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          Children and their parents run around playing as a pair of
          men follow a family through the crowd. As the family gets
          farther away, the pair move faster, getting more anxious. As
          the family nears a corner the pair of men begin running to
          catch up, almost knocking down kids along the way, dodging
          the angry grabs of the concerned parents. Just as family is
          about to clear the corner the men catch up, 1 grabbing the
          girl in the group to spin her around and check her picture,
          while the other pulls a gun on the rest. When they realize
          the girl doesn't match the one in the picture, they run. A
          park officer on patrol sees them and starts chasing them.
          After a quick cellphone call while on the run, a car pulls
          into the lot of the park. As they get in the car, sounds of
          bumping come from the car's trunk.

                              MAN #1
                    We didn't find her, it was the
                    wrong girl!

                    Don't worry, we did.

          The car speeds off. Onlookers that are watching from the
          grass watch the car leave with a nod, then head towards the
          magic shop at the other end of the park.


          Children are laughing and enjoying a magic puppet show. THE
          GREAT HARPO and his assistants MERRICK. A group of adults
          start watching from the back. Before the curtains close, and
          MAN #1 approaches THE GREAT HARPO. He places a picture on
          the table next to him. The puppets slowly go limp as THE
          GREAT HARPO recognizes the girl. He glances around the
          crowd, sees her, and looks back at MAN #1.

                              MAN #1
                    This is our new puppet. Only you
                    can cut her strings. The scissors
                    are a job and a sentence. More
                    powerful than a word and in silence
                    until the end. That, or she gets
                    left to go to prison. Try to free
                    her, and you won't see her again.
                    Either way...

          THE GREAT HARPO looks at an empty spot in the crowd, then
          turns to his assistant.
                              THE GREAT HARPO
                    Merrick, I need your help.

          MERRICK glances at the empty spot in the crowd, MAN #1, the
          thugs in the crowd, then at the magician.

          EXT. SUBURBS. NIGHT.

          MERRICK looks up and down the street for a car to drive. He
          notices masked thugs in a van and a sports car. He watches
          them from the street, looking for a chance to steal the car.

          INT. BEDROOM. NIGHT.

          A HUSBAND rushes from kissing his WIFE goodnight into a
          private room with a computer as a masked figure looks on
          from a window. A gorgeous WOMAN beckons on the monitor
          screen as the HUSBAND puts on headphones. The sound of a
          zipper parallels the sound of the house door being busted
          open as masked thugs rush the home, leaving the WIFE and
          children bound and gagged. THUG #1 shoves the family members
          into a closet, grabs a card that says 'Security Pass' on
          it,then notices a false wall. Behind the wall is a hidden
          room with a huge cache of money, guns, and drugs wall to
          wall. The WIFE mumbles and shakes her head in fright. THUG
          #1 knocks the WIFE out and drags everything he sees out the
          front door with the help of the rest of the intruders. A
          clicking sound can be heard as a satchel of weapons is
          dragged. THUG #1 doesn't realize he just triggered the timer
          of a bomb set to 7 days. As the HUSBAND reaches his climax
          from the webcam show, the sounds of tires screeching rings
          out as the thugs speed off. As the tension leaves him, the
          HUSBAND screams when he sees a STRANGE FIGURE block the cam,
          then walk off, leaving the woman dead on the monitor.

                              STRANGE FIGURE
                            I'm getting closer...  

          The STRANGE FIGURE glances at a photo, turns to the camera
          and shoots it. As dust settles, papers that were blown and
          knocked around settle. on top of them is a sealed documents
          labeled timed explosives.
          THE GREAT HARPO stands masked and worried in a corner
          holding a box. A thug, after hearing the HUSBAND's screams,
          takes the box off his hands while another cuffs him to a
          fixture on the wall. One, thinking the HUSBAND was killed,
          tosses the magician the gun, then they both run off. Thugs
          pour out of the suburban house. Some pile into the van while
          others load up things into the trunk of the sports car. As
          the thugs close the trunk the engine revs and MERRICK drives
          off in the sports car. THE GREAT HARPO checks the gun and
          seeing it's empty, drops it. He begins working at his cuffs
          to escape as the sounds of sirens get louder and closer. HE
          gets out of them, jumps out of the nearest window into the
          bushes, only to be greeted by the police waiting outside.


