pipe.

He moves the gear stick to first, pushes the clutch down with his left foot and pushes the accelerator pedal down with his right – engine screaming.

He looks at the police car once more – and begins to lift his foot off the clutch – engine still at maximum revs.

Jonny stops and thinks – killing the engine revs.


You want me to run, don't you?   

He moves the gear stick back to neutral.

He turns back to the Police Car. 

The car hasn't moved.

There's no movement inside it.

Jonny looks around himself again – through the back and side windows then back to the police car.

He puts the gear stick into first again and slowly releases the clutch with very low revs. 

The car moves forward very, very slowly.

Jonny gets closer and closer to Picerno's police car. 

No movement.

Jonny watches wild-eyed at Picerno's driver's door.


Watching like a Hawk.

Still no movement.

No blinking.

Closer still.

He then blinks.

He halts the car, slams the gearstick into reverse and moves the car back down the road.

He gets back to a safe distance and stops the car.

Jonny sits there, staring at the Police Car. 

Still no movement.

He opens the car door and gets out slowly – standing behind the car door.


ext. day mountainous road

Jonny tries to see where Picerno is in the car – straining and squinting his eyes.

He hears a bird squawk off to the right and looks in its general direction – a field off to the right of the main road.

Then he spots him – it looks like Picerno is standing by a tree in a field next to the road, having a pee.

Jonny's eyes light up and he jumps back in the car.

int. day jonny's car

Jonny slams the door shut, puts the gear stick into first and floors the accelerator pedal. 

His car zooms off past Picerno's police car and down the road into the distance.


ext. day mountainous road field

Picerno is standing next to a tree with his arms down in front of him – but his trousers remain zipped up.

As Jonny's car zooms away in the background, he turns to watch him.


int. day jonny's car

He keeps the accelerator pedal to the floor and his car is zooming along at over 80km/h.


Stupid, stupid.  IDIOT! 

He bangs his hands on the steering wheel.  Paranoia level increasing rapidly.


ext. day mountainous road

Picerno's car zooms along the road at high speed.


ext. day mountainous road

Jonny's car zooms along, round corners, keeping the speed high.


Int. day jonny's car

Jonny looks down at the dials on the dashboard.

The engine temperature level is pretty high – the needle nearly touching the red danger mark.

He checks his rear-view mirror and slows down a little.


He's far.

His speed slows to about 60 km/h.

Suddenly, Picerno appears in his rear-view mirror.

Jonny doesn't see him immediately – allowing Picerno to get a bit closer.

After a few moments, Jonny does see Picerno and his heart begins to race.



He puts his foot down a little – increasing his speed a bit.

But Picerno easily gains on him and is tailgating him very quickly.

They go by a road sign that reads "Rafa's Station – gas and food - 1km".


ext. day mountainous road

Picerno is tailgating and right behind Jonny.  Picerno accelerates and slams into the back of Jonny's car.

Jonny's car swerves a little over the road as he tries to keep control of it.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny swerving over the road, trying to keep control of the car.


ext. day mountainous road

Picerno backs off and comes in again to slam into the back of him once more – this time with more force.

Once again, Jonny has trouble keeping control of the car.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny is struggling to keep control of the car when he sees Rafa's Station up ahead.

He stares at the gas station and checks to see where Picerno is.


ext. day mountainous road - rafa's station

Jonny slows a little in order to take the turning off to Rafa's Station - which makes Picerno slam into the back of him even harder – sending him skidding over the road and into the front car parking area of the station – stopping in a cloud of dust.

Picerno zooms off down the road.

Jonny, dazed from the spin and abrupt stop, gets out the car, looks around then heads inside the shop.


int. day rafa's station shop

Jonny walks in and looks for someone who is working there.

Behind the counter is a tall attendant, EDU (40), holding a can of beer.

Edu looks at Jonny.


You ok? 

Jonny nods.


Do you know the number for the local police station?

Edu laughs to himself as he takes a drink from his can of beer.


What do you want with those in-bred, corrupt mother-fucking bastards?

He kicks something under the counter, startling Jonny.


I really need to talk to them.

Edu looks down at the floor.


The phone's not working.

Jonny sighs and brings out his mobile phone to show Edu.


I just need the number.

Edu looks up and gestures towards the back of the shop while shaking his head.



Jonny walks towards the back of the shop as Edu takes another drink from his can of beer.

Jonny gets to the phone and looks at the bits of paper and stickers on and around the phone.  He finds one that says Police.

He looks at the phone and picks it up. 

There is a dial tone.

He shoots Edu a dirty look who has been watching Jonny and simply grunts to himself while taking a drink from his beer.

He dials the number.


police operator

Police Station, can I help you?


Yes.  I want to report one of your Police Officer's who's been harassing me.  I think he's trying to kill me.

police operator

That's quite a serious allegation sir. 


It's been serious what this guy has been trying to do to me.

police operator

Our officers are community officers.  They are not like the big city cops.  We care about the people we protect.


Does that protection involve pulling me over even though I wasn't speeding?  Trying to run me off the road because I wouldn't...

Jonny stops and thinks.

police operator

Sir?  Sir?


(to himself) He wanted a bribe.  I don't believe it.

police operator

Sir – you will have to speak a little louder otherwise I'll terminate this call.

Jonny looks around to make sure no-one can hear him speak.  He cups his mouth with his hand.


I think he propositioned me.  He made a pass at me. 

police operator

What are you saying, sir?


I'm an actor and I think he thinks I'm gay.  I turned him down and since then he's been trying to kill me.

police operator

Do you have the officer's name, sir?





Hello?  Hello?  Are you there?

police operator

What evidence do you have, sir?


What?  None.

police operator

Nothing at all?


Well, there's lots of dents and scratches on my car that he put there. 

police operator

Those could be proved to have come from anywhere.  Without any hard evidence there is nothing I can do to add to the investigation surrounding Officer Picerno.


Wait – there's already an investigation into this guy?

police operator

I cannot give you any information about that, sir.


What?  You guys are looking into him and you can't tell me what's going on?  He's done this before?

police operator

I cannot give you any information about that, sir.


He's trying to kill me!  Don't you guys care?

police operator

You can come into the station and write a full statement if you wish, sir.


Which would simply be thrown into the filing cabinet and forgotten about!  This is your job!

police operator

I'm sorry, sir...


Jonny slams the phone back down in anger.

He turns around, thinks.

He moves back to the shop area and pauses near a shelf holding magazines.

He picks one up and begins flipping through it. 

He turns and looks at Edu.

Edu looks over at Jonny, takes a drink from his beer.

Jonny's gaze has turned into a stare at Edu – while continue to flip through the magazine.

Edu slowly puts down his beer on the counter, bends down and reaches under the counter.

Jonny nervously walks to the counter with the magazine and puts it down slowly – hand shaking - determined look in Jonny's eyes.

Edu remains half bent down with one arm under the counter – keeping eye contact with Jonny.


Please give me all the money from the cash register.


Edu looks Jonny up and down.

He pulls his arm back from underneath the counter and is now brandishing a metal bar.

Jonny sees the bar and is immediately scared.

Edu launches himself over the counter and pushes Jonny to the floor – crashing him into a shelf stacked with chocolates and crisps.

Jonny is now cowering underneath the great hulk of Edu's body, quivering.

Edu has grabbed Jonny's throat – almost strangling him.


Maybe I'll give you something else – like a broken face!  I've had enough of you fucking runts coming here and ripping me off!


OK, OK!  I don't want the money.  Please don't hurt me.

Edu releases his grip a little on Jonny's throat.


I wanted you to get the cops here.  Tell them you were being robbed.


I've been robbed seven times in the last three months.  Each time it takes them a couple of days to get here.  I've lost thousands of Reis because of those bastards! 