          Thugs in a van pull up next to a large security firm
          building, hop out of their vehicle, and go into a back door
          using a stolen security card. 

                              THUG #1
                    We'll only have a little time
                    before the alarms go off.

          A little while later, alarms sound. A SECURITY GUARD that
          lost track of the security camera monitors picks up a phone
          and calls the police.


          Rain pours down outside the building. Gunshots faintly echo
          through the halls. The rhythm of the gunshots is broken by
          the sound of the boots of a security team beginning their
          sweep of the building. They follow the sound of the gunfire,
          getting closer and closer until a few shots sound right
          around the corner. They enter the room expecting an army,
          only to find a man, MERRICK, sitting wounded in a chair.

                    Come on in...the table's set...want
                    a smoke?

          A member of the security team motions to a table in front of
          MERRICK. The numbers on a device tick their final seconds.


          A monitor gets fuzzy then displays nothing but static. A
          SECURITY GUARD that works in the building looks up from the
          video console where he is deleting footage before the police
          can see it.
                              DETECTIVE #1
                    And that's where the security tape
                    ends. Only one survivor was found,
                    a member of the security team. They
                    didn't find the body of the man in
                    the chair yet.

          A cellphone buzzes on vibrate. The SECURITY GUARD steps out
          of he van and answers.

                              SECURITY GUARD
                    The tapes have been deleted. They
                    saw a few things not everything. I
                    doubt they'll find anything. The...

          The SECURITY GUARD stops talking and notices an emergency
          exit spilling water out of the side of the building with
          police around it.

                              DETECTIVE #1
                    They're still searching for the
                    other body.



                              DETECTIVE #2
                    But if his body isn't there where
                    the hell is it?

          EXT. DUST FIELD. DAY.

          Workers run back and forth between machinery shouting. Off
          to one end on the field, men stand in a half circle. Almost
          seems like they're betting on a cock fight. 3 more men are
          digging up dirt. MERRICK's head can be seen while the rest
          of him is submerged in dirt. The FIELD BOSS stands in the
          middle of the group. He pulls a mask off a head sticking up
          out of the ground.

                              FIELD BOSS
                    You look like you could use some
                    sun... Every day we bury
                    you out here and dig you up. Our
                    workers could use a break. There's
                    a job tonight. Could get some use
                    out of you after what you did that
                    night. How would you like to give
                    them a chance to rest, and let the
                    rest of you get some more
          The FIELD BOSS tells MERRICK about the news of what
          happened, but decides to leave him there and send one of his
          men to handle the job.

                              FIELD BOSS
                    I think I'll send one of my men
                    instead. And leave you here to rot.
                    What do you think of that?

          MERRICK looks at the FIELD BOSS like he wants to kill him,
          and smiles.

                              FIELD BOSS
                    Why are you smiling?

          He tosses some dirt at MERRICK, puts the mask back on him,
          and walks off. A cement truck pulls up and starts filling
          the hole MERRICK is in. He chats one the phone then goes
          back to where MERRICK is buried. He drops the phone is
          shock. MERRICK is gone, with another body in the hole, now
          covered in cement, and a smiley face with the message "HAVE
          A NICE DAY!" drawn in the ground being all that's left of

          INT. MAGIC SHOP. DAY.

          Children and adult customers browse and shop. The SHOP
          KEEPER heads into the back storage area of the shop. Sand
          drips then streams from the ceiling. The SHOP KEEPER looks
          up and is startled to see MERRICK, loose and cuffs dangling
          from one wrist, watching him from the storage room skylight.
          MERRICK hops down.

                    I need my things.

          SHOP KEEPER leads MERRICK to a cabinet. MERRICK opens the
          cabinet and sighs relief.

                    The show must go on...

          MERRICK fiddles with and packs up a number of devices before
          heading back out through the skylight. As he closes the
          hatch, DETECTIVE MORRIS walks into the shop.
                              DETECTIVE MORRIS

          MERRICK overhears, and follows DETECTIVE MORRIS to his next
          destination. DETECTIVE MORRIS drives to the police station.
          MERICK listens to his chat on the cellphone. After DETECTIVE
          MORRIS gets out at the police station and goes in, MERRICK
          puts tickets on his windshield to a magic show, then heads
          to the Stadium, an entertainment venue.

          2009 United States Copyright Christopher Harmason

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