There's this cop.  That one out there, before.  Ran me off the road into your place.    I've been trying to get away from him.

Edu tightens his grip again on Jonny's throat.


What did you do?


Nothing!  I'm just a kid from a little village trying to get to the big city. 

Jonny closes his eyes and slumps – he's exhausted.

Edu looks at him, realising he's telling the truth.

He lets go of his throat once more.

In the background, Picerno's car appears and slows down in front of the gas station – he positions himself so that the front of the car is pointing at the shop door.

They both turn after hearing the car engine and see the Police Car.

Jonny scrambles on the floor away from Edu to get up and hides behind a shelf.

Still brandishing the metal bar, Edu walks to the front window, seething, to get a better look at the cop.



Never there when you want them.  Always are when you don't.  Bastards. 

Edu tries to see the inside of the car but the sun is shining on the windscreen.


ext. day rafa's station

Picerno stares back at the front of the shop – he can see Edu standing in the window.

The engine is still purring.


int. day rafa's station shop

Edu standing at the front window, turns back to Jonny.


Rio state line is fifty two kilometres down this road.  I've done it in forty seven minutes.

Edu opens the front door.


ext. day rafa's station

Picerno revs his engine and keeps it at a high pitch.


int. day rafa's station

Edu takes a step outside, still holding the metal bar.


ext. day rafa's station

Picerno moves the car forward a little, like a bull baiting a matador, then stops, forward, then stop again.

Edu takes another step forward.


Get going.  Back door.


int. day rafa's station

Jonny gets up off the floor and makes for the back of the shop, finding the back door which leads outside.


ext. day rafa's station

Edu baits Picerno by waving the metal bar at him.   


Come on you piece of shit!


Picerno's car, with the engine still screaming at maximum revs, suddenly jolts forward and wheel spins towards the front of the shop, kicking up dust behind him.

Edu runs back inside the shop, closing the door behind him in a futile effort to protect himself from the car.

Picerno slams his car into the front of the shop – smashing the plate glass window to smithereens.


ext. day rafa's station

Jonny starts his car, slams it into first gear and skids away in the dust onto the main road and zooms off, leaving the carnage of the shop window behind him.




int. day jonny's car

Jonny constantly checking behind him and his rear-view mirror.  He has his foot to the floor.


Ext. day barren road

The road is less mountainous now – simply a road travelling through a desert landscape.

Jonny's car zooming at high speed down the road. 

Separately, Picerno's car zooms down the road following Jonny's direction.

They both continue to zoom along the road, around corners, Picerno getting closer all the time.  They start going up a very small hill.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny is going so fast that he starts to see smoke coming from underneath the bonnet of the car.  The car is slowing down a little – struggling to get up the hill.


No.  Not now.

His heart sinks further and starts shouting at the car to make it to the top of the hill.


Ext. day barren road – top of small hill

Jonny's car, smoke coming from underneath the bonnet, makes it over the hill and down the other side – the smoke starts to dissipate. 


int. day jonny's car

Jonny increasing speed as he goes down the other side of the little hill. 

He laughs a little victory laugh to himself.

As the smoke disappears, he keeps checking his rear-view mirror.

Picerno suddenly appears over the top of the hill in the rear-view mirror and zooms towards Jonny.

Jonny slams his foot to the floor on the accelerator pedal but it isn't quick enough. 

Picerno is getting closer and closer.


ext. day barren road

Picerno slams into the back of Jonny's car who can't keep control of it as the force was so strong.

He skids off the side of the road and stops in a cloud of dust facing the opposite direction, dazed after hitting his head during the skid. 

Picerno's car stops and reverses to Jonny.

Picerno gets out slowly, a picture of cool-headedness with his massive sunglasses, and walks calmly to Jonny's side window.

Picerno bends down to inspect Jonny – who is still dazed.  He looks around the road to make sure no-one else is around, and then pulls out a dirty piece of cloth and a bottle of clear liquid from his pocket. 

He pours some of the liquid over the cloth.

Picerno then shoves the piece of cloth into Jonny's mouth.

Jonny, startled by cloth going into his mouth, opens his eyes a little to see Picerno standing over him.

As the Chloroform on the cloth takes effect, Jonny slowly loses consciousness and blacks out.


int. day boot of picerno's police car - later

Jonny, dazed and confused, opens his eyes. 

It is very dark except for a few shafts of light emanating through the cracks - then he realises where he is.

The road is very bumpy and Jonny is thrown around inside the boot.

Suddenly, the car skids to a stop. 

The force of the skid, and all the bumping around on the road, has thrown open the catch on the boot – it is now ajar and a large shaft of light streams onto Jonny's face.

Jonny hears the engine turn off, the car door open and close. 

Footsteps walk away.


The sound of Jonny breathing heavily.

Jonny goes for the lid of the boot and opens it slowly.  The bright sun blinds his eyes as they were used to the dark.

He can see a large mountain in the background, with what looks like a dry lake bed in front of him. 

He opens the lid a bit more and pokes his head left and right – nothing and no-one, except for the vast expanse of desert, dry lake bed and mountains.

He decides to get out and opens the lid more and starts to climb out.  The squeaks from the car as he clambers over the edge of the boot lip makes him stop, listen, and then continue.


ext. day dry lake bed

Jonny falls from the boot of the car onto the dusty floor of the dry lake bed. 

He closes the boot very slowly and looks in the opposite direction – to the left of the Police Car. 

In the distance he can see the main road – presumably where he came from – probably about a kilometre away.

He moves to the right side of the car and looks around.  There is a small wooden shed – no windows, one door.

Jonny looks all around – there is no other place that Picerno could be – he must be inside.

Jonny walks to the front of the car and looks in through the window to the ignition – the car keys are not there.

He turns and looks at the shed.

He begins to walk to the side of the shed – a noise from inside freezes him in his tracks.

After the door doesn't open, he continues to walk to the side of the shack.

He finds a small hole in the wooden panel and peers inside.


int. day wooden shack

Picerno is busy lighting candles around the inside walls of the shack.  It adds a warm, cosy, glow to the place.


ext. day dry lake bed

Jonny stares wide-eyed at what Picerno is doing. 

His gaze moves around the inside of the shack – a chair, some bottles of what look like Vodka, Whiskey, then a large table with leather wrist and ankle restraints bolted onto it.  Other bondage gear – masks, whips and chains adorn the walls.

Jonny's heart sinks and he gasps – quickly moving his hand over his mouth.

He turns around, thinking. 

He spies the main road again. 

Then he looks back to Picerno's Police Car.

He moves slowly to it – all the while checking the door to the shack doesn't open.

He quietly, slowly and carefully opens the car door.  He releases the handbrake and holds onto the steering wheel and the car door.  He begins to slowly push the car towards the door of the shack.

The car gets to the door of the shack and Jonny halts the car.  The front bumper is almost touching the door – clearly the door will not open now.

He pulls on the handbrake, closes the door gently, takes one last look at the shack and the surrounding area, and then runs towards the main road in the distance.


ext. day dry lake bed

Jonny runs and falls over due to the bumpy nature of the terrain.  He picks himself up and continues running – all the while checking behind him to make sure Picerno isn't following.


ext. day outside wooden shack

The door handle moves and the door is attempted to be opened, but it hits the front bumper of the police car.

Then the door is banged upon.  Once, twice – each time more forcefully.

It still doesn't open.

Next, gunshots to the hinges of the door – splinters of wood fly everywhere.


ext. day dry lake bed

Jonny hears the gunshots, turns and falls over while still running.

He gets up, looks for movement at the shack, then continues running towards the road.


ext. day outside wooden shack

We see the keys of the car being shoved into the ignition, engine starting, and the wheels of the car spinning around in the dust as the car zooms away.


ext. day dry lake bed

Jonny, still running, looks behind him and sees a cloud of dust on the road rising in the distance – its Picerno's car, coming towards him.

Jonny continues running – he can see the main road now.  Not far.

Picerno eventually catches up with Jonny and drives up beside him.

He pulls out his nightstick and while leaning out of the window towards Jonny, hits him on the back of the legs.

Jonny hits the dirt in a heap – rolling end over end in the dust.

Picerno screeches the car to a halt and immediately jumps out and runs to Jonny who is a bit delirious after the fall.

He pounces on Jonny and turns him over – slamming his face down in the dirt.

Jonny manages to squirm his way out of Picerno's grip and begins to crawl away.

Picerno pounces again and slaps Jonny on the left side of his face.


Come on pretty-boy.  Don't you like this?

He slaps Jonny on the other side of the face.


Going to the big fancy city, are you?  Think you're better than everyone else? 

He punches Jonny.


The city will eat you alive!  It'll fuck you.  Fuck you hard. 

He punches Jonny again.


Refuse me, would you?  Turn me down?  I'll show you what the city will do to you.

Picerno pulls out a small penknife and cuts downwards on Jonny's trousers – creating a hole at his ass.

Picerno looks around to ensure no-one is around, and then unzips his trousers.  He forces himself into Jonny.

Jonny is wide awake now, screaming and trying to fight his way out of it – tears streaming down his face. 


Please.  Just let me go.  I won't tell anyone.  Please.

Picerno is stronger than Jonny and easily overpowers him.


Speeding.  Resisting arrest.  Attacking a Police Officer.  You're in a lot of trouble.

Jonny, still crying, spies a rock on the floor. 

He manages to extend his arm to it and grab it. 

He rolls over and thrusts the rock onto Picerno's head – smashing the sunglasses from his face and causing him to fall to the ground.

Jonny gets up and takes a couple of steps back.  He looks at Picerno in the eyes for the first time – then runs forward a couple of steps and kicks Picerno square in the head like a football in a penalty shoot-out.

Picerno flies backwards and lands in a heap on the floor.

Jonny turns and runs towards the road – now only about 30 metres away.





ext. day barren road

Jonny runs onto the road and looks to which direction to go. 

A gunshot ricochet's off a fence post next to Jonny – he turns and sees Picerno on the floor holding his gun. 

From the look of him, Picerno is in really bad shape – blood dripping down the side of his face.  He drops to his side in the dirt clutching his head.

From the surrounding area, it looks like Picerno brought him back along the road in which they were travelling – back towards Rafa's Station.  He turns right, and starts running down the road.


ext. day barren road

A car comes up behind Jonny.  Jonny hears the engine sound and immediately bolts to the side of the road to make a quick escape.

He turns to see that it's a completely different car to Picerno's – a small pick-up truck.  He jumps back to the road and begins to wave his arms wildly.

The pick-up truck stops and inside is SYLVANO (20) – a bit of a gothic rock dude who is sitting amongst various boxes with bits of cloth over the top of them that are piled up on the passenger seat and in his lap.

Jonny, wild-eyed scared and constantly checking the road behind him for Picerno, bends down into the side window.


You've got help me!


What happened?


Please – my car is just down the road, can you take me?


What are you running from?



Sylvano gestures to the back of the truck.


In the back.  But don't crush any of those boxes!

Jonny jumps into the back of the pick-up truck and Sylvano begins to move it down the road.


ext. day barren road

Picerno's police car zooming down the road.


int. day sylvano's pick-up truck

Sylvano isn't driving very fast.

Jonny bangs on the cab window and Sylvano opens it.


Please!  Can't you go any faster?


Are you in trouble?


If you don't go any faster then this cop will be right behind us.

Sylvano hears the word ‘Cop' and immediately becomes concerned.


Cop?  What did you do?


Just drive faster!

Sylvano begins to think and checks his mirrors.


I think you should get out.

Sylvano begins to slow down a little.


Don't slow down!


I don't want to get messed up with a cop. 


He's after me, not you.  Just keep going!


Look in those boxes and you'll see why he'll be after me.

Jonny lifts up a bit of cloth on one of the boxes and sees a bunch of Marijuana plants.

Sylvano really slowing down now.

Jonny reaches in through the window and grabs Sylvano's shirt collar, evil in his eyes.



Sylvano starts to lose control of the pick-up and swerves over the road.




The pickup truck continues to slow down as it swerves on the road.

Jonny lets go of Sylvano and turns to the road behind.

Picerno's Police car appears - zooming down the road towards them. 


ext. day barren road

The pick-up truck screeches to a halt, Jonny jumps out and starts running down the road.


int. day sylvano's pick-up truck

Sylvano watches Jonny run down the road as he's catching his breath.


You crazy son of a bitch!

He starts to rub his neck where Jonny had grabbed hold of him.

In the rear-view mirror Picerno's car gets closer and closer.


ext. day barren road

Jonny rounds a corner and there is his car – still parked at the side of the road.

He runs as fast as he can towards it.


ext. day barren road – same

Picernos' car zooms by Sylvano's pick-up truck.

As it does, Sylvano gets out of his cab to watch Picerno's car zoom down the road.

Suddenly, Picerno screeches his car to a stop.

His reverse lights come on and the back wheels spin violently – lurching the car backwards towards Sylvano's pick-up truck.

Startled, Sylvano jumps back in his cab.


ext. day barren road – same

Jonny gets to his car and rips open the door.  The keys are still in the ignition.  He starts it up and spins the car around.

As Jonny zooms away down the road, we can see in the background Picerno has blocked Sylvano's pick-up truck from moving.  Picerno is saying something through his window to Sylvano which we can't hear.


int. day jonny's car

As Jonny pulls away down the road, he hears a couple of gunshots and his face drops.


Ext. day barren road

Shots of Jonny's car driving along the roads, around corners, really hammering the car.

He drives by a sign that reads "Rio State Line – 10km".


ext. day barren road – later

Steam is now rising again from the car. 


int. day jonny's car

Jonny ignores the steam and keeps his foot down on the accelerator pedal – going at over 100km/h.

His knuckles are white on the steering wheel as he's gripping it with all his strength.

Determined stare on Jonny's face – no blinking.

Suddenly, the engine, oil and radiator lights on the dashboard begin to flicker again wildly.

He screams loudly in frustration, banging on the steering wheel and the dashboard, trying to keep the car moving with sheer force of will.

The speed of the car drops considerably.


ext. day barren road

Jonny's car slowing down rapidly, steam rising from the bonnet, ugly noises emanating from the engine.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny jumping in his seat, banging on the steering wheel, trying to keep the car moving, breathing heavily.

He looks down at the temperature gauge of the engine – it is overheating. 

Steam rising from the bonnet.

The engine stops and the car rolls to a halt.

He makes one last effort to keep the car moving by shaking the steering wheel, but obviously makes no difference.



He slowly moves his head to rest on the steering wheel, no more strength left.

After a moment or two he lifts his head up and looks for the bottle of water which is on the passenger seat.

He releases the bonnet catch underneath the steering wheel and gets out of the car.


ext. day barren road

Jonny opens the bonnet of the car – steam pours out. 

He takes off his shirt and opens the radiator water cap with it. 

The bottle of water is almost empty – he pours the last remnants of it into the radiator and sets the bottle down on top of the engine.

The steam starts to disappear.

He takes a few steps back, looking at the car.

It really is a total piece of crap.

He runs rapidly towards it and kicks a dent into the side of the car, screaming wildly.

He turns around and screams into the barren wasteland.

He stops and composes himself, looking off into the distance – wondering if he could walk the rest of the way to the state line. 

He moves to the back of the car and looks at his luggage - big bags, boxes etc.  There's no way he could carry it all.  But maybe just one big bag?

He looks back down the road in front of him and breathes a huge sigh – even though it's only a few kilometres, it may as well be a thousand.

His heart sinks and tears well up in his eyes.  He leans against the side of the car and puts his head in his hands.

Tears roll down his cheek as he cries.  He's a small, puny, tiny organism in the big, bad world. 

He looks up and looks back down the road – the way he's just travelled from.  He can see the back of a huge sign on the side of the road.

His tears slow and stop.

Intrigued, he walks to the front of it.  The sign reads "Welcome to the state of Rio De Janeiro".

He made it over the state line.

Jonny can only manage a small smile.

He then notices something move in the corner of his eye – way in the distance behind him on the road – it's a car – and it's travelling at high speed.

Jonny looks back up at the sign again – surely Picerno must stop – he'll be out of his jurisdiction.  He looks back at the car – it shows no sign of slowing down.

He walks back to his car and looks at the front – the steam has gone. 

He gets in the car and tries to start it.  It sputters and coughs, nearly starts.

He tries again and again.  No good.

He gets out and looks back down the road – the car is still coming.

Realising the state line is no barrier to Picerno, he runs to the front of the car looking at the engine. 

He slaps the bottle away from the top of the engine and jumps up on the front bumper – holding himself steady by hanging onto the raised bonnet with one hand.

With the other hand he unzips his jeans and fumbles with his underwear.

He starts peeing into the radiator cap – constantly checking over the top of the bonnet for the car as it gets closer and closer.

He tries to force more and more out, screaming and shouting at himself.

The car gets closer and now it is revealed – it is Picerno's police car.

After no more will come out, Jonny jumps back to the floor, puts the radiator water cap back on, slams down the bonnet and jumps back in the car.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, the car starts and he begins to move forward.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny screams at the car to get moving – slamming his foot down, hitting the steering wheel, working through the gears – 30km/h, 40km/h, 50km/h - looking behind him in the side and rear-view mirrors. 

He can see Picerno zooming towards him. 

Wild-eyed and his face and body a mess, his tears have stopped and his eyes are now filled with rage.


ext. day barren road

Picerno's car zooms up behind Jonny.

Jonny slams on his brakes – forcing Picerno to slam into the back of him – hard. 

Jonny gives a small laugh to himself.

Picerno, surprised by this, swerves all over the road.

Picerno returns and rams the back of Jonny's car – this time Jonny struggling to keep control.

Jonny continues to fight back – slamming his brakes forcing Picerno into the back of his car, coming up beside him and slamming into the side of him etc.

Various shots.

After one attack, Picerno's car spins into the dust at the side of the road – allowing Jonny time to make an escape.


int. day jonny's car

Jonny looks ahead down the road and can see a sharp left turn with a canyon off to the right.  There is also a small side road off to the left with a small hill in between – hiding the turn off.

He begins to slow down.


ext. day barren road corner

Jonny slows down and manoeuvres his car into the side road off to the left and stops, pointing towards the canyon edge, engine still running.


Int. day jonny's car

Jonny watches the road like a Hawk.  Foot hovering on the accelerator pedal, hand resting on the gear stick – it's already in first gear, engine purring.


ext. day barren road

Picerno's Police Car zooms down the road coming towards the corner.


ext. day barren road corner

Picerno approaches and begins to slow to take the sharp corner.


Int. day jonny's car

Jonny slams his foot to the floor on the accelerator pedal.  His wheels spin violently in the dirt, kicking up a dust cloud.

His car lurches forward towards Picerno's.


ext. day barren road corner

As Picerno's car starts to round the corner, Jonny's car slams into the side of it – the two cars forming a ‘T' shape. 


int. day jonny's car

As Jonny's car slams into the side of Picerno's, he's rocked around in the driver's seat.

He keeps his foot on the accelerator pedal and lets out a loud roar as his car pushes Picerno's car forward.


ext. day barren road corner

Picerno's car is now heading towards the canyon edge – Jonny's car has more momentum and it keeps moving closer and closer – Picerno's tyres skidding sideways in the dust and dirt on the side of the road.


int. day picerno's car

Picerno's face is one of sheer terror as he can see where he's heading.

He grabs his gun and begins to point it at Jonny, but the car is bouncing around so violently that Picerno can't keep the gun straight.

Picerno sees that he's almost at the edge of the cliff and opens his door – but has forgotten that he's still in his seatbelt.


ext. day barren road corner

Jonny's car pushes Picerno's car over the edge and he immediately hits the brakes.


ext. day canyon side

Picerno's car rolls down the side of the canyon.  As it rolls, pieces break off and are flung in all directions, creating a huge tangled mess of metal, plastic and rubber.


ext. day barren roadside corner

Jonny gets out of his car and looks over the edge at the carnage below, evil still in his eyes, breathing heavily.

He sits back on the front of the bonnet of his car.


Picerno scrambles back over the cliff ledge – in his eyes we can see he is very scared.

Jonny hears him and turns around. 

Between them is Picerno's gun lying in the dirt.

They both look at each other in silence.  They both spot the gun, look at each other, and then they jump towards it.

They scuffle on the ground, near to the canyon's edge, and Jonny manages to throw a punch to Picerno's jaw – sending him flying into a heap on the floor.

Jonny bends down and picks up the gun.  He points it at Picerno with both hands – clearly he's never held a gun before as he looks extremely uncomfortable holding it.

Picerno looks back at Jonny – trying to read his eyes.

Jonny appears cool and collected - almost unemotional – his eyes are a deep dark pool of nothingness.


You'll die in jail.


Jonny looks at Picerno for a moment, thinking over what he just said.

Jonny lowers the gun and points it at Picerno's crotch area. 


There are many types of jail. 

He shoots – the force of the gun nearly knocking Jonny off his feet as he wasn't ready for the recoil.

Picerno falls to the floor clutching his crotch.  He rolls around in the dirt obviously in immense pain.

Jonny sits on the floor watching him, eyes glazed over.

Picerno, breathing heavily, tears in his eyes, clutching his crotch and screaming with pain, continues to roll in the dirt.

Picerno is now right on the edge of the canyon.  He doesn't know where he is in relation to the edge and continues rolling around.

Picerno then rolls off the edge.

Jonny watches.

He is now alone.

He gets up, walks to the edge of the cliff and looks down at the wreckage of the car below him.

He can just make out Picerno's body – twisted and bent, surrounded by steam and smoke emanating from the remains of his car.

He throws the gun off the edge.


ext. sunset highway road – later

Jonny pushes his car down the road.  A sign in front of him reads "Rio De Janeiro – 8km".

The lights of the city are in front of him in the distance.

A truck slows down behind Jonny.

Jonny doesn't turn to look and continues pushing his car.

The driver of the truck, MARCELO (40), slows the car beside Jonny.


You want some help?

Jonny doesn't look and continues pushing the car.

Marcelo looks confused, but moves the truck forward and stops about 10 metres in front of Jonny and parks on the side of the road. 

Jonny stops pushing the car and stands watching the truck.

Marcelo gets out and walks back towards Jonny.


It gets pretty dangerous out here at night – you don't want to be pushing this thing all alone.  I've got a friend who's a mechanic.

Jonny reaches into his car and wraps his fingers around a metal bar that is resting on the driver's seat – but doesn't pull it out.

Jonny looks at Marcelo, steely eyed.


No thanks.

Marcelo looks at him, confused and scared.


OK – just trying to help.

He turns around and walks back to his truck.

Jonny puts the metal bar back down on the driver's seat.

Marcelo starts up his truck and pulls away.

Jonny's mobile phone begins to ring.

He reaches in and picks up the phone to look at the number - it's his Producer from his soap opera.

He switches off the phone and puts it back down.

He grabs the door and the steering wheel and continues pushing the car towards Rio